I5. Another human bodies that reside in the counter-world
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I5. Another human bodies that reside in the counter-world

According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we simultaneously live in two worlds of a physical nature - namely (1) in the material world and (2) in the counter-world, and additionally in the third world of a software nature - i.e. (3) in the intelligent virtual world (see also other descriptions of these three worlds presented in subsections I2 and I3.4). In each one of these three worlds we have separate bodies, which in this monograph are called respectively: (1) "body", also called "biological body", (2) "counter-body", also called "counter-material duplicate", and (3) "register", also called "virtual body". Our biological body is linked with the counter-body from another world via the gravitational dipole, which creates forces of gravity. In turn our register simply "lives" inside of our counter-body, like a computer program lives inside of a computer. In religions these three our bodies are called correspondingly: (1) body, (2) spirit, (3) soul. In turn in parasciences they are described with various names, e.g. as (1) body, (2) aura or subtle body, (3) subconsciousness. According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, independently from these three bodies, we also have something that is like a "cursor" in a computer. In this monograph it is called "awareness". This awareness is residing mainly in the biological body from the world of matter, therefore it does not know about the existence of another bodies. But in special circumstances, such as hypnosis, dreams, or euphoria, our awareness can shift to the counter-body from the counter-world. In turn during the death it shifts permanently to our register from the virtual world. In all cases when it shifts over there, we are able to read information, which is available to us in these other worlds.
The reason for which we normally are not able to realize the existence of our three bodies, is that our awareness is almost constantly residing in the biological body. Thus it does not experience the existence of the counter-body and the register. But in special circumstances, such as hypnosis or euphoria, our awareness can be shifted to the counter- body. In such cases we are able to read correctly the information that is available in the counter-world. In turn after the death, our awareness is shifted permanently to the software register form the virtual world.
A very interesting finding accomplished by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is, that the counter-material duplicates and registers are owned by all material objects from our physical world, not just by people. This in turn means, that all objects have, what religions call "spirits" while we call here "counter-bodies" or "counter-material duplicates". Also all object have, what religions call "souls" while we call here "registers".
Because the counter-material duplicates and registers introduce significant implications to many aspects of our world, several different sections of this series of monographs must refer to their existence and attributes. (E.g. because of the significance of the counter-material duplicates for the phenomenon of telekinesis, they are also described in subsection H6.1.) In this subsection is combined the most important information about their physical structure and about intellectual attributes stored in this physical structure.
The existence of the counter-material duplicates of every object directly results from the "principle of opposite properties on both ends of a dipole" described in subsection I2. According to this principle, the gravitational dipole must cause the exactly opposite field conditions to prevail in both physical-type worlds of our universe. These opposite conditions in turn mean, that all substances, attributes, and laws, prevailing in our world of matter, must be reversely duplicated in the counter-world. For example, in our world inertia is one of the basic attributes of matter, thus in the counter-world the equivalent of this attribute must be a self- mobility, means the reversal of inertia, that is assigned to the substance that prevails in there.
The only connection between our world and the counter-world is via gravity forces. As this is explained in subsection H6.1, in order to balance the forces of gravitational dipole, it is necessary that every elementary particle existing in our world of matter, must be linked in the counter-world to an identical particle that is formed from the gravitationally excited counter- matter. In this manner, every material object that exists in our world of matter, must have an identical duplicate (like a kind of identical mirror reflection) existing in the counter-world. For people, such counter-material duplicates are going to be their second bodies identical to their physical bodies. These duplicates are capable of almost similarly independent life as their physical bodies. This monograph uses the term "counter-bodies" to name these second human bodies formed in the counter-world from the counter-matter. In turn religions call them "spirits".
Of course, having as many as three different bodies (two of the physical nature, and one of the software nature), and simultaneous living in three different worlds, introduces various vital consequences, which so-far were completely ignored by modern people. Their example can be the donation of organs. The present medicine is able to link the donated organs at the level of physical bodies. But because of the lack of knowledge about the existence of the counter-world, it is unable to incorporate them correctly at the level of counter- bodies. (For this reason it is necessary to establish urgently the "medicine of the counter- world", mentioned in subsection H10.) So it should be no surprise that until today a large body of evidence was collected, which consistently confirms, that in case of medical transplants of hearts or other organs, consequences of these transplants spread not only to our world, but also to the counter-world. A large number of such consequences of transplants that originate from the counter-world, is described in an interesting note published on pages 8 and 9 in number 5 (37) of a magazine “Nexus”, September-October 2004 issue. One of such consequences is, that together with a given organ, also a significant portion of memory of the original donor is “transplanted” into a new owner. (After all, as this is explained in subsection I5.4, human memories are contained in counter-bodies from the counter-world. So together with counter-material duplicates of given organs, parts of these memories are “transplanted” to new owners.) For example, in the article mentioned above, case of an eight year old girl is described, to whom the heart was transplanted from a 10 years old boy who was murdered. After this transplant the girl started to have nightmares, due to which she revealed details of the murder that in turn allowed police to catch the murderer. Other easily noticed consequences of transplants, which originate from the counter-world, include acquiring together with the transplant taste, sexual, and musical preferences of the donor, his/her selected abilities, skills and talents, personality, allergies, phobias, etc.
Several next subsections of this chapter are to systematically describe various components of our triple system of biological body ("body"), counter-material body ("spirit"), and virtual body ("soul"), which so-far are not recognized by human science. They are also to explain attributes that these components display, mechanisms that they are subjected to, and basic consequences of their existence.

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