I4.2. Moral field
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I4.2. Moral field

The extend to which moral laws are obeyed by individual intellects would be impossible to establish, if the entire universe is not permeated by a very unique type of primary field called the "moral field". Moral field was already described quite extensively in subsections JA1, JA4, and JB3.2. Therefore, in this subsection only the most important properties of this field are to be summarized.
Moral field is an intelligent equivalent of gravity field. It originates from the counter-world, although it also extends to our physical world. It is the quantity, which in the most precise manner describes the moral quality of everyone's actions. The morally best actions are those ones, which climb uphill in the moral field into the most steep direction. In turn the most immoral actions, are these ones, which slide downhill along the steepest slope of the moral field. In turn morally acceptable (although not highly recommended) actions are all those ones, which move horizontally along the moral field.
The highest gradient of the raise of moral field always lies in the direction of the so- called line of the maximal intellectual effort. In turn the highest gradient of the decline of the moral field lies in the direction of the so-called line of the least intellectual resistance. For this reason, totaliztic mechanic claims, that the line of the maximal intellectual effort and the least of intellectual resistance (means the vertical axis of the moral field), together with the lines of the maximal physical effort and the least physical resistance, and the maximal emotional effort and the lest emotional resistance, form three-dimensional moral space, in which all moral actions take place - for more details about this space see subsections JC11.8 /?/ and JA4.1.

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