I3.4. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity merges science with religion
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I3.4. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity merges science with religion

When one reviews what the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity accomplished in the proceeding subsections, it turns out that in a strict, scientific manner it actually has proven that the majority of statements that religions are making, is true. It has shown that apart from the our "material world", there is also this "another world" or "counter-world" - see subsection I2, which for centuries was acknowledged by religions, but which was stubbornly denied by our science. (It is also unresponsively denied by our science even today - see the consequences of this denial discussed in subsection H1.3.) In order to be even more interesting, this "counter-world" or "other world" is actually composed of two worlds contained one inside of the other - see subsection I2. The external one of these two worlds is called the "physical counter-world", while the internal one of them, which is hidden inside of this physical counter- world - similarly as computer programs are hidden inside of computer hardware, is called the "intelligent counter-world". The physical counter-world is populated by so-called "counter- bodies" of all material objects, means by the duplicates of all material objects but formed from counter-matter. In turn the intelligent counter-world is inhabited by "intellects" of objects, or more strictly by intelligent components of all objects. These intelligent components of every object in this monograph are called "registers", while religions call them "souls". These "registers" or "souls", actually are carriers of the intelligence in all beings. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity proved also that this intelligent counter-world is inhabited, amongst others, by a special kind of a superior awareness or intellect, which is called here the universal intellect. It is a scientific equivalent to the religious idea of God (and also to the Christian idea of Holly Spirit).
The Concept of Dipolar Gravity documented also, that all material objects actually are composed of three separate components, which together form a single effective system. These are: (1) physical body - which for people is the biological body, (2) counter-body - which is a scientific equivalent to the religious concept of a spirit, and (3) eternal registers - which are scientific equivalents to religious souls. These registers accumulate in themselves the entire intelligence of this object, and store in themselves the entire knowledge that it has, including into this the history, memory, and karma. They have the form of programs, which always are able to withstand the physical death/destruction of a given intellect. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity states also, that there is such thing as an "awareness". This awareness is like an equivalent of a "cursor", or a pointer of control in our present computers. The awareness normally resides in the physical body. But in some cases, e.g. in people during sleep or hypnosis, it can be shifted to the counter-body. In turn during the death it permanently shifts to "registers" - by religions called "souls".
If we combine this whole information together, then it turns out that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in a highly methodic manner merges religion with science. In this way it becomes the first comprehensive scientific theory on Earth, which not only confirms that what religions are saying in the general sense is true, but which also additionally clarifies and extends the information provided by religions.

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