I3.3. Formal proof for the factual existence of the universal intellect
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I3.3. Formal proof for the factual existence of the universal intellect

The existence of the universal intellect (God) has been speculatively deducted and intuitively perceived since the beginning of our civilization. Therefore for many readers the conclusions from this chapter do not introduce any surprise. However, the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has opened completely new possibilities in this matter, which so far were inaccessible for us. Namely, amongst others, it allows us to complete formal proofs that scientifically confirm the existence of the universal intellect (God). Therefore this concept introduces to our lives the potentials of transforming religious subjects hitherto considered to be only the matter of beliefs, trust, and revelations, into the subject of objective knowledge, certainty, and scientific investigation. This in turn means, that due to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, instead of just believe in the universal intellect (God), we can gain a rational and sure knowledge about the existence, attributes , goals, and operation of this intellect.
The formal scientific proof for the existence of God presented below (which is obtained with several different methods of scientific proving) did not happen in the vacuum. After all our human science keeps tripping over the evidence for the existence of God already for a long time. Thus the only thing that was necessary to do in order to formulate this proof, was to collect together the existing examples of this evidence and to shape it into the form of a formal scientific proof. Of course, in order to do this, it was necessary a lot of courage to present this proof publicly. After al, the atmosphere of condemnation, tendencies to persecute and to isolate these who believe in God, and the fashion to hide heads in sand, which prevail in present human science in respect to all topics relating to God, induced an avalanche of accusations and irrational criticism which directed at my person all these for whom this proof is not in favour (e.g. consider the “Pajak’s serpents” described in subsection I2.1.2 /?/ of this volume).
There is several different ways, in which such a formal proof for the existence of the universal intellect (God) can be obtained. Three subsections that are to come now, are to present different methods of carrying out such a formal proof.

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