I3.2. Attributes of the universal intellect
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I3.2. Attributes of the universal intellect

Deductions from previous parts of this chapter revealed some characteristics of the universal intellect. Let us summarize below the main components of these characteristics, making sure that only the attributes, which directly result from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, are listed.
(#1) Intelligence. This intellect is the carrier of an unimaginable intelligence, which is incomparably more powerful and more perfect than human intelligence. This intelligence is manifested in everything that it does, e.g. in the intelligent design of the universe, in the wise controlling of the course of events in the universe, in the existence of moral field, moral poles, moral laws, moral energy, etc.
(#2) Memory. It is able to gather and to store information and knowledge, showing the eternal memory. This memory manifests itself in containing, and making accessible to others, registers of everything that happens and exists in the entire universe.
(#3) Omni-knowledge. This intellect is the source and the guardian of all knowledge, but it makes this knowledge accessible only to those ones, who ask for it and who deserve it. This omni-knowledge is manifested, amongst others, through ability to solve every problem, and also the capability to supply the knowledge regarding any possible subject.
(#4) Self-awareness. Similarly to human intellects, this universal intellect is fully aware of its own existence, separateness, role, character, and powers. It also has its own goals, methods, and principles of conduct. The self-awareness of the universal intellect is characterised by similar attributes as the self-awareness of humans.
(#5) Mastery of time and space. It shapes the universe and laws that prevail in it according to its own wishes and plans. Then it supervises the course of events in this universe making this course to run according to its wishes and plans. Through the introduction in the physical world a special creation called the “timespce” (described in subsection I1.5 /?/) it also prevails over the software time which was pre-programmed into this “timespace”.
(#6) Omnipresence. The carrier of the universal intellect is a kind of omnipresent liquid, called counter-matter, which independently from the intellectual functions performs also numerous physical functions (e.g. it forms mirror reflections of every material object existing in the universe, creates circulations known to us by the name of magnetic fields - see subsection H5.2, enables the telekinetic motion of objects, excites itself into vibrations called telepathy - which are described in subsection H7.1, etc.). For this reason, every event or activity which takes place in the entire our universe, practically involves active participation of the universal intellect (e.g. even the ordinary eating of bread, in fact, can literally be interpreted as consuming the "body" of this intellect).
(#7) Invisibility. This intellect is invisible and undetectable to our senses. After all it occupies another world, separated from ours. But it can (and should) be recognized and investigated by human intellects.
(#8) Immensity. The dimensions and shape of this intellect correspond to the dimensions and shape of the entire universe. At our present level of development the dimensions and shape of it remain unrecognizable for people.
(#9) Immortality. It forms separate counter-material duplicates (i.e. religious spirits), and also separate “registers” or “virtual bodies” (i.e. religious souls), for every physical object that has ever existed, that exists, or that will exist in the entire physical world. (In this monograph the general name “registers” is used in relationship with all possible objects, in this number also “inanimate” objects such as Sun or stones, while the specific name “virtual body” or “soul” is used in reference to intelligent beings: “virtual bodies” and “souls” are actually “registers” of intelligent beings.) Because of the unique operation of the so-called “timespace” (described in subsection I1.5 /?/) the objects which will appear in a distant future seem to have these registers already. The existing evidence also ascertains that such registers are still kept (and can be accessed) after the physical destruction (death) of the object that they describe – for details see the formal proof for the existence of immortal souls in people described in subsection I5.2.1 /?/ of this volume. 
(#10) Co-existence with every other living creature. The universal intellect is superior to human intellects and actually controls the fate of all humans. But at the same time it is also a main component of each one of them. (I.e. this universal intellect is represented in the counter-body of every single person, through the counter-organ of "conscience" described in subsections I5.3, I4.1.2, and JA10.) This co-existence in everything is manifested, amongst others, through the continuous prompting to us the information about what is moral and proper in a given situation, through the sending to us various warnings and omens, etc. This allows the comparison of each single person to a tiny droplet of water in a river, i.e. being separate, but at the same time being a part of that river.
(#11) Knowledge of our thoughts. The universal intellect maintains a continuous communication with the minds of all living creatures. It talks to these creatures via their special counter-organ called "conscience" - see subsection I4.1.2. It also continually reads thoughts of these creatures via the input-output capabilities of their brains. Therefore, whatever someone's thoughts are, the brain of this person conveys these thoughts directly to the universal intellect, which in reply prepares appropriate responses. These responses may take various forms, e.g. directly they are forwarded as emotional messages from the counter-organ of conscience, while indirectly they are forwarded as memory recalls, ESP answers, intuitive suggestions, responses from moral laws, "coincidents", random events (especially superstition signals), etc. All of these are so designed that they are able to work for our own good.
(#12) Consistency. The universal intellect, in its treatment of all subordinate intellects, e.g. humans, is applying the universal set of highly consistent principles of behavior, which are called “moral laws”. The consistency of these principles is discussed in subsection I4.5.
Probably the reader already noticed the astonishing correspondence of the above characteristics of the universal intellect revealed theoretically by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, to the idea of God forming the nuclei of every religion. This correspondence is going even further - as this is going to be explained in the later parts of this chapter. Therefore, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the first consistent scientific theory, which merges modern science and religious believes in God. According to the findings of this concept, the faith in God can actually become a part of physics (or more strictly - a part of a new scientific discipline called "physics of the counter-world" which, amongst others, is researching the intellectual attributes of the counter-matter - see subsection H10 and H1.3). This in turn means, that learning the truth about the universal intellect (God) can presently, and should, be subjected to the same scientific methodologies, as the learning about physical laws. Furthermore, this also means that the faith and belief in God to-date, can now be gradually replaced with a rational knowledge about God. It is worth to remember that "people can stop believing, but they are NOT going to stop knowing".
The list of characteristics of the universal intellect provided above, reveals also the immensely important fact, that the entire universe is an intelligent supreme being. This being is made up of three separate components, which we can get to know better through scientific investigations. (These three components of the superior being, correspond to the Christian idea of (1) God Father- means the entire counter-matter from the counter-world, (2) Holy Spirit – means the universal intellect, and (3) God Son – means the physical world created by the universal intellect from counter-matter.) Because it is extremely important for the philosophy of totalizm discussed in chapters JA to JE of this series of monographs, to exactly understand these three different components of the supreme being, and also to known mutual relationships between them, let us now discuss each of these components separately. Here they are:
1. The counter-world. This component exists infinitively long. Initially it was also the only world and the only component of the universe. The description of it in the initial state is provided in subsection I1.1. /?/ of this volume. But after the physical world was created it was surrounded with the impenetrable barrier and presently it is a completely separate component of the universe. Thus currently the counter-world represents a separate half of the universe, which remains invisible from our physical world, but into which the second pole of the gravitational dipole extends. This separate counter-world is packed with the thinking substance, which shows intelligence in the natural state, and which we call "counter-matter" in this series of monographs. This counter-matter is extraordinary substance. It displays both kinds of attributes and phenomena, namely: (a) physical attributes and physical phenomena - similar to these displayed by matter from our physical world (such as: capability to form telepathic waves, to produce winds called magnetic fields, to complete telekinetic displacements, etc.; for description of physical attributes of counter-matter see subsection H2), as well as (b) intellectual attributes and intellectual phenomena (such as: capability to memorise, ability to think, ability to carry out logical processes, etc.; for description of intellectual attributes of counter-matter see subsection I1.1.1 /?/). Because of the presence of these natural intellectual attributes, counter-matter and the counter-world form together a kind of the "universal computer" (UC) - in the hardware understanding of this substance. This universal computer hardware (UC), not only that is capable of executing programs - if someone supplies these programs to it and asks to execute them, but actually is very eager to execute every program that is submitted to it for execution. In fact this universal computer hardware (UC) can be used by people, if these people are able to furnish it with programs appropriate for execution - e.g. through various forms of ESP. Examples of the use of capabilities of this universal computer hardware (UC) by people, include various forms of magic and healing. In this monograph, the principles of functioning of this "universal computer" are described in subsection I3.1 as so-called "Universal computer" (UC). Christian religion refers to it under the name of "God Father". This (UC) from the counter-world does NOT have its own/separate awareness, and thus it is not capable to understand the abstract concepts. The only thing that it is capable, is what all other hardware and computers do - i.e. to run programs that are submitted to it for execution. Therefore, if we pray to it in abstract terms, it would not be able to fulfil what we would ask it for. But it would be able to execute precisely programs that we would submit to it for the execution - if we learn how precisely these programs must be formulated with our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, methods and effects of the possible utilisation by people of the potentials that are offered by this counter-material UC, are very similar to the illustrated in the film "Star Wars" methods of utilising the "force", or to principles of practising magic.
2. The universal intellect. It is a kind of the superior controlling program and data, which resides inside of the "universal computer" (UC), and which are stored in the counter- matter. This means that the "universal intellect" (UI) resides inside of the "universal computer" (UC), in a similar manner as today's software and operating systems reside inside of the present computer hardware. Contrary to the universal hardware (UC), the universal intellect (UI) is not just a natural machine, but it possesses its own self-awareness. Thus we can communicate with it the same as we communicate with any other intelligent being (e.g. by using our spoken language, abstract ideas, symbols, etc.). Actually we carry out this communication during every our prayer. For the entire superior being which we call the "universe", these superior controlling program that resides inside of the counter-matter, is the carrier of the self-awareness and the knowledge of its own separateness. This monograph refers to it as to the "universal intellect" (UI). This program is the reason, why the entire universe is aware of itself, its own existence, its goals, its history, etc. It is also because of this program that the universe "works", that it has its own plan and intensions, that it established moral laws, that it created intelligent beings, that it supervises the execution of fate of individual people and whole civilizations planned in advance, that it exerts the mastery over time and over the direction of events, etc. The Christian religion uses two separate names, with which it refers to this universal intellect (UI) that resides inside of the universal computer (UC). Namely, if it refers specifically to the universal intellect (UI), as to one of three different components of the intelligent superior being, called the universe, then it uses the name "Holy Spirit". But if it refers in the general manner to an intelligent and aware component of this superior being called the universe, then it uses the name "God". Therefore, when we for example carry out an abstract prayer to God, then we actually communicate with this universal intellect (UI). So if our prayers are granted, then it practically means, that this universal intellect (means the religious Holly Spirit, or God) decided to grant us whatever we asked for, and that the universal intellect already executed the appropriate control programs, which are going to complete the request contained in our prayers. In turn, when we carry out a magic or healing, we do not communicate with this universal intellect (UI) to do for us what we pray for, but we furnish our own execution programs directly to the universal computer (UC).
3. The physical world. It is created relatively recent (in the cosmic time scale) by the universal intellect. The creation of it was carried out by such programming whirls of the continually moving counter-matter, that these whirls form elementary particles, atoms, molecules, bodies, planets, star systems, galaxies, and finally the entire physical world separated by an impenetrable barrier from the rest of the counter-world. (The creation of this physical world was described in subsection I1.3 /?/ of this volume.) The physical world is the only part of the universe, which remains detectable to human senses, and which is filled up with "stupid" matter. This matter, and our world that is packed with it, represent together a kind of the "universal body" (UB). This universal body (UB) does everything that is ordered to it by the "universal intellect" (UI) and that is executed by the counter-world (UC). The Christian religion symbolises this "universal body" (UB) with the use of idea of "God Son", whose body and blood we symbolically consume during the holy communion.
In order to summarise the above, the universe as a whole, is a huge superior being, which actually is composed of three separate components. These components are: the "universal computer" (UC), the "universal intellect" (UI), and the "universal body" (UB). Each one of these three components is contained in a separate world, which is inaccessible from other worlds, but which exerts various influences on the remaining worlds. And so, the universal computer (UC) is contained in the counter-world, which is the parallel world to our material one. It is composed of the entire intelligent counter-matter, and it includes the memory and execution capabilities of this counter-matter. The universal intellect (UI) is contained inside of the counter-matter, i.e. within the “virtual world” which this counter-matter is storing inside of itself. It is composed of all programs and data, which reside inside of the memory of counter-world. In turn the universal body (UB) is contained in our world of matter. It is composed of the entire "stupid" matter from our physical world. Thus, this huge superior beings called the universe, is living an intelligent life, while us (people) are taking part in this life.
Through the discovery of the existence and constitution of these three separate components of the universe, and also because of the providing of explanation how these three components operate and mutually interact, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity turned faith into knowledge. In this way, it not only lifts the previous belief in God to the level of verifiable scientific knowledge, but it also provides the knowledge base for a new philosophical-religious system called "totalizm" - see the descriptions of totalizm provided in chapters JA, JB, and JC. Of course, we weed to remember, that this new concept was formulated relatively recently (i.e. in 1985 - see subsection A4) and that an entire ocean of further knowledge still awaits to be scientifically discovered and investigated.

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