I3.1. The universal intellect (God)
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I3.1. The universal intellect (God)

So far we have managed to deduce logically, and then confirm on the existing empirical evidence, that by being composed from the thinking counter-matter, the entire counter-world operates like one huge, self-programming, natural computer (described also in subsection I3.2). This computer intercepts, stores, processes, analyses, and communicates information, it analyses and replies to inquiries, it develops or alters programs that control the course of events in the world of matter, etc. - for further details see subsections I1.2 /?/ and I5.2. All these activities and abilities are main components of every self-learning intellect. Therefore, the counter-world which clearly displays the manifestations of these attributes, with the elapse of time must self-evolve in itself its own intellect, similar to a human one, i.e. characterized by the ability to communicate, memorize, think, plan, realize the own intensions, and most importantly - as this is going to be explained later - maintaining also its own self-awareness. The self-evolution of this intellect of the entire universe, or more strictly the intellect of this gigantic droplet of counter-matter that fills up our area of the universe, was described in subsection I1.2 /?/ of this volume. In its character this intellect can be compared to a self-aware program which self-evolved in a natural computer called the counter-matter. In this monograph, the superior program-intellect which occupies the entire counter-world, is called the "universal intellect". The universal intellect described in this chapter is a scientific and a secular equivalent to the religious idea of God, or more strictly to this one amongst three components of God that the Christian religion called the “Holy Ghost”.

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