I2. Due to intellectual capabilities of counter-matter, the universe undergoes a ...
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I2. Due to intellectual capabilities of counter-matter, the universe undergoes a continuous evolution

Let us remind ourselves, what on the subject of evolution of the universe is already explained in volume 1 of this monograph, especially in subsection A1.1. According to those logical deductions, on the very beginning in the entire universe a "chaos" prevailed, means a tumble of random movements of eternally moving counter-matter. However, this chaos turned out to be a motive force for the eventuation of the "Word", means a natural form of what at present we call information, algorithm, or program. The development and increase of knowledge of this "Word" led finally to origins of what we presently understand under a thinking and self-aware component of "God". This God (or the "universal intellect" - as this thinking and self-aware component is called by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) with the elapse of time started to have its needs. The most vital amongst these needs turned out to be the increase of own "knowledge" of God. In order to satisfy this need, God created highly "imperfect" man, and also created almost perfect physical world with the use of which God maintains the existence and life of that man. Numerous errors and wrong actions committed by this imperfect man are the source of knowledge for God and the motive force for the intellectual development of people. But these errors do not cause the deviation of the humans from the path imposed onto them by God, because with the use of so-called "timespace" and "reversible software time" God always corrects every deviation of people into unacceptable direction. The directed in this way intellectual development of people leads to the goal of this monograph. It is the learning and explanation of mysteries of the entire universe, not just its physical component - to the investigations of which so-far were limited all efforts of the official human science. Of course, the evolution of the universe is NOT ending on this, but is to be continued further. I leave to the readers the deducing what is to happen next.
Let us also remind ourselves, how it happens that the universe is composed out of these three separate worlds separated from one another with impenetrable barriers. As this is explained in subsections H, H1 and H2, because gravity has a dynamic dipolar character, similar to that of a magnetic field, thus the gravitational pole which our science observes in the physical world, is only one of two existing poles of gravity. The second pole of gravity disappears behind an invisible and impenetrable barrier, and reappears in a separate world, called the "counter-world". (The real shape of the universe, the operation of gravity, and the mechanism of coexistence of our world with the counter-world, more comprehensively are explained in subsection JE3.7.1 /?/.) This second world is filled up with an extraordinary substance called "counter-matter". Because the counter-world is reversed in comparison to our physical world, the substance which prevails in it, have all attributes exactly opposite to attributes of the matter from our world. Our orthodox science managed to learn quite well attributes of matter. They include: mass, inertia, friction, the lack of intelligence in a natural state, and several other attributes. Thus it is relatively easy to deduce the attributes of the counter-matter, which must be reversed in relationship to these of matter. Therefore the counter-matter must show such attributes as: invisibility, weightless (i.e. the lack of mass), self-mobility (i.e. the reversal of inertia), ideal elasticity, super-slipperiness (i.e. the reversal of friction), intelligence in the natural state, and several further attributes which are reversals of appropriate attributes of our matter.
As this was explained in subsection H2, all attributes of the counter-matter, can be classified into two completely different classes, namely (1) physical attributes, and (2) intellectual attributes.
The physical attributes of the counter-matter allow this substance to be e.g. compressed - in this manner forming electrical fields (see subsection H5.1 for more information), circulated - in this way forming magnetic fields (for more details see subsection H5.2), incited into vibrations - in this manner forming telepathic waves (for more details see subsection H7.1), spun - thus forming elementary particles (for more details see subsection H4.1), etc.
In turn intellectual properties of this substance cause, that it has memory (in this way storing information and programs in itself), that it constantly carries out thinking processes (thus acting as a single huge natural computer which has the size of the entire universe), that it does use the language of thoughts, in this monograph called ULT, and that it communicates via this language amongst others with people, etc.
Out of all attributes of the counter-matter, the most important for deductions from this chapter are the intellectual attributes. Their existence in counter-matter can be theoretically deduced and empirically confirmed. Counter-matter is able to think in the natural state (i.e. it has the ability to act intelligently in the natural state in a manner similar as the human brain does it, or as it is done by some hypothetical natural computer). Because of this ability of the counter-matter to think in the natural state, the entire counter-world filled up with this substance, forms a huge "universal computer", the size of which is equal to the size of the entire universe.
The theoretical conclusion which I reached, that the counter-matter is the carrier of intellectual attributes (i.e. that, amongst others, it is capable of thinking in the natural state) requires a detailed justification, because it introduces immensely weighty implications for our understanding of reality. This conclusion resulted from the following logical deduction. As it has already been stressed, the "rule of opposite field properties at both ends of a dipole" applies to all dipolar fields, thus also to the gravity field. According to it, every attribute of matter must be reflected in the counter-matter in the exactly reversed manner. One of the main properties of matter is that in the natural constitution it is stupid and completely unable to think. Thus only after being rearranged into special structures (such as brains, or computer microchips), it gains the capability of conducting the processes of thinking. Thus, after the "rule of opposite field properties at both ends of a dipole" is applied to this main property of matter, the conclusion must be derived, that the counter-matter in the natural constitution must display the exactly opposite ability to stupidity, means that it must be able to think. Only after it is rearranged into some special structures (e.g. in the boundaries between two thinking entities that maintain the separateness of each of them) counter-matter is unable to think.
Of course, the above deduction reveals only the principle, with the use of which I realized for the first time, that the counter-matter must be intelligent in the natural state. As such, the principle which I used, should not be confused with the reason for which the counter- matter is intelligent, or with the proof that it actually is intelligent. The reason for the intelligence of the counter-matter does not need to correspond to the manner in which we detected that it is intelligent. In turn the proof for intelligence of the counter-matter can be completed independently from the above logical deduction - and with the use of many different methods, e.g. fully theoretically, through empirical observations, through empirical experiments, etc. For example, one of the most important confirmations of the intelligence of the counter-matter is the formal proof that the universal intellect does exist (this is formally proven in subsection I3.3). Other confirmation of the intelligence of counter-matter is the proof that moral laws actually work in practice (as everyone can easily deduce it, moral laws can work in practice only if the entire universe is intelligent, means when it works as the "universal computer" mentioned earlier). Another proof depends on detecting the actual effects of operation of the "universal computer" (UC) described in subsection I3.1 - for example depends on the detection of effects of magics. In turn the simplest and the most widely known proof of the intelligence of counter-matter is the phenomenon of ESP described in subsection I8.2. For example, ordinary divining pendulums are not able to provide replies to complicated questions of disciples of radiesthesia, if the counter-matter would not have intelligence. Another group of empirical evidence for the intellectual attributes of counter-matter are "geniuses amongst animals" means capabilities of some animals to solve problems that exceed human abilities. Several examples from this category of evidence is described in subsection I8.1.
In the further stage of research, the above theoretical conclusion about the capability of counter-matter to think, can be also verified empirically. In subsections I8, and I3.1 to I5, a whole range of empirical observations is described, which confirm this conclusion. It is also possible to confirm it experimentally (the appropriate premises for such experiments are provided in subsections H1.1 and I3.3).
Inside of the "virtual counter-world" that hides within the counter-world, various natural programs and data reside. One of numerous examples of these programs and data can be the entity, which exists in all material objects, and which this monograph calls a "register", while religions call it a "soul". These programs and data from the intelligent virtual world are located inside of the physical counter-world, similarly as our present computer programs are located inside of computers. Therefore, between the physical counter-world, and this intelligent counter-world, a mutual relationship does exists, which is very similar to the relationship which we know from the construction and operation of present computers. In this relationship the physical counter-world is an equivalent to the computer hardware, while the intelligent counter- world is an equivalent to the software or programs installed in this computer. However, there is a vital difference between the computer hardware and software, and the physical counter- world and the intelligent counter-world contained in it. This difference depends on principles of mutual coexistence between the software and hardware. In computer software is physically tied to a specific area of the memory/hardware of the computer. Therefore on its own, this software is not able to shift to a different area of the memory. But if this software is relocated over there by other programs, then in a new location it looses the ability to carry out any operation. In turn registers (souls) that reside in the intelligent counter-world have the capability of a self-controlled relocation from one area of the counter-matter into another area - keeping during this relocation the full capability to operate.
This vital difference between the attributes of the computer software, and intellects/souls that reside inside of the counter-matter, results from the basic difference between computer hardware, and the counter-matter. As it turns out, all present computers contain a lot of memory cells, which received only one, and the most primitive, intellectual attribute, namely the ability to store programs. But present computers contain only one cell, which has two intellectual attributes, namely the ability to store programs, and the ability to carry out logical operations that are expressed by these programs. In present computers this special memory cell, which has two intellectual attributes, i.e. the ability to memorise and the ability to execute programs, is called the "accumulator". In turn in the counter-world, every single particle of the counter-matter carries attributes of such "accumulator", means every single particle of the counter matter can store individual commands of a program, and can also execute operations contained in this program. Therefore every separate particle of counter- matter is an equivalent to the "accumulator" from our present computers. Thus independently in which particles of the counter-matter a "program" of a given intellect resides, still this program can be executed, because all these particles have the required power of execution. Thus, if in the future people manage to build the "aware computer", which is going to display characteristics of the counter-matter, thus which is going to be able to form artificial intelligence, in this computer every separate memory cell must be capable to simultaneously perform the function of present memory and present "accumulator". Simultaneously the gradual research and learning details of such an "aware computer", will allow the future totaliztic researchers to increasingly better decode the secrets of the counter-matter and the counter-world. This in turn means, that the development of the concept of such an "aware computer", is the key to learning the construction and operation of the intelligent universe.
This subsection was mainly dealing with the intellectual attributes of the counter-matter. The physical attributes of the same counter-matter are elaborated in a different subsection H2, where the reader should seek further details of this extraordinary substance from another world.

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