I1. Let us remind and summarise the most vital attributes of "counter-matter"
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I1. Let us remind and summarise the most vital attributes of "counter-matter"

The ever-moving substance contained in the other world and called the "counter- matter" was already described in subsections H2 and A1 from volumes 4 and 1 of this monograph. But in case that reader did NOT review yet those volumes, we are going to summarise briefly here the most important its attributes, and also the most important consequences resulting from the existence of that substance.
When one analyses all attributes of the "counter-matter" and gives names to most vital impact that these attributes exert onto the appearance and state of the universe, then it turns out that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity always the same eternally moving and invisible for people "counter-matter" is a building material and primeval source of as many as three separate worlds. According to what already was explained subsections A1 and A1.1 from volume 1 of this monograph, the most old out of these three world, because already existing since the eternity, is the so-called "counter-world". That counter-world is simply a gigantic droplet of the "counter-matter" existing eternally in the limitless universe of infinitive size. Because the counter-matter is a kind of liquid computer invisible for people and always moving, in the memory of it exists a completely different world filled with natural forms of programs. This completely different world existing in the memory of the "counter-matter" from the entire "counter-world", can be called the "virtual-world". It is in that "virtual world" that the superior, self-aware program lives, which self-evolved from the teaching movements of the primeval chaos (the descriptions of which are provided in subsection A1 from volume 1 of this monograph). This superior program represents the thinking and self-aware component of God. It so skilfully organised the volume of the "counter-matter" in which it resides, that it created from this counter-matter the visible for people section of the universe called our "physical world". For human senses and for human instruments open for learning is currently only the "physical world". But two further worlds, namely the "counter-world" and "virtual-world", remain unknown to us, because human senses, and also human physical instruments, reside in the physical world and thus have no access to those remaining two worlds. Human intellect, however, in cooperation with the explanatory power of this "Theory of Everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, can explain the structure and operation of these two remaining worlds. Furthermore, these two remaining worlds are also described thoroughly by religions given to people by God. Only that in religions they carry different (more ancient) names. For example, the separate world contained in the memory of "counter-matter", which in this monograph is described under the name of "virtual world", religions most frequently call "heaven". In turn the entire "counter-world" together with the all "counter-matter" that resides in it, in religions most frequently is called the "God Father", while more rarely the "Ancient of Days" - see Daniel in the Bible, verses 7:9, 7:13, and 7:22. Previous volume 4 of this
monograph described the "counter-world". So it is the time to describe in this volume 5 also the structure, operation, and the most vital attributes of the "virtual world".
Because of the inaccessibility of the human senses and instruments to the virtual world, analyses of that world must take the character of logical deductions. It is why this chapter with descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (means this volume 5) was formed just as a chain of logical deduction. The deduction describes the structure and the mechanism of work of the virtual world. But for the surprise of everyone who is going to review this deduction from volume 5, the result of it is the description of the design and operation of the universe that is identical to description of the universe decoded by the previous physical deduction from volume 4. Means, these two completely different logical deductions, both led to the exactly the same description of the three-world universe composed of the "counter-world", the "virtual world" and the "physical world". Expressing this in other words, the universe deduced logically in this volume by starting from mechanism of the self-evolution of God, is identical to the universe deducted physically in the previous volume which started from the physical attributes of the gravity field. Thus, independently whether in our deduction we begin from (i) the attributes of the gravity field, or from (ii) the self-evolution of intelligent God, the resultant description of the universe looks exactly the same. Only that, each one amongst these two deductions reveals additionally further attributes of our universe, which (the attributes) were NOT revealed by the alternative deduction. So as it is obvious, in fact the truth emerges in the same form independently of the way by which we arrived to it. In subsections that are going to be presented now we are to learn the description of our three-world universe, populated by intelligent God and formed from the intelligent and ever-moving liquid called “counter-matter”, which (the description) emerges from logical deductions initiated from the mechanism of self- evolution of God described in volume 1 of this monograph.
If we deduce the intellectual capabilities of the counter-matter, then this intelligent substance can be described as an ever-moving liquid. This liquid displays attributes of present computers. It means, the liquid has own memory - like present computers. It also obediently executes commands which are contained in natural programs that it stores in its memories. Interestingly, religions (and thus also God who gave these religions to people) try to inform us, that otherwise like in our computers - each one of which contains only one memory, the counter-matter contains inside several memories mutually separated from each other by impenetrable borders. Each one amongst these separate memories contained in the counter-matter is called a "heaven" by religions. (Everyone probably remembers the popular saying about finding himself in the "seventh heaven". This saying, amongst others, confirms those religious information that there are more than just one "heaven", means more than just one memory inside of the "counter-matter".) Thus, in the same volume of counter-matter simultaneously may reside several different natural programs. Unfortunately, as this usually is the case with religions information, it is quite difficult to establish precisely how many separate memories are contained in the counter-matter. The most frequently repeated number is "twelve". For example, according to the information provided on pages 72 to 75 of the book [1I1] by Elsdon Best, entteld "Maori Religion and Mythology" (Part 1, A.R. Shearer 1976, Wellington, New Zealand), native myths of New Zealand Maoris, as well as myths of native inhabitants of Hawaii, claimed that existed 12 separate levels of heaven. In each of these levels reside different kinds of spiritual beings (i.e. different, self-aware programs). God resides in the highest level, to which other spiritual beings have no access - unless they are invited in there by God.
As it turns out, execution capabilities of the counter-matter are similarly limited as the execution capabilities of present computers. Namely, the counter-matter is able to carry out only one primary operation (command), i.e. counter-matter is able to move as ordered (means in the ordered manner, in the ordered direction, and with the ordered speed). (This motion of counter-matter in our physical world is perceived as various forms of "heat" or "thermal energy".) In this way the execution capabilities of the counter-matter are equally primitive as capabilities of present computers, which in fact are able to carry out only one primary operation, namely the "binary addition". (All other actions in present computers are consequences of different uses of their capabilities for a binary addition.) Thus, all manifestations which we see at present in our physical world, actually are results of various forms of motion carried out by that counter-matter. By the way, the information that the motion (i.e. the "heat" or "thermal energy") is the only operation that the counter-matter is able to carry out, is also confirmed by native religious myths of New Zealand Maoris. For example, the abovementioned book [1I1] reporting myths of native religion of Maoris, on page 66 states, quote: "...the Power that produced all from chaos by the power of heat."

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