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ABSTRACT of this monograph no 5 from the series [1/5E] "Advanced magnetic devices", ISBN 978-1-877458-85-9.

In several cultures of the South-East Asia there is a saying "a frog in a well" or "a frog under a coconut shell". These sayings are used to illustratively describe a state of complacent self-indulgence, which in recent years is adhered by the increasingly larger number of people. Similarly to these "frogs in a well", such infatuated with self-admiration people are continually rattling the words of self-praising about how perfect they are. They are bragging about the high knowledge they accomplished - after all, they learned almost about the entire their well. They are proud of the level of science and technology that their civilization developed - although they conveniently avoid mentioning about all plagues which this science and technology brought to their civilization (such as pollution, destruction of the natural environment, economic crisises, etc.). They also talk about how good God is that created such perfect and knowledgable creatures like them - after all, they do not allow themselves to even think about the existence of the stork. They would never believe, that the true world is concealed from them by walls of their well, and that this real world hidden from them, is much broader and more complex then their limited imagination would be capable to encompass.
For people with the mentality of such "frogs in a well" probably the most effective manner of waking them up from this state of self-indulgence, and inspiring to work, would be to put a small periscope into their well, and to show them what is outside of the limits of their horizons. In some sense theories presented in this monograph (i.e. this volume), could perform the function of such a periscope. Although they do not allow to see everything that was hidden from the sight, they show enough much to allow awaking and initiating a different outlook at our well.
The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained in the previous volume of this series of monographs (i.e. in chapter H) has formally proven that apart from our physical world, there is also another parallel world called the counter-world. This counter-world exerts countless influences on our physical world. For example, for people it is a source of self-awareness (meaning the knowledge that we do exist), self-identity (meaning the knowledge who we are), intelligence (meaning the ability to think and to solve complex problems), the long-term memory (meaning everything that we remember), and personality. It is also the home for these components, which religions call a "spirit" and a "soul", while this monograph calls them "counter-body" and "register". Because of the existence of this counter-world, practically we live at the same time in two different physical worlds and in the third virtual world. Our awareness is like a cursor in a computer. In the aware state it remains in this world of matter, while during dream, hypnosis, or death it switches to these remaining two worlds.
One of the most significant properties of the counter-world is, that the substance which is contained in it (i.e. counter-matter) is capable to think in the natural constitution. Therefore, independently from physical attributes (such as weightlessness, self-mobility, formation of pressures and flows, etc.), it also carries out intellectual attributes (i.e. it can think, memorize, support the execution of algorithms, etc.). This ability of the counter-matter for thinking and memorizing, is leading to several extremely vital consequences. For example it postulates the existence of the universal intellect, which in our religions is called God. The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity actually proves formally the existence of this intellect. Other examples are moral laws, the implementation of which in life ensures the philosophy of totalizm.
The reviewing of this volume is recommended mainly to all these readers, who wish to learn the truth about the real mechanism of numerous phenomena which are stubbornly ignored or denied by present science. The understanding of a simple mechanism that hides behind these phenomena, reveals to us that what people call "unexplained phenomena" is actually not so "unexplained" at all. This volume is also recommended to people who work on new technical ideas, especially on new sources of energy, new devices for telepathic communication, new propulsion systems, etc. After all, phenomena of the counter-world were not utilized so-far in devices of our civilization. Thus their potential still remains untapped. In my personal view, this volume should be reviewed almost obligatorily by all these, who study any physical, natural, or biological sciences. It is to reveal to them an alternative view of the universe, which is opposite to this prevailing presently. In this manner it realizes, that the explanations for this world, which present science promotes, are hiding serious logic flaws and serious drawbacks. In turn for people who are interested exclusively in learning totalizm, the last three subsections of this volume (I7, I8, and I9) may turn quite interesting.
This volume is a kind of call to reflect and to humble ourselves. It reveals that the true knowledge, technology, and moral foundations are still awaiting for being worked out, and that whatever we accomplished so-far is only a very beginning. It also opens the hope for changes in human values, and thus for the arrival to Earth new and better times. In these better times, we would start to value truth and morality above material benefits and power, and we would finally start to live in peace, justice, and in harmony with nature.

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