H11. Possible gains from the mastery of the counter-world
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H11. Possible gains from the mastery of the counter-world

The gravitational link existing between both worlds introduces enormous potential for exercising an intelligent control over our world through the introduction of changes to the counter-world. As this is explained in previous subsections, this control or insight can be accomplished in two ways: presently through the utilisation of natural capabilities of human minds (see subsection I5.5), while in the future through construction of appropriate machines and devices (see subsections I5.6, K3, LA2.4, LC1, M3).
Our realising of the potentials that hide behind even the present utilisation of our natural capabilities for insight and control over the counter-world, is able to cause the development of new techniques for healing, morality, philosophy, ESP, etc.
It seems that for thousands of years mankind exploited the counter-world through magic, exorcism, rituals, etc. However, people's use of the laws of that world to-date has been "blind" and without understanding of their operation. Realizing that such a world does exists should help us in the systematic compilation of its laws and in developing a complete knowledge of its operation (e.g. through the postulated in subsection H10 totaliztic disciplines that would be exclusively devoted to research of the counter-world). From this, there is only a short step to the development of both: our natural abilities to exploit this world - in a way similar to the development of muscles by body builders, and machines which are to help us interact with this world - as our present machines do with the physical world. The existence of this world makes possible the mastery of such hitherto incredible abilities as: telepathy, telekinetic shifting objects, healing, seeing the hidden objects, learning the personal secrets and thoughts of people, and many others. 
When the humanity manages to build machines that will be able to change the configuration within the counter-world, then this causes an instant change within the material world. For example, instead of physically travelling from place to place, we could alter our position in the counter-world, and this would cause our instant disappearance from one place and re-appearance in another one. In this way "instant telekinetic motion" may replace our present shifting of matter in space (see subsection H6.1). It is not the only possibility that the alteration of the counter-world may open. Some other include:
- Materialization instead of production. In future we can develop machines, which at our wish may be able to materialize any possible object or substance.
- Dematerialization instead of disposal. Similar machines will allow us to dematerialize everything that we do not need any more.
- Body-transformation instead of healing. Healing machines that are based on capabilities of the counter-world will revolutionize one day completely our methods of restoring health.
The machine for introducing some alteration into the counter-world will be a supreme achievement in the utilization of the possibilities that offers the existence of the counter-world. However, not less useful will be the construction of devices which just allow "insight" into, and "reading" from, the registers and karma contained within the counter-world. Through such an insight (see subsections I4 and I3) we would, for example, obtain complete information about:
- The appearance and course of illnesses before symptoms are noticeable. - The history of each person, organism or object. - The future fate of people and objects. - The thoughts, intentions, secrets and personal details of any particular person. - The current location of lost people and objects.
- The content of non-transparent objects, e.g. letters within envelopes, natural resources, underground water sources, etc.
A next revolutionary capability that the devices of types described in subsections K5 and K2 are going to open, is the utilization of phenomena that originate from the counter-world, but interact with our world. The most beneficial and close of completion out of these devices are:
- The devices that utilize telepathic waves for communication purposes. Their examples include telepathic telescopes and projectors described in subsections K5.1 and K5.2 of this series of monographs and in chapter D of treatise [7/2].
- Free energy devices, which generate energy due to the utilization of capabilities of the counter-world, e.g. see telekinetic batteries described in subsection L2 /?/ of this series of monographs.
- Means of transportation that utilize the Telekinetic Effect - see telekinetic vehicles described in subsection M1 of this series of monographs.
- Devices which control the elapse of time (based on the magnetic interpretation of time) - see time vehicles mentioned in subsection H9.1.
Similarly to our world, the counter-world is also objective and repetitive. It is governed by two sets of natural laws, whose meaning can be detected, identified, learned and utilized by our intellects. (The first of these two sets of laws, are physical laws similar to laws of our world, while the second set are moral and intellectual laws, which apply only to intelligent beings.) Therefore the recognition and acceptance of this world opens completely new dimensions, for the good of all people. Several chapters of this series of monographs (e.g. chapters JA, JB, or JF) initially reveal various possibilities that this opens for us.

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