H10.1. New sciences on the counter-world and counter-matter
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H10.1. New sciences on the counter-world and counter-matter

Although the basic research of the counter-world and counter-matter are carried out within the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, this concept as a "pure science" cannot solve all applications needed in this area. Therefore, the establishing of "sciences of the counter-world" requires the opening of completely new totaliztic disciplines of research, especially from the "applied area". Some of applied aspects of counter-world and counter-matter are already researched by three new disciplines, which I felt competent to create and which are elaborated in this series of monographs. These are:
#1. The "philosophy of totalizm". This investigates all philosophical and moral consequences of dipolar gravity. It is described in chapters JA to JF.
#2. The "totaliztic mechanics". This one investigates all mechanical aspects of dipolar gravity.
#3. The "engineering of the counter-world". This discipline I already initiated with the development of concepts of such technical devices as for example:
#3a. "Telekinetic batteries". These are described in subsection LA2.4
#3b. "Telekinetic vehicles". These are described in subsection LC1
#3c. "Time vehicles". These are described in subsection M1
#3d. "Telepathic telescopes". These are described in subsection K5.2
But still there is an urgent need to open several further such new disciplines, which because of my scientific specialisation I am unable to open. To name some of them, they include the "chemistry of the counter-world", the "medicine of the counter-world", the "biology of the counter-world", etc. They would carry out research to build healing machines which would manipulate counter-material duplicates of people, they would learn how to heal us with the use of capabilities offered by the counter world, and they would produce new substances and objects through synthesizing them in the counter-world.
Through opening the possibilities of starting such new disciplines literally from scratch, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity throws an incredible challenge to all these frustrated scientists, who so-far were complaining that nothing is left for them to discover or to investigate.
One of the more interesting research problems, that these new sciences of the counter- world should solve, is the experimental establishing what is the actual course of force lines of the gravity field in our universe, and whether this course corresponds to that one which I deduced theoretically and described in subsection JG3.7.1. After all, this course is going to define the real shape of our universe, and to understand the origins of our universe. By an analogy of the gravitational field to all other dipolar fields, it can be predicted that force lines of gravitational field also form closed circuits. Only that, according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, these circuits must propagate through the interior of two different worlds, namely our physical world and the counter-world. But otherwise as this is with e.g. magnetic field, the attributes of which can be illustrated and researched on examples of small magnets, all objects that create gravitational field of the strength sufficient to be able to determine course of their force lines, unfortunately are gigantic dimensions. Thus, in the present situation of our civilization, they cannot be analyzed experimentally. The only thing that we can do now, is to deduce this course in a theoretical manner, basing our deductions on the "totaliztic model of the structure and operation of the universe" that is described in subsection JG3.7.1.

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