H9.1. The interpretation of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
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H9.1. The interpretation of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity

As it was explained in subsections I5.1, I5.2, and H3, the counter-world contains counter-material duplicates of all objects from our physical world. These duplicates can be compared to hardware of an universal (natural) computer. In turn the duplicates of every material object, contain so-called "registers" - means real-time programs and data of physical objects. The duplicates and registers are responsible for the course of all events that take place in our world, similarly as computers and their software are responsible for the course of events in machines with numerical control described in subsection H3. Thus, the key to understanding the operation of the registers and counter-bodies, is the "machine-software- computer-machine" analogy, that was explained in subsections H3 and I3, in which the counter-world is compared to a real-time program and its computer.
Let us consider the operation of a real-time computer program. Such a program is made up from a number of elementary processing commands, that are combined together in one continuous sequence. The completion of these commands is achieved in steps, each one of them being executed in isolation from the others. During this process of execution, the control unit of a computer gives the execution power to these commands in the order of their positioning, one after the other. Thus in each computer program there exists one such elementary command, which is currently in the process of execution. All commands located before this particular one are already completed, whereas all the commands located after this one, will be completed in the future. Therefore a flow of the execution control throughout such a computer program, performs the same function as the flow of time in real events. The above shows, that for the computer programs that operate in real-time, the flow of execution control is equivalent to our idea of elapse of time in real events.
The analogy existing between the registers from the counter-world, and the real-time computer program, allows us to deduce the principles of completion of real events occurring in physical world. These events are executed by the counter-world in a manner similar to the way the processing commands of a program are executed in contemporary computers. Thus, it can be deducted, that the registers from the counter-material duplicates of every object, that are contained in the counter-world, are also combined from the sequences of elementary execution commands. These commands are executed in succession, one by one. Therefore, there is always a command, which is actually in the process of execution, as well as the other commands, part of which were already executed in the past, and part waiting to be executed in the future. Such a flow of the execution sequence occurring in the counter-world, is observed in our world as a lapse of time.
The above provides the interpretation of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This interpretation will be called here the "magnetic concept of time". It states that: "time is a flow of the execution control throughout the algorithms contained in the counter-world." The reason why this interpretation of time is called "magnetic", is the direct link between the elapse of time and a state of energy in magnetic field. This link causes that the elapse of time can be controlled with the use of changes in the energy level of magnetic fields. Therefore, theoretically speaking, in order to learn how to change the elapse of time, it is enough to learn exactly the effects of appropriate "deformation of magnetic field". This in turn means, the time vehicles are going to be just only a slightly improved versions of "Magnocraft" described in subsection A2 and in chapter F.
The above interpretation of time introduces numerous changes to our understanding of time. Firstly, it allows us to realize that our contemporary view of time as a uniformly flowing river is wrong. In fact, time is motionless, only our execution control moves through it. Also this interpretation indicates, that the speed of elapsing time can vary from object to object, and from situation to situation (i.e. time does not elapse the same for everyone and in every situation). Moreover, this interpretation shows that in the counter-world, time can be instantaneously shifted backwards (i.e. the execution control can be shifted back to any previous command) or further forward, and the speed of elapsing time can be increased or decreased. This interpretation also informs that the key for controlling time lies in the states of counter-matter, the manifestations of which in our world are magnetic fields. Thus, in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, time travel and the building of magnetic "time vehicles" is theoretically possible - see subsection H9.1.
Observations have already been accumulated, which confirm the correctness of the above "magnetic interpretation of time". Below examples of evidence from this area is listed:
#1H9.1. The elapse of time is perceived differently for various objects and situations. For example, insects pass through time at a much faster speed than people, whereas the celestial bodies (e.g. planets, stars) have a much slower passage through time than humans do. Also in our lives we frequently observe the different speeds of elapsing time. Let us provide more known examples of such observations:
- As it was lightheartedly expressed by Albert Einstein, "one minute spent on a hot stove feels like an hour, whereas an hour spent with a loved partner feels like a minute".
- In every cyclical activity that occupies the same amount of time, the first repetition of this activity always seems to take much longer period of time than the subsequent repetitions. Thus, for example, the trip to somewhere always appear to take longer than the trip from there. The first piece of soap or the first roll of toilet paper in a new flat always seems to suffice for much longer than the second and next ones, the first day in a new work is always the longest one, etc.
- Most clearly the slowing of time is registered by participants of car accidents.
- Probably everyone has also noticed personally, that the passage of time seems to increase in speed as we age (i.e. a day for children is much longer than a day for older people).
#2H9.1. In the so-called near-death experiences (NDE) that take place during clinical death, and also for people that fall from roofs during their very short flight, or in participants of some serious car accidents, in a very short period of time details of almost the entire their lives is re-lived again. The number of images and experiences passing through minds of such people would be impossible to review if time elapsed with "normal speed".
#3H9.1. Hypnotized people can shift back in time to any event from their past and re- live this event in a different manner than they experienced it in reality. For example, if they visited a specific flat only once in their lifetime, and during this visit they would not see a given room or not ask a specific question, after they are hypnotized that can return to this situation and flat, enter the room that they would not see previously, and receive a reply to the question that they would not ask previously. And actually the description of that room will be corresponding to that which existed at the time of real visit, while the reply that they receive to their question is going to be corresponding to that which they would receive in reality (see appendix Z to monograph [2e], paragraphs H-95 and H-111). Such shifting time back and re- living under hypnosis events that took place in reality, is only possible if time works in the way that it is suggested by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, i.e. time is motionless, while our execution control moves through it and under hypnosis it allows to return to events from the past.
#4H9.1. There is objective evidence accumulated, which confirms the capability of UFOnauts, to slow down, stop, shift backwards, accelerate, or to shift forward someone's elapse of time. This evidence originates from observations of the so-called "time vehicles" in operation. Examples of this evidence are presented in subsections H9.1 and T2. They include so-called "states of suspended animation", claims of UFOnauts themselves, the slowing down or accelerating clocks/watches in people who are being abducted to UFO decks, and many more. One of the consequences of this capability of UFOnauts to travel to past, is that one described in subsection A3, namely that already right now they know which present activities of humans are going to work against them in the future, thus already now they are able to take preventive measures against these events - see also subsection V5.

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