H9. Phenomena that result from physical attributes of natural programs...
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H9. Phenomena that result from physical attributes of natural programs that reside in counter-matter

Natural programs that reside in the intelligent counter-matter, and that are implemented (run) by this counter-matter, display two kinds of attributes. Firstly these programs display attributes that belong to the area of informatics. Such informatics' attributes, are simply various properties of natural algorithms, that these programs express with their content (e.g. what information these algorithms intercept, where this information comes from, how it is forwarded, etc.). Secondary, these programs are also displaying various physical attributes. To the group of already identified out of such physical attributes, belong amongst others:
a) "Friction" which these programs form with the counter-matter during physical moving through particles of counter-matter. According to what is explained in subsections H4.1 and JE3.7.1 /?/, this "friction" of natural programs with counter-matter forms what the science calls "gravity field".
b) "Physical behaviour" of counter-matter, the definition of which these programs carry out in themselves, and which is then imposed by these programs onto the counter-matter that stores them. Our science calls this behaviour with the use of term "energy" - for more details about the mechanism of energy see subsection H4.1, H9.2 and A4.
c) The current "position of the execution control", and the motion of this control through a given program. This point and motion represent what present science calls "time" or "elapse of time" - for more details about the operation of time see subsections H9.1 and M1.
Independently from the above, there is also many further physical attributes of these natural programs from the counter-matter. These further attributes still await their totaliztic researchers, who will define them and describe them more exactly.
The realization of the fact of the existence of such physical attributes in natural programs from the counter-matter, opened the way to develop interpretations for basic phenomena of physical universe. It revealed to me, that various basic phenomena of nature, are actually manifestations of such physical attributes of these programs contained in the counter-matter. Their example include "time", "gravity field", "energy", and several more. Without such their understanding, these phenomena stubbornly kept escaping from all attempts to explain them. Therefore our science defined them only in the categories of consequences observed by people, but was unable to define them in categories of their nature or mechanism of their operation.
The natural programs contained in the intelligent counter-world, display several common characteristics. For example they:
#1. Are indestructible. Thus, these natural programs stored in the counter-matter can only shift from one portion of the counter-matter to other such portion, or from one counter- material duplicate to other such duplicate, but by people they cannot be neither created nor destroyed.
#2. Obey the law of balance. The total number of such programs does not change, although the location of these programs can change.
#3. Are repetitive. The phenomena that are expressed through these natural programs always display repetitiveness. Thus in exactly the same circumstances these programs always excite the appearance of the same phenomena.
Due to realisation of the fact, that such physical attributes of natural programs contained in the counter-matter will form physical manifestations that are observable to people, I managed to discover interpretations of basic physical phenomena in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (i.e. the interpretation of time, gravity field, energy, etc.). These interpretations, which describe main phenomena of classical physics (i.e. time, energy, and gravity field) I am presenting below in subsections that follow. The remaining (non-physical) of such interpretations are explained in chapter I.

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