H7.1. Telepathic waves, and telepathy
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H7.1. Telepathic waves, and telepathy

Telepathic waves are vibrations of counter-matter that propagate across the counter- world. They are similar to sonic waves that spread through matter in the physical world. Thus, it can be easily predicted, that they must be characterised with the following attributes:
A. Modulation. Similarly as acoustic waves from our world, also these waves of vibrations of counter-matter can be subjected to modulation. In this manner they are capable of carrying information of the type like in spoken languages of people, and like in acoustic communication signals of animals.
B. Lack of limits. They propagate through the entire counter-world, in this way are capable to carry out the information that was imposed onto them to every corner of the universe. As such, they allow to exchange of information (thoughts) between all counter- material duplicates that are present in the universe.
C. Infinitive speed. Because of the different configuration of the counter-world, that parts with three dimensions of our physical world, because of the lack of elapse of time in the counter-world, and also because of the attributes of counter-matter (e.g. the lack of mass, inertia and friction), telepathic waves travel instantly, supplying the information that they carry without any time delay.
D. Reaching everyone. Because of the fact, that in the counter-world every counter- duplicate is made of counter-matter, these waves are reaching every possible object, and there are no screens or barriers, which could prevent their arrival. (I.e. these waves are spreading on a different principle than electromagnetic waves, which are incapable of reaching for example inside of steel submarines or inside of closed compartments made of ferromagnetic plate.)
E. Physical properties similar to these of other waves. Because of the differences in properties of subsequent forms of counter-matter, similarly to our acoustic waves, also telepathic waves are going to be:
- Dumped and dispersed by the counter-material duplicates of one types of materials and objects, while amplified and concentrated by duplicates of other objects. From subsections H5.1 and H5.2 it appears, that the deciding about the level of this dispersion or concentration are magnetic or electrical attributes of given substances. And so, for example a foil or a plate made of a ferromagnetic material (e.g. out of a steel), is going to work for the telepathic vibrations similarly as a coating of felt works towards acoustic waves (i.e. is going to dump and disperse them). In turn an aluminium foil or a plate, is going to act on these vibrations in a similar manner as the surface of polished stony pavement does it to acoustic waves (i.e. is going to deflect and to amplify them). Objects made of copper are acting at these waves similarly like transparent objects are interacting with light waves, and like super- conductors are interacting with the magnetic field, i.e. copper objects intercept and bend these telepathic vibrations, binding them and channelling through their interior. Thus a copper foil can be a kind of screen against these vibrations, while a copper wire can be their conductor.
- Deflected from flat surfaces. Thus, it is possible to form various chambers and resonance cavities, lenses, and other devices that are acoustic-like. These devices are going to resonate, interfere, superimpose, or disperse these vibrations of counter-matter. For example it is possible to deduce, that the shape of commonly known pyramid represents a perfect resonance chamber for these waves, and simultaneously is going to focus these waves along its vertical main axis. Thus, from the deductions presented here it becomes obvious that the phenomenon which in publications to-date was described as the "energy of pyramids" (see [5H2]), actually is a standing wave of vibrations of counter-matter. (In some publications the same wave of vibrations is called "orgone" - see [2H2], or "tachyon energy".) This wave allows to be focused in appropriately shaped resonance chambers made by people or by nature, such as pyramids. When in these chambers it is concentrated to appropriately high value, it allows to mummify biological matter, it kills microorganisms and vegetation, it changes structures and consistency, sharps blades, etc. (It is worth to add here that according to deductions presented in other part of this series of monographs - e.g. see subsection H7.2, the radiation detectable by radiesthesia is also a wave of vibrations of counter-matter. Only that in cases of the direct emission from objects and substances, this wave not always is standing.)
- Focused. According to what was explained in subsection H5.2, telepathic vibrations must deflect their path in the presence of powerful magnetic fields. Generally speaking, they are showing the tendency to follow the force lines of this field. Therefore it is possible to construct magnetic lenses, which are to focus these vibrations, similarly as optical lenses are focusing light. For telepathic vibrations, the function of such a lens, is going to perform practically every coil of an electromagnet through the centre of which these vibrations are passing. Because telepathic vibrations can be visualised, through making them to release a phenomenon called the "extraction glow" (that is described in subsections H6.1 and I7), thus the existence of such telepathic lenses allows to build "telepathic telescopes" and "telepathic microscopes", means devices in which the carriers of pictures are telepathic waves - see subsections N5.2 /?/ and H6.3.4 /?/ in this monograph, and also subsection D5 in treatise [7/2]. In the sense of principle of operation, such telescopes are going to be similar to present ultrasonic scanners, in which the carrier of picture is a sound wave. (An example of such ultrasound scanner can be a device that is used by present doctors to show the sex and appearance of a child when it is still in the womb of its mother.) In future such telepathic telescopes will allow us to observe distant star systems and planets, in the state in which they are today, without the need to wait until their slow electromagnetic waves reach us. Because oscillatory chambers used in propulsion of Magnocraft (and UFOs) are, amongst others, very powerful lenses for telepathic vibrations, thus apart from many other functions, propulsors of the Magnocraft (and UFOs) in the future are going to fulfill also functions of such extremely powerful telepathic telescopes. Crews of these spaceship will be able to observe even individual people living on distant planets - see subsections A3, N5.1 and F1.
- Send in especially constructed conductors. Similarly like acoustic waves can be effectively send in long tubes of air megaphones, while light waves can be send in fibre- optic cables, there is also a possibility of sending telepathic waves along various types of conductors. In these conductors telepathic waves are going to propagate on large distances, almost without the dissipation. It is already known that such a perfect conductor for telepathic waves is an ordinary copper wire.
F. Resonating with counter-material duplicates of some objects. During penetration through duplicates of small objects that have frequency of free vibrations coinciding with these telepathic waves, they are going to cause the vibration of these counter-material duplicates. In turn the vibration of these duplicates, through the gravitational interactions, are going to be passed onto the material structure of these objects. With the use of this mechanism, waves of vibrations of counter-matter cause the vibrations of some material objects. Thus they allow to evolve "ears" that are able to "hear" these waves by living organisms. They also allow to build technical "microphones" which allow the reception of these vibrations. For example, such a microphone that receives specific frequency of vibrations of counter-matter, and transforms it into modulated electrical vibrations, is an ordinary quartz crystal that is placed in the focal point of any chamber that resonates these waves and that has the same frequency as that crystal. As this is described in chapter D of treatise [7/2], for such a resonation chamber that contains a microphone for telepathic waves, any aluminium pyramid can be used.
G. Formation by every change in magnetic field. According to what was explained in subsection H5.2, every movement of counter-matter along a closed circuit is manifested in the form of a magnetic field. (Notice however, that uniform "wind" formed by linear dislocation of counter-matter produces a special type of magnetic field, which can be called "gradientless" and which remains undetectable to present instruments, because it does not induce an electric field.) Therefore, for the everyday use, vibrations of the counter-matter called here telepathic waves, should be understood as vibrations of gradientless magnetic field. This in turn has a vital consequence. The production of telepathic vibrations must occur, amongst others, in every case when some changes in magnetic field are taking place.
According to what was already stressed many times, if there are any waves capable of carrying information, such as telepathic waves, living organisms during the process of evolution of course unavoidably developed a capability for utilising these waves practically. And actually this capability is known to us for a long time. In the most known form it is known as "telepathy" or as "telepathic communication". The above reveals to us the definition of telepathy in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This definition states that "telepathic communication is the exchange of information between counter-material duplicates through the means of modulated vibrations of counter-matter". Of course, this definition can also be expressed in other words, through making the use of the similarities of vibrations of counter- matter to sound waves in our world, and through the use of idea of ULT language discussed in subsection I5.4. If it is expressed in such a different formulation, then it states that "telepathic communication is a 'conversation' carried out in the ULT language between two or more counter-material duplicates, in which the carrier of information ('voice') are modulated vibrations of counter-matter". Because according to the "model of the brain as an input-output device" (see subsection I5.4), every thought from our brain, in the counter-world reveals itself as a "loud" monologue of telepathic waves, if we are able to switch ourselves into listening through our counter-material duplicates, then we would perceive thoughts of other people as loud sentences that are rambling through the counter-world.
Because of the above definition of telepathy and telepathic communication, for simplification of our terminology, all types of vibrations of counter-matter are going to be called here "telepathic waves" - no matter whether they carry out any information or not. As this can be easily deduced from previous descriptions, telepathic waves in the sense of their attributes and behaviours are closest to acoustic waves, to which they show the highest similarity. However, because of the fact, that acoustic waves are propagating in matter, while telepathic waves are propagating in counter-matter (the properties of which are opposite to properties of matter), of course some attributes of both these vibrations must be different. For example, because counter-matter is weightless (does not have mass) and ideally elastic, therefore telepathic waves are propagating with infinitive velocity. (They reach their target instantly, independently of the distance.) In turn because of the lack of friction in counter-matter, telepathic waves must not dissipate the same as acoustic waves. (This means that they do not support the phenomenon of frictional dumping, although there will be applicable for them the phenomenon of volume dumping resulting with their dispersion into growing volume of space.) Furthermore, because of the high dependency of the behaviour of counter-matter from gravitational interactions, telepathic waves are going to show tendency to produce gravitational polarisation (means to polarisation that adjusts the plane of vibrations to the course of gravitational field). They also favour directions of propagation that are dependent on gravity configuration.
As this was already mentioned before, telepathic waves must be intercepted by all living organisms. However, because each single one of these organisms exists in two duplicates (material and counter-material), the interception of these waves can be carried out in one of two different ways, which could be called: physical and extrasensory. During physical interception of telepathic waves, their vibrations are transformed into electromagnetic phenomena that occur in our world. Thus the information that is contained in these waves can be "heard" by physical brains and then subjected to appropriate logical analysis. An example of physical reception of telepathic waves is the phenomenon of remote exchange of thoughts, traditionally called "telepathic communication". In turn during extrasensory perception, telepathic waves are "heard" by counter-material duplicates, not by physical brains. Thus, in order to shift the information contained in these waves to our conscious mind, some manner of exchange of information between counter-material duplicate and physical body is needed. As this appears from subsection I3, such an exchange can be a complex process, and is not occurring in an aware manner. Thus, it requires at least the use of some form of ESP techniques, dream, hypnosis, etc. An example of extrasensory perception of telepathic waves is every form of radiesthesia.
Because brains and bodies of all living organisms are able to intercept telepathic waves, and - as this is explained in subsection JE5.3, actually they all carry out this interception, they must utilise for this purpose mechanisms of deflection and concentration of telepathic waves described at the beginning of this subsection. These mechanism allow to transform telepathic waves into electrical vibrations. The manner and mechanism with the use of which this interception can be carried out provides an interesting prognosis resulting from the theories presented in this subsection. This prognosis is worth to be stated here, because in case when in the future it is experimentally confirmed by someone, then it can provide a further proof for the correctness of theories presented here. (According to my knowledge, so far no-one tried to carry out such research - this is understandable considering their topic.) Well, the analysis of attributes of telepathic waves suggests, that their effective physical perception imposes a requirement on sculls of living creatures. (Or more exact: on complete heads of these creatures.) It requires that the shape, structure, and materials of these sculls, is so selected, that the sculls form effective telepathic resonance cavities, which selectively focus the required telepathic vibrations on the pineal gland. (For more details see descriptions of main components, and principles of operation, of the telepathic pyramid mentioned in subsection L2 of this series of monographs and discussed in subsection D2.5 of treatise [7/2].) Thus heads/sculls of all living organisms, including into this also human scull, in the area of location of pineal gland should show many effects similar to these that appear in focal points of pyramids. (These effects are described in voluminous literature devoted to the topic of pyramids, for example in the mentioned earlier [5H2].) This forecasting can be even carried out further, to find out that due to measurement of the efficiency of a given scull in focusing vibrations of counter-matter, it is possible to determine the level of utilisation of telepathy in the life of the owner of this scull. (In present literature these vibrations of counter-matter are usually called "pyramid energy". Thus telepathy is the aware reading of information contained in this "pyramid energy".) In turn due to the analysis of the vibratory spectrum that is focused by a given scull, it is possible to determine a type of telepathic information for the perception of which a given creature is adopted. For example highly specialised predators may have sculls very similar to sculls of their victims. As an example consider a case of "Cheetah" whose small scull is rather unproportional to the huge body, but perfectly imitates scull of a small gazelle (Thomson and impala) in almost exclusive hunting at which this predator specialises. Also consider case of snakes that hunt almost exclusively animals, which have sculls similar to theirs. (Of course, it is difficult to determine in this case, what is the cause and what is the effect - e.g. it can be that cheetah prefers hunting gazelles only because through the similarity of its scull, it is able to telepathically select the most vulnerable victims, the brains of which spread telepathic signals of pain or tiredness.)
Very interesting is the fact that telepathic waves are perceived rather effectively by insects, although these do not have sculls in form of telepathic resonance cavities. For example ordinary mosquitos, or flies, without any error are able to intercept our intention of killing them, and they always escape in panic just before we complete this intension.
Similarly as this is also with sounds in our world, telepathic vibrations can either have the harmonic character - and then they represent an equivalent to our speech, singing, or melodious music; or have a chaotic character - and then they represent an equivalent to unpleasant rumble, squeak, or noise from our world. Counter-material duplicates, and also brains and physical bodies of all living organisms, in continuous although usually unaware manner, intercept the telepathic waves of every type, means both these harmonic ones and these chaotic ones. In case when the brains and bodies intercept harmonic telepathic waves, then they absorb information that is contained in them. This information stimulates their growth and good feelings. But in case when they intercept an unpleasant telepathic noise, which is silent for aware listening, then they react negatively. Similarly as this is in case of sound noise, they show an irritation, bad feelings, suppression of growth, etc. When such a telepathic noise extends the time of impact, or lifts the level above a threshold of tolerance, then the organisms must react with permanent degeneration, increased susceptibility to illnesses, formation of mutations, and in drastic cases even with extinction. (See experiments described in [5H2] in which vegetation placed in pyramids was exposed to the overdose of "pyramid energy" and died out.) It is worth to indicate, that there are special frequencies of telepathic noise, which affect human health many times more destructively from other frequencies. (An example of such especially destructive frequency is the "negative green" - means a special telepathic noise that is formed by a number of objects and substances, amongst others in some pyramids, by some "taboo" objects, and also in the result of friction of streams of flowing water with solid substances.)
The explanation of telepathic waves provided in this subsection, show also the manner in which these waves can be formed technically. This manner results from the deductions provided in subsection H5.2, which explain that magnetic field is a motion of counter-matter. Because every rapid movement is a source of vibrations, the above means, that also a rapid changes (accelerations) of magnetic field, must initiate the formation of telepathic waves. Thus, practically speaking, every coil which produces an alternating (e.g. pulsating) magnetic field, in reality is also a broadcasting antennae which emits telepathic waves. Only that so far we would not know about this emission. (Notice, that telepathic waves clearly differ from electromagnetic waves; in physical sense they could be interpreted as high-frequency vibrations of purely magnetic, or scalar, for the reception and detection of which our civilisation has not developed devices so-far.)
The above explanation of the mechanism of formation, properties, and manners of technical production of telepathic waves, in connection with other information contained in this subsection, indicate also a manner in which a communication device which utilises this phenomenon should be build. Let us call this device a "telepathic transmitter-receiver", or a "telepathyser" (in the sense of their function, they would be similar to our present radio transmitters and receivers). Their transmitting "antennae" (i.e. a component that transforms the modulated electrical vibrations of these devices into telepathic vibrations that propagate throughout the counter-world) will be any device that produces a vibratory magnetic field (e.g. it could be an appropriately shaped coil, or an oscillatory chamber described in subsection C1. In turn a reception "microphone" (i.e. a component that receives waves of telepathic vibrations and transforms them into modulated electrical vibrations) could be any object or device that is able to transform its mechanical vibrations into electrical impulses - e.g. a quartz crystal described before.
Telepathic transmitters-receivers (telepathysers) are devices capable of formation and reception of modulated vibrations of counter-matter. According to what already was explained above, and in subsection H5.2, the generation of modulated vibrations of counter-matter takes place in every case when vibrations of magnetic field modulated in the same manner are also generated. The above suggests that a key for constructing telepathic transmitters is going to be the construction of "magnetic resonators". In the sense of principle of operation, such resonators are very similar to oscillatory circuits currently in use in our electronic communication devices, only that instead of electronic oscillations they produce modulated magnetic oscillations.
At this stage it is worth to inform, that the design and operation of first such magnetic resonator is published already since around 1984. This resonator is called "oscillatory chamber". Its brief description is contained in subsection A2 of this series of monographs, while the detailed description is provided in chapter C of this series of monographs, and in chapter F of older English monographs [1e] and [2e]. But the oscillatory chamber is relatively difficult for modulating, and thus its use as a telepathic transmitter-receiver probably is going to take place only in the future (i.e. probably starting from the oscillatory chambers of the second generation).
There is also known another magnetic resonator, which is much easier for modulation. It is presented in subsection D2 of treatise [7/2], and is called a "telepathic pyramid". It is sufficiently simple, that experiments regarding its completion could be carried out already at the present stage by every researcher and hobbyist. In my opinion it could be build even by people who have no special inclinations towards electronics.
The explanation for mechanism of telepathy provided in this subsection indicates, that all vibrations of magnetic field or electrical current are source of telepathic vibrations. (Electrical current generates these vibrations through firstly producing the changeable magnetic field.) These vibrations may have either a natural origin, e.g. as this is in case of magnetic explosion on the Sun or in case of disturbances in magnetic fields of planets, or a technical origin - e.g. as this is in case of electrical sparks, high voltage powerlines, or in case of working electrical transformers. Thus all types of magnetic devices, interactions, or explosions, must emit waves of telepathic vibrations. Only that these vibrations are going to belong to the category of "telepathic noise", not telepathic harmonic sounds. In turn such telepathic noise is intercepted by living organisms and cause in them all negative consequences that are listed before. Thus all dynamic disturbances introduced to magnetic fields (e.g. magnetic explosions) are sources of various negative consequences for living organisms.
There are various technical sources of dynamic magnetic interactions, which produce destructive "telepathic noise". The most popular ones of them are actions of people that produce electric sparks and pulsating magnetic fields in countless devices such as transformers, electric motors, computers, communication devices, high tension power-lines, etc. Thus, for the observers from space, our planet most probably resembles now one noisy "telepathic market". For inhabitants of our planet exposed to this noise, its long-term action is going to be a source of various undesirable consequences, such as lowering the immune resistance of people subjected to it, psychological problems and the decrease of resistance to illnesses in people that live under lines of high tension, difficulties of concentration in scientists or other office employees the desks of which are located near transformers, or delays in development in children, in the room of which a device is installed which produces pulsating magnetic field (such as TV, microwave oven, computer, etc.). Because all signs indicate that destructive consequences of telepathic noise can accumulate in our bodies (see subsection D4 in monograph [5/3]), it is worth to maintain a high caution with tolerating this noise in our environment.
There is a huge number of natural sources of telepathic noise of a high power. One of these sources (i.e. so-called "Swiss grid") was already discussed in item #5H5.3. Probably the most loud out of these sources are dynamic interactions that occur between magnetic fields of spinning planets and Sun. These interactions produce a powerful telepathic noise that for a casual listener probably resembles a "noise of rolling" of huge iron drums on the stony pavement. Because this noise most probably is very "loud", and simultaneously it interacts negatively with the living organisms that intercept it, therefore various planets depending on the "type" of their field, characteristics of their rotation, and location in relationship to Earth, are going to have various total influence on people. The research of the influence of planetary telepathic noise on human lives, parallel to the described in subsection JE9 research of influence of planetary gravity at people, is carried out, amongst others, by astrology. A next source of natural telepathic noise of a huge power, are magnetic explosions on Sun. According to what was stated here, they must create waves of negative reactions in living organisms. No wonder that almost all rebellions, revolutions, wars, and other bloody social changes, took place on Earth during periods of the most intense magnetic explosions on the Sun (i.e. when the number of "spots" on the Sun is largest) - see the book [1H6.3] by D.J. Schove: "Sunspot Cycles", Hutchison Co, USA 1983, ISBN 0-87933-424-X.
Nature produces also telepathic noise of low power. Because every change/motion of magnetic field generates a telepathic wave, this practically means that on the microscale such a wave must be produced practically by every atom. In the result, all substances and objects, must constantly produce telepathic waves of the characteristic frequency. Through the telepathic listening to this background noise from the environment, it is possible to find out the position of any object or substance. The above leads to the explanation and definition of what actually "radiesthesia" is. According to the information provided in this subsection, "radiesthesia is the detection and identification of natural telepathic vibrations. This detection can be used either for finding these substances/objects, or for protecting people from undesirable vibrations that are emitted by some of them."
Independently from the natural sources of a high power, there are powerful magnetic explosions on Earth from time to time, which are caused by exploding UFO vehicles that belong to UFOnauts. Vibrations of the telepathic noise that are generated by these explosions reverberate in our ionosphere and for tens of years are resonating around our planet like sounds resonate in the resonance cavity of a violin. Thus their negative consequences are simply difficult to imagine. The last out of such explosions took place on 30 June 1908 in Tunguska from Siberia. The negative consequences of it included, amongst others: bloody revolution in Russia, two World Wars, and deviations of fascism. Previous such magnetic explosion took place on 19 June 1178 near Tapanui in New Zealand. Its negative consequences included amongst others the arrival of Medieval times to Earth. More data on both these magnetic explosions, and also on mechanism of their negative impact on people from Earth, is contained in monographs [5/3] and [5/4].
People also cause powerful magnetic explosions. In fact, during every explosion of nuclear or thermonuclear weapon, a significant percent of its destructive energy is released in the form of magnetic vibrations (thus also telepathic noise). This noise is then resonating in the magnetic configuration of our planet like sound does it in the resonance cavity of a violin. Thus, every nuclear explosion (including into it also all tests with nuclear weapon) pushes our civilisation into the neo-medieval epoch. A trial on estimation of our present state in this our voluntarily path to bring on ourselves the epoch of secondary medieval times, is contained in subsection D4 of monograph [5/4].
While discussing here the phenomenon of telepathic noise, it is necessary to direct our attention at the problem how the effects of its concentration, resonation, deflection, or dissipation influence human health. As this was already stressed in the introduction to this subsection, various material forms are going to perform for this noise a function of resonance cavities and lenses. For example a shape of commonly known pyramid focuses this noise along the central (vertical) axis - this is why in certain points lying along this axis, namely these ones where "negative green" vibrations are concentrated, die bacteria and living organisms, while organic mass becomes mummified. Of course, such an ability to direct and to focus telepathic noise, have not only the forms made by human (e.g. our flats), but also various natural forms (e.g. slopes of valleys, hills, etc.). Thus, from the point of view of health, it makes a large difference in which area our house is located, or where is a lake from which we draw our drinking water, and also what is the shape of a room in which we spend a lot of our time. After all, the configuration of our surroundings may cause that in the point in which we live or work, a powerful dose of telepathic noise can be concentrated. In turn the configuration of surroundings, in which our food grows, or water that we drink is accumulated, may be prone to concentration of vibrations of the type "negative green" (see telekinetic farming from subsection KB2 of this series of monographs). Of course, in such cases, without noticeable reason, we would gradually feel worse, similar as vegetation diminishes in the focal point of a pyramid. Thus it is good to look carefully at our environment in order to determine how it shapes the flow of this telepathic noise. Interesting that Chinese do it for centuries. Before they buy a new house, or place their desk in a new place of work, they always verify how this new place is positioned from the point of view of so-called "fung shui" (in the Cantonese dialect "fung shui" means "wind and water"; notice that some authors for the same name use also the Mandarin dialect, in which this name spells "feng shui"). Although "fung shui" includes into itself many aspects, as this was described in quotation from subsection H2 about "chi" energy, a vital part of it is devoted to the ancient knowledge about the operation of telepathic noise. If one considers the directives and recommendations which the knowledge on "feng shui" gives regarding the most beneficial shaping of the configuration of the place of our living, it clearly stems from them that in the great majority they express laws of focusing, concentrating, directing (e.g. via sharp ends), deflecting, breaking, and resonating vibrations that have characteristics of telepathic noise. (See also descriptions from item #3H2 in subsection H2.)
In the light of deductions presented in this subsection, feng shui and radiesthesia relate to exactly the same vibrations of counter-matter, called here "telepathic waves". But Chinese feng schui theoretically deduces about the influence of these vibrations at living organisms, with the use of logic and knowledge of laws that govern their behaviour. In turn radiesthesia simply practically/experimentally detects areas in which the high concentration of this noise appears.
The positive influence of the correct use of feng shui and radiesthesia on health, self- feeling, and life achievements of inhabitants of a given house, is known for a long time. But only theoretical deductions provided in this series of monographs reveal the significance of telepathic vibrations for the growth of people. As this is obvious from subsection KB2 on telekinetic farming in this series of monographs, depending on what type of telepathic noise is concentrated in a given room in which a growing up person is spending a lot of time, the growth of this person can be suppressed or accelerated. Such telepathic vibrations that can stimulate or extinguish the growth, concentrated on bed of a child, can be the main reason for not understood so-far phenomenon, that children of the same parents, may have various height, which sometimes drastically differ from the average height of their remaining family. Let us hope, that theories presented in this monograph open this problem to statistic research, so that in the future we have no children hurt because they are too short or too tall, only because their parents have not known anything about telepathic vibrations concentrated on their beds.
At the end of this subsection it is worth to remind ourselves one significant physical attribute of all telepathic vibrations. This is that all telepathic vibrations in area of their mechanism and consequences are displaying various similarities to the Telekinetic Effect. In order to explain these similarities in a more illustrative manner, telepathic vibrations relate to the Telekinetic Effect like mechanical vibrations of an object or medium relate to the uniform dislocation of this object or medium. In turn it is known, that in technology mechanical vibrations frequently are used for accomplishing consequences similar to these from dislocations. (For example, instead of breaking a wall with the use of uniform dislocation of a tank, the same effect can be accomplished through acting on this wall with a vibratory pneumatic hammer.) In a similar manner also telepathic vibrations of a high amplitude may be utilised for a more easy accomplishing physical effects that normally would be caused by the action of the Telekinetic Effect. A good example of such an effect would be the telekinetisation of substances with the use of telepathic vibrations instead of a constant telekinetic field (see descriptions from subsection NB1).

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