H5.3. Phenomena induced by circulations of counter-matter around Earth...
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H5.3. Phenomena induced by circulations of counter-matter around Earth (i.e. from the Earth's magnetic field, from the rotation of Earth, etc. - e.g. consider northern lights, southern lights, Swiss Grid, southern ozone hole, and many more

Counter matter in which our planet is submerged is not stationary substance, but it continually circulates in several different directions. Therefore, every single object on our planet is constantly being washed by several different currents of counter-matter. These currents are gradientless - as they were explained in the previous subsection. Therefore for our science they remain undetectable, and about their existence we learn rather rarely. Still they behave as if they try to toss every object in several directions at the same time. This has the consequence that we are surrounded by countless phenomena, which are outcomes of circulations of the counter-matter, but about the existence of which we would not know so-far. The reason is that our science completely blinded by the erroneous (old) concept of monopolar gravity, did not notice these meaningful phenomena, or was unable to explain them. They include polar lights (i.e. the northern lights - Aurora Borealis, and southern lights - Aurora Australis), Swiss Grid, southern hole in the ozone layer, circulation of the atmosphere around our planet, and many more. In spite of remaining unnoticed by the science to-date, all these numerous phenomena induced by circulations of the counter-matter around Earth, carry a special significance for our knowledge. Therefore they deserve separate addressing, and thorough explanations. This is because they conclusively confirm the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity presented in this chapter. For example, they represent a visible proof that the Earth's magnetic field actually is a circulating stream of counter-matter, as explained in subsection H5.2, they provide a visible proof that the gravity has a dipolar character and that the counter-world and counter-matter actually do exist, as this is formally proven in subsection H1.1. They also directly contribute to the formal proof from subsection I3.3 that the universal intellect does exist (we all are vitally interested in evidence which supports this immensely important proof). Therefore, let us now have a closer look at mechanisms involved in formation of phenomena resulting from the circulations of counter- matter, and also at information that these phenomena are able to yield for us.
The most obvious reason for the rotation of counter-matter around our planet is Earth's magnetic field. According to the explanation provided in subsection H5.2, we could compare our planet to a huge pump, propeller, fan, or vacuum cleaner, that circulates the ocean of the counter-matter in which Earth is entirely submerged. Because of the action of the Earth's magnetic field, counter-matter is being sucked into our planet at the "inlet" (N) near the northern geographic pole (namely at the area which is called the "north magnetic pole of Earth"), flows through the centre of our planet, is ejected back into space at the "outlet" (S) near the southern geographic pole (i.e. at the area which is called the "south magnetic pole of Earth"), then flows around the surface our planet from the south pole to the north pole, to again sunk into Earth at the north magnetic pole, etc. This means that the Earth's magnetic field is one of two basic reasons for the continuous circulation of counter-matter around, and through, the body of our planet. This circulation, in turn, induces various natural phenomena, which are going to be addressed in this subsection. These phenomena are the outcome of the constant washing out and pressure of the Earth's magnetic field over the surface of our planet, and also over every particle of atmosphere which surrounds our planet, over every particle of cosmic radiation that falls on our planet or passes near by, etc.
Apart of the magnetic field, there is also another major reason for the circulation of the counter-matter around our planet. This is the rotation of the Earth around its axis, which, amongst others, causes also the rises and the sets of the Sun, the days and nights, etc. Because our planet is rotating while being submerged in the motionless ocean of counter- matter, this motionless counter-matter constantly washes the surface of our planet flowing from east to west. Actually it forms another latitudinal (gradientless) magnetic field spreading east-west around our planet, which is even more powerful than the known longitudinal south- north magnetic field, but which - because of its gradientlessness - still remains undetected by our science, and thus is ignored. This latitudinal gradientless magnetic field also causes various phenomena. One of these phenomena is the rotation of the air in our atmosphere, caused by the dynamic pressure of counter-matter on particles of the air. (Note that the reasons for the continuous rotation of atmosphere around our planet cannot be explained on the basis of the old concept of monopolar gravity! Therefore, all previous theories on this matter "do not hold any water".)
Independently of these two major reasons, counter-matter is additionally circulated in various directions by several other phenomena. In order to name here at last some of them, they include the yearly circulation of the Earth around Sun, the circulation of the counter- matter by the solar magnetic field, the continuous motion of the solar system in relationship to our galaxy, and several further phenomena.
Let us now proceed with presentation of the most spectacular phenomena, that are induced by these movements of counter-matter around the surface of our planet. Here they are:
#1H5.3. Movements of polar lights. The most spectacular of all phenomena induced by the Earth's magnetic field are "polar lights". It was observed, that the lights of northern lights (so-called "aurora borealis") that are visible near the "N" magnetic pole of Earth - means at the "inlet (I)" for the counter-matter, appear as if they fall down to Earth from the sky. In turn lights of the southern polar lights (so-called "aurora Australis"), that appear not far from the "S" pole of Earth, means not far from the "outlet (O)" for the counter-matter, look as if they ascend from Earth to the sky. The logical explanation for this amazing contradictiveness in the direction of motion of both these lights, is that they are caused by the flow of counter-matter that forms the Earth's magnetic field. (As it is calculated in item #5H5.3, this circulation occurs with the linear velocity of only around v=1330 [km/h], thus it is possible to visually notice it.) After all, in its circulation the counter-matter emerges from the "S" or "O" magnetic pole, flows through the space, in order to sink back to Earth at the "N" or "I" magnetic pole of Earth. (Notice that in this series of monographs, and in other my works, the north magnetic pole (N) is defined as that one that prevails near the north geographic pole of the Earth.)
The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains these lights to be the versions of so-called "extraction glow" (which is explained in subsection H6.1). According to this concept, polar lights are induced when the high-energy stream of counter-matter, ejected from our Sun, is meeting another stream of counter matter which is circulated by the Earth's magnetic field. When these two streams of counter matter interfere with each other, a kind of telekinetic displacements of particles of counter-matter ejected from the Sun take place. In turn these displacements cause the appearance of the glow, which in subsection H6.1 is called the "extraction glow". Because of the high energies involved, this glow starts to have a specific colour domination, which is unique to given polar lights (namely blueish-green to the northern lights and reddish-yellowy to the southern lights). Thus in fact polar lights, because of the mechanism that produces them and also because of their colours, are close relatives to the lights that appear at outlets from UFO propulsors.
#2H5.3. Ozone hole. Probably this is one of the most publicized phenomena, which is also caused by the circulation of counter-matter around the Earth. The hole in the ozone layer firstly appears near the "S" or "O" magnetic pole of Earth (thus inspiring inhabitants of Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand to philosophical reflections of the type "why countries that are the most responsible for formation of ozone hole, are going to be affected by it at the very end"). This hole is caused by the constant "dynamic pressure" that the circulating stream of counter-matter is exerting on everything that it encounters on its path. This pressure is the bigger, when the objects being encountered are the larger. Because amongst gases from which our atmosphere is composed, ozone has one of the largest particles, the particles of ozone are subjected to this pressure of the counter-matter at slightly higher ratio than all other particles from our atmosphere. The effect is that ozone is gradually shifted towards the north magnetic pole. In the conditions of significant ozone depletion, as this is currently the case on our planet, this gradually creates an ozone hole above the southern magnetic pole.
#3H5.3. Continental drift. A mechanism slightly similar to the ozone hole is also displayed by the phenomenon of "northern shift of continents". The counter-matter in its circulation around our planet is exerting a constant pressure on land masses from the surface of our planet. In the result of this constant pressure, all continents are gradually drifting towards north. This pressure of the counter-matter, thus also the northern drift, is the most significant around the equator. This in turn causes the characteristic shape of continents on our planet, where in the vicinity of the equator the land masses are narrowest although the most hilly, and where the majority of continents are located at the northern hemisphere.
#4H5.3. Shapes of Arctic and Antarctic. A next interesting phenomenon, which is also resulting from the Earth's magnetic field, is the similarity (or a mirror reflection) of shapes of Arctic and Antarctic. The reason why the shape of Arctic almost exactly reflects the shape of Antarctic, so-far cannot be explained by the conventional science based on the old concept of monopolar gravity. But the next Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains this mirror reflection of shapes by the continuous flow of counter-matter through the centre of our planet, and thus by modelling the surface of our planet at both outlets of this flow accordingly to the internal configuration of masses inside Earth. This means, that both shapes (i.e. Arctic and Antarctic) are actually the reflection of internal configuration of our planet, or more strictly the reflection of distribution of matter inside of our planet.
#5H5.3. Swiss Grid. A slightly different mechanism is involved in the formation of pressure ripples on our planet. This pressure ripples of the counter-mater are known under the name of "Swiss Grid". Swiss Grid takes a form of a square grid of lines, which can be detected with tools of radiesthesia. In Europe this grid takes the form of north-south oriented, geopathic lines, passing at distance of around LNS=2.9 meters from each other, and east-west oriented lines, which pass at the distance of around LEW=3.2 meters from each other (with the variations of these dimensions reaching around 0.4 meter for different countries). The mechanism of formation of this grid can be explained on the basis of "vertical pressure waves" caused by the motion of counter-matter around our planet (this mechanism is explained extensively in subsection H7.2). The east-west oriented lines of this grid, are caused by the south-north flow of counter-matter within the Earth's magnetic field. In turn south-north oriented lines of this grid, are caused by the rotation of our planet around its axis, and thus by washing of the surface of our planet by the stationary counter-matter in which Earth is submerged.
It is worth to notice, that the explanation provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that the "Swiss Grid is a stationary wave of vibrations of the counter-matter" introduces many highly useful consequences. Let us list here and discuss the most important of these. Here they are:
a) The most important out of them is, that it supplies one of the most easy verifiable cases of scientific evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and for the existence of counter-matter. All that is needed to prove scientifically that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is correct and that counter-matter does exist, is to instrumentally detect the existence of these ripples which form Swiss Grid (radiesthesia already does this since many years). The indications about design of devices that allow to detect it, provides the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or more strictly the deductions regarding magnetic resonators.
b) A next consequence of explaining that "Swiss Grid is a stationary wave of vibrations of counter-matter", is that this explanation, as well as the quantitative data of this grid, provide a possibility of carrying out calculations regarding many physical constants of the counter- matter, such as the elasticity coefficient, the velocity "v" of the flow of counter-matter in Earth's magnetic field, etc. For example, since we are able to determine the mutual proportion of dimensions of lines of this grid (i.e. since we know the ratio of the mutual distance of longitudinal lines "LNS" of this grid, to their latitudinal distances "LEW", which ratio for Poland is equal to around LNS/LEW=0.8), we already are also able to calculate the velocity "v" of the flow of counter-matter in Earth's magnetic field. Along the surface of Earth this velocity amounts (for Poland) to around v=0.8vE of the peripheral velocity of rotation of Earth around its axis (vE=2πR/24=1663 [km/h]). This means that in Poland the counter-matter that forms the Earth's magnetic field, flows towards the north with the horizontal velocity of around v = 1330 [km/h].
c) A next consequence is that this explanation perfectly defines the attributes of the Swiss Grid that are already known. For example it reveals that:
c1) The Swiss Grid is formed along the surface of Earth, thus it does not exist deeply underground, not at very high altitudes (although it is going to exist at latitudes at which sometimes clouds may descend).
c2) Vertical obstacles are going to distort the straight lines of this grid, as propagation of the vibratory wave that produces it is horizontal and thus must obey laws of deflection of waves during passing through flat surfaces.
c3) Because of the mutual interference of stationary waves, lines of this grid sometimes are going to show incontinuities (similarly as lines of sand ripples on beaches) - therefore the grid is not going to be perfectly regular.
c4) The mutual interference of harmonic waves is causing that lines which are positioned at harmonic multiplications of λ of this grid, are going to be amplified and widened (e.g. every second and seventh line is going to be more powerful - as it also happens with sea waves, about which the sailors folklore warns that the "seventh wave" is always the most dangerous one), etc.
d) Another consequence is that this explanation reveals further attributes of the Swiss Grid, that so-far remained unknown. For example that:
d1) The longitudinal lines of this grid are parallel to geographical lines of longitude (because they are formed due to the rotation of Earth), while the latitudinal lines are parallel to the force lines of Earth's magnetic field (because they are formed by the circulation of the counter-matter in Earth's magnetic field). Thus in some areas - e.g. near Earth's magnetic poles, this grid is not going to form square mesh, while in other areas its single cells may form prolonged diamond shapes.
d2) The longitudinal lines must disappear near geographical poles of Earth, while the latitudinal lines must disappear near magnetic poles of Earth.
d3) The construction of a high building, or the formation of a new mountain, causes the dislocation of original (previous) course of this grid on the western and northern side of such a new structure.
(Notice that these previously unknown attributes of the Swiss Grid, indicated only by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, allow to verify the correctness of the explanation provided here.) Moreover this explanation allows to deduce about attributes of the Swiss Grid through studying of behaviours and attributes of material equivalents of this grid, e.g. ripples formed in sand or on glass (as explained in subsection H7.2).
e) Another consequence is that this explanation reveals mechanism of operation that hide behind various secondary phenomena that originate from the standing wave of counter- matter vibrations described here. For example it indicates in what manner the "telepathic noise" is formed by various planets, and where comes from the significance of Chinese "Feng Shui" - see descriptions in subsection H7.1. Why there are so clear links between the location of specific planets and the state of living organisms (a part of these links is described by astrological knowledge - see subsection D4 in monograph [5/3]). What is the nature and parameters of vibrations of counter-matter that propagate from our planet into the cosmos and what character have various effects and phenomena that are caused by these vibrations.
f) Finally the explanation provided here opens the path for construction of various technical devices that utilise the Swiss Grid and natural telepathic vibrations (detailed description of these devices is to be provided in some future monographs, especially in [6/3], [7/3], and [8/2]). In order to indicate here some examples of these, the grid can be used e.g. for producing free electricity. Such a simplest device which is to generate electricity from the Swiss Grid would be a bunch of isolated wires spread along this grid, onto which, at the locations of grid's lines, flat aluminium plates that deflect the telepathic waves would be inserted. In turn the telepathic wave deflected back and forth would induce AC electricity in wires that it washes out.) Similarly, natural telepathic vibrations could be used for constructing of devices for detection of incoming earthquakes. After all, the stresses that builds up in the Earth's crust, as well as the flows of underground magma, must send powerful bursts of telepathic vibrations. This in turn provides a principle for constructing a devices for detection of incoming earthquakes, similar to a famous fountain having 8 dragons with pearls in their mouths, originally constructed in China in 132 AD, the replica of which is currently exhibited in the "Beijing Observatory - Tien Ven Tai", in Pekin, China.. An extensive description of this fountain is presented in subsection N6.1 /?/.
#6H5.3. Whirls of water. According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, all cosmic bodies, including our Earth, move in their astronomical motion through the ocean of relatively stationary counter-matter. But opposite to boats that move through oceans of water, the counter-matter does not flow around the surface of the objects that are submerged in it, but it flows across their volume (after all, there is no friction or barriers that would impede such a flow of the counter-matter). Because the counter-matter in which our planet is submerged, does not carry out the spinning motion that results in appearance of days and nights, on the surface of Earth relative motion of the counter-matter caused by this spinning of Earth must be noticeable. Thus since every substance and object have its counter-material duplicate, these duplicates sometimes must display tendencies to behave in a manner that reflects their motion through the ocean of counter-matter. Examples of such demonstration can be water whirls, which are initiated exclusively under the influence of gravitational field, i.e. which are not initiated through the forced stirring of water by our hand or spoon. If we for example let water out of a bathroom bathtub on the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, then by itself this water falls into a whirl that rotates clockwise. Thus the direction of it, mimics the apparent motion of Sun in Northern Hemisphere. This in turn means, that the initial impulse that put this water into spinning was coming from the counter-material duplicates. The duplicates show the tendency to stay motionlessly in comparison to spinning Earth, thus with their motionless they initiate the particles of water to imitate the apparent motion of Sun. But if we let out water from a bathtub in the Southern Hemisphere, then without our artificial initiation of this spinning, it is going to rotate counter-clockwise. Thus its rotation in the Southern Hemisphere also imitates the apparent motion of Sun, only that this time at the Southern Hemisphere. This in turn means that the initiating impulse that started the motion of this water, again comes from the counter- material duplicates, which show the tendency to stay motionless in relationship to the Earth which rotates on its axis. I carried out these experiments many times and each time I confirmed, that water let out e.g. in Poland naturally spins clockwise, while water let out e.g. in New Zealand, naturally spins counter-clockwise. In spite of searches in physics textbooks, so far I have not found any satisfactory explanation for this phenomena that would be based on the old concept of monopolar gravity. (Present science can only describe the mechanism that sustains the rotation of such a whirl, after it is initiated, but is not able to explain, what causes that the rotation of this whirl is self-initiated in a given direction.) I am convinced that the reason for this lack of explanations for the consistency of initiation of water whirls, is that explanation for the mechanism of this initiation requires the knowledge of the counter-mater. As such, this explanation could be only formulated after the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was worked out.
Of course, water is only one of numerous examples of whirls that imitate the apparent spinning of Earth in the motionless ocean of the counter-matter. All other whirls are also going to obey the same mechanism. For this reason, for example tornadoes, depending on the Hemisphere of Earth, are going to show tendency to predominantly rotate in opposite directions (like these water whirls). Spiral dust will always tend to settle down according to similarly defined directions. Spiral galaxies with the spreading of their arms are going to indicate the direction of their motion in relationship to motionless counter-matter. Not mentioning that also the entire Earth's atmosphere is going to refuse to rotate together with Earth, as according to the old concept of monopolar gravity, the conditions of its spinning in vacuum should impose it, but is going to show tendency to behave similarly as behaves the ocean of counter-matter in which our atmosphere is submerged.
#7H5.3. Cascades of atmospheric cyclones spreading from the southern pole. We know that our universe is very symmetrical (see the DeBroglie's principle of the symmetry of nature described in subsection H6.1). This symmetry means that various equivalents of phenomena, which we can observe for example in flowing water of rivers, appear also in the ocean of the counter-matter that flows around our planet. One of such phenomena is the cascade of whirlpools. In rivers such a cascade manifests itself in the form of smaller whirlpools, that are created around peripherals of a larger whirlpool that spins in stationary water. The mechanisms of such large whirlpools work on a very similar principle as so-called "planetary gears" in planetary gearboxes (a good example of which is a "differential mechanism" present in almost every large car). It simply causes that each large whirlpool behaves like a central gear in a planetary gearbox, i.e. in favourable circumstances it forms around its own peripherals several smaller whirlpools that rotate in an opposite direction and that represent satellite gears in such a planetary gearbox.
Counter-matter is much more mobile than water. After all, it does not have inertia, and is not subjected to friction. Therefore, when a large central whirlpool is formed out of the counter-matter, then (similar as this is the case with water) around its peripherals a belt of smaller whirlpools is also going to be formed, which rotate in an opposite direction. These smaller whirlpools in turn may induce a belt of several further whirlpools that again display a reversed direction of rotation (i.e. that rotate in the same direction as the central large whirlpool), and so-on.
The counter-matter in which our Earth is spinning, can be considered to be relatively stationary. But the stream of the counter-matter which forms the magnetic field of Earth, and therefore which flows through the interior of our spinning planet, must also be spun in the course of its path trough the centre of the planet. Therefore, while leaving Earth, this stream of counter-matter is spinning the same fast as our planet does. In the result, a huge whirlpool of counter-matter which spins like Earth is actually formed at the southern outlet of Earth's magnetic field. This creates the situation that is described above, namely crates a central whirlpool of counter-matter, that is positioned within motionless counter-matter, and thus that is going to create cascades of smaller whirlpools arranged into several belts that counter- rotate and rotate around its peripherals.
Because this cascade of whirlpools of the counter-matter formed by the spinning Earth, is spinning amongst volatile duplicates of Earth's atmosphere, each of these whirlpools produces a localised "cyclone" of the spinning atmosphere. Therefore, within the global atmospheric circulation system, we can distinguish specific atmospheric features, which originate from the whirlpools of this spinning counter-matter. And so, over the Antarctic (or more strictly - over the southern magnetic pole) we have a large blanket of air which remains stationary. This is because this stationary air originates from a cyclone that spins with the same rotational velocity as our planet does. Around peripherals of this central stationary whirlpool over Antarctic, seven semi-permanent smaller cyclones of the atmosphere are formed. Their axes of rotation are parallel to the axis of Earth's rotation, and are joined semi- permanently with the rotating Earth at the latitude of around 35 degrees South (means their axes also rotate together with Earth). They rotate in the direction which is opposite to that of Earth's rotation. The lower edges of these seven cyclones, form around the Earth a belt of winds, which in sea literature (and thus also in Internet) is presented under the name of "westerlies". (Notice, that a name of a given wind is always so selected, that it indicates the direction from which a given wind arrives. Thus e.g. "westerlies" always arrive from around the western direction.) In turn the upper sides of these seven cyclones form around the Earth a belt of winds called "south-east trade winds". The axis of rotation of one of these cyclones is anchored permanently in the Tasman Sea, around a half way between New Zealand and Australia. This particular permanent cyclone constantly spoils weather in New Zealand. Other such semi-permanent cyclone causes that small boats practically are unable to sail from east to west through the Drake Passage (i.e. under the Cape Horn at the southern tip of the South America), and these more stubborn amongst them may land on the bottom of sea in that area.
Actually these seven southern cyclones permanently steered by the counter-matter can be quite clearly distinguished on satellite photographs of Earth that show the southern pole - they look like small spirals (or "galaxies") made of clouds that dance at some distance around the southern pole of our planet. What is even more interesting, the velocity of spinning of these cyclones is so strangely synchronised, that they spin in seven-day cycles. For example the velocity of spinning of the cyclone anchored in the Tasman Sea (which decides about the weather in New Zealand), causes that the weather of New Zealand displays a clear seven-day cycle, every seventh day repeating almost the same characteristics. Of course, the mechanism of these whirlpools of the counter-matter forms numerous further global atmospheric phenomena, not just "westerlies" and "trade winds". For example, this mechanism is also responsible for the existence of "doldrums", "horse latitudes", "subpolar lows", and "polar highs". The existence of these semi-permanent cyclones of the Earth's atmosphere again confirms, that for many phenomena which affect our everyday lives, counter-matter performs a vital triggering function. Pity that during all these years since the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is disseminated, the present science so stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the existence of this substance.
#8H5.3. Stones emerging from the soil. It is interesting whether the reader ever noticed, that the overwhelming majority of stones, which naturally lie on the surface of Earth, usually is positioned in such a manner, that only around 30% of their volume remains in the soil, and they are always pointing upwards with the axis of the lowest ratio of resistance to buoyancy (i.e. they are oriented the same, as would be identical pieces of ice that float in water). The old folklore of Poland explains this phenomenon as caused by the fact, that stones emerge from the soil by themselves, similarly as lumps of ice emerge from underwater. This explanation stems from empirical observations gathered in Poland during old times, when peasants used to collect systematically these stones that emerged from the soil, and remove them from fields. This collection never ended, and fields which were completely cleaned out of stones one year, were covered with them again a next year. (Poland is one of these areas in the world, where such a phenomena takes place. Notice that in order for it to occur, soil must be relatively loose. For example soil in New Zealand is too compressed by ancient glaciers - as explained in the alternative history of New Zealand from subsection V3, for stones to break free towards the surface. Therefore in New Zealand this phenomenon occurs only on beaches and on banks of rivers, where the soil is sufficiently loose.) From the mechanism of vibrations it is known, that such buoyancy forces that lift bigger objects towards the surface are only formed when these objects are subjected to continuous vibrations. Unfortunately, in the majority of areas where this emerging of stones is observed, soil is not subjected to any vibrations (e.g. the territory of Poland almost never experiences earthquakes). Thus the only explanation for the source of these buoyancy forces, is that waves of vibrations of counter matter (means the same waves that form the Swiss grid) cause also the counter-material duplicates of such stones to vibrate. In turn this vibration of the counter-material duplicates of stones, is the source of forces of buoyancy that cause their emerging from the soil. Thus the fact, that such emerging of stones actually takes place, is an additional empirical proof, that counter-matter does exist and that it exerts powerful influence on the phenomena from our world.

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