H4.1. Basic phenomena of the counter-world
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H4.1. Basic phenomena of the counter-world
Motto of this subsection: "Reality exceeds borders of our imagination, our imagination is limited by reality which we already know".

Because the counter-world is inaccessible to our senses, so-far it kept us in a complete ignorance not only about its existence, but also about its characteristics and about phenomena that prevail in it. But, as readers probably managed to realize this from previous parts of this chapter, in spite of this our ignorance, the counter-world is a huge world that is manyfold more complicated than our physical world. After all, apart from phenomena purely physical, that we well know from our world and that result from mutual interactions between particles of the substance (i.e. the counter-matter) that prevails in this counter-world, it also must host phenomena which remain completely unknown to us, because they result from the natural intelligence of the counter-matter. (These phenomena are more precisely described in next chapter I.) Furthermore, it must host various phenomena which we meet in our world, but which we were unable to describe scientifically because they result from the mutual interaction between our world and the previously unknown counter-world. For these reasons, the phenomena that take place in the counter-world, and also the laws that govern these phenomena, are more complex and complicated, than phenomena and laws from our physical world. In order to discover and to describe all of them, there will be enough work for countless generations of future totaliztic scientists. Of course, already by now I managed to learn several most important out of such phenomena, although I am fully aware that they do not represent even a small fraction of whatever really happens in the counter-world. After all, the phenomena that I was able to identify so-far are only these ones, which in an evident and easily detectable manner influence phenomena from our physical world.
Independently from these phenomena that are easily noticeable from our world, the counter-world surely hosts numerous other phenomena, that are unique just for it. Our learning about these unique phenomena will require previous development of completely new research methodologies, that will allow our insight into some secrets of the counter-world. Already at this stage I worked out one of such new research methodologies, which for my own use I call the "differential method". It depends on the analysis of differences between the courses of two identical phenomena, one of which takes place, or is initiated, in our world, while the other takes place, or is initiated, in the counter-world. (Examples include phenomena of physical motion and telekinetic motion, sound wave and telepathic wave, etc.) The observable differences between the course and effects of such two identical and mutually corresponding phenomena, allow one to deduce the attributes of the counter-matter and the counter-world, laws that they obey, etc.
In this subsection I try to provide a list of these phenomena of the counter-world, which so-far I managed to identify and to describe in various parts of this monograph. Because mechanisms of these phenomena originate from several different sources, during the formation of this list I firstly described the criterion which classifies a given group of phenomena to a specific source from which they originate, and only then I listed subsequent phenomena that originate from this source.
A. Phenomena that result from the mutual interaction between particles of counter- matter. So-far I managed to identify the following phenomena from this class:
A1. Electric fields. Local compressions and dispersions of counter-matter, are known to our science under the name of "electric fields". Unfortunately, this science so-far failed to explain what electric fields actually are. A more detailed description of these fields is contained in subsection H5.1 of this monograph (i.e. in the first one from a next group of subsections). All laws that govern electric fields result from laws that in the counter-world are governing the mutual interactions between the compressed or dispersed counter-matter.
A2. Magnetic fields. Local circulations of counter-matter along close circuits, our science calls "magnetic fields". However, this science again failed to explain, what exactly magnetic fields are. Their detailed descriptions are contained in subsection H5.2 of this monograph. All laws that govern magnetic fields result from the laws that in the counter-world are ruling the mutual interactions between streams of circulating counter-matter.
A3. Telepathic waves. These are waves of vibrations that propagate through counter-matter (i.e. vibrations of counter-matter). For our science they still remain unknown at the theoretical level. However, various kinds of these vibrations were already identified empirically by the so-called "alternative sciences", and are described with the use of such terms as e.g.: energy of pyramids (see subsection H7.1), radiesthesia (see subsection H7.2), orgone energy (see subsection H7.1), telepathic messages, etc. I have the honour to be the first scientist, who explained them and described theoretically, giving to them the name "telepathic waves". Their description is contained in subsection H7.1 of this monograph, while the further extension of this description is contained in chapter N. All laws that govern the telepathic waves result from laws that in the counter-world rule the formation, properties, and behaviours of the vibrating counter-matter.
B. Phenomena that result from the mutual interaction between counter-matter from the counter-world, and matter from our world. So-far I managed to identify the following ones out of them:
B1. Permanent telekinetisation of matter. The possibility of such telekinetisation, so-far remained unknown for people. No-one recognised it either theoretically or empirically. Thus I again have the pleasure to be the first scientist who not only explained its mechanism, but also indicated examples of its manifestations and main attributes. The more comprehensive description of permanent telekinetisation is provided in subsection H8.1, with practical applications indicated in subsection NB2. All laws that apply to permanent telekinetisation of the matter are results of laws that govern the formation, attributes, and behaviours of these ones out of all mutual interactions between vibrating matter and counter- matter, which in subsection H8.1 are described as a model of telekinetisation.
B2. Telekinetic movements. These are consequences of the motion of a counter-material duplicate of an object. This motion, via the gravitational interactions, is shifted onto the material part of this object. (I.e. telekinetic motion is like causing objects to move through grabbing and moving their "spirits".) For more detailed descriptions of the phenomenon of telekinesis, see subsection H6.1 of this monograph and chapter. All laws that govern over the telekinetic motion, are outcomes of laws that govern the dynamic interactions between counter-matter and matter.
B3. The Telekinetic Effect. This is a phenomenon (or a mechanism of phenomena) that takes place in the counter-matter, and that represents a self-mobility, or the reversal of inertia related to the counter-matter - which is also a reversal of friction. Present science also does not know about this effect. Thus I have the pleasure to be the first scientist, who theoretically discovered, described, and explained it, naming it the "Telekinetic Effect". The initial description of this effect is contained in subsection H6.1 of this monograph, while the extension of this description is contained in subsections L1 /?/ and M1. All laws that govern the Telekinetic Effect, and thus also govern the phenomenon of telekinesis which stems from it, are outcomes of laws which in the counter-world are governing the unique attribute of the counter-matter called "self-mobility". Self-mobility actually is the reversal of inertia, and also a reversal of friction.
C. Phenomena that result from natural programs stored in the counter-matter. Thus, these phenomena also result from the fact, that every individual particle of the counter-matter has memory which contains some-sort of natural programs, that this particle is intelligent and capable to execute these programs, and that it displays the will to complete enthusiastically whatever is programmed to be done in these programs that it carries inside. (Notice that the detailed description of such intellectual phenomena is contained in next chapter I. Their brief listing provided here is only for the scientific exactitude and for the completeness of this list.) Until the time of writing this subsection I managed to identify the following out of such phenomena induced by programs:
C1. Energy. The behaviour of particles of the counter-matter is defined by special natural programs, that describe how these particles should behave in a given moment of time. More information about these programs is provided in the next chapter I, which describes the intelligent attributes of the counter-matter. These natural programs may move from one particle of the counter-matter to other such a particle, dictating to these particles how they should behave. In the science the fact of this motion of elementary "programs of behaviours" of particles of counter-matter is described with the term "energy" (see subsections JE9 and JE9.1 /?/), although the science still is unable to explain what actually this energy is. All phenomena connected with energy, are in our world the consequences of the motion of these elementary programs of behaviours from one clusters of the counter-matter into another such clusters. In turn all laws that govern energy, and also that govern conversion of energy, result from laws of the counter-world that relate to natural programs which describe the appropriate behaviours of clusters of counter-matter. For example, because programs of energy that are contained in the counter-matter, typically cannot be created nor destroyed, and only are able to change the volume of the counter-matter in which they are residing in a given moment of time, and thus the behaviour of which they are controlling, thus energy obeys a similar "law of balance" which also relates to programs and to substances. Because these programs are indestructible for people, and only the universal intellect knows how to form or destroy them, thus also energy is obeying this law, so that people are unable to create or to destroy it. People only are able to change the location of energy, or to transform it from one form into another one. Etc., etc.
C2. Time. The definition of time to-date, that time is just a "fourth dimension", the Concept of Dipolar Gravity declares to be completely wrong. In the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity time turns to be a flow of execution control through programs contained in our counter- material duplicates - see descriptions of time contained in subsections H9.1 and M1. Therefore, according to statements of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the flow of time can be shifted backwards, slowed down, accelerated, shifted forward, etc. It is also possible to build "time vehicles", which are going to shift us through time. All laws that govern over time are resulting from laws that govern the flow of execution control through algorithms from our counter-material duplicates. Thus they must be very similar to laws that govern the behaviour of present computer programs.
C3. Gravity field. Although present science is aware of the existence of this field, and even described its major attributes and basic laws that govern it, still this science is unable to explain what gravity actually is, nor what is its nature. For example, even at the time of updating this paragraph, means almost 30 years after the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was formulated, and after it was formally proven that gravity is a dynamic dipolar field, human science still insisted that the gravity field has a character of a static monopolar field. According to my present interpretation, the gravity field is simply a kind of "friction" force, that is created during the flow of energy (means the flow of elementary "programs of behaviours") from one group of particles of counter-matter to another such particles. The more detailed descriptions of my analyses concerning the nature of gravity field, are provided in subsection JE3.7.1 /?/ of this series of monographs. All laws that govern gravity, result from properties of this "friction" force that is created during a flow through counter-matter of these natural programs that reside inside of the counter-matter.
Three out of the above phenomena, namely the Telekinetic Effect, telepathic vibrations, and magnetic model of time, have especially vital significance for technical devices described in this series of monographs. Thus their course, and attributes, are going to be briefly described in this chapter. These phenomena in the future are going to form scientific foundations for such new disciplines postulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, as physics of the counter-world, mechanics of the counter-world, medicine of the counter-world, or engineering of the counter-world.
The advancement of sciences that investigate phenomena of the counter-world, opens for the use of humanity various sources of benefits. An excellent review of such benefits is provided in subsection H11. At this point it is worth to point the attention of the reader at these benefits that are subjects of analyses already in next chapters. They include, amongst others: construction of free energy devices (i.e. telekinetic power stations described in chapter K), construction of propelling devices that are based on the utilisation of the Telekinetic Effect (i.e. telekinetic vehicles described in chapter L /?/), the construction of devices that change the elapse of time (i.e. time vehicles described in chapter M), and construction of communication devices that utilise telepathic waves as carriers of information (e.g. telepathic projectors and TRI - see chapter N /?/).

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