H4. Physical properties of the counter-matter
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H4. Physical properties of the counter-matter

Subsection H2 of this monograph explains, that the "counter-matter" is a name assigned to extraordinary substance, which fills up the entire counter-world. Because of the invisible and inpenetrable barrier that separates from each other the physical world and the counter-world, senses or instruments that are installed in our physical world are not able to gain access to counter-matter. Thus they are not able to detect its existence, nor describe its attributes. Fortunately, counter-matter can be researched through the analyses of influences and effects that it exerts on phenomena from our world.
The research to-date on the counter-matter, shows that apart from the intellectual properties (discussed in chapter I), counter-matter displays also physical properties. For example, it can be formed into structures and objects, compressed, circulated, moved, vibrated, etc. In turn each of these physical properties of counter-matter, is the source of numerous phenomena of a physical nature, which instead in our world, are occurring in the counter-world. But because the counter-world is linked with our world via gravitational interactions, whatever physical phenomena take place in the counter-world, they immediately exert their influence on the course of phenomena in our world. In this way the physical attributes of counter-matter, are the source of countless phenomena that are observed in our world. In order to provide here examples of such phenomena that extend across two worlds, they include electrical and magnetic field, all phenomena that decide about our weather (e.g. cyclones and tornadoes), telekinetic motion, a state of telekinetising, telepathic waves, and many more.
A lot of phenomena that take place in the counter-matter, is a source of various consequences, which with the aid of gravity field, are forwarded to our world, and thus observable in our world. Some of these phenomena depend so much on the unique physical properties of counter-matter, that their explanation only on the basis of properties of our matter is absolutely impossible. For these reasons, such phenomena were so-far described with the term "unexplained" or "mysterious", and usually ignored by the official Earth science. These out of them, as for example "electrical field" or "magnetic field", which present science was unable to ignore, are described only in terms of their abstractive effects, means in a manner which avoids the exact description of their origin, mechanism, operation, etc.
The discussion of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity would be incomplete, if we would not analyze at least the most important out of these "unexplained" or "mysterious" phenomena of the science, that originate from the physical attributes of the counter-matter, but the influence of which is extended to our world. After all, if we do not explain them exactly in the monograph devoted to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, our official science is going to ignore them forever. In turn their further ignoring is going to deprive humanity these countless benefits that stem from possibilities of their practical utilization.
The further subsections of this chapter H are aimed at the presentation of just such phenomena of a physical type, together with physical properties of the counter-matter that trigger them. These subsections also explain consequences, which the existence of these phenomena introduces to our civilization. But before we dive into the descriptions of these phenomena, at this point I would like to explain, that the precise learning of these phenomena extends horizons and presents the complete picture of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But from the point of view of learning and practicing totalizm is NOT imperative. Therefore these readers, who do not have the strict minds and are not inclined towards learning physical secrets of the universe, but learned the initial part of this chapter because it explains the scientific foundations of totalizm, starting from this point, may miss further digesting of this chapter. They now may proceed directly to read chapter I. Descriptions from chapter I extend this part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which has a direct link with the philosophy of totalizm. From the point of view of totalizm, the most important is knowledge presented in this chapter until this point, then important is the knowledge presented in chapter I. (Slightly interesting can also be the content of subsections H9 to H12.)
In turn knowledge presented in further parts of this chapter H, is mainly useful for researchers oriented towards the physical side of all phenomena, and for people interested in the physical side of operation of the universe and also in utilisation of phenomena of the counter-world for constructing technical devices. This is because such knowledge provides physical foundations for newly born sciences of the counter-world described in subsection H10. Especially it forms scientific foundations and explains principles of operation for various devices that result from engineering of the counter-world, including into this also technical devices described in chapters K, L /LA/, M, and N /NA/. Therefore, for investigators working on the development of free energy devices, telekinetic devices, time vehicles, or devices for telepathic communication, the reading of further subsections of this chapter is very vital and recommended. The discussion of this physical part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is started in next subsection from the most commonly known phenomena that originate from the counter-world, but that manifest themselves powerfully in our world.

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