H1.3. Overpowering consequences of the erroneous qualifying gravity to the category..
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H1.3. Overpowering consequences of the erroneous qualifying gravity to the category of monopolar fields

The formal proof that "gravity has a dipolar character" actually compels everyone constantly, and remains in power all the time. In turn, when we acknowledge this formal proof, than it immediately introduces various weighty consequences, which are extending to all aspects of our life. These consequences should be apprised and considered. So let us now devote this brief subsection to the process of disclosing at least the most important of them.
The acceptance of the fact, that gravity had a dipolar character - i.e. not a monopolar one, as it has been assumed without any verification by our scientists who practice exclusively "a posteriori" approach to research (for explanations what this means - see subsection H10 from this volume), is practically an equivalent to admitting, that our science has been tolerating an enormous error for all these years and that it insists on lying. (In the introduction to this chapter this basic error of the "atheistic orthodox science to-date" is compared to the error of taking magnetism for electricity.) This error causes, that the entire our knowledge is faulty from the very beginning, that it is build on very shaky foundations., and that we actually should not believe in anything that this science was claiming so-far. The reason is that by being one of the primary fields of the universe, gravity practically extends its influence at almost the entire human science. Thus tolerating so basic error at the foundations of this primary field, causes that the entire knowledge that our science accumulated so far is deformed by this error, similarly like pictures are deformed in a curved mirror. This in turn means, that the process of correcting and repairing this error is going to involve practically every aspect of our lives. Almost all disciplines are going to be changed and extended, including into this also areas which hitherto were considered to be not connected with gravity, such as medicine (the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides a justification for acupuncture, for healing, for the understanding of operation of long-term memory, for feelings, etc.), farming (e.g. the introduction of the so-called "telekinetic farming" described in subsection KB2 of this series of monographs), religion (replacing believes by knowledge, and re-classifying religion to become a part of physics of the counter-world), parapsychology (providing explanations for all phenomena previously considered to be unexplained - see subsection I7), philosophy (the development of totalizm), and many more.
Of course, if the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is NOT forced by people to repair this error, it is NOT going to repair it voluntarily. It will simply pretend that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here does NOT exist at all. Therefore, in order to force the old "atheistic orthodox science" to repair errors that it committed, it is necessary to firstly deprive it the "monopole for knowledge" which it enjoyed to-date, by establishing "competitive" to it "totaliztic science" - as this is explained in subsection H10 of this volume.
When the newly established "totaliztic science" manages to disseminate the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, then this concept is to exert the greatest influence onto physics, and also onto all other disciplines which relate to physics, such as mechanics, engineering, etc. This is because the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity formally invalidates all findings of the human science to-date, which are stemming from the old concept of monopolar gravity, and introduces the necessity to re-define all these findings. In turn the consequence of this invalidation is, that all definitions and equations used by these sciences, in fact loose their validity in the light of dipolar gravity. The present equations and definitions of physics, can be compared to definitions and equations used by our engineers and designers from the disciplines of electrical engineering and electro-technology, for designing electrical motors and transformers. While using these equations, the majority of electricians have no idea, that their equations are valid only for alternating current of the frequency 50 Hz, which is used in Europe. But for currents of other frequencies, e.g. the ones that are used in the USA or Canada, these equations completely loose their validity. Exactly the same is with physicists, whose equations are only valid for the gravity of Earth. In turn on planets of a different gravity, the equations of today Earth's physicists become completely useless.
The reason of this invalidity of claims of physics and other disciplines related to physics, is that by being formulated as independent from attributes of the dipolar gravity, our science limited the validity of these old findings for only the Earth's gravitational field. Therefore, whatever our science developed so-far, is not applicable for conditions of other gravity values. For example, present human science would not be able to correctly predict the precise outcomes of physical phenomena in gravity fields other than the Earth's one, e.g. on a hypothetical planet Terra, which has the gravity 4.47 times greater than Earth, or even on our Moon.
Of course, knowing the philosophy which prevails in our science, it is easy to predict that such a re-definition of all findings of human science, is not going to occur so soon. After all, for many scientific applications these old equations and definitions are sufficiently good. In the gravity field of Earth they seem to work. In turn the philosophy of our science causes, that it introduces changes only then, when these changes are forced upon it by someone from outside of the science.
At the present level of development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, it is already known, that almost all basic equations and laws of physics are grossly incorrect (including in this Newton's physics, quantum physics, and the theory of relativity). Also laws of mechanics, engineering, and astronomy are only valid for the circumstances of the Earth's gravity field. In order to give here some examples of the type of gross inaccuracies that the present laws and equations of our Newtonian physics hide in themselves, let us consider here the Second Law of Newton. It is based on the old concept of monopolar gravity. It states that the force "G" of the gravitational interaction, can be described by the equation "G=mg". But the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that whenever we have a gravitational interaction with any objects, simultaneously both parts of these objects are subjected to the gravity field, namely the material parts of these objects are attracted, as well as the counter-material parts of these objects are repelled. Therefore, according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the gravitational acceleration "g" is not a single phenomenon, but a combined action (difference) of two gravitational interactions occurring at the same time. One of these interactions is the gravitational attraction "gm" of the material part of this object - which takes place in our world. The second is the gravitational repulsion "gc" of the counter-material part of this object - which takes place in the counter-world. Both these interactions have non-linear characters. For example the repulsion "gc" is actually the volume decompression of the ideally elastic counter- matter, therefore it changes in a non-linear fashion with the distance. In turn the attraction "gm" originates from the dynamic pressure described by the Bernoulli's equations - see subsection H1.1. Therefore it also is non-linear quantity, which changes with velocity. In the result of these two actions, in the most simple case of gravitational pull, the force of such gravitational attraction should be described with the equation "G = m(gm - gc)", in which each of components "gm" i "gc" is a non-linear quantity, which changes independently from the other one.
On a similar principle also the first part of the Newton's equation "F=ma" is also incorrect. After all, in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity the mass "m" (which is understood to be the measure of total inertia of an object), actually must be composed of the resultant inertia "mm", which prevails in the material world, and the exactly opposite to it the so-called "self- mobility" "mc" (means the reversal of inertia), which prevails in the counter-world. Therefore, the mass "m" is actually "m = mm - mc" (see also descriptions from subsection JG9). This means that in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the Newton's equation takes the form "F = (mm - mc)a". To make it more interesting, even the brief analysis of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals, that the self-mobility "mc" is a function of acceleration (i.e. it changes in dynamic situations), whereas the inertia "mm" is an isotropic quantity, which depends on the direction of the velocity vector in relationship to gravity field force lines, and on the relative velocity of a given mass "m" in relationship to the surrounding counter-matter.
In a similar manner also all other non-linear phenomena in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in fact are the outcome of combining together two different non-linear processes, each one of which occurs in a different world. (For example, the total plasticity of solid objects is the sum of elasticity of the counter-material duplicates of these objects, and plasticity of their material parts; both these components are depending in a different way from configuration of the prevailing stresses.)
If one considers the above premises, and starts to re-define the basic definitions and equations for such primary ideas of physics as the gravitational interactions, inertia, mass, etc., actually this is going to force massive changes also onto practically every other idea of physics, which is related to these basic ideas. In this way the chain of re-definition of almost all laws and equations of our science is necessary. Of course, the effect of this re-definition would be that our laws and equations only gain, because they would become more precise then they are now, their area of application would extend beyond the gravity field of Earth, and they would reflect the phenomena which take place in reality around us with a much higher accuracy.
Independently from theoretical premises for making the existing laws and equations more precise and applicable for every gravity conditions, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity also provides theoretical base for opening entirely new disciplines, which are explained in subsection H10. The first mathematical foundations for such new disciplines are already formulated. Their presentation is contained in chapter JG, which describes a new branch of mechanics, in this series of monographs called the "totaliztic mechanics".
The faults within our science, which are the cause of inadequacies in the to-date understanding of gravity, can be understood and corrected. But there is an area, in which the damages caused by these inadequacies of the old description of gravity are beyond repairs. This area is morality and faith. In order to heal the sea of evil, which in this area was done to humanity by these ones who tolerate the errors of the scientific understanding of gravity to-date, it is sufficient to hypothetically consider the consequences, which are introduced by whatever science tells to people in the area of faith.
In order to explain these consequences on a first example, let us firstly consider a purely hypothetical situation, that the Christian hell actually does exist, and that all people who led atheistic lives according to the statements of the science to-date, actually land in this hell for an eternal punishment. In such a hypothetical situation, would not all statements of science to-date about the faith, morality, and God, that this science formulated on the basis of an erroneous theory of gravity, just represent a spiritual misleading? Isn't it true that the official (fully atheistic) stand of science to-date in such a situation must be described as a moral and spiritual deception of countless number of people? And what about the situation now, when after 15 years of promotion of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and proving that the claims of present science about morality, faith and God, are completely wrong, scientists still insist on continuing the promotion of this deceiving monopolar gravity, and on keeping humanity in darkness - doesn't such a behaviour deserve the name of the "spiritual sabotage of humanity"? After all, isn't a basic right of people is to know, what a pile of garbage was everything, that in these areas science was implying - for example that in the universe there is no room for God, that the existence of human soul is theoretically not possible and experimentally not verifiable, that the measurable and alterable are only material matters, while morality and spirituality are resistant for scientific methodologies, etc., etc.? Isn't in such a light just an ordinary arrogance and conceit of individual scientists, if during lecturing about gravity and about Newtonian theories, they do not even mention to their students about the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and about the most important consequences that stem from this concept? The moral and spiritual harming of people, that the science to-date was carrying out in the result of that erroneous understanding of gravity, can be only compared to such huge religious deviations as e.g. the Inquisition. When a new understanding of the universe eventually is disseminated, and when people are officially informed that in the dipolar understanding of reality in fact there is the room for morality, spirituality, and for the universal intellect (God), interesting whether then the institutional human science is going to officially apologize to humanity for all this misleading that it subjected people to - similarly as the Christianity apologised for the crimes of Inquisition.
Let us consider yet another example, which additionally extends our awareness of the possible consequences of the official misleading that may result from the old monopolar gravity. Namely, let us consider what consequences could have for example a hypothetical situation, that some evil creatures (e.g. "simulations" described in subsection OC1 and in chapters P to V of this monograph) actually keep intercepting human souls, and then imprison these souls as intelligent controllers for their technical devices to replace "artificial intelligence" with a more perfect natural intelligence. The intercepted souls would then be used to give awareness and intelligence to their vehicles and technical devices. In such a manner, by diverting our attention from the spiritual matters, Earth's science hypothetically could help these evil creatures to imprison thousands of human souls in intelligent machines for many centuries.
As this stems from chapter JA, by insisting on the erroneous understanding of gravity, and due to this - also on misleading humanity in matters of morality, spirituality, and the universal intellect, the present science is committing a totaliztic sin of unimaginable proportions. Totalizm teaches, that by being aware of this sin, we have an unavoidable duty of undertaking actions that would correct it and neutralize it. This practically means, that everyone who knows anything about totalizm and about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, should make aware other fellow humans, that the science to-date commits this enormous error, and that there is in fact a sound scientific theory (i.e. the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity), which clearly realizes, that the universe actually has a room for moral laws, for eternal registers (souls), and for the universal intellect (God). These laws and intellect govern our lives with an iron hand, and they are even more repetitive, unambiguous, specific, and consequently executed, as laws of physics.
At the time of writing this monograph, the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and totalizm existed and were disseminated for almost a quarter of century. During this entire time, I am undertaking continuous efforts to introduce these two immensely vital disciplines of knowledge in the sphere of interest of scientists and official science. Unfortunately, the only thing that I am receiving during such attempts, are unjustified rejections combined with rather smart remarks and scoffing. It happens in spite that apart from these smart remarks and scoffing, so-far no scientist was able to stipulate anything specific against these two areas of human knowledge.
The old concept of monopolar gravity was a kind of intellectual prison, which locked the access of humanity to a whole new world, and which was hiding from us the truth about the universe around us. It caused that everything that our science developed so-far is only valid for the Earth's gravity field, and thus that our scientists would not be able to precisely or correctly describe phenomena, which take place on other planets and in other solar systems. It also imprisoned the spirit of humanity and trotted on human morality. The new Concept of Dipolar Gravity repairs all these scientific warps. It provides a key, which opens this our prison, introduces fresh air to the stuffy science, and allows a free access to the entire new world. If properly utilized, this new concept enables us to lift ourselves to the level of knowledge and awareness that we never even dreamed of. Now it is the responsibility of each one of us whether, and how, this key is going to be used.

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