H1.2. Experimental confirmations of the existence of the counter-world
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H1.2. Experimental confirmations of the existence of the counter-world

The logical deductions, evidence, and formal proofs, which are presented in this series of monographs, especially in subsections H1.1 and I3.3, should suffice even for the most hard- core skeptics to remove their doubts that the counter-world does exists and that the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity is correct. If all these supporting data are insufficient for someone, this only means that a given person belongs to a category of people, who in spite of all facts are still going to believe that Earth is flat. However, for the scientific exactitude I still would like to indicate in this subsection further objective experiments and evidence, which every "skeptic" person can complete, and which allow him/her to experience for himself or herself that the counter-world in fact does exist, and that this existence of the counter-world can be confirmed experimentally. These additional experiments I am listing here not to convince these so-called "skeptics", but to provide additional ammunition for those who battle with human ignorance. From a vast number of properties of the counter-world which could be used for such experiments, only these are considered here, which can be detected by every person, including people having no previous interest in this kind of phenomena.
As this is more comprehensively explained in subsection H1.1, the correctness of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the fact of the existence of the counter-world which stems from this concept, are already confirmed with a huge experimental evidence. This evidence can be classified into two categories, namely:
(1) Results of the commonly known experiments of physics, which are confirming the existence of the counter-world, only that so-far they were interpreted in a wrong manner, or completely had no satisfactory explanation.
(2) Results of completely new experiments designed from clues that originate from the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and thus producing results that coincide with this concept.
Below both categories of these experiments are discussed, starting from ones that are already commonly known.
Re. (1). So far a significant number of commonly known experiments was already identified, the results of which directly confirm the correctness of the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the existence of counter-world. Independently from Kirlian photography and wave/particle nature of light discussed in subsection H1.1, to this group belong also, amongst others:
A. Numerous phenomena from physics of elementary particles. An example of one of the more spectacular out of them, is the so-called "tunnel effect". In this effect an elementary particle disappears from one energy level, in order to appear on another such level in a manner that contradicts the known laws of motion. Our science was forced to accept this effect empirically, even that on the basis of the old concept of monopolar gravity it was impossible to explain it rationally. But in the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity the tunnel effect is simply an outcome of the Telekinetic Effect that occurs also on a micro-scale.
B. Anomalies of gyroscope. On the basis of our knowledge to-date, these anomalies was possible to describe only in the category of their effects, not in the category of mechanisms of action. But the Telekinetic Effect allows the rational explanation of the mechanism behind such anomalous behaviour of gyroscopes.
Re. (2). Independently from the above experiments known already for a long time, I designed myself several further ones, which directly confirm the existence of the counter-world. The most simple, objective, and fully repetitive experiments proving the existence of the counter-world, can be based on the Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy, described in subsection H6.1.3. It is well known from physics, that every work completed in the physical world must obey the Conservation of Energy Principle (i.e. the completion of physical work must always involve the consumption of energy). But the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that affecting the matter through introducing some telekinetic changes into configurations from the counter-world, does not consume any energy in its physical understanding (see the "telekinetic motion" described in subsection H6.1). This means that the energy requirement for such telekinetic work, must be somehow satisfied through the energy exchange with the environment. Therefore, every telekinetic work must cause the conversion of thermal energy occurring along the paths of the affected objects. Such a conversion in turn must result in two physical effects detectable for our contemporary instruments, i.e. (1) a temperature change, and (2) an "extraction glow" or a "dispersion glow". Some experiments involving these two effects are discussed in subsection H1.2. Below their most simple and popular versions are presented.
The only form of energy which is available everywhere, and which therefore will be the subject of telekinetic conversion, is thermal energy. Thermal energy can be extracted or
yielded according to the type of telekinetic action that converse it. As a result, the temperature of the affected area must drop, or rise. There are 2 types of telekinetic actions. These are called here: (1) telekinetic work, and (2) telekinetic release. Telekinetic work depends on shifting objects against any natural force such as gravity (i.e. an object is lifted), elasticity (i.e. an object is bent), buoyancy (i.e. an object sinks), friction, etc. Therefore telekinetic work consumes energy, which must be extracted from the environment. This kind of action causes the temperature of the environment to drop. Telekinetic release depends on moving objects in line with a force (i.e. an object is put down, expands, etc.). Telekinetic release produces a thermal energy which therefore raises the environmental temperature. There are also examples of telekinetic actions (usually a cyclic nature which comprises both: work and release) whose total effect is neutral, so they not affect the temperature at all. Examples of such neutral works are: the swinging of a suspended object, bending and then straightening a V-shaped divining rod, an idle running of a telekinetic motor (the consumption of heat resulting from the completion of a telekinetic work is compensated in such a motor by the production of heat resulting from the friction), etc.
It should be stressed that if telekinetic phenomena operate according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, than the conversion of thermal energy described above must occur. On the other hand no different explanation for phenomena of telekinesis provides a theoretical base for this heat conversion. Therefore the experimental confirmation, that such conversion of heat in fact appears, represent a further experimental proof for the existence of the counter-world. To complete this type of experiments, a significant telekinetic work should be done within a small, thermally insulated space. Thus the temperature change could be measured and the obeying of the Conservation of Energy Principle could be checked. Let us hope that these of the readers who still have some doubts about theories presented in this monograph, are able to complete such an experiment and experience in person the astonishing results.
In order to give here some idea as to how should look like this new type of experiments, which prove the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, let us briefly review their general course. As it turns out, experiments which confirm the existence of the counter-world via the appearance of the extraction glow or via the decrease of the environmental temperature, must be carried out in two stages. The first stage depends on finding a source of a significant telekinetic work that can be completed at any wish. Such a source can be e.g. a person, who is able to complete a biological telekinesis. For example, it could be someone who is able to telekinetically lift upwards heavy furniture (e.g. wardrobes), like Miss Joanna Gajewska of Sosnowiec (Poland), or e.g. cause some objects to move from one place to other like it does Mrs. Jan Searle of Ross (West Coast, South Island, New Zealand). The second stage of these experiments, which is to occur after a telekinetic work is released, depends on the registration of thermal consequences of the completion of this telekinetic work. These consequences can include either the change of temperature, or the appearance of the extraction/dispersion glow. Thus, to find such an experiment conclusive, it is sufficient to either just subjectively experience the rapid temperature drop that occurs in the room during any significant telekinetic work, or to measure this drop with some sensitive instruments. Even if the temperature is not measured, for a significant telekinetic work being done, all eye witnesses present in the room should notice a significant temperature drop, which in cases of moving e.g. heavy furniture, reaches almost freezing level.
Many investigators claim, that laboratory research on telekinetic work is impossible to complete, because of the lack of access to a telekinetic motion that can be repeated. But these investigators understand by telekinetic motion only a narrow class of the spectacular phenomena which is called "telekinesis", and in which objects are dislocated without being touched. As it is known, this class of phenomena is extremely rare, and its reconstruction in laboratory conditions is very difficult. The to date misunderstanding of the action of the Telekinetic Effect has caused these investigators to ignore a large body of another phenomena, the mechanism of which also obeys the principles of telekinetic motion, but which is commonly referred to by different terminology. These another phenomena can be used successfully for the completion of experiments discussed here. In order to illustrate the wide availability of telekinetic work through the utilization of these other phenomena that obey principles of telekinetic motion, even if they are called differently, some more popular sources of the biological version of telekinetic work are listed below.
1. V-shaped divining rods. These are bend telekinetically when searching for water. It should be mentioned here, that the operation of divining rods can be based on two different principles, i.e. involuntary (physical) motion, and telekinetic motion. Only the second one out of these principles can be used in experiments discussed here. Therefore it is vital for an investigator to be able to distinguish between them. The rods that utilize only physical motion, are prepared as resilient rods loosely inserted inside rotary handles and held in a state of unstable equilibrium during searches. After finding water these rods are physically thrown out of balance as the result of involuntary movement of the dowser's hands. The second type of rods, the operation of which utilizes the Telekinetic Effect produced by the dowser's mind, are usually prepared as flat forks. Frequently old clock springs, whale bones, or fork branches are used for this purpose. During the search they are held firmly in the diviner's hands and visibly bend downwards (female dowsers usually bend them upwards) after water is detected. People who use this second type of rod possess a well developed telekinetic capability. Usually they are also able to telekinetically move other objects such as the needle of a compass, the pointer of an amperometer, etc. After appropriate training they should even be able to shift small material objects along plain surfaces.
2. All paranormal phenomena involving motion, such as levitation, psychokinesis (telekinesis), bending spoons with power of the mind, poltergeists, supernatural apparitions, ghosts, etc.
3. The paranormal activities of hypnotized people (e.g. the stiff horizontal suspension on a single support), or people in a state of deep meditation, religious trance, euphoria, etc.
4. Healing. The majority of effective healing activities involve telekinetic (psychokinetic) work conducted by the healer on parts of the patient's body. The work completed during such healing sessions must also satisfy the postulate of spontaneous heat exchange between the objects affected telekinetically and the environment. Therefore this work is able to be recorded with the same methods and devices, as that completed during any other telekinetic motion.
It is worth stressing here that the methods of recording and measurement of telekinetic works which are described in this monograph, also make possible the simple measuring of the efficiency of a healer through the determination of the capacity of his/her thermal output. This in turn allows us to distinguish easily between those people who have real healing capabilities, and those who only declare they have such capabilities. Therefore, one of the effects of the theory described in this monograph is that it can open the way for verification with instruments of the efficiency of healers. Thus it can lead to future licensing of healing practitioners, and even establishing some kind of registration, categorization, and certification.
5. Selected demonstrations by some professional magicians (especially of Gypsy or Indian origin). There are magicians who have mastered the ability to cause telekinetic motion on demand, and can use this ability during the performance of some very spectacular shows. Frequently they demonstrate the non-destructive penetration of the human body by sharp objects, similar to that done by some healers during bloodless surgery (e.g. drawing nails through hands, pushing knives through corpses, etc.), or the penetration of one physical object by other objects. But there are also magicians who can demonstrate levitation, shifting objects without touching them, changing the properties of objects (e.g. the stiffening and raising of ropes), etc.
The majority of the sources of biological telekinetic motion listed above are able to produce the Telekinetic Effect on request. Therefore, these biological sources can repeat the supply of such motion frequently enough to be used for experiments conducted under laboratory conditions.
Independently of the biological sources of telekinetic work, there are also available sources of the technological version of this work. The most accessible of such sources are:
6. Telekinetic power-stations mentioned in subsection K1, and more comprehensively described in treatise [7/2] and monograph [6/2]. The main components of these power-stations (e.g. spinning magnetic discs with brushes collecting current from them) can provide a significant amount of telekinetic work. Popularly these power-stations are called also magnetic generators of free mechanical energy, or "free energy devices" - see subsections K2 and H6.2. They provide a telekinetic motion without any external energy supply. If such a device is available, it can be used for registering the extraction glow.
7. Vehicles of extraterrestrial civilizations (UFOs), which operate on Earth in the state of telekinetic flickering - see chapter U, as well as Telekinetic Personal Propulsion used by members of these civilizations - see subsection T1.
Therefore, where such devices are repetitively accessible, it is possible to utilize them to confirm the existence of the counter-world.
The first group of experiments that confirm the existence of the counter-world depends on the creation of a telekinetic motion, and on a subsequent recording of extraction glow. I actually completed several such experiments. To complete them, I started from finding several people capable of biological telekinesis, and then I photographed objects moved by them telekinetically. In the majority of cases my photographs actually recorded the presence of the extraction glow. But because of the rather insignificant telekinetic work completed by these people, the results that I obtained were not spectacular enough to be presented in this monograph. Fortunately, in various publications on topics that involve the sources of telekinetic motion listed above, numerous photographs - taken by other experimenters - are presented. Many of them register the extraction glow of a much more spectacular intensity than I did. An example of these, which is very representative of the wealth of photographic evidence already published that shows the extraction glow, is presented in Figure H1. It shows a powerful extraction glow emitted by a V-shaped divining rod. The same extraction glow appears also when someone moves telekinetically heavy furniture, such as tables shown in photographs from Figures H2 and H3.
In cases of extremely intensive action of the Telekinetic Effect, the extraction glow is so strong, that it can be seen by the naked eye. A Polish healer, Wojciech Godziszewski (ul. Szczecinska 2 C, 72-003 Dobra Szczecinska, Poland), during his healing sessions sometimes induces such a glow clearly visible upon the subject's temple. Another example of such a case is described on page 32 of the book [2H3] by David St. Clair, "Psychic Healers" (Bantam Books, NY, 1979, ISBN 0-553-02056-0). The relevant quotation is presented in item #2H3 from subsection H3 of this monograph.
The second new experiment that I designed in order to document the existence of the counter-world, is the recording of a temperature drop caused when telekinetic work is carried out. In order for the experiment to be successful, this work should not have a cyclical nature. For example, it cannot be the repetitive bending and releasing of a V-shaped divining rod, or the utilization of a short-circuited rotor from a telekinetic generator. The reason why cyclical telekinetic work cannot be used for such an experiment, is that for it the total balance of thermal energy transfer, is equal to zero. This means that the heat absorbed in the first half of the cycle, is then released in the second half of the same cycle. A good illustration of this simultaneous absorption and release of heat is an example of the telekinetic generator, which circuits have been shorted. The rotor of such a telekinetic generator absorbs the heat from the environment to produce an electric current. But the flow of this current through the generator's circuitry (being shorted out) causes the simultaneous production of the same amount of heat, which is then returned back to the environment. Thus the total thermal balance of such a generator is equal to zero.
Unfortunately, the majority of the sources of telekinetic work listed before displays a cyclical character. Therefore, the necessity for elimination of cyclical works from this experiment introduces a significant drawback that limits the capabilities of experimenters noticeably. Thus, the person conducting an experiment aimed at measuring the temperature drop must either somehow cause the cyclical work to be converted into non-cyclical work, or limit the experiment so that it uses solely the non-cyclical sources of telekinetic work. The conversion of cyclical work into non-cyclical work represents a more difficult task, but it can be achieved. For example, for a telekinetic generator this requires the transmission of its output into another room, where the electric current needs to be converted into heat (e.g. through the connecting of the generator to an electric heater).
The first success in the experimental recording of the drop in temperature caused by the completion of telekinetic work was achieved by the late Werner Kropp of the WEKROMA Laboratory (Via Storta 78, CH-6645 Brione s/M, Switzerland). His experiment used telekinetic healing to supply non-cyclical telekinetic work. The measurement depended on the completion of such work and subsequent photographing of the space where this work was conducted, with a highly sensitive thermovision camera. In the results of his experiments, Werner Kropp has documented that the telekinetic work causes a significant fall of temperature, in his case reaching 3 degrees Celsius. An example of the results he obtained is shown in Figure H4. Although his experiment may appear simple in comparison with spectacular demonstrations by, for example, nuclear physicists, it is an important breakthrough for the extraction of free energy from the environment. This is because his experiment clearly illustrates the thermal consequences of the telekinetic work. It also documents the new approach to experiments in telekinesis that eliminate the zeroing balance of works completed cyclically. Moreover, it shows the direction to the results for those wishing to commence objective research with instruments on human telekinesis.
It is commonly known that we are convinced sooner by the results of experiments conducted by ourselves. As the simplest experiment documenting the action of the Telekinetic Effect requires only a source of telekinetic work, a camera, and a photographic film sensitive enough to register a faint extraction glow, I would like to invite every reader to repeat my experiments, and to verify in person the statements from this subsection.

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