H1.1.2. Proof via the method of exclusion
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H1.1.2. Proof via the method of exclusion

The dipolar character of the gravity field can also be conclusively proven in many other ways, even with the use of the same evidence. In order to indicate here an example of another method of proving the same, it could be proven by a simple method of exclusion. In case of using such a method, the formal proving that "gravity has a dipolar character" is composed of the following logical steps:
a) Indicating that both concepts of gravity are contradictive to each other, thus they mutually exclude each other. In turn having such character, only one of them can be correct (the other one must be faulty). The indicating of this fact is very simple, because in order to be show this, it is sufficient to refer to our present knowledge of physics. Physics informs, that a given field can be qualified to only one of two existing categories of fields, i.e. it can be either a static monopolar, or a dynamic dipolar. According to physics, there is no a field in the entire universe, which would belong simultaneously to both of these categories, or to not belong to any of them.
b) Determining that the entire body of evidence in the existence, consistently confirms that the previous monopolar understanding of gravity is entirely wrong and that it leads to incorrect interpretation of reality. The evidence that is used for this purpose, can be exactly the same as that used in the previous method of proving from subsection H1.1.1, or as that collected into chapter G.
c) Concluding the process of exclusion. Because all the existing evidence proves that the old monopolar understanding of the gravitational field is entirely wrong and it leads to a misinterpretation of reality, this practically means that by the process of exclusion the correct one is proven to be the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This conclusion is confirmed by the entire body of evidence in existence, and by all logical deductions.
Therefore, independently from the principle of proving the correctness of dipolar gravity that is presented in previous subsection, also a process of ordinary exclusion proves exactly the same. The interesting aspect of this exclusion method applied to gravity is, that it can be accomplished with exactly the same evidence, as that one presented in the previous subsection.

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