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Volume 4: The existence and operation of the counter-world in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (ISBN 978-1-877458-84-2)


H1. Why the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was formulated 

H1.1. Formal proof for the dipolar character of gravity, and for the existence of the counter-world 

H1.1.1. Proof via the method "all confirms nothing denies" 

H1.1.2. Proof via the method of exclusion 

H1.1.3. Proof via the method of matching attributes 

H1.1.4. A formal scientific proof that the counter-world does exist,
formulated according to principles of mathematical logic 

H1.2. Experimental confirmation of the existence of the counter-world 

H1.3. Overpowering consequences of the erroneous qualifying gravity
to the category of monopolar fields 

H2. The counter-world and the (thinking) substance called "counter-matter"
that prevails in it 

H3. The operation of physical universe ruled by dipolar gravity 

H4. Physical properties of the counter-matter

H4.1. Basic phenomena of the counter-world 

H4.2. Whirls of counter-matter: dynamic equivalents of
permanent objects from our world 

H5. The interpretation of electromagnetic phenomena
in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity

H5.1. What are electric fields 

H5.2. What is magnetic field 

H5.3. Phenomena induced by circulations of counter-matter around Earth
(i.e. from the Earth's magnetic field, from the rotation of Earth, etc. e.g. consider northern lights, southern lights, Swiss Grid, southern ozone hole, and many more)

H5.4. Mechanism that governs the weather and climate on Earth and our control over it

H6. Phenomena based on self-mobility of counter-matter 

H6.1. The Telekinetic Effect, telekinetic field, telekinesis,
psychokinesis, and the extraction glow 

H6.1.1. History of the Telekinetic Effect's discovery 

H6.1.2. How the action of the Telekinetic Effect was explained
by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity 

H6.1.3. Principle of Energy Conservation in the Telekinetic Effect

H6.2. The technical version of the Telekinetic Effect

H6.2.1. Utilisation of the Telekinetic Effect for transportation purposes

H7. Phenomena based on vibrations of counter-matter 

H7.1. Telepathic waves, and telepathy 

H7.2. Radiesthesia

H7.3. Why, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telekinesis, radiesthesia, etc., must all display electromagnetic character 

H8. Phenomenon based on permanent telekinetisation

H8.1. Phenomenon of permanent telekinetisation

H8.2. Detection of telekinetised substances

H9. Phenomena that result from physical attributes of
natural programs that reside in counter-matter

H9.1. The interpretation of time in the Concept of Dipolar gravity 

H9.2. The interpretation of energy in the Concept of Dipolar gravity 

H9.3. The interpretation of gravity field in the Concept of Dipolar gravity

H10. New sciences investigating the counter-world and counter-matter 

H10.1. New sciences on the counter-world and counter-matter 

H11. Summary of possible gains from the mastery of the counter-world 

H12. To conclude descriptions of physical mechanisms of the counter-world


HB1. The antigravitational spacecraft would be impossible to manoeuvre and difficult to stabilize 

HB2. A flight in an antigravitational spacecraft would resemble
flight in a cannonball

HB3. The manoeuvrable antigravitational spacecraft would simply be an advanced version of contemporary rockets

HB4. With self-rechargeable propulsion, gravity does not affect energy consumption

HB5. The field of the antigravitational spacecraft would absorb huge amounts of energy

HB6. For the purpose of landing, the huge energy of the antigravitational field must be disposed of

HB7. The launch of the antigravitational spacecraft would be impossible without energy accumulator

HB8. The strong field would repel everything from the anti gravitational spacecraft

HB9. The strong field would disperse life energy of all living creatures around causing their deaths

HB10. The field of the antigravitational craft could cause the explosion of all surrounding matter

HB11.  The forces of reaction caused by the repulsion of other objects, would also hurl the antigravitational craft through space

HB12.  Antigravity would induce a number of dangers

HB13.  Even without knowing about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity there are no known premises suggesting any possibility of achieving the antigravitational field

HB14.  Summary

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