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ABSTRACT of this monograph no 4 from the series [1/5E] "Advanced magnetic devices", ISBN 978-1-877458-84-2.

This volume of the monograph combines together results of my research regarding a completely new approach to the gravity field, and numerous consequences which stem from this new approach. This new approach reveals, that the gravity field belongs to the general class of so-called dynamic "dipolar fields", not to static monopolar ones - as our official science to-date kept wrongly assuming without any verification. (An example of a dynamic dipolar field is field yield from every magnet, or a field formed by every propeller. In turn an example of static monopolar field is electric field, or pressure field.) The practical consequence of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity formulated in the result of this research, is that independently from our "physical world", another separate "counter-world" must exist at the another end of the gravitational dipole. Because of the concentric nature of gravity, this separate "counter-world" occupies the space that is parallel to our physical world.
Due to the gravitational link that exists between both these separate worlds, all the phenomena that occur in the counter-world have their reflections and consequences in our physical world. In this way, for example motion which is initiated in the counter-world, in our world manifests itself as an instant telekinetic motion. In turn sound-like vibrations from the counter-world are perceived in our world as telepathic waves. The research and technical utilization of phenomena and laws of the counter-world leads to opening the completely new scientific disciplines, such as totalizm and totaliztic mechanics described in this monograph, or engineering of counter-world, and medicine of counter-world, which are postulated in subsections H1.3 and H10. The practical utilization of findings of these new disciplines may lead to the development of completely new propulsion systems, communication systems, methods of healing and farming, etc. - see other volumes of this series of monographs.
The counter-matter which according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity fills up the counter-world, is an extraordinary substance. Because it prevails on the opposite end of the gravity dipole than the matter from our physical world, it must display attributes which are an exact opposite for attributes of the matter. And so, because the matter is noticeable for human eyes and instruments, the counter-matter must be invisible for people and for their instruments. Because the matter has mass, inertia, and causes friction, the counter-matter must be weightless, has no inertia, and form no friction. As such, it must be in everlasting motion. In spite of this, the counter-matter displays various physical attributes. These attributes cause, that it behaves like a weightless cloud in the sky, or like "quick silver". Even slightest external stimuli can compress it, disperse, shift, converge, form, change shape, etc. But opposite to the intentionally pre-programmed "stupidity" of our matter, the counter-matter shows intelligence in the natural state. Thus, in spite of these constant motion and continuous changes of shape, state, and properties, it continually works as an effective natural "brain" or "computer". This brain, or computer, displays all intellectual attributes known to us. Means, it is capable of logical thinking, carrying out deductions, accumulation of observations, remembering, having own self-awareness, goals, needs, forming separate subordinate intellects, etc. In order to express all the above in one sentence, the counter-matter is simultaneously the carrier of physical attributes, as well as intellectual attributes.
Intellectual attributes of the counter-matter (means of that substance that fills up the counter-world), and their consequences for our physical world, are discussed in details in chapter I from the next volume of this series of monographs. In this volume here, the presentation of physical attributes of this extraordinary substance is contained. It also addresses the impact of these physical attributes on our physical world.
Physical attributes of counter-matter, seem to "mirror" the same physical attributes of matter from our physical world. This "mirroring" causes, that on one hand every physical attribute which we know in relation to our matter, is having its equivalent in the counter-matter. On the other hand, every attribute which is known, that it causes in our matter a specific collection of properties, in counter-matter it shows a collection of properties that are completely opposite. In order to explain this on examples, one of attributes of matter is that it displays "adhesiveness" or "viscosity". This causes that matter always resists displacements of its particles under the action of forces. For this reason, one of the attributes of counter-matter must be a "mirror" reflection of "adhesiveness". Thus the counter-matter displays a property, which I call "super-slipperiness". This property causes, that even without the action of any force, particles of counter-matter still show the tendency to self-initiate their movements. Of course, counter-matter shows the presence of "mirror" equivalents for all attributes that are present in matter from our world. Apart from super-slipperiness, the counter-matter shows also weightlessness, ideal elasticity, self-mobility (i.e. the "mirror" reversal of inertia in matter), etc.
The counter-world and our physical world are mutually linked with forces of gravitational interactions (subsection JE3.7.1 explains what gravity is). Thus whatever happens in the counter-world, it exerts an influence on phenomena that take place in our physical matter. Thus all phenomena, which take place in the counter-world, have their consequences in our physical world, and vice versa. For this reason, there is a definite demand for the Concept of Dipolar Gravity to explain more exactly all these phenomena, which are observed in our world, but the source of which originates from the physical behaviour of counter-matter.
Although almost every phenomenon which takes place in our world, is actually linked with appropriate processes from the counter-world, there is a whole range of phenomena, the mechanism of which cannot be explained by the action of physical world only. These phenomena must be explained entirely with the behaviour and attributes of the counter-matter. Their examples include: (1) magnetic and electric fields, (2) telekinesis - and its human version called "psychokinesis", (3) permanent telekinetising of matter, (4) telepathy and telepathic waves, (5) elapse of time. This monograph concentrates on the explanations of origin, mechanism, and consequences of these extraordinary phenomena that originate from the counter-world.

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