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Prophecies: how are formed and fulfilled
When God created the first humans, their lives initially were ruled by the passage of the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" - in which time also our God lives. But soon it turned out that in this time God has NO control over lives of creatures that He created. Hence, this first human civilization began to develop in the direction unacceptable to God. So God was forced to destroy all those His first creations with the use of Biblical Great Flood. In approximately a half of the duration of that Great Flood, God reprogrammed the bodies of the people (and all other creatures) for lives in a different "reversible software time" - as this is described more thoroughly in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm. In this already reprogrammed by God reversible software time everything is under God's control - even the amount of pain and suffering that each person must experience (as it is explained in items #C1 to #C9 from the web page named god_exists.htm), or even the history and fate of each truth (as it is explained in items #H1 to #H7 from the web page named prawda_uk.htm). Thus, in the reversible time reprogrammed by Himself, God could govern precisely over the life and development of the humanity - so that He could achieve His superior goals. A feature of this reprogrammed by God reversible software time was that the general fate of the entire humanity and each individual person, have to be pre-programmed in advance in the form of so-called "omniplan" - which in item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm is compared to an analogy of the movie film stored in the memory of a today's computer, or to a control program from today machine tools with numerical (computer) control. Because of the existence of this "omniplan", one amongst the "by-products" of running the lives of people according to this reversible software time is that God has pre-planned in advance "what" happens both with the entire humanity as well as with each individual person. God does NOT keep secret His knowledge of the future, but reveals it to people, amongst others, in the form of what we call "prophecies".
This web page is just dedicated to prophecies. Amongst others, it gives examples of old prophecies which soon after the Second World War were circulated among the more aged inhabitants of Poland. It also tries to emphasize the importance and the validity of prophecies, to explain way prophecies fulfil themselves, to reveal the mechanism of their formulation, and to indicate why we should take notice of whatever prophecies have to say.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
#A1. What inspired me to write this web page:
       I started to write this web page for several important reasons. Firstly because I noticed that present people typically are NOT aware of the existence and content of these old prophecies from the area of Poland. I know these prophecies from my childhood, as I used to listen to old people who were telling them. I still remember very well several out of them. So I decided to present them here in order to remind to others both, their content, as well as their cultural significance. Secondly, I noticed that many old prophecies just started to fulfil themselves. So I decided to indicate here the fact of their fulfilment, as a kind of "food for thoughts". Furthermore, I noticed that the reason why these prophecies are fulfiling right now, is the blindness of many people. So I hope that through realising what these prophecies state, I manage to cool down the rush and enthusiasm with which various people add their contribution towards the fast fulfilment of these rather scary prophecies.
#A2. This web page extends and supplements web pages with scientific proofs for the existence of God and for the existence of immortal soul:
       According to logical deductions from the totaliztic web page immortality.htm - about the extending of human lives by repetitive shifting time back to years of our youth, events from the future can be known only in case when God does exist. After all, only God is able to develop and then consequently implement an intelligent plan for the course of events in the universe. In turn the universe deprived God must have all events occurring just purely at random, while course of events in such a random universe cannot be prophesised. Therefore this web page, which documents folklore prophecies together with the evidence that these prophecies actually do fulfil themselves, is also a supplement and an extension to the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm - with the presentation of scientific evidence for the existence of God. In turn, by confirming additionally the existence of God, this web page also supports and extends the web page soul_proof.htm - with the presentation of scientific evidence for the existence of immortal human soul.
#A3. Textbook of totalizm which presents some amongst prophecies described here:
       These readers which prefer to read books rather than read web pages, probably will be pleased to know that there is an illustrated edition of the textbook of totalizm which takes the form of monograph [8/2] entitled "Totalizm". In subsection L4 from volume 8 of this monograph [8/2] are described and commented some amongst prophecies presented on this web page. To readers of that monograph [8/2] I recommend also volume 6 which presents findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about the nature and characteristics of God.

Part #B: What the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm tell us about prophecies:
#B1. What is the mechanism that governs the fulfilment of prophecies:
       The matter which fascinates me most in prophecies, and which I would like to describe on this web page, is the manner in which these prophecies fulfil themselves. Namely, that the fulfilment of a prophecy always takes place in so humble and invisible manner, that the majority of people does NOT notice that these prophecies are fulfilling right now and in front of their own eyes. One feels like to repeat after the Bible they look but NOT see - see the Bible, "Acts" 28:26 "you will look and look, but not see"). This unnoticeable for normal sandwich-eaters fulfilment of old prophecies, is explained convincingly by the philosophy of totalizm. This philosophy states, that in His acting God cannot use movements which would disclose His power and existence. After all, any manifestation of Godly power would deprive people of their "free will" - they would have no other option but to believe in Him and to submit to Him. However, God wants to leave to the "free will" and to a choice of every person whatever this person wishes to do. But in order to leave to people this "free will", God must complete with hands of people even the most important historic events - to make them appear as if they are "natural" and "normal". This is why in the fulfilment of prophecies carried out by God, there are NO fireworks nor lighting flashes, nor supernatural phenomena. Everything happens quietly, humbly, naturally, in almost unnoticeable for us manner. (Means in a manner that is explained in more details in subsection JG2.1 from volume 6 of monograph [8e/2].) But whatever happens it unavoidably goes wherever prophecies foretold it to go.
       An excellent illustration for interesting mechanism which rules the fulfilment of prophecies, including prophecies from the Bible, provides an old legend about the great flood. It originates from the east-southern coast of China. This legend was published as the legend number 67 under the title "The Great Flood", on pages 161 to 173 of a following book [7D3] by Wolfram Eberhard, entitled "Folktales of China" (Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., London 1965, Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 65-25440). Because of the evidential value of this legend, I already summarised it in subsection D3 from my Polish monograph [5/4] - the free copies of which are available from web pages of totalizm. Here is a summary of this interesting legend:
       In a mountain village lived a woman and her son. She was more than fifty years old; her son, Chou Ch'eng, was exactly nineteen. They were very poor and earned their living by collecting firewood.
Every morning Chou Ch'eng hung his axe on his carrying pole and went into the mountains. Every day by midday he collected a large load of firewood, which he would take into the town to sell. With the money he received he would buy some rice and go home, where his mother would have dinner ready for him. He would put down his stick, and while he ate the meal he would tell his mother all that had happened during the day. By the time he had finished it would be nightfall and time to go to bed. The next morning he would go out for firewood as usual, and his mother would cook the rice bought the day before, eat some of it, and keep the rest for her son. In this manner the days go by.
One day Chou went to the hills as usual. His mother had finished dinner and was mending his clothes when she heard the loud clang of a gong ceaselessly beating outside. Putting down the clothes, she went to the door to see what it was, and there she found an old beggar monk. She said to him, "We are poor people and have no spare rice. You must go elsewhere." "Lord Buddha! I am so hungry," said the monk. "Please give me the rice you are saving in the pot."
The woman was frightened when she heard this, because the rice pot was standing in the house and he could not know what was in it. Fearing he might be a saint, she said to him, "The rice in the pot is really for my son. But if you are very hungry, I will give you it. Please wait for a moment." She went back into the house, put half the rice into a bowl, and brought it out to the monk.
While he was eating, he said to her, "I have something important to say to you. When your son Chou Ch'eng comes home, tell him to return to town and buy some sheet of paper and some flour, prepare some paste, and then stick some straw and the paper together to make a boat. When the eyes of the two lions in front of the big temple in the village become red, you must both get into the boat, because the land here will disappear and the town will be covered by a large lake. But remember this: if you see sparrows, ants, or snakes swimming in the water, you may save them; men or wolves, however, you must on no account assist. Do you understand?" Then he went away.
The woman looked up at the sun and, calculating from its place in the sky that her son would soon return, she went into the house, poured the rest of the rice to a bowl, and then went out again to watch out for his coming. Since there was no sign of him, she went in again and tidied up the clothes that she had mended; when he still did not come, she went and stood at the door.
The sun was slowly sinking behind the hills in the west. The birds who had already retired to their nests, were singing their bedtime songs. She became tired standing by the door, and was worried and anxious about her son.
Only when it was almost dark did she see him coming, and she felt as if a load had been lifted from her heart. She saw that he had a bag on his stick, and was pleased he was bringing the rice. "Hurry!" She called out. "Why are you so late today? After dinner I have some news for you." "I have already eaten," answered the son. "As I was coming home from the hills today, I met an old man who wanted to buy all my wood. He didn't ask the price, but wanted me to carry it back to his house, which was more than thirty li [about ten miles] away.
As I put down the load, I saw a delicious-looking meal standing on the table, which the old man invited me to partake of. At first I refused, but in the end he insisted on my eating, and being very hungry, I did take some. Afterwards, I was afraid he would give me no money, but in the end he gave me twice as much as I ordinarily received. When I told him that I had to go into town to buy rice, he suggested that I should buy a bushel of rice from him, and he gave me much more than usual." Chou Ch'eng pointed to his bag.
While they were talking, they went into the house. After putting down the bag, he asked his mother what had taken place at home during the day. She told him all about the beggar monk who had urged them to make a boat of straw and paper, but her son was sceptical and asked her, "How can a paper ship carry people?" "That is not our business," replied the mother. "This monk was really a saint, because otherwise how could he know you were called Chou Ch'eng and that there was still some rice in the pot?" Usually Chou agreed with his mother, but this evening he thought she was wrong.
However, the next morning Chou went into the town to buy the things and then came home to paste the ship together. Meanwhile his mother washed the rice and cooked one pot full, and then another to serve as provision on the boat. By midday the boat was ready, and Chou ran off to the temple to look at the lions' eyes; but seeing them as white as usual, he went home. Then he went again, but still there was no change to be seen. He returned again, until his mother said to him, "It is too late for them to become red today. Wait until tomorrow."
During the night neither could sleep well, and they got up long before the sun rose. Chou rubbed his eyes and ran off to the temple, while his mother packed the clothes and put them into the boat with the rice, a pot, a bowl, a basin, and a sieve, not even forgetting the old bed.
Repeatedly the son went to the temple, but the eyes were still not red. In the evening, as he was running there again, people asked him why he continually went there. Chou called out to them, as he hurried by, that he was going to see if the lions' eyes were red. Two young wags heard him say this, and thought to themselves, "What a fool Chou is! How can the lions' eyes become red? Let us paint them ourselves and see what he does."
When Chou went once more, and this time saw that the eyes were red, he rushed to tell his mother the news, helped her into the ship, and then went on board himself. Scarcely were they inside, when they heard an appalling crash, and on opening their eyes again, they saw nothing but water all around. Their craft however, was floating on the water just like a real ship, perhaps even quieter. However, it had no rudder and went wherever it wished. Chou was so horrified that he could barely utter a word. But his mother kept on murmuring, "So many people have met their dead. What a disaster! The saint told me that if we saw a sparrow, a snake, or an ant swimming about, we could save them, but not a man or a wolf."
Chou saved several creatures that were floating near his boat. He also saved one man, named Wu Yi. Wu Yi claimed, that he is the only left alive from a family of five, because only he knew how to swim. Although there was no wind, their boat floated on the sea for entire night {probably carried away by tsunami waves}. They woke up the next morning when the sun was already high while their boat was lying on a shore of some mountainous island. After shifting to the land Chou build a new hut and return to his occupation of earning for living by collecting wood.

       Well, the key event for fulfilment of the legend presented above was the change of colour (to red) of eyes of the lion. But this change did NOT occur in a manner as we would expect for the fulfilment of a prophecy, means spectacular just by itself, propelled by a miracle of some sort. Rather opposite, this change of colour happened silently, naturally and unnoticeably, one would think that only because several hooligans had nothing else to do - so they decided to paint these eyes for a joke. Of course, these hooligans did NOT know that they by themselves are just a small bolt in a huge mechanisms of the prophecy, and that they themselves have also their function to be fulfilled. Only that their function boiled down to painting, for a joke, eyes of lions to red, and then to dying a painful death in tsunami waves - so that a next generations could receive from God another moral lesson for learning and could have a meaningful example for describing it to others.
       The legend presented above in my opinion contains a very important moral lesson which we should take notice of. This moral lesson states that "even the most important and great prophecies are fulfilling themselves through humble and ordinary events from everyday life". In the result many people, who are awaiting for fiery demonstrations and supernatural lightning flashes, and who expect that important prophecy has the right to fulfil only in such a manifesting manner, may even NOT notice that a given prophecy actually is fulfilling right now literally in front of their eyes.
       By the way, the above legend by a strange coincidence is full of facts concerning a murderous tsunami induced technologically through exploding a UFO vehicle. For example, it describes an unique sound of thunder and roaring which accompany the arrival of such a tsunami. The occurrence of this extraordinary (powerful) roaring at the moment when tsunami hits, was described by a number of witnesses who lived through the tsunami of 26th December 2004 (i.e. the one which occurred along shores of the Indian Ocean and which is described on the web page day26.htm. Other equally evidential information contained in the above legend is the necessity to build the boat with roof and a need to manufacture this boat from water resistant paper mixed with vegetation fibres glued together with dough made from starch. (Today we would make it from some more modern materials, which would be equally hard and strong.) The point is that only such a boat with a roof made of very hard shell, which amongst others can be formed by laminating its casing from water resistant paper and fibres glued together with some powerful glue, is able to protect its content from the boiling water and from deadly splinters that are hurled by the powerful tsunami. For example, in the Malaysian press, which at the beginning of January 2005 was describing reports of these people who managed to survive the tsunami of 26th December 2004, there was a story of a family, which saved itself from almost a sure death, only because just before the arrival of water torrent full of splinters - which normally dismembered victims of this tsunami, this family jumped inside of empty wooden barrels in which they locked themselves. Hard shells of these barrels protected them against being dismembered by splinters, while the ability of wooden barrels to float prevented their drowning. In my personal opinion, the above legend describes actual event and actual saving of someone from tsunami that really took place. Only that through repetitions of this story from a generation to a generation it took the form of a legend. Furthermore, this supernatural creature that simulated an UFOnaut who knew the futureand thus also knew exactly what is going to happen, that most probably appeared in the real event, either impersonated a Buddhist monk, or in subsequent repetitions of this "legend" was taken to be a Buddhist monk.
#B2. Why prophecies must fulfil themselves in an unnoticeable manner:
       For me personally, and also probably for many other people that are used to seek answers to questions which bother them, the extremely vital becomes the source of so significant discrepancy between our personal wishes and reality. In our personal wishes we would like biblical prophecies fulfilled in a fiery and spectacular manner. But in reality these prophecies fulfil in a humbly, natural, and almost unnoticeable manner. In my opinion, this discrepancy results from a natural mechanism, with the use of which prophecies are formulated. In this mechanism, the content of prophecy was formulated by ordinary people, not by God or by some supernatural creatures. God only let to know this ordinary people what is going to happen in the future. (In past such an insight into the future was called "visions". Presently we probably would call it e.g. the use of time vehicles in order to temporally "shift in time to future".) Such an insight in past was given to many people, for example one of them was famous Nostradamus. After seeing the future these people then described for us what they saw in there. In this manner a prophecy was born.
       Naturally, whatever was seen by people who are preparing a given prophecy after they were shifted to the future, these people are going to describe with their own words, and with the use of terminology that was available in their times. So let us analyse now how this practically looked like. After all, such an analysis is going to explain where comes from this discrepancy between our expectations and the real life. (Means, why we expect spectacular fulfilment of prophecies, while these prophecies actually fulfil in a humble and unnoticeable manner.) And so, for example, when Nostradamus was shifted to a battle-field with the Hitler army and saw a fight of tanks in there, he described these tanks as "iron wagons". After all, he knew only horse wagons. In his times tanks were NOT invented yet. In turn, when an ancient Israeli shifted temporally to our times, described the "personal serial identification number" imposed onto people by politicians and required practically for every formality, he described it as the "number of the beast". Still when another person arriving to the future, noticed e.g. that time vehicles described on the web page immortality.htm - about immortality and life without end, allow to return to life people who were dead before, he would described in his prophecy that the day is to come when "dead people will resurrect".
* * *
       Of course, all the above is just my personal guess how this preparation of prophecies could look like. How it really looked, we do NOT know. However, analysis similar to the above allow us to understand, that behind prophecies does NOT hide, nor has a right to hide, a precise description of something prepared by someone who knows the terminology, conditions of living, and situation from the future. Means, descriptions of these people should NOT be taken literally. After all, prophecies are formulated with wording which are known to ancient people who prepared them. Thus they are allegoric. This means that in order to know when and how given prophecies are fulfilling, we firstly must interpret them to our present language, situation, and reality. In turn when we learn how to carry out such interpretations, then with a shock we discover, that nothing vital ever happens as a complete surprise. Everything is foretold in advance in various manners. In turn, the superior being of the universe which we call God (the philosophy of totalizm calls Him the "universal intellect"), would NOT go through the trouble of foretelling to us whatever is going to happen, if He does NOT intend to consider later somehow in His further actions the consequences of this foretelling. According to my findings, this superior being (God) uses prophecies in order to shape the consequences of whatever inevitably is coming, appropriately to our reaction to a given prophecy! This in turn leads me to a main message of this web page. Namely this message states. We need to take notice of prophecies. We should try to understand what it is warning us against, and what we should do in order to minimise the evil that is going to result from it. This is because from our reaction to a given prophecy depends how the incoming evil is going to affect us, and how it is going to influence our future fate.

Part #C: The "Number of the Beast":
#C1. How this "Number of the Beast" from Apocalypse just reveals itself to us:
       Thoughts which I would like to share here were provoked by problems which I encountered for some time starting from 2004, only because I was then unable to provide authorities with some number, which in my understanding was my "Number of the Beast". YES! Just this "Number of the Beast" which is described in the Bible, in the book of "Revelation 13:16-18", where on its subject is written, quote: "The beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads. No one could buy or sell unless he had this mark, that is, the beast's name or the number that stands for the name. This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast. because the number stands for a man's name. Its number is 666." Well, according to the Bible, in times shortly before the most important breakthrough in history of the Earth, this number receives almost every person on the Earth and will be required to show it on almost every occasion. The number becomes absolutely necessary for completion of practically every operation. Even the purchase of daily bread will NOT be possible without having this number. As it turned out, in past I just had serious problems, because I still was unable to prove that I have this number assigned to me. On the other hand we know that the use of such number is gradually spreading all over the world. As an example consider "IRD" number from New Zealand, "social security number" from the USA, "IC" number from Malaysia, or "PESEL" number from Poland. To be worse, the showing of this number is required in present times in ever increasing life situations.
#C2. Why the "number of beast" is a sign and a confirmation for us that just times arrived when biblical prophecies are fulfilling themselves:
       What puzzles me in the "Number of the Beast", is that independently from the country in the world, everywhere in the initial form this number has exactly the same format. Namely, everywhere it started from the date of birth of a given person (i.e. year, month, day), followed by some other number. To be more intriguing, such a format this number has not only in Christian countries, such as Poland (i.e. "PESEL"), but also in Islamic countries, such as Malaysia (i.e. "IC"). Most clearly this "Beast" which imposed the number onto people, is above governments of countries, since it is able to influence a whole range of different countries in the world, imposing on all of them the same system of numbering people! It would be interesting to check what format has the number which each one of us carries in the "identification implant" placed in our shin bone, the photograph of a mark from which is shown at the beginning of the web page ufo.htm - about UFOnauts.
       In recent times various organisations were established in many countries of the world, the goal of which is to fight actions of their governments of the type of the "Number of the Beast". Means to fight with a gradual erosion of human freedoms and rights. But this is a hopeless fight. Step-by-step this invisible "Beast" enslaves us increasingly tight into chains of various laws, requirements, and governmental control. In this manner from relatively free citizens it turns us gradually into slaves of our own country. How far this enslaving of us already went, we can learn when we look around carefully. An idea about the seriousness of this situation present the totaliztic web page named the better humanity in which I am trying to indicate some ways of repairing our situation indicated by the philosophy of totalizm. The subject of the "Number of the Beast" lately is intriguing me a lot. After all, this number is the last "missing link" in the realisation that we already are living in years when Biblical prophecies begin to fulfil. Who would think that such a "honour" is granted to our generation. So many God-fearing generations of people lived on the Earth before us, reading the Bible, believing in every word of it, and looking for arrival of times when Biblical prophecies would fulfil themselves. But strangely, these prophecies would NOT fulfil for them. On the other hand, our present generation in a great majority neither reads the Bible nor believes in words of the Bible, and it is this generation that lives in such extraordinary times. The arrival of these times is foretold by practically everything around us. If we look at television news, then it is obvious that already for a long time the Earth is trotted by the "Raiders of Apocalypse" - see item #J1 below. After all, the recent hurricanes, tornadoes, destructive rains, landslips, fires, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami waves, collapses of roofs in public halls, locust swarms almost on every continent, all these are deeds of such "Raiders of Apocalypse". Also, exactly as the Bible foretold this, in the world lawlessness and immorality are ruling. We also have the "Number of the Beast" indicated in item #C1 above. According to various signs on heaven and the Earth, as I wrote this in items #G2 and #G1 below (and also reported in subsection A4 from monograph [1/4], as well as in subsection L4 from the second edition of monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm"), since 1999 on the Earth probably Second Jesus is acting. Only that in order to NOT be crucified again by omnipresent heretics, clearly this time he arrived "like a thief" and is forced to act exclusively from hiding - as the Bible foretold this. (The evidence which seems to confirm the activities of Second Jesus on the Earth includes, amongst others, the miraculous revelation from Christchurch and from Borneo - described in items #G2 and #G1 in further part of this web page.) The only thing that is still missing in order old prophecies from the Bible fulfilled completely, is the arrival of Antichrist and him taking the rule over the Earth. But even he is already foretold by some people that supposedly he is to arrive to the Earth in a near future. He supposed to be a creature which is going to look like Jesus from holy pictures, but which is going to show tricks even greater than our magician David Copperfield. However, he will lead the humanity to a destruction. (In fact, at the end of 2005 in Nepal a strange creature appeared, which could be him. This creature is described on the web page named antichrist.htm.)

Part #D: "For as long as the land of Slavonic Pruses is supervised by the Madonna of Teutonic Knights, the German language is to prevail on this land":
#D1. The old prophecy about the Madonna of Teutonic Knights already fulfilled itself once:
       In the niche of the castle church from Malbork in Poland, a huge figure of Madonna of Teutonic Knights used to stand since Medieval times. To this figure was linked an old prophecy which stated that for as long as the land of Slavonic Pruses is supervised by the Madonna of Teutonic Knights, the German language is to prevail on this land. (Note that "Pruses" is the name assigned to Slavic tribes of pagans that used to live in North-East corner of Poland. Under the excuse of conversion to Christianity they were annihilated by mainly German "Teutonic Knights".) So-far this prophecy fulfilled itself already once. This is because the German language really diminished on the land of Slavonic Pruses immediately after in a mysterious and still unexplained explosion from the last days of the World War Two, the castle church, together with this figure of medieval Madonna, were erased from face of the Earth.
       More information about this old figure of Teutonic Knights and the ancient Polish prophecy linked to it, can be found in parts #C to #F (i.e. see in there items #C1 to #F3) from the totaliztic web page malbork.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of the Teutonic Knights' castle in Malbork.
[Bild: virgin_mary.jpg][Bild: land_an_der_weichsel_1943.jpg][Bild: madonna_distant.jpg]
Fig. #D1abc: Here is how old photographs portray the stucco statue of Virgin Mary from the church in Malbork Castle. About this statue exists an old Polish prophecy stating that "on lands of Slavonic Pruses which are overlooked by this statue, the German language is to prevail for as long as long this statue watches these lands". This old prophecy already fulfilled itself once. As we know this statue was mysteriously destroyed at the end of Second World War. Simultaneously the German language diminished on lands of Slavic Pruses which this statue supervised. But in 2007 a group of Polish citizens organised in a foundation named Mater Dei unilaterally (and extremely unwisely) decided to let us experience whether this prophecy fulfils itself again. These Polish citizens initiated a vigorous action to restore this statue. So we will have the opportunity to see whether, after the statue is restored, also the power of the old Polish prophecy linked to this statue is to return. Means, whether the German language returns to this land. The first supernatural acts of this just restored statue already started to be manifested. These acts boil down to court orders taking away lands and homes from present Polish owners and giving these back to former German owners, and also on sending illness to the opposing of rebuilding this statue. Descriptions of these new supernatural acts of that statue are provided in items #C6 and #F1 to #F3 of the web page malbork_uk.htm. (Click on the selected photograph if you wish to enlarge it.)
       As these photographs illustrate it, the statue of the Malbork Madonna was modelled in the positioning that represents the expansion and control over lands that this statue overlooks. Thus it symbolised perfectly the intentions of Teutonic Knights who erected this statue, enforcing with its supernatural powers the aggressive activities of the Teutonic Knights. So if this ill-omened statue is restored in present times, for the security and the prophecy reasons its aggressive and hostile position should be intentionally changed (as the philosophy of totalizm and also the Chinese feng shui advices this to us - see item #C5 on the totaliztic web page malbork.htm - about mysteries and curiosities of the Teutonic Knights' castle in Malbork), thus making it to symbolise and reinforce with its supernatural powers the present situation of the lands that it supervises. How to accomplish this task is explained in item #C5 mentioned above.
       (a) Left photograph originates from a view card dated in 1930s and published by Albert Frisch from Berlin. It shows the head of this figure, with Holy Infant Jesus sitting on her hands. For more details about this photo see web pages,, and
       (b) Central photograph in fact is a single frame from an old German film entitled "Land an der Weichsel" by von Caengel, from 1943. An extremely interesting is that both, the Virgin Mary, as well as the Holy Infant from this figure, had the characteristic "triangular faces" and "buttock-like" bulges on their chins - means anatomic features which are typical for UFOnauts - as this is explained more comprehensively in caption under "Fig. #2" from the web page ufo.htm, and the caption under "Fig. #1" from the web page antichrist.htm. So it looks like the above figure was created because sometimes ago a female UFOnaut impersonated Virgin Mary and the Holy Infant Jesus.
       © Rightphotograph originates from the German so-called "War Series", and was published by the Deutsche Kunstverlag in Berlin around 1940. It shows the entire statue of the Virgin Mary together with the bay in the church elevation in which this statue was located.
* * *
       Please notice that you can see an enlargement of each photograph from this page, simply by clickingon this photograph. You can also download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.
#D2. Soon we all are going to have opportunity to watch whether this old prophecy fulfils itself again:
       In 2007 a group of Polish citizens organized in the foundation Mater Dei voluntarily took an unilateral decision to restore this old Madonna of Teutonic Knights - see the description under "Fig. #D1" above. Me personally their actions resemble these yells of ancient Israelites at the time of judging Jesus - when Israelites voluntarily accepted the blood of Jesus to fall on them and on their descendants (see the Bible, Matthew 27:25 - "The whole crowd answered, 'Let the responsibility for his death fall on us and on our children'."). Of course, after the figure is restored we all will have the opportunity to watch whether the old prophecy linked to it again fulfils itself - i.e. whether the German language is again going to prevail on Slavs' lands of ancient Pruses. Of course, it does NOT take a prophet to foresee, that if this language really returns over there propelled by powers of the awaken supernatural, then this practically is going to mean the end of peace and stability not only for Poland, but also for the entire Europe, and the arrival to the Earth of another period of troubles, tormenting, fights, wars, and everyday nightmare for ordinary people. After all, there is no such thing as "local problems" from the middle of Europe. "Local European" problems always turn out to be problems of the entire world - as they affect inhabitants of the entire globe.
#D3. Instead of incarnating the soul of the hostile to Poles medieval Madonna created by Teutonic Knights, more rational would be to build a new Madonna which would receive a new soul with more friendly attitude towards Poland and Poles:
       At a separate web page named soul_proof.htm is explained, that every physical object has intelligent so-called "soul". In turn this "soul" has its own personality, habits, memory, history, etc., which it tries to exercise through the physical object in which it resides. In case of the Madonna from Malbork her soul was hostile towards Poles. Thus the restoration of that Madonna is going to cause the return (or incarnation to the statue) of the same old soul with medieval attitude which is hostile towards Poles. This in turn means the return of serious troubles for the entire region - and thus also for the rest of Europe. Therefore, much more rational would be to design a completely new Madonna - as this is explained in item #C5 of the web page malbork_uk.htm. Such a new Madonna would also receive a new soul - which would already be nice and friendly towards creators of it, means towards Poland and Poles.

Part #E: "The spark is to emerge from Poland":
#E1. "The spark is to come out from Poland" - means a conditional promise from God and the overenthusiastic translation of it into unconditional prophecy:
       Probably the most commonly known foretelling of the possibility that a massive transformation of humanity can just be coming to the Earth, is the conditional promise from God Himself stating, amongst others, that "the spark is to emerge from Poland". This conditional promise God Himself reveal to the blessed Helena Kowalska - widely known as the "sister Faustyna" (at present already a Polish saint). The literal wording of this conditional promise, and also circumstances of revealing it, are provided in the statement number 1732 from "Diary of that sister Faustyna", published in Poland as a brochure [1#E1] with the following editorial data: author - blessed s.M. Faustyna Kowalska, title (in Polish) - "Dzienniczek. Miłosierdzie Boże w duszy mojej", publisher - Wydawnictwo Księży Marianów, Warszawa 1996. God expressed this conditional promise through words - quote from that statement number 1732 in my own translation: "I do love Poland especially, and if it (i.e. Poland) is obedient to my will, then I will uplift it (Poland) in the power and holiness. It will be from it that the spark will emerge which will prepare the world for my final arrival." (In original Polish langauge: "Polskę szczególnie umiłowałem, a jeśli posłuszna będzie woli mojej, wywyższę ją w potędze i świętości. Z niej wyjdzie iskra, która przygotuje świat na ostateczne przyjście moje.")
       This promise from God was later published and discussed in many written sources. For example, amongst others it is discussed on page 160 of the Italian Book about the pope John Paul the Second, the Polish edition [2#E1] of which carries the following editorial data: Antonio Socci, "Tajemnice Jana Pawła II" (the title of Italian original "I segreti di Karol Wojtyla"), Dom Wydawniczy RAFAEL, Kraków 2009, ISBN 978-83-7569-139-9.
       Although this promise from God was revealed shortly before the Second World War, because in 1938, the message of it spread fast throughout the entire Poland. Only that in the enthusiasm of spreading It, Poles changed it from a conditional promise of God having the format "if ... then ...", into an erroneously declared unconditional prophecy that "the spark is to emerge from Poland". I heard this erroneously announced (because unconditional) prophecy many times already during my childhood - means soon after the Second World War. In my personal opinion, it is unfortunate, that the majority of people learned it only as such unconditional prophecy. After all, such unconditional form discourages Poles to "earning the fulfilment of it" through meeting the God's condition that stated "if it (i.e. Poland) is obedient to my will". But God expressed this clearly - if the Polish nation will NOT deserve that "the spark emerges from Poland", then the spark is to emerge from a different country. Thus, fulfilment of this promise from God is conditional and the honour of it Poles must firstly earn. Therefore, I would recommend that in every case of mentioning this promise from God, an information is always added that God placed the condition on its fulfilment. This is because only when everyone is going to be aware of the existence of such condition, then perhaps will contribute own effort into fulfilling it.
       This conditional promise from God that "the spark emerges from Poland" links directly incoming transformations in people's views of the world with something that eventuates in Poland - as I believe with the raise of the philosophy of totalizm. This direct link between the conditional promise from God and the philosophy of totalizm can be deducted from the use of words in this promise. Namely, the promise uses the word "spark", not for example the word "leader", or "defender", or "liberator", or "hurricane", or "horse", or "ship", etc. In turn we know that a "spark" is always to ignite and to seed a "flame" and "light". On the other hand "flame" and "light" are always associated with knowledge and intellectual "enlightenment" - means with a better, newer, more true and more correct view of the world. This is why the expression "a spark is to emerge from Poland" is referring to the seed of revolutionary changes in philosophies, sciences, and religions of the entire humanity, that are expected to come soon to the Earth. So this conditional promise from God perfectly fits in the role the fulfilment of which is offered by the philosophy of totalizm described in volumes 1 to 3 of monograph [8/2] entitled "Totalizm". In addition, this conditional promise from God ideally matches the role that is performed by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and explained in volumes 4, 5 and 6 of that monograph [8p/2].
       About the fact that this "spark" supposed to be some idea, not e.g. a "leader" or a "military offensive", certifies also another example of old Polish folklore believes expressed on page 29 of the book [3#E1] by Jan Kwaśniewski, Marek Chyliński, "Dieta Optymalna", second edition, Prasa Śląska, Katowice, Poland, 1997. This example states, (in my free translation to English): "for the astonishment of all nations of the world, from Poland is to emerge the hope of tormented humanity"(in the original Polish wording: "ku zdumieniu wszystkich narodów świata z Polski wyjdzie nadzieja udręczonej ludzkości"). If one considers it thoroughly, to be simultaneously a "spark" and a "hope", something can only be an idea such as "totalizm" or the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity".
#E2. The condition of God "if it (i.e. Poland) is obedient to my will" placed on the promise that the "spark will come out from Poland":
       Most clearly already in times of revealing this conditional promise that "the spark is to come out from Poland", the wise and far-sighted God knew perfectly well that during years from around 1995 to around 2020 Poland will be ruled by generations of "Midases in reverse" described in items #I5 and #I6 from the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm. God also predicted already then that these "Midases in reverse" will push Poland into claws of highly immoral and destructive philosophy of parasitism described, amongst others, in items #B1 to #B7 of the web page seismograph.htm. This probably is why His promise God expressed in a conditional manner. Poland and Poles must earn it with their moral behaviour and listening to commands of conscience - as this is required by the obedience towards the will of God.
       The analysis of present attitude of Poland and Poles towards the philosophy of totalizm and towards the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - from which totalizm emerged, reveal an extremely strange behaviour. Namely, if really totalizm and this "theory of everything" supposed to become the "spark", then in my opinion Poles with the ferocity of a pack of wolves just right now "murder" their last chance to ever have the spark that come out from their country. It is enough to look in the Internet at addresses linked in item #E2 from the web page faq.htm, to notice what representatives of Poland write about totalizm, how they attack this philosophy (and theory), how scoff at it and how spit over it, and how rarely any Pole speaks good about totalizm or defends it, to gain a certainty that such "murdering of totalizm" and such "killing of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity" is just taking place. I will not elaborate here on the matter which is explained in chapter R from monograph [5/4] (PDF format) - namely that Poland and Poles disowned and turned back to the author of these ideas - means did exactly what deplores verse 1:6-10 from the Biblical Evangel of St. John (reminded in the introduction to the web page god.htm). (Here is the quotation of this verse: "There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.") So at the moment everything seems to indicate that this particular "spark is NOT going to come out from Poland".
       About the fact, that God is NOT happy at all with the behaviour of Poles, and even indicates the increasingly greater anger towards inhabitants of Poland, certifies also the statement number 1188, that the saint "Sister Faustyna" made in her "Diary" [1#E1]. This statement says, quote from [1#E1]: "I frequently pray for Poland, but I also see the growing anger of God at it, because it is ungrateful. I mobilise the entire my soul to defend it. I continually remind God His promises of forgiveness. When I see His anger, I throw myself with the trust from the cliff of forgiveness and with it I protect the entire Poland, so that God is then unable to use His arm of justice. My fatherland, how much you cost me, there is no day that I would not pray for you." The above quotation, in connection with explanation of the significance of these "ten righteous" in holding back the arrival of "God's punishment" - as described in items #B6 and #B5 from the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm, explains to us exactly why, as so-far, there were no more serious natural disasters in Poland, of the kind of ones which recently are troubling almost the entire rest of the world. The question, which however should be asked, is what is going to happen to Poland when these "ten righteous"is to die out as the time elapses, while Poles will NOT mobilise themselves to upbringing successors for them.
#E3. If "the spark is to come out from Poland" then also "Poland is to spread from the sea to the sea":
       The conditional promise form God described above contains another expression "I will uplift it (Poland) in the power and holiness". In this way it relates to a conditional possibility that yet another old Polish prophecy will also be fulfilled. This another prophecy stated that one day "Poland is to spread from the sea to the sea". (This means that Poland is to return to its formed power, significance, and to its previous size when its borders used to spread from the Baltic Sea down up to shores of the Black Sea.) Of course, as everything that originates from God, this significance and power given to Poland would come NOT from immoral activities, spill of blood, military power, and war, but through the moral force, knowledge, and increase of authority in the world. As such, these would be permanent. So if by some unexpected miracle, Poles deserved the honour that "the spark come out from Poland", then they would simultaneously deserve also for the "Poland from the sea to the sea". But if due to their immorality, viciousness, and stupidity they murder and burry their chance for "the spark to come out from Poland", then they will also murder and burry their chance for the "Poland spreading from the sea to the sea".

Part #F: "A Polish pope, a black pope, and then the end of Christianity" (but a beginning of a new faith):
#F1. What a half of century ago old people used to tell us about future popes:
Motto: "The question that induces reflections: for what Poles loved JP2 (i.e. John Paul Second) - for the value of his views and ideas, or for the position and power which he represented? (I.e. for his own accomplishments, or for whatever God did for him?) In other words - would be he loved the same if God left him to act as an ordinary priest instead of pope?"
       In times of my childhood, means over a half of century ago, there were no televisions sets. So the favourite entertainment during long winter evenings were then stories of old people. In turn a significant proportion of these stories constituted various statements about the future. Such statements concerning the future these old-timers called with the name "prophecies". But otherwise to prophecies which we currently can learn from present books, these old "folklore prophecies" described only what is to come in the future, but they never stated where exactly this knowledge originates from. Thus, these prophecies more represented the common folk knowledge or a kind of "folkloristic intuition" of the nation, than a typical, well documented prophecy originating from some specific source. I personally, however, believe more in such "intuitive prophecies of the nation" than in statements of individual people. After all, they represent the outcome from the perception of the future by a huge crowds of people. As such, they are more certain than predictions of individual people. Also, they usually fulfil in exactly the same way in which they were foretold. (In turn prophecies of individual people usually are symbolic and require interpretation.)
       In times when I wrote down these words on 3 April 2005 (means in one day after the death of 264-th pope, Pole, John Paul Second), many amongst us wanted to learn, what a half of century ago these stories of old people stated about the future popes. After all, it is obvious that a significant proportion of these prophecies concerned popes. So here it is written down what I still remember on this subject. (Notice that further information on the subject of the same old prophecy is also provided on internet web page named God.)
       What I remember from times of my childhood is that the most commonly repeated out of these "folklore prophecies" about the future popes, was stating the following (I am repeating it here in the terminology used at that time). "Firstly a Polish pope will come, then a black pope will come, while after the black pope the end of Christianity is to take place". (By the expression a "black pope" these prophecies understood decisively a pope with a black skin - means decisively a black pope of an African race, not by any chance someone with a slightly "olive" Mediterranean skin.) Interestingly, the above "folklore prophecy" was repeated in such form tens of years earlier before on 16 October 1978 the Polish cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła, become 264-th pope, John Paul Second. In turn at these old times, the situation in the world was such, that then NO-ONE even dreamed that a Polish pope could sit in the Apostolic Capitol in a near future. Shockingly for me, the fulfilment of the first half of this prophecy took place still in the duration of my life. So I am also very curious to learn, whether the second half of the same prophecy is going to fulfil soon as well.
       What I unfortunately do not remember from these old folklore prophecies, was whether this "black pope" supposed to come immediately after the "Polish pope", or there supposed to still be one or more intermediate popes between these two. But this my doubt appeared to clarify around 6:05 in the evening (in time of Rome), on Tuesday, 19 April 2005, when a German Cardinal Dr Joseph Ratzinger was selected to be 265-the pope, Benedict XVI. After all, the present pope is of an European race. But does this really mean that the time of fulfilling of this old prophecy about the "black pope" (i.e. of an African race) is NOT here yet? Means, does it mean that our planet is NOT ready yet for ending the era of Christianity and beginning a next era, and that the God’s plan for the Earth is to establish a few other intermediate popes between the "Polish pope" and the "black pope"?
[size=medium][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]       During seeking the answer to the above questions, it is worth to notice that sometimes in situations when content of prophecies would cause changes in human behaviours (and this way also disturbances in the fulfilment of prophecies), for a better hiding their content some prophecies may refer NOT directly to people, but to symbols which represent these people. In such a light, quite intriguing
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