G10.3.1. The magnetic lens action in ascending Magnocraft
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G10.3.1. The magnetic lens action in ascending Magnocraft

The central magnetic circuit of ascending Magnocraft produces a unique magnetic-lens effect that originates from the bending of magnetic force lines that are produced by this circuit. This effect facilitates the visual observation of twin-chamber capsules from the main propulsors of such vehicles, but it simultaneously obstructs the visibility of remaining parts of these vehicles. Thus, it allows outside observers to see and precisely describe the main twin-chamber capsule from the Magnocraft, and even to photograph this capsule (as an example see Figure S5). The mechanism involved in producing this particular magnetic-lens effect was already described in previous subsection (G10.3). But because this mechanism is very vital for the content of this monograph, it is additionally explained below.
In the ascending Magnocraft, the power of a magnetic field involved in the vehicle's central magnetic circuit, exceeds many times the power involved in the main and side circuits. For this reason force lines of the central magnetic circuit hermetically surround not only the entire body of such an ascending vehicle, but also its main and side magnetic circuits which become wrapped into a kind of a magnetic donut. This donut is shaped like a toroid formed from looping magnetic force lines. Principles involved in the formation of this donut (doughnut) are illustrated in Figure G32.
As it was stressed in previous subsection G10.3, the extremely concentrated magnetic field of the Magnocraft interferes with light. This interference manifests itself most evidently by allowing the light to pass easily along the field force lines, but bending the paths of the light which try to pass across these force lines. The above mentioned magnetic doughnut formed around the ascending Magnocraft means that to reach the vehicle's shell, the light would need to pass across the doughnut's field force lines. In turn to reach the main propulsor, this light would move along force lines of this magnetic field. Therefore anything contained inside of this donut becomes invisible to an observer looking from underneath, as the picture of it (i.e. light reflected from it) would need to pass across the field - see path (1) in Figure G32. But in order to reach the main propulsor, the light needs to follow only along these lines - see path (2) in Figure G32. For this reason, outside witnesses who observe such an ascending Magnocraft from underneath, can easily see a twin-chamber capsule from the main propulsor, but they are unable to see any other part of the vehicle's shell. While looking at an ascending Magnocraft, these people notice that at a certain angle the entire sides of the vehicle gradually disappear from view, and the only element remaining visible becomes a small "diamond-shaped" or square device located in the centre of the former vehicle. This device is in fact the twin-chamber capsule from the vehicle's main magnetic propulsor. The cubical edge of this capsule, depending on the angle under which it is being watches, may assume for the outside observer e.g. the shape of a “rhomb” (frequently described by eye witnesses of UFOs as the “diamond” from playing cards). Such a rhomb shape appears when the twin-chamber capsule is seen from the direction of its corner. It can also be described e.g. as a square (if it is seen exactly from below) or as a rectangle (if it is seen from a side direction). At this point it is worth to notice, that some witnesses, unaware of the principles described here, can wrongly take this optical transformation of a disk shaped vehicle into e.g. a "diamond", or vice versa, for a physical transformation of the shape and external form of the stiff substance from which these vehicles are made.
Some Magnocraft observers unaware of the phenomena described here may also take such a “rhomb” or “square” for a new kind of vehicle, whose shape differs from that of a discoidal Magnocraft.
Notice that the situation described above changes drastically when the Magnocraft terminate their ascent. While they are hovering or descending, their main magnetic circuits stop being dominant over other circuits, thus the entire discoidal vehicle must appear visible again to outside observers. So in the sight of these observers, another transformation of the shape of such Magnocraft may take place, this time running from the vehicle shaped like a “rhomb” or a “square” into a discoidal vehicle.
Of course, the phenomenon described here is going to appear also when the Magnocraft is to ascend during the night. Then it is going to be even more spectacular as when observed during the daylight. The reason is, that huge sizes of space wrapped into the donut of the magnetic field illustrated in Figure G32, is going to screen with this magnetic lens a significant part of the sky. This in turn is to cause, that stars that shine behind the screened part of the sky are going to rapidly extinguish. So the observation of such an ascending Magnocraft during a clear night full of stars is going to be extremely spectacular. This is because witnesses will see as stars on a significant proportion of the sky rapidly become blackened, while the sky in the outlines of such an ascending vehicle becomes pitch black even during the most clear and lightened nights. Also, as the vehicle starts to distant itself from the observer, there will be a strange “shrinking” of this pitch dark area, on the peripherals of which stars again begin to appear. These stars are to produce like an apparent concentric motion and make on the witness a shocking impression as if something moved them concentrically along the sky. The shrinking of this space finally is to collapse in a single point, in which the vehicle disappeared. Then an entire sky returns again to its normal state full of shining stars.
Instead of flying away, the Magnocraft may also rapidly cease its ascend. Then immediately after the vehicle stops, the entire pitch black sky is to lighten up with countess stars, as if someone switched them on simultaneously with a single power supply switch. The viewing of such spectacular displays on the night sky most probably is taking breath away in casual witnesses, especially if they are unfamiliar with the physical side of this phenomena described here.

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