G10.2. Properties of the Magnocraft during the throbbing mode of operation
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G10.2. Properties of the Magnocraft during the throbbing mode of operation

During the throbbing mode of the Magnocraft's operation, most of the properties characteristic for the magnetic whirl mode disappear. Thus the vehicle becomes safe and non-destructive. But also the latitudinal component of the thrust force no longer exists, which in the magnetic whirl mode used to push the Magnocraft from east to west or from west to east. Thus the Magnocraft in the throbbing mode is only able to fly vertically and in the direction parallel to magnetic meridians. Because the magnetic whirl does not exist in this mode of operation, so all attributes that result from this whirl must also disappear. For example, the cloud of luminous air disappears as well. Thus during the day, observation of the Magnocraft's surface is possible for outside observers. In turn the Magnocraft's crew in this mode of operation are also able to observe visually the vehicle's environment (i.e. without the use of any instruments). Because there is still a local air ionization occurring at the outlets from the vehicle’s propulsors and along highly concentrated magnetic circuits, small glowing areas can still be visible on a cloudy day or at night – as this is shown in Figure G28a. Because the magnetic field separates ions, the light from these small glowing areas is to have two different colours, depending on the field's dominant pole at which it is emitted. As it already explained in subsection G8.1, near the north (N) pole (or inlet "I" pole) of each propulsor, the light emitted is red-yellow. In turn near the south (S) magnetic pole (or outlet "O" magnetic pole) of each propulsor, emitted is blue-green light – as this is shown in Figure G28a.
The pulsating field generated by the Magnocraft during the throbbing mode, has some characteristics similar to the field in our electricity transformers. Therefore, in this mode electrical currents are induced in every closed circuit which is present in the field's range. This is especially effective where there is a transformer at the beginning of such a circuit. Thus, the nearby flight of the Magnocraft may cause the activation of radio and television sets and other items of electrical equipment (e.g. electric motors with commutators) which are disconnected from the electrical power supply.
It should also be noticed, that the effect of the Magnocraft in such a throbbing mode of operation acting on electrical equipment, is opposite from the effect of acting in a magnetic whirl mode. (I.e. during the magnetic whirl mode of operation, electrical devices cease working because they are cut off from the electricity supply, instead of being activated because the current is induced in them – as this happens during the throbbing mode of operation.)

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