G10.1.2. Whistling sounds of spinning blades
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G10.1.2. Whistling sounds of spinning blades

In the magnetic whirl mode of operation, the fast spinning magnetic circuits of the Magnocraft create rather unique type of whistling sounds. These characteristic sounds were already mentioned in subsection G8.1. They can be compared to “whistling of spinning swords” or to “whistling sounds of spinning blades”. The appearance of this noise is one of the identification attributes that allow outside observers to recognise the magnetic whirl mode of operation in a nearby Magnocraft. This whistling can be also heard in cases when the vehicle itself remains invisible for human sight because it hides itself from people behind the screen of telekinetic flickering described in subsection L1 /?/. The Magnocraft working in the mode of magnetic whirl is extremely dangerous. Therefore whenever someone hears this whistle of spinning blades, he or she should run as fast as only can in direction opposite to the one from which this whistle can be heard.

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