G10. Properties of the Magnocraft
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G10. Properties of the Magnocraft

The Magnocraft is an extraordinary vehicle. Its completion will introduce to our civilization a technological advancement that has never occurred before. This craft will send us to the stars and carry us to the centre of the Earth, will fly with a speed close to the speed of light or will hover motionless over our gardens, will save countless lives but can also be used as a tool of destruction.
The unique operation of the Magnocraft is the source of its unusual properties. Many of these are unknown to us, as no other human device has previously been able to create them. Such attributes as the magnetic framework, inductive shield, magnetic whirl, plasma saw, vacuum bubble, magnetic lens, etc., are completely unfamiliar, so they may be difficult to comprehend as many people have no frame of reference to which these properties could be compared.
The descriptions that follow reveal the basic attributes of the Magnocraft as it appears in all three modes of operation. It should be stressed that these are very brief descriptions, and that the limited size of this monograph forces me to introduce short cuts in the explanations provided. But further details can be deducted from the material presented here. Also I welcome questions, inquiries, and comments concerning any part of this monograph.

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