A1. The situation before the primeval beginnings...
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A1. The situation before the primeval beginnings - i.e.: the infinity, chaos, motion and darkness

Extremely long, long ago, there was no Earth, no Sun, no matter, no physical world, and even no time in the form as we know it now. The entire universe was then just composed of the so-called “counter-worldof infinitive dimensions. Because physical people, nor their instruments, have an access to this counter-world, for people this primeval world looked like an “emptiness” of infinitive dimensions – means an emptiness that has no borders nor limits and that spreads into infinity. However, according to findings of the scientific theory called the “Concept of Dipolar Gravity” (described fully in volumes 4 and 5 of this monograph), this infinitive emptiness of the universe was filled up with the extraordinary, constantly moving liquid, called counter-matter. Counter-matter is an exact reversal of "matter" which human science researched so-far. Opposite to how the matter is visible and detectable to our senses and instruments, as well as it displays attributes of mass, inertia, or friction, this counter-matter remains invisible and undetectable to our eyes, senses and instruments, and also is weightless, does NOT show inertia, and does NOT form any friction. Thus, it is continuously in a state of perpetual motion. The most vital, however, amongst these opposite to matter attributes of counter-matter, are the intellectual attributes of it. As we know, our matter is "stupid" in the natural state. Thus, the counter- matter is opposite to “stupid”, means is "intelligent". Means, counter-matter is able to accumulate and to store information, and to think in the natural state. In the sense of its attributes, this infinitively large counter-world filled up with counter-matter was like a kind of "liquid computer" at the beginning of times. But this liquid computer initially did NOT have any program inside (means it had no program in that parts of it which at present is occupied by our “physical world” with Earth and all stars). But the perpetually moving counter-matter which formed it, already at the beginning of times formed chaotic streams and whirls which flew thoughtlessly from one area of the counter-world to the other area of this initial universe of infinitive dimensions. In other words, in the universe of infinitive dimensions from that initial period, prevailed then the total chaos, motion, and absolute darkness.
However, this initial chaos of the universe carried in itself the evolutionary potential. After all, the continuous chaotic motion of the counter-matter which was a kind of liquid computer, created the situation that by a complete accident this counter-matter could evolve in itself the primeval "Word". (The "Word" = information = algorithm = natural form of program.) The generation of this initial "Word" had the character that was similar as - according to the theory of probability, the placing of a thoughtless monkey by a keyboard and letting it to type for a sufficiently long time, finally should lead to an accidental typing an entire poem by that monkey. After this primeval "Word" was generated due to the chaos of the counter-matter, it had the opportunity to gradually evolve into the thinking part of God - which in turn later created the physical world and the humans. Thus, the initial "Word" become flesh. In turn that primeval period of chaos turned out to be hugely vital. After all, to this primeval chaos we own the present orderly universe which we see around us. It is also this primeval chaos, that - if it is acknowledged and understood by people (as this is described in next subsection A1.1), is able to turn our views upside-down and initiate the moral renewal of the humanity, so that the shape of our civilization can be changed completely.
The above description of initial conditions in which the self-evolution of God took place is NOT taken from the ceiling. In fact there is a vast body of evidence that it was like that. If someone is interested in this evidence, it can be found in volumes 4 and 5of this monograph. In order to provide here at least a small example of this evidence, one amongst numerous facts that the universe is an unlimited space with no boundaries that is filled with counter-matter (instead of e.g. a limited space filled up with galaxies), is our imagination. According to the findings of the “Concept of Dipolar Gravity”, we are unable to imagine anything that does NOT exist in the universe - because such a thing does NOT have a "name" nor a definition in the language of the universe called ULT - the "Universal Language of Thoughts". (Descriptions of the ULT language are provided in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of this monograph.) As it turns out, no-one amongst us is able to imagine infinitively large universe filled up with "something", e.g. with galaxies. But everyone without a difficulty is able to imagine the counter-world of infinitive dimensions, which for us seems like an emptiness.
The "theory of everything" (i.e. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) on which this model of the initial chaos of the universe is based, is the only scientific theory which agrees with religions. It states that on the very beginning of time there was a very long period of "chaos" which lasted a half of eternity. But this primeval "chaos" contained in itself two components which with the elapse of time led to the evolution of the initial “Word” (means to the evolution of the natural program which later become God), and later to the creation of the physical world and humans by this “Word”. Namely, it contained motion of the counter-matter with evolutionary potential, and contained the hardware-like intelligence of the counter-matter. Thus, this mition and intelligence eventually caused the self-evolution of what the Bible calls "Word" (i.e. a natural form of program) that with the elapse of time become flesh (means become our physical world and us. Other scientific theories, for example the theory of the “Big Bang”, do NOT contain this prolonged period of "chaos" that become the beginning of

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