E. Magnetic personal propulsion
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Almost everyone at some stage dreams about flying. Let us now remind ourselves how this dreaming looks like. Our brain swells with the decision of ascending, and the body obediently and weightlessly followed directives of the mind. We have no need to flap with our hands or fidget with our legs. Whatever we thought of, it was immediately completed.
It is interesting where this divergence of our dreams with logic originates from. After all the logic says that flying should require energetic flapping, as all birds always earn their flight with heavy wings waving. The author believes that our intuition already knows what is going to come in a not-too-distant future. Thus the effortless dreams of our flights probably are intuitive pictures of the propelling devices the completion of which is about to occur.
How our descendants will complete their flights can already be deducted from the operation of discoidal Magnocraft flying in the inverted position. This operation is illustrated in Figure E1 a) - see also Figure F3 b). Let us recap it briefly. The eight side propulsors (U, V, W, X) repel the vehicle from the environmental magnetic field thus producing the lifting force which carries it into the space. Simultaneously a single main propulsor (M) placed in the centre, is attracted by the environmental magnetic field thus producing a stabilizing force which fixes the orientation of the Magnocraft in space and controls its ascent, hovering and descent.
It's easy to predict that one day Oscillatory Chambers will be miniaturized to the size of only a few millimetres, without any significant decrease in the output. Therefore, the propulsors of the Magnocraft can be built small enough to allow for their assembly into articles of human apparel (i.e. belts and shoes) without causing any noticeable discomfort or change in the size and weight of these articles. In this manner a new type of the propulsion system will be obtained, which is called here "magnetic personal propulsion system". This new propulsion system will provide all the advantages of the Magnocraft, simultaneously its propulsors hidden inside of the garment will remain almost unnoticeable for an outside observer. Thus, without the use of any visible vehicle, it will provide the wearer with the ability to fly in the air or space with a speed limited only by the performance of physiological functions (especially breathing), with enormous physical strength, with invisibility, and with protection from the action of any weapon that could be used against him/her.
The propulsion unit utilized in magnetic personal propulsion system represents only a slightly modified unit of the Magnocraft. It is shown in Figure E1 b). The main characteristic of this new unit is that its framework creates a human-shaped structure. Similarly as is the case with the Magnocraft, personal propulsion also contains a set of eight side propulsors (marked U, V, W, and X) and a set of two main propulsors (in Figure E1 (b) marked ML, MR). Both these sets are connected by the body of the user into one effective propulsion system. The body performs the function of a "carrying structure" or a framework. Each propulsor from both sets contains a single twin-chamber capsule, only a few millimetres in size, which is assembled inside of a spherical casing. The casing, and the capsule inside of it, are similar to these used in the Magnocraft (see Figure F2), only they are drastically miniaturized. Each of the twin-chamber capsules is composed of two small Oscillatory Chambers inserted one inside the other, as was described in subsection F7.1.
Where the order of completion of subsequent propulsion systems is concerned, magnetic personal propulsion will be build as fourth system on Earth utilizing Oscillatory Chambers (see period 1D in the classification explained in subsection M6). The reason for this will be the initial technological difficulties with the miniaturization of twin-chamber capsules to the sizes small enough to be applicable for this type of propulsion system.

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