A18. My fate and what stems from it
@ Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

A18. My fate and what stems from it

At some stage of the humanity’s development, on 25 May 1946, on the Earth appeared someone named Jan Pająk - means me (the author of this monograph). Through converge of a whole array of very strange coincidents, this Jan received especially moral and “hands-on oriented” upbringing and the best technical education possible in the world at his time. In addition, during the entire his life he experienced something that could be called special care, continuous inspiration and decisive guidance. In the result he was able to accomplish and to intellectually synthesize discoveries and inventions described in this monograph.
An example of “coincidents” which shaped my future, was a kind of “miracle” which on 1st of May 1968 saved me from being removed from the university. For the fact, that it truly was a "miracle", not just an ordinary "coincidence", certifies the logical deduction, that if that removal from the university actually did happen at that time, then in my adult life I would NOT be able to develop scientifically my theories, discoveries, inventions, etc. Thus, together with an array of other similar events, a part of which I described in previous paragraphs of this subsection, while others I described in item #H2 of the web page named “god_proof.htm”, the "miracle" discussed here suggests, that since the youngest years I was under a kind of "superior protection" which make sure that I did NOT deviate from the path that was destined for me. The entire course of events which led to that "miracle" of the 1st of May 1968 is extremely entangled, unclear, and for a single researcher probably now almost impossible to work out for bringing to the public knowledge the complete truth about what has happened then. After all, events from that time were intentionally camouflaged so that on the society they could make an impression that "they are something completely different than they really were". An excellent illustration of just such intentional camouflaging that historical events is the content of book by two Polish history researchers, i.e. by S. Cenckiewicz and P. Gontarczyk, entitled "The Secret Police and Lech Wałęsa" (2008, 780 pages) - to which in New Zealand referred the article entitled "Walesa fingered as a communist spy", from page A20 of newspaper “The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Thursday, June 26, 2008. Therefore, in order to really learn the truth about these events, it is necessary to establish an organised action of some larger group of people, e.g. still living students who in that political "purge" were removed from the Technical University of Wrocław, or descendants of these students. After all, such an organised group could benefit from legal tools of the kind of "Freedom of Information Act", to gain access due to these tools, to information stored in archives of police, army, and (of course) the Technical University of Wrocław regarding these events. After all, for the scientific exactitude and for a historical truth it would be worth to clarify these events, because in fact these were the first in Poland, and as such they provided the initiation of the "snowball effect" which rolled by the strive of Polish nation to freedom and to other human rights, with the elapse of time grew to a huge avalanche which blown from the surface of the Earth the dictatorial government and ideology of that time. So in order to add my own contribution to these future efforts of thorough learning about these events, and also in the name of truth and historical accuracy, herewith I am describing how I remember and understand the course of these events - although I am aware that some facts I could understand or remember wrongly. So here is my report from that "political provocation" and "purge", written down to illustrate how these events looked like from my personal prospective of their participant and "eye witness".
In times when I studied, students of the Technical University of Wrocław started to play an ever increasing and active role in pressures on the political renewal of the country. In fact, these were student demonstrations and occupational strikes on our university (described, amongst others, in subsection JE4 from this monograph and also in item #C3 of the web page named “nirvana.htm”) that initiated then a kind of political avalanche which with the elapse of time led to the assuming power by a different leader, and later led also to the eventuation of "Solidarity" and to the abolishing of communism in Poland. No wonder that the political police of that time was NOT impressed by the growing political activities of students from our university. Thus, most clearly the police received and order "from top authorities" to organise a "purge" - means to remove from the university all students that documented somehow that they are politically active. Of course, in order to be able to remove someone from the university, one needs an excuse and also "evidence" of "inappropriate" behaviours of that someone. So in order to fabricate such an excuse and to document the required evidence, decision-makers of that time designed a cunning political provocation, which was to be implemented during the march on the occasion of 1st of May 1968. From the course of that provocation stems that the project of it was thoroughly designed by political experts and psychologists, and that it clearly was composed of several stages. Although about the possible project of it at present we can only speculate, from the course of events it stems that most probably these stages included, amongst others: (1) the announcing amongst students of the Technical University of Wrocław, that political authorities of the university and city of Wrocław do NOT want participation of students in that particular 1st of May parade - thus, on the principle of "method of persuading a donkey", this announcement supposed to cause that all politically-active students for sure are going to go for that fatal parade, (2) mixing a "ruffian team" of around 100 young policemen in civil clothing into the marching column of students from the Technical University of Wrocław, so that policemen could parade together with these students in front of the honorary grandstand with city VIPs and officials, (3) starting "provocation and unrests" by these policemen in plain clothes at the moment when the column of students (mixed with policemen) arrives in front of grandstand (i.e. these policemen surrounded our students and started the trained in advance yelling rude words, showing political banners, throwing tomatoes and eggs on the grandstand, whistling, pretending that they try to run onto the grandstand, etc.) - so that another group of police, also in civil clothing, which "awaited" already on the grandstand and around it with "ready to shoot" photo-cameras, could document on photographs that these were our students who stirred the unrests, (4) immediately after the parade identification from photographs, removing from the university, and forcefully enlisted to army all students from our university who had a bad luck to take part in that march. However, unfortunately for that perfectly designed "political provocation", into the implementation of it creep in a serious imperfection, which with the elapse of time probably turned out to be the cause which later cost communists the loss of power. Namely, the first and highly vital stage (1) of "agitation", which supposed to convince students that "authorities of the university supposedly do NOT want participation of the students in that particular parade", was intercepted and "changed" by student unions from that times - which transformed it into an "appeal of patriotism and saving the honour of the university". Thus, quite a miserable "agitation" from police that commanded to students "go to this parade because the authorities do NOT want you to go", was silenced by students' radio and activists with much lauder appeals ordering "go to this parade if you are a patriot, because a year earlier almost no-one went, thus the honour and prestige of our university was seriously tarnished". In the result of that loud appeals by student unions which silenced that police "agitation", for that tragic parade from 1st of May 1968 went almost exclusively students of our university, who belonged to the kind that if they see e.g. a victim of accident on the street, then they would run to save him or her - instead of passively watching as he or she bleeds to death (i.e. to the parade went mainly loyal towards the university students with daring and active stand towards the life, who felt patriots and for whom the honour of the university was vary vital, but who did NOT belong to the group that was politically active). In turn these politically active students at which the "purge" was aimed, completely ignored that march - after all for them the honour of the university and patriotism were NOT factors that motivated their actions. Thus the outcome of that imperfection in the implementation of that provocation and purge was, that when after the 1st May parade discussed here removed were from the university all students who took part in it, in fact instead of eliminating politically most active students, the police removed from the university only these most loyal towards it and Poland, most patriotic, honourable, moral and disciplined students. In turn, these politically-active students still remained at the university and still organised activities which with the elapse of time turned out to be instrumental in the initiation of the avalanche of political changes and in the fall-down of communism in Poland.
It so happened, that I also belonged to the sparse students whom were moved by the loud appeals of student unions that "the honour of the university depends on your patriotism and on your participation in that parade". Because of these appeals I went for that parade, although in reality I always preferred to view parades as a witness, and thus as my standard of behaviours I avoided taking part in them. Due to the "miracle" that I am describing here, I become probably the only participant and witness of that parade, who was NOT removed from the university, and thus who can describe the course of it from the so-called "first hand account". So here is my description of this part of the "provocation" parade in which I took part. It looked as follows:
The assembly area for students of our university was in a side street near the main railway station of Wrocław. I come as one of the first students, so I took place in one of the first "march four abreast" in our marching column, on the right side, so that later I was marching just by the footpath and was visible from a distance. Apart from myself, to that parade arrived, approximately around 40 students from our university, because all together we formed a marching column similar in size to a single platoon of Polish army. I was knowing faces of almost all arriving students, because as a long-term activist in the university's "Canteen Committee" I was placed on duty in almost all canteens from our university. In turn because I had a relatively good memory for faces, from the appearance I used to know the majority of students who used to eat meals in these canteens (unfortunately I have a bad memory to names, so I do NOT remember any name of these our colleagues). Several students brought banners with patriotic content, of which fact I am sure as one person in civil clothing (probably a policeman) ordered them to unwind these and to show what they say. All banners that they brought stated exclusively something patriotic, along the line "long-life to the 1st of May". When the parade started, soon from a side street we marched into the main path for the parade, along the Świerczewski Street - near the end of which was located the grandstand with VIPs and city authorities. On that main street something very strange started to happen. Namely, from the crowd of onlookers which crowded both sides of the street, small groups of civil "youth" in our age level started to emerge, and they joined to the end of our column of marching students, merging with it into a single unit. In that particular parade every organisation and every institution was forming a separate marching team, thus our group being joined by these athletically-build new participants was NOT an accident or a mistake. Clearly, similarly to us, they were quite familiar with the military drill and discipline, because they marched equally to us disciplined, in the same as us rhythm and right "step" - i.e. they and us marched as if it was a single column of well trained army. Because they joined the back of our column when we already were busy with marching and forced to maintain the "tetrad" formation, there was no opportunity to ask who they are, whom they represent, nor why they joined our students' column. I myself many times looked back at them, because knowing faces of the majority of students from our university, I was unable to recognise any of them. Thus, it make me curious who they are, as I was absolutely sure that they are NOT students from our university, and probably NOT students at all. I was fascinated by expressions on their faces, because they all had the same expression as if a tension, scare, danger and determination. In past, together with many other people, I saw how on the dam from the river Barycz near the town of Milicz, a raging water torrent captured and tried to drawn a young man, while for a long time failed all attempts of people gathered on shores to save him. So when that raging torrent was sucking him down and throwing him up, he had just the same expression on the face as members of these athletic "reinforcements" that joined our marching column. There was much more of them than us. I approximately estimate their number at over two platoons - i.e. over 100 persons. So rhythmically and in silence we marched towards the grandstand like an army column. When we started to see already the grandstand distant from us by not more than around 100 metres, in the first row of crowds standing on footpaths to watch our parade, I noted my girlfriend of that time. She also saw me - after all I marched just in front of her nose. So she called me to join her. Because the girlfriend was at that time more important for me than the parade, I abandoned the further march and joined her. Together we immediately left the parade and went to the central city square of Wrocław where was happening something that interested us. So I did NOT saw what has happened next. Only from stories told later I realised, that when the column of my colleagues together with these athletic "reinforcements" arrived to the grandstand, an "unrest" has started. As I believe, this "unrest" was initiated, escalated, and carried out exclusively by members of these "reinforcements", not by our students. After all, these "reinforcements" probably joined our column just for that purpose, so that the authorities could gain evidential photographs. Also probably they surrounded our students - so that on photographs it could look as if these were our students that caused the "unrest". This is why all colleagues who marched in this parade could be immediately afterwards officially removed from the university and forcefully incorporated into the army. In this way the university has lost the most loyal, patriotic, honourable, moral and disciplined students. With that highly unjust removal from the Technical University of Wrocław that patriotic students, is linked the matter of historic "justice". In my opinion, the university has now the duty to somehow rehabilitate and reward each one of them. Therefore I would like to propose, that in the name of historical justice, the Technical University of Wrocław finds them all and to each one of them awards the honorary title of the "Master and Engineer of honoris causa" - i.e. the title that would morally compensate to them the one which they were deprived unjustly. In turn, if any amongst them is NOT alive anymore, then the title should be granted to him posthumously. The granting to them such titles in fact would also turn to be highly beneficial to the Technical University of Wrocław itself. After all, for that university this would be an excellent "Public Relations" (PR) move. The fame of this highly right and just move would spread along the entire Poland, and perhaps even the entire
world. I do NOT need to explain here, that the moral knowledge which I am accumulating
and disseminating via my publications and the philosophy of totalizm, would hugely benefit if it would be possible to learn further fates of at least some amongst these students so unjustly removed from the Technical University of Wrocław. Therefore, if by any chance the reader of these words is one amongst these students, or is a descendant of him, or his friend or acquaintance, then I would be very grateful for contacting me. Equally precious would be if I could be contacted by any amongst members of these "reinforcements" which at that parade joined our column - after all, due to internet if they want they could maintain anonymity while exchanging the information with me. My contact details are always provided on the title page of each volume of my monographs, and also at the end of each my web page.
I for a long time considered that avoidance of being removed from the university to be a "coincident" and just a "lucky convergence of circumstances". After all, in that times I was an "atheist". But in 1985 I developed my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (described in volumes 4 and 5 of this monograph) which has proven that God does exist for sure. Thus when after 1985 I started to study methods of God's actions, one amongst discoveries was that what has happened to me during that particular parade of 1st of May 1968, represented a typical action of God in cases when someone's fate needs to be "corrected" so that this person can more precisely serve towards implementation of God's plans. It were just such a "corrective" actions of God which caused that e.g. when the Titanic supposed to sunk, than always were people who in last moment were prevented from entering the deck, or if an airplane is to hit in the skyscrapers of WTC, then always someone is forced to change tickets or something stops him or her from getting on time to the airport. In later times I have heard of numerous such events. The one amongst them, which most strongly proves that all of them represent direct interventions of God, was the authentic event from the period of the first world war, described at 6:40 pm on Monday, 25th of April 2011, in the television programme from the channel "Maori TV" in New Zealand television. Namely, an officer who took part in that war, was send with his platoon to complete some distant task. When soldiers erected a tent to stay for a night in there, a motor-bike arrived with an order from the headquarters, that this officer supposed to return to the headquarters immediately for further orders. The officer run to the headquarters, but in there he learned that it must be some misunderstanding, as there are NO new orders for him, nor the army has a motor- bike which could deliver to him such an order to return to headquarters (during the first world's war motor-bikes were a real rarities). The officer returned to his platoon. But when he reached his soldiers, it tuned out that in the meantime the tent got a direct hit from an artillery shell, and all his soldiers have died. So his "recall" to headquarters was a kind of "superior intervention" aimed at saving his life.

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