A16. Presently prevailing principles used by God to manage the development of people
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A16. Presently prevailing principles used by God to manage the development of
Motto: "Identify and learn goals and methods of God and you will understand the world that
surrounds you."

A highly intriguing aspect of the to-date official human science, is that it developed tens of theories which explain everything that is vastly distant from people either by time or by space, e.g. which explain how distant stars and galaxies were born, how the universe was formed in the result of a "Big Bang", or how the evolution of humans looked like millions of years ago. But until the time of developing my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we had no even a single and most miserable scientific theory which would explain to us how we supposed to live "here" and "now". On the other hand, in item #J5 of a separate web page named “wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, as well as in item #C6 of another web page “prawda_uk.htm” and item #B2 of the web page “malbork_uk.htm”, I explained it illustratively and supported it with examples, that our efforts of learning and carrying out life without priori having a scientific theory which would explain to us how really we supposed to live "here" and "now", can be compared to attempts of climbing a high and smooth wall without the use of any ladder or scaffold. After all, many people who throw themselves head first onto the life, either break their heads, or make a large hole in life - which hole cannot later be fixed for many centuries. However, if we treat the life similarly like such a high and smooth wall onto which we must somehow climb, then the scientific theory (i.e. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) which explains to us principles of the living, is for us like a kind of a ladder or a scaffold added to that wall. Means, then our climbing is easier, because we can relay on the support from NOT only this wall, but also relay on the assistance from that ladder or scaffold.
In 1985 I had a honour to develop a scientific theory which later was named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory explains practically everything, including principles, laws, quantities, powers, etc., which rule over everyday lives of people. It is just because of the applications of this theory to practically everything, and its ability to explain everything, that it was called the theory of everything. In addition, because this scientific theory provided us with clear and unambiguous guidelines how we should lead our lives, on the basis of it was developed the new philosophy of everyday living which later was called the philosophy of totalizm (written by the letter "z" - to differentiate it from the version of "totalitarianism" also sometimes written shortly as "totalism" - but spelled with "s"). That "philosophy of totalizm" is like an extract from the much more extensive "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", but this extract concentrates exclusively on explaining principles on which we should live our everyday lives. Because both, this Concept of Dipolar Gravity as well as the philosophy of totalizm are described comprehensively on a number of web pages and monographs (e.g. see [8/2], [1/4], and chapters JA to JG in this monograph), I am NOT going to discuss them here again. But for the scientific accuracy I am going to repeat here several most worth learning principles, laws, and regularities, which these theory and philosophy indicate as ones that rule over our everyday lives. Here are these regularities:
1. The influence of so-called "moral field" onto the course of human lives.
These readers who have inquisitive minds, probably already noted that every our non- physical action, has the same attributes as physical actions. For example, in order to physically climb uphill, we must put into this climbing a specific effort and suffering. In turn sliding downhill typically is easy and pleasurable. Similarly, in order to non-physically do something good and permanent (e.g. help someone, make a decision which turns correct in a long run, or tell a truth), we also need to put a significant effort and suffering into this. In turn doing everything that with the elapse of time turns out to be not good, or just being lazy and not doing anything, always is easy and pleasurable. The reason for such a state of things is the existence of a special kind of "moral field" which work in the same way as the "gravitational field" which we already know so well. Only that this "moral field" forces the consumption (flow) of our energy in practically every action, not just when we physically climb mountains or stairs. This "moral field" was formed in the universe especially so that doing everything that is moral and good for people always requires contribution of effort and work, and also so that everything that is done without effort and without the contribution of work, with the elapse of time turns immoral and bad for people. Due to the existence of this moral field, everything that is moral cannot be accomplished accidentally by someone's not doing anything, nor cannot be easily accomplished by egoists and lazy people. In order to act morally in the life, always it is necessary to put a specific amount of effort and energy into our moral deeds.
The existence of this "moral field" and its work with an iron fist, has an interesting implication for our lives. The point is that in the life we NOT always know immediately what our action in a given situation is the most moral and correct - so that after we implement it, this action does NOT turn later to be an error for which we need to pay in our future life. Well, because of the existence of this moral field, there is a principle in action, that "morally most correct in a given situation is always an action which goes along the so-called 'line of the greatest intellectual resistance', while immoral and worst is always an action which in a given situation goes along the so-called 'line of the least intellectual resistance' ". So if in a situation we do NOT know how we supposed to act, then always we should choose the action that requires our biggest intellectual contribution (please take notice of the intellectual character of this contribution, as apart from intellectual effort there are also physical and emotional efforts). This is because such an action never turns out later to be wrong. In turn selecting the action which goes along that 'line of the greatest intellectual resistance' is very simple. It suffices that in a given situation we check what would be for our mind the easiest way out, and then we simply do an exact opposite of that.
2. How really works the moral law expressed by the Polish proverb "evil always has nice beginnings but regrettable ending" (in original Polish wording: "miłe złego początki, a koniec żałosny"). In previous item I explained the principle of the "moral field" functioning - which must be such, that doing anything moral and good for people in the physical world must always require a contribution of significant effort and suffering. Therefore, the same "moral field" must always make also easier and more pleasurable everything that is immoral and that is detrimental for people. In the result, carrying out anything that is immoral and that in the long-term action is going to turn out to be detrimental for people, always must be pleasurable and easy. Thus the beginning of the Polish proverb from the title of this item "evil always has nice beginnings" originates from this particular principle, according to which the "moral field" must always work.
Our learning of the fact, that the "moral field" makes easier and more pleasurable carrying out everything that later turns out immoral and detrimental for people, has a huge significance for our lives. After all, it realises that all easy, fast, and pleasurable success in anything is also a kind of "alarm bell" which indicates "you are already on a wrong path". So if e.g. any politician has a commonly liked smile, nice behaviour, and skilfully avoids everything that is unpopular, we need to be beware of him as later he is going to destroy the economy and sell out the country. If everything works perfectly for some political party to win elections, we also need to be beware - as later this party probably is to ruin the country. If the construction of a factory or a mine goes smoothly - we need to be beware because later it is going to destroy the environment, undermine surrounding housing estates, and ruin the entire region. If a scientific theory or discovery immediately gain the world's fame and numerous prises, we should take it under a good revision as in the future it is going to deceive the humanity and block the progress for centuries. If someone finds us and offers his or her services - we should be beware of him or her because later we are going to pay a lot for this. If a golfer, a sportsmen, or a singer rapidly and without effort raised to the top, it is more than sure that he or she later is going to turn out to be a model for immoral behaviour and the worst example for others. Etc., etc.
3. Why catastrophes kill exclusively those practicing the philosophy of parasitism. Almost every television news and every newspaper bring increasingly more bad news. Floods in Poland, volcanoes in Island, fires in Russia and Canada, Tornadoes in the USA, hurricane in New Orleans, terrorists in WTC, hurricanes on the Pacific, earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan, tsunami in Indonesia, etc., etc. People nervously speculate what reasons for all this can be. Some panic that these are consequences of the spreading atheism, which bring the God's anger and the "end of world" (for more information about the "end of world" - see item #B8 of the web page named “seismograph.htm”). Others comfort atheists and politicians, that all these are just outcomes of the development of industry and warming of the climate - as catastrophes destroy apparently at random even the highly religious countries and people. Unfortunately, in the attempts to find rules in these supposedly chaotic catastrophes, so-far people match the victims to almost every criterion - apart of what is the most important, means apart of the morality. But this is understandable. After all, before the development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the world did NOT know what exactly the "morality" is, nor was able to classify people according to the kind of morality that these people practice. This is because the world did NOT know, that from the point of view of morality, all people belong only to one out of two existing categories, namely to (1) totalizts - and (2) parasites. Totalizts (1) are these people who may never hear about the "philosophy of totalizm", nor about moral quantities that were identified by that philosophy (such as "moral laws", "moral field" and "moral energy"). But still they try to intuitively obey "moral laws" (which are always told to them by the "voice of their conscience"), they laboriously climb uphill in the "moral field" by continually doing good, and they still put their effort into earning the "moral energy". Because the "voice of conscience" speaks to every person, to the category of "totalizts" frequently belong also people called "atheists". In turn parasites (2) are these ones who do NOT even wish to know about the "moral laws", "moral field", nor "moral energy", and who do NOT listen to their "voice of conscience". In their everyday lives they always avoid obeying any laws, including "moral laws", they always choose the lazy and pleasurable sliding down in the "moral field", and are too lazy to earn laboriously their portions of the "moral energy". To be more strange, to the category of "parasites" a lot of highly religious people belong - this probably is the reason why God Father so directed the fate of Jesus, that Jesus was put to death by high priests who practiced this highly immoral philosophy of parasitism.
If someone learns about this moral classification of people into "totalizts" and "parasites", learns attributes that characterise people who belong to both these categories, and discovers that "parasites" frequently are also people deeply religious, while "intuitive totalizts" frequently include even atheists, then rapidly experiences a shock. The reason is that the work of morality is so pre-programmed that catastrophes kill exclusively people and communities which in their everyday life practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism (i.e. the philosophy of continuous choosing in life only what is easy, pleasurable, and effortless, and thus what is immoral and slides a given person or community down in the "moral field"), and which in their practicing of parasitism already slid down to the level of so- called "agonal intellect". Simultaneously, people who in their life practice the highly moral philosophy of totalizm are protected from being affected by catastrophes.
In other words, the consequence of learning the attributes of totalizts and parasites is that, amongst others, we begin to clearly see "who" and "why" is affected by catastrophes. This learning reveal to us also, that the reason of this increasingly more frequent catastrophes which trouble the humanity lately, is that increasingly more people, politicians, and communities, chooses just such an easy, pleasurable, and effortless sliding down in the moral field. Thus increasingly more countries and communities reaches the state of "agonal intellects" and must be "annihilated" by moral laws. So according to the Polish proverb described earlier, that "evil always has nice beginnings but regrettable ending", the regrettable ending of their paths towards the immorality is fulfilled. Thus, when someone analyses the moral state of communities and countries which are affected by the present cataclysms, then it always turns out, that all of them already reached the level of "agonal intellects" - for such analyses see web pages named “day26.htm” and “seismograph.htm”.
The present situation in the world prompts us to really learn the differences between totalizts and parasites. Such a skill of distinguishing between these two categories opens for us numerous possibilities, including into this e.g. giving us to hands several simple methods of defence against cataclysms. These methods are described, amongst others, in items #G2, #G3, #I3 and #I5 of the web page “day26.htm”.
4. The "moral field" is like a fast and highly active current from a mountainous river - this is why a passiveness and doing nothing pushes us fast downhill in this field and morally shifts us back in the development. All quantities which are ruled by the "moral field", are so pre-programmed that a "passiveness" and "doing nothing" cause their degeneration. It is why even gold gets old and diminishes with the elapse of time, it is why not repaired houses and equipment collapse after some time, it is why even the most rich companies and empires with the elapse of time get poorer and fell down, it is why people loose muscles and memories after a time and keep forgetting whatever they learned, while even the best experts who begin to be complacent in their positions and duties fast loose competence and begin to obstruct instead of helping, etc., etc. In total, if someone in his or her life chooses the complacent "doing nothing", then due to the speed and activeness of the current with which flows the dynamic "moral field", his passiveness is equivalent to the sliding down in the "moral field". In other word, because of the fast flow of current and high dynamics of the "moral field", the "passiveness" and "doing nothing" are the same "immoral" as immoral is causing some kinds of evil.
For some reasons the majority of people believes, that the life is like a motionless landscape. So if they do nothing, then they simply are going to maintain their position forever, and they always are going to remain in the same place. But in reality the dynamic and fast current of the moral field actually makes the life similar to rowing upstream in the fast mountain river - if someone stops paddling, then instead standing in one place, he or she is immediately flashed down the stream. So in spite that all of us erroneously believe that "doing nothing" causes our remaining in the same place, actually the high dynamism and speed of the current of the moral field cause that "doing nothing" immediately shifts us back. Therefore if someone wishes to at least remain in the same moral level, he still must put into this continuous effort and labour. The so-called "resting on laurels" and "doing nothing" are synonymous with a fast sliding down in the moral field, moving back, and with a degeneration in every possible area.
5. Why the "moral field" must erect countless obstacles on paths of these people who carry out something highly moral and good for other people. The "moral field" was so pre-programmed, that accomplishing anything that is moral, requires putting work and effort into it. Thus nothing that is moral and good for people, can be accomplished by accident and without any effort (i.e. accomplished just by "doing nothing"). Above principles of work of "moral field" cause, that if someone on the Earth undertakes an action which in the final outcome is to turn out highly moral and good for people, then this "moral field" must erect countless obstacles on the path of such someone. Because this principle of "obstructing" by the "moral field" of efforts of everyone who acts morally, I discovered first on the example of fates of inventors, I named this principle the "curse of inventors". This curse was later described on a number of my web pages, e.g. see item #F1 on the web page named “morals.htm”, item #H1.6 from the web page named “newzealand_visit.htm”, or item #G1 from the web page “eco_cars.htm”.
Our learning of the moral principle, that on paths of people that carry out something moral and good for the humanity, always are piled up countless obstacles, turns out to be highly useful in practice. For example, if someone tries to build a new invention, such as in past was e.g. the airplane described on the web page “mozajski.htm”, while today is the Magnocraft, time vehicle, or the telekinetic cell, while all so-called "experts" spit on this inventor, claim that his invention is NOT going to work, and discourage others against helping him in his building, then one day it is going to turn out, that this invention in fact lifted the entire humanity to a higher level of technology. If in turn scientists and "experts" loudly and widely advertise some new theory, then for sure this theory is immoral and bad for people, while the dissemination of it will turn to be detrimental for the progress of humanity. Good and moral are only these new theories and findings, at which the majority of scientists is spitting in times of their formation, while the scientific journals refuse to publish them (i.e. such as e.g. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity or the philosophy of totalizm). In turn everything that widely and noisily advertised and that is pushed by force into our lives, for sure is immoral (thus will be also spitted at, only at much later times - when the evil it spreads become already obvious). This is because whatever is moral, this apparently no-one tries to advertise, while we can learn about this just on principles of a gossip. Etc., etc.
The knowledge about the necessity of obstructing everything that is moral and good for people, is also highly useful - if one is himself an inventor, discoverer, or a person doing good deeds. After all, then we begin to accept more "philosophically" these problems that are served to us by life. After all, we know that if the "moral field" works differently, then e.g. "doing nothing" would stop being immoral, while people who act immorally would never experience the justice.
6. Our "physical world" is purposely constructed to be the "most perfect machine for increasing the knowledge". For many reasons people consider themselves to be "navels of the universe". However, if one carefully analyses the evidence available around us, then it turns out, that people are just one amongst numerous "experimental tools", which allow the intelligent universe to gather correct knowledge in the fastest and the most efficient manner. There is a whole array of facts, which confirm just such a role of people (i.e. their role as "tools" for gathering knowledge). Let us describe here some of these tools.
- Imperfection of people. The only explanation which justifies why being able to create people as more perfect, God still created them so imperfect, is that He needed human imperfection for a faster and more efficient increase of His knowledge. The point is that more perfect people would NOT make so many mistakes, so it would be difficult to learn anything from them. More on this topic is provided above in subsection A7.
- The appearance of "evidence" for everything in what someone deeply believes. There is a principle in action, that "in whatever someone would believe in his or her life so much, that is taking actions based on this believe, always he or she is going to obtain convincing proofs, that his or her belief is true and correct". This is why people who believe in demons see demons – see “Fig. A2, people who believe in UFOs see UFOs, believers in Yeti meet Yeti, etc., etc. Only that these "evidence" always is so cleverly provided, that apart from a given believer, no-one else can benefit from it. A perfect example how such "proofs" are served exclusively for the individual use of given believers, provided to me an acquaintance who believes in the existence of demons. Namely in 2008 he visited Alaska together with his parents, and drove to a National Park near Anchorage. Over there he saw an extraordinary tree which was extremely curled and twisted. So he took a photograph of this tree. But when he looked at this photograph on the screen of his digital camera, he noticed that the tree is surrounded with numerous human figures which remained invisible to the naked eyes. His scared mother seeing on this photograph a crowd of human-like creatures which she was unable to see with naked eyes, pulled the camera from his hands and deleted the photograph. Then the family quickly sit in the car and run away from that place. In this way the impulsiveness of his mother make for him later impossible to show this photograph to other people. But for him, and for his parents, even after being deleted, the photograph still is an undeniable proof, that demons actually do exist. In a similar manner I myself also was treated in past by a whole series of identically "fabricated" evidence, only that for the existence of UFOs, not demons. Many out of my items of such evidence I am describing in volume 17 of my monograph [1/4] (disseminated free of charge through the internet). Just such way of inspiring people for creative searches and for voicing their opinions, through showing just to them items of "evidence" which confirm even these their believes which do NOT have permanent representations in the physical world, always leads to a faster increase of knowledge.
- Temporary "simulations" of even improbable, e.g. "UFO", "Yeti", "Jessie", “werewolf”, “vampires”, “griffins”, "bones of dinosaurs", etc. If a person, a group of people, or an institution (e.g. the entire human science) believes into something, that permanently does NOT exist in our physical world, this belief is still supported through the "fabrication" of appropriate "evidence". In this way temporary are fabricated entire UFO vehicles together with their crews, numerous versions of Yeti, bones of dinosaurs which supposed to live on the Earth millions of years ago (while in reality the Earth was created only slightly over 6000 years ago), etc., etc. The actual existence of such temporary "simulations" and logical deductions which confirm their merit, is proven on a number of web pages. For their examples see the web page named “evolution.htm” and subsection NA1.3 from volume 12 of this monograph - which confirm that the Earth was created just only slightly over 6000 years ago, but already on the stage of being created introduced into the Earth were "bones of dinosaurs" which supposedly lived millions of years ago. Other similar examples show also, amongst others, items #C1 and #C3 of the web page “prawda_uk.htm”, or items #K1 and #K2 to #N2 of the web page “day26.htm”.
From our point of view, it is good to know that absolutely everything that exists in the physical world, was created (and is aimed at) mainly the increase of knowledge of God - as this is explained more comprehensively, amongst others, in items #B2 to #B4 of the web page “will.htm”. This is because it allows us to understand why so many strange facts can be seen around - while the only explanation for these facts is just the need to increase the knowledge of God or humans. Furthermore, it reveals to us the fact, that it is better to voluntarily find for ourselves something that is going to increase the knowledge, instead of awaiting until God finds for us the manner in which we can become useful for such an increase of knowledge. After all, then can turn out, that the only thing for which we are good, is the role of a "guinea-pig" or a "living illustration" - which roles frequently we probably see in strange fates of other people.
7. Timelessness of the appearance of God's action or someone's belief. The existence and work of so-called "timespace" causes that for God do NOT exist such things as "time", "elapse of time", as well as "before" and "after". God rules over the entire timespace, i.e. rules over time", "elapse of time", as well as over "past", "now", and "future". For example, God knows already now in what we (or in what someone else) is to believe strongly in, let's say 10 or 66 years of time. Therefore, for God is vital only that "a given someone at some stage of his or her life is believing strongly in something - and that is going to act on this strong belief". In turn whether his or her belief appears "after" or "before" seeing given evidence, for God is a secondary matter. After all, in both these cases the evidence still is going to serve well to the increase of knowledge by both, God and people. Similarly is with other actions of God. For example, sometimes God serves to someone a "punishment" still "before" the moment in time when this someone commits something for which deserves this punishment, or God serves to someone a "return" from the so-called "Boomerang Principle" before this someone commits something that is to bring this return. In other words, if someone at some stage of his or her life is to "believe strongly" in a given phenomenon or creatures, and is to confirm this strong belief by acting on the basis of it (e.g. through announcing his or her encounters to the rest of the world), then this is a sufficient reason for which God is to "simulate" especially for this person given non-existing phenomenon or creatures. Thus, when we analyse cases of "simulating" something for people in support of their strong belief, we must remember that for God does NOT exist "time" nor "time limitations" of the kind "before" and "after" that for limited minds of people are aligning all things in the order of appearance.
8. Making dependent of whatever happens to us during the childhood and young age, from what we do in the mature age. The philosophy of totalizm teaches, that we need to be careful to not obstruct God in implementation of His godly intentions by whatever we do during our mature age. After all, whatever we do as adults, has a decisive influence on what happens to us during our childhood or young age. This is because God sees entire our life in a single glance, and He so directs events from our childhood and youth, that our actions in the adult age served God's plans and intentions in best possibly way. It is just for this reason, children which in adulthood are to become tyrants, terrorists, saboteurs, murderers, rapists, etc., and whose future actions are to significantly obstruct God in accomplishing His godly plans, God either annihilates already in their childhood, or changes in invalids, or designates to be born in country or family which make impossible for them to disrupt God's plans. The best explanation of this dependency of our fates as children, from what we are going to do as adults, explains the separate web page designated to the discussion of reasons why in the world are pain, suffering, illnesses, accidents, cataclysms, etc. - for reviewing this web page see totaliztic web page named “god_exists.htm”.
9. To be continued ... The development of this subsection is to be continued in next updates of this web page. Then further principles, laws, quantities, and powers, identified and described by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by the philosophy of totalizm, are to be summarised and explained for everyday use. Thus, I suggest to have a look here again after some elapse of time.

If in his or her view of the world, someone relies exclusively on the present, highly
imperfect science which also practices the "parasitism", then everything looks like a complete chaos. After all, according to typical behaviours of parasitism, the present official human science is afraid to endanger its reputation by speaking about matters the correctness of which everyone can check. But if in our view of the world, we get to known and understand even just these most vital findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which are briefly summarised above and which everyone can verify on examples from the real life, then rapidly that chaotic world begins to work according to rules and principles that are understandable to everyone. So even just for this reason it is worth to put some effort into learning truths which totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity try to reveal to us. After all, the learning of truths is the top of moral behaviours, in turn it is impossible to behave morally without contributing our work and effort into it.

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