A10. How old is the humanity and the physical world
@ Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

A10. How old is the humanity and the physical world

According to data provided in the Bible (the authorisation of which God admits) and discussed in (1) from the next subsection A10.1, the physical world was created by God just only around 6 thousands years ago. But according to the "body of evidence" that was dug out by the Earthly scientists, our universe is already around 14 billions years old. So one out of these two ages of the world must be untrue. From the point of view of philosophy and theory of probability it is impossible that the nature could demonstrate just by pure coincidence all these supernatural phenomena and miracles that we can register on the Earth. Thus statements of the Bible cannot be untrue. Furthermore, considering the role which God performs towards people, we should NOT be suspecting that God would tell a lie in the holy book that He authorises - which is the Bible. Even if this God is just a "God- youngster" just 6-thousands years old who still likes to play jokes. But simultaneously we should NOT suspect that this 6-thousands year old omnipotent God-youngster is completely deprived a sense of humour. Thus, with an equal easiness as around 6 thousands years ago this God created the physical world and humans, He was also able to additionally invent, create, and introduce to the world that He created, this "body of evidence" on the basis of which scientists estimate the age of the universe to be around 14 billions years. After all, since God is able to create every living creature, He was also able to create e.g. petrified skeletons of dinosaurs feigning them so that they look as if they were extinct several millions years ago. Since this omnipotent God was able to create atoms of all chemical elements, with an equal easiness He could also create geological layers and provide them with such attributes that they allow to carry out the "conventional dating" used by Earthly scientists. Since this God needed to experiment on, and perfect, humans that He created, with an equal easiness He could also feign the existence of a "natural evolution" and inspire Darwin to publish the theory of it. Chapter JH /?/ of this volume analyses items of evidence for just such a possibility that was NOT verified, as yet, by anyone. Means, it analyses the possibility that omnipotent God for important reasons firstly invented and then implanted into the physical world that He created, this additional, untrue, "simulated history of the universe and man" (in addition to the true history which God described in the Bible). In turn present scientists on the Earth are taking this additional history invented by God for the true history.
Expressing the above in other words, for reasons explained more accurately in subsection NH1 of volume 12, as well as in the totaliztic web page named “evolution.htm”, us people should accept that the age of this thinking and self-aware component of God which in the Bible is called the "Holy Ghost" amounts to just over around 6000 years. Simultaneously, for reasons described in subsection NH2 of volume 12, the age of around 14 billions estimated by scientists as the age of universe, is just a kind of inspirational fabrication by God, which was simulated intentionally and encrypted into the physical world just being created, so that it instigates and inspires, amongst others, research efforts of people.

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