A5. The optimal solution for the problem of introducing improvements and managing...
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A5. The optimal solution for the problem of introducing improvements and managing, means the so-called "omniplan" and "software time"

The name "omniplan" is assigned in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity to a software entity (i.e. to a kind of natural program) which resides in the counter-matter. This software entity organizes the work of the entire physical world. Thus it contains in itself software definitions of all objects that existed, exist, or will exist in the entire physical world, and also models of all times in which these objects are to exist. This software entity called the "omniplan" makes possible for God to, amongst others, control over the time. As it is explained more thoroughly in subsection A5.1 below, the "omniplan" changes the order of events that in software time from the physical world occur one after the other, into events which in the absolute (real) time from the counter-world occur simultaneously. This change of the order of events, the "omniplan" accomplishes through defining time NOT as a continuous flow, but as a sequence of miniature timely jumps. In each one of these jumps of time a next phase of changes from the physical world is defined. Such a phase appears in there as a motionless picture of a given phase, instead of as a movable change. Thus, because of this change in the order of events and also the change of moving events into sequence of their motionless phases, for God all events and all times from our physical world occur simultaneously and in the same absolute (real) time and are seen by God as sequences of motionless pictures of subsequent phase of changes from this world, (i.e. due to this "omniplan" changes from our world are by God seen the same way as we can see subsequent motionless frames from the motion picture film). Thus, in that virtual world, the development of every event from our physical world (i.e. every event that occurs in that software time) God is able to simultaneously see as a series of stationary pictures (and thus precisely fine-tune it to other events) - no matter whether in our physical world this event is for us visible as if it happened in past, is happening now, or will happen in the future.
The first hugely vital problem to be overcome by God during the creation of this "omniplan", was to turn the continually moving "counter-matter", into the stationary, relatively motionless and stable "matter". The counter-matter is always in the state of continuous motion. But God, if He was to create some physical creatures and physical objects such as humans, planets, stars, etc., to reassure that these creatures and objects do NOT disintegrate, their flesh must be formed from the substance which is relatively motionless and stable. God solved this first problem "anchoring" the continually moving counter-matter through the formation it into miniature whirls, two ones of which coupled together into a pair, form a single elementary particle – as this is described in subsection H4.2 from volume 4 of this monograph. Then from these elementary particles God was able to build hierarchical structures such as relatively motionless and stable atoms, molecules, tissues, and entire bodies.
The most vital component of this "omniplan" is a special kind of "software time" in which "live" all objects and creatures of that "omniplan". This "software time" has the property, that it can be shifted back (reversed), that God has a full control over its elapse, and also that from the God’s point of view all times in which a given creature or object lives, can be viewed instantly and at the same single look. It is just because of the existence of that reversible software time, that God is able to continually repair and improve both, the entire physical world that He created together with all its objects and creatures, as well as His own mistakes and imperfections committed during managing the “lives” and work of this physical world and creatures that populate it. After all, in order to introduce any improvement, or in order to eliminate His mistake, it suffices that God shifts back this software time until the moment from which this improvement should work, and then introduces it in that previous time. In turn programs that control the elapse of this software time cause that this improvement automatically changes the course of all events linked to it that are to occur after it.
In order to realize here the capabilities of this software reversible time, it is worth to consider the matter of creation of “bones of dinosaurs” in the Earth’s crust (or more strictly the matter of their “fabrication”). These boned did NOT exist in there since the moment of creation of the Earth. After all, the Earth was created only around 6000 years ago, while bones of dinosaurs God created in such a manner as if these monsters lived many millions of years ago. Their creation was simply a reaction of God that follows the principle described in subsection A16 of this volume, and that states “if someone believes in something so strong that is prepared to act on the basis of this belief, then God always provides him or her with evidence that this belief is true - no matter how much this belief deviates from facts and from objective reality”. Because in past God noticed that human scientists are fascinated by old bones and believe that these bones originate from some primeval monsters, so to confirm these their believes God created increasingly more such supposedly old bones and assigned attributes to them which certified that the bones were really old. With the elapse of time the bones “fabricated” by God and introduced into appropriate geological layers, provided human scientists with basis for establishing whole arrays of new scientific disciplines and numerous theories.
After the creating of this "omniplan", God could start the creation of details of our physical world, and then create living creatures and people that populate it.

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