A3.1. Definition of the magor goal of creating humans
@ Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

A3.1. Definition of the major goal of creating humans (i.e. "the pursue of knowledge")

When God realized that He is subjected to the phenomenon which we could call the "hunger for knowledge", then He simultaneously was able to selectively define the major goal which is to rule over His work on the creation of man. Namely, this major goal of God must be the increase (pursue) of knowledge. After a clear crystallising this goal, God reached the stadium in which He could unambiguously define for Himself the requirements which must fulfil the man that He intended to create.
Starting from the realizing, that for God the major and most important goal of creation of the physical world and man must be the increase of knowledge, God developed an array of requirements which these human beings needed to fulfil. For example, people needed to be highly imperfect, as from imperfect creatures one can learn incomparably more than from perfect ones. After all, knowledge and learning depends on accumulation of experiences, while imperfect people commit more errors and mistakes - means they allow to accumulate a bigger number of experiences and thus allow the faster gathering of knowledge. People and physical world must also be prone to infinitive improvements. Furthermore, their fates God needed to be able to control in any way He wishes.
After developing requirements which humans must meet, God could start the experimental development of the manner how to implement His creation so that all these requirements could be fulfilled.

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