A2. The self-evolution of God
@ Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

A2. The self-evolution of God

During the initial stage of motions of this liquid counter-matter from one area of the counter-world into another area of it, the counter-matter kept learning. After all, counter- matter is an intelligent liquid. This self-learning of the counter-matter lasted infinitively long. Finally, around 10 thousands earthly years ago, this learning resulted in various kinds of natural programs being formed inside of the memory of this counter-matter. (This memory for programs and data, which is contained inside of the counter-matter, in fact forms still another separate world, in volumes 4 and 5 of this monograph called the virtual world. The "virtual world", together with the "counter-world", and our "physical world", is one amongst three separate worlds of the universe. It is in this virtual world that God resides, means that resides the primary program of the universe - the evolution of which is described in this subsection. It is also this virtual world where souls of us all land after our physical deaths.) These programs started to gain self-awareness. Means, they started to know that they do exist and that they are they. They learned how to move inside of counter-matter. They also learned the ways to instigate the counter-matter in which they resided into carrying out any kind of motions that they wanted. These natural programs that eventuated inside of counter- matter gradually formed a kind of self-aware spiritual creatures. Only that these creatures had no body, but simply were programs that resided in liquid and intelligent counter-matter. So these programs could be called "spiritual beings". With the elapse of time these spiritual beings mutually learned about the existence of other beings similar to themselves. A competition started between them. This competition gradually converted into a fight. In this fight only one program was the winner, which managed to destroy or absorb all other programs similar to itself. This only remaining program which survived from times of the fights, is present God, or more strictly the software (means thinking) component of God which by the Christian religion is called the "Holy Ghost". After all, independently from this “software” component, there is also the ever existing counter-matter which occupies the entire limitless universe without borders - in which this “software” Godly existence resides. Thus, this counter-matter represent the “hardware” component of God. In turn the superior being which currently is called God, is simply a single huge self-aware program, which in a natural manner self-evolved inside of the intelligent counter-matter that behaves like a liquid computer, and which occupies only an insignificantly small portion of the counter-matter that fills up the entire limitless counter-world without end or borders.
There is a significant body of evidence in support of the finding that God originates from the process of natural self-evolution described above. For example, in support of the fact that initially several spiritual beings come to the existence, which later fought with each other, stands the fact of inscribing by God exactly the same competition and fight into the life of practically every living creature without conscience (i.e. into the life of all wild animals). In turn, in support of the fact that God is a huge natural program which self- evolved in the intelligent (liquid) counter-matter, stand the fact that a program can relatively easily self-evolving inside of an intelligent computer which in an unaware manner carries out some physical activities. The detailed description of this evidence for the self-evolution of God is provided in subsection NF5 and repeated in item #B3 of the totaliztic web page named "evolution.htm".
As the knowledge grew in this software component of the God’s “Holy Trinity”, this component realized that it is just a single component out of two existing at that time components of itself. Because this component was, what in present computer terminology is called “algorithm”, or “program”, for describing the essence of itself it used the ancient name "Word". Due to this name it later could state in the Bible which it inspired, that "At the beginning there was the Word ..." (see the Biblical Evangel of St. John, 1:1-10). Because with the elapse of time it developed words and names, for naming itself it used the expression which the Christian religion translated as the "Holy Ghost". In turn the hardware component of itself, means this gigantic volume of counter-matter in which resides this "Holy Ghost", it named with the word which the Christian religion translated later with the expression of a "God Father" or "The Ancient of Days".
Some time after God self-evolved, in His mind appeared the need to create beings similar to Him, means to create people. Descriptions of this need are to take place in further parts of this volume. However, remembering the struggle for survival that God had to win during the time of His self-evolution with other natural programs similar to Himself, for safety reasons God decided to place the people that He was to create, into a completely separate physical world that He especially designed and created for them. (So notice, that together with the “virtual world” and the “counter-world”, our “physical world” is the third world that forms the universe in which we live, and to which various religions sometimes refer under the name of the “Holy Trinity”.) Such placement of people in the physical world that is separated from the counter-world, guaranteed that if the people at some stage get out of God’s hand, then they still are NOT to be a threat for God, because they are in the world that is separated from God. Of course, the physical world that God has created for housing the people, has the limited (finite) size. Although for people it looks as indescribably huge, in fact, for the practical reasons, it must have its borders and must be finite. In the comparison to the infinitely great counter-world, our physical world is only a kind of a bubble of matter with limited size, or a kind of a large droplet the matter, which hovers in an infinitively huge counter-world. So in the same infinitely huge counter-world can simultaneously exist infinite numbers of similar to ours, or different, physical worlds created by different gods whom independently from our God also have self-evolved in different regions of the counter-world. It seems that even our imperfect human science is already able to detect the existence of these other physical worlds - which it described, among others, in the article [1A2] entitled "Cosmic radiation map first evidence other universes exist", published on page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, 20 May 2013. Of course, if even still primitively thinking human scientists of today are able to detect the existence of different physical worlds created by other gods, the existence of these other gods and their worlds already long ago probably was also detected by our God. Therefore, our God must also reckon with the possibility, that one day may eventuate a meeting between Him and any of these different gods, and that perhaps, could even break between them a fight to the death. Thus, the needed exists that our God is to have and to educate the battle-hardened "soldiers", which are ready to do everything for their God. This need is also one of main reasons why God created humans and now He educates them onto just such battle-hardened and totally dedicated to Him soldiers.

Independently from this subsection, the process of the self-evolution of the thinking
(software) component of God described here, means this huge natural program which religions call the "Holy Ghost" while the philosophy of totalizm calls the "universal intellect", is presented also on two web pages, namely in item #B1 from "part #B" of a separate web page named “evolution.htm”, in item #I2 from "part #I" of the separate web page named “dipolar_gravity.htm” - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also in item #B12 of the web page named “god.htm” - about God. Moreover, the self-evolution of the thinking component of God is also described in some other my monographs, for example at the beginning of volume 5 in monograph [8/2].

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