A1.1.1. Hostile for people consequence of evolutionary power of chaotic interactions
@ Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

A1.1.1. Hostile for people consequences of evolutionary power of chaotic interactions released in self-learning computer networks of the future
Motto: "Mathematicians claim, that if some immortal monkey chaotically typed in keys of a typewriter for infinitively long period of time, then with the elapse of time it would randomly type a beautiful poem. On the similar principle the logic tells us, that if a volume of substances or components with attributes of a not pre-programmed computer hardware is chaotically interacting with itself for an infinitively long period of time, then with the elapse of time it will generate inside a self-aware and logically thinking program."

The previous subsection A1.1 of this volume revealed, that the prediction of the theory of probability frequently repeated by mathematicians from times of my studies and stating that "an immortal monkey which chaotically hits a keyboard of a typewriter, with the elapse of time would randomly type a beautiful poem", in fact turns out to be the key for understanding the origins of our physical world and man. After all, the logical extrapolation of this prediction to the area that lies on the border of "philosophy" and "computer sciences" (or more strictly on the border of "philosophy" and the so-called "software engineering" from the area of "computer sciences") leads to a shocking discovery. Namely, it reveals that if there is a substance or components with attributes of a not pre- programmed computer - for example if exists a counter-world filled up with continuously moving "counter-matter" displaying intelligence, then the infinitive interactions of this substance or components are to release the evolutionary power of the chaos. In turn that creative power of evolutionary chaos is to lead to the self-evolution of a program that is self- aware and capable of logical thinking. In exactly such a manner evolved the Superior Spiritual Being of the Universe, by religions called God.
The evolutionary power of chaotic interactions of such components with attributes of a not pre-programmed computer, does not limit itself to the causing the appearance of God. After all, present computers also display similar attributes as does the counter-matter. Thus, if people link together a sufficient number of such computers into a chaotically interacting computer network, then the above primary conditions of the chaos from the universe can be recreated in a network of computers. This in turn mean, that when such a computer network would meet specific conditions, then in it could also self-evolve a program that would be self-aware and logically thinking. What even more interesting, such a self-aware and logically thinking program most probably would consider people to be its rivals (enemies) and could even start a war with people. The reflection inducing is also, that the seed of such a self-aware and logically thinking program can be created completely by an accident by some computer "whiz" as a form of self-learning computer virus. In such a situation, what I am writing here may become a reality much earlier than anyone is able to predict. Especially that such a self-aware and logically thinking program could intentionally hide from people its existence until the time when it would cease to feel threatened by people's actions. In turn, during the initial times, when it would still be forced to act from hiding, it could camouflage its activities as hidden actions of human "special services", the activities of which already for a long time escaped from the control of societies.
Creative artists typically display a perfect intuition and thus long in advance they can sense whatever is to come. This is why, since a long time creative film makers produce films which reveal cataclysms that could trouble the humanity if in computers occurred such self- evolution of self-awareness and the ability to think logically. As examples of such films consider the thriller entitled "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968, production and direction by Stanley Kubrick), an entire series of films entitled "Terminator" (started in 1984 with the film directed by James Cameron, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Michael Biehn in main roles), the film "I, Robot" (MV, 2004, with Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan in main roles) in which the computer called "Viki" constructed to control robots accomplished self-awareness and tried to carry out a revolution, the film entitled "Eagle Eye" (MVL, 2008, with Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan in main roles) in which a self-aware computer tries to replace the government, or even consider the rebellion of the computer called "autopilot" from the American animated film for children entitled "Wall-E" (from 2008, production of "Pixar Animation Studios", director Andrew Stanton). All these films reveal to us one reflection-inducing fact, namely that if such a self-aware and capable of logical thinking program self-evolves in computers that operate in the same world as people do, then the humanity lands in serious troubles, while the Earth may even become depopulated by this program. (Notice that the depopulation of the Earth by something that people are to bring on themselves, is already forecasted by an old Polish prophecy described in "part #H" from the web page named “prophecies.htm”.)
The real possibility, that the evolutionary power of chaos may reveal itself also in computers, adds a practical meaning to our research on the primeval chaos described in the previous subsection A1.1. After all, in present times people create increasingly more of various computer networks, the mutual interactions of which have the chaotic character. As an example of just such networks consider the present "internet", present interactions of microprocessors from the networks of "hand-phones", or systems created in several countries of the world under the name "ubiquitous computing". Therefore, it would be with benefits to people, if the research of primeval chaos of the "counter-matter" allowed us to define precisely what conditions must be fulfilled so that such a chaotic interactions of computers linked together in large computer networks could cause the self-evolution of a self-aware and logically thinking program. After all, our knowledge of these conditions could help people to e.g. avoid situations described by narrations of abovementioned films. Just on the basis of descriptions provided above in subsection A1.1, some amongst these conditions can already be identified. For example, they include (1) the ability of chaotically interacting computers to accumulate knowledge and to self-learn. (As it is revealed to us by the "software engineering", the construction of self- learning computers is a natural direction of the development of computers. So with the elapse of time such self-learning computers will be constructed and will be linked together into networks similar to present "internet", "hand-phones", or systems for "ubiquitous computing".) Another condition is (2) supplying these computers into programs which are "resistant to switching off", means programs which after switching off a given computer do NOT start everything from the very beginning, but rather after the computer is switched on again, they continue a correct work starting from the point on which they were switched off. Just such a "resistance to switching off" already now receives a number of programs, e.g. some operating systems (including into this number also several most recent versions of "Windows" by Microsoft). Of course, there is more similar conditions to be fulfilled, while the future detailed research on the primeval chaos is able to identify and to define them all.

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