A. Introduction
@ Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

Monograph 1, chapter A: INTRODUCTION
Motto of this volume and chapter: "Every accomplishment has a meaningful history. Learning this history allows us to learn better this accomplishment."

Whenever there is a need to present something that requires the inclusion of historical background, there is always a problem where to start. After all, for example the presentation of history of my research and accomplishments could be started from the history of this monograph, from the history of my research which lead to this monograph, from the history of my education which provided me with solid foundations for my research, from the history of my life which allowed me to complete my studies and the later research, from the history of my parents and family, including myself - as they provided me with moral skeleton and opportunities which later fruited with writing of this monograph, etc., etc. - there is no definite indication where would be the best point to start. Thus, after a long consideration I decided, that I start this monograph from the true beginning of everything, means from the primeval times when everything started, including our universe, our physical world, and also the human race. After all, a theory and a philosophy which I created and which are presented in this monograph actually describe quite accurately how these true beginnings of everything really looked like. In addition, these true beginnings of everything turn out to be drastically different from what on this matter is saying the present official human science (also called by many the “atheistic orthodox science”) – although simultaneously these beginnings are shockingly agreeable with what various religious myths are telling us for thousands of years. Therefore, it should be with the benefit for the reader if these true beginnings of everything can be learned from this volume. So this volume is presenting the primeval beginnings of everything, including the beginnings which led to the writing this monograph - although without the history of this monograph itself (the history of this monograph is described in subsection W4 from the last volume 18). 

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