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Volume 10: Telekinetic devices (ISBN 978-1-877458-90-3) 

LA. TELEKINETIC POWER-STATIONS (or "free energy devices") 

LA1. Periodic Table postulating the future completion of telekinetic power-stations

LA2. Review of the main types of telekinetic power-stations built so far
LA2.1. Johnston Permanent motor

LA2.2. N-Machine

LA2.3. Telekinetic free energy generators 

LA2.3.1. History of the telekinetic influenzmaschine

LA2.3.2. Excuses of Methernitha for withdrawal of dissemination of influenzmaschines

LA2.3.3. Design, main circuitry, and operation of the telekinetic influenzmaschine

LA2.3.4. How to arrange own experiments on constructing the telekinetic influenzmaschine

LA2.4. Telekinetic batteries 

LA2.4.1. Design and operation of telekinetic batteries

LA2.4.2. Recommended procedure for constructing a telekinetic battery

LA2.4.3. History of invention of the telekinetic batteries 

LA3. Telekinetic devices for the conversion of biological, chemical, and thermal energy 

LA3.1. Telekinetic healing and production of medicines 

LA3.2. Telekinetic dissociation of water 

LA3.3. Telekinetic heating and evaporation of liquids

LA4. Reaction of orthodox scientists - means difficulties of crushing a wall with our own head

LA5. Summary of utilisation of the Telekinetic Effect for energy production 

Table LA1 and 11 Figures (LA0 to LA10) 


LB1. Directing of winds on Earth

LB2. Technological formation of clouds and fogs 


LC1. Principles of operation, and devices which allow the implementation, for magnetic propulsion systems of the future (reminder)

LC1.1. The Cyclic Principle which foretells the construction of three generations of magnetic propulsion systems

LC1.2. The Oscillatory Chamber – means a futuristic magnetic propelling device

LC1.3. Magnocraft of the first generation and modifications of it

LC1.4. Magnocrafts second and third generations and their operational capabilities

LC1.5. Significance of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as a theory which explains the operation and capabilities of Magnocrafts of the second and third generations 

LC2. Operation and attributes of the Magnocraft of the second generation called also "telekinetic vehicles" 

LC3. The state of telekinetic flickering and the consequences of it

LC4. Landings of the telekinetic Magnocraft of the second generation

LC5. Modifications of Magnocraft of the second generation 
LC5.1. Telekinetic four-propulsor vehicle

LC5.2. Telekinetic personal propulsion

LC5.3. Telekinetic tractor beam 

Figure LC1 (Three generations of four-propulsor vehicles) 
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