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Monograph 1: Primeval beginnings of everything (ISBN 978-1-877458-81-1) 


A1. The situation before the primeval beginnings - i.e.: the infinity, chaos, motion and darkness

A1.1. The evolutionary power of the primeval chaos and the significance of it to the future of the humanity

A1.1.1. Hostile for people consequences of evolutionary power of chaotic interactions released in self-learning computer networks of the future

A2. Self-evolution of God

A3. The hunger for knowledge as the propelling force of creation

A3.1. Definition of the major goal of creating humans (i.e. "the increase of knowledge")

A3.2. The body of evidence and proofs which confirm that the major goal of God’s creation of the physical world and man is the continuous "pursue of knowledge" by God

A4. Problems of continuous perfecting and managing the physical world, and the need for experimental creation of several physical worlds and creatures that populated them

A5. The optimal solution for the problem of introducing improvements and managing, means the so-called "omniplan" and "software time"

A5.1. How this God’s "omniplan" works, means how it controls the reversive software time from our physical world

A6. How God created our physical world and living creatures

A7. The development of requirements that must be fulfilled by the most vital of God’s creations, means by the mankind

A8. The creation of humans

A9. Sirens, whales, and dolphins – means relatives and genetic ancestors of humans

A10. How old is the humanity and the physical world

A10.1. Which evidence documents that the thinking component of the God’s ”Holy Trinity”, known as the ”Holy Ghost” is only around 6000 years old

A11. The fiasco of first attempts to control directly the development of humans and further improvements which resulted from it

A12. The need to generate guidelines for permissible human behaviours - means the first religion

A13. The evolution of knowledge and views of God and its reflection in next religions of the world

A14. The creation of next races of people and next religions, standard procedure of creation

A14.1. Why the confirmation of the use of this "standard procedure" during the creation of Maoris by God, is for us so important

A14.2. When and how God created Maori people

A15. Further development of the humanity

Presently prevailing principles used by God to manage the development of people

A17. Imperfections of some methods of God

A18. My fate and what stems from it

A19. How started discoveries and inventions which changed my life and fate

A20. How my fate went afterwards


AB1. Subject, goal, and main thesis of this monograph

AB2. Intellectual property of concepts presented here

AB3. Notations used in this monograph

AB4. Summary of this monograph

Illustrations A1 to A5 (a fragment of battle, demon, my life activities) 

Volume 2: Fundamental discoveries and inventions (ISBN 978-1-877458-82-8)


B1. Everything in our environment, including the formulation of inventions, is governed by appropriate laws

B2. The basics of propulsion

B2.1. The working medium

B2.2. The primary requirement for building a controllable propulsion system 

B3. Application of the Periodic Principle to propulsion systems

B4. The first generation of the magnetic propulsion systems

B5. How the "omnibus trend" should culminate in three conventions of the Magnocraft's operation

B6. Three successive generations of magnetic propulsion systems

Table B1 (The Cyclic Principle) - tables 


C1. The Magnokraft of the first generation - means my personal "Ariadna thread"

Figures C1a to C1c


D1. The general design of the Four-Propulsor Spacecraft

D2. The operation of the Four-Propulsor Spacecraft

D3. The properties of the Four-Propulsor Spacecraft

D4. The external appearance of the Four-Propulsor Spacecraft

D5. Identification of the type of Four-Propulsor Spacecraft

Table D1 and 2 Figures (D1 and D2) - illustrations


E1. The standard garment of personal propulsion 

E2. Principles of operation of magnetic personal propulsion

E3. The garment with main propulsors in epaulettes 

E4. A special version of personal propulsion with cushions around the hips 

E5. Capabilities of personal propulsion 

E6. Summary of the attributes of personal propulsion 

4 Figures (E1 and E4) - illustrations


F1. Why there is a necessity to replace electromagnets by Oscillatory Chambers 

F2. History of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F3. The principle of operation of the Oscillatory Chamber

F3.1. The electrical inertia of an inductor as the motive force for oscillations in a conventional oscillatory circuit with a spark gap 

F3.2. In the modified oscillatory circuit with a spark gap, the inductance

of a stream of sparks replaces the electrical inertia of an inductor 

F3.3. The combining of two modified circuits forms an
"Oscillatory Chamber" producing a bipolar magnetic field 

F3.4. Needle-shaped electrodes

F4. The future appearance of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F4.1. Three generations of the Oscillatory Chambers

F5. Mathematical model of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F5.1. Resistance of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F5.2. Inductance of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F5.3. Capacitance of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F5.4. The "sparks' motivity factor" and its interpretation 

F5.5. Condition for the oscillatory response

F5.6. The period of pulsation of the chamber's field 

F6. How the Oscillatory Chamber eliminates the drawbacks of electromagnets

F6.1. Mutual neutralization of the two opposite electro-magnetic forces 

F6.2. Independence of the magnetic field production from
the continuity and efficiency of the energy supply 

F6.3. Elimination of energy loss

F6.3.1. Premises for the recovery of all heat dissipated by sparks 

F6.4. Releasing the structure of the chamber from
the destructive action of electric potentials 

F6.5. Amplifying control of the period of field pulsation

F7. Advantages of the Oscillatory Chamber over electromagnets 

F7.1. Formation of the "twin-chamber capsule" able to control the output
without altering the energy involved 

F7.1.1. Twin-chamber capsules of the second and third generation 

F7.1.2. The "ratio of packing" of oscillatory chambers
and its influence on the appearance of twin-chamber capsules and spider configurations

F7.2. Formation of the "spider configuration" 

F7.2.1. The prototype spider configuration of the first generation 

F7.2.2. Spider configurations of the second generation 

F7.2.3. Spider configurations of the third generation

F7.3. The non-attraction of ferromagnetic objects 

F7.4. Multidimensional transformation of energy 

F7.5. Continuous oscillating - a unique electromagnetic
phenomenon allowing the Oscillatory Chamber to absorb unlimited amounts of energy

F7.6. Function as an enormously capacious accumulator of energy

F7.7. Simplicity of production F8. Advancements in the practical completion of the Oscillatory Chamber

F8. Advancements in the practical completion of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F8.1. Experimental devices 

F8.2. Stages, goals, and ways of their achieving 
in the experimental building of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F8.3. An invitation to take part in the development of the Oscillatory Chamber

F9. Future applications of the Oscillatory Chamber 

F10. Monographs describing the Oscillatory Chamber 

F11. Symbols, notation, and units used in this chapter 


FB1. Future applications of the Oscillatory Chamber as a battery for eco-cars 

FB2. Senator McCain promised to award 300 millions dollars to the
inventor of the energy accumulator that displays attributes of the Oscillatory Chamber 

Table F1 and 13 Figures (F1 to F13) - illustrations

Volume 3: The (discoidal) Magnocraft of the first generation (ISBN 978-1-877458-83-5)

G1. The magnetic propulsor

G1.1. The principle of tilting the magnetic axis in a Magnocraft's propulsor

G1.2. The propulsion unit

G1.3. The use of propulsors as searchlights

G1.4. The use of propulsors as air conditioners

G1.5. The use of propulsors as telepathic transmitters and receivers

G1.6. The use of propulsors of the Magnocraft as telepathic telescopes and projectors

G2. The shell of the Magnocraft

G2.1. Terminology describing various parts of the Magnocraft's shell

G2.2. Materials for the Magnocraft's shell

G2.2.1. The electrodynamic model of magnetoreflectiveness

G2.2.2. The telekinetic model of magnetoreflectiveness

G2.3. The Magnocraft's external facilities

G2.4. The Magnocraft's spaces

G2.5. The Magnocraft's compartments

G3. Shapes of the coupled Magnocraft

G3.1. The six classes of the Magnocraft arrangements

G3.1.1. Flying complexes

G3.1.2. Semi-attached configurations

G3.1.3. Detached configurations

G3.1.4. Carrier platforms

G3.1.5. Flying systems

G3.1.6. Flying clusters

G3.2. Principles of coupling and decoupling

G3.3. The hydraulic substance filling the space between the craft ("angel's hair")

G3.4. Carrying small vehicles on decks of larger vehicles

G4. Conditions defining the shape of the Magnocraft's shell

G4.1. The condition of equilibrium between the thrust and stabilization forces

G4.2. The condition that the number "n" of side propulsors to be a multiple of four

G4.3. The basic condition for the force stability of the structure of a craft which uses magnetic propulsors

G4.4. The condition for expressing the "K" factor by the ratio of outer dimensions

G4.5. The condition for optimum coupling of Magnocraft into flying systems

G4.6. The condition under which the flanges coincide

G4.7. Types of Magnocraft

G4.8. Manners of identifying the types of Magnocraft

G4.9. The magnetic framework

G5. The magnetic field of the Magnocraft

G5.1. The starting flux 

G5.2. The naming of the magnetic poles 

G5.3. The effective length of the Oscillatory Chamber
and the net magnetic force 

G5.4. The determination of the value for the "starting flux" 

G5.5. The "energy of inflation" contained in the Magnocraft's field 

G5.6. The energy of the Magnocraft's field is self-rechargeable 

G5.7. Why the Earth's magnetic field should not be called "weak" 

G5.8. The Earth's magnetic field is able to carry out technically useful work 

G5.9. Joe Newman’s experiment
which demonstrates a magnetic propulsion for balloons 

G6. The manoeuvring of the Magnocraft

G6.1. Ascent, hovering, and descent of the Magnocraft (magnetic buoyancy)

G6.2. Flights along magnetic meridians
(i.e. in north-south or south-north directions) 

G6.3. Latitudinal flights (i.e. in east-west or west-east directions)

G6.3.1. An experiment proving the existence of the latitudinal thrust force 

G6.3.2. The deduction that explains principles
of the latitudinal thrust force formation 

G6.3.3. How to determine the direction of the thrust force created by the magnetic whirl (the "rolling sphere rule")

G6.4. The rotation of the Magnocraft (rotating torque) 

G6.5. The swaying of the Magnocraft (rocking torque)

G7. The magnetic whirl 

G7.1. Magnetic circuits in the Magnocraft 

G7.2. Creation of a magnetic whirl 

G7.3. The ionic picture of a whirl

G8. Three modes of the Magnocraft's operation 

G8.1. Visual recognition of the mode of Magnocraft’s operation 

G8.2. The SUB system for indicating the Magnocraft's mode of operation

G9. Unlimited variations in observable shapes of the Magnocraft

G10. Properties of the Magnocraft

G10.1. Properties of the Magnocraft during the magnetic whirl mode of operation

G10.1.1. Properties of the tunnels made in rocks by the Magnocraft

G10.1.2. Whistling sounds of spinning blades

G10.2. Properties of the Magnocraft during the throbbing mode of operation

G10.2.1. Humming noises generated by the Magnocraft
during the throbbing mode of operation

G10.3. Properties of the Magnocraft
during the magnetic lens mode of operation

G10.3.1. The magnetic lens action in ascending Magnocraft

G10.4. Black bars of the magnetic field

G11. Landing sites of the Magnocraft

G11.1. Environmental damage caused by the landed Magnocraft
of the first generation
G11.2. Main ways a single Magnocraft can land

G11.2.1. Landing sites in which magnetic circuits looped under the ground

G11.2.1.1. Determination of the Magnocraft's dimensions from the scorch marks left at landing sites

G11.2.2. Landing sites of the Magnocraft in which magnetic circuits looped along the surface of the ground

G11.2.3. Landing sites in which magnetic circuits looped in the air

G11.3. Landing sites formed by arrangements of the Magnocraft

G11.3.1. Landing sites of flying systems

G11.3.2. Landing sites of flying clusters

G12. Explosion sites of the Magnocraft 

G13. Summary of the attributes of the Magnocraft G14.Destructive and military capabilities of the Magnocraft 

G14.1. Use of the Magnocraft as a weapons platform or transportation facility

G14.2. Use of the Magnocraft as a selectively acting weapon 

Tables G1 to G3

Figures G1 to G39

Volume 4: The existence and operation of the counter-world in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (ISBN 978-1-877458-84-2)


H1. Why the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was formulated 

H1.1. Formal proof for the dipolar character of gravity, and for the existence of the counter-world 

H1.1.1. Proof via the method "all confirms nothing denies" 

H1.1.2. Proof via the method of exclusion 

H1.1.3. Proof via the method of matching attributes 

H1.1.4. A formal scientific proof that the counter-world does exist,
formulated according to principles of mathematical logic 

H1.2. Experimental confirmation of the existence of the counter-world 

H1.3. Overpowering consequences of the erroneous qualifying gravity
to the category of monopolar fields 

H2. The counter-world and the (thinking) substance called "counter-matter"
that prevails in it 

H3. The operation of physical universe ruled by dipolar gravity 

H4. Physical properties of the counter-matter

H4.1. Basic phenomena of the counter-world 

H4.2. Whirls of counter-matter: dynamic equivalents of
permanent objects from our world 

H5. The interpretation of electromagnetic phenomena
in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity

H5.1. What are electric fields 

H5.2. What is magnetic field 

H5.3. Phenomena induced by circulations of counter-matter around Earth
(i.e. from the Earth's magnetic field, from the rotation of Earth, etc. e.g. consider northern lights, southern lights, Swiss Grid, southern ozone hole, and many more)

H5.4. Mechanism that governs the weather and climate on Earth and our control over it

H6. Phenomena based on self-mobility of counter-matter 

H6.1. The Telekinetic Effect, telekinetic field, telekinesis,
psychokinesis, and the extraction glow 

H6.1.1. History of the Telekinetic Effect's discovery 

H6.1.2. How the action of the Telekinetic Effect was explained
by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity 

H6.1.3. Principle of Energy Conservation in the Telekinetic Effect

H6.2. The technical version of the Telekinetic Effect

H6.2.1. Utilisation of the Telekinetic Effect for transportation purposes

H7. Phenomena based on vibrations of counter-matter 

H7.1. Telepathic waves, and telepathy 

H7.2. Radiesthesia

H7.3. Why, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telekinesis, radiesthesia, etc., must all display electromagnetic character 

H8. Phenomenon based on permanent telekinetisation

H8.1. Phenomenon of permanent telekinetisation

H8.2. Detection of telekinetised substances

H9. Phenomena that result from physical attributes of
natural programs that reside in counter-matter

H9.1. The interpretation of time in the Concept of Dipolar gravity 

H9.2. The interpretation of energy in the Concept of Dipolar gravity 

H9.3. The interpretation of gravity field in the Concept of Dipolar gravity

H10. New sciences investigating the counter-world and counter-matter 

H10.1. New sciences on the counter-world and counter-matter 

H11. Summary of possible gains from the mastery of the counter-world 

H12. To conclude descriptions of physical mechanisms of the counter-world


HB1. The antigravitational spacecraft would be impossible to manoeuvre and difficult to stabilize 

HB2. A flight in an antigravitational spacecraft would resemble
flight in a cannonball

HB3. The manoeuvrable antigravitational spacecraft would simply be an advanced version of contemporary rockets

HB4. With self-rechargeable propulsion, gravity does not affect energy consumption

HB5. The field of the antigravitational spacecraft would absorb huge amounts of energy

HB6. For the purpose of landing, the huge energy of the antigravitational field must be disposed of

HB7. The launch of the antigravitational spacecraft would be impossible without energy accumulator

HB8. The strong field would repel everything from the anti gravitational spacecraft

HB9. The strong field would disperse life energy of all living creatures around causing their deaths

HB10. The field of the antigravitational craft could cause the explosion of all surrounding matter

HB11.  The forces of reaction caused by the repulsion of other objects, would also hurl the antigravitational craft through space

HB12.  Antigravity would induce a number of dangers

HB13.  Even without knowing about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity there are no known premises suggesting any possibility of achieving the antigravitational field

HB14.  Summary

5 Figures (H1 to H5)

Volume 5: Intelligent virtual world in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (ISBN 978-1-877458-85-9) 


I1. Let us remind and summarise the most vital attributes of "counter-matter" 

I2. Due to intellectual capabilities of counter-matter, the universe undergoes a continuous evolution 

I3. The intelligent universe - means the universe which as a whole possesses its own intellect called God

I3.1. The universal intellect (God)

I3.2. Attributes of the universal intellect

I3.3. Proof for the factual existence of the universal intellect

I3.3.1. Proof with the use of superposition method

I3.3.2. Proof with the use of exclusion method

I3.3.3. Proof with the use of matching attributes method

I3.3.4. The formal proof for the existence of God completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic

I3.4. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity merges science with religion

I3.5. Miracles and hoaxes 

I3.6. Consistency of the universal intellect and the origin of moral laws 

I4. Moral attributes of the thinking counter-world

I4.1. Moral laws

I4.1.1. Examples of the most representative moral laws

I4.1.2. Regularities and characteristics detectable in moral laws 

I4.2. Moral field

I4.3. Intelligent moral energy 

I4.4. Karma 

I4.5. Creditory karma

I5. Another human body from the counter-world

I5.1. Counter-material body (i.e. religious spirit)

I5.2. Registers from counter-bodies, or intellect (i.e. religious soul) 

I5.2.1. A formal scientific proof which confirms that "people have eternally existing soul", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic

I5.3. Counter-organs (mind, counter-senses, conscience, compassion, karma organ, chakras)

I5.4. The model of the brain as an input-output device 

I5.4.1. Communicative capacity of the brain

I5.4.2. ULT – the Universal Language of Thoughts

I5.5.  Feelings

I5.6.  Energies, meridians, acupuncture

I5.7.  Magic, black magic, and love

I5.8.  Group intellects and group karma

I5.9.  Traps of "positive thinking"

I5.10. Praying

I5.11. How the universal intellect helps us 

I6. Supernatural powers and their generation

I6.1. Datuk of Malaysia 

I7. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains some mysterious phenomena 

I8. Commonly  available evidence of the intellectual capabilities of the counter-matter
I8.1. "Intellectual geniuses" amongst animals 

I8.2. ESP: the basic evidence for intellectual capabilities of the counter-world

I9. To conclude descriptions of intelligent mechanisms of the counter-world


IB1. Let us summarise what the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals to us 

IB2. The need for a formulation of a new philosophy 

1 Figure (I1 - Allan Plank and his pump). 

Volume 6: Totalizm (ISBN 978-1-877458-86-6)


JA1. Here is a brief initial information regarding totalizm

JA2. The only rule of totalizm ("pedantically obey moral laws"), and how to apply it in everyday life

JA2.1. Obey to moral laws do everything morally

JA2.2. Obey moral laws to be inspired

JA2.3. Indicators of the moral correctness

JA2.4. Moral rewards and punishments

JA2.5. Subdivision of moral laws

JA2.6. Continually increase your knowledge 

JA3. Control your karma

JA3.1. Totaliztic versus Hinduistic interpretation of karma

JA3.2. How to manage and transform karma (from immoral into moral) 

JA4. Constantly lift yourself upwards in the moral field

JA4.1. In all actions always choose the solution that is opposite to the line of the least intellectual resistance

JA4.2. Attributes of moral field

JA4.3. How to categorise our actions into totaliztic categories "moral" or "immoral"

JA4.4. How to utilize moral field for transforming "immoral" actions into "moral" ones 

JA4.5. Whenever in moral dilemmas - atomise or converge issues

JA4.6. Apply the method "from a principle, to implementation" 

JA5. Totaliztic (behavioural) good deeds and totalistic sins

JA5.1. Totaliztic (behavioural) good deeds

JA5.2. Totaliztic (behavioural) sins

JA5.3. Basic attributes of totaliztic good deeds and totalistic sins

JA5.4. Categorize or qualify each everyday chore 

JA5.5. A way of converting totaliztic sins into totaliztic good deeds

JA5.6. Factors, which distort concepts of totaliztic sins and totaliztic good deeds

JA6. Moral work, immoral work, and totalistic nirvana

JA7. Managing our feelings and motivations 

JA7.1. How our feelings and motivations work

JA7.2. Emotional good deeds and sins

JA7.3. Conversion of immoral feelings into moral actions

JA7.4. How to categorise our motivations and transform them into a kinetic moral energy 

JA8. Let us take the personal responsibility 

JA9. Totaliztic handling of spiritual matters

JA10. Let us listen and obey our organ of conscience

JA11. Development of moral quantities: intelligence, moral power, etc.

JA12. No one is perfect, but it always is worth to try

JA13. So let us summarise what we have learned so-far from the content of this volume

Figure J1 (Logo of totalizm)

Volume 7: Understanding totalizm (ISBN 978-1-877458-87-3)


JB1. Everything is governed by appropriate laws, and beware to break any of these laws 

JB2. Totalizm is the philosophy which teaches us how to live without breaking "moral laws" 

JB3. Theoretical foundations of totalizm 

JB3.1. Moral field

JB3.2. Intelligent moral energy 

JB3.3. Moral laws 

JB4. Totalizm versus atheism 

JB5. Totalizm versus parasitism

JB6. Why every "motion along the line of least resistance" always creates a "black hole" in which any motion is impossible

JB7. Basic concepts of totalizm 

JB7.1. Intellect 

JB7.2. Three façades of a typical philosophy (personal, official, propaganda) 

JB7.3. Everything is possible: we only need to find out how to achieve it 

JB7.4. Canons (primary principles) of the operations of our universe

JB7.5. The founding theorem of totalizm 

JB8. Attributes of totalizm (open, continually perfected, striving to simplicity, devoted to truth, result oriented, secular) 

JB9. Service of totalizm for the future of humanity 


JC1. What is totalizm 

JC1.1. Versions of totalizm 

JC2. How the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity corrects errors of an old concept of monopolar gravity 


JD1. Fast regularly, and willingly accept pain, effort, and discomfort

JD2. Spare the rod and spoil the child (why totalizm is "pro" corporal punishment)

JD3. How immoral people should be judged and punished

JD4. Promote truth even if this works against your interests

JD5. If moral and human laws collide then obey moral laws

JD6. There are immoral professions (e.g. teachers, tobacco producers, executioners) but prostitution does not need to be one of them

JD7. According to totalizm, so-called coincidents are actually someone's direct interventions (e.g. arranged by the universal intellect)

JD8. Defence killing (e.g. "you or me" situation)

JD9. Karma of a butcher - those who wish to eat hand killed animals, should kill with their own hands, whatever they eat

JD10. Capabilities of totalizm to heal social life 

JD11. Common expressions, which in the light of totalizm require explanations

JD11.1. The duty of defence - the most important of all totaliztic good deeds 

JD11.1.1. Sins of aggression as beginnings of avalanches od evil

JD11.2. Avoid totaliztic sins of behavioural sacrifices, which are not accompanied by powerful "moral" feelings 

JD11.3. Totaliztic help 

JD11.4. There is a totaliztic method for forcing 

JD11.5. Totaliztic understanding of forgiveness 

JD11.6. What scepticism really is 

JD11.7. Dangers of meditations (act instead of meditating) 

JD11.8. Side effects are "shadows from moral field"
JD12. The stand of totalizm in some religious interpretations 

JD12.1. Totalizm acknowledges the eternal life and benefits in afterlife 

JD12.2. Differences in totaliztic and religious understanding of the universal intellect (God) 

JD12.3. Beware of religious fanaticism 

JD12.4. Totalizm is NOT a jealous philosophy, thus is allows to practice morally whatever one wishes 

JD13. Moral mysteries and paradoxes 

JD13.1. Morality of the second in family 

JD13.2. "Cot death" of twins 

Figure J2: Blenkinsop's locomotive

Volume 8: Nirvana and totaliztic mechanics (ISBN 978-1-877458-88-0) 


JE1. How the totaliztic nirvana could be described

JE2. The description of sensations experienced during the totalistic nirvana

JE3. Mechanism which causes the totaliztic nirvana to happen

JE4. Three different types of nirvana

JE4.1. Mass hysteria - as a reversal of the resonance nirvana

JE5. Attributes displayed by the totalistic nirvana

JE6. Manifestations of nirvana (e.g. attracting the opposite sex)

JE7. Nirvana and goals of totalizm 

JE8. Development of equations which quantify nirvana

JE9. How to earn the totaliztic nirvana 


JF1. Healing capabilities of totalizm - means totalizm as a "medicine of morality"

JF2. Costs and benefits of adopting totalizm in our everyday lives
JF2.1. Costs and benefits for everyday life

JF2.2. Costs and benefits for afterlife

JF2.3. Examples of evidence which documents the existence of afterlife 


JG1. Why we need totalistic mechanics

JG2. Classical mechanics versus totalistic mechanics

JG3. Definitions, units and measurements of basic quantities of totaliztic mechanics which represent moral equivalents for parameters of linear motion from classical mechanics (i.e. coordinates, time, mass, displacement, velocity, acceleration, forces, energy, power, etc., for moral activities and for linear motion) 

JG3.1. Moral time

JG3.2. Moral mass, or intelligence, as moral equivalent of mass from classical mechanics 

JG3.3. Moral displacements, or motivations as moral equivalent of displacement from classical mechanics

JG3.4. Moral speed, or enthusiasm, as moral equivalent of velocity from classical mechanics

JG3.5. Moral acceleration, or responsibility, as moral equivalent of acceleration from classical mechanics

JG3.6. Feelings as moral equivalent of forces from classical mechanics

JG3.7. Moral energy 

JG3.7.1. What gravity is and how our universe is shaped

JG3.8. Moral power 

JG4. Description of side effects of parasitism, as immoral equivalents for rotary motion from classical mechanics (energy of spinning, centrifugal force, angular displacement, etc.) 

JG4.1. Depression as moral equivalent of centrifugal force from classical mechanics 

JG4.2. Energy of rolling-downhill JG5. Management of feelings 

JG5. Management of feelings 

JG5.1. Physical consequences of feelings

JG5.2. The neutralization of above-threshold feelings

JG5.3. Impact of feelings on moral energy level

JG5.4. Influence of feelings during conception on the gender of a child 

JG6. Relative moral energy "μ" and its quantification

JG6.1. Moral traffic versus "μ"

JG6.2. How to additionally increase our personal "μ"

JG6.3. How to additionally increase "μ" in our country and civilization
JG7. Management of moral energy JG8. Nirvana JG9. Gravity equations 

JG8. Nirvana 

[b]JG9. [/b]Gravity equations 

JG9.1. Equations of longevity

JG9.1.1. The increase of longevity as the consequence of moral energy accumulation 

JG9.2. Equations of intelligence
JG9.3. Equations of height

JG9.4. Equations of weight

JG9.5. Equations of feelings

JG9.6. Equations of karma 

JG10. Examples of practical problems of totaliztic mechanics together with solutions 

Figure J3 (Creature with expression on the face indicating the state of nirvana) 

Volume 9: Telepathic devices (ISBN 978-1-877458-89-7)


K1. The remote mind reader

K2. The telepathic pyramid

K2.1. The gift from technology of telekinetic pyramid

K2.2. The design and main components of the telepathic pyramid

K2.3. The use of the telepathic pyramid as a telepathyser

K2.4. The operation of the telepathic pyramid as a telekinetic battery 

K2.4.1. Modifications of the pyramid to be used as free energy devices

K2.5. The operation of the pyramid as a telepathyser

K2.6. Procedure of pyramid's completion

K2.6.1. The recommended procedure of pyramid's completion 

K2.6.2. Subsequent goals of the procedure of pyramid's completion and ways of accomplishing them

K2.6.3. To-date accomplishments in the development of pyramid's technology

K2.7. Future applications of the telepathic pyramid 

K3. Thought Recognition Interface (TRI)

K3.1. TRI of the first generation, and their applications

K3.2. TRI of the second generation, and their applications

K3.3. TRI of the third generation

K3.4. TRI of the fourth and higher generations 

K4. UFOnauts system of communication and ways of blocking it

K5. The use of telepathic waves for formation of pictures 

K5.1. Telepathic telescopes and microscopes

K5.1.1. Revealing devices

K5.1.2. How our cosmic parasites look like

K5.2. Telepathic projectors and two-directional visual communication at intergalactic distances

K6. Devices which intercept nature's telepathic vibrations 

K6.1. An alarming device for detecting incoming earthquakes

K7. Final comment


KB1. Methods of permanent telekinetisation

KB2. Telekinetic farming

KB3. Stimulation of synthesis of new elements by telekinetised substances

KB4. Consequences of telekinetic pollution of our natural environment 

6 Figures (K1 to K6)

Volume 10: Telekinetic devices (ISBN 978-1-877458-90-3) 

LA. TELEKINETIC POWER-STATIONS (or "free energy devices") 

LA1. Periodic Table postulating the future completion of telekinetic power-stations

LA2. Review of the main types of telekinetic power-stations built so far
LA2.1. Johnston Permanent motor

LA2.2. N-Machine

LA2.3. Telekinetic free energy generators 

LA2.3.1. History of the telekinetic influenzmaschine

LA2.3.2. Excuses of Methernitha for withdrawal of dissemination of influenzmaschines

LA2.3.3. Design, main circuitry, and operation of the telekinetic influenzmaschine

LA2.3.4. How to arrange own experiments on constructing the telekinetic influenzmaschine

LA2.4. Telekinetic batteries 

LA2.4.1. Design and operation of telekinetic batteries

LA2.4.2. Recommended procedure for constructing a telekinetic battery

LA2.4.3. History of invention of the telekinetic batteries 

LA3. Telekinetic devices for the conversion of biological, chemical, and thermal energy 

LA3.1. Telekinetic healing and production of medicines 

LA3.2. Telekinetic dissociation of water 

LA3.3. Telekinetic heating and evaporation of liquids

LA4. Reaction of orthodox scientists - means difficulties of crushing a wall with our own head

LA5. Summary of utilisation of the Telekinetic Effect for energy production 

Table LA1 and 11 Figures (LA0 to LA10) 


LB1. Directing of winds on Earth

LB2. Technological formation of clouds and fogs 


LC1. Principles of operation, and devices which allow the implementation, for magnetic propulsion systems of the future (reminder)

LC1.1. The Cyclic Principle which foretells the construction of three generations of magnetic propulsion systems

LC1.2. The Oscillatory Chamber – means a futuristic magnetic propelling device

LC1.3. Magnocraft of the first generation and modifications of it

LC1.4. Magnocrafts second and third generations and their operational capabilities

LC1.5. Significance of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as a theory which explains the operation and capabilities of Magnocrafts of the second and third generations 

LC2. Operation and attributes of the Magnocraft of the second generation called also "telekinetic vehicles" 

LC3. The state of telekinetic flickering and the consequences of it

LC4. Landings of the telekinetic Magnocraft of the second generation

LC5. Modifications of Magnocraft of the second generation 
LC5.1. Telekinetic four-propulsor vehicle

LC5.2. Telekinetic personal propulsion

LC5.3. Telekinetic tractor beam 

Figure LC1 (Three generations of four-propulsor vehicles) 

Volume 11: Time, time travel, time vehicles (ISBN 978-1-877458-91-0) 


M1. The practical side of time travel

M1.1. The principle of operation of time vehicles

M1.2. The appearance of time vehicles

M1.3. The verifiable by everyone evidence about the possibility to travel through time 

M1.3.1. The method and measuring instruments for experimental determination of the speed of the elapse of time in individual people

M1.4. Examples of biological evidence for different speeds of discrete elapse of time in every species, for every age, and for every kind of intense emotion

M1.4.1. Examples of empirical evidence which confirm the fact that "the future is already pre-programmed in advance"

M1.5. How the Bible confirms the principle of time travel described here 

M1.5.1. Let us recall these 11 verses from the "Second Book of Kings", 20:1-11

M1.5.2. Let us analyse together what these 11 verses from the "Second Book of Kings" 20:1-11 actually are saying

M1.5.3. How the moral awareness of the humanity is lifted by the reassurance from the Bible, that time vehicles can be build, and that they are to allow people accomplish immortality 

M1.6. The physical identity of DNA helixes in a given individual is a proof that the counter-matter of DNA is the carrier of software "programs of life and fate"

M1.7. Photographs of time vehicles used by UFOnauts

M1.8. The filmed proof that time travel is possible

M1.9. Further evidence for the feasibility of time travel, that stem from my personal experiences  

M2. The theory of time, i.e. what is time, how time works, and where the knowledge about time presented here comes from

M2.1. Orthodox understanding of time - what it states, why is wrong, and what limitations it displays

M2.2. How the alternative understanding of time, introduced only by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, opens for people the completely new horizons and potentials

M2.3. What is this new scientific theory of the totaliztic science, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which - amongst others, explained what is time and how time works 

M2.4. How the mechanism of “time” operation is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity

M2.5. The software nature of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity

M2.6. The “timespace”

M2.7. What benefits and prospects opens for us the understanding of "time" according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity

M2.8. Morally correct immortality accomplished technologically through the repetitive use of "time vehicles"

M2.8.1. About the time to realise, that that immortality accomplished through medical methods is highly immoral

M3. Time travel and time vehicles - what these are, and what are their principles of operation

M3.1. So how to accomplish a time travel according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity 

M3.1.1. The mechanism of operation of time controls the work of human memory in such a way, that "natural" reliving again another version of the past erases the memory of previous version of that past, but shifting back in time with the use of time vehicles only adds the memory of another version of the past to already existing 
memories of previous versions of that past

M3.2. Limitations which according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are imposed onto travelling in time on principles of the deformation of magnetic fields

M3.3. Whether paradoxes described in "science fiction" books really appear in this principle of time travel

M3.3.1. Remotely controlled "assassination of the grandfather" - means the use of time vehicles for undoing events which already happen 

M3.4. Benefits stemming from accomplishing time vehicles and time travel 

M4. Practical construction of time vehicles, means Magnocraft of the third generation 
M4.1.  How our future time vehicles are going to look like 

M4.2.  How time vehicles are practically going to control time and shift time back
M4.2.1. The general principle of shifting someone’s time back and its practical implementation by Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation

M4.2.2. The Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation 

M4.3.  The Magnocraft of the third generation (i.e. “public transport” kind of time vehicles) 

M4.3.1. Landings of time vehicles 

M4.4.  Four-propulsor time vehicles 

M4.5.  Personal time vehicles 

M4.6.  So when our civilization accomplishes time vehicles (and thus the immortality for all people)
M5. Phenomena induced by time vehicles
M5.1. What observable effects a nearby use of time vehicles is going to induce

M5.2. The passive replay of timely distant events

M6. Consequences of use of time vehicles
M6.1. The "imprisoned immortality" 

M6.1.1. The group responsibility of members of civilizations which practice "imprisoned immortality" 

M6.2.  The "non-existing existence" of evil civilizations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing previously a nirvana 

M6.3.  "Time black hole" in evil civilizations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing a nirvana 

M7. Time travel versus descriptions and prophecies from the Bible – means how time vehicles and time travel explain various expressions from the Bible
M7.1. The formal scientific proof, that “the Bible is authorized by God himself”, completed with methods of mathematical logic
M7.2. How time vehicles explain (and are going to cause) the "rising of people from graves" 

M7.3. How time vehicles and time travel are going to cause the “everlasting life” 

M7.4. "Everlasting happiness"

M7.5. "Everlasting hell"

M7.6. "Final judgment" Examples of evidence and descriptions which originate from my personal experiences, and which document and illustrate the feasibility of travelling in time and the possibility of us shifting back in time 

M8.1. My first encounter with consequences of shifting time back - i.e. reviewing a book in library which never was there 

M8.2. The film "Groundhog Day" as an illustration for the mechanism of time, principle of operation of time vehicles, erasure of previous memory records during a "natural" shifting back in time, "imprisoned immortality", "everlasting hell", and the advantage over ordinary people that UFOnauts have because of time vehicles 

M8.3. "Time curriers" – means the method of learning the future by utilizing time vehicles
M8.4. My personal experiences with cases when time travel induced by UFOnauts took place in my close proximity 

M9. Time travel which utilizes the principle of "waving the timespace"

M9.1. The principle of time travel which is based on waving the timespace

M9.2. Characteristics of the time travel accomplished through waving the timespace

M9.3. True immortality 

M10. Three generations of the Magnocraft and their identification

M11. People and resources needed to build the first "Magnocraft" or the first "time vehicle"

M12. For the ending 

2 Figures (M1 - appearance of time vehicles, M2 - four-propulsor time vehicle) 

Monograph 12: Let us get to know God (ISBN 978-1-877458-92-7)


NA1. Let us define God and also analyse factors which decide about His interactions with people

NA1.1. How God come to existence - means how looked like the self-evolution of God

NA1.2. What is the age of God

NA1.3. Which evidence documents that God is around 6000 years young

NA1.4. How many Gods actually is there 

NA2. Let us define the appearance of God

NA3. Whether God is really composed of "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son" - 
as the Christian religion states this, or from ”God Creator”, ”God Sustenance”, and ”God Destructor” according to teachings of Hinduism 


NB1. Which people and in what manner God typically maintains in the uncertainty of His existence

NB2. Let us define the term "evidence for the existence of God"

NB3. God wants that we "know" that He does exist, not just "believe" in His existence - means let us learn the reason for which God forces each one amongst us to contribute in person the significant effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning of the cognitive certainty that God does exist 

NB4. With what methods and for what reason God forces everyone amongst us to contribute the personal effort into the cognitive recognition of evidence for the existence of God and into the earning the cognitive certainty that God does exist 

NB5. "Proving through the contradiction" - i.e. since there is no even a smallest shred of evidence for the non-existence of God, this means that God does exist 

NB6. A compendium of evidence from the area of physical sciences for the existence of God 

NB7. A compendium of evidence from the area of biological sciences for the existence of God 

NB8. The formal proof for the existence of God completed with a method of mathematical logic 


NC1. Which facts confirm that the Bible is really authorised by God Himself 


ND1. How the list of different personalities of the same God is described by the religion of Hinduism 

ND2. God's sense of humour 


NE1. What God knows already, and what God still does NOT know

NE2. How God carries out the creation

NE3. Two basic kinds of creation, namely: (1) temporary simulation and (2) permanent creation

NE4. What are reasons for repetitive "simulation" of creatures by God - means reasons for the "temporally creation" by God creatures deprived of the "free will"

NE5. Whether God sometimes links temporally ones amongst His many personalities, and His own awareness, to bodies of selected people 

NE6. Since there is something that God still does NOT know, God is going to carry the process of creation in such a manner, that He is going to learn it 

NF. GOD VERSUS MAN (means what totalizm determined scientifically about the role of man in God’s plans) 

NF1. Although God knows almost infinitively more than people do, still God does NOT know everything - thus the major goal of God’s activities is to “increase knowledge”
NF2. Why God needs the physical world and the humans

NF3. Not only us, humans, but also God Himself is "relatively imperfect", thus He continually learns and improves His methods

NF4. The goal for which God created people: learning about Himself and increase His knowledge

NF5. Which evidence confirms claims of the philosophy of totalizm formulated on basis of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that "the reason for which God created people is easier, safer, faster, and more accurate getting to know Himself, as well as the increase of knowledge and perfection of God" 

NF6. The name for the present phase of gathering knowledge by God is "experimentation on evilness and consequences of it" 

NF7. From thoughtless servants, into aware partners of God

NF8. Which attributes of people God appreciates the most 


NG1. Which factors limit the God’s "thrust to knowledge" 

NG1.1. The so-called "free will" granted to people by God

NG1.2. The so-called "canon of ambiguity" 

NG1.2.1. The generation by God two opposite explanations for every fact and every noticeable manifestation of His activities
NG1.3. The so-called "principle of counter-polarity"

NG2. In what manner God still accomplishes His chief goal of ”increasing the knowledge”, in spite that in His actions God must consider all constraints which restrict Him
NG2.1. Maintaining people in the continuous lack of certainty that God does exist 

NG2.2. The formation of two independent explanations for every observable fact, out of which one explanations is (1) religious, while the other is (2) atheistic

NG2.3. Inspiring creative searches in people 

NG3. How God inspires creative searches in people

NG3.1. The role of so-called "barriers of awareness" and "levels of induction" in human searches for knowledge

NG3.2. Promotion of atheism on the Earth

NG3.3. The utilisation of motivating capabilities of "evil" - means deaths, illnesses, corruption, injustice, etc.

NG4. How God tests quality and potential of subsequent people

NG4.1. "Tests" and “exams” to which God subjects people 

NG4.2. A typical algorithm (course) of tests and exams to which God subjects people i 

NG4.3. Examples of tests and exams to which God subjects people

NG5. Summary of the most important methods of controlling people by God 

NG5.1. The mastery over time

NG5.2. The method of "stick and carrot"

NG5.3. The method "divide and rule"

NG5.4. The method "allow the correct finding only when people check all possible erroneous paths to truth"

NG5.5. The so-called ”curse of inventors” 


NH1. What vital reasons had God to create the "simulated history of the universe and the humanity" - means to created an invented opposite to the "real history of the universe and the humanity"
NH2. What states the "simulated history of the universe and man" - means this history which present human science laboriously pieces together from the "evidence" that was implanted by the omnipotent God into the very fabric of the physical world that surrounds us 

NH3. What states the "true history of the universe and the humanity" described in the Bible 

NH4. The lesson which God serves to us through the fabrication of this untrue "simulated history of the universe" 

NH5. What other simulations God also implements on the Earth

NH5.1. "Printer's imps" - means another large family of continuous set-ups and jokes played on people by God for important reasons NH5.2. Illusive and perfectly masked evil-doers with supernatural powers that act currently in Internet 


NI1. Where the idea of ”angels” and ”devils” comes from



NK1. Facts which confirm that God supports and tolerates the eventuation and development of totalizm

NK2. Reasons and evidence of God’s promotion of parasitism 

Figure N1 (A gigantic figure of the “Monkey God”)

Volume 13: Parasitism (ISBN 978-1-877458-93-4) 


OA1. Let us define parasitism

OA2. Various versions of parasitism 

OA2.1. Two basic forms of parasitism: primitive parasitism and refined parasitism 

OA2.2. Primitive parasitism

OA2.3. Refined parasitism

OA2.4. Evil parasitism

OA2.5. Institutional parasitism
OA3. Wicked ways of parasitism

OA3.1. How refined parasites are going around moral laws

OA3.2. How parasites enslave other people
OA4. Stages of primitive parasitism

OA4.1. A triggering event for individual people

OA4.2. Stages of primitive parasitism in individual people

OA4.3. Institutional parasitism and forced philosophical corruption of individual people 

OA4.4. Behaviour of parasitic institutions which are allowed to vampire forever

OA5. Stages of advancement of refined parasitism 

OA5.1. Stages of refined parasitism in individual people
OA5.2. Pseudo-morality of the refined parasitism

OA6. Consequences of parasitism 
OA6.1. Parasitic inclinations of women 

OA6.2. Major attributes of institutional parasitism

OA7. How to recognize parasites around us 

OA7.1. Differences between totalizts and parasites

OA8. Let us summarise what is parasitism 

OA8.1. Parasitism as a deadly moral illness

OA8.2. Parasitism as an outcome of the downhill philosophical life-cycle

OA8.3. Parasitism as a negation of the uphill philosophical life-cycle

OA8.4. Parasitism as a contradiction of totaliztic models of governing and ownership 

OA8.5. Parasitism and totalizm as moral equivalents to linear motion and rotary motion
OA8.6. Parasitism as a manifestation of a deficiency of moral energy 
OA8.6.1. The "μ" coefficient for expressing a level of someone's moral energy 

OA8.6.2. How to estimate the level of moral energy that an intellect managed to accumulate 

OA8.6.3. Relationship between "μ" and conditions of intellects 

OB1. How communities can defend themselves against adopting parasitism 


OC1. An example how our civilisation can become a parasitic civilization actions that practice institutional parasitism

OC2. Natural transformation of whole civilisations: from institutional parasites into evil parasites

OC2.1. How life looks like in civilis

OC2.2. Let us define "evil parasites" and "evil parasitism"
OC3. Technical devices utilized by evil parasites to enslave other civilizations 

OC3.1. Oscillatory Chambers

OC3.2. Magnocrafts

OC3.3. Devices for telekinetic flickering

OC3.4. Time vehicles

OC3.5. Devices for telepathic communication

OC3.6. Telekinetic generators of free energy 

OC4. Improvement of the morality of universe through the natural mechanism of transformation of parasites into evil parasites who then stimulate all complacent civilizations with threats of aggression

OC5. Defence of totalizts from the aggression of parasites 

OC5.1. Defence of totalizts from physical aggression of parasites

OC5.2. Defence of totalizts from emotional aggression of parasites

OC5.3. Defence of totalizts from spiritual threats of parasites 

OC6. To summarise 

OD1. An iron rule of God to always provide confirming evidence to all people who strongly believe in something 

OD2. "Omen" and "foretelling" nature of God’s simulations of flying vehicles

OD3. The ”simulation” of the occupation of the Earth by parasitic UFOnauts

OD4. What are these God’s “simulations” of UFOs and UFOnauts

OD5. The evidence which confirms, that manifestations of UFOs on the Earth are really God’s ”simulations”, not a true occupation by evil UFOnauts 
1 illustration (Figure OD1 – the Hindu deity called Murugan)

Volume 14: Formal proof for the existence of UFOs (ISBN 978-1-877458-94-1) 

P1. The structure of a formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft"

P2. Presentation of the formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft"

P2.1. The correspondence of shapes of individual UFOs to solo flying Magnocraft

P2.1.1. The vision distorting factors 

P2.2. The identity of observable arrangements of coupled UFOs and Magnocraft 

P2.3. The same location of propulsors in UFOs and in Magnocraft

P2.4. The utilization of magnetic interactions for producing the propelling forces 

P2.4.1. Why the Magnocraft's principles could not be formulated 40 years earlier
P2.5. The formation of a pulsating magnetic field by propulsors of both considered vehicles 

P2.6. The formation of magnetic circuits

P2.7. The formation of a magnetic whirl

P2.8. The induction of electric currents

P2.9. The ability of UFOs to operate in all three modes of the Magnocraft's operation
P2.10. The interference with electromagnetic radiation

P2.11. The relationship between the colour of glow of the ionised air and a magnetic pole of a given propulsory

P2.12. The magnetic manner of flying which contradicts laws of hydromechanics Further similarities of UFOs and Magnocraft not considered in the formal proof

P2.13. Further similarities of UFOs and Magnocraft, not considered in the formal proof
P2.13.1. The absence of mechanically cooperating parts

P2.13.2. The emission of various signals from light that is characteristic for the Magnocraft 

P2.13.3. Fluent control of resources of own energy
P2.14. How erroneous scientific analyses of UFO photographs can be

P2.14.1. Scientific claims of fabrication of UFO photographs based on evidence of their authenticity

P2.14.2. The claim of NASA that a photograph of UFOs is a photograph of colliding galaxies

P2.15. Concluding the reasoning and evidence from subsection

P2.16. God would close for Himself the options of further manoeuvres if His ”simulations” of UFOs would not be absolutely perfect

P2.17. Subsection P2 reference material 

P3. Reasons for the presence of UFOs on Earth 

P3.1. Earth is under an invisible occupation of UFOs

P3.2. Why UFOnauts occupy Earth P3.3. Consequences of invisible occupation of Earth by UFOs

P3.4. Why it is impossible that UFOnauts arrive to Earth to help us 

P4. A formal proof that "Earth is currently under concealed occupation of UFOnauts"
P5. When UFO vehicles arrived to Earth for the first time 

P6. The origin of humanity from a distant star system 

P6.1.  The descriptions of Eden coincides with the design of telekinetic UFO type K7 from a planet over 4 times larger than Earth 

P6.2.  The longevity of Adam and Eve indicates their origin from a planet over 4 times larger than Earth
P6.3.  Unutilized potential of human brain indicates our evolution on a planet with the gravitation over 4 times larger than that of Earth 

P6.4.  The size of people is appropriate to a planet over 4 times larger than Earth
P6.5.  In antiquity there was a contra-evolution of humanity in the direction from a high technical advancement into savagery 

P7. To summarise 

32 illustrations - UFO photographs (Figures P1 to P32) 

Volume 15: Sightings of UFO vehicles and devices (ISBN 978-1-877458-95-8)

Q1. Classic sightings of four-propulsor UFOs
Q2. Photographs of four-propulsor UFOs
Q3. Concluding this chapter 
3 illustrations (Figures Q1 to Q3)

R1. The characteristic appearance of the wearers of personal propulsion
R2. The extraordinary abilities of UFOnauts wearing personal propulsion garments
R3. Scorched footprints left by personal propulsion of a UFOnaut
R4. Mythological descriptions of the use of magnetic personal propulsion 
R4.1. Vampires and other mythological creatures that used to exploit people
R4.2. Blood sucking "mascots" of UFOnauts
R5. Historic descriptions of the use of magnetic personal propulsion of UFOnauts
R6. Philosophical trap
R7. Summary
7 illustrations (R1 to R7)

S1. Contemporary observations and photographs of Oscillatory Chambers used in UFO propulsors
S1.1. Columns of magnetic field yield from UFO propulsors are square in the cross-section
S1.2. Outlets of UFO propulsors are square and reveal gold or yellow bands of electric sparks rotating inside
S1.3. Twin-chamber capsules formed from two Oscillatory Chambers are frequently observed in UFOs and even photographed
S1.4. Oscillatory Chambers have been seen on the decks of UFOs as described by numerous abductees
S2. Indirect confirmations that UFOs use Oscillatory Chambers
S3. Material (hard) evidence left by UFO Oscillatory Chambers
S4. Mythological descriptions of the Oscillatory Chamber
S5. Historical descriptions of the Oscillatory Chamber
S6. A photograph of the octagonal oscillatory chamber from invisible UFO of the second generation
S7. To conclude this chapter 
8 illustrations (S1 to S8)

T1. Observations of Oscillatory Chambers of second and third generations
T2. Observations of telekinetic UFOs in operation
T3. The evidence confirming the existence of UFOs that operate as Time Vehicles
T4. The level of technology in UFOs of the second and third generation
T5. Summary 
Figure T1 (photograph of a UFO second generation) 

Volume 16: Abductions of people to UFOs (ISBN 978-1-877458-96-5) 

U1. Two categories of people on Earth: aware UFO abductees
and unaware UFO abductees
U2. The history of evolution of my knowledge about the scale of UFO abductions
U3. How to objectively prove to ourselves that we are abducted to UFOs
U3.1. A scar on our leg left after the insertion of an "identification implant"
that each person on Earth is carrying
U3.1.1. How many UFOnauts and how many UFO vehicles continually reside on Earth U3.1.2. "Rods": an empirical evidence for the enormous density of invisible UFO vehicles operating on Earth
U3.1.3. Various consequences of the occupational army of UFOnauts residing on Earth U3.1.4. How to detect the scar on our leg from an "identification implant"
U3.2. The "indoctrination implant" in our temple 
U3.2.1. The MIR test (Magnetic Implant Response)
U3.2.2. Various consequences of the presence of the indoctrination implant in our temple U3.3. The instalment of other implants and bruises on our bodies that originate from UFOs
U3.4. Consequences of our abductions to UFOs
U3.5. External evidence of our own abductions to UFOs
U3.6. Observable consequences of operational telekinetic UFOs entering our homes
U3.7. Rapes of people by UFOnauts 
U3.7.1. Detecting cases when we ourselves were raped by UFOnauts
U3.8. Instrumental detection of arrival of invisible UFOs to our homes
U4. How UFOnauts exploit us
U4.1. Manners of exploiting people by UFOnauts identified so far
U4.2. The mass production of "biorobots"
U4.3. Let us call the situation by its name, means a dictionary from the occupational model
U4.4. UFO collaborators 
U5. Research on UFO abductions
U5.1. Research on the detectability of evidence of our own abductions to UFOs
U5.2. Other research opened for each one of us
U5.3. Examples of research topics for students and scientists 
U6. Interpretation of reports from UFO abductions
U7. To conclude this chapter
Figure U1
Volume 17: Meaning of evidence on UFOs (ISBN 978-1-877458-97-2)

V1. How to recognize whether a given civilization is exploited by evil parasites
V2. The bitter taste of truth: Earth is a slave planet for evil parasites (UFOnauts)
V3. Mutual deadlocking, used by evil parasites as the method of paralysing of self-defence in primitive civilizations
V4. Photographs of UFOs and visual observations of UFOs and UFOnauts
V5. Permanent evidence for the continuous UFO activity on Earth 
V5.1. UFO landing sites
V5.2. UFO explosion sites
V5.3. Long, straight, glossy tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs V5.3.1. The Deer Cave from Northern Borneo as the most spectacular example of a UFO tunnel
V5.3.2. Glossy tunnels from Babia Gora in Poland
V5.3.3. Master of the world - means the governor of Earth and his council of 12 UFOnauts V5.4. Substances dropped from UFOs 
V5.5. Fragments of UFO shells
V6. Evidence of UFO activities permanently written into our culture
V7. Commonly known "natural phenomena" induced by UFOs
V8. Attack of UFOnauts on the human civilisation
V8.1. Evaporation of WTC by UFOs
V8.2. Exploding the space shuttle Columbia by UFOs
V8.3. Other spectacular cases of attacks of UFOnauts on the USA
V8.4. The worst scenario of a "big bang" 
V9. Summary
7 Figures (V1 to V7)

Volume 18: History and conclusions of this monograph (ISBN 978-1-877458-98-9)

W1. Why this monograph was written
W2. Bitter consequences of my searches for truth
W3. I actually experienced everything
that is described here 
W4. History of my life and thus also the history of this monograph 
W5. Let us speculate about the future
Figures W1 to W3 (UFO landings, Pavement, Ratzinger’s coat of arms)



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