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Date of starting this page: 27 May 2006 
Date of the latest updating of this page: 25 July 2020 

As time progresses our civilisation is increasingly dependent on weather. After all, the increasingly more tense production of food, transport, communication, health, industry, and frequently also energy generation, are weakened by each deviation from a "normal" weather. Simultaneously, as time progresses, this weather becomes increasingly more destabilised. Hurricanes, tornados, draughts, floods, and all other weather anomalies trouble practically every corner of our globe. For this reason increasingly more urgent becomes the requirement that our civilisation masters the skills of controlling the weather. The problem, however, is that all attempts at the control of weather to-date, were based on empirical findings concerning only local consequences of some actions. But so-far there was a lack of a scientific theory which would explain the entire global mechanism which rules the weather, or which would indicate manners that would allow to control the weather or climate. Fortunately for us, such a theory was developed in 1985. Since then it is disseminated in the world under the name of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". Together with the philosophy of totalizm - which originates from it, this relatively new scientific theory NOT only that describes the mechanism which rules over the weather, but also provides scientific and philosophical foundations to a completely new science described under the name "totaliztic science". This web page explains the global mechanism which rules the weather, and which due to being detected by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is one amongst phenomena researched by the new "totaliztic science". On examples of detecting and controlling hurricanes and tornados, it explains how this mechanism can be utilised practically, amongst others, for taking the control over the Earth's weather. 

The content of this web page is authorized by [b]Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature. [/b]

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
#A1. Goals of this web page:
       The main goal of this web page is to explain (on the basis of the new so-called "totaliztic science") what really are hurricanes and winds, and to indicate methods for controlling these weather phenomena.

#A2. The findings described on this web page would NOT be achieved without the formation of a new "totaliztic science":

       On a number of my web pages, for example, in items #H1 to #H3 from the web page named humanity.htm. is explained how harmful to the humanity are actions of so-called "monopolies". That their harmfulness extends also onto the most damaging out of all monopolies that are depleting the humanity, namely onto the to-date official human science - which by many people is also called the old "atheistic orthodox science". That is because this old science contains a basic error embedded into its scientific and philosophical foundations, which error is explained more thoroughly e.g. in item #J2 from the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm. This error reduces itself to researching the reality which surrounds us from only one approach, by philosophers called "a posteriori", that depends on researching the reality "from effects to causes". However, we know that in order to acquire a complete picture of reality, it is necessary to research it also from the opposite approach by philosophers called "a priori" - means "from cause to effects", or "from God understood as the most superior cause of everything, to the surrounding reality understood as an effect of actions of that God". This opposite approach is used just by the newly-formed, so-called "totaliztic science", based on the scientific foundations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. One amongst areas of research of this new science, i.e. winds and weather phenomena, is reported on this web page. 
       Errors and distortions inherent in scientific and philosophical foundations of old "atheistic orthodox science", cause that this science is depriving itself competency for researching almost all of the more sophisticated phenomena. As a result, this old science disseminates increasingly nonsensical lies and explanations for an ever wide range of phenomena and areas of knowledge that are vital for the humanity, including into these also the knowledge about God and about reasons for the harsh upbringing of people into battle-hardened "soldiers of God" - explained e.g. in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, the hurricanes, winds and weather events described here, natural cataclysms documented e.g. on the web page named petone.htm or on the web page named quake.htm, the results of research on UFOs and UFOnauts, and a number of other areas of expertise of an extremely weighty implications for all of us. So it is not far from the truth to say, that errors and distortions of the old "atheistic orthodox science" are directly responsible for the tragic situation into which this monopolistic science pushed the entire humanity
       If someone stunned by the "propaganda of success" that this old "atheistic orthodox science" is disseminating among the people, does NOT notice how helpless and incompetent is this old science in explaining e.g. even the most basic weather phenomena, then I would suggest him or her to try to find and analyze the official "scientific explanation" for such "mysteries" of weather, as: 
       1. Why hurricanes, winds, tornadoes, weather highs and lows, etc., form whirls in which the air circulates along closed circuits? After all, if the movements of the earth's atmosphere were formed for example as a result of the earth rotation and friction, then on the Earth should blow the uniform winds with directions and speeds coinciding with the movement of the sun across the sky. 
       2. Why waters in seas do NOT whirl in the same way as do the hurricanes, winds, tornadoes, weather lows and highs, etc.?After all, the same phenomena that act onto the atmosphere, also act on the water in oceans. 
       3. Why in the Northern Hemisphere the low-pressure air circulations spin counter-clockwise, while in the Southern Hemisphere they spin in the clockwise direction? At the same time, high-pressure air circulations spin in there in the opposite direction to low pressure circulations. 
       4. Why the turbulences forming the weather lows and highs, move across given areas almost along always the same trajectories? For example, why turbulence forming these weather lows and highs, through New Zealand almost always gradually move from west to east. 
       5. Why in some areas of the Earth, and in some countries, e.g. in New Zealand, the same weather is repeated in cycles almost exactly one week long? (Or more strictly - in cycles equal exactly to one quarter of the monthly cycles of four phases of the Moon - which a quarter is close in the length to one week.) One must remember, that if even in one region of the world, such as New Zealand, weather phenomena display a strict correlation with the phases of the Moon, then this tight correlation is also present in the rest of our planet. It is just that in other areas of the Earth this strict correlation can be camouflaged by some local phenomena that blur the clarity of the correlation which still exists in there. 
       6. Why a significant proportion of hurricanes occurs on Earth in pairs, one of which pair (that rotating counter-clockwise) wanders along the Northern Hemisphere, while the other (that rotating clockwise) roams the Southern Hemisphere. Only that the air circulation in both hurricanes of such a pair NOT always have to rotate along the circuits of the same tightness, and thus be of the same strength (i.e. sometimes air circulations of one amongst these pairs of "hurricanes" can circulate along so enlarged circuits, that the force of winds can fall in them to less than this considered to form a hurricane). 
       7. Why the weather displays a close relationship with the phases and motions of the Moon? For example, the nights with the full Moon are typically much colder, or even more freezing, than moonless nights - and this in spite of the Moon sending to the Earth some amount of additional radiation energy. 
       Notice, however, that all the above puzzles are easily explainable on the basis of the mechanisms and theories presented on this web page, which were developed by the new "totaliztic science". 
       More complete descriptions of the old "atheistic orthodox science", as well as the new "totaliztic science", are presented on a number of my web pages, for example, in items #C1 to #C5 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, or in item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm

Part #B: Popular understanding of terminology discussed on this web page, such as "winds" or "hurricanes":
#B1. "Winds", "hurricanes", "typhoons", "cyclones", "tornados", etc. - means many different names, but in reality always manifestations of the same phenomena:
       Let us have a close look at what actually is described under these tens of various names which people assigned to different weather phenomena. Here are most important amongst these names, together with brief explanations of what each one of them actually means. 
       (1) Wind. The name "wind" is used for describing a pillar of spinning air having the diameter usually around a thousand of kilometres, which is moving slowly along the surface of Earth. Because the air inside of this pillar is slowly rotating, for people who are positioned on the surface of Earth this rotation is manifested just as a wind. In the very centre of such a pillar of rotating air which forms winds there is always a small area which is free from any wind. 
       (2) Hurricane. The name "hurricane" is used to describe a pillar of spinning air, the diameter of which reaches several hundred kilometres, inside of which murderous whirling winds prevail. These winds display an enormous destructive force. In fact the hurricane is created when a pillar of the air which formed a normal wind, is squeezed to a much smaller diameter. The linear velocity of the spinning motion of hurricanes frequently exceeds 200 kilometres per hour. In the very centre of this pillar, means in the so-called "eye" of hurricane, a small area is located with the diameter of only around 10% of the entire spinning pillar, in which the air does not spin - and thus where there is a complete windless air (this area usually is not bigger than around ten of kilometres in diameter). Because various cultures on Earth assigned to hurricanes different names, this pillar of spinning air usually is called a "hurricane" only when it appears somewhere in the area of Atlantic, or when it is described by Europeans. In turn in cultures of the far East (i.e. in the area of Pacific) the same pillar of the hurricane wind is usually called a typhoon. In turn in the vicinity of equator, the same kind of powerful wind is usually called a cyclone
       (3) Storm. If any powerful wind, e.g. a hurricane, typhoon, or cyclone, sweeps the surface of sea or ocean, then the dangerous situation which is created on the surface of these waters is usually called a storm. Of course, effects of storms may also shift from seas to coast areas, thus affecting people and nature which are positioned not far from a given sea cost. 
       (4) Tornado. A version of hurricane is a so called "tornado". A tornado is formed when a whirling column of the air which typically forms a hurricane, becomes narrowed down to the diameter of just several meters, or maximum several hundred meters. Such a narrowing down of the diameter of spin of this column, increases the linear velocity of rotation of the air. This velocity starts to approach the value sometimes exceeding around 1000 km/h. Simultaneously the destructive force of this wind grows proportionally, sometimes reaching the explosiveness greater than that of dynamite. Many buildings hit by a tornado simply explode. The power of tornado is also able to suck into the air people that try to hide from it in cellars. In Poland tornados used to be called "air trumpets" (i.e. "trąby powietrzne"). I also have heard that an old Polish folklore name for them was the "dancing devil" (i.e. "tańcujący diabeł"). In turn old English folklore name for them was "wind devil". Similarly like pillars of hurricanes, also the column of air swirled by a tornado has a windless "eye" in the centre, having a diameter amounting to around 10% of the external diameter of the tornado's "funnel" (this "funnel" is simply a spinning column of the air). In this "eye" there is completely no wind. But it displays powerful sucking forces, which are able to lift up even very heavy objects.
* * *
       Of course, the list of atmospheric phenomena which affect our lives does not finish on the above names. We also have such phenomena as "weather", "climate", "frost", "snow", "rain", "draught", etc., etc. But the reader probably already managed to notice from the names described above, that all these other phenomena in fact are only consequences of phenomena described before, while their mechanism of action always originates from just a single set of principles (i.e. this to be explained below). Namely it always originates from consequences of the spinning motion of huge pillars of the air which rotate and simultaneously move along the surface of Earth. So such pillars of spinning air are the key to our control over weather. If we learn how to control them, then we also learn how to control the weather and climate of Earth. As it is explained by the scientific theory from the next item of this web page and named the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", there is a manner for a relatively simple control over these pillars of spinning air. How to accomplish this it is explained in further parts of this web page. 

Part #C: Explanation for mechanisms of winds provided to us by the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity":
#C1. The "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - means the scientific theory which, amongst others, explains the formation of winds, hurricanes, and tornados as well as indicates how to control the weather and climate of Earth:
       The name Concept of Dipolar Gravity is assigned to a relatively new scientific theory which was formulated in 1985. This theory begins from a formal scientific proof, which states that "the gravity field belongs to the category of dynamic dipolar fields", and then on the basis of this proof it describes the entire reality which surrounds us, showing how this reality must look like for a dipolar character of gravity field. In the sense of consequences, this theory is a description of the surrounding reality, which is alternative to the description currently disseminated by the official Earth's science. After all, the present Earth's science in a formally undefined manner is founded on the assumption that "gravity field belongs to the category of static monopolar fields". So the entire description of reality which surrounds us, the present science developed from this old non-written assumption about the monopolar character of gravity field. Because the gravity is the most fundamental idea of science, from which practically all other concepts originate, the redefining of polarity of gravitational field by the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity causes that the recent scientific theory must also redefine and describe in an alternative manner practically every aspect of reality which surrounds us. This is the reason why the Concept of Dipolar Gravity turns out to be this "theory of everything" searched for so long, means the scientific theory which provides explanations for practically everything. 
       The brief summary of the descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is contained in a separate web page which in the menu from left margin is listed under the name of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This web page describes, amongst other, various commonly known evidence for the dipolar character of gravity. In turn complete descriptions of this concept are presented in two volumes of the monograph [1/4], namely in volumes 4 and 5. (These volumes can be downloaded from this web page, or from web pages related to it.) Because of the easy access to the above descriptions, a complete explanation of this concept will be omitted here. But for the completeness of presentations from this web page, in next paragraphs of this item a summary of the parts of the concept will be provided, the knowledge of which is necessary or helpful for the understanding of further explanations from this web page. 
       According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, gravitational field is a dynamic dipolar field, similar to magnetic field or to fields formed e.g. by the air circulated through the interior of our home vacuum cleaners. This means that gravity field has the "Inlet" (I) pole, and also the "Outlet" (O) pole. But because the concentricity of gravitational field, in our world only the inlet pole "I" prevails. The force lines of gravity converge in the so-called "centres of gravity", where they penetrate through an invisible and impenetrable barrier, behind which they emerge into an entirely separate world which is called the counter-world. In this counter-world force lines of gravitational field disperse again forming this another pole (i.e. "Outlet" pole) of gravity. So according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the universe which surrounds us must be composed of two parallel worlds of a physical nature, namely of our world and of the counter-world, both of which exist in the same space. These worlds are separated from each other by an impenetrable barrier, while to each one of them an opposite pole of gravity emerges. The attributes of these worlds compare to each other the same as e.g. (a) attributes of two spaces prevailing at opposite poles of a magnetic dipole compare to each other, and (b) attributes of an object placed in front of a mirror compare to a mirror reflection of this object, and © attributes of computer hardware compare to attributes of computer software. In each of these worlds a different substance is contained, the attributes of which are opposite to attributes of the substance from a parallel world. The substance which prevails in our world is known under the name of matter. Basic attributes of it include, amongst others (1) mass, (2) inertia, (3) friction, and (4) lack of intelligence - means inability to think in a natural state. In turn the substance which prevails in the counter-world is called counter-matter. Basic attributes of it include, amongst other (1) weightless, (2) self-mobility, (3) super-slipperiness, and (4) intelligence - means the ability to think in a natural state. Gravitational dipoles cause, that each particle of matter which exists in our world is balanced by an identical cluster of counter-matter which exists in the counter-world. Because of this balancing, practically every "physical object" made of matter and existing in our world is linked via gravitational forces with an identical to it "counter-material duplicate" which exists in the counter-world and is made of counter-matter. So practically, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, every object from our world has in the counter-world an identical duplicate - means like a ghost or a spirit made of counter-matter. (This counter-material "duplicate", "ghost", or "spirit" of a physical object, is called by various alternative sciences with the name "energy body", "etheric body", "acupuncture body", etc.) So if we move either a physical object or a counter-material duplicate of it, then the gravitational binding which exists between them causes that moved also must be the copy of it from the opposite world. If the source of this movement is acting upon a physical object - which because of this becomes a source of a given movement, while the counter-material duplicate must follow it pulled along by gravitational forces, then such a movement is called a . But if the source of the motion is attached to a counter-material duplicate (i.e. to the "spirit") of a given object, while the physical object is pulled behind this duplicate because of forces of gravitational links, then such a kind of movement is called a telekinetic motion. Therefore the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes telekinesis as a kind of motion formed when displaced is the counter-material duplicate of a given object (i.e. its "spirit" or "ghost") which resides in the counter-world, while the object from our world only follows the duplicate (i.e. follows this "ghost"). In turn when a given motion takes the form of vibrations, then in our world it usually is described as sounds, while in the counter-world it is described as telepathy. Therefore, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity telepathy is a kind of sound-like vibrations which propagate through the counter-world. (Chinese include these vibrations of counter-matter to a whole group of manifestations of the counter-world, usually named "chi energy".) Of course, independently from ideas and phenomena described above, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity redefines and explains practically all phenomena and mysteries which so-far remained unexplained for us. This is why it is also called the "theory of everything". In further part of this web page is presented how this concept explains the mechanism which rules weather, and also how by learning this mechanism we can detect easier hurricanes and tornados, and even with the elapse of time learn how to control the weather and climate of Earth.

#C2. What are "whirls of counter-matter" and what kinds of these whirls do exist:
       In subsection H2 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5] it was explained, that counter-matter existing in the counter-world displays attributes exactly opposite to properties of matter from our physical world. For example, counter-matter displays "self mobility" instead of "inertia", and also it completely lacks friction (i.e. is "super-slippery"). In turn because of this lack of friction and because of the self-mobility, this substance in loose consistency is unable to create spontaneously solid objects nor to maintain them. So the loose counter-matter from the counter-world is in the state of continuous motion at all times. However, the spinning motion of this counter-matter, in a manner similar as spinning motion of water, is able to form semi-permanent structures. In subsection H4.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4] these semi-permanent structures are described under the name of "whirls". In the counter-world there is a whole range of such whirls of counter-matter. Some of them are so miniature, that dimensionally they are comparable to individual particles or to individual atoms. Other are so huge, that in dimensions they are comparable to whole planets, solar systems, and even galaxies. Thus, for example, our entire planet, the atmosphere of Earth, as well as e.g. all oceans, in the counter-world are filled up with a multitude of such gigantic whirls of counter-matter. If somehow we could have insight into the counter-world, we would see our Earth just as a dynamic bundle, or knot, made of tens of such huge spinning whirls of counter-matter intertwined together into a kind of complex knot and spinning together with our planet. This knot linked to the Earth sometimes is also interacting dynamically with similar knots which are linked via gravity forces to Moon, Sun, other planets, etc. In addition, this bundle of whirls is frequently crossed by linear streams of counter-matter. (Each such linear stream of counter-matter is simply a river of this substance running through the counter-world.) 
       Each whirl of counter-matter is formed into an approximate shape of a "donut". This means that the whirls of counter-matter always assume the shape of closed loops. Illustratively they could be compared to gigantic "snakes" which spin around axes of rotation that run along their spinal cords, while with their mouths they bite ends of their own tails - so that they are formed into closed loops. Only that instead of flesh, these "snakes" are formed from counter-matter, means from this extraordinary substance which prevails in the separate counter-world. (The "counter-world" is this another world which so-far was described only by religions, as before the Concept of Dipolar Gravity there was no consistent physical theory that would justify the existence of it.) If such large whirls of counter-matter pass through the Earth's atmosphere, then their gravitational interactions intercept and pull particles of the air. In this way they create in the Earth's atmosphere huge circulations of the air called "low-pressure air circulations" and "high pressure air circulations". Our "mother Earth" has a strictly defined and always the same number of such large whirls of counter-matter. They never disappear, nor are created. Just constantly change their position in relationship to the surface of Earth. Furthermore, they also keep changing their own diameter around which their counter-matter spins (means their diameter "pulsates" cyclically, i.e. this diameter periodically increases and then decreases). 
       Such huge whirls and streams of counter-matter constantly penetrate through our planet, getting in and out of Earth at various hemispheres. Because they are formed from the weightless substance, they spin together with the Earth, while their motion in relationship to the surface of our planet is ruled by completely different laws than the motion of matter from our world. Actually, they are the ones which govern all atmospheric phenomena and all ocean currents on our planet. Thus practically they decide about the weather and climate of each single area on our planet, e.g. about winds, tornadoes, cyclones, anticyclones, hurricanes, ocean currents, and all other changes in fluids (including the so called "jet stream" - means a powerful westerly wind that blows at huge altitudes). When we learn how to control these whirls of counter-matter, we also learn how to control weather and climate on Earth. This is the reason why the author of this web page (means myself, Dr Jan Pajak) volunteered to the effort and difficult task of describing here the mechanism of interactions between these whirls of counter-matter and the Earth’s atmosphere. 
       There are two basic kinds of such whirls of counter-matter. We could call them: "low-pressure whirls", and "high-pressure whirls". The factor, which differentiates each one of them from the other one, is the course and effects of the physical phenomena that take place during the spin of these whirls. The first kind of these whirls releases the phenomena that maintain a distribution of pressure within the whirl, which is lower in the centre of whirls and higher on peripherals and in the surrounding of the same whirls. Therefore these can be called the "low-pressure whirls", as the way they spin lowers the pressure inside of them. In turn the other kind of whirls release physical phenomena which maintain a distribution of pressure that is higher in the very centre of these whirls and lower on their peripherals and in their surroundings. Therefore these can be called the "high-pressure whirls", as the way they spin causes the build up of high pressure inside of them. Both these opposite types of whirls of counter-matter mutually attract each other. Therefore in the counter-world they appear either in pairs, or even in long strands. If they appear in a pair, one low-pressure whirl sticks sideways to an identical in size high-pressure whirl. In turn if they appear in a strand, then one low-pressure whirl sticks side-by-side to a high-pressure whirl, which in turn sticks side-by-side to a low-pressure whirl, and so-on. All climatic and weather phenomena are controlled by pairs or strands made up from such opposite kinds of huge whirls of counter-matter. Only sometimes these whirls are supplemented with another phenomenon, which in the counter-world takes the form of dynamic (linear) streams of counter-matter (e.g. consider the so-called "jet stream" running in an opposite direction than it should if it is really propelled by the rotation of Earth).

#C3. The mechanism which controls the weather and climate on Earth and how to control this mechanism:
       When such gigantic whirls of counter-matter penetrate through the centre of our planet, then in areas where they emerge to the surface they cause the rotation of winds around their central axes. This winds are generated because whirling counter-matter interacts via gravity forces with particles of the air. Thus, for example "low-pressure whirls", acting through gravitational forces onto particles of air, form moveable areas of low atmospheric pressures on Earth. Such moveable areas of low pressure are easy to recognize e.g. on TV, because inside of them in the northern hemisphere of Earth winds always rotate counter-clockwise. In turn in the southern hemisphere of Earth winds rotate inside of them in the clockwise direction. (The clock that is used to describe the direction of rotation of these winds, must lie with its back on the ground and with its dial always directed towards the sky.) Furthermore, such low-pressure air circulations always bring bad, rainy and windy weather. 
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity also explains that due to a very similar mechanism, high-pressure air circulations are formed on Earth. The only difference is that they are caused by "high-pressure whirls of counter-matter", which control the behaviour of these high-pressure air circulations. In television presentations one can recognize these high-pressure air circulations mainly because the winds that they create circulate in directions that are opposite to those in the low-pressure air circulations. Means these winds rotate in counter-clockwise directions on the southern hemisphere of Earth, while in the clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere of Earth. Furthermore, the attribute of these high-pressure air circulations is that they bring good and sunny weather. Thus in their centres always prevails an excellent, cloudless weather, which shows blue sky from the horizon to horizon. 
       Independently from acting upon atmosphere, the same and similar whirls of counter-matter, as well as linear streams of this substance, act upon oceans. In the final effect, all global phenomena which take place in oceans, can be explained with such whirls and streams of counter-matter. 
       There is an interesting consequence of explaining low-pressure and high-pressure air circulations on Earth as huge whirls of counter-matter curved into loops, penetrating through the centre of our planet, and swirling the air at both exit points. This explanation indicates a simple manner for the control of weather and climate on Earth. For example, according to this manner, all that it takes to change the weather, is to intercept such a whirl of counter-matter and then relocate this whirl into another area of Earth. (Such an interception and relocation of whirls of counter-matter can be accomplished for example with a large vehicle propelled by a magnetic field, e.g. with the vehicle described in chapter G of monograph [1/5] under the name of "magnocraft".) In turn this relocation of a whirl must cause the change of weather in all areas affected by it. Even more interesting is that such huge whirls of counter-matter can also be narrowed down to a diameter which is much smaller than the diameter natural to the counter-matter spinning in them. Means the whirls which normally have diameters of around 1000 kilometres, can be narrowed down to diameters of just hundreds of kilometres, and sometimes even to just several (or just a hundred) meters. In case of such normally gigantic low-pressure whirl is narrowed down to just several hundred kilometres, then the velocity with which it spins accelerates so much, that it forms a hurricane. If in turn slightly smaller low-pressure whirl is narrowed down to the diameter of just several (or a hundred) meters, than the normally slow moving air that is propelled by this whirl accelerates significantly and receives huge velocities and power. As a result, such "squeezed" whirl forms a tornado. Thus tornados and hurricanes, similar to low and high pressure air circulations on Earth, can also be controlled by narrowing down or expanding diameters of spinning of their counter-matter. 
       At this point I should mention that trajectories, along which such low-pressure and high-pressure whirls of counter-matter are moving naturally along the surface of our planet, depend on the consistency of the nucleus of Earth. The reason is, that such whirls of counter-matter are able to move more easily while passing through Earth along paths where the nucleus of our planet is less compact, or have cracks of some sort. In turn, this tendency of the whirls to move naturally along specific, repetitive trajectories, cause that low-pressure and high-pressure air circulations on Earth, as well as tornados and hurricanes, follow usually the same paths. This in turn introduces several vital consequences. For example, it causes repetitive weather seasons in subsequent areas of Earth. In these seasons the weather and behaviour of whirls are repeated almost exactly every year. Furthermore, it causes also that e.g. in specific areas of the USA, the so-called "tornado alley" does exist. Also because of this, e.g. in Poland tornados are rarities, while bad weather always seem to arrive there along the same path starting in Finland and passing through Latvia. In turn in New Zealand and Australia, paths of bad and good weather always seem to follow a kind of "zigzag" pattern which begins in the vicinity of Perth in Australia, goes down to Adelaide and Tasmania, then curves to New Zealand. In addition to this, because of the dynamic interaction of some Earthly whirls of counter-matter with similar whirls of the Moon, weather in many areas of Earth, especially in New Zealand and Australia, displays relationship to lunar cycles. Of course, when such whirls of counter-matter are technically relocated to different areas, then they follow any path along which pulls them the magnocraft which is carrying out their technical shifting. 
       Although the theory presented in this web page may seem to be highly academic and theoretical, it actually indicates a direction in which numerous practical applications of it can be accomplished. For example, it allows for a more effective weather forecasting. It enables us to prepare more precise models of climate changes on Earth. It indicates the way of controlling weather and controlling various atmospheric phenomena on Earth (e.g. winds, hurricanes and/or tornados). It makes possible the distinguishing of hurricanes and tornados created by the nature, from hurricanes and tornados induced technically. Furthermore, it also provides clues on how to create early warning systems e.g. against tornados and hurricanes. It is worth to notice, that in full extend this theory is published in subsection H5.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4].

#C4. The evidence which confirms the actual operation of the mechanism of hurricanes' formation described here:
       In spite that the entire Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also relationship between weather and whirls of counter-matter, were deduced theoretically, I have managed to accumulate a number of empirical observations, which seem to confirm that this theory is sound and that it well reflects reality. Amongst various observations that confirm this theory, the following ones are the most striking: 
       (1) The direction of the rotation of low-pressure and high-pressure whirls of air on both hemispheres, which is agreeable with this theory. If one analyses how the air rotates within the low and high-pressure air circulations on opposite ends of our planet, then it turns out that they rotate exactly in the manner as they should if they are propelled by whirls of counter-matter which penetrate through the centre of Earth. 
       (2) The rotation of clouds in the same direction at every height above the ground. If hurricanes, and also low pressure and high pressure weather systems, are governed exclusively by winds and by the motion of atmosphere, then sometimes there would be situations, that at centres of such weather systems clouds would move in mutually colliding directions at various heights above the ground. However, in reality at such weather centres clouds always rotate in the same direction at every possible height. This in turn confirms the correctness of the weather mechanism described here. 
       (3) The correspondence between attributes of tornados and hurricanes, and the mechanisms described in the previous part of this web page. For example, both tornados and hurricanes, are always swirling counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Means they whirl exactly in the manner as if they are narrowed down ("squeezed") low-pressure whirls of counter-matter which penetrate through the centre of Earth. 
       (4) The even number of hurricanes on Earth. Since, according to the theory described here, e.g. hurricanes are simply narrowed down (squeezed) low-pressure whirls of counter-matter, which penetrate through the centre of Earth, then if any natural hurricane attacks e.g. coasts of eastern parts of the USA, another similar natural twin-hurricane should appear in the Southern Pacific. And actually satellite pictures confirm this. But because this natural twin-hurricane from the opposite-end, usually passes then through the ocean, it is rarely shown in TV news and reported to the public. 
       (5) Repetitive paths of low-pressure and high-pressure air circulations along the surface of Earth. My empirical observations indicate, that in the majority of normal cases, both these air circulations behave exactly as the above theory explains their behaviour. For example, they repetitively follow the same trajectories along the surface of Earth - which (trajectories) correspond to cracks and inconsistencies in the interior of our planet. 
       (6) The lack of disappearances of old, and the lack of appearances of new, high-pressure and low pressure circulations of the air. If these high-pressure and low-pressure circulations of the air were just purely atmospheric phenomena, than in situations when the pressure of air inside of them becomes equal to the pressure of air outside of them, they supposed to disappear. However, in reality then never disappear nor are newly created, but only move along the surface of our planet and keep changing their pressure and shape. This in turn means, that if their pressure becomes equal with the surrounding pressure, still there is something in them that maintains their existence. This something is the whirl of counter-matter invisible for us which constitutes their nucleus and a kind of skeleton. 
       (7) The constant number of low pressure and high-pressure air circulations on Earth. I do not have means and resources to count the number of these air circulations in the global scale. However, the high regularity of weather cycles at the southern end of the Earth confirms that this number must be constant. For example, in New Zealand the changes of weather follow a repetitive cycle, the length of which is around 7 days and 9 hours. (Most clearly several huge whirls of counter-matter which penetrate through the Earth is interacting dynamically with similar whirls which penetrate through the Moon.) This in turn means that if we consider any place in New Zealand, in normal situations around every 7 days and 9 hours a high-pressure area repetitively arrives to this place. What is even more interesting, because in the dipolar gravity the southern pole of Earth represents the "Outlet" for counter-matter, weather cycles are incomparably more repetitive in New Zealand than in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. (Definitions of magnetic N and S poles are provided in subsection H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4], which explains also why in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the planet Earth, similarly as every other magnet, is seen as a huge "pump" for counter-matter, which has an "Inlet" at the "N" pole, and an "Outlet" at the "S" pole.) 

Part #D: Different kinds of winds also induced and controlled by whirls of counter-matter:
#D1. "Tornados" - means hurricanes narrowed down to very small diameters:
       In normal cases low-pressure whirls have the form of "snakes" with diameters close to a thousand of kilometres. But their attribute is, that diameters of these "snakes" pulsate continually. In the result, sometimes situations can take place, that such a whirl of counter-matter which typically has the diameter of around a thousand of kilometres, becomes "squeezed" to only several meters, or maximum to a hundred of meters, in diameter. In the result of such significant squeezing, velocity of the spinning is accelerated many times for it. In turn the huge velocity of spinning causes that the air which follows this whirl of counter-matter also begins to spin with enormous velocities. These enormous velocities provide the air with destructive forces similar to these from powerful explosions. In such a manner tornados are formed. Therefore the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines tornados as low-pressure whirls of counter-matter narrowed down to diameters of just several meters or maximum a hundred meters. Furthermore, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals, that also high-pressure whirls can be narrowed down in a technical manner (with the use of Magnocraft), thus forming extremely rare kind of high-pressure tornados. 
       An extensive description of tornados (also carried out from the point of view of the new "totaliztic science") is provided on the web page named tornado.htm

Part #E: Detection of hurricanes:
#E1. How to detect remotely hurricanes and tornados before they approach us and become dangerous:
       In our world every motion is a source of mechanical vibration. These vibrations then propagate through the matter. Our senses perceive the majority of them as sounds. In this way almost every movement is also a source of a corresponding sound which we hear with our own ears. With the elapse of time we learn also how to distinguish which exactly sound is a manifestation of a selected movement in which we are interested. As it is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, exactly the same happens in the counter-world. Every movement which takes place in the counter-world is a source of corresponding vibrations of counter-matter. These vibrations of counter-matter propagate through the counter-world in the form similar to "sounds", which popularly are called the telepathic vibrations. So similarly as every movement in our world generates an unique kind of sound , also every movement in the counter-world emits a kind of telepathic signal which is unique to it. This applies also to the spinning motion of counter-matter which, according to the mechanism presented on this web page is a source of winds, hurricanes, and tornados. This telepathic signal unique for hurricanes and tornados can be in turn received and recognised by appropriate receiving devices build especially for it. One out of such devices capable of remote recognition of this unique telepathic "sound" at significant distances is the so-called Zhang Heng seismograph described on a separate web page. So in fact already at this stage of human development we have a principle of operation which allows to recognise the impending hurricanes and tornados, and thus allows to warn people who live on paths of these destructive winds. The only problem is that philosophically we still are not ready for a practical implementation of neither these principles, nor the knowledge from which they stem. 

[Bild: 14_n06.jpg]

Fig. #E1: The ancient device for remote detection of powerful telepathic signals, such as these emitted during the formation of earthquakes or tornados. This extraordinary device was able to rise alarms a long time before impending earthquakes could strike, i.e. sufficiently in advance to allow for an effective escape from danger zones. This device is usually described in literature and internet under the name of "[b]Zhang Heng seismograph". But the original Chinese name for this device reads "houfeng didongy yi", that can be translated as "the instrument for inquiry into the fluids and earth movement." (Note, that in this Chinese name the term "fluid" is used here in the understanding of hydromechanics – i.e. it encompasses all "non-solids". In old times Chinese included the so-called "chi energy" to the category of such "fluids".) [/b]
       Because the above device allows for a remote reception of telepathic signals emitted by an earthquake which brews up, in old times it was utilised for the remote detection of impending earthquakes. Descriptions of the principle of operation and the design of this instrument, known presently under a misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", are presented on a separate web page entirely devoted to this "seismograph". 
       The replica shown above is exhibited in Wellington, New Zealand in the Te Papa museum. The above photograph was taken in 2003. This is the replica that I studied, to work out what are the true principles of operation of it. Descriptions provided on the web page about this Zhang Heng seismograph eventuated because of a strange turn of fate, namely that the above device happened to appear just a few kilometres from my flat, while I was seeking it in the entire big world, being prepared to even fly to China just to see it. Unfortunately, as all other modern replicas of this instrument, the above replica does NOT work. The reason is that it has been built for the erroneous principle of operation (i.e. for inertia, instead of the analogue processing of telepathic signals). As my research indicate it, this instrument does NOT work on the inertial principle of present seismographs. In fact it is an analogue receiver of powerful telepathic signals emitted by brewing earthquakes. An exact description of the principle on which this device operates is presented on a separate web page devoted to this "seismograph", and also in my paper entitled "Signal processing in the 'Zhang Heng Seismograph' for remote sensing of impending earthquakes", which was presented on the international conference "ICST-2005". 

* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software. 

Part #F: Control over winds, hurricanes, and weather on the Earth:
#F1. The link between whirls of counter-matter causing rotary winds, and the weather and climate on Earth:
Motto: "All the existing kinds of weather and climate on Earth are only various manifestations of the same phenomenon, means manifestations whirls and rivers of counter-matter."
       The mechanism of whirls of counter-matter described before, explained to us that all kinds of winds, including hurricanes and tornados described in item #B1 of this web page, are always manifestations of a single phenomenon, namely manifestations whirls and rivers of counter-matter. The mechanism also described, that the circulations of atmosphere, such as cloudless and sunny high-pressure systems, and also cloudy low-pressure systems, are also two different manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely whirls and rivers of counter-matter. So the only thing that we still have not discussed, is how these rotary winds caused by whirls of counter-matter impact the rest of parameters which constitute so-called "weather". Means how they impact e.g. temperature of the air, or humidity of the air. We also still do not know, how these temporary changes and states of weather are transformed into a permanent climate of a given area on Earth. So let us now have a look at this still non-discussed information. 
       (1) Temperature. The rotation of winds is able to control temperatures from a given area in a simple manner. After all, when we synchronise together the rotation of several such whirls of counter-matter aligned into a chain, than they form together a kind of "windy conveyor belts" which transport into a given area the air of a required temperature. For example, such synchronised whirling winds can become like a kind of "caterpillar wheels from a tank", or conveyor rollers, which relocate to a given area the hot air from the vicinity of equator. Or, they also can become a kind of such conveyor which brings the cool air from the vicinity of Earth's poles to a given area. In turn such masses of hot or cool air arriving at a given area will define the average temperature which is going to prevail in that area. 
       (2) Humidity. In a similar manner as the relocation of hot or cool masses of the air, these synchronised rotations of winds are able to transport into a given area the humid air from above oceans, or a dry air from above continents. In turn such arrival of humid or dry air defines the level of humidity in a given area. 
       (3) Climate. The climate of a given area is simply a dominating kind of weather that prevails over there for a larger part of years. So in order to form technically a required climate on a selected area, it is sufficient to repetitively bring to this area a kind of weather which is representative to the climate we wish to have there. For example, in order to form on the area of present Sahara or Arabian Peninsular the climate similar to that which prevails e.g. in Mexico or in Malaysia, then it suffices to continually bring there humid air from above oceans and then empty this air over there from the water that it contains - means to continually moisturise these areas with repetitive rainfalls.

* * *
       The deductions from this item reveal that when we master technically the ability to control whirls of counter-matter, means the ability to control and synchronise rotations of winds, then we practically are also able to form any required weather and any permanent climate on any area of the Earth.

#F2.  How we can control technically the trajectory or diameter of whirls of counter-matter, means how we can form or disperse winds, hurricanes, and tornados, and also how we can control the weather and climate on Earth:
       An interesting consequence of the above explanation of low-pressure and high-pressure air circulations on Earth, as huge whirls of counter-matter formed into closed loops and penetrating through the entire our planet, is that it indicates a simple manner of controlling the weather and climate. After all, in order humanity learns how to control the weather and climate on Earth with use of the mechanism described here, it is enough that it learns how: (1) change the trajectories along which these whirls of counter-matter move through the Earth, and/or (2) change diameters of spinning of these whirls of counter-matter, and/or (3) change the pressure which prevails inside of these whirls. This is because the combination of these three control actions on whirls of counter-matter, allows to receive any possible kind of weather in any selected place of Earth. As it turns out, theories described on my web sites indicate even the tool which allows to obtain all these effects. This tool is a discoidal space vehicle propelled by a powerful pulsating magnetic field, which is described under the name of magnocraft. Let us describe now briefly how this magnocraft allows to control the above three most vital parameters of weather and climate on Earth. 
       (1) The change of trajectories along which move these low-pressure and high-pressure whirls of counter-matter. In order to accomplish such a change of trajectory, it is enough to grab a whirl of counter-matter with the magnetic field of a magnocraft, or with any other vehicle which uses a similar magnetic propulsion system, and then relocate this whirl into a selected area. (How such a magnocraftintercepts and relocates whirls of counter-matter it is described in item #G1 of this web page.) In turn this relocation of the whirl causes the change of weather in areas which are affected by it. In order to change the weather or climate of Earth, it suffices to relocate whirls of counter-matter, using the magnocraft, to areas of Earth where their climatic and weather consequences are required at a given point of time. 
       (2) The change in diameters of spinning for selected whirls of counter-matter. As it turns out, the magnocraft is also able to control the diameter of spinning in whirls of counter-matter. For example, it can narrow down (squeeze) huge whirls of counter-matter to diameters of just several meters. In case of just such narrowing down of a low-pressure whirl, normally the slow spinning air accelerates to enormous velocities and power. In the result, the magnocraft is able to form from this whirl either a "technological hurricane", or even a "technological tornado". Then this hurricane or tornado can be relocated by the same magnocraft above a selected area or above a selected building, which is to be destroyed. Of course, people who see this tornado or hurricane, are not aware that it does not eventuate naturally, but was formed technologically by a vehicle with the magnetic propulsion system. In a manner similar to narrowing down (squeezing) whirls of counter-matter, the magnocraft is also able to cause the dispersion (expansion) of these whirls. In the result of this dispersion (expansion) the velocity of winds drops down. This in turn is able to slow down, cease, or disperse already existing winds, hurricanes, and tornados. 
       (3) The control of pressure that prevails inside of a given whirl of counter-matter. As it turns out, changes of pressure of the air involved in a given whirl of counter-matter, can be accomplished by local slowing down, or accelerating, the rotational velocity of a selected section of the whirl, in comparison to the velocity of the rest of this whirl. This in turn again can be accomplished with the magnocraft. In turn the change of velocity inside of such a whirl induces, or holds back, the falls of rain in the area of Earth affected by it. 

Part #G: Devices for controlling winds and weather:
#G1. The Magnocraft - means a space vehicle propelled by a pulsating magnetic field which allows to take control over weather and climate of Earth:
       It was mentioned several times in previous parts of this web page, that there is already known a tool which allows to exert our control over the weather and climate of Earth. This tool is a space vehicle named the "magnocraft". Thus, the fast construction of this vehicle is immensely vital for acquiring by humanity the ability to control weather and climate of Earth. The principle of operation of the magnocraft is such, that this vehicle is able to intercept any whirl of counter-matter, and then carry out on the whirl every control activity described in previous item #F2 of this web page. The unique principle of operation of the magnocraft is described comprehensively in chapter F from volume 3 of monograph [1/4], It is also summarised briefly on a separate web page named magnocraft. Therefore it is not going to be repeated here. However, below I explain the manner on which a magnocraft is able to control whirls of counter-matter. 
       The principle utilised by a magnocraft to control whirls of counter-matter results from the definition of magnetic field presented in subsection H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4]. Magnetic field is defined there as a stream of circulating counter-matter. Thus, every magnet, including also every propulsor of a magnocraft, is just kind of a huge "pump" for this counter-matter. In the counter-world this pump moves enormous amounts of the counter-matter. As it is explained in subsection F5.2 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4], this pump sucks counter-matter through the "N" magnetic pole, while it blows out counter-matter through the "S" magnetic pole. This means that the pole "N" of every magnocraft's propulsor is an "Inlet" for counter-matter, while the pole "S" is an "Outlet" for the counter-matter. So if we place such a "pump" in the form of a magnocraft's main propulsor, within the interior of any whirl of counter-matter, then it intercepts this whirl and ties it up to the body of this magnocraft. But because the magnocraft is a vehicle which is able to fly in any direction, after any such a whirl of counter-matter is tied to it, it is also able to pull this whirl and shift it to a selected place. Furthermore, a magnocraft is also able to subject the intercepted whirl to various control activities, e.g. to narrow it down or expand it, accelerate or decelerate, compress or decompress, etc., etc. 
       The manner with the use of which magnocrafts are able to intercept whirls of counter-matter with their magnetic field, and then control these whirls (e.g. to form technological tornados from them), is illustrated in "Fig. #G1" below. It is based on utilising the model of weather and climate as consequences of action of whirls of counter-matter described in previous parts of this web page. This model reveals that all atmospheric and water phenomena which occur on Earth, are ruled by a single mechanism formed by whirls of counter-matter. The theory of this model is presented comprehensively in subsections H5.4 and KB1 from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of monograph [1/4]. It is this theory which states that behind every state and motion of atmosphere and water on Earth, at the other end of gravity dipole hides an undetectable to our present instruments whirl of this extraordinary substance called "counter-matter". So all that needs to be done in order to control the weather and climate on Earth, is to learn how to control such a whirl of counter-matter, means learn how to intercept it with the magnocraft's propulsor and then subject to the required control procedures. (E.g. in order to form a technological tornado from it - to narrow it down to a small diameter.) In order to catch and to control it, it is enough if a magnocraft places within the interior of such a whirl a kind of a "magnetic catcher" made of the magnetic field that surrounds this vehicle. 
       "Fig. #G1" below shows paths of force lines of the magnetic field that surrounds a single magnocraft oriented in the so-called "standing position". (In this "standing position" the dome of magnocraft is directed upward, while towards the ground is directed a flat floor of the vehicle. Another position that magnocraft may also take, is a "hanging position" in which magnocraft fly "upside down".) As this Figure clearly shows, force lines of magnetic field that surrounds this vehicle form a kind of a colossal "magnetic catcher" for whirls of counter-matter. This catcher is simply a multitude of magnetic force lines of the vehicle's magnetic field, which all converge exactly in the centre of this vehicle, passing through the clearance of the main propulsor. In order to explain on an example how whirls of counter-matter can be controlled with the use of just such a catcher, let us illustrate here how to create a technological tornado. So, if such a colossal "magnetic catcher" formed from the magnocraft's field, is "inserted" into the interior of an incoming low-pressure whirl of counter-matter, it collects together the counter-matter of this whirl and forces this counter-matter to pass through the main propulsor of the vehicle. In the result of this control procedure, normally a huge low-pressure whirl with a small velocity of spinning, is narrowed down to the sizes of clearance of the vehicle's main propulsor, means just to a few (or to a hundred) of meters. In turn the speed of spinning of this whirl grows to huge values. In such a manner a slow low-pressure whirl turns into a destructive tornado able to annihilate everything on its path. Of course, this tornado still spins in the same direction as the low-pressure whirl from which it was narrowed down, i.e. it spins counter-clockwise on the northern hemisphere of Earth, and clockwise on the southern hemisphere of Earth. 
       In a manner similar to the described above a magnocraft is also able to intercept and to relocate a whirl of counter-matter, without narrowing it down. In turn such a relocation of the whirl transports a good weather or a rain into a selected area. The magnocraft can also narrow down a whirl of counter-matter only partially (i.e. carry out only a partial condensing and accelerating of it). Furthermore, a magnocraft is able to decompress the whirl which is already compressed. In order to decompress it, it suffices when its magnetic field is formed into a shape of an "umbrella" instead of the "magnetic catcher" shown in Fig. #G1. Because the field of magnocraft is spinning, this vehicle is also able to introduce local accelerations or decelerations to the velocity of spinning of whirls of counter-matter, and by this to saturate the spinning air with moisture, or to "squeeze" a rain from it. 

[Bild: 14_f32.gif]

Fig. #G1: One amongst many possible configurations of force lines of magnetic field around a magnocraft. These force lines actually provide a tool with the use of which an effective control over weather and climate can be accomplish. This is why such a magnocraft can easily e.g. create or disperse hurricanes and tornados, bring sunshine or rain, etc., etc. It is easy to notice that in the configuration shown above these force lines create a kind of colossal "magnetic catcher" which is able to intercept a whirl of counter-matter and subject this whirl to controlling activities (e.g. direct this whirl through the vehicle's main propulsor). In subsection F5.3 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4] was proven, that the physical dimension of such a "magnetic catcher" for every magnocraft always exceeds at least 1000 kilometres. So it easily catches even the largest whirls of counter-matter which affect the weather and climate of Earth. Notice that the outline of a vehicle which forms the magnetic field shown on this Figure is indicated with a dotted line. This vehicle is illustrated in the "standing position". Please notice that principles of operation involved in flights of such magnetic vehicles, as well as their main components, are described on web pages on magnocraft available via "Menu 2" and "Menu 4". 
       The above Figure clearly illustrates, that by appropriate control over the output from subsequent propulsors, each magnocraft is able to form a kind of "magnetic catcher" around itself. In turn such a "magnetic catcher" is capable of intercepting a local whirl of counter-matter, and then force this whirl to subdue to all controlling actions to which the vehicle wishes to subject it. For example, if these actions depend on narrowing the whirl down - squeeze it through the clearance of main propulsor of the magnocraft (in turn, the squeezing of this whirl of counter-matter through the main propulsor of that magnocraft, narrows it down to the diameter of that propulsor, forcing in this manner the extremely fast rotation of the whirl and forming a tornado from it). Of course, by appropriate changes in outputs of propulsors, each magnocraft is also able to form a kind of "umbrella" from force lines of its magnetic field. In turn such an umbrella is going to disperse and expand the whirl of counter-matter in the interior of which it is placed. 
       The above Figure originates from monograph [1/4], in which it is discussed as Figure F32. Notice, that copies of monograph [1/4], together with a complete set of Figures that it contains, are disseminated free of charge via this web page, and also via all other web pages listed in the "Menu 4". 

#G2. How magnocrafts are able to generate fog and clouds:
       Independently from the ability of magnocraft to control winds - and thus also to control the weather and climate on a selected area, which was described in the previous item #G1, magnocraft introduce also several further technical capabilities. One very interesting out of these is the ability of these vehicles to extract water contained in the air and to form from this water dense fogs or clouds in areas and in time where these fogs or clouds cannot be formed by the nature. 
       The mechanism of extraction of water contained in the air by the magnocraft, and then forming from this water dense fogs or clouds, is based on the phenomenon of resonance of pulsating magnetic field generated by this vehicle, with particles of water vapours contained in the air. Therefore the magnocraft which wishes to generate a cloud or fog can accomplish it in any place or time, simply by controlled change of its magnetic field into a required frequency of vibrations. In the result of this controlled change, particles of water contained in the air fall into the resonance and merge together into larger droplets, thus forming fog or a cloud - for details see subsection KB2 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4]. The final effect is that in the entire volume of the air enveloped by such pulsating magnetic field of this vehicle, rapidly in a flash dense clouds or fog begin to form - depending on the height on which the magnocraft hovers. The extraction of fog or clouds is not dependent on the atmospheric pressure which prevails in the area of such activities. 

Part #H: "Without learning the truth there is no progress":
#H1. How to distinguish the weather and climate formed technically by magnocrafts from weather and climate formed by the nature:
       The question which probably some readers may already ask themselves, is whether there is a way to distinguish the weather and climate generated technically e.g. through a secretive use of magnocrafts, from the weather and climate formed by the nature. Means, whether in case when magnocrafts are constructed on Earth, the existence of these vehicles can be secretly abused by some governments or rich institutions for the formation of the kind of weather and climate on the selected area that would suit these governments or institutions - but that would run against interests of people living in that area. (After all, the magnocrafts are able to become invisible to human sight, thus theoretically speaking they could arrive at any area and completely secretively could try to cause over there the weather and climate that would suit the owners of these vehicles.) The answer to this question is NO. The reason is that people who have the required knowledge about the mechanism which governs the weather and which is described on this web page, and also who know the capabilities of the magnocraft, always are able to distinguish the weather or climate generated technically by magnocrafts from the weather and climate maintained by the nature. Here are some attributes which allow this distinguishing: 
       (1) The speed and suddenness with which the change of weather arrives. The technical change of weather can be accomplished in a flash. For example, from a completely cloudless sky in a technical manner this weather can be changed into a nasty one (and vice versa) within just a couple of hours. Therefore, one of signs of such technical manipulation on weather is the speed in suddenness with which a given change of weather is coming. After all, the owners of the magnocraft are to secretly change the weather only when they either try to prevent something, or try to hold back something, or try to accomplish something. In turn all such cases force them to bring a required weather into a given area as fast as possible. 
       (2) Non-typical path of the high-pressure or low-pressure system which brings such a secretly manipulated weather. If one carefully watches the trajectories along which such high-pressure and low-pressure systems cross our planet, than it turns out, that their motion always fulfils specific principles and manifests trajectories belonging to consistent systems. However, when a magnocraft secretly relocates one of such systems (high or low pressure one), then the trajectory along which it moves stops fulfil these principles and breaks out from this system. So a situation then appears that all other high-pressure and low-pressure systems move in specific manners, but one of them starts to speed directly to the area where it supposed to change the weather, then it stays there for a period of time much longer than it should. 
       (3) Accidental formation of tornados. When magnocrafts undertake the capturing and hauling selected whirls of counter-matter, then sometimes their magnetic field can accidentally form shapes of magnetic catchers, which in turn in a fully accidental manner may create small tornados. Therefore one of signs of a hidden manipulations on weather can be that the system of air (i.e. high-pressure or low-pressure one) which is just hauled by the magnocraft to a selected destination may accidentally create brief, although still destructive, tornados or waterspouts. 
       (4) Disobedience of weather forecasts. Forecasts of weather always are based on the "typical" behaviour of Earthly atmosphere, means on the behaviour controlled by nature. So they are unable to reflect the intelligent control over weather accomplished by the use of a vehicle of the magnocraft type. Therefore when the weather is secretly manipulated by someone, it almost always must be drastically contradictive to existing forecasts. 
       (5) Stubbornness. The type of weather which would be undesirable for local people, and secretly brought onto a given area in a technical manner with the use of invisible magnocraft, almost always would stay above a given area for as long as it would be necessary for accomplishing the type of effects on which count the owners of this vehicle. For example, if these owners of magnocrafts would wish to carry out some destruction, such as floods, destruction of harvests, or softening of the ground, then rains would fall there for many days over exactly the same area. If these owners would wish to cause a draught, fires, cutting the growth, causing deaths of oldies, or raising of locust, then the sunny weather would last there for many weeks. (Notice that natural weather continually changes with the speed characteristic for a given area. After all, high-pressure and low-pressure whirls of counter-matter continually move across the surface of our planet with the speed which is characteristic for them.) So in cases when the weather would be manipulated secretly, it would be noticeable that other high-pressure and low-pressure whirls would move around a given area, while a system which would hover exactly above a given area would become motionless as if it is anchored by some invisible force.

* * *
       To summarise the above information, the vehicle of a magnocraft type can be used for a secretive control of weather and climate only when people affected by outcomes of this control do not have the required knowledge about the mechanism of whirls of counter matter and about the capabilities of magnocrafts described on this web page. However, at the moment when a given population accomplishes this knowledge, then the secretive abuse of the capabilities of magnocrafts becomes impossible. Therefore, even just for this reason it is worth to study and to disseminate the information described on this web page.

#H2. Benefits which our civilisation is going to reap from the technical mastery of principles of controlling the weather on Earth:
       If our civilisation manages to undertake the effort of technical mastering the weather, through the utilisation of mechanisms and phenomena described on this web page and through the use of a vehicle with magnetic propulsion for controlling these mechanisms (i.e. through the use of magnocraft), then the benefits will be immeasurable. Let us list some of these: 
       (1) The change of Sahara and the Arabian Peninsular into a huge lush garden. It is enough that the magnocraft starts to bring rains to the Sahara desert and over the Arabian Peninsular by relocating over there low-pressure air circulations saturated with rains, and the present dry landscape of these desert areas becomes changed into a lush garden. 
       (2) Refreezing Antarctica and thus also lowering the level of seas. A serious danger which grows in our sight is the melting of ices of the Antarctica and the Arctic. By appropriate redesigning of trajectory of low-pressure and high-pressure air circulations, this melting could be stopped. This in turn would cause that large quantities of water would be trapped in ices of the Antarctica, Arctic, Greenland, Alaska, Siberia, etc., and thus that the level of all oceans and seas would be lowered on our planet. 
       (3) Causing rains only at nights and sun during days. By appropriate control over the speed with which subsequent whirls of counter-matter move above given areas, and also by control of pressure prevailing in these whirls, it can be controlled when on given areas is raining, and when there is a sunny weather. 
       (4) Causing that the weather and climate on Earth are to support intentions of people instead of acting against these intentions. At present the weather and climate are completely disobedient for human intentions. But after we learn how to control them, we can cause that they begin to support human intentions. For example, in farming areas we can cause frequent rains in times of growth of vegetation - when a lot of moisture is required, and then cause a lot of sunny weather in times of ripening of vegetation - usually requiring large quantities of sunlight.

#H3. Research projects which needs to be undertaken in order for speedy exerting the control over weather and climate:
       The exerting of control over weather and climate, similar to every other success of humanity, requires the undertaking appropriate research efforts. Even on the basis of brief descriptions presented on this web page it becomes obvious in which directions these efforts should eventuate. And so, the mastery of control over weather and climate on one hand requires that we (a) get to know better these whirls and rivers of counter-matter which penetrate through our planet. On other hand it requires that we also (b) initiate the research and development of the tool which allows us to control the weather and climate of Earth as soon as possible, means we initiate the development of the magnocraft. In order to get to know these whirls of counter-matter which penetrate through our planet, it is necessary to carry out at least the following large research projects: 
       (a1) The mapping of whirls of counter-matter that penetrate through our planet. After all, so far we completely do not know neither (1) how many of these whirls are there, nor (2) how they are mutually located in relationship to each other on the surface of Earth, nor (3) along which trajectories they move on the surface of our planet, nor (4) which whirl from the Northern Hemisphere is another end of which whirl from the Southern Hemisphere, nor even (5) what are the lengths of full cycles of motion of each of these whirls around the surface of the Earth. All these information about these whirls still await to be researched, described, and mapped on the maps of our globe. In turn to accomplish all this with a success, people must also learn (6) how to distinguish each one of these whirl from all other similar whirls, means must learn characteristic attributes of each one of these whirls. 
       (a2) The development of computer models of whirls of counter-matter which penetrate through our planet. Because these whirls of counter-matter are a dynamic phenomenon, their static research and mapping will not contribute towards the weather prediction for as long as we do not have their computer model which would simulate their dynamic behaviour during the penetration through the Earth and motion along the Earth's surface. Thus a next step towards the exerting of control over the weather and climate of Earth must be the development of computer models which will thoroughly simulate the dynamic behaviour of these whirls of counter-matter. 
       (a3) The development of computer information systems for weather forecasting, based on the dynamic models of these whirls of counter-matter. After the model which simulates the dynamic behaviour of these whirls is accomplished, this model can be so improved that it will be able to forecast weather exactly, and to determine the long-term changes of weather and climate on Earth. 
       Independently from the above research projects, in order to exert control over weather and climate of Earth, it is also necessary to undertake the research and development of a basic tool which is needed for this control, means the space vehicle named the magnocraft. In order to initiate the research and development of this vehicle, at very beginning it is necessary to carry out at least one research project, namely: 
       (b1) The construction of the "oscillatory chamber". This oscillatory chamber is for the magnocraft an equivalent of an engine for present cars. Therefore, after this chamber is constructed we will obtain a propelling device for the magnocraft, which will be the most vital device of this space vehicle. In turn having this propelling device, the development of the rest of this vehicle becomes the much easier task. At this point it is worth to know, that private hobbyists already attempted the construction of the oscillatory chamber. Although these attempts so-far have not yield, as yet, a working prototype of this device, still they provided first experiences on this subject, and they opened the first paths. More on the subject of these attempts is described in chapter C from volume 2 of monograph [1/4], and also on a separate web page devoted entirely to this oscillatory chamber

Part #I: Problems for overcoming:
#I1. Notice, however, that the completion of "Magnokrafts" by the humanity which still has NOT matured morally to having so advanced technology, is linked with various threats:
       These threats, and consequences resulting from them, are described more comprehensively in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named magnocraft.htm

Part #J: Material evidence for the technical, NOT natural, formation of hurricanes and tornadoes by giant starships that fly on the principles of my Magnocrafts:
Motto: "At a sufficiently high level of technical sophistication, 'everything that is conceivable is also feasible'." (one-sentence-long summary of our film "Future Propulsions" discussed below in the caption under "Film #J3b").

       On web sites of totalizm there are as many as three web pages about the technical, means NOT natural, (but still NOT detected yet by our "official atheistic science") creation of destructive winds. The first of these is the web page about the technical creation of destructive "tornadoes" - i.e. the web page named tornado.htm. The next two of them are web pages about the technical creation of destructive "hurricanes", one of which is named katrina.htm, while the other web page (this one) is named hurricane.htm. On all these web pages I documented empirical evidence which reveals that both, all "tornadoes" and all "hurricanes", are formed technically on Earth by giant working starships built especially for carrying out works at a planetary scale, which due to the similarity of their functions our "tractors" I named "planetors". Only that in order to NOT be noticed by people, these "planetors" above Earth normally fly in the state of so-called "telekinetic flickering" (described e.g. in item #C1 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm), which state makes them invisible to human eyes and easily permeable-through by solid objects, airplanes, rockets, etc. The above web pages describing empirical evidence for technical creation of destructive winds, I started to publishing when in 2005 and 2006 I established that "the natural speeds of counter-matter that propel air movements in winds, tornadoes and hurricanes, without the use of advanced technology are NOT able to reach the destructive values. This in turn implied that tornadoes and hurricanes can be formed only with the use of advanced technical devices - which accelerate the movement of counter-matter above its natural speed. Unfortunately, many readers of that evidence that I gathered on my own, either ignored it completely, or accepted it with a "pinch of salt" - as if it was some kind of unverifiable myth. That treatment of the results of my research again convinced me that present people notice and accept uncritically only whatever is "officially" broadcast on television - even if it was obvious nonsense. Therefore, in items of "part #J" from this web page I decided to additionally describe, explain and correctly interpret other evidence verifiable by almost every interested person, which by being similar to the one previously collected by myself and already described for a long time (among others on the above mentioned my web pages) this time was shown on television because it was accumulated (but later ignored) by "official atheistic science" - means by well-equipped and well paid professional scientists. Analyzes of this costly "television" evidence also clearly confirm whatever I discovered and described as a "hobbyist" many years ago without having any cash for this purpose, namely confirm that tornadoes and hurricanes are actually induced on Earth in a technical (i.e. NOT natural) manner by giant invisible starships. Only to notice that this "television" evidence also confirms such technical induction of tornadoes and hurricanes, one needs to explain and interpret it without following the typical for the publications of present "official atheistic science" propensity to prejudices and to bypassing "taboo" topics, about which propensity from my past personal experience it appears that they are most often caused by the fear of losing a good job and easy earnings (i.e. by the fear of losing the "money" which on Earth is the narcotizing people source of all evil) - which loss of a job in our civilization is always provoked by anyone's attempt of "refusing" to follow the line of officially disseminated, e.g. scientific, lies.

#J1. Why even destructive tornadoes and hurricanes have their beneficial consequences:
Motto: "To learn good, you must personally suffer the effects of evil - means no intellect is to abandon serving evil to others, until personally experiences how evil feels and why evil was served to him/her/it." (The essence of my personal life experiences summarized in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm.)

       Each one of us probably heard the Polish proverb "There is nothing bad that does not bring about something good", and some probably also know the frequently repeated in publications of totalizm its truthful inverse stating that "There is NO such good that would NOT generate any form of evil". The life truths contained in them both are also confirmed by the experience of many other nations which have written them into a whole series of their proverbs. Thus, for example, the Dutch people have the proverb saying "What brings bread to one, brings death to another" (in the original: "De één z'n brood, is de ander z'n dood"). The English have the proverb "The life of a wolf is the death of a lamb". In turn the Chinese have the proverb "Good husbands always have bad wives, while good wives always have bad husbands" - about the truth of which I learned for myself. (When I investigated the reasons for the truth of this Chinese proverb, I found a rather interesting situation. Namely, in every marriage the side that is more "bad" always forces its will on the side that is "good", while the "good" side is always too good to force "bad" side to anything. As a result, if any component of the marriage is bad, its evilness "educates" the other side towards good - the truth of this finding is confirmed by e.g. an old Russian tale with a moral that anyone can watch from a video at the address The beneficial effect of the experiencing of evil is also indicated by sources other than just proverbs - an example is the article which I described in item #A3 from my web page named god_proof.htm and which argued that a child of rich parents usually grows up to be a misfit and snob for the simple reason that he/she/it have not experienced nor understood evil (that is, which article "between the lines" explained some of the reasons for Jesus' statement in the Bible that "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven" - Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25). No wonder that for upbringing people God often uses the so-called "principle of reversals" which I described, amongst others, in item #F3 from my web page named wszewilki_uk.htm
       In other words, in the absolute dimension there is NO such thing as "evil" or "good", but there are only "events" which depending on the purpose for which they are triggered and from whose point of view they are considered, can be categorised to be both, "bad" and "good" - e.g. a sheep mauled by a wolf, by a sheep is felt as evil, but by a wolf as good. So it is NOT surprising that the superior powers looking at something from the absolute dimension use these "events" as kinds of "tools" that lead to the intended goal. Only that in order NOT to break or spoil people, these tools should be kept in a state of constant balance, while the "evil" caused by them should be limited to the absolutely necessary minimum - similarly as this is required by old Chinese knowledge of "yin and yang" - a fragment of which knowledge I am describing e.g. in item #B2 from my web page named fruit.htm
       Most readers ignore the evidential value of materials documented both on my web pages about "hurricanes" and on the page about "tornadoes" - which confirm that some superior power uses gigantic sizes of invisible starships with a principle of operation similar to my Magnocrafts for technical formation of hurricanes and tornados on Earth. For some of these readers the mere fact that in order to build such giant starships, one needs to be at a much higher level of knowledge, civilization, and thus also much higher morality than people, it is enough to reject even the consideration whether the evidence which I present in this matter may represent the truth. However, if one considers that a higher level of knowledge, civilization and morality also means an increased awareness that "evil" and "good" are only two different consequences of "events" which in many situations must be used alternately as the only "tools" capable of breaking through arrogance of people to achieve their goals, then motivating with such reasoning the rejection or ignoring of evidence which I present on this (and on other mentioned above) web pages is without justification. 
       So in order to make aware here that "hurricanes" and "tornadoes", and all other forms of weather "anomalies", regardless of causing what many people perceive as "evil", also cause "good", I will show here a few examples of "good" resulting from them. And so, for example, they destroy, overturn and kill everything that is old, rotten, weak, bungled, etc., i.e. old decayed trees, old termite-eaten telephone and electric poles, improperly built houses and poor roofs, etc. - so without their "work" almost no one would be mobilized to replace the old ones with new ones or to build strong, high-quality structures. Strong winds also move seeds, pollen and other sought after ingredients to the areas where they are needed. If there were NO destructive winds, nothing would force governments to employ numerous people to carefully study them and to find safeguards against their destructive power, as well as to improve designs and erect buildings of ever better quality - similarly as if there were no "mosquitoes", no one would study how to eliminate malaria. They also create employment for many people who film or describe them, warn about their coming, etc. 
       However, the most significant benefit from the existence of evil was discovered only as part of the formulation of the philosophy of totalizm. It states that the existence of evil is necessary to restore absolute justice. After all, according to the findings of totalizm, every single person and every group intellect affected by some kind of evil, previously deserved it with his/her/its own similarly harmful action. However, there is a serious problem with the realization by today's people of the existence of this absolute justice - I discussed it in detail in item #B3 from my web page named portfolio.htm and in post #272E to blogs of totalizm. This problem is that at today's moral level of humanity, everyone is able to see only that someone has been harmed by some kind of evil, but practically almost nobody neither investigates nor records the previous actions of this harmed person or group intellect, and hence has NO the proverbial "slightest idea" that this person or group intellect just received back only the karmatic return of something as bad as he/she/it previously did. In order to carry out such research on the morality of behaviours of given intellects, our present civilization would have to either get rid of "privacy laws" so highly valued by all criminals and rich people, or would also need to develop a measuring device capable of measuring "the amount of moral energy accumulated by given intellects". (The ideas of such measuring equipment for quantifying amounts of "moral energy" are described in my publications.) The point is that according to what I explained on my web page named nirvana.htm (especially in its items #D3, #D2 and #C6) the quantity of "moral energy" which someone managed to accumulate in himself/herself is an ideal indicator of how all the actions of this person are in accordance with the commandments and requirements described in the Bible (means how moral are all actions of this person). So until humanity builds and begins to use such "meters of the level of moral energy", the existence of "absolute justice" described here will be questioned by various "smart-wise". Fortunately, those who despite of the difficulties created by today's society go through the trouble of remembering or examining the past of individual intellects affected by some forms of evil, will in time personally discover the truth about it. For example, one of the most drastic aspects of the results of my research on this subject is described in item #G1 from my web page named will.htm (note in there an example when a student emptied all the ink from his fountain pen into the pocket of a new, elegant, snow-white jacket-coat of his poor teacher - the purchase of which had to cost her many months of hardship and savings and which the ink completely destroyed). 
       So, bearing in mind what I explained above, now let's take a closer look at the evidence I found to confirm that hurricanes and tornadoes are actually caused by giant starships working on principles of operation of the Magnocrafts that I invented over 40 years ago, then let's try to understand this huge ocean of implications which result from the actual existence of this evidence.

#J2. Philosophical premises that suggest the existence of evidence on Earth which confirms the use of giant starships flying on principles of operation of my Magnocrafts to technically form tornadoes and hurricanes:
       In item #G2 from my web page named god_proof.htm I presented scientifically impossible to challenge or refute (i.e. incontestable) the formal proof for the existence of God carried out theoretically using methods of mathematical logic. In turn in item #A2 of this web page hurricane.htm I presented the most important implications of this proof. I developed this proof in 2007 during my professorship at Ajou University in South Korea, where I lectured, among others, mathematical logic. Before that one I also developed several other scientific proofs for the existence of God carried out by different methods, including empirical ones - I am describing all of them in item #G3 from my web page named god_proof.htm. Because this scientific proof is incontestable, from the moment of publishing it in 2007 it takes effect to everyone. 
       Information contained in the Bible shows that God is raising a group of people on Earth who, after giving them immortal bodies in their "second life", will accompany God for the rest of eternity. So it is obvious that in order to give these people a set of character traits, habits, experiences, knowledge, etc., which I briefly described in item #S1 from my web page named plague.htm, and which will allow them to have collision-free life and interactions with God and with other companions for all eternity, God carries out the process of this upbringing in an extremely wise, far-sighted and fruitful way. In turn one amongst attributes of this manner of upbringing people into future "soldiers of God", is that God always leads and guides them in the right direction of truth and correct knowledge, while NOT depriving any of them of so-called "free will"
       Because on this web page I present explanations of how tornadoes and hurricanes are technically generated on Earth, I consider it my duty to make readers aware that one of the elements of this leading and guiding of God-raised people towards truth and correct knowledge, is also to confront them with a well-encrypted (although logically possible to decode and to understand by people) pool of knowledge and evidence illustrating and explaining "how" and "with the help of which technical devices" hurricanes (and also tornadoes) are technically generated on Earth. After all, even if in the huge physical world there were yet NO devices built by people capable of the technical generation of hurricanes and tornadoes, still omniscient and the future-knowing God is able to temporarily create such devices (i.e. to "simulate" them) at any moment, while for increasing the knowledge of humanity occasionally use them on Earth. Such my explanations on how tornadoes and hurricanes are technically generated presents the entire this web page and related pages linked from it, while descriptions of additional evidence, which among others, was discovered and researched by other professional scientists, and which also confirms the correctness of these explanations, is presented in item #J4 below.

#J3. A brief summary of the technical descriptions of giant starships, which for a highly advanced civilization will work like planetary "tractors", and hence which I named "planetors", while which will fly on principles of my Magnocrafts to be able to technically form tornadoes and hurricanes:
       We all know that typical cars and trucks are used for normal human transport purposes. However, when it comes to performing unusually heavy tasks, e.g. transporting materials in open-cast mines, then colossal trucks are built that are easier to deal with such large tasks. Similarly, when has appeared a demand for cars or trucks smaller than the typical ones, for example for decorating shop windows, as toys for children, or to fuel hobby or DIY interests, their miniature versions that are unable to transport an adult person are also built. 
       In the same way as these cars and trucks, also any other transport devices, trains, ships, as well as their engines and propulsors are built. For example, after mastering the construction of technically already perfect planes and helicopters of typical sizes, humanity began to build both their giant versions used, e.g. for military transport, and their miniature versions (i.e. drones), used e.g. for aerial photography, filming, spying, parcel delivery, e.t.c. 
       On my different web page named magnocraft.htm and in volume 3 of my monograph [1/5] I described and illustrated in detail the discoidal manned starships of my invention called "Magnocrafts". In the sense of their function and purpose, they are interstellar equivalents of today's normal cars. In the constructions of these highly advanced starships (still awaiting to be built by humanity), everything is precisely defined by various restrictions, requirements, principles of operation, etc. Hence, they will be built in only eight increasingly larger types, marked with symbols K3 to K10, with a strictly defined structure, parameters, shapes and dimensions - listed and explained in the entire volume 3 of my monograph [1/5], and summarized there in "Table #G1". (Some symbols of parameters from this "Table #G1", which I will also use in further paragraphs of this item #J3, I am going to describe below - note that there are close relationships between individual parameters, e.g. D/H=K, n=4K-4.) The most important dimensions [in meters] and parameters of each of these eight types of manned Magnocraft are: 
K3: D=4.39, H=1.46, d=3.10, n=8 
K4: D=8.78, H=2.19, d=6.20, n=12 
K5: D=17.56, H=3.51, d=12.41, n=16 
K6: D=35.11, H=5.85, d=24.82, n=20 
K7: D=70.22, H=10.03, d=49.65, n=24 
K8: D=140.44, H=17.56, d=99.30, n=28 
K9: D=280.88, H=31.21, d=198.61, n=32 
K10: D=561.76, H=56.18, d=397.22, n=36 
These eight types of K3 to K10 of manned Magnocraft successfully satisfy all normal transport functions of future humanity. However, when humanity reaches the era of interstellar flights, there will also be a need for works carried out on a larger scale than just transporting people and goods. For example, it will be necessary to level the mountains and form plains in mountainous areas of other planets, eliminate in there specific weather anomalies, drill inside planets, etc. For these large-scale operations, starships larger and more powerful than manned Magnocraft will be needed. Therefore, it is easy to predict that having technical capabilities for this, regardless of the crewed Magnocraft types K3 to K10 above, humanity will also build "giant working Magnocraft", eight types of which I will denote here with symbols G3 to G10, and by analogy e.g. to the name "tractors" I will generally name them "planetors". A series of eight types G3 to G10 of "planetors" Magnocrafts will be an extension to a series of 8 types (K3 to K10) of manned Magnocraft and will be designed like them. Thus, the smallest starship type G3 will be twice as large as the largest K10 type of manned Magnocraft, but it will have the same n=8 side propulsors as the smallest K3 type manned Magnocraft. Also, all its propulsors will contain the so-called "spider configurations" instead of the "twin-chamber capsules" used in crew-operated Magnocrafts - because spider configurations are capable of generating already a spinning magnetic field - which will be very helpful in technical formation of tornadoes and hurricanes. In fact, the series of these eight human starships of the "planetors" size could also be marked with symbols K11 to K18 - but such their marking extending the marking K3 to K10 of manned Magnocrafts would suggest using in them more difficult technical designs (e.g. their "n" would then have to be equal to n=n') and also using more appropriate for the manned Magnocrafts modes of operation for which they would NOT be built. 
       So here are the technical parameters of the series of eight giant Magnocrafts (of the "planetor" series). In each row below are listed: type "G?" of the starship "planetor" (its equivalent "K?" in manned Magnocraft = how many times the diameters of "D" and "d" of this starship type "G?" are larger than the diameter of D=561.76 [m] and d=397.22 [m] of the largest manned Magnocraft type K10): outer diameter "D" [meters] of a given type of starship "planetor", nominal diameter "d" [meters] of a given type of starship "planetor" at which side propulsors are arranged in equal distances along perimeter of a circle, number "n" of side propulsors in given type of starship "planetor" (the number of side propulsors n' that would be used in the continuation of the manned Magnocrafts "K?" if they would continue their shapes and dimensions and design principles up to this type "G?"): 
G3 (K11=2xK10): D=1 123.52, d=794.44, n=8 (instead of n'=40) 
G4 (K12=4xK10): D=2 247.04, d=1 588.88, n=12 (instead of n'=44) 
G5 (K13=8xK10): D=4 494.08, d=3 177.76, n=16 (instead of n'=48) 
G6 (K14=16xK10): D=8 988.16, d=6 355.52, n=20 (instead of n'=52) 
G7 (K15=32xK10): D=17976.32, d=12711.04, n=24 (instead of n'=56) 
G8 (K16=64xK10): D=35952.64, d=25422.08, n=28 (instead of n'=60) 
G9 (K17=128xK10): D=71905.28, d=50844.16, n=32 (instead of n'=64) 
G10 (K18=256xK10): D=143810.56, d=101688.32, n=36 (instead of n'=68) 
       Of course, the Magnocraft will also be subject to the principle described previously, that after building a typical (manned) versions of these spacecraft, both (G) giant versions for carrying out works on a planetary scale, and (M) miniature, computer-controlled (i.e. "space probes" or "drones") versions of them also begin to be built for the remote implementation of unmanned tasks - such as photographing, filming, surveillance, warning, spying, instant hypnotizing, telepathic imposing of thoughts, suggestions of ideas, etc. Similarly as it was with the giant "planetors" (G), these miniature "space probes" and "drones" (M) will also be built as a series of eight strictly defined types, each type of which will have a diameter twice smaller than the previous type - as I described this, amongst others, in subsection G4.7 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]
       So since in this item #J3 I am already providing the technical specifications of individual types of these different than the manned Magnocraft versions of future starships of "G?" sizes, I will also provide here the main technical parameters of a series of eight miniature, computer controlled Magnocraft of "M?" sizes (i.e. "space probes" and "drones" series). In each row below are provided: type "M?" of miniature spacecraft from series "space probe" or "drone" (its equivalent "K?" in manned Magnocraft = how many times the diameters "D" and "d" of a given probe or drone size "M?" are smaller than the diameters D=4.39 [m] and d=3.10 [m] of the smallest manned Magnocraft type K3): outer diameter "D" [metres] or D' [millimetres] of this probe or drone - note that neither here nor in the "G?" series I have provided the height "H" of a given type of spaceship, because this height always results from the formula H=D/K, the nominal diameter "d" [metres] or d' [millimetres] of this probe or drone on which the side propulsors are arranged in a circular order, number of side propulsors "n" possible in this type of drone (for practical reasons in all types of these probes or drones the number of side propulsors n' will probably be n'=8, unless some special applications impose requirements that this number must equal the number "n" used in the manned Magnocraft "K?" that reproduces the shapes of a given type of space probe "M?"): 
M10 (-K10=-2xK3): D=2.19, d=1.55, n'=8 (or n=36) 
M9 (-K9=-4xK3): D=1.09, d=0.77, n'=8 (or n=32) 
M8 (-K8=-8xK3): D'=548, d'=387, n'=8 (or n=28) 
M7 (-K7=-16xK3): D'=274, d'=193, n'=8 (or n=24) 
M6 (-K6=-32xK3): D'=137, d'=96, n'=8 (or n=20) 
M5 (-K5=-64xK3): D'=68, d'=48, n'=8 (or n=16) 
M4 (-K4=-128xK3): D'=34, d'=24, n'=8 (or n=12) 
M3 (-K3=-256xK3): D'=17, d'=12, n'=8 (or n=8) 
The most interesting regarding these computer-controlled space probes and drones flying on principles of my Magnocraft, is that nowadays many people see or photograph them. In English UFO literature they are usually called orbs or rods. In ancient times they were known as the king orbs or monarch orbs. The old-time kings kept them in their hands constantly, as originally they were sources, while later just symbols, of their power, possibilities, and control over other people. More extensive descriptions of these space probes, including reports of people I know well (in person) who saw them with their own eyes - including the report from my own sighting of the M4 type "orb" in NZ town of Petone, I provided in items #I1 to #I3 from the web page named explain.htm and in item #E3 from the web page named newzealand.htm. For example, in this New Zealand town of Petone - filled with extraordinary events and wonders - which I described on my web page petone.htm (especially see in there description (a) from item #J2, and entire item #J3), and in which I live since 2001, on 25th November 2006 with my own eyes I saw a M4 type space probe (orb) flying on principles of my Magnocraft, initially glowing with white and then with blue colour. My encounter with this orb (space probe) I described in post #97 to blogs of totalizm - which post I then republished in "volume Z" from my report [13] available free of charge at the address tekst_13.htm, and I also reported this strange encounter in item #I3 of my web page named explain_pl.htm. In turn much earlier, because near the end of 1963, as almost 18-year-old boy, in a stream near Szklarska Poręba, Poland, I sighted a miniature Magnocraft-shaped underwater object manoeuvring toward the stream-bank on which I stood with a pretty girl, while it emitted gold-coloured light. Probably it was a space-probe type M4. I described this my sighting in item (3) from subsection D1 of the Polish treatise [4b] available through the web page named tekst_4b.htm. I also accidentally photographed such probes several times. I published their photographs, e.g. on "Fig. #G1ab" and "Fig. #G2ab" from the web page named landslips.htm. Other people also photographed them relatively often - for an example of a photograph that captured in the side view a probe flying in the "telekinetic flickering" mode - see "Fig. #I1" from my web page named explain.htm, while a photo of the M6 type "orb", which glows with a blue light and is visible as it hovers near my university colleague's hat, is documented on the right-side of "photo 6" (in Polish: "zdjęcie 6"), while it can be viewed by clicking on the green link to this photo documenting the orb - which link is provided in the caption under "photo 4" (in Polish: "zdjęcie 4") from my Polish web page called rok.htm. In the literature there are also described places on Earth, where on specific nights are seen repetitively with naked eyes entire squadrons of these "orbs" or "rods", as are flying out either from under the ground or from under water. One of more widely known examples of such places include the so-called Mekong balls also called Naga fireballs (formerly called "ghost lights"), which every year at the end of October mysteriously "shoot up into the sky" from the Mekong River on the border of Thailand and Laos, on the occasion of Buddhist Lent - putting in embarrassment atheistic scientists whose ignorance is unable to explain their origin nor nature. Other such repetitive examples include Marfa Lights from Taxas, USA, and "orbs" frequently sighted in the Tapanui crater in New Zealand. 
       The "orbs" and "rods" described above, independently of their technical advancement exceeding the present state of human knowledge and technology, also possess skills that are unacceptable to the followers of the philosophy of present "official atheistic science". Namely, in addition to behaving in an intelligent manner, they telepathically and intelligently read our thoughts and communicate with us in accordance with these thoughts. So these miniature spaceships act as if the programs that control them are self-aware, thinking, and self-learning in a similar manner as do programs that make up human souls. Relatively well it is dokumented in sightings of Marfa Lights and orbs from the Tapanui krater. In both my own incidents with "orbs", such telepathic and intelligent two-way communication with me actually took place. Namely, in both of them the information "what I supposedly see" was inserted into my mind, and in addition in both of them this information on the one hand was consistent with what I was analysing logically then in my thoughts, on the other hand it was drastically opposed to whatever I actually saw then. (I.e. it was in line with the upbringing "principle of reversals" - and thus by some people could be considered as intentionally and drastically "lying".) Namely in my incident with the orb in Petone, NZ, this orb was trying to convince me that I was seeing an insect, although then I saw a spherical object with a glassy coating giving off strong blue light from its upper convexity. In turn, in the incident from the vicinity of Szklarska Poręba, Poland, the orb tried to convince me that I saw a "gold nugget", although at that time I read a lot about gold prospectors and hence I was sure that what I see has features drastically different than such a gold nugget. In addition, that orb from Poland hypnotized the girl with whom I stood on the edge of the stream under which it swam. What it later communicated under hypnosis to that girl, that in my cognitive immaturity I did NOT even try to determine then, but it had to be something drastic because the girl got sick immediately. Then, when the whole group of young people with whom we travelled approached us, to head of one from the group this orb pushed an idea, that it was a "gold fish" - although we all knew that tropical "golden fishes" do NOT swim in cold waters of Polish mountain streams at the beginning of winter. So at present I am not surprised at all by this Russian tale with the moral about "golden fish" - to which I link readers in item #J1 of this web page. After all, wise people repeat that in every tale there is a "grain of truth". So this fisherman from the Russian tale, that surely lived by water even colder then that in Polish mountain streams, could e.g. catch such an "orb" glowing like gold, which then telepathically instructed him under hypnosis, that he caught NOT a mechanical "orb", but a wonderful "golden fish" (means a fish of tropical species) which is able to fulfil any his wish. NOT without reason the final "fruit" of the wonderful but short-lived and then revoked "fulfilments" of that supposed "golden fish" was the change of the character of the wife of this "good" fisherman, from the "bad wife" initially to the "good wife" at the end. After all, the extraordinary things that happen to us in our lives (even those unpleasant for us, such as tornadoes and hurricanes), always serve the most important goal from an absolute perspective, namely: improvement of our philosophy and making us more mature and better people, as well as a more advanced civilization. Such a final conclusion results from these numerous extraordinary events which I experienced in my own life and which I describe in my publications. For example, a bit similar to the fate of this fisherman from the Russian tale was my own case of entering to the church in the centre of Warsaw, Poland, which church later turned out to NOT exist in Warsaw at all, and probably exist in far away from Warsaw Polish village of Święta Lipka, and which I described in more detail in item #D6.1 from my web page named timevehicle.htm. That entering to the church, perhaps just because then it was also "cancelled" and disclosed to me as in the present state of human knowledge completely impossible to occur, later revolutionized my philosophy and sensitized me to matters that, like other researchers do, I should probably ignore and recognize as impossible and hence as non-existent, but my certainty of existence of which in my opinion is mobilizing me now to persevering efforts and intense trying to direct of our entire civilization toward the better future. 
       It is worth to add here, that for technical and functional reasons, with all "G" sizes of "planetor" starships are able to magnetically couple all "K" sizes (and classes) of both crewed Magnocraft, as well as all "M" sizes (and classes ) of computer-controlled unmanned "space probes" and "drones" also propelled on the same principles of operation as my Magnocraft - only that their dimensions are gradually decreasing in comparison to the smallest manned Magnocraft type K3. 

Film #J3a: Here is the starter of the 26-second long "clipping" from the YouTube film entitled [b]Future Propulsions. It illustrates the smallest manned Magnocraft type K3. The clipping is entitled Alien Planet 4K and is available from the address It illustrates what landings of my starships Magnocrafts will look like on other planets - when these starships are already built. (All signs indicate that Magnocrafts will firstly be built by Koreans - as I explained this in item #H1.1 above on this web page named prophecies.htm, while repeated in post #241E to blogs of totalizm.) The construction of the Magnocraft is described in item #J4.3 from the web page named propulsion.htm and in the post #315E to blogs of totalizm (addresses of blogs of totalizm are provided in item #Z2 near the end of this web page). Notice, however, that in order God allows our civilization to build and use the Magnocraft, the morality of people must reach such a mature level that the power of this starship will be used exclusively for positive and peaceful purposes of the means of transportation, i.e. that humanity will NOT be led by individuals with so distorted morally that they could use this spaceship in the role of a new weapon, which is much more powerful than everything that humans managed to build so far, and thus which is capable of causing huge destruction. Therefore, in order to stop the further fall of morality that dominates Earth recently, and to begin move towards the increase of morality, which after some time would result in gaining access to much more advanced propulsion systems and technologies than we have now, people just from their own "free will" should take the "first step" - which in the light of results of my research should be the removal of the original source of all evil on Earth, which is "money". In turn for our civilization to get rid of "money", one of its constituent countries, e.g. Poland, should have the courage to start the effort which I described more thoroughly in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. In turn the initiation of this effort should be undertaken by several initial volunteers who are determined to make a moral breakthrough in the history of humanity - which boils down to replacing the function of present "money" by the function of a powerful feeling of happiness of nirvana. In item #A3 of my web page named partia_totalizmu_statute.htm I appeal to faith in God, conscience, knowledge and common sense of my readers, that they should become such first volunteers. This is because taking part in the experiment of starting the implementation of the "nirvana political system" in Poland, the foundations of which are perfectly in line with God's commandments and requirements, will not only allow these volunteers to make a personal contribution to historically the greatest moral breakthrough in the entire of human history, but also to obtain a chance to cause a reduction, or even a complete elimination for their own country, and perhaps even our entire civilization, the consequences of God's wrath and the recently launched "Great Purification of the Earth" which since many years was forecasted by numerous prophecies.htm (e.g. by those disseminated around the world by the Hopi Indians) while well illustrated by a free YouTube video entitled in Polish Zagłada Ludzkości 2030 and described by the content of my website named 2030_uk.htm[/b]

Film #J3b: Here is the starter of a half-hour-long free educational film (in English) from YouTube entitled [b]Future Propulsions - available to everyone at the address It illustrates the most important types of powerful propelling devices, the future construction of which is already forecasted by my Cyclic Tables for Propelling Devices (shown at addresses:, while the descriptions of which (in English) are provided in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page named propulsion.htm and in posts #319E to #309E to blogs of totalizm. For now, however, the construction of these devices is prevented by the action of moral mechanisms which I described in publications linked from my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm after the use of Polish keywords "przekleństwo wynalazców" (meaning the "curse of inventors") and "wynalazcza impotencja" (meaning the "inventive impotence") - note that each my Polish publication linked from the above Polish "index page" named "skorowidz.htm" has also a version translated and programmed in English. Such preventing of construction of these powerful devices is still a necessity because the insistence of the earthly ruling elites to continually use "money" (means to use the addictive source of all evil on Earth that is well known from its ability to spoil the morality of virtually every person and to ruin the growth of civilization for entire humanity). Therefore, this insistence prevents us all from reaching the moral level, at which the possession of such powerful propelling devices would become safe and would NOT threaten that any of morally immature politicians with belligerent tendencies will cause the destruction of all inhabitants of the Earth. Fortunately, the postulated, for example, by this web page partia_totalizmu_statute.htm and by related to it web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm the implementation of the "nirvana political system" which would completely eliminate "money" from use, brings the potential to reverse the current trend of the moral decline of humanity and thus could open the people's access to these powerful propelling drives of our future. There is a chance that "in one way or the other" the humanity still will develop for itself the "nirvana political system". For example, even if everyone ignores the postulated by me peaceful implementation of the "nirvana political system" which would begin the straightening of people's morality warped by money - while simultaneously stopping or reducing further punishments from God, still the continuation of the moral fall of humanity is to create conditions that soon it will be this fall that will lead to automatic "implementation" of the "nirvana political system" as a result of the arrival of the "Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s" illustrated by indicated below "Film #A3c" (in Polish) available from the YouTube address This is because the "Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s" is to remove from Earth both "money" and also almost all people used to live for money (for details "how" and "why" see the caption under the starter labelled "Film #A3c" from my web page named partia_totalizmu_statute.htm). Click on the starter of the above half-hour movie-film #A3b to view it. [/b]

Film #J3c: Here is the starter of another free, 4-minute-long, educational video from YouTube entitled [b]How Big is the Magnocraft? - available to anyone at the address It illustrates the sizes, appearances, and examples of flights of all eight discoidal manned Magnocrafts (i.e. Magnocrafts types K3 to K10) by comparing their sizes with the sizes of objects commonly known to people. Click on the starter of the above four-minute-long #J3c film to view it.[/b]

#J4. Examples of evidence which exists on Earth and confirms the use of giant starships working on principles of operation of my Magnocrafts for technical formation of tornadoes and hurricanes:
       Here are examples of material evidence already identified and gathered by scientists other than myself (but wrongly interpreted by them), which evidence proves that hurricanes and tornadoes are technically induced on Earth by the giant planetor starships described above in item #J3, driven by the same principles of operation that my Magnocrafts use, only that in flights over Earth these planetor starships operate in the "state of telekinetic flickering" that makes them invisible to human eyes. (Unfortunately, these other well-paid scientists the evidence that they should research, as usual, explain completely wrongly and quite illogically - so that needed was the courage of a "hobbyist" to explain this evidence in accordance with truth and logic.) 
       (A) Scientifically documented phenomena that are characteristic for the operation of a giant starship that uses the principle of operation of my Magnocraft for flights. They provide the first group of examples of evidence for the existence and presence of a giant starship ("G7 type planetor") travelling on the principle of operation of my Magnocraft and flying in the state of "telekinetic flickering" (and thus invisible to human eyes). These phenomena have been scientifically registered and documented during the so-called "NOAA42 incident" - which took place during research on the "eye" of the hurricane called Hugo. This hurricane appeared in 1989 in the Caribbean Islands and then devastated the south-eastern United States. Examples of evidence from this group include, but are not limited to: 
(A1) The presence in the "eye" of hurricane "Hugo" eight counter-clockwise swirls of air displaying "tornado" features, scientifically known in English as "mesovortices". These "mesovortices" are simply a misleading scientific name for strong tornadoes that are generated on the deprived clouds inside of the "hurricane eye" - while all attributes of which prove that they are generated by side propulsors of the invisible "planetor" starship hovering around half of the height of this "eye". (Notice that the reason why these powerful whirls of air are called mesovortices, instead of tornadoes, is the typical for today's scientists avoidance of the truth-seeking controversy - after all, the "official atheistic science" has developed a convenient explanation of how "tornadoes" are formed, but it requires fulfilment of a number of conditions, such as collision of winds and temperatures, the appearance of a cloud called "super cell" from which the tornado emerges, etc., while in the eye of a hurricane none of these conditions is met. So to avoid embarrassing queries, it is best for the same phenomena of tornadoes use a different name mesovortices and the entire controversy is elegantly suppressed.) From the attributes of these "mesovortices" of hurricane "Hugo" it follows that in the "planetor" starship type G7 with n=24 side propulsors, they were generated by swirls of the magnetic field produced by every third side propulsor - the Oscillatory Chambers of which were formed into a "spider configuration" allowing for swirling of the magnetic field that they generated. About the existence of these "mesovortices" the creators of the American film describing the so-called "NOAA42 incident" inform on 32:42 minute of the film (in April 2020 this film was available at the address A similar version of this movie-film in April 2020 was also available at the address - and in it these "mesovortices" were discussed at -4:45 minutes before the end of film. "Mesovortices" are also described in a scientific publication which in April 2020 was available to everyone via the website from the address It is worth to add, that these "mesovortices" have already been documented in many hurricanes - i.e. NOT only in hurricane "Hugo" described here to provide their "television" example well illustrated by widely available and interesting films. 
(A2) The number of these "mesovortices" (i.e. 8) and the diameters on which they were placed in the "eye of hurricane Hugo" - which on the basis of published films and descriptions can be extrapolated to positions compatible with every third working side propulsor of the "planetor" type G7 and with the position of these propulsors in that starship. Due to two-fold differences in the diameters of individual types of "planetor" starships, this compatibility remains, in spite that neither in the film nor in the literature precise dimensions or parameters of the funnel shape of this "eye of hurricane Hugo" were given. 
(A3) Cessation of work of radar electronics during the flight of the aircraft from the "NOAA42 incident" through hurricane "Hugo". This loss of operation of electronics is characteristic for the majority of cases when human technical devices approach a UFO vehicle. As such, it is widely reported in UFO literature. Its actual occurrence in the incident "NOAA42" is reported in both the above films about this incident. 
       (B) The existence on Earth of the "landing site" of the giant starship "G9" probably hovering over the former tip of an extinct volcano in the "plasma whirl mode of operation". This landing site provides us with a next group of examples of material evidence for activities on Earth of giant starships (in this case a "planetor" type G9 - which for its flights uses the principle of operation of my Magnocraft). This landing site is widely described and illustrated in Google under the name Eye of the Sahara - see its appearance shown in "Film #J4a" below. Meanwhile, from my research on UFO landing sites, it appears that the "Eye of the Sahara" was formed as a result of "removal" (effacement) of the top of a former mountain, e.g. an extinct volcano, by such a "G9" planetor, hanging just above it at low altitude, when its propulsors operated in the "magnetic whirl mode" which generates the whirling plasma that has melted and evaporated most of the top of this mountain - in a manner similar to the plasma of a crewed UFO type K6 melted and evaporated in New York WTC skyscrapers. Specific examples of evidence which documents that this "Eye of the Sahara" was actually formed by "removal" of the top of the mountain with the plasma whirl of a giant "planetor" starship "G9" type, include, amongst others: 
(B1) The geometry of this "Eye of the Sahara". It exactly coincides with the characteristics of the landing site of G9 type "planetor" starship. In turn this characteristic can be easily calculated and defined from the results of my research on landing sites of other Magnocraft-like starships described in my publications. 
(B2) Dimensions of this "Eye of the Sahara". They coincide with the approximate dimensions of the "planetor" starship G9 type evaporating rocks with its plasma whirl. It is necessary to remember that: the plasma whirl of starships flying on the principle of operation of the Magnocraft surrounds these starships with a thick layer several times exceeding the height of these spaceships; that this whirl narrows its diameter as it moves away from the propulsors; and that the surface on which evaporation occurs coincides with the outer surface of the plasma whirl. 
(B3) The presence in this "Eye of the Sahara" of melted minerals which show attributes resulting from their melting by the plasma whirl of a starship working on the principle of operation of my Magnocraft. These minerals are described in Internet reports from the research of the "Eye of the Sahara" - many of which the reader will find in publications indicated e.g. by Google. 
       © Literature reporting stories and myths of various nations of the world that refer to giant starships capable of levelling mountains and forming tornadoes and hurricanes. Let us indicate here some examples of such literature. 
(C1) The book [#J4C1] by a Polish traveller named Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski (1878-1945), entitled "Beasts, Men and Gods", Warszawa 1923. (This book also has a Polish language version, entitled "Przez kraj ludzi, zwierząt i bogów", LTW 2010, 272 pages, ISBN 978-83-7565-036-5.) In the content of this book, Ossendowski claims that the Tibetan lamas told him about the huge vehicles owned by the "Goro" saints whom possess secret knowledge and thus govern over the life and death of nations, while living in the underground land of Agharta (also written: Ahart or Agartha) near the palace of the Lord of the World. According to his claims, these vehicles of "Goro" supposedly can turn mountains into deserts, drain the seas, artificially cause hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. For an example of his claims on this subject, I will quote here one paragraph from Chapter XLVI (entitled THE SUBTERRANEAN KINGDOM) of the above book [#J4C1]: "The capital of Agharti is surrounded with towns of high priests and scientists. It reminds one of Lhasa where the palace of the Dalai Lama, the Potala, is the top of a mountain covered with monasteries and temples. The throne of the King of the World is surrounded by millions of incarnated Gods. They are the Holy Panditas. The palace itself is encircled by the palaces of the Goro, who possess all the visible and invisible forces of the earth, of inferno and of the sky and who can do everything for the life and death of man. If our mad humankind should begin a war against them, they would be able to explode the whole surface of our planet and transform it into deserts. They can dry up the seas, transform lands into oceans and scatter the mountains into the sands of the deserts. By his order trees, grasses and bushes can be made to grow; old and feeble men can become young and stalwart; and the dead can be resurrected. In cars strange and unknown to us they rush through the narrow cleavages inside our planet." However, although many Ossendowski's claims were later verified as fantasy (e.g. by Swedish traveller Sven Hedin), the fact remains that Ossendowski travelled quite a lot in the Far East, where he certainly heard many legends and stories from various people. So in spite that "to err is human", it is also worth remembering that "in every story there is a grain of truth". Thus, the duty of scientific seekers of truth (at least those who represent the new "totaliztic science") is to separate this grain from the chaff with which human imperfections surrounded it, instead of ignorantly trample over everything just because someone discovered that it also contains chaff. In other words, preventing the truth from warping can NOT depend on the proverbial "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" - which throwing nowadays is chronically repeated by the old "official atheistic science" due of its insisting on the existence of "taboo" topics and because of its avoidance of researching the subject areas which influential "luminaries of science" declared to be contradictory to canons of academia. Instead, this preventing should depend on finding a way to get that proverbial child out of the bath then pour the bathwater out and show to the world such a purified proverbial baby. 
(C2) The Polish "Wincenty’s tale" that summarizes the essence of local folk knowledge about the glassy tunnel from "Babia Góra", Poland, used in the Middle Ages by local robbers as a hiding place and storage of looted treasures. This tale also refers to the flying machines owned by inhabitants of some underground land and claims that the tunnels from the Polish "Babia Góra" had connections with all continents on Earth. It was published in Polish treatise [4b] entitled "Tunele NOL spod Babiej Góry" (meaning "UFO tunnels from Babia Góra" disseminated free of charge in PDF format via my web page tekst_4b.htm. I also published it in English, amongst others, in subsection V5.3.2 from volume 17 of my monograph [1/5] - disseminated free of charge from almost all my web pages via the web page named text_1_5.htm. It is repeated also in English, among others, in item #G3 from my web page named aliens.htm. The main entrance to the glassy tunnel from Polish "Babia Góra" was a stone gate camouflaged in the shape of a rock similar to the one that someone accidentally captured on a film with his cellphone in Northern Ireland, and which in May 2020 could still be seen e.g. at
(C3) The book [#J4C3] by Alec MacLellan, "The Lost World of Agharti: The Mystery of Vril Power". It describes the system of tunnels and caves which it claims to also cover the entire planet and which is extremely similar to the tunnel from "Wincenty’s tale". It also describes the "omnipotent creatures" living in these tunnels and the "Master of the World". The content of this book is more extensively summarized in English under the number [4V5.3.3] in "Re. #5" from subsection V5.3.3 in volume 17 of my monograph [1/5] disseminated for free from my web page named text_1_5.htm
(C4) Legends of US Indians about an underground land similar to Agharta - collected in the book [#J4C4] by Lucile Taylor Hansen (1897-1976) and entitled "He Walked the Americas". These legends are summarized in the English-language in approximately 10-minute long film that in May 2020 was still available from the address under the title "Paiute Indians Have Seen Something That We Cannot Even Imagine!" 
(C5) A description of the abduction to just such underground caves of Betty Luca from the USA, and her meeting with the "King of the World". This abduction and meeting is presented in the book [2S1.4] by Raymond E. Fowler, "The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two", Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632, USA, 1982, ISBN 0-13-036624-2. It is interesting that in research of Betty Luca appears also the "King of the World". He is mentioned, amongst others, in the above book [2S1.4], while described more exactly in the Polish book [1V5.3.3] by Raymund E. Fowler (translated into Polish by Ryszard Z. Fiejtek): "Sprawa Andreasonow", Agencja NOLPRESS, Białystok (Poland) 1991, ISBN 83-85212-01-9. Numerous reports on this "King of the World" are provided in subsection V5.3.3 from volume 17 of my monograph [1/5] disseminated for free via the totaliztic web page named text_1_5.htm
       (C") The above literature descriptions (C1) to (C5) should, however, be supplemented with an explanation of consequences of the mastery of skills of counter-matter programming by technically highly advanced civilizations - which skills allow them to programmatically create "portals" (gateways) which later provide instant connections (corridors) between Earth's undergrounds and any other area in our physical world, causing that the "underground kingdom of Agharta" while being located NOT on Earth, but perhaps even in the most distant from the Earth area of the physical world, still on these few people who came to Agharta and then returned to Earth, will give a false impression that it is located in Earth's caves and undergrounds. Thus, to descriptions of the evidence from above (C1) to (C5) I should also add the vital information about my own extraordinary experience of 1995 in the Warsaw's church by the President's Palace. I described this experience in item #D6.1 from my web page named timevehicle.htm while later explained and extended by findings of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) describing the structure of the physical world and the operation of "reversible software time". (The "reversible software time" I also call the "human time" because in it age all people and all other living organisms. The structure and the work of which reversible human time are described, among others, in Polish monograph [12] disseminated in Internet free of charge through my web page named tekst_12.htm.) That my own extraordinary experience confirmed that the mysterious land of "Agharta" does NOT need to hide under the Himalayas, nor even on Earth, although with the Earth's undergrounds it must have a direct connection. After all, such a direct connection between Earth and Agharta allows inhabitants of Agharta to rob from humans the so-called "moral energy" that is necessary for living, for longevity, and for maintaining good humour - as I described it more thoroughly in item #A3.4 from my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. This is because the atheistic beings that themselves are NOT secretly enslaved by some other beings that would parasite on them, may develop their civilisation along the same road of exploitation and worshipping of money and laziness, by which road currently the humanity is going. In turn going along this road they may, similarly like inhabitants of Agharta, lift their technology to the level of "sixth technical era" described in item #J4.6 from my web page named propulsion.htm. While in that "sixth technical era" they learn how programmatically "bend space and create bridges over time", while the knowledge of bending the space allows them to secretly rob from "moral energy" the inferior to them civilizations of their relatives, which earlier for the purpose of just such a robbery they established on other planets - for details see items #B3 to #B5 from the web page named evil.htm. After all, already now we know (see the Polish monograph [12] via "tekst_12.htm") that along the fourth (into-depth) linear dimension of the counter-world, along which our physical world was subdivided into countless unimaginably thin layers representing subsequent "steps" for individual jumps of the flow of our "reversible software time". Each such thin "time layer" is like a single frame in jumping display of films in today's cinemas - which fact is explained more comprehensively e.g. in item #D3 from my web page named god_proof.htm. So similarly as today's filming technicians can combine together any two frames of a long film that is to be shown in our cinemas, also advanced creatures that are able to program counter-matter, are able to deform these thin time layers so that any two of them begin to cling to each other. In turn such programmatical deformation of time layers causes that any two times and any two points in the space of our physical world will start to be adjacent to each other, which in turn will form the invisible to people so-called "portal" (gate) between two different places in space and/or times. Such a portal (gate) in turn will cause that distances between even the most distant points in space or in time can programmatically be reduced to sizes even smaller than millimetres. Therefore, after reprogramming the counter-matter in a way that at some point in our space a "portal" (a doorway, gate) will be created to another place in the physical world or to other time, our crossing of length even smaller than one our small step, can instantly move us to any remote place in the physical world or to any past or future time. As the result, e.g. anywhere in any cave such technically advanced creatures can create invisible to people "portals" (doorways, gates), after entering which, without even knowing it, people can suddenly be moved to a different place in space and different point in time that can be anywhere far away, i.e. even on another planet or in a distant galaxy. Such a move can be similar to the one that I experienced in Warsaw, Poland, in 1995, after crossing the threshold of the church by the President's Palace I suddenly found myself in a church which does NOT exist in Warsaw. Only 11 years later, namely in 2006 (while already in New Zealand) I recognized on a film that in 1995 I was in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in the Polish village of "Święta Lipka" (the Polish name of which village means "Saint Linden Tree"), means in the church located about 242 kilometres from Warsaw - i.e. about three and a half hours of a relatively fast car ride from the gate to the church right next to the President's Palace, which church in Warsaw I really tried to enter during that my extraordinary experience of 1995. 
       (D) The actual existence on Earth of areas where products (evidence) of the destructive operation of "planetors" can be seen - e.g. where according to descriptions in Ossendowski's book [#J4C1] above, "mountains have been scattered into sands of the deserts". One of many examples of such areas is Sahara. Before the time of the Biblical deluge, in the place of today's sands of the Sahara desert there were forested mountain ranges and fertile valleys with huge rivers and lakes, filled with animals and numerous human settlements. To this day even survived old maps showing how this fertile area once looked like. (Copies of some of these maps can be found on the internet - e.g. watch from 27:30 minute in the approximately 43-minute long free video entitled "AleshiaJulianna371 Episode 01 The Evidence" which in July 2020 still was available online at the address However, for some reasons, just after the Biblical flood, the mountains of this area were technically leveled and turned into unique sand formed from rocks evaporated by huge "planetors", while valleys and former human settlements were buried with heaps of this extraordinary sand of the Sahara. The Sahara sand consists of spherical droplets of solidified vapors formed from evaporated by "planetors" former mountains that once existed in areas of today's Sahara - i.e. droplets very similar to the droplets of the dust formed after UFO evaporated New York's WTC skyscrapers, as described in more detail on my web pagee named wtc.htm. Only that because the powers (and temperatures) of the plasma whirl technically created by "planets" are much higher than those made by New York's K6 type UFOs, the Sahara droplets have diameters much larger than the dust droplets from WTC in New York. Sand made of such spherical grains behaves more like a liquid than like solid matter. That is why in Sahara there are so numerous so-called dry quicksands in which one can drown. Spherical grains also cause that Sahara sand is NOT suitable for use on construction sites as a component of concrete. Thus, for example, the living on heaps of sands of their deserts Arabs are forced to import sand from overseas. After all, for sand to be suitable for construction, its grains must be angular, so that in concrete mortar they wedge each other and hold as a solid whole. Meanwhile, it is known that only natural erosion of rock into sand, caused e.g. by changes in weather, produces angular grains of sand. In contrast, sand with spherical grains must be produced mainly technically, e.g. when a device generates a temperature that causes evaporation of the rock, the drops of which then solidify in the air into round balls. In turn, such round balls make up not only the Sahara sand, but also a significant proportion of fallouts of "trinitite" in places of former nuclear explosions, and dust particles settled in New York after UFO evaporation of WTC skyscrapers. Unfortunately, as usual, the "official atheistic science", which as a standard always rejects my findings of truth, has its own primitive explanation why the Sahara sand grains are spherical - means different from the angular shapes of sands of rivers, beaches and glacial remains. Namely, this official atheistic science claims that the reason for their sphericity is the prolonged mixing of grains of this sand by winds - which caused wear and tear of their sharp edges. However, this explanation conveniently and naively omits some important understatements, for example, what then happens to the dust with smaller than sand and still angular grains, which dust must be constantly produced by such rapid friction breaking of the sharp edges from square sand grains, and where this dust is accumulated (after all, in nature nothing disappears). Also, for example, it omits the explanation why sands from coastal beaches and rivers, which are exposed to even stronger and at least the same long-lasting mutual rubbing caused by water movements that are even more vigorous than winds, still keep their angular edges so useful for construction. So let us summarize here this extensive body of evidence, which in addition to the "eye of the Sahara" already discussed in (B) above, documents - using Ossendowski's words from his [#J4C1] that, for example, Sahara, as well as many other unique remains on Earth, were formed technically from "mountains scattered into sands of the desert". 
(D1) Significant evidence has already been accumulated that before the Biblical flood in the area of the current Sahara there were mountain ridges, fertile valleys, rivers, lakes, human settlements and a lot of animals - and all this after the flood, abruptly in just a few decades, was "leveled" into a flat a desert filled with piles of unique kind of sand. An English-language film to initiate a search for the truth on this subject matter may be, for example, the YouTube film still available in May 2020 entitled You Won’t Believe What’s Buried Under the Sahara…Hidden Lost Ancient Civilizations
(D2) Sahara sand grains possess unique features which document their formation by condensation in the air of vapors of the rock evaporated by plasma whirl of "planetors". Exploring the huge evidence on this topic can begin with the English-language film still available in May 2020, entitled World Is Running Out Of Sand — Why There's Now A Black Market For It
(D3) In the Sahara desert there are a lot of areas covered with "desert glass", for the creation of which the only explanation that meets all their features is the melting of the mountains once existing there with the super-hot plasma whirl of giant "planetors", the temperature of which whirl exceeds 1600 degrees Celsius needed for melting this glass (unfortunately this does NOT stop today's scientists, who are not used to multidisciplinary and comprehensive thinking, from inventing various naive theories, e.g. about the fall of comets, with which they try to explain the emergence of these areas). Illustrations of these areas show, for example, English-language films still available in May 2020 under the titles Libyan Desert GlassEgyptian nuclear glass = Ancient Atomic War, czy Spearhead Plateau & Silica Glass Valley of the Sahara
(D4) In other places on Earth there is also evidence present that various structures were subjected to melting or evaporation by the plasma whirl of "planetors". One example of such evidence is the top of Sacsayhuaman in Peru, where the fortress that stood in there has melted tops of stone buildings and walls, another is the ruins in Britain - for illustrations of both of them see English-language films still available on the Internet in May 2020 and entitled Sacsayhuaman and Vitrified rocks, or vetrified ruins! - these British ruins are also explained by the official atheistic science as an outcome of comet hitting the earth. 
       (E) Relatively frequent documenting that in research of tornadoes independently from the main funnel of the tornado emerging from the centre of the cloud which hides inside the invisible to people "planetor" forming this tornado, around the perimeter of this cloud are also documented funnels of smaller tornadoes. Thus, this main funnel of such tornadoes indicates the place where the main propulsor of the starship hidden in there is located in the "super cell" cloud, while the ring of small side funnels of tornados indicates places where located are the side propulsors of the starship hiding in the cloud. (Notice that in the explanation of the "official atheistic science" for the mechanism of tornado formation, the justification for the existence of such a garland of smaller side tornados surrounding the funnel of the main tornado is the same as old Polish proverbs justification for the need of existence of the proverbial "fifth wheel in a cart".) Example of the film "Super Twisters" which documents the existence of these side funnels, is discussed in item #E5 from my web page named tornado.htm
       (F) The Bible's testimony that giant starships capable of the planetary scale works discussed here can be built. In item #J3 of my web page named malbork_uk.htm I explained that the technical interpretation of biblical descriptions of the flying city called "New Jerusalem" reveals that this city will actually be a "four-propulsor Magnocraft" type T12. In turn the T12 type of this starship is already too huge to belong to the class of "manned spacecraft". In size it corresponds to the G2 type of "planetors". It can also magnetically couple with the type G2 into a flying configuration - a much smaller version of which coupling, consisting of manned types K6 and T6 (instead of "planetor" types G2 and T12), is even documented in the film to which I link below in "Film #J4b"

Film #J4a: Here is the so-called "Eye of the Sahara" shown in a short, free, one-minute-long English-language film available on YouTube at the address [b] (Other films about the "Eye of the Sahara" can be easily searched in YT with the command: In conjunction with knowledge about the operation of my "Magnocraft" this "Eye of Sahara" is just one among numerous empirical evidence for the formation of tornadoes and hurricanes by the "planetors" sized starships. This evidence is visually the easiest to check by readers because it can be verified by simply comparing its attributes with attributes of spaceship landings described e.g. on my web pages named ufo_proof.htm or magnocraft.htm. The above unique form of the "Eye of the Sahara" was created technically when one of the "planetor" starships type G9, designed to perform works on planetary scale, with its "plasma whirl" evaporated the tip of a huge mountain, e.g. an extinct volcano - similarly as on September 11, 2001 two other Magnocraft-like spaceships evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York - see detailed explanations and evidence, which for WTC is presented on the web page named wtc.htm. After the evaporating most of the mountain (e.g. volcano) in this way, on Earth just remained the documented in the above film the pattern of destruction which displays all the characteristic elements and attributes of Magnocraft-like vehicles landings. Thus, the "Eye of the Sahara" shown above is one among a series of empirical evidence with features verifiable by almost every interested person - the unique attributes of which in the above item #J4 from this web page named hurricane.htm are explained as proving that the same giant starships "planetors" are used on Earth and thus any moment can be ordered to technically create e.g. tornadoes, hurricanes, rapid weather changes, climate changes, etc. (Click on the above starter of this film to view it.) [/b]

Film #J4b: Here is a 22-second-long film (movie) which documents the flight of a H6 type four-propulsor Magnocraft magnetically coupled with a K6 type manned discoidal Magnocraft. The above film is available free of charge on YouTube at the address [b] (One can search for other copies of it by using the command: The above film entitled "Penampakan UFO Di Langit Di Kuala Krai" documents the configuration of two mutually magnetically coupled UFO vehicles, which flies next to a large building, while hulls of both starships are switched to a complete transparency useful during night flights. Thus, on the other side of almost transparent discoidal UFO type K6 one can clearly see on this film the shape of a "torpedo-like" of the four-propulsor UFO type T6 - which magnetically clings to the floor of a discoidal UFO. In addition, this video demonstrates that the transparent hull of a discoidal UFO is completely transparent only in areas where the human (and camera's) viewing angle is close to a right angle (i.e. close to 90 degree angle). However, when this angle of view begins to decrease, the transparency of this hull also decreases - as we know it well from watching our transparent kitchen saucers. In turn when the viewing angle begins to be almost zero, then this transparency completely disappears - for this reason currently often filmed are discoidal UFOs (described e.g. in item #A6.4 from my web page named portfolio.htm), in which only fragments of their transparent hull are visible, which are oriented toward the viewer or filmmaker at an angle close to zero. This fact of the dependence of the level of transparency of the UFO shell from the angle of its orientation relative to the viewer causes that on the above highly informative video we can see exactly all the curves of this shell, which are characteristic for UFOs type K6. (For an example what exact shape and appearance must have manned Magnocraft-like space vehicles type K6 see "Fig. #A3(K6)" from my web page named magnocraft.htm.) Furthermore, at the very beginning of this highly informative video, this UFO type K6 flies outside of a multi-story building with windows arranged in 10 columns. Because typically windows in opaque old-type buildings are spaced about every 3.5 meters apart, this means that the filmed UFO was about D=35 [meters] in diameter, so it was just type K6. (The previous smaller type K5 of UFOs has a half smaller diameter than the K6 UFOs - so it could NOT cover the width of such a large building, in turn the next larger type K7 UFOs must have completely different shapes and outlines of their shell from those documented on this excellent video - e.g. see "Fig. #A4a" from my web page named magnocraft.htm.) [/b]
       Notice that if such a discoidal starship with propulsors containing "spider configurations" of Oscillatory Chambers hovers just above the ground while its propulsion system is still operating in the "magnetic whirl" mode of operation, then its rotating magnetic field will form on the ground the unique "landing site", the pattern of which for a "hanging position" of starship and for its hovering above the ground at appropriately selected height, will look exactly the same as the "Eye of the Sahara" shown previously on "Film #J4a" (except that for types of starship different than G9, the dimensions of such "landing site" will be different than the dimensions of the "Eye of the Sahara").

#J5. Why present scientists do NOT notice the provided here nor contained in other areas of our reality, examples of evidence existing on Earth which confirm the use of giant starships operating on principles of my Magnocrafts for the technical (means NOT natural - in only which now people believe) formation of tornadoes and hurricanes:
       Evidence which documents that everything that happens in our physical world is actually implemented with "God's hands" (or more strictly with programs prepared by God and in the Bible called the "word" while in my publications described in items #J4.5 and #J4.6 from web page named propulsion.htm), is embedded into everything that surrounds us. The reasons for its presence in everything are explained quite well in item #J5 from my web page named petone.htm. However, to not deprive people of "free will" this evidence is hidden in the component of every event, which can be called the "margin of indeterminacy" and which I described in item #S2 from my web page named plague_pl.htm. However, God created our physical world so wisely and far-sightedly, that everything that happens in it looks as if it were implemented by mechanisms of the laws of nature. Therefore, in order to notice this evidence, one needs to be a particularly thorough observer. Fortunately, if one sees the first example of it, then the next examples can be noticed more and more easily. This is why God especially highlighted the evidence about the technical origin of hurricanes and tornadoes. This highlight is based on the fact that these weather phenomena usually cause unpleasant events for people, and thus that people are typically afraid of them and watch them with particular attention. After all, if this evidence was included in phenomena such as e.g. pleasant winds in sunny weather, then no-one would closely follow or examine it. 
       In spite, however, that the evidence described in this "part #J" is so strongly highlighted, very many people, including professional researchers, NOT only that they did NOT notice it, but even if they were somehow acquainted with it, then they still would consciously reject and ignore it. In the light of my research, one of the most important reasons for this state of human awareness is that increasingly fewer people do physical work today. However, the physical work is the only way to learn about the existence of actual limitations of our physical world and to learn multidisciplinary and comprehensive thinking. For if one begins to work exclusively mentally, as today's professional scientists do for the entire their lifes, then these limitations, multidisciplinarity and comprehensiveness of the reality that surrounds us begin to escape from being noticed, because only thoughts and only imagination almost know no limits - if they are NOT supplemented by experience of physical work and actions. Thus, people who did NOT experienced the required amount of physical work begin to think in a way that is detached from the realities and limitations of actual life, locking their minds in the proverbial "ivory towers". This is why, for example, God places so much emphasis that the "moral work" required to achieve nirvana must be a physical work, NOT just a mental work - as I explain it in more detail in (IV) from item #A4 of my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. That is also why God also gives people so-called "free will" so that by observing who amongst people rejects and ignores the truth, God is able to qualify individuals to categories in the Bible called "chaff" or "grain", or "goat" or "sheep". After all, just like us when we would NOT agree to work and to live in the same house or apartment with every possible person (e.g. unruly, criminally inclined, or acting very stupidly), similarly also God wisely and carefully chooses with whom He will decide to spend all eternity in the future - as I am explaining this, amongst others, in item #S1 of other web page called plague.htm

Part #?: ...(These parts of thie web page are reserved for future use)...
#?1. ...(Items reserved for the future development and use)...

Part #Z: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#Z1. To summarise:
       I do hope, that the content of this web page served as a kind of "eye opener".

#Z2. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in research and learning the mechanism that controls weather on Earth:
       Our thorough knowledge of the work of winds, hurricanes, tornados, fogs, climate, and other mechanisms which control weather on Earth, presented on this web page, is immensely vital for human lives. After all, depending on how well we learn these mechanisms will impact how fast and how effectively we master weather, means - we master phenomena which presently trouble people the most. In turn mastering weather on Earth will cause, that our lives cease to be continually exposed to hazards of nature, thus becoming more happy and more fulfilled. Unfortunately, eventual convincing of other scientists and decision makers to undertake research in directions indicated on this web page places a requirement that everything presented here on one hand must be easily understandable and well explained, but on the other hand is not making shallow or sounding naive the work of mechanisms described here. Therefore, the development of this web page requires a lot of thoughts and improvements. As such, it cannot be carried out in just a single go, or in a single boost of inspiration, but must be laboriously worked out after being extended onto a longer period of time. So in future this web page will be periodically improved and simplified, as soon as I find further ways for even a better presentation and explanation of the information made available here. So I am inviting you to visit this web page again at some stage in the future, in order to check what new improvements I am going to introduce to the presentation of this web page. 
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at addresses: (posts from #89 = i.e. from 2006/11/11) (posts from #293 = i.e. from 2018/2/23) (posts from #293 = i.e. from 2018/3/16) 
All posts to blogs of totalizm (almost each one of which is translated and published again in English) are also available in my publication [13] which is disseminated free of charge via the web page named tekst_13.htm
       All above addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages. On the blogs many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#Z3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#Z4. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm). 
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life). 
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. 

#Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link. 
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#Z6. Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak:
              Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pająk. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below). 

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