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Telekinetic cell (2020)
Our civilisation is in serious troubles. The energy reserves of it are close to running out. For example, some researchers estimate, that around a half of energy resources of our planet, such as crude oil or coal, are already exhausted. We are endangered by the so-called "energy death" - unless we find a new source of clean energy reasonably soon. As it turns out, such a source is already known to us. It is a phenomenon which represents an exact reversal of friction. It is called the "Telekinetic Effect". The extensive description of it is provided on two web pages, namely on pages about "free energy devices" and about the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". In a manner opposite to friction converting motion directly into heat, this "Telekinetic Effect" converts heat directly into motion. So in order to gain an access to unlimited amounts of energy, it is enough to trigger this telekinetic effect in a wire of conductor. After being triggered, it will cause the motion of electrons within the volume of this wire, at a cost of heat absorbed spontaneously by this wire from the air which surrounds it. But as we know, the motion of electrons in a wire constitutes an electric current. Means the device of my invention which will trigger this Telekinetic Effect in a wire of conductor will generate electricity while consuming heat contained in the environment of it. I call this device the "telekinetic cell". The jokingly it can also be called a "fridge in reverse" - after all it cools down the air while generating electricity. The construction and work of this device for sure is feasible. As I discovered it during writing this web page, in the first half of 20th century a primitive version of it was manufacturing after being embedded into components of so-called "crystal radio". It was for this reason that crystal radios were the only appliances on Earth that worked perfectly without using any energy supply. This web page describes the most vital details of design and principles of operation of such telekinetic cell. 

The content of this web page is authorized by [b]Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature. [/b]

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. What are goals of this web page:
       The goal of this web page is realising that our civilisation is just a small step away from constructing devices which generate energy without causing pollution of the natural environment. It is also to explain the general principle on which these devices are going to work. 

Part #B: Problem with the terminology which names matters by their names:
#B1. Why it is necessary to use "misleading names" to describe devices for the pollution-free generation of energy:
       As we know, the official human science claims categorically that the so-called "perpetual motion" devices NEVER can be build. Supposedly such devices would run against sentimental for the science so-called "laws of thermodynamics" - which laws were formulated at the toddler age of the present official science, means in these very old times when the humanity developed its first steam locomotives. But just in case someone tries to prove that the science is also in this matter at wrong - after all being wrong seems to be already a long tradition of the official science, present scientists viciously attack everyone who does NOT agree with these old revelations. Also scientists officially pretend that they do NOT know that just such devices were already build on the Earth, while a number of their working prototypes is described on web pages free_energy.htmtelekinetics.htmeco_cars.htmboiler.htm, as well as on this page. Thus, in order to not expose themselves on attacks of the official science, inventors which work at present on various versions of "perpetual motion" devices call them with different names. One amongst most popular such new names, is "free energy devices". However, I personally would suggest to give to them more scientifically explanatory name devices for clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena, which name stems from the philosophical premises outlined in item #G2 from the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm, and summarised in next item #B2. The "telekinetic cell" described on this web page, belongs to the category of just such devices. 

#B2. What are "free energy devices" from the philosophical point of view:

       What really are "free energy devices" from the point of view of philosophy, it is explained comprehensively in item #G2 from the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm, and illustrated on an example in item #F1 of the web page free_energy.htm. In order to briefly summarise here these explanations, such devices are simply kinds of "windmills" which are propelled by kinds of natural "winds" that blow forever with always sufficiently strong power. In turn we already know in the nature quite a lot of such phenomena which can work as "everlasting and strong winds". After all, their examples include: the rotational motion of the Earth, orbiting of the Moon, difference of temperatures between the environment and the absolute zero, cosmic noise, and many more. Thus, a good descriptive name for these perpetual phenomena would be the name self-renewable and incessant natural phenomenaused in the previous item. In turn a good explanatory name for "perpetual motion" devices continually propelled by just such everlasting phenomena would be the name "devices for clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena" that was already used in the previous item, and also used in item #G2 from the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm
       One amongst examples of just such phenomena, utilised in the principle of operation of the "telekinetic cell" discussed here, is the kind of natural tendency of the thermal energy to spontaneously outflow in such a manner that it causes a spontaneous fall of temperature. This tendency manifests itself through a phenomenon called the "Telekinetic Effect" which in reality is a "reversal of friction". Similarly as friction causes a spontaneous conversion of motion into heat, this Telekinetic Effect causes a spontaneous conversion of heat into motion.

#B3. How one can quickly determine whether a "clean free energy generator" or "perpetual motion motor" advertised or described in a publication (or a film, photo, patent, etc.) in a way that it prevents one from physically determining the truth, is truly able to generate free energy or perpetual motion:

Motto: "Give to hungry a fish and you feed him for one day - teach hungry how to fish and you feed him for lifetime" (Korean proverb)        Technical devices which nowadays can be called "clean free energy generators" or "perpetual motion motors" belong to exactly the same class as all other "propelling devices" described in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 (especially in #J4.4) from my web page named propulsion.htm and defined by the indicated and discussed in there Cyclic Tables (most easily searched through their Polish name Tablica Cykliczności) as well as our films - including the YouTube free film entitled Future Propulsions. Thus, they must also comply with all laws (i.e. the ones which are truly applicable), regularities and principles of operation that all other "propelling devices" described in there must meet - including those laws and principles that also must meet motors, propulsors, and "generators of dirty marketable energy", which elites and "official atheistic science" has allowed mankind to build, implement for mass production, and describe in textbooks. (Notice that I deliberately emphasize the word "dirty" in the names of these fuel-powered "propelling devices" and in the name of this "marketable energy" - only which elites and the "official atheistic science" so far allow people to use and which represent the negative contradiction of "pure free energy" described here. After all, the ways of producing these "dirty" fuels and "dirty" energy that are officially allowed at present, typically spread destructive pollutants, poisons, noises, unnecessary financial burdens, psychological devastation, spiritual warping, etc., which have already led mankind and Earth to a regrettable state - manifestations of which we currently see how they are ruining our civilization.) Unfortunately, in contrast to these "dirty fuel-powered" propelling devices and in opposition to these "generators of dirty marketable energy", so-far humanity did NOT receive almost any chance to officially learn anything practical about described here "pure free energy generators" and about "perpetual motion motors". Therefore so-far we often do NOT know about them even what constitutes their "working medium" from which they draw the energy that propels them, or what exactly are the principles of their operation, etc. Therefore, in order to somehow understand how to build them and how to make them work, it is necessary to adopt some "symbolic model (or pattern) of whatever drives them" - which in our analyses and descriptions is to explain to us their design and principle of operation and which is to allow us the gradual refining of details of their design and operation in a rational, logical and technical way. Luckily, the results of my over 35 years long research, analysis and dissemination of these "propelling devices" that work continuously without the use of fuel and without the need to power them with generated by human industry the "dirty sellable energy" - i.e. the research which was initiated by the development of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, inspired me to find just such a "symbolic model (or pattern) of whatever drives them". In turn this finding will gradually allow us to work out everything about them. This symbolic model (or pattern) is the known to everyone "wind". Namely, if one considers carefully the general principles of propelling, then the operation of all existing propulsion systems and devices for generating energy can be simplified to the idea that they all are propelled by one among many of such symbolic "winds" - some of which are described in item #B2 from this web page. Only that in each one of these devices the energy carrier of the "wind" can be something completely different, for example can be: ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, electric charge accumulated in metal structures (e.g. in railway steel rails), force of gravitation, magnetic field, telekinetic field, telepathic waves, etc. Hence also technical solutions that will convert the energy of this symbolic "wind" into, for example, motion or electricity, for each of them will be slightly different. 
       So let us now quote here the "functional definition" of "perpetual motion motors" and "clean free energy generators" based on the above explanations, which definition I (i.e.: Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk) finally developed as the result of these over 35 years of my research. This functional definition of "propelling devices" working without any external fuel or power supply, turns out to be highly helpful in the gradual development and implementation for them the: principles of operation, basic components, design requirements that their components must meet, etc. (How significantly this definition may help in practice, it makes us aware the caption under "Film #B3c" below.) This my "functional definition" of these devices can be worded as follows: the "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" are "propelling devices" which work properly without providing them with any fuel nor the need to connect them to e.g. "dirty sellable energy" previously generated by people, while which basic function boils down to the conversion of some symbolic and sometimes even imperceptible to people "wind" that "blows" relatively continuously for very long-time, into a selected oscillating, cyclic, or rotational motion, which in its fluctuations, cycles or revolutions accumulates energy of this "wind" thus allowing either the acquiring of this accumulated energy for purposes of supplying people with technically usable energy, or allowing the visual demonstration of it in the form of some kind of movement. Please note here, that the achieving of success in building such "pure free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" is enhanced: (a) because in this definition I used the term "symbolic wind" instead of using the specific names of phenomena that may either still remain unknown to our civilization (e.g. as so-far unknown to humanity remains the "software that controlls the behaviours of continously moving counter-matter" described generally in items #J4.5 and #J4.6 of my web page named propulsion.htm, while in terms of origins and work of it - explained in item #K1 from my web page named god_exists.htm); or (b) because in this definition I used the term "symbolic wind" instead of using the specific phenomena that may already be known to humanity (similarly like known is telekinesis and telepathy) but still are stubbornly unrecognized and negated by the backwardly corrupt institution of "official atheistic science"; or © because my use in this definition the concept of "symbolic wind", may inspire some builders of these devices to have the courage to search for, and to use, also the phenomena and laws of nature which still are NOT even imaginable to our civilization (although perhaps already pre-programmed into the surrounding reality by our omniscient and far-sightedly planning God). 
       It is also worth remembering, that similarly as it happens with already constructed "propelling devices" described in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page named propulsion.htm while well illustrated in our half-hour long film entitled Future Propulsions that is linked from the caption under "Film #B3c" below, for every different kind of such "symbolic wind" it also is possible to build "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" that can (and with the progress of our knowledge - for sure will) belong to one of three generations possible to be build for each given type of such "wind". In each of these three generations the source of energy transferred to these devices will be the following (different) attributes of a given "wind": 
(I) In the first of these three generations the symbolic "wind" transfers to a given device the propelling energy contained in (i) the force of its pressure on elements of given device. However, because such force of pressure typically has low energy, devices based on it typically are barely able to overcome friction. Therefore their usefulness depends mainly on illustrating that despite the false claims of the "official atheistic science" the generating of "perpetual motion" is possible after all. Thus nowadays, they are mainly useful for visually intriguing viewers and hence for attracting entire crowds of curious people to places showing such "perpetuum mobile" - e.g. see the exhibit of the machine currently shown in the corridor of the "Technisches Museum Vienna" (i.e. "Technical Museum Vienna") while illustrated e.g. on a film from the address . 
(II) However, in the second of these three generations, the symbolic "wind" transfers to a given device the propelling energy contained both in (i) the force of its pressure on the elements of this device, and in (ii) the inertia that it transmits (e.g. when this "wind" is magnetic field, then also the energy released by the so-called "Telekinetic Effect" - as this is done by the "telekinetic battery" of my invention described on this web page). Therefore this second generation of devices described here recovers from the symbolic "wind" already enough energy to be able to effectively generate the useful for people "clean free energy"
(III) In turn in the third of these three generations, the symbolic "wind" transfers to a given device the propelling energy contained in (i) the force of its pressure and in (ii) its inertia, as well as in its (iii) internal energy. In turn many of "winds" still unrecognized by our "official atheistic science" contain huge amounts of such internal energy. For example, in the "telepathic noise" so far resonated in the crust and in the atmosphere of our planet by all to-date explosions of nuclear bombs and by the breaking of atoms in nuclear reactors, a significant percentage of energy from these explosions and breaking of atoms is accumulated. In turn the energy of this "telepathic noise" can be concentrated and transformed into a useful form, e.g. at "focal points" of the pyramids. The enormity of this energy already now is clearly visible due to the destruction that the accumulation of this internal energy from the exciting everything "telepathic noise" currently causes with our climate, oceans, human emotions of the present Neo-Middle Ages Epoch, with the volcanic stability of our planet's crust, etc. - see our 34-minute long Polish-language film entitled "Zagłada Ludzkości 2030" available from the address Thus, the telepathic free energy devices described in my publications that are able to recover this internal energy from telepathic noise would be able to supply humanity with the amount of energy that satisfies all its needs for hundreds or even thousands of years - NOT to mention that they would "heal" and stabilize the life-giving of our planet destroyed nuclearly because of the ignorance of the "luminaries" of the old "official atheistic science" and of the ruling politicians deceived by claims of this science. 
       I have (unfortunately highly painful) the honour of being the first professional scientist in the world who (1) subjected the already built on Earth "perpetual motion motors" and "clean free energy generators" to objective and thorough theoretical and technical analyzes that detects phenomena and laws governing them at work, who (2) developed the world's first and still the only scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 explaining, among other things, that God intelligently, intentionally and far-sightedly encrypted into laws and phenomena he created for our physical world the opportunity to build "perpetual motion motors" and "clean free energy generators" - which without such intelligent and intentional encryption would NOT be able to work e.g. due to just "evolutionary coincidences" deceitfully persuaded into us by the corrupt "official atheistic science" (note here that in order to bypass the strong blockade secretly imposed onto this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 by the corrupt "official atheistic science" and by its collaborators, this theory is also disseminated under its other name the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), and who (3) already for over 35 years stubbornly published in all ways that are available for him the assurances (supported by numerous empirical evidence and by theoretical justifications) for interested experimenters, that "perpetual motion motors" and "clean free energy generators" can be built and for sure will work after being correctly constructed - thus unmasking the lies that deny the truth and that discourage the earning of progress, contained in the official claims of the old monopolistic "official atheistic science" and in its "laws of thermodynamics", and at the same time who exposes himself to constant harassments, removals from job, blocking the publications of my discoveries in scientific literature and in official media, etc. In addition, I also have the actual honour of personally becoming an inventor of several such banned by the official atheistic science and by greedy elite "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" - for example the inventor of the "telekinetic battery" described on this web page which brings the potential to save our civilization from the rapidly approaching "death due to lack of energy". 
       As a professional scientist with such achievements and at the same time able to prove myself through up to four times being appointed to posts of university professors (i.e. to two university professorships in Mechanical Engineering and two in Computer Sciences, all for the results of research on subjects completely different than those described here - which, however, does NOT deny my ability to think creatively and identify well-hidden truths), relatively often I am asked to give an opinion or answer to the question: whether any specific device shown on the internet, described by a patent, etc., actually is capable of generating "clean free energy" or of self-producing "perpetual motion"? Unfortunately, being constantly forced by the official disapproval of the researched subject areas to conduct my work alone without receiving any official financial support nor even a moral support, and in addition often being harassed by various individuals who like to set traps or pick on someone like in that old Polish proverb "all goats like to trample on a prostrate tree" (in the Polish language: "na już powalone drzewo wszystkie kozy naskakują"), I have NO time, energy nor obligation to answer all emails that I receive - about which fact I try to warn people who write to me (e.g. see item #L3 from my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm - that provides my email addresses). Therefore, according to the motto of this item #B3, to still help somehow DIYers trying to build for themselves any "clean free energy generator" or any "perpetual motion motor", and also to help our civilization toward avoiding the fast approaching self-destruction caused by escalation of environmental poisoning by fumes from generators of "dirty marketable energy" (see our free film entitled Future Propulsions), I decided to prepare this item #B3. In this item I will provide so needed by the experimental builders of "free clean energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" support in matters such as: (a) confirming the truth - where the truth is actually given, and (b) detecting possible frauds - where cheating or lying takes place, regarding whether a given device actually works (or will work) as a "generator of pure free energy" or as a "perpetual motion motor" - or rather it is just someone's scam to gain fame or to easily extort money? Because on the basis of my over 35 years long research on already existing "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors", and also on the basis of thinking about work of my own inventions of such devices, I discovered that there is an easy way to determine whether a given device has the right to act as such a generator or motor. This is because in order for any device to work as a "pure free energy generator" or as a "perpetual motion motor" into its construction and principle of operation must be included at least the most vital components that I will describe below. 
       My research described above and the general conclusions that emerged from these research reveal that the easiest way to determine the truth or deceit of someone's claim on the topic discussed here is to check whether the device analyzed contains and uses all components that are absolutely necessary to implement the above-formulated "functional definition" of "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" - the definition of which I developed as a result of my over 35 years of research. In turn to be able to successfully meet this functional definition, the requirement of operation of all such devices must include the actively present in them and properly working at least the following components: 
(1) The symbolic "wind" from which they are to draw the energy that propels them. In some devices this "wind" can either be generated e.g. by some components built into a given device (e.g. by magnets, if the "wind" is a magnetic field) - which then makes these devices similar to e.g. a locomotive or to a steam engine. However, this "wind" can also be captured from the environment, for example similarly as walls of pyramids catch "telepathic waves" reflecting off them and concentrating at their focal point, or similarly as the "Bhaskara Wheel" described below in caption under "Film #B3c" captures symbolic "wind" of its mercury being constantly attracted by gravitational forces. When capturing external "wind", the given device becomes similar to windmills or sailing ships. The person who builds or evaluates a given "clean free energy generator" or "perpetual motion motor" will be helped by knowing of what "wind" actually transfers its energy to his/her device. This knowing makes it easier to deduce the requirements and operating principles for the remaining components of his/her device. In the "telekinetic cell" discussed here, this symbolic "wind" is a magnetic field, while the generator of this "wind" are two magnets placed instead of cores in each of the two "telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2)" discussed in item #E1.1 below, and illustrated on "Fig. #C1" of this web page. 
(2) The component (I1, I2) of the device which intercepts the energy contained in the "wind" produced either by the device itself, or flowing into it from an external source - means the component redirecting this energy from the "symbolic wind" to the components of the device. This intercepting component always takes the form of some component of the device that triggers a specific phenomenon, which one or several attributes of the exploited kind of the symbolic "wind" converts into technically usable behavior of this component. For example, in the "telekinetic cell" described on this web page, the component of the cell which intercepts magnetic field energy are two coils of "telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2)" discussed in item #E1.1 below. These two coils accelerate and decelerate the magnetic field penetrating them from magnets placed in their center, triggering by this accelerated and decelerated magnetic field the phenomenon of the "Telekinetic Effect" which propells the movements of electrons contained in the metal of these coils. In turn these movements of electrons form an electric current which in the telekinetic cell is a useful source of electricity for people. In "clean free energy generators" or in "perpetual motion motors" of other types than the "Telekinetic Cell" described on this web page, such a mechanism of capture that intercepts energy from the "wind" generated by them or intercepts energy from the "wind" blowing onto them from the environment, may be anything that is able to take over the force of pressure, or inertia, or also the internal energy from any of the "winds" that exist in the physical world, i.e. NOT only the "winds" which I already described in item #B2 above on this web page, and in publications to which from this item #B2 links the reader, but also from "winds" about the existence of which so-far only God knows because He created them. So it can be something that generates or assumes the force of gravity or magnetic field strength, or the rotation of the Earth, or telepathic noise (concentrated e.g. by the coating of the pyramid), or the telekinetic effect, or electromagnetic waves (e.g. consider an antenna), etc. 
(3) The maintainer R of oscillatory motion, or the implementer of cyclically rotational motion which must be constantly maintained in a given technical device, so that it can intercept and accumulate in itself the energy from the symbolic "wind".The energy contained in the symbolic "wind" described above, can never be intercepted all at once, and must be taken from it gradually, portion by portion. This in turn means that the design of a given "clean free energy generator" or "perpetual motion motor" must also include "something" that will add and accumulate (store) subsequent portions of energy taken from this "wind". In turn for this "something" to NOT have to be too large, the most beneficial practically for this accumulation (storing) of small portions of energy are either oscillatory movements (e.g. some vibrations, waves, oscillations, swinging, etc.), or cyclically rotational movements (e.g. inertia of flywheel rotation). Thus, the requirement for every "clean free energy generator" or "perpetual motion engine" is to have such a stable component able to add and accumulate (store) portions of energy taken from the "wind". In other words it means practically that these devices must always consist also of some electric or electronic oscillating circuit, or pendulum, or a spinning wheel, etc. In the "telekinetic cell" discussed here, such a component which adds (i.e. accumulates) energy captured from the "wind", is the "Resonator R" described in item #E1.3 below. 
(4) The initiator Q (starter) of rotation, oscillation, fluctuations, vibrations, etc., of the component that adds and accumulates energy captured from "wind". The "resonator R" described in the previous paragraph (3) does NOT produce itself (start) an oscillating or rotational motion, but only maintains the existence of this oscillating or rotational motion and adds new portions of energy into it. Thus, every "clean free energy generator" or "perpetual motion motor" must also have something that initiates its rotations, oscillations, vibrations, swinging, etc. In the "telekinetic cell" discussed on this web page it is the "pulser (Q)" described in item #E1.2 below. In other devices it may be a quartz crystal or another crystal somehow initiated to vibrate, or a source of pulsating electric impulses, or a pendulum driven by something, while sometimes even manual turning the flywheel, etc. In a large proportion of such devices that use "wind" having "gusts", "vibrations", variability, etc., the best such initiator (starter) is the "reciprocator T" described in the next paragraph (5) and also obligatorily present in every device operating on the principles of "perpetual motion". In this case such "reciprocator T" simultaneously performs two functions (similarly to "telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2)" in my "telekinetic battery") - namely it additionally acts as a "pulser Q", allowing, amongst others, repeatable self-starting of device's operation. 
(5) The so-called "reciprocator T" - shown and described in item #E1.4 of this web page. This component (subassembly) is the most important, while in all counterfeits of "clean free energy generators" or "perpetual motion motors" it is chronically lacking. Therefore, the lack of a "reciprocator" allows for easy identification of counterfeits - similarly as e.g. the deviation of the shape of UFOs on someone's supposed photograph of UFOs from the shapes engineered for my Magnocrafts allows for immediate identification of UFO photographs fabricated by fraudsters. After all, neither scammers nor the most of builders who did NOT take care to read my publications, have any idea about the absolute necessity of "reciprocator" for the proper operation of every "clean free energy generator" or "perpetual motion motor". Generally, the function of the "reciprocator T" boils down to giving not less than "two degrees of freedom" to any vibrations or rotational motion that a given device uses in order to accumulate (store) energy taken from "wind" - but frequently it gives even more than two degrees of freedom. It turns out that providers of vibrations, swinging, rotational movements, etc., with only one degree of freedom, are unable to generate "free energy" nor "perpetual motion". With the best explanation of "why" such generation from just a single degree of freedom is impossible, provides us an example of the conversion of the mechanical force of uniform air wind, e.g. into a swing oscillations, or into vibrations of a blade of grass blown by such uniform wind. For if a given swing has only one degree of freedom, i.e. it can rigidly oscillate in only one way because its seat is suspended on stiffened rods, or if only one degree of freedom has a given blade of grass, then the steady wind will only deflect it or bend it, but it will NOT be able to stimulate it to increasingly intense swinging or vibrations. However, if it has built-in elements (e.g. flexible ropes on which the swing seat is hung, or a propeller-shaped blade of grass - which allow, for example, to oscillate them in at least two planes at the same time), then a steady and even very weak wind is able to stimulate it to swinging or to vibrations, strength and energy of which will increase over time due to the ability of oscillatory movements to accumulate energy. The best example illustrating the operation of such mechanical "reciprocators" are two English-language videos that I found on the internet and I show below as "Film #B3a" and "Film #B3b". Both these films show the supposed "ghosts" swinging on children's swings. But in fact these swings are swinging in even the almost imperceptible steady wind, because the cords on which they were suspended gave to their swinging these required at least "two degrees of freedom", while the shapes and design of the seats of these swings in conjunction with the wind direction, acted just as the discussed here "reciprocators" necessary to convert the constant wind pressure into oscillations, or vice versa. So please watch these two films from YouTube which I am linking below, as well as watch the third film which is our own making. All of them in June 2020 were available for free to anyone interested. All of them also perfectly illustrate how "reciprocators" cause the self-induced operation of devices equipped with them in conditions of constant pressure of monotonous "wind" acting upon them. 
       I should add here that devices which I call here "reciprocators" have been known to our civilization for a very long time. For example, they were contained in all old steam locomotives, in which the uniform steam pressure they turned into oscillations of their pistons which then propelled the rotation of their wheels. Similarly, they are also included into virtually every clock, in which the pressure of uniform voltage from a battery supplying it with energy, or from a spring, or from a weight, is converted into the oscillations of the mechanism precisely measuring time. It is because of the presence of such a "reciprocator" that the mechanical clock called Beverly Clock - has been working without interruption for almost 160 years without the need for manual winding it up by people, because it is powered by a "pure free energy device" called Vidi's Box - which box since the moment of construction in 1864 repeatedly self-winds this clock because it also contains the built-in "reciprocator". It is because of the significance of functions fulfilled by "reciprocators" in "clean free energy generators" and in "perpetual motion engines", that I described them in more detail in a number of my publications - for example they are described in subsections N2.5 and N2.6.2 from volume 5 of the Polish monograph [1/3], while repeated in subsections N2.5 and N2.6.2 from volume 11 of my English monograph [1/4]
(6) If a given device is to fulfil the function of a "clean free energy generator", then in spite that it neither consumes fuel nor is connected to any source of "dirty marketable energy" generated by people, it still must "optionally" also have a downloading component from which the user gets the "clean free energy" that is generated. This component, however, will NOT appear in some "perpetual motion motors" which are used to visually document that the construction and operation of such devices are possible - e.g. see the exhibit from the corridor of the "Technical Museum in Vienna", to which video I alreadylinked above. This "optional" component is the easiest to recognize, because usually it is e.g. a socket or transformer for the consumption of electricity, a clutch or a "pulley" for receiving mechanical energy, etc. 
       After learning about the functions and workings of the components listed above, the presence of which is absolutely necessary in every "clean free energy generator" and in every "perpetual motion motor", the reader can easily judge for himself any patent, description, video, etc., about which someone claims that it represent a device for generating clean free energy or perpetual motion. All one need to do is to check whether a given device has functional equivalents of all the above components. This is because without the presence in a given device even just a single one of them, the generation of free energy or perpetual motion is impossible. Of course, for making such an assessment one also need to have some minimal technical and scientific knowledge. After all, in many devices, one of their parts (components) can represent two or even more of the above components - as e.g. it is the case with the "telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2)" in the "telekinetic battery" described on this web page. However, the necessary knowledge is at the level of high school or on vocational level of common sense of many DIYers, hence most readers probably already have it. 
* * *
I also feel obliged to supplement the above information with a few extremely important life truths which, in spite of being unknown to most people, are directly related to what I am describing here - while the additional knowledge about which is linked from #B of my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm through key words "lies, evidence, curse of inventors, energy, money, etc." (which in the Polish language spell: kłamstwa, dowód, przekleństwo wynalazców, energia, pieniądze, itp.). These life truths explained in numbered items state as follows: 
(1') Every working "pure free energy generator" and every "perpetual motion motor" is another empirical proof that God does exist, thus it perfectly complements and extends the scientifically incontestable proof of God's existence which I developed using the mathematical logic method and which I presented in item #G2 of the web page named god_proof.htm. The explanation "why" each of these devices in fact is also an empirical proof for the existence of God, I provided in item #D3 of my web page named god_proof.htm and in post #294 to blogs of totalizm. So together with another kinds of empirical evidence for the existence of God, such as the existence of the phenomenon of happiness of earned nirvana (which nirvana is impossible to occur only as the outcome of "accidental evolution", while the evidential significance of which I described in (L) from item #A3 of the web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm and from post #320 to blogs of totalizm), both these proofs provide anyone interested in learning the truth about God with the opportunity to experimentally ascertain oneself that God does exist in spite of lies disseminated by the "official atheistic science". After all, if someone's intellect or worldview is unable to accept the scientifically irrefutable proof for the existence of God which I presented in item #G2 of the web page named god_proof.htm, still such someone has the ability to either personally build a "perpetual motion" device for himself, or through the implementation of so-called "moral work" earn for himself/herself the happiness of nirvana. In this way, he/she has a chance to "wake up" from the madness introduced lately to humanity by the old "official atheistic science" and to save himself/herself from following the broad road of evil described in verses 7:13-14 from the Biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - about which road the Bible warns that it is woe to those who will follow this road leading to their doom
(2') Every working "clean free energy generator" and every "perpetual motion motor" is also an empirical proof that clean free energy is a gift from God on which greedy elites must NOT impose prices, fees, or taxes, and thus similarly to "air" and "water" (while after our civilization reaches moral maturity and hence after it eliminates the use of "money" - also like "daily bread") "clean free energy" generated by the devices described here should be available for free to every inhabitant of Earth - as illustrates and explains this our half-hour long film entitled Future Propulsions available from the address In turn, if the elites of a country insist on charging fees or taxes for "clean free energy", then the population of a given country should consider the democratic replacement of "money" by "happiness of nirvana" - as it is provided by the God-designed "nirvana political system" described in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm and from post #320 to blogs of totalizm. This replacement will eliminate all fees and taxes, and remove from Earth "money" which is the primary source of all evil. After all "money" induce countless types of evil by the mere fact of exalting a small group of rich people at the expense of exploiting and pushing down the rest of humanity and the nature - thus being the opposition of "happiness of nirvana" which, after proper implementation of the "nirvana political system" will enable harmonious perfection and raising the well-being of simultaneously all inhabitants of Earth and the thriving of entire nature. In case if humanity or a single country managed to implement the "nirvana political system" before the return of karma for the destruction that human greed for "money" had already caused in nature, and which I described on the web page named 2030_uk.htm while with my friend we showed in a Polish film entitled Zagłada Ludzkości 2030 (which should be translated as "The Great Purification of 2030s"), then I could guarantee that the "nirvana political system" would save the humanity or that single country from the rapidly approaching The Great Purification of Earth. After all, the implementation of the "nirvana political system" would be an incomparably more perfect way to show God our repentance, obedience, trust and support for His will and methods, from the described in verses 3:4-10 of the Biblical "Book of Jonah" activities of the inhabitants of Nineveh which caused the cancellation of the God's Punishment previously intended for them. 
(3') Every working "clean free energy generator" and every "perpetual motion motor" is also an empirical evidence that the old official atheistic science has long ago reached 100% level of corruption - which means that this science now serves a goal that is opposite to the goal for the achievement of which it was originally established (i.e. it serves to holding back the truth and progress instead of earning them up) - which is explained in more detail, among others, in item #E3 of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm. Therefore, it is increasingly urgent for our civilization to formally establish a competition in the form of a new "totaliztic science" which would continually "watch the hands" of this corrupt old "official atheistic science" and correct its lies and mistakes - as I described it more broadly, among others, in item #C6 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. In addition, it is becoming increasingly urgent to include in secondary school and university curricula at least a lesson on the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), and about the basic laws discovered by the currently most moral modern philosophy of the world called the philosophy of totalizm (i.e. the one called "totalizm" written with the letter "z" to distinguish it from the philosophy called "totalitarianism" by some mistakenly called "totalism" - only that typically written with the letter "s"). Getting to know the knowledge and truths offered by these two newest areas achieved by the humanity (i.e. offered by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by the philosophy of totalizm) will restore people's balance shaken by lies of increasingly corrupt elites and official atheistic science. 
(4') Every working "clean free energy generator" and every "perpetual motion motor" is also a tool and a way to achieve the teaching goals of the present "neo-medieval era" started on 2001/9/11. In turn, the teaching goals of this educating people era of "Neo Middle-Ages" include, amongst others, the gathering, both by individual people and by our entire civilization, empirical experiences historically documenting what are the reasons, mechanisms, ways, tools, courses, symptoms, consequences, etc., of exploitation and robbery of people, either by other people or by human-like beings. To this end, the "Neo Middle-Ages" era demonstrate increasingly evident examples of the exploitation of ordinary people by the ruling elites, as well as the exploitation of all humanity by its secretive persecutors who currently still exercise power over humanity in accordance with what the Bible reveals e.g. in verses: 4:6 from "Luke", 12:31 from "John", 4:4 from "2 Corinthians", 5:19 from "1 John", etc .; while what in secular literature reveal to us descriptions from numerous books cited e.g. in © from item #J4 of my web page named hurricane.htm and from entry #322 to blogs of totalizm, and more thoroughly explained e.g. in item #A3.4 from another my web page named partia_totalizmu_uk.htm. As human knowledge about this exploitation increases, while methods of defending against it become increasingly more perfect and more common, the exploiting party will use increasingly powerful pressure tools, i.e. NOT only "money", but also police, army, tanks, legislation, prisons, "curses of inventors" and even the liquidation of inventors. In turn, because "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" will in time become tools for "self-sufficiency" and thus tools for defence against this exploitation, the inventors of these devices that direct individual people to the path of truth and goodness, will increasingly experience the fate illustrated, for example, in the film, or explained in (III) from item #J4.4 of the web page named propulsion.htm and from entry #313 to blogs of totalizm. So, according to the Arabic proverb, "survive today's defeat to be able to continue the fight tomorrow", I recommend to the inventors who direct humanity onto the path of building such devices doing so much good, to be particularly careful, far-sighted, unofficial and noiseless. 
(5') Every working "clean free energy generator" and every "perpetual motion motor" is also a visual illustration that in chronically generating evil all political systems based on "money" (which I postulate to replace with the new "nirvana political system") a very small group of short-sighted scientists and elites directed by self-interests is able to stop access of the entire humanity to the truth and to technical progress. After all, the entire humanity desperately needs "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" - which would be able to save it from self-destruction due to the rapidly escalating accumulation of toxic fumes and damages to the natural environment caused by "commercially marketable sources of dirty energy". However, in spite of this desperate need, and in spite that numerous already existing well-functioning prototypes of "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" have undeniably proved that such properly functioning devices can be built, however, this small group of "luminaries of science" and ruling elites that cares only about money, as well as their mindless collaborators, still use various means of coercion and repression, such as distributing "money" and punishments, censorship, peer pressure, prohibitions, ridicule, slander, removal from work, pinning the so-called wolf tickets, legal accusation, prison, etc., to effectively intimidate and block rational attempts to undertake substantive discussions, official research, or industrial production of these wonderful devices generating "the cleanest and completely free form of energy". What's strangest, in these habits of spreading evil, these people do NOT notice that in our world ruled with an iron hand by a wise and far-sighted God, both doing "good" as well asdoing "evil" is governed by identified and described by totalizm the "Boomerang Principle". In turn this principle causes that whatever kind of actions and feelings is directed from oneself to others, after a large circle these actions and feelings return to their source person. So if someone adds their destructive contribution, e.g. to preventing the construction of devices which without the need to burn dirty fuel would allow to generate "clean free energy", while through such a prevention he/she imprints into his/her own archives kept by God the sin of forcing all humanity to live on the planet, the water, nature and food of which is poisoned by the fumes of the present "dirty sellable energy", then no matter how such a person would guard himself and pay with "money", still his own body, mind and soul, as well as the bodies, minds and souls of many generations of his descendants, will be painfully poisoned and degenerated by the fumes of this dirty marketable energy. This non-mercy return of "evil" (or "good") to the source people who put it into circulation is guaranteed NOT only by the operation of the above "Boomerang Principle", but also by warnings of numerous statements from the Bible (e.g. those which I described in item #2I4.1 from subsection I4.1 of volume 5 of monograph [1/5]), by the truth of proverbs discovered due to the age-old experience of folk wisdom (e.g. the English proverb curses like chickens come home to roost), assurances of UFOnauts visiting Earth (e.g. see paragraph N-116 in the report of New Zealand citizen abducted to a UFO, cited in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my monograph [1/5], and also by the scientifically confirmed work of the totaliztic karma. So practically the reality is that no matter who you are, in your most vital interest lies "helping", NOT "blocking", that the described here (and in my other publications) truth and real progress have prevailed on Earth as soon as possible. After all, in every life situation and in every activity, God gives us a choice of "free will" and access to various solutions, which allow us to act in accordance with the whispers of conscience (God), and thus to avoid burdening ourselves with the sin of escalating evil on Earth. Examples of such solutions suggested to us may be the famous Jesus’es saying "Give to the Emperor (Caesar) what is imperial and to God what is divine" explained more broadly in item 6 from item #C4.2 of my web page named morals.htm and also in item #L3 from my other web page named cielcza_uk.htm, or the "law of a highway through a sea" explained in item #J3 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. Therefore, regardless of whether one recognizes my scientifically incontestable proof for the existence of God, or whether one is so-called "an atheist", and regardless of what one draws his livelihood from, ordinary common sense persuades that better if he/she does NOT add his/her contribution to spreading of evil either through active evil actions or through passive acceptance of evil that is going on around us. 

Film #B3a: Here is a 1:07 minute long free YouTube film entitled [b]Freaked Out Dad Captures Eerie Video of 'Ghost Swing' Moving In Playground. This film is distributed for free from the address It illustrates how mutually overlapping of factors: (a) the aerodynamic features of the child's swing seat, (b) manner of hanging of this swing on elastic ropes that give to it at least two degrees of freedom, and © the correct direction of blow of uniform wind, provides the swing with a "reciprocator" component described above in item #B3. (Take note of the important role fulfilled by the flexible suspension ropes of this swing - in the swings with seats suspended on two rigid rods, it is no longer possible to obtain the required at least two degrees of freedom.) The combination of these factors (a) to © causes in total, that such a swing is able to initiate its fluctuations on its own and to accumulate wind energy in own swinging, thus looking as if a "ghost" was actually swinging on it. So if we needed a simple "perpetual motion" device, which for some reasons would have to continually keep swinging without interruptions (e.g. to scare bats from attempts to fly into the outlet of ventilation tunnel from some underground tomb), then it would be enough for some heavy swing seat with a scientifically refined horizontal propeller earodynamics (e.g. shaped like the famous "schist" stone disk shown at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo and called the Sabu or Saqqara disk) hang on a flexible rope just above the given place (e.g. tunnel outlet), so that even the lightest wind blowing from any direction could give its energy to keep swinging this disc. In turn, if we were constant swinging of just such an aerodynamic swing seat, which would intercept the force of even the lightest "wind" blowing from any direction, would show to scientists at a time when the wind supplying them with energy would be too weak to sense it, then perhaps this would convince them that "perpetual motion" is possible. After all, after connecting such a swing to a mechanism that would intercept from it the "energy of motion" accumulated in it, then it would successfully fulfill the role of a "generator of pure free energy". Thus, the above filmed illustration of the self-swinging swing clearly explains to readers what I described in item #B3 of this web page - namely it explains the work of the most important components that are absolutely necessary in "clean free energy generators", and explains what laws and requirements must be met when building working versions of "generators of clean free energy" and "perpetual motion motors". Furthermore, this film illustratively explains also the function of "reciprocators" in devices of "perpetual motion". Giving to the "bending" of their movable components these required at least two degrees of freedom, such "reciprocators" cause that their first degree of freedom so orientates their movable component that in its motion consistent with the direction of uniform "wind" pressure, this component intercepts the entire pressure on this "wind". But when in a swinging motion (or cyclical or oscillating) their movable component is to return in the direction opposite to the action of an uniform wind, then the second degree of freedom is activated - which changes the orientation of this component so that it exposes itself to a much smaller than previously pressure of this uniform "wind", which because of this is no longer able to completely stop its fluctuations. So the work of the "reciprocators" perfectly illustrated with the above film causes that both the swing shown above and the one shown in "Film #B3b" below, and even the appropriately designed mathematically the "Bhaskara Wheel" from "Film #B3c" below (which as symbolic "wind" uses pressure of gravity), all they are able to operate on the principle of "perpetual motion" for as long period of time, as long this "wind" affects their oscillating components. So, taking the opportunity of this description, I would like to sincerely thank the creators of the above-mentioned vitally useful for our civilization film, for creating such an excellent teaching aid illustrating to more talented DIYers the work of the most important component of "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" - which component is their "reciprocator". This film is therefore a true gift from God to our civilization. [/b]

Film #B3b: Here is a 2:05 minutes long free YouTube video (film) entitled [b]Ghost caught on camera swinging on a swing. This film is distributed for free from the address Similarly to the previous "Film #B3a", this film also illustrates how a swing with at least two degrees of freedom at the right direction and force of wind can work as a kind of "reciprocator" discussed in item #B3 above. In addition, the film also illustrates the ability of such a "reciprocator" to initiate its work automatically from rest and to build up the amount of energy contained in swinging from zero to a state that allows to retrieve this energy through some additional mechanism. As such, this film confirms the described in item #B3 above functional definition of "clean free energy generators" and "perpetual motion motors" as propelling devices, the function of which is to convert some long-term and continuously blowing symbolic "wind" into a selected oscillating or cyclical motion, which in its fluctuations accumulates energy of this "wind" enabling this energy to be retrieved for purposes of supplying people with technically usable energy. As a civilization, we are very fortunate that such a film was recorded, thus enabling the more skilled DIY enthusiasts to understand the laws, phenomena and principles which make "free energy" and "perpetual motion" devices work. So similarly as I did it in "Film #B3a", I would like to thank the authors of this film for making such extremely valuable didactically teaching document for our civilization, and to thank God for creating the opportunity for this film to come into being for the good of us all. [/b]

Film #B3c: Here's just a 32-second long excerpt from our free film entitled [b]Future Propulsions. This excerpt is distributed for free from the address It illustrates the more close to true the appearance of the so-called "Bhaskara Wheel" than the appearance illustrated by popular YouTube videos which show this wheel after it has been assembled from a bicycle wheel and from a series of bottles with colored water. (However, even this appearance much closer to the original one still does NOT allow for its proper work due to the lack of a "reciprocator" embedded into it, which would give to it the required at least two degrees of freedom - which is quite well illustrated in the film from the address After all, as it perfectly illustrates the method of perpetual turning of a steel ball in a mechanical "perpetuum mobile" built by the Norwegian Reidar Finsrud and shown, for example, in a film from the address, having at least two degrees of freedom {in the case of Reidar Finsrud - up to three degrees of freedom forced by three pendulums} is absolutely necessary for the production of "perpetual motion".) While how the "Bhaskara Wheel" was really shaped - unfortunately we do not know at present. This is because his working prototype has NOT survived to our times. Nevertheless, let us hope that by stubborn research our civilization will someday find it out. The Bhaskara Wheel is a "pseudo-motor of perpetual motion" type, built on Earth starting from around the year 1150 - i.e. built long before the times when "luminaries of our official atheistic science" established their negative "laws of thermodynamics" with which they try to deny God's wisdom and foresight. (The exact explanation as to what is this "pseudo-motor of perpetual motion", the reader will find in my descriptions from items #A1 and #J4.4 and from the caption under "Film #J4.4a" on the web page named propulsion.htm, partly later repeated in post #313E to blogs of totalizm.) Thus, the above excerpt from our film slightly better than other films illustrating how in this "Bhaskara Wheel" one should take on the shaping of mathematically calculated curves of the upper outlines, and the oppositely located lower outlines, of wall-surfaces in spokes (containers) for mercury. The point is that in this device the symbolic stationary "wind" that supposed to propel it, is the gravitational pressure of each mercury atom acting onto one of these two walls of spokes located under it. Therefore, the curvature of each single one out of these two walls (upper and lower) gives the flow of mercury in the Bhaskara Wheel only one degree of freedom (from two such degrees of freedom, about which I explained above in item #B3 and on "Film #B3a", that they are absolutely required for the operation of this device as a "perpetual motion motor"). So if these spokes (containers) had the shape of perfect cylinders in which the upper and lower surfaces, as well as both its ends, are parallel to each other, then both these surfaces would give mercury the same single degree of freedom - and thus the entire Bhaskara Wheel would have only one degree of freedom that would prevent it from working. After all, in this case the gravitational pressure of mercury on two equal surfaces of the spokes of the wheel would equalize each other on both sides of its axis - which is perfectly illustrated graphically at 1:40 minute of length from about 8 minutes long film entitled "The Gravity Wheel" from the address However, if the curvatures of the upper and lower contours of these spokes are sufficiently differentiated, then on the side of the wheel just rising upwards, this curvature will focus mercury just next to its axis, while on the side falling just downwards, a differently shaped second curvature will focus mercury just next to the circumference of the wheel. This in turn will give to the flows of mercury the required two degrees of freedom and cause that this wheel will work as a "perpetual motion device" - in spite that many present "scientific critics" so hard try to convince people that this wheel has NO right to work. So as I explained here, the construction of the "Bhaskara Wheel" capable of working as a "perpetual motion machine" is NOT just a "technical problem", but in its most important part is a "mathematical problem". After all, it boils down to designing the lower and upper curvature of its mercury spoke containers so that these curves give to the mercury the required at least two degrees of freedom (and even better to extend these curvatures from linearity to two dimensionality by adding the three pendulums similarly as did it Reidar Finsrud in his perpetual motion - which would cause that this wheel would have three degrees of freedom). In turn these at least two degrees of freedom would eliminate the mutual balancing of mercury weights on the rising side and the falling side of the wheel. No wonder that this balancing problem was solved correctly only by a mathematician from India named "Bhaskara the Second". I am most impressed that this genius found his practically-satisfactorily approximate solution to this "mathematical problem" already around the year 1150 with methods of "classical mathematics" - means still in times when computers did NOT exist. Thus, due to the construction of the working prototype, he beat all present scientists who stubbornly claim that this wheel has NO right to work. Fortunately, nowadays we have powerful computers and modern "numerical methods" - which a properly stubborn researcher are to allow to find a more accurate solution to this problem (I believe that it could be solved by, for example, my "Thermal Graph" method - which I developed at ITBM of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, and which is a significantly improved and automated version of the "finite elements method"). Numerical methods, after all, allow for the use of high computing power of today's computers. In turn the more variables like: separate sections of the curves defining the lower and upper surface of the spokes, the number of spokes, the number of mercury finite-volumes distinguished, the friction torque of a given wheel that must be overcomed by the lack of balance in gravitational attraction of mercury, etc., will be used to find such a more accurate solution, the better this wheel will work after construction as a source of perpetual motion - attracting and inspiring people similarly to how attracts and inspires huge crowds that described in item #B3 exhibit from the corridor of the "Technical Museum in Vienna" illustrated e.g. in the film (and maybe it even will also act as a source of free energy). However, before someone with more than average intelligence of typical today's "learners by memorizing" starts to solve the mathematical problem of the Bhaskara Wheel, ordinary DIYers are advised to build more realistic "clean free energy generators" - which either are already known as working, because similarly as it happen with e.g. the Swiss Thesta Distatica numerous witnesses saw them at work, or because e.g. they contain all necessary components described in item #B3 above. This excerpt from our film can also be run outside this web page using its direct address, or run via my web page named djp.htm. Here, on this my page, you can also run it by simply clicking the mouse on the above title image of it. [/b]

Part #C: Let us get to know a "telekinetic cell":
#C1. What is this "telekinetic cell":
       The name "telekinetic cell" is assigned to a technical device of my own invention, which (the device) consumes thermal energy that it spontaneously extracts from the environment, and converts this thermal energy directly into electricity. The product of work of such a cell is an electrical energy. In turn the energy that it uses for sustaining its own operation is the heat that it extracts spontaneously from the surrounding air. The telekinetic cell can be jokingly described as a "fridge in reverse", or as a kind of "reversal of electrical heater". After all, it cools down its own surroundings during the work, and simultaneously it generates electricity. This cell belongs to a larger group of so-called free energy devices. After all, the electricity that it generates does not cost anything (apart from the cost of constructing or purchasing one of these devices). Also, for the operation it does not need any fuel nor any other form of industrially produced energy. The physical phenomenon which this telekinetic cell utilises in the operation for the generation of electricity, is technically released reversal of friction, called the "Telekinetic Effect". In a manner opposite to the one in which friction spontaneously consumes motion and generates heat, this Telekinetic Effect spontaneously consumes heat and generates motion. In telekinetic cells the motion that is generated by this Telekinetic Effect takes the form of motion of electrons in the volume of a conductor, means in fact this motion is a flow of electric current that such cells generate. 
       In some of my publications the telekinetic cell is also called the "telekinetic battery". The reason for a equally frequent use of these two names in my publications, is that in human terminology the names "cell" and "battery" are almost synonymous. 
       The "telekinetic cell" (sometimes also called the "telekinetic battery") was invented theoretically by me in second half of 1989. The principle of operation of it emerged by itself from the analyses of methods and consequences of technical triggering of the phenomenon called the "Telekinetic Effect", which phenomenon I was researching them intensively. The description of the manner of inventing this cell is contained in items #40 and #41 from subsection W4 of volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The theoretical invention of the telekinetic cell become possible due to a scientific theory on the development of which I worked at that time. This theory is called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. One amongst the natural phenomena which this theory explains exactly, is the phenomenon of telekinesis. In turn the technically triggered "Telekinetic Effect" is the motive force for every telekinetic motion. Because the Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicated for me in a theoretical manner how to trigger technically this Telekinetic Effect, it simultaneously indicated also to me how to build telekinetic cells. The first descriptions of telekinetic cells of my invention were published in 1990. I presented them in the first edition of my monograph [6]. Presently the most complete descriptions of these cells are presented in subsections LA2.4 to LA2.4.3 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5]. I recommend having a look at these descriptions. After all, they present detailed explanation of principles and designs which on this web page could only be summarised briefly. 
       The curious aspect of the telekinetic cell is that in fact it is a product of research, which could be called the "persecuted science". Means, research which were carried out in spite that every aspect of it was condemned by other scientists and therefore needed to be carried out "underground". In fact, everything that concerns telekinesis, Telekinetic Effect, and telekinetic cell, was worked out in my free time designated for rest, on my private cost, and completely outside of my official duties at universities. It looked as if the fate actually wished to emphasise to people through the invention of the telekinetic cell, that something is not as it should be with the treatment of inventors and discoverers on Earth. For example, all most important discoveries and findings concerning the telekinetic cell were accomplished during periods in my life, when I unemployed. Namely, in years 1990 to 1992 (i.e. in the most depressing period of unemployment in my entire life, which forced me even to leave New Zealand in search of bread) I worked out all tiny details of principles of operation, design, and main components of the telekinetic cell. (Means the general idea of this cell, which I developed earlier, was transformed then into a detailed project.) In turn in 2006 (i.e. a year after I started a next period of long unemployed, which probably is going to force me again to leave New Zealand in search of bread), I worked out the design and operation of further two versions of reciprocators, means reciprocators different than the "tube" - the design and operation of which I knew already much earlier. In 2006 I also accomplished a vital discovery - namely that so-called "crystal radios" were containing telekinetic cells embedded into their circuitry. Really, the fate has its strange ways for effective opening our eyes. 
       Although I personally never got the chance to implement practically the construction of the "telekinetic cell" of my invention, still the principle of operation of this cell was verified in a real life. This is because some time after I invented theoretically this my "telekinetic cell", means between 1990 and 1992, I carried out detailed analyses of the design and operation of several working prototypes of the so-called free energy devices, that already existed and were operational on Earth. As it then turned out, the telekinetic cell is a basic component in several different prototypes of such "free energy devices" that are already operational on Earth. Two such free energy devices, which contain inside the telekinetic cell embedded into them as one of their main components, are even described, or illustrated, on a related web page about free energy, which is accessible here via "Menu 1", "Menu 2", and "Menu 4". Namely, these are (1) the "telekinetic influenzmaschine" described in "part #D" of that web page, and illustrated over there in "Fig. #B1" and "Fig. #D1"; and also (2) the "telepathic pyramid" illustrated over there on "Fig. #C1" to "Fig. #C4", but extensively described in a separate treatise [7/2] and also in subsections K2 to K2.7 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. Furthermore, my analyses documented in item #G1 of this web page prove, that a primitive version of just such a telekinetic cell was embedded into circuitry of so-called "crystal radios" manufactured at the beginning of 20-th century. In order to realise the fact of this embedding, one should compare the diagram of crystal radios shown in "Fig. #H1", with the diagram of telekinetic cell shown in "Fig. #C1". It was only because of containing such telekinetic cells, that these crystal radios worked perfectly without a use of any external energy supply. Although some dark force (probably the one described in item #M3 of this web page) spread amongst people an erroneous belief, that the crystal radios worked without energy supply because they absorbed the required energy from antenna. But in reality no one prepared the energy balance for this radio. Thus no one has proven scientifically that the energy which sustained the operation of crystal radios really originated from antenna. No one also managed to build any other kind of radio, which would have similar antenna, but which would not require any external energy supply. Surely, if the energy could be absorbed from the antenna, then almost every kind of radios should also be able to accomplish such absorption. The fact, that working prototypes of devices do exist on Earth, in which main components are just such telekinetic cells, combined with the simultaneous existence of numerous theoretical premises for the feasibility of this invention (explained in item #I1 of this web page), proves that the principle of operation and general design of the cells described here, are feasible, workable, and that after these cells are build, they in fact will work as described here. 

[Bild: 14_k07.gif]

Fig. #C1 (LA7 in [1/5]): The diagram which illustrates the general idea and main components of the telekinetic cell. (Click on this diagram to see it enlarged or to shift it to a different area of the screen.) 
       The above illustration repeats Figure LA7 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5]. It presents a schematic diagram of the telekinetic cell. This cell is composed of following main components: (I1) and (I2) - two telekinetic inductors which generate electricity, (Q) - pulser, ® - resonator, © - capacitor, (T) - reciprocator, (A) - autotransformer, (W) - output terminal from which users collect the electricity generated by this cell. Each one out of these components, and also principle of operation of the entire telekinetic cell, are explained in the content of this web page. 
       The telekinetic cell of the general design shown above, can be embedded into electronic circuitry of any electrical or electronic appliance which this cell supposed to supply into electrical energy. How such an embedding is accomplished for the circuitry of so-called "crystal radio", it is illustrated in "Fig. #H1" below, while explained in items #G1 and #H2 of this web page. In turn how this embedding is accomplished for the so-called "telepathic pyramid" and "telekinetic influenzmaschine" - which also are supplied in electrical energy with just such a cell, it is explained on separate web page about telekinetic free energy devices
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software. 

Part #D: Theoretical foundations of operation of the "telekinetic cell":
#D1. How the theory called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" explains telekinesis, the Telekinetic Effect, and the operation of "telekinetic cells":
       In 1985 I was granted the privilege of developing an extraordinary scientific theory called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". Although instead of being accepted and considered by official Earth's science, so-far this scientific theory is mainly criticised and attacked by many "grey personalities" which act from hiding, in fact in real life it turns out to be extremely useful. For example, it explains exactly how telekinesis work, how to trigger telekinesis in a technical manner, and also explains what is this "Telekinetic Effect" that allows us to build telekinetic cells. 
       The fundamental scientific discovery on which the theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was based, was the finding that gravitational field in fact displays the presence of all attributes of a so-called "dynamic dipolar field". This means, that the beginning of this theory stems from the discovery, that the gravitational field does NOT at all belong to a static monopolar type of field - to which our science to-date categorised it, but is just such a dynamic dipolar field. In turn this (one would think) small error of the science to-date in qualifying the gravity field into a wrong category, introduces a huge consequences to our understanding of the operation of the universe. If gravity field has a dipolar character, means if it has two poles "In" and "Out" - similar to poles "N" and "S" from magnetic fields, then the gravity pole "In" which we see around us, is just only one of poles of this field. Another pole "Out" of gravity field must hide somewhere from us. Because gravity has a concentric character, this practically means, that the other pole "Out" of dipolar gravity must penetrate into another world and emerge over there in a manner that is unnoticeable to our physical senses. Thus, the first and the most important consequence of dipolar gravity is, that according to it our universe must be composed of two parallel worlds, i.e. "our world" in which we live, and a parallel "counter-world" to which our physical senses have no access. Also, as it can be proven, the requirement of mutual balancing of gravity forces, causes one more shocking consequence. Namely, in such a dipolar gravity every object formed from matter in our world, must have in the counter-world an exact duplicate formed from "counter-matter". Expressing this in other words, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, each one of us who lives in our world, must have its "phantom" which lives in the counter-world. According to this concept, such "phantoms", means such exact counter-material duplicates, must also exist for all other objects, including trees, rocks, cars, computers, etc. 
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity states also, that such a "phantom" of any physical object can be independently caught and moved in another place. But because this counter-material duplicate is bind by gravity forces with a given physical object that exists in our world, if we relocate in the counter-world this "phantom", then the physical object also becomes moved in our world. Such a manner of relocating objects, in which grabbed and moved is the "phantom" of these objects, while objects themselves must follow these "phantoms" pulled by gravity forces, is known on Earth under the name of "telekinesis". The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also, that telekinesis can be released in a technical manner. This technical version of telekinesis is triggered when the "phantom" of a given object is "wrapped" in force lines of magnetic field, and then these force lines are accelerated. 
       The findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which inform us how to trigger technically the "Telekinetic Effect", have also this advantage, that they define exactly what actually this effect is. So let us now provide this definition, taken from subsection H6.1.2 in volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. Here it is: 
       "The Telekinetic Effect is a phenomenon of the indirect manipulation of a physical object obtained via the interaction with the counter-material duplicate of this object." This definition explains that the Telekinetic Effect is, amongst others, the source of telekinetic motion in a manner similar as the physical force is a source of physical motion. But there is a whole range of differences between the physical force and the Telekinetic Effect (this is why, in the explanations which follow, I avoid using the term "force" for naming the motion-creating product of the Telekinetic Effect, and rather name it with the term "telekinetic thrust"). The most important of these differences is that (1) the Telekinetic Effect does NOT exert (return) a reaction force to its cause. (For a physical force, every action force must produce an equivalent reaction force to be returned to (exerted upon) the object causing this action). Practically this means that the increase in work completed by the Telekinetic Effect does not involve any change in the amount of energy required for the release of this effect. Moreover, the support of such telekinetic devices does not require any force, no matter what weight they lift. This suggests that a device that releases this effect can also be suspended in space, and that the lack of reaction forces allows it to remain unaffected independently of the scale of action that it causes. Also, for example, a portable telekinetic crane lifting any object (e.g. a building, or a huge rock) can be held in a child's hand without any effort. Furthermore, this implies that the Telekinetic Effect allows action which are physically impossible for forces, such as someone lifting himself up into the air (as we know, in physical motions this is completely impossible, thus originates the anecdotic saying about "someone lifting himself by pulling upwards his own hair"). An example of telekinetic self-lifting is "levitation" means self-induced ascend. The other major difference between the Telekinetic Effect and a physical force, is that (2) the Principle of Energy Conservation is satisfied for the Telekinetic Effect due to a spontaneous extraction of thermal energy from the environment by a telekinetically moved object itself. This in turn means, that the energy required for carrying out the telekinetic motion always supply the receivers, not the givers, of this motion. Therefore the completion of a telekinetic work does not require any external energy supply. So the fulfilment of the Energy Conservation Principle by receivers (not by the donors) of the telekinetic motion is accomplished due to the cooling down the environment of given objects during the process of telekinetic motion. This in turn leads to a number of phenomena explained later, such as the rapid cooling down the environment of objects shifted telekinetically, the emission of a subtle "extraction glow", etc. 
       The knowledge of the Telekinetic Effect and principles of triggering it in a technical manner allows us to work out the operation of "telekinetic cell". Here is a brief description of this operation. Every such a cell works because a pulser (Q) sends to it an uniform stream of electrical impulses. Each of these impulses is reinforced with additional power by telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2). Thus the power of each impulse is greater at the exit from these inductors, than at the entry to them. So all that is then needed, is to gather (means "add together") these small increments of power carried by each impulse, and forward the total output outside of the cell. This adding together is carried out by the resonator ® which also forwards the energy so collected to the output terminal (W). The resonator ® is simply an oscillatory circuit. It is known that such oscillatory circuits accumulate in themselves (summarise) small portions of energy which are added to them in subsequent impulses. Because the cooperation between the resonator ® and the pulser (Q) could be hindered by the so-called "deadlocks" which occur in all oscillatory systems, there is an additional component in the telekinetic cell, called the reciprocator (T). It eliminates these deadlocks. It removes the deadlock points, mutually synchronises the oscillations in the resonator ® with the oscillations from the pulser (Q), and allows this device to initiate its oscillations whenever the telekinetic cell is switched on. 

Part #E: Components of the "telekinetic cell" and their principles of operation:
#E1. Main components of the "telekinetic cell" and their functioning:
       The reason why the telekinetic cell is able to work as a whole, is that each component of it harmonically adds its contribution to this operation. Means, each one amongst these components fulfils the function imposed onto it, which together with functions of remaining components constitutes the principle of operation of this cell. Let us describe now each component and explain what function this component fulfils in the operation of the whole telekinetic cell: 

#E1.1. Telekinetic inductors "I1" and "I2" - means components which telekinetically generate electricity:
       The most important component of every telekinetic cell are two inductors marked (I1) and (I2) on all diagrams from my publications - including into this the web page on free energy devices, and also this web page. These inductors are the components in which the telekinetic generation of free electricity is carried out. Both these inductors are composed of permanent magnets, onto which coils of conductors are wound up. In order to provide the generation of free electricity in both halves of sinusoidal cycles, two such inductors are needed, on which coils are wound in two opposite directions when related to the magnetic polarity of their permanent magnets. 
       The principle of generation of free electricity in these inductors is quite simple. Namely the magnetic field of permanent magnets on which these inductors are wound, changes the shape of (normally) sinusoidal curves of the electrical impulses which flow through these inductors. The result is, that instead of normally sinusoidal wave shape of the current flowing through them, this electricity starts to follow a shape that accelerates and decelerates electrons. In turn these accelerations and decelerations of electrons cause the release of the Telekinetic Effect (means the "reversal of friction") that acts on these electrons. The Telekinetic Effect spontaneously converts heat contained in the environment of these inductors into a more powerful motion of electrons in wires. As the outcome, such inductors add small portions of energy to each electrical impulse that flows through them. Simultaneously they absorb heat from their environment. (Means, while adding energy to the impulses that flow through them, they simultaneously cool their environment down.) So the Principle of Energy Conservation is fulfilled, while the free electrical energy is still generated. 

#E1.2. Pulser "Q" - means the component which generates oscillations that trigger and synchronise the operation of entire this device:
       The inductors described above do not generate their own electricity. They only telekinetically add the required power to weak electrical impulses which already flow through them, but which originate from other sources. Therefore, in order these inductors could work, they need to be supplied with a constant stream of electric impulses. For this reason, another vital component of every telekinetic cell, is the so-called pulser (Q). Such a pulser is simply any component (or a device) that supplies inductors (I1) and (I2) with an uniform stream of electric impulses. 
       In the "telekinetic influenzmaschines" shown in "Fig. #B1" of a separate web page on free energy devices (or in Figure LA4 from monograph [1/5]), and explained over there in "part #D", a "pulser" is simply a special electrode marked (ho), which hangs just above a spinning disk and in front of a permanent magnet, and thus which gathers uniform electrical impulses from this spinning disk. In turn in the telekinetic cell shown over there in "Fig. #C1" (or on Figure K1 from monograph [1/5]), this pulser is simply a quartz crystal (Q) that is made to vibrate uniformly by a beam of telepathic waves concentrated on it by the resonance cavity of a pyramid which surrounds this crystal. 
       Pulser in fact performs several functions in the telekinetic cell. The most important of these is the forcing of flow of electrical impulses through both inductors (I1) and (I2). This in turn causes the telekinetic generation of electricity in them. A next its function is to control the frequency of the current generated by a given cell. This frequency is always equal to the frequency of signals send by the pulser.

#E1.3. Resonator "R" - means the oscillatory circuit which binds and adds together the energy generated by this cell:
       Inductors of a telekinetic cell work by increasing slightly the amount of electric power that is contained in each single pulse of electricity which flows through them. But these small amounts of power need later to be added together in order to build up the energy output from such a cell. This dynamic adding together small increases of power is carried out by the component called the "resonator" and marked ® on "Fig. #C1" above. The resonator is simply an oscillatory circuit. It works in a cell similarly like a swing with a child, which to the energy already attached to the body of this child adds each single portion of energy that a parent contributes through repetitive pushing this child in the process of swinging. 
       If the resonator ® is so designed that its electrical oscillations flow through the telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2) in both directions, then the increment of energy has a cumulative character. The reason is the fact, that the gradient of electrical energy generated additionally by these inductors, is always proportional to the electrical energy that already flows through these inductors. Therefore, if the telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2) are parts of the resonator ®, then the resonator not only adds together the telekinetic gradients of energy, but in addition it amplifies this energy in a cumulative manner.

#E1.4. Reciprocator "T" - means the component which allows a telekinetic cell to start from a deadlock, which synchronises the oscillations of all components of the cell, which provides the cell with the required degrees of freedom, etc.:
       A "reciprocator" is marked (T) on all diagrams from this web page, and from monograph [1/5]. It is another very important component of every telekinetic cell. The reciprocator performs several quite complex functions. In fact without it the telekinetic cell would not work. A detailed description of all these functions is provided in subsection LA2.3 and K2.2 from volumes respectively 10 and 9 of monograph [1/5]
       The most easy way to understand for what purpose serves the reciprocator, is to review the use of it in old steam locomotives. As probably everyone is aware, old steam locomotives were propelled by a piston which carried out reciprocal motion inside of a cylinder. So in the sense of source of motion, old steam locomotives were propelled by a system which also generated an oscillatory motion - means the motion identical to the one which is a source of electricity in the telekinetic cell. But in every such a system which induces an oscillatory motion, two border points do exist, in which the change of direction of the motion takes place. These two points are called the "deadlocks". For example, in these old steam engines, such two points lie in places where pistons finish the motion in one direction, and begin the motion in the opposite direction. The reason for which these two points are called "deadlocks" is that if, for example, a piston from a locomotive stops in one of these points, then this piston cannot be moved again just by injecting the steam to a given cylinder. This practically means, that if for example, a locomotive which has just a single cylinder and a single piston, stops on a station in such an unfortunate manner, that the piston of it would find itself in one of these "deadlock" points", then it would NOT be possible to move again this locomotive for as long, as all passengers would exit the train and push this locomotive by hands, so that the piston would be moved beyond this deadlock point. So in order to make impossible such stopping of steam locomotives with their piston located in one of these deadlock points, old time engineers started to supply each locomotive in two pistons working in two separate cylinders. Each of these pistons was placed on the opposite side of the locomotive. In turn both of them were cooperating via connecting rods with a couple of propelling wheels of the locomotive fixed together. This their cooperating was done with the mutual phase shift of 90 degrees. Means, when one of these pistons was in the deadlock point, then the second piston linked to the same pair of wheels that were fixed together, was positioned just in the centre of its reciprocal motion. Such a skilful cooperation of both these pistons constituted a "reciprocator" for steam locomotives. These reciprocators fulfilled in locomotives a whole array of different functions, many of which in other propelling systems needed to be performed by separate devices. For example, they synchronised together cycles of both pistons from given locomotives. Also provided these pistons with mutual phase shift of 90 degrees. Because of this, reciprocators allowed locomotives to begin the motion from every point in which they stopped. Additionally, reciprocators provided also locomotives with the inertia of motion. This in turn allowed locomotives to run smoothly without vibrations. Similar functions performs also the reciprocator in a telekinetic cell. Only that instead of initiating, synchronising, and sustaining mechanical oscillations, it initiates over there, synchronises, smoothens, and sustains electrical oscillations. 
       If we try to summarise briefly here the most vital functions of the reciprocator in a telekinetic cell, these are a bit similar to the functions of this pair of pistons attached to a pair of solid (i.e. joined together) wheels from such old steam locomotives, or to a crankshaft and several pistons joined to it in modern car engines. (Unfortunately, no many people know what I explained before, namely that old steam locomotives, in order to be able to start moving forward together with heavy wagons attached to them, must have at least two pistons, which were interconnected via a pair of solid (fastened together) propelling wheels, so that they could work with appropriate mutual phase shifts of 90 degrees in their cycles of strokes.) Namely, this reciprocator synchronises the work of all components of the cell and prevents electrical deadlocks from occurring between oscillations of subsequent components of a given telekinetic cell. After all, as the reader probably knows this well, every oscillatory system has two points in its motion, which are called the "deadlock" points. In mechanical engines these two points are when pistons stop motion in one direction and begin the motion in an opposite direction. In turn in electronic oscillatory systems these deadlocks are positioned in points of return of their current sinusoids. When we have a situation, like in a telekinetic cell, that several separate oscillatory systems must cooperate with each other, these deadlock points hinder the cooperation - if they are not aligned with appropriate phase shift. In telekinetic cells this required phase shift is produced by the "reciprocator". Actually, without such a reciprocator, the telekinetic cell would not be able to start nor to work properly. Because the operation of reciprocators (T) is quite complex, and includes slightly more functions and requirements than I am able to explain this on such a brief web page, I would advice to read about them additionally from subsections K2.2 and LA2.3 of monograph [1/5], where they are described quite comprehensively and with all required details. 
       As every component or technical device, also the reciprocator can be constructed in many different designs and different technical versions. The most important of these designs and versions include (1) a "cluster of galena crystals" - of the type used in past in "crystal radio receivers", (2) a "tandem of quartz crystals", and (3) a "tube" containing crystals of kitchen salt mixed with mercury (quick silver). Designs and operation for each of these versions of reciprocators are described in item #F1.4 below. For example, if this device is constructed as a "tube" (T), then it contains an equal volume mixture of thick grain kitchen salt with mercury, kept under vacuum. 
       More information about the purpose, operation, and the design of reciprocator is contained in subsections LA2.4.1 and K2.4 from volumes respectively 10 and 9 of monograph [1/5]

#E1.5. Autotransformer "A" - means a component which passes to the user the electricity generated by this cell:
       Autotransformer (A) from the telekinetic cell fulfils two different functions. Firstly it provides an additional "inductance", means electrical inertia, to the oscillatory circuit of the resonator ®. Secondly it lowers (transforms) relatively high tension which the telekinetic cell generates, to the tension that a user wishes to collect from the output terminal (W) of this cell. 

Part #F: How to approach the construction of the "telekinetic cell":
#F1. Preparation of main components of the "telekinetic cell":
       Each main component of the telekinetic cell can be constructed on several different ways. Onto each manner of constructing these components appropriate requirements are imposed. Let us discuss now how to build each of these components, and also what requirements are imposed onto these manners of constructing them.

#F1.1. Telekinetic inductors (I1) i (I2):
       These are constructed through winding insulated wire of conductor onto surface of permanent magnets. In the telekinetic cell two such inductors are needed. Each one of them must have oppositely wound coils of conductor in relation to the polarity of the magnet on which they are wound. Means, one of these inductors is wound clockwise, the second is wound counter-clockwise. 
       As I explained it in item #G1 of this web page, the ready made, means factory manufactured, telekinetic inductors are all earphones of an old type, which contain inside a permanent magnet with coils of conductor wound onto it. The only problem with the use of a pair of such earphones as inductors for a telekinetic cell of full efficiency is that in both such earphones coils are wound in the same direction. (I.e. both are wound clockwise, while each one of them supposed to be wound otherwise than the other one.)

#F1.2. Pulser (Q):
       For the pulser (Q) can be used any source of a pulsating electric signal having a specific (and constant) frequency. In order to realise to the reader which sources of such pulsating signal were practically used for this purpose, let us review here the list of pulsers which were already used, or were planed for use, in specific telekinetic cells that I know of. Here these are: 
       (1) Electrodes from a disk of electrostatic machine, and an induction head suspended above this disk. For example, in the telekinetic cell embedded into the "telekinetic influenzmaschine" described in "part #D" of the separate web page on free energy devices, the pulser is a special induction head "ho" placed near electrodes of this machine. 
       (2) Quartz crystal suspended in the focal point of a pyramid. In turn, in the telekinetic cell embedded into the "telepathic pyramid" described in treatise [7/2], and also in "part #C" of the web page on free energy devices, the pulser is a quartz crystal (Q) suspended in the focal point of a pyramid (D). 
       (3) Rails insulated from the ground. In years 1995 to 2000, together with a researcher named Evan Hansen from Utah, USA, who cooperated with me, we worked as a team on a version of an extremely powerful telekinetic cell (the output of which would be comparable to the output of some power stations), in which for the pulser the natural pulsations of electricity which occur in a railway line insulated from the ground by wooden slippers, were planned to be used. When I presently think about this our project, I realise that in fact we planned to build slightly improved version of the gigantic "crystal radio" described in item #G1 of this web page. Only that in order to increase the power on the entry (and thus also on the exit), for an antenna we planned to use rails lying on wooden slippers - means rails insulated from the ground. (The research on this cell was abruptly interrupted on 23 June 2000, when this my co-researcher rapidly died in very mysterious circumstances, probably being murdered - for details of death of Evan Hansen see subsection W4 from volume 18 of monograph [1/5], while for details of the "curse of inventors" which notoriously kills, amongst others, developers of free energy devices - see below item #M3 of this web page.) 
       (4) Aerial radio antenna. For a pulser can also be used a long aerial radio antenna. In fact, the "crystal radio receivers" described below in items #G1 and #F1.4, used such antennas for their pulsers. After all, radio antennas intercept electromagnetic waves of specific lengths, which via the crystal reciprocator are then converted into electrical impulses of a strictly defined frequency. 
       (5) Quartz clock working on batteries. As I explained it in item #H1 of this web page, I myself planed for a long time to initiate the building of the cell described here. For this reason I have planed for a long time how to produce subsequent components of this cell in the fastest and most effective manner possible. In these my plans, in the first stage of research and development, for the pulser (Q) I intend to use a ready-made source of pulsating electrical signal, which is every quartz clock working on batteries that can be purchased in any shop. For this I plan to dismantle a large quarts clock which I purchase especially for this purpose, open its electronic circuitry, and then connect my cell to these electronic circuits in order to collect the pulsating electric signal from them. In turn, in the second stage of research and development, I intend to build my own quartz circuit, similar to the one that exists in quartz clocks, only that the power supply would be provided to it from the same telekinetic cell that this pulser controls (for the initiation of this cell, the quartz from this clock would be squeezed by hand - similarly as this is done in homes with piezoelectric lighters build into our gas ovens).

#F1.3. Resonator ®:
       The resonator ® can be any electrical oscillatory circuit, which the builder of a given telekinetic cell decides to use in his device. Of course, as every electronic oscillatory circuit, such a resonator must be composed of at least a capacitor © and an inductor (A). In the first stage of research and development of the telekinetic cell that I plan to carry out myself, this resonator ® I intend to construct in such a manner that the frequency its own oscillations coincide with the frequency with which pulsates the signal that is generated by the pulser (Q) adopted from a quartz clock.

#F1.4. Reciprocator (T):
       In the sense of their design, all reciprocators for telekinetic cells are build in a similar manner. Namely, all of them are composed of two conductive electrodes, between which some sort of crystals which produce the piezoelectric effect are inserted. However, as this is a case with every device or component which performs a strictly defined function, also reciprocators from telekinetic cells can be constructed on several different ways. Let us review here these technical versions of such reciprocators, about which we already know that they were proven in action and for sure they work as supposed to. 
       (1) Cluster of galena crystals. Probably this one is the most simple to produce out of all versions of reciprocators. In addition, this technical version is verified in action a countless number of times. It can also be tested independently from the telekinetic cell, by using it as a component of a "crystal radio receiver". Thus we know, and can prove, that it for sure must work. The construction of such a crystal reciprocator boils down to the skill of such connecting two electrodes to a cluster of several conductive crystals which produce the "piezoelectric effect", that a natural flow of current through these crystals forms a working reciprocator for a required frequency. I personally did not experiment with such a "crystal reciprocator" in the application for telekinetic cells, nor encountered any descriptions of experiments of other researchers. But in times of my youth I frequently "played" with the so-called "crystal radio receivers". So I remember well the operation, use, and significance of crystals of so-called "galena" in first radio receivers used on Earth and called "crystal radio receivers". (Galena is a crystal form of a grey "led sulphide" (PbS). The curious aspect of it is, that it forms isometric crystals with properties similar to these from sodium chloride - meaning kitchen salt.) Thus I remember that in order to practically obtain this required connection of both electrodes to a cluster of galena crystals, so that it constituted a working reciprocator, usually only one electrode was connected permanently to this cluster. The other electrode was shaped like a thin needle (called the "cat's-whisker"), and a user was probing with it the cluster of galena crystals in various places - until it started to work as a reciprocator. Interestingly, when finally these crystals started to work as a reciprocator, and when, because of them, the crystal radio receiver caught a selected radio-wave, then these crystals of galena produced sparks and glowed in darkness almost identically as below it is described for the working reciprocator in the shape of a tube with salt crystals and mercury inside. On the basis of these my past experience I personally believe, that such a large cluster of "galena" crystals - identical in form and operation to these used in old "crystal radio receivers" is going to provide a simplest reciprocator for a telekinetic cell. But for me personally the most shocking is the discovery described below in item #G1 of this web page. Namely that entire such old "crystal radio receivers" were in fact primitive working prototypes of telekinetic cells described here. This means that in times of my youth I actually played with these telekinetic cells without realising it. 
       Galena (PbS) belongs to most common minerals on Earth. It is the ore which is used for the production of led. We should NOT have any difficulty with finding it ourselves. Also, for constructing a reciprocator we need very little of it. It is enough to have a small cluster of pure crystals of it. The dimension of this cluster do not need to exceed the size of half of an egg from a sparrow. Biggest deposits of galena are present in areas where in past led was produced, or is still produced now. It is also present in areas where minerals were mined, which are accompanied by led, e.g. silver, zinc, copper, antimony. Practically almost every country have such areas. In Poland these are present in Lower Silesia. Clusters of crystals of galena, which are suitable for reciprocators of telekinetic cells, can be found in form of metallic veins which pass through rocks practically almost everywhere, where not long ago someone was breaking through these rocks. Thus, it is present in many quarries, mines, caves, rocky cliffs, and even can be chiselled from rocks on sides of new roads that were cut through rocky terrains. Galena is also present amongst rock rubble which remained from such rock quarries, mines, roads, etc. It can be noticed easily, because its crystals look metallically and reflect light like freshly cut pieces of led. In my youth I was finding many clusters of this mineral amongst rock rubble that was used for the bed of the railway line which run through my village Wszewilki. Probably the rock rubble used to build the railway through Wszewilki was produced in a quarry which contained deposits of galena. 
       (2) Tandem of quartz crystals. This one is slightly more advanced design of a reciprocator. In such a tandem, at least two large quartz crystals must be connected together in parallel. Both of them must have a strictly defined (and exactly the same as the other crystal) frequency of oscillations. Also each one of them must be cut along a different crystal axis. Their frequency of oscillations must be harmonic to the frequency of the resonator and pulser from a given telekinetic cell. It is known to me, that just such tandems assembled from very big quartz crystals are used as reciprocators in two working prototypes of miniature single-disk telekinetic influenzmaschines called "Testatica" - which machines are mentioned on a separate web page about free energy devices. Unfortunately, I do not have data regarding design details nor parameters of work of these crystals. 
       (3) Salt and mercury tube. This one is the most advanced design of a reciprocator. Such a tube is simply a glass ampoule. To both ends of this ampoule two electrodes are melted, both made of a material resistant to the action of mercury (quick silver) and salt, e.g. made of stainless steel. The interior of this tube is filled up half with salt of large grains, half with mercury. This mixture of salt and mercury is then sealed inside of the ampoule after the pumping air out of it to the vacuum equal approximately to around 50 and 300 mTorr. For telekinetic cells of a large electrical output, on the external surface of this tube a spiral from a high resistance material can be wound. Reciprocators in shapes of tubes of the design described here already were subjected to numerous experiments. Outcomes of these experiments are described in subsections K2.6.3 and LA2.4.1 from volumes, respectively, 9 and 10 of monograph [1/5]
       When one sees this reciprocator in the form of "tube" (T) in action on any free energy device already build on Earth, it can be easily recognised because it glows strongly. Namely the free energy which flows through it causes that it emits a powerful light. The first photo on the web page about free energy devices (see "Fig. #B1" over there) actually shows this reciprocator in the form of "tube" (T) while it glows. In turn the telekinetic cell from "Fig. #D1" shows it in a non-glowing state (see the blue "tube" (T) visible by the floor of the telepathic pyramid).

#F1.5. Autotransformer (A):
       Autotransformer (A) in the telekinetic cell can be any electronic device which will decrease the voltage of this cell to the level (W) required by users. In fact it can be, and in majority of telekinetic cells probably will be, a factory autotransformer purchased in a shop and working for a given range of voltages. 
       Of course, instead of the autotransformer (A), a given cell can also use a transistor electronic circuit ("solid state") which also will lower down to the required value the voltage on the output terminal (W). After all, the autotransformer is not the only source of inductance (electrical inertia) in the telekinetic cell. Another source of this inductance, which in some designs of circuitry of these cells may suffice, are also telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2). 

Part #G: Is there any model prototype which would help us to construct a "telekinetic cell":
#G1. Shock! Primitive telekinetic cells were already manufactured on Earth over half a century ago - they were called then "crystal radios":
       Over a half of century ago, means in 1950s, I played with a "crystal radio". At that time my parents did not have a "real" radio receiver. So it gave me a lot of fun to listen from this substitute of a "real" radio receiver speeches and stories told by other people and arriving to our small village Wszewilki from a "distant world". Furthermore, this radio fascinated me for some reason - now when I think about this I believe that it was because of this sparking of its galena crystals, when I managed to "catch" a radio wave with it. While playing with these "crystal radio" I did not know that in fact they represent primitive versions of telekinetic cells. The fact that they were such telekinetic cells I discovered only with a huge surprise during the preparation of this web page. This is because only then I analysed the operation of galena crystals as the simplest reciprocator (outcomes of this analysis are presented in item #F1.4 of this web page). This was when I discovered with a shock that in past I hold in my hands a working prototype of the telekinetic cell. Of course, the fact that in past already existed on Earth, and were commonly used, working prototypes of telekinetic cells, causes that it significantly simplifies and accelerates the present research and development on this cell. After all, it allows to pick up the further development of these devices from the point to which our ancestors developed them. 
       Of course, people who are unaware of the weight of this discovery, may be surprised that only over 50 years after I played with the primitive prototype of the telekinetic cell, I rapidly realised what I actually hold in my hands in times of my youth. This is because in order to understand this, it was necessary to previously work out and to accumulate the entire body of a new discipline of knowledge about telekinetic cells. It was this accumulation of new knowledge that took me half a century. 
       Crystal radios are very mysterious in every aspect. For example, on pages 204 and 205 of the book [1FE] by Gavin Weightman, "Signor Marconi's Magic Box", Harper Publications, 2003, ISBN 0-00-713005-8, an information is provided, that in 1906 two mutually unknown to each other inventors patented very similar crystal radios with "cat's whisker". Unfortunately this book does not provide their names. The name of one of them I managed to determine later by myself - but after long searches. It was Greenleaf Whittier Pickard. Who is the other inventor - this still remains unknown to me. But I am most fascinated by the fact that the crystal radio appeared on Earth in a very similar manner as the so-called telepathic pyramid. This telepathic pyramid also arrived rapidly to minds of several different people, as I described this extensively in subsection C11 and in chapter E from treatise [7/2]. What even more interesting, this telepathic pyramid also had telekinetic cell embedded into its circuits. Too many strange coincidents, to be just a favourable converge of circumstances. I personally believe that these first two crystal radios, as well as the telepathic pyramid, and also three first telekinetic influenzmaschines, all of which devices have telekinetic cells embedded into their circuitry, in fact were sent to Earth as a kind of "supplies" which originated from the same source. What is even more intriguing, that the evil power described in item #M3 of this web page, does NOT appreciate these supplies. After all, it is for reasons that now it is so difficult to find on Earth any useful information about all these extraordinary devices. The majority of information for some strange reasons would not make their way to books nor to internet. 
       The evidence in support of the fact that "crystal radio receivers" contained primitive telekinetic cells embedded into their circuitry, is constituted by several their attributes. Let us list here and describe most vital out of these. Here they are: 
       (1) The design (composition) of crystal radio documents the presence of all vital components that are unique for the telekinetic cell. From the point of view of their composition the crystal radios were extremely simple devices. In fact they were composed of even less components than telekinetic cells do. Namely they had an aerial antenna (q), cluster of galena crystals (t), and two earphones of an old type (i1) and (i2). They also had several typical electronic parts, such as inductors and a large tuneable capacitor. These, however, served only to refine the work of their main components - for details see item #H2 of this web page. For sure these crystal radios did not use neither a battery, nor any other form of electricity supply. (Means, the crystal radio of the design used in this radio set with which I used to play, for sure used no any electricity supply. However, I discovered lately that with the elapse of time "improved" versions of crystal radios were also produced, which did require to have an electricity supply.) At the input these crystal radios utilised aerial radio antennas (q), which provided them with the input radio impulses of a required frequency. Thus, these aerial radio antennas in fact represented pulsers (Q) from a telekinetic cell. The "galena" clusters of crystals (t), onto which the pulsating signal was directed from antennas, were perfect reciprocators (Q) from telekinetic cells - verified in action. Although these were the simplest reciprocators for telekinetic batteries, that I know of, still they worked perfectly. I provided their description in subsection #F1.4 of this web page. From these reciprocators the intercepted signal was directed to two earphones of an old type (i1) and (i2). These two earphones contained permanent magnets inside, with coils wound onto them. So in fact these earphones were two telekinetic inductors (I1) and (I2) similar to these from telekinetic cells (only that both of them had coils wound in the same direction). So the only thing that was missing in order to make them work as full power telekinetic cells of a high output, were resonators ®. These resonators would add together and cumulatively amplify weak impulses of energy generated in their two telekinetic inductors. In this way they would cumulatively increase the power of the electricity generated by these inductors. But even without such resonators, the crystal radios still generated small amounts of free electrical energy. 
       (2) The principle of operation of crystal radio was identical to the principle of operation of the telekinetic cell.Independently from their design, about the fact that these "crystal radios" were primitive telekinetic cells certifies also their principle of operation. If we think about this thoroughly, they needed to generate small amounts of free electrical energy in a manner that is identical as this energy is generated by telekinetic cells. After all, they had no any energy supply, but simultaneously they were able to sustain a relatively loud work of a pair of large earphones of an old type. In order such earphones could work, normally they need to be powered with electricity by a sizable battery. 
       (3) This radio worked without any battery or any other external energy supply. In addition to all the above, these radios were the only devices build on Earth so far, which without any energy supply still managed to vocalise weak radio signals intercepted by their antennas. There is no other electrical or electronic appliance on Earth, which being completely deprived of any battery or energy supply, and having at the entry just a naked wire of antenna, would give at the exit an useful mechanical work (in their case - sound vibrations of the air). 
       (4) Crystal radio was NOT able to work without earphones-inductors. The most important evidence, however, that these "crystal radios" contained embedded primitive telekinetic cells, was that they did NOT work without their earphones of an old type. This inability to operate without earphones was confirmed experimentally by numerous researchers. These radios refused to work even when their earphones were replaced in them e.g. by miniature speakers which consumed much less power then them. This in turn means, that the necessity to use in them the earphones resulted from the principles of their operation. Only the theory of the telekinetic cell explain why this happens. After all, in the telekinetic cell two inductors (I1) and (I2) are the components which generate telekinetically the electricity. In turn earphones in these radios perform the function of these telekinetic inductors. So if these inductors were removed from them, the radios had no right to work. 
       This discovery, that old "crystal radios" in fact included primitive versions of the telekinetic cell described here embedded into their circuitry, have a huge significance for us. This is because it indicates how to build such a telekinetic cell in the most fast and the most easily manner. After all, in order to build such a cell, it is enough to begin with just such a "crystal radio". Then just gradually improve it until we receive the final telekinetic cell of a required power. So if someone have somewhere in an attic such an old crystal radio receiver (with earphones of an old type that had permanent magnets inside), or if knows where to purchase such a radio, then I would advice him to remove dust from it, or buy it, and then make it work. Alternatively, it can be found in old books how to build such a radio, and then construct it fast - it is very simple. In turn, when it begins to work, it suffices to add a resonator to it, which works on the frequency of the audio wave that can be repetitively received on a given crystal radio, to obtain a working telekinetic cell. Further gradual improvements of this cell must cause, that with the elapse of time it will generate for us a current of parameters which we will wish to have. 
       In spite that the "crystal radio" contained very primitive prototype of the telekinetic cell described here, still it was a prototype that already existed and worked. So it was a beginning of a new era in the generation of energy on Earth. Now, when I managed to identify that in fact we have already a first working prototype, we only need to improve it to the level of an efficient cell. So let us roll sleeves and begin the work! After all, the entire our civilisation awaits this revolutionary device.

#G2. Why the inability of the crystal radio to work when earphones are replaced with speakers, is a vital evidence that this radio actually contains a "telekinetic cell" embedded into it:

       In order to generate electricity in a telekinetic manner, a "telekinetic cell" must contain two inductors "I1" and "I2" in which coils of conductor are wound permanently around two permanent magnets and fixed towards these magnets. This is because if these coils are not fixed, but are able to move in relationship to permanent magnets, then the so-called Telekinetic Effect does NOT appear in them. In turn, it is this effect that generates electricity in such coils. When coils are moveable, then the effect is replaced by physical motion of these coils. So if someone eliminates earphones of the old type from a crystal radio, and replaces them with something else, e.g. with loud speakers, then the Telekinetic Effect disappears from this radio. After all, although a speaker has coils and a permanent magnet, but these coils are assembled in a moveable manner in relationship to the magnet. So instead of generating the Telekinetic Effect, these coils generate their own vibrations which are the source of voice in speakers. 
       Therefore, if anyone wishes to make a crystal radio to work with loud speakers, then he or she would need to build it in such a manner, that in addition to the speaker it would still have these two inductors "I1" and "I2", in which fixed coils would be wound permanently around a permanent magnet. Of course, there are at least 3 different ways on which someone could accomplish it. For example, he or she could (1) change the design of speakers in such a manner, that their coils would be fixed to permanent magnets, or (2) add speakers but not remove earphones (so that the radio would have earphones that represent inductors, as well as speakers), or (3) add speakers for producing sounds, and add especially constructed inductors "I1" and "I2" which would NOT be embedded into earphones. 
       At this point it is worth to emphasize, that from the point of view of the principle of operation of "crystal radios" just as radios, the replacement of earphones with speakers does NOT make a difference. It only changes the manner on which such radios are supplied into electricity. After all, when we eliminate the earphones and replace these by speakers, in the radio a telekinetic cell is also eliminated, which was embedded into it. Means, the elimination of earphones eliminates also the supply of energy which is necessary for the operation of this radio. So the sole fact, that after replacing earphones with speakers, such radios cease to work, is the most illustrative evidence that these radios actually contain telekinetic cells embedded into their circuitry. In turn earphones are vital components of these cells. 

Part #H: How we ourselves can contribute a share to development of the "telekinetic cell":
#H1. Let us get to know the procedure of completion of the telekinetic cell described here:
Motto: A single man may change fate of the world. Try to become this man!
       One of the main reasons for which I described exactly, and now I am disseminating free of charge, all the information contained on this web page, is the attempt to inspire with this web page some other researchers, to undertake the construction of telekinetic cell. According to my own experience, two most vital obstacles which usually stop us from building a device that was unknown before, usually depend on (a) our lack of knowledge as to how exactly this device supposed to work, and (b) we do not know how to begin the building of it. Therefore, on this web page I try to remove both these obstacles. In descriptions from previous parts of this web page I explained exactly how the telekinetic cell operates. So now I explain how to begin the building of it. 
       The guidelines described here stem from the fact, that I personally since many years tried to undertake the building of the prototype of a telekinetic cell described here. Unfortunately, the action of the "curse of inventors" described in item #M3 of this web page, always in the last moment make impossible the proceeding with this building. (For example, already in three last academic jobs that I had in New Zealand, at some stages I attempted to undertake the construction of this cell - but always shortly before I initiated my works I was made redundant from a given job.) So although I was never given the chance to initiate the building of this device, I already went several times through the process of careful planning how to begin and carry out this building. In the result of this planning, I know quite well how I would carry out the process of building this cell - if somehow I am able to break through the barriers that this "curse of inventors" continually erects on my path. (This curse visibly tries to prevent me from undertaking the construction of this device so needed by humanity.) Below I am going to explain the most vital points of this my own plan. 
       If the reader decides to benefit from my guidelines described here, then I would like to remind him about the need to keep these 3 obligations which as the inventor of the "telekinetic cell" I already imposed morally in my publications onto persons or institutions which are to implement this cell into a mass factory production and which are to draw significant financial benefits from it. Although these obligations are explained more comprehensively in my other publications, here I am going to remind briefly all three of them. And so, (1) for the future generations of inventors, who also are going to be troubled by the "curse of inventors" in my publications I already promised that 10% of a net income from the production of each my invention is to be directed onto a special "fund of Dr Pajak"designated for lifting the level of our civilisation (amongst others, through paying rewards for inventors who constructed some unknown earlier technical devices). (2) Second 10% of a net profit from the production and sale of each my inventions, until the time of my death, or until 2046 - whatever comes later, I am reserving for myself (or for my inheritors), as an expression of the honouring of my intellectual contribution to the development of a given invention and to the dissemination throughout the world of the knowledge about this invention (later this second 10% should also be directed to the "fund of Dr Pajak"). Finally, (3), on the sale and dissemination of the "telekinetic cell" of my invention, is also imposed a limitation resulting from the need to establish the so-called "telekinesis free zone"on the Earth - this zone is described more comprehensively on the totaliztic web page named tfz.htm. Therefore future producers of my "telekinetic cell", and also producers of all other devices of my invention that work on principles of telekinesis, are morally obliged to NOT export, sell, nor licence this cell and/or other my inventions based on the phenomenon of telekinesis, to Antarctic, Australia, nor New Zealand - thus guaranteeing that the "telekinesis free zone" is really established and maintained on our planet. The above three obligations are relatively easy for implementing and not very troublesome for people who are to keep them. After all, they do NOT deprive the builders of my inventions any rights and benefits which they may expect. (E.g. 80% of the net profit from the building and sale of these inventions still remains in their disposal. In turn it is known that benefits from the implementation of these devices to serial production will be indescribably huge. Also still they can export and sale these devices to almost all most populated countries of the world.) These moral obligations are a kind of my "testament". These are also the only obligations that I am imposing on developers and producers of my inventions. Therefore to keep these obligations are morally obliged all builders of my inventions. I also warn against possible attempts to avoid the fulfilment of these my moral obligations - as from research I know that such possible refusal to obey duties that morality imposes onto us always finishes tragically. 
       When someone undertakes the completion of the procedure described here, and initiates the building of the telekinetic cell, then I would like to also remind him to arrange a "log" from his research. In this "log" he should write exactly the essence of everything that he did or tried in subsequent days of research. The point is that in research and development one cannot trust exclusively own memory - especially when comes to such quantitative data as parameters of work, parts used, connections and circuits which were already tried out, radio stations which were "caught", weather that prevailed given days, etc. In order to introduce such a log from research, it is enough to buy a decent notebook, and then everyday of research write in it dates and hours of research plus the essence of whatever during a given research session one did, found out, and accomplished, parameters (and prices) of parts used, diagrams illustrating how these parts were connected together, descriptions what results were obtained, etc. Such a log later will assist enormously our own thinking and planning of next tests, trials, and moves. 
       At present a rich literature exists which describes exactly how to build a "crystal radio". In turn such a radio is actually a primitive version of a telekinetic cell. For example, the book [6FE] listed in item #H4 of this web page, devotes to descriptions how to build various versions of crystal radios entire 10 pages (i.e. pages 39 to 48) - means one whole chapter. The existence of such a rich literature places the builders of a telekinetic cell in a very beneficial situation. After all, in order to obtain a working model of a telekinetic cell, these builders may begin their efforts from constructing just such a crystal radio. Then they can only transform this crystal radio into a fully-developed telekinetic cell. In items that are to follow I am going to describe step-by-step how to accomplish this.

#H2. How to build ourselves a "crystal radio":

       The starting point, and the key to a success, in the completion of our "telekinetic cell" described by the procedure from item #H3 of this web page, is to have a working crystal radio. Because such a ready-made radio in present times is probably quite difficult to acquire, while simultaneously there is available a rich literature which documents how ourselves we can complete this simple device, in this item I am going to explain how to build it on our own. After all, such a radio is very simple - see the diagram from illustration "Fig. #H1". Here is the procedure: 
       (0) Acquiring the knowledge which we are going to need. For this we should read about crystal radios from books or internet, talk to older people who used such radios, or - if possible, see photographs or even real exhibits of such radios. We need some understanding of such matters as the appearance of galena crystals, designs and work of galena reciprocators (the one with a "cat's whisker"), components of crystal radio, winding of its antenna coil, earphones of an old type, antenna, earth wire, etc. This knowledge is most thoroughly presented in old books, published between years 1906 and 1960. In new books it is rarely available although after some searches it also could be found - as an example see page 2 of the book [2FE] by Philip Hoff, "Consumer electronics for engineers", Cambridge University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-521-58207-5. The appearance of a ready crystal radio can be seen in museums and internet. In 2013 examples of it could be seen at following internet addresses: detefon museumdiagrams of crystal radiospatent documentation of crystal radio, and more. 
       (1) Acquiring a cluster of galena crystals for building the reciprocator. Unfortunately, in present times one cannot go to a fist radio shop on the street and buy there a galena reciprocal. So this reciprocal we need to build ourselves. The building we begin from getting somewhere a cluster of galena crystals. The cluster that we need is of a size and shape of a sparrow egg cut in half. Where we can gather such a crystal it is explained in item #F1.4 of this web page. (Best if we find galena ourselves, or through members of our family, or friends whom we know well, or if we purchase it anonymously. But under no excuse we should order it in internet and provide our address.) 
       It is worth to know, that apart from crystals of galena (i.e. lead sulphide, PbS), crystal radio can also work on any different clusters of crystals which display following two attributes, namely (1) a good electrical conductivity, and (2) the formation of piezoelectric effect. A piezoelectric effect is formed practically by every regular crystals. So in order to check whether crystals that we find somewhere actually are suitable for making a reciprocator, it suffices to check whether they conduct electricity. (I.e. it suffices to connect them into a closed circuit which includes a battery and a bulb, and then check whether the bulb is going to lite up.) As it turns out, in practice there is a large number of crystals which fulfil both above conditions, and thus turn suitable for building reciprocators. Many of such crystals is easy to recognize at a first glance, because their surface looks metallic. Two most popular amongst such crystals, for which a crystal radio was already tested experimentally and proven to work well, are zincite (i.e. red oxide of zinc, ZnO) and chalcopyrite (i.e. copper pyrite, CuFeS2, having a golden colour). But in practice such crystals suitable for reciprocators are plentiful. In fact, the book [4FE] seem to indicate that even a transistor 2N104 connected to the earth via 6 T inductor, and fulfiling the above two conditions, can also replace galena crystals in this radio. In case of using a transistor instead of galena crystals, its "C" connector is soldered to the antena and used as the inlet to the reciprocator, while the "E" connector is used as outlet and connected to headphones. Third (looking like spare) connector "B" are joined to "E" via a coil of the inductance of 6 T. The transistor reciprocator obtained in this manner is replacing the (G) from "Fig. #H1". It is worth to remember what I explained in item #E1.4 of this web page, that individual crystals (or transistors) constituting a given reciprocator, fulfil the same function as individual cranks on the crankshaft of a multi-cylinder engine. Means, the more of them is in a given reciprocator, and the wider is spread of their angular orientations, the more smooth and deprived of jerks is the work of a given telekinetic cell (or a source of motion). 
       (2) Constructing or purchasing the reciprocator. Before we undertake the building of reciprocator (G), perhaps it is worth to check in internet whether purchasing a factory-made one is "for our pocket". The book [6FE] states that until today many companies still sell "cat's whiskers" through internet to interested hobbyists. If the price is too high for us, then it is good to ask someone older to explain to us how it looked like. Main parts of this reciprocator include (i) this galena crystal held by one electrode and directed with a flat surface outside, and (ii) a so-called "cat's whisker" - means a needle-shaped electrode provided with a handle (e.g. similar to that from a syringe). This needle-shaped electrode should be possible to manipulate, so that we could touch with it galena crystals in various places (to find a right spot from which the reciprocator works). The actual making of the reciprocator can be designed in many different ways - depending what tools and materials are in our disposal. Here are descriptions of several most frequent designs. 
       - The reciprocator with "cat's whisker" working on principles of a syringe. In a fastest, although temporary manner, such a reciprocator can be made is one purchases a large fuse holder, of a type used in cars or radios. Then on one connector of this holder elongated cluster of galena crystals is mounted, while in other connector a small syringe is fastened. From the syringe the needle is removed, while to the piston a thin wire of a "cat's whisker" is glued. The wire penetrates through the flange that normally holds the needle, like through a bearing. This wire must be connected electrically with the opposite to galena connecter of the fuse holder. If the wire is slightly bend, then just by rotation and by pushing the piston from this syringe the wire can touch galena crystals in various places, so that the place is found in which these crystals will work as a reciprocator. The reciprocator of just such a design was used in the crystal radio set with which I "played" in times of my youth. It was very convenient and handy in use. 
       - The reciprocator from a transparent pipe. I saw in internet a temporary design of a reciprocator obtained through the use of a transparent plastic pipe. Into one end of this pipe a metal electrode holding galena crystals was pushed. Into the other end of the same pipe a kind of cork was inserted, which held the electrode "cat's whisker". By manipulating and rotation of this cork the touching of galena crystals in different places was obtained. 
       - The reciprocator in shape of a hammer on a hinge. In this design a small "hammer" is made, which is fastened to a hinge. The hammer has a handle which allows it to be lifted up and lowered down. To the head of this hammer a "cat's whisker" wire is attached. Instead of an anvil which this hammer supposed to hit, a second electrode holding galena crystals is placed. This reciprocator allows the selection of the point of contact through lifting the hammer and bending the "cat's whisker". The diagram of just such a reciprocator is published on page 42 of the book [3FE] by Chas E. Miller, "Valve Radio and Audio Repair Handbook", Newness 2000, ISBN 0-7506-3995-4. 
       - The use of a "factory-made" reciprocator in form of a germanium diode 1N34. In present times of transistors and germanium diodes, we can also use for our reciprocator a germanium diode 1N34, or a transistor 2N104, instead of galena crystals (thist seems to be a most convenient way to accomplish our goal). The diagram and list of components for a "crystal radio" working on a germanium diode 1N34 is shown in "Fig. #H2" below. 
       (3) The winding of antenna coil. The antenna coil (L) for the crystal radio is recommended to made ourselves. For this we need a pipe made of some non-conductive material. The pipe should be around 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter and around 20 cm in length. It is going to be a core for winding our coil. In internet I saw a recommendation that for such a pipe an empty plastic bottle of just such dimensions can be used, from which (the bottle) the neck and the bottom is cut off (in just such bottles various chemical and cosmetic products are sold in supermarkets). For such a pipe cartoon cores from kitchen foils or paper towels can also be used. On this pipe we then wound tightly, one coil next to other, around 150 or 80 coils of conductive wire recycled from some old radio transformer or other coil. In order the final coils is stronger and resistant to scratches, after we finish it we can cover it with a transparent paint. 
       (4) Purchase of remaining parts and components. Crystal radio is very simple. It uses only several parts. In order to build it, in addition to the reciprocator which (G) and the coil (L) we build ourselves - as I described this in (2) and (3) above, we also need to purchase (or dismantle it from an old radio or television set) as follows: (i) a tuneable capacitor © of the type used in old radios for "catching" (tuning into) stations, (ii) a headset (a pair of earphones) of an old type. The capacitor should be of a maximal capacitance of around 365 pF. In turn headset should have the impedance of not less than 2000 Ohms. 
       (5) Making the radio. For this we need to connect together subsequent parts and components of the crystal radio - as this is shown on the diagram from "Fig. #H1" of this web page. 
       (6) Spreading the temporary antenna, the instalment of the temporary earth wire, and tuning the radio. A crystal radio works only if the signal from the pulser, means from the receiving antenna (A), exceeds an appropriate threshold power. In order this power is exceeded, it is necessary to spread an antenna (A) which has a length of at least 24 meters. In present times of limited spaces and quarrelsome neighbours, the finding place to spread such an antenna (A) is quite a tricky bit. So an inventiveness is needed how to accomplish this. Fortunately for us, we need the antenna (A), and also the earth wire (E), only temporary, means until we learn how to use the crystal radio, and until we exchange the antenna (A) and the earth wire (E) for two wires connecting a pulser - e.g. for signals from a quartz clock powered by a battery. Then we can dismantle the antenna (A) and the earth wire (E) - they are not needed any more. The temporary earth wire (E) can be any conductor that runs through the ground, e.g. a wire attached to a metal bucket thrown into a well, a pipe e.g. with water, or even (but only during a good weather) our house lightning arrester. For more information about antennas and earth wires - see radio hams literature, or internet. 
       (7) Learning how to use this radio. Having a crystal radio does not guarantee that we are going to know how to use it. So again we need an experience and curiosity - or a help of someone who already used this kind of radios. 

[Bild: crystal_radio.gif]

Fig. #H1 (5 in [10]): Schematic diagram of the original version of crystal radios. It is the above design of this radio that contains a telekinetic cell embedded into its circuitry. (Click on this diagram to see it enlarged or to shift it to a different area of the screen.) 
       (In order to see how the telekinetic cell is embedded into circuits of the crystal radio, compare the above diagram with the diagram from illustration "Fig. #C1", remembering that each earphone "H" in fact is a kind of telekinetic inductor similar to that marked "I1".) The highly intriguing aspect of the above radio was, that in 1906 it was independently patented by two separate inventors who did not know about each other. Thus the origin of this radio remind me the origin of the "telepathic pyramid", which is described in subsection C11 and in chapter E from treatise [7/2]. (Means both, the crystal radio and the telepathic pyramid were independently conceived by several creative people who did not know about each other.) Original versions of the crystal radio were composed of the following parts, the mutual connection of which is illustrated at the above Figure. Antenna (A). Empirical findings state that in order the pulsating signal from the antenna exceeds the required threshold value, the antenna must be at least 80 feet in length (i.e. not less than 24 meters). The earth wire (E). Coil (L). In original specifications this coil was defined as wound in a single layer on the surface or a non-conductive pipe. The pipe was around 5 cm in diameter (2 inches), and around 20 cm in length. It had 80 coils of conductor wound for the radio for middle range of AM wavelengths, or 150 coils for the radio that receives long AM wavelengths. (It could also be a single coil composed of two segments and a switch, so that than the radio could work on both ranges of AM wavelengths.) Tuneable capacitor © of the maximal capacitance around 365 pF. Cluster of galena crystals (G) with "cat's whisker" for selecting the working connection point. Headphones (H) of an old type containing coils wound onto permanent magnets. These headphones must have impedance of at least 2000 Ohms. (Notice that present earphones typically have the impedance around one-third, or less, of this value.) Each one out of the above parts, and also the principle of operation of the crystal radio, are discussed in the content of items #F1.4, #G1, and #H2 from this web page. 

[Bild: german_diode_radio.jpg]

Fig. #H2 (6 in [10]): Electrical diagram of the "crystal radio" in which instead of galena crystal a germanium diode 1N34 is used. A prototype of that radio was tested and it works for long waves AM. The description of the above radio is provided in the book [6FE], pages 39 to 42, with the electrical diagram of it shown in there on page 41. (Click on this diagram to see it enlarged or to shift it to a different area of the screen.) 
       Descriptions provided in that book [6FE] inform, that the crystal radio with germanium diode 1N34, as shown above, are composed the following parts: (A) - antenna of 80 to 100 feet long (i.e. 24 to 30 metres), (L) - 150 turns of enameled wire 24 ga. on 4" x 2" tube, (i.e. 5 cm x 10 cm), (E) - well working earth (e.g. metal pipes), © - 365 pF tuning capacitor (from an old radio), (G) - germanium diode 1N34 (notice that it cannot be silicone diode), (C2) - disc capacitor 0.005 micro F for 35 Volt, (H) - high impedance headphones (2000 Ohm type). I have heard an opinion that instead of headphones (H) a speaker with transformer can also be used. In such a speaker the transformer substitutes inductors in headphones. Unfortunately, so-far I was unable to confirm this opinion on basis of some verified in action design of a crystal radio.

#H3. Stages and their goals in the procedure of transformation of a "crystal radio" into a fully developed "telekinetic cell":

       In order to build a fully developed telekinetic cell, while simultaneously make the best use of the advantage that gives to us the existence of a primitive prototype of the telekinetic cell - which takes the form of a "crystal radio", it is necessary to complete the construction of this device in several stages. Below I am going to describe each of these stages in a separate item.

#H3.1. The clear defining of the "major goal" of our actions and also "intermediate goals" for all stages:
       In order to accomplish any life goal it is necessary to clearly define what is the "major goal" of our efforts, and what are "intermediate goals" for subsequent stages of our actions - so that gradual accomplishment of these "intermediary goals" is to lead us to accomplishing also the "major goal". So if the reader intends to build a "telekinetic cell" then the "major goal" of his actions becomes obvious. This goal can be defined as "such transformation of a working 'crystal radio', that the obtained circuits are to generate a noticeable amount of electrical energy without the requirement of supplying them from an outside source of energy nor including into them any batteries of accumulators which would be previously charged with such amount of electrical energy". Of course, the path to accomplishing this major goal leads through several intermediate stages, each one of which must also have its own intermediate goal. Here are these intermediate goals. 
       1. Accomplishing a working set of "crystal radio". In order to most easy build a "telekinetic cell" it is worth to begin from using of whatever previous generations of people already have accomplished - means from building a working set of "crystal radio". (How we should approach this building it is explained in item #H2 below.) After all, numerous and good descriptions as to how build such a "crystal radio" are provided in already existing literature and also in internet. 
       2. Accomplishing a self-supplying "crystal radio" through adding a "feedback circuit" into it. The purpose of such adding a "feedback circuit" is to cause that instead of "antenna" our "testing prototype" of "crystal radio" is supplied into energy at its "entry" with its own "exit signal" (i.e. is supplied into energy by the same signal which cause the "sound" in earphones of this radio) however it still produces some sound signal. If we manage to get a success in accomplishing this "intermediate goal", then the most vital stage in our procedure of building a "telekinetic cell" we already have done. 
       3. The design and implementation of a prototype of a commercially and demonstratively useful "nightingale". In this "intermediate goal" the point is that the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" to-date managed to effectively although wrongly convince people that "energy cannot be generated e.g. without burning any fuel or without consuming any other form of energy already known to people and to science - e.g. wind, water, light, etc." Therefore, in order to be able to gain financing for research and development of "telekinetic cell" and in order to implement later this cell into a mass factory production, firstly we need to accomplish something, that is to allow to break through these "erroneous beliefs: which the "atheistic orthodox science" imposed onto people. In turn the most easy to accomplish such something would be a "toy" which I call "nightingale" - and which I described in item #H3.3 below. This toy is to generate "tweeting" similar to a bird called "nightingale", but would be deprived of any source of energy. In this way from one hand it would provide to everyone a visual and heard proof, that "free energy can be accomplished", on the other hand it could be implemented faster to factory production as a "child toy", and thus it would generate funds for the research and development of fully-developed "telekinetic cell". 
       4. Building a fully-developed "telekinetic cell". In order to accomplish this goal, it is necessary to carry out long-term research - in turn for these funds are needed. How to implement this stage with the use of previously accomplished "nightingale", it is described in item #H3.4 below. 
       Let us to review now how to approach accomplishing each one from above goals.

#H3.2. Working out the correct circuitry, parameters, and course of phenomena in the modified "crystal radio" - so that this radio begins to supply itself with electricity through its "feedback circuit":
       The goal of this first stage of the building of telekinetic cell is to work out and to try the most beneficial configuration of subsequent parts and electronic circuits which constitute this cell, and also selecting the right parameters of work and course of phenomena in this cell. This stage is to be completed with a success, when we build a cell which will be useful in practice. Means which will be portable, handy, and will generate enough electricity to supply in power e.g. a bulb in our table lamp. 
       In this first stage of building the telekinetic cell we need to take advantage of the fact, that there is already in existence a primitive prototype of this cell. Therefore this stage should be completed with the method of "confirmed steps", which guarantees to us the final success. This method depends on starting the building from a device which already works. Then it involves the introduction of gradual improvements to this working device, one-by-one, with simultaneous checking after each of these improvements, that with it the device still works. Please notice that this method is suitable only for activities which fulfil several conditions. For example, in which we know exactly what we wish to accomplish (i.e. we know what lies behind the last step), and also for which we already have a device that works - from which we can begin our improvements. But it is just such a case that we deal with during the building of telekinetic cell. Here are subsequent steps of this method. 
       1. Acquiring a working "crystal radio". The goal of this step is to acquire a working (primitive) prototype of the telekinetic cell. This prototype is going to be subjected to gradual improvements. Of course, it is not vital how we acquire this prototype of a "crystal radio" (as long as we do not risk a loss of our anonymity due to an attempt to purchase it from internet or from a press advertisement). Means, it is not important whether we dust it out from our own attic, or buy it from someone whom we know well, or we build it by ourselves - as this is explained below, step by step, in item #H2 of this web page, or it is build for us by a family member or a friend. Important is only that (a) the radio actually works, and (b) it is of the "right" kind. (The "right" kind of the crystal radio, is the one which contains a telekinetic cell embedded into its electronic circuits.) This is because the evil force described in item #M3 of this web page tries to prevent the building of telekinetic cells on Earth. Therefore, knowing that crystal radios are prototypes of such telekinetic cells, this evil force removed from households the majorities of the "right" kinds of crystal radios. Simultaneously this evil force introduced to the market several "improved" versions of similar radios, which do not contain the embedded telekinetic cell (although include some crystals). This "right" crystal radio can be recognised because (A) it does NOT use any energy supply but it still works, (B) it has a very simple design (see item #H2 of this web page), and © it has earphones of the old type (with coils wound on permanent magnets) and refuses to work without these earphones. 
       2. Learning how to use such a "crystal radio". The goal of this step is to learn how exactly recognise when this radio works as a telekinetic cell, and learn how to use it. For this, one needs to use this radio for some period of time, "catching" various stations on it, and noticing what happens when any station is "caught". (I.e. notice how then behaves the galena crystal, how earphones perceive a carrying wave deprived of a sound, etc.) 
       3. Replacement of the antenna and the earth wire from the radio with connections to a "pulser", and confirmation that the radio still works. The goal of this step is to get rid of an inconvenient radio antenna, and equally inconvenient earth wire, but still maintain the operation of the telekinetic cell. In order to implement this step, the original connection of our radio with the antenna (A) and with the earth wire (E) shown in "Fig. #H1", we replace by connecting this radio into a close circuit with a "pulser". In order to fast obtain such a ready-made pulser, in this (initial) stage of my own research and development, I planned to use a quartz clock (powered by a small battery), and then utilise for a pulser the impulses which are generated by electronic circuits of this clock. In this way signals which run from the antenna to the earth wire of the crystal radio, are replaced with pulsating electrical signals which we collect from these circuits of an ordinary quartz clock. Notice, that when we make the radio work after such a replacement, we still should hear in earphones of this radio sounds of pulsations of the clock that we used for the pulser. These sounds will reassure us, that the prototype of the cell on which we work still remains operational. 
       The working device which we obtain after the removal of antenna and earth wire from the crystal radio, and after replacing these two with connections to a pulser, in fact is already going to be a first prototype of our telekinetic cell. Our next goal is just to lift the output and efficiency of this call so much, that it is able to supply into electricity a home appliance (e.g. a bulb from a table lamp). 
       4. Determining the balance of energy and checking the energy efficiency of the received version of the cell. At the moment when the cell which we try to develop and research does not have neither the antenna nor the earth wire, it becomes prone for an easy determination of the energy balance for it, and for calculating the energy efficiency. In order to accomplish this, it is enough to measure with some accurate measuring instrument the power (Pa) of the electricity at the entry to our cell (while at the exit from the pulser) - i.e. measure the product of the voltage (Va) and amperage (Ia) of this electricity. Furthermore, to measure also the power (Ph) of the electrical current on the exist from our cell - i.e. the power of the current that flows between both earphones (H). Then we are able to calculate the entire efficiency of the cell e=100(Ph/Pa) expressed in percents - see below item #L2 (1) from this web page. This efficiency should exceed 100% - i.e. the value that is a proof for us that the telekinetic inductors contained in earphones in fact do generate their own electricity. Knowing this efficiency (e) for the first version of our cell, we can now measure it also after each next step in our research and development of the cell. If this efficiency is systematically growing, then it means that our cell becomes increasingly better and increasingly more effective. This in turn means that a last improvement we introduced is correct and that we should continue our work in this direction. 
       5. Adding the "resonator" and again confirming that the radio still works. Inductors from earphones of our radio are unable to generate the amount of electric energy which is necessary to run any appliance. Therefore we need to add to our radio a resonator, means an oscillatory circuit which contains two inductors (I1) and (I2). After it is added, we still need to make sure that the entire our telekinetic cell actually works. 
       6. Adding "autotransformer", or other exit collector of energy, and confirming that the cell successfully powers with electricity an appliance (e.g. a lamp - bulb). When our cell begins to generate the required amount of energy, we need to find a way to draw this energy from it and to use this energy for practical powering of any appliance. After completing this step we obtain a first "testing" prototype of our cell. This prototype is going to be suitable for a limited use, because will produce free energy which suffices to power an appliance. But in order to transform it into efficient telekinetic cell suitable for mass production in a factory, this prototype still requires further improvements described in item #H3.4 of this web page.
* * *
       I personally encourage, to get in touch with me, after the completion of above steps in construction of the telekinetic cell described here, by writing at the most frequently used email address provided near the end of my autobiographic web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm. (Notice, that on that autobiographical web page I am informing readers that typically I do NOT have time to reply to the majority of emails which arrive to my hands. But the matter of building the "telekinetic cell" which I invented is NOT a "typical matter. Thus if a given email introduces something constructive to this device, then most probably I am going to reply to the sender.) After all, it is highly desirable that "just in case" continually inform me about facts that he or she already established, and about the progress in construction. The reason is that the completion of this device lies in interest of all of us. However, this "curse of inventors" is not going to sleep. From research of the new "totaliztic science" stems, that this curse especially viciously attacks all these who maintain secrecy about their accomplishments, because they intend to reserve for themselves all benefits from the completion of a given invention - as theoretically this is explained in item #H4 on the totaliztic web page named mozajski_uk.htm and items #H1 to #H3 of the web page named eco_cars.htm, while it is illustrated by the history of so-called "telekinetic influenzmaschines" named "Testatica" and "Testa-distatica" described in item #D2 of the web page free_energy.htm. (Notice that the "totaliztic science" is this new science which philosophical foundations are described in item #C1 of the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm and in items #F1 to #F3 totaliztic web page named god_exists.htm, while which already noticeable accomplishments introduce a "competition" for the old, complacent, erroneous, official science called the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date.) In order to neutralize the action of the "curse of inventors" one needs to publish outcomes of own findings on the subject of new inventions, inform the most possible people about whatever is already accomplished, and develop every new invention in the same way as a new branch of human knowledge is erected. Furthermore, writing to me may turn helpful. After all, I went through a lot of thinking and knowledge processing on the subject of "telekinetic cells" - after all I invented these devices. So sometimes I could give some useful advice or information. I will not mention the fact, that for the good of this device, and for one's own security, it is better if one publishes the most vital findings which one determined in the matter of constructing this cell (for details see item #M3 of this web page). In turn, if technical and financial constrains allow this, perhaps it would be the best solution if we carry out this construction together (i.e. the reader and myself - working in the same laboratory, or in the same factory prototyping facility). After all, the known proverb states that "two heads are better than one".

#H3.3. Building and implementation of a prototype of a commercially and demonstratively useful "nightingale":
       The quality which leads us in all transformations that we carried out when starting from a "crystal radio" we are to accomplish a "telekinetic cell", is a "voice signal" - means "sound". The path though from this "sound" to a commercially useful "electrical energy" is still long. So we need right now (1) a proof, that the path we are following is correct, and (2) funds for further research and for the development of our "telekinetic cell". Therefore, in order to satisfy both these needs, the "testing prototype" of our telekinetic cell accomplished in previous item #H3.2 we should convert into something that I call the "nightingale". This "nightingale" would simply be a "child toy" which would produce "tweeting" and "chirping" roughly similar to a birds' noise, but would NOT contain inside any source of energy (i.e. would NOT contains inside, nor would require for the operation any battery, cell, accumulator, or e.g. electricity supply). As such, in spite that this toy would NOT be yet able to produce commercially useful amounts of energy, it still would already be suitable foe implementation to a mass factory production - thus it would begin to generate some profits which could pay for further research and development of the fully-developed "telekinetic cell". 
       Of course, the building of a prototype of such a "nightingale" would require further transformation of our "testing prototype" accomplished as the outcome of goal described above in item #H3.2. After all, e.g. the toy for children would NOT be able to require two old-fashioned earphones from the "crystal radio" (i.e. earphones of the impendency of the level 2 kOhm). Thus "sound" in such a toy would need to be generated by some present speaker. Fortunately for us, in the last phase of the use of "crystal radios" previous generations of inventors already worked out a design of special kind of speakers which operated without energy supply after being connected to a crystal radio. Thus, for building a "nightingale" we would need to find how these special speakers operated and then reproduce one of them. In turn other hobbyists from previous generations experimented with replacement of earphones in crystal radios with ordinary speakers and transformers (for lamp radio-receivers_. As it supposedly turned out, if a capacitor of a value around 1 nF to 5 nF was connected in parallel to primary coils of transformers from these speakers, then speakers generated relatively loud sounds.

#H3.4. The transformation of a "testing prototype", or a "nightingale", into the "telekinetic cell" of full efficiency:
       The goal of this second stage of the research and development of telekinetic cell, is to work out the prototype which is suitable for the serial production in factories. In turn such a cell must fulfil a number of conditions, which were not necessary for our testing cell prepared according to the procedure from item #H3.2 of this web page. For example, the cell for serial production in factories must (a) be easy to use and must work even when it is switched on by a layman. Thus it cannot contain galena reciprocator - the making of work of which requires significant skills and experience. It must also (b) generate electricity of the strictly required frequency and voltage - for Europe 50 Hz and 220 Volts. Thus it will be suitable for powering every our house appliance. It also must © provide the required power of electricity, (d) be sufficiently reliable, (e) be safe in use, (f) have appropriate longevity, and (g) fulfil several more requirements imposed by law and tradition. 
       In order to build a telekinetic cell which fulfils all the above requirements, our procedure of action must be different. Namely, from the very beginning we must set ourselves towards fulfilment of these conditions. Of course, we already have this advantage in comparison to the procedure from item #H3.2, that on this second stage we will know exactly which circuits do work and how, what we need, how to accomplish this, etc. Means we are already going to have both, the model of the working cell for supporting our work (i.e. the "testing cell" build for item #H3.2), as well as the experience which we gained previously. So here are some steps in our new developmental procedure which now we need to follow. 
       (1) Constructing the reciprocator (a "tube"). In fact the reciprocator is the component of the telekinetic cell, which is one of the most difficult to build. Simultaneously it is the component without which the cell is NOT going to work. Therefore, I suggest to all these inclined towards electronics, which would like to experiment with this cell, to begin their activities from the undertaking the construction of just this component. If it is ready, all remaining components will become much easier for constructing. 
       (2) Constructing the pulser (Q). At this advanced stage of research and development, it becomes necessary to build our own pulser. Thus, in my own plans, I intended to build my own oscillatory circuit very similar to the one from a quartz clock. Only that in my own oscillatory circuit I planned to make sure that the following conditions are met: (a) it generates electrical pulses of exactly 50 Hz frequency (or 60 Hz - if I carry out my research and development in America), (b) the energy supply to this pulser are provided from the telekinetic cell which is controlled by this pulser. Because of this, such a cell would become fully self-sufficient. Thus, after the work of it is initiated, it would NOT need any energy or electricity supply. 
       (3) Construction of the resonator ®. This resonator must have frequency tuned to the frequency of the pulser (50 Hz). Therefore I would construct it only after the pulser is ready. 
       (4) Completing of the remaining components of the cell. When the proven in action tube, pulser, and resonator are ready, then one can initiate the construction or purchase of the remaining components of this cell. 
       (5) Finding the working configuration and parameters of the cell. The telekinetic cell described here was invented theoretically. This means, that theories that I developed allowed me to deduce theoretically the principle of operation and general design of this device. But this principle and design must now be implemented technically. For this reason it is necessary to establish in what configuration subsequent components of this cell must be connected in order to work, what parameters of their work will guarantee the most effective their operation, what additional conditions must be fulfilled, etc. The establishing of all this, unfortunately, requires putting into the construction a bit of one's own inventiveness and skills.

#H4. Research projects worth completion, or which should be completed by ourselves in order to learn better the operation of telekinetic cell:

       The telekinetic cell described and explained on this web page, the principle of operation of which results from the theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is enough simple to construct and enough similar to many other present electronic devices, that it can be build, analysed, and researched by practically everyone amongst us. So in our learning and verifying the operation of this cell we do NOT need to depend on statements of experts, nor on budgets of big institutions. Each single one of us is able to confirm on his or her own, that such a cell in fact does work, that the construction of it requires only skills in electronics and perseverance of an inventor. This in turn allows every appropriately talented reader to undertake the construction of this cell, if only has the necessary conditions and inclinations required for it. In this way everyone has a chance to work up and to reap various benefits which are to stem from this construction. Of course, in order to not only build a telekinetic cell, but also encompass scientific values and aspects contained in this device, it is desirable that independently from constructing a prototype of this device, we also undertake further research, analyses, and checks on it. I explain below which aspects of telekinetic cells, or components of these cells, are most intriguing, and thus which deserve to be researched in more details. 
       (1) The myth that crystal radio is supplied in energy by radio waves. Amongst present experts in electronics a shockingly erroneous myth prevails. It states that the reason why crystal radios work perfectly without the use of any energy supply, is that the energy required for their operation is provided by radio waves. In my opinion this is a highly destructive myth, which most probably was disseminated on purpose by this evil power described in item #M3 of this web page. After all, it is because of this myth that during last 100 years people were effectively discouraged from actual finding out where comes from this energy that sustains the operation of these radios. In turn undertaking such research most probably would lead to the building telekinetic cells many years ago. After all, even a rough analysis of these radios reveals, that the myth cannot be true. This is because these radios to be able to cause the work of earphones of an old type with impedance exceeding 2000 Ohms, means to be able to generate the electricity which is able to overcome this impedance, the power of electricity which needed to flow through these earphones must amount to at least tens, if not hundreds, Watts. Means, in order a thin wire of the antenna of the length 15 meters could absorb this power, the energy density of radio waves around this antenna would need to be almost at the same level as in present microwave ovens. So in order this radio could really take from the air the energy which is needed for sustaining its work, the radio waves would need to reach the density in the air which would cause our cooking in their energy. This of course is an obvious absurd. Therefore it would be the best when instead of believing in this cunningly spread myth, someone actually did the real measurements of the power (Pa) on the exit from antenna of such a radio, and also the power (Ph) which flows through the earphones of this radio. The power (Ph) on the earphones is easy to measure. It is enough to measure with sensitive instruments what is the Voltage and Amperage of the current which flows through these earphones. Thus only the measurement of the power (Pa) on the exist from antenna will require a bit of inventiveness. But when someone manages to measure it, then he or she will be able to determine the efficiency e=100(Ph/Pa) of the entire crystal radio (expressed in percents). I am ready to bet that this efficiency is going to turn out many times higher than 100%. It would be interesting how present "experts" are going to explain this efficiency without the use of the idea of telekinetic cells? 
       (2) The work of reciprocators. In fact the reciprocator is the component of a telekinetic cell, which is one of the least known. Simultaneously it is the component without which the cell will NOT operate. Therefore for all these inclined towards research, I suggest to undertake researching this interesting component. Especially interesting is establishing how reciprocators cause the overcoming of "deadlocks" in the oscillatory circuits which are controlled by them. Also interesting is finding designs and operation for further reciprocators. For example, on page 701 of the book [4FE] by John Markus, "Guidebook of electronic circuits", McGraw-Hill, 1974, ISBN 0-07-040445-3, an electronic circuit is shown, in which for a reciprocator is used a transistor 2N104. The source description of design and operation of the crystal radio shown in there were originaly published in the article [5FE] by C.J. Schauers, "No Power Receiver", Popular Electronics, October 1968, page 78. In yet another book [6FE] by Tom Petruzzellis, "22 Radio and Receiver Projects for the Evil Genius" (Mc Graw Hill, NY 2008, ISBN 978-0-07-148929-4) to comprehensive descriptions as how to build various crystal radios are devoted entire "Chapter 4: AM, FM and Shortwave Crystal Radio Projects" occupying in there pages 39 to 48. On "Figure 4-2" from page 41 of that book [6FE] shown is yet another diagram of a "crystal radio" which in the function of reciprocator uses germanium diode 1N34 (a silicon diode would NOT work in that role, as it would NOT fulfil both conditions from (1) in item #H2). Here a diagram of that crystal radio with 1N34 germanium diode is explained in "Fig. #H2". 
       (3) Characteristics of telekinetic inductors. It is worth to check e.g. at which shape of the input curve from the pulser, the telekinetic generation of electricity in these inductors is the most intense. Or how many layers of coils one on the top of others can be wound on permanent magnets and the telekinetic generation of electricity still takes place (all such inductors build so-far had only a single layer of coil wound on their permanent magnets). Etc., etc. 
       (4) Designs of pulsers. For example, these would include the working out of a design for such a quartz oscillatory circuit: (1) which is going to generate oscillations of the frequency of exactly 50 Hz, (2) the supply capacitor of which could be supplied in the initial impulse of energy e.g. through a mechanical squeezing of its quartz crystal, and (4) which further supply with electricity would be done from the same telekinetic cell which this pulser controls. Such a pulser would be highly useful for a self-sustaining telekinetic cell, i.e. such a cell which after a mechanical initiation would sustain just by itself its further operation practically for infinitive long period of time. 

Part #I: What next (i.e. after constructing the "telekinetic cell"):
#I1. Why I am so sure that after being build, my telekinetic cell will work as described here, generating an abundance of free energy:
Motto: "Whatever man can conceive and believe, so can he achieve."
       Many present highly titled scientists accept astronomical salary for the privilege of proving to commoners that devices of the type like the telekinetic cell described on this web page will NOT work at all. In their enthusiasm of happy overproduction of arm chair justifications, these highly titled scientists suffocated the humanity with an avalanche of speculations and erroneous opinions which at the moment normal people have no chance to verify - and thus which need to be taken at a face value. (These opinions are of the type that the operation of such devices supposedly runs against principles of thermodynamics, or that they represent a return to an old idea of "Perpetual Motion", etc.) Thus everyone who at the moment reads this web page probably wonders where my absolute certainty comes from that such telekinetic cells can be build, and after they are constructed they will really work as it is described here, providing humanity with the unlimited abundance of clean and free energy. Well, my certainty regarding the feasibility of this cell results from the following premises: 
       (1) Working prototypes of just such telekinetic cells were already constructed on Earth and they do exist. These prototypes are embedded into devices about which I am writing in item #C1 of this web page, to become their most vital components, namely into "telekinetic influenzmaschines" called "Testatica" and "Thesta-Distatica", and also into the "telepathic pyramid" - for the descriptions of which see another web page about free energy devices. Furthermore, the "crystal radio" described here in item #G1, also contained a primitive version of working prototype of such a telekinetic cell embedded into its electronic circuitry. 
       (2) Consequences of the "curse of inventors" described in item #M3 of this web page strongly certify that such telekinetic cells can be build and will work. As it turns out, this evil power which hides behind the "curse of inventors", focuses the destructive actions only on these inventors and discoverers who work on highly realistic ideas. Simultaneously it is known, that this curse especially strongly persecutes people who work on telekinetic free energy devices. For example, already several builders of these devices lost their lives in quite mysterious circumstances - see item #M3 for the fate of an Austrian, Bela Brosan, and a New Zealander, Bruce De Palma, and also see in item #F1.2 for the fate of an American, Evan Hansen. In turn this killing of builders of telekinetic free energy devices proves, that this evil power is sure that these builders have a large chance to succeed with devices that try to develop, and for this reason it kills them one-by-one so ruthlessly. 
       (3) The feasibility of the construction of these cells is also guaranteed by the authority of the civilisation which sends to us recipes how to build these devices. As this is explained for the "telepathic pyramid" in treatise [7/2], while for the "telekinetic influenzmaschine" in subsection LA2.3.1 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5], the detailed guidelines as to how build each one of the devices which contain the telekinetic cell embedded into them, were send to us. In turn these ones who send to us the design of these devices actually guarantee that after they are completed they are going to work as indicated. 
       (4) The feasibility of the design and operation of devices type of a telekinetic cell described here, stems already from findings of present science on Earth. At present we already know very well, that the Carnot principle of the thermodynamic efficiency (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) - on which scientific criticisers of free energy devices base their criticism, in reality turned out to be a serious error of the Earth's science. This principle does not work in practice. In fact already now this principle is broken by a whole range of so-called "heat pumps", means devices the thermal efficiency of which significantly exceeds 100%. (E.g. in advertisements of these "heat pumps" openly is claimed that when they use electricity worth one dollar then they generate heat worth 3 dollars.) So if not the fact, that all to-date manners of changing heat into electricity or motion have so low efficiency, then already now these "heat pumps" would allow to build "perpetual motion" and free energy devices. So real life already now proves that the argumentation of these scientists who criticise "Perpetual Motion", is just only an absurd and a misleading practice. 
       (5) About practically all breakthrough inventions to-date, various "authorities" claimed (before these inventions were build) that such inventions cannot be build and have no chance to work. But in spite of such claims, these inventions were build and worked in practice. So with the telekinetic cell is similar. Because various scientific authorities are unable to invent anything new by themselves, but they still try to prove that they do not take their high salaries for nothing, their main occupation is criticising these who are doing something inventive. Since the telekinetic cell cannot be purchased in shops (so-far), these arm-chair "scientific authorities" compete with each other in assuring ordinary people that such devices cannot ever be build. They are used to do so since the beginning of time. Whatever breakthrough invention we would consider, always it turns out, that an entire army of various "scientific authorities" claimed about this invention that it never can be accomplished. I quote in subsection JB7.3 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5] a whole series of just such authoritative claims which denied the feasibility of all most known inventions. Therefore, the invention of the telekinetic cell should be treated as another device the fate of which is going to roll exactly like previously - means currently various "authorities" scoff at this invention, while in the future people are going to scoff at these "authorities" because of their present opinions. 
       (6) The feasibility of constructing and work of devices of the type of a telekinetic cell described here stems also from the philosophical premises. In subsections JB7.3 and I5.4 from volumes respectively 7 and 5 of monograph [1/5], explained is the philosophical principle of totalizm, which states that "every unconditional goal is accomplishable: we just need to find a way to accomplish it" (or in other words, that "everything that can be thought of, can also be done"). As so far, everything that totalizm postulates turns out to work in real life. Therefore, according to this philosophical principle of totalizm, the construction of the telekinetic cell is also possible.
* * *
       Summarising the above, the fact that telekinetic cells can be build is indicated by so many completely independent and unconnected premises, that one needs to be blind and deaf to not notice them, or one needs to be deprived intelligence to ignore them. I personally am sure that the telekinetic cell can be build and that it is going to work, to the extend that I had no hindering to expose my life and my professional career to all threats that result from the action of the "curse of inventors" described in item #M3 of this web page, just only to make sure that ideas of this device are disseminated amongst people.

#I2. Benefits which each one of us is going to reap from learning the operation of telekinetic cells:

       Everyone who takes the effort of thorough learning about the telekinetic cell, reaps from this learning a whole range of long-term benefits. Because these benefits carry out the potential for introducing a significant positive change to the quality of everyday life, both for us and also for all other people from Earth, it is worth to list and to describe them here. Here are most vital amongst them: 
       (1) The opening of possibility for ourselves to construct a telekinetic cell. In order to accomplish something fast, one needs to know exactly what is trying to achieve and how to get there. The majority of present builders of free energy devices have no idea what is the principle of operation of whatever they intend to build. Therefore reading this page and learning the design and operation of the telekinetic cell gives to our hands a source of huge advantage over others - namely it gives a complete knowledge about how is going to work the device that we wish to build. 
       (2) The opening of a path for understanding the principle of operation of these free energy devices, the working prototypes of which were already constructed on Earth (for example all the devices described on the separate web page about free energy). In fact, all such devices constructed presently are build on principles of "trial and error", means completely without understanding what is the principle of operation of these devices. None of builders of these devices actually have a clue why these devices do work. After all, in order to understand their principle of operation, a previous deep knowledge of the scientific theory, such as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, was necessary. But such a theory did not exist before. Only I worked it out. Even now, when this theory is already available and is able to explain the principle of operation of free energy devices, the majority of builders of these devices still do not know about it, and even have no clue that it already exists. 
       (3) The understanding that the idea of so-called "free energy devices", is not a dream at all, but actually can be implemented technically. For example, this web page explains, that exactly the same as previously it happened thousands of times in the history of our technology, also the construction of the telekinetic cell is fully realistic - in spite that so many scientific authorities tries to convince people that is otherwise. This web page provides also specific premises, of the type presented in item #I1, that the invention of the telekinetic cell is realistic and that after building it the cell will work as explained here. 

Part #J: Actual measurements of "crystal radios" confirmed their "astronomical" efficiency at the level of around 20 000 000 % - thus experimentally proving that such radios really contain primitive versions of "telekinetic cells":
#J1. Why measurements of the over 100% efficiency of "crystal radios" are the "convincing proof":
Motto: "If you need a proof, that the official so-called 'atheistic orthodox science' practices culture of 'errors and deviations', then you should measure the efficiency of a 'crystal radio'."
       In December 2011, a "radio fan" from Poland measured accurately the "efficiency" of so-called "crystal radios". This "efficiency" really turned out to be so "astronomically higher" than 100% (considered by the "atheistic orthodox science" to date to be impassable), that it cannot be explained just as e.g. an "error in measurements". Therefore, the measurement of this "efficiency" provided the first in the world proof which is verifiable by almost every more capable hobbyist, that technical devices which generate more electricity than they consume can really be build. As such, this measurement turns out to be a breakthrough in the human knowledge. For this reason, I am to explain here more comprehensively why it is vital, and why I myself was unable to complete it. For a scientific accuracy, these my explanations I am going to start "from the very beginning". 
       In 1989, starting from indications yield due to the earlier development of my new theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, I invented (in a fully aware, intended, and scientific manner), and then described thoroughly in my publications, a technical device which I named the "telekinetic cell". This web page is devoted to a detailed description of this device. In turn circumstances in which I intentionally accomplished the invention of "telekinetic cell", are described briefly, amongst others, in items #40 and #41 of subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The "telekinetic cell" is a device capable of generating unlimited amounts of electricity without the consumption of any fuel or any other form of energy. As such, this "telekinetic cell" creates a potential for saving our civilisation from the "death by energy starvation" - towards which the humanity is unavoidably gravitating. 
       In times of inventing the "telekinetic cell" I believed naively, that the important role which it is going to perform in our civilisation, will cause that soon various people and funds become available, with the assistance of which I quickly manage to implement this breakthrough invention. However, when immediately after the invention of the "telekinetic cell" I started vigorously push towards the initiation of research and development, I experienced a shock. Instead of meeting an assistance and understanding, I was subjected to a full fury of human behaviours which later I named the "curse of inventors". This curse completely destroyed my chances for a personal implementation of the "telekinetic cell", or for implementation of any other amongst my numerous inventions. For example, the curse decreased an average time of my employment in subsequent institutions to only around 2 years - so that in my work I was always running out of time to even begin the research and development of this cell. The curse also caused, that after theoretically developing my inventions I spent 8 years as an unemployed who was NOT even entitled to receive unemployment benefit (dole), and thus who was forced to concentrate all my energy and knowledge on finding another jobs. It continually placed obstacles on my path. It unleashed various imperfections in people from which I was dependent. Etc., etc. - for descriptions of the action of this "curse of inventors" see item #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, or see item #M3 from the further part of this web page. 
       In such a situation, the only rational action was to theoretically convince others, that building of my "telekinetic cell" is feasible and that this cell, after it is build, really is going to supply the humanity with unlimited amounts of free electricity. So starting from 1990, initially just in my monographs, later also on my web pages, I began systematic publishing of complete descriptions of the "telekinetic cell" of my invention. In turn to prove to others, that the completion of this cell is feasible and possible, I started to scientifically search and publish descriptions of other technical devices already completed and working on our planet - from the analysis of design and operation of which I recognised that their inventors, without knowing this, accidentally inserted primitive versions of my telekinetic cell in circuitry of these devices. In the result of these searches, I managed to find and to publish e.g. descriptions of such devices presented on the web page named free_energy.htm, as "testatica", "testa-distatica" and "telepathic pyramid", and also descriptions of "crystal radios" presented on this web page. Unfortunately, I again hit with my head a wall of scepticism and unbelief. For example, no-one believed in my reasoning, that it is a primitive versions of "telekinetic cells" of my invention, accidentally build-in to circuits of "crystal radios", that generate the entire energy required for the operation of these radios. All people preferred rather to believe in claims of so-called "atheistic orthodox scientists" who erroneously and highly destructively spread amongst people a myth that "crystal radios" draw from "antennas" the entire energy required for their operation. 
       So in order to abolish also this "scientific myth", I decided that I must publish the experimentally measured "efficiency" of typical "crystal radios". After all, such efficiency "s" (usually expressed in %) typically is calculated from the following equation - to which I refer by the number (1#J1) in other parts of this web page: 
s = (Pout/Pin)*100% 
in which equation (1#J1): the symbol "Pout" means power (out) "at the exit", symbol "Pin" means power (in) "on the entrance", while symbols " / " and " * " means arithmetic operations of division and multiplication. The point is that if "crystal radios" really contain primitive versions of my "telekinetic cell" accidentally build-in to their circuitry - as I discovered this and perseveringly disseminate throughout the world, then measured experimentally efficiency "s" of such "crystal radios" must be significantly higher than 100%. But if crystal radios work as this is claimed by present "atheistic orthodox scientists", means if their work is sustained by energy drawn from their antennas, then their efficiency "s" must be significantly lower than 100%. Unfortunately, it seems that almost until the end of 2011 NO-ONE in the entire world took a trouble of measuring experimentally what value really has the "efficiency" of "crystal radios" - or at least I never managed to find any mention of the existence of such measurements. We should NOT be surprised by this. After all, although past scientists probably had the will to carry out such measurements, they did NOT have a method of measuring which would allow them to determine this efficiency, nor they had measuring equipment which would allow them to carry out such measurements. In turn present scientists have both, appropriate measuring instruments as well as a method of measuring, but they are too lazy, too arrogant, and too "cocky" to carry out such measurements. 
       The "curse of inventors" caused also, that I was NOT able (and still I am unable) to measure this energy efficiency myself - because of a number of obstacles which this curse placed on my path. For example, (1), I myself do NOT have my own working "crystal radio", which I could measure experimentally, nor I have (or had) conditions to build such a radio myself and to use it. (E.g. in New Zealand in order to spread 30-meters antenna which is required for the work of this radio, one needs to be an owner of an entire piece of land over which this antenna is to be span, or hire such a big and expensive piece of land and get the owner's permission, while in town in which I am hiring my "cardboard flat", spreading of such antenna would endanger me with a significant troubles - a taste of which may provide e.g. the reading from the end of item #C5 on the web page named seismograph.htm about problems which I encountered when I tried to repair myself my broken washing machine, or reading from page named boiler.htm about obstacles encountered by inventor of so-called "sonic boiler" when he tried to start production of his boiler.) So in spite that as a young boy I frequently "played" with tuning and listening to a "crystal radio" (which belonged to my brother), and thus I jolly well know how to build such a radio and how to use it, still the situation in which I am, makes impossible to build and to use it. Furthermore, (2), in spite of literature searches, I could NOT find descriptions of a method with which one can measure exactly the input power "Pin" from antenna to the radio. (I only did know how to measure the power "Pout" on the exit to headphones. After all, even without having the required headphones of the resistance of over 2000 Ohms, still this power I could measure on any other headphones, remembering the loudness which was given out by headphones in the crystal radio of my brother, and assuming roughly that because of the action of the "Principle of Energy Conservation", every other headphones that are giving out a similar loudness, should also consume a similar amount of electrical energy.) Finally, (3), even if I managed to find somewhere descriptions of the method of measurement of input power "Pin" from antenna to radio, still in my situation I do NOT think that I could afford to purchase (an expensive) measuring equipment which would make possible to carry out the required measurements. Thus, the only way of accomplishing such measurements of energy efficiency "s" of crystal radios, was to persuade readers of my web pages or publications to complete such measurements - if, of course, they have the required capabilities, equipment, and (most importantly) the required skills. 
       Unfortunately, for entire 22 years which elapsed since 1989 when I intentionally invented the "telekinetic cell", NO-ONE replied to my encouragements to experimentally measure the efficiency of "crystal radios". The only things which I repetitively heard in this matter, were these contradictive to findings of the  philosophy of totalizm "smart remarks" passed to me by various "armchair ay-stay-nesses", that "crystal radios work only because they draw power from antennas", and also that supposedly "science conclusively proved that a device which is to generate energy without consuming a fuel or another form of energy cannot be build". Only in December 2011, to my greatest happiness, after 22 years of idleness and unproductive repetition of smart remarks, finally contacted me a Polish "radio-fan" with a constructive thinking and acting, who was able to carry out such measurements, and who even volunteered to complete these measurements. So we can say, that for all of us he "fall from heaven" - as his measurements will probably exert a significant influence onto further fates of the "telekinetic cells", and thus also on the further fate of Poland, Polish nation, and the entire humanity. The next item of this web page is to report his accomplishments and results that he obtained.

#J2. Measurements of efficiency of "crystal radios" carried out and described by a Polish "radio-fan":

       In December 2011 contacted me a "radio fan" from Poland, who claimed that he knows not only a method for measuring input powers (from antennas) to "crystal radios", but he also has measuring equipment which allows him to carry out such measurements. In this way he opened for us a chance for actual completion of experimental measurements of the "efficiency" (1#J1) of crystal radios: s=(Pout/Pin)*100%. 
       The method of measuring the input power "Pin" applied by this Polish "radio fan" turned out to be very simple. Namely, for a "crystal radio" which receives waves of high frequency, the measurement of input power "Pin" boils down to a measurement of the drop of voltage "U" on known impedance "R" existing between the "antenna" and the "earth" of this radio. (Notice, that "impedance" is a name which in AC electricity represents an equivalent of "resistance" for a DC current.) In turn for any other radio, it boils down to a measurement of the drop of voltage "U" on the entry resonance circuit of a known to us impedance "R". In turn knowing this drop of voltage "U" and impedance "R", the input power "Pin" to a radio (and also the exit power "Pout" from the radio) can be calculated from the equation number (1#J2) that define electric power, namely: 
P = U*I 
or from the equation number (2#J2) that represents the substitution in the previous equation (1#J2) - which defines electrical power (P=U*I), the current "I" by the value determined from the "Ohm's law" (I=U/R), thus yielding: 
P = (U2)/R 
or from the equation number (3#J2) that represents the substitution in the previous equation (1#J2) - which defines electrical power (P=U*I), the voltage "U" by the value determined from the "Ohm's law" (U=I*R), thus yielding: 
P = (I2)*R 
Notice that in the above equations: the symbol * means arithmetical multiplication, symbol / means arithmetical division, while symbols (U2) and (I2) mean "square value of". 
       In turn measurements of e.g. a drop of voltage "U", or current "I", can be carried out with any measuring instrument that allows to measure very small voltages (at levels of micro-volts) or very small currents (at levels of micro-amperes) - e.g. with the use of "selective micro-voltmeter LMZ-4", or an exact micro-ammeter. 
       So herewith I am repeating results of his measurements of the input power "Pin" on the entry to a crystal radio - quote from his emailAntenna hanging around 30 m above the earth 210 m above the sea level, length of around 80 m. Three measurements were taken for f=225 kHz and impedance 50 Ohms with three different measuring devices, including also communication receivers "Yaesu FT-847" and "Kenwood TS-450S", as well as the abovementioned "selective micro-voltmeter LMZ-4". The mean value of results, which do NOT differ from each other, is around U = 170 micro-volts. 
       From a simple calculation results the input power "Pin": Uhigh freq. = 170x10[b]-6
 squared and divided by R = 50 gives Pin = 0.000 000 000 578 Watt, or Pin = 578 pW. [/b]

       In order to be able to calculate the efficiency "s", and also in order to verify the truth of my assumption-claim described in item #J1 of this web page, that "independently of the type and impedance of headphones or speakers, the Principle of Energy Conservation must cause, that they have approximately a similar consumption of power to generate sounds of a given (known) level of audio loudness", this "radio fan" from Poland carried out also the measurement of "Pout" on headphones of two types, namely on headphones type SN50 (of a modern design and of the impedance 2x400 Ohms), and on headphones type SW50PM (of an old design used in "crystal radios" and impedance at the level of 2x2 k Ohms). So I take the liberty of repeating here also sections from his emails that describe results of measurements of the exit power "Pout" for both these types of earphones. Let us start from low-impedance earphones type SN50: Generator Meratronik G432, used exit coax 50 Ohms on the scale x 0.01 . Measuring instrument also Meratronik V640 on the scale of low frequency 15 mV. Earphones "Tonsil SN50" that have 2x400 Ohms connected in series R = 800 Ohms. Control was fluently lifted to the level of normal volume on the frequency of 1 kHz. I decided that the typical level of sonic loudness was accomplished at Ulow freq. = 10 mV measured on connected headphones. Taking under consideration that earphones do NOT represent a pure resistance, especially at f=1 kHz, I precisely measured the current "I" that flown through them. I decided that "I" is proportional to consumed power. The second measuring instrument was V640, also on low frequency and scale 15 micro Amperes. The measured value was around I = 10 micro Amperes. 
       The calculation of power "Pout" from equation (2#J2): Ulow freq. = 10 mV squared and divided onto R = 800 Ohms yields Pout = 125 microWatts. Power "Pout" calculated from equation (3#J2): I = 10 microAmperes to square multiplied by R = 800 Ohms, yields Pout = 80 nanoWatts. And yet simple P=UxI from equation (1#J2): 10 microAmperes multiplied bu 10 milliVolts equal Pout = 100 nanoWatts. 

       Since he also carried out measurements "Pout" on headphones of the old type SW50PM, I take the liberty to repeat also these sections of his emails that describe his measurements of exit power "Pout" on these high-impedance headphones: The measuring devices as previously, only that with high-Ohms headphones with steel membrane. The producer of headphones RSP type/model SW50PM described on the plastic cover, connected in series 2x2 k Ohms = 4 k Ohms. Generator G432 Meratronik, scale x0.1 exit coax f=1 kHz. Measuring instruments V640, measured low frequency. Voltage measured at headphones at the typical level of sound U = 75 mV. Current of headphones I = 4 microAmperes. 
       Calculations. From the equation (2#J2) voltage Pout = 75 mV to square divided by 4000 Ohms yields Pout = 0.00000140625 Watts rounded to 1.5 microWatt. Again, considering the fact, that headphones do not represent pure resistance, from the equation (3#J2) we calculate also current Pout = 4 microAmperes to square and multiplied by 4000 Ohms yields Pout = 0.000000064 Watt we round it to Pout = 60 nanoWatts. From the definition equation of power (1#J2) Pout = 75 mV multiplied by 4 microAmperes gives Pout = 0.0000003 Watt means Pout = 300 nanoWatts. 
       Differences result from the method of measurement that was used without considering impedance character of load. But the level of results is comparable to both these headphones, i.e. for SN50 and SW50PM. Thus, we are allowed to assume without committing a larger error, that for a typical control of headphones SN50 of the impedance 2x400 Ohms, and headphones SW50PM of the impedance 2x2 k Ohms, needed is approximately the same amount of electric power. After the conversion into acoustic energy, it provides an effect of good hearing. Our ears are sensitive, so this level of sound will surely suffice. 

       Having both powers, means "Pin" and "Pot", now the rough calculations of "efficiency" (s) of crystal radios can be carried out, by using the previous equation number (1#J1), and accepting that previous assumption, that the exit power given by a typical "crystal radio" is approximately equal to the power consumed by headphones measured here. As it turns out, depending on the method of measurement of this power, the value of it (and thus also the efficiency of the radios) can significantly differ. The calculation of this efficiency "s" e.g. from voltage measurements, reveals that "crystal radios" can work with the efficiency at the level of around s = 20 000 000 % (i.e. around twenty millions percent). In other words, crystal radios were yielding at their exit the power "Pout" calculated from the voltage equations, which was at the level of 200000 times higher than the power "Pin" intercepted at the entry to these radios. To put it bluntly, outcomes of experimental measurements of the balance of power of "crystal radios", confirms that these were primitive versions of my "telekinetic cells" accidentally build-in to circuitry of "crystal radios" that generated the amount of electrical power needed for the work of these radios, without consuming for this purpose any other form of energy. So it is about the time to roll-up our sleeves and to start a vigorous research and development to transform such "crystal radios" into fully efficient "telekinetic cells" of my invention - as this is described in "part #H" of this web page. After all, constructing such cells is to save our civilisation from the "death by energy starvation" which increasingly more urgently endangers the humanity - not mentioning about the fact that it is going to transform the first builder of my "telekinetic cell" into an "instant millionaire". 
       The above description is the first report from the initial measurements of the efficiency of "crystal radios" that I am able to make available to interested readers. But personally I hope that this first measurement is just a beginning of the long-term cooperation between myself and this Polish "radio fan" - for the good of our country and the entire humanity. I also hope, that this cooperation is to allow in the future to measure exactly a number of other quantities that are vital for the effective building of "telekinetic cells". So, if such a cooperation will be maintained in a long run, then probably in the future I am going to have here also for reporting many more, and much more exact, results of measurements, as well as (if this "radio fan" agrees) his email contact. (Because in the meantime I am obliged to maintain his anonymity, readers who wish to contact him, can already now write to him via my own email - while I will post to him the correspondence addresses to him.) So I recommend to the interested readers to look here again soon - because in the meantime perhaps something even more vital, or more precisely measured, will be published here.

#J3. An appeal to hobbyists and scientists: 
"repeat measurements and convince yourself"!

Motto: In findings stemming from theories typically NO-one believes - except for their authors, in outcomes of experimental measurements typically all believe - except for their authors."
       Nothings convinces people so well as results of experimental measurements. Therefore herewith I am appealing to everyone who has conditions, measuring equipment, and required skills, to assist me in "moulding the future" through adding his or her own contribution to the development of "telekinetic cell". This appeal states: "carry out your own measurements of the efficiency of a crystal radio in order to verify and to additionally confirm results described above, and thus also, amongst others, to convince and to reassure yourself". In turn, when once you have such a radio, then nothing will prevent you from reconstructing it into a "telekinetic cell" of my invention - of course while keeping these 3 simple conditions, the obedience of which I requested, amongst others, in item #H1 from this web page. 

Part #K: Physical construction of a "telekinetic cell":
#K1. Here we are - everything is ready for starting the physical construction of "telekinetic cells":
       Since experimental measurements of the energy efficiency of "crystal radios" (which radios contain primitive versions of my "telekinetic cells") have proven beyond any doubt, that in fact such cells are able to generate electricity without consumption of any other form of energy, there is about the time to begin research and development on actual completion of this my invention. I am waiting for proposals of cooperation in this matter. 

Part #L: Impact of the "telekinetic cell" at our civilisation:
#L1. How the mass production of telekinetic cell changes our civilisation:
       When one embeds such a telekinetic cell into a table lamp, one receives an "everlasting lamp". In turn if one embeds such cells into electric cars then receives cars which can take us everywhere without the need for fuel or battery recharging. A fan, a radio, or a television set, with such a cell inside, may work infinitively long. Etc., etc. The constructing such a cell is going to change our lives unrecognisably. After all, mass production of such a cell will provide a main component for constructing "everlasting lamps", cars without the need for fuel, fans which can work infinitively, tanks, submarines, boats, and airplanes which will have the unlimited reach, etc., etc. 
       Much more information about how the implementation of the telekinetic cell to mass production is going to change our civilisation, is contained in subsection LA2.3.2 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5], and also in item #B4 of a separate web page about telekinesis free zone. I suggest to have a look at it - especially when someone begins the implementation of this device to a mass production. 
       Unfortunately, similarly as every other new technology, also telekinetic cells will bring humanity both, good as well as bad consequences. But otherwise as this was with previous technologies - when humanity was so blinded by their good consequences that failed to even predict what these bad consequences will be and how we can avoid them, presently we already know what we supposed to expect. So we should learn on our errors from the past, and this time do not repeat with the telekinetic cell the same error that humanity committed with antibiotics, pesticides, or with genetic engineering. Therefore, as an inventor, educator, and promoter of the telekinetic cells, on the power of my knowledge about this new technology, herewith I postulate, that simultaneously with implementing the telekinetic cell to a mass production, the producers of this device have a moral duty to voluntarily establish on Earth the so-called "telekinesis free zone". Details of this zone are explained on a separate web page named telekinesis free zone. The main attribute of this zone must be, that inside of it is forbidden to use and even to own any kind of telekinetic devices. All future producers and distributors of these devices, since the first moment of their production, have the moral obligation to impose a voluntarily embargo on the sale and distribution of these devices within boundaries of this zone. For many reasons, such as: natural sea borders, low population, distance from the main civilisation centres of our planet, unique nature, long tradition of zones free of something, etc., I propose that the telekinesis free zone is established on the area of present Australia and New Zealand.

#L2. The moral responsibility of first producers of telekinetic cells for the moral rebuilding of our civilisation:

       A huge responsibility lies on shoulders of these people who as first on our planet are going to introduce telekinetic cells described here to a mass production. Namely, the breakthrough which telekinetic cells are going to cause in the thinking of people and in the technology on Earth, should be utilised by these first producers of telekinetic cells to simultaneously introduce on Earth also a moral breakthrough. In order such a moral breakthrough could take place on Earth, it is absolutely necessary to firstly disseminate amongst people the skill of earning a totaliztic nirvana, and then gradually replace the function of present money with this nirvana. In this manner, after the completion of this moral breakthrough, our civilisation would stop using money as the payment for work, while people would work simply in order to earn for themselves a totaliztic nirvana
       In order to accomplish a success in this massive task of a moral rebuilding of our civilisation, I personally would suggest that around 10% of profits from the sale of first telekinetic cells should be designated for a special public "fund for earning the nirvana". Out of this fund, farms and various processing plants for farm products would be purchased, such as mills, bakeries, restaurants, etc. Then, in this system of production of food formed in such a manner, all volunteers who would wish to earn a totaliztic nirvana for themselves should be employed completely without a payment. These volunteers would be employed on principles very similar as in past this was done for so-called voluntary "labour battalions". In fact, it would also represent the revival of an old idea of "labour battalions" which work for free for the good of other people. Namely, in return for their physical labour which they would contribute for the good of other people, they would receive for free everything that they would need for living, means lodging, food, clothing, tools of work, entertainment, etc. In turn, their labour would generate various consumption goods, such farm products, bread, dinners, baking products, pies, etc. These goods would then be distributed also for free, initially as a kind of help donated for invalids, orphanages, schools, hospitals, families of unemployed people, etc., while after the production of these goods would intensify appropriately - also for all other categories of citizens. In this way the labour which without any payment these "labour battalions" would contribute towards the good of other people, would represent the perfectly "moral work". As such, it would generate the highest level of motivation in these ones who would carry it out. Thus, this "moral work" would generate the totaliztic nirvana in members of these "labour battalions". The work would also increase the understanding of nirvana in the entire society. Simultaneously it would contribute to the prosperity, happiness, and the security of the entire society. 
       In just such a manner, starting from funds earned due to the sale of telekinetic cells, it would be possible to accomplish a moral breakthrough in the entire our society - i.e. the same breakthrough which is described in item #D1 of the web page about totaliztic nirvana, and also item #A2 of the web page about political party of totalizm

Part #M: Why in the interest of God really lies "wise hinering" and "holding back" discoverers, inventors, and other creative people, NOT "helping" them:
#M1. The "hindering" is performing for God the same role which "copyrights" laws are doing for people:
       I wonder whether the reader ever considered why people established, amongst others, the so-called "copyright" laws? As it turns out, a main reason why copyright laws were introduced, and also why people practice industrial secrecy, professional confidentiality, secret ingredients, protected recipes, patents, reserved patterns, and hundreds of other ways of making copying difficult, is because the natural principles on which the universe operates causes that learning, copying, and utilising of accomplishments of others is much easier than inventing something new or creating something own. This in turn, in combination with the inherited laziness of humans, causes that if only there is any chance to copy or to use something that belongs to others, instead of laboriously invent, create, or build our own, then everyone immediately copies it. Thus, if people do NOT obstruct mutually each others copying, through, amongst others, establishing these copyright laws, intellectual properies, patents, secrets, etc., then all humans would only copied and used properties of others, while no-one would try to laboriously create something own. 
       The biggest creator that exists in the entire universe, is God. After all, it was God who invented first everything that we know of, and it was God who created everything that we can see. Unfortunately, for many vital reasons God cannot impose "copyright laws" onto products of his creation. On the other hand, the natural laws and principles of the operation of universe, cause that for people it is much easier to learn, copy, and use of whatever God created, than for God is to invent it, or is to create something completely new and next. Thus, if God allow people to easily learn, use, and copy of whatever God laboriously created, then people would fast learned and used everything that God created. In turn God would cease to have the knowledge advantage over people. Also, soon there would be nothing new to learn in the entire universe. (Thus the God would then be forced to end this world, and to invent and create on its place another world, which would be much more advanced and complex.) Therefore, in order to slightly slow-down the process of learning by people, God introduced this not very pleasant for people "canon" (i.e. principle) to his behaviour, namely that the process of learning and creation must be hold back and delayed for people in all possible ways. Of course, like for every principle which God applies in His actions, also there are further reasons and justifications for the use of this particular canon with the iron consequence. Some amongst these additional reasons and justifications are described in item #G3 of the separate totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm, and in item #A3 of the separate totaliztic web page named god_proof.htm
       The iron consistency with which God applies the canon stating that "the process of learning and creation must be obstructed to people in all possible ways", for us (people) introduces a whole array of consequences. For example, to the human science this canon has such a consequence, that amongst all existing paths towards learning a new knowledge, human science is always directed at the path which leads through the largest possible number of errors and confusion, and which requires the contribution of possibly the highest human effort. In other words, the official human science discovers the truth only after all possible untruths that could deceit people are already exhausted - for an example of just such situation see item #A1 from the separate totaliztic web page named evolution.htm. Furthermore, the official human science developed such principles of action, and adopted such traditions, that discovering the truth always requires following the so-called "line of the highest resistance" - and thus consumes the highest possible effort that can be squeezed from people by God. In turn for individual creators, the iron application of this canon cases that in order a human creator developed something new and moral, he or she must firstly break through all possible obstacles which God is able to erect on his or her path. (I.e. to introduce a progress, the human inventor must somehow "outwit God" which uses a set of "far-sighting rules" and the action of so-called "curse of inventors" in trying to stop this inventor from accomplishing of whatever he or she was intended.) 
       At this point it is worth to emphasize, that the actual work of this canon can be confirmed relatively easy. This stems from the fact, that the history of science, and also the fate of subsequent discoveries and inventions, would be drastically different in the universe which is NOT created nor ruled by God, and thus in which such a canon would NOT work, when compared to the same history and fate which actually is taking place in the universe in which God introduced this canon. For example, in the universe without God and thus without this canon, the discoveries and inventions would have exclusively "random" character, while the labour of their accomplishing nor fate of their creators would NOT display any clear trend that is characterised by suffering, difficulties, obstacles, errors, confusion, etc. - which are so typical for all known earthly inventions and discoveries of the "moral" nature (i.e. inventions and discoveries which constitute the so-called "real progress" described in item #G4 from the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm - thus which are fundamentally different from inventions and discoveries that form the so-called "false progress" - of the kind generated e.g. by the "theory of relativity"). On the other hand, on the Earth the actual existence and action of the "canon of necessity to obstruct the process of learning and creation", is clearly visible and sure from the history of science and from situation of official science, as well as from fate of individual inventions and discoveries. If we look thoroughly into the history of science, then it turns out, that practically in every area always committed is the maximal possible number of errors and confusions. Also the science is continually forced to change of whatever was determined earlier and claimed officially. In turn the fate of discoveries and inventions with a moral nature, shows a repetitive trend, that always these are hold back, while their creators always are spectacularly punished. This punishing of morally acting inventors and discoverers is so commonly noticeable, and so obvious, that we can refer to it as to the "curse of inventors" - described in item #M3 below on this web page, and also in part #G of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm, in item #H1 on the web page newzealand_visit.htm, in items #D1 and #F1 on the web page boiler.htm, and also in item #G on the web page mozajski_uk.htm
       An example which perfectly illustrates for us this path of the official science to learning through committing the maximal number of errors and confusing statements, is the topic of "time travel". On one hand we have empirical proofs, photographic evidence, and detailed explanations how to travel in time. These take the form of sightings and photographs of UFO vehicles which travel through time already now, and also descriptions of principles of time travel provided to us by the officially ignored and rejected scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Examples of these UFO photographs, as well as realistic descriptions of principles of time travel together with evidence which confirms their authenticity, are provided on the totaliztic web page named immortality.htm. In turn logical and philosophical arguments which document why the time travel is possible and even accomplishable relatively easy, are presented in items #J3 to #J6 of the totaliztic web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm, and complemented with additional evidence and explanations in items #C4 and #E8 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm. On the other hand, we have this "official scientific stand" in the matter of time travel. It is so full of all possible errors, paradoxes, mutual contradictions, naive claims, and unrealistic expectations, as only can be fitted into such a narrow subject area. For example, some physicists postulate to use cosmic so-called "black holes" as "time vehicles". But they do NOT explain how after getting into their "black holes" they later will be able to come out from these. Others postulate that for time travel people create kinds of tunnels made of time-space, called "wormhole". But so-far they are unable to explain how such tunnels should be practically created, nor from where people should gain these huge amounts of energy which such creation would surely require. Still others take on the faith ideas of time travel that originate from completely fantastic creations of "science fiction" writers - for example the idea of "hyperspace" used, amongst others, in the fantastic serial "Star Trek". These hyperspaces are supposedly areas in the universe where neither time nor space do exist. Thus from them it should be possible to get into any time and any point of space. These believers with straight faces discuss the uses of such hyperspaces, in spite that there are NO scientific premises suggesting that such areas exist in the universe at all, and in spite that it is impossible to explain how after entering such a hyperspace from the very definition of these areas people would NOT cease to exist as well. What puzzles me most, is that all these efforts of scratching ones left ears with right toes are being undertaken when we have around so much evidence indicated above and easily verifiable, which confirms the easiness of software principle of time travel. 
       Of course, the wisdom and experience of God allow Him to know that people are NOT mature enough to understand and to appreciate some canons which He applies to his interactions with humans. Therefore the canon discussed here God implements in such a manner, that for many people everything looks as if the difficulties and obstacles are introduced by forces other than God Himself. Thus God for example in past "simulated" the existence of special "professional obstructers" - who in old days were called "devils". At present God "simulates" other obstructers, which we popularly call "UFOnauts". (How God "simulates" them, it is explained in item #M4 below.) In turn to balance somehow this highly detrimental for people situation which such God's "simulation" introduces, for some most stubborn researchers, for example to the author of this deduction, God sometimes grants the privilege of getting to the truth. Only that later He creates a situation on the Earth, that this truth is rejected or ignored by almost all other people. 
       Religions make us accustom to the simplified thinking that "God always does good", while "all evil is caused by devils". Such a simplification in thinking was needed in old times of shepherds and the lack of education - when religions were formulated. But by today people learned logics and some humans can even think rationally. Thus, it is about the time taht people begin to realise gradually that in the interest of God lies "wise hindering", NOT continuous helping people and that 'devils in fact are god's "simulations"'. (In times when the word "simulation" was NOT invented yet and thus it needed to be replaced with the more general word "creation", the Bible in following way explained what devils are - quote from Genesis 3:1: "Now the devil was more cunning than any beast of the field which God had created.") Of course, while understanding that for many vital reasons God is forced to "wisely hinder" activities of people, we also need to learn the meaning of the adjective "wisely" that describes this hindering. Namely, it is NOT the blind hindering done with the maximal power - which we are accustomed to receive from our human enemies, but a hindering which is so wisely selected that it perfectly serves the God's goals (e.g. that it teaches us and causes our growth, not the fall down). 
       The above deductions lead to many interesting conclusions. Although these conclusions are quite obvious, and although in the real life their confirmations are encountered on every our step, typically people have a significant difficulty to realise them and to accept them. For example, in my own case it took me over 60 years to arrive to these conclusions. One amongst these conclusions states that whatever an official institution states on any subject, including such institutions as official human science or health organisations, almost for sure this misses the truth. Therefore, with the elapse of time such an institution, e.g. the official human science or medicine, will be forced to quietly and secretly withdraw this statement or to replace it with a different one - probably also misleading. Therefore, if someone wishes to learn the more correct truth about a given subject, then should seek it amongst findings and experiences of these individual investigators which voices the official institution tries to silence or ignore. Another conclusion states that all scientific discoveries or theories, which are accomplished without difficulty and immediately gained an official recognition, hide in themselves some serious errors which carry the potential to mislead and to block the progress of human knowledge and science. A classical example of just such a theory, which in the future probably is going to be acknowledged as the biggest error and defeat of human science, is the "theory of relativity" - e.g. see "Fig. #G2bc" from the web page evil.htm. Already by now this particular theory caused abandoning research and ceasing the thought lines in tens of directions which probably would lead to a faster learning of truths by the humanity. (As an example of victims of this theory consider the question of existence of particles faster than light.) Still another conclusion states that for very vital reasons, in the interest of God does NOT lie to help human creators, discoverers, and inventors in gathering their knowledge, in discovering, and in creating something new, but lies the obstructing their efforts in all possible ways and spectacularly persecuting them as hard as possible.

#M2. The "wise hindering" allows God to groom people "the way steel is hardened":

       The canon of wise holding back people from learning the truth, discovering, and creating, described in previous item, is one amongst components of principles which God utilises towards people. These principles state, that "people should be treated the way steel is hardened". More about these principles is explained in item #B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm
       Of course, on our "receiving side" such principles of God's action towards people typically are rather difficult to accept and understand. After all, in order to understand them one needs to put himself or herself in the situation of God, means for example to understand that "God has infinitive time" - therefore God never is in a hurry. Or to understand that from the point of view of God: "interesting, providing entertainment, and teaching is the path, not the final destination". 
       The discovery and the awareness that "God grooms people like we harden steel", and that for this purpose God even releases the action of the "curse of inventors", allow us to introduce a basic improvement to our behaviour. Namely, so far people believed that if any their feasible action encounters a lot of obstacles and unfortunate "coincidents", this means that the purpose of this action is "unlucky" and thus it should be abandoned. But in the light of findings regarding the iron application by God of the principle to obstruct and to make difficult everything that is "moral" and that is to generate the "real progress", it turns out that in life we actually should act completely opposite. Namely, the more obstacles and "coincidents" try to stop us from carrying out a given (feasible) action, the more "moral" is this action and the more beneficial fruits of it are going to turn - thus also the more stubbornly we should try to complete this action. In other words, in spite that God obstructs our actions in all cases which are "moral" and which are to introduce a "real progress", this God actually wants us to complete these actions and He is going to be very disappointed with us when we get discouraged by the obstacles and abandon whatever we intended to accomplish.

#M3. The "curse of inventors", which blocks every new invention and discovery, in this number also blocks the construction of telekinetic cells:

       Somehow it so happens, that in spite several working prototypes of telekinetic free energy devices were already build on the Earth, which contained telekinetic cells described here for their major components, these cells still are not serving for the good of humanity. As shows the analysis of fates of these prototypes already build, there is in action a kind of the "curse of inventors" which spreads over these devices. The more extensive description of this curse, together with specific examples of several inventors who fell victims of it, are provided in "part #G" on the web page eco_cars.htm, in item #H1 of the web page about newzealand_visit.htm - about New Zealand, in items #D1 and #F1 on the web page boiler.htm, and also in item #G on the web page mozajski_uk.htm. This "curse of inventors" causes, amongst others, that every inventor who build the working prototype of a telekinetic free energy device, is persecuted and punished in many possible ways, and e.g. rapidly dies in quite mysterious circumstances. In turn the prototype of the device that he constructed rapidly disappears completely from the public view. In case of the famous Swiss "telekinetic influenzmaschine", two prototypes of it - which were constructed by the Austrian inventor named Bela Brosan, immediately after his mysterious death disappeared from his house - as this is described in item #D2 of the web page free_energy.htm - about free energy devices. Several years later two very similar devices, later called "Testatica", mysteriously appeared in the Swiss religious community called "Methernitha". In this community the devices were kept locked and never were allowed for the mass production. In turn, in case of the New Zealand inventor named Bruce DePalma, who build the "N-Machine" famous in the entire world, I never encountered an information what has happened with his prototypes after his death. (The mysterious death of Bruce DePalma is described on the web page newzealand_visit.htm - about New Zealand.) 
       The mysterious deaths of inventors of telekinetic free energy devices are not the only manifestations of the action of this "curse of inventors" which holds back the putting these devices into the service of our civilisation. There are another manifestations as well. Some of these are described in literature quite frequently. With others I personally struggled constantly in my life. The most popular of these manifestations boil down to various forms of the deprivation of inventors and discoverers of the conditions that are necessary for the development and research of objects of their creativity. Thus, practically, this "curse of inventors" can take many forms. Most frequent out of these forms include: 
       (1) The persecution, public denial, abuse, and scoffing. A good example of these is a public persecution of a New Zealand inventor named Richard Pearse. His hysterical neighbours so scoffed and called him names, that this capable inventor landed finally in a mental hospital - where he finished his life. Of course, he was not the only inventor subjected to just such a treatment. Practically every inventor and discoverer, including myself, experienced this kind of abuse. For example, Wright Brothers (i.e. the builders of the first airplane in the world which managed to break through the blockade of dissemination imposed by this "curse of inventors") were so hurt by abuse from their own countrymen - other Americans, that for many years they refused to allow their airplane to be exhibited in an American museum. In turn for myself similar persecution got behind my skin so much, that it become another important reason (in addition to these mentioned in item #L1) for which I suggested that the telekinesis free zone - the establishing of which one day becomes absolutely necessary for our civilisation, is established in New Zealand and Australia (pity that Poland does not lie on an island not far from New Zealand). About just such persecution of inventors and discoverers I prepared even a long list of quotations and official scoffing statements, which are abusing the most widely known inventors and creative minds. This list is published in subsection JB7.3 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5]. In turn the discussion of reasons for which on the Earth does exist and operate such an atmosphere of persecution of inventors and creative minds (means the discussion of reasons for the existence of the "curse of inventors"), is presented in subsection P4 from volume 14 of monograph [1/5], and also on a separate web page named evil, while briefly summarised in item #M1 above. 
       (2) Deprivation of the source of income. This usually depends on either "making redundant" from the job of all more noticeable inventors and discoverers, or on putting them in a situation that they are forced to work without any salary. A best example of the discoverer who was subjected to just such vexations, was a New Zealander named Ernst Rutherford (1871 - 1937) - the first creator of the present model of atom. His superiors from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, forced him to work for them without a pay. (Sarcastically, presently his portrait adorns New Zealand 100 dollar notes.) Finally he had enough this pushing him down and blocking his potentials by New Zealanders, so he emigrated to Great Britain. Only after he got the Nobel Price for his research New Zealand recalled where he was born, and promptly extended hands for a share in his accomplishment. In my own case, the action of the "curse of inventors" depending on the "deprivation of the source of income" is experienced the most frequently out of all forms of discreet persecution. For example, I was made redundant from three last places of academic work in New Zealand. For some strange "coincidence" these redundancies from academic jobs always coincided in time with periods when I tried to return to research and development of devices which I invented, including the telekinetic cell. Of course, just such persecution is exerted onto practically all morally behaving inventors and creative minds, the research and development of whose elevates above the level of trivial and introduces a "real progress". Their indescribable difficult and tragic fate is presented in countless books. An example of very good such a book, which I had the pleasure to review, is [2P4] by Richard Milton, "Forbidden Science", Fourth Estate (6 Salem Road, London W2 4BU), London, 1994, ISBN 1-85702-302-1, 265 pages, pb. On the back cover this book states, amongst others, quote: "'In this fascinating and well-argued book, Richard exposes a curious feature of many professional scientists: they are averse to new ideas' - Focus.") At this point it is worth to remember, that just such professional scientists with the "averse to new ideas" always are these ones the opinions of which decide whether any other scientist receives an employment in a given institution, or whether he manages to stay in the job that he already has. After all, these are views of just such scientists with the "averse to new ideas" who decide whether a new scientist is employed in a given institution, or whether he is removed from already occupied position for sticking to views that are NOT agreeable with official trends and fashions. 
       (3) Refusal of finances. The financial persecution and problems, which experienced almost all inventors, are legendary. For example, it is because of them that Nikolai Tesla (1856 - 1943) could not finish even a small part of his breakthrough inventions. It is also because of them that the inventor of movie camera, William Friese-Greene (1855-1921), spend on the research and development of his invention everything that he had, then he died in hardship and misery, in spite that still during his life the movie camera which he build brought millions to others. (On the subject of the enormously tragic life of this inventor, in 1951 was even made a sad film entitled "The Magic Box".) In fact almost every book about inventors describes indescribable financial problems and hardship that trouble practically all of them. Also almost never true inventors receive any financial assistance for what they try to build. Simultaneously enormous sums of money are wasted onto "official progress makers", which in reality generate only "false progress" and the research of which almost as a rule is so agreeable with the approved knowledge of given times, that in fact lead to nowhere. (After all, in order to introduce something truly breakthrough to our civilisation, ideas of a given creator must "look into the future, NOT into the past", and thus must depart from stereotype thinking.) 
       (4) Assassinations. When fail the less drastic methods of discouraging a given inventor, or creator, from implementing his or her breakthrough contribution to humanity, than the dark force which hides behind the "curse of inventors" resorts to a hidden assassination. Examples of inventors who fell victims of such assassinations are provided here in items #F1.2, #I1, and this one, as well as in item #H1 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm - about New Zealand. Such inventors are also described in subsection W4 from volume 18 of monograph [1/5]. In my own life I counted almost 30 cases, which can be interpreted as failed assassination attempts. The most spectacular out of these took place on 13 November 1990, in the New Zealand settlement named Aramoana (for details see subsections A4 and VB4.5.1 (or VB3.3) from volumes respectively 1 and 17 of my older monograph marked [1/4]). 
       (5) Promotion of competitive and destructive technology. When these dark forces which hide behind the "curse of inventors" begin to realise that in spite of everything the humanity is already close to implementing a new progressive technology, then they immediately begin to promote on Earth the spread of some competitive and destructive technology representing the "false progress", which in eyes of decision makers supposedly eliminates the need for a given progressive technology. For example, in times when airplanes started to spread on the Earth, these dark forces began to promote intensely the technology of balloons-airships, which supposedly eliminated the need for airplanes. When people began the research and development of the "crystal radio" described in item #G1 of this web page - which would lead to the discovery and development of telekinetic cells, these dark forces immediately began intense promotion of radio valves and then transistors - which shifted the attention of researchers out of this crystal radio. When not long ago I started to appeal for the initiation of development of the remote detector of earthquakes called the Zhang Heng seismograph, these evil powers began to promote the construction of the world's earthquake early warning system - to which went all finances. Even now when the humanity is close to the implementation of the telekinetic cell to a mass production, these dark forces began mobilise many countries to invest fast into the destructive atomic energy. Etc., etc. 
       (6) Elimination of incentives which would motivate to undertake the development of forbidden inventions and technologies. For example, when I published this web page on 17 August 2006, the price of crude oil exceeded the value of 72 dollars per barrel, and indicated the raising tendencies. But almost immediately after publishing this web page, the price began to fall down rapidly. This fall down occurred in spite that the oil resources on Earth did not increase, nor the tensed international situation did improve. When I was adding this comment on 15 September 2006 (means, not a whole month later), the price of crude oil dropped down to the level of around 62 dollars per barrel and indicated the tendency to drop down even further. (Slightly later, on 23 September 2006, it dropped below 60 US dollars per barrel.) This around 14% drop in prices of crude oil within just a month of time, appeared in combination with a whole range of further strange "coincidents", which took place immediately after publishing this web page. For example, advertisements appeared then rapidly in internet, which offered factory-new sophisticated radio receivers in return for old crystal radios - obviously someone decided to eliminate crystal radios from the society. A scramble to criticise principles of operation of the telekinetic cell also took place just then on many internet forums. Me personally all this resembles a hidden attempts to remove all incentives and motivations for undertaking developmental work on the telekinetic cell. This resemblance has a potential to confirm itself just on its own. This is because if the goal of this drop in prices of crude oil was exclusively to discourage the initiation of experiments on telekinetic cells, then after some time, if no-one undertakes the development of the cell described here, the price of crude oil is going to raise again. In fact, similar discouraging events and supposed "coincidents" can be found for every other breakthrough invention on Earth. In reality they can be interpreted just as the elimination of incentives and the discouragement for those people who would like to undertake the development of a given invention. 
       (7) Imposing a blockade on the dissemination of a given invention or discovery. If in spite of all these obstacles, any invention or discovery manages to break through, then the "curse of inventors" begins to block the dissemination of it. In practice this means, that a given invention or discovery encounters huge difficulties in dissemination throughout the Earth, similar to difficulties which plague my scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - from which originate both the idea and the principle of operation of the telekinetic cell of my invention. The official publishing about a given invention or discovery becomes then almost impossible. In publications it receives exclusively negative opinions. Etc., etc. It was just such a blockade of dissemination that was imposed in past on the first airplanes build on Earth. A similar blockade of dissemination are experiencing at the moment all telekinetic free energy devices. For example, there are already three working prototypes of "telekinetic influenzmaschines", one of the components of which is the telekinetic cell described here. (I.e. there are two working prototypes of the single-disk machines called the "Testatica", and one working prototype of the double-disk "Thesta-Distatica".) But all three prototypes so urgently needed by our civilisation, are kept locked and prevented from entering the serial production in factories. Similarly happened to the immersion heater of the New Zealand inventor, the late Peter Daysh Davey. (This immersion heater is described on the separate web page boiler.htmentirely devoted to it, and also summarised in item #E4 of a different web page about telekinetic free energy devices.) Only that the hindering of production of this New Zealand heater was simulated as if it was imposed by bureaucrats.
* * *
       The problems and obstacles described above, which I myself, as well as other inventors, experienced at the moment of initiating the construction of these devices, are described here as a kind of friendly advice for these ones who decide to join the effort of constructing one of these devices. Namely, they should carry out the works in such a manner, that their activities could not be stopped by this "curse of inventors". For example, I defend myself against action of this curse by avoiding the keeping of my findings in secrecy, and by systematic publishing everything that I know about these devices. In this way the possible action of this curse against me would miss the point, because on one hand would not cause the destruction of knowledge already gathered about these devices, on the other hand it would only create and add further evidence for the fact that some curse of inventors ruthlessly persecutes the builders of these devices. (Unfortunately, I am also one of these proverbial "Poles cleaver after the event". In spite that now I know how I could significantly decrease the consequences of action of this "curse of inventors", unfortunately in my own case it is too late for undertaking many of these prevention measures.) 
       Of course, methods and principles with the aid of which inventors can self-defend themselves from effects of the "curse of inventors" (and also from effects of "inventive impotency" which stems from this curse) are described already on my web pages - for the information of other inventors. Explanations how to implement such a defence the reader can find e.g. in item #H1 to #H3 of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm.

#M4. God's "simulation" of the "curse of inventors":

       By the term God's "simulation" we should understand "every action which was completed directly by God, but which for vital reasons God so carries out that it looks as if caused by powers other than God". In other words, God's "simulations" are everything that affects people and thus is well visible, but about which God does NOT want people could learn easily that it originates from God. A best example of God's "simulations" are creatures which in past were called "devils" while presently are called "UFOnauts". Namely, the "simulation" of these creatures depends on temporary creation of their physical bodies by God - so that after they are confronted with people they look as if they exist physically. Simultaneously their minds are linked directly to God, so that these creatures do exactly what God wants, also they have the God's knowledge and assume one amongst numerous personalities which God developed especially for the needs of "simulating" them. More information about the God's "simulations" is presented in items #B11 to #B13 of the totaliztic web page god.htm
       While reading descriptions of the design and operation of telekinetic cells indicated to us by the scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we can discover quite a shocking truth. Namely, that at the inventor of this cell, similarly like at the creator of every other breakthrough invention that represents the so-called "real progress", for very vital reasons described in "part #G" of the totaliztic web page eco_cars.htm, God is forced to direct a murderous force of the "curse of inventors" described here. But because the majority of present people so-far is unable to comprehend and accept the need for such destructive actions of God, on the Earth God purposely "simulates" a situation, as if there exists and acts a kind of hidden criminal organisation, one of the goals of which is to suppress the technical development of the humanity. And all signs actually do indicate, that it is this "simulation" which represents a mysterious "dark force" that for thousands of years already harms both, the entire humanity and also individual creators, in just such a cunning manner. For example, this simulated "dark force" recently brings upon people various disasters for which victims blame later either forces of nature or other people. Therefore, separate web pages were developed, which describe specific examples of actual cases, when such cunning and well hidden harming of people was carried out on Earth lately. The first out of these web pages, named "26th day", describes a murderous tsunami which destroyed coasts of the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004, and which was "simulated" as if it is induced in a technical manner. Another web page named "Katrina", describes the best known example of just such a recent hurricane which was "simulated" as if it was induced and controlled in a technical manner (means the hurricane named "Katrina" of 29 August 2005). The above web page explains also attributes by which such "simulations" of technically induced and intelligently controlled hurricanes can be distinguished from fully "natural" hurricanes. In turn another web page, named "tornados", describes examples of tornados "simulated" in such a manner as if they were induced and controlled in a technical manner. It also explains attributes which allow to distinguish such supposedly technological tornados from natural tornados. Shockingly, as the analysis of these attributes reveals it, the majority of tornados which in present times trouble people, especially the ones which hit the United States and destroy this most advanced country which leads our planet, is simulated as if it is induced and controlled in just such a technical manner. So as "what" is simulated this mysterious "dark force" which supposedly hides behind all these disasters which are cunningly brought onto people? It is explained on the web page "evil", and also on web pages "changelings", "WTC", "Columbia", "Katowice", "landslips", "plague", and "predators". The complete internet addresses of the above web pages appear in the addressing window of your browser, if you click on links to these web pages emphasized in the text with a green colour. 

Part #N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#N1. Summary of this web page:
       Telekinetic cells can be build - and even were already mass produced in factories. In turn after they are build, they are really going to work. Their building is also in the reach of our hands. The only thing that is needed to accomplish them, is to break through countless obstacles and barriers of the type of "curse of inventors" - which are piled on purpose along the path of these creative people who try to introduce them to the permanent technical accomplishments of our civilisation.

#N2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#N3. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in research and learning regarding the operation of "telekinetic cell":

Motto: Philosophies and theories convince some people, technical devices convince all.
       Our thorough knowledge of the operation of the telekinetic cell presented, amongst other, on this web page, is immensely vital for human lives. After all, depending on how well we learn this operation, this is going to impact how fast we construct this device and put it into service for humanity. This in turn will decide how deprived of pollution, and thus how happy and fulfilled, will be the future life of ourselves, as well as other people. However, accomplishing a progress in our knowledge of telekinetic cells places a requirement that both, myself, and also other researchers, we continually advance thinking and researching these devices. Therefore, even at present times I carry out various analyses and literature searches aimed at gathering further knowledge which would assist us in constructing these devices. Results of this research are to be designated for publication as soon as they are available in their final form. Therefore the development of this web page cannot be carried out in just a single go, but must be spread onto a longer period of time. In future this web page will be periodically improved and simplified, as soon as a new information about the work of telekinetic cell becomes available and I finish verifying it. So I am inviting to visit this web page again at some stage in future, in order to check what new becomes known to us regarding this device. Please notice however, that new versions of this web page cannot be made available immediately under all addresses at which it is disseminated. Therefore, if under this address here only an old version of this web page is available, then it is advisable to check also under other addresses listed in "Menu 3", whether any newer and better update of this page is already available at other addresses. 
       It is also worth to check periodically blogs of totalizm available under addresses: (posts from #89 = i.e. from 2006/11/11) (posts from #293 = i.e. from 2018/2/23) (posts from #293 = i.e. from 2018/3/16) 
All posts to blogs of totalizm (almost each one of which is translated and published again in English) are also available in my publication [13] which is disseminated free of charge via the web page named tekst_13.htm
       Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages. On the blogs many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#N4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm). 
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life). 
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say. 

#N5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link. 
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#N6. Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak. This web page describes details of design and operation of a telekinetic cell which I - i.e. Dr Jan Pajak (while for the duration of 2007 - Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) invented myself, the design and operation of which I described as the first scientist on Earth, and thus for which I reserve intellectual property rights for myself. The main purpose for which I disseminate openly the description of this cell is my desire that this device, as well as a selection of other devices similar to it, are put into the service for our civilisation as soon as possible. In order to accelerate the accomplishment of this goal, onto all these who build in future any device of my invention which were described in publications that I disseminate free of charge, I impose a moral duty of designating 10% of the pure profit that the production and sale of these devices bring to them, towards the special fund for the research and development of further devices that will lift the advancement of our civilisation to a next level (e.g. the fund for research and development of the oscillatory chamber described in the second volume of monograph [1/5] and Magnocraft described in the third volume of that monograph [1/5], or the fund of research and development of the Zhang Heng seismograph described in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]). Details of this fund are described in subsection AB2 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5]
* * *
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