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Evolution (2019)
According to data from the Bible (the inspiration of which content God confirms), the physical world was created by God just only around 6 thousands years ago. But according to the supposed "body of evidence" that was dug out by the Earthly scientists, our universe is already around 14 billions years old. So one out of these two ages of the world must hide an error. (Which one out of these two ages of the physical world is actually true, it is explained and supported with reliable evidence in caption under "Table #A1" and item #B2 from my web page named humanity.htm, as well as in a paragraph from item #E2 of another my web page named cloud_ufo.htm.) From the point of view of philosophy and theory of probability it is also impossible that the nature could demonstrate just by pure coincidence all these supernatural phenomena and miracles that we can register on the Earth. Thus, statements of the Bible cannot be untrue. Furthermore, considering the role which God performs towards people, we should NOT be suspecting that God would tolerate any error in the holy book that He inspired - i.e. in the Bible. Even if this God is just a "God-youngster" - just 6-thousands years old, who still may like to play jokes. But simultaneously we should NOT suspect that this 6-thousands year old omnipotent God is completely deprived a sense of humour. Thus, with an equal easiness as around 6 thousands years ago this God created the physical world and humans, to e.g. inspire people to carry out research and seek truth, He could additionally invent, create, and introduce to the world that He created, "various evidence" on the basis of which scientists may wrongly estimate the age of the universe to be around 14 billions years. After all, if God was able to create every living creature, He was also able to create e.g. petrified skeletons of dinosaurs feigning them so that they look as if they were extinct several millions years ago. Since this omnipotent God was able to create atoms of all chemical elements, with an equal easiness He could also create geological layers and provide them with such attributes that they may allow to make errors during carrying out the "conventional dating" by Earthly scientists. Since this God needed to experiment on, and continually improve humans that He created - as this is explained in item #A1 below, with an equal easiness He could also allow that His experiments and improvements the official atheistic science interprets as an existence of a "natural evolution" and inspire Darwin to publish his misleading theory of it. This web page analyses items of evidence for just such a possibility - which so-far was NOT considered nor verified, as yet, by anyone. Means it analyses the possibility that omnipotent God for important reasons firstly formed during His own experiments and improvements of the physical world, this currently non-existing because "subsequently changed", the history of the universe and man (i.e. the initial history, which God briefly described in the first chapter of Bible). But later, during the improvements continuously introduced to our world, God changed this initial history into the present one. But the present scientists on the Earth are unaware of the change and thus are taking this initial history changed later by God, for the true history of the physical world, our planet, and the humankind. (Notice here, that our human languege is still very primitive to express correctly ideas described on this web page - thus some expressions used here may be too clumsy to do justice in proper explaining ideas which I am trying to address.)

(Notice that what today's "luminaries of science" call "universe", in the totaliztic publications I call our "physical world" - because according to the findings of the scientific "Theory of Everythingof 1985" - whch I developed in the year 1985 and at that time named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the universe is infinite in size and in time of existence. Hence, that limited and supposedly still expanding (only according to the claims of "official atheistic science") space filled with the substance which we call "matter" - means the space which the present "official atheistic science" calls the "universe", in fact represents only our insignificantly small "physical world" in the infinitively large true universe. Therefore the entire unlimitedly large "universe" must be defined quite differently by the philosophy of totalizmand by my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985", than it is defined by the present official science - for details see item #D4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm.) 

The content of this web page is authorized by [b]Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity(see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature.[/b]

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
#A1. There is information encrypted in Bible verses and conclusively confirmed by empirical evidence, that after the creation of the human race God perfected it many times - which practically means that in His management of human development God uses a principle of improvement similar to the principle of "evolution" with which atheistic scientists try to deny the role of God:
Motto"[b]There is always room for further improvement"[/b]
(in Polish: "Nawet najlepsze można udoskonalić jeszcze bardziej" meaning "Even the best can be improved further")

       In 1985, a landmark intellectual event took place. Namely, the first and until today still the only in the world, the scientific "Theory of Everythingof 1985" was created and immediately published in the same year. Hence, in an ideal world where truth and reliable information would prevail(which kind of world our world should be) after correctly entering in any search engine e.g. the keywords Theory of Everythingor the keywords Theory of Everything of 1985, in answer should appear the information about that first on Earth true scientific Theory of Everything. Unfortunately, so-far this information is disclosed only to these people who pre-programmed for themselves the "custom search"taking the form of, for example, the following search command: In turn the rest of the world, e.g. on 2019/12/3 when I did the "fine tuning" of this text - means already after 34 years elapsed since the formation and first publishing of this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, is still notoriously kept in ignorance about the existence of so desperately searched for by humanity scientific theory and knowledge. (Actually, the people searching on the internet still are notoriously deprived links to the majority of my research results - for example links to such extremely important keywords as: healing mental depression by earning moral energy; earning totaliztic nirvana; increasing moral energy; making morally correct decisions; counter-matter; moral Boomerang Principle; reversible software time; perpetual motion motors; formal scientific proof for the existence of God, soul, counter-world, UFOs; formal scientific proof that God created the first couple of people; formal scientific proof that humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by the almighty God; formal scientific proof that God authorized the Bible; plus many other important results and discoveries indicated to me by this Theory of Everything of 1985 - links to which results of my research reveals the above search command if only in the search box that appears at the top of screen after entering this command, the already pre-programmed into this box keywords "Theory of Everything" are replaced with any other keywords for the links to descriptions of which someone is searching and if one omits these first, NOT mine, links still pushed at the top to create a "smokescreen".) It is also worth noting, that even after using that "custom search", at the beginning of the answer being generated, the search engine "pushes" a persistent information about the film made 29 years after the development of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - in spite that just to avoid the getting information about that "smoke screen" film, the special "custom search" is used. (Notice that this "custom search" from the address pre-programmed in August 2009 on the blog of Mr "Jacek K" linked from item #A2 of my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm- as I believe in order to facilitate the finding of information which during "normal" searches the search engines notoriously refuse to show - like the information where to find descriptions of that existing since 1985 the true scientific Theory of Everything. The curious people may sometimes be intrigued, that the above address of this "custom search" in a "strange" way occasionally can "transform like just by itself" into an erroneous address preventing the correct work of this search command - as I explained and illustrated this in item #E3 and on "Fig. #E3c" from my Polish web page named sabotages_pl.htm.)
       However, in our imperfect world full of hypocrisy, deception, pretending, acting instead of truth, claiming to oneself the achievements of others, etc.(which kind of the world our present world actually is), after entering in any search engine the keywords Theory of Everything, in spite of the fact that this is the name of a scientific theory - means NOT the name of a product of actors and filmmakers, almost the only result that appears, is an information about the persistently promoted film just having the title "The Theory of Everything" - only which film until today is emphasized by all existing search engines. The reader may notice an example of this emphasizing after clicking at the address, and then comparing the received display with the information provided by the same search engine when one types through the keyboard the same keywords theory of everything- as due to still another "coincidence" both these ways of searching sometimes may generate different results.
       In the discussed here descriptions of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, I deliberately emphasize the word "scientific", so that it can be clearly distinguished from that filmentitled "The Theory of Everything".
       At the time of creation and first publishing, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 was named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity(in Polish: Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji). The reason was that being a scientist well trained in the pedantic sticking to facts and truth, at the moment of its development I did NOT know yet that soon afterwards it would demonstrate all the features of the scientific Theory of Everything. It wasn't until a couple of months later that I discovered that the emergence of this theory could be compared to the intellectual equivalent of producing the first optical lens. This is because similarly as the production of the lens with the passage of time allowed to build microscopes - which opened for people an optical insight into the internal structure and composition of everything that surrounds us, also this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 opened for people an intellectual insight into the truth about the internal structure and composition of reality that surrounds all of us. Moreover, similarly like the creation of the lens later allowed to build telescopes that give to people a visual insight into the configuration of our huge physical world, also the creation of the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 opened intellectual insight into the structure and operation of the entire universe. Furthermore, the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 also provided people with a kind of "intellectual ladder"in the form of a new and pedantically moral philosophy named Totalizm. For whoever wants to practice this philosophy, it allows his/her climbing to increasingly higher levels of awareness. Two aspects stand out during the almost half a century since the development of this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. (1) The first of these is the "scientific aspect"- means descriptions of almost unlimited potentials for knowledge-generation by this scientific Theory of Everything and for finding out the truth about almost everything that surrounds us. This scientific aspect is published already since 1985 in various monographs, web pages and videos - e.g. on the web page named dipolar_gravity.htmand in publications linked from that web page. (2) The second among them is the "human aspect"of the scientific Theory of Everything - means descriptions of my ongoing almost half-century-long battle of urging people to stop the sponsored by various powerful institutions further blocking, ignoring and hiding the scientific Theory of Everything and to stop "rejecting knowledge" contained in this theory, but rather to began the use of benefits that this scientific theory opens to humanity. This human aspect I started to publish simultaneously with the entry #316 to blogs of totalizm based on the content of this item #A1, means starting from 2019/11/17. I published that human aspect (initially only in the Polish language) on the web page named 1985_theory_of_everything.htm. In turn that "intellectual ladder", means the pedantically moral philosophy which I created and named Totalizm- because it represents the philosophical side of the scientific Theory of Everything explaining "the whole of everything", and thus allows people to climb to higher levels of consciousness, I have been publishing since 1985 in numerous publications, for example on the web page named totalizm.htm. However, when someone is searching for this modern philosophy using Internet search engines, one must be very careful that its name always is spelled with the letter "z". This is because the letter "z" clearly distinguishes the philosophy which I created and named Totalizmfrom "Totalitarianism"- means from a philosophy completely opposite to my Totalizm, which among some people lazy in writing, or perhaps defiant towards my Totalizm, by strange epidemic of "sheep's momentum" suddenly began to mistakenly call Totalism, only that this totalitarian Totalism is typically spelled with the letter "s". Interestingly, this "sheep's rush" for creating "smokescreens" by calling various products of other people's activities (which are furthest away from the results of my scientific research) with names that I assigned to the results of my scientific research, does NOT end at the name of The Theory of Everything for a film, or name Totalism for Totalitarianism. After all, for example my most important invention published back in the year 1980 - means developed already near 50 years ago, i.e. my starship in Polish named "Magnokraft"(which I described on the English web page named magnocraft.htm), also in past used to have such an internet "smokescreen" in the form of a music band named "Magnokraft", which band in past completely hide my starship, although (fortunately) by now on Google it has stopped monopolising the results of searches for descriptions of my starship "Magnokraft". Currently, the information about this band is only mixed up in the internet with the information about my starship - for example see the search compare the obtained results with the search So let us hope that over time in a similar way my knowledge-generating Theory of Everything of 1985, in search engines will be clearly separated from the movie entitled the Theory of Everything, and that from search engines will be removed the "clever program" which always eliminates my explanation Theory of Everythingfrom the searched for information - in spite that this key information I am always adding in front of the used in my publications old name the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       Due to various premises resulting from these existing since 1985: (1) the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985named the Concept of Dipolar Gravityand (2) the philosophy of totalizm- I managed to discover, that already after the creation of humanity God introduced into the software of bodies and souls of the human race a whole range of significant improvements from which we benefit today. These improvements, along with a summary of the most important lessons that result from them to humanity, I will briefly describe in this item #A1, while I will discuss in more detail in the rest of this web page.
       Because learning about the existence of the improvements introduced by God into software of souls and bodies of people and described in this item #A1, as well as learning the philosophical lessons that these improvements open to humanity, can completely change our lives, if only I can find the assistants to filming work - the skills of whom I described in more detail in C1 and C2 from my short Polish publication [18] available through the web page named tekst_18.htm, then on the basis of this item #A1 I will also try to prepare a script for the free YouTube video described in that [18], whose goal would be to familiarize viewers with the knowledge about divine software improvements of our souls and bodies that have the potential to lift people to the next level of awareness and worldview.
       Until the time of writing the content of Polish version of this item #A1 on 3rd October 2019, supported by premises resulting from the philosophy of totalizm and from my Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity"), I was able to discover three breakthrough improvements that from the moment of the original creation of people God introduced to software of human souls and bodies, while the information which confirms the introduction of these improvements God has encrypted in Bible verses - as God always does in the case of knowledge, which people first have to discover by themselves as a result of the progress in their knowledge and philosophies, and only after the discovery of it people are to find it in the Bible and decipher its role as the confirmation of truth. In addition to Bible verses, I also discovered considerable empirical evidence, some of which is already widely known to people, which confirms the existence of each of these improvements to human souls and bodies. In turn finding descriptions in the Bible and finding also completely independent of them empirical evidence, which mutually confirm compliances of each other with the objective truth, provide us with the required "two witnesses", regarding which - according to verses from the Bible quoted in item #C5 from my web page named bible.htmand commented in item #J4.1 from another web page named propulsion_pl.htm, it is required that "on the credentials of two or three witnesses must be based every matter"about which (matter) we are very interested in obtaining confirmation of its correctness and truth. So let us first list here these three improvements of the human race directly confirmed by Bible verses:
(1) Switching to the "reversible software time" intelligently pre-programmed by God, the course of life and the process of aging of people.This was the first among improvements that I learned, which God has introduced already during the biblical Great Deluge, or more precisely when the biblical Noah ("soldier of God") took aboard Noah's Ark those creatures that after the Flood were to live and grow old under the control of reversible software time. Namely, on that ark God switched then the souls and bodies of people and animals transported in there, from the living and from aging controlled by the flowing smoothly the so-called "irreversible absolute time of the universe"- in which now only God lives and all inanimate matter ages, into the living and aging in intelligently and intentionally pre-programmed by God just then, at least 365x1000 times slower, passing in short jumps, the "reversible software time"which does NOT exist in the natural constitution of the universe (see verse 3:8 from the Biblical "2nd Letter of St. Peter the Apostle" and verse 90:4 from the Biblical "Psalms"). At the same time, taking advantage of the occasion of that change, God also reduced human bodies from the antediluvian sizes currently considered to be giants (i.e. about several times taller than today's people: e.g. in ancient myths, biblical Adam was supposed to be 15 feet tall - i.e. about 4.57 meters, and Noah - 12 feet - or around 3.66 meters), to current sizes - by the way introducing also several further minor anatomical changes (e.g. removal of the second row of teeth existing in jaws of antediluvian human giants). A wider explanation of this change and the empirical evidence which confirms it, is presented on numerous my web pages - for example (amongst others) in item #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htm. Therefore readers can find this evidence on my web pages linked to index entries provided on my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm. In addition, to the topic of antediluvian human giants is devoted the content of a huge number of free educational films that are currently available on most of which are in English (e.g. see the hobby video entitled "GOOGLE SEARCH 'GIANT SKELETONS' + ADAM WAS 15 FEET TALL NOAH WAS 12 FEET" and available at the address In turn more information about both types of time mentioned here was included in the "introduction" and in item #G4 (and briefly also in item #D4) from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. Descriptions of these two existing types of time contained therein are later further elaborated and continued in item #D3 of the web page god_proof.htm, and in items #J5 and #J6 of my web page named petone.htm, while in one complete whole they are presented in a relatively new (because published since December 2018) Polish monograph [12].
(2) Introduction of different than "ULT" human spoken languages.This was the second improvement that I discovered during my research. God introduced it during the construction of the Tower of Babel by people (see verses 11:1-9 from the Biblical "Genesis"), that is, at the time when Babylon was ruled by King Nebuchadnezzar the Second, and around the time when Biblical prophet Daniel lived and worked in there (see "Daniel" in the Bible). This improvement depended on separating and differentiating the language "ULT" in which people think and which is used by souls in the counter-world, from spoken language used in human voice speech and in our physical world. The advantages of such separation and differentiation of languages were also understood by the creators of human computers in the recent times, when they created the "programming languages" - with which people communicate with computers in our world, and when they clearly separated these "programming languages" from the different "machine languages" used in the computer "virtual worlds" - in which today's computers perform their "thinking" processes. Before this separation of the "ULT" language from spoken language, people used the "Universal Language of Thoughts" (i.e. "ULT") also for voice speech - means used the language that God uses today and that is still used for communication between souls from the counter-world and also in the processes of human thinking. Initially, means right after the creation, people communicated with each other, using the "ULT" - in the same way as they use present spoken languages, i.e. both among themselves, as well as in conversations with God. However, just like the first computer builders, much earlier God also quickly discovered numerous advantages of replacing the verbal version of "ULT" language with spoken languages that differ from it. In turn because God accomplishes a number of different goals at once with every His move, He separated these two languages during the construction of the Tower of Babel, limiting "ULT" to only conducting human thought processes, and in human voice speech replacing it by a whole range of different native languages, which later have evolved separately for each of the human nations. A wider discussion of the subject of that separation of human spoken languages from ULT (and "confusions" that it may cause), plus an indication of empirical evidence which confirms that separation, I presented on numerous web pages - for example (amongst others) in item #F11 from my web page named soul_proof.htm. Thus readers can find this evidence on my web pages linked by index entries from the Polish web page named skorowidz.htm. In addition, to the topic of the Tower of Babel is devoted the content of a large number of free educational films that are currently available on most of which are in English (e.g. see the video entitled "Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real", available from the address
(3) Supplementing the human soul with software of the counter-organ of "conscience".This was the third improvement of the human race by God, which I managed to discover so-far, while the direct confirmation of which I found in the Bible. It was carried out during Jesus' mission on Earth and depended on the introducing to our souls the special programs of a "hot line" for communicating directly between minds of people and God. We currently know this communication connection as "conscience". Namely, when God determined beyond all doubt that people tend to be highly immoral, then firstly He wrote for them on tablets of stone the so-called "10 Commandments", then He ordered that each of the people learns what these commands require and fulfil all of them. However, He quickly discovered that the majority of people put laziness over learning, and thus are NOT very eager to learn and obey these 10 Commandments. It was then that God decided to introduce into the soul of every person that program of "counter-organ of conscience" - which is much better than the learning of 10 Commandments, because in every situation it whispers (prompts) directly to the mind of its bearer, whether what the bearer thinks that he/she intends to do, or that even he/she has already done, is agreeable with God's commandments and requirements, or is breaking these. The fact of introducing at that time the organ of conscience to people's souls, known as the "New Covenant", was encoded into verses 10:16 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews", while I explain this groundbreaking improvement in several totaliztic web pages and publications linked by the keyword "New Covenant" from my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm. Unfortunately, today's priests that "reject knowledge"(see verses 4:4-9 from the Biblical "Book of Hosea") do NOT want to know about this fact.
       In the descriptions of all three of the above improvements, our eyes are striking their repetitive features and philosophically lifting people consequences. To understand their repeatability, let us firstly list here the most important examples of these repetitive features. And so, (1) these improvements were always introduced when human disobedience to God's 10 Commands and other requirements began to reach a crisis level. Also always (2) during their introduction on Earth was working a messenger of Godwho played an important role in explaining to people why they had to occur.(I.e. worked: Noah from times of Biblical Great Flood, the Prophet Daniel from times of Babel Tower, and the God's Son Jesus in times of religious "Pharisees" and the introduction of "conscience" to human souls and bodies.)
       In turn, as the reader probably already knows from the content of my web page named 2030_uk.htmand the Polish YouTube film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s") - currently on Earth is just intensifying (1) the period of the next crisis caused by people turning away from God, from their neighbours and from respecting nature. Interestingly, (2) from the prophecies of the Hopi Indiansabout "Pahana" meaning the "White Brother", as well as from Bible verses (e.g. see verse 9:12 from the Biblical "Gospel of St. Mark") is also known to us, that another messenger of God is working somewhere on Earth - which fact is more comprehensively explained in item #H1 of my web page named 2030_uk.htm. Means according to the regularities described above and always repeated during every crisis of human disobedience to God's 10 Commandments and other requirements, most probably just the next time is approaching, when God introduces another significant improvement to bodies and to souls of people. Although for our imperfect human mind it is currently difficult to predict on what principle this next divine improvement will work and what will be the manifestations and results of its action, seeing what is happening in our world today, it can be deduced that it will probably come down to the introduction into the human souls of some new software causing in people an increased sensitivity to, and the urge to resist of, such previously un-emphasized immoral behaviours of others as: corruption, cronyism, injustice, inequality, exploitation and oppression of some by others, cruelty to people and animals, lack of respect for nature, etc. I wonder whether the current growing wave of opposition, demonstrations and rebellions of people from completely different countries, all of which are directed against this type of immoral behaviour of governments, elites and individuals, is not by a chance the indication that an increasingly large number of people already have in their soul such software introduced in our times to further improve the souls and bodies of people. It is a great pity that because of stubborn turning their backs to God, other people, and to nature, only a few of those who currently live in the world will personally experience the benefits and blessings of this next divine improvement to human souls and bodies.
       The above should be supplemented with the information that I have empirically discovered also an another, different category of improvements to souls and bodies of human race, which were also introduced by God NOT earlier than during the Biblical Flood, but either their characteristics required that they were introduced, tested and improved for a long time, or so-far I did NOT manage to find a direct description in Bible verses that would allow me to determine the exact time and other details of their introduction. Examples of most important improvements in this another category could be defined as follows:
(4) The pre-programming of the phenomenon of the "moral field", the action of which is similar to the action of the gravitational field, then such alteration of programs of all laws governing over the fate of people, that into every agreeable with the commandments and requirements of God (means moral) human action it was necessary to put the effort and energy of climbing the uphill in this "moral field", while every human action breaking the commandments and requirements of God (means immoral) would just slide down in this "moral field" and thus would come easily and in a way that generates some kind of pleasure.Since the moment when God introduced the phenomenon of the "moral field", everything moral that someone does, requires putting into it the amount of energy and effort that is proportional to the moral significance of a given action, while everything that is immoral comes to people effortlessly and pleasantly - for more details see links for the keywords "moral field" (i.e.: pole moralne) on the Polish web page named skorowidz.htm. From the descriptions in the Bible it can be easily concluded that the phenomenon of the "moral field" was introduced, tested and improved for a long period of time after the "Biblical Flood". After all, for example from verses 4:1-16 of the biblical "Book of Genesis", means regarding times before the Biblical Flood, it clearly appears that the criterion of receiving God's recognition was then only the compliance with God's personal wish, means NOT the amount of effort and work of climbing uphill of the "moral field" which in present times must be put into a given action in order to make it morally correct. Also described in item #J5 from my web page named petone.htmthe "growth pattern" known under the name "tree of life"- which God made available to people in the 9th century B.C. through the prophet Elijah of the Biblical Old Testament, did NOT yet have a "test copy of Omniplan (11)". This in turn means that then God still carried out improvement works over the phenomenon of the "moral field". The final proclamation of the existence and operation of the "moral field" was made by Jesus, e.g. with this famous statement from verses 16:24-26 of the "Gospel according to Saint Matthew" - I quote from the Bible: "If anyone wants to follow me, let deny himself, take up his cross and follow me."However, putting so prolonged work, thoughts and improvements into the phenomenon of the "moral field" proved worthwhile. Because of it, people who act morally begin to accumulate in their souls a moral equivalent to "potential energy" from climbing uphill in the gravitational field. So the accumulated amount of such "moral energy" (which now can be estimated in people, while in the future probably can be easily measured) allows to judge instantly the moral level of a given person. Furthermore, the accumulation of this moral energy changes the frequency of vibrations emitted by a soul and by counter-body of a given person - while these vibrations NOT only control the speed of the elapse of time, but can also be felt and observed already at a great distance. This in turn means that e.g. morally living people can be felt from afar - which, among others, causes that immoral people like to deal with only immoral people, while they dislike morally-behaving people, and vice versa. Furthermore, cities or countries inhabited by morally living people in the counter-world "shine" with different vibrations than areas with immoral people. From this, a simple mechanism leads to cataclysms which hit only into immoral areas, and to life problems which continually bother mainly immorally living people.
(5) Embedding into human souls the software that adds subsequent portions of "moral energy" to the amount of this energy already accumulated in this soul - if the owner of a given soul performs actions that meet all the requirements of "moral work", while which deflates from the soul appropriate amounts of this energy - if the carrier of a given soul performs immoral actions or indulges in anything that generates in him/her feelings of pleasure, plus the subsequent supplementing these programs that manage moral energy, with procedures that enforce returns of [b]totaliztic karma.[/b]After pre-programming of the phenomenon of "moral field" described above into the so-called "Omniplan" that manages the operation of reversible software time, it became possible to embed into each human soul additional software, which, depending on how the current behaviour of a given soul-carrier moved him/her in the "moral field", either added, or subtracted, the appropriate amount of "moral energy" to or from the pool of this energy already previously accumulated in the soul of this person - as I explained this in items #D2, #D3 and #C6 from my web page named nirvana.htm. In turn the level of this "moral energy" allows e.g. to "judge" the moral state of this person with one "glance of eye", and also allows to obtain effects described below with the next improvement. In turn, when soul programs already distinguish how a given action of this person moves in the "moral field", it also became possible to embed into human souls the software of totaliztic karmathe work of which is described more thoroughly on the web page named karma.htm, and also to create the first and most important "moral law" on which "totaliztic karma" is based, and which in subsections I4.1 and I4.1.1 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]is described under the name of "Boomerang Principle". (After this "Boomerang Principle", further out of numerous moral laws that currently govern over the fate of people were developed.) The software of totaliztic karma was first implemented close to times when people were also informed by warnings described in the Bible and explaining the work of karma, like the Old-Testament "they wind sow, they will gather a storm"(see Biblical "Book of Hosea", verse 8:7), or New-Testament "what a man sows, he will reap"(see biblical "Letter to Galatians", verse 6:7) - such warnings based on karma there are quite a few in the Bible (an extended list of them is presented in #2I4.1 from subsection I4.1 of volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]). Nevertheless, karma software is repeatedly improved practically until today. For example, just nowadays it is clearly visible that so-called "karma return time"since the advent of the "neo-medieval era"on 2001/9/11 is accelerated for many immoral human activities - see items #B2.1 to #B2.3 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htm.
(6) The dependence of states (conditions) which experience individual intellects described in item #D3 of my web page named [b]nirvana.htmon the level of "E" or "µ" (mi) of "moral energy" ("life energy") which these intellects managed to accumulate in their souls from the counter-world.[/b]On the above web page "nirvana.htm" I explained my empirical discovery that both, the individuals (i.e. "individual intellects"), as well as the entire institutions and even entire countries (i.e. "group intellects") experience increasingly positive and happier feelings as well as executive capabilities (i.e. the increasingly large "free will" or "zwow"), when in their souls and counter-bodies increases the amount of so-called "moral energy" (which can also be called "life energy" or "zwow"). These states (conditions) I named: (1) nirvana, (2) adoration, (3) friendliness, (4) provocativeness (i.e. the beginning of mental depression), (5) apathy, (6) destruction, (7) death through "moral suffocation". In 1997 I myself managed to increase my amount of "moral energy" to a level exceeding the value of "µ=0.6" (i.e. the value of around "E= 1200 [hps]", where units [hps] represent "hours of physical struggle" - as explained in #D2 from my web page "nirvana.htm"), until it appeared in me and lasted for the next around 9 months the highest among these states (conditions), namely the stunning state of "(1) nirvana"- which previously was NOT experienced nor studied or described by any other scientist - which state I named the totaliztic nirvanato distinguish it from the "Hindu nirvana". (The "totaliztic nirvana" feels approximately like an endless orgasm- which feeling I explained in more details in item #B1 of my web page named nirvana.htm. As I was aware that I am the first scientist in the world who not only personally experienced the "totaliztic nirvana" but who also researched it thoroughly, I described it later in great detail - as my information originates straight from the proverbial "horse's mouth", or the "first hand".) But if the amount of this "life energy" begins to fall, people become increasingly grim and unhappy, and after it falls below the value of "µ=0.3 "(i.e. below approximately "E=600 [hps] ") they fall into an almost chronic state of mental depression, then after reaching the level of "µ=0" (i.e. approximately "E=0 [hps]") they die because of some self-inflicted death. It is a great pity that today's "official atheistic medicine", which until now has not yet been able to work out the definition of mental depression, while because of the lack of such definition - is NOT able to effectively treat this "illness of soul", still ignores my research on depression and nirvana, nor does want to know about the definition of depression that I quoted in item #C6 of my web page named nirvana.htm. After all, if the medical sciences knew and accept the definition of depression and understood the mechanism of the emergence of this "illness of soul" as a result of lack of moral energy, then the official atheistic medicine would also be able to cure it effectively. This is because the requirement to generate this "moral energy" (i.e. "life energy") in oneself turns out to be, that instead of swallowing chemicals and tablets, one needs to generate moral energy through performing the "moral work"(preferably anonymously, means as states verse 6:3 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew": "... don't let the left hand know what the right hand does"). Therefore, people, crews, institutions, countries, etc., who currently do NOT perform such "moral work", suffer from increasingly stronger mental depression - which is just a symptom of practicing mainly immoral actions characteristic for the philosophy of parasitism, and thus is also a symptom of caused by these immoral actions the decrease in the level of "moral energy" which has the potential to lead then to death through the "moral suffocation". Knowledge of the relationship between depressive states in people and in group intellects, and the practicing of immoral behaviours, allows, among others, to read from the Bible that before the Biblical Flood, the improvement described here God has not yet introduced, because antediluvian people did not suffer from depression, they enjoyed life, they got married, etc. - in spite that in their lives they behaved drastically immoral. Unfortunately, further descriptions of the Bible so far did NOT allow me to decipher from when this improvement was introduced and what circumstances accompanied it. However, I will continue to decipher the Bible and if I find anything about it, I will try to add and explain the required information here.
(7) The validation of people's impression that they have full "free will", by adding the executor "test copy of Omniplan (11)" to the "tree of life" (from Kabbalah) described in item #J5 and illustrated in "Fig. #J5b" from my web page named [b]petone.htm- which the "test copy of Omniplan (11)" allows God to quickly test the future consequences of any human action.[/b]The name "Omniplan" is assigned to a software entity that does NOT exist naturally in the universe but was artificially programmed by our God. The function of Omniplan is to manage the elapse of "reversible software time" in our entire physical world and to control the course and effects of all events that take place in our physical world. Omniplan is described more extensively in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htmand also in chapters D, G, L and O from the Polish monograph [12] describing the work of time and time vehicles, available through web page called tekst_12.htm. In turn the manner of operation of this Omniplan causes that from the moment when just during the Biblical Great Flood God programmed it to be able to manage the course and effects of events controlled by this human "reversible software time", everything that people do is actually implemented NOT by "hands of people" but by unnoticeable for people permission and work of "hands of God" - for details see item #J5 on the web page named "petone.htm". (Because actually these are "hands of God" which accomplish everything that people do, the "free will" that people have is only partial, because all human actions are continually "censored"by God, although God does everything in His power that people have a psychological impression that they have the full "free will".) In turn whether God decides to implement a given human action, or to cause that for some reason He will make it unrealistic, decides the impact that the effects of this action will have on the future of human civilization. From the point of view of this impact, all human activities are subdivided into only two categories, namely (a) actions whose effects do NOT have any impact onto the future (e.g. such as: which slice of bread we choose to eat, or what effects will bring our efforts to kill a mouse that has nested in the kitchen and eats all our unprotected food), and (b) actions whose effects have a potential to exert some influence on the future of our civilization (e.g. whose book will a publisher choose to publish and disseminate around the world, or whether the specific politician will be able to start another war). In the event that a person performs the action of category (a) God implements it immediately. However, when an action displays attributes of belonging to category (b), then God always checks whether it will NOT cause changes in the future which would be contrary to His superior intentions and plans for the future of humanity. He checks this by using the "test copy of Omniplan (11)". Namely, in relatively recent times God added this test copy as another "executor" number (11) from the "growth pattern" illustrated by the "tree of life" of Kabbalah in the abovementioned item #J5 of the web page "petone.htm". This "test copy of Omniplan (11)" is programmed as an exact copy of the original Omniplan, i.e. it contains copies of our entire physical world and each one of us (so you, the reader, also have in it your own copy that lives, thinks and works exactly like you do) - only that in it "human time" passes several hundred thousand times faster than in the physical world in which we live. (Unfortunately, at the present "initial" stage of gathering my knowledge about Omniplan, I can only assume that our civilization is this "original" human civilization, while that other civilization with the time elapsing several hundred thousand times faster than our time, is just a "copy of our civilization." But in reality so far too little data and evidence has been accumulated to decide whether it truly is so. After all, the situation can be quite the opposite. Namely, at the opposite than our end of the fourth dimension of the counter-world, this "original" human civilization may be in the development, while our civilization may perform only a function of "test copy of the Omniplan (11)" for this other civilisation. Therefore, I will continue this research, and I will inform about the results - if I make it on time.) The "test copy of Omniplan (11)" is used to quickly test the future consequences of any human action occurring in the original Omniplan. In turn knowing the results of these tests (which, according to my research, typically take about two weeks of our human time to obtain), even if God had pre-approved and implemented some action from category (b), but then the tests confirmed that the action in the future will cause deviations from plans and intentions of God, then God is still able to shift back a given person in time and erase the memory of the removed fragment of his/her life - although sometimes leave in him/her a "deja vu"(as on the basis of Bible verses I described this in items #B4 to #B4.1 and #D5 to #D5.2 from the web page named immortality.htm), then in a new passage of a given person through time God cancels this action without causing the person to be aware of this cancellation. In turn, if already at the moment when a given person tries to undertake a given action God immediately estimates that this action is of category (b) and thus in the future may cause changes that are NOT consistent with His plans and intentions, then typically He somehow temporarily delays the execution of this action until tests show what impact it will have on the future, while when the test results are known, then He either implements this action, or He prevents it completely. The problem we see when (like me) we learn that the mechanism of implementing human actions is actually carried out with "hands of God", boils down to the question: why does God implements also the actions of immoral people (i.e. criminals, rapists, exploiters, murderers, politicians initiating wars, aggressive military, terrorists, etc.)? Many answers to this question have been encrypted into the Bible. One of them (expressed not directly - i.e. as if with its inverse) states "to NOT provide people with evidence that their full "free will" is only a psychological impression, NOT a fact. (E.g. nowhere I found a definite statement in the Bible that each of the people has a full, i.e. NOT censored, "free will" - but I came across a lot of verses in there implying that absolutely everything that we think and do, God judges and acts upon.) Unfortunately, the psychological impression that people have the full "free will"to do whatever they want is extremely important in the process of increasing the effectiveness of "gathering knowledge" by people. In turn "gathering knowledge" is of great importance to God - for explanation "why" see item #I6 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htmand items from #B1 to #B3 and #C1 plus "introduction" from the web page named antichrist.htm. This psychological impression is easy to "break" - if e.g. people become sure that their actions are completed only if their results have been approved by God and learn that after which approval they are implemented with "hands" of God. Therefore, in everything that God does, He always attaches the primary importance to avoiding the situation that a given person would become sure that his/her "free will" was censored. Probably it is just to NOT create a situation of such a certainty and hence to limit with it the "free will" of many so-called "sceptics" and those "rejecting knowledge", for publishing these explanations here was chosen a fallible man, means me, NOT the Bible. After all, the fate of the results of my research has already proved to us, that even a majority of those ones who believe in the truth of the Bible, still considers the results of my research to be erroneous and ignores them completely. On the other hand, if these explanations were openly and clearly stated in the Bible, then many of those "sceptics" and people "rejecting knowledge" would be inclined to acknowledge them as representing truth and to limit because of them own research on the subject of God. Other answers to the above question "why does God implements also actions of immoral people?" include, among others: because God always protects the God-fearing people who trust Him and who keep His commandments and requirements, because justice always comes to fulfilment and the wrongdoers are ultimately punished at the very end, and also because due to the action of Boomerang Principle (i.e. the main moral law) the victims of evil people's actions always are those who somehow deserved it with whatever they did in their current or previous passage through the reversible software time (for descriptions of examples of this deservedness see items #C7 to #D3 on my web page god_exists.htm). Let us summarize now the "improvement" described here. Due to the introduction of the "test copy of Omniplan (11)" actions which control the fate of people can be managed more precisely, and then implemented without the need to break the "free will" of people - which free will depends on having the psychological impression that each person has a full "free will" to decide and do whatever he/she chooses.
       Of course, regardless of the above-mentioned major improvements from the category described here, in my many years long research I noticed a whole lot of various small improvements, which also improve the perfection and justice of our physical world. As their examples we can indicate here the so-called "printing imps" in Poland called the "chochliki drukarskie". These were introduced on Earth at the time when "folded printing" was invented and humanity began mass printing of the Bible. These "imps" cause that no matter how carefully some print is made or written, always there will be approximately the same number of errors in it. As a result, readers who encounter such printing errors react to them with emotions (which, in turn, God easily controls) - thus enabling management of readers' emotional attitudes to matters described in a given print, and hence also the management of readers' decisions on what to do in the matters described by given print. Slightly more advanced version of "printing imps" are errors in computer programs. As the discipline of "Software Engineering" already has discovered, every computer program used by people hides a characteristic for it number of errors not discovered yet - which errors in no way can be removed, because if one of them is removed then the next one is unintentionally introduced. Because these programs later e.g. control the operation of airplanes, space rockets, nuclear reactors, etc. - by triggering one of the errors contained in them at a critical moment, without breaking the human so-called "free will" God obtains the intended effects that look like "coincidences" or "accidents". Another small improvement that I have already noted is the pre-programming of the so-called "principle of reversals"in almost every currently existing algorithm for educating people and in almost all the divine methods of work - for details see descriptions of this principle provided, amongst others, in item #F3 from my web page named wszewilki_uk.htmand in items #B1.1, #B2 and #M1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. The "principle of reversals" probably was introduced at the same time when people were given the organ of conscience, because Bible verses referring to its operation (e.g. see "Galatians" verse 5:17) appear only in the New Testament. Still another improvement is the introduction of a "self-regulating" algorithminto every mechanism of divine administration of justice to people (e.g. into the action of the so-called "curse of inventors"and "inventive impotence" or into the "Boomerang Principle"and into mechanisms of work of "totaliztic karma") - these "self-regulating" algorithms and mechanisms are described e.g. in items #B3, #B3.1 and #H1 (and also partly in #B2.2, #B2.3, #B4.4, #H3, #I2 and #I5) from my web page called mozajski_uk.htm. What a pity that today's politicians lack something (I wonder if it is knowledge, life wisdom, courage, inspiration, motivation, example, or yet something else) to write similar "self-regulating mechanisms" into the laws and actions of their governments - for example, just like as a small boy I read that it was done by French politicians establishing the old "water law" (described in item #L1 of my web page named 2030_uk.htm) which required that sewage discharge outlet always had to be located upstream in the river from the inlet to the collection of clean water from the same river. After all, embedding such "self-regulating" mechanisms into group laws and actions of people would solve many problems that today are troubling our civilization. Already after the Biblical Great Flood, God also made several improvements to our planet. For example, in times just after the creation, the Earth did NOT have underground caves. Thus, all underground caves and tunnels were made by God's messengers (UFOnauts) using for this purpose starships that utilise the principle of operation of my Magnocraft - see descriptions and evidence from item #C9.1 of my web page named ufo_proof.htm. Etc., etc. To summarize the above, although "rejecting knowledge"present priests, scientists and politicians do NOT want to acknowledge this, while ordinary people do NOT have the knowledge and perceptiveness to notice it by themselves, and also although a selfish and self-directed human understanding of the so-called "good" does NOT coincide with God's absolute understanding of "good", the physical world in which we live is constantly being improved. In turn due to the continuous improvement of our world, in fact there is also a process of continuous improvement of the entire universe - as I described it more thoroughly in "chapter O" from my Polish monograph [12] explaining the operation of reversible time and time vehicles, while available through the web page named tekst_12.htm.
       If you, the reader, are convinced by logical deductions and evidence which I presented above, then I recommend that for your own good and for your descendants you should contribute your share into awareness of the actual situation to people confused by lies of the official atheistic science and by the ruling elites. The most effective way to add this contribution is by taking a personal part in creating a free educational film for later posting it on YouTube - the proposal to create that kind of film in cooperation with readers who are enthusiastic about it and have the required skills, is explained in (1) from subsection C1 of my short publication [18] (in Polish) disseminated through the web page named tekst_18.htm.
       All the improvements of the human race discussed above bring great philosophical significance to each of us. After all, they realize that people and the entire our physical world is constantly improved, and that since the creation of humanity and our physical world, God has developed dozens of highly effective tools with which without attracting our attention, e.g. through unintentional breakage of someone's psychological belief in having full "free will", God thoroughly controls the course of and the results of every (even the least important) event about which we all believe that we are the ones who implement it. It is a pity, therefore, that both priests and scientists, as well as many ordinary people, stubbornly "reject knowledge"and refuse to learn both the "improvements" described here, as well as God's tools that resulted from them. After all, everyone would benefit from knowing that if something was encoded into the content of the Bible about which, despite of it being written thousands of human years ago, is scientifically confirmed that the Bible contains "truth and only truth", then this encoding in the Bible is also the proof, that the almighty God is vitally interested that the resulting lessons voluntarily speak to the reasoning and knowledge of all who are concerned. For example, God surely is interested that at the present technical level of humanity - when almost everyone already knows what a "program" is, each person interested for his/her own good finally stopped "rejecting knowledge"which I concluded in item #A0 and also throughout the rest of my web page named god_proof_pl.htm, and accepted that God, or more precisely the Holy Spirit, is a kind of self-aware "Program" which resides in (and controls behaviors) of the contained in the counter-world intelligent counter-matter, from which about 6,000 "human years" He created all matter and all objects of our physical world. After all, the improvements described above could NOT be introduced to our bodies and souls, if God was NOT a kind of "Program". These improvements also prove that the human soul is also a kind of self-aware, self-learning "program" for which God is a "Programmer". They also confirm my explanation of where all God's powers come from, and how it happens, that God knows the innermost thoughts of each person. They also confirm that what people call "laws of nature", "energy", "time",and a number of other concepts, are actually programs extremely wisely designed by God - which fact explains, amongst others, where God's power of managing these quantities comes from. Furthermore, they confirm that God informs us in the Bible about His improvements in His creations - only that He does this in an encrypted manner to inspire people to make the effort to seek knowledge and truth. (So God is NOT like our present "official atheistic science", which does NOT have the courageto implement the necessity of continually repairing the imperfections of whatever it previously created or claimed falsely, incorrectly, or NOT to the end - e.g. repairing the directing humanity towards depopulation and the destruction of the nature, the stubborn claim of this atheistic science about the alleged impossibility of building and using the engines working on the "perpetual motion"principles and described in item #J4.4 from my web page named propulsion.htm.) Furthermore, improvements of the human race also confirm many facts about which humanity (or priests) so-far did NOT have the slightest idea, but which I just discovered due to premises resulting from my philosophy of totalizm and my Theory of Everything of 1985 (i.e. from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), e.g. they confirm a lot of facts described below in items #A1.1, #B3, #D4, #D7, or #M1 from this web page.

#A1.1. Is it possible that by fabricating the "big bang" and "natural evolution" Godjust played a joke on the pompously negating Him scientists?

Motto"But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence."(Bible, 1 Corinthians, 1:27-29)

       If God does NOT exist, while time would pass irreversibly - as this is described by the present science, then all past events would occur just once only, while the universe and man would have just a single history. In such a case everything that scientists determine in the result of researching the existing evidence would be an objective truth. For example, the truth could be that there is just a single history of the universe, that the universe originates from the "big bang", that in fact there was a past which to people is told e.g. by petrified skeletons of dinosaurs, and that man originates from a natural evolution. But if there is the omnipotent God while time has a reversible software nature - as this is described by the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity(while illustrates the web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to the never-ending life), then all past events can be changed by this God any number of times, until God accomplishes with these changes such outcomes which He needs. In turn the universe and man can have at least two histories - out of which only one is true, while the remaining ones can be simulated by God in order to accomplish some Godly goals. In such a case practically every "fact" which scientists establish in the result of research on the body of evidence present in the universe could be just a fantastic simulation and illusion passed off upon people by God for some higher reasons. For example, the history which is told by e.g. petrified skeletons of dinosaurs would only be a kind of fantastic story which the omnipotent God intentionally invented and for important reasons simulated into the physical world that He was creating. In reality packs of dinosaurs could never run over our planet - although God could create one or several of them from each species just to check whether their bodies and bones are realistic and work correctly in the physical world. (Of course, there is also a possibility that God have NOT gone through the trouble of verifying in action bodies of all dinosaurs. For example, research described in the article "Answer to how giant flying dinosaurs got airborne", from page A15 of the New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, January 10, 2009, reveal that many scientists have serious doubts whether the weighting over a quarter of ton flying dinosaurs from the family called "pterosaurs" could at all become airborne.) This web page is just about a second, simulated (invented by God) history of the universe and man, which in spite that it is confirmed by supposedly "objective" evidence, in reality is untrue.

#A2. What vital reasons had Godto create the "simulated history of the universe and the humanity" - means to created an invented opposite to the "real history of the universe and the humanity":

       The introduction and the previous item of this web page explained to us the shocking fact which most clearly NO-ONE considered before, and which to people was revealed only by the most moral philosophy on the Earth called totalizm(means the philosophy of discovering and stating truths). This fact reveals, that the universe which surrounds us in fact has at least two different histories. This true one is described in the Bible authorised by God Himself- e.g. see the Biblical Book of Genesis (1:1 to 2:4). Data contained in it allowed to determine that the physical world is just around 6000 years old, and that together with humans it was created by God - for details see subsection JA1.3 in monograph [8/2]. But for important reasons, independently from this "true history of the universe and mankind" God clearly created also a completely different "simulated history of the universe and man". This simulated history of the universe is a kind of fantastic story which God intentionally invented and then "implanted" into His final product that He created, means implanted into the Earth and into the physical world. This story states approximately the same that present scientists claim. In turn these scientists claim that e.g. the universe is around 13.73 (with the accuracy +/-0.12) billion years old, that the man originates from an "evolution" - NOT from a creation by God, and that before people on the Earth horrifying and barbaric "dinosaurs" used to live.
       For some people the fact of the existence of two different histories of the universe can seem to be a kind of "Godly cheating". After all, these people do not understand that only people "cheat", while God just creates new paths and opens for people increasingly wider perspectives. Whatever God does, He always has for this extremely important reasons. So let us now list most important reasons which probably motivated God when He created this second, untrue, simulated history of the universe and the man.
       (1) Inspiring people to scientific searches.After all, if existed just only one history of the universe and people, namely this true one, then nothing would be for seeking and for researching. This is because this history is described just in several sentences by the Bible authorised by God Himself. As such, it does NOT inspire the interest in people, neither it fascinates them. So no-one would wish to research it. In turn without scientific research people would NOT experience any progress. So in addition to this true history, God was forced to invent and to implant into His creation, a kind of fabulous history, which leads people from one discovery to another one, stimulating their imagination and inspiring scientific research.
       (2) Allowing the cultivation of atheistic view of the world by some people.On several web pages of totalizm it was explained, that if the humanity was composed of exclusively people who deeply believe in God, then the humanity would live in caves until today and would NOT known even a secret of fire. This is because people who deeply believe in God are typically very passive, as their deep faith in God deprives them the courage to carry out scientific research. The explanation of this paradox the reader can find, amongst others, in item #F2 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, and in item #A2 in the web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" at fate of the entire human civilisation. Therefore God is was forced to give to people also another possibility of living according to the atheistic view of the world. After all, such an atheistic view of the world inspires people to research and to form a progress. So in order to inspire amongst people such atheistic view of the world, God was forced to create and to pass off upon people various encouragements for creative scientific searches. In His superior wisdom God gave to these encouragements a form of alternative history of the universe and man, which present human science considers to be a "scientific history".
       (3) Illustrative demonstration to people the creative power of God.If God does NOT introduce to the world that He created an invented history of the kind which is being "discovered" by the present science, then the history of the universe would be uninteresting and deprived the ability to inspire. It would just reflect the fact that God created planets, lands, seas, living creatures, and man. As such, it would NOT demonstrate to people the creative power of God. In turn people have tendencies to doubt and to negate the creative capabilities of God. So in order to illustrate to people, how immense is His creative power, into the world that He created, God implanted this fantastic history of the universe that He make up. So when people finally recognise the findings of the philosophy of totalizmand begin to understand that this "simulated history of the universe and man" which is discovered by the human science, is the untrue history, then they simultaneously realise how huge is the power and capabilities of God who was able to invent such a history and to implant it into the fabric of the universe.
       (4) Subjecting people to trials and to exams.For reasons explained more extensively in item #F1 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, and in item #C6 of the web page god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God, God continually subjects every inhabitant of the Earth to countless tests and exams. Then, depending on outcomes of each such a test, God qualifies a given person to appropriate category. Of course, in order to be able to subject people to these trials and exams, God needs to have a kind of "exam questions or exam problems" which every person separately must then solve on his or on her own. The existence of two contradictive histories of the world (i.e. (1) religious history, and (2) atheistic history) is just one amongst such questions-problems to be solved during the Godly trial-exam.
       (5) Challenging people to seek well hidden truth.The main reason for which God created the man is a more effective gathering of knowledge. This reason I am explaining more comprehensively in items #B1 to #B3 of the web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" at fate of the entire human civilisation, and in item #C1 of the web page god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God. The need to increase the knowledge is even more urgent because of the "young age" of our God. So in order people could assist God in His searches for knowledge, they must acquire specific kinds of attributes. Therefore, in order to develop in people these attributes that God needs, God continually challenges people with ever-increasingly ambitious challenges. One amongst these challenges is the existence of two completely opposite histories of the world, and the need that every person must take and justify his or her own stand which one amongst these two histories he or she considers to be true. This web page in fact becomes a part of such a challenge.
       (6) Masking from some people the fact that God in fact is still "inexperienced youngster".The true history of the world reveals that our God is still "inexperienced youngster" which still has a great sense of humour and still likes to play jokes on people. After all, He created the physical world just only around 6 thousands years ago. Thus He Himself probably finished His self-evolution and gained the self-consciousness only shortly before - as this is explained in "part #B" of this web page. So even if several thousands of years passed from the moment of the self-evolution of God and acquiring His self-awareness, until the creation of the physical world and man, still the age of God probably does NOT exceed even 10000 years. I personally suspect that the "software God", described in "part #B" of this web page, is NOT older than around 7000 years. (Note that this "software God" in Christianity is called the "Holy Ghost". We should NOT confuse Him with the eternally existing "God Father" which in the Bible is also called the "Ancient of Days".) In turn such a young age of God really qualifies Him to the category of almost a "Godly teenager". Although in the Bible authorised by God Himself, God indirectly confirms the fact of His relatively "young age", in fact in real life He is NOT very inclined to brag about this to every human being. Probably for this reason God "added years to His age" in the "simulated history of the universe and man", which He so invented and fabricated as if the universe had already around 14 billions of years. After all such an age inclines everyone to show respect.
       (7) Documenting the God's sense of humour.The entire body of evidence in existence, suggests that God has a magnificent sense of humour. Furthermore, in times when God initiated the creation of the "body of evidence" which for scientists provides a basis for formulation this "simulated history of the universe and man", God already knew how pompous and all-knowing human scientists are today. So probably one amongst numerous motives of this young God who still likes to play tricks on people, was to make a mock on Godly scale of these scientists who pompously refuse to recognise His existence and who behave as if they "have swallowed all brains".
       At this point it is worth to add, that the sole fact of the existence of so many and so vital reasons for the additional creation by God the "simulated history of the universe and man", is also a confirmation and a proof that God really gave to people these two opposite histories of the world, namely (1) the true history - means the one described in the Bible, and (2) the simulated history - means the one that was invented by God and then skilfully implanted into the Godly creation. Therefore also this proof I introduced to the list of proofs from item #E1 in the further section of this web page.

#A3. In order this web page could be written, God must approve it and support it with His inspiration:

       In the universe nothing happens (nor can happen) without the approval and silent support from the omnipotent God. After all, God controls the software time. So even if in the universe any events occur which would be against the God's will, then God still can shift time back, while in the new elapse of time do NOT allow these events to take place. The existence of such a method of correcting all errors and mistakes of the past through shifting time back, is explained more comprehensively in item #B3 of the web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to lives that never end, and also in item #C1.1 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about mechanism of time, shifting time back, and about time vehicles. Of course, an event that in order to occur it must receive NOT only a silent support from God, but additionally His inspiration and help, was writing of this web page. This in turn immediately induces a question: "why God inspired and supported the writing of this web page which explains to people that God created two opposite histories of the world, and that this true history is the one that is most thoroughly hidden?" After all, many people who are going to read this web page may feel grudge towards God that He intentionally leads human scientists into a blunder through creating the "simulated history of the universe and man", which human scientists take for a true one. So it is worth to answer this question for a simple reason to understand that whatever God does, He always have very important reasons and goals regarding it. In case of inspiring this web page, the main reason and goal is the need to induce in people thinking over and taking a stand in matters raised here. After all, we people are created by God to seek truth, while coming closer to truth always requires in-depth consideration of every matter from many points of view. The inspiring of this web page has several further goals as well. For example, in eyes of God this web page probably is to illustrate the "human" attributes of God, which in our mechanical prayers are revealed by words "on earth as in heaven", but the meaning of which truly understand only very sparse number of people. Furthermore, God clearly wishes to unteach us the to-date adherence to various fears (of the kind that with our search for truth we may commit a blasphemy), "taboo" (i.e. intentional silencing supposedly forbidden topics), or discriminations of selected topics because these could offend someone's authority. After all, if someone really tries to find a truth, then he or she must pursue this truth and seek it without adherence to any prejudices. God wants that all of us are devoted to search for truth and to adherence to truth. This is even expressed in the Bible authorised by God Himself- see John 4:23: "...the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." After all, searching for truth is the requirement of our path to knowledge, and also the main criterion on the basis of which God judges all of us.

#A4. Goals of this web page:

       This web page tries to accomplish several goals. The most important out of these is to explain clearly whythe universe which surrounds us has as many as two drastically opposite histories. Another goal is to indicate to the reader which body of evidencedocuments that in fact there are two drastically different histories of the world, out of which only one (this most thoroughly hidden) is the true history. Still another goals of this web page is to realise to the reader that this true history of creation of the physical world and man is extremely exciting, and thus researching it is equally interesting and full of adventure as the scientific researching this simulated history of the universe that was pieced together by people due to atheistic scientific research. Only that in order to experience the passion of scientific researching of this true history of the creation of physical world by God, it is necessary to learn at least the knowledge which is make available, amongst others, through this web page, through the web page about the scientific theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and through several other totaliztic web pages which are related to them.

#A5. Fate of this web page and its editions to-date:

       This web page was initiated on 23 June 2006. The original goal of the first edition of it was to realise that so-called "creationists" and "evolutionists" should NOT argue and fight with each other. After all, both these groups in fact are correct - only that both are talking on completely different subjects. But in 2008 I published a whole array of web pages which document that in many matters God intentionally "leads people astray" and makes them err, in order to accomplish that way some His superior goals. (For example, item #F7 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, and also items #D2 to #D5 of the web page ufo.htm - about scientific replies to fundamental questions about UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc.document that God intentionally simulates for people a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, so that in this manner He can use evil NOT under His own name as one amongst His most effective tools for controlling people.) Furthermore, I also published web pages such as immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to lives that never end, which document that God intentionally created the reversible software time so that He can shift that time back while in a new passage of time so change the world that it best suits the superior goals of God. Therefore, the situation gradually has ripen to publish the second edition of this web page on 25 November 2008. In this second edition I decided to indicate openly to the reader that the so-called "natural evolution" and supposedly the "objective" history of the universe that is laboriously pieced together by present science, both describe just untrue simulations that were invented and fabricated by God and foisted off upon people by God in order to accomplish a whole array of superior goals of God.

Part #B: The "true history of the universe and man" - means the natural self-evolution of Godand the creation of man by God:
       This part of the web page explains with a down to earthmethod, where we people come from and where we are going. It does so by presenting a new model of the origins of the physical world and man. This model is a result of findings of the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is completely opposite to the model of so-called "Big Bang" disseminated by official Earth's science. Simultaneously, the essence of it is agreeable with the model disseminated by religions - see the BiblicalBook of Genesis (1:1 to 2:4). Only that it makes more unambiguous and more scientific various ambiguities which stem from the wrong way people interpreted an old religious terminology.

#B1. What was the course of the self-evolution of God- means how everything has started:

       Extremely long, long ago, there was no Earth, no Sun, no matter, no our physical world, and even no time which would work in the manner in which right now we are starting to learn the work of time- namely in form of working as the "reversible software time"in which people and all living creatures are ageing, which allows old people to be repetitively shifted back to years of their youth, and in which my Time Vehiclesare able to work. That long ago the entire universe was then just an infinitively large single space having four linear dimensions. However, according to findings of the scientific theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the entire area of this infinitive space of the universe was filled up with an extraordinary, constantly moving liquid called counter-matter. That "counter-matter" is an exact reversal of "matter" which human science researched so-far. Opposite to how the matter displays the attributes of mass, inertia, friction, etc., this counter-matter is weightless, does NOT show inertia, does NOT form any friction, etc. Thus, it is continuously in a state of perpetual motion - in the described here initial stage of universe displaying all the attributes of "chaotic motion"(called "chaos"in mythologies). The most vital, however, amongst these opposite to our "matter" attributes of "counter-matter", are the intellectual attributes of it. As we know, in the natural state our matter is "stupid". Thus, in the natural state counter-matter carries the attribute of "potential intelligence"- similar to that displayed by present computer hardware. Means, counter-matter is able to accumulate and to store information, to communicate, and to think in the natural state. In the sense of its attributes, this limitless ocean of counter-matter was a kind of liquid computer at the beginning of times. But initially this computer did NOT have any program inside. The perpetually moving counter-matter which formed it, at the beginning of times already formed chaotic streams and whirls which flew thoughtlessly from one area to other areas of this initial universe with infinitive dimensions. Such period of initial "chaos" lasted during the first half of the infinitively long time of the existence of universe.
       The above description of initial conditions in which the self-evolution of God took place is NOT taken from the ceiling. In fact, there is a vast body of evidence that it was like that. If someone is interested in this evidence, it can be found in volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5]and in volumes 4 and 5 of my slighly older monograph [1/4]. In order to provide here at least a small example of this evidence, one amongst numerous items of evidence that the universe is an unlimited space with no boundaries filled up evenly with invisible for humans counter-matter (instead of e.g. an unlimited space filled up entirely with visible galaxies and clouds of matter), is our imagination. According to finding of the philosophy of totalizmand the Theory of Everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity- which finding in my publications ussually is expressed with the principle "everything that is possible to define in our thoughts, is also possible to accomplish in the physical reality - we only have to contribute the appropriate hard work and wisdom to find a way of accomplishing it", we are unable to imagine anything that does NOT exist in the universe - because such a thing does NOT have a "name" nor a definition in the language of the universe called ULT - the "Universal Language of Thoughts". (Descriptions of the ULT language are provided in item #B4 of the separate web page about telepathy, as well as in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]and also slightly older monograph [1/4].) As it turns out, no-one amongst us is able to imagine infinitively large universe filled up entirely with "something visible for humans", e.g. with galaxies. But everyone without a difficulty is able to imagine a space of infinitive dimensions entirely filled up with something that is invisible for humans (i.e. "counter-matter"), means filled up with "emptiness".
       During the first half of the infinitively long time of flowing of this liquid-counter-matter from one area of that infinitively large space into another area of it, the counter-matter kept learning. After all, counter-matter is a potentially intelligent liquid. This learning of potentially intelligent counter-matter resulted in various kinds of natural programs being formed inside of the memory of it. (This memory for programs and data, which is contained inside of the counter-matter, in fact forms still another separate world, called the "virtual world". The virtual world, together with "counter-world"filled up with the potentially intelligent "counter-matter", and our "physical world"filled up with the "stupid" matter, is one amongst three separate worlds of the universe. It is in this virtual world that God resides, means that resides the primary program of the universe - the evolution of which is described in this item of the web page. It is also this virtual world where soulsof us all land after our physical deaths.) These intelligent programs started to gain self-awareness. Means, they started to know that they do exist and that they are they. They also learned how to move inside of counter-matter. They gained the means to instigate counter-matter in which they resided into carrying out any motion that they wanted. These natural programs that eventuated inside of counter-matter gradually formed a kind of self-aware creatures. Only that these creatures had no body, but simply were programs that resided in liquid and intelligent counter-matter. So these programs could be called "brotherly spiritual beings". With the elapse of time these brotherly spiritual beings mutually learned about the existence of other beings, similar to themselves, that resided in the same area of the counter-world. A brotherly competition started between them. This brotherly competition gradually converted into a fratricidal fight. In this fight the winner was only one program, which managed to destroy or absorb all other programs similar to itself due to the greater wisdom that it previously accumulated. This only remaining program which survived from times of the fights, is our present God. Thus, the superior being, which currently is called God, is simply a single huge self-aware program, which in a natural manner self-evolved inside of the intelligent, ever-existing counter-matter- for the additionally perfected version of the above definition of God, and for explanations of it, see item #A0 from my Polish web page named god_proof_pl.htm.
       What is the most interesting, it appears that in the Bible authorised (inspired) by God, most probably God describes this His fratricidal fight, and His victory accomplished due to the wisdom. For example, in verses 10:1-3 from the Biblical "Book of Wisdom" (chapter "Wisdom Preserves Her Followers"), is written - I am quoting here verses from the US Catholic Bible, which in July 2013 was available, amongst others, at the internet address"She [i.e. the Wisdom] preserved the first-formed father of the world when he alone had been created; And she raised him up from his fall, and gave him power to rule all things. But when an unrighteous man withdrew from her in his anger, he perished through his fratricidal wrath."
       The above verses 10:1-3 from the "Book of Wisdom", as well as other Bible verses symbolically explaining the same situation (e.g. verses about the fight of David with Goliat from both "Books of Samuel", i.e. from 1 verses 17:1-54, while from 2 - 21:15-22), are written similarly like the entire Bible - namely in the manner requiring knowledge and wisdom which allow the decoding of their true message. In verses 10:1-3 the key figure is: unrighteous "man". This figure various versions of the Bible translate in many different ways - sometimes in meaning of a "human", the other time in the meaning of an (miscreant) "supernatural being". But who this figure really represents, it can be deduced from directly or indirectly referring to it the statements "fratricidal wrath" and "[the Wisdom] preserved the first-formed father of the world when he alone had been created".
       Although the verses 10:1-3 are very short, still the events described by them exerted enormous impact onto our God, and as a result of this impact in fact defined the entire reality that surrounds us. After all, these events initiated the idea of everlasting fight between evil and good - which idea is at the essence of practically every religion in the world, and the essence of all life on Earth. It were also the events described in them, which warned God at the very beginning of the out-of-chaos times, that it would be a considerable risk to create intelligent, self-aware spiritual beings living in the same as God "virtual world". Hence, in order to create self-aware intelligent beings (such as are people) that with elapse of time may degenerate to the level of miscreants ("wicked people"), firstly has to be created for them from them counter-matter a whole separate "physical world" over which God extends absolute power, and only then can those intelligent beings be placed in such a separate world. The events from these verses probably also made God realize that in the depth of the dimensionally infinite "counter-world" at some stage may self-evolve other self-conscious god-like spiritual creatures, with which God can be forced to fight - as I explain this in item #B1.1 from another of my web page named antichrist.htm. Therefore, as part of preparations for a possible future fight, it is desirable that God would gradually create for Himself and carry out the appropriate upbringing for this purpose, a whole army of "soldiers of God", who would acquire, among others, the following attributes: high intelligence, a habit of learning and pursuing knowledge, logical and rational conduct, diligence, seeking and telling the truth, discipline, obeying God's commands and principles of morality, modesty, loyalty to God, respect for all God's works, love for fellow men, hardening in overcoming difficulties, etc., etc. - see the Bible. (Notice that these "soldiers of God" are us, "people" - only that they are properly raised by God, for example in accordance with the "principle of reversals"recommendations. Features and educational requirements which the "God's soldiers" should exhibit and should experience, apart from the above item #B1.1 (and partly also item #M1) from the web page named antichrist.htm, I also described e.g. at the end of item #A3 from my web page humanity.htm, in item #D4 from yet another my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm, and in a several yet other publications linked through the key words "soldiers of God" (in Polish: żołnierze Boga) from my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm). This is also from these events that the fundamental principle of formation of our physical world originates, according to which "There is NO such good that would NOT generate some evil", and "There is NO such evil that would NOT generate some good"- for explanations what this principle mean, see item #F3 from my web page named wszewilki_uk.htm, or see links to web pages with other explanations of this particular principle, provided under Polish versions of the both above statements (i.e. under the "NIE ma takiego dobra, które by nie zrodziło sobą jakiejś formy zła" and "NIE ma takiego dobra, co by NIE wygenerowało sobą też jakiejś formy zła") from the Polish web page named skorowidz.htm.
       The events described in the verses 10:1-3 discussed above, bring also equally revolutionary consequences to awareness of those people who understand their meaning and consequences. After all, these events confirm, for example, that the model of the surrounding us reality, established by the Theory of Everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the correct model also described in the Bible - and hence supported by the authority of God who inspired the content of the Bible. They additionally confirm that the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity on the subject of reality that surrounds us, in the most of its parts is consistent with the content of the Bible. In other words, they describe for us also whatever stemms from the logical deductions presented in item #D4 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm- namely, that the initial (original) world of the universe, which the philosophy of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity call the "counter-world", is infinitely vast and exists for an infinite length of time (see also verse 3:24-5 from the biblical "Book of Baruch", discussed in the above-mentioned item #D4, which as well confirms the infinitive extent of the "house of God" means the "counter-matter" from the "counter-world"). They also make us aware that in this infinitely vast counter-world, in the future may evolve the infinite number of spiritual beings similar to our God - with some of which one day our God may come to fight for life or death. This in turn should affirm us in the understanding that God's efforts of upbringing people into resilient, experienced and hardened "soldiers of God" are right, and we should without murmuring participate in the "hard school of life" to which upbringing action God treats us now. (After all, every fight of our God, will also be our fight for existence and survival.) They also confirm that out of the three components (persons) of God, one very important component (person) that is the carrier of self-awareness, knowledge, and memory, by the Christian religion most often called the "Holy Spirit", is actually a Program (and at the same time is the Programmer), which self-evolved from the "chaos" of counter-matter relatively shortly before the creation of our physical world - as it is defined and explained in item #A0 from my Polish web page named god_proof_pl.htm, while more broadly described, for example, in subsection A1.1 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5](especially see in there the descriptions based on sources: [1A1.1] and [3A1.1]). Out of the other two components (persons) of God, the kind of "body of God" - because in every particle of it, on the highest 12th memory level resides the self-conscious program of God (in the Bible this "body of God" is called "the Ancient of Days", and sometimes also "God the Father"), namely the intelligent counter-matter, has existed since endless long time (i.e. for eternity). In turn, the created by God from the counter-matter the third component (person) of God, i.e. the entire "matter" from our physical world, symbolically represented by body of Jesus (including the matter of our bodies - which bodies, because they contain self-aware program of God in the 12th level of memory from each particle of counter-matter forming our matter, in the Bible are called "temples of God"- see verse 6:19 in Biblical "1 Corinthians"), exists only for around 6000 years - i.e. since the time when God created our physical world and everything what is in it, including us, people.
       There is a significant body of evidence in support of the finding that God originates from the process of natural evolution described above. For example, in support of the fact that initially several spiritual beings come to existence, which later fought with each other, stands the fact of inscribing by God exactly the same competition and fight in life of practically every living creature. In turn, in support of the fact that God is a huge natural program which self-evolved in intelligent (liquid) counter-matter, stand the fact that a program is a relatively easy for self-evolving inside of an intelligent computer which in an unaware manner carries out some physical activities. The detailed description of this evidence for the self-evolution of God is provided in item #B3 below.
       After God self-evolved, He learned how to control absolutely the behaviours of liquid counter-matter in which He resided. Lonely existence induced in Him the longing for creating from this counter-matter similar creatures which would be on His image, but which would also be inferior towards Him - so that they would not compete with Him and He would not need to fight with them. Furthermore, lonely God soon discovered that His capability to learn are also limited - means when acting alone He is NOT able to learn and discover as much as He would be able when He acts in a larger group. In this manner He come to the idea of creating our "physical world", and creating the man.
* * *
       Independently from this item, the process of the self-evolution of the second component of God described here, means this huge natural program which religions call the "Holy Ghost" while the philosophy of totalizm calls the "universal intellect", is presented on a number of totaliztic web pages and publications, for example in item #C2 from "part #C" of the separate web page named god_proof, in item #I2 from "part #I" of the separate web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in item #B8 of the web page god.htm - about God, and also in subsections A1 and A2 from my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn, the most vital consequences which for us bears this self-evolution of God, including into this also the necessity for upbringing the people into hardened in battle and moral "soldiers of God"is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. I highly recommend having a look at these web pages. After all, they extend information provided in this item.

#B2. Why a "natural evolution" in fact did occur in the universe, only that the product of it was Godnot man:

Motto: "The existence of God is NOT at all contradictive to the official human science. It is the official human science that still insist to remain in contradiction against truth and reality."
       I wonder whether the reader ever asked himself a question as to "what has a greater chance to happen just by a pure accident - something that is simple, or something that is complicated"? For example, let us assume that there is already a self-learning computer, and also an empty ocean. What is to happen first just by a pure chance, i.e. a program is to appear first in this self-learning computer, or a living creature is to appear first in this empty ocean. I thought already about this problem. In my opinion, the more simple something is, the greater chance it has to happen by a pure chance. After all, everything that is complicated requires the simultaneous appearance of a much larger number of phenomena that are working for the benefit of it. Therefore, for example dropping down a coconut from a coconut palm and hitting someone into head has a much higher chance of accidental occurrence than someone's climbing a coconut palm and splitting his head there by accidental hitting a coconut. So if this logical finding we relate to the previous question about what is to appear first: a program in a self-learning computer, or a creature in an empty ocean, the reply must be a program. The reason is that a program is incomparably simpler in the structure than even a simplest living creature. A walking proof of this fact are present scientists. After all, almost every present scientist is able to make programs for a computer. But in fact no present scientist on Earth is able to synthesize from a zero even a smallest blade of a most primitive grass.
       The question from previous paragraph has a huge merit in the matter of origins of man. In fact, the reply to it conclusively confirms that humans do NOT originate from the process of a purely accidental evolution, but in fact were created by God. But simultaneously it is God who originates from an accidental evolution of the same type which present scientists attribute to the origins of man. The logical and evidential basis from which the finding was deducted that God himself originates from a natural evolution, in turn after he come to existence this God created initially the physical world, and then man, are described more comprehensively in "part I" of the separate web page about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. I recommend this web page to readers who are interested in a deeper investigation of this matter. At this point it suffices to explain, that God is a huge program which in a completely natural manner evolved inside of a "liquid computer" called "counter-matter. This character of God as a huge natural program contained inside of self-learning and thinking counter-matter is explained in more details on the separate web page about god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God. In turn, being a huge program, God represents a simple structure which is much less complicated than any living tissues. As such a simple structure, God had a much larger probability than a living creature to evolve in a natural (accidental) evolution. In turn, when God once came to existence, then all the further accidental evolution ceased to happen. This is because everything that came to existence after God, was intelligently and purposely designed and then created by this already existing God. After all, God had no difficulty with creating even the most structurally complicated physical world as well as man. The process of evolution of God, and the later creation of the physical world and humans by this God, is described more comprehensively in the abovementioned "part #I" of the separate web page about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But because the reader may not have an access to this separate web page, repeated below are most vital descriptions from it.

#B3. Sources of our difficulties with acceptance of the above model of natural self-evolution of God, together with examples of evidence for the correctness of this model:

Motto: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John." (Quotation from the Bible, John 1:1-14.) 
       The majority of people have significant difficulties with logical and comprehensive acceptance of anything that differs from their habits, that runs against their interests, that is based on the existence of infinity, etc. Therefore, in the model and explanation provided before for the natural self-evolution of God, the majority of people is to reject this explanation under the excuse that it contains infinity. But real sources of this rejection are going to originate from any amongst following facts:
       (i) Thinking in finite categories.Everything that surrounds us and that we can examine with the use of our senses, has a finite character. Means everything has a beginning and an end, limited size, specific duration, etc. Therefore, the majority of people acquire the habit of thinking exclusively in finite categories. So if we tell such people, that something is infinitively large, or is lasting infinitively, then they ask curiously "but what is behind this". In turn when we inform them that something lasts infinitively long, such people ask, "but what was before it", or "what is to be after that". On the other hand, the existence of infinity is a fact. It exists in mathematics. It also exists in our imagination (e.g. the majority of us can imagine infinitively long life, or infinitively long love). It also exists in the reality of the universe. The infinitively wide universe is a fact and in order to understand it one needs to just shift his or her thinking to the category of infinity. In turn when someone gets into the considerations of the type presented in previous item, then such a someone never would be able to reach any valid conclusions unless accepts the existence of infinity. Without accepting it, he or she is going to trot in one place, unproductively trying to solve a dilemma "what was earlier - an egg or a hen". (After all, in the finite world before an egg a hen must exist, while before a hen an egg needed to be. Only in the infinitive universe which includes God, one can precisely define that after all an egg needed to be created first - means program and information, and only then a hen could develop from this egg.)
       (ii) Religious indoctrination.This indoctrination pre-programmed all faithful with the belief, that it was God that existed infinitively long, NOT that infinitively long existed some space called "counter-world" which is uniformly filled up with the extraordinary, ever moving substance by the Concept of Dipolar Gravitynamed the "counter-matter" - which chaotic movements caused the final self-evolution of the software component of God (i.e. caused the self-evolution of the so-called "Holy Ghost"). The problem is, however, that this indoctrination does NOT explain which precisely amongst God's Trinity existed infinitively long, namely whether it was God Father, or Holy Ghost, or perhaps God Son - after all according to the Christianity, God is composed out of these three Holy Components, similarly like present computers are composed of the hardware, software and peripherals. People deeply religious, for which God is the matter of faith, not the matter of knowledge, will reject the previous explanations from item #B1 on the basis, that supposedly these explanations contradict their religious upbringing. Of course, they will be completely wrong in this. After all, if one analyses carefully explanations from the previous item #B1 about the self-evolution of God, then it turns out that these explanations state exactly the same as every religion does. Only that they do this much more precisely and that they explain everything scientifically in terms of logic and knowledge, not in terms of belief. After all, they explain that the component of God, which by Christianity and by the Bible is called "God Father" or "Ancient of Days" (means the "counter-matter"), in fact existed infinitively long - means existed always. Thus, to the self-evolution was subjected only this software component of God, which Christianity and the Bible calls "Holy Ghost" or the "Word", about which the Bible also states that it does NOT exist since the infinity, but exists only since the beginning - see John 1:1 (after all, when something exists infinitively long, then it does NOT have its beginning nor its end), while which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity named the "universal intellect" - means which is the natural program that resides inside of this counter-matter. So the rejection of the previous explanations on the basis of religious indoctrination is simply fighting about terminology without analysis the merit of the matter.
       (iii) Suppressing the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity by makers of evil. A serious problem with the free dissemination of findings of the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is that humans are subjected to the "simulations" of a powerful terrorist-occupational organization which supposedly acts secretly on the Earth. More information on the subject of this "simulation" is provided in item #L2 from the web page named magnocraft.htm. This highly realistically "simulated" organization, with all its powers and at any cost tries to suppress, hold back, scoff, neutralize, sabotage, scare, silence, or overpower with noise, the dissemination of this concept. Thus such sections of this concept which still manage to break through barriers that this organization raises, are vigorously fought out. This fighting is clearly visible in the smearing campaign which is currently carried out about this concept e.g. in the internet. Notice, that main reasons "why" such an organisation is "simulated" on the Earth, are stemming from the need for upbringing tough "soldiers of God" explained in item #B1.1 of the web page antichrist.htm.
* * *
       Because of the action of the above factors, the model of the development of the universe and the evolution of God, explained previously in item #B1, meets a lot of irrational and sinister resistance on the path, before it is able to break through to the awareness of humans. Fortunately for this model, there is a sufficient body of evidence which confirms the correctness of it, and the agreeability of it with truth. Therefore, for the use of these readers who wish to cement their rational knowledge, or who need evidence in order to defend the model presented here against attacks of e.g. the "makers of evil", I am going to provide below at least the most representative examples of this evidence. Here are the most known examples of it:
       (1) Information contained in religions which confirm the correctness of the model provided here.In spite that these are highly religious people who have significant reluctance to accepting the self-evolution of God, actually in statements of religions the highest number of confirmations of the correctness of the model described here is contained. The only problem is, that so-far there was no keyfor a correct interpretation of these information - such as e.g. the key provided presently to us by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Therefore, people interpreted these information in a wrong manner. Let us list below several amongst such confirming statements of religions, together with explanations how one should interpret them:
             (1a) "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John."(Quotation from the Bible, John 1:1-14.) In times when religions were formed, people did NOT know present terminology such as "program" or "computer". So in order to express somehow, that on the very beginning of everything a "program" come to the existence, they needed to use a different terminology that was known to them, and that was closest to the idea of program. This closest term was "word" - means information, means algorithm and program. Notice, that if something had a "beginning", this means that it did NOT exist since infinitively long.
             (1b) "God exists as a Holy Trinity" (in three parts).For example, the Christian religion clearly distinguishes (1) "counter-matter" (means "God Father" or the "Ancient of Days" - i.e. a liquid computer in which the program of God resides), from (2) the "natural program of God" (means from the entity that Christian religion calls the "Holy Ghost", while the philosophy of totalizmcalls the "universal intellect"), and from (3) the "physical world" which was created by this God (means from what is symbolised by the idea of "God Son"). (It is worth to add here, that Hinduism also distinguishes a similar "Holy Trinity" - as this is explained more comprehansively in item #C6 from the web page prawda_uk.htm. Only that this (1) "liquid computer" means the Christian "God Father" or the "Ancient of Days" it calls the "creator" - means the God Brahma. In turn (2) the "universal intellect" means the Christian "Holy Ghost" it calls the "sustenance" - means the god Visnu. Finally (3) our "physical world" means the Christian "God Son" it calls the "destroyer" - means the god Siva.) So the Christian religion already for around 2000 years, as well as some other religions for even much longer, see in the universe three main components which present human science managed to recognise only in modern days on the example of computers. After all, only in modern computers we learned to also distinguish (1) "hardware", from (2) "software", and from (3) "peripherals". Regrettably, modern scientists still refuse to recognize, or at least to notice, the presence of these three components e.g. in people or in animals. Means the official science refuses to recognise such components of every living creature as (1) "spirit", (2) "soul", and (3) "body".
             (1c) "God always existed".(Ps 45:7) The model described here states exactly the same as religions do, namely that "God existed since eternity". Only that the model makes this statement even more clear and unambiguous. This is because it informs that for eternity existed this component of God, which is called "God Father" or the "Ancient of Days" by Christianity and which is called the "liquid (universal) computer" or the "gigantic droplet of counter-matter" by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
             (1d) "God created the world and man".This in turn means, that before the creation of the world and man God was incomplete - he had NO the part which was created later. In turn such an incompleteness means, that God learns, develops, and gets more perfect as time elapses. In turn his learning and development means that there was a time when God had no knowledge yet that is required for God, means that when his self-evolution as God was started.
       (2) The existence of words and definition in the ULT language, which confirm the correctness of the explanation provided previously.In spite that our thinking habits block us from accepting the fact that something (e.g. the universe) exists since infinitively long time and had no beginnings not end, on the level of our intuition - which utilizes definitions and words from the ULT language, such an infinitive existence of the universe is easily acceptable. In a similar manner our intuition accepts also other infinitive concepts, such as infinitive love, infinitive existence of our soul, or the possibility of infinitively long life after people overcome the deaths. So in order to understand the fact of infinitively long existence of the universe together with this initial gigantic droplet of counter-matter, we need to resort to our imagination with our intuition, means to definitions contained in the ULT language.
       (3) The existence of the evidence which indicates that God continually improves himself and the entire universe.In turn if God continually improves himself, this means, that there must be such a moment in time, when his knowledge was near zero, means when still there was NO this component of God which increases his knowledge. In turn the fact that God continually increases his knowledge is indicated by a whole range of evidence. Some examples of this evidence include, amongst others:
             (3a) The software structure of "timespace" ("omniplan").This software structure is so designed, that God can continually re-program and improve it. This in turn means, that God continually learns - means that His knowledge does NOT remain on the same level all the time. In turn when He learns, He introduces subsequent improvements to the "timespace". (This "timespace" or "omniplan" is described more comprehensively in item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm. It s also described briefly on the web pages about time vehiclesand about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
             (3b) The manner on which God shaped the physical world.This manner indicates that the intention of God was continuous improvement of this world. Only the need for such improvement justifies why in the physical world there are such things as suffering, illnesses, death, evil, simulations of UFOnauts, etc.
             (3c) The fact that every truth needs to break through the sea of false.In this way God tests the value of this truth. In turn the only reason which logically explains the need of carrying out an infinitive number of such tests, is the requirement of learning and increasing the knowledge.
             (3d) The imposing the need for improvement onto the imperfection of man.God intentionally created highly imperfect humans - as this is explained in item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm. But He could create a perfect man. This means that the imperfection of man contains a requirement of continuous improvement and learning being imposed onto it.
             (3e) The need of learning and perfecting may be for God a condition of his survival.After all, even on our low level of knowledge, it is already known, that in other areas of the infinitively large counter-world, self-evolved similar to our God, although different, superior software beings analogous to our God. So it cannot be excluded that one day a situation may raise, when our God will be confronted with some of such beings - as this is described in item #B1.1 from the web page antichrist.htm
       (4) The existence of a body of evidence which directly confirms the timeless existence of the chaotically moving counter-matter constantly flowing through infinitive space of the counter-world".Here are most commonly known examples of such evidence: 
             (4a) The symbol if infinity (i.e. digit eight in a horizontal position).As this is explained in item #D6 of a separate web page about telepathy, our civilization repetitively receives telepathic messages from other totaliztic civilizations of a higher from people level of technical advancement. In old times such messages used to be called "divine revelations", while in present times these are called "automatic writings" or "messages from contactees". In these messages humanity receives knowledge, which on our low level of advancement humanity still is unable to work out just be itself. One amongst such information send to us in a telepathic manner, was the information about the infinity of the universe, and also the symbol of infinity. This symbol turns out to be a "lying digit eight". As every person is able to verify it easily, this symbol models trajectories along which the circulation of information (e.g. the circulation of natural programs) must take place inside of such a finite "gigantic droplet of counter-matter" that hovers within the infinitive emptiness of the universe and subdivided into the physical world and the counter-world. On the other hand, if this "gigantic droplet of counter-matter" has a shape that differs from a kind of gigantic droplet of finite dimensions, for example it has spread infinitively and had no end, then the symbol of infinity would also be different - for example would take a forms of lying X letter instead of the lying digit eight.
             (4b) The "Ancient of Days" from the Christian religion.In the Christian tradition, for example in the Bible, an information is recorded that one only component of God existed infinitively long. The most correct name of this component translated into English as the "Ancient of Days". References to to this component are, amongst others, in the Bible - see Daniel 7:9, 7:13, and 7:22. But more exact interpretations of this component of God require other old-Christian sources to be researched, for example old psalms from Presbyterian Church. These more exact interpretations of the name the "Ancient of Days" for the "infinitively old droplet of counter-matter" are presented in subsection S5 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4].
       (5) The existence in the model described before a similar number of elements of infinity, as are also contained in every other explanation for the problem of origins of the world and man that are known to humanity.Whatever explanation for the origins of universe one would consider, always it is going to have the same problem of "what was before it". Also always some point of this explanation must suggest the "infinity". Such a problem appears immediately if someone carefully analyses e.g. the imprecise religious explanation that "always there was God" (but not explaining which exactly component of God did existed since infinity). After all, without the acceptance of infinity immediately a question emerges of the type "did this infinitively existing God had always the entire knowledge that He has since the very beginning", "if God existed since eternity, then why He needed to create the physical world and man, instead these also had to exist infinitively", "if God created man, why He did it so relatively recent", "what God was doing before He created the physical world and people", etc., etc. It is also going to be like this in case of the claims of present Earth's science, that at the very beginning was a "Big Bang". After all, also then inquisitive people are going to ask questions of the type "what was before the Big Bang", "what caused the Big Bang", "where this entire energy and mass of the Big Bang came from", "what lies behind borders of the expanding Universe", "why each one out of supposed "evidence" for the Big Bang can also be interpreted as an evidence for the self-evolution of God", etc., etc. Therefore, the inability to accept an infinitive existence of the "gigantic droplet of counter-matter" boils down to the revealing exactly the same thinking habits, which in other people generate the inability to accept an infinitive existence of readily-formed God, or impossibility to accept the Big Bang. In fact, whatever someone would postulate that something existed infinitively long, always these people whose minds are working exclusively in categories of trivial habits of finite physical world, try to undermine his statement by asking "but what created this something that existed from the very beginning". Therefore the key for finding an explanation for the origins of the physical world and man, that is holding truth, is NOT the avoidance of considering a form of infinity in this explanation. The considering of infinity cannot be avoided. After all, infinity is a component and a true reality of the universe. So the key is to find such a scenario and model, which contains an infinity in itself, but which simultaneously has the highest probability of taking place in practice, and the correctness of which is supported by the greatest number of evidence.
       (6) The scenario and model described previously in item #B1 has the highest probability to take place in reality.If one considers all possible scenarios and models of the creation of world and man which include infinity inside of themselves, then some amongst them are going to have greater chances of being true from others. These more correct must display two attributes, namely (1) they must be supported by the greatest number of evidence, and (2) they must have the highest probability of occurring in reality. In fact the scenario and model of origins of physical world and man described in this part of the web page is supported by the highest number of items of evidence. It also is the most agreeable with the known principles of the operation of universe. Thus this scenario and model has the highest probability of taking place in reality out of all scenarios known to humanity so-far.

#B4. Why Godcreated firstly the physical world and then the man:

       The chief goal of God is to increase his own knowledge and to cause the continuous development of the universe to ever more perfect form. But no development is possible if whatever is to be developed does not interact with something different. So in order to increase his own knowledge, and to cause the development of the universe, God decided to create something that is completely different from himself. This something that God created was the physical world in which we live, and also intelligent beings which inhabit this physical world - means us, people. After the creation of the physical world and people, God can now increase his knowledge through carrying out on us various experiments and then watching what happens in the result of these experiments. 
       Of course, while creating the physical world and humans, God still remembered his unpleasant experience from the past. After all, at the beginning of his existence he was forced to fight for the domination over the universe with a similar to him perfect and timeless spiritual beings. Therefore God decided to design us and our world in such a manner, that we fulfil several requirements that He imposed onto his creation. Some of these requirements included: 
       (1) Imperfection and unreliability.In order to maintain his superiority and advantage over us and over our world, God created our world and us as imperfect and unreliable.
       (2) Of a limited lifespan.Means our time is predefined and limited.

#B5. How Godcreated the physical world:

Motto: "Absolutely everything in the entire universe is only a manifestation of intelligent counter-matter and natural programs which reside in this counter-matter and which control behaviours of it" - means, as it is stated in Hebrews 11:3 from the Bible:"what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen". 
       In order to create the physical world and man, God completed 6-phases long process of creation, which briefly is described in the Bible (see the Book of Genesis, 1:1-31). Unfortunately, the biblical description of the process of creation uses a very archaic language, and also is very brief. For example, in times when it was written, by the word "earth" was understood both the "chemical elements" as well as "soil". In turn the world "water" was then describing the extraordinary liquid from the counter-world, which the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravitycalls the "counter-matter", as well as the real water from our physical world. In the biblical descriptions the same words are used in various sentences in such drastically different meanings. Therefore, in order to really understand how the creation of the physical world and man was carried out by God, it is necessary to translate biblical descriptions into the present scientific terminology. This translation is published on the abovementioned web page about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity(see there "part #I"). But because the reader may not have an access to this separate web page, repeated below are most vital descriptions from it. So here are the subsequent phases of this six-stage process of the creation of physical world and the evolution of humans - if these phases are described with the use of present terminology.
       (1) The creation of the earth and light.The first phase of the creation of our physical world that fulfils the requirements and conditions described in previous item #B3, required development of natural programs which transformed liquid counter-matter from the counter-world into solid matter from our world. Counter-matter is an intelligent everlasting liquid, which exists infinitively long, and which is in perpetual motion. So it was necessary to so transform this counter-matter, that it would displays attributes which are exactly opposite to natural attributes of this extraordinary liquid. Therefore these natural programs which God then developed, needed to cause such behaviour of counter-matter, that attributes of this liquid were reversed into exactly opposite. The effect of reversing of attributes of counter-matter God accomplished through such re-programming it, that it formed two opposite kinds of semi-permanent whirls. These whirls are described under the names of "low-pressure whirls" and "high-pressure whirls" on separate web pages about hurricanesand about tornados, as well as in subsection H4.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4]. Due to such a reprogramming, the continually moving counter-matter formed semi-permanent objects in the form of such whirls. In turn from these whirls controlled by such natural programs, liquid counter-matter which obeyed these programs formed semi-permanent "objects" representing all chemical elements (means "earth" - as in old terminology these elements were called), and also software "objects" which represented all basic phenomena of the physical world (means - mainly various kinds of electromagnetic radiation, or "light"). Thus "earth" and "light" were formed from such natural programs and from counter-matter which implemented commands contained in these programs. These "objects" are simply natural programs and appropriate clusters of whirls of liquid counter-matter which implement the content of these programs. Their description is provided, amongst others, in item #G4 on the web page about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also on a separate web page about time vehicles, where these objects are explained as basic components of the so-called "space time". In general, these "objects" can be compared to objects from present OOP (i.e. "Object-Oriented Programming"), e.g. to an object of a "button" which appears on the screen of our computer. This is because these "objects" are very similar to such computer images (e.g. the image of a "button"). For example, on a computer screen such a "button" look as if it is a solid form, on which one can implement various manipulations, e.g. can shift it into a different area of the screen, change colour of it, enlarge or shrink it, etc. But in reality this button is still a program and an image formed by this program with the computer's hardware. Similarly these "objects" formed from natural programs contained in counter-matter, and from images formed by hardware of this counter-matter, also look as if the are solid, they can be subjected to manipulation and shifting, etc.
       (2) The creation of a dome which divides two fluids (waters).After God created the semi-permanent matter and basic physical phenomena of the physical world from whirls of liquid counter-matter, God decided to separate this matter and these physical phenomena, from counter-matter and from phenomena of the counter-world. He accomplished this separation through placing the matter and physical phenomena inside of a completely separate world. In this way God created then an entire "physical world" - which the Christian religion calls God Son. (This is a very accurate name, considering that this religion calls "God Father" the counter-world, while it calls "Holy Ghost" the natural program of the so-called "universal intellect" that evolved inside of the "virtual world". This virtual world is simply the "program storing" capability of counter-matter.) Then God created an impenetrable barrier which separates this physical world from the counter-world. Through this barrier almost nothing can pass, apart from these natural programs that reside in the counter-matter. 
       Although in the description provided here this second phase of the creation of the physical world may appear to be a simple and easy, in fact it required the carrying out the complete reconfiguration of the counter-world. After all, every object from the physical world received then its counter-material duplicate in the counter-world. Furthermore, the maintaining of the existence of this impenetrable barrier between both worlds, and also the software communication through this barrier, required the preparation of a huge amount of indescribably complex software, which maintains the cooperation of both worlds while physically separating them from each other.
       (3) The clarification of lands and seas and the evolution of plants.After the separation and enveloping the physical world with the use of appropriate software, God began to define, using a different kind of software, the subsequent laws that prevail in this physical world. These laws gradually allowed God to subdivide matter into different consistencies of gases, liquids, and solid matter, separate these kinds of matter from each other, and also begun to experiment with creating first living organisms - which by the nature of things needed to belong to plants during that phase of creation.
       (4) The creation of stars and planets.After the laws established by God for the physical world were programmed out and tested, God decided to enlarge and extend the developed then (small) prototype of the physical world. This enlargement and extension depended on the creation of an entire present physical world and the entire "time space". In this way the volume of the entire universe was formed, which included all stars, galaxies, planets, etc.
       (5) The creation and evolution of living beings in seas.After the basic principles of work and development of plants were mastered, God began to gradually introduce and evolve various animals. At the beginning he did it mainly within waters of oceans. 
       (6) The creation and evolution of land animals and a gradual creation of human beings.After all details of genetic codes and principles of evolution were programmed and tested, God finally could proceed with gradual development of increasingly more perfect land animals. In the final stage he could also evolve human beings. How he accomplished the evolution of humans it is explained in further parts of this web page about the evolution of man. It is worth to notice, that Godaccumulated in man that he created the essence of an entire experience from the process of God's own evolution. For example, a human child immediately after the birth is like a self-programming, intelligent counter-matter was in times before God evolved in it. After all, a child is like an empty, self-programming computer. Only the later life of this child is to program into it the knowledge of an adult human. In turn the mutual contradiction between the persuading people by their numerous feelings, to do whatever later is going to turn bad for them, and simultaneous logical letting them know by their organ of conscience what later turns out to be good for them, is a memory written into people and expressing the fight between good and numerous forms of evil, which (the fight) at the very beginning of his existence God was forced to complete with other intellects similar to him that also evolved in the counter-matter almost simultaneously with God. In turn the principle that "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way", (i.e. that the "development of an individual repeats the development of the entire specie") - described in item #F2 (5) of this web page about the intelligently controlled by God creation of humans, is an illustrative demonstration to people of the entire history of their species.
       (7) Rest?Although the Bible calls "resting" the present, seventh phase of the creation of the physical world, in fact God all the time is perfecting his creation. This perfecting is possible, because the software of the so-called "time space" (described amongst others in item #G4 on the web page about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) was so wisely accomplished by him, that it allows to introduce continuous improvements to practically everything that God wishes to improve. In turn, after any such an improvements is introduced, immediately the power of this improvement is extended to the entire "time space". On the basis of watching what happens in the universe and on the Earth, I am reasoning that God currently experiments with a self-perfecting organization of so-called "human swarms". Such a "human swarm" is simply any civilization composed of a huge number of imperfect humans and living in separation from other similar civilizations. "Human swarm" differs from insect swarms or animal flocks - the advantages of which over individual creatures God already experimentally tested long ago. Namely, human swarm does NOT have a "queen", while all participants of it obtained approximately similar characteristics and rights, and all of them obtained the free will. The present goal of God seem to be the development of a system of moral and social laws, which are going to cause that such a "human swarm" as whole can become a creation much better than each single member of it.(In other words, God tries to improve the physical world in such a manner, that these "human swarms" which live according to laws established by God, as whole become much better quality in every aspect than is each person constituting such a swarm considered separately.) After all, only by such a kind of experiments various facts can be explained, e.g. a fact that God created conditions on the Earth in which the goodness and morality must break free through barriers placed in front of them by evil doers, or the fact that in recent times a clear drop in level of average intelligence and average perfection can be noticed, as it occurs both in people and also in human relatives from the space. (For example, the present generation is at average significantly less intelligent and decisively less perfect than was in average the generation which lived only around 50 years ago.) I will not mention here, that this present goal of God, as usual, runs against all believes of Earthly scientists who claim that "a whole is always as good as the weakest link of it". Unfortunately, as always, orthodox scientists who spread these kinds of claims do not take under consideration the experience of God in making impossible accomplishable.
* * *
       At this point it is worth to emphasise, how incomparably more realistic is the above "religious" description of creation of the "physical world" and man, from a completely absurd description of the origins of the universe that is disseminated by present atheistic human science. After all, e.g. the Bible, states in Hebrews 11:3: "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen." Means, the Bible states that the visible "physical world" was created from an invisible "liquid computer" (means from the "counter-matter") due to the use of the "program" (means the "information" or "word") - for more details see item #C12 on the web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself. On the other hand our official science insists on telling us that the universe was formed from "nothing". So if we analyse the present official scientific explanation for the origins of the universe, then we are to discover, that it supposed to come to the existence in the result of a "big bang" before which NOTHING existed. Means before the "big bang" did NOT exist neither mater, nor time, nor space. But after this "big bang", from this "nothing" rapidly a whole universe was formed. To make this absurdly claim of science even more absurd, the same official science overlooks that in many other areas it tells people that from "nothing" never can "something" be formed

#B6. How Godcreated man:

       God created man in the last (sixth) phase of the creation of physical world. After all, in order to create man, God had to firstly accumulate the appropriate body of experience, means carry out an infinitive number of empirical experiments. 
       Similarly as every other fact regarding the human history, also the place where humans were created by God have two locations, namely (1) true, and (2) simulated. The true place where the process of creation of man was carried out, is the Earth. However, for important reasons explained in item #A2 from the beginning of this web page, for some time now a situation is simulated - as described in "part #J" of this web page. This simulation tries to convince some people that the act of creation or "evolution" of humanity supposedly took place on the already non-existent planet called "Terra" - located within the Vega system in "Lute" (Polish "Lutnia") star constellation. (The description of this planet Terra is provided to people by UFOnauts. It is repeated in the Polish treatise [3b], and also summarised in subsection V3 from volume 16 of the English version of monograph [1/4].) Then God supposedly destroyed this planet Terra, in order to not deprive people the free will of speculating about their origins. But the destruction of the planet Terra was supposed to be carried out only after the humanity managed to spread around the universe, carrying with them onto other planets also all other vegetation and animals that God supposedly created earlier on Terra. According to claims of "UFOnauts", supposedly all intelligent beings (UFOnauts) from the present universe supposed to be descendants of these first people that firstly appeared on the planet Terra.
       Similarly as in the process of creation of every other living creature, also in the process of creation of man God used experiences which he accumulated previously in an empirical manner. These experiences God had written down in the form of so-called "genetic code" - means in a program written in a special kind of "programming language" which God uses for expressing details of the life and fate of a given creature - see item #I1 below. As this is going to be explained in further parts of this web page, the creation of man was carried out by God through slight alterations of the genetic code taken from the water-land creatures which already existed before man - and which we know from mythology under the name of "sirens". Unfortunately, this creature got extinct completely on Earth a long time ago. But because sirens were an improved version of whales and dolphins, after it got extinct on Earth the whales and dolphins remained the only still alive animal relatives of humans.
       It is worth to notice here, that the process of creation of man did not end on the phase number 6 described in the Bible, but lasts until today. At this moment God implements phase 7 which is mentioned in the Bible, but to which people usually refer as to a "rest". However, in reality the present phase 7 of creation of man is in fact the experimentation regarding "human swarms". (These "human swarms" are kinds of huge group organisms, which opposite to insect swarms and to flocks of animals, are composed of individuals who have the so-called "free will" and also have the ability to think logically.) The goal of this present experimentation of God is to create such conditions, in which these "human swarms" live and develop themselves in such a manner that as a whole each of them displays much better qualities than the quality of every individual member of these swarms. It is worth to notice, that at the time when the present, 7th phase of the creation of man finishes with a success, God is going to initiate the 8th phase. It is to be the transformation of best human swarms into gods who are permitted to create their own worlds. (In that 8th phase the human swarms who are NOT meeting the quality requirements imposed by God are to be annihilated. After all, they will not be needed any more.) Further details on this subject are explained in item #I4 of the separate web page about the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity

#B7. So who, or what, we humans actually are in the light of the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       Knowing how and from what we are created, we are able to define now who, or what, we humans actually are. So here is the definition of us, humans, provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity: "a name human is assigned to a pyramid of natural programs which reside in counter-matter and which shape this counter-matter into a pyramid of structures and manifestations that we perceive as our self-awareness, conscience, history, body, and our sensual perceptions". To explain this in other words, we humans, in fact are in over 99% just kinds of natural programs - similar like these in present computers. Means over 99% of us is just information. Then less than 1% of us is this continually moving and everlasting, computer-like liquid called "counter-matter", which these natural programs shape into forms of various physical structures that constitute our physical body. The variety of these structures made of counter-matter includes miniature toroidal whirls described in subsection H4.2 of [1/5], or in item #3 of the web page about hurricanes- several of which must cling together to compose a single elementary particle, then it includes also elementary particles, atoms, molecules, tissues, etc., up until forming our entire physical body and our senses. Illustratively we could explain ourselves as a kind of computer which is formed from a specially obedient intelligent liquid, and thus which can take any shape, any color, and any operation that programs contained inside of it order it to take.
       The above explanation realizes to us that we in fact are composites combined from as many as three separate components. The first of these components is our physical body. Because of the close similarity between our own design and operation, and the design and operation of present computers, the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravitycompares our physical bodies to a picture which is formed on screens of present computers - and which can be perceived by our physical senses. In fact, similarly as these pictures on screens of present computers, our physical body as such does NOT exists at all - it is just an illusion formed in a software manner and posted to us via our software senses. Our second component is the counter-bodywhich is formed from the eternally existing and continually moving liquid called "counter-matter". This counter-body in fact does exist. However, it represents less than 1% of what we really are. The main task of it is to act as a computer memory which stores programs of our soul. Finally the most vital our component is the most important natural program which stands on the very top of this pyramid of programs that is called a “human”. It is this program that religions call the soul. This program contains our self-awareness and our memory. More about the natural program of "soul" is explained in subsection I5.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       Everything that does exist can be proven. Therefore we people are able to prove that we have these three components of ourselves listed above, i.e. that we have: (1) a physical body, (2) a counter-body, and (3) a soul. The proof for having the physical body does NOT need to be shown here - it suffices that we just "pinch" ourselves to know that our physical senses confirm the software existence of our body. The fact, however, that we also have a counter-body should be proven formally. For the appropriate proof suffices the one presented in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], and also in item #D3 from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn the formal scientific proof for the existence of eternal soul is presented in item #C1.1 from the web page about nirvana, and also in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].
       The above descriptions and explanations, but provided from a different point of view, are also presented in item #C1 from the web page about nirvana.

#B8. A formal scientific proof of totalizmwhich confirms that "God created the couple of first people", formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:

       Formal scientific proofs are logical structures which were developed according to a system of very strict logical rules. They prove the truth of specific theorems. These proofs turn our believes into certainty. In the sense of their character they are equivalents of physical equations, only that instead of being formulated and transformed in the form of mathematical symbols, proofs are formulated from worded assertions. The development of formal proofs is extremely difficult and risky. This is because apart from the need to fulfil rigorous logical principles and also fulfil proving requirements, proofs additionally carry in themselves the authority of their author (i.e. the "prover"). So if they contain an error, and thus someone invalidates them in a rational (expert) manner, then this someone invalidates also the authority of theie author (i.e. the "prover"). Therefore today such proofs are being developed only in some areas of human knowledge, such as mathematics or physics - where for a long time exists a large pool of basic proofs on which further proofs can be based. But there are areas of human knowledge, e.g. biology, astronomy, or religion, which so-far had noneformal proofs. So these areas do NOT have initial pools of basic certainties, on which further proofs could be based. Therefore, these areas of human knowledge in fact are composites of assumptions and speculations, not reliable areas of science. Nothing is known for sure in them. Also in them officially are disseminated various outrageous, strange, erroneous, and separated from real life speculations of the type of the supposed "theory" of random ("natural") evolution, or the "theory" of pulsating universe and escaping galaxies, or wild claims of adherers of atheism, etc., etc. After all, everything that is claimed in these areas, according to local tradition does NOT require to be proved. The formulation of proofs is especially difficult for these areas. After all, people who are attracted to these areas, love chaos and wild speculations, thus do NOT wish anyone tries to introduce order and accountability to whatever they are claiming. The proof that I am going to present here belongs just to these areas.
       In 2007, during my professorship at a university in South Korea, I had a special honour, and simultaneously a special responsibility, to develop, to publish, and to disseminate several formal proofs, each one of which is extremely important both, individually to each one of us, and collectively to the entire our civilization. One of these is the formal proof presented below for (3) the creation by God of the first couple of people, i.e. the first woman and the first man. This proof is a component in a set of four similar formal proofs. These formal proofs include: 
       (1) The formal proof stating that "the counter-world does exist"(this "counter-world" is actually another world existing parallel to our "physical world" and it is filled with the continually moving substance called "counter-matter" which displays attributes of liquid computer hardware) - is presented in item #D3 of the web page about the dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravityand also in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       (2) The formal proof stating that "God does exist"also completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #B3 of a separate web page god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about Godand also in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph marked "[1/5]". 
       (3)The formal proof from here, which proves that the first man and the first woman were created by God- presented below and also in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]
       (4) The formal proof that "the humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by omnipotent God"- presented in item #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm.
       (5) The formal proof that people have eternal souls- presented in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]and also in item #C1.1 of the web page about nirvana
       (6) The formal proof stating that "God authorised the Bible"- is presented in item #B1 of the web page named bible.htmand also in subsection M7.1 from volume 11 of the monograph marked [1/5].
       (7) The formal proof stating that "DNA are most simple forms of natural computers which control the passage through time of cells in which these DNA reside, while this control of the passage of cells through time they accomplish by a sequential running of software 'programs of life and fate' contained in memories of these DNA"- is presented in item #D7 of the web page named immortality.htmand also in subsection M1.6 from volume 11 of monograph marked [1/5]
       (8) The formal proof that "UFO vehicles do exist objectively and they are already operationalMagnocrafts" - which the formal proof is historically the first proof that I developed and published for the area of knowledge intentionally ignored by the old official "atheistic orthodox science" - for details see item #G3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". This proof for the objective existence of UFOs is presented on the web page named "ufo_proof.htm" and also in subsections P2 to P2.17 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       In the description that follows, a full version of the formal proof for the creation by God of the first couple of people is presented. But before I formulate this proof, a few more words of this introduction.
       The formal scientific proof for the creation by God the first woman and the first man, was developed in initial days of October 2007, when I was on my professorship at a university in Southern Korea. This proof was carried out with methods of mathematical logic. It is based on the well-known assertion (fact), that in order a given species of creatures can multiply further all by themselves, they need to exist as at least two representatives of this species, namely - in case of people, as at least one woman and one man. (In case of other creatures, as at least one female and one male - e.g. one cow and one bull, one hen and one rooster, one sow (pig) and one hog, etc., etc.) The fact of this simultaneous creation by God as many as two creatures from each species, is so important that it is especially confirmed in the Bible - see the Genesis, 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." In turn the so-called "natural" (i.e. completely random) evolution, which is promoted by present science to explain the origins of humans, is only able to cause a rapid appearance of a single creature of new species, not two simultaneously. Thus, in case of people, this "natural-random evolution" could only cause the appearance of a single male, or a single female, not both simultaneously. (The probability that both would appear simultaneously and rapidly, combined with the speed of evolutionary changes in nature observed presently (which is indistinguishable from zero), is so low that it excludes any such appearance within the duration of existence of present universe.) In turn just a single individual would NOT be able to multiply further just by itself. So such a "natural evolution" in NO case could be able to give beginnings for new species of living creatures. So here it is, the entire formal proof for the creation by God the first woman and the first man, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:

           "The first woman and the first man were created by God."
       Basis propositions:
           (1) Speaking just theoretically, every new species of living creatures, including humans, could be initiated either by the appearance of just one such a new creature, or by the appearance of a couple of new creatures. The fact that practically all species of living creatures that populate the Earth are able to multiply further by themselves only when there exists simultaneously a couple of them, means a male and a female, eliminates completely the possibility that at the very beginning could appear just a single such a new creature, instead of the required couple, e.g. just one person instead of a couple of people which included a man and a woman - capable of further multiplying just by themselves.
           (2) The simultaneous appearance of a couple of people, i.e. the first male and the first female, could either happen in a rapid manner, i.e. this couple of new people appeared rapidly in its final form which differed significantly from the nearest creatures that are related to it, or in the smooth manner, i.e. this couple was shaped gradually over a significant period of time, from other creatures that are related to it. The fact that scientists neither are able to find any evidence for the existence of intermediate forms between humans and other creatures which could be close relatives of humans, or that in present times the science was unable to find even a single example of a full cycle of such a smooth transformation of one species of creatures into another species of creatures, eliminates completely the possibility of a smooth evolution of humans and proves conclusively that the first couple of humans appeared on the Earth in a "rapid manner" - i.e. rapidly and without any intermediate forms.
           (3) The first couple of people, means the first female and the first male, either evolved randomly ("naturally"), or this couple was created by God. The fact that the first couple of people appeared rapidly eliminates completely the possibility that the people originate from a random ("natural") evolution.
(Explanation complementing this 3rd set of premises: if the appearance of the first couple of people, means the first woman and the first man, and also the appearance of the first couple of any other living creatures, originates from a "natural" (random) evolution, then it would display the presence of a whole range of attributes, which in spite of intense searches the human science was unable to locate. For example, (a) it would leave traces in the form of a whole array of the intermediate forms between the starting species and the finishing species - while such traces are absent on the Earth NOT only for human beings but also for all other species of living creatures. (b) Similar natural processes would need to also occur in a continuous manner at present - thus scientists would be able to find many other examples when in recent times such an evolution of one species into another species actually takes place - and they would be able to document these examples in their complete cycles of transformations. But the science is unable to indicate even a single example of such a full cycle of transformations of one species into another species. Furthermore © such a smooth evolution would need to have some effective propelling mechanisms. But apart from wild speculations which are NOT supported by any evidence, human science is unable to prove the existence of such an effective mechanism that propels a random evolution, nor indicate an example (and a proof) that this mechanism in fact does work in nature.)
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "disjunctive syllogism". This form can be written as [(p || q) && !p] => q, in which the assertion "p" says "every new species of living creatures, including humans, are initiated by the appearance of just one such a new creature", while the assertion "q" says "every new species of living creatures, including humans, are initiated by the appearance of a couple of such new creatures", in turn the assertion "!p" states "the fact that practically all species of living creatures that populate the Earth are able to multiply further by themselves only when there exists simultaneously a couple of them, means a male and a female, eliminates completely the possibility that first could appear just a single such new creature, instead of the entire couple, e.g. just one person instead of a couple of people that included a man and a woman - capable of further multiplying just by themselves". The transformation of these propositions leads to the conclusion that "the humans were initiated by the simultaneous appearance of a couple of people that included a man and a woman - capable of further multiplying just by themselves".
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "the first couple of people appeared on the Earth in a "rapid manner" - i.e. rapidly and without any intermediate forms."
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion also with the method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "the first couple of people, i.e. the first woman and the first man, evolved randomly ("naturally")", while assertion "q" states "the first couple of people was created by God". Thus the final conclusion states "the first couple of people, i.e. the first woman and the first man, was created by God"!
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "the first couple of people, i.e. the first woman and the first man, was created by God".

* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").
       It is also worth to mention about the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the creation by God of the first couple of humans, means the first woman and the first man (and also for the creation by God first couples of all other living creatures) we finally were able to develop, it introduces for us huge implications. Because of the existence of this proof, and also three further proofs mentioned at the beginning of this item, it becomes really important that everyone of us verifies his or hers attitude towards God, other world, moral life, etc., etc. After all, without the verifying this attitude, we may inflict ourselves the biggest harm that one is able to inflict himself or herself.
       Especially vital in the above proof is that it is a component of several other important proofs, similar to each other by proving methods used, but different by evidence that they utilize, that coexist in monograph [1/5], while briefly summarised above in this item, as well as in item #G3 from the web page named god_proof_pl.htm. These author's formal proofs in fact formulate the foundation stones for the entirely new scientific discipline about another world, God, act of creation, soul, etc. In order to illustratively realize here to the reader the weight of the appearance of so many proofs simultaneously, it would be good to compare ourselves to old time Maoris that inhabited New Zealand and that had no idea of the existence of farm animals, such as horses or cows. (Before first Europeans arrived to New Zealand, these islands were inhabited mainly by birds and by lizards.) So when these Maoris saw the first horse, probably they suspected that it is just a mirage or a freak of nature. When they saw two horses, they started to be puzzled and convinced that some new quality is just entering their lives. When they saw three horses, they could be absolutely sure that horses do exist and that they need to take notice of them. In turn when they saw four horses, they needed to revise completely their view of the world that surrounded them. (By the way, now Maoris are biggest appreciators of horses and they cannot live without these animals.)
       A shocking results gives also the comparison of arguments of so-called "evolutionists" with so-called "creationists", in the light of the above proof (and also in the light of other formal proofs discussed here). The evolutionistsgenerate in science so loud noise, as if all evidence was in their hands. In the result of this noise, and also hysteria that these noise created in human science, amongst present scientists almost no-one has the courage to admit that he or she is a "creationist". However, if one carefully examines the supposed "evidence" which stands behind this noise, then it turns out that it is just this proverbial noise of "empty pots that make the most of noise". This is because the evolutionists actually have no even a single documented case of so-called "missing link" - means the intermediate evolutionary form of any amongst millions of species of creatures that inhabit the Earth in the process of changing into another species. And we are talking here not only about the "missing link" for human beings, but also the missing links for horses, cows, dogs, etc. After all, amongst these millions creatures which populate the Earth the human science is unable to indicate the "missing link" to any of them. This means that the pool of evidence in disposal of evolutionists is actually equal to zero. Evolutionists also do not have documented even a single case of seeing a full cycle of changes of one species into another species on the Earth. Means that also the principle of the development of new species which is promoted by them is wrong, as it has no precedence in a real life. Finally evolutionists still are unable to indicate a mechanism that would propel the random evolution. They speculate that supposedly in nature is working the principle of the "survival of fittest", but still again the empirical evidence eliminates this survival as a mechanism that propels the evolution. After all, there are known cases when the oldest animals survived in the unchanged form until today. A well-known example of just such oldest animal that exists on the Earth until today are trilobiteswhich I saw myself (with my own eyes) as they are sold today on fish markets of Malaysia as so-called "king's crabs". So how the "survival of the fittest" could be a propelling mechanism of the evolution, when it allows to survive until today even these oldest animals in spite of "most modern competition" and in spite that they represent the most primitive living organisms.
       On the other hand creationistshave on their side the sea of evidence and confirmations. For example, the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravityhas proven formally that God does exists, and even indicated the space (i.e. a separate world scientifically called the "counter-world") in which God resides far from the reach of our prowling eyes. Thus creationists have the intelligent creator. The same theory indicated also the mechanisms that propels the creation (i.e. the need of this intelligent God to develop and to improve the universe). Finally this theory indicated also the specific examples of evidence which confirms the act of creation taking place. This means that acts of creation are confirmed practically by everything. Thus the only reason why creationists are unheard of in science, is that they are deafen and terrorized by these creatures called "Pajak's serpents" - the description of which is contained in item #D2.2 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. (Who actually are these noisy creatures that block the progress of knowledge on the Earth, it was explained more comprehensively in item #E2 of the web page about evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth.)
       Interestingly, since the speculation about the "natural" (random) evolution started to clearly crumble down, these noisy creatures which in item #D2.2 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravityare called the serpents of Pajakimmediately come up with another atheistic explanation for the origin of man. (Clearly the "theory of natural evolution" also originates from these "serpents". This is why after the fall-down of the theory of "natural" evolution, "serpents" suggest now another atheistic explanation which is very similar to their previous theory.) This time the "serpents" claim that the mankind was intelligently designed by themselves. The serpents call the "theory of intelligent design" this their usurping to themselves the credit for the creation of the mankind - that we really own to God. Of course, this claim is even more preposterous than their previous claim about the "natural" (random) evolution. If one analyses just a single aspect of the amount of labour needed to design and to complete these millions of creatures that populate the Earth, then the consumption of labour turns out to exceed capabilities of even a largest civilization. Everyone who had ever anything to do with the design and with implementation of anything new, knows jolly well how much labour, effort, thinking, and people (i.e. staff) requires the development of even the simplest thing, e.g. just an ordinary toothbrush. (And still every now and again it turns out that this toothbrush is imperfect yet and that it can be improved further.) Thus for every person who is familiar with the labour of any creation, the claim that some civilization would be able to develop ideally millions of living creatures that populate the Earth, is simply an ignorant bundle of nonsense. And one needs to remember that every single one out of these millions of creatures from the Earth is incomparably more complex than a toothbrush. Also each single one of them is developed perfectly for their role on Earth. Thus the gigantic task of creation of new life on the Earth could be only met by the being of efficiency and capabilities of God himself. In no circumstances it could be completed by lazy cosmic bandits and robbers that practice the philosophy of parasitism, which actually are UFOnauts (i.e. "serpents of Pajak"). I will not even elaborate here about the fact that if these atheistic "serpents of Pajak" (UFOnauts) designed and implemented creatures that populate the Earth, then who in such case would design and implement them - means these serpents? In turn if we accept that it was God who developed serpents and other living creatures of the universe, then it is obvious that God does NOT need assistance of these clumsy and mischievous serpents in perfecting also humans from the Earth.
       At this point I would like to appeal to other lecturers of logic. Namely, I propose to take notice of the lack of meaning, motivation, and the absence of engagement in examples of proofs presented in textbooks of logic - as an example consider the textbook proof "modus ponens" of the kind, quote: "Samson is strong", and "If Samson is strong, then it will take a woman to do him in." We can conclude "It will take a woman to do Samson in."(End of quote.) So instead we use in our lectures such examples deprived of actuality and sense, I would rather suggest to use for example of proofs e.g. the proof explained above, or other proofs indicated in this item. After all, these proofs are to inspire students to thinking and to searches for truth, give more sense to their lives, will be agreeable with indications of our conscience, and in a non-imposing manner are going to add our own contribution to the fight for the prevalence of truth.
       Independently from subsections of the monograph [1/5]indicated before, and also independently of this web page, further formal scientific proofs similar to this one, are also presented on other totaliztic web pages listed above and also in abovementioned item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm.

#B9. In fact there was no "natural evolution" at all - there was only the "completion of ecosystem" by God:

Motto: "The oldest creatures are equally perfect as the newest creatures - this definitively contradicts a natural evolution."

       On a separate web page about the authorization of the Bible by God himself, in items #F1 and #F2 is listed a long specification of items of scientific evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc. Representatives of physical and biological sciences conceal this huge body of evidence from the society. In this manner they deprive people the opportunity to make an "informed decision" regarding their relation with God. One amongst such carefully concealed cases of evidence for the existence of God that is discussed on that web page, is the empirically striking us fact that the oldest creatures (animals) on Earth are equally perfect and equally well adjusted to present conditions, as the newest creatures (animals).
       Examples of such oldest creatures, which organisms are equally perfect as organisms of most recent creatures, are "trilobites". Trilobites belong actually to the oldest creatures on Earth. But they still live until today in sea waters of Malaysia. In Malaysia these are eaten as so-called "kings crabs". In spite of their impressive age, their organisms are equally perfect as organisms of the newest creatures. A similar case is with lizards and crocodiles, and also with sharks. In spite of their impressive age, their organisms are equally perfect as organisms of most recent creatures.
       According to the model of evolution, creatures most recent should be significantly more perfect than these oldest creatures. But according to the model of creation of creatures by God, all creatures were created in their perfect form. After all, in case of creation the chronology of their appearing in the physical world depends only on the function that according to the God's will they are to perform in the entire ecosystem. Thus the fact that organisms of the oldest creatures are equally perfect as organisms of the most recent creatures, proves that in fact there was never such thing which the science to-date describes under the name of "natural evolution"
       In this way the existing evidence indicates that in reality the "natural evolution" never took place. In fact, what science incorrectly interprets as a "natural evolution", in reality was only a completion of the ecosystem by God. God simply completed the ecosystem gradually. Initially He created only these most needed creatures, then creatures less required. Some creatures, e.g. "dinosaurs", God introduced only temporary, then replacing their role with a whole range of other creatures, while eliminating dinosaurs. In His completion of the ecosystem God acted similarly as young owners of new flats complete their furniture. I.e. since they are unable to introduce everything at once, they firstly introduce whatever is the most important. Then gradually add the equipment. Some items of furniture they introduce only temporary - only till the time when they are able to replace it with a series of other items which are more specialized.

#B10. God works silently and invisibly - but we can see effects of His work:

       The wind is invisible. So is God. Since we can't see this God, the claims are made that He doesn't exist. Then the same people should say that neither does the wind exist. But we know the wind does exist, because of the effect it has on things (smoke for instance). Likewise, the God exists and works because of His effect on things, such as bringing into existence very complex life forms, things which nature has never been able to produce by just random chance.

#B11. Summary of the "true history of the universe and the humanity":

       The "real history of the universe and the humanity" is the one for which most vital facts are described in the Bible. Unfortunately, the main role of the Bible is to provide people with only the most fundamental information, and thus inspiring people to carry out their own research that would extend this information. Therefore the Bible does NOT reveal the whole "real history of the universe and the humanity", but only some key points of it. This is because God expects that the remaining sections of this history people will find out on their own through research. Therefore the relatively new scientific theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravityworked out some amongst these missing sections of the "real history of the universe and the humanity". These sections were published, amongst others, on this web page. Let us remind ourselves most key points of this true history.
       (0) The infinitively long existence of self-learning "counter-matter".Counter-matter displays attributes of a "liquid computer". Means, attributes of this substance are exact reversals of attributes of matter which we already know so well. Counter-matter exists infinitively long. But only relatively recent, just on itself, it evolved in its memory the self-aware natural program which we popularly call "God". The evolution of this program finished only slightly over 6000 years ago. More on this subject is presented in items #B1 to #B3 of this web page.
       (1) The self-evolution of God.The course and effects of this self-evolution of God were determined through analyses carried out by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Their descriptions are provided in item #B1 of this web page. This self-evolution of God was completed slightly over 6 thousand years ago, when our God accomplished (developed) its own self-awareness. 
       (2) The creation by God the physical world, living creatures, and humans.It is described by the Bible. The interpretation of this biblical descriptions, carried out according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, was published in items #B5 and #B6 of this web page. According to data provided in the Bible, this creation took place around 6 thousands years ago.
       (3) Period of the open coexistence of God and humans.In the first period of around 1000 years after the creation of the physical world and people, God linked His own mind to human-like bodies that He temporally simulated on the Earth. (These simulations were carried out on principles identical to these with which presently God simulates UFOnauts and UFOs - means on principles described in item #J1 of this web page.) In this way God could interact with people directly and teach them the basic principles of living. Descriptions of these times survived until today in the form of mythology and sparse descriptions from holy books. It is from these times that various mythologies originate, e.g. Egyptian, Greek, or Roman, as well as texts from the Biblical Old Testament.
       (4) The giving of religions and holy books to people.Because direct interaction of God with people turned out to be impractical and creating undesirable effects, around 5000 years ago God ceased to influence people openly. But in order to still provide people with a set of most vital rules of living, God decided to create what presently we call "religions". Probably the oldest religion that God created, was what we presently call "Hinduism". On the occasion of creating Hinduism God gave people also a written form of hugely voluminous guidelines and fundamental information - which with the elapse of time formed these numerous "holy books" of Hinduism. But it turned out that people do NOT use these holy books because of their too-voluminous size. Thus practically only very few people read them. In the result God decided to give to people further religions for which holy books were increasingly shorter and more condensed. One amongst these religions was the Christianity, the holy book of which (i.e. the Bible) turned out to be the most perfect holy book authorised by God Himself.
       (5) The inspiring in people the development of increasingly more perfect social systems, and also the development of culture, science, and technology.This inspiring boiled down to forming amongst people a whole series of increasingly more perfect social systems, starting from (1) tribal communities, through (2) slavery, (3) feudalism, (4) capitalism, until the present form of (5) socialism, and the future forms of (6) totaliztic systems. Simultaneously God inspired in people the development of culture, science, and technology. This stage of the history of humanity lasts until today and is going to continue.

Part #C: Evidence which confirms that the universe and man were created by God:
#C1. Which evidence confirms that the man was purposely created by God, and that God uses the "intelligently controlled evolution" in order to continually improve the universe:
       For the fact that not only people, but also God utilizes the process of gradual improvement (means the "evolution") in His continuous effort of forming the increasingly more perfect universe, is indicated by the ever growing body of evidence. Let us review now some more significant examples from this evidence:
       (1) The symmetry of the universe - means the use by God the same methods of action which with the elapse of time people will also develop for their own use.The universe is very symmetrical on many different ways. One of the manifestations of this symmetry is that when a method produces the desired outcomes in one discipline, the same method will turn also equally productive in a related discipline. Scientists are benefiting the most from this manifestation of the symmetry of the universe. It allows them to shift and adapt most effective methods of action from one discipline to another. In spite however, that people benefit from the outcomes of this symmetry since a long time, they still insist to not recognize that God also utilizes the same methods of action that they use (or more strictly, that these are them who mimic in their actions the methods which were developed and used by God since long time ago).
       (2) Such a pre-programming of all laws of the universe, that they guarantee almost a continuous development, improvement, and evolution of practically everything.For example, let us consider the principle of natural selection prevailing in jungles, which amongst others causes that the fittest survives. If one analyses this principle thoroughly, it was introduced on purpose by some superior intellect in order to promote the health amongst animals. After all, if it would be formed by the nature itself, then it would take the form of the "survival of the most intelligent", or the "survival of the most hansom" - means the one who enjoys the biggest favours from the opposite sex.
       (3) The existence of genetic code.The sole fact that there is such thing as a genetic code, is also a very powerful evidence in support of the fact, that behind the process of gradual evolution some superior intelligence stands, means stands what we call God. This is because from the theory of communication we know, that the formation of any code is only possible if there is an intelligence which developed it and uses it. Expressing this in other words, behind every code must stand some sort of intelligence. It is impossible to develop a code, if there is no intelligence which participated in the development of it. Since there is such thing as a genetic code, this also means that there is an intelligence which created and uses this code. Because the genetic code appears and is used in practically all living creatures, this intelligence which created it must represent someone who is superior to all living creatures. Means, it must represent the universal intellect which we call God. At this point it is also worth to notice, that the existence of genetic code is both, the evidence for the existence of God, as well as the evidence for the use of evolution by this God as a basic tool of improvements of the living part of the universe. After all, because of the genetic code, God in a very simple way is able to program the evolutionary improvements and the development of new species. It is enough that God makes intelligent changes in this genetic code, while the evolution of given species is going to follow the improvements that God pre-programmed and expressed with the use of this code.
       (4) The presence of genes in genetic codes of some creatures, which document the formation of these codes in a similar manner as human programmers prepare new programs.When a human programmer generates a new program, usually he does it in such a manner, that he takes an old program which does a similar job, and adopts it to a new task. In the result, sometimes such an adopted program contains a sequence of code which is not needed in the new application of it. As it turns out, God sometimes does the same during the creation of new species. In order to create them, He takes a genetic code of an already existing creature, then He adopts this code for performing a new task. In the result, American researchers who analyze the genetic code for the creature called the California purple sea urchin, with the scientific name "Strogylocentrotus purpuratus", discovered with a shock, that this primitive creature shares over 7000 genes with humans. These include genes that help people see, as well as genes for the human sense of smell (what this sea creature needs the smell for?). It practically means, that this completely dissimilar to people sea urchin, in the genetic sense shows a significant proportion of similarity with humans. So far scientists assigned only to monkeys so significant similarity to humans - for details see item #H2 in the further part of this web page. More information about this genetically similar to people sea creature, is provided in the article "Secret life of sea urchin reveals intriguing mystery" from page A19 of New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Wednesday, November 15, 2006. (This article is based on a scientific article from the issue of the Journal "Science" which proceeded it most closely.)
       (5) The existence of moral field and conscience.These are described on a separate web page about totalizm. In fact their existence and operation completely contradicts the natural (random) evolution. After all, conscience and moral field for example forbids to kill and to cheat, means makes more difficult the "survival of physically fittest". As an example consider how conscience could help, e.g. lions, in their survival. Unless it supposed to turn them into grass-eaters.
       One should realize here, that animals in fact also do have conscience at a level of small children. In past I had a highly sympathetic cat named Teecee - the photograph of it is shown on the web page about bandits amongst us. The cat's nature of my Teecee always tempted him to steal food that a neighbour put out for his cats. I always was telling off Teecee for stealing this food (although I never punished him physically for it), because whatever the neighbour put out, usually was not very clean, full of flies, and partially rotting. So I was afraid that Teecee gets some disease from this food. Teecee knew that he NOT supposed to steal this food, but somehow he never was able to resist the temptation of trying it. But each time when he did this, after the return to home with his appearance and behaviour he displayed such enormous feeling of guilt, that the only thing that was equal to his conduct then was the appearance and behaviour of small children which not only ate all sweets that they were told to NOT touch before a dinner, but in addition they broke the vase in which these sweets were stored.
       (6) The existence of the ULT language.This language is not only a proof for the existence of God - as without God it would NOT be able to eventuate just on its own. It is also a proof for the purposeful creation of man by God - as in a purely accidental manner it would NOT be able to be formed in our minds just by itself." (For more data regarding the ULT language - see item #B4 of the separate web page about telepathy.) 
       (7) Unimaginably higher structural complexity of the human body in comparison to the structural simplicity of the natural program of God, combined with the higher chance of evolution of the simpler structure first.The best proof of the incomparably higher structural complexity of living organisms - including human body, in comparison to the simplicity of programs, is that almost every scientist currently is able to form programs. However, there is NO scientist on Earth who would be able to synthesize from zero even a simplest living organism. In turn this huge difference in structural complexity of living organisms in comparison to the natural program of God, means that since there was in the universe such thing as a natural evolution, the outcome of it needed to firstly be the structurally simpler God, not the unimaginably complex man. (Of course, the natural evolution must occur in the universe, otherwise it would NOT have the definition in the ULT language, while people would NOT be able to invent it just on their own.) In turn, since God once eventuated, nothing in the entire universe could happen without his participation and will. Means, in case of the existence of God, man had no right to evolve on its own and just by a pure coincident - means without the approval and intentional action of this God.
* * *
       Of course, to the evidence discussed here also facts belong which were presented in item #D7 of this web page. For example, belongs here rather allegorical than literal significance of biblical descriptions of the creation of mankind, and also belongs the fact that laws of the universe limit and shape the actions of everyone in the same way - no matter who this everyone is.

#C2. Which evidence confirms that the physical world was really created by God:

       In reality there exists an immensely large body of evidence which confirms that the physical world was created by God. Of course, the presentation of this huge amount of evidence would exceed the humble size of this web page. Therefore here I am only going to indicate the most meaningful examples of it. Here these are:
       (1) Evidence and proofs that God really does exist and that He controls the fate of the physical world.These evidence and proofs are presented, amongst others, on the internet web page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God. One amongst such evidence and proofs is this formal scientific proof that God really created the first couple of people, i.e. the first man and the first woman - which (the proof) is presented in item #B8 above.
       (2) The software (reversible) nature of time which prevails in the physical world.Time could NOT be reversible and have software nature if it was NOT formed that way by intelligent God. In turn an empirical proof (accessible for everyone) that time has a software nature and passes in short jumps, is described in item #D2 of the web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to lives that never end

#C3. How thetheory of everythingnamed the Concept of Dipolar Gravityadds its own findings about the fact of the creation of man by God:

       Previously the fact of the creation of man by God was postulated only by religions. All what science would do, is to contradict it. Science was unable to find and to indicate evidence in support of the process of creation. In turn without knowing such evidence, scientists believed that they have a duty to stand "against" the creation of man. (In spite that they also had no clear evidence on the impossibility of the creation of man.) Initially against the claims of religions about the creation of man stand up only the Darwin's Theory of Natural Evolution. Sarcastically it was a "theory" only from a name. After all, the data on which it was based were collected in a single small area. So the "evidence" that it used was taken out of the context. For a significant period of time this "pseudo-theory" was all that the official human science managed to sweat out about the origins of man. So it generated a lot of bad air. After all, it practically instigated the entire human science and almost all human scientists to stand "contra" towards statements of religions. But starting from 1985 a different scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravitystarted to be disseminated. This different theory also have its own findings regarding the origins of the physical world and origins of man. This time the the findings of this other theory are "pro" - means they reveal that man was really created by God. So there is a chance, that this theory of dipolar gravity manages to repair at least a part of the ocean of evil that the Darwin theory generated. So the situation on the present moment is such, that already two scientific theories do exist. Each one of them states something exactly opposite. Thus the matter of the creation of man by God ceases to be just a matter of a "roller of science bulldogging through statements of religions", and becomes a matter of two opposite scientific theories which coldly analyze arguments and evidence available. Of course, for various reasons, for example because of the so-called scientific inertia, or because of reasons discussed on a separate web page about carriers of evil, the official Earth's science still for a long time will try to silence whatever the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, tries to realize to everyone. So in order that people receive a chance of making their own mind about findings and evidence about the origin of man, which are indicated by this Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in part B of this web page is explained what exactly this concept states. So through reading this web page readers have a chance to make up their own opinion on this subject. Because from the scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, a new philosophy of life grew up, named moral totalizm, the findings and evidence presented in part B of this web page express also the official stand of the philosophy of totalizmin the matter of origins (creation) of man.

Part #D: The "simulated history of the universe and man" - means a kind of fantastic story invented by God and then implanted into the physical world that God created:
#D1. What states the "simulated history of the universe and man" - means this history which present human science laboriously pieces together from the "evidence" that was implanted by the omnipotent Godinto the very fabric of the physical world that surrounds us:
       Already for several centuries human scientists research the physical world that surrounds us. On the basis of material evidence that they discovered in this material world, they try to laboriously piece together the history of the universe and man. But, as this web page clarifies this, the history that they piece together is the "simulated history of the universe and man" - means a kind of a fable invented by God in order to accomplish His superior goals described in item #A2 of this web page and then implanted into the physical world that surrounds us. We all approximately know this history from lessons in our schools and from our textbooks. So it is NOT necessary to repeat it here. Thus let us only remind here the most key components of it.
       The most vital point of this "simulated history of the universe and man" is that according to it the universe supposed to come to existence around 14 billions years ago in the result of a big bang. In turn the only known so far evidence that this "big bang" supposedly appeared, is so-called "red shift" in light of stars. Of course, scientists do NOT consider facts described in items #D2 and #D2.1 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, especially that this "red shift" of light of stars in fact results from propagation of this light "against current" of the gravity field of these stars.
       Another key point of this "simulated history of the universe and man" is that according to it all living creatures, including into this also humans, originate from a natural (i.e. purely accidental and random) so-called evolution. But as this is revealed by the item #D3 below, there is evidence available which contradicts the origins of life and living organisms from such an evolution.

#D2. What is this evolution:

       The name "evolution" most frequently is assigned to a scientific theory developed by Charles Darwin, which (the theory) in 1859 was published for the first time in relationship to the animal and plant kingdom in the book by Darwin entitled "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection", while in 1871 was extended also on the origin of humans in another book by Darwin entitled "The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex". (Darwin lived from 12 February 1809 to 19 April 1882.) There are numerous definitions of this sensitive word "evolution". After all, this word can be defined from many different points of view. Probably the most popular definition of it is provided in the encyclopaedia - I quote it here after "The New Encyclopaedia Britannica", 15th edition, 1996, ISBN 0-85229-605-3, Volume 4, page 623: "Evolution: theory in biology that postulates that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations."  
       According to disciples of the theory of evolution, the mechanism which propels it is the process of natural selection (the survival of fittest). According to them, it is this mechanism that caused that with the elapse of time the man evolved on Earth. But before the man appeared, on Earth supposed to live a still unknown ancestor of the man, to which usually scientists refer as to a "missing link". This ancestor supposed to be common to both, people and monkeys. Therefore the disciples of evolution claim that the closest relative of the man in the animal kingdom are monkeys. (Usually they indicate chimpanzees.)

#D3. Which evidence suggests that present disciples of evolution in fact are tricked by God:

       Unfortunately, the blind insisting of the followers of the theory of evolution, that only laws and forces of nature provide the direction and the propelling force for evolution, is NOT able to explain a whole array of paradoxes and puzzles from the universe which surrounds us. Let us list here some examples of such paradoxes which confirm that living creatures could NOT originate from a "natural (random) evolution".
       (1) Theory of probability - i.e. according to it, the origins of life through a purely random "evolution" is completely impossible.The complete improbability of the random occurence of the first stage of "natural evolution" is the most strong argument for "creation". Actually so-called "evolutionists" are unable to abolish or contradict it. This argument states roughly that we all have within us protein molecules, which are necessary for our life processes. So what are the odds that 1 protein molecule would randomly form out in the very initial stage of evolution from a primitive mineral "soup" which long ago existed somewhere in oceans of our planet? Evolutionists admit that it would be about 1 in 10 to the 113th power (i.e. 1 followed by 113 zeros). According to mathematicians, any event that has just one chance in 10 to the 50th power (1 followed by 50 zeros) is dismissed as never happening. To get a sense of that number with 113 zeros, it would be greater than the estimated total number of all the atoms in the universe. But we are only talking about 1 protein molecule. Some proteins are used as structural materials, and others as enzymes. Around 2000 enzyme proteins are needed for a cell's functions. What are the chances of all of these happening at random? 1 chance in 10 to the 40,000th power (i.e. 1 followed by 40,000 zeros). The famous astronomer Fred Hoyle commented on this figure: "An outrageously small probability, that could not be faced even if the whole universe consisted of organic soup... If one is not prejudiced either by social beliefs or by a scientific training into the conviction that life originated [spontaneously] on the Earth, this simple calculation wipes the idea entirely out of court." ("Evolution From Space", p. 24.) [above information taken from the book "Life - How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation?"] The above is simplified in the Biblethrough words: "For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God." (Hebrews 3:4).
       (2) Final products - independently from conditions in which the evolution takes place, final products of it seems to be the same.Thus, for example bacteria - the evolution of which took place in Mars, and which have fallen to Earth in Antarctic, have the design and characteristics almost identical to bacteria from Earth. But on Mars the prevailing conditions are drastically different than these on Earth. Thus they should lead to the evolution of creatures which are different from these on the Earth. 
       (3) Intelligence of particles.Another example of paradoxes discussed here is that the evolution does NOT explain why intelligence is displayed not only by the behaviour of people, but also e.g. by the behaviour of elementary particles (i.e. components of atoms). So is it possible that these particles also are subjected to a natural selection which forced them to evolve intelligence? 
       (4) So-called "missing links" - or rather the lack of these.In addition to the above paradoxes, as so far, in spite of intense searches, the present science is unable to find even a slightest sign of this "missing link" - this in turn seems to suggest that such a link either does NOT exist on Earth, or the disciples of the evolution seek it in completely wrong places. 
* * *
       Therefore it is necessary to search for different mechanisms and different propelling forces for the development of the universe, than just such a "blind" evolution. So far, the most significant out of these different mechanisms is indicated by the disciples of the creation, who unnecessary consider themselves to be a competition to evolution. Also an increasingly larger number of people is attracted to the theory of an "Intelligent Design". The disciples of this theory believe, expressing this with a large simplification, that the man from Earth was designed and farmed by intelligent aliens through the use of genetic engineering. (Note that this just shifts the problem onto distant stars, because it still does NOT explain who designed and farmed these intelligent aliens.) This web page adds still another view to the discussion about the origin of the man. The view presented on this web page originates from findings of a scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It links together claims of both, the evolutionists and disciples of the creation. This is because it states that God utilises the process of evolution in the gradual improvement of the universe, and that the present form of people is just one amongst numerous stages in this infinitive evolution. It also indicates where most probably hide remains of this "missing link" from the human evolution.

#D4. The origins of each amongst these two opposite histories of the universe and man must stem from the actual existence of two groups of convincing evidence and proofs that supports the correctness of each one of them - although only one of these histories can be true:

       All groups of people never insist on claims without some fact basis. Thus, there must exist some items of evidence which support the increasingly intense exchange of arguments between disciples of two basic views about origins of the universe and man. It is known that the main part of views of so-called "creationists" results from the Bible authorised by God Himself. But the Bible is NOT the only source of their perseverance and determination. In turn the fact basis for another view adhered by so-called "evolutionists" results from findings of modern science. The disciples of each one out of these two basic views present their arguments in a manner, as if only one of them is based on evidence - and thus was correct, while the other one is imagined - and thus is false. Unfortunately, such stand in equivalent to accusation of the other side to be blind and unrealistic. After all, it implicates the lack of evidence at the other side. On the other hand both sides have the evidence and proofs which should NOT be allowed to be ignored, and which should be considered and researched. Therefore the relatively new scientific theory of everythingnamed the Concept of Dipolar Gravitycommands to stop this mutual negation of the evidence of the opposite side, and concentrate exclusively on researching the merit of this evidence.
       In other words, logical and philosophical analyses carried out within the Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicate that in fact bothcamps which unnecessary argue with each other have the fully valid evidence. After all, there are various premises and evidence which suggest that the man is really a product of a chain of gradual improvements which are called "evolution" - as this is correctly discovered and researched by Charles Darwin. On the other hand there are also items of evidence which confirm that the course and goals of this "evolution" is continually controlled by God. In fact God did NOT create everything in a single go, and everything in already a final version of it. In reality God also utilises the gradual evolution, means God improves the Universe slowly although continually - similarly as people do this with their long-term developments and products. Therefore, in reality the followers of both mutually arguing views are right. So instead of wasting energy and resources for this academic arguing, the disciples of both views should rather join their forces in order to determine how exactly God controlled the evolution to create the man, and in which way in his infinitive process of creation He used, and still uses, the process of intelligently controlled evolution as his basic tool.
       The merging of forces of both these camps would allow to explain many puzzles. For example, it could reveal that direct ancestor of humans from the past of human family, in fact could be the creature so well know to all of us and usually named the "siren" (e.g. a creature similar to the "Little Mermaid" - the well-known statue of which adorns the harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark, while a relative of her adorns the city of Warszawa in Poland), and also that remains of these our ancestors in fact can be hidden on bottoms of seas and oceans, not on lands - where they are unsuccessfully searched by present scientists. The merging of forces of both these camps could probably also verify the extensive body of evidence that the closest still alive relatives of humans are not monkeys, but whales and dolphins - as this is described in item #F2 below.

#D5. The existence of the evidence and proofs which confirm the creation of the physical world and man by God automatically invalidates merit of evidence on which the present official science based its piecing together its version of history of the universe and man:

       The logical and philosophical researching the merit of evidence presented by both "evolutionists" and "creationists" gives out extremely interesting results. For example, if the truth lies on the side of "evolutionists", i.e. when the universe and man really originated from some natural phenomena and powers - e.g. purely random evolution, then never in such universe would have right to appear evidence in support of claims of "creationists". Means, if "evolutionists" are correct, than there should NOT exist evidence in support of "creationists" - a part of which describes this web page. But if the truth lies on the side of "creationists", then in the universe could exist both these items of evidence which is used by "creationists", as well as items of evidence used by "evolutionists". After all, if the physical world and man were created by omnipotent God, then God in order to accomplish His superior goals could also invent, create, and implant evidence that supposedly support the existence of random evolution. Because in fact there is a body of evidence in support of simultaneously both these sides, this conclusively certifies that the true is only the version of "creationists". In turn evidence on which is based the official science in its piecing together a "natural" version of history of the universe, are simply invented by God and then created for accomplishing some Godly goals. So we can jocosely state that present human scientists are victims of a joke of God who simply "have them on"

#D6. The lesson which God serves to us through the fabrication of this untrue "simulated history of the universe":

       God decisively is grooming people to be "hardened in fire" and determined seekers of truth. Therefore, in the light of what I have presented in previous items, there is a burning need to replace the stubbornness to-date in matters of the origins of man, with logic and with reasoning based on evidence and facts. To accomplish this, the discussion between religions and science needs to be replaced by the discussion between adherers of two scientific theories, namely the Darwin's theory which stands "contra" the creation of man by God, and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which stands "pro" creation of man by God. Due to such a replacement, the topic of creation of man by God is to be shifted from the present area of squabble between two similarly close-minded sides, into the area of rational discussion about the evidential value of arguments, logic of deductions, true state of things, creative experience of people, etc. Therefore, a basic goal of this web page is to cause just such shift in accentuation of this vital discussion
       Of course, the accomplishments of this web page hopefully serve towards the turning of present arguing into a future constructive discussion. One of these accomplishments is the indication as to how the matter of origins of man is explained by the theory of everythingnamed the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, another accomplishment of this web page is to indicate the body of evidence which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity accumulated in support of its findings. Still another accomplishment of this web page is to reveal how the Concept of Dipolar Gravity places the fact of the creation of man by God within the entire process of formation of our present reality, means in relation to the process of self-evolution of God and the later process of creation of our physical world by God.

#D7. Time to realise that the followers of evolution, and the disciples of the creation of the man by God, are divided mainly by stubbornness, emotions, and the lack of will to find a common ground:

       The disciples of the evolution behave in their arguments as if they were sworn enemies of the disciples of the creation, and vice versa. However, if one analyses thoroughly arguments of both sides, then it turns out that there is more stubbornness and intentional building of walls around own views, than the actual logic and accord with empirical data on the world around us. For example, the disciples of the natural evolution (E) on purpose do not want to take notice of the following facts:
       (E1) The process of gradual improvement of objects already existing, which is described by the word "evolution", in fact is the only manner in which intelligent beings are able to improve the level of perfection in their products.Putting this in other words, if a superior being called God wishes to improve the level of perfection of whatever He created, then in fact He must utilize the process of introducing gradual improvements, which our science calls the "evolution". Evolution is also used by people in their continuous effort of constructing the increasingly more perfect technical devices, intellectual products, descriptions, accomplishments, etc. For example, if people were invisible like God, but some scientists who arrived to Earth from the space could watch e.g. our cars or computers (without seeing people), then he also would formulate the theory of evolution for them, claiming that cars and computers on Earth are developing on principles of gradual evolution.
       (E2) Principles of logic and methods of action remain exactly the same, no matter who uses them.Expressing this in other words, if the only method of action which allows to accomplish increasingly more perfect products, depends on gradual improving them step-by-step - as this is done by people in subsequent generations of their houses, cars, or computers, then this method must be used by every kind of intelligent beings, including God.
* * *
       In turn disciples of the creation © of man, not only that overlook the above facts, but in addition do not take under account that: 
       (C1) Many expressions and descriptions in the Bible have purely allegorical meaning.In fact the Bible is full of descriptions which should be taken allegorically, not literally. For example see the "Revelation" 19:15, which describes the arrival of Second Jesus to Earth, quote "Out of his mouth come a sharp sword, ...". (How one can take literally the description that someone would hold a sword in his mouth. So this description must be interpreted allegorically as a statement, that words and ideas disseminated by Second Jesus will cut enemies similarly as this is done by a sword.) So it is just a blind stubbornness to claim that the biblical description of the creation of world and man must be taken literally.
       (C2) These who wrote the Bible used an archaic language, which still lacked many ideas and terms present in today languages.So how, for example, in times of writing the Bible could be explained, that there were seven evolutionary periods in the process of creation of the world and man - if these who wrote the Bible did NOT know yet the terminology "evolutionary period" or "era". Of course, in such case they used the word "day", which (the word) in meaning lied the closest to these two terms that they did not know. So it would be an absurd to insist now on the literal taking the description that God created the world and the man during 6 days (while on 7th day He rested). Especially that somewhere in the Bible itself is written, that in each place where in the Bible the word "day" is used, one should understand it as 1000 years. (I encountered this statement in Bible sometimes ago, but presently when I tried to find it again and refer it here, I was unable to find it fast. But indirectly the same is expressed by following words from "2 Peter 3:8" - quote "But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." Exactly the same is expressed in psalm 90 "A Prayer of Moses, the man of God" - quote from verse 4 "For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night.") In order to be even more interesting, in Biblical times the number 1000 was not meaning the same as today number 1000. This is because then it was the largest number that existed in the Roman numbering system. (Romans marked it with the letter "M", and they did not know any larger number.) Thus the biblical expression "thousand years" in fact can mean the same as "so many years as it only is possible to express with the largest number that we know". After all present people also say "millions" while they think "as many as only our numbers are able to express it". One needs to remember as well, that for God - who exists for eternity, the elapse of time has a completely different meaning as for people. More comprehensively this is explained on separate web pages god.htm - about scientific replies of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God, and web page timevehicle.htm - about mechanism of time, shifting time back, and about time vehicles. Thus, in the God's system of the elapse of time, whatever for human historians will represent an entire era, for God can be an equivalent of a single day.
       For more data about the creation of the physical world by God see "part I" from the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or see subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]
* * *
       If one considers the above facts in his deductions, then rapidly it turns out that both, the followers of the evolution, and disciples of the creation, in fact describe the same general mechanism of the origin of man, only that they pay a whole attention to just a single small detail from a whole range of details and aspects of this mechanism. So in fact there is no difference in claims and views of either of these groups, but only there is a human stubbornness and the someone's evil attempt to "divide and rule" amongst others through the use of such different views on the origin of mankind. Furthermore, everything seems to indicate that the true message which the disciples of the evolution are trying to secretly disseminate via their views, is the message that "God does NOT exist".In turn the only message which the disciples of the creation of the man try to disseminate with their arguments, is the claim that descriptions from the Bible are NOT allowed to be treated allegorically nor interpreted from the point of view of the advancement of knowledge and the making of human language increasingly precise, but should be taken literally up to every single letter. However, it is worth to notice, that the philosophy of totalizmin fact abolishes the validity of both these claims. (I.e. it formally proves the existence of God, and also it redefines more precisely with modern strict language many ideas which in the Bible are presented loosely with an ancient language.) 

Part #E: The body of evidence which confirms that really two histories of the universe and man do exist, namely (1) the true one (described in the Bible), and (2) invented and simulated by God (the one disseminated by scientists):
#E1. Which evidence confirms that in fact two histories of the universe do exist:
       If we carefully look around, then it is easy to notice that in reality there is a lot of scientifically verifiable evidence which confirms the fact described here, that the universe and man have two different histories of their origins (although only one out of these two is true). Here are examples of this evidence:
       (1) The lack of conclusive evidence which would undeniably prove that the "simulated history of the universe and man" (i.e. the history pieced together and adhered by present atheistic science) is the true history.For example, there is a lack of this "missing link" for humans, as well as the lack of similar "missing links" for all other animals which we see around us, e.g. for a horse, cow, goat, pig, etc. In addition, for example the so-called "red shift" in light of stars - which supposedly is the "major proof" for the existence of the "big bang", also turns out to be highly ambiguous and have a more correct explanation that confirms the creation of the physical world by God. (I provided this explanation in items #D2 and #D2.1 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) If the evolution and scientifically promoted history of the universe were true, then evidence which confirm them would be easily accessible. But such evidence is missing. On the other hand, if God invented and passed off upon human scientists this additionally simulated history of the universe and man, then God would never create and allow to find a conclusive proof which would confirm this make up history. After all, in case God creates such a conclusive proof that confirms an untrue history, than with this creation He would simultaneously contradict the truth of His own words which He included into the Bible authorised by himself. Furthermore, He would make impossible to future generations of people to find the truth on this subject.
       (2) The "evidence" which scientists "discover" and use for the formulation of this "simulated history of the universe and man" did NOT exist from the very beginning.Means, there is the lack of confirmation that e.g. skeletons of dinosaurs existed and were found lets say 2000 years ago (in times of Jesus). In other words, the items of evidence which scientists research today, was created by God only on the relatively recent stage of the human history, when God realised that in addition to the true history of the universe and man there is also the need to create this additional, untrue, "simulated history of the universe".
       (3) God really indicates in His actions the lack of experience and imperfections of His methods of action which well illustrate the activities of a slightly over 6-thousands years old "God-youngster".If one analyses more carefully the methods of action which God uses at present, then it turns out that some amongst these methods could already be much more perfect. As an example let us consider the treatment which God serves to human discoverers and inventors. This treatment is so contradictive to the "universal justice" which God represents, that on many web pages of totalizm I call them the "curse of inventors" - for examples of it see item #G6 on the web page eco_cars.htm - about progress in the development of pollution-free cars, item #H1 on the web page newzealand_visit.htm - whether God supports the populating of Antipodes by people, and also item #K3 on the web page fe_cell.htm - about the telekinetic cell, means about the source of unlimited amounts of free energy. On the other hand accomplishing scientific discoveries and new inventions is the activity with the highest level of morality. After all, God created man so that humans could further the knowledge, means so that they make discoveries and inventions. Simultaneously the iron rule of God is that in the name of the "universal justice" He rewards all morally correct actions. Thus inventors and discoverers also should be rewarded by God. However, God treats them with this "curse of inventors". It means God punishes them for carrying out morally correct activities. This in turn means that His methods of action towards people are NOT as yet perfected to the end. Similarly imperfect methods of action of God can be found more after thorough analyses (e.g. consider reasons behind the saying "good dies young"). Only that the goal of this web page is NOT to point them out.
       The well known to totalizm reason for which God treats every discoverer and inventor with this "curse of inventors", is the "moral law" which states that everything must be earned. Unfortunately, there is a huge disproportion between whatever inventors and discoverers would have to endure if they just "earned" for themselves the benefits that they ripe from their accomplishments, and what they really is brutally served to them taking the form of clear repressions and punishments. Besides, practically none inventor or discoverer accomplishes any tangible benefits out of his or her contribution to the humanity. Simultaneously is so severely treated as if he or she benefited from his or her accomplishments the entire life through. Therefore, according to the principle of the universal justice it would be more righteous if the inventors and discoverers were make to "earn" just whatever benefits that themselves gain from from their accomplishments. In turn other people also would be make to "earn" for themselves for their own share of benefits drawn from a given invention or discovery. In capabilities of God lies such a reforming the reality. An example how it can be accomplished, is the requirement of earning the nirvana- if someone wants to gain an access to immortality. In this way the present highly unjust situation would be repaired, when e.g. an inventor dies from hunger and exclusion only because he was make to "earn" everything that his invention brought to the entire humanity. Simultaneously other people later glen benefits from his invention without any effort - although they never earned these benefits.
       Fortunately, I managed to learn methods and principles with the aid of which inventors can self-defend themselves from effects of the "curse of inventors" (and also from effects of "inventive impotency" which stems from this curse) - although, unfortunately, for me currently it is too late to apply these in case of my own inventions. But just in case I already described these methods and principles on my web pages - for the benefit and information of other inventors. Explanations how to implement such defences, the reader can find e.g. in item #H1 to #H3 of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm.
       (4) The existence of many important reasons which motivated God to invent and implant to His creation the "simulated history of the universe and man" in spite that there is also a "true history of the universe".People are motivated to actions by a whole range of different factors, e.g. because they want either power, or money, or pleasure, or love, or revenge, etc. But if we analyse actions of God, then it turns out that His motivations are different. Most frequently God undertakes an action because appeared reasons for which He should act. Frequently God also acts in a specific manner in order to teach and inspire people. A vital motivation for actions of God is also maintaining the universal justice. (Of courser there are also further motivations.) Thus analysing actions of God we can state that if reasons appeared, for sure after some time always action of God follows these reasons. So since there are these extremely vital reasons for inventing, creating, and implanting the untrue, "simulated history of the universe and man" (described in item #A2 at the beginning of this web page), this means that God really took actions to satisfy these reasons.

#E2. Why every item of supposed "evidence" for a purely random evolution, in reality with the same power proves also the fact of the creation of man by God:

Motto: "Every item of supposed 'evidence' which by the adherers of a purely random evolution is indicated as a proof of a 'natural' evolution of man, in reality with at least the same power proves also the fact of the creation of man by God. There is even no single item of evidence which would support exclusively the process of a random evolution of man, and would contradict the intentional creation of man by God. On the other hand there is a wealth of evidence which supports the fact of the purposeful creation of man by God, but which simultaneously contradicts the possibility that man is a product of a purely random evolution."
       The dark force of makers of evilmentioned already earlier on this web page, unleashed on Earth a hysterical campaign in the style let us all attack religions, that ruthlessly attacks and destroys adherers of the creation of man by God. But it turns out that this noisy campaign is in fact a "colosus which stands on legs of clay". As it turns out, practically every out of supposed "evidence" indicated by adherers of the purely random evolution of man, that it supposedly certifies for the "natural" (means purely coincidental) evolution of man, in fact with at least the same power proves also the fact that man was created by God. Only that this double-sided attribute of evidence for the origins of man, so-far was NOT revealed nor explained to the society. There is several reasons for the silence about this double-sided sward of supposed evidence of evolutionists. The most vital of these is that before the formulation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravityadherers of the creation off man by God had no tool which would indicate in what manner these supposed evidence for the random evolution in fact also support the purposeful creation of the man. Another reason is this loud-mouth hysteria of the adherers of random evolution, and also the ruthless methods that they use to destroy their opponents. It causes that there is no many scientists who would have a courage publicly reveal the shabbiness of the supposed 'evidence' of the adherers of a random evolution. However, in reality there is NO even a single item of supposed 'evidence' which by the adherers of a purely random evolution is indicated as a proof of a 'natural' evolution of man, and that in reality would NOT support also the fact of the creation of man by God with at least the same power. There is also even no single item of evidence which would support exclusively the process of a random evolution of man, and would contradict the intentional creation of man by God. On the other hand, there is a wealth of evidence which supports the fact of the purposeful creation of man by God, but which simultaneously contradicts the possibility that man is a product of a purely random evolution. This evidence which in the unique manner supports exclusively the truth about the purposeful creation of man by God, is indicated and discussed in item #C1 of this web page. In turn this item summarizes the manner in which supposed 'evidence' of the adherers of coincidental evolution is in fact also an evidence for the purposeful creation of man by God.
       Here is a list of most vital 'evidence' indicated by the adherers of supposedly random evolution of man, together with explanations how this "evidence" in fact with at least the same power support also the fact of purposeful creation of man by God:
       (1) Principle of the survival of fittest.Adherers of the random evolution indicate this principle as their "crown evidence" that supposed to explain the mechanism behind the manner in which new species of creatures are developed. However, if one analyses the self-evolution of God described in item #B1, then it turns out, that also in case of a purposeful creation of animals by God the same principle fulfils a whole range of functions. For example it: (a) memorizes the fact of the fight for survival which God also needed to endure during his own evolution, (b) continually reminds the possibility of a similar fight for survival to take place in the future, © for all it is a factor that motivates the growth, development, increase of knowledge, and putting an effort, (d) it provides a foundation for the formation of so-called moral laws, (e) it promotes health amongst animals (see item #F2 below), etc., etc.
       (2) Ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way.(I.e. that the "development of an individual repeats the development of the entire specie".) This principle is described in items #C2 (5) and #B5 (6) of this web page about intelligently controlled evolution of man. In fact it is one amongst mechanisms in ' the general principle which God applied during the creation of the physical world, namely that every event and every process must leave some permanent traces that it occurred. The principle that "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way" is just a manner of recording trails of the history of the development of a given specie.

#E3. Since God promotes two histories of the universe and man, i.e. (1) the true one (religious), and (2) simulated (scientific), then what stand we people should take in the matter of these two histories:

       Well, our choice is simple. Since the omnipotent God promotes two different histories of the universe, this means that God wants us to learn both of them equally thoroughly and treat them both equally. It seems that God wants us to train our learning capabilities and skills of finding the truth on both of them. Therefore our (people) task is to treat both of them equally seriously and both of them research in details and with fervour, so that both of them gain equal attention and consideration. Also none of them can be discriminated only because e.g. it does NOT agree with our view of the world. Only in our statements and in our thinking we should clearly distinguish between them both, e.g. through adding to each one of them some qualifiers in order to emphasize about which history of the universe or man we just talk or write.           

Part #F: Dolphins and whales - means the closest relatives of people:
#F1. If people are products of the "evolution directed by God", then which still alive creatures on Earth are most probably the closest relatives of man:
       If one accepts the fact, that God in fact utilised a process of controlled evolution in order to develop present humans, then somewhere in the universe creatures did exist at some stage, from which humans were created (evolved). Although until today probably these creatures got extinct, still their close relatives must exist somewhere. So which creatures still alive on the Earth are in fact closest relatives of humans? Means are these monkeys (e.g. chimpanzees) - as this is indicated by disciples of the "natural evolution"?
       I personally believe, that increasingly significant evidence indicates that the man evolved from a water creature, or more specifically from a kind of a "siren" or a "nymph". In my opinion, everything indicates that these extraordinary water creatures, which in legends are described under the name of "sirens" or "nymphs", are the "missing link" which is searched for so stubbornly on lands by the official human science. Only that these creatures got extinct already several thousands years ago, while anthropologists do not carry out diggings on bottoms of seas to be able to detect their remains over there. Fortunately, close relatives of this creature survived on Earth until today. These are sea animals belonging to a general group of "cetaceans", to which belong "whales", "dolphins", and "porpoises". Thus, in my personal opinion, from the point of view of true genealogy, whales, dolphins and porpoises are much more close relatives of people than e.g. monkeys. (Perhaps this explains why in recent times there must be such a vicious battle over the saving of whales from a complete hunting down by Japan, Norway, and Island. Probably these nations which fight for the right to kill whales do not wish to have alive on Earth any animal relatives.)

#F2. Evidence which indicates that people evolved from "water creatures", e.g. similar to mythological sirens, and that the closest still alive relatives of humans are whales and dolphins:

       In item #H2 of this web page explained is the fact shocking for some people, that the "holistic" comparison of genetic codes is completely useless for establishing the genealogy of given species. This is because with the entire genetic codes is similar to entire technical diagrams of cars in different factories, from which (the entire diagrams) also it is impossible to determine the genealogy and mutual relationship of separate types of cars. (Although, if someone knows exactly what and where to look in such technical diagrams, then the relationship of subsequent types of cars he or she can determine from brief comments which designers of cars write in small sections of these diagrams, e.g. on their corners or frames - for details see item #H4 of this web page.) For example, whole technical diagrams of a bus produced by Mercedes will suggest, that this bus is a relative to the bus produced e.g. by Hyundai or Daewoo, but will NOT show that it is a relative the limousine from the Mercedes factory. (However, in reality with Mercedes and Hyundai or Daewoo is exactly opposite. But in order to discover this, someone who does not know these buses would need to learn how to read small writings well hidden in corners of technical drawings of these buses.) The "holistic" analysis of genetic codes illustrates only details of the design, operation, and conditions in which given species are living, coded in a special "genetic language" which human science still has not decoded. So these scientists who claim that e.g. whole genetic codes of e.g. monkeys are proofs for the proximity of blood between monkeys and people, simply do not know what they are talking about. In turn if one accepts this inconvenient truth about the entire genetic codes, then at our present level of knowledge, completely different facts must be used for the indicators of alliance of separate species of creatures. Below I am listing a whole series of such indicators. In my opinion they prove, that from the point of view of true genealogy, the closest still alive animal relatives of people are whales and dolphins. Simultaneously monkeys have the same in common with people, as frogs' tadpoles have in common with fish. Here are these indicators:
       (1) The lack of hairs in almost the entire body, but the presence of hairs on the head.All mammals, the last stages of evolution of which took place on lands, are covered with fur. In turn all creatures, the last stages of the evolution of which took place in waters, have a naked skin. The man has skin deprived of the hairs on almost the entire body, like his water relatives which still live until today, e.g. like whales and dolphins. Almost the only area where the man maintained the hairs, is the top of his head - most clearly his evolutionary ancestors used to swim with heads sticking out from water.
       (2) The standing pose, which is also attempted by e.g. sea lions after they enter a hard ground.Land animals rarely develop a standing position in the process of evolution. In turn when they are forced by something to take this position, then usually this causes in them the degeneration of their upper limbs, with a simultaneous doubling of power and size of the lower limbs (as an example consider kangaroo or two-legged dinosaurs). But water mammals, instinctively tend to assume on land the standing position which reflects their position in water during breathing. Thus after they emerge on lands they still show the tendency to maintain this position - as an example consider the position instinctively assumed by sea lions after they stand on a seashore.
       (3) Human feet similar to flippers, e.g. in frogs, means feet completely different from the "hands" on legs of monkeys.Human feet have the shape more resembling the flippers of water creatures, e.g. frogs or seals, than paws of land animals. All signs indicate that human feet are evolutionarily transformed flippers similar to these from backs of seals.
       (4) The similarity of skeletons in frontal flippers of some whales and dolphins, to skeletons of human hand-palms.Some whales and dolphins have bones in their front flippers, which are almost identical to bones from human (hand) palms. In fact bones in their frontal flippers are much more similar to bones in human hand-palms, than are bones in hand-palms of monkeys. Actually does not exist on Earth any other creature, the bone structure of frontal limbs of which would be more similar to bones in hand-palms of humans than this takes place in flippers of some whales and dolphins.
       (5) The instinctive skill of swimming in human babies.According to the evolutionary principle developed in XIX century by the German evolutionist, Ernst Haeckel, which states that the "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way", (i.e. that the "development of an individual repeats the development of the entire specie"), if people evolved from a water creature than human babies should be able to swim instinctively. And in fact everyone knows perfectly well, that human babies in the age when they still are unable to walk, actually have an instinctive ability to swim. (What even more interesting, this ability to swim disappears in them immediately after they learn how to walk.) In this first period of life, human babies swim and regulate their breathing instinctively like small dolphins. Thus practically this instinctive ability to swim displayed by babies who still do not know how to walk, is another evidence in support of the fact, that ancestors of the man evolved from a water creature (e.g. similar to sirens). (I am not going to deliberate here on the well-known fact, that through a significant section of the foetus development the human children look like small dolphins.)
       (6) A similar taste of flesh in whales and humans.A folklore of these nations, which practiced cannibalism and also simultaneously ate whale flesh (for example, as this was the case with New Zealand Maoris), claimed that the taste of human and whale flesh are very similar to each other, although simultaneously very different from the taste of other creatures, especially these living on land. In turn the folklore of these nations, which used to eat both, people and monkeys, e.g. like head hunters from Borneo, state that the taste of monkey flesh is very different from the taste of human flesh.
       (7) The preference of human body for the diet made of fish and other sea or freshwater organisms.When the evolution of any living organisms develops them to take a specific kind of food, then this food turns out to be the most suitable for them from every point of view. In turn a shift towards eating any other kind of food always induces various health problems in them. As it turns out, for people the most suitable food seem to be fish and other creatures and vegetation of seas and freshwater. In fact, present scientists keep discovering increasingly larger number of reasons for which fish, shellfish, crabs, seaweeds, and other products of seas and freshwater, as well as individual biological components contained in fish, shellfish, crabs, seaweeds, and in other gifts of seas or waters, turn out to be especially beneficial for human body. Simultaneously they keep discovering increasingly more reasons, for which diets other than these originating from seas or from freshwaters induce various problems in human bodies.
       (8) Instinctive preference of the taste of salted food.Man is practically the only creature living on land, which instinctively prefers eating salted food over unsalted food. All other creatures, although can voluntarily leak pure salt when their bodies have a deficit of it, however they do not like the taste of salted food nor eat such food. This is best known to producers of e.g. cat food, and also to owners of e.g. cats. After all, in normal cases cats do not touch salted food. In turn e.g. salted grass or fodder for cows, makes them intensely bloated and may finish with their death. The only explanation for this instinctive preference of people for the taste of salted food, is that creatures from which humans evolved, developed such taste because they ate food mixed with salty sea water. Thus, their food was always salty. This explanation is even confirmed by quantitative facts. For example, the amount of salt which people most prefer in their food, in typical cases is equal to the amount of salt contained in sea water.
       (9) The maintaining by people until present times the characteristic "smell of fish" in intimate places.In turn this characteristic "smell of fish" is unique to all sea creatures.
       (10) The existence in people of some remnant genetic codes of sirens, which lead to cases of so-called "mermaid syndrome".On Thursday, 13 March 2008, in channel 2 of the New Zealand television, at 9:30 to 10:30 pm, a program named "20/20" was broadcasted. In this program, amongst others, was a report about a girl which was born with the so-called "mermaid syndrome"which is extremely rare on the Earth. This syndrome depends on a given person (usually a girl) being born in the form when instead of human legs and human internal organs, it develops a siren tail, and internal organs which are more similar to these from a siren than from a human. In this program was shown, amongst others, a scan of the foetus of this girl. This scan show, that as a foetus for a long time she was more similar to a foetus of a dolphin than to a foetus of a human - e.g. she had flippers of a dolphin. Of course, present medicine treats these rare cases of the "mermaid syndrome" as coincidents. But we cannot exclude the possibility that these are simply genetic echoes which reveal to us the appearance of creatures (i.e. sirens) from which God evolved later the human genetic system. Such a possibility of the "genetic echo of sirens" is confirmed by the fact that this syndrome appears repetitively in non-related people and that victims of it always have anatomic details similar to each other.
       (11) The lovemaking while turned with bellies towards each other.None out of the present land mammals (apart from the man) is making love while being directed with their bellies towards each other. However, just such a manner of lovemaking is a standard in water mammals, e.g. in whales.
       (12) Abstract thinking, the use of language, and the sense of morality, appearing both, in the intellectual development of people, as well as in whales and dolphins.In fact the language, the process of thinking, and even the sense of morality, are most developed and most close to humans in water mammals, i.e. in dolphins and in whales. It appears that the water environment instigates the development of intelligence and speech. For example, the comparison of richness of expressions of the language used by dolphins, to voice signals used by monkeys, is the same as the comparison of a language of some primitive humans, e.g. from jungles of New Guinea or Amazon, to voice signals of dogs. Whales and dolphins have also human-like self-awareness, are able to recognise themselves in mirrors, organise themselves in complex societies, etc. For example, sperm whales demonstrate even the sense of morality, when they e.g. do NOT use their powerful fish-finding sonars at full blasts when other whales are nearby, nor they use these sonars as weapons - as these sonars would permanently deafen other whales with full power blasts. Because of the all above attributes of whales and dolphins, participants of two-day conference at a University of Helsinki, who belong to the organisation called the "Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)", said in a declaration of 24 May 2010, that, quote: "We affirm that all cetaceans as persons have the right to life, liberty and wellbeing". The topic of that declaration of "human rights" to whales and dolphins is discussed, amongst others, in the article "Call to give whales 'human rights' " from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Summarising the above, even sceptical scientists admit, that there are NO other animals on the Earth which would be so close to humans in every possible aspects, as are whales and dolphins.
       (13) The existence in dolphins and whales human-related social behaviours.In turn such related behaviours confirm that people and dolphins and whales originate from the same evolutionary chain. It is because only these two groups evolved identical social behaviours, which are NOT demonstrated by any other creatures. I provide here the most drastic examples of such behaviours. 
             (13.1)Departing to other world together with the respected leader. The evolution provided people with an unique impulse. Namely, if someone loved or respected dies, then the ones who are emotionally linked with the deceased commit suicides to go together to the other world. Spectacular examples of this impulse include, amongst others, self-burning of wives in old India together with corpses of their husbands, burying in ancient Egypt important people together with their entire court, fate of Romeo and Juliet, or present "suicidal pacts" of some teenagers. Well, whales and dolphins do the same. If e.g. the leader of a pack of whales is sick and dying, then an entire pack commits a suicide by "beaching" themselves. 
             (13.2)Organising meetings for socializing, which are not justified by needs of survival. Whales and dolphins organise repetitive socializing gatherings in selected areas of the ocean. These gatherings are not motivated by needs of survival, e.g. are not for reproduction nor for gathering food. So these are mainly for entertainment and for socializing - as this takes place during human festivals and gatherings. A place where e.g. whales meet, is a vicinity of the town Kaikoura in New Zealand. Only people and whales and dolphins developed evolutionary these kinds of meetings which are not justified by the requirements of the survival. 
             (13.3)Recognition for intelligence. Out of all creatures on our planet, only people, whales, and dolphins are able to recognise and respect intelligence in other creatures. It is because of this recognising that e.g. dolphins treat people as equal to themselves, sometime save ones who could drown, and even sporadically volunteer to join human groups - as this was the case with the dolphin called "Opo" from the New Zealand settlement of Hokianga, which since the summer 1955 until 8 March 1956 behaved like a human until was mischievously murdered with a blast of "gelignite" most probably by changelingswho would not allow it to illustrate the truth about evolutionary relationship of people and dolphins. (About a similar case of a dolphin, which at Hippo in ancient Rome also behaved like a human, wrote the historian Pliny the Younger around 100 A.D.)
             (13.4)The demonstration of awareness of being related to people. Dolphins and whales are only animals, which demonstrate that are aware of close relationship to people. They demonstrate this awareness quite frequently, e.g. through helping people or defending people. A description of an extremely unusual case of such demonstration I have found in the article "Tale of rescue by dolphins inspires film", published in the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Wednesday, October 18, 2006, page A17. In the article was described how on November 2004 four members of the New Zealand lifesaving organisation named "Whangarei Heads Surf Lifesaving" swam around 100 meters into sea, where it become hunted by around 3 meters long shark. Seeing that their lives are in danger nearby group of dolphins surrounded these 4 people in a circle and for around 40 minutes risked their own lives by scaring the shark, until rescue arrived. The article lists names of these people rescued by dolphins: Rob Howes, Nicky Howes, Karina Cooper, Helen Slade. It also provides the name of the lifesaver who witnessed from a close range this huge man-eating shark: Matt Fleet. According to this article, now a film about the entire event is prepared (the event was originally published in the New Zealand "Northern Advocate"). Let us hope that this film is to contribute to a better protection of still living dolphins, the number of which is rapidly decreasing lately.
       (14) The existence of traits in whales and dolphins, which apart from these animals appear only in people, e.g. recognising themselves in mirrors, use of tools, showing complex feelings, or having own culture.A British man named Mark Simmonds, who is the director of "the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society", in October 2006 published a very interesting scientific article which discusses results of newest research on whales and dolphins. Although I had no access to the article itself, a summary of it carrying the title "Whales and dolphins show distinctive human traits" appeared on page A11 from the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Friday, October 6, 2006. In this article Mr Simmonds points the attention of the reader to a huge similarity between behaviour of whales and dolphins, and the behaviour of humans. Many areas of this similarity do not appear even in monkeys. In order to mention here some of these, whales and dolphins use tools like people do. With easiness they recognise themselves in mirrors. Furthermore, they show a whole range of complex feelings known only in people - starting from joy or grief, up to attentive care of the hurt. They display also social behaviours, such as cooperative behaviours, exchange of information, social learning and teaching, or the use of common form of language. Furthermore, they also have their own culture, which manifests itself, amongst others, through complex songs, cultural life, mutual assistance and accompanying in troubles, etc., The article points the notice of readers onto an overlooked previously danger of current push for initiation of hunting whales and dolphins. Namely, if accidentally leading individuals amongst these animals are killed, then destroyed is also their culture and knowledge which keep them all alive. This in turn may cause their complete extinction.
       (15) The use of some form of "language" which allows dolphins a fast and unambiguous communication with whales.On Wednesday, 12 March 2008, in television news of New Zealand and Australia was presented an extraordinary sighting of the New Zealand scientist. The scientist with his own eyes saw how fast a dolphin called "Moko" communicated with two strangled whales that wandered between sandy dunes during the sea tiding-out. Then the scientist saw also that dolphin saving lives of the whales by leading them to a deep sea. The next day these saving actions of the dolphin were described in the article "How Moko the friendly dolphin saved whales", from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, March 13, 2008. Here is a quotation of most vital sentences from that article: "The whales were on the surface but when Moko arrived all three submerged and swam out to sea. 'It was quite decisive, the change in their attitude.' ... She communicated in some way with the two whales, escorted them along the beach and a right-angle turn into the channel, and we haven't seen the whales since."Of course, the article is long and describes thoroughly how people tried to save these two whales in a fast tiding-out water, how the whales did show the disorientation and distress resulting from the fact that they did not know how to come out to a deep sea from a labyrinth of shallow waters that surrounded them, and how after the arrival of the dolphin the whales immediately learned from her that there is an exit from this sandy trap, stopped show the distress and vigorously followed the dolphin which show to them where hides the channel that leads to the deep sea. This sighting proves that dolphins and whales intelligently communicate with each other with even more ease that it is done by people of different races and languages. It also indicates that the reason for the so-called "beaching of whales" is just the direction in which run echoes of the deep sea sounds that bounce off the beach bank. (I.e. if we could eliminate these echoes, whales would stop beaching themselves.)
       (16) The existence of many other examples when two separate evolutionary chains leads to similar final products.This in turn means, that in spite of apparent similarities to monkeys, people could also evolve from the same ancestor from which evolved dolphins and whales. After all, in order to develop a similar final form, various creatures do not need to be relatives. As examples of similar, although completely unrelated creatures, consider bats and birds, and also frog tadpoles and fish, or eels and sea snakes. In reality the fact, that there is an apparent similarity of the shape between monkeys and people, does not mean that from the point of view of genealogy, monkeys and people are truly related, nor that they are linked together by anything more than are e.g. eels and sea snakes.
       (17) In the foetal development of dolphins limbs appear similar to these in humans.As it turns out, in the foetal development of dolphins a stadium does exist, in which dolphins' foetuses develop humanly looking limbs. Only that in next stages of their foetal development these limbs convert into flippers.
       (18) The existence of a mutation amongst dolphins, which formed almost human hand palms.On Monday, 6 November 2006, I was shocked to hear in television news of New Zealand - from two different channels, that near Japan divers filmed dolphins with almost human palms. A section of the film on these dolphins was shown that day around 17:43 in news from TVNZ "Prime", while around 18:23 at TVNZ channel 1. (But there was almost nothing visible on it.) For several next days I sought in newspapers anything on the subject of these extraordinary dolphins, but I found nothing. However, I found sparse information in Internet - under the keywords dolphins with fins like human palms. Although our knowledge about these unusual dolphins is still too sparse in order to claim something for sure, it appears that the genetic code of dolphins contains a fault which allows the mutation of almost human hands. Perhaps it were just such dolphins that at some stage gave a beginning to creatures which in folklore are called "sirens". Then a similar genetic code error caused that in turn humans evolved from sirens. So all signs seem to indicate, that dolphins not only are our living animal relatives, but they also occasionally mutate almost human organs.
* * *
       A just brief skimming through the above evidence already realises, that in spite of uselessness of the present knowledge of genetic codes for proving the genealogy and relationship of separate species of creatures, still numerous other categories of evidence are available, which document that the man evolved from a water creature, similar to mythological sirens, and that the closest still alive relatives of the man are NOT monkeys, but are whales and dolphins. Even a laymen who is unfamiliar with laws of nature and with theory of probability, should be alerted by such large number of common attributes, which are uniquely repeated only in people and only in water relatives of people - means in whales and in dolphins. After all, according to the calculations of probability provided in subsection P1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]- on the occasion of a formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs presented there, the existence of at least 12 such unique attributes in common, excludes the possibility that the similarities result just from a coincident, and conclusively confirms that these similarities represent the evidence that the given species are mutually related. Thus, the existence of the above number of attributes in common for people and for water relatives of people, is an equivalent of a formal scientific proof that humanity in fact do originate from a water creature related to present whales and dolphins.
* * *
[Bild: whale_skeleton.jpg]

[Bild: whale_hand.jpg]

Fig. #F1: The skeleton of a baleen-whale exhibited for a public viewing in the museum from Dunedin, New Zealand. The evidence and logical deductions presented on this web page document, that out of all creatures which populate the Earth, just whales and dolphins, NOT monkeys, after thorough research will prove one day to be the closest relatives of the man. (Probably it is for this reason that in recent years such countries as Japan, Norway, and Island, do not spare resources nor efforts to be officially allowed to hunt down and to eat these still alive relatives of humans.) 
       Fig. #F1a (top):A photograph of the entire skeleton taken from the direction of the head. In this skeleton it is worth to look at bones of the front left flipper visible on side of the above skeleton just behind the end of head of the whale, where it sticks out from almost a human-like shoulder blade. A side view of this left front flipper is shown on the photograph (b).
       Fig. #F1b (down):A photograph of bones from the left front flipper. These front flippers in some whales are like equivalents to human hands and fingers. In fact, if someone had an opportunity to look carefully at bones from front flippers in some whales and dolphins, as this is shown on the above photograph, then probably would notice that they show a shocking similarity to bones in hand palms and in five fingers from human hands.
* * *
Noticethat you can see the enlargementof each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to clickon this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to downloadeach illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#F3. Where is hiding this "missing link" - means where we lost the evolutionary ancestors of humans:

       Deductions from previous items of this web page begin to indicate increasingly clear, where is lost this "missing link" from the evolution of mankind. As these deductions indicate, this missing link most probably hides where no-one was seeking it before, namely on the bottoms of seas and oceans amongst remains of sea and water creatures. This missing link in the evolution of man most probably is the water creature popularly called a "siren" or a "nymph", which still lived on Earth in the initial period just after mankind was settled in there. But then it either got extinct by itself, or was destroyed on purpose in the same manner as we know that e.g. was destroyed the Neanderthal Man at the time when God was settling humans on the Earth. 
       A whole range of data which we know from mythology, points to the fact that creatures which in human myths are described under the name of "sirens" and "nymphs" most probably are these "missing links" - means are evolutionary ancestors of the man. For example, we know that these creatures had a high intelligence, and that they developed beginning of the speech. After all, the mythology frequently indicates that these sirens used to "sing" loudly. (From this singing probably the name for present warning alarm sirens was coined.) It is also known that these creatures were very similar to humans. Supposedly female sirens had the shape, appearance, and sexual organs so similar to these from human women, that old time sailors used them as substitutes for women. Furthermore, these sirens are NOT at all products of human imagination, because they exists in mythologies of almost every nation on Earth. In turn, on the example of the German archaeologist-hobbyist, Heinrich Schliemann, who in 1870 managed to locate the ancient Troy just on basis of mythology, is already known that mythology is in fact a spoken history, only that for some reasons these evil powers mentioned in item #J3 of this web page do not want people consider the historic truths which spoken mythology tries to pass to us.

Part #G: Consequences of determining that dolphins and whales are closest still alive relatives of humans:

#G1. If whales and dolphins are the closest still alive animal relatives of humans, then how we should respond to people and countries which kill and eat these relatives:

       I personally believe that according to criteria of scientific proving, the logical structure of this web page in combination with the evidence presented in item #F2, are practically equivalent to a proof that dolphins and whales are really closest still alive animal relatives of humans. In such a situation one may wonder how to treat these people and countries, like Japan, Iceland, or Norway, which hunt whales and dolphins and eat their meat. My reply is simple. The killing and eating of these our animal relatives is the same expression of savagery and insensitiveness, as killing and eating people. Thus practically a duty of every inhabitant of the Earth is to persuade these countries and such people which kill whales and dolphins, to stop such practices. In this persuading we should not refrain from any steps which lie in our capabilities, e.g. from writing, demonstrating, boycotting, etc.
       The discussed countries murder a huge number of these our animal relatives every year. For example, in the article "Call to halt annual dolphin slaughter", published on page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Wednesday, November 22, 2006, is explained that in autumn and winter 2006 fishermen in Japan are going to kill for meat around 21000 dolphins (in previous years a similar number of these intelligent relatives of people probably was killed over there). In turn, in the article "NZ joins global action on Iceland's whaling", published on page A11 of the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Thursday, November 2, 2006, is revealed that in 2006 Iceland intends to kill 9 fin whales and 30 minke whales. (Iceland officially returned to whale hunting in 2006, although it hunts whales already since 2003 "for scientific purposes" (similarly like Japan). Before for two decades Island refrained from whale hunting.)

Part #H: Why genetic codes are useless in proving the relationship of people to dolphins and whales:

#H1. What really are genetic codes:

       Genetic codes in fact are kinds of algorithmic records expressed in a special language, which inform how exactly a given individual should be formed. Illustratively they could be described as Godly equivalent to present technical drawings used by today industry for documenting designs of specific products.

#H2. Why in genetic codes we still see relation of people to monkeys instead of relation of people to whales or dolphins:

       At this point the reader probably asks himself a question, why a possible close relationship of people to whales and dolphins is not indicated to us by experts in genetics. As it turns out, the reason for this lack of indication from genetics is the very nature of genetic codes, and also the "holistic" manner in which present experts of genetics determine the relationship of species by comparing entire structures of their genetic codes. If one analyses the manner on which genetic codes are used today for establishing blood relatives, it turns out that it is similar to a "holistic" manner in which present people are establishing relationships between two songs, paintings, products, etc., (e.g. during arguments about plagiarism), instead of being similar to the decoding and analysing of the content, utilised e.g. when scientists try to establish mutual relationship of two copies of ancient Bibles. Namely, considered is only the similarity of the entire genetic codes, means the similarity of their entire structure, instead of the decoding and analysing these sections of the codes which contain the records of genealogies of given species. In turn such "holistic" comparison of codes hides in itself a basic definition error. Namely, compared are only the final products of the evolution, instead of comparing with each other the paths by which the evolution arrived to these final products. On the other hand, someone's true blood relation is the result of the same evolutionary path, not the result of final similarities at the end of this path. (For example, Mr. Smith is related to Mr. Brown only if the historic documentation confirms that they have common ancestors, grand-ancestors, etc. - not when by a coincidence they are looking alike.)
       I am going to explain now on several analogies and examples, the nature of the error which is hidden in such a "holistic" comparison of genetic codes. From their definition, genetic codes are simply descriptions of all details of the design, appearance, and operation of bodies of given creatures, expressed in a special "genetic language". Thus, they are natural analogies to e.g. present design documentation (technical drawings) used by subsequent factories to document exact design and production of, let say, cars. As I explain this illustratively in next paragraph, genetic codes are a kind of program, written in a special genetic programming language, which (the program) expresses precisely how a given individual supposed to look like, what should be the design and the operation of every tiny detail of his or her cells, how his or her body supposed to operate and behave - e.g. age, etc. Means, these codes are, amongst others, shaped by conditions in which a given individual lives, and also by the appearance and by the design of this individual, however not by its genealogy. For this reasons, entire genetic codes can be only a basis for establishing the relationship (and only this close one) within a given species (e.g. how father and children are related). But these entire codes cannot be used for establishing the blood relationship (or genealogy) between separate species (e.g. how closely eels relate to water snakes). Especially if these separate species have a similar appearance and operation of their bodies, and also if they live in similar conditions. In case of separate species, entire genetic codes more reflect the similarities of their design, appearance, and the environment in which these species prefer to live, than their actual blood relationship which result from their genealogy. Expressing this in other words, the fact that genetic codes of e.g. monkeys and people are very similar when compared "holistically", does NOT mean that both these creatures are truly related to each other. The similarity of their entire genetic codes simply means, that because of the evolutionary formation of similar final shapes, and also because of their lives in similar environments and conditions, as well as because of having similar behaviours, monkeys and people completely independently from each other developed genetic codes which when compared "holistically" look very similar. But if anyone in fact undertook an effort of comparing genetic codes in e.g. eels and in sea snakes, which also indicate many mutual similarities - although originate from drastically different evolutionary chains, then would discover that their entire genetic codes are almost the same close to each other as these in monkeys and in humans. The reason for this state of things I am going to explain on the following illustrative analogy.
       In a similar manner as the entire genetic codes are the reflection of anatomy and the behaviour for subsequent species of creatures, also e.g. in computers the so-called "source programs" prepared in a specific programming language are the reflection of the anatomy and operation of these programs. So if someone analyses "holistically" such a source program written in a given programming language e.g. for an editor from "Macintosh" computers, and also analyses such a source program for e.g. an editor from "PC" computers, then would come to a conclusion that these two editors are more mutually related than they are related to e.g. operating systems in their own computers. Of course, this would be not true. After all, the only thing that really is related between these two editors, are first computers on Earth from which evolved their computers and then their codes. So in fact the source program e.g. for an editor in "PC" would be more related to the operating system in this "PC" than to an editor in "Macintosh". However, the similar operation of both editors, and similar circumstances in which both these editors are used, and also a similar manner in which the programming language reflects this operation and circumstances, causes that both these editors look as if they are mutually related. Similarly is with the entire genetic codes of monkeys and whales. The similarities of entire genetic codes of monkeys and people results mainly from the "genetic language" in which these codes are expressed, and from the similarities of the anatomy and behaviours of monkeys in comparison to humans. But if we could establish the true genealogy of these creatures, then it would turn out, that the closest alive relatives of humans still remain whales and dolphins - in spite that because of the different anatomy, operation, and behaviour this is not reflected in holistic structure of their genetic codes.
       Let us summarise here the above presentation. It puts forward a highly intriguing thesis of vital consequences for our knowledge about the origins of humans, which was overlooked so-far in matters of genetics. This thesis states that the present holistic treatment of genetic codes of people, which avoids the learning and decoding of the content of these codes expressed in a special "genetic language", reveals only similarities in the design (e.g. anatomy) of a given individual, but fails to indicate useful information about the history of development (genealogy) of the entire specie to which this individual belongs.
       Is there any evidence which confirms the truth of the above thesis? As it turns out, there is such evidence. For example, it is a close similarity of genetic codes in all people who live on our planet. As it is revealed by the research of genetic codes of people, all humans who populate our planet presently have codes so similar to each other, as if all people on Earth are descendants of one person who lived only around two to three thousand years ago. (A popular summary of scientific articles on this subject, which appeared in the Journal "Nature", supplemented with interviews with authors of these articles, was published in the article "Tie that binds us all", which appeared in the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Monday, July 3, 2006, page B1.) This in turn means, that the structure of entire genetic codes of subsequent people is NOT able to transmit any useful information about the genealogy beyond the time-span of around three thousand years. So this structure do not contain any data about the genealogy of people from times when the evolution of people took place (after all, this evolution was much earlier than 3 thousand years ago). Thus the holistic comparison of genetic codes cannot be used for defining the blood relationship of subsequent species (i.e. genealogy of species), but only can be utilised for defining close relationships within given species - and only under the condition that the time-span between periods, when the investigated individuals were alive, is not too large. 

#H3. If the "holistic" treatment of genetic codes to-date disqualifies their use for for establishing relation of species, then where we should seek evidence for the relation of people to whales and dolphins:

       Because, according to the explanations from item #H2 above, until the time when people learn exactly the "language of genetic codes", the genetic codes treated "holistically" cannot be used for determining the genealogy and mutual relationship between different species, at the present level of our knowledge we need to seek various other indicators of this genealogy and relationship. In item #H4 I try to point the attention of the reader onto several commonly known such indicators. These indicators document that actually people are related the most closely to whales and dolphins. Simultaneously, these indicators exclude the possibility that monkeys and people are related as closely as present evolutionists claim this. (Of course, we cannot forget that ALL mammals are somehow related to each other.)

#H4. Is there a possibility, that in the future a tiny section of the genetic codes will be discovered, which contains the record of genealogy of given species:

       In item #H2 of this web page is explained that at the present level of our knowledge one cannot use "holistic" comparison of genetic codes for establishing genealogy and relationship of subsequent species. But this explanation does NOT try to claim, that genetic codes will never be used for establishing this relationship and genealogy. Rather opposite, in item #H3 of this web page a clue was indicated, that these codes contain a tiny section, in which the history and genealogy of a given species of creatures are recorded. This section still remains unknown to present scientists. It causes that for every species the "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way" - for details see (5) in item #F2 of this web page. Only that to decode this tiny section of the genetic code, the fulfilment by researchers of two conditions is necessary. Namely, firstly they need to learn exactly the unique "language" in which genetic codes are formulated. Secondly they need to concentrate on the exact decoding of the descriptions provided in the genetic language for the genealogy of given species recorded in this specific tiny section of the genetic code. The truth about the origin of someone cannot be simply established just by a comparison of entire genetic codes of subsequent species, but requires laborious decoding of this tiny and well hidden section of the code.
       This tiny section of the genetic code, in which the records of the genealogy of a given species is provided, can be compared to a small inscription in the corner of technical diagrams for e.g. a car, in which the genealogy of this car is explained (e.g. which states from which other car a given car originates). Or it can be compared to a small comment in a source code of an editor, which (the comment) explains the history of this editor. I personally believe that Godintentionally left for us such a message written in the "language of genetic codes", and also that He intentionally provided us with the clue where to look for it, in the form of this principle that "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way". Only that, similarly as God always does this with every truth, He thoroughly hide this truth from our sight. (We need to remember the Polish proverb, that "truth hides on the bottom of well" - meaning that one firstly needs to draw a lot of useless "water" before one gets to the truth hidden beneath it.)
       I personally believe that humanity just approaches the time when this special tiny section of the genetic codes is decoded. After all, only by this can be explained the stubbornness and determination with which evil powersthat hide from people the truth about origins of the mankind, in recent times try to destroy on Earth the last relatives of humans (i.e. whales and dolphins). It is probably because of this, that servants of these evil powers push so hard to be allowed to hunt whales industrially, and also probably for this reason dolphins are destroyed so fast and quickly seem to disappear from the entire our planet.

Part #I: The role of "genetic codes" in shaping future of given living creatures:
#I1. "Genetic codes" as carriers of "programs of life and fate" for all living creatures:
       Time which prevails in our physical world is in fact a kind of reversible software time. This is why this time can be shifted back. In item #B3 of the web page timevehicle.htm - about mechanism of time, shifting time back, and about time vehicles, this software reversible time is defined in the following manner: time is the flow of execution control through sequence of elementary commands in natural programs of our lives.In living creatures these "natural programs of life" are contained in the double helixes of their DNA (i.e. in the genetic code of a given creature). As we know from mechanics, the helixes are extremely interesting mechanical forms - especially susceptible for vibrations and for resonances. After all "springs" known to everyone is just a material representation of just such helixes. And we know how susceptible is every "spring" to vibrations and to falling into resonances. Perhaps the reader saw sometimes a kind of a large and very flexible spring, as under the influence of its ability to resonate it just by itself "walks in rhythmical steps" down of stairs. Well, the double "spring" of DNA has just the same ability. Means, it can like "walk down of stairs" - but it does NOT need any staircase for this walking. In the result of this like "walking down stairs" the double helix of DNA is exciting to resonance with the so-called "timespace" atom after atom from its own structure. In turn the resonating a given atom of DNA causes that a section of the "program of life" is executed which is stored in a given atom of DNA. In this manner, step-by-step, our program of life is executed in jumps. In turn the consequence of this "jumping" execution of the program is that we ourselves "pass through time in short jumps". Therefore if someone wishes to shift his or her time back, it is sufficient to shift back own vibratory resonance to the initial atoms of the DNA. This shifting back vibrations depends simply on subjecting a given person (or other living creature) to action of the magnetic field which vibrates with the precisely controlled frequency and curve of changes in time. The device which generates just such a magnetic field is called the "time vehicle". Description of principles of operation of this device is presented in item #C2 of the web page immortality.htm - about the access of people to immortality and to lives that never end.
       The above descriptions have this attribute, that they explain also, amongst others, what exactly are so-called "genes" in the light of the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory defines "genes" in the following manner: genes are finite sections of natural "programs of life and fate" which completely define closed periods in the life of a given creature. So in the sense of their function, "genes" represent equivalents of what the area of computer sciences called "Software Engineering" names "subprograms" or "procedures". This means, "genes" are composite "modules" in a much larger "program of life and fate" for a given creature. While natural "programs of life and fate" describe the entire life of a given creature, individual "genes" describe clearly distinguishable "stages" or "periods" in this life and fate. God utilises these "genes" as kinds of ready-made "building blocks" from which He automatically pieces together the modular course of the entire life of a given creature. Because these "subprograms" called "genes" describe specific sections of the life and fate of every creature, depending what according to this section of the fate is to happen then to a given creature, present scientists assume that some "genes" are responsible e.g. for someone's heart attack or for a specific form of cancer, other "genes" - for becoming a drug addict or for a mental disorder. However, one day in the future scientists will also discover with a shock, that there are "genes" which are "responsible" e.g. for someone being hit by a car, getting shot, or drowning in a river. Of course, as so-far scientists did NOT drop yet onto the idea of carrying out genetic comparisons in victims of specific categories of accidents or deaths.
       The reason for which I am explaining all this above, is to realise that genetic codes are NOT at all the description of mutual relationships between subsequent living creatures, but carriers of "programs of life and fate" for these creatures. Of course, these programs of life and fate describe also, amongst others" parents of a given creature, and also illnesses which are to affect it and imperfections in its body. As such, these programs of life and fate can also serve, amongst others, to determine the closest relationships between given creatures.

Part #J: Yet another joke and simulation of God, i.e. the "cosmic origins of humanity":
#J1. Cosmic relatives of people - means another makeup story (or joke) of God, that is being passed off unto people:
       As it turns out, the imagination and creative ability of God are incomparably more exuberant from these in people. Also God clearly likes to "treat" people with makeup stories. It turns out that the "simulated history of the universe and man" described on this web page is NOT the only invented story which God presently spreads amongst people. Still another such a story concerns UFOnauts. Although so-far people do NOT want to officially notice it, there is a huge pool of evidence which documents that the appearance of UFOnauts and UFOs on the Earth is also simulated by God. Examples from this huge pool of evidence is shown on totaliztic web pages ufo_proof.htm - about scientific proof that UFOs do exist objectively and are already completed Magnocraftsevidence.htm - about the body of evidence for the real activities of UFOnauts and UFOs on the Earth, and explain.htm - about scientific interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs. As it indicated the research carried according to totalizm, these UFOnauts, and also everything that is linked to them (e.g. UFO vehicles), are also simulated by God with a supernatural realism. Descriptions of these simulations are presented, amongst others, in items #F7 and #F8 of the totaliztic web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, and in items #D2 to #D5 of the totaliztic web page ufo.htm - with scientific replies to fundamental questions regarding UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - i.e. whether they do exist, how they function, etc.. So it is clear, that in His efforts to groom the effective seekers of truths, God prepared a whole series of various simulations, the goals of all of which is to teach humans to distinguish between truth and shams or simulations. To be honest, this simulation of UFOnauts and UFOs by God is so realistic, that myself I was fooled by it for many years.
       The research of totalizm indicates, that all the "evidence" about the supposed origins of humanity from the distant planet "Terra", that is described in further parts of this web page, is simulated by God and manifested to people. It probably supposed to convince us, that all creatures which exist on the Earth were brought to Earth from the planet Terra. Means, all the Earthly living creatures supposedly represent only creatures that used to live on Terra, means which in times when they were brought to the Earth represented the final links from their evolutionary chains. This in turn supposed to suggest to hardened atheistic researchers, that even if we do NOT have these so-called "missing links" still the "natural evolution" is possible. In turn the direct ancestors of the man, means sirens, were brought to the Earth. But the ancestors of these ancestors, means creatures from which evolved whales (and dolphins), as well as sirens, not necessarily needed to still exists on Terra at that time and be brought to Earth in time of the supposed preparation of Earth for colonisation. Due to such a clever "simulation", "atheists" receive a "scientific" justification, that the ancestors of these "missing links" in fact never appeared on Earth, but disappeared when the first humans supposedly blasted apart their home planet "Terra".

#J2. What makeup "evidence" is passed to us in order to suggest that the humanity originates from the planet "Terra" not from the Earth:

       The matter of origins of the mankind is made even more complicated by information that originates from UFOnauts. It turns out that UFOnauts arriving to the Earth claim that they are close relatives of humans. They also insist that the human race does not originate from Earth, but was brought here from the planet "Terra" which already does not exist (by some of them the name of this planet is also pronounced as "Nerra"). This planet Terra was located in the Vega system from the constellation of the Libra. An example of one out of such "leaks of information" from UFOnauts is provided in subsection B3 from the Polish treatise [3b]- see in there paragraph numbered {5500}. Humanity, and also animals and plants, supposedly were brought to the planet Earth from the planet Terra in order to colonise the Earth. But in the result of man-made cataclysms which supposedly were induced by cosmic relatives of humans after the colonisation of Earth, people apparently lost the knowledge about their true roots and ancestors. Here is the list of the most important categories of evidence which again seems to be passed off upon us, and which supposed to convince us to the claims of UFOnauts that the humanity originates from the planet "Terra".
       (1) Gravity equations and attributes of humans described by them.In subsection JE9 from volume 9 of monograph [1/4]several equations were derived and interpreted, which carry the general name of "gravity equations". They express the relationship between the gravity of the planet on which a given race of creatures does live, and such attributes of these creatures as their size (height), weight, feelings, intelligence, or longevity. For example, according to these equations, when the man would evolve on the planet with gravity around 4 times greater than the gravity of the planet from which humanity originates, then his height would be around 16 times lower than the height of people, while the intelligence would be around 16 times higher than the intelligence of people on Earth. And as I explained this in subsections P6.2 to P6.4 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4], all parameters of the human body (e.g. the non-utilised potential of the human brain, and also the longevity of Adam and Eve), seem to document that the humanity could originate from a planet the gravity of which was over 4 times greater than the gravity of Earth.
       (2) The arrivals of UFOnauts with anatomy almost identical to anatomy of typical people.By now in the UFO literature a huge body of evidence was collected, which document the fact that on UFO vehicles, amongst others, beings apparently arrive to Earth, who look undistinguishingly identical to people from the Earth. Practically almost every UFO book which reviews several cases of close encounters with UFOnauts, indicates this surprising similarity to humans of the anatomy of some UFOnauts. The best example of just such a documentation is an excellent book [1T1] by Professor John E. Mack, M.D., entitled: "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, volume 464 pages (available also in translation to Polish under the title: "Uprowadzenia - spotkania ludzi z kosmitami"). Several examples from this area are also presented in subsection T4 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4], as well as in the mentioned before Polish treatise [3b]- both these publications are available for free downloading via this web page. 
       (3) The use of name "Terra" in ancient languages, e.g. in Greek.In languages of antiquity, e.g. in the Greek language, the name "Terra" was assigned to the planet on which humans live. This may suggest that the name "Terra" was the remainder from times when the humanity still was aware of the supposedly cosmic origin of people from the planet Terra.
       (4) Folklore and mythology, which describes the supposed origins of humanity from the planet "Terra" and the settling expedition of humanity through cosmos which proceeded the colonisation of Earth.Such legends and stories exist in many races and corners of the Earth. Their examples include mythology of New Zealand Maoris, or legends of the African tribe of Dogons.
       (5) An apparent counter-evolution of humanity that supposedly took place in antiquity, when the human knowledge went from the technical advancement towards the wilderness.For example, initially people knew how to build pyramids, shift mountains, and build flying machines (vimanas), but with the elapse of time they forget even how to produce metals. For more details see subsection P6.5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4].
       (6) The description of Eden which coincides with the design of a telekinetic UFO type K7.If one thoroughly analyses the mythology about the Eden, then it turns out that the name "Eden" was assigned to a flying vehicle similar to the Magnocraft(and a UFO) type K7. The same mythology indicates simultaneously, that relatives of humanity who originally brought Adam and Eve to Earth in this vehicle called "Eden", in fact had towards them very bad intentions which are described more extensively on the web page evil. For more details see subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4].
       Much more information about the possibility revealed to us by a rapidly growing number of "facts", that man was supposedly brought to Earth from a different planet "Terra", is provided in subsections JE9 and P6 from volumes respectively 9 and 13 of monographs [1/4]or [1/5]. I recommend having a look at these subsections.

#J3. How the to-date history of humans would look like, if people really originated from the planet Terra:

       If in fact one takes under account and synthesises into a single body all these fragmented information about the origin of mankind, which are passed off upon us from various independent sources, then it turns out that this origin of humans looks much more complicated than either the disciples of evolution, or disciples of creation, explain this in the simplicity and naivety of their imaginations. Namely, according to this evidence that is passed off upon us, the humanity supposed to "evolve" on the planet called "Terra" - which already does not exist. (First humans who inhabited it have blown it up during one amongst numerous their wars.) Then people supposedly colonised a whole chain of further planets, until finally they arrived to the Earth. Before the colonisation of the Earth, humans prepared it to their arrival by sewing on it almost all living organisms which still existed on the planet Terra. But after the arrival to Earth, humans supposedly were exposed to many destructive cataclysms which supposed to be induced technically by our evilrelatives. In the result of these cataclysms, the humanity supposedly lost the knowledge of its own roots and history. Only presently humanity supposed to rebuild this knowledge. (In order to increase the realism of such a "simulation", as this rebuilding of knowledge takes place on Earth, the evilrelatives of humans treat this rebuilding as a serious threat to their exploitation of Earth, so they again unleashed all these destructive cataclysms which supposed to repeat the destruction of our present human civilisation.) In past I contributed my own effort to the development of just this line of thinking. But now I do hope that this web page is going to be my contribution towards realising "what really is going on".
       In order to learn more about this passed off upon us "simulated history of mankind", it is worth to read subsection V3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]

Part #K: Evidence for the absurdity of the lies spread lately, that these were UFOnauts(i.e. "intelligent designers") who genetically fabricated humans:
#K1. The power behind UFOnauts has several "hidden agendas" in spreading on the Earth the lie that these were UFOnauts who genetically fabricated the man:
Motto: If "intelligent designers" fabricated the humanity, then who fabricated these "intelligent designers", which fabricated "designers" of these "intelligent designers", etc., etc.
       Item #J1 this web page explains to us the finding of totalizm that the so-called "UFOnauts" are simply software "simulations" temporary materialised on the Earth in order to accomplish specific goals. Thus, we even more should be beware of the situation, that in recent years increasingly more so-called "authorities" started to promote a deceiving lie, that these UFOnauts(not God) fabricated the mankind. Supposedly UFOnauts used "genetic engineering" for this purpose. But if someone traces origins of this another fable, then it turns out that it is spread by these "simulated" UFOnauts. For example, the movement promoted on Earth by UFOnauts and called Raelians, openly admits that the information about the genetic engineering of people by UFOnauts these Raelians received from UFOnauts themselves.
       Unfortunately, even if we overlook the fact that UFOnauts are just "simulations", still the existing evidence contradicts that they were able to genetically fabricate humans. For example, the only thing that UFOnauts can do, is to leave a bloody trail on the Earth, through occupying and exterminating humanity from the beginnings of times. They also are famous from chronic lying. Not without valid reasons old-timers used to call them "devils" - as this is revealed on a whole range of web sites of totalizm, e.g. on web pages evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earthufo.htm - about evil UFOnautsmilitary_magnocraft.htm - about destructive uses of UFO vehiclesevidence.htm - about evidence of UFO activities on Earthchangelings.htm - about UFOnauts-changelingsday26.htm - about tsunami on 26 December 2004predators.htm - about predatorswtc.htm - about collapsing WTClandslips.htm - about causing destructive landslips and mudslideshurricane.htm - about making hurricanestornado.htm - about technically induced tornadoeskatrina.htm - about technically induced hurricane Katrinatapanui.htm - about explosion near Tapanuikatowice_uk.htm - about collapsing the hall in Katowiceshuttle.htm - about downing the space shuttle Columbiamalbork_uk.htm - about castle in Malbork, etc. Therefore every information which originates from UFOnauts themselves always needs to be treated with a special caution and suspicion. Especially that in the case of this another lie disseminated lately by UFOnauts themselves, that supposedly UFOnauts fabricated humanity, a whole list of nasty "hidden agendas" is embedded. For example, through disseminating this lie UFOnauts accomplish following hidden goals:
       (a) Cunningly pass with it the warning to humans, which scares people what happens if the humanity tries to free itself from UFOnauts' hidden occupation of the Earth.This scaring takes the form of a following threat "since in past we were able to create you, if you are naughty then we create another race with which we replace you."
       (b) UFOnauts add a significance to their hidden occupation of the Earth and humanity.After all, this their fable that they fabricated humans, has the significance of saying "look folks, we created you, so you are owning us a thanks that you exist at all."
       © They scare humanity with the level of their knowledge.This fable about the fabrication of humanity contains also a hidden information that "we are powerful like gods - do not dare to stand up against us."
       (d) They indirectly tell us, that UFOnauts are different from people.So this statement is a kind of condemnation of reports of people abducted to UFOs, who claim that in these UFOs they saw creatures undistinguishing identical to people. After all, in the relationship to people the lie that UFOnauts fabricated humans, has a meaning identical to stating that "these people who report what they saw in UFOs must lie, because we created people - so we cannot be identical to people."
       (e) Adding the merit to claims spread by UFOnauts all over the Earth, that [b]Godsupposedly does NOT exists.[/b]UFOnauts put a lot of effort in spreading atheism on the Earth. Thus their claim that these were them who created people, is equivalent to the claim that "God does NOT exist, because it was us who fabricated people".

#K2. Evidence spread all over the Earth which documents that if UFOnauts really carry out any genetic engineering, they are able to genetically mutate only monsters which are physically deformed and highly unhappy:

       If someone carefully analyses traces of supposed "genetic" creativity of UFOnauts implanted all over the Earth, then results are shocking. Namely, it then turns out that there is a large body of evidence implanted all over the Earth that UFOnauts supposedly experimented with genetic engineering on people in past. But products of these experiments are simulated as deformed and unhappy monsters with enormously twisted psychology. For example, one of such a monster is shown in "Fig. #K2" below. It is a female genetic composite of a human, in which normal human hands and legs were replaced with genetic implants from clawed legs of some lizards of pray - perhaps from a specie of crocodiles or "comodo dragons". As it turns out, these human composites with "clawed paws" are manifested on the Earth for thousands of years, "helping" UFOnauts in the secret exploitation of our planet. In old times they used to freely shown to people. Therefore their images are known in practically all cultures of the world. Presently they are stopped from being shown to people on the Earth. However, they are still manifested on UFO decks quite frequently. Because of the kind of snake-like or crocodile-like pattern that they have on their skin, people abducted to UFOs usually describe them as "lizards".
       The race of these monsters is manifested for a long time. It is simulated as if it already multiplies all by itself on the planet that it supposedly occupies. It is also shown as if it is too late to rectify now the supposed error of UFOnauts with the creation of this race. But from the physical point of view, this race is shown to us as a very clumsy creatures, mentally highly unstable, deviated, and unhappy. For example, in all other creations, the both sexes of which make love to each other, try to be kind to each other during the intercourse and soon afterwards. However, these unhappy creatures are extremely brutal to their lovers. Before the intercourse and during the course of it they fight a real battle, while after the intercourse they try to physically mutilate each other. The folklore of the "Berawan" tribe from jungles of Borneo describes these females with crocodile's claws (called "kokelir" by them) that they already during the intercourse scratch and tear apart their lovers, while after the intercourse they bite their balls off. In turn the folklore from Italy calls them "wild women-cats". It claims that after the intercourse these female "women-cats" typically tear apart their lovers - if these lovers do not manage to run away fast. In turn Greek myths describe extremely dangerous "Harpies", the all attributes of which also correspond to the behaviour of these clawed "devils" and their female versions.
       Sources for the physical clumsiness and mental unhappiness of these monsters, supposedly created genetically by UFOnauts, is the short-sightedness of their creators. Giving them crocodile's claws may seem to be an excellent idea to the genetic engineers in times when these creatures still lived on trees and ate bulls alive - which they torn apart with their claws. But these claws become redundant in later times. After all, as it happens to all intelligent beings, the civilization level of these monsters gradually must raise with the elapse of time. In turn, it is not comfortable to walk on streets of cities on eagle's clawed legs, nor operate a machine with three-finger clawed hands. So in spite that theoretically speaking such highly advanced UFOnauts can acquire the ability to implant genetically to people organs of selected animals, still these UFOnauts always will lack the far-sightedness and wisdom of God. So whatever UFOnauts are going to design, it is to be short-sighted - means good only for a short time, and for specific environmental conditions only. In turn when times or conditions change, the monsters created by UFOnauts turn out to be just that, means clumsy and unhappy monsters.
       Of course, the list of monsters supposedly generated genetically by UFOnauts does NOT finish on these "three-finger devils with crocodile's claws". In medieval times a whole range of other kinds of them were manifested on the Earth. For example, then also existed hoofed monsters, and similar goat-horned monsters. Hoofed monsters from the belt upward had appearance of people, while from the belt downward had the appearance of goats. To their examples belong, amongst others, "hoofed devils" widely known in the medieval times, and also "satyrs" from the ancient Greek. The ancient Greek knows also the goat-footed god "Pan". In turn horned monsters include, amongst others, medieval horned devils. Furthermore, horned was also the German god Wotan, and the god of Vikings named Odin which travelled on the "flying horse" called Sleipnir (a UFO vehicle?). Horns had also Moses (the one which took Israelis from Egypt) - which the fact is immortalized even on the sculpture of Michael Angelo "Moses" (to be seen in the church San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome). Furthermore, on one English documentary film about Alexander the Great it was claimed that this Macedonian monarch also had small horns - the fact of which is supposedly recorded even in Koran. (Such information induces in us a question, who actually was Moses and Alexander the Great - i.e. were they horned versions of present UFOnauts-changelings.) Every place on the Earth knows further mutated monsters of a partial characteristics of a human. However, all of them were just clumsy monsters. UFOnauts are simulated as being too stupid to successfully play God!

[Bild: she_devil.jpg]
[Bild: she_devil_front.jpg]

Fig. #K2: Genetically engineered mutant which supposedly is a result of short-sighted genetic experiments of UFOnauts. It represents genetically mutated monster which is a cross between a human with genes of selected animals. For example his hands and foots are replaced with paws of a lizard of pray - perhaps from a version of crocodile or comodo dragons. Practically in all cultures of the world this creature is known as a "devil with cock's claws" - as an example I suggest to recall the poem "Pani Twardowska" of the Polish poet named Adam Mickiewicz "... chicken legs and cock's claws he had. ..." On the above sculpture reflected is a "female version" of this "devil". In order to allow a better examination of her wings and system of 3+1 clawed fingers on hands and legs, she is photographed from two directions. Please notice that these "bat-like wings" which this female devil has, in fact are appropriately designed "pelerines" which only assume the shapes of wings when during the flight this creature lifts her hands up. The purpose of these "wings" is to manoeuvre better during flights in the air with the use of a special so-called [b]personal propulsion system. More information about this genetic monster is presented on separate web pages about the church of St. Bobola in Milicz, and about the castle in Malbork. I should also mention here that soon after I published the above photographs, UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth removed the above sculpture. Descriptions of this unjustified removal are provided on the web page about the church of St. Bobola in Milicz. [/b]
       The above figure of a "female devil" originates from the culture of Pacific. (I.e. a far east of the Earth.) But in Poland just such creatures that have only 3+1 clawed fingers, were also known. Descriptions of these are included into folklore of practically every place on Earth.
       From every point of view the above creatures are just clumsy monsters. For example, mentally they are unstable and very unhappy because they know that they are animal-like humans. (Their psychology is explained quite well in a novel and in a film based on this novel, about a man who was created by an evil doctor by sawing together organs taken from dead people.) It explains why these creatures irresistibly love raping people. But after finishing such rapes they mutilate their former lovers. Therefore, e.g. intimidating warriors of the tribe "Berawan" from tropical jungles on the island of Borneo are panicky afraid of these evil females (called "kokelir" over there). They know that when such females get hot after seeing a human male, after the sexual act they have a bad habit of biting off balls of their former lover.

#K3. Which evidence reveals that if even if UFOnauts really were our cosmic relatives, still they would be unable to fabricate humans genetically:

Motto: "A creation never can replace the creator."
       In spite of dissemination of lies by simulated UFOnauts themselves that these were UFOnauts who genetically designed and created present inhabitants of the Earth (i.e. that UFOnauts created humans), even just a brief analysis proves that these lies are complete nonsense. So let us look now on the most vital examples of evidence which unambiguously documents that UFOnauts never were able, and never will be able, to create humans. Here are examples of this evidence:
       (i) From the anatomy point of view UFOnauts are in every aspect indistinguishably identical to people - the fact of which is supported by a huge body of evidence.This means that UFOnauts could NOT create humans, because then people would be different from them. So in reality their claimed "creation of humans" looked that way, that one day they simply caught several children of isolated their own farmers and shifted them to the Earth.
       (ii) The structure and functioning of the human body shows a huge far-sightedness of which UFOnauts are incapable.The human body proves itself to be optimal and practical in all conditions and in all times. Thus the human body shows the wisdom and far-sightedness of the one who controls the time - means God. In turn whatever UFOnauts design and what they form genetically through compositions of genes stolen from various God's creatures, always is a kind of monster which is good just for one times and for one kind of conditions. When the time changes or conditions change, these monsters become clumsy and unhappy.
       (iii) If it is true the claim of UFOnauts that God does NOT exist and that these were UFOnauts who created humans, then immediately a next question rises, "who in this case created UFOnauts".UFOnauts do NOT provide, and in fact are unable to provide, an answer to this next question.
       (iv) The entire body of evidence about genetic engineering of UFOnauts documents, that the only thing they are capable of, is to form genetic composites of already existing creatures.Means, UFOnauts were only able to insert genes stolen from already existing creatures, between human genes. For example, by adding to genes of humans another genes stolen from goats, they formed "Satyrs" and "horned devils". But UFOnauts were unable to evolve completely new kinds of creatures, that never existed before. This in turn means, that they were only secondary "copying cats", and that they are very far from skills of the original creator. So for sure, they were unable to create humans.

Part #L: Similar simulations and jokes our young God plays much more for people:
#L1. Let us count only these untrue simulations and jokes of God that were analysed in the previous parts of this web page:
       Only on this web page listed were and documented numerous fabricated simulations and jokes played for people by God. Let us try to count these here:
       (1) Inventing and implanting into the physical world the second (untrue) history of the universe that includes, amongst others, the "big bang" and the so-called "natural evolution".
       (2) Inventing and passing off unto people the "cosmic origins of the humanity" and the existence of cosmic relatives of humans.
       (3) Inventing, simulating, and periodical confronting with people the extraordinary flying machines which are called "UFO vehicles", as well as the supernatural beings that control these machines and that in past were called "devils", "dragons" "serpents", "witches", etc., while presently are called "UFOnauts".
       (4) Periodical creation and passing off upon people the clumsy monsters with shocking habits, an example of which is shown on the sculpture from "Fig. #K2" above.
       So if we draw some general conclusion from the above review, this conclusion would reveal a rather humorous findings that our young God likes to play jokes on people and likes to confront people with highly inspirational puzzles which He temporally simulates especially for this purpose. Moreover, our God does all this because He wants us to grow intellectually through solving His puzzles, and He shows a great disappointment when we do NOT respond to His inspirational challenges.

#L2. "Printer's imps" - means another large family of continuous set-ups and jokes played on people by God for important reasons:

       My acquaintance from Germany (Rainhard) is a professional printer that originates from a family of many generations of printers. One day he complained to me, that if an important publication is printed, in which NOT supposed to be any error, then no matter how thoroughly it would be checked and improved, never all errors can be eliminated from it. If a printer removes one group of errors, then by the action of some magical powers another group immediately appears. This regularity Rainhard knew NOT only from his own experiences, but also from findings of past generations reported by his father. Practically the matter of these printing errors looks as if in printing shops secretly acted some mischievous supernatural creatures (in past called printer's imps) which intentionally play tricks on printers.
       Myself in my research also frequently encounter this phenomenon. But because I write everything on my computer, which also stores my works, in my case the tricks of these "printer's imps" take the forms of changes introduced to my texts after I finish writing and close my computer. In past these tricks of "printer's imps" used to make me really upset and angry, as they used to leave physical traces as if some "evil UFOnauts" at nights secretly kept breaking into my computer. But presently, when I discovered WHO really hides behind these changes intentionally introduced to texts that I am writing, I ceased to worry and get upset about them.
       In the computer discipline called "Software Engineering" it is commonly known that the number of errors contained in every computer program remains approximately at the same level (i.e. is proportional to the length of this program) - no matter how much this program is tested and improved. This is because when someone removes several out of these errors, later it turns out that mysteriously in the same program almost an equal number of new errors do appear. So we could say, that these "printer's imps" act also in computer programming. Practically their mischievous activities can be detected in everything that is vital for people, and that depends on writing.

#L3. Illusive and perfectly masked evil-doers with supernatural powers that act currently in Internet:

       If someone takes part in any Internet discussions, then he or she knows that also in Internet act some exceptionally mischievous creatures with supernatural powers. The existence of these creatures I discussed in past in the Google discussion group(see topic number (1) from the item #E2 of the web page faq.htm. where it is worth to look in order to read more about them.

#L4. Manifestations of all these tricks and simulations played on people by God, represent most noticeable physical evidence in support of the fact that God really does exist:

       Each one of us seeks a confirmation whether Godreally does exist. These manifestations of jokes and tricks played on people by God represent one amongst most clearly noticed physical evidence for the existence and activities of God.

Part #M: What we can learn from findings of totalizmelaborated on this web page:

#M1. Not only us, humans, but also God Himself is "relatively imperfect", thus He is continually learning and improving His methods:

       A vital finding of the philosophy of totalizmelaborated on this web page, is the fact that God is still very "young", because He is "only" around 6000 years old, and thus that God is also "relatively imperfect". If we consider this thoroughly, such "relative imperfection of God" introduces "revolutionary" consequences. On one hand it reveals to us the "human aspect of God", which so-far was either overlooked, or kept hidden, by religions. After all, as we all probably are aware of it, all religions tell people that "God exists since eternity and is perfect". Only the philosophy of totalizm points our attention at the information provided in the Bible, which reveals to us that God self-evolved just slightly more than 6000 years ago, and that He is "relatively imperfect". In turn the assumption of "eternal and perfect God" blocks the humanity from an aware self-development, deprives people justification for reasons they exist, and hides the goal (i.e. "increasing the knowledge") to the fulfilment of which people supposed to serve. In turn God which utilises us people for self-development and for the increase of perfection of the entire intelligent universe, is not only the concept highly innovative, but also a concept which justifies our existence, explains our own imperfections, and also which inspires us to increase our efforts towards accumulation of knowledge and lifting level of our civilisation. Furthermore, the knowledge of the fact that God is "young" and still "relatively imperfect" explains to us many phenomena which we notice in our surrounding, for example it explains: (1) a kind of "continuous experiment" which God completes with people, (2) the lack of perfections in methods of God's governing over human societies, (3) the need to create people as highly imperfect creatures, (4) the necessity to inspire people for work and to creativity via almost a "deception" of the type of "simulated history of the universe and man" described on this web page, or via methods of the "carrot and stick" type described in item #D1 of the web page god.htm - about scientific answers of secular philosophy of totalizm for basic questions regarding God, (5) the need to maintain people in the lack of certainty about the God's existence - described in item #D1 of the web page ufo.htm - with answers to fundamental questions regarding UFOnauts and UFO vehicles - e.g. whether they do exist, how they function, etc., and a whole array of other, previously misunderstood, phenomena.
       Of course, while stating that "God is relatively imperfect", we also have the duty to exactly define, what the terminology "relative imperfection" actually means in His case. After all, if we compare quantitatively e.g. the knowledge of God to the knowledge of let us say "the most wise human", then the difference is so immense that mathematicians probably would describe it as "infinitive". This is because God knows much more than knew in total all people together that so-far lived on the Earth. But if we compare quantitatively the entire knowledge which God has today, with the entire knowledge that the same God had 6 thousands years ago (i.e. around the time when God created the "physical world" and man), then it turns out that during last 6000 years the knowledge of God at least doubled, if not increased many fold. Proofs for this fact are, amongst others, statements of the Bible, and also the content of holy books of Hinduism. In other words, by a "relative imperfection of God" this web page understands the imperfection which God would display today if we could compare the present knowledge of God with His knowledge that is going to appear in a distant future - let us say after one million years.A comprehensive discussion how exactly we should understand the "relative imperfection of God", together with examples of evidence that "God created man to be able continually increase His knowledge", is presented in item #B4 of the totaliztic web page will.htm - about impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity. Knowing the above it is also worth to remember, that in spite of displaying this "present imperfection in relation to Himself after one million years", in comparison with the imperfection of people God is so immensely more perfect, that for the use of humans with a simplified understanding of the world He can also be described with the highly imprecise word "perfect".
       What is most interesting, God does NOT hide from us His "relative imperfections". E.g. He openly admits His "imperfections" in the Bible (which, after all, is a kind of "autobiography" of God). For example, in Genesis 18:20-21 is stated, quote: 'Then the LORD said, "The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know".' (NIV) Clearly, God did not know the full scope of the "goings on" in Sodom and Gomorrah at that time, except what He had heard. So He was going to "go down" and find out the facts for Himself, then, He said, "I will know". The first information for us that the above verses clearly indicate, is that "God increases His knowledge continually". After all, as those verses above state it, if God initially doesn't know something, then God knows something, that is an "increase of knowledge". The second information for us that the above verses also clearly reveal, is that God does NOT "know everything". Again, as those verses above from the book of Genesis show to us, God at times chooses NOT to know certain things. Thus "God choose not know all things all the time", thereby having the potential to increase His knowledge at times. In other words, "God does NOT know everything".
       This surprising for some people fact, that also God continually learns and improves his methods of action, is additionally confirmed by deductions and evidence presented in item #D5 of the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm
       The "relative imperfection of God" introduces many hefty consequences to our everyday lives. Most vital amongst these consequences I am going to present gradually in my web pages and monographs - only that because of the limitations on sizes of web pages I will present these in other web pages of totalizm (i.e. not in this web page). An example of one amongst such consequences is addressed in items #B4 and #B5 of the totaliztic web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity

#M2. Benefits which we can reap by realising and accepting that humanity evolved from "water creatures" and that it arrived to Earth from the planet "Terra":

       Everyone who managed to yield an effort to learn the controversial theory about the origin of mankind presented on this web page, reaps from this a number of benefits. Because these benefits carry in themselves the potential for introducing positive changes to our view of the world, and thus to the quality of our lives, it is worth to list and to describe at least the most important amongst them. Here are these out of them, the influence of which on our view of the world, and thus also on our lives, can be experienced by practically everyone amongst us:
       (1) A completely different view on the searches for the "missing link", on the archaeological puzzles, and strange megalithic structures such as pyramids, etc.This realises to us how much energy, force, and resources the administrators of the science are pouring into telling people that black is white. (As an example of the wastage of resources in order to spread lies in the society, I would suggest to consider how much costs the idle CETI program - i.e. searches for extraterrestrial intelligences, while simultaneously destroyed are systematically on Earth all these researchers who try to investigate UFOnauts that for thousands of years secretly keep arriving to Earth from the space.)
       (2) The less emotional, but the more philosophical approach to the arguing about the origin of mankind, about teaching evolution in schools, etc.In fact, the realising what actually is going on, causes that one stops putting emotions into the arguing about the origin of the man. This is because one begins to understand that these arguing is induced on purpose along the principle "divide and rule".
       (3) The gaining of awareness of greater peace, someone's protection, a sense of life, which is provided by an invisible protection and supervision of God over everything that happens around us.By knowing that God created us, one has also an understanding that in eyes of God our existence counts and our lives are under His protection. 
       (4) Displaying the greater understanding for reports from UFO abductions, from UFO sightings, etc.In the result of knowledge of what actually is going on, one begins to see differently someone's attempts to scoff and hide the truth about the hidden activities of UFOs on Earth.
       (5) The actual understanding what secretly is going on around us.In turn due to understanding what is secretly going on, one gains a better skills for living in the world which is really governed by such hidden powers.

#M3. Research projects which are worth pursuing in order to extend further our knowledge about the evolution of man:

       No view or theory is perfect and completely finished on any stage of their existence. After all, the views and theories, similarly to people and everything that surrounds us, are subjected to a continuous evolution. In fact the formulation, publication, and bringing to public attention of a view or theory is only a beginning of work on the further refining and developing them to even the greater perfection. Similarly is also with the theory on the origin of humanity described on this web page. The publishing of this theory on this web page only initiated a whole series of detailed research and discussions on the specific findings which stem from it. These discussions and research actually will allow to gradually improve and polish this theory. Many potential topics of the research are still awaiting to be completed. Below I am indicating several examples of such topics for research and discussions, into which readers are able to contribute their own findings:
       (1) Finding the greater number of points in common, which link views of evolutionists with views of disciples of the creation of man.Such points in common may serve towards the shortening the non-productive arguing and starting instead the constructive research and determining the true course of events.
       (2) Finding further highly evidential indicators that people are related to whales and to dolphins.These indicators complement and extend the evidence which is discussed in item #F2 of this web page. They also make the evidence more convincing.
       (3) The revealing of further "facts" about the true history of mankind.Such facts allow to learn a higher number of details about the true of history of humanity.

Part #N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#N1. The summary of this web page:
       Science is formed by people, not by kind of errorless beings. In turn to err is human. So we are not allowed to assume, that something is true only because it originates from scientists. Especially in such important matter as the origins of man. So in spite that present scientists spread very professionally sounding fables about our origins, and in spite that they additionally present various "evidence" which supposedly support their claims, each single one of us still has a moral duty of thorough checking and judging with our own conscience the logic behind these fables, and also the evidential value of whatever scientists use to support these fables. It is worth to remember then, a sarcastic joke about the logic of scientists and about the value of "evidence" which scientists sometimes use. This joke was widely repeated in 1970s. Here is the content of it. "A scientist carried out two experiments with a flea. In the first experiment he placed a flea on a table and ordered 'jump'. The flea jumped. Then he cut off the flea's back legs and again ordered 'jump'. The flea did not jump. So he wrote in his thesis 'fleas have ears in their back legs'."
       On this web page presented are outcomes of my own research into the origins of man. (I.e. results of research about the origins of man, worked out by Dr Jan Pajak.) These results are based on findings stemming from the theory of everythingcalled the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. If one summarises these investigations briefly, they state that otherwise to God- which is simply a single huge natural computer, the structure of human body is too complicated to be able to come to existence in a result of purely accidental evolution. Therefore all facts described in more details in "part I" of the separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, indicate that it was God who come to the existence in a result of natural evolution. In turn this God, after he already existed, created initially the physical world, and later created also humans. So humans are products of the method of creative development of unknown earlier things, which typically is called a "method of a trial and error". But if this method of creating is related to the origin of humans, then it can be called the "intelligently controlled evolution". The creation of man, similarly as the creation of everything else, God based on outcomes of whatever he created earlier. In case of humans, the creature which God transformed in order to obtain the required qualities of the body, was a sea creature related to present whales and dolphins. Therefore whales and dolphins in the light of findings presented here are closest still alive animal relatives of humans.

#N2. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically any blog of totalizm (currently there are 3 of them), e.g. the one available at address from #89 - 2006/11/11) from #293 - 2018/2/23) from #293 - 2018/3/16)
(Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog I always present results of my most recent research. Thus many matters discussed here are explained with additional details and usually in two different languages (i.e. English and Polish).
       Notice also that in 2019 the number of posts in blogs of totalizm exceeded 300. Moreover, there is a book-like "publication [13]" that I prepared in two sizes of fonts (i.e. in the "large print" 20 pt, and in "small print" 12 pt) and also in two languages - in which all posts to blogs of totalizm published so far are collected together and supplied with detailed lists of content. This publication [13] is also instantly updated each time a new post to blogs of totalizm is published. The "publication [13]"is available free of charge from the following web page: tekst_13.htm.

#N3. The authorof this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):

       I have a pleasure to inform readers of my web pages, that to commemorate the 70th birthday of the author of this web page (i.e. myself), there was produced and published around 35 minutes long film by Dominik Myrcik, which since May 2016 is available for free viewing in The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it presents graphically most important among my scientific accomplishments. Its English version can be viewed at the address run it from the web page named djp.htmwhich provides links to the list of all YouTube videos in the preparation of which I participated in person. (The web page "djp.htm" I programmed to be run on the "smart" TVs of the Korean company LG, and on PC computers - preferably having the "Google Chrome" search engine.) I am inviting readers to view it. The working green links, Internet addresses, promotional leaflets in three languages, and complete descriptions of all three language versions (i.e. English, German and Polish) of this excellently designed and produced HD and HQ film, are available on my web page named portfolio.htm- which was especially prepared for describing the film.
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajakwhile courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm(for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf(for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteoustitle of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. 

#N4. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content indexprepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green linkswhich after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#N5. A copy of this web pageis also disseminated as a brochure from series [11]in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green linksstill active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
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