Naturally pure food (2020)
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In the English language thre is this excellent saying "you are what you eat". If someone travelled through any two countries which practice one amongst the best and one amongst the worst philosophies of eating in the world, e.g. travelled through the USA and through the South Korea, or through New Zealand and through Malaysia, then he or she knows how vital truth is expressed by this English saying. In spite of this, a majority of us mostly look for the taste in whatever we eat. We tend to forget that apart of the taste, in a healthy, nourishing, and energising food hides much more important secrets. After all, food is not just for the taste and for satisfying our hunger, but also for energising our bodies by energies which Chinese call "yin" and "yang" (i.e. which decide about our health and good feeling), as well as various healing, stimulating, revitalising properties, etc., etc. Food are poisons and cancer inducing substances with which immoral people saturate food products. Food are also various additions forced upon people by immoral decisions of governments. Etc., etc. Therefore, it is about the time to start take notice these other properties of foods. This web page presents some parts of this knowledge which so-far come to the attention of the author, but which typically are silenced, kept secret, or ignored in present Western cultures.

The content of this web page is authorized by [b]Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature.[/b]

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. The thesis and goal of this web page:
Motto"God approves and rewards in long-term only the research that increases our knowledge of God and helps us to get to know everything that God has created as well as helps us to utilise it in the way that God approves, but God forbids and in long-term severely punishes the research and implementations focused on introducing prohibited by God changes to whatever God has created."
       In spite that for many years I practiced habits of a scientist, I always try to write in plain language all of my web pages, including this web page - so that they can be read and understood by ordinary people. But because of these scientific habits, I still add to the beginning of all my web pages a short summary (abstract) of their content, as well as the formulation of their goals. In turn, on this web page I exceptionally added in this item the so-called "thesis" - the truth of which thesis is proven by practically the content of the entire of this web page. (This is because into the content of this web page I included examples of empirical evidence which support the truth of this thesis.) The presence of thesis and the evidence which proves it true, all together cause, that in spite of being written in a plain language, in fact this web page represents the same format that used to have doctoral dissertations "in old good days" (i.e. in times when the science has NOT yet descended to the dogs).
       The thesis of this web page states: all the components from which are formed (and are kept alive) people and also everything that people need to live, God has created in such a way that these components form "God’s masterpieces" in which the compositions, configurations, structures, parameters, functions, etc., are the most perfect out of all possible outcomes that could be obtained from given components - so that the introduction by humans of any forbidden by God kinds of changes to these "divine masterpieces" always causes only worsening of level of their excellence.
       Expressing in other words this thesis and the reason why I stated it here on this web page, I try to provide the empirical evidence which proves what the to-date official science or the religions have NOT even tried to prove. Namely, the evidence which proves that all components of the people and of whatever is necessary for the people to live (e.g. food and beverages) God purposely designed, created and grouped together so wisely and so well, that they form wholes that are the most perfect out of all outcomes possible to obtain. Therefore, if some people, whose human-fallible knowledge makes them total ignorants and idiots when compared with God’s knowledge (e.g. present employees of the official science, politicians, food industry, farmers, butchers, fishermen, cooks, etc.) are to try to make any changes or "improvements" that ruin in these "God's masterpieces" the originally created by God composition, configuration, structure, etc., then such changes or attempts of "improvements" for sure are to cause only a significant deterioration in the level of excellence of these masterpieces and in their ability to support human health and life.
       I probably do not need to add here, that - as in every matter which is highly important for the good of the people, God also warns us in the Bible, that everything He created (and thus, among others, also the food that we eat and beverages that we drink), He prepared for us in the most perfect way possible. After all, only such a divine warning placed in the Bible is able to clearly let to know all of the humanity that if we (i.e. the imperfect people with knowledge incomparably lesser than that of God) will begin to change it or try to "improve" it, then the only thing we get is the destruction of this "God's masterpiece" and the spoiling of its beneficial effects on our health and life (which beneficial effects God originally bestowed to it). An example of just such a divine warning is the verse 1:31 from the Biblical "Genesis", which, after describing the process of creation of the universe and the people says: "And God saw everything that He had made was very good." (In order to draw people's attention to this weighty fact, that whatever God created is already "very good", and thus that people should NOT even attempt to change it or to "improve" it, God repeats similar emphasizes of quality (good) of the final products that He created for several other stages (days) of creation.) In turn, as we all know, there is NO the word that would mean something even better than "very good". Furthermore, behind of what God says always stands the authority of divine omniscience and God’s infinitive capabilities. Therefore, by stating that what He has created is already "very good", God does NOT need to continue to dwell in the Bible (as I am doing it here) that people deprived of the divine omniscience and capabilities, must NOT change or try to "improve" whatever God has done as "very good", because they will spoil it. After all, such a ban on making changes is obvious and comes to mind by itself from the authority of God's divine omniscience standing behind the term "very good". (An example and an illustration of in how much trouble the humanity falls if it starts to change and "improve" whatever God has made "very good", are murderous consequences of nuclear power, which probably already threaten virtually every person with the danger of inducing skin cancer, named "melanoma", and genetic mutations, in case of someone just being soaked with ordinary rain. After all, my research to-date described in item #F5 and on "Fig. #F1abc" from the further part of this web page - unfortunately, which research still is awaiting verification and confirmation by other researchers, seem to reveal that probably in every rain are contained individual droplets of highly concentrated radioactive waste, the fall of which droplets on the skin, is potentially threatening with causing mutations and the "melanoma" cancer.)
       Of course, the empirical proving of the truth of the above thesis, obtained through providing the body of evidence which I collected on this web page, introduces many serious consequences. For example, it reveals that whatever people do that causes changes in the "God’s masterpiece" that are forbidden by God (e.g. changes in the composition of it), it is always only a next step towards the deterioration of the quality of whatever for us (the humans) is absolutely necessary for life and health. Thus, e.g. every change of the natural composition of the foods we eat, or fluids that we drink, made e.g. by the food industry, commands of politicians or governments, greed of farmers, cunningness of retailers, inventiveness of cooks, etc., always cause only the reduction of the quality of these foods or liquids. In other words, the consequence of proving the abovementioned thesis is a warning: industrialists, politicians, scientists, farmers, butchers, fishermen, vendors, cooks, homegrown enhancers, etc., hands off the changing of composition, genetics, condition, performance, etc., of whatever we eat and we drink. For every change to the created by God forms of the food and fluids required for us to live and to be healthy, through e.g. their industrial processing, adding any chemicals to it, altering their genetic composition, culturing on ways different from natural, or changing them in any ways described below in item #A4, turns this food and fluids into slow-acting poisons that gradually destroy human health and shorten people's lives - as this is explained in item #T7 of my web page named solar.htm.
       From thesis of this web page stems also its main goal. This goal can be stated as: the combining together examples of the most important types of empirical evidence which indicates, that all the changes and "improvements" that people introduce to the created by God natural composition, condition, genetics, growth, etc., of the food that we eat or fluids that we drink, always causes the gradual destruction of the natural ability of these products to support and to nourish our health and life. In other words, the goal of this web page is to confirm, that everything that people are trying to change or to "improve" in our foods and beverages created by God, while the permission of making which changes has NOT been positively acknowledged in the text of the Bible, actually causes that these foods and drinks are poisoned and spoiled, and thus that then they become hazardous to our health and life.

#A2. Why neither the atheistic science, nor the religions existing today, so-far have NOT even tried to prove empirically nor warn us, that the food which God created for us, people must not change or try to "improve", because all human changes made to the "God's masterpiece" cause only significant poisoning and spoiling it, that eventually will destroy people:

Motto"Scientists whom introduce changes to what God has created and what the people (ignorant in comparison with the knowledge of God) must not change, are equally dangerous and destructive as leaders and politicians who destroy and depopulate countries governed by them - unfortunately both these categories of people rapidly multiply on Earth."
       Today's official science virtually at every step "stumbles" on examples of infinite perfection of God's creations. After all, the configuration, parameters, etc., of practically everything that makes up the people and makes up whatever to these people is essential for their life and health, including food, are selected and combined together by God in so narrowly allowed range, that for accomplishing this was necessary the infinitely higher than human wisdom and intelligence of God just to so well match and align these creations. (Notice that in order to continually NOT repeat the words "food and drink" frequently used herein, in every place of this web page when I write the word "food", I recommend to understood this word both as food for eating, and as drink for satisfying thirst.) In fact, there also is a whole ocean of situations and cases, which in a clear manner prove to the researchers, that every change or attempt to "improve" anything in whatever has been created by God for the people, causes the rapid deterioration of the quality of this creation - and thus brings undesirable consequences for people. The entire science and some scientists also sometimes act as if subconsciously they are aware of the fact that "God's masterpiece" people must not neither change nor even try to "improve". After all, for example, the establishing of various "seed banks" both at the global level and in individual countries is, amongst others, just such acting that tries to protect against changing by the people of whatever seeds God has created. Unfortunately for us, in spite of all this, for many different reasons, the institution of present official science as a whole (i.e. as the so-called "group intellect") still cannot somehow get itself to develop and to announce the conclusion, that "God's masterpiece" people must not attempt to change nor "improve", because all such attempts always end up only with spoiling it. So let us list here and describe several amongst most significant examples of these different reasons. Here they are:
       (1) The official lying by the science (treated as a whole), that God does NOT exist. In order to prove that "God's masterpiece", especially food, people must not change or "improve", one needs firstly prove that "God does exist" (as I did it, amongst others, in item #G2 from my web page named god_proof.htm). However, the atheistic institution of present official science claims that God does NOT exist. Thus, by definition, this science cannot draw the conclusion, that people must not change or try to "improve" the "God's masterpiece", especially food - although such a conclusion increasingly loudly arises by itself from the more and more obviously devastating for the people results of the changes and "improvements" that the official science already has introduced to that food.
       (2) Greed what dominates over good of humans. Lucrative lives that lead today's official science and its scientists in charge, are only achieved because the science and scientists get funding from governments just to change or to "improve" whatever God has created - including food. Thus, the statement that "God's masterpiece", particularly food, people must not change nor "improve" would be for the official science like the "cutting off the tree-branch on which this science sits".
       (3) The lack of definition. So far, there was NO definition yet, as to what actually constitutes the disallowed for the people "change" or attempt to "improve" of whatever in this item I call "God's masterpiece" - including the change in state, composition, performance, genetics, etc., of foods. In other words, there still was NO the definition yet as to what people must not change (i.e. there was NO the definition similar to that one which I am providing in item #A3 of this web page). In turn without such a definition, people typically are unable to distinguish, for example, unnatural and therefore disallowed "changes" or attempts to "improve" foods (i.e. the saturation of foods with mineral chemicals, genetic modifications of foods, etc.), from the natural and permitted by God preparation of food for consumption (i.e. from washing it, cutting, fermenting, sprinkling with salt, cooking, combining together longer menus out of different natural foods, distribution, serving, etc.), and from growing it up and multiplying it - that is, e.g. from planting, natural fertilization, grafting of fruit trees (but only carried out without changing their kind - i.e. NOT including, for example, the proverbial grafting "pears on willows"), and the like. After all, some natural preparation of food for consumption and the growth and multiplication of food, also by a lot of people may be wrongly classified as a "change" or an attempt to "improve" - although in terms of the objectives for which it serves in fact it is a completely different category from the "change" category of human activities. After all, the preparation for consumption represents only the various examples from a wide range of legitimate uses, to which the subjecting of this "God's masterpiece" is allowed in the Bible, so that food can be multiplied and used for the good of humans.
       In turn religions do NOT even try to prove anything that would advance the human awareness to a new level - including e.g. trying to prove that "God's masterpieces", particularly foods, people must not change or try to improve. All the attention of today's religions is in fact converged on extending the life of their own religious institutions and on multiplying their followers.
       At this point, I also have a duty to stress emphatically that the incompetence of previous developments, and thus also the certainty of the future avoiding by the official science and by religions of so much needed informing, that "God's masterpiece" (especially food) people must not neither change nor even try to "improve", causes that people still continue introduction of devastating changes to whatever they are NOT allowed to change. It is because of this continuing, that starting from 11th of September 2001 the humanity crossed the "point of NO return" in its efforts to commit suicide and now it gradually is dying - as this is explained more broadly in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named solar.htm.

#A3. Let us define for ourselves as to what constitutes a "change" or an attempt to "improve" of what God has created for our consumption and what here I call "God's masterpiece" - that is the composition, condition, genetics, etc., of what people must not change or attempt to "improve":

       There is a whole range of important premises, all of which relatively accurately reveal to us, what changes in "God's masterpiece" people must NOT made. The most important source of these premises is the Bible. After all, it is in the Bible that God authoritatively states that everything that He created is "very good" - that is, that beings (people) deprived of the divine omniscience and powers should NOT even try to change it, because they only spoil it. Also in the Bible are clearly separated from each other two different categories of actions to which can be subjected, among others, food, i.e. (1) the creation of its "very good" composition, state, content, functions, etc. (i.e. whatever people must NOT change), from (2) its uses for human good and its multiplication (i.e. what people are allowed to do and what God is recommending to be done). Another source of such premises is the finding of the philosophy of totalizm. This finding has revealed, that absolutely everything that people do, and thus also the human handling of foods, can be made either (1) in a manner violating the God's commandments (i.e. "immorally"), or (2) in a manner consistent with the God's orders (i.e. morally) - as ibriefly summarize these two opposite human ways of doing things the items #B2 and #B1 from the web page named "cooking.htm". (In other words, the philosophy of totalizm teaches us, that it is NOT true what practices the present official science, namely that scientists, politicians and people in general, are permitted to "change" everything, to changing of whatever they have a desire, for if they "change" something what God does NOT allow them to change, then God sends a severe punishment.) The logic, a common sense, and typical life experience, also are sources of premises which quite clearly suggest to us, that nothing that someone with the knowledge and experience higher than ours has already made "very good" (thus also all these characteristics of food, which were granted to it by God at the stage of creation) we must NOT change or "improve", because of our inferior knowledge and experience only is to spoil it. (For example, in item #B1 of my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, I described as still as a little boy I succumbed to temptations that after my father was leaving to his work, I was dismantling "very good" Swiss-made watches, which my father fix only the night before - and, of course, having no knowledge and experience of my father, I only spoiled these watches again.) But the most convincing source of premises revealing what changes in "God's masterpiece" people must not make, is a long list of such changes already made by people, that ended up poisoning and breaking down of "God's masterpieces" - such a list for foods I provided below in next item #A4 of this web page, while the detailed descriptions of poisoning and spoiling of "God's masterpiece" that such changes cause in foods, are presented in further parts of this web page. All these premises put together quite precisely reveal to us how we should define these changes and attempts to "improve" foods, that people must not make, because they only ruin "God's masterpiece" of creation of the foods which can be described with the divine expression "very good". Therefore, on the basis of all these premises I have already prepared the necessary definition and I present it below. Here it is:
       The disallowed for carrying out by humans change or an attempt to "improve" foods, should be named any change in genetics, the manner of growing, composition, distribution, method of food preparation for human consumption, or in compiling multi-course meals from different types of food, which a change is to cause the acquiring by this food any modified attributes that are different from those of originally pre-programmed by God in a given kind of food, or modified attributes which are NOT approved by God through listing in the Bible the examples of their positive use.
       In other words, with food people are permitted to do anything, which leaves unchanged the characteristics that God pre-programmed in it for us at the stage of creation, and/or to do anything that is positively mentioned in the Bible. For example, in every possible way it is permitted to cut food, pulverize it, squeeze, extract, smash, choose for eating only its components, ferment, boil, sprinkle with salt, dry, etc. Very carefully (i.e. in ways that comply with a number of specific genre and energy rules – e.g. see items #L1, #L2 and #L3 from this web page), a given kind of food can also be mixed with other similarly natural kinds of food, or can be included into extended menus that are composed of many dishes containing different types of foods. However, with food completely we are NOT allowed to do what I specified in item #A4 of this web page, and what then I described in more details in other items of this web page - means to do whatever precisely meets the above definition of disallowed for people changes or attempts to "improve" food. This is because making such forbidden changes transforms food into a slow-acting poison which gradually kills its consumers.
       I should also add here that the above definition stems from the current stage of my research and the current state of my knowledge. However, realizing my human imperfection, my research into compliance of the above definition, with what reveals to us the surrounding reality, is still to be continued. After all whatever imperfect humans do can also be further enhanced by the selected people that already possessed the required for these improvements level of wisdom, knowledge and experience. So if in the future I discover that this definition in some place is NOT sufficiently correct, accurate, or clear, then I am to perfect it further.
       I also encourage the reader, that he/she verifies the correctness and clarity of this definition, both on the evidence which I am presenting on this web page, as well as on any other evidence which the reader is able to find (in spite, that probably this evidence is going to be officially hidden by scientists and by politicians). If the reader finds out, that this definition in his/her opinion should be further improved - then I would appreciate letting me know "why", "where" and possibly also "how".

#A4. Let us also list here examples of key categories of "changes" or attempts to "improve" introduced by humans to food and beverages, about which already now we can determine, that they impair their quality by turning them into poisons slowly destroying the health and killing humans who consume them:

       Ignorance and the atheism of scientists and official science, combined with the to-date lack of definition which only my research allowed to publish in previous item #A3, caused that people routinely make changes and attempts to "improve" foods that are ruining the characteristics given to food by God at the stage of creation - and thus which the people should not make. As a result, more and more often it is discovered that another one amongst these changes or "improvements", previously determined by science as "allowed" or "needed", turns food into a slow-acting poison. Thus, on entire this web page I gathered together the most important examples when the changes, that scientists say are supposedly "allowed" or "recommended", have already proved to be "poisonous" for the food - while in this item here I try to summarize these fatal changes.
       Thus, the most important examples of such changes and attempts at "improvement" of foods that are disallowed to be made by people, as they turn these foods into slowly acting poisons, include:
       (I) The introduction into food of any quantity and types of mineral chemicals that naturally do NOT occur in a particular kind of food, and thus that must be produced by today's factories (but note that salt is here the exception). Especially the introduction of mineral types of chemicals described on this web page. For example, the introduction of chemicals (described in item #C1 of this web page), which intend to kill micro-organisms attacking a given food, which micro-organisms cause the spoilage of that food or change in its colour. After all, the introduction of such chemicals ignores the quite obvious conclusion, which probably already come to mind of the reader, and which states that if any chemicals kill the micro-organisms that cause spoilage of food or cause a change in the colour of that food, then the same chemicals certainly also kill the beneficial micro-organisms which in our body cause the digestion of this food and which assist in absorbing through our body the needed by us ingredients of that food (in other words - the introduction of these chemicals to food ignores the rather obvious conclusion that these chemicals do NOT just kill the micro-organisms, but they slowly and gradually also kill the people who consume them).
       (Ii) Any industrial food processing that adds to it, or creates in it, any kind of chemicals or components that originally were NOT present in the given kind of food. An example is the industrial processing of red-meat - which turns this meat into a carcinogenic substance described in item #T7 from my web page named solar.htm (i.e. into the substance, eating of which the official WHO report qualified to the same dangerous to life and health category, as eating radioactivity or inhalation of asbestos).
       (III) The irradiation of food intended for consumption by any type of radiation that naturally do NOT reach the Earth (e.g. because normally such a radiation is stopped by the Earth's atmosphere), or allowing that the eaten food comes in contact with radioactive substances. Examples here is the use of radiation at the borders of countries to kill insects and their eggs, or to destroy the usefulness of the grain as material for sowing (e.g. in imported fruit or crops), the use of microwave ovens, eating or selling food that grows under high-voltage AC lines, etc.
       (IV) The introduction to the food of any substance used by humans also separately as medicines, drugs, hormones, steroids, etc. For example, feeding chickens with antibiotics or injections of antibiotics into kiwifruit, adding vitamins to bread, adding calcium to milk, adding fluoride to the drinking water in public waterworks, add bromine to water in the water supply (e.g. to calm the riots), and the like.
       (V) Causing the growth of food on plants or in soil treated with any kind of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. After all, e.g. pesticides, and also toxic chemicals or elements contained e.g. in artificial fertilizers, are substances particularly strongly breaking the moral criteria (i.e. are immoral substances) - for whose introduction into general use God already jointly and severely punishes the entire humanity - for details see item #T7 from the web page named solar.htm, and item #J1 from the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.
       (VI) Such preparation or combining food that destroys its nutritional and energizing abilities. For example, deep freezing, ionising, electrifying, ruining the balance of "yin" and "yang" energy during food preparation - examples provided in items #L1 to #L3 from this web page, or items #B2 to #B4 from the web page named fruit.htm.
       (VII) Genetic changes carried out in plants or animals that produce food (i.e. the so-called "genetic engineering"). For details see "part #G" of this web page.
       (VIII) Causing the growth of food on "composite" plants or animals, i.e. on such in which the individual parts have genetics that differ from each other. To this group of changes or "improvements" of foods prohibited for people are included any equivalents of the proverbial "growing pears on willows" - means, for example, the modern methods of grafting of fruit trees at the "root base" which is formed by planting firstly a fast- growing types of woods that are different than the fruit trees that later are to be grafted. In other words, the proverbial pears are only allowed to be grafted and grow on pear trees - i.e. on the "root bases" which are also formed from pear trees. (Just such forbidden "composite" fruit trees are now in New Zealand the majority of all the trees that provide fruit for human consumption, and are almost an exclusive type of seedlings of fruit trees that can be purchased in New Zealand garden shops – no wonder that even the freshly harvested and clean fruits still can be poisonous in present times.)
       Please note that the above list so far includes only the most important changes and attempts to "improve" foods. Thus, in the future I will wide it and supply it with broader explanations - of course, as my free time will permit this.

#A5. So how we can defend ourselves and our loved ones from the harmful impact on our health and life of all these forbidden changes and the supposed "improvements" already introduced by other people to modern foods and beverages:

Motto"For the wages sin pays is death" (Bible, Romans, verse 6:23)
       Theoretically speaking, a defence against the harmful effects of introducing disallowed for people changes and "improvements" to foods, and thus a defence against death due to a slow poisoning with today's foods, looks easy. It is enough to just avoid eating such changed (supposedly "improved") foods, i.e. to avoid purchasing and eating foods the packages of which reveal a long list of mineral supplements or medicines, foods industrially processed - especially if we ourselves are able to prepare an unprocessed, home alternative to food produced in a "factory-style" (e.g. to chicken and poultry from large "cage farms", caged pigs, ready meals or sandwiches from mass dining outlets type McDonald's or Pizza Hut), etc., etc. In fact, I myself already started this kind of defence. But as it turns out, in practice this defence is very difficult - as on the basis of my own practical experience is explained in more details in items #T7 and #T8 from my web page named solar.htm. This difficulty stems from the fact that nowadays practically is almost impossible to purchase foods that have NOT been previously poisoned in one of these numerous disallowed ways described in item #A4 above. Even if what we eat is prepared by ourselves from the most basic ingredients, such as flour, potatoes, bread, milk, slices of meat, eggs, etc. - still increasingly often we only can purchase ingredients which for some reason someone - who produces or sells them (e.g. a farmer, butcher, fisherman, miller, baker, salesman, etc.) tainted with some slowly working poisons. An additional difficulty to this defence is also that it introduces the necessity of sacrificing, and eliminating from our lives, almost all the conveniences and supposed achievements which our present technical civilization already have developed - as this is explained in item #T8 from the abovementioned web page solar.htm.
       Examples of the principles and methods of defence which I already tried on myself, are described in more detail in items #T6 and #T7 from my web page named solar.htm.
       But regardless of the fact that the defence against such food poisoning turns out in practice to be very difficult, still this defending should be carried out strongly - for several different reasons. For example, the overriding reason is to prove to God that we are NOT a passive "partner" in the "conspiracy of silence" that now is wrapping this massive immorality of food poisoning to satisfy someone’s greed - as it is broadly described in item #N2 from the web page named pajak_re_2017.htm. In turn the personal reason stems from the fact that "the point of NO return" is already passed by mankind and now our present civilisation is in the process of dying - as I explained this "down to earth" in items #T1 to #T7 from my web page named solar.htm. Thus, we need to avoid eating slow-acting poisons simply in order to prevent the inclusion of ourselves and our families to the group of people who will become extinct along with quickly incoming death of the current form of our civilization.

Part #B: Problems with present foods:
#B1. Food, similarly like everything else in the physical world, has its good and bad sides:
Motto"If a typical consumer knew how was prepared and what really contains the food that he or she eats, then would never take this food to the mouths."
       Items #E2 and #G1 of this web page explain to us that in the physical world (in which we all live) literally nothing has just good or just bad consequences. In other words, consequences of everything are in our world a mixture of good and bad. Therefore also in matters of food we must remember that apart satisfying our hunger and acquiring various pleasures, food and eating are also a source of various evils. Thus in our own interest lies to learn also about this evil that stems from food and from eating, and to learn how to avoid consequences of this evil.
       Examples of problems and bad sides of present food and cooking include, amongst others, a drop in taste, fattening tendencies, inducing allergies and diseases (e.g. diabetes), persuading people towards a moral fall-down, the contribution towards world's hunger and death of the entire human civilisation, and many further disasters which are secondary to these mentioned above.

#B2. The morality dictates, that each of us actively defend food and beverages which we consume from corrupting their level of quality created by God:

       Both, on this web page, as well as on many others that I am authoring, I try to remind the readers that everything that people do, even producing and serving the food, can be carried out either in accordance with the criteria of morality, means "morally", or "immorally". But somehow it so it happens, that in today's highly immoral times of "neo-medieval epoch", people increasingly frequent are making decisions to do in an immoral way almost everything - as I am generally explaining this in item #J1 of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, while I support this with specific examples, amongst others, in items #A1, #B5 and #F3 from my web page named solar.htm, item #N2 from my web page named solar.htm, or in items #I1 and #I2 from my web page named healing.htm. Thus, even in such everyday and ordinary matter as the food and the eating of it, every immoral person adds his/her contribution to the direct and intentional harming of other people, while having NO idea that actually indirectly and unintentionally he/she is harming himself/herself. So let us all begin to be aware and this fact. I do hope, that through writing this web page, I am to inspire readers to action in raising this awareness.
       I also hope that this web page is to inspire the reader to write his or her own personal "cookbook" with recipes of tasty, traditional native (and, if possible also oriental) dishes, which beneficial effect on health has been proven for centuries of their eating by our ancestors, and thus, the goodness given to them by God was NOT spoiled by people, and which continue to have the balanced energies of yin and yang.

Part #C: The negative impact of the "monopole for knowledge" of the official science on the situation in foods:
#C1. All problems with foods are secondary - the primary cause of these problems is the "monopole for knowledge" of the stubbornly erroneous "atheistic orthodox science":
       If we carefully consider the matter, then it turns out that all most vital problems of our present world, including problems with foods described on this web page, originate from the fact, that present "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the official science which defines what we are learning in schools and at universities) holds the absolute "monopole for knowledge". This is because this science does NOT have any "competition" which would "look it at hands" and verify the truth and values of whatever present scientists irresponsibly are claiming. So this science arrogantly "tells lies to us" in ever increasing number of areas.
       In order to illustrate here the link between an absolute "monopole for knowledge" which is held by the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" and problems with foods which are described on this web page, I am going to explain here briefly how works the cause-effect chain between this "monopole for knowledge" and present problems with foods. And so, the sole fact that the present official science practices an "institutional atheism", and that in spite of the existence of a huge number of scientific evidence for the existence of God this official science uncritically insists that supposedly "God does NOT exist", causes that the official science overlooks the link between what happens on the earth and the human so-called "morality". Means, it overlooks everything that is explained e.g. on the web page named morals.htm or on the web page named seismograph.htm. This causes tha failing to educate people about the truly immense role of morality. In turn failing to educate people about the true role of morality causes that humans become increasingly "less moral" (or more "immoral"). In turn this human "immorality" causes that e.g. in matters of food commonly is practiced a "double standard". For example, "for ourselves" food producers typically produce now one kind of food, while completely different food they produce "for sale". (I.e. "for ourselves" they produce food which is clean, fresh, "organic" - means deprived of chemicals, antibiotic, pesticides, genetic engineering, etc. In turn "for sale" they produce food which is poisoned with "everything that they can get away without being punished".) Of course, since almost all immoral producers of food practice such principles, politicians have NO other choice by to rectify such laws and requirements that allow these producers to pollute our foods.

#C2. How the lonely baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang documents the destructive ignorance of science resulting from the "monopole on knowledge":

Motto"Your fences eat your rice" (i.e. a proverb from Malaysia which reminds to us the old truth that those ones who are paid for implementing something, typically with the elapse of time become the biggest enemies of this something, e.g. "monopolistic science becomes the biggest enemy of progress and truth", "complacent politicians become biggest obstacles in solving problems of a given country", "greedy bankers become most important cause of every economic crisis", "powerful priests become the biggest enemies of truth and knowledge about God", etc., etc. - NOT without an important reason God emphasized this old truth to us by causing that Jesus was send to death by high priests). For more details see item #E3 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm - explaining consequences of "100% corruption".

       The matter of pollination and procreation of flowers and trees, is NOT only elementary, but also it is researched by entire crowds of present expensive scientists. So we are believing that in this matter there are NO puzzles left, while scientists so heavily subsidised from our taxes know already practically everything on this subject. So no-one is surprised by nonchalant statements of scientists, that commonly known African trees called "baobabs", are pollinated at nights NOT by wind or insects, but by "fruit bats". After all, in spite that "bats" are rather unusual kind of "pollinators", this information with the high certainty is published by present scientists literally in hundreds of works and sources - e.g. the reader can find it in almost every web page devoted to baobabs. However, the truth is such, that this claim of science is just a "huge pile of bullshit". In reality baobabs are NOT pollinated as scientists claim it, nor procreate in the way as science describes this to us. In fact, the official human science (i.e. the science which by some is called the "atheistic orthodox science" or "official atheistic science") still does NOT have any clue how baobabs really are pollinated and how they really procreate. (More information about this old "official atheistic science", which still desperately clings to its absolute "monopole for knowledge" - although uses just a single, highly limited, and erroneous approach to research by philosophers called "a posteriori", the reader can learn from item #A2.6 of the web page totalizm.htm, item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, item #J2 of the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, and items #F1.1 to #F3 of the web page named god_exists.htm. Reading that information the reader will learn a bitter truth explained above in item #C1, namely that "all problems of our civilisation are secondary consequences of the fatal 'monopole for knowledge' so possessively held by the 'atheistic orthodox science' to date".) There is even an illustrative proof which everyone can check, and which documents that "fruit bats do NOT pollinate baobabs". For the use of readers, I am going to describe now this proof.
       On the Malaysian island of Penang lives a lonely, large, single (female) baobab, over 140 years old - see a photograph of it shown below in "Fig. #C1ab". One can find this baobab in the middle of a rondo especially build over there to protect it on the junction of three streets named "Jalan Macalister", "Jalan Residensi" and "Jalan Pangkor". About this baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang a lot of legends and funny stories is told, e.g. that it was brought to Penang and planted in there by a strange traveller with capabilities of the famous "magician" named David Copperfield, or that when it rapidly releases the excess of water accumulated in its tissues then local people believe a miracle happens and pray to it (supposedly then their prayers are even answered). But the most mysterious attribute of that lonely baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang is, that in spite of blooming generously, it never produces fruits from which its descendants could grow. In the result, until today it has NOT produced a descendant in Malaysia. This its inability to multiply is also documenting the ignorance of present scientists. Namely, present "atheistic orthodox scientists" complacent in their armchairs (as they are described in items #F1 to #F3 from a separate web page named god_exists.htm, and also reminded in item #D3 of this web page), nonchalantly express unverified opinion, that in order to pollinate baobabs it suffices that fruit bats feed at night on their flowers. However, on the island of Penang live tropical fruit bats and for sure many of them feed on flowers of the discussed baobab. But still this baobab remains not pollinated and still it does NOT produce fruits capable of generating new trees. In other words, similarly as this is the case with humans, in order to produce descendants, probably are necessary at least two unrelated baobab trees - which mutually for each other perform functions of a husband and wife (i.e. perform male and female functions). So in this matter, baobabs clearly are similar to trees of Malaysian "durian" fruit (i.e. the fruit described in item #G1 of the web page named fruit.htm) - which also can multiply and produce fruits only if close to each other grow at least two mutually unrelated durian trees. So when a next time we read ignorant claims of present "official atheistic science" on the subject of pollination of baobabs by tropical fruit bats, it is worth to have in memory this lonely female baobab tree from Penang, which produces flowers and which is visited by fruit bats, but because there is no male tree around to fertilise these flowers, thus, unfortunately, even after over 140 years of flowering it still failed to produce fruits - thus until today it remains in Malaysia without having its own descendants.
       This Malaysian lonely baobab from the island of Penang is NOT the only case when the atheistic orthodox science "tells nonsense" to naive people, thus causing cataclysmic changes on the Earth the repairs of which are going to occupy the humanity for hundreds, if not for thousands, of years. Examples of next lies and nonsense also spread amongst people by the official science deprived of any "competition" thus having no-one who would "look it at hands" and make sure it tells the truth, as well as deprived of any moral breaks, include, amongst others:
       1. Lies regarding God - i.e. lies that supposedly there are NO scientific proofs that God really exists. These are obvious lies of the "official atheistic science", as that there is a large body of scientific proofs and evidence which all unambiguously confirm that God really exists. Some amongst these proofs and evidence are described on the totaliztic web page named god_proof.htm - especially see the incontestable formal proof for the existence of God completed with the method of mathematical logic and published in item #G2 of the "god_proof.htm" web page.
       2. "Holding heads in sand" in matters of UFOs. The official atheistic science refuses to research UFOs and pretends that there are NO objective evidence and proofs for the existence of UFOs - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #B1 from the web page named ufo_proof.htm. On the other hand, there is a wealth of such evidence and proofs. The only problem with UFOs depends on the fact that UFOnauts do NOT want to cooperate with human scientists, while our scientists are too ignorant and too arrogant to be able to research something that intelligently refuses to cooperate with them. In the result, scientists are too afraid that their ignorance "comes to surface" during the research on UFOs, so they avoid the subject of UFOs like "devils avoid holy water".
       3. Ignorance of scientists in matters of phenomena that lie beyond the textbook knowledge and beyond the to-date understanding of the world around them, e.g. phenomena such as [b]telekinesistelekineticstelepathy, etc.[/b] This ignorance result from the stubborn ignoring and rejecting my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) which explains these phenomena unknown to the official science, and which simultaneously proves the existence of God.
       4. Complete blindness of science and its stand regarding "fabrications" such as "bones of dinosaurs" as well as regarding conventional dating of geological structures. Much wider explanation what this error and blindness of science regarding the "bones of dinosaurs" is all about, is offered, amongst others, in item #H2 of the web page named god_istnieje.htm as well as in the web page named evolution.htm.
       5. The spread of "scientific nonsense", like for example the "theory of the Big Bang" which implies that "the entire universe supposedly originates from nothing". The wider discussion of the error of this scientific claim that "the entire universe originates from nothing" is provided in (5) from item #C12 of the web page named bible.htm as well as in the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm.
       6. The lack of knowledge and ignorance of the official science in even most elementary matters, for example "what is gravity", "how the universe eventuated", "what is the goal of our existence", "what states the most simple recommendation for the correct life, which is effective and proves itself working in every life situation", "what 'morality' really is", etc., etc. On the other hand, the new "totaliztic science" already provided us with explanations and answers to these matters - only that dissemination of these explanations and answers is jealously blocked by the "official atheistic science" which greedily guards its "monopole on knowledge". For example, to learn "what is gravity" see the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, for learning "how the universe eventuated" see subsections A1 to A6 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5] (summarised briefly in item #E1 of the web page named will.htm), for learning "what is the goal of our existence" see item #B4 of the web page tornado.htm, for learning "what states the most simple recommendation for correct life, which is effective and proves itself working in every life situation" see the discussion of the "only principle of totalizm" stating that "whatever you do always do it in a pedantically moral way" provided in item #C1 from the web page named totalizm.htm, for learning "what 'morality' really is" see item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm, etc., etc.
       7. Biased approach, ignorance, arrogance, and a complete lack of progress in solving by the official science the most burning issues of our present civilisation. On the other hand this new "totaliztic science", in spite of its acting without any finances while being almost continually persecuted by the official science, already by now managed to find and to indicate to people solutions for the majority of these problems - for examples of these solutions see web pages named seismograph.htm, item #B5 (for earthquakes)day26.htm, item #I3 (for tsunamis)tornado.htm (for tornadoes)telekinetics.htm (for new sources of energy)eco_cars.htm (for air pollution)2030_uk.htm (for approaching THe Great Purification), etc., etc.
       8. The silent approval for murderous and immoral activities of secretive atomic industry which in its "peaceful use of atomic energy" is probably the biggest killer of people (including inhabitants of own countries). For more information on manners in which "peaceful use of atomic energy" secretly kills people (including inhabitants of their own countries) see items #F1 to #F2 below on this web page, and also items #M1 to #M1.3 on the web page named telekinetics.htm, items #C7 and #I1 on the web page named seismograph.htm, or item #F3 of the web page named god_exists.htm. (Notice also fates that are served to passive nations which provide "silent approvals" for immoral activities - described in items #B1 and #B4 from the web page named parasitism.htm and item #C7 from the web page named seismograph.htm.)
       9. The reinforcement by scientists of the culture of unpunished lying and misleading of people. If an engineer builds a bridge or a house which collapses and kills anyone, then usually he lands in a prison. If a medical doctor kills anyone with his medicines or erroneous diagnosis, then at least he is struck out of register. But if a scientist spreads lies under an excuse of scientific research, then he does NOT bear any consequences. In fact, probably no-one ever heard of a scientist who would bear responsibility for lying or for misleading people. On the other hand such a situation gives a bad example to other people, because it spreads and reinforces the culture of unpunished lying and misleading. It would be with a benefit to the morality and to truth when also scientists were taking responsibility for the moral consequences and for the truth of whatever they state publicly. The problem of an immense importance of spreading the truth, even this most unpopular and persecuted (after all, "without learning the truth there is NO progress"), and the problem of responsibility of scientists for the spread of truth, is discussed on a number of totaliztic web pages. For examples of these - see item #F1 from the web page named totalizm.htm, item #K1 from the web page named morals.htm, or item #E1 from the web page named will.htm.
       10. Blind believing that the human civilisation already discovered and invented everything that could be discovered and invented. Thus, for example, overlooking that in the area of propulsion systems the humanity is only at the level of "second technical era", while for propelling devices God designed as many as six such technical eras - for details see items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from the web page named propulsion.htm - or see the 35 minutes long free YouTube video entitled Future Propulsions.
       Photographs and descriptions of this lonely baobab from the Malaysian island of Penang, which (baobab) illustratively documents the ignorance of present official science in even so elementary matters as pollination and procreation of trees so well known to all of us, are also presented in item #F4.4 of the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm.

[Bild: baobab_in_penang.jpg]

[Bild: baobab_flower.jpg]
Fig. #C1ab: Unexplained scientific puzzle and a symbol of supernatural mysteries - means a lonely "baobab" from the Malaysian island of Penang. It is a "living proof" that the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date disseminates a lot of rubbish on a significant number of topics that it researches. The point is, that the above baobab meets all requirements which according to the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date must be fulfilled for a baobab to produce fruits and to multiply. But in spite of it, this particular baobab neither produces fruits nor multiplies (although it blooms almost continually). This in turn means, that baobabs still hide a lot of mysteries and supernatural attributes, which real explaining must await until the time when the humanity firstly establishes officially a new "totaliztic science" (i.e. the science which is NOT afraid to explain mysteries) - as this is described in item #C1 on the web page named [b]telekinetics.htm. (Click on the selected photograph to see it enlarged.)[/b]
       Fig. #C1a (upper): A photograph of the entire baobab tree. Notice the information plate visible as it extends on the left side of the photograph, above the fence which surrounds the tree. In July 2011 this plate stated, quote: "This tree, a native of Abyssinia, was planted in 1871 by Captain Speedy, a soldier of fortune. Baobabs are low spreading trees, flowers pendulous and white. Fruits hairy, oblong of about 30 cm. It can live up to 2,000 years. The fat bottle-shaped trunks become hollow as the trees age, some can hold as much as 5,000 litres of water. The natives of Africa used them as storage chambers. Many African chiefs were buried in the hollowed trunks of such trees. Baobab trees are rich in pulp suitable for use in paper industry.") As usually it is the case with official information, in July 2011 this plate stated whatever is obvious and known to almost everyone, but avoided mentioning of whatever in this baobab is the most important.
       Fig. #C1b (lower): A flower (around 20 cm in length) photographed on 27 July 2011 on the baobab described here from the Malaysian island of Penang. The presence of this flower proves, that if baobabs really are pollinated at nights by "fruit bats" - as naively claims it the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, then this lonely baobab from the island of Penang would have fruits and it would NOT exist in Malaysia for so many years without producing any descendants. Unfortunately, as usually, orthodox scientists "tell rubbish" on this subject and, as usually, probably it turns necessary that the new "totaliztic science" carries out factual research to explain how baobabs really multiply.

Part #D: Residues of pesticides in foods:
#D1. Immoral overdoing with pesticides in "foods for sale":
       A significant proportion of food producers "for sale" typically do NOT take notice of all warning signs, that pesticides induce cancer and many other illnesses in people which eat this food. So they generously spread with pesticides all food that they produce - after all this food NOT supposed to be for their "own consumption". In turn factories which earn billions on sale pesticides exert a strong pressure on politicians so that these delay and make difficult any introduction of laws that would limit the use of these murderous chemicals.
       At this point it is worth to mention, that in the evening television news dated on Thursday, 4th December 2014 on channel 1 TVNZ was provided an information, that food for children produced in New Zealand contains 800 times more residues of pesticides than similar children food from Europe, and also the information, that for the last time the NZ government checked the state of these residues in the year 2009.

Part #E: Destructive chemicals spoiling our food:
#E1. Kinds of chemicals (different from pesticides) contained in our foods:
       Pesticides already described in item #D1 above are NOT the only dangerous chemicals that contaminate our food. To other dangerous chemicals, most frequently contaminating our food, belong amongst others: (1) various components and impurities contained in chemical fertilisers, (2) preservatives and chemicals that supposed to conserve food (e.g. in order to keep the freshness of fishes for long periods of time, in some countries to fishes is injected "formalin" ("formaldehyde") - means the same dangerous chemical which conserves samples of dead organisms and bodies), (3) artificial colourings, (4) artificial sweeteners, (5) taste enhancers, (6) chemicals which are "leaking" from food packages, (7) components of toothpaste residues of which we repetitively swallow after every washing our teeth but which have this tendency to chock our kidneys, and many other chemicals which cumulative effect causes various illnesses and gradually kills our vital organs.
       In order to realize how significant is the risk of introducing these chemicals to our food chain, let us look here in a more detailed manner at one of them, namely at the poisonous element "cadmium" (Cd) spread in large quantities on crop-fields along with fertilizers - especially with super-phosphates. Cadmium is a deadly element (heavy metal) that after the consumption accumulates in bodies of humans and animals, whereupon, among others, destroys the kidneys, liver, lungs, induces cancer, etc. As the chemical element, once you get it into the soil, there is no way to degrade it, and it waits until someone, or something, consumes it. Meanwhile, in nature it occurs typically with layers of minerals which are used for the production of fertilizers, especially from the phosphate group. As a result, each sawing of fertilizer increases in soils of fields and meadows the concentration of cadmium. For example, in April 2013 there was available in New Zealand quite an alarming web page (I hope that by today it is NOT removed by a government agency), which author has calculated, that in this small state sized like Poland, for the last 70 years, only with super-phosphate was annually sown on the fields and meadows of New Zealand, about 30 to 40 tons of cadmium. Similar situation is probably also in other countries. More interestingly, the New Zealand government does practically almost nothing to effectively stop this poisoning of the soil. There is also NO information to the public about the seriousness of this problem. Therefore, should NOT be the brave television program called "Campbell Live" broadcast on Thursday 11 April 2013, from 19:00 to 19:30, on channel 3 of Television New Zealand, in New Zealand about this poisoning of soil by cadmium ordinary New Zealanders probably would not have the way to find out. However, if the soil is once polluted with cadmium over a certain level, then the food produced in New Zealand is no longer fit for the human consumption. After all, it gradually and quietly kills those who eat it. So no-one should be therefore surprised, that in New Zealand newspapers increasingly often appear recently such articles as [1#E1] entitled "Porirua gets new dialysis unit as kidney failure on rise", from page A6 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. This article states, that in the last two years the number of patients requiring dialysis increased by about 14%, half of which are diabetes. This of course induces the question whether the other half of people with kidney failures are NOT by any chance victims of these numerous poisons that are so abundantly poured-out into the fields and meadows of New Zealand with the tacit support of the authorities? What's even worse regarding cadmium, is that being a chemical element, it is impossible to have it removed from the soil. So when the fields and meadows once have been poisoned with cadmium, they will remain toxic for centuries. The situation in New Zealand has become so serious, that - according to the abovementioned television program, the authorities of some countries have begun to block selected New Zealand imports of agricultural products. This is because these products have too-much cadmium. In New Zealand itself, the government has also quietly issued the law, that the kidneys and other internal organs from animals older than 2 years are NOT allowed to sell for the human consumption, because they contain dangerous levels of this toxic cadmium (hence from these animal organs are only produced foods for cats and dogs).

#E2. Insertion of unnatural ingredients into foods:

       According to the philosophy of totalizm in our physical world nothing has exclusively good, or exclusively bad, impact or consequences. After all, everything that surrounds us causes both, good as well as bad consequences. Therefore the skill of healthy eating and living depends on such behaviour, that makes use of these good consequences, but avoids bad consequences. In turn the key to such a healthy eating is to eat mainly what is natural, fresh, and deprived artificial additions, and also that is continually changed so that we avoid a monotonic eating of the same components and chemicals for long periods of time). Of course, many uneducated people (in this many politicians) are NOT aware of the above truth (and principle of God's action), which consequent action in a real life was proven only by the philosophy of totalizm. Therefore every now and again politicians cunningly agitated by the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. agitated by this old "monopolistic" and "atheistic" science which is described more comprehensively in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm) generate various immoral "laws" and "requirements" to permanently introduce into food increasingly more new and destructive in long-term components. And so, the most frequently such components are added to drinking water. One amongst most commonly known out of such components forcibly added to our drinking water is "fluoride" imposed on us supposedly in order to increase the dental hygiene of people - for more details see e.g. the article entitled "Fluoride inquiry part of labour's health plans" from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, November 10, 2011. Relatively frequent to water is added "iodine". In turn in Poland during the "Solidarity" unrests persistent rumours were spreading that the government is adding "bromine" in order to "calm down" the excited population. Another frequent "target" of this kind of governmental "laws" and "requirements" is bread. For example, "vitamins" are one amongst ingredients most frequently added forcibly e.g. to all kinds of bread produced in some countries - e.g. see the article "Review too late to stop forced use of folic acid" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, July 13, 2009), or the article "Experts play down bread concern" from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, July 14, 2009) - both of which articles discuss the matter of a request from the government of New Zealand that all kinds of bread were to forcibly fortified with folic acid. The argument used during the introduction of laws which force onto people the long-term swallowing such components is that they supposedly help for some illnesses. But those people who introduce such laws have NO clue what are true consequences of a long-term (cumulative) consumption of these components. On the other hand I am ready to bet, that similarly as long-term swallowing tooth-past can staff kidneys in some people, while long-term smoking of cigarettes can finish with a lung cancer, also a long-term forcing by politicians to swallow such components forcibly added to whatever we eat, one day also may turn out to be a reason for many deaths and illnesses. Besides, even today in the world grows a number of opponents who try to stop further forcing people to eat such politically introduced components of food.

Part #F: How immoral decision-makers poison us with radioactivity which they irresponsibly and sloppily pass to our foods:
#F1. Sources of deadly radioactivity which gradually accumulate in our food chain and then in our bodies:
Motto"Wherever secrets are kept, there also exist some immoral feats and dirty tricks committed against people, which in first place induced the need for this secrecy."
       On Tuesday, 13th September 2011, the shocked world rapidly learned about a "French manner" of getting rid of radioactive waste from atomic power plants. Namely, it turned out that France secretly burn its radioactive waste in huge furnaces similar to crematoriums from Hitler's Concentration Camps. This in turn means, that the smoke that carries away these radioactive products, after it ascends into the air, gradually falls down on paddocks, fields, gardens and forests not only France itself, but also all nearby European countries, for example Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Belgium, and probably many other located even further. (As this is nicely expressed by an old Polish saying, "in nature nothing disappears, but only keeps changing its owners".) Because in France there is a lot of this kind of nuclear waste (after all, around 70% of the entire energy generated in France originates from atomic power plants), it should NOT surprise anyone, that after it falls down on paddocks, fields, gardens and forests of Europe, this radioactivity gradually finds its way to the human food chain. As the result, ever increasing proportion of it is consumed by people together with food which this French smoke sprays, or with meat and milk of animals which ate it after it falls down to the ground. No wonder that later in these countries appear unknown previously, murderous strains of bacteria and viruses, of the kind of the killer "E.coli" which raged in Germany in May 2011 and which is described in (xv) from item #B1 of the web page named plague.htm, or these strange cases of "mad cow disease" that "jumped species" and started to be transmittable to humans.
       Of course, this habit of "letting with smoke" of radioactive waste is kept in a deep secret and probably the world would NOT learn about it, if NOT an "accident" in one amongst such French furnaces for burning radioactive waste that took place on that Tuesday, 13th September 2011. (That accident killed one person and wounded further four people.) Only due to this "accident" the surprised world learned on that day from television news that such a burning of radioactive waste is taking place in France. Later this burning was also described in some newspaper articles (although carefully, laconically, and diplomatically - after all France is known from acts such as the "Rainbow Warrior bombing") - e.g. see the article [1#F1] entitled "French play down blast at nuclear waste plant" from page A14 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, September 14, 2011.
       That "accident" in French furnace for radioactive waste rapidly explained the phenomenon which for a long time puzzled people who watch situation with radioactivity. The point is, that in recent times we can notice in Europe the continuous rise in levels of radioactivity of soil, vegetation and animals, but until that French "accident" no-one seem to know where these radioactive fallouts come from. After all, before that French "accident", the only commonly known source of European radioactivity was the catastrophe in Chernobyl. But because of the time distance of that explosion in Chernobyl of 1986, with the elapse of time the radioactivity caused by Chernobyl should diminish, not increase. However, in Europe happens an exact opposite - as this is emphasized for example by facts described in the article [2#F1] "Radioactive boars on the rise in Germany", from page 14 of Malaysian newspaper The Malay Mail, issue dated on Friday, 20 August 2010. That article [2#F1] informs that a growing number of wild pigs from German forests display already so high radioactivity, that their meat become dangerous for consumption. For example, it writes that only in 2009 the government of Germany was forced to pay 425 000 Euro as compensations for meat that needed to be destroyed because of too dangerous level of radioactive contamination. On the other hand, for comparison, only 10 years earlier (although already 13 years after the explosion in Chernobyl), i.e. in 1999, the amount paid for the same compensations for radioactive meat was 25 000 Euro - this allows to roughly estimate that during just those 10 years the level of radioactivity in forests of Germany increased around 17 times. (Probably forests of Germany lie directly on the path of prevailing winds that blow from France.) By the way, it is interesting whether other than Germany countries, e.g. France itself, also check their meat for the level of radioactivity, or just uncritically sell this meat to their own citizens for eating together with radioactivity contained in it.
       Of course, some secretive and immoral institutions (and people) that service nuclear power plants, probably secretly pollute our food, water and air with radioactivity on a whole number of various ways, about which we still do NOT know anything - because these ways were NOT revealed yet to the public scrutiny due to some "accidents". Not without reasons practically all institutions that deal with atomic energy are the most secretive institutions on the Earth - as an example see the article [2#M1] from item #M1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. This French sneaky "letting with smoke" radioactive pollutions is probably just only one amongst numerous manners on which atomic energy plants and nuclear reactors can secretly poison our food with radioactivity (and on which perhaps they actually poison this food secretly - NOT without reasons they display a complete lack of transparency and almost everything about themselves they keep in deep secrecy). Other such manners may include, for example, polluting secretly our environment via the water used for cooling-down nuclear reactors, polluting via almost invisible vapours and emissions that quietly raise from these reactors, polluting via radioactive waste secretly dumped by some countries into seas and oceans, etc., etc. We must remember that for radioactivity is also valid the "law of balance" - this means that "the radioactivity produced must be equal to the radioactivity which lands in our natural environment". And we must also remember that atomic power plants and nuclear reactors produce massive amounts of radioactive waste, which later secretive institutions that service these power plants and reactors must somehow get rid off secretly and in hiding from people.
       In order to diminish, radioactivity requires hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of years. Thus, sufficiently dangerous for the humanity was already the radioactivity remaining from former tests of nuclear weapons. (By the way, a favourite site for these tests of nuclear weapons were small islands on the Pacific Ocean located not far from New Zealand, e.g. the French New Caledonia - this was the main reason why New Zealanders are deeply disgusted by nuclear energy and why New Zealand still maintains the noble status of a "nuclear-free zone".) Unfortunately, because of some suicidal trend, the humanity as a whole has NOT stopped on waste from those murderous nuclear weapons, and still secretly escalates the density of radioactive polluting of our planet through the so-called "peaceful use of atomic energy" and through immoral and dirty activities of various secretive institutions which produce this atomic energy. In the result, to the greatest sources of radioactivity still accumulating in our food, water and air (and in final count - in our bodies) belong at present the "peaceful" reactors and atomic power plants. This is because these reactors and power plants produce massive amounts of radioactive waste, which in the final count always land in the nature - while later in our bodies. In addition, immoral, slack, dangerous, and irresponsible exploitation of these reactors and power plants, leads relatively frequent to uncontrolled explosions, such as previously was Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986, while recently was four times bigger than Chernobyl the explosion in Fukushima, Japan, of 2011. More information on the topic of these nuclear explosions, and about escalating pollution of our natural environment with their radioactive products, is provided in items #M1 to #M1.3 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, in items #C7 and #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm, or in item #F3 from the web page named god_exists.htm.
       Radioactivity is a ruthless killer, while someone's active, or passive, participation in the proliferation of it on the Earth (and thus someone's indirect contribution to killing of other people with radioactivity) is one amongst most immoral human behaviours which can be classified to the same punishable by God category as e.g. earning money through a production of cigarettes or a distribution of narcotics. Thus, in the light of continually growing amount of radioactivity which we are consuming lately, NO-ONE should be surprised by the escalation of numbers of various illnesses that are related to radioactivity, e.g. cancers. So it is about the time that everyone amongst us starts to understand that the radioactivity in our food is deadly, while these people who fall victims of it cannot count on a normal length of life. As well, there is about the time to understand that the only truly safe atomic power plants and nuclear reactors are these ones which never were build, or which never were made operational. It is also worth to remember about the principle of God's action described in items #B4 and #B1 of the web page named parasitism.htm - and stating that every person which is passive towards immorality committed with the knowledge of that person, is punished by God equally severely as if he or she was a co-culprit in committing that immorality. After all, this principle causes that people who know about immoral spread of radioactivity over the Earth, but do nothing to actively try to stop this spreading, will be later treated by God as if they were partners in that spreading - e.g. they will die in young age for some illness induced by radioactivity, or they will receive a descendant who is deformed (or affected in any other way) by that radioactivity.

#F2. How the radioactivity from our food, water and air secretly kill us through inducing our illnesses:

Motto"The support of passiveness towards the 'atomic energy' that turns our planet into a radioactive dump, in fact equals to acceleration of our own deaths and imposing birth defects at our descendants."
       If one analyses how the present "official orthodox medicine" describes reasons for people's deaths, then it turns out that it provides only the "resultant causes" (for example, that someone died of cancer, asthma, failure of kidneys, etc.). But almost never this official medicine seeks and lets public know from what these "resultant causes" originate - means it does NOT seek the "primary causes". In other words, almost never it seeks and reveals publicly, whether the cancer on which someone died results from the fact that this someone swallowed too much of food polluted with radioactive isotopes, whether asthma that killed someone is the outcome of him or her breathing deadly isotopes or pollutants, whether the failure of kidneys, results from the fact that he or she staffed the body with pesticides or some dangerous isotopes and chemicals contained in the food that he or she ate and in water that he or she drank, etc., etc. As an outcome, various blind to truth "atheistic orthodox scientists" can lie arrogantly in our eyes, claiming that e.g. in the result of Chernobyl nuclear explosion only 60 people have died - for details see 3 in item #F3 from the web page named god_exists.htm. However, there exist various premises to suspect, that if such research of "primary causes" of deaths of individual people were carried out on the Earth, then rapidly the humanity would experience a shock. After all, then probably the biggest killer of people would turn out to be the so-called "peaceful use of atomic energy", or more strictly the radioactivity which people eat, during, and breathe, because on various ways it leaks from atomic power plants and nuclear reactors to our food, water, and air. After all, the radioactivity is already well-known to us as a ruthless cause of various murderous illnesses, e.g. cancer, which kill a significant proportion of people. We know also that it causes various genetic mutations, degenerations, and birth defects in people - which also in the final count lead to deaths of the victims. Radioactivity is also a cause for mutations of various algae, organisms and creatures which poison and make unhealthy our food, and which make difficult our lives. (Interesting, whether the epidemics of ticks which after 2004 started to endanger Polish forests, was caused e.g. by radioactivity blown from France as far as Poland? Similarly, whether the epidemics of poisonous sea slugs on New Zealand beaches - described in item #K1.6 of the web page named newzealand.htm, was also caused by radioactivity?) Radioactivity is also a cause of mass mutations of various murderous viruses and bacteria which are sources of unknown earlier and increasingly more dangerous illnesses, and because of which numerous people and animals must die. Only from the content of item #B1 of the web page named plague.htm we can see that the number of such unknown earlier deadly illnesses recently grows rapidly. We should also bear in mind that radioactivity may introduce disturbances to correct functioning of the human "program of life and fate" described, amongst others, on the web page named immortality.htm. In turn disturbances in work of this program may cause uncontrolled shifting of some people to completely different times. If such a shifting occurs to times in which these people are still alive, then they may unexpectedly appear in places and times which they do NOT remember, or in which they are NOT remembered by anyone - as this was the case with that English boy which mysteriously appeared in Berlin on 6th September 2011 after two week-long march towards north through empty forests (for more details about this mysterious boy see the article [1#F2] entitled "Mystery boy emerges after years in woods", from page A12 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, September 19, 2011). In turn, if such a shifting through time happens to years that are beyond the life-span of these people, then they rapidly disappear without a trace and never anyone hears about them again.

#F3. Only people who are immoral and completely deprived rational thinking still refuse to notice that the atomic energy is the most expensive, most dangerous, and most dirty energy on the Earth:

Motto"The monopole for knowledge of the 'atheistic orthodox science' and its notorious avoidance of unwanted truths, leads to the situation that the most needed investment of individual people becomes a Geiger counter, while the most safety-oriented activity becomes checking for radiation of everything that people put into mouths."
       Today almost everyone falls for screaming advertisements that the most vital household device is a "computer". However, in reality the most needed household device in present times turns out to be a "Geiger counter" (Geiger meter) for measuring the level of harmful radioactivity. After all, for reasons described in item #C2 of this web page, these people who are paid for safeguarding the proliferation of radioactivity over the Earth, means so-called "atheistic orthodox scientists", panicky are afraid of revealing truth to us about a real level of radioactivity. On the other hand, experience of these people, who already purchased and widely use Geiger counters, e.g. inhabitants of present Japan, rapidly revealed shocking facts. For example, it turns out that radioactivity is already present in milk of mothers - as this describes the article [7#M1.1] from item #M1.1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. Or it turns out that in shops is sold beef in which the content of radioactive caesium exceeds 6.5 times the legally permitted level (which probably is already too-high and unhealthy - only that no-one has the courage to verify this) - for details see the article [8#M1.1] from item #M1.1 of the abovementioned web page named telekinetics.htm. Let us do not forged here about the fact described in the article [2#F1] from item #F1 of this web page, namely that meat from a significant proportion of wild pigs in Germany is already so saturated with radioactivity, that it is too dangerous for consumption and must be destroyed. So if Geiger counters become today equally commonly used as computers are, then we would rapidly learned truths that would "raise hair on our heads".
       Highly paid experts from "atomic energy" tell the rest of us that atomic energy has many advantages - e.g. is "inexpensive". However, they do NOT count to "costs" of that energy the price (nor payments of the yearly "rent") for these already huge areas of the highly expensive land, which the atomic energy already turned into a "radioactive wasteland" and excluded from the human use for nearest several hundred, or perhaps even several thousands, of years. They also do NOT count the value of these people whom the atomic energy took life, nor costs of hospitals and medicines for healing these defects and human illnesses which were caused by radioactivity. Those experts tell us also that "atomic energy" is "safe". But they do NOT take under consideration this escalation of human deaths, nor these illnesses and birth defects, which were caused by radioactive waste left from this supposedly "safe" atomic energy.
       Experts from the atomic energy describe to us an "ideal" situation, which would exist only in the world of absolutely perfect people - i.e. people who do NOT act immorally nor commit errors and mistakes. But in reality we live in highly imperfect and very immoral world. So if only in this imperfect world something is covered with secrets and protected by laws, so that no-one from outside can "look at hands" of the people involved, then some their decision makers begin to act in there in a highly immoral manner, e.g. "letting with the smoke radioactive waste" - so that this waste poisons or even kills people around. Furthermore, many people display slackness, complacency, and the lack of responsibility in matters of safety. In the result, radioactive waste and products of atomic accidents that escape due to slackness, or that are spread due to accidents, gradually turn our planet into a radioactive rubbish dump. Thus, the only manner to stop that process of hidden poisoning people with radioactivity, is to begin decisive actions to completely block the further use of atomic energy on the Earth. After all, this dirty energy is NOT the only source of energy capable to replace the to-date burning of fossil fuels.

#F4. If some politicians and decision makers behaved slightly more moral, then our planet would NOT need to be turned into a radioactive rubbish dump:

       At this point it is worth to add, that the use of atomic energy, and thus also production of radioactivity, could be eliminated completely from the Earth. The philosophy of totalizm explains even to us how to carry our this elimination most easily (or more strictly it provides us with recipes for the so-called free energy - which sources are able to replace in future the highly destructive nuclear energy). Unfortunately, many immoral politicians and complacent in their "ivory towers" atheistic orthodox scientists insist on escalation of these sources of radioactivity in order to satisfy various their personal ambitions. Simultaneously the "atheistic orthodox science" - still holding tightly its "monopole for knowledge", stubbornly refuses to undertake research on completely new eco-sources of "pollution free" energy - of the kind like these suggested by totalizm generators of free energy. The entire item #I1 from the separate web page named seismograph.htm is even devoted to a presentation of the most shocking examples of such already notorious refusal of research on alternative sources of energy by decision makers which represent the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date.

#F5. The burning single drops of radioactive rain in New Zealand after the Fukushima disaster - means how I discovered that radioactive waste is NOT spread across the globe diluted evenly in the volume of rain, but forms single "hot" drops densely packed with radioactivity which mutate and probably also cause the skin cancer (melanoma):

Motto"if you are in New Zealand (or probably also in any other place on Earth) and it is just beginning to rain, then run as fast as you can, to hide under a roof, because if on you is to fall a described here burning radioactivity raindrop, then in spite of what the scientists and politicians claim, probably later are to emerge from this raindrop various health consequences that are to be rather unpleasant for you and for your descendants!"
       This item has quite an interesting history, from the disclosure of which I decided to start writing it. Well, some time after in February 2012 I purchased our tiny flat with a garden in the New Zealand township of Petone, my attention was drawn to a bird called the "blackbird", which in late 2012 was born somewhere in the vicinity of the flat, and later together with its whole family regularly fed on earthworms caught in my garden. This is because the "blackbird" was a mutant, in which among perfectly black feathers there were patches of white feathers. A photograph of that mutated blackbird is shown on "Fig. #T1cd" from the web page named solar.htm. Before the nuclear explosion in Fukushima, Japan, means before the date of 11th March 2011 (for details refer to the description of this explosion provided in items #M1 to #M1.3 from the web page named telekinetics.htm) I have never and nowhere in New Zealand seen such mutated blackbirds - while as a highly perceptive scientist professionally trained in noticing all possible anomalies (and, in addition, make also especially sensitive due to the carrying out of my "hobby" research), if such mutants previously existed in New Zealand, then for sure I would note them. However, soon after the nuclear explosion in Fukushima, i.e. starting since 2012, these mutants quickly began to appear in the area where I live.
       The obvious conclusion which is induced by the existence of these New Zealand mutations, is that these mutations of "black blackbirds" (and also probably mutations of many other creatures and people naturally NOT covered with black feathers, and thus typically unnoticeable to others) most likely have been caused by radioactive fallouts that winds brought from Fukushima in Japan as far as New Zealand - which lies at the edge of the world. Unfortunately, for a long time I did not have a device for measuring radioactivity. So I do NOT had a way to see what was going on with the radioactivity in New Zealand. But then just after I was able to photograph examples of such mutated blackbirds, and thus as soon as in item #T7 from the web page named solar.htm I was able to reveal (and document) to my readers the existence of these mutations blackbirds, I decided to buy such a radioactivity measuring device for myself. Unfortunately, to my large frustration soon discovered that (like many different products readily available in other countries, but chronically lacking in stores of NZ - e.g. like solar panels or steel mesh for antimosquito use) in the stores of New Zealand one also cannot purchase a measuring instrument for radioactivity. So I expressed my frustration on this issue and in item #T7 from the abovementioned my web page named solar.htm I complained to my readers about this lack of measuring radioactivity instruments in New Zealand stores. In response to this my complaining, one amongst the readers (who is cooperating with me for many years) wrote to me an email that he has the radioactivity monitor which served him well for measuring his environment and food, and because he no longer need it, he can send it to me as a Christmas gift. Of course, I immediately said YES and the needed radiation monitor produced by the Russian company "Radex", type RD1706 arrived to me already on 19th November 2015 - see its English-language manual that is available in PDF at the address
       After receiving the radiation monitor I immediately started checking as to how looks-like radioactivity in Petone and around this township. Unfortunately, in the first phase of my measurements everything looked allegedly as safe and normal. A typical present scientist could therefore hail that the Fukushima disaster changed nothing in New Zealand - as for many recent years a number of "scientific authorities" misled the humanity (without further incurring for it any consequences) that supposedly the warming of Earth climate is an illusion and actually does NOT exist. I mean, in Petone, nor in its vicinity, I could NOT detect any "hot spots" of dangerous radiation levels - although the elevated background radiation on geological faults allowed me to discover how these faults actually run in our area. (It turned out that the most active geological faults run exactly under supermarkets in which we shop and under the church in masses of which we participate every Saturday). When I discussed this "normality" of my measurements with the donor of the instrument discussed here, he mentioned the possibility that radioactivity probably once fell with the rain, among others, at eggs, or at young blackbirds - thus causing mutations of these blackbirds, after which fall, however, it sank to the ground and now there is no trace of it So I decided to check if there is any evidence of such a course of events. In Petone many outlets from street waste water is discharged directly into the sea. These outlets are located on the Petone beach, and some of their outlets are easily accessible. So I have made measurements of the background radiation at one of these outlets, which almost always is accessible. It turned out that beside it and along the groove, wherein the waste water flow down across the beach to the sea, the background radiation is systematically about 50% higher than the background radiation in surrounding of the effluence from the beach. This in turn allows to logically deduce that really through this effluent periodically runs off some radioactive waste that then has been soaked into the beach sand and still cause a local increase of background radioactivity by these about 50%. In this way I established the first premises and evidence, which seem to confirm that mutations of New Zealand blackbirds actually are caused by droplets of radioactive waste which fall onto New Zealand along with the rain, and thus which also occasionally fall on bird eggs or bird chicks.
       As a result of that finding, I started a more precise search for damages which could be causes by droplets of radioactive rain. Soon I recalled these local "burns" on leaves of plants from my garden - see "Fig. #F1". I saw these burns on my garden since a long time, but I have always considered them to be some form of leaf diseases. After all, the New Zealand vegetation is attacked by an entire range of pathogenic factors, for example by fungi, mold, yeast, viruses, bacteria, insects, and even by so-called "mites". (With the English name of "mites", while with the Polish name of "roztocza", is described a kind of miniature parasitic, sucking insects-like creatures so small, that typically they remain invisible to the naked eye, i.e. with a length less than one-tenth of a millimetre. These miniature insects parasite on humans, animals, other insects and plants. Over plants they are typically dispersed by flies or by other insects, often forming on leaves large colonies which either eat the leaf tissue, causing on them just like a "burning", or their droppings induce formation on leaves of accretions in English called "leaf galls". As I remember from years of my youth, in Poland and in Europe "mites" is not a big problem, because winter frosts debilitating them maintain their multiplying at a low level. However, the mild maritime climate of New Zealand cause that mites can proliferate indefinitely. Therefore, in NZ they constitute a real plague.) The discussed here "burnings" I did NOT detect in my garden too often. After all, it is difficult to spot them and they appear on a completely random leaves. Thus, I typically discover new ones at a rate of no more than once a month. Always, as soon as I detect one of them, I try to destroy it "just in case" - because if they are caused by a disease, then their destruction would prevent it from spreading to the rest of the plants from my garden. Unfortunately, when the radiation monitor reached me, for some time none of these burnings reminded me of their existence. Only after the rain that fell a couple of nights before 30th November 2015, I noticed a new double droplet-shaped burning which appeared on the leaf of a small grape what I am trying to grow. Because this grape still is very young and has only a few leaves, while this "burning" was the third consecutive which appeared on the grape since the NZ spring of 2015 and which urged me to cut off already the third of its few leaves, a few days I do NOT cut the leaf, because I believed that its removal and destruction probably is to hurt more that grape than its leaving. However, then I noted that exactly above this double droplet-like burning on a leaf, there is also a small droplet-like burning at the tip of the stem of that young grape - which burning killed the tip of that stem. So I cut off that leaf and I put it under my radiation monitor. Monitor indications quickly jumped by more than 50% higher than the value of the background radiation. It means that the leaf turned out to be slightly radioactive, although its location on grape was such that the radioactive droplet of rain which caused the burning, slipped off or bounced from the leaf, after which it sank to the ground. On a leaf remained only a trace radioactivity from that carried out by that droplet. The same droplet during its fall also hit into the stem of grape and also burned that stem. To document that finding, at the area of my garden in which the background radiation was the lowest, I made photographs shown below as "Fig. #F1", which document that leaf which was burned by a radioactive droplet of rain, and also document the indications of radioactivity monitor after placing it on that leaf, and without that leaf (i.e. when it only measured the background radiation).
       The above my findings turn out to represent another very important my discovery, which introduces for us many important consequences. For example, one of the consequences of this discovery is the information that is already presented in the title and the motto of this item, and which straightens the error highly dangerous for humans that is embedded into the current views on radioactive waste and fallouts. Namely, this discovery reveals that radioactive waste and fallouts dispersed throughout the world by the winds, do NOT behave in a manner on which probably count those scientists and politicians who are responsible for the disposal of these deadly substances in a "secret" and the least "embarrassing" way. The point is that after getting into the atmosphere waste and fallouts do NOT dilute in the entire volume of rain with which then they fall to Earth, but rather the radioactive waste forms in the rain distinct "burning" droplets, in which radioactivity has enough high enough concentration, that after the fall on the plants, animals, birds, or people, this radioactivity causes burnouts, induces mutations (of e.g. NZ blackbirds), and probably also causes cancers. The consequence of this feature of radioactive waste is that now every rain turns out to be dangerous to health and to life, because apparently every rain contains single droplets of highly concentrated radioactivity - hence from every rain now we should quickly hide under a roof. An example of other consequence of the described here my discovery of the existence of such deadly raindrops, is the awareness that such burning, mutating, and probably also inducing cancer droplets containing in themselves the concentrated radioactivity, probably also help to serve the universal justice in the manner and in compliance with the rules, which I tried to explain to readers in item #N2 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm.
       However, in my opinion, there is also another even more important consequence of my discovery described here that in present times with normal rains, which typically are harmless to humans, are also falling single droplets of highly concentrated radioactive waste that probably are deadly to humans, to fauna and to flora. Namely, the most vital consequence of this discovery is the already looking to be closer to the truth than the previous one, the explanation of the to-date strange mysteries associated with the skin cancer called "melanoma". (Notice that to-date the melanoma has been explained by the official medicine and science as the skin cancer caused solely by excess of UV radiation produced by the sun itself.) For example, the explanation of the riddle (1) why melanoma firstly appears on the skin of people in a form of "freckles" with the raindrop-like shape almost identical to the shape of the burning on the leaf shown here in "Fig. #F1a". Or the explanation of the riddle (2) why before the world powers started the test explosions of nuclear weapons, melanoma did NOT exist on Earth, and also the puzzle (3) why most severe cases of melanoma occur in Australia and in New Zealand - means in the countries closest to experimental areas from the South Pacific, on which were blasted the majority of test explosions of atomic bombs. Or the explanation of the riddle (4) why after a nuclear explosion in Fukushima (Japan), in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and several others, in the sky over which winds blow (including the strong "jet stream") directly from Japan, recently is observed an intensification of melanoma "epidemic", in spite of the puzzle (5) that scientists say that for some time now supposedly the "ozone hole" (which had previously been held responsible for increased UV radiation, and thus for causing melanoma) is disappearing, and also in spite of the puzzle (6) that the beauty industry lately supplies the population with increasingly more efficient tanning creams, which are blocking UV radiation thus supposed to prevent "melanoma", while simultaneously (7) people wear increasingly more of these creams before exposing their skin to sunlight and to UV radiation, and thus the number of melanoma cases should drop down. The solution for all these puzzles stems from the simple fact, that so-far the official medicine did NOT even consider the fact that there may be some other reason for the occurrence of melanoma than solely excessive UV radiation which tanning people take. After all, the existence of occasionally falling with the rain, the individual droplets of highly concentrated radioactive waste described here, suggests that perhaps the real cause of melanoma may be the collapse of these radioactive droplets on human skin. In turn just the exposure of the skin to UV radiation perhaps may only make the skin a little more susceptible to initiation of the melanoma by these radioactive droplets, while those strange puzzles of melanoma listed above suggest that, in itself, probably UV radiation is not yet a reason for the melanoma development. The point is that to UV the humanity is exposed since the moment of creation, that is for around 6000 years, while melanoma appeared on Earth only with the first explosions of atomic bombs and together with waste from nuclear reactors. In addition, as it is explained in item #A1 of this web page, everything that God created was "very good" - i.e. before people have spoiled of what God has created, both human skin and UV radiation coexisted and cooperated with each other, and NOT mutually destroyed each other.
       But as a scientist, I have a duty to inform you that from a scientific point of view, my findings described here will probably arouse a lot of reservations. After all, I am NOT an expert on radiation, so what am describing here I determined and documented only as "amateur" and "hobbyist" - relying solely on the power of my logic and deduction. In addition, all this is based on a single measurement. For only a single measurement I was able to carry out so-far, since the evidence of the existence of the discussed here individual raindrops containing highly concentrated radioactive waste must be actively "hunt" - because they turn out to be as illusory (elusive) as illusory are, for example, UFO vehicles or proofs for the existence of God (which, after all, for many centuries are deceiving with their intelligence and elusiveness the routinely acting professional scientists). Meanwhile, the Bible commands that each matter must be based on at least two or three independent witnesses or confirmations (see item #C5 from the web page named bible.htm). Thus, "if" or "when" I could make a similar subsequent measurement, this so-far remains unknown. After all, it will depend highly accidental fall of further burning raindrops on any of leaves in my garden, which leaves in addition I must then see, take notice, identify, measure and document - before they by themselves fall off or are destroyed. Unfortunately noticing, identifying, examining and documenting these droplets is NOT going to be so sure and easy. After all, already now I am aware, that moral mechanisms act in such a way, that the discovery, confirmation and dissemination of any truth requires overcoming the whole ocean of short-term obstacles and adversities, which the so-called "moral field" always puts in the way of people seeking the truth - as more widely it is explained in item #C4.2 and #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm. Therefore, it is known in advance that the confirmation and dissemination of the truth about the herein described individual droplets of concentrated radioactivity falling with rains in short-term will be hindered by this "moral field", and thus is NOT going to be easy and will require overcoming a number of difficulties which are emerge only in the future and the breaking through which typically is NOT possible for the working alone hobbyist-retiree who investigates the matter decisive of the health and lives of virtually all of the humanity. For these reasons I hope that what I am describing here will inspire also other researchers and readers for whom matters the learning and the disseminating of truth, to the joining this research and starting a similar to my "hunting" for those single, devastating droplets of burning radioactive rain. I also invite everyone, and appeal to anyone, who knows a bit about radioactivity and has the required instrumentation, to repeated and to check my results. After all, from what so far I have established, and what in the scientific sense is only a preliminary identification of the general area and the direction in which we should now take our "hunting" for the truth, seems to indicate fairly obvious conclusion that the rain which falls on New Zealand (and hence almost certainly, also the rain which falls today in any every other country of the world), from time to time single droplets are falling, which contain a highly concentrated radioactivity capable of causing, among others, genetic mutations, and most likely also cancers (e.g. "melanoma").
       Unfortunately for us, that radioactivity is highly elusive. Indeed, after falling to the ground it quickly soaks into the soil, flows into the sea, or is dissipated in the environment. So generally speaking, these typical rutyne measurements of professional scientists so-far are unable to detect its destructive power - thus to detect it and test it, necessary is to carry out a type of "hunting" specifically oriented at detecting it. But in spite of its elusiveness, the devastating effect of these individual drops of radioactivity is already dangerous to people, flora and fauna - as have already proved it the mutations of New Zealand blackbirds, as well as the burnings of the leaves described here. We should therefore also consider what most probably will happen if such a burning drop of concentrated radioactivity falls, for example, on the belly of a pregnant woman - while this woman may e.g. be your wife or relative. In addition, over time the radioactivity will be accumulated in our environment - as accumulated up to date was climate warming (whose existence many professional scientists previously denied). So, since the destructive power of that burning radioactivity occasionally contained in individual droplets of rain, already manifested itself in the form of New Zealand's blackbirds mutations described here, therefore, while the official science and governments will conveniently continue to be silent in the matter of this mortal danger occasionally falling on people with rains, I have here the advice-warning for the reader - which I summarized also in the motto to that item. It states: "if you are in New Zealand (and probably also in any other place on Earth) and just begins to rain, then run as fast as you can for cover under a roof, because if also onto you will fall the described here burning droplet of rain with concentrated radioactivity, then in spite of what say scientists and politicians, probably are to emerge later from this some health problems very unpleasant for you and for your descendants!"
       By some strange coincidence, I already now am also able to estimate roughly what is the "annual density" of fallout in New Zealand of the described herein individual "burning" droplets of radioactive rain. The possibility of this estimation is given to me by an unusual history of a tiny grape plant, the leaf of which I subjected to the checks described here. About 30 cm long branch of this grape gave me a neighbour in winter 2014. Earlier this neighbour, commenting on my efforts of planting grapes (which previously I used to buy in NZ garden shops) around all fences of our flat, she told me about the delicious black grapes that grew by the house of her parents. At my request, in winter she cut off a twig from the grape of her parents and gave it to me. Immediately after receiving the twigs I planted it - initially in the pot (so that I could move it later in the sunniest place of my garden). In fact, in the spring of 2014 it began to grow into a small grape plant. In the summer I replanted it to the place of permanent growth, where it grown to a height of about 50 cm. But then in autumn and winter several times it was attacked by the Australian pest called "possum", which nestles somewhere near my garden, and during nights is chewing everything that grows in my garden, i.e. twigs, leaves, fruits, etc. These "possums" is a very voracious night pests that are currently wreaking havoc in the vegetation of New Zealand - where they have no natural enemies (besides humans). Their voracity is similar to the famous and already proverbial "tasmanian devil" (several of which have recently also been brought to NZ). It is just that these "devils" eat meat, while "possums" devour vegetation. During the winter of 2015 the discussed grape plant was so devoured by that possum that I was afraid that it will wither. In the spring, however, it grew one leaf and then one stem. So in order to save it from further night attacks of this voracious possum, in the spring of 2015 I bought a piece of flat, flexible plexiglas of a thickness of around 1 mm, and surrounded the grape plant with a kind of a transparent plexiglas tube rolled from that piece and tied together with a string so that it formed a diameter of around 25 cm and a height of 70 cm - see photo from "Fig. #F2". This tube NOT only that protects the grape plant from the voracity of that possum, but it also makes that to this grape plant the rain can only fall through the upper opening of the tube with a surface area of around f=490 square centimeters. The leaves of this grape plant currently occupy a whole surface of the tube. Because I especially carefully care for that grape, watering it and seeing almost every day, during about three months (d=91) that have passed since the arrival of spring and growth of its current leaves, I discovered on it (and removed from it) three leaves (i=3) burned in the manner described here - but the first two of these leaves were burned when I have not yet had the radiation monitor. This already now lets me estimate that throughout the entire year, through the above surface of the opening of that tube, statistically falls around r=12 droplets of burning radioactive rain - that is, during a year one such a droplet statistically falls onto each around u=40 cm square of my garden area, and most likely, also all over New Zealand. In other words, the determined by algorithm which I am presenting below the annual density of burning droplets of radioactive rain, for New Zealand amounts approximately to one radioactive droplet per every u=40 square cm of New Zealand area. That means, my grape plant has already allowed me to estimate that for every square of the surface of NZ of the side dimension of slightly more than 6 cm, falls one discussed here radioactive burning droplet of rain per each year. So on each around one and a half square meters of the surface of NZ - that is, on each surface area that typically is soaked by every rain on a single person, statistically speaking every day should fall one such mutating and carcinogenic radioactive droplet of rain. (Of course, in practice it does not rain every day. So when we begin to have rain, actually on that surface area is to fall more than one radioactive, burning droplet - hence probably we have today so many of cases of melanoma.) As NZ lies on the edge of the world, that is away from the majority of nuclear reactors and also away from the major nuclear accidents and leaks of radioactivity, (e.g. away from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.), in other countries of the world probably the density of falling such burning droplets of radioactive rain is higher - hence in order the reader "knows what is happening", I propose that he/she tries to estimate own annual density of radioactive droplets - as I am to explain it below. Although of these burning droplets falls too little to cause any significant changes in the global Earth's radioactivity within the lifetime of a single person (and thus in order that they can be detected and hailed as "dangerous" by routinely acting professional scientists), I think that this is already enough much that in the future accumulate in the soil so much radioactivity that it can cause mutation, degeneration, and extinction of the entire future humanity. After all, some isotopes contained in the nuclear waste, radioactivity remains destructive sometimes for many thousands of years. So let us do NOT delay action until with the radioactivity repeats the same story as with procrastination of addressing global warming - especially since through the unstoppably deepening now the disaster of climate warming, a small group of people will probably be able to survive (for more details see item #T1 from the web page named solar.htm), but excessive growth of deadly radioactivity certainly will kill all of the humanity - that is, it will kill all the descendants of people living today.
       Because of the seriousness of situation described here, it would be worth that every conscious reader of this web page tried to see by himself/herself, how the annual density "u" of burning droplets of radioactive rain that fall at his/her place of residence, compares to the estimated above density of the burning radioactive droplets that fall in New Zealand. The point is, that the described above my method of such estimating of that annual density can now be repeated by virtually almost every reader who has a garden - i.e. even by the reader who (like once myself) is unable to purchase in own country any device for measuring radioactivity. After all, a good indicator of radioactivity turn out to be leaves of some sensitive plants (e.g. as I have realized this in my garden, certainly such an indicator are the grape leaves) - i.e. the leaves that reveal on themselves the discussed in this item and shown on the photograph from "Fig. #F1a" burning droplets of radioactive rain. In order to estimate the annual density of fallout of such burning dropletss of radioactivity in the place of residence of the reader, using the same estimation algorithm which I used in New Zealand and which I am describing here, the following should be done:
       1. A single, or several, small plants with delicate leaves, for example young grapes, should be planted in the garden. (It may be, that this experiment will also work with any other plants with large soft leaves, e.g. with peas, tomato, potato, etc.). In order to plant these seedlings the reader does NOT need to purchase them in a shop, but near the end of winter (although still before the time when eg. the grapes begin to create spring buds) can be eg. planted into the soil a grape twig of a length between about 30 and 90 cm - which probably will gladly give to us a helpful neighbour. This is because grapes grow from planted stems and branches - exactly the same way as do the willows. More interestingly, to increase the production of grapes, each winter grapes should be trimmed by cutting off some of their branches (thus, by giving to us one such a branch for a seedling a neighbour will also benefit). After each such trimming always remain unnecessary twigs, which can then be used as cuttings for planting. Initially I advise these cuttings are planted in large pots, and only after a few months to replant them in the target sites (plants in pots are easier to care for). Of course, the experiment described here can also be performed on plants that are already growing - but typically these are already large, and thus later there will be technical difficulty with the surrounding them with a transparent tube of a known area of the inlet for rain.
       2. During the summer, select for experiments a plant (e.g. a grape) which is growing the fastest and formed the most of leaves. For this purpose the plant should be surrounded by a transparent tube, so that the rain which will fall on its leafs will be able to enter only through the possible to calculate area of the upper inlet of this tube - as shown in the photograph from "Fig. #F2". The watering of the plant should then be made by pouring water at its roots (at the bottom of the tube) - so that the water do not accidentally broke its leaves or create misleading marks on its leaves. The diameter of the tube must be so chosen that the whole of its cross-section was covered with leafs of the control plant (e.g. grape), means that raindrops falling into this tube have a maximum chance of landing on one of these leaves.
       3. Write down a date when the systematic observation of leaves of this plant were started, and write also dates or the appearance of each of these droplet-like burnings on leaves - i.e. of burnings similar to those shown in the photograph of the leaf from "Fig. #F1a". (Notice that such burnings of leaves with radioactivity does not disappear automatically, hence you do NOT have to check your control plant every day, and this can be done e.g. only about once a week.) I also advise to cut off each such burned leaf, and after the measurement of the radiation and after photographing it - to carefully and safely get rid of it.
       4. If you have a radiation monitor (meter), then it is worth to measure and to record how higher than the background radiation is the radiation emitted from each droplet-like burned leaf. But if there is NO radiation meter, then you have to accept (i.e. make the so-called "assumption"), that the amount of that radiation is certainly a dangerously high - since it caused a burning of the leaf. If you have a camera or cellphone with a camera, then it is worth to document photographically every such burnout.
       5. When in late summer leafs of the controlled plant already become shabby and insensitive, you should end the experiment and write down the date of completion. Then, knowing already how many days "d" you were conducting this experiment, and knowing how many "i" of hot droplets of radioactive rain caused burns on leaves of the control plant, you can from the formula r=365xi/d (where the symbols "x" and "/" are operators of multiplication and division) calculate the amount "r" of burning droplets of radioactive rain falling statistically in a given location during the entire one year. Then, knowing the area "f" of the inlet to the transparent tube that surrounded the control plant, from the formula u=f/r it can also be calculated what is the annual density "u" of fallout of burning droplets of radioactive rain in our place of residence. I would be grateful for sending me thus obtained resulting "u", "f" and "r", along with a brief description of your control plant that was used, and with any other data of that experiment.
       I should add here, that in addition to gaining the knowledge (after all "to know is to make more correct decisions"), this experiment also allows you to enrich your garden, e.g. with a new grapes, which in about 4 years later will reward your effort by growing tasty fruit (in accordance with the described in item #C4.2 of the web page named morals.htm the operating principle of the "moral field", that every morally correct effort is rewarded in the long term work of this moral field).

[Bild: radioactive_leaf_1.jpg]

[Bild: radioactive_leaf_2.jpg]

[Bild: radioactive_leaf_3.jpg]
Fig. #F1abc: Here are photographs of the leaf burnt by radioactivity from a single droplet of rain falling randomly and intermittently in the New Zealand town of [b]Petone. Most probably these were just such single drops of rain saturated with the burning radioactivity that cause mutations of black feathers in NZ blackbirds described in item #T7 and shown in "Fig. #T1" from the web page named solar.htm, and perhaps also such single drops are responsible for the above-described "epidemic" of melanoma. Notice that the fact of appearing such individual droplets containing the burning radioactive waste in rains of the distant from rest of the world New Zealand, practically means also that similar drops of mutating, and perhaps also carcinogenic and pathogenic rain, probably fall in any other location on earth as well. Only that because these are just single drops separated from each other by time and space, their detection is very difficult (if not impossible) for professional scientists who their profession perform only routinely, and thus who do not put into their research and into the "hunting" for truth the entire their power of observation, logic, and willingness of finding out even the most unpopular truth (i.e. the truth which in the case of professional scientists has the potential of exposing or even destroying completely their well-paid careers). Thus, in spite of what officially state scientists and politicians, it is worth to take into consideration my advice-warning that I gave in the motto to item #F5 from this web page. (Click on the selected image to see it enlarged or to shift it to another area of the screen.)[/b]
       Fig. #F1a (upper): A photo of the leaf described herein, which make me to write item #F5 from this web page. I am documenting it here because this leaf provides confirmation that onto New Zealand, and thus probably also onto every other place of the Earth, occasionally are falling with rain single droplets full of burning radioactivity potentially capable of causing mutations, cancer, and/or other health problems. This leaf was positioned on the grape plant under such a substantial angle, that this single radioactive droplet actually only slipped over it, touching it in two places, then sunk into the soil. Thus on a leaf remained only a minimal proportion of its radioactive content. But even so small its contents caused an increase in indications of the radiation monitor - which fact is documented and explained on the images (b) and ©. Notice that the radioactivity of certain waste ceases extremely slow - sometimes only after many thousands of years. Thus, the fact that onto New Zealand (and probably also onto every other country in the world) currently fall with rain only single droplets full of burning radioactive waste, does NOT mean at all, that this radioactivity is gone, but on the contrary, it means that gradually and unnoticeably it accumulates in the soil (similarly like slowly and unnoticeably accumulates the effect of climate change), and thus that over time this radioactivity may become so ubiquitous, that it will poison all the food, while in the future also makes dead all people!
       Fig. #F1b (middle): A photo of indications of the radiation monitor placed on a leaf discussed here. After placing this monitor on the indicated leaf, its measurements increased by more than 50% in relation to how much they were when in the given and exactly the same location the radiation monitor registered only the background radiation. (However, the indications of radiation monitor typically change if it is moved to a different place.) The above photograph shows an indication amounting to 0.15 micro-Sieverts per hour (i.e. 0.15 μS/h) - which still qualifies it to the allowed and safe level. Of course, because the background radiation fluctuates, also indications obtained from the leaf during my measurement fluctuated in the range from 0.13 to 0.15 μS/h. In other locations from the garden these indications were different. However, the leaf shown here always gave indications that were higher than 50% over the background radiation at a given location.
       Fig. #F1c (lowest): Another photo taken in the same location of my garden. This time it documents only indications of the background radiation taken a short time after the reading (b). To take photographs shown here I purposely chose a place in my garden, which gave the lowest background radiation, because that particular day different places in my garden were giving the background radiation the lowest values of which were decreasing to a level somewhere within the range between 0.07 and 0.10 μS/h. (Notice also, that in each photograph I deliberately taken a section of the lawn to make sure that the viewer sees that all their measurements I carried out always in the same place of the garden - because elsewhere garden background radiation could be different. After all the photographing I carried out from "freehand" that is, without using a tripod - which way of photographing, unfortunately, makes each single photograph to cover a slightly different angle and probably also from a slightly different height. However, the photographing also the lawn allows the viewer to notice arrangement of flowers and grass. This arrangement in turn assures the viewer that measurements documented here I took always in the same place, because the wooden plank that I used to pad the expose of a leaf, all the time is lying and was photographed at exactly the same area of the garden and at the same orientation). In the above photo I showed the lowest indication amounting to 0.07 μS/h. However, during taking the measurements discussed herein, these indications fluctuated within the range from 0.07 to 0.09 μS/h. In turn after inserting the leaf under the radiation monitor, indications have always jumped to the value of over 50% higher. (The leaves that are NOT stained with radiation cause almost none, and certainly NOT so high, growth of the indications of background radiation.)

[Bild: grape.jpg]
Fig. #F2: Here is a photograph of a small and young grape plant, three leaves of which have been burned in 2015 by a highly radioactive, single drops of rain - as for the last of these burned leaves is documented in item #F5 and on "Fig. #F1abc" of this web page. (When burned were the previous two leaves, I had NO yet the radiation monitor described herein.) This grape plant enclosed by transparent tube made of plexiglas can be seen in the lower centre of the above photo. To illustrate its height I deliberately placed a soft garden chair neat it. At the time of taking the photograph shown here the plant has already grown to a height of around 60 cm from the previously high at around 25 cm a single stump to which during the winter 2015 reduced it a voracious possum that at nights sneaks into my garden. It is also worth noting that I deliberately planted this grape near the pole of my miniature "pergola" (partially visible in this photo), which I built along the northern fence of my garden - so that while it grows it could climb along the pole and then spread on the upper surface of this pergola. (Click on the image to see it enlarged or to shift it to another area of the screen.)

Part #G: Genetic engineering:
#G1. Problems with genetic engineering:
       I already emphasized in item #E2 above, that according to the philosophy of totalizm in the physical world nothing has exclusively good or exclusively bad consequences. For example, a good consequence of kitchen salt is that it improves the taste of meals. But a bad consequence of the same salt is that it increases blood pressure, increases overweight, damages some internal organs, etc. Therefore, the task of cautious people is to protect themselves from everything that is "new" until the time when "bad" consequences of it become known, understood, and are well under our control - and thus when people can avoid them or counter-act them (as I recommend this e.g. with the principle of permanent so-called "telekinetisation" which I discovered - for details see the web page named tfz.htm). However, some authorities introduce to our fields vegetation and animals which are products of so-called "genetic engineering" WITHOUT awaiting until such "bad consequences" of these experiments become well learned by people. As a result, already at this moment e.g. corn pollinated by wind, which genetically engineered variety was planted in central New Zealand, managed to pollute genetically almost the entire corn production that grows in this country. So practically in New Zealand does NOT exist any more a variety of corn which would have exclusively natural genes (e.g. would have genes which were wisely created and thoroughly tested by God). Similarly is with salmon in there (i.e. with a tasty fish which is farmed in New Zealand for export purposes). Another known example of similar problems are genetically engineered varieties of rice that grow in India.

Part #H: Antibiotics and growth enhancements:
#H1. Problems with antibiotics, steroids, and growth enhancements:
       We know that e.g. some producers of poultry (e.g. hens) continually feed their animals with fodder to which they always add some antibiotics, steroids, and growth enhancements. This is because such a fodder causes faster and greater gain of weight in poultry. But it also causes the appearance of "antibiotics resistant bacteria" - and thus the return of times when to some illnesses the humanity ceased to have effective medicines. Furthermore, in people who eat meat or eggs from such a poultry, these additions to fodder cause various undesirable "side effects", e.g. the growth of breasts in men, the diminishing number of sperm, difficulties in getting pregnant in women (e.g. see item #F5 of the web page named healing.htm), etc., etc.

Part #I: Impact of human industries:
#I1. Mass extinctions:
       The industrialisation pollutes our foods. For example, the industrial catching of fish causes destruction of seas and oceans. It is also a reason for a mass extinction of some fishes - for more details see item #C5 on the web page named newzealand.htm. In turn e.g. electromagnetic fields from our Hand-phones resonate in bodies of bees thus causing their extinction - for more details see item #F1 on the web page named telepathy.htm and item #C5.1 on the abovementioned web page "newzealand.htm". The excessive burning of fossil fuels (i.e. coal and oil) causes the emission of carbon with its murderous consequences to the climate and to living creatures - e.g. through the appearance of poisonous "algae" in too-hot seas and oceans which cause that a significant proportion of shellfish, oysters, and slugs become poisonous for people (for details see item #K1.6 on the web page named newzealand.htm).

#I2. Problems with industrialization of mass food production:

       To these problem we can include, for example: (1) farming monoculture and its evil consequences (e.g. insects resistant to pesticides, locust, droughts, illnesses, plagues, etc.), (2) nervous cows, pigs, hens, etc. - which in turn causes changes in their milk, meat, eggs, etc., that later influence negatively us - consumers, and many other similar consequences of industrial (mass) production of food.

#I3. Replacement of natural processes by chemical treatments:

       All natural processes are beneficial for health and for life - e.g. see "fermentation" described in items #B1.1 and #B1 of the web page named korea.htm. But the "chemical treatments" that currently are replacing these natural processes does NOT display the same life-giving attributes. Thus e.g. the Polish "sauerkraut" (or even better the Korean "kim-chi"), Polish "fermented cucumbers" and "sour-pigenons" (i.e. "kiszone ogórki" and "kiszone gołąbki"), or Japanese "miso" soup all are highly beneficial for the human health. But e.g. "pickles" (i.e. cucumbers treated chemically with vinegar) have only a good taste, but for the health they are NOT so beneficial as such "fermented" food.

Part #J: Electrical fields, magnetic radiation, life suffocation:
#J1. Dying water and organic matter:
       Just ordinary water can be "living" or "dead". For example, the German folklore states that in order water is "alive", it must be taken from a source or from a well, after it "flows under at least three hills and three forests". In turn for water to become "dead" it suffices to "lock" it in something for a longer period of time, e.g. lock it in some container or in a pipeline. On the other hand, what we do to water today, is just locking it in waterworks pipelines or in plastic bottles. So practically we all drink water which is "dead". Consequences of such a drinking "dead water" wee can see already around us.

#J2. Unhealthy food from under high-tension electrical power-lines:

       Already now we begin to realise that many people who live under high-tension electrical power-lines, with the elapse of time get cancers. So by analogy we can predict that also food that grows under such power-lines will NOT be equally healthy as food that grew in natural environments.

Part #K: Immoral politicians and their destructive decisions:
       Present politician, similarly like the majority of decision makers, currently almost exclusively make decisions along the so-called "line of the least resistance". It means, make decisions which try to please reach and influential people, concerns, voters, other decision makers, but which do NOT solve problems. From findings of so-called "philosophy of totalizm" it is already known, that all decisions which run "along the line of least resistance" are "immoral", in turn as such they must later be repaired, while in the meantime they make a lot of harm - for more details see item #A2.1 on the web page named totalizm.htm. In the result, immoral politicians and their destructive decisions only make worse the situation with food.
       Guidelines of the "philosophy of totalizm" about principles of making "moral decisions", and thus making correct decisions - which never later require correcting and repair of their consequences, are described, amongst others, in item #A2.1 of the web page named totalizm.htm, and also in item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm.

#K1. Political decisions which destroy food:

       Food is destroyed e.g. by wars, monopoles, prices politics, taxes, introduction of unnatural additions, etc. - all this is a product of immoral politicians. A good example of just such destructive to food political decisions is the present politics of European Union - where farmers are paid for NOT planting their fields (in spite that inhabitants of many countries of the world still are hungry), or the described in item #D5 of the web page named fruit.htm. custom of many "monopolistic food producers" to destroy a part of produced food only in order to cause an increase in prices.

Part #L: Ignorance and arrogance of scientists who monopolise decision making processes:
#L1. What we already know that scientists still do NOT know about food:
       Energies "yin" and "yang", "feng-shui", etc. - for more information see items #B2 to #B4 from the web page named fruit.htm.

Part #M: Whether the humanity is endangered by the "death through hunger and starvation"?
#M1. Premises about the "death by hunger and starvation" of the entire humanity:
       There is a lot old prophecies on this subject. Their example can be an old Polish prophecy described in items #H1 and #H2 of the web page named prophecies.htm.
       In turn one amongst mechanisms which can cause such a "death of the entire humanity by starvation" is the current mass extinction of bees already described in item #I1 above on this web page.

Part #N: Is there any hope (in spite of all the above)?
#N1. Sources of hope:
Motto"It is enough to walk along a street of any city from a rich country of Orient, to see with our own eyes the superiority of their philosophy of eating over Western philosophies."
       The most vital sources of hope for the future include:
(1) The existence of Oriental philosophies which concern food and eating (this is why it is worth to learn these Oriental philosophies concerning food). There is a number of vital factors which define the quality of food in philosophies of the Orient. In past inhabitants of rich countries of the West scoffed at inhabitants of the Orient, that these are so "lean" and look as if they are "starving". But then it turned out that "being lean" is an "advantage", NOT a "fault". After all, it means health, long life, the lack of visits in doctors and hospitals, more natural feelings and habits, etc., etc.
(2) The existence of the principle (and a method) of God's acting to "always provide evidence in support of whatever believes strongly" - see the web pages referred in item #O1 below.
(3) The existence proven in action during centuries of use perfect recipes on traditional dishes.
(4) The existence of traditions of good eating.

Part #O: What we ourselves can do in order to improve the situation with foods:
#O1. Directions of our actions:
       The most vital directions on which we all should concentrate to improve the present (tragic) situation with foods, are as follows:
- Increase of morality - as the "morality is the key to everything" (e.g. see items #A3 and #B4 from the web page morals.htm, item #A1 on the web page named totalizm.htm, item #P1 on the web page named changelings.htm, or item #B5 on the web page named seismograph.htm),
- Eliminate monopoles (e.g. see items #C1 and #M1.3 from the web page named telekinetics.htm),
-Learn and understand methods of God's actions (e.g. see item #A2.2 on the web page named totalizm.htm or se the entire web page named god_exists.htm),
- Help so-called "whistle blowers" - i.e. people who sound alarm and turn attention of others on truth regarding immoral practices of other people (e.g. see item #F1 on the web page totalizm.htm),
- Cultivate traditions of good food consumed throughout many years by healthy people,
- Cultivate the tradition of natural production of foods,
- Seek new knowledge about food (of the kind of Oriental philosophies of foods: "yin" and "yang", "feng-shui", etc.).

Part #P: So what we should see in food that we consume:
#P1. What we already know that it influences positively our health:
       Theoretically we already know a lot of facts on the subject of what influences positively our health. Examples of these facts can be:
- Tradition of "checking effects in centuries-old action" described e.g. in items #B2 to #B4 of the web page named fruit.htm, or
- Fermented food such as Korean "kim-chi", Japanese "miso", Polish "kiszone gołąbki z kaszą" or "sauerkraut", described here in item #I3 (and also e.g. in items #B1.1 and #B1 of the web page named korea.htm).
       Currently we need to try to implement this theoretical knowledge to everyday practice of our eating.

Part #R: Creation of our private "cookbooks" with dishes worth trouble of making them:
#R1. Let us record traditions of good food before these disappear:
       Means, let us write down thoroughly old recipes for dishes used by our grand-parents and parents.

#R2. What is worth being recorded in our family "cookbooks":

       Let us write for ourselves a "cookbook" which contains recipes for traditional, healthy, home-made, energy-balanced, food for our everyday use.

Part #S: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#S1. Summary of this web page:
       This web page provided examples of replies and recipes for a healthy and tasty food. It revealed to us also various benefits that stem from finding recipes for just such dishes.

#S2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#S3. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#S4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#S5. Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).

Date of initiation this web page: 15 August 2011
Date of the most recent update: 3 June 2020
(Check in "Menu 3" whether there is even a more recent update!)
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