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If we look around, then we notice that an ever increasing number of people begins to realise, that there is a whole range of different principles of healing illnesses. Only one of them includes these known to everyone, so-called "orthodox" methods of healing used by present medically educated doctors. Others include "natural" ways of returning to health used by our ancestors, also so-called "alternative medicines", faith healing, healing with herbs, etc. Probably there are numerous reasons for this drifting of interest towards non-orthodox methods of healing. In order to list here some of them, these possibly include the increase of costs of seeing a doctor and costs of medicines, the increase in numbers of cases when doctors are more oriented towards profit than toward the good of patients, the general disappointment of society with long-term consequences of modern pharmaceutics (e.g. the appearance of "super-bugs" resistant to antibiotics), intentionally "addictive" orientation of modern pharmaceutics - which instead of being oriented towards healing illnesses, rather are oriented towards forcing ill people to take such medicines for the duration of remaining part of their lives, a gradual lowering of academic level of doctors' education and the removal of courses on ethics and on morality from Universities which educate doctors, the rigid views of a majority of doctors and their lack of readiness to investigate alternative methods of healing, the fact that if natural methods of healing do not help in a given problem, then usually they also do not make the problem worse (while a majority of modern methods of curing usually displays various undesirable side effects), and many more. So to meet these tendencies, on this web page I describe a number of interesting methods of natural healing which I encountered so far in my globetrotting "in search of bread". I have not researched the effectiveness of these methods, so I do not take any stand regarding their results. However, this web page is NOT intended as a textbook of medicine nor as a guide regarding healing, but just as a description of folklore curiosities for reading by these people who are interested in them and wish to learn what they are about.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. What are goals of this web page:
       On this web page I would like to present natural methods of healing for most popular health problems. The methods described here are, or were, either used in folklore of various nations, or are newly developed on the basis of findings of the philosophy of totalizm.

#A2. Notice that "in the world ruled by God" illnesses and healing are something drastically different than illnesses and healing "in the world deprived of God":
Motto: "In the world ruled by God illnesses are 'tools of God', while healing of these illnesses boils down to implementation in the real life all the requirements that God expect us to fulfil at a given stage of our lives."
       "Key to knowledge" turns out to be the ability to ask "right questions". By the expression "right questions" we understand questions which in the ocean of ignorance and confusion that surrounds us are able to indicate the direction in which hides the "grain of truth" we seek. After all, "without learning truth there is no progress" - as this emphasizes the "philosophy of totalizm" (for details see item #F1 on the web page named totalizm.htm). So let us ask just such "right question" in the matter which vividly interests everyone - i.e. in the matter of health. It says "why the humanity developed and uses so huge number of various methods of effective healing?". After all, apart from the methods of healing used by the so-called "atheistic orthodox medicine", means by the medicine which is officially taught on present universities and officially practiced in present hospitals, we have also tens of other completely different, although equally effective, methods of healing. In order to indicate here at least some examples of these, we have also "miraculous healings", which occur e.g. after crrectly formulated prayers (e.g. after prayers which fulfil requirements describedin item #G7 from the web page named will.htm), or in various religious places. We also have "Oriental medicine" (i.e. the one practiced e.g. in China or in India) - which heals with completely different methods than these of present "atheistic orthodox medicine" (e.g. which uses so-called "acupuncture"). Furthermore, we also have dozens of various other principles and methods of healing, e.g. starting from "homeopathy" and "lying hands", through "healing with colours" and "healing with hypnosis", and finishing on various methods of "healing with energies" (e.g. "reiki", "chi") or "healing with bloodless operations". So if one analyses carefully why there are so numerous completely different methods of effective healing, then it turns out, that the reason is that the "to-date understanding by people 'what are illnesses' and 'what causes illnesses' must be erroneous". After all, so-far by "illnesses" people understood kinds of "faults" or "damages" which appear randomly in the design or work of human organisms. Also in this way illnesses are defined by present official "atheistic orthodox medicine" - only that in its definitions it uses more scientifically sounding words and expressions. However, facts described above reveal to us that "illnesses" and "gettings sick" in fact are something completely different. So let us now analyse what these really are.
       In 1985 a different science was born, which can be called the "totaliztic science". This is because it is based on findings of a relatively new philosophy called the philosophy of totalizm (i.e. this one written with the letter "z", NOT with the letter "s"). More information on the subject of this new science, its philosophical and scientific foundations, and its role in the present and future world, the reader can find, amongst others, in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, item #B1 of the web page named tornado.htm, or item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm. This new science looks at illnesses and their healing, and also at practically everything else that surrounds us, from a completely different point of view than it is done by the to-date (old) so-called "atheistic orthodox science". (This old "atheistic orthodox science" is exactly the same "monopolistic official science" which we still learn in our schools and universities.) Namely, the new "totaliztic science" states that in the world ruled by God, illnesses are NOT kinds of "failures" taking place in parts of our bodies, but are "tools of God", with the use of which God so influences behaviours of people, that He is able to accomplish His goals and implement His intentions. In other words, this new "totaliztic science" explains to us, that illnesses which affect us, do NOT stem at all from reasons which are told to us by that old "atheistic orthodox science". (For example, illnesses are NOT at all outcomes of such factors as our habits, cold and events that we experience, bacteria, viruses and ill people which we encounter, food that we eat, etc. - although in order to maintain our "free will" God always causes that illnesses display a direct link with these factors and display attributes as if they stem from these factors - for a better understanding of this fact see e.g. item #G2 on this web page, or item #C2 on a different web page named tornado.htm.) In fact illnesses are intentionally imposed on us by God e.g. to test our true believes, or to cause a change in our behaviours or in our views on life, or to increase our knowledge, determination, perseverance in selected causes, or to eliminate our complacency and induce the increase of knowledge, etc., etc. Thus, in order to heal illnesses that trouble us, in first place we must fulfil conditions and requirements that God imposed onto this healing (only one amongst which conditions and requirements is our contribution of the required by God amount of our own effort, patience, and knowledge into finding a correct method of healing and into implementing a correct procedure of healing). This is because of the above reasons, medicines and healing procedures which were effective for other people, not necessarily must turn out to be effective in our own case.
       If illnesses and healings are truly "tools of God", then the new "totaliztic science" is able to develop and indicate to people much more perfect and decisively more effective methods of healing and prevention of these illnesses, than was able to do that old "atheistic orthodox science" with its limited and calcified views. (For examples of such new methods of "totaliztic science" for healing and prevention of illnesses - see items #G2 and #F5 on this web page.) After all, the new "totaliztic science" scientifically researches God. So it gradually learns and reveals to interested people, what are goals of God, with which methods God accomplishes these Goals, how to benefit from our knowledge of goals and methods of God for e.g. faster and more sure regaining health, etc., etc. For example, until the present time this new "totaliztic science" established, that although medicines which we use and methods of healing which we apply are vital components of regaining health or preventing illnesses, still these are (1) just only a single one amongst many different requirements, conditions, tests, and principles with which God confronts us via illnesses. Further ones amongst these, which are almost equally vital as medicines and methods of healing, include, for example (2) morality which we practice in our lives, (3) our believes, (4) the picture of ourselves that we developed with our behaviours in minds and eyes of other people, (5) the usefulness of whatever we do for goals and intentions of God, etc., etc. According to the new "totaliztic science", our healing and prevention of illnesses we must begin to aim also on the fulfilment of these other requirements and principles of God.
       Of course, at this point the reader probably wonders whether we really live "in the world ruled by God" - as this is proven to us by the new "totaliztic science", or rather we live "in the world deprived of God" - as this is telling us (but without presenting any evidence) the old "atheistic orthodox science". After all, the "totaliztic" understanding of illnesses and healing explained before, is valid only for the world ruled by intelligent God. Unfortunately, the certainty about "in which world we live?" cannot be given for free to anyone, but each person must earn it with own effort and own searches - see "part #B" on the web page named god_proof.htm. So the only manner in which I can assist the reader in this matter, is to indicate to him or her the literature for personal studies, and the line of thinking for personal analysis. And so, for example, already several totaliztic web pages explain to us, that "the world ruled by God" must decisively differ from "the world deprived of God" - for examples of these differences see e.g. items #B1 to #B4 on the totaliztic web page named changelings.htm. In turn these differences between both worlds are in present times still sufficiently significant for every rationally thinking person to be able to recognise them (notice, however, that in order to maintain in people the so-called "free will", with the elapse of time God will gradually eliminate some amongst these differences). In turn several other totaliztic web pages indicates scientific proofs that in spite of everything, God does exist - only that to maintain human "free will" God is forced to hide from people the fact of His existence (for examples of these scientific proofs for the existence of God - see the web page named god_proof.htm).
       The problem of present times is that in reality neither religion, nor the official science, carries out scientific research on God. (Only this new "totaliztic science" initiated such research.) After all, for example every religion relies only on whatever God passed on His own topic to believers of this religion via the use of various "divine revelations". However, God has thousands of reasons to pass to people about Himself only as little as truly necessary - because for example revealing to them too much on His own topic would support laziness and would discourage own searches of people for knowledge and for truth about God. Therefore, in spite that religions exist for thousands of years, really they know almost nothing about God. The knowledge of religions on the subject of God can be illustratively compared to the knowledge that would appear in some primitive "bushmen" (i.e. the one from behind the reach of our present civilisation), to whom a television set would be demonstrated. These "bushmen" would be able to notice only whatever would appear on the screen of the television set. But would NOT be able to understand what is the principle of operation of this television set, what phenomena this television set utilises, what physical mechanisms and circuits implement this principle of operation, how the television set was produced, etc., etc. Similarly is with religions and with God. Namely, God is incomparably more complicated than the television set from the above example. But instead of trying to learn how God works and what are goals and methods of God, religions concentrate only on learning of whatever appears "on the screen". But in reality, in order to understand God, and in order to finally start to live in harmony with God and benefit from His generosity, one need to scientifically learn much more than just "supernatural revelations". In turn the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date completely negates with its philosophical foundations the fact that God does exist, and it even does NOT tries to research Him - as this fact I described more comprehensively e.g. in item #F1.1 of the totaliztic web page named god_exists.htm. In the result, in spite of present supposed knowledge and technological advancement, the humanity in fact still knows almost nothing about God. So if e.g. people met on a street so-called "bodily representation of God", or even talked to such a "bodily representation of God" or worked with it in the same institution for many years, they still would NOT be able to recognise who is the person that they met and/or talked to. In this situation an urgent need appears that the humanity starts finally follow the path which is revealed to it by the new "totaliztic science". The author hopes, that the content of this web page is to contribute to understanding and undertaking this path at least by some further rationally thinking readers. If also you, the reader, are in their group, then "I warmly welcome you" in the continually growing number of followers and practitioners of the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm.
       Health is this part of human life, regarding which every person is forced to display the highest activeness and interest. For this reason on one hand it perfectly suits to be a "tool with the aid of which people can be directed towards truths which they should investigate and learn". On the other hand, health is also an area in which people very rarely will avoid learning the truth because of own arrogance, double standards, or peer pressure. Therefore, in the area of health and healing, truths break most fast through the wall of human stupidity and intellectual inertia. After all, if a new discovery allows us to heal more effectively and faster illnesses that trouble us, then rarely anyone amongst ill people is able to refuse using it. From above attributes stem advantages and significance of the discovery of the "totaliztic science" described here, that "illnesses are healed NOT by medicines, but by God" - although going through a vigorous process of healing and taking medicines, are minimal requiremets which in typical cases must be fulfilled before God grands someone a restoration of health. After all, this discovery indicates to people where they can find more effective and more sure than so-far methods of healing illnesses. The totaliztic science is even able to indicate examples of such methods already now - as it is done in this web page.

Part #B: Fruits used by various nations as natural remedies:
#B1. Soup from tapioca for diarrhoeas:
       Tapioca in fact is NOT a fruit. It is a kind of edible root, means like a tropical version of sweets or horse carrots. Almost only thing that links tapioca with tropical fruit, is the fact that on fruit markets of tropical countries, tapioca is usually sold on the same stalls on which fruit shown previously is also sold. But the tropical tapioca has one chief advantage, which decided that I am describing it on this page so extensively. Namely tapioca is able to save us from a lot of suffering. This is because in an almost instant manner it heals even the most powerful diarrhoea. In turn diarrhoea in tropical countries is one of the most sworn enemies of Europeans. One may get it practically from anything, e.g. from drinking unboiled water, from the use of local ice, from pouring our drink to a glass that was washed by locals, or even from eating a fruit that was opened a few hours earlier (therefore Europeans should not eat fruit in tropics which were NOT opened in their presence, means just before they consume them). In turn micro-organisms which cause diarrhoea in tropics, are rather nasty. In old times they were able to even kill an incautious visitor from Europe. So if one gets a diarrhoea in tropics, it usually is so powerful that pulls our intestines inside out. Also it spoils completely our stay in tropics. After all, afterwards we spend in a toilet practically the rest of our vacation, and usually also the entire trip back. In face of such a tropical diarrhoea, European modern medicines usually are hopeless. They are unable to heal it. But tapioca can. I personally own to a tapioca root a lot of suffering it saved me from, if not many visits in hospitals, and perhaps even saved my life. This is because during my professorships in tropics I had many times nasty food poisonings and extremely powerful diarrhoeas. In one case I even considered writing my will. But tapioca always finally healed it, and this healing was always instant. Therefore I am writing here about this extraordinary, life-giving root. This is because it is worth to let to know everyone the life-giving attributes of tapioca.
       If I ever get a diarrhoea in tropics, I immediately do as follows. I go to a nearest fruit market and purchase one tapioca root of a middle size (e.g. around 1 kilogram). After returning to the place of living, I wash and then pill the root from dirt and skin - exactly the same as I normally do with potatoes. Then I cut the root into smaller pieces, similarly as I do it with potatoes before cooking them. After I place these pieces in a pot with water (similarly as I do this while cooking potatoes), I add salt to make it taste nice. Then I boil tapioca until the majority of it dissolves into a kind of liquid, dense, jelly-like "soup". (In the Polish language this kind of soup is called "polewka". After adding various spices and fresh cream to it, such a soup can be made extremely tasty. Of course, in order to just heal a diarrhoea, I do not need to make it superbly tasty, and it is enough if I add to tapioca just pure water and salt.) After I check that the "polewka" is salty to my taste (if not, I can additionally add a bit of salt), I drink this soup, and simultaneously I eat the remaining, non-dissolved parts of the tapioca root that are left after the boiling. (Notice that normally such a "polewka" soup with non-dissolved parts of tapioca turns out to have a very nice taste - unless I overdone with salt, or I forget to put salt into it.) In order to effectively heal a powerful diarrhoea, it is enough to drink and eat around a half of litre of this dense "polewka" with parts of undissolved tapioca, means I need to consume around a volume equivalent of tapioca for a single my meal. Soon after I drink this tapioca "polewka" and I eat the remaining parts of undissolved tapioca root, my diarrhoea disappears as if "someone shut down a tap". In order to make sure that it is healed permanently, I may repeat the cure after several hours - means when I again feel hungry. For this repetition I do everything exactly the same way as for the first portion of tapioca "polewka".
       Of course, there is an English saying "prevention is better than cure". In tropics it is definitely better to prevent food poisoning, than to later heal one. In turn prevention of a food poisoning is easy. One just needs to be extremely careful what one eats and drinks there. For example, in spite that every year I spend my vacation in tropics, and in spite that I eat local delicacies as much as I feel, I personally have not had food poisoning and diarrhoea since I adopted a principle that I eat and drink over there only these things that the logic tells me that they must be sterile. Means: (1) I eat now only whatever I know for sure that it was boiled or fried just before it was given to me for consumption, (2) I make sure that I eat fruit that were opened or cut just before eating - preferably in my presence, (3) I do NOT consume local cold water nor ice made locally, (4) out of locally made drinks I drink only hot, just boiled liquids, bottled or canned liquids, or coconut water (which is sterilised by the nature - for details see item #D1 on the web page tropical fruits). These simple rules, linked with pedantic maintaining hygiene and cleanness through e.g. thorough washing hands before eating, washing fruit before opening it, dipping in hot water, or at least careful wiping out with serviettes all dishes and utensils in public places before I use them, effectively prevents against food poisoning and stomach problems.
* * *
       I try to photograph tapioca for a long time, so that I could show it on my web pages. Unfortunately, always for some reasons it becomes impossible. Therefore I am going to just describe here the appearance of it. The appearance of tapioca resembles an European white beet, or tipped in mud a huge horse carrot. It has a conical shape roughly resembling a huge carrot. After all, it grows in the soil like our carrots or beets do. But it is larger than a typical carrot. In the most wide end the diameter of it may exceed 10 cm. The surface of tapioca is dark-grey, like mud. It is covered in a very rough, dark-grey skin, and usually covered with roots (that are thin like hair) and with residues of the soil in which it grows.
       The name for "tapioca" in Chinese (Cantonese) reads "mook si" - means "wood" or a "piece of wood". Because tapioca grows in the soil like our beets, for Chinese it symbolises "buried wood" - means someone's coffin. For this reason, in the vicinity of auspicious times, such as Chinese New Years, Chinese do not like the view of "tapioca". They consider then the sight of tapioca to be a "bad omen" which suggests someone's death. So in the vicinity of Chinese New Year, Chinese merchants do not sell tapioca on their stalls. On the other hand, because they are only ones who actually sell tapioca, while lately I stay in tropics always during the vicinity of Chinese New years, this explains why I am not able to show a photograph of tapioca here.
       Tapioca is a tropical root. In Europe probably one cannot buy it in a fresh state, to make a good use of these amazing abilities of tapioca to heal diarrhoea. Fortunately, the dried and powdered tapioca is exported from tropical countries to many countries of the world (e.g. for sure to New Zealand). Only that it is known in these countries under a different name. It is called in there the "tapioca starch". In New Zealand, such a dried and powdered form of tapioca imported from Thailand I purchased recently under the name of "Tapioca Starch". I did so when, after returning from my 2004/2005 vacation in tropics - during which I managed to save myself from getting even a slightest food poison, I unexpectedly got a powerful food poison and diarrhoea while already in New Zealand. (It happened after I ate something in a "Mac Donald" restaurant.) So after a few days spend in a toilet, I decided to use the proven in action healing power of tapioca to get rid of this powerful diarrhoea. But firstly I needed to find tapioca and buy it. I looked desperately in various New Zealand shops in search of this life-giving root. Finally I got it under this secretive name of "Tapioca Starch". Immediately I boiled several spoons of it dissolved in water. I received a kind of jelly soup, almost identical to the Polish "polewka" soup which is received after boiling fresh tapioca root - as described to the right from here. After I drunk around a half of litre of this jelly soup, again my diarrhoea disappeared as if someone shut down a tap. Means that this "tapioca starch" turned out to be equally effective in healing diarrhoeas as fresh roots of tapioca are. It is worth to know about this life-given attribute of tapioca roots and tapioca starch. It may save us a lot of suffering and troubles.
       Tapioca has a whole array of advantages over methods of healing bad diarrhoeas by present (official) orthodox medicine. For example, effects of tapioca are instant and very spectacular. Practically I do not know any other medicine that would heal diarrhoeas so fast and so effectively like tapioca does. It is also a "natural" medicine, for which I never noticed that it would leave me with any side effect. (For comparison, e.g. about "carbon" it is known that it is carcinogenic. However, this "carbon" is simultaneously one of "medicines" that orthodox medicine offers us for diarrhoea.) Furthermore, tapioca does not taste like a medicine, but like a nice Polish soup "polewka", which can be tolerated by even the most delicate mouth.
       From the energy point of view, "tapioca" belongs to strongly "cooling" ("yin") food. In old times Chinese used to recommend a moderation in eating it. They also used to recommend that eating this food should be balanced by eating an equal amount of something "heating" - especially if the eater is a woman. However, in present times of the excessive eating of "heating" ("yang") junk food, this old recommendation does not need to be obeyed so pedantically. After all, usually our body receive too much of "heating" food anyway.
       Please notice that healing properties of tapioca are described also on the web page tropical fruits, and briefly mentioned also on the web page Wszewilki.

[Bild: tapioca.jpg]

Fig. #B1a: An example of a single root of tapioca. In Chinese such a root is called "mook si" what literally can be translated as "wood", "piece of wood", or "wooden tree". In turn Malays call it "ubi kayu" what literally can be translated as "wood potato". A soup boiled from such roots is an excellent remedy for ceasing diarrhoeas (the best I know so-far out of such remedies). In turn dried, powdered inner part of such a root is a quality "Tapioca Starch".

[Bild: tapioca_roots.jpg]

Fig. #B1b: A whole pile of tapioca roots. Such piles of these roots can be found on vegetable markets of tropical countries, e.g. in Malaysia.

#B1.1. Healing of diarrhoea with water from cooked brown rice:
       The healing of diarrhoea with tapioca starch is NOT suitable for everyone. For example, people with diabetes should NOT consume starch, because the human body converts starch, among others, into sugar. Fortunately, there are also non-starch recipes to treat diarrhoea. One such old-Indian recipe I am presenting below. It states:
       Purchase around a half of kilo (a pound) of brown rice called the parboiled rice. (The "parboiled rice" is a kind of brown rice, which has undergone a special preparation process. In this process, when the rice is still in "husks", it is subjected to partial boiling in hot steam. Then already after removal of "husks", the rice is still left in brown "chaff". In the result, it is like a rice equivalent to the European "wholemeal bread".) This "parboiled rice" can be purchased e.g. in almost every south Indian spice and provision shop. The rice is to be cooked with plenty of water. When the rice is cooked, and soft, drain off (decant) water and drink it as often as you can.

#B2. Healing of chronic cough with tropical fruit called "nangka" ("jackfruit"):
       In item #F3 of the web page named malbork_uk.htm and in item #H3 of the web page named fruit.htm - about tropical fruits, described is a folklore belief from Malaysia, that eating raw and unwashed tropical fruits locally called "nangka" (in English called "jackfruit") heals chronic cough. Actually in 2010 I myself healed that way very persistent and long-lasting cough.

Part #C: Natural remedies used for illnesses like flu, cold, sore throat, etc.:
       It is worth to notice, that the majority of natural ways of healing described below in this part of the page, is also described on the web page "plague".
#C1. "Rubbing eggs":
       "Rubbing eggs" is a manner of lowering the fever and healing serious illnesses, used in old China and learned by me from the Chinese folklore. It supposed to work due to absorbing by a boiled egg the destructive energy of given illness. The principle of this method is similar to principle of acupuncture, only that it can be implemented by practically everyone (even by the ill person on himself or herself). It does not require the knowledge nor equipment of an acupuncturist, and also it does not require inserting needles that usually discourages people from true acupuncture. (Therefore this manner of healing could be called an "acupuncture for non-scholars" or a "frictional version of acupuncture".) It depends on rubbing the chest of an ill person, and sometimes also his or her back, with a specially prepared hard-boiled egg of hen twice a day. In order to prepare the egg for this process, one needs to hard-boil it first and then immediately after boiling take the shell from it (i.e. when the egg is still very hot - the more this egg is hot during the rubbing, the better). Then one needs to remove fast the yolk from it (rubbing is done with only the white part of the egg). Finally, for a better absorption of the energy of given illness, in place of the yolk one places a coin. Chinese recommend that the coin should be a silver or a copper one, because these two metals best interact with the energy of illness. In order the egg does NOT disintegrate during the rubbing, it is wrapped in a single layer of a thin cloth from natural fibre, e.g. in a nappy, thin handkerchief, or a thin bandage. All these activities should be done as fast as possible, so that the egg does NOT cool down. Then, holding the egg by this cloth in which it is wrapped, we rub it into chest of the ill person. This rubbing is to be continued until the egg is cool. The most intriguing for me in this method is that the energy of an illness intercepted by the egg causes in it various permanent structural changes. For example, the destructive energy intercepted by this egg from an ordinary fever causes that a new copper coin inside may corrode completely. In turn the energy of a dangerous illness intercepted by this egg, e.g. from a typhoid, causes that in the egg strange fibres appear similar to bird down (in case of typhoid these fibres materialised in the egg are black, while other illnesses generate white fibres).
       The most extraordinary in the rubbing eggs is, that it has an indicator embedded into it, which reveals whether this method is healing a given illness. Namely, after the first rubbing for a given illness we examine the content of the egg. If in the white we find some sort of fibres (down), this means that the method heals one of illnesses that just trouble us and therefore we should continue the rubbing. (Each person knows exactly how an egg should look like, so without difficulty should detect the down - if it exists.) If after the rubbing the white does NOT contain any down, it means that the egg does NOT intercepts the destructive energy from an illness and therefore there is no sense to continue this rubbing for a given illness.

#C2. Flour rubbing and a pad:
       Flour rubbing and a pad is also very old Chinese method for elimination of fever and illness. It depends on wrapping a handful of special flour into a thin cloth to create a pad - similarly as this is dome with a boiled egg described above in (3a) for rubbing eggs. (But the flour is NOT heated.) Then an ill person is rubbed with this pad of wrapped flour over the bare skin on the chest. After the chest is rubbed, the pad with this flour is left to lie in the middle of the chest for around 15 minutes. Similarly as this is with the rubbing eggs, this flour absorbs into itself the destructive energy of the illness. In the result, a delicate down appears in the flour - for some illnesses (e.g. for the typhoid) this down is black. (For a normal fever this down is white.) Notice, that the presence or the lack of this down, similar like in rubbing eggs, also is here an indicator whether this method is helpful for a given illness. The flour most effective for this method, is the especially prepared one - purchased in shops with traditional remedies of Chinese folk medicine (such shops exist only in countries with large proportion of Chinese population, e.g. in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia). However, when we do NOT have such special flour, we can use the starch flour from tapioca, described in more details on the web page tropical fruits, and briefly mentioned also on the web page Wszewilki.

#C3. Compote from onions:
       Compote from onions is an old Polish manner of healing used in cases of some illnesses, e.g. colds. In this manner one boils compote from onions. Means several onions sliced thinly one boils in slightly over a litre of water, until the onion becomes soft. In the final stage of boiling one adds sugar to make it sweet - so that the boiled onion and water taste like a compote. The ill person eats a large quantity of this pleasant in taste compote - around 1 litre by a single ill person, when the compote is still hot. Then the ill person is wrapped into blankets in order to "sweat out the illness". In old Poland it was believed that the "illness leaves body with the sweat". (The Chinese would express this, that the dangerous energy of the illness is removed from the body together with the sweat.)
       I should add here, that the modern "sub-folklore of chain emails" claims further health benefits of "onions". This sub-folklore can be viewed in item #C1 after clicking on the following

#C4. Sauna:
       Folklore medicines of some countries, e.g. Finland, recommend a hot sauna when an illness is going to overcome us. The hot sauna causes the sweating. In turn with the sweat also an illness is leaving us. I must admit, that once in my life I tried this method when I was just getting a bad flu. (By the factory of matches in Bystrzyca, Poland, existed then the so-called "dry sauna" - means a sauna which for causing the sweating uses very hot air, not steam.) After around an hour spend in this sauna my flu disappeared as if someone removed it with a hand. Unfortunately, in case of a plague it would be difficult to use a sauna, unless someone has a private one in his or her home. However, the "compote from onions" described above in item #C3, causes almost the same outcome as a sauna does - i.e. it induces a powerful sweating in our own bed.

#C5. "Suctions" (also called "cupping"):
       "Suction" (also called "cupping") is also a very old manner of getting rid of illness, used in folklore medicine of a number of countries, including Poland and China. By the name of "suction" it understands any hermetic dish shaped like a glass or cup. In many cases for this role just kitchen glasses are used, although I saw also cases when people used for this old (empty) "cans" e.g. from beer (i.e. these metal tins in which modern producers of beers and many other "soft-drinks" distribute their products lately). In old times also factory-made "suctions" existed. They had a shape of like glass cups with rounded bottoms (for easier washing) and especially widened flat rims. These wide flat rims prevented too-deep "penetration" of these "suctions" into skin, as this causes unnecessary pain.
       In order to place such "suction", firstly the rim of it was moisturised with water. Then a stick with a piece of cotton winded around it was dipped in a spirit and burned. With such a burning cotton (which was saturated with spirit) the interior of "suction" was wiped. Then this "suction" was placed on the skin of patient with the rim towards the skin, and held with a hand until it sucked to the skin by itself. The hot air contained in this suction was cooling down fast, thus decreasing its volume. This in turn caused it to suck to the skin and to pump up in the skin various fluids from the sick body.
       The principle on which this "suctions" were healing, is explained by the old claiming that each illness is actually a kind of harming energy which overpowers the body of an ill person. This energy can be sucked by force from the ill body, amongst others due to use of these suctions. In the majority of cases such "suctions" are placed on back of the ill person, independently where the illness is located. However, experts in this method of healing have their areas on the back where they place these "suctions". These areas have a link with the kind of illness being healed (i.e. such experts use "suctions" as a kind of needless acupuncture).

#C6. Scrubbing with a porcelain spoon:
       It is very old Chinese manner for pushing-down high temperature. From the description of it is clear, that it is NOT suitable for present people, and the reason is not e.g. because "panadol" is more effective, but because this "scrubbing with a porcelain spoon" seems to be only for masochists and sadists. I am describing it here exclusively as a curiosity, and simultaneously caution NOT to try it at all, because our modern bodies are not suitable for such treatment. In general, it depended on rubbing firstly the back of an ill person with a thick layer of some oil, to make the skin slippery. (Usually some aromatic oil was used for this purpose, e.g. an eucalypti oil, to saturate also the skin with a pleasant fragrance. But the principle of this scrubbing works also even when just an ordinary cooking oil is used.) Then the back of this person was systematically scrubbed with an edge of porcelain spoon (this is a special spoon used by Chinese for eating soups and liquids), or with a rounded edge of a porcelain cup. The scrubbing was carried out with long parallel movements through the back, always starting from the top of the back and then going right down (i.e. NEVER to sides of the back or in an upward direction). The scrubbing was carried out for as long until the entire back was red (i.e. looked almost like after placing "suctions" described in previous item). The person scrubbed in that way in the final stage of scrubbing was subjected to a significant dose of pain.
       The principle of this method is similar to principle of "suctions" described previously. Only that instead of removing the harming energy of the illness from the body due to suction, it removed this energy due to scrubbing. The additional effect which such scrubbing caused, was providing the ill person with a thorough massage of the back. Means it acted as a kind of "acupressure", only that directed at the back of the patient, instead of the feet.

#C7. Tropical folklore methods for healing coughs and colds:
       Currently it is very easy to catch a cold in tropics. It is enough to just sleep in a room with working "air-con", and the next day we wake up with a sore throat and with the beginnings of a cold - after which soon arrives coughing and troubles with breathing. The situation is aggravated even more by severe pollution of the air and by car exhaustions, which at the present times turn out the atmosphere of larger tropical cities into a kind of thick, sticky, smelly, stationary cloud, that suffocates and makes sick almost every visitor to these cities. The result is that, for example, in a small neighbourhood downtown, where I usually spend my holiday with the wife, back in 2012 there was only one pharmacy. However, in 2014 I counted that there were already 10 pharmacies - and every single one of them was full of customers. Also a lot of local friends clearly coughed during our meetings with them. Another example is, that back in 2010, I came to tropics with a nasty (almost a chronic) cough, which I bought several months earlier while still staying in New Zealand, but which I healed within just a little over two weeks by only eating the good for healing cough "nangka" fruits and by drinking as good "coconut water" (both of which kinds of tropical fruits have strong medicinal properties - as it is explained under "Fig. #F3 " from my web page named malbork_uk.htm). But on 22nd April 2014 I came to tropics perfectly healthy, however after the first night in a hotel room with working "air-con" - which I could NOT turn off, I caught already in there a bad cold, headache and cough described in more detail in (2014/4/22-3) from item #N3 and in (2014/5/1) from item #M2 of the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. That cold, headache and cough were then so intensified by the strong air pollution which in recent years began to harass this tropical city, that I could NOT cure them by only eating the fruit "nangka" and by drinking "coconut water". So in spite of repeated eating of "nangka" fruits and drinking "coconut water", that cold and headache plagued me stubbornly until 17th May 2014 - when I noticed their strangely sudden disappearance. But the coughing occasionally torment me further for the next week, until on 24th May 2014 I got rid of it by using a radical and highly efficient old-Indian recipe for treating cough, which I am describing below.
       That old-Indian (and, as I personally experienced - fast and very effective) method of getting rid of stubborn cough, involves eating several times (until the disappearance of cough) of fresh green leaves from the spice popular in the tropics and called the "Indian Holy Basil" - shown in "Fig. #C1" below. In order to eat them, one needs to take from bush of this spice about 5 young tufts of leaf growing at the ends (tips) of each of its branches. (One takes just the long as a human finger very end of branches, on which end the leaves are the youngest and the most abundant, while the very end of branches is still green and soft.) Then these leafy tips of branches, together with young shoots from which leaves grow, are thrown into the wash in a cup containing about a half of glass of clean water in which we dissolved previously a teaspoon of table salt. Then we mix these leafy tops with a spoon, so that we thoroughly wash them with salty water from all dirt and possible micro-organisms. When we are already satisfied that these ends of branches with leaves are clean, we drain them from salty water, put into our mouth and chew very thoroughly - so that enzymes and components that they contain are extracted due to crushing the leaves and stems with our teeth. After careful chewing, we swallow the green mush thus created in our mouth. To be sure that we downed all medicinal ingredients, we also rinse our mouth by sipping and swallowing a glass of warm or hot water.
       In the case of my cough of 2014, which I described in the first paragraph of this item, the cough completely disappeared after eating just one serving of this herb-spice. (NOT without reasons the Indian name of this herb contains the word "Holy".) However, the old-Indian formula states that if the cough does NOT disappears, we should continue the eating this herb at least once a day for as long until the cough disappears.
       Unfortunately, my father used to say that "humans are learning the entire life and still they die stupid". I was trying to scientifically determine "why?" that saying of my father typically works, and I came to the conclusion, that the reason is that we systematically fail the "second level" of our school of life wisdom to which God subjects us. (This God's school is described under the name of "principle of reversals" in item #B1.1 from the web page antichrist.htm and in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm.) Namely, on the first and easier level of educating us, God subjects each one of us to various life experiences to teach us the laws and principles that we are obliged to comply with in their lives. When we have learned these laws and principles, God advances us to the next, more difficult level of educating, in which we have to learn the systematic observance of these laws and principles which we identified earlier. Unfortunately, this second level of education the most of us, including me, shamefully fail in too many cases. For example, in the first level of learning, after passing through many bad experiences, I have learned experimentally, that in order to maintain in the tropics a good health and to keep living, one have to follow the whole series of laws and principles, for example: do NOT sleep in a room with working "air-con", do NOT eat ice-cream nor drink anything frozen, eat only fruits that have just been opened or cut (preferably by myself and only after thorough washing of hands), do NOT eat lettuce or any greens - unless one has washed them himself thoroughly in salted water, eat only foods that were well cooked or baked only a moment before, and that are still hot, do NOT expose our body to the bites of mosquitoes, do NOT explore jungles, do NOT buy anything from itinerant street vendors, in secluded places do NOT loose from your sight the incoming motorcyclists, and if they slow down then do NOT let them come closer to you than about 2 meters, etc., etc. Unfortunately, in the current second and more difficult level of my life education I shamefully fail the systematic implementation in the real life of all those already previously learned laws and principles. For example, my birthday was the next day after recovering from a stubborn cough described here. So both, myself and my wife, we celebrated it by eating our favourite dish in the restaurant that we like. After that dinner, we wanted dessert in the form of a tropical kind of a huge local ice cream, the local name of which reads "ice kacang". As a result, in the early morning of 26th May 2014 I woke up with a characteristic scratching in the throat, which in my case typically indicates the arrival of firstly a sore throat, then runny nose, and finally a stubborn cough. So again began to fulfil the old adage "here we are again". Now I also understand why, in spite that many people know the divine commandments and the Bible, only a very few persons are actually able to learn in their lives the continuous fulfilment of God's commandments which (the repetitive fulfilment) promotes them to the level of so-called "righteous" described in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm - i.e. which advances them to the level of moral perfection clearly defined in the Bible under that misleading today name of "righteous", about which God repeatedly warns us in several places of the Bible - for example in verse 20 of Psalm 118, that "This is the gate of the Lord, only righteous are to enter through it."

[Bild: indian_holy_basil.jpg]

Fig. #C1ab: Here is a tropical herb, which in 2014 cured me, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak, from a stubborn cough described in (2014/4/22-3) from item #N3 and in (2014/5/1) from item #M2 of the web page named
[b]pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. In countries of south-east Asia the English name of this herb reads "Indian Holy Basil." The above green variety of this herb is popular in Asian countries for seasoning of dishes. Hence it grows in a significant proportion of gardens from these countries. This means, that the reader wishing to cure own cough in there, should NOT have any problem with finding and with using this herb for an old-Indian anti-cough recipe provided in item #C7 of this web page. It is enough to just ask around for this spice among Indian or Chinese friends with gardens, and some of them will certainly have it in their spice garden.
       I personally experienced, that already the above, green variety of this spice has a very powerful healing property - probably because it is filled with the "cooling" energy "yin", as it is explained in the next item #C8. For example, it heals a cough much faster and more efficiently than "nangka" fruits and "coconut water". My stubborn cough of 2014 it cured after taking just one portion of this spice. But the Indians say that there is even a stronger, black variety of the same herb, which is characterized by having almost black leaves. It heals yet faster and more effectively the same illnesses that are healed by the above green variety. Only that because of its enormous power, it is NOT suitable as a food seasoning, and thus it is used only for medicinal purposes - which also means more difficulties with getting samples of it. (Click on any of the above photos to see them enlarged.) [/b]
       Fig. #C1a (left): The appearance of an entire bush of the spice called "Indian Holy Basil", having a height of about 1 meter, photographed at an angle of about 45 degrees in a sideway view from the top. Notice that the background for this photo of the bush, is an equally green lawn located behind it. Hence while looking at this image you must try to distinguish the lawn from the bush.
       Fig. #C1b (right): A close up photo showing the appearance of leaves and flowers of the spice named "Indian Holy Basil."

#C8. The use of a decoction from leaves of tropical "curry" to strengthen the liver:
       There is also an old-Indian recipe which teaches how to strengthen and improve the work of the damaged or diseased liver. The recipe is based on using a decoction (tea) from leaves of a tropical tree known widely because it is also used for preparing a commonly known spice called "curry" - i.e. from leaves of the tree shown below in "Fig. #C2". Here is the description of this recipe.
       Take about 20 fresh leaves from the tree "curry". Wash them thoroughly first in well-salted water (to remove the dust, dirt and any possible micro-organisms), then further rinse them in ordinary water - both waters at normal room temperature. Crush or break the leaves into small pieces. The resulting pulp brew in evening in a cup of boiling water - the same as you would brew a tea. Leave the decoction (i.e. water and leaves) in the cup until the morning. Immediately after you wake up, first drink liquid of this brew, but remove or pann from it (i.e. do not consume) the pulp from the leaves - like when you drink tea you would NOT drink its leaves. After drinking this brew you are NOT allowed to eat or drink anything for the next half of hour, thus giving time to the beverage to implement its therapeutic effects. After this half of hour elapses, you can eat, drink and do everything that you do normally in your daily life.
       The person from whom I have heard this recipe says that this decoction (tea) made of leaves from a "curry" tree do NOT cure liver, but only improves and enhances the work of still healthy parts of liver. However, this improvement in liver functions in many cases suffices to improve the quality, and to extend the life, of the person suffering from liver ailments caused by some medical problem. Hence, the decoction (tea) discussed here may be helpful in a number of discomforts due to improper operation of the liver, for example, after all kinds of hepatitis, after ruining one's liver due to side effects of other medications or pregnancy, due to abuse of alcohol or steroids, in cases of autoimmune diseases, in diabetes, and in many other similar cases of liver problems.
       Liver strengthening abilities of "curry" leaves are already well known in the world. The reader can notice this when he or she types in a search engine e.g. key words liver benefiting curry leaves.
       Readers who have read already some items from this web page, for example items #B1, #C7 or #F5, probably noted that when I have the chance, then I always try to also test on myself a method of treatment that I am describing here - after which testing I can prepare my report on sensations that I experienced. I did so as well with the tea from curry leaves described here. From friends I managed to get a branch of the curry tree, which I managed to keep fresh for the next three days. So I drank tea described here by three consecutive mornings. The first impression that struck me, is that this tea has powerful "heating" capabilities (i.e. consistent with the definition of "yang" energy described in item #B2 from the web page named fruit.htm). So in order to make sure that curry leaves really contain large amounts of energy "yang", I consulted the matter with the same expert on energy, with which I consulted that my web page named "fruit.htm". As it turned out, I was right - the expert confirmed that almost all spices are carriers of large amounts of "yang" energy - although there are some exceptions from this rule, for example, that "Indian Holy Basil" described in item #C7 above - which is full of the "cooling" energy "yin" (this is why it is able to heal sore throats, coughs and colds, which require "yin" eneregy). Regardless of this "yang" energy, in my testing of tea described here, hit me two other features. Namely, it turned out that curry leaves have strong diuretic properties. On the first day after drinking the tea described here I was peeing as abundantly as a full tanker of a fire brigade. Another feature turned out, that almost immediately these leaves regulated my stool. Normally I have a tendency toward a constipation. However, after taking the tea described here, everything started to work in me with the regularly and efficiency of a Swiss watch. When the improvement of functioning of my liver is concerned, I do NOT have an objective opinion about this, because my liver (at least in my opinion) works for me OK, hence the tea described here has NOT changed anything that I was able to notice. However, it is possible that these symptoms that I noticed and described above are just signs of liver improvement - after all, I am NOT a medical doctor, so I do NOT know to what I should pay attention in this matter.
       Readers who live outside of the tropical zone, for example in Poland, may be puzzled why I bother to describe recipes for treatments with tropical plants. The answer is simple. In modern times, when due to well-lit and heated apartments we have learned to grow tropical flowers in flats, while in the gardens we can erect low cost greenhouses from plastic foil, each person has the opportunity to grow yourself any medicinal plant, even a tropical one - all one needs are seeds of the plant (which, in many cases, such as "papaya", can be obtained, for example from fruits already sold almost worldwide), plus some initiative and care. In addition, the healing ability of many tropical plants are also carried by various products that currently can be purchased in almost every country of the world. For example, in New Zealand it is impossible to buy roots of "tapioca" plant, but supermarkets are selling tapioca starch in there. Hence, I heal diarrhoea in New Zealand with the soup cooked from tapioca starch - which works as effectively as the described in item #B1 of this web page soup from tapioca roots. In New Zealand one can also easily purchase yellow powdered "tumeric" described in item #D1 of this web page, which takes under control many diseases of the inflammation and pain type - hence I drink a half a teaspoon of that powder in morning of almost every day.

[Bild: curry_leaves.jpg]


Fig. #C2ab: Here are two photographs of leaves from a tropical tree called "curry". These aromatic lives typically are around 4 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Leaves of this tree are used, amongst others, to produce popular "curry" spices. According to an old-Indian recipe, which I had the opportunity to hear, a decoction (tea) made of the leaves of this tree improves the functioning of the liver - see the recipe from item #C8 of this web page.
       This tree is equally popular in gardens from tropical countries, like the herb shown in "Fig. #C1". Hence, no-one should have in there any difficulty with finding approximately 20 leaves of this tree for the preparation of a decoction (tea) described here. (Click on any of the above photographs to see them enlarged.)

       [url=http://www.geocities.ws/immortality/heals/curry_leaves.jpg]Fig. #C2a (left): The appearance of leaves and fruits from a fully grown "curry" tree - the one recorded on this photo grew up to around 5 meters tall. Leaves of curry trees can be used to prepare the decoction (tea) described here.
       Fig. #C2b (right): A close up photograph showing the appearance of leaves of a young "curry" tree having a height of about 50 cm. Such a tree is ready to be planted in someone's garden. Their leaves can already be used for the recipe described here. After growing up, leaves of this young tree are to look like those shown in photo (a).

Part #D: Natural remedies for silencing various types of pains:
#D1. Indian "tumeric" used for elimination of the muscle pain:
       Almost all we know it well. One day we rush from one tourist attraction to another, until our muscles used only for sitting in arm-chairs refuse to work. A next day we are unable to move, while every our motion is accompanied by a strong pain.
       Fortunately for us, in tropical countries there is a perfect remedy for such a strain pain of our muscles. It takes the form of powdered spice widely used in India (although it can be purchased in practically every tropical country from the area of Pacific). This spice is called the "tumeric". It belongs to the same family as "ginger". If we have a muscle pain, than an old Indian prescription asks to dissolve around a half of teaspoon of this powdered "tumeric" in a glass of milk, and then drink it. Soon afterwards the pain ceases as it was not there. However, these people who personally tried this medicine stated that they are not sure what is worse, the pain of muscles, or the medicine itself, but the medicine supposedly guarantees a fast healing of the pain (I do not tried it myself yet). These who tried it, claim that the medicine (i.e. a half of teaspoon of powdered "tumeric" dissolved in a glass of milk) supposedly tastes horrible and it takes a real hero to be able to force himself or herself to drink it.
       The same people claimed, that this medicine is supposedly excellent also for all other kinds of pains, e.g. for rheumatic pains.

#D2. The healing attributes of ordinary kitchen salt - e.g. gargling with a condensed solution of salt to eliminate sore throat:
       In old times people rarely visited doctors. Therefore for all typical illnesses they used home remedies. One of these was gargling sore throat with a condensed solution of kitchen salt. The solution was prepared by dissolving a heap full table spoon of kitchen salt in around a hald of glass of boiling water. That the solution is sufficiently condensed certified that water become like more dense after this amount of salt dissolved in it, while the glass produced a dull sound when the mixing spoon hit edges of it. After the salt was dissolved in a glass of boiling water, one needed to wait until the water cools down sufficiently that it could be taken to mouth without causing painful burns, but it still was hot. Then one could carry out the gargling of the sore throat. I personally found this method of elimination of sore throat much more effective and faster in action than all remedies for gargling which are prescribed by the present orthodox medicine.
       The healing of sore throat with the salt solution is only one of many examples of the use of medicinal characteristics of ordinary table salt. This is because ordinary table salt acts as an excellent remedy for all wounds and infections of the body. For example, if one has a wound that does NOT want to heal - as it is described in item #N1 from mz web page named solar.htm, then after soaking of this wound several times in a slightly cooled (but still hot) solution of salt (saline), the wound typically begins to heal. The salt solution is also the best "sanitizer" if it is used for washing fresh cuts and wounds. If one has a pimple that does NOT want to mature and disappear, then rubbing it with salt, or soaking in the hot saline, causes its "ripening", and subsequent rupture and loss. It is also known that, for example, horses with wounded legs their owners deliberately ride along the sea coast, so that the salt contained in seawater causes a cure to their legs. Etc., etc. In other words, if there is any problem with the skin or wound, and we do NOT know how to treat it, or we lack the required medicines, then it is worth to try a saline.
       While writing about the healing properties of kitchen salt, it is worth to respond also to the claims of today's "experts" of medical sciences, that supposedly to improve the health, people should limit the eaten amount of salt significantly below that dictated to them by their senses of taste or desire. However, like everything that is officially claimed by the present science, this claim should also be taken with a large "pinch of salt" - after all, to all official claims of the monopolistic science keep the validity that coded warning from the Bible, quote: "... every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." (Bible, King James Version, Matthew, 7:17-18) - for details see item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm, item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm, or item #A1.1 from the web page named totalizm.htm. The point is that if we look closely at this assertion of the official science, it turns out that its correctness is NOT confirmed by the required body of empirical evidence. On the contrary, empirics seems to indicate just the opposite. After all, people for millennia eat amounts of salt that dictates to them their taste, while the group that eat such amounts of salts includes, amongst others, all known long-living persons. I personally know of a case, when the wife implicitly believing in the claims of the present official science, began to systematically force under-salted dishes into her healthy as a horse husband, ruining by this forcing his previously unflinchingly healthy body. Even same representatives of medical sciences begin to admit recently that the officially recommended by the US Government amount of salt that people should eat, are unhealthily underestimated, and that 95 percent of people breaks these recommendations and eats more salt than the "experts" claim that they require - for details see the article [1#D2] entitled "Could 95 per cent of the world's people be wrong about salt?", from page A12 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 28, 2015. But as we know from the research on so-called "swarms", the collective wisdom of the "human crowd (swarm)" is always greater than the individual wisdom of even the biggest "expert" in a given field.

Part #E: Prevention of illnesses.
#E1. Avoiding catching cold when we are caught by a rain (i.e. bio-acupuncture):
       Acupuncture can be carried out not only with metal needles, but also with any other objects which have conductive properties, or which supply bursts of energy that stimulate our meridians. For example, in Malaysia there is a folk belief, which actually works in practice (I tried it), and which says then when someone is caught in a rain, and wishes to avoid getting an illness from this rain, he/she should pick any nearest blade of fresh grass, and place this blade behind one of the ears. Although the folk wisdom does not explain how this works, it is easy to deduce, that the blade of grass placed behind an ear is emitting its own life energy, which is interacting with the life energy coming from acupuncture points behind the ear. Because each ear contains acupuncture points from almost all vital organs in human body, this interaction of the energy from a grass suffices to prevent any ill consequences of the rain.
       Other belief which has connection with acupuncture originates the Polish folklore. It states that the fist droplets of every new rain, which fall until the ground is completely wet, always make people sick. Therefore, it is OK to get wet in a rain and stay healthy, as long as we manage to avoid the droplets which fall when the ground is still not completely wet. In order to explain how this believe works, we must remember that the first rain, which falls until the ground is wet, apart from wetting the ground, also washes out various impurities contained in the air. Therefore droplets of this first rain are heavily charged with ions of the pollution which normally is suspended in the air. When this rain falls onto our skin, the energy from this pollution blocks energy outlets on our skin, causing the illness. So such first droplets of the rain work as a kind of anti-acupuncture, which blocks our energy meridians.
       Still another manner of preventing getting ill when people were caught by a rain, was utilised by Polish army in times of my youth. Namely in these times, every soldier from a group which was caught in the rain during a march, immediately after returning to barracks a mug of hot (boiling) grain coffee (made of roasted barley - i.e. of the Polish "Inka" type) was given for drinking.
       More information on the principle on which work the acupuncture methods of prevention of getting ill when we are caught by a rain, as described here, was provided in subsections I5.6 and I5.5 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn principles of acupuncture are explained on a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Part #F: Extraordinary vegetation and substances as well as their healing properties:
#F1. Curare from the tropical tree named "Ipoh":
       Probably there is NO other equally powerful vegetation that would have a similar influence on lives and imagination of people, as this tropical tree which produces the deadly poison called curare. This poison acts with the lightning speed on its victims which were just scratched by something that carries it, but simultaneously the meat of animals killed with this poison can be eaten without problems and is NOT poisonous itself. More about "curare" is explained in item #D3 of the totaliztic web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits from the Pacific region and about the philosophy of eating them.
       Although "curare" typically is considered to be a poison, NOT a medicine, actually there are some reasons for which I placed an information about it on this web page on folkloristic healing and on natural remedies. The first out of these reasons is that the pure form of curare sometimes is used in anaesthesia - for relaxing muscles in operating theatres - after all, it works by paralysing muscles. So in small doses it is a medicine. Furthermore, if the hunger and the lack of food is a kind of suffering, while hunting an animal and eating it - is a healing of this suffering, then curare is also a kind of medicine. This is because it is used mainly by hunters from jungles to increase the effectiveness of their hunting techniques. The curare is also a kind of drug for an animal being hunted. This is because it paralyses, amongst others, the brain of this animal, so that the animal does NOT feel so much pain when the hunter slaughters it. Thus it makes the hunting more humanitarian, as it decreases suffering of the hunted animal.
       Curare is produced from a soap of a tropical tree named "Ipoh" - shown below in "Fig. #F1". This soap is gathered through cutting bark on trunk of such tree. Then it is mixed with two other ingredients which stabilise its density and increase its longevity, for example with hair from fruits of the "Betram Palm". Finally with the curare are saturated miniature arrows that are shot to victims from blowpipes.

[Bild: ipoh_trunk.jpg]
[Bild: ipoh_tag.jpg]
[Bild: ipoh_leaf.jpg]
[Bild: ipoh_canopy.jpg]


Fig. #F1abc: Photographs which illustrate most important details of the appearance of the famous Ipoh tree. It is from soap of this tree that the deadly poison "curare" is produced. But this tree is NOT so popular in tropical jungles. In order to find it one needs to put a lot of effort and searches. The above specie I found and photographed in a kind of well kept park which guaranteed a perfect visibility of it, thus also good conditions for photographing. The park is located in the "Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)", 52109 Kepong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia; [b]frim.gov.my. (Click on a given photograph to see it enlarged.) [/b]
       Fig. #F1a (left): Myself, means Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, by the trunk of the Ipoh tree. Photographed on 12 August 2008. As one can see the tree is huge and looks typical - i.e. almost like every other topical tree. In order to produce curare from it, one needs to cut bark on such a tree trunk, and then collect the poisonous soap which comes out from under the bark. Just above my right ear one can see an inventory tag with the description of the tree, the enlargement of which is shown in part (b) of this Figure. Notice the cleanness, care, and good visibility of the park in which the tree shown above is grown. Only because of this good visibility it was possible to photograph the tree. A typical tropical bush does NOT look like that. Such a jungle is usually so dense that trees become visible in it only when one almost can touch them - means when one approaches them at a distance of less than 1 meter. Of course, in such a natural jungle it is impossible to photograph and to show all details of the tree, e.g. its canopy, as this is accomplished on the above photographs.
       Fig. #F1b (middle-top): The enlargement of the trunk of this tree showing the appearance of its bark, and also the appearance of the inventory tag with the writing that identifies this tree, nailed to the trunk. The writing says, quote:
Under this tag I placed a leaf from the Ipoh tree. Another, lower tag contains the inventory number of the tree: E1 441.
       Fig. #F1c (middle-down): The appearance of a leaf of the Ipoh tree. For photographing this leaf I placed it on a large horizontal root of the tree.
       Fig. #F1d (right): The appearance of the canopy of the Ipoh tree, photographed from the ground.

#F2. "Ginseng" root:
       Another vegetation which is widely known for its extraordinary healing attributes is the root called "ginseng". Already its appearance tells us the supernatural abilities. This is because frequently the root takes appearance of a human - means it has head, body, hands, legs - just like a human. Clearly already the appearance of this root was intentionally so designed by God that people start to take notice the extraordinary healing abilities of it. Healing capabilities of this root are so wide, that they are close to a hypothetical medicine which the humanity seeks for millennia, and which we usually call the "remedy for everything". A photograph and further information about this extraordinary root is provided in item #G2 from the totaliztic web page korea.htm - about mysterious, fascinating, moral, progressive Korea.

#F2.1. Revitalising soup (stock) from chicken and ginseng root:
       "Ginseng" roots are used in healing on hundreds of different manners. Below I am going to provide a recipe for one of these manners which is easy to prapare, and also both - pleasant and revitalising. It takes the form of a tasty soup (stock) from a chicken and from dry ginseng root. It is believed that this soup (stock) acts revitalising and energy boosting - if it is consumed while hot. It is used widely by Chinese from the Province of Sarawak on tropical Island of Borneo as a remedy which strongly revitalises and boosts energy. Here is the recipe for this tasty soup (stock):

       - 1 chicken,
       - dry ginseng (50 g),
       - 2 cups (or more) of hot water.

       Soak ginseng in warm water for 1 hour. Peel skin from chicken. Optionally (if you wish) cut chicken into small pieces, otherwise cook a whole chicken. Put chicken in a slow cooker. Pour at least 2 cups of boiled water into the cooker (i.e. as much water as much soup you intend to drink in a single dose). Put ginseng inside. Slow cook for 6 hours (for 0.5 hour set the slow cooker at slow, the rest at auto). No salt needed or allowed!

       Drink soup while warm. Do not take with ginseng any other energy boosting food.
       After the first consumption add water and cook again for the second time. Also will revitalize like after the first time.

#F3. Revitalising soup from bird nests:
       In some countries of the south-east Asia lives a specie of swallows (birds) the saliva of which have energy boosting and revitalising attributes. This saliva is contained in nests of such swallows. Therefore in these countries nests of such swallows are harvested and, after being washed out from mud - are sold as a pricy delicacy and medicine. After washing out mud from them, they look like a dense net made of a white plastic and formed into the shape of a bird nest. After being eaten as a delicacy, their effects are similar to the action of the stock from ginseng root described above in item #F2.1. Here is the recipe for a tasty and pricy soup from bird nests (this recipe also originates from Chinese that live in the Province of Sarawak on the tropical Island of Borneo):

       - bird nests (1 piece),
       - 1 piece/crystal of Chinese white sugar (around 9 cubic cm),
       - 2 cups (or more) of hot water.

       Pour boiled water into a slow cooker. Put the bird nests. Cook for 4 hours. Switch off the slow cooker. Put in the sugar.

       Drink the soup as you like.

#F4. Plants for fertility control:
       On past people also knew how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Folklore knowledge of practically every country knows local herbs and manners for avoiding unwanted pregnancies. One such a manner is described in item #E1 of a separate web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits of the Pacific area and about philosophy of eating them. About another manner of fertility control used in past by female Maoris from New Zealand one can read in the article "Grant to research birth-control plant" from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, February 26, 2009. This article describes a plant called "poroporo plant" (solanum aviculare), which is native to New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea. Leaves of this plant are boiled, while water left from this boiling is taken about a week before menstruation. It supposedly acts as a contraceptive - means for a short period of time it makes women infertile. The article states that this water also heals skin problems (e.g. enzyma, aches) and eliminates all pains.

#F5. Healing infertility with the herbal kuramina by altruistic herbalist from Malaysia:
       During my vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I met an extraordinary hobbyist. By the profession he is a farm adviser. But as a kind of altruistic hobby he carries out a free of charge healing of infertility in personally known to him couples. His method of healing is based on an old folklore belief which he has heard in past from a Chinese herbalist living in the Malaysian province of Pahang. This belief states that the stock from a hen boiled on the sun-dried leaves of a special herb growing, amongst others, in tropical Malaysia, heals infertility and regulates periods in women - the herb and the "herbal medicine" produced from it are shown in parts (a) and (b) from "Fig. #F5" below.
       There are rather meaningful problems with identifying the botanical (scientific) name for this herb. It seems that the herb still remains unknown to the official science. After all, this herb was previously only known to the old folklore herbalists from the population of Chinese settlers in Malaysia - thus it had only the folk name and was identified only by the folklore. However, no scientific research was done so far that would identify and describe it - what is rather pity, because the folklore knowledge about its amazing capabilities may soon become forgotten. Therefore, as from 5th September 2012, this web page provided the world and science with the first ever published and accessible for everyone description of the fertility treatment with this miraculous herb. A friend of this Malaysian healer, who has the knowledge of botany, says that the herb is scientifically called "Acalypha Wilkesiana v. Marginata" from family of "Euphorbiaceae". However, the appearance of the leaves and flowers described here for the "fertility herb" does NOT match the appearance of this "Acalypha Wilkesiana v. Marginata". So the author of this web page turned to his horticulturist friend to re-identify the herb. On the basis of the author's photographs and descriptions of leaves and flowers of this herb, his horticulturist friend says that the appearance of the "fertility herb" is the closest to the appearance of the herb called "Clerodendrum Philippinum" (although probably it also is NOT the "Clerodendrum Philippinum"), i.e. closest to the herb native to China, but for healing purposes spread along all areas in past inhabited by Chinese settlers (including Malaysia). So until one of my next visits to Malaysia, when perhaps I may be able to take and to post here photographs of the flowers of this plant, we should assume that the fertility herb and its healing abilities most likely still remain unknown to the today's official science. It looks that the author of this web page, is the first scientist who accidentally step up onto the trail of a highly medicinal herb previously known only to the folklore herbalists from the Chinese minority in Malaysia, but still remaining unknown to the "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. to this careless, lazy, monopolistic, money-oriented science, which is described and defined in items #C1 to #C4 from the web page named telekinetics.htm). Thus, just by a pure coincidence, the author of this web page probably come upon, described, published, and thus re-opened to the use of humanity the first herb re-discovered by the new "totaliztic science".
       To implement this herbal method of healing infertility, the discussed here HERBALIST from Kuala Lumpur devoted a significant proportion of his free time to the drying in the sun leaves of this herb and then to the preparation of the required treating-form of the final product. (The medicinal decoction of it must be cooked from such dried in the sun and properly prepared leaves of this herb.) Initially he also used to cook himself the time consuming broth from leaves from this herb. However, with the elapse of time he limited his work to only giving the finished herbal medicine to interested friends - as shown in "Fig. #F5b", together with his verbal explanation of how they themselves should prepare and take this healing broth.
       Chinese healed themselves with herbs already in the times when the rest of the world still was covered in jungles in which roamed half-naked, bearded savages carrying heavy clubs. So during these several thousands of years of using herbs, Chinese folk medicine has developed a rigorous procedures as to how these herbs should be prepared and took, so that their effect was the strongest-possible. This procedure is always the same, regardless of the fact what herb is used. It always yields a single Chinese "bowl" (i.e. an eating bowl typically used by Chinese, with a capacity of about 0.3 litre) of a chicken broth (soup), which is made on given kind of herbs. A healed person just drinks this broth (soup) and thus becomes treated. Of course, for a sickly Polish politician or diplomat, who was sent onto some diplomatic post in China, and the numerous illnesses of whom were treated in there by local herbalists with always the same looking and tasting herbal chicken-broth, these medicinal broths looked like an universal type of "medicine" that heals all possible illnesses. After all, this diplomat or politician did NOT know that for each his illness the chicken broth is cooked by Chinese from a different kind of herbs. This is probably how the Polish legend about the so-called miraculous "kuramina" was created. This legend was both, seriously and jokingly told in Poland in the time of my youth, and is described (in Polish) on the totaliztic web page named healing_kuramina.htm (see also item #H1 from this web page).
       So let us now learn how the Chinese folklore prepares herbs for taking - that is, how it prepares this Chinese herbal "kuramina". The procedure of preparation of the "fertility herb" for a single healed person is as follows (for a few people one needs to correspondingly increase the amount of herbs and chicken meat). (1) Approximately 7 to 10 leaves of the herbal medicine shown here in the photo from "Fig. #F5b" is placed in a clay pot. The Chinese folklore uses for cooking herbs only stoneware (clay) pots, as typical today's metal pots neutralize energies contained in herbs. Also drinking (eating) of the cooked herb should NOT be done with a metal spoon or a metal bowl. (Chinese use porcelain spoons and bowls for such eating.) (2) To the same pot put also pieces of chicken, appropriately roasted according to the preparation procedure described in the next paragraph of this item. (3) Pour the volume of four "Chinese bowls" of water into the pot with the herb and chicken-meat. (4) Long cook the meat and herbs on a low fire - so that the initial four of these Chinese bowls of water infused with herbs and chicken, are reduced during the boiling by full 3 bowls of water, thus remaining in the pot is just the volume of one bowl of broth. Only this reduced by evaporation during the slow cooking single bowl of the broth the healed woman drinks for medicinal purposes.
       With taking this healing broth is connected the problem what to do with the chicken meat on which this broth is cooked. In order to not waste this meat, the best option would be that a sick person eats it (what the thrifty Chinese usually do) - if only this person is NOT bothered by a herbal flavour of the meat. This is because the meat is NOT poisonous nor harmful. One can also give the meat to a dog or to other animal. But I personally discourage to throw out this meat - as such a throwing out of meat would be "immoral". In turn an immoral behaviour NOT only is punished with the consequences described in more detail in section #D5 of the web page named fruit.htm, but also it increases a danger that the treatment is NOT going to be successful. After all, we have to keep in mind the discovery of the new "totaliztic science" that actually God really heals us, while the medicine only serves as a type of active "applying to God for the cure". In turn God has a habit of punishing every immoral activity. Thus the throwing out of meat that is suitable for consumption and that cost life the hen, would be a highly "immoral" action. During eating this meat we should, however, remember about the empirical finding of Chinese, that the herbal healing broth, as well as the meat on which this broth was cooked, must be eaten immediately after the boiling, and still before it cools down. This is because Chinese believe that "the herb which after the first boiling is a medicine, after the second boiling becomes a poison". Therefore herbal medicines must NOT be "warmed up again" - as "warmed up again" (means boiled for the second time) are some dishes or meals. Herbal medicines must be consumed immediately after the first boiling, while they still are hot. Should anything be left of them, then in a moral manner it should be disposed of (e.g. given to animals for eating).
       The Chinese have also a kind of traditional folklore procedure for the preparation of the roasted hen used later for cooking the broth (i.e. for cooking the "kuramina") with Chinese herbs for medicinal purposes. Although to alter the taste of certain herbs this procedure may use different types of fragrant oil and spices, generally it almost always has the same major steps. Namely, the Chinese usually prepare such roasted chicken meat in the following manner. (a) They start with buying a piece of so-called "free-range" hen (i.e. a chicken that was roaming in a village and has grown while freely running on fields and pecking at its pleasure all the ingredients it needs to have for its growth). It cannot be a chicken grown in an "industrial" manner, which is growing only because of the food supplied to it by humans. Typically for use in the therapeutic purposes is used a chicken breast or two chicken legs. (The point is to use the absolute minimum of the meat, that is necessary to change the taste of the herb, as then there is NO big problem what to do with this meat, as throwing it out would be immoral and thus also risky.) (b) Strip the purchased chicken meat from the skin. This is because the medicinal broth ("kuramina") should NOT be cooked with chicken skin. © Purchase a piece of fresh spice called "ginger". This piece should be of a size approximately corresponding to the size of three human (adult) fingers. (d) Carve this "ginger" into tiny cubes the size of the matches-heads. (e) Fry the "ginger" on the hot pan with about 4 tablespoons of some aromatic oil - for example, with the Chinese oil called "Linseed oil". Of course, it may also be any other oil. (f) Insert chicken pieces to so roasted "ginger" and fry them in oil until the surface of these pieces of meat are nicely coloured. But the interior of the meat should still remain raw. Warning - for the use in medicinal herbs (i.e. for the "kuramina") Chinese NEVER use or add salt, as salt eliminates or neutralises the energy contained in herbs.
       The workload of making the described here fertility treatment is increased due to the fact, that this medicinal broth typically must be drunk for about half a year before it produces first results. However, this hobbyist says the effect is worth the effort because, as so far, is around 87% level of success in restoring the fertility - i.e. around 87% of women treated with this broth were able to then naturally conceive and give birth to healthy babies. Such a high level of successes means, that this simple method of herbal healing saves women and their husbands all of this "fun" which they have when healing the female infertility with methods of present "atheistic orthodox medicine" (i.e. with methods of this medicine which is lectured at present medical universities - for details see e.g. items #J2 and #I1 of this web page), such as high costs, consumption of time, pain, embarrassment, inconvenience, potential mistakes of doctors, etc. Also it saves them from all these risky side effects which result from the use of non-natural methods of "atheistic orthodox medicine" - for example, saves them from the significant chance, that the baby produced by this medicine will have the increased risk of death from cancer, as this is pointed out in the article "Cancer linked to fertility problem", from page A10 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, October 31, 2012).
       For the scientific exactitude the author of this web page prepared a bowl of such healing broth strictly following the old Chinese recipe - to be able to describe here "how" this broth tastes, and "whether" this taste actually is unpleasant. Already during the cooking, the herbal broth filled the whole apartment with a sweet (exotic) smell of the "unknown". While eating a bowl of this medicinal broth, the author had mixed feelings. The reason was that the broth was NOT bad or unpleasant in taste. Also during swallowing it did NOT taste like a chicken soup - although in some time after eating it formed in the mouth a characteristic aftertaste of eating a chicken broth. It tasted rather like a unknown chemical liquid with a mild, almost impossible to describe, flavour. The only impression possible to define, was that it "cheated the senses" causing that during swallowing it felt quite cold in the mouth and along the entire path of the oesophagus . It make an impression that swallowed is a chilled liquid straight from a refrigerator. And this in spite of the fact, that accordance with the principle of eating Chinese herbal medicines, it was eaten shortly after cooking when it was still almost hot (i.e. when it was cooled only enough to NOT burn the mouth, but when the bowl in which it was held still was warming up the hands thus indicating that it was still hot). This feeling of coldness during the swallowing proves that it is filled with the female cooling energy, which Chinese call "yin". As it is explained in item #B2 from the web page named fruit.htm, this female energy "yin" just manifests the "cooling" effect. Probably the incredible capability of this herb to heal female infertility stems just from the fact that it is overfilled with this female energy "yin" which restores the energy balance in a woman which takes the herb. Furthermore, the presence of significant amounts of this "yin" energy in the healing broth causes that during swallowing the broth pinched my oesophagus - as if it was strongly electrified (i.e. similarly "pinched", as "pinching" in the tang is touching with a wet tang simultaneously both ends in a 4.5 Volt battery – which experiment we used to carry out for fun during childish plays in times of my youth), or as if it contained a tasteless and odourless alcohol. The energy contained in it also acted as alcohol, causing a spill in the mind of a feeling like pampering, relaxation and resting. The sense of smell also passed an impression of eating a chemical liquid. To summarize the experiment of taking this herb, NO woman consuming the broth should complain that the broth (or the meat from which it was boiled), tastes bad or unpleasant. In fact, eating this herb provides a kind of extraordinary and quite pleasant sensory experience that is impossible to have by eating of any other known kind of food.
       Cases of infertility which this person heals with a success, belong to the group of such ones, towards which the present medicine is completely hopeless. It means, cases when from the biological and medical point of view both, the male and female of a given couple are declared by the present medicine to be completely healthy and capable of having children, but when a given couple in NO manner is able to make a baby. After around a half of year (but not more than a year) of drinking of his "kuramina" by the woman, such a couple typically with a success conceives naturally a healthy baby. The herbalist explains the mechanism of this healing by the ability of his herbal stock to eliminate all disturbances in the monthly period of women and to precisely regulate this monthly period.
       There is one highly intriguing aspect of healings by this hobbyist. For the researcher like myself, who scientifically identifies methods of God's actions, this aspects gives a lot to think about. Namely, the folklore which is a source of the recipe for the healing "kuramina" used by this hobbyist, states quite clearly that this recipe is going to work only in cases when the entire procedure of healing is implemented free of charge, means exclusively as a manifestation of a good will, love to other humans, and good wishes of the healer. Thus, the healer pedantically obeys this requirement, and never charges anything for his healing stock nor for the contribution of labour and materials that he invests into making his "kuramina". Unfortunately, this requirement to NOT take any payment for the healing introduces a serious limitation to the range of use of this method of restoration of fertility. After all, completely for free this hobbyist is able to prepare his healing herb only for a narrow circle of his close friends and members of family. However, beyond this circle there is a lot of women and couples in the big world which would also want to benefit from his healing stock. Unfortunately, these other couples would NOT be able to come and live in Kuala Lumpur for the entire half year, to subject themselves to this free healing. In turn earnings and capabilities of this hobbyist do NOT allow him to prepare and to post free of charge his "kuramina" simultaneously to many people from distant countries of the world. (Not mentioning, that even if he would be able to post his herb to whoever needs it, most probably the herb would be stopped by custom officers at the receiving end, as it looks a bit like some sort of narcotic.) Thus, I personally believe that although God gave in hands of this hobbyist a highly powerful method of healing, in order to prevent this tool from falling into hands of immoral persons who do NOT deserve the blessing of its action, God simultaneously places a serious limitation on the scope of use of this method. This limitation takes the form of a simple requirement, that in order the healing finishes with a success, it must be carried out "for free" just on principles of good will, love to other humans, and good wishes.
       At this point it is worth to ask an interesting and important question, namely "whether the success-rate in all medical procedures and all illnesses would also be lifted to 100%, if the same requirement of "free of charge" healing based just on the "good will" and "love to others" is applied to all other practices and activities of medical professions?" After all, such a possibility is suggested not only by the above example of a Malaysian hobbyist, but also by: (1) the Bible, (2) outcomes of my own research concerning "morality" of people and methods of God's action (e.g. by outcomes described in item #B5 from the web page named seismograph.htm, and in items #I3 and #I5 from the web page named petone_pl.htm), and (3) by the folklore traditions of many nations which most clearly are expressed e.g. by the Chinese saying "he or she will come out from this illness, because he or she is a good person" (notice, that this Chinese saying in fact states "his illness will be healed, because by being a good man he is surrounded by many people, all of whom will pray to God for healing him, while simultaneously he has NOT have enemies whose contradictive wishes would invalidate these good wishes for his healing"). For example, in the Bible this possibility of healing by God of every person whom a given healer considers to be worth his "free of charge" effort and wishes to heal, confirms, amongst others, the following verse 18:19 from the Biblical Evangel of St. Matthew, quote: "Whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." Thus, in a case when a healer considers that someone is truly so valuable and good person that he or she is worth to be healed "for free", then for the healing of that person are agreeably and sincerely praying in their minds at least two people, namely the healer and the healed person. But if someone is healed "for payment" by an expensive medical doctor with a diploma from present atheistic and orthodox medical university, then frequently for his healing prays only one person, namely the ill person himself or herself. After all, in such a healing "for money" the medical doctor frequently instead agreeably with the ill person wishing in own thoughts to heal a given patient, rather concentrates his secretive thoughts and wishes on a goal which is completely opposite to wishes and thoughts of a patient - namely on gaining from the patient possibly the highest payment, and thus on just easing the symptoms instead of healing the illness. (This is because when the illness remains, but symptoms of it are easing, then for the extended period of healing a greedy medical doctor may "suck" from the patient much more money than when he would completely heal the patient - for more details on this subject see item #I1 near the end of this web page.)
       I should also add here, that God blessed Malaysia with a whole range of unconventional methods of healing infertility (especially these cases towards which the orthodox medicine is completely hopeless). Independently from the hobbyist described above and his "kuramina", from healing of infertility is famous in Malaysia a small lake in the shape of a pyramid (which pyramid permanently telekinetises water from this lake). The lake is called "Lake of the Pregnant Maiden" (in Malaysian "Tasik Dayang Bunting") and it is located on a small rocky island by shores of the tourist island of Langkawi from north-west part of Malaysia. The bathing in telekinetised water from this lake also restores fertility. More information about the lake itself is provided in item #3 from subsection KB4 in volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn more information about life-giving properties of telekinetised water (and other telekinetised matter), provide subsections H8 to H8.2 from volume 4 and subsections KB1 to KB3 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5].

[Bild: fertility_herb.jpg]
[Bild: fertility_herbal_preparate.jpg]

Fig. #F5ab: Acalypha Wikesiana v. Marginata family Euphorbiaceae or rather Clerodendrum Philippinum? But for sure it is the "fertility herb" effectively treating female infertility. Its official name was NOT yet identified - so it seems that the author of this web page accidentally hit upon the herb which still remains unknown to the old [b]"atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. to the careless, lazy and monopolistic science which is described and defined in items #C1 to #C4 from the web page named telekinetics.htm), and thus the author opened for the use by our civilisation the herb discovered for the first time by the new "totaliztic science". The past performance during the use of this herb seems to suggest, that about 87% of infertile women taking this herb (i.e. 7 out of every 8 taking), are getting pregnant naturally within NO later than one year since taking the drug. (In the other, the 8th amongst these women, probably the cause of infertility lies with her partner). The "herbal medicine" made from this herb (i.e. the one shown in part "b") is provided free of charge to known in person by the healer couples or individuals. To somewhat alleviate its unpleasant taste, once a month, this herbal medicine is cooked with a chicken in accordance to an old Chinese recipe, then the woman drinks thus created broth. (Click on the above photo to see it enlarged or to shift it to another area of the screen.) [/b]
       Fig. #F5a (left): The appearance of "fertility herb" growing in tropical Malaysia. This herb can be identified by the unique design of its leaves big as a human palm, and by a very distinctive flowers. Unfortunately, the author of this web page was NOT present in Malaysia when it blooms, so he cannot show here how these flowers look like. But from their description he knows that these flowers of this herb are small, white, similar to flowers of a small white rose, at the same time many of them bloom thus forming a flower ball (similar to a ball of [b]white "hydrangea" flowers), while some time later these flowers change their colour into pink[/b]. The herb shown in the photograph here is around one meter tall. The ability to treat female infertility have the leaves, which however, before the applying need to be transformed laboriously into a special "herbal medicine" a bit similar in appearance to tobacco leaves used to roll cigars. Namely, the leaves must be cooked as many as eight times in a row in water steam, then they are dried out in the sun, then re-cooked and dried out, etc. (all these processes must be repeated 8 times). For each such subsequent cooking, with the leaves boiled is four volumes of water (e.g. four glasses), then the water is boiled with the leaves until this water bubbles away to one volume (e.g. to one glass). After such a treatment of the leaves, the ready for use dry "herbal medicine" looks as shown in part (b) above. The healer gives away for free only such a dry herbal medicine to couples or individuals known to him in person, whom choose to treat female infertility detected in their relationship.
       Fig. #F5b (right): Ready to use, dried herbal medicine of the "fertility herb" growing in Malaysia. The amount shown on this photo is sufficient for one taking by one healed woman. By the healer mentioned before this herbal medicine is given away for free to couples or people whom he knows in person and whom want to heal female infertility detected in their relationship. Shocking is the high efficiency with which this herbal medicine heals female infertility - on basis of the to-date applications estimated at about 87% of cases. This herbal medicine is just once in each woman's monthly cycle cooked with chicken (chicken is added only for altering its unpleasant taste) and then the woman drinks a glass of the resulting broth. In about half a year from commencing the treatment (but NOT later than after a year), typically the woman becomes pregnant naturally. This herbal medicine appears to also be useful in cases of "vitro-fertilisation" - which it can make effective after just a first attempt.

#F6. The wealth of medicinal plants in Malaysia:
Motto: "For each illness God created a herb, a plant or a fruit to cure this illness."
       This site is NOT able to discuss all medicinal herbs, plants and fruits together with their healing effects - although it, as well as another web page named fruit.htm, describes a number of more important examples of such plants. After all, such descriptions would require the preparation of a huge encyclopaedia, NOT the small web site. However, as a folkloristic curiosity, the author describes here several illnesses which commonly afflict people, and indicates a medical plant from Malaysia about which the local folklore claims that it cures this illness or ailment.
       1. Cancer. Folklore herbal medicine growing in Malaysia, which is commonly indicated there as treating cancer, is called Sabah snake grass. Although, like most folkloristic herbs and medicines, this "grass" so-far has not been formally studied, it reportedly treats (and prevents) any form of cancer. Its use boils down to drinking every morning a juice which is squeezed not only from fruits, but also from about 30-leaves of this "grass". Notice that even though they call it "grass" It actually looks like a kind of miniature willow tree - I even have a photograph of it, but I do not publish it, because the relatively well it is already described and illustrated on the Internet.
       2. Erection problems in men. In today's era of obesity, more and more men have difficulties in arranging sex because of the difficulty with erection. Fortunately the orthodox medicine has produced the medications, such as "viagra". However i Malaysia for ages is known a natural herbal cure healing male erection problems and intensifying the male sex drive. It is called "Tongkat Ali". (Its botanical name is "Eurycoma Longifolia".) Its already "legendary action" is so famous in Malaysia and beyond, that for example, in August 2012 in the historical Malaysian town called "Malaka" pastilles comprising the extract from "Tongkat Ali" were exhibited on the shelves of almost every shop for tourists. (Note, however, that they were just "extract pills", which action not necessarily coincide with the action of the herb itself. However, the pure herb "Tongkat Ali" no-one could officially purchase it there in stores or pharmacies.)
       3. Women's lack of "libido". In many of today's women the desire for having sex quickly fades away. This female sexual desire doctors call "libido". So far, the conventional (orthodox) medicine does NOT seem to know the cure for the loss of libido - i.e. it does NOT knows something that would be the women's equivalent for the male "Viagra". However, the Malaysian folklore knows already for centuries the female equivalent of "Viagra", or more specifically it knows the herb that makes a woman - as the English are calling it, "horny", means that makes a woman to strongly need and to ask for a sexual intercourse. This herb is called there "Kacip Fatimah". One could say, that it is the Malaysian equivalent to the Polish herb called "Lubczyk". Only that this Malaysian herb is much more effective from the Polish "Lubczyk", and it causes in women many more highly therapeutic effects.

#F7. Folklore remedies for healing diabetes: New Zealand's "kawakawa", Korean's "silkworm pupa":
       One amongst "epidemics" which troubles our present civilisation is diabetes. Thus here are descriptions of folklore remedies for diabetes which I encountered so-far:
       1. The folklore method of healing diabetes with "kawakawa" from New Zealand. On Monday 11 May 2009, on channel 3 of television New Zealand, at 7:30 to 8:30 pm, another part of a weekly programme named "60 Minutes" was broadcasted. The interesting part of this programme was that it presented, amongst others, a drink about which users claimed that it gives to them the relief from symptoms of diabetes and decreases their need for injections of insulin. But so-far this drink was NOT researched formally. Thus, its healing properties still have just a value of a gossip or a subjective opinion of individual users - not the value of objectively confirmed fact. In the sense of composition, this drink represents a tea brewed from fresh leaves of the native for New Zealand tree named kawakawa. This "kawakawa" is a local relative to "pepper trees" although for some reasons me it resembles Polish trees named "alder". The "kawakawa" tea is additionally sweetened with the active honey from another native to New Zealand healing bush called "manuka". (Just by itself the tea from "kawakawa" leaves is too-bitter for a person to be able to swallow it.)
       1. The folklore method of healing diabetes with "silkworm pupa" from Korea. At this point it should be added, that similar subjective opinions (i.e. non-confirmed by any official research) about supposed ability to heal diabetes, I also heard in Korea regarding the "silkworm pupa". Folklore opinions of Koreans about supposed diabetes healing abilities of "silkworm pupa", together with a photograph of these "silkworm pupa" are explained in item #B3 of the web page korea.htm - about mysterious, fascinating, moral, and progressive Korea. But notice that to healing attributes of "silkworm pupa" I am referring also in item #H2 below on this web page.

#F8. Folklore methods of healing asthma - including garden snails from New Zealand and England, dried fruit bats from Malaysia:
       Another "epidemics" which also troubles our present societies, is asthma. Thus, here are folklore remedies for asthma, descriptions of which I encountered so-far:
       1. The folklore remedy for healing asthma with New Zealand and English "garden snails". One such folklore remedy for healing asthma I have found in the article "Spreading at more than a snail's pace" from page A10 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, November 19, 2012. This method uses a kind of "vinegar infusion" prepared from crushed garden snails (to which group belong, amongst others, "Roman snails" that live also in Poland and in almost entire Europe, as well as all French snail delicacies). Garden snails were brought to New Zealand from England, thus the recipe described here probably originates from Europe - the fact which indirectly seems to be confirmed by the abovementioned article when it writes, that a similar recipe around 1870s was brought to New Zealand from Lyons by "Sister Aubert". But in the newspaper article referred here this recipe is described as originating from traditional Maori medicine (the so-called "rongoa"). Here is what it states - quote from the abovementioned article: "Gather snails while the dew is still on the plants in the morning. Crush and put in equal parts of vinegar and water; stand 24 hours; drain off liquid and drink." Notice that the abovementioned article provides also the email of its author - thus interested in this old recipe probably can get from him more details.
       2. The folklore remedy of healing asthma with Malaysian dry "fruit bats". Slightly a similar recipe for healing asthma was also used by Malaysian Chinese. Only that instead of "vinegar infusion from snails" they used soup cooked from dried "fruit bats" - means from the same bats that are described in item #C2 from the web page named cooking.htm. (Notice, that probably NOT just by a coincidence, both garden snails as well as fruit bats, are eating only products of various garden vegetation.)

Part #G: The "self-healing" stemming from findings of the philosophy of totalizm and from "totaliztic science", which instead of "medicines" uses the "reversal of own beliefs" ("placebo effect"):

#G1. The new "totaliztic science" indicates futuristic principles of recovering good health:
Motto: 'Never take seriously what the old "atheistic orthodox science" claims on the subject of God - as if you get to know God closely (according to "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science") then you open for yourself prospects about which even the proverbial "philosophers do NOT dream".'
       On the subject of our own health it is better to "know" than to remain in darkness. Therefore, it is worth to learn the information, that there is a simple method of "self-release" of what medical doctors call "placebo" - and what allows a fast and free of charge "self-healing" of our pains, illnesses, infertility, overweight, addictions, etc. - without use of pharmaceuticals and without visiting doctors. This method is described below in item #G2. It does NOT cause any so-called "side effects" - such as these triggered by modern medicines, it is always available - so it can be used in every situation, in every place, and in every moment of life, it is easy to use - it suffices to just "change own beliefs and views", while in my own case it already have proven in action that it is highly effective. Further versions of this method seem to be suitable for use in completely unexpected problems, e.g. in prevention of pregnancies, restoration of fertility, addictions, overweight, and even protection from cataclysms. But what is more important, this method releases healing effects without a use of any antibiotics or other medicines. Thus it has the potential to turn effective against a new generation of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" - of the kind of recent deadly German E.coli which mutated after the atomic meltdown in Fukushima, Japan.
       The development of this method of "self-healing" took place in result of the discovery of the new "totaliztic science" (i.e. discovery accomplished due to the philosophy of totalizm), that in His interactions with people God adopted and consequently applies the "principle of confirming every strong belief". This discovery is described, amongst others, in item #A2.2 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in subsection A16 of my newest monograph [1/5]. It causes that every intellect (e.g. every individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, etc.) always receives from God confirmations for beliefs that this intellect is using as a basis for its behaviour or actions. This principle causes, amongst others, that people who begin to strongly believe that they are sick on some illness or that one of their organs gets degenerated, in fact receive from God a confirmation for also this particular belief and in fact become ill with this sickness or that particular organ begins to malfunction in them. But the philosophy of totalizm goes further with its deductions and states that this principle of confirming our beliefs works also after it is reversed. Namely, according to the statements of totalizm if, in spite that someone is already attacked by an illness, this someone begins to strongly believe (and begins to act on this belief), that this is NOT an illness, but just an "illusion of an illness" which results from the fact that "God just tests the force and the kind of His own beliefs", then this illness disappears and heals just by itself. On this totaliztic "reversal of own beliefs" are based principles of "self-healing" and "self-determination" described in this "part #G" of this web page. These principles do NOT require any medicines nor costly intervention of experts. They also do NOT leave any "side effects", are completely "free of charge", everyone can apply them in all circumstances, places, situations, and moments of time in which he currently is, are already checked in practice as working and highly effective, and in addition they display an extraordinary potential and hope for the future - namely due to healing without antibiotics probably are able to fight-out even these antibiotics-resistant "superbugs", which "atheistic orthodox medicine" to-date is unable to heal. Only that probably these principles require that the person who implements them on himself or herself already practice actively the so-called formal version of totalizm which allows to take control over the content of our beliefs. I have premises to claim that people who do NOT practice this advanced form of totalizm, are unable to effectively "reverse their beliefs". (The reason for which I suspect that for the use of that principle of "self-healing" it is necessary to previously practice the "formal totalizm", is that as so-far, myself I am the only person whom I know that effectively started to practice on himself this principle of self-healing - in turn as this is obvious, being a creator of this philosophy I myself practice this advanced version of formal totalizm.) However, I would be very interested to receive an information, whether someone who practices e.g. the philosophy of parasitism would also be able to effectively "reverse own beliefs", while God would allow him to self-heal with the use of the same principle - the practical use of which I am describing below.

#G2. The principle of "self-healing" accomplished due to the "reversal of own beliefs" according to findings of the "totaliztic science":
       In the middle of 2010 I discovered the described in item #G1 above (and, amongst others, also described in item #A2.2 of the separate web page named totalizm.htm) the principle of God's action regarding the "providing of everyone with confirmation of the truth of his or her current beliefs". Immediately after discovering this principle, instead healing my own illnesses exclusively with medicines, or instead of waiting until they get healed by themselves, to the process of my self-healing I included also the intentional "reversal of my beliefs". As it turned out, this "reversal of beliefs" increased significantly the effectiveness and speed of healing of my illnesses. Although so-far I tested it mainly for cases of various pains (e.g. for rheumatic pains of joints, for back pains - popularly called "lumbago", pains of muscles, or pains of heels and feet), but I can already state, that for these cases the method described here gives effects equally fast and definitive as the use of best medicines which I know.
       The procedure of self-healing of pain with the use of the principle of "reversing own beliefs" described here is very simple. Namely, each time when something starts to emit a strong pain (e.g. a joint, our back, muscles, a heel, etc.), then after each wave of a strong pain I repetitively address to God (in my thoughts) the statement expressing something along the line "Father, I know that this pain is Your test that checks my beliefs, NOT the actual pain of an ill part of my body - therefore I refuse to accept that the part of my body in pain is actually ill, I forbid my body to treat it as an actual illness, and I believe that this pain is just a temporary "illusion" which soon is going to cease just by itself". (The exact wording with which this thought is expressed is NOT important, the vital is just an idea which is expressed with these words.) The catch in the above statement is that we are NOT allowed to lie in what we say. If we lie, than the "self-healing" will NOT take place. On the other hand, the repetition of just this message in our thoughts would be easy - if the message would boil down to just words, not to beliefs. The point is, that when something in us induces a strong pain, then the entire our conscience is "screaming" that we believe that our body is in pain because it is sick. However, in the method described here we must overturn in us this belief of disobedient conscience (i.e. the belief that this is our body which is ill), and we must force this disobedient conscience to start truly believe that the pain we feel does NOT represent a real feeling, but just a temporary "illusion" imposed onto us by God in order to test our beliefs - which "illusion" is going to disappear just on its own if we really start to believe that it was NOT real. (Notice how highly agreeable is this self-imposed belief with what the new "totaliztic science" states about the design and operation of the surrounding reality and our bodies.) In other words, in the discussed method the most vital component is the "reversal of our beliefs" from the one that is told to us by the disobedient conscience (that the feelings of our body are true and real), into the new one established by the "totaliztic science" (that our pain is just an "illusion of illness", the reason and source of which are attempts of God to test our beliefs). Such a "reversing of beliefs" is the most difficult component of the method described here, while on the success of correct accomplishing it depends whether our "self-healing" will in fact take place. Because I have reasons to suspect, that in order to be able to "reverse our beliefs" in just such a way, firstly one needs to practice actively for some time the philosophy of formal totalizm, thus I personally believe, that only an "active totalizt" is able to apply on himself or herself the described here method of "self-healing" via the "reversal of own beliefs". (This is pity, because this method has so many advantages and capabilities.) After such a "reversal of own beliefs" caused by a given wave of pain, in spite that this pain still persists, I always behave as if I feel no pain at all - means I act and do everything in a normal, everyday manner, overcoming the pain in myself and forcing myself to act is I do NOT feel any pain. I noted, that in the result of such a behaviour and the "reversal of my beliefs", whatever would be in pain, it usual - depending on the advancement of the given painful "illusion of illness", ceases to generate pain after the elapse of two days to at most a week - means after a typical time that is required for the mechanism of work of this "self-healing" could be rationally explained on several other manners than it is explained by the new "totaliztic science". (The point is, that everything that God does, including even "miracles", always is carried out in such a manner that it fulfils the so-called "canon of ambiguity" described, amongst others, in item #C2 of the web page named will.htm, therefore also this "self-healing" must be explainable on several further manners agreeable with principles described in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm - e.g. must be explainable that our ill tissues that are the source of a given pain managed to regenerate just by themselves.) On the other hand, before I started to apply the method of "self-healing" described here, some amongst such pains persisted sometimes for many weeks or even many months.
       I use also the above method of self-healing in cases of infections - i.e. when I feel that I already caught a beginning of e.g. flu or sore throat. Only that typically I do NOT want to risk then the checking whether this method would turn out to be fully effective just on its own - means without the use of any medicines. Therefore, with the exception of one case, so far I used this method several times mainly as a complement and addition to medicines about which I know that they are effective in cases of my typical infections of throat, nose and lungs. (I.e. I use it as a complement and addition to the Chinese syrup called "mother and son" and to throat lozenges with the herb called "Echinacea" - which I always use when I notice symptoms of a beginning of flu, sore throat, or cold infection.) That so-far the only case when with the method described here I managed to heal an "infection" without a use of any medicines or antibiotics, was the catching of some New Zealand equivalent to that deadly "superbug" E.coli which after the atomic meltdown in Fukushima, Japan, mutated in Germany and probably also in several other countries of the world. That case I am describing more comprehensively in item #E2.2 below on this web page, and also in item #M1 of a separate web page named telekinetics.htm. In result of such acting, as so-far, since the half of 2010 I do NOT catch yet my yearly spring or autumn cold or flu - so it looks as if that method increases also the resistance to "infections". (After all, previously I also used the same medicines, and still I used to catch such "infections".) Of course, I will continue my tests of this method of self-healing, while outcomes of these tests I am going to describe here in future.
       I had NO opportunity so-far to test this method for cases when there is a need for some form of an intrusive surgery intervention, e.g. for ulcers, pimples, infected wounds, toothaches, etc. So I am unable to report about the effectiveness in such cases. But I suspect that its utilisation for such cases will require some additional extension of this method - which at the present stage I am not able to define yet. After all, also the "orthodox medicine" is unable to heal such cases exclusively with chemical pharmaceuticals, but must resort to various intrusive operations.
       Loosing weight is yet another area about which I am absolutely sure that the method described here turns out to be highly effective. But in my own case I do NOT intend to check how effective it is. After all the principle of the method described here is such, that it would be able to fast decrease the appetite for food and cause the loss of weight. However, in my own case I am NOT interested in the good look or in being hansom, while tasty food is one amongst last pleasures which still remain for my enjoyment. Therefore I am NOT even going to try to loose weight with the use of this highly effective method. But it should NOT stop readers who are interested in good look and in being hansom, to use this method for loosing their appetites and thus also for loss of their weight. But I should add here, that there is also one more effective, moral, and extremely pleasurable method of keeping our weight under control - the only problem is that it cannot be applied if we live alone. This other method depends on "regulation of our weight with frequency of having sexual intercourses" - as I explained this in more details in item #J2.2.2 of a separate web page named morals.htm. However, in order to be able to implement this other method, we need to enjoy a cooperation, support, and understanding of a close to us, loving us, and sexy for us legal spouse.
       In addition to checking of the method described here "in action" - through "self-healing" my own illnesses, in the meantime I also seek evidence which would additionally confirm the effectiveness of this method. I am going to summarise here examples of such evidence which I encountered so-far. The first (1) example of just such evidence takes form of a statement said by an Arab from Dubai, who appeared in the English documentary film entitled "Piers Morgan On Dubai" broadcasted from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, on the channel "Prime" of the New Zealand television, on Friday, 13 May, 2011. Namely, this Arab stated something along the lines, that his countrymen believe that it is forbidden to speak loudly about the possibility of being overwhelmed by a specifically named illness, e.g. by cancer, because whatever is spoken and named loudly, it in fact later may come true. When this folklore belief of Arabs from Dubai is interpreted with the previously described finding of the philosophy of totalizm, then if someone loudly considers the possibility of being overwhelmed by a specifically named illness, e.g. by cancer, then with the elapse of time he or she may begin to believe that is going to get this illness. In turn after starting to believe in getting sick with this illness, this someone is receiving from God the standard confirmation about the truth of his or her beliefs - which in this case takes just a form of actual getting sick with this particular illness. The second (2) example of evidence, which also confirms the method of "self-healing" described here, originates from the Bible understood in the totaliztic way - namely understood as a "compilation of God's guidelines and requirements as to how people should live". Namely, the Biblical "Evangel by St. Luke", verse 17:6 states, quote: 'Then the Lord said: "If you had faith the size of a mustard grain, you would say to this black mulberry tree, '"Be uprooted and planted in the sea!"', and it would obey you." ' Interpreting that Biblical assurance to the situation described here, with words of Jesus God promises us, that if we manage to induce in ourselves the sufficient faith in our return to health, then the health for sure will arrive to us just by itself. In turn the third (3) example of the evidence for the same course, is the phenomenon which "orthodox medical doctors" call the "placebo effect". This "placebo effect" heals just on the basis that someone strongly believes (i.e. has a strong "faith") that is going to be healed - as this is explained in next item #G2.1. There is too huge body of evidence for the existence and work of the "placebo effect" to still have any doubt about it. The only matter about which some people probably are going to have various doubts, is the statement of the "philosophy of totalizm" (and thus also the statement of the "totaliztic science") that the "placebo effect" from this item (3) in fact represents "the manifestation of the fulfilment of God's promise", quoted from the Bible in item (2) above - which probably is an easiest promise for an objective and scientific confirmation. (Notice that opposite to these claims of various "atheists" which put into doubts that God actually fulfils all His promises contained in the Bible, if one researches scientifically and objectively these God's promises - as this is done by the "totaliztic science" and reported e.g. here and also in item #I3 from the web page named day26.htm, then it turns out that these promises are fulfilled "to the letter" with truly iron (God's) consequence.)

#G2.1. Why differences in two interpretations regarding principles of work of the "self-healing" method described here, disclose the biggest weakness of the old "atheistic orthodox science" which is the inability to learn the "entire truth":
       If principles of work of the "self-healing" method described here is explained from "a priori" approach of the "totaliztic science", then this work could be defined in a following manner: the "self-healing" accomplished due to "reversal of our beliefs" boils down to benefiting from one amongst principles of God's action learned by the "totaliztic science" and applicable to regaining health in cases and situations when this principle is at work. In other words, the "totaliztic science" explains that the method of "self-healing" described here utilises for regaining health one amongst principles of God's action that this science learned - which principle the totaliztic science first learned and described thoroughly, and only then started to use in practice. In this way the method of "reversing our beliefs" is an excellent reflection of the goal that the "totaliztic science" proposed for itself, that is described in item #B1 of the web page named tornado.htm - and that boils down to the "scientific acquiring detailed knowledge about God and benefiting from this knowledge for lifting quality of both, present physical life, as well as the later afterlife".
       But if any amongst "orthodox" medical doctors, educated on a present "atheistic orthodox medical university" which uses exclusively "a posteriori" approach to investigations, tried to explain the principle described here, then most probably he would describe it with words, that the "self-healing" accomplished through the "reversal of one's beliefs" boils down to the "self-releasing a placebo effect". In other words, such an "orthodox doctor" would provide a scientific name for the principle of work of the method described here, but he would NOT be able to explain "how" nor "why" this method works, or "what mechanisms" this method uses to restore health. In addition, while providing such explanation he would contradict the knowledge previously prevailing in orthodox science about ways of releasing a "placebo" effect. After all, the orthodox medicine so-far knew only how a "placebo" effect can be released in other people, but was unable to indicate a manner of releasing the "placebo" effect in one's own body. (For more details see e.g. the article " 'Pretend medicine' has healing power" from page B15 of the New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, May 28, 2011.)
       The above comparisons of two explanations for work of the method described here discloses the greatest weakness of the official human science to-date (also called the "atheistic orthodox science"). This weakness can be described that the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is able to learn at the most a half of truth about the reality that surrounds us - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #C1 of the web page telekinetics.htm and in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm. Therefore, it is only able to just provide some "cleaver name" to unexplained phenomena which we see around, e.g. to "placebo", "El Nino", UFO, telepathy, telekinesis, ESP, NDE, etc., but is unable to explain how these phenomena really work. In order to explain work of these phenomena, and also in order to benefit from blessings which these phenomena are able to bring to our civilisation, it is necessary to abolish the present "monopole for knowledge" of that old science by official establishing on the Earth also the new, competitive, "totaliztic science" for accomplishments of which refers, amongst others, this item and also item #A2 from this web page.

#G2.2. Is my "self-healing" (without taking any pharmaceuticals) of the New Zealand equivalent to deadly "super-bacteria" E.coli which after the catastrophe in Fukushima (Japan) mutated in Germany and probably in several further countries of the world, indicating to us the futuristic principles of healing illnesses caused by "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics?
       Illnesses fast become another deadly threat to the entire humanity. After all, in recent times numerous "super bacteria" resistant to antibiotics and to other commonly used chemical pharmaceuticals have mutated on the Earth. Unfortunately, the "atheistic orthodox medicine" to-date clearly has NO idea how to heal illnesses caused by such super-bacteria. While these super-bacteria are already everywhere - they were found even in New Zealand hospitals, in drinking water from some cities in India, and also in vegetables growing on fields of Germany - as this is indicated in item #M2 of the web page named telekinetics.htm and in item #B1 of the web page named plague.htm. Thus, there is a growing danger, that any next epidemics caused by one amongst such "super-bacteria" may induce the extinction of a significant proportion of the humanity - as this is forecasted by an old Polish prophecy described in item #H1 of the web page named przepowiednie.htm - which states that a time of such depopulation of our planet is to come, that "when a man sees footprints of another man, he will be so thrilled that from the happiness he is going to kiss these footprints". Fortunately, independently from clearly hopeless towards these super-bacteria "atheistic orthodox medicine" practiced officially by present hospitals and medical universities, gradually grow on the Earth also different kinds of "alternative medicines", practiced unofficially and healing with completely different methods than this official medicine. An example of these can be the method of self-healing described above in item #G2 of this web page. This method seems to be effective also in cases of "infections". Because it is NOT based on any pharmaceuticals nor antibiotics, most probably it will be able to heal also these "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics. In fact, I myself with the help of this method healed a case of "infection", which perhaps was a case of being infected by just such a "super-bacteria". I am going to describe this case below.
       Around April 2011, i.e. at the time when to New Zealand could arrive radioactive fallouts from Fukushima in Japan, in this country rapidly started to mutate, spread, and reveal themselves, various nasty micro-organisms. For example, in local newspapers of that time one could read that a significant proportion of New Zealanders fell victims of "epidemics" of a mischievous "stomach bug" - for an example of such article see [1#G2.2] "Stomach bug hits ferry travellers" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, April 7, 2011. In addition, for example in previously edible New Zealand sea shellfish appeared some deadly micro-organism which make them poisonous - for details see the article [2#G2.2] "Deadly virus closes upper harbour to shellfish gatherers" from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 31, 2011). "Epidemics" similar to that "plague" from New Zealand, appeared simultaneously also in a number of other countries of the world - the most famous amongst which become the deadly mutation of "super-bacteria" E.coli in Germany - for more details see the article [3#G2.2] "E-coli bug made deadly by rare 'glue' " from page B12 of the New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, June 4, 2011. So it appears that the factor which caused all these mutations and "epidemics" had the global character. I personally believe that this factor was the radioactive fallouts from the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan - and I explained this in item #M2 from the web page named telekinetics.htm.
       Near the beginning of April 2011, I myself become a victim of that New Zealand "epidemics" of the nasty "stomach bug". In myself, the most unpleasant symptoms of this bug included a very powerful diarrhoea - the work of which was so explosive that it tried to tear out my intestines. Furthermore, I felt continually as to vomit, and in addition I continually "belched" with a kind of like old, rotten eggs ("sulfuretted hydrogen") - in spite that eggs I did NOT ate for a long time. In spite also that from the first moment of appearance of that nasty "bug" I used against it my method of self-healing described in item #G2 above on this web page, this "poisoning", diarrhoea, feeling like to vomit, and this unpleasant "belching" continued stubbornly for around two weeks. I suspect that the reason for such a prolonged dragging of that illness was that my method of "self-healing" described in item #G2 above was NOT supported by taking any medicines. This is because apart from tropical "roots of tapioca" described in item #B1 near the beginning of this web page (or apart from tapioca starch) I do NOT know any other effective method of getting rid of such a powerful diarrhoea. Unfortunately, at the time of attack of the "plague" described here, I had NOT have tapioca roots (which cannot be bought in New Zealand) nor I had the tapioca starch. In addition, as this is described in item #M2 of the web page telekinetics.htm, probably for these two weeks I continually "poisoned" myself by drinking city water (from local waterworks), and this also prolonged my illness. But after two weeks of suffering such symptoms, I changed the city drinking water into a different water taken from a local spring, and then the unpleasant symptoms described above almost immediately ceased. (Although various less unpleasant disturbances in a correct functioning of my digestive system lasted still even two months later - when I formulated this description.)
       I am NOT a medical doctor, and I do NOT intend to carry out any medical tests. Whatever I am describing here is the event which affected me and from which I was forced to defend myself. However, in my private opinion, this case can have a significance as an indicator of the direction which is worth to research and develop for finding a method of "self-healing" (without the use of pharmaceuticals) of various "infections" with "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics. As the logic seem to suggest while the case of my "self-healing" without the use of medicines seem to confirm, the learning how to trigger in ourselves of what the present medical doctors call a "placebo effect", can supply the humanity with reply to the vital issue how to heal people who fell victims of infections with these super-bacteria resistant to antibiotics. After all, the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" clearly is unable to indicate to us the solution to this vital problem. On the other hand, the new "totaliztic science" perhaps already now can provide this solution. After all, it identified already numerous premises, which persuade us to adopt the view that in order to start effectively heal victims of "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics, both - the entire humanity, as well as each individual person, must vigorously facilitate the development and implementation of "moral" methods of healing that are based on what the present "atheistic orthodox medicine" calls the "placebo effect" - of the kind of method of "self-healing" described in item #G2 of the web page named healing.htm, while simultaneously the continuation of to-date immoral principles of healing based on fighting bacteria with chemicals (to which with the elapse of time mutations of these bacteria always eventually become immune) should be ceased for good.
       I my personal view, my own case of "self-healing" (without the use of any pharmaceuticals) of the unpleasant "infection" with some mischievous "stomach bug" is quite vital from the point of view of the potential method of futuristic healing of "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics. Therefore I described this case from several different points of view on a number of totaliztic web pages. Independently from this web page, this case is also discussed for example in item #M2 of the web page telekinetics.htm and also in item #B1 of the web page named plague.htm.

#G3. The use of principle of "reversing of our beliefs" for preventing pregnancies, for getting pregnant, for conceiving a foetus of the desired gender, and for eliminating addictions:
       In subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5] quoted is report of the New Zealander with the pseudonym "Miss Nosbocaj" from her "abduction" into a "simulation of a UFO vehicle". During that abduction, the "simulation of a UFOnaut" taught Miss Nosbocaj how she should avoid getting pregnant exclusively by appropriate "reversal of her beliefs" - and without use of any chemical pharmaceutics. As it turned out, the principle of this "pregnancy prevention" also boils down to the "reversal of one's beliefs" - very similar as the reversal which I am using in the "medicine-free self-healing" that is described in previous item #G2 of this web page.
       What even more interesting, the manner explained in item #G1 above, in which the philosophy of totalizm deduced the possibility of reversing principles described here, guarantees that exactly the same method of the "reversal of beliefs" can also be used for "getting pregnant" by married couples which believe that they have problems with fertility. Therefore, I personally would advice, that couples which have problems with conceiving own child, should first try the described here "free" and "non-medical" method of inducing pregnancy by "reversing their beliefs", before they decide to carry out highly expensive and intrusive healing of their infertility with methods of present "orthodox medicine". After all, the getting pregnant also is NOT just a purely biological process, but it is ruled by beliefs of a given pair, and is carried out via feelings that these beliefs release. The evidence for this is that a perceptive male always is able to notice when the conception took place, because always it is accompanied by the unique for the conception "flash" of feeling of a "perfect uniting" - which is relatively easy both, to intercept and recognise, as well as to intentionally generate via the method described here.
       Each nation developed own folkloristic recipe how a child of a required gender should be conceived. For example, one amongst such recipes originating from old Polish folklore, states that "in order to conceive a boy, the couple must make love on a fur-coat while the man is wearing boots with spurs still attached". If one analyses to what boils down the essence of these old folklore recipes for conceiving a child of a desired gender, then it turns out that also each one of them depends on the creation of such conditions and situations for the time of lovemaking, that at the moment of conception both future parents unanimously and simultaneously implement in thoughts the principle of "reversal of beliefs" described before. In other words, all these folkloristic recipes represent only the re-interpreted for conditions of conceptions, the promise of God expressed in the "Evangel of St. Matthew", verses 18:19-20, quote: "If two of you on earth agree concerning anything of importance that they should request, it will take place for them due to my Father in heaven. For where they are two or three gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst." Of course, if a given married couple accomplishes a true agreement about the sex of a child that they want to conceive, and in the duration of their lovemaking they express this agreement in the form of a strong mutual belief, then whatever they want will be given to them even without the use of fur-coat and boots with spurs.
       If someone considers addictions - starting from ordinary smoking or excessive eating and finishing on narcotics, then persisting on them is also caused by specific habits and beliefs. Thus, the method described here, after a slight modification, should also turn out to be effective in self-abandoning such addictions.

#G4. The principle of "reversing of our beliefs" described here probably allows also to hold back the arrival of cataclysms:
       In item #I3 of the totaliztic web page named day26.htm is provided a body of evidence which illustrates that the suburb called "Petone" in which I live is avoided by cataclysms which sometimes rage even in neighbourly towns. If one analyses "why" these cataclysms pass near Petone but make no damage, although they destroy neighbourly settlements, then one amongst reasons which hit our eyes, is my strong belief that Petone is protected from cataclysms because in the vicinity of it lives so-called "10 righteous". (The protective from cataclysms capability of these "10 righteous" are discussed, amongst others, in item #G2 of the web page named day26.htm, and also in item #B6 of the web page named seismograph.htm.) This my strong belief appeared because I personally counted how many of these "righteous" people actually live near Petone, and because I know that for sure there are at least 10 of them. But on the basis of explanations from this "part #G" of the web page, it is also possible, that if I (or e.g. a majority of inhabitants of any city or any residence) receive a basis for an equally strong belief, that e.g. just my sole presence in a given place endangered with a cataclysm (e.g. endangered with a tornado, fire, earthquake, tsunami, flood, frost, etc.) for some reasons should suffice to stop the arrival of a cataclysm in there (e.g. because other totalizts "delegated" or "send" to me their moral support), then I am ready to bet, that this city or residence would also be avoided by all cataclysms. This is why at the beginning of January 2011 I volunteered to test this possibility by issuing a public proposal in item #C5.1 of the web page named seismograph.htm to the New Zealand city of Christchurch, that I am going to stop its further earthquakes - if this city invites me to live in it on its own expense (unfortunately, the city decided to rather become extensively destroyed with the next earthquake of 22nd February 2011, than to benefit from that my earlier offer). This is also why I am very sorry that none of cities already chosen by God to be destroyed - and already warned in a manner described in items #B5 to #B7.3 of the web page seismograph.htm that cataclysms are nearing to them, nor none of people whom God soon intends to take away their wealth and/or life, and also subtly warns them about this incoming oblivion, has the courage to help themselves, help me, and help the entire humanity, by financing tests on the possibility described in item #I3.1 of the web page named day26.htm, which suggests that the ability to protect against cataclysms could be "delegated" to a chosen "active totalizt" - after all, this ability also boils down to principles described in this "part #G" that allow for their "delegating".

Part #H: Remedies of our future, means how the "chase of profit at cost of good of people", that appeared in pharmaceutical industry, forces "time vehicles" to become "remedies for all illnesses":
#H1. Let us define the idea of "remedy for all illnesses":
       Soon after the Second World War, means in 1950s, the humanity accomplished a huge progress in its fight with illnesses. It was at that time when most basic antibiotics were developed and when preventive vaccinations become widely used. In the entire world old illnesses of people rapidly started to disappear. People gained a belief in infinitive capabilities of medical sciences. At that time a number of researchers undertook first practical works on the "kuramina", means on a hypothetical medicine which just single-handedly supposed to heal all possible illnesses. (The Polish word "kuramina" can be translated as "curemin" which is composed of syllables cure-min similar to that from vita-min.) In everyday language this hypothetical medicine that is able to heal every possible illness, usually is called a "remedy for all illnesses".
       Information about efforts to find the "kuramina", of course penetrated also to folklore. In Poland various legends circulated about the "kuramina" - which, in the light of what is explained in item #F5 from this web page, probably were based on the enthusiastic stories of a sickly Polish diplomat-politician, sent to China onto a diplomatic post, whose numerous illnesses were over there always treated successfully with a Chinese bowl full of chicken broth-soup of a herbal taste. After all, a sickly Polish politician-diplomat, who is NOT familiar with the Chinese language, would NOT know that this seemingly always the same chicken broth, for each existing disease is prepared by Chinese herbalists from different medicinal herbs (although always these herbs are cooked in an almost identical manner, and thus they taste and look almost identical). Apart from Chinese, this fact remains unknown even today to almost anyone from the outside world. In turn, for such a person unaware of always the same principles of preparation of Chinese herbal medicinal potions, the broth which the treated people are drinking to cure almost every different illness looks the same and tastes very similar. Thus, such a "non-Chinese" may consider that this chicken broth is a miracle cure "kuramina" that heals all possible illnesses.
       I still remember until today fragments of several-pages-long poem entitled "curamina", which was anonymously spreading in Poland of 1950s, and which in a funny manner illustrated how the life is going to look-like when "curamina" becomes a fact. People recited then to each other from memory sections of this funny poem, as a kind of "guidelines" that tell others what they supposed to do when they begin to complain because of their health problems. For example, in case when someone complained about toothache, then the following section of the poem "curamina" was recited to him (or her) to explain what he (or she) supposed to do according to the "down-to-earth logic of folklore": "... if you have a toothache and are unable to take anything into mouth, then three droplets of curamina pour onto cotton, place cotton inside the tooth, ask dentist to remove the aching tooth, and you are to have the everlasting peace with it. ..." (in the above my translation it does not rhyme - but in the original Polish language this poem rhymes, i.e.: "...
Jeśli bolą was zęby
i nie możecie nic włożyć do gęby,
wówczas trzy krople kuraminy na watę polejecie,
do zęba wetkniecie,
zęba wyrwać dacie
i z nim wieczny spokój macie. ...").
(I have reasons to believe that the poem "Curamina" had also its English folklore version. If any reader still have this poem somewhere, or remembers some parts of it, I would appreciate sending me whatever survived out of this "pearl of the folklore poetry". (My address is indicated in item #K5 below.) I would love to publish it here.)
       In spite that the folklore was joking about the "remedy for all illnesses", actually to the idea of finding such a medicine a number of researchers devoted their lives shortly after the Second World War. Unfortunately, soon afterwards "higher reasons" have appeared, for which these searchers needed to be abandoned.

#H2. Folklore "remedies good for all illnesses", of the type of Korean "silkworm pupa":
       The greatest progress in finding a "remedy good for all illnesses" accomplished folklore medicines from countries of the "Far East", means Korea, Japan, and China. In these countries folklore medicines know remedies which not only really heal illnesses, but also while the same remedy (or food) eliminates a whole array of different illnesses. One example of just such a "remedy which hills almost all illnesses", namely the extraordinary root called "ginseng", I already indicated above in item #F2 of this web page. To other similar folklore remedies belong also a soup called "miso" from Japan - which supposedly is able to even heal a radiation illness, and a kind of fermented cabbage called "kim-chi" from Korea - which maintains slim and healthy the majority of around 50-million population of the South Korea (this "kim-chi" is described in item #B1 of the web page korea.htm - about mysterious, fascinating, moral, progressive Korea). But probably the most close to the true "remedy for all possible illnesses" are "silkworm pupa" used as a kind of folklore remedy in the South Korea. The still unknown to our official science chemicals and substances contained in silkworm pupa, have the action very similar to these "stem cells" - which are researched so intensely by present official human medicine. (Means, these substances and chemicals supposedly have the ability to rebuild cells and tissues that are damaged by illness - similarly as they do it when transforming a caterpillar into a butterfly.) Only that these silkworm pupa are already tested in action, still they can be purchased without any difficulties, and they are applied through just ordinary eating them. More information about the use of these "silkworm pupa" as a kind of "remedy for all possible illnesses" is presented in item #B3 of the web page korea.htm - about mysterious, fascinating, moral, progressive Korea.

#H3. "Time vehicles" which defeat death and heal every illness, means which are to become the true "remedy for all possible illnesses":
       We used to think that the path to health, to defeating death, and to everlasting life, leads through progress in medical sciences. But a newest research completed according to principles of the most moral philosophy of the world called totalizm revealed that progress in medicine is NOT the only path to health and to defeating death. There is also even more moral and faster than medical path to health and to everlasting life. It leads through progress in technology, or more specifically through building the so-called time vehicles. This is because time vehicles are able to shift people back in time. Therefore, amongst others, time vehicles are also able to heal illnesses even more effectively than present drugs do this. Furthermore, time vehicles allow to defeat death and to live forever. After all, when for example someone wears wrong clothes in a cold day, and e.g. catches a cold because of it, then by having a time vehicle this person can shift his (or her) time back, while in the new elapse of time can dress properly and avoid catching the cold. In turn avoiding catching any illness is much more pleasant and beneficial than healing it. On a similar principle time vehicles can "heal" practically every illness. After all, every illness has its origins and reasons. For example, almost every illness of the digestive system results from eating something inappropriate (e.g. consider diarrhoea or stomach ache). So when having a time vehicle we can eliminate it through shifting us back in time and in a new passage of time avoiding eating whatever caused our illness. In turn e.g. a lung cancer can be caused by breathing dust from asbestos, thus can be reversed by shifting time back and avoiding this dust. Practically every illness can be eliminated if we are able to shift our time back. In a similar manner, when having time vehicles, we can avoid dying. After all, when the death is approaching, we can shift our time back to years of our youth, and begin our life again from the very beginning. To summarise the above, the construction of time vehicles is going to eliminate illnesses and death and is to become this "remedy for all possible illnesses" - about getting access to which the humanity dreams already for thousands of years.
       As the reader can read this from my web pages on the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and on the ways the humanity can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives, I am the scientist who (1) discovered how time works, who (2) indicated the simple visual proof that is easily verifiable by everyone and that confirms the correctness of my findings regarding the work of time, who (3) developed principles on which time can be shifted back, and who (4) invented design of time vehicles. Judging from my accomplishments to-date, it is sure that I would also be able to build my time vehicles - if I received the assistance that I need. (After all, so advanced machines as "time vehicles" cannot be build under my kitchen table, but require the access to proper research laboratories and to prototyping facilities - which access I was deprived so-far.)
       Unfortunately, in order to build "time vehicles" people first must begin to believe that such vehicles really can be constructed. However, presently almost no-one amongst people trully believes in this possibility. In turn, without believing in time vehicles, no-one is prepared to help me in building them. All this in spite that the truth is exactly opposite. In reality until today just by myself I would be able to build time vehicles - as I justified this comprehensively in item #A1 and #K1 to #K4 of the web page immortality.htm - about ways the humanity already today can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives. Of course, I would build time vehicles by now only if I received the required help already back in 1985 - means in the year when I discovered how time works, and in which I realised that the path to shifting time back leads through building a device called the Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation. (The general appearance of such "Oscillatory Chambers" is shown on videos from addresses www.youtube.com/watch?v=svbVqGFnkQQ, www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrjhRNTbpuE, or http://video.google.it/videoplay?docid=-6524822319379322289&hl=it. In turn how such "Oscillatory Chambers" shifts time back - it is explained in item #I1 of the totaliztic web page evolution.htm - about evolution.) If already in 1985 I would be allowed to undertake the construction of time vehicles, then until today, means after around a quarter of century, these time vehicles for sure would already work. Unfortunately, many people really "bend backward" in order to prevent me from undertaking research and development of these devices. What even more interesting, these people hold me back in undertaking the construction of time vehicles in spite that I indicated to everyone an easily verifiable empirical proof that time is really a software phenomenon and that in fact time elapses in small jumps - means exactly in the manner as the work of time is explained by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This empirical visual proof for the jumping elapse of software time is described comprehensively in item #D1 of the totaliztic web page immortality.htm - about ways the humanity already today can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives, and also in item #D2 of the web page god_proof.htm - with selection of scientific proofs and evidence that God really exists. Unfortunately, as so-far, hardly anyone recognises the existence of this proof, and recognises the potentials that it opens to the humanity.
       In such a manner, my productive time on the Earth gradually runs out, while people slowly loose the chance for accomplishing immorality, life without end, and the "remedy for all illnesses" that takes the form of "time vehicles".

#H4. So if you, the reader, have enough medicines which "make us enslaved" instead of "healing", then perhaps you should start supporting the research and development of "time vehicles":
       In the "chase for profit", our civilisation gradually looses from the sight the "good of people". One manifestation of this loss is that, amongst others, instead of developing drugs that "heal" illnesses, present pharmaceutical corporations promote drugs which make people "dependent" on them, and which just ease the symptoms instead of healing. So if someone begins to use these drugs, he (or she) is enslaved by them until the end of his (or her) life. Many people do NOT know about this. After all, such information is NOT revealed by official sources. So they suffer silently because they do not realise that there is a better way. Well, it is about time these people awake and begin to repair this abnormal situation. Although in present ideological systems of humanity aimed at maximising profits, goals of pharmaceutical corporations cannot be changed, still there is a way of making the things better. Namely, we can deprive these corporations the power over people, by building "time vehicles". So herewith I have an appeal to the reader. Instead of "sitting on your own hands" and passively accepting the present wrong situation, it is much better to totalizticly begin assisting me actively in the efforts to undertake the research and development of "time vehicles". After all, giving me such an assistance does NOT require neither funds nor much effort. All that I need is the access to laboratories and to prototyping facilities which already exist at numerous universities financed by taxpayers. In turn to open this (so-far closed) access for me, people just can limit the help to the promotion of the idea of time vehicles. (How in the simplest manner assist me in these efforts - it is explained in items #K1 to #K4 of the web page immortality.htm - about ways the humanity already today can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives.)

Part #I: The loss of moral pronciples of healing in confrontation with human greed:
#I1. The end of "medicines which really heal" in the epoch of "placing profit before healing people":
Motto: "It is a pure stupidity to suffer because of the greed and selfishness of others."
       Due to a convergence of circumstances, simultaneously with the development of medicines, also profit and influence of pharmaceutical corporations started to grow. These corporations soon discovered, that medicines which effectively and conclusively cure illnesses, instead of being the source of profit for these corporations, become a source of lost opportunities for increasing the profit. After all, every completely healed person ceases to buy medicines. So soon decision makers of these corporations changed principles of their acting. For example, they ever-increasingly limited financing research on medicines which fully heal ill people, and gradually narrowed down production and use of such medicines. In turn they enthusiastically supported the development, production, and use of medicines, which ease the severity of symptoms of illnesses, but which leave illnesses unhealed. Especially strong support from these corporations gained medicines which cause the "hidden slavery" - means which when used once, force their human victims to take them until the end of life. In the excellent manner this politics of "placing profit before people" adopted by pharmaceutical corporations is described in the book by Jacky Law, entitled "Big Pharma" (Constable, London 2006, ISBN 1-84529-139-5). I take the liberty to quote here a section from the back cover of this book: "For all benefits they bring, the pharmaceutical industry's biggest companies headed by Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis and GlaxoSmithKline increasingly face a conflict between the goals of corporate wealth and public health. In a broad and independent analysis of modern healthcare Jacky Law shows how a small number of corporations have come to dominate the research agenda. She reveals a system in which the relentless pursuit of profit is crowding out the public good."
       Of course, soon also it turned out, that pharmaceutical corporations are NOT the only influential institutions in the interests of which lies to replace "drugs which really heal" with "drugs which ease symptoms but do NOT eliminate illnesses and are sources of hidden enslaving". For example, such a replacement lies also in the interest of "drug administrations" from various countries, means institutions which decide in given countries about drugs that are allowed to be sold in there. The point is that "drugs which really heal" eliminate the need for the existence of such institutions and the demand for their "services", and thus also eliminate the source of income for their well-paid managements. After all, about drugs which really heal, no "experts" must make any decisions - these drugs speak for themselves. However, for the "drugs which only eliminate symptoms, but do NOT heal and cause hidden enslaving" large panels of experts are needed which select amongst them and decide which of these drugs should be sold in a given country. Therefore, decision makers of these institutions soon also realised "where lies their bread and butter" and also started to promote these "drugs that only ease symptoms" while simultaneously discriminating "drugs which really do heal".
       In addition to the above it turned out that the spread of these "drugs that only heal symptoms" lies also in interest of governments and politicians. After all, in democratic ideologies in order to stick to power and become elected again, governments and politicians must be able to show to the public how much they care about the good of people, how much they spend on health care, how huge difficulties they must overcome, etc. They also must be able to plan for the future, predict the spending, etc. Only "medicines which do NOT heal" allow them to accomplish all these. After all, "medicines which really heal" are impossible to be subjected to planning, disallow "showing off", and are needed only randomly depending on how many people fall ill for a given disease. As such, these efficient medicines completely disorganise activities and planning of governments and politicians, disclosing their incompetence.
       So in such a manner our civilisation arrived to the present situation, when the major requirement imposed onto modern pharmaceuticals is to just ease significantly symptoms of illnesses that cause human suffering, but under NO circumstances actually heal these illnesses completely. In this way the modern drugs turn people into life-long slaves of pharmaceutical corporations. So if we currently look around, we notice crowds of people whose life always in exactly the same manner is dependent till the death on drugs which must be taken continually, no matter what illness one has. Currently difficult to not be sorrow when one sees that victims of rather insignificant illnesses, such as high blood pressure, allergies, stomach problems, etc., in order to ease their suffering are forced to spend until the death their last cents in the same ruthless manner as this must be done by people who fall victims of the most deadly illnesses such as aids, diabetes, or cancer. After all, with goals of pharmaceutical corporations defined by profit taking, at the moment no-one officially seeks "remedy for all illnesses" any more, nor even seeks "drugs which really heal".
       Fortunately, still do exist so-called "alternative medicines" and so-called "folklore remedies". These in turn really do heal. Also these have NOT cease their millennia-old dreams to find a "remedies which heal all illnesses". In addition to these, also research on so-called time vehicles revealed prospects of healing by technical devices, instead of using medicine. Namely, it turned out that outcomes of our fight with death and with illnesses, which are much more effective and much more moral from advances of medical and pharmaceutical sciences, are going to arrive to the humanity also due to the construction of a technical device that is able to shift people back in time. (This device is described in second item below.)

Part #J: So let us introduce a correction to our views regarding illnesses and their healing, and let us start to take also notice what on this subject determined the new so-called "totaliztic science":
#J1. A correction introduced by the "totaliztic science" is only small although very significant - e.g. it states that medicines and medical treatments are just one amongst numerous components of our efforts to maintain and restore a good health:
       Item #A2 from the beginning of this web page explained to us that in fact we live "in the world ruled by God". This in turn means, that illnesses and healings are subjected to a whole array of principles and requirements that God imposes onto them. Medicines which we use and healing procedures that we follow, are only one small component of this large pool of God's principles and requirements. Other components include our morality, our believes, picture of our personality and usefulness that we developed with our actions in minds of other people, etc., etc. Therefore, the correction that the "totaliztic science" adds to our views about illnesses and healings, is relatively small but very vital. Namely, it asks that apart from medicines and methods of healing (which still remain valid and important components), in our efforts to maintain and restore health we also recognise these additional principles and requirements imposed onto people by God. In turn to learn what these principles and requirements really are, we need start to study more thoroughly what on their subject is already established by the new "totaliztic science". After all, the old "atheistic orthodox science" refuses to acknowledge their existence and qualifies them as present versions of former "superstitions".

#J2. Justification provided by the "totaliztic science" for reasons of the existence and effectiveness of so large number of effective methods for restoration of heath:
       On a range of totaliztic web pages is described the new so-called "totaliztic science" - examples of these descriptions see in item #B1 of the web page tornado.htm or in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. This science researches the surrounding reality from the so-called "a priori" approach - which is opposite to "a posteriori" approach utilised by old the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by that official science which we learn in schools and in universities and which still is holding a highly detrimental for the humanity "monopole for knowledge") - means opposite to "a posteriori" approach utilised also by the medical branch of this old official science, i.e. also by the "atheistic orthodox medicine". In such "a priori" approach, the reality which surrounds us is researched "from cause to effects", means "from God which is the superior cause of everything, to whatever we see around us that represents effects of work of God". Due to such an approach to research, the new "totaliztic science" keeps finding numerous explanations and regularities, which previously escaped attention of that old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. One amongst areas in which this new "totaliztic science" provides unknown earlier explanations, is health. For example, the new "totaliztic science" indicates to us an effective method for the futuristic (non-medical) restoration of health - described in item #G2 of this web page. The science explains also to us what exactly is "depression" and how to heal it effectively - for details see items #E1 and #E2 on the web page named parasitism.htm and item #D10 on the web page named totalizm.htm. The science also provides to us the justification for reasons and for need of the existence on the Earth of such large number of almost equally effective methods that restore good health. Below I am briefly summarising these reasons - after all, this web page represents the spirit of the "totaliztic science" and one amongst examples of its contribution to our knowledge.
       According to findings of the new "totaliztic science", God created the humanity for a very vital reason. This goal for which God created people is the "pursue of knowledge". But in order people could "pursue of knowledge", on the Earth must be created specific conditions, e.g. people must be continually forced to seek knowledge, inspired to discussions and to exchange their views, persuaded to form different views on the same matters, tell truths, live in the climate of mutual love, etc., etc. In turn one amongst ways with the use of which God creates just such conditions, is that into practically every own action God codes simultaneously several different sets of attributes, each one of which sets inspires people for explaining this God's action on a completely different way. In the result, everything that God does, displays the existence of attributes, which allow to explain this God's action on at least three different ways - described more comprehensively e.g. in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm. Of course, human health - in which is vitally interested practically every inhabitant of the Earth, also belongs to such acts of God, which for the induction of "pursue of knowledge" by people are intentionally supplied by God in attributes which allow to explain them on many different ways. In turn, to allow the health of people to be explained on such different ways, the restoration of people to health must also be able to be accomplished on a number of different ways. This is just because of such reasons that the new "totaliztic science" explain that God intentionally returns people to health almost each time when they correctly implement any amongst numerous recognised by God procedures of healing, because in that way God inspires these people to creative seeking the truth and to exchange of views, while in the final effect to "pursue of knowledge". In other words, for God the readiness of each one of us to do everything possible in the name of improvement of own health, is just one amongst a range of tools with the aid of which God propels the advancement of human knowledge, the change of practiced philosophy, the improvement of morality, etc. In order for this determination of people to improve own health was able to become such a tool for the "pursue of knowledge" and for the change of philosophy, morality, views, etc., for every individual case of illness, God chooses such a manner on which this illness could be healed, that this manner maximises the "advancement of knowledge" and beneficial changes in mentality of all parties involved.
       More information on the subject of "totaliztic science" - for which the illustration of accomplishments is also this web page, offers item #G2.1 below on this web page, as well as e.g. item #C1 on the separate web page named telekinetics.htm or item #A2.6 on the separate web page named totalizm.htm.

#J3. Finding of the "totaliztic science", that for every illness God supports only such a way of healing it, which maximally "advances knowledge" in all parties involved - means when being ill one should NOT ever "give up" but should keep changing principles of healing until the complete regaining of health:
       The previous item #J2 explained, that for every individual case of illness God chooses which procedure is going to heal it. In turn the criterion for this choice, is the maximisation of "advancement of knowledge" and accomplishing progressive changes of mentality in all parties involved in a given case of illness. For this reason, in every case of illness, an ill person, or family of that person, should seek this chosen by God procedure of healing, which is to turn effective for a given illness. Thus, if one principle of healing turns out ineffective for a given illness, then it should be tried another principle or procedure of healing, and should be done so until the successful regaining of health. We should NOT "give up" and e.g. claim "if this famous doctor and these expensive foreign medicines were unable to help, then this means that a given illness is NOT curable". God wants we try until the success, also wants that due to these trials we increase our knowledge and change our beliefs, philosophy, morality, etc. - as this is explained in item #A2.2 of the web page named totalizm.htm. So in order to reveal to readers that there are numerous principles and procedure of healing, not just these ones which are offered to us by the so-called "orthodox medicine" (i.e. by the official medicine practiced in present hospitals and purchased in drug stories), below I am going to indicate several examples of different principles of restoring to health with which I was confronted during my trips throughout the world in "search of bread", or which I developed myself and utilised with successes.
       I highly recommend to the reader the method of "self-healing" through "reversal of own beliefs" - which is described below in item #G2 of this web page. This is because this method is for free - does NOT require any medicines nor visits in doctors, does NOT causes any so-called "side effects", is always available - so it can be used in every situation, in every place, and in every moment of time, is easy to use - it suffices to just "change own views or beliefs", while in my own case it already proved itself as highly effective. Versions of it seem to also be able to help in completely unexpected matters, e.g. for avoiding pregnancies, for restoration of fertility, for addictions, for overweight, or even for the protection from cataclysms.
       The fact, that it is God who heals all illnesses, if ill people meet the requirements and conditions imposed onto them, is confirmed also in the Bible - e.g. see Matthew, verses 4:23-25.

Part #K: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#K1. Summary of this web page:
       In several different countries of the world I encountered claims that in fact our illnesses are healed by God - NOT by medicines or by doctors. We only must take some curing actions which are sufficiently determined to convince God that we really wish to be healed, and which contain in themselves the sufficient amount of knowledge to convince God that we deserve to regain the health. In one reviews the extraordinary methods of healing and curing described on this web page, then it appears that the above claims in fact are true.

#K2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#K3. I suggest to return periodically to this web page for descriptions of further folklore methods of healing:
       In order to keep learning further methods of healing and curing used by various nations, it is worth to return periodically to this web page. By the definition, this web page is going to be improved and extended further, as soon as I manage to learn about any further natural methods of healing or curing.
       Iit is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at addresses: totalizm.blox.pl/html and totalizm.wordpress.com. On this blog many events discussed here are also explained with additional details written as these events unveil before our eyes.

#K4. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#K5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#K6. Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *
Date of starting this page: 15 November 2005
Date of the latest updating of this web page: 30 July 2015
(Check in "Menu 3" whether there is even a more recent update!)
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