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Scientific interpretations of photographs of UFOnauts

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When wise God created people around 6000 years ago, His goal was, that people supposed to serve Him as "soldiers of God" and assist Him in the "pursue of knowledge" - as this is explained in items #B1 to #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm. In turn, to raise people into wise and resourceful "soldiers of God", and to motivate in them an effective "pursue of knowledge", God creates us maximally imperfect, and then He subjects us to "upbringing" and "training" accordingly to NOT so pleasant for us "principle of reversals" described in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm. Unfortunately, instead of training into "soldiers of God" and concentrating on the "pursue of knowledge", many imperfect people starts to enjoy their imperfections through e.g. chasing pleasures, power and wealth, adopting immorality in all their activities, etc., etc. In the result, God was forced to develop various methods of "motivating" people, so that in spite of their imperfections, they still carry out the "pursue of knowledge". Wise God developed many such methods. One amongst these - which I am going to illustrate here, was the "temporary creation" (means "simulation") of the existence of highly evil creatures, which originally God called "serpents" or "devils", while recently which were renamed into "UFOnauts". With the aid of these evil creatures, God could e.g. "punish" most disobedient people, could provide one further explanation for everything - as this is described in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm, could carry out physical changes amongst people without depriving them so-called "free will", etc., etc. Although the existing body of evidence conclusively proves that "UFOnauts" and "devils" are actually one and the same creatures, while in the Biblical "Genesis" - verse 3:1, God Himself admits that it was Him who created "devils" (e.g. see item #E2 on the web page named evil.htm), a significant proportion of people believes that "UFOnauts" in fact are cosmic relatives of humans, who arrive to the Earth in order to secretly occupy, exploit, and ruthlessly rob the humanity.
       Until the year 2007 I myself also strongly believed in the large body of evidence which I managed to identify, and which documented that "UFOnauts secretly occupy and exploit the humanity". Thus, until 2007 I vigorously disseminated this evidence. But in 2007 I unexpectedly discovered - and described in many totaliztic publications, that UFOnauts are only temporary God's "simulations" (or "fabrications"), and that God uses them for aiding the accomplishment of many superior God's goals. After such "simulating", UFOs and UFOnauts are "intimately" (i.e. in the circumstances strictly controlled by God) shown to carefully selected people, in which they supposed to cause the intended change of views - in the same manner as for the intentional changes of views God also allows every person to experience the so-called "miracles" especially designed for this person - for details see item #F3 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm. This web page was written in 2005 - means around two years before was made this my vital discovery on God's "simulations" of UFOnauts. But in spite that after this discovery my understanding of reasons for the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts drastically changed, I did NOT change the content of this web page. After all, in the way it was originally written, it faithfully illustrates the perfection and precision with which God "simulates" UFOs and UFOnauts, and also it documents the unlimited God's wisdom with which He uses UFO and UFOnauts for motivating the correct direction of human progress, and for implementing on the Earth that developed by God "principle of reversals" which raises and trains people into effective "soldiers of God".

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. Introduction to the first (original) version of this web page - prepared still in times which preceded my discovery, that "UFOs and UFOnauts are simulated by God in order to motivate the progress of human knowledge":
       This web page illustrates the information that can be gathered from photographs of UFOnauts that so-far were posted to me for scientific interpretation. And as it turns out, a shocking truth emerges from them. This truth seems to be more scary than the most repulsive horror movies about vampires. Namely it realizes that the planet Earth is occupied and robbed in a hidden manner by close relatives of humans, popularly called UFOnauts. UFOnauts are so similar to us, that normally we are unable to distinguish them from us. Their agents send to Earth, by the popular folklore called "changelings", look like typical people and also pretend that they are just normal people. They secretly mix with humans, they occupy various key positions in our society, and they lead the humanity straight into a disaster. They are so rotten morally and so evil in every their action that in old times people used to call them "devils". Key descriptions (titles) for each photograph of an UFOnaut shown on this web page, are highlighted with a blue colour. Under these key words my interpretation of a given photograph is provided.

#A2. What are goals of this web page:
       The main goal of this web page is presentation of examples of authentic photographs of UFOnauts, together with scientific interpretations of what was captured on these photographs. An additional goal is to present examples of knowledge which the humanity can gather through the rational and scientific analysis of photographs of UFOnauts.

#A3. In the meantime my philosophy and my understanding of facts got perfected, but the facts themselves remain unchanged:
       In 2007, means in around 2 years after writing this web page, I discovered that "UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are 'simulated' temporary by God" - means they are NOT permanent creations such as e.g. our cars and ourselves. More on the subject of this "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts one can read from other totaliztic web pages and publications, e.g. from items #K1 and #K2 of the web page day26.htm, or from chapter OD in volume 13 of my newest monograph [1/5]. My discovery of this temporary "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts by God, changes drastically the philosophical meaning of this web page. After all, it reveals the wisdom of God and His care about a correct direction of human development, it also allows e.g. understand better (and thus better fulfil) the role which God designated to people. But the discovery of this "simulation" does NOT eliminate the existence of facts described on this web page.

Part #B: Experts hide heads in sand as the number of authentic photographs of UFOnauts begin to shock:
#B1. In spite of official ignoring, authentic photographs of UFOnauts are taken continually:
       UFOs and UFOnauts are officially declared to be fabrications, imagination, errors, and problems of photographing, etc. But if these official views are true, then with the elapse of time jokers and fabricators should get bored with making all these countless fabrications, the growth of human knowledge should gradually eliminate imagination, while increasingly perfect photographic equipment should eliminate errors and problems. In other words, manifestations of UFOs and UFOnauts should disappear. However, the reality is completely different. As our knowledge and technology increases, e.g. the number of photographs of UFOs and UFOnauts also grows. Most clearly "something is going on". Thus it is about the time we start investigate scientifically the matter and determine "what really is going on".

Part #C: Attributes of UFOnauts which are revealed due to analyses of authentic photographs of these creatures:
#C1. UFOnauts are able to fly in the air and hover above the ground:
       This their capability we know jolly well both from reports of people who saw UFOnauts with their own eyes, as well as from photographs of UFOnauts shown on this web page in items #G1 and #F1.

#C2. UFOnauts are partially transparent, they flicker, and they secretly mix with people:
       UFOnauts (in old days called "devils") have this attribute which we are NOT aware of, that a large number of them is almost identical to people. Simultaneously, the hidden occupation of Earth requires from them to constantly mix with people, working amongst us on many key positions. This causes, that some of us actually work with UFOnauts without knowing that UFOnauts sit sometimes at a next desk. Many of us also live as neighbours of UFOnauts. Only UFOnauts themselves know for sure who really belongs to their forces that currently rob humanity and lead it to a self-destruction. Moreover, many of us read articles (or listens to verbal speeches) of various important individuals or scientists that scoff at UFO research, without realizing that in fact these articles (or speeches) originate not from humans, but from agents of occupational forces of UFOnauts which currently enslave the planet Earth.
       In spite of physical identity of UFOnauts and people, there are various small differences which sometimes indicate who belongs to occupational forces of UFOnauts that secretly mix with people. One out of such differences is of a technical origin. It is the fact that for their own safety UFOnauts on Earth keep switched on their personal defence devices at all times. These defence devices in turn put them into a special state of the "telekinetic flickering" which so-far remained unknown to people. This state is described in details in subsection L2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4]. But if we try to explain here briefly what this state actually is, we could say that it depends on very fast flickering of the body of UFOnaut between two consistencies that this body can assume, namely between matter and energy. This flickering is carried out with the frequency of several thousands Hertz. When during this flickering the body of an UFOnaut converts itself into the form of energy, then it becomes transparent. Simultaneously it is able to penetrate through solid objects without causing any damage to itself nor to these other solid objects. (Also, other solid objects can then penetrate through this body.) In turn when this body temporally is returned to the consistency of matter, then it behaves almost the same as a human body.
       The fact that UFOnauts have this extraordinary "state of telekinetic flickering" switched on at all times when staying on Earth, introduces a lot of vital consequences. For example, this state gives to them numerous "supernatural" attributes. And so, in this state UFOnauts are able to walk through walls and glass windows - similarly as this is done by the famous magician, David Copperfield. Bullets are unable to harm them. They also cannot be injured by sharp objects. They become lighter than people of similar sizes. They can fly in the air like birds. They also do not produce so strong shadows as this is done by people. (As this is probably known to readers, in the medieval times the lack of shadow was attributed to witches and devils, means to old names assigned to creatures which presently we call "UFOnauts".) Furthermore, they can become transparent for any length of time. (At all times they are transparent only for the duration of individual impulses of their telekinetic state - means normally only for fractions of seconds. However, even such a short duration of their transparency, in typical situations can be captured with a fast photo-camera - for an example see the photograph from "Fig. #C2" below. But if UFOnauts wish so, they are able to become transparent, and thus also invisible to people, for any length of time. Because in such cases they repetitively pulsate between consistencies of matter and energy, a fast photo-camera still is able to register them when for a fraction of seconds they become material. So on photographs they can appear in places where visually previously was no-one seen - as an example see the photograph from "Fig. #E1" below.) In turn when their telekinetic flickering becomes especially intense, then they begin to emit a special kind of white, ghostly glow, called the "extraction glow".
       The photograph marked below as "Fig. #C2" shows just such a UFOnaut in the "state of telekinetic flickering". This photograph is rather old, what one can notice by colours slightly different from present ones. It was taken with an analogue (i.e. film-based) photo-camera in times when people did not have yet digital photography nor computerised devices and tools for making "fabrications" that today are already possible. Furthermore, if someone in old times still wished to go through troubles of making a "fake" photograph, then most probably he/she would produce something much more spectacular and unambiguous than the situation shown on the photograph below.
       More on the subject of UFOnauts, in this also the explanation why in old times UFOnauts were called "devils", is provided on internet web pages which in "Menu 4" are listed as describing "UFOnauts". In turn kinds of evil activities to which are capable these diabolic UFOnauts, are illustrated on a separate web page called "26th day". Finally the descriptions of the "state of telekinetic flickering", and also descriptions of physical effects that accompany this state, are described in subsections L2 and H6 from volumes (respectively) 10 and 4 of monograph [1/4] disseminated free of charge via this web page.

[Bild: flickering.jpg]

Fig. #C2. A photograph of a UFOnaut that works amongst people and pretends that is one of us. The personal propulsion system of this UFOnaut works in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". This state caused, amongst others, that his head on the photograph was captured in the moment of time when a subsequent pulse of this flickering makes it partially transparent.
       This photograph was taken many years ago by a professional photographer. It is clearly visible from its colours, which are typical for the old "ORWO technology of colour photography" produced then in East Germany and used by most of communistic countries in distant past that proceeded the unification of Germany (means these colours are NOT typical for the "Kodak-Colour" technology used for the processing of films until today). Furthermore, the photograph shows interior of an old research laboratory which also confirms its "antiquity". This "antiquity" is excellently visible from the appearance of computer equipment standing in this laboratory. Thus the photograph was taken still in times when people had NO present computerised tools for fabrication of photographs. Also the "transparency" of the UFOnaut from this photograph displays attributes which certify that it could NOT originate from some accident or a film error. Therefore, if for this photograph a logical analysis is carried out, similar to the analysis explained in item #D1 below on this web page, then it could be concluded that for sure the authenticity of this photograph does NOT cast any doubts. Most clearly in this laboratory the UFOnaut pretends that he is one amongst Earthly researchers. Probably just such "Earthly scientists" like him introduced on Earth the present intellectual atmosphere of scoffing and ridiculing everything that concerns UFOs. After all, just due to this persecuting atmosphere, UFOnauts are still able to occupy and to rob the Earth freely without risking that their hidden activities are detected by people and that the humanity starts be aware of the continuous presence of UFOnauts amongst people and begins to defend Earth from this secret invasion.
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration. Most of the Internet browsers that you may use, allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.

#C2. At least one race of UFOnauts that occupy Earth looks exactly like people do:
       UFOnauts on purpose hide from people. Thus they act like robbers, means exclusively from hiding and mainly at nights when the majority of people sleeps. Then they leave post-hypnotic suggestions in their victims, which are pedantically obeyed by all weaker intellectually people. These suggestions order people who saw UFOnauts to forget everything or to believe that it was just a hallucination. The reason for which UFOnauts are so panic that people may see them, is their huge similarity to people. They do not want people to learn that UFOnauts are so similar to humans, and they are horrified even more that people may learn how to distinguish UFOnauts from humans.
       Fortunately for us, UFOnauts during the latest thousands of years lived on a different planet than people do. So the evolution of people and them, which took effect in these years, caused the development of slight differences in their appearance. Thus several anatomic features are in UFOnauts slightly different than in people. These features can be utilized for a preliminary distinguishing of "devils-UFOnauts" from people. However, we must remember, that some of them may also appear in people. (As a perfect illustration of the anatomy of UFOnauts/devils, the photograph from "Fig. #C3" can be used. It shows an excellent image of a former "devil" recorded in the form of a sculpture. A different classical compendium of anatomic details of UFOnauts is the appearance of the face of a "bad witch" shown in a widely known in the world excellent American film "The Wizard of Oz" from 1939. By the way, if one analyses the content of this film while ignoring the literary improvements that were introduced by the author of the scenario, then it turns out that the story of "The Wizard of Oz" is shockingly coinciding with reports of people being abducted to planets of UFOnauts.) And so, an anatomic feature which is different in UFOnauts than in people, thus which hits eyes first in many UFOnauts, is:
       (1) Standing hair. In former "devils" and present UFOnauts, hair above the forehead grow upwards, not downwards like in people. Thus the majority of male UFOnauts comb their hair upwards - as it is well illustrated in "Fig. #C2" above. When recently UFOnauts learned from research on the future that people managed to identify anatomic details which allow to recognize them, then they started to promote on Earth fashion for a "gel". This fashion makes that males who use the gel, have hair standing upwards similarly like this happens in UFOnauts.
       (2) Buttock-like chin, or more strictly the end of chin sticking forward, with two very characteristic buttock-like protrusions. These protrusions make the chin of a typical UFOnaut very similar to a miniature human bottom. It is so striking, that in order to hide their chin, presently many UFOnauts posted on Earth grow beards. But when these "buttocks" on the chin of UFOnauts are very pronounced, then even the beard is clearly splitting into two strands mutually separated from each other. Examples of just such beards formed into two separated strands can be seen on various pictures of UFOnauts which impersonated Jesus, and also on old photographs of Osama Bin Ladin. A good photograph of a sculpture with just such a split beard is shown as "Fig. 17" on the web page on tsunami named "26th day" in "Menu 2" and "Menu 4". Notice that medieval witches (means female UFOnauts) also are drawn and described with such sticking forward, buttock-like chins. (This is perfectly illustrated on the photograph of a "witch" shown on the web page on UFOnauts.) Of course, this "buttock-like" chin is not the only identifying feature that allows to distinguish former "devils", means present UFOnauts, from people. Other most striking features of UFOnauts include:
       (3) The hook-like outline of the edge of lower jaw. Differences between a human lower jaw and a lower jaw of UFOnauts is best indicated when we look at them from a profile - as this is shown on the photograph from "Fig. #C2". Namely the line of neck and the line of lower jaw in UFOnauts forms a "sharp" angle of around 60 degrees. (In people this angle is "open" and amounts to around 90 degrees and sometimes even more - as this can be seen clearly in the female which in "Fig. #C2" sits next to the UFOnaut.) Furthermore, in people the line of the neck seen in a side view merges via a curved radius with the outline of the lower jaw. In turn in UFOnauts the lower jaw and the chin stick from the outline of the neck like a hook. (In people they look more like a flag.) So if we could stiffen this hook, then we could hang a UFOnaut by his chin on a rope, and he would hook stable to this rope like a gondola. (However, if one stiffens the flag-like outline of the lower jaw and chin in people, then still they could not hook onto a rope like a gondola, because their rounded profile would cause that they would slip out from this rope.) In addition to this, the end of chin in UFOnauts, in a side view me personally resembles the nose of a pig. So it decisively differs from almost square chin in humans. People who know what they are looking for, should have no difficulties in initial noticing the differences of it from human chins.
       (4) Pear-shaped head (looking like slightly triangular), which is well illustrated on the above sculpture of a "devil". Me this predatory shape of UFOnauts' skulls resembles heads of insects called "praying mantis". In fact the scull of UFOnauts significantly differs in shape from sculls of humans on Earth. If we would describe sculls of humans, we could approximately compare them to spheres or ellipsoids. The horizontal cross section is for them the largest at half of their height, means when it crosses through cheek bones. In turn the scull and head of UFOnauts resembles a pear more than a sphere. Their horizontal cross section is the largest for the plane that passes slightly above temples of UFOnauts. Of course, these differences in the scull cause also differences in the shape of face. A typical human face is round or elliptical. In turn a typical face of an UFOnaut is like a triangle that in the lower part narrows down. Especially triangular are faces of female UFOnauts. (This explains why so many religious pictures of Mother Mary show her with a very triangular face - these pictures were made on the basis of sightings of female UFOnauts who impersonated mother of Jesus, e.g. see the description under "Fig. 14" on the web page "26th day"). This is because of this triangular shape, that the face of Satan is frequently shown as resembling the face of a goat. The above more clearly can be noted in a real life than on images (especially that for images UFOnauts always expose the angle of their faces at which they are most similar to people). In a real life heads of UFOnauts are clearly wider just above temples. In turn heads of humans are clearly widest in the horizontal plane of cheek bones.
       (5) Long, narrowing, pointed nose, like a typical carrot. Noses of some UFOnauts are very long with a pointed end. For me they resemble uniformly narrowing conical carrot. On the very tip of their nose, UFOnauts usually have a tiny groove located between two cartilage plates that form the sharp tip of the nose. A number of UFOnauts have also curved, hook-like nose, formed by two straight lines joined at an angle in the middle of the nose. Such a hook nose for "devils" is described in the poem "Pani Twardowska" by a famous Polish poet named Adam Mickiewicz. For more details about these tiny details of differences between the anatomy of UFOnauts (former "devils") and anatomy of people, see subsection V8.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4].

[Bild: 14_n05_3.jpg]

Fig. #C3: Here is how UFOnauts really look like. The above photograph shows an old sculpture, which reveals the best known to me so-far reproduction of the actual appearance of a devil/UFOnaut. Originally it was published in the Journal "The Unexplained". In turn the scientific interpretation of this sculpture is provided in Figure N5 from monograph [1/4]. As the above reveals this, the appearance of a "devil-UFOnaut" is practically indistinguishable from the appearance of a "normal" human being. Only a few sparse anatomic details can be used for preliminary identification of "devils-UFOnauts" that mix with people, in spite that some of these details may also appear in people. Example of such details which allow for a rough (preliminary) distinguishing of UFOnauts from people, are amongst others: (1) eyes shaped into triangles standing on the apexes (i.e. so-called "devilish eyes"), (2) hair which is either naturally growing upwards on the head, or curled like on the sculpture above, (3) buttocks-like chin with a vertical groove, (4) pear-shaped head like that of "praying mantis", (5) long nose, either narrowing like a carrot, or curved into a hook, (6) the lack of fold from skin in the lowest part of ears. Furthermore, sometimes they can be caught on using their advanced technical devices, which allow them, amongst other to (a) disappear from the view, (b) make impossible injuring them, © make them lighter from humans, thus allow them e.g. to climb vertical walls, (d) allow them to read our thoughts, (e) allow them to stop bombs and grenades from exploding, etc., etc.
       The above photograph, as well as details of UFOnauts' anatomy together with differences in appearance of UFOnauts and people, are also discussed on several other totaliztic web pages listed in "Menu 4" and "Menu 2", e.g. on pages "changelings", "UFOnauts", "evil", "26th day", "Malbork", or "Antichrist".

#C4. When UFOnauts know that people will be able to see them, then like robbers they put masks on their faces:
       UFOnauts have a vital reason for hiding their faces from people behind these famous "masks of UFOnauts", for abducting people to their UFO vehicles, for acting on Earth at nights like robbers, for lying to us, etc. This reason is that they secretly occupy Earth, robbing from humanity all biological resources that they need (e.g. robbing sperm and ovule from people in order to breed later from these the slaves which they need for work on their planets). So when UFOnauts abduct someone from Earth to their vehicles, in order to NOT let this person to learn how similar to people they are, they put on their masks to confuse people (one of these masks is shown on "Fig. #C4" below). Here is how a typical mask of UFOnauts look like:

[Bild: mask.jpg]

Fig. #C4: A typical appearance of a mask put on faces by UFOnauts. Here is how people commonly believe that the UFOnauts look like. However, in fact the above photograph presents only a mask that UFOnauts wear on their faces to hide from people their real appearance. The appearance of this mask (however, intentionally deprived the knowledge that it is just a mask) was widely propagated on Earth by the cover page of the book "Communion". So why UFOnauts so desperately try to hide from people their true appearance, that they are forced to wear masks during each "official" contact with people? Well, it is revealed on the photograph from "Fig. #C3" above. It turns out, that they are indistinguishably similar to people. So they do not want that people realize that they normally are mixing with the crowd and pretend on Earth that they are one of us. They also do not want people realize, that the creature with "special powers", which UFOnauts plan to send to Earth in the not-too-distant future and which is going to look like Jesus from religious pictures, is also going to be an UFOnaut. (In fact, this creature will later turn out to be that "Antichrist" which coming to Earth is prophesized by the Bible.)

#C5. For the duration of trespassing our homes UFOnauts switch on their invisibility generating devices:
       It is obvious, that UFOnauts do not take all this trouble of occupying Earth for nothing. They draw countless benefits from this occupation. Out of these, the most obvious benefit is the robbery of biological resources of humanity. The most commonly it is known to us, that UFOnauts rob humans from sperm and from ovule. From these they later breed a kind of human slaves on their planets (means, they breed our children). In order to silence their own conscience, UFOnauts call these human children with the name "biorobots". These "biorobots" - means our children, are later slaving for them in all dirty, dishonourable, dangerous, and unhealthy jobs, means the jobs of prostitutes, physical labourers, miners, cleaners, servants, etc. More details about the biological robbery of humanity by UFOnauts is provided in subsections U4.1 and U3.7.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4].
       In order to rob us effectively from our biological resources, UFOnauts must cyclically abduct us to their UFO vehicles. Practically every person on Earth is abducted and robbed this way - including into this you (the reader of this web page) and also all people whom you love the most. The proof that this abducting and robbing is continually taking place is this unique scar from the identification implant, which every person on Earth has at the half of height of his/her leg, and which is shown on the first photograph from a separate web page ufo.htm while is described in details in subsection U3.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. In turn the abduction itself begins in our bedrooms. UFOnauts arrive to these bedrooms in a hidden manner, while switching on beforehand their "state of telekinetic flickering" in order to remain invisible to our sight. They enter our flats through walls, ceilings, or floors - after all they have this extraordinary "state of telekinetic flickering" which allows them to pass through solid matter. When we fall in sleep, they grab us by arms and legs - similarly as our butchers do it with animals designated for slaughtering, and carry us by force to their spaceship. From iron grabs of their paws, sometimes painless bruises are left on our arms and/or legs. Chinese folklore calls these painless bruises with the name "ghost pinch". After robbing us on the decks of their vehicles from our sperm and ovule, plus from our moral energy, they return us to beds in our homes while we still are hypnotized. But just before awakening us they erase our memories. In order to erase our memory they utilize an apparatus which has two square electrodes, usually with the length of side amounting to around 7 mm. This apparatus is placed on our heads, while ends of its square electrodes produce a powerful impulse of energy which erases our memory. If, by a chance, one of these electrodes touches our skin, then it burns a section of a square or rhomboidal scar in this kin. Such a scar is then left till the end of our lives. Such fragments of square scars are a next "souvenir" that is left for us from these systematic abductions to UFOs. (Other marks of their activities are discussed in subsection U3.8 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4].)
       Sometimes UFOnauts arrive to our flat before we manage to go to beds. In such cases occasionally we start to detect their invisible presence in our homes. This is because it begins to be "spooky" in our flat. So we e.g. hear steps or noises in other rooms. Our cats and dogs show signs of terror (eyes of many animals, including cats and dogs, are so designed, that these animals see UFOnauts which remain invisible to the human sight). A television set begins to flicker. Our "remote controller" for TV begins refusing to work. Etc., etc. (For a more comprehensive and accurate descriptions of signs of presence of UFOnauts in our flat see subsection U3.6 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4].) If in such situations we take a photograph in our flat, then on this photo foggy outlines of UFOnauts may become captured. This is because a fast photo-camera is able to capture UFOnauts in subsequent flashes of their state of telekinetic flickering. Here is an example as how such a photograph of invisible UFOnauts that raided our home may look like:

[Bild: ufol.jpg]

Fig. #C5: A whole pack of shadowy UFOnauts who entered the home of a young person shown on this photograph. (Click on this photo to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area of the screen.)
       Independently from a pretty girl photographed in her bedroom, this photograph managed to capture also a whole pack of UFOnauts that hide from human sight in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering". Outlines of these UFOnauts are disclosed by a subtle so-called "extraction glow" which is emitted along surfaces of objects which were moved telekinetically and which the photo-camera managed to capture. On this photo at least 3 shadowy UFOnauts can be distinguished. All are invisible to human sight. The most visible out of these is the one that stays near the left border of the photograph. He is a giant. Most obviously he belongs to a race of huge UFOnauts. The normally-sized girl from this photo does NOT reach even to his shoulders. From reports of people abducted to UFOs it seems that this particular race of UFOnauts is around 2.5 meter high.) Just behind this giant stands another gigantic UFOnaut. In turn the face of a next UFOnaut is visible just above lower-left corner of the photo. It is worth to notice, that the location of this face so close to the floor indicates, that the body of this UFOnaut partially emerges from under the floor. This in turn conforms stories of old people who used to say that "devils" are able to emerge from under the ground or under the floor. (A sculpture of just such a devil that emerges from under the surface of ground, is displayed in the church from Rabczyce in Slovakia, means at the foot of the "Babia Góra" mountain. A photograph of this sculpture is shown in Figure C4 from the (Polish language) treatise [4b].)
       The young girl that lives in this flat claimed that something "spooky" is going on in it. But it is obvious that these "spooks" were simply UFOnauts which for some reasons are especially interested in this young person. (Probably they exploit her from the biological resources.) Their intentions are obviously not very "clean" since they hide from people so carefully during their raids on this flat.
       Independently from UFOnauts, this photograph managed also to capture a miniature computer-controlled "probe" of UFOnauts, which also moves in the state of telekinetic flickering, thus leaving on this photograph a kind of three-segmented "chain" formed from the white "extraction glow" that it produces (see by the left arm of the girl). Such miniature "probes" of UFOnauts in UFOlogical literature are called the "rods". Their more comprehensive description is contained in subsection U3.1.2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. It is almost a rule, that if a given flat is visited by an invisible UFOnaut, then this UFOnaut is always accompanied by several such miniature "rods". Thus, if a UFOnaut is photographed, then on this photograph it is worth to seek also a "rod" that was accompanying him. But a reverse situation not always is true. This is because such miniature UFO-probes can be send to places where UFOnauts do not want or do not have time to go. Therefore, if we photograph by an accident just such a "rod", then this does NOT necessarily mean that nearby must be an invisible UFOnaut. A detailed description of such miniature discoidal UFO probes, is provided in subsections U3.1.2 and F4.7 from volumes, respectively 15 and 3 of monograph [1/4]. (Note, that depending on the direction from which these probes are photographed, Western UFO researchers call them "rods" - if these are photographed in a side view, or call them "orbs" - if these miniature discoidal UFOs are photographed along the central axis.) In turn their more clear photographs, with slightly wider description are shown on the web page landslips and mudslides, and also in item U18 on a separate web page that interprets photographs of UFO vehicles. Finally a verbal description (in the Polish language) of just such a probe, which I saw as a teenager, is provided in subsection D1 of the Polish treatise [4b].
       The above photograph was send to me, together with a permission to show it on totaliztic web pages, by a reader who signs as "Krzysiek" (Email: [][/email]). I received this photograph several years before the formation of this web page, means still before 2005. It means that it was taken still in times that proceed the common access of youth from Poland to digital cameras and to software that allows an easy fabrication of photographs. Thus, if for this photo we carry out the logical analysis similar to that described in item #D1 below, then the intentional fabrication of it can be eliminated from considerations. In turn out of the remaining two possibilities, namely that it is authentic or that it originates from the accidental superimposing of two images one on another, the superimposing of images is less probable, because the photograph does NOT display attributes which characterise such imposing of two images. Thus most probably this photograph actually represents an authentic registering of the invisible presence of some supernatural creatures (UFOnauts).
       More information about the "state of telekinetic flickering" which allows UFOnauts to maintain invisibility, is provided in subsections H6.1 and L2 from volumes 4 and 10 of monograph [1/4], free copies of which are disseminated via this web page. In turn the above photograph is also discussed on the web page explain.htm that presents scientific interpretations of UFO photographs.

Part #D: The interpretation of further photographs posted to me by readers for scientific interpretation:
#D1. The photograph of transparent beer indulger from Bielsko-Biała (in Poland):
       In June 2009 I received for interpreting a photograph of a transparent indulger of beer which was claimed to be accidentally captured on the photograph behind the bench of the "Sephia" club from Bielsko-Biała in Poland. I am showing this photograph in "Fig. #D1" below. The person who posted it to me explained about it several matters. Here is an example of information which he provided:
       The photograph was taken with a digital camera Nikon, model D50 or D80. The person who took it does NOT remember parameters with which he did it. But he believes that the photograph was taken in the light of lamps of the club - as the use of a flash would make impossible the getting so warm colours. The club "Sephia" is very popular amongst youth from Bielsko-Biała and in weekends is visited by many young people. It is in operation since around 2 years. An interesting is the history of the building. It was constructed around 1895, according to the project of Karol Korna. This known architect of the Jewish origin is the creator of many houses in Bielsko-Biała and in surrounding settlements, amongst others several synagogues. The building was linked to the largest synagogue from Bielsko-Biała that was destroyed by Hitler soldiers. In the building was located, amongst others, the Jewish school and offices of administration of Jewish community, probably also worked in there the Mason Lodge.
       The person who send me this photograph wrote also in his email, amongst others, quote. "I am really scared by my newest finding. Please analyse for me the enclosed photograph, and I hope that your verification is going to be negative, since the photograph was taken in my neighbourhood, in the clob, to which I go regularly. Is it possible that UFOnauts were also here? How? Why? What they want? If my fears are confirmed, please to advice me promptly how I supposed to behave and what steps I should take, to protect myself and my close ones?
       PS You are free to utilise this photograph on your web page and in your publications for the good of your scientific investigations and for the good of the entire humanity.
       Enclosure: an ufonaut in bielsko-biala in the club sephia from ul 3 maja 13 on 27 June at 13 14 hours.jpeg"
       (In the Polish original formulation: "Jestem szczerze zaniepokojony swoim najnowszym znaleziskiem. Bardzo proszę o analizę załączonego zdjęcia i mam nadzieje negatywną weryfikację, gdyż zdjęcie zrobiono w moim sąsiedztwie, w lokalu, do którego regularnie uczęszczam. Czy to możliwe, by ufonauci byli także tutaj? Jak? Dlaczego? Czego oni chcą? Jeśli moje obawy się potwierdzą, proszę o niezwłoczne porady jak mam się zachować oraz jakie przedsięwziąć kroki, by ochronić siebie i moich najbliższych?
       PS Niech czuje się pan wolny w wykorzystaniu tego zdjęcia na swej stronie oraz w swoich publikacjach dla dobra pańskiej pracy naukowej oraz dla dobra całej ludzkości
       Załącznik: ufonauta w bielsku-białej w klubie sephia przy ul 3 maja 13 27 czerwca godzina 13 14.jpeg"
       I am of course NOT a photography expert. Thus I have no access to specialised research facilities. In turn just through the visual examination of the photograph itself I am NOT able at all to answer conclusively "what this photograph really is" nor "what it really represents". After all, we must remember that the present techniques of picture fabrication are already so advanced, and so widely available, that a person with twisted inclinations who has a required devices and software, is able to fabricate or to fake practically any photograph. Thus the only thing that I am able to do, is to use principles of logics and my scientific experience. These in turn allow only to subject the photograph to the logical analysis of its content. On the other hand, such a logical analysis is able to provide only conclusions and directions of the logical and philosophical nature, which could direct the viewer to deduce his or her own conclusions what this photograph probably is or probably is NOT, but which do NOT allow to determine conclusively what this photograph is for sure.
       If we logically consider all possibilities for origins of this photograph, then there are three of these, namely that (1) the photograph is authentic and it presents some half-transparent supernatural creature, e.g. a human spirit or a UFOnaut in the state of so-called telekinetic flickering, (2) that the photograph was by someone intentionally fabricated for some unclean internal motives, or (3) that the photograph was formed completely accidentally through superimposing two pictures one onto another, e.g. superimposing a reflection of the male and a real picture of the section of the club. If we analyse logically the possibility (1), i.e. that the photo represents some supernatural creature, then the spirit can be eliminated immediately from taking under consideration. After all, this transparent beer taster captured on the photograph has present sweat shirt and present (modern) watch - which would NOT be owned by the spirit from times of the WW2. Furthermore, he indulges in the physical pleasure of drinking beer - what is NOT done by spirits. So the only possibility which remains in the category of authentic photographs, is that the creature is an UFOnaut who in order to drink beer hides from people his presence in so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" - which makes him almost completely transparent. With the analysis of possibility (2), i.e. that the photograph originates from an intended fabrication and cheating, unfortunately is a significant problem. Namely I have no access to data regarding this photograph. I do not have access to the place where it was taken. I do not have access to the required research facilities in order to subject it to technical analysis. So the only criterion which I could take under consideration is the morality and the motives of the author of this photograph. For example, almost the only reason for someone to intentionally undertake the significant effort to fabricate this photograph would be if he e.g. tried to discredit or make fun of me. After all, there are people whose life goals are limited to just such activities - their examples are described on the totaliztic web page memorial.htm. Of course, there is a problem with discrediting me in this way. Namely the person who attempts this actually would discredit himself. After all, it takes someone of the special mentality and morality to fabricate such a photograph and invent information repeated at the beginning of this item, only in order to try to discredit or make fun of me. Is it possible that the sender of this photograph took on himself just such a risk of discrediting and making fun of himself? (The providing an answer to this question I leave to the reader.) If we analyse logically the possibility (3), i.e. that the photograph originates from a purely accidental superimposing two pictures onto one frame, it also presents several problems. Namely, if two such pictures are superimposed one onto another, then on the photograph should be visible fragments of entire both such pictures. For example, legs of the beer drinker should NOT disappear behind the bench, but should be imposed onto the image of the bench. However, in the analysed photograph visually cannot be detected any remains of the second picture (this does NOT exclude the possibility, that if I have in my disposal appropriate research equipment, then I could be able to find on this photo remains of such second picture). Furthermore, in order the second picture of a transparent male could be accidentally imposed onto the original picture of a club's bar, then there would need to exist some mechanism of such a superimposing, e.g. somewhere would need to exist some reflective surface (e.g. a mirror or a glass). For example, either the photo of the bar would need to be taken through a glass, or the glass that reflects the male would need to be somewhere in the bar, or something would need to go wrong in the photographing camera. In turn if the photographer took the photo e.g. through the glass, then in normal circumstances he would be aware that it was the glass that reflected the male visible on the photo. In such a case a morally non-deviated person would NOT send me the photo for a scientific analysis and interpretation, as he would know what it shows and it would certify very badly about this person. So this could be done only by a person who would have in such sending some "hidden motive" - this in turn would automatically qualify the person to the category of cheaters and fabricators discussed already in item (2) above. After all, sending to someone a photo for interpretation, about which one knows why it shows something wrong, with a simultaneous hiding the critical information, is an equivalent to an intention of cheating. Another possibility of causing a reflection by accident would be that the reflective glass is a pert of the bar. But from the photo seems that the only place where such a glass could be assembled is the shelf with drinks standing by the end wall. But the transparent male extends his hand beyond this shelf (the hand in which he holds a beer bottle). This means that even if the shelf has a glass, still it is NOT it that could cause the reflection. Of course we still could suspect that something went wrong with the camera. But the camera was digital - so it could NOT have an old film inside with some previous photo already exposed before. Furthermore, the camera was a good producer to make possible any errors (after all cameras of the Japanese company "Nikon" belong to one amongst best in the world). In other words, in this case we should exclude logically the possibility of an accidental superimposing of two images one on another and thus creating the photo analysed here.
       In order to summarise the above, on the basis of data which were available to me so far, logically it could NOT be concluded whether (1) the photo is an authentic photograph of an UFOnaut, or (2) it is an intentional fabrication and fake. The above two alternatives could be narrowed down to a final finding, that the photograph represents an UFOnaut captured in the state of so-called telekinetic flickering, only if some additional conditions were fulfilled. For example if we have a valid reasons to take a healthy assumption that the person who posted me the above photograph is a honourable man who simply tries to determine the truth - means that he belongs to this truth-telling group of people which still represent the majority of present society.
       The photograph discussed here shows several quite intriguing details which the reader most probably already noticed. For example, the visibility of hands of the half-transparent beer drinker still hanging above the bench suggests, that this bench was located only slightly above his knees. In turn benches in clubs' bars usually are NOT positioned so low. Furthermore, in front of the men we can see a lamp which looks as if it extends from his zipper. Intriguing is also why the bottle of beer which this person holds in the hand is transparent as well. This type of details cause that after receiving the photograph I turned to the person who posted it to me to prepare and provide me with results of his measurements of the height of the beer drinker (after all, on the basis of this photograph the drinker can be measured exactly due to the shelf which stands behind his back) and measurements of the length of his legs, and also for taking for me still another photo of the same bar from the same point and showing the same view. Unfortunately, after asking for these additional details - which would allow me to logically eliminate some out of possibilities analysed earlier, the person who sent me the photo rapidly got silent and did not post me anything else. Thus the thing which intrigues me now, is whether he felt too embarrassed to carry out measurements for which I asked in the bar full of people - or rather he belongs to this small group of individuals to whom I devoted a separate web page memorial.htm? I wonder what readers think on this photograph and the puzzles which surround it.

[Bild: piwosz_z_sephia.jpg]

Fig. #D1: A photograph of transparent beer drinker from the club named "Sephia" in Bielsko-Biała, taken in June 2009. (Click on this photo to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area of the screen.)
       As it was concluded in the analyses presented above in item #D1, this photograph represents either (1) an authentic photograph of a UFOnaut which drinks beer while hiding from people in the state of so-called telekinetic flickering, or represents (2) an intentional fabrication and fake. But in both such cases it displays a noticeable learning value and is worth of a careful examining it. After all, if it is an authentic photograph of a UFOnaut, then it illustrates the behaviour and appearance of these creatures. In turn if it is an intentional fabrication, then it illustrates attributes of such fabrications and the state of present morality - or more strictly what some people are capable of to accomplish some of their goals. In order to narrow down both these alternatives to a single final finding, it would be needed to either get measurements concerning this photograph (amongst other exact checking the size and parameters of this beer drinker in relationship to dimensions and parameters of his environment), or have an absolute certainty that the person who posted this photo to me was NOT able to commit such a fabrication or fake. Unfortunately, the meeting any of these conditions can be accomplish in my situation, when I live in New Zealand, while the photo was taken in Poland by a person whom I do NOT know and who refuses to cooperate with me in providing this missing data.
       In order to respect the privacy of the sender of this photograph, I am repeating it here on a fully anonymous principle. But I do know the internet address of the person who posted it to me. So if any of the readers wishes to contact this person, he or she can post an email to me, while I am going to post it further to this person.

Part #E: UFOnauts which mix with people and pretend they are humans:
#E1. UFOnauts that mix with people wear exactly the same clothing as people do:
       UFOnauts who mix with the crowd on Earth, usually wear the same clothing as people do. So when they restore the visibility to their bodies, they look like typical people. While looking at them no-one suspects that they originate from a different planet, and even from a different solar system, while on Earth they only work as agents in a perfectly camouflaged occupational apparatus which is aimed at keeping humanity in continuous slavery.
       Below a photograph of just such a UFOnaut invisible for the human sight is shown. He was captured on the photo by a pure accident, when he walked through a street in Miami, Florida, the USA. What strikes us the most in this UFOnaut, is that he wear just an ordinary, human shoes of the "adidas" brand name.

[Bild: kwiatkowski_maiami.jpg]

Fig. #E1 (E4 in [10]): A photograph which coincidently captured a UFOnaut that was invisible to human eyes. The UFOnaut was hiding from human sight by switching on his "state of telekinetic flickering". If UFOnauts wish so, then the state of telekinetic flickering is able to make them completely invisible to human sight. Fortunately, a fast photo-camera is still able to capture them in brief moments of time when their bodies cyclically transform from the form of energy into the form of matter. The UFOnaut captured on the above photograph crosses the street between the photographer and a taxi visible on the right side. Almost the only fragment of the UFOnaut which was captured on this photo relatively clearly, are his shoes of the "adidas" type. More data about the above photograph is available on the web page "Wrocław".

Part #F: The height and size of UFOnauts captured on photographs:
#F1. Small devils, gnomes, witches, dwarfs, and imps still arrive to Earth, only that most of the time they remain invisible to humans:
       In old times UFOnauts who act on the Earth did NOT need to be afraid that humanity learns about their existence and removes them from Earth. Therefore in old times such miniature UFOnauts could be seen relatively frequent. In fact even in times of my childhood I remember two cases when sightings of such miniature UFOnauts took place not far from my family home (for details see the web page which describes the village Wszewilki where I was born). Because of the ugly for people appearance of these creatures, they were called then: devils, imps, gnomes, fairies, etc.
       However, in present times UFOnauts must be concerned with the possibility that people may learn about their existence and then throw out these cosmic blood-suckers from the back of humanity. Therefore today all UFOnauts who do NOT look identical to people, received a strict order to appear on Earth exclusively in the state of a complete invisibility to human sight. Unfortunately for them, this "state of telekinetic flickering" which they use to hide from the sight of people, still allows that our fast photo-cameras capture sometimes their outlines. If by a chance they are photographed in this state, then usually the surface of their body and clothing is covered with a thin layer of the so-called "extraction glow" (more about this "extraction glow" can be learned from subsection H6.1 in volume 4 of monograph [1/4]). Here is an example of just such a photograph of a miniature UFOnaut wearing a cosmic suit, the surface of which is covered with this white, ghostly, "extraction glow":

[Bild: 4c_b20_4_z.jpg]

Fig. #F1: A dwarf-sized UFOnaut invisible to human sight but captured on a photograph. The above black-white photograph shows an UFOnaut that is invisible to human eyes, which was photographed when he hovered motionlessly in the midair in the state of "telekinetic flickering". This photograph originally supposed to show a girl with flowers (this girl is named Elizabeth Templon). It was her who was then photographed. But when the photograph was developed, it turned out that it shows also a previously invisible UFOnaut wearing a space suit and a hermetic helmet. This UFOnaut is excellently visible on the photograph as it hovers half of its height above the ground level near the head of the girl. (Please notice the white colour of the suit, which results from the unique "supernatural" glow, that always accompanies the invisible to human sight state of the "telekinetic flickering", and which is enhanced by the black-white photograph. This "supernatural", white, ghostly glow is described in details in subsection L2 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4], where it is explained under the name of the "extraction glow".) The photograph was taken on Sunday, 24 May 1964, by the father of Elisabeth (a fireman by occupation), around 5 miles from their home in Carsle, USA, on the banks of river Solway Firth. The photographing person reported, that at the time of taking this photograph, a strange "electrified" atmosphere was prevailing, and also that local cows were behaving very strangely, although apart from family of the girl, there was no-one around. (It is worth to highlight here, that various animals, including cats, dogs, sheep, cows, and deer, have so designed eyes, that they are able to see UFOnauts in the state of "telekinetic flickering", even if these UFOnauts remain invisible to human eyes.) The photograph itself, and also its description, are published on page 51 of an excellent book [2] by Jenny Randles, "Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years", Collins Brown (London House, Great Eastern Wharf, Rarkgate Road, London SW11 4NQ), 1997, ISBN 1-85585-454-6, 144 pages, pb. - I highly recommend the reading of this book. The more exact scientific interpretation of photograph of this invisible for human eyes UFOnaut is contained in subsection B2 of the Polish treatise [4c], (see there Figure Z_4_B2) which is disseminated (free of charge), amongst others, from web sites available here via "Menu 4".
       There is NO even a slightest doubt, that this photograph is authentic.
       It is worth to notice that the above photograph of an UFOnaut that hides behind the back of a little girl, is also discussed from a different angle on the web page 26th day, and on the web page on curiosities of the Malbork castle of Teutonic Knights from the northern Poland.

#F2. The height of UFOnauts depends on the gravity of their native planet. Miniature UFOnauts by folklore usually called "gnomes" originate from a planet that is around 20 times larger than Earth:
       UFOnauts who occupy Earth do not belong to a single race. In fact they represent an entire confederation of parasitic civilizations, which rob humanity from its biological resources. Only that UFOnauts who typically mix with the crowd on Earth, usually are of a size and appearance similar to these in people. But other UFOnauts have different sizes. Many out of them also look slightly different from people (i.e. usually they look horrible and scary for humans - means they look as in old days people used to describe devils, evil, imps, gnomes, bad witches, etc.) In fact UFOnauts of miniature sizes can be seen on Earth much more frequently than UFOnauts of the human sizes.
       According to so-called "gravity equations" explained in subsection JE9.3 from volume 9 of monograph [1/4], the miniature size of these UFOnauts results from the fact that they were settled on a huge planet the gravity of which is tens of times greater than the gravity of Earth. Therefore the continuous action of a powerful gravity force during the latest stage of their evolution caused that their height fell down to only a small percent of the height of humans from Earth. Of course, their miniature height still does not change the fact that they are also cosmic relatives of humans, who similarly like humanity also originate from the planet "Terra" in the Vega star system. (Wider the subject of origins of humanity is explained in subsection V3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4], and briefly summarised on the web page on God.) Here is a photograph of one of such miniature UFOnauts:

[Bild: miniufonaut.jpg]

Fig. #F2: A miniature UFOnaut captured at the moment of time when he runs across a road just behind a horse on the left side of the photograph. These are just such miniature UFOnauts that provide the "grain of truth" to all folklore stories about "leprechauns", "gnomes", "imps", "gremlins", "fairies", and all sorts of other miniature "supernatural" creatures.
       The above photograph was taken in Chile on 24 May 2004, by someone named Germán Pereira A. The photographer wanted simply take a picture of "Carabineros" (i.e. horse-mounted police) that patrolled the Parque Forestal in Santiago. It was posted to me for preparing an interpretation of it, by a reader that signed the email as "Melody" (Email: [][/email]). In December 2004 this photograph was posted on web pages with addresses and
       An interesting detail of this miniature UFOnaut is that he has a widened waist, and that during the run he moves his legs. This in turn means that he uses a special "magnetic personal propulsion system" with protective cushions around his waist and with main propulsors in epaulettes (instead of soles from shoes). The cushions around the waist in this propulsion system protect hands of the user from being damaged by a powerful magnetic field emitted from the eight-segment belt. In turn the location of main propulsors in epaulettes instead of soles of shoes allows the normal use of legs. Detailed descriptions of this "magnetic personal propulsion system" with protective cushions around the waist, which is used by the miniature race of UFOnauts, is presented on the web page explain.htm. In turn the principle of operation of such personal propulsion system with cushions around the waist is explained comprehensively in subsection E4 from volume 2 of monograph [1/4].
* * *
       An extremely interesting documentary TV program on "supernatural beings" identical to the UFOnauts captured in the above photograph I saw in Malaysian TV. It was broadcasted on channel TV3, on Monday, 24 January 2005, at 21:30 to 22:00. It was entitled the "Misteri Nusantara". (As it appeared from the program of this series, it has its own web page with the address It reported descriptions of numerous eye witnesses who in Malaysia saw UFOnauts identical to the above creature. In Malaysia these creatures are called "toyol". In the TV program all eye witnesses who with their own eyes saw the "toyol", described and drawn them in identical manner, although none of them knew about descriptions and drawings of other ones. And so, the Malaysian "toyol" were drawn and described as very small humanoids, only around 25 cm high, with the figure significantly thickened in the waist. (This thick waist does NOT result from their anatomy - which is exactly the same like in people from Earth, but from this special personal propulsion system with protective cushions around the waist - see descriptions and drawings of this propulsion system provided in subsection E4 from volume 2 of monograph [1/4].) One boy, whom such a "toyol" troubled quite regularly, compared the size of it to size of a 1-litre empty plastic bottle from "coca-cola". Their head was shown as more prolonged on the top in proportion to human heads, and widened in the forehead part. Their ears were sharply pointed at the upper end, like ears of a dog. The skin of their face was described as dark-green. Their eyes were light-red and quite protruding. In turn teeth grew irregularly with spaces between them and were sharp like teeth of a cat. All observers of these creatures agreed also in describing intentions and abilities of these Malaysian "toyol". For example, all of them stated that these creatures have evil intentions towards people. So someone's noticing that they are interested in him/her, never means anything good. All eye witnesses also highlighted the habit of these creatures to hide from people, and their ability to disappear from the view. Namely, each person who saw them stated that at the moment when these creatures realized that they are seen by a human, they immediately started to become transparent and quickly fade out from the view completely. In total these Malaysian "toyol" looked exactly as the miniature UFOnaut captured on the above photograph. They also looked exactly like these Polish "krasnoludki" which my sceptical brother observed in the garden of my parents - as it is described on a separate web page on the village Wszewilki listed in "Menu 4" and "Menu 2".
       It is worth to notice, that the above photographs of a miniature UFOnaut is presented as well, although from a different point of view, on the web page 26th day, and is also discussed on the web page explain.htm - that presents scientific interpretations of UFO photographs.

[Bild: baba_jaga.jpg]

Fig. #F2b: It is interesting, that practically every nation from our planet, including into this number also nations which for hundreds of years were insulated from the rest of the world - such as e.g. Maoris from New Zealand, have their folklore stories about miniature supernatural creatures that displayed attributes of present gnome-sized UFOnauts (such as the UFOnaut documented on the previous photograph "Fig. #F2"). Of course, every nation calls these creatures with a different name. For example in English they are called "dwarfs", or "imps", or "gremlings", or "pixies" or "duce", etc. In turn in the Polish language they are called "krasnoludki", or "chochliki", or "licha". (Click on this photograph to enlarge it.)
       The above photograph was taken in the South Korea. The animation that it presents is in the botanic garden called the Hantaek Botanical Garden, next to the entrance to the pavilion which shows the tropical vegetation from Australia. It imitates the scene from a popular in Australia story about the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (i.e. the Australian version of the Polish fable "o krasnoludkach i sierotce Marysi"). On the photograph the foreground shows the "witch" (in Polish "Baba Jaga"), while on background we can see some amongst 7 gnomes. Although this fable originates from beyond Korea, anatomic features of supernatural creatures from the above scene were designed by Korean artists on the basis about these creatures present also in the Korean folklore.
       On the above photograph our attention should capture the number of fingers and toes in these evil creatures. Most clearly this number can be noticed in the "witch" (i.e. "Baba Jaga"). As each reader can count this, the "witch" ("Baba Jaga") has only 3+1 fingers in each hand and 3+1 toes in each leg (plus one of these noses that is typical for UFOnauts - in her case resembling a long carrot). As I explained this more comprehensively on the separate web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz, this number 3+1 of fingers and toes in UFOnauts is very characteristic for these evil creatures and is emphasized and documented by the folklore of practically every nation.

Part #G: Photographs reveal that UFOnauts park their vehicles in undergrounds and in caves:
#G1. During a flight dwarf-sized UFOnauts seem to spin:
       In order to move at short distances, for example to fly from their UFO vehicle to our flat, or vice versa, UFOnauts use an interesting form of propulsion system. This propulsion system is called "personal magnetic propulsion system". The more exact description of it is contained in chapters E and R from volumes (respectively) 2 and 14 of monograph [1/4], and also on separate web pages about the village of Wszewilki and about the so-called Oscillatory Chamber. The personal propulsion system of UFOnauts is so designed, that all devices that are included into it, are assembled into garments of UFOnauts (i.e. usually to their belt and epaulettes). In this way UFOnauts are able to fly in the air, without the use of any large flying apparatus that would be obvious and clearly visible to humans. So for people they look as if their bodies have the capability to fly in the air. No wonder that old time people used to say, that "devils", "witches", and "demons" (means all creatures which in old times were equivalents to present UFOnauts) could fly in the air.
       Here are two photographs, both taken in the same area of corridor in the Malbork Castle from the northern Poland. One of them show just such a miniature UFOnaut that flies in the air. The left one supposed to just be a photograph of a female tourist who looked at these corridors. But by a coincident this photograph captured also a fast moving (and slightly spinning) UFOnaut which was flying "head downward" through bricks and the ceiling and then through this particular corridor of the Malbork Castle. A colourful UFOnaut, which descends fast downward to the area under this corridor, is visible relatively well on this photograph.
       A more detailed analysis of similar photographs of UFOnauts and UFOs, is carried out in a Polish monograph [4c] that is disseminated (free of charge) from the Polish web page tekst_4c.htm.
       When the photographer (who took this photo) realized that some colourful creature flashed out in front of him when he took the first photo, just in case he repeated the shot. Therefore the right photograph shows almost the same area, taken a while later. The UFOnaut is already gone (i.e. it reached a UFO vehicle parked in the underground base).

[Bild: malbork1.jpg]
[Bild: malbork2.jpg]

Fig. #G1: On the left a photograph of a dwarf-sized UFOnaut is shown. He descends "head downward", in a spinning flight towards the underground of the Malbork castle in northern Poland. This photograph is wroth to view after turning it upside-down. Then it shows relatively well the back of head, hand, and an entire figure of a miniature UFOnaut with shortly-cut, black hair.
       To the right, another photograph is shown that was taken a while later in the same corridor of the Malbork castle. The UFOnaut was already gone. The above photograph is also discussed on the web page on curiosities of the Malbork castle.

#G2. Do fleets of diving UFOnauts enter subterranean caves under Polish Wylatowo and under crop circles of England?
       Probably we all have heard about controversial "crop circles" detected firstly in England, then in many other areas of the world, including the Polish village Wylatowo. These most famous forms of UFO landing sites induce in many people a burning question, namely "why UFOs land so frequently in these particular places", while avoid landing e.g. in the centre of Washington, London, or Warszawa. What is so different about crop fields of England, or Polish Wylatowo, that attracts so many UFO vehicles which land in there, while the same UFO vehicles refuse to land in other places, e.g. in capitols of the same countries. I personally for a long time disseminate the hypothesis, that the difference lies underground of these places. According to my hypothesis, in the native rock under crop fields of England, as well as in the native rock under crop fields of the Polish village Wylatowo, huge subterranean empty caves are located. UFOnauts park their UFO vehicles in these caves in order to hide them from the sight of people when they spread over the surrounding land to carry out their evil deeds on locals. In turn during submerging underground to these caves, the working propulsion system of UFO vehicles lies down crops forming these extraordinary "crop circles". Until recently this above my hypothesis had no evidential backup. Fortunately, recently I obtained two photographs which seem to strongly confirm with photographic evidence just this particular hypothesis. Below i show these two photographs as "Fig. #G2b" and "Fig. #G2c".
       All started when on 5 May 2005 I obtained the photograph which is shown below as "Fig. #G2b". The author of this photograph was unable to explain the reason why this particular image was the only image on the entire film that come out as it come out. Photographs that he took after it were normal without any additional effects - what one can clearly see from the photo "Fig. #G2c" that was on the next frame from the same roll of film. He took these photographs with an analogue camera Canon 155 on the film 400 Fuji in an automatic mode of camera operation. It supposed to show an interior of a garage of a farmer. In this garage a tractor stood (clearly visible on the photograph "Fig. #G2c"), which was used for cutting one of these "crop circles". During this cutting the tractor "break down" in spite that only around 2 weeks earlier the engine of it was fully renovated. The garage itself stood by the slope of a hill that was the highest in the whole this area. On the other side of the garage, opposite to the hill, there was a slope of an old valley of the Polish river Wisła (Vistula). In 2000 the farmer family living on this farm were witnessing a nearby flight and then landing of a UFO vehicle with classical inverted saucer shape. The place of this former UFO landing is distant by only around 500 meters from the garage. Until today (May 2005) the vegetation on this UFO landing site does not want to regrow. In turn in 2005 in two different areas near this particular farm, crop and grass circles have appeared again. Also in 2005 a group of 3 UFO investigators witnessed a night flight of a UFO above this particular area.
       After receiving the photograph "Fig. #G2b", I was immediately stricken by deformations of shapes that were recorded on it. Just such deformations are usually characteristic for the presence of a powerful "magnetic lens" of a complex structure within the range of view of the photo-camera. In turn such complex "magnetic lens" most frequently is generated by personal propulsion systems of a group of UFOnauts. Furthermore, on this photograph strikes also the presence of a powerful "extraction glow" which is emitted only in cases when someone completes a telekinetic motion (i.e. the kind of motion which UFOnauts utilise in their flights underground). To summarise, the analysis of this photograph suggests that it managed to capture a whole group (fleet) of UFOnauts flying heads downwards. At the moment of taking this photograph, the UFOnauts were descending into underground caves that most probably are located not far from this garage - for more exact interpretations see descriptions under "Fig. #G2" below. In turn the capturing of this group of UFOnauts on the film when they descend to undergrounds of this garage, provides the first evidence in support of my hypothesis explained in the first part of this item, and stating that "crop circles are simply marks left in crops by UFO vehicles that remain invisible to human sight when they descent to underground caves in order to be parked in these caves far from the sight of people".
       If any reader has an additional question about photographs "Fig. #G2b" or/and "Fig. #G2c", then he/she may address the query (preferably formulated in the Polish language) directly to the author of this photograph, by sending an email at the address [][/email].

[Bild: 4c_c8_3_z.jpg]
[Bild: zamek.jpg]
[Bild: zamek_2.jpg]

Fig. #G2a, #G2b, and #G2c: Here are three meaningful photographs. They represent the first photographic evidence that reveals "what is going on" in crops of England, Wylatowo, and other places on Earth where "crop circles" are formed repetitively. In order to see better each of the above photographs, it is recommended to click on it firstly to enlarge it.
       The photograph from "Fig. #G2a" (the one to the left side). It actually originates from the Polish treatise [4c], in which it is discussed in subsection C8 as the Figure Z_C8_3. It shows a group of UFOnauts which remained invisible to human sight, but which were captured on a black-white photograph. These UFOnauts remain invisible to human eyes, because their personal propulsion system works in an invisible to people state named the "state of telekinetic flickering". However, their presence in a given place is revealed by a very subtle glow emitted during the state of telekinetic flickering, which is called the "extraction glow". This white extraction glow can be captured on sensitive films by photo-cameras. The main reason why I am showing this photograph here is that it demonstrates how the complex structure of magnetic field force lines generated by personal propulsion systems of the entire group of UFOnauts bends light, thus distorting shapes captured on the film. This is because a very similar distortions of shapes caused by the bending of light by a group of UFOnauts flying by, is clearly visible on the next photograph marked "Fig. #G2b".
       The photograph from "Fig. #G2b" (the one in the centre). This photograph is an unique evidence which illustrates two effects induced by the telekinetic personal propulsion of a whole group of UFOnauts which fly "heads downward" to undergrounds of this farm garage. The first of these effects is the distortion of shapes caused by the action of "magnetic lenses" formed by complex configuration of magnetic fields generated by personal propulsion systems of these UFOnauts. The second effect is the emission of powerful "extraction glow". This "extraction glow" actually reveals shapes of UFOnauts who emitted it. Only that these UFOnauts were diving with their heads directed downward. Thus in order to see them on this photograph, one needs to rotate the photograph by 180 degrees. For example, the head and back of one of these UFOnauts are visible under the writing "Toruń" placed on this photograph (in fact, this writing is placed on the right shoulder blade (scapula) of an UFOnaut that dives head-down). In turn an arm (with five-finger hand) of a next UFOnaut, covered with a blue-toned "extraction glow", is visible below the letter "G" from the writing "iRG", while it is distant from this letter by the length of an entire writing "iRG Toruń". More information about the "extraction glow" and "magnetic lens" is provided in subsections L2 and F10.3 from volumes (respectively) 10 and 3 of monograph [1/4].
       The photograph from "Fig. #G2c" (this on the right side). It shows the same farm garage and the same group of people as these from "Fig. #G2b", only that it was taken a while later (perhaps around one or two minutes later). As it shows, the UFOnauts which caused effects recorded on "Fig. #G2b", on this next photograph "Fig. #G2c" are already gone. (I.e. the fleet of UFOnauts diving previously through this garage managed to reach their UFO vehicles parked in caves deeply below this place). However, it is worth to notice here, that since the route of UFOnauts to UFO vehicles parked deeply underground passes through this garage, or through the vicinity of it, then photographs similar to the one shown on this web page may be accidentally taken over there much more frequently than in other areas of Poland.

Part #H: Research on photographs of UFOnauts done by various other investigators:
#H1. Photographs of UFOnauts placed in the Internet by other researchers:
       Only relatively recently the "Theory of the Magnocraft" provided scientific foundations for gradual deciphering the secrets of shadowy figures that sometimes appear on our photographs. However, many people already a long time ago have noticed the existence of these misty figures. But because they have not know the Magnocraft's theory, they had insufficient theoretical knowledge about physical phenomena generated by the personal propulsion of UFOnauts in cases when this propulsion operates in the invisible to human eyes "state of telekinetic flickering". They also have not had the knowledge of a rotten philosophy called "parasitism" which UFOnauts practice and which pushes them to exploit humanity, to lie, to constantly hide from human sight, etc. In turn without this knowledge, people who encountered photographs containing such shadowy figures, were unable to deduce rationally, that these photographs managed to record UFOnauts which just hide from people in this invisible to human sight "state of telekinetic flickering". So instead of this rational statement, such people usually claimed enigmatically that these photographs captured "ghosts". However, independently how these shadowy figures would be called, the fact is that until today humanity managed to accumulate a huge number of very interesting photographs of these creatures normally invisible to human sight. In turn these photographs illustrate many behaviours and capabilities of invisible UFOnauts, which yet are not illustrated on photos shown on this web page. For example they illustrate many UFOnauts partially emerging from rocks, walls, furniture, or windows. This illustratively proves that in the "state of telekinetic flickering" UFOnauts gain the ability to pass through rocks, walls, ground, floors, furniture, glass, etc. A significant proportion of these extraordinary photographs is already placed in Internet, where they can be found, analysed, scientifically interpreted, and used for deriving general conclusions regarding behaviours and technology of UFOnauts who currently occupy our civilisation.
       However, the basic problem with these shadowy figures on photographs taken for "ghosts" is that practically about "ghosts" people do not know anything. So for "ghosts" are taken all shapes, which appear on photographs in places where in fact nothing can be seen with a naked eye. Therefore, to the same pool of supposed "ghosts" are assigned in such cases various forms and objects hidden from human sight by this "state of telekinetic flickering", which according to the findings of the "Theory of the Magnocraft" in fact belong to a whole range of various categories. For example, for such "ghosts" accidentally captured on photographs, are taken, amongst others:
       (i) Entire UFO vehicles. Because these vehicles hide from human sight into this "state of telekinetic flickering", normally people who photograph them do not see anything in places where these vehicles are present. So the noticing of these vehicles takes place only when photographs are developed. Of course, if the angle of capturing these UFO vehicles is not typical, or if they just moved, or they come out unfocused on the photograph, then these ones who see them on photographs do not recognise that they are simply entire UFO vehicles. So later people take these entire UFO vehicles for "ghosts". It is worth to notice, that to the presentation of photographs of such entire UFOs is devoted a separate web page which from "Menu 2" and "Menu 4" is called with the name UFO.
       (ii) Fragments of UFO vehicles. Sometimes UFO vehicles captured on a given photograph are so close to the lens of photo-camera, that the photo is able to encompass only a small fragment of them. There are also situations, when the photographer without knowing this, actually is positioned inside of a UFO vehicle and is photographing only a small section of it - after all in the "state of telekinetic flickering" UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are able to penetrate through solid matter and through people. Of course, in such a photographing, recorded is only a small fragment of a UFO vehicle. So it does not look similar to anything that could induce in viewers an idea that just a fragment of a UFO vehicle is seen. Therefore, people frequently take this fragment to be a "ghost". Notice, that an interesting fragment of a UFO vehicle, which represents a part of outlet from octagonal oscillatory chamber of the second generation, is shown in Figure S8 from monograph [1/4], and also is scientifically interpreted in subsection S6 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4].
       (iii) Miniature computer controlled UFO-probes, popularly called "rods" or "orbs". These probes, are simply very small UFO vehicles of discoid shapes. If they are captured from the direction which makes them look elongated, then they are called "rods". If they are taken from the direction which makes them look round, they are called "orbs". Some of them are only of the size of a bumblebee or a bird. In the "state of telekinetic flickering" they also can be captured as they telekinetically move in a jerky motion through the area just being photographed. These also are frequently taken for "ghosts". We should mention here that a photograph of just such a miniature UFO-probe called a "rod" is shown on a separate totaliztic web page, called from "Menu 2" and "Menu 4" by the name of UFO.
       (iv) Human looking UFOnauts. At least one race of occupying us UFOnauts looks exactly like people do. But when they are photographed in the "state of telekinetic flickering" then they look as if they were made of mist or transparent shadow. Therefore, if such humanly looking UFOnauts appear on any photographs, then people viewing these photos without hesitation declare them to be "ghosts". It should be noted here, that independently from this web page, photographs of such humanly looking UFOnauts are also shown and interpreted on web pages concerning Malbork, Wrocław, and UFOnauts.
       (v) UFOnauts of races looking inhuman, e.g. ugly or miniature. Independently from UFOnauts who looks exactly like people do, to our planet also UFOnauts are arriving, the appearance of which is very distant from the appearance of people. To this group belongs an entire array of intelligent inhabitants of cosmos, the appearance of which extends from monkey-like UFOnauts who look like this "furry alien" from the film "Star Wars" or like a typical "Yeti", through creatures with horns and hoofs (means former "horny and hoofed devils" or a Greek god "Pan") or creatures looking like goats, and finishing on miniature UFOnauts in old days called "gnomes", "imps", "fairies", etc. These inhuman looking UFOnauts in present days received strict orders to not show to people at all. While operating on Earth they remain all the time in the "state of telekinetic flickering" which is invisible to human eyes. (Such an order was given only around the beginning of 20th century, thus in folklore of various nations these creatures are still quite well known and described under various names.) However, in spite that they remain invisible to our eyes, our photo-cameras are able to capture on film their misty figures. In case they appear on any photograph, they usually are taken for various "negative" supernatural apparitions, e.g. for "demons", "devils", "evils", etc.
       (vi) Pets of UFOnauts. Similarly to some people, UFOnauts also sometimes like to own various pets, starting from their dogs, cats, and birds, identical to ones which we know from Earth, and finishing on exotic creatures which we do not have on Earth, like "griffins", "ogres", etc. Sometimes UFOnauts take these their pets to Earth, when they are hidden from human view in the "state of telekinetic flickering". If any of these pets is accidentally captured on film, then people who view the photograph usually take it for a "ghost of an animal".
       Because of such a wide range of various forms and objects which by people unfamiliar with the "Theory of the Magnocraft" are taken for "ghosts", a possible scientific analysis of these "ghosts" must consists of several subsequent phases. The first (1) of these phases must depend on establishing which one out of the above categories of different objects, a given photograph in fact managed to capture. After the category of the object is established, the next phase (2) must define what actually a given object is doing. For example, if this is a UFOnaut from the humanly looking category (iv), this establishes whether a given UFOnaut is just standing, walking, diving underground with his head directed downwards, emerges from under the floor, wall, or furniture, etc. Only in third (3) phase the more exact interpreting can take place, which determines which fragments of a given object, which equipment, and what phenomena, a given photograph managed to reveal. In turn on the basis of this interpretation a given researcher in the final phase (4) of research is able to draw general conclusions regarding behaviours or intentions of UFOnauts, the devices or technology that they unleashed, phenomena that they induce, etc., etc.
       Since we clarified above what in photographs of "ghosts" should be especially noticed, now there is a good time to try interpreted scientifically such photographs on our own. Below numerous examples of photographs typically taken for "ghosts" are indicated, which already now are available in the Internet. I suggest to look through them, and to try to interpret on our own, what exactly they show. Here are these photographs:
       (a) An album of photos of UFOnauts taken for "ghosts". On the web page with the address, one can see an entire album of photographs with various misty figures which are described over there as "ghosts", but which display attributes that are known to us as characteristic for UFOnauts that hide from human sight in the "state of telekinetic flickering". This album is complemented with the English descriptions for each photograph that summarize each one of them. (Notice, that in order to move from page to page in this album, one needs to click on buttons "PREVIOUS PAGE" or "NEXT PAGE" located at the end of table with photographs.) Amongst photographs shown over there one can find not only photographs of UFOnauts of various races, but also photographs of miniature computer-controlled UFO-probes popularly named "rods", and even photographs of full sized UFO vehicles and their fragments, operating in the "state of telekinetic flickering".
       (b) A collection of individual photographs of UFOnauts taken for "ghosts". In turn on the Internet web page with the address, one can view a different kind of photographs of UFOnauts. On these photographs UFOnauts are visible relatively well. In order to see the entire collection of these photographs of UFOnauts taken for "ghosts", at the bottom of the first page from that collection one needs to click on the link photo gallery. Then from the English content list which is to appear, one needs to select a photograph that is interested to see.
       © Photographs of misty UFOnauts searched automatically by "search engines". Researchers who wish to analyse and to interpret the data coded into photographs of UFOnauts, already now have in their disposal a huge body of photographic evidence. This evidence can be easily found and viewed with the use of present "search engines". For example, the "search engine" named "Alta Vista" is able to find for them and to show entire galleries of photographs of various UFOnauts placed in Internet under the headlines of photographs of "ghosts". In order to view an example of just such gallery of photographs of "UFOnauts-ghosts", it is enough to click on the following link - search command for "Alta Vista", prepared on Friday, 13th May 2005 (I do hope that it is still going to work until today): It is worth to notice, that in this link - search command the key words used for searching can be changed, from these used in it presently (means from "ghost" and "photograph") into other similar, e.g. into: phantom, demon, apparition, soul, spirit, devil, monster; and image, picture, shape, outline, drawing, etc. After such change of searching key words, a different gallery of photographs is going to be found for us, which is to show new type of forms and objects that we wish to examine.
* * *
       I would like to encourage readers to have a look at numerous photographs of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, which under the excuse that they captured "ghosts" are accessible on the above Internet web pages. These photographs quite meaningfully illustrate many more shocking capabilities of UFOnauts than do the photographs that were posted to me for interpretation and for displaying on this web page. (Only that these photos of supposed "ghosts" are lacking of scientific interpretation which would explain what they really managed to capture and why is visible on them whatever they allow to see.) For example, an entire array of photos from above web pages shows clear figures of UFOnauts as these emerge from walls, stones, furniture, etc. This in turn documents an extraordinary fact which is very difficult to be accepted by people who used to think in categories of present science. This fact is the finding already proven empirically, that telekinetic personal propulsion system of UFOnauts actually allows this technically highly advanced (but morally degraded) aliens to move through solid matter without damaging themselves nor damaging this matter. So in practice, for telekinetic personal propulsion systems of UFOnauts, the solid matter behaves as if it is made of liquid - i.e. UFOnauts are able to walk through it without any difficulty. In turn, a different photograph which is displayed on one of above web pages, introduces quite puzzling moral implications. This is because it documents photographically the shocking discovery of one wife, that her husband come out on a photograph as if he is partially transparent. In turn, from the "Theory of the Magnocraft" it seems to appear, that transparent can only be a UFOnaut who uses telekinetic personal propulsion system which just works in the "state of telekinetic flickering" (see subsection L2 from volume 10 in monograph [1/4]). Does it mean, that this photograph of a transparent husband, is a proof that some UFOnauts so well mask their impersonating of humans, that they take human females for their wives? If so, what then happens with their children? Are these children going to turn into UFOnauts when they grow up, and will help other UFOnauts to exploit our planet? Or they will stay people who are unaware of the cosmic origin of their father?

#H2. Summary of the regularities emerging from photographs of UFOnauts shown here:
       If every single photograph of UFOnauts shown on this web page is considered in separation from others, then it would be possible to ignore it as a strange abnormality of nature, or just extraordinary coincidence. Just this attribute of photographs of UFOs and UFOnauts is exploited for a long time by agents of UFOnauts on Earth, who "undermine" the merit of practically every single one of these photographs separately, for each one of them finding some "natural" explanation (e.g. a "fabrication", reflection, balloon, lights, etc.). However, if we consider all these photographs as a continuous stream of evidence that documents a puzzle that troubles our civilization already for thousands of years, then it turns out that all together they display a whole array of mutual correlations and consistencies. Here is several examples of attributes that are in common to all photographs of UFOnauts:
       (a) The consistency of physical phenomena documented by a given photograph. For example, all photographs captured manifestations of the same physical phenomenon, which in subsections H6.1 and L2 from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of monograph [1/4] are described under the name of the "state of telekinetic flickering". A significant proportion of these photos show also the so-called "extraction glow" which always accompany the telekinetic motion.
       (b) The consistency of behaviours of UFOnauts documented on these photographs (i.e. UFOnauts continually hide from people and behave like robbers). UFOnauts captured on these photographs always display the same behaviour. It is characteristic to creatures who intend to secretly rob or cheat someone. Namely UFOnauts are recorded on these photographs while they continually hide from people, continually avoid being noticed, continually raid our homes, continually observe and spy on people, continually exploit their technological advancement in order to cheat people, etc., etc. - for more details see the web page "26th day".
       © The consistency in documenting the immeasurably higher level of technology than that accomplished by people. All photographs of UFOnauts consistently reveal that these creatures are able to fly in the air, that they make themselves invisible to human sight, that they are able to pass through walls, windows, and solid objects without damaging themselves nor these objects, that they cannot be harmed by our bullets or weapon, that out technology is unable to capture them or arrest them, that are able to abduct people to their vehicles, etc., etc. Means that practically whatever these photographs show exceeds significantly beyond borders of imagination of present people and scientists. This in turn eliminates the probability that such photographs can be "fabrications". After all, how one could fabricate something that is even unable to imagine.
       In addition to the above examples of shocking coincidence, these supposedly "accidental" photographs" of UFOnauts show also a whole array of highly meaningful similarities. Their examples can be:
       (d) The similarities of attributes demonstrated on photographs of UFOnauts and attributes demonstrated on photographs of UFO vehicles. This in turn means, that all phenomena, behaviours, and technical devices demonstrated by UFOnauts, are also recorded on photographs of UFO vehicles and additionally observed and described by people abducted to decks of UFO vehicles. In turn the level of technology demonstrated on photographs of UFOnauts is coinciding exactly with the level of technology demonstrated on photographs of UFO vehicles.
       (e) The similarities of behaviours and attributes of UFOnauts demonstrated on their photographs, and behaviours and attributes of religious "devils" described to us by religions and by folklore. And so, UFOnauts demonstrate on these photographs that they are able to rapidly disappear from the view or rapidly appear before people in unexpected places, that they continually steer in the course of events on Earth, that they have hidden agendas towards people, that they do to people all kinds of atrocities, etc., etc. Exactly the same attributes are shown by former "devils". In fact these similarities between UFOnauts and "devils" are so huge, that they enable us to develop a formal proof stating that "present UFOnauts and former 'devils' are one and the same kind of creatures". Just this meaningful scientific proof is published in subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4].
       (f) The similarities of behaviours and attributes of UFOnauts demonstrated on their photographs, with behaviours and attributes of ancient "gods" described to us by mythology from the period of antiquity. An so, ancient "gods" also were able to disappear from the view or rapidly appear before people in unexpected places, also were able to fly in the air, also continually hide from the sight of people, also they continually steered in the course of events on Earth, also used to rape and enslave people, also were thirsty of human blood and victims, also had hidden agendas towards people, also did to people all kinds of atrocities, etc., etc. Practically these ancient "gods" were exactly the same creatures that now are UFOnauts. As I proved this in subsection P5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4], these ancient "gods" adhered to exactly the same destructive philosophy of UFOnauts, which under the name "parasitism" is described on the web page about moral laws and also is comprehensively explained in chapter JD from volume 8 of monograph [1/4]. Please notice here the implications of these similarities of UFOnauts and ancient Gods. For example, they mean that our planet is occupied by UFOnauts since the beginning of time.
       The existence in casual photographs of UFOnauts these repetitive consistencies, similarities, and correlations, introduces an entire array of extremely weighty consequences. For example, it proves that in spite all these photographs are taken by "accidents", in fact whatever they show is NOT an "accident" nor a "coincident". In reality, these photographs are a proof of an atrocity at an enormous scale, which is committed on unsuspecting humanity by invisible UFOnauts. This atrocity boils down to occupying of Earth by UFOnauts, linked with robbing humanity from its biological resources, murdering people, continuous pushing humanity down, deviating and blocking our progress, raping our women, etc., etc. Furthermore, the existence of these consistencies and correlations in "accidental" photographs of UFOnauts proves conclusively, that the phenomenon registered on them is real, repetitive, displaying unambiguous attributes, and also immensely dangerous for humanity. As such, the phenomenon of occupation of Earth by UFOnauts and hidden steering UFOnauts in earthly matters, documented on these photographs, should be urgently researched, instead of being ignored. After all, on the research of this phenomenon may depend not only the freedom and actual independence of our civilization, but perhaps also the survival of human race in the situation when UFOnauts are trying to destroy us completely. (For examples of just such attempts of UFOnauts to destroy our civilization - see the web pages which in "Menu 4" and "Menu 2" are marked as 26th day and Columbia.)
* * *
       As this web page is clearly disclosing this to us, our planet and humanity is in a horrifying danger. On every single citizen of Earth lies now a huge responsibility of defending the mother Earth from this aggressor. The first action that in the course of this defence each person should undertake, is to indicate and to make available the information that this web page tries to disseminate to other known people with open minds. Then every person should consider what else could do in order to defend our mother Earth from this aggressor.

Part #I: Photographs of UFOnauts are NOT the only evidence that "something is going on" on our planet:
#I1. Other evidence certifying for the factual existence of UFOnauts and their hidden operations on the Earth:
       Whenever a rational discussion is initiated on the subject of occupation and robbery of Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts, many people shows signs of clear mind control by the advanced technology of UFOnauts. Such people cease to react with their logic, and display the presence of all signs of actions that are characteristic for post-hypnotic commands. Thus, for these readers, who in spite of the clear control of human minds with the superior technology of UFOnauts, still are able to afford rational and logical thinking, herewith I try to disclose how huge body of evidence certifies for the factual existence and activities of UFOnauts on Earth. So let us now review the most commonly known evidence, which documents the factual existence of UFOnauts and the secretive occupation of Earth by these evil creatures from space. (Notice that extensive descriptions of this huge body of evidence are contained in monograph [1/4].) Here is the list of the most vital categories of this evidence:
       (i) Photographs of UFO vehicles taken during their patrolling flights above Earth. Only on a single web site "26th day" shown are 18 objective photographs, out of which each single one represents another proof that UFOnauts do exist and they do work towards the destruction of humanity. Even more similar photographs of UFOs is shown and interpreted on the web page "UFO". And the photographs which are shown there are only a small droplet in a huge ocean of objective photographic evidence that exists on the subject of continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth.
       (ii) Photographs of UFOnauts invisible for human sight, which were accidentally captured in our homes and on our family photographs. It is shocking, how many invisible for human sight UFOnauts is accidentally photographed in our flats and homes. Several examples of such photographs is shown on this web page concerning "aliens".
       (iii) Photographs of miniature, computer-controlled UFO probes which frequently fly into our flats. These miniature discoidal probes are repetitively captured on our photographs and videos. If they are photographed from the top-side or from underneath during a motionless hovering, then on photographs they come out round. Thus, then they are called "orbs". In turn, if they are photographed in a side view or during a fast flight, then on photographs they come out as "rods", or as long segmented tapes. Examples of their photographs are shown on web pages "explain.htm" and "landslips.htm".
       (iv) Material evidence and substances left by UFOs on Earth. These include: (a) UFO landing sites (examples of these are shown on the web page about the township of Milicz), (b) a gelatinous substance fallen from UFOs and called "angel chairs" (description of this substance is provided in subsection O5.4 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4]), © tunnels evaporated during underground flights of UFOs - see an example shown on the web page about the evaporation of WTC by UFOs, (d) underground bases of UFOs (in Poland such bases exist under Malbork and Wrocław, while in New Zealand they exist under the "Saddle Hill" near Dunedin), and a whole range of other evidence.
       (v) An entire discipline of UFOlogy. We have also on Earth an entire discipline of "UFOlogy" which could not eventuate if there is no such thing as the existence and operation of UFOnauts on our planet. Some problems of present UFOlogy are addressed on the blog of totalizm.
       (vi) Activities of UFOnauts in space around Earth and on planets other than Earth. We have pictures of pyramids and human faces on Mars (see Figure P32 in monograph [1/4]). We have also pictures of UFO vehicles leaving Earth, that were taken by the Hubble telescope (see Figure P29 in monograph [1/4]).
       (vii) Evidence from Palaeontology. There are imprints of "human" shoes 550 millions years old left by UFOnauts when they seeded the life on Earth (see Figure P31 in [1/4], or "Fig. #F1" on the web page on the secular view of God, and on the web page ufo.htm).
       (viii) The existence of religious "devils". Furthermore, we have enormous religious evidence for the existence of "devils" trying to destroy humanity - which (the evidence) must originate from something or from someone. The shocking aspect about this "devils" is that their anatomy, appearance, capabilities, activities, and also their behaviour, correspond exactly to what presently we know about UFOnauts. In fact, subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] publishes a formal scientific proof, that "religious devils are present UFOnauts".
       (ix) Observations of "ghosts". If one analyses the existing evidence regarding so-called observations of "ghosts", then it turns out that these "ghosts" actually display the presence of attributes which are characteristic for UFOnauts using telekinetic personal propulsion system described in subsection L5 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4]. Let us list here at least several most representative examples of attributes of supposed "ghosts", which coincide with known attributes of UFOnauts:
           - Emiting the white "extraction glow". The surface of these supposed "ghosts" always glows in darkness with a "supernatural" light. About this white light we already know that it represents the so-called "extraction glow" emitted by all objects moved telekinetically. Due to this glow, "ghosts" sometimes can even be photographed - then interpreted depending on someone's view of the world either as "ghosts" or as UFOnauts that remain invisible to human sight (as an example see photographs of UFOnauts shown on this web page). It is worth to add, that similar "extraction glow" was observed from the most ancient times as it always appeared around the surface of bodies of "angels" descending from heavens. For example, it is described in the Bible - see the Evangel of St. Luke, 2:9 - quote: "An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the lord shone over them."
           - A rapid temperature drop. Whenever "ghosts" or UFOnauts appear, always a rapid decrease in the environmental temperature is noticed. This decrease is well known to researchers and even utilised by them for the registration of appearances of "ghosts". It is also described by folklore of many nations, which (the folklore) states that when ghosts appear in a given room, then always becomes very cold in there. But the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains in subsection H6.1.3 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4], that this rapid drop of temperature is caused by the extraction of environmental heat by physical objects propelled in a telekinetic manner. Thus practically this temperature drop is in fact an evidence, that supposed "ghosts" have the physical nature (means that they are NOT ghosts at all), only that they move in a telekinetic manner.
           - Interfering with infrared light. Both, "ghosts" as well as UFOnauts interfere with infrared light. Investigators of "ghosts" record these creatures in present days with the use of infra-red cameras. In turn UFOnauts for a long time are known that they trigger infrared alarms, that unwillingly they switch off or on our TV sets controlled with infrared light, and that they can be detected with the use of any device working on infrared light, e.g. the remote controller for our home TV set (for details see subsections U3.8 and U3.6 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]).
       (x) Ancient mythology. In addition, we have a branch of ancient verbal history, which for diverting our attention from the merit of it, many close-minded scholars call "mythology". (Of course, one needs to ask question, whether these are really close-minded "scholars", or perhaps rather are "changelings" and intellectual saboteurs from UFOs, who only pretend to be our scholars.) This verbal history also describes various ancient "gods" that used to be extremely hostile towards people. All attributes of these gods correspond to characteristics of present UFOnauts. Examples of descriptions of behaviours of these "gods" from the area of present India in times before the previous advanced human civilisation was destroyed on Earth around 12500 years ago, are described in subsection P5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4].
       There is an interesting aspect of ancient mythologies, which confirms their factual character of the verbal history which reports precisely the knowledge about ancient equivalents of present UFOnauts. This aspect is the fact that two separate mythologies, namely these describing Greek and Roman gods, report to us exactly the same "organisational structure" of their gods, and the existence of exactly the same jobs (professions) in the hierarchy of gods that used to control humanity at that time. Only names of subsequent gods were different in these two religions. Various close-minded academics insist on telling us that this identity of the "organisational structure" of Roman and Greek gods results from the fact that Romans supposedly "copied" their gods from Greeks. But these academics ignore the commonly known fact, that at times when Romans were forming their knowledge of gods, they did not have any contacts with Greeks (nor vice versa). In turn, if one considers the matter rationally, both these ancient mythologies report the same organisational structure of the "headquarters", or the "occupational government", of UFOnauts on Earth, who were send down to Earth in order to occupy and to rule over it. After all, this ancient "headquarters" or "occupational government", similarly like present governmental institutions, or embassies of different countries, had a strictly defined organisational structure. On the top of it, the chief governor, ambassador, or head of some sort needed to be posted, who ruled over Earth with his wife and sometimes also with his daughter. In times of ancient Rome this chief governor was someone named Jupiter, who ruled over the Earth with his wife Juno and daughter Minerva. In turn during times of ancient Greece, this head was Zeus, who ruled with his wife Hera and daughter Athena. What even more interesting, the governor named Zeus was also reported by ancient Indians, because in Indian Sanskrit exists a chief god named Dyaus - whose name is simply a different writing of the same sounding name Zeus. To assist the governor in this ruling over Earth, he had engineers, climatologists, genetic engineers, communication officers, pilots, translators, etc. - similarly like for UFOnauts we observe it now on UFO vehicles, while for people we observe it now in present embassies. Interesting, that amongst these ancient gods a special position existed of like an "engineer responsible for undergrounds". In ancient Rome it was occupied by Vulcan, while in ancient Greek it was assigned to Hephaistos. The existence of this position certifies, that already in these ancient times UFOnauts placed enormous attention to the hiding of their vehicles from people in underground bases evaporated by their vehicles, such as UFO bases discussed on web pages Malbork, 26th day, or Wrocław. Of course, as time elapsed, UFOnauts who occupied subsequent positions in this occupational government of Earth were exchanged for others, although the organisational structure remained almost unchanged. This is why names of subsequent Roman and Greek gods are different, although their organisational structure remains the same in both "mythologies". In turn this identity of organisational structure in both "mythologies" is additional conformation that in fact these "mythologies" one needs to take NOT as folklore stories, but as a precise verbal report about organisation of ancient UFOnauts that occupied and exploited our planet.
       What is even more interesting, ancient mythologies of Greeks and Romans confirm also the conclusion deduced in item #4 of the web page evil. It states that Earth is a dumping place where the civilisation of UFOnauts disposes own murderers, criminals, perverts, degenerates, psychopaths, dangerous mentally ill, etc., whom are unwanted on their own planet. The reason is that ancient mythologies much more clearly than present UFO research disclose the true character and lifestyle of UFOnauts. Thus they disclose, that these UFOnauts are blood thirsty psychopaths who enjoy murdering, raping and robbing humans. Especially interesting is that many ancient Goddesses, including Hera and Juno, were not getting pregnant with humans in spite that they copulated with every hansom man who crossed their paths (although many of them had adult children from previous times). It looks like female UFOnauts send to Earth are sterilised on purpose in a similar manner as in some mental hospitals on Earth sterilised are mentally ill females. (So these Goddesses had only children whom they conceived before the sterilisation and before ousting to Earth - means impregnated before on their planet it was discovered that these Goddesses are mentally ill.)
       (xi) Remnants of previous technical civilisation on the Earth, which UFOnauts managed to destroy in the same manner as presently they try to destroy our current human civilisation. We have also all this material evidence, about which books of Erich von Däniken were written. The most spectacular examples of this evidence, are huge megalithic structures which exist on Earth until today, and with the construction of which even the present advanced technology would have significant difficulties. In order to provide here several examples of these, they include: Egyptian and American pyramids, highland city of Machu Picchu from Peru, Great Wall of the Incas from Bolivia, and so-called "Wall at SANTA" from Santa in Northern Peru (South America), gigantic stone heads from Negroid civilisation of Olmecs from Mexican state of Veracruz and Tabasco and from surrounding areas of Central America, Drawings on the highland plate Nazca, carved mountain from Sri Lanka (so-called "Citadel of Sigiriya"), city "Petra" from Jordan carved entirely in solid rock, gigantic sculptures from the Easter Island, etc., etc. This evidence is investigated by research organization called the "Ancient Astronauts Society" that strangely is forced by someone invisible to "work underground" and on the private expense of its members (i.e. is forced to further the progress on the same principles as I am forced to do my research). Other evidence for the existence of another highly advanced human civilisation on Earth, are descriptions of flying machines "Vimanas" from ancient India (examples of such flying machines are discussed in subsection P5 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]), descriptions of ancient civilisation from Atlantis, which had machines controlled with human thoughts, and also various archaeological findings the technical level of which is equal or even higher than the technical level of present civilisation on Earth (e.g. see the principle of operation of the so-called Zhang Heng seismograph, which cannot be explained nor replicated by the present science and technology on Earth.) This ancient material evidence clearly indicates that before our present civilization, there was already another human civilization even more advanced than ours. Unfortunately UFOnauts managed to destroy it completely around 12500 years ago, so that humanity needed to start again from the very beginning, while UFOnauts could occupy and rob us without obstructions for the next 12500 years.
       (xii) Outcomes of continuous sabotages carried out by UFOnauts on Earth. To this kind of evidence belong, amongst others, facts regarding the bombing of the London metro by changelings from UFOs, (this evidence is described on this web page), evidence for the fact that e.g. WTC skyscrapers in New York were evaporated by a UFO vehicle, or evidence that the space shuttle Columbia was downed by UFOs.
       (xiii) Effects of generating by UFOnauts various disasters that torment people. To this category of evidence belong, amongst others, findings described on web pages on hurricanes, typhoons, and tornados, which reveal that many hurricanes and practically all tornados on Earth, are technologically induced by UFO vehicles. Belong also the evidence for a bitter fact that e.g. the murderous tsunami of 26th December 2004 was intentionally induced by UFOnauts. This category includes also the evidence that in 1178 a UFO vehicle was intentionally exploded near the New Zealand township of Tapanui, in order to bring the darkness of medieval period to Earth. Furthermore, the described on a separate web page plague, current preparations of UFOnauts to release the murderous pandemic of the "bird flu" on Earth, also belong to this category of observable disasters continually generated by UFOnauts to torment humanity.
       (xiv) Systematic murdering of rational UFO researchers. One does not need to be a genius to notice, that whenever a rational researcher appears on Earth, who intends to find out the truth about UFOs, then this researcher is murdered very fast in a well camouflaged manner. In this manner on 9 January 1996 Dr Karla Turner was murdered - by inducing in her a malignant cancer. (The machine which UFOnauts utilise for the induction of cancers in people, is described in subsections O5.3.3 and N5.2 from volumes 12 and 11 of monograph [1/4].) Also in this manner UFOnauts murdered Professor John Edward Mack, M.D., born on 4 October 1929, and killed on 27 September 2004. He was a professor of psychiatrics at Harvard, USA, and the Pulitzer prize winner for his books on abductions of people to UFOs. His accomplishments in objective researching of UFOs are discussed on the web page named predators. UFOnauts caused that he was hit by a silver Peugeot 306, which was apparently driven by a drank driver. (Notice that UFOnauts can easy manipulate telepathically behaviours of drank drivers.) A long list of rational UFO researchers killed by UFOnauts is published in subsection A4 from volume 1 of monograph [1/4]. Even a longer list of UFO researchers systematically murdered by UFOnauts, in 2005 was disseminated on the web page (in English)
       (xv) Evidence of our repetitive abductions to UFOs. This evidence is detectable on our own bodies and in our homes. To this group belong e.g.: scars from UFO implants that in majority of us are well visible on the side of our leg (a photograph and description of such a scar is shown on the first Figure from the web page UFOnauts), the implant in our head near the left temple, which sometimes we can feel as prickling or movements in our brain (this implant is described in subsection U3.2 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]), blue bruises on our body left after our night abductions to UFOs (these are described in subsection U3.3 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]), evidence of our rapes on UFO decks (these are described in subsection U3.7.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]), and many more. In turn the description of various evidence of repetitive presence of invisible UFO vehicles in our homes is presented in subsections U3.6 and U3.8 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4] (including into this the evidence of "super-slipperiness" discussed also on this web page, which frequently appears in our homes although usually is unnoticed.)
       (xvi) Systematic blocking of new inventions on Earth and murdering or persecuting inventors. UFOnauts who occupy us are very concerned that humanity develops technically too fast. So in order to block our technical development UFOnauts resort to a whole range of diabolic tricks. These tricks include: systematic murdering of all creative people on Earth, forcing humanity that all breakthrough inventions must be invented several times before they can be disseminated amongst people, "locking" most important inventions and disallowing them to get into mass production, and many more. The matter of such blocking of progress on Earth is discussed on several internet web pages, for example Aleksander Możajski, or New Zealand. The meaning of this blocking is unambiguous - the civilisation which is NOT occupied in a secretive manner (as it happens to us) has no rights to persecute its most creative people on so many devilish ways.
       (xvii) Suffocating the world's economy. Even if we assume that our economists do not know what they are doing, still just by accident and ordinary probability around a half of their decisions should be correct. But if we assume that they know what they are doing, then our economy on Earth should constantly improve. However, the reality is such, that since around 1970s the economic situation on Earth very fast and systematically worsens. Keeping jobs and income becomes ever increasingly difficult. The number of unemployed is constantly growing. The uncertainty of the future increases. People are more and more in debt and more and more exploited. Such a situation simply would not be possible if our planet is NOT secretly occupied by evil creatures of some sort, which are very interested in maintaining people in continuous slavery and fear, and which disallows people to work for the good of entire civilisation. For the fact that behind economic events in fact hide invisible oppressors of humanity, the most clearly is indicated by my own fate overfilled with continuous losses of jobs, and with systematic depriving me possibility to carry out my research on subjects that interest me and that serve for the good of humanity (e.g. in New Zealand I was dismissed from job by three subsequent employers in a row). This my fate is relatively well described on two web pages, namely on pages about me, and my job search.
       (xviii) Blocking of progress of morality and blocking of development of religions on Earth. Another kind of evidence for the occupation of Earth by morally degenerated UFOnauts, is the fact of continuous blocking on Earth the improvements of religions, the progress of knowledge on God, and the moral development of people. If this blocking is not imposed, it would NOT be possible that e.g. proverbs from Roman times are still valid until today, while our main religions were NOT improved for the last 2000 years. It would not also be possible that practically every cult on Earth is deviated and commits various monstrous crimes, while public prayers in recent times finish with lost court cases undertaken against these people who organise such prayers (see the article "Costly fight in the name of Jesus" from page B2 of the issue of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post dated on Tuesday, August 16, 2005). Also there could NOT be these continuous attacks on the moral and peaceful totalizm which did nothing wrong to anyone.
       (xix) Controlling the views of society. It is not difficult to notice, that views of the society are controlled in various ways, so that people do not realise the tragic situation in which they are. In order to notice this control one needs to realise that the existence of such overwhelming body of evidence for the existence of UFOs and for a secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts, as the evidence listed in this item, does NOT suffice to be noticed by people. Furthermore, there are also cases of even more direct evidence for this control of views. Examples of these are relatively frequent cases when UFOnauts induce murderous panics, similar to the "stampede" from Baghdad on 31 August 2005, discussed near the beginning of this web page. The point is that if UFOnauts are able to induce telepathically a panic and stampede, they are also able to change views with the same tools.
       There is no other truth on Earth which would have so much evidence in support of itself, as the truth about the existence of UFOs and about the secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. However, in spite of all this, if one asks about UFOs any passer by from a street, for sure is going to receive the answer NO. So how in such circumstances to NOT realise why UFOnauts consider humans from the planet Earth to be the most stupid beings from the entire universe. How in such circumstances maintain the faith in the sharpness of human minds and in the wisdom of human scientists. How to stop UFOnauts from the complete destruction our present civilisation which they already started? What is so wrong with us, that we so stubbornly refuse to take notice of the truth which countless evidence is constantly attacking us from practically all sides?
       Please notice, that the above compendium of enormous body of evidence which is currently available on the subject of the existence of UFOnauts and their continuous although hidden operation on the Earth, is presented also from a slightly different point of view on a separate web page named "predators".

#I2. Someone "simulates" the situation, that the Earth is secretly occupied by UFOnauts:
       The only force in the universe, which is able to create a simulation of so enormous scale and of so convincing level of precision, is God. Therefore, as this is explained in more details on the web page evolution.htm, the only rational conclusion is, that for a whole array of important reasons God "simulates" a secretive occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts.

Part #J: Where these UFOnauts captured on the photographs come from:
#J1. There is too many of them and they are too precise to be just UFOnauts:
       There are too many UFOnauts on the Earth, while their actions are too precise and NOT typical for practitioners of the philosophy of parasitism, for them to be really UFOnauts. For example, on the basis of the scar from a UFO implant, which is present on the leg of almost every person on the Earth (the photograph of this scar is shown on the first photograph from the web page ufo.htm), it can be calculated, that on the Earth would need to stay the occupational forces of UFOnauts that amount to several hundred millions of these creatures. In turn one UFOnaut would need to work amongst each less than hundred people. The calculations of this density of UFOnauts on the Earth are published in subsection U3.1.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4].
       In addition to this shockingly large numbers, these hidden occupants of the Earth display the exceptional precision of their actions. But it is simultaneously known, that all creatures which practice the philosophy of parasitism that is demonstrated in practically every action of UFOnauts, are unable to accomplish such a high precision of their actions. After all, practitioners of parasitism are extremely slack and incompetent.
       To summarise the above, in order the UFO manifestations could be as numerous and as precise, as in reality we see it on the Earth, they need to be "simulated" by God Himself.

#J2. How "UFOnauts" are temporarily "simulated":
       On a number of totaliztic web page were presented some amongst principles which God adopted in His relationships with people. These principles are described, amongst others, in item #B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm, item #K2 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm, or item #B1 of the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm. From the analysis of these principles it stems clearly, that God is directly interested in having on the Earth a number of "diabolic creatures" which would precisely carry out His commands. After all, having such "diabolic creatures" at His disposal, whenever there is a need to harm people (and God is frequently forced to do so), then the credit for this harming would be taken by such "diabolic creatures". Simultaneously, from our knowledge about the capabilities of God we know, that God is able to temporarily "create" - means "simulate" bodies and activities of such creatures. After all, if God was able to create without any difficulty NOT only men, but also the entire complexity of the physical world - as this is explained in items #C3 and #C4 of the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm, item #B6 of the totaliztic web page evolution.htm, or item #C1 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm, the same God is also able to temporarily "create" bodies of e.g. "diabolic UFOnauts", and then "simulate" their evil activities on the Earth. The combining together both above facts, i.e. Godly need to have "diabolic creatures", and the Godly capability to "simulate" such creatures, implies to us that in fact it is God Himself who "simulates" the existence and activities on the Earth of both, UFOnauts as well as the UFO vehicles.
       Today such "simulation" of UFOnauts by God we would explain as the temporary "creation" of "biological composites". Such "composites" are formed through combining together human-looking bodies - which God temporarily "creates" for the duration of carrying out a given interaction between this "UFOnaut" and humans. To each body of such "UFOnaut" God links directly His own mind, thus passing to it, amongst others, the selected "personality" which is very characteristic to this particular "UFOnaut". On the same principle as presently God "simulates" the existence of these "UFOnauts", in past God also simulated "devils" and "angels", while even earlier God created these "gods" from ancient Greece and Rome and "deities" from the religion of Hinduism. Each one of these "personalities" linked to bodies of "UFOnauts" is able to carry out own actions and take own decisions independently from others, although each one of them shares the knowledge and the awareness of the entire single God.
       Further information about the temporary simulation of "UFOnauts" by God is provided on a number of totaliztic web pages, e.g. in item #D2 of the totaliztic web page ufo.htm, or in item #C6 of the totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm.

Part #K: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#K1. Summary of this web page:
       On the Earth "something is going on", while stubborn appearance of photographs of UFOnauts is a best evidence for this. So it is about the time to cease any further "hiding our heads into sand" and begin to rationally research this immensely important problem of the humanity.

#K2. Can readers of this web page send me further puzzling photographs for interpretation and for publishing on this web page:
       Yes, they can and even should. After all, this is why this web page was created. So instead of bottling their doubts and questions about a puzzling or extraordinary photograph that they took, the more rational is to post a copy of this photograph on my address for interpretation and for showing it to others. After sending me such a photograph, this photograph, together with my interpretation (based on the "Theory of the Magnocraft" published in monograph [1/4]) will be published on this web page. In turn the new version of this web page, with this photograph and interpretation included into it, will be uploaded to at least several web sites listed in "Menu 3". So if UFOnauts sabotage one or several of these web sites, a given photograph still will be available to interested viewers on several further out of them. (Notice that immediate uploading the new version of this web page to all web sites listed in "Menu 3" not always is possible because of the sabotages of these web sites that intensify lately. Reasons and origins of these sabotages are explained in a separate web page that can be displayed from "Menu 1" and from "Menu 2" under the name "FAQ - questions".)
       Furthermore, herewith I am appealing to readers, to unexpectedly take photographs in their flats in each case when they feel that most probably these flats are raided by a pack of invisible UFOnauts. (If one uses an analogue, film-based camera, then in order to not waste a film, I suggest they take photos of anything that they planned to photographs anyway, like their spouse, child, cat, new furniture, new painting, etc. But it would be much better if they have a digital camera - then they are able to take numerous unexpected photographs in all possible directions. If - after the careful analysis on a computer, nothing is detected on these photographs because UFOnauts managed to escape when we started to photograph them, then we can delete these digital photographs. But from "Fig. #C5" above we should notice, that sometimes UFOnauts can be spotted on these photographs only after a significant enlargement and during a very careful examination. So we should not delete digital photographs only because in a small window of our digital camera nothing extraordinary could be seen.) The taking of these photographs should be unexpected, fast, without long aiming or adjustments, and in difficult to predict directions - because when UFOnauts see that someone is preparing for taking a photograph they immediately move away from the view. In turn the recognizing that UFOnauts just are in our flat can be done from signs described in subsection U3.6 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4] - e.g. from the fact that in the flat rapidly becomes chilly, that the working TV set begins to flicker or switches off all by itself, that a radio or TV set, that was off, unexpectedly switches on by itself, that in the flat one can hear mysterious creeks or ticking, that a cat or a dog gets an attack of panics, that our hair or clothing begins to electrify, etc., etc.
       The current addresses at which all photographs and correspondence can be addressed, are provided on the separate web page which in "Menu 2" is named "FAQ - questions". Note however, that in the "subject" window of the email with a new photograph, or in the text of this email, a clear indication should be provided, that it contains a photograph of a UFOnaut designated to a web page on UFOnauts. This is because I receive a lot of correspondence concerning various topics. Simultaneously I chronically suffer from the lack of time. So sometimes from the style of someone's writing it is difficult for me to deduce immediately what actually I should do with regards to a given email.

#K3. If someone does not forward own new photograph, is it still worth to visit this web page again:
       Yes, it is worth. From the very definition, this web page is going to be subjected to further improvements and expanding, as soon as additional photographs from readers, or/and results of further interpretations, shine a new light onto any matter connected with the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. Therefore, it is worth to visit this web page again after some time. Perhaps by then it will be already extended and improved.
       Notice that you also can download to your own computer a replica of this web page, as this is explained on web pages FAQ - questions and replicate available through "Menu 1" and "Menu 2". (In order to download it, you just need to click in "Menu 1" on the item source replica of this page. Note however, that if after such a click the replica does NOT download, this probably means that on a given web site this replica could not be offered to interested users because of memory limits of some sort. In such a case it is advisable to change the web site by using one of addresses listed in "Menu 3" or "Menu 4", and then to try to download this replica again from a next web site.)

#K4. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#J5. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J7. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *
Date of starting this web page: 19 April 2005
Date of the most recent update of this web page: 7 July 2013
(Check in "Menu 3" whether there is even a more recent update!)
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