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Destruction of the space shuttle Columbia by two UFOs
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Welcome to my web page which presents a body of evidence in support of the very shocking for some people fact, that the space shuttle "Columbia" was destroyed intentionally by "simulations" of UFO vehicles - similarly as "simulations" of UFO vehicles destroyed also intentionally "WTC" skyscrapers from New York. Thus, the body of evidence presented here provides another confirmation for the merit of main thesis from the web page evil.htm - which (thesis) states that the humanity is currently tormented and annihilated in a hidden manner by "simulations" of UFOnauts who look identically to people. (The best brief description of very important reasons why UFOnauts are "simulated", and why they are tormenting humans, is provided in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named "magnocraft.htm".) Furthermore, this body of evidence additionally complements and extends similar documentation from another web site named 26th day. This another web site indicates, amongst others, that the tragic tsunami from the Indian Ocean which occurred on 26 December 2004 and which killed around 300 000 people, was also induced on purpose by "simulations" of UFOnauts - to become another example in their continuous efforts to illustrate to the humanity how departures from principles of pedantic fulfilment of morality lead to the destruction and to tormenting of people.
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       Everything that is presented on this web page results from my personal research carried out on the basis of theory of a magnetically propelled spaceship of my own invention, called the "Magnocraft" ...
In turn descriptions of the murderous campaign of tormenting humanity, which UFOnauts carry out on Earth lately, are contained in subsections A3 and O8.2 from volumes (respectively) 1 and 12 of monograph [1/4], and also on a naumber of separate web pages, such as evil, Landslips, Katowice, Katrina, Tornado, 26th day, WTC, Changelings, Plague, and Predators. Here are headings portraying to subsequent categories of evidence in support of my thesis that UFOs destroyed the space shuttle Columbia, and also my explanations provided directly under these headings.

#1. What really destroyed the space shuttle "Columbia":
       It is officially claimed, that the space shuttle "Columbia" was destroyed by a piece of "foam" that separated during the take off. For these people who do not believe in the official explanation, an alternative "natural" explanation was created, i.e. the one which carefully avoids using the word "UFO". According to this alternative explanation, the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed by a powerful lightning (named "Megalightning"). However, the truth in fact is still another. Namely in reality the space shuttle Columbia was intentionally destroyed by UFOnauts. UFOnauts carried out this destruction to accomplish several goals. For example, they used it to introduce the atmosphere of threat and danger to space research (UFOnauts accomplished this goal very well). The destruction of Columbia was also a component of a multi-frontal attack of UFOnauts on humanity, which is aimed at the complete wiping out our present technical civilization on Earth. (This attack of UFOnauts on humanity is described in more details on separate web pages named Predators, 26th day, and evil. ... Below, on the photograph marked "Fig. #1", discussed is an example of the most significant photographic evidence which confirms the direct involvement of UFOs in destruction of the space shuttle Columbia.

[Bild: ufo_after_columbia.jpg]

Fig. #1: UFOnauts caught red-handed! Here is my artistic illustration which I prepared to explain a highly evidential photograph. This photograph managed to capture the preparation of a UFO vehicle for downing the space shuttle Columbia.
       The most vital section of the above illustration shows how the first UFO vehicle approaches the Columbia shuttle. I framed this vital section with a broken line and marked with the symbol "Photo". It is this section that was captured on a photograph and then widely disseminated throughout the world in the form of a photograph. I found an information in Internet that this highly evidential photograph was taken by an amateur astronomer from San Francisco, Peter Goldie. His photograph is possible to find easily in internet with the use of search engines, after one provides keywords "lightning bolt", or some other words referring to the description of it, e.g. "taken in San Francisco on February 1, 2003 during the Columbia Shuttle re-entry", or keywords which refer to the dissemination of this photograph by the TV programme "Megalightning" (credit: David Monaghan Productions/HTV West)
[Bild: ufo_attacks_columbia.jpg].
As the reader can find out this, his photograph does not differ much from the framed section of my artistic illustration shown above. Almost the only matter which is drastically different, is that the stepped trajectory of the UFO and the straight (like a flight of bullet) trajectory of Columbia, on the photograph come out as trails of light painted on the background of black sky.
       The above illustration shows how a UFO vehicle lurked near the predicted trajectory of the space shuttle Columbia. (The straight like a bullet trajectory of the space shuttle is marked with the symbol "Columbia" on the above illustration. In turn the place where the first UFO vehicle lurked is marked with the symbol "UFO". Please notice the stepped trajectory of this UFO before it clings in the point marked "X" to the side of Columbia.) When the Columbia passed by this UFO, the extraterrestrial spaceship approached the shuttle along a stepped trajectory. Then, starting from the point marked "X", it flew together with the shuttle. Behind the area captured on the photograph, another UFO, on the above illustration marked "UFO 2", approached the shuttle from another side in a similar manner. Soon afterwards both UFO vehicles managed to tear the shuttle apart - as it is described on this web page.
       A popular saying goes that "God assigns a witness to practically every crime". Whatever this witness does later, it defines whether a given crime is solved. The photograph illustrated above was taken just by such a witness which was assigned by God to record the crime committed by UFOnauts on the space shuttle "Columbia". This witness served humanity well by disseminating this photograph throughout the world. The photograph managed to capture a moment, when a UFO vehicle - which lurked along the trajectory of Columbia, flies to this vehicle and clings to it, in order to later initiate the destruction sequence described in further items of this web page. It is pity that copyright laws do not have clauses which would restrict their power in cases like this one - i.e. when the publishing of a given photograph lies in the interest of security of the human race. Then I could show here this highly evidential photograph. In turn the present formulation of copyright laws support interests of UFOnauts instead of serving humanity. This is because the laws suppress effectively the dissemination of evidence about evil activities of UFOnauts on Earth.
       UFOnauts have a nasty habit that they always destroy the evidential value of everything that discloses their evil activities on Earth. This is because of this habit that it is so difficult for humanity to work out that we are occupied, robbed, and destroyed by our own relatives from UFOs - as this is explained on the web page "evil". Of course, when the highly evidential photograph discussed here appeared in Internet, and it illustrated that the downing of the Columbia was carried out by a UFO vehicle, then immediately a pack of "Changelings" started to undermine the evidential value of it. The first form of this undermining was, that "experts" probably representing UFOnauts, who checked this photograph, supposedly officially concluded that it originates from a wobble of camera at the time of taking this photo. Of course, this is an extremely shallow explanation, about which I am not able to understand how it could be conceived by an "expert" who usually is paid for everyday use of logic. (Unless this "expert" was in fact a UFOnaut who mainly was concerned about taking care of interests of UFOnauts on Earth.) After all, if the camera really was wobbled, then also the straight trajectory of the space shuttle Columbia should come out on the photo curved and crooked. But the space shuttle moves in a straight line on this photo.
       When this first claim (that the photograph discussed here is only a wobbling of the camera) failed to work for UFOnauts, they invented another trick to undermine the evidential value of it. Namely, they coined and disseminated an explanation, that the photograph captured a super powerful lightning which hit the shuttle in an initial stage of landing. This explanation become later a kernel for an article entitled "Columbia downed by Megalightning", which on 25 February 2005 was available in Internet, amongst others on the web page addressed " But also this explanation of the mysterious zigzag, claiming that it is a lightning, does not hold the water. After all, if one analyses the photograph, it is visible that whatever created this zigzag, later stuck to the space shuttle Columbia and then flew together with the shuttle. However, if it would be a lightning, then after striking it would diminish, or would continue the zigzag path. Furthermore, a lightning usually has either a sharp, pointer beginning, or it converges from several smaller sparks. Means lightning does NOT assumes the shape of a discoidal UFO vehicle that is well visible at the very beginning of the zigzag. So the only correct explanation, as to what actually was captured on the photograph discussed here, is the explanation that is published in subsection O8.2 from volume 12 of my monograph [1/4] since the destruction of this space shuttle on Saturday, 1 February 2003. (Notice that my monograph [1/4] can be downloaded free of charge from this web site, and also from numerous other web sites listed in "Menu 4".) This my explanation states, that the space shuttle Columbia was attacked by two UFO vehicles, one of which was captured on the photograph. After clinging to the space shuttle, these two UFO vehicles destroyed it in quite an unique, magnetic, manner. Although for the presentation of evidence in support of this my explanation I devoted the rest of this entire web page, at this point I would like to direct the reader's attention at the photograph "Fig. #2" presented below. This is because it reveals that motion of UFO vehicles on the background of a dark sky actually do leave on photographs just such glowing trajectories as the one captured on the photograph discussed here. Furthermore, as this is explained in subsection F6 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4], and also is confirmed by countless UFO sightings, in case when a UFO vehicle is forced to move in an inconvenient direction, the automatic pilot of it steers along quite a zigzag, stepped-like path, very similar to the zigzag path captured on the above photograph.

* * *

[Bild: 4c_b13_3_z.gif]

Fig. #2: Two basic versions of typical glowing trajectories left at nights on a film by moving UFO vehicles. Such trajectories are registered on photographs taken from motionless cameras with long times of exposure. (Notice also that trees visible on this photograph have sharp outlines. This means that the glowing trajectories captured on this photo are actually caused by motion of UFOs, NOT e.g. by wobbling the camera.) The above photograph shows glowing trajectories of two UFO vehicles that were controlled in two different manners. The upper UFO vehicle was hand-piloted. Therefore it smoothly encircled several large circles, leaving behind very smooth, gently curving glowing trajectory. In turn the lower UFO vehicle was piloted by an autopilot. Therefore it moves in a "stepped" manner, along several straight lines joined together through angles equal to almost 90 degrees. This lower "stepped" trajectory is very typical for flights of UFOs controlled by their autopilots. It is reported by countless eye-witnesses of these vehicles, and also registered on numerous photographs. In this case it confirms, that on the previous photograph from "Fig. #1", in fact such a glowing trail left by an ambushing UFO vehicle controlled by an automatic pilot is shown. This UFO vehicle from "Fig. #1" firstly lurked along the expected trajectory of the space shuttle, then it approached the shuttle from below to subsequently initiate the destruction of Columbia. (Notice that at the time of this lurking for arrival of the space shuttle, the UFO vehicle from "Fig. #1" left a characteristic outline of a discoidal UFO, which is clearly visible at the very beginning of the zigzag trajectory of this UFO.)
       It is also worth to know, that a significant number of photographs showing such typical glowing trajectories formed at nights by motion of glowing UFO vehicles, is published in an excellent book which in volume 13 of monograph [1/4] is marked with the symbol [1P2]. This book [1P2] carries the following editorial details: Adolf Schneider, Hubert Malthaner: "Das Geheimnis der unbeakannten Flugobjekte" (means: "The secret of the unidentified flying objects"), Hermann Bauer Verlag KG Freiburg im Breisgau, West Germany, 1976, ISBN 3 7626 0197 6.

#2. Why UFOs are repetitively eliminated from consideration of causes for the destruction of Columbia:
       As it is explained in more details on the internet web page named God, ... UFOnauts are "simulated" as if they very close relatives of the mankind, and as if they originate from exactly the same mother planet "Terra" that the mankind does. The appearance of several races of UFOnauts is "simulated" to actually look exactly like people do. The similarity of some of them to people is so huge, that when they mix with the crowd on Earth, they cannot be recognized. In fact if a UFOnaut is our colleague from the office, our neighbour, our superior, or the leader of our country, apart from himself, and also apart from other UFOnauts, no-one else - in this number also people who interact with him everyday, would be able to discover that he is NOT a human. Unfortunately, in the last stage of their evolution, the civilization of UFOnauts degenerated morally. So instead of working to sustain themselves, UFOnauts started to lead a life of "cosmic bandits and robbers" who have an enormously advanced knowledge and technology in their disposal, but who are completely rotten morally. This confederation of morally decadent relatives of humans with the elapse of time took a control over Earth, and presently exploits, oppresses, and torments humanity ruthlessly, although in an invisible manner. In present times we know them under the name of "UFOnauts". However, because of their immoral behaviour, cunningness, explosiveness, anger, ruthlessness, and wild cruelty, past people used to call them "devils". To what (hidden) kinds of actions these diabolic UFOnauts are capable, it is explained on separate web pages named "26th day", and "UFOnauts". Because - as the Bible prophesised this for a long time, the tormented humanity just approaches times when it is able to throw out these blood-sucking UFOnauts from its back, these UFOnauts decided to disallow humanity to gain the freedom from their oppression. Therefore, they designed an entire chain of apparently "natural" catastrophes, which are aimed at the complete wiping out technical civilization on Earth. The destruction of the Columbia space shuttle was a vital propaganda component of this murderous chain.
       Because UFOnauts in the invisible manner control with an iron hand everything that happens on Earth, of course they do not allow people to officially consider the involvement of UFOs in any event. After all, in order to exploit humanity effectively, UFOnauts must remain unrecognised to humans. In turn because UFOnauts do not exist officially, formally no-one on the position of responsibility has the courage to even consider them as the cause of any event on Earth. After all, if someone considers them, and this come out to the public knowledge, than such someone would immediately loose the job (in a similar manner as I lost my job already several times because of my involvement in serious UFO research - for details see subsection A4 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/4]). It concerns also these events, in which the involvement of UFOs is obvious and immediately hits our eyes (e.g. as this is the case with destruction of the space shuttle Columbia described on this web page, or with evaporation of WTC buildings in New York, or with tsunami induced by UFOs which on 26 December 2004 murdered around 300 000 people - for details see a separate web page "26th day").
       Further facts on the topics addressed here are provided in subsections A3 and O8.1 from volumes (respectively) 1 and 12 of the scientific monograph [1/4], the free copies of which can be downloaded from the item "Monograph [1/4]".

[Bild: 14_o03dl.jpg]

Fig. #3: A so-called "crop circle" formed by a landed cluster of UFOs in crops of England - for details see "Fig. M13h" from my monograph [1e] (in English). It illustrates only another category in a multitude of material evidence which proves the continuous, although well hidden, interference of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles in human affairs. As this is explained comprehensively in subsection VB4.3.1 from volume 17 of my slightly older monograph [1/4], in order to hide these crop circles from people, UFOnauts invented and disseminated via devoted human helpers, an entire ocean of explanations. In this manner they implemented their typical strategy of hiding evidence, which in a best manner is expressed by their own saying, that "if you wish to hide a tree, you need to plant a forest around it". As we all know jolly well, this strategy works perfectly. By using it constantly, UFOnauts managed to disseminate amongst people a multitude of "natural" explanations for these crop circles, none of which mentions the involvement of UFOs in the formation of these marks. And all these explanations are tolerated by people in spite that theory behind the space vehicle named the "Magnocraft" explains exactly what is the real origin of these crop circles (and also the real origin of other material evidence for the continuous activity of UFOnauts on Earth). If anyone manages to separate his/her views from these imposed on us by UFOnauts, then it turns out that the origin of these crop circles is very simple - as this is explained in details on the next "Fig. #4". This is because crop circles are formed by spinning magnetic circuits of (usually invisible for human sight) UFO vehicles that landed in a given crop field. One of such UFO vehicle invisible to people, which was lurked on a "crop circle" similar to the above one, was even photographed in Poland. It is shown on on pages: "Telekinezis", "Time vehicles", "UFO", or "Text [4c]: 1, " (see Figure "Z_2_B2" on these web pages - it was originally published in the Polish treatise [4c]).

#3. The strategy of UFOnauts: "is you try to hide a tree, you need to plant a forest around it":
       In their efforts of hiding all evidence which originates from their activities on Earth, UFOnauts follow the general principle "if you wish to hide a tree, you need to plant an entire forest around it". Therefore, also in case of destruction of the space shuttle Columbia by two UFOs, as well as in all other cases of leaving material evidence on Earth, UFOnauts concentrate on multiplying "orthodox explanations", each single one of which carefully avoids mentioning the involvement of UFOs in creation of a given piece of evidence. And so, the destruction of space shuttle Columbia officially is attributed to a piece of "foam" which drop out during a take off. But to these people who do not believe in this official explanation, already another orthodox explanation was prepared, which is based on an apparent hitting of the space shuttle by a powerful lightning. Soon probably further such explanations are going to appear, which will be inspired by UFOnauts themselves, and none of which will even mention the word "UFO".

[Bild: 14_f13.gif]

Fig. #4: Here is "Figure F13" from volume 3 of my slightly older monograph [1/4]. It explains how a landing cluster of UFOs forms in crops a landing site with shape shown on the previous photograph marked "Fig. #3". Illustrated is a cluster of UFOs formed from two separate spherical complexes of K6 type UFOs. As this can be seen on the above Figure, such a cluster of UFO vehicles, is surrounded with invisible to human eyes strands of magnetic field force lines. These strands are passing from outlets of some propulsors to inlets of other (or the same) propulsors (see the explanation of magnetic field as a circulating stream of counter-matter provided in subsection H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4]). In volume 3 of monograph [1/4] such strands of force lines of magnetic field that surround UFO vehicles, are called "magnetic circuits" of these vehicles. These magnetic circuits can be put into rotation by the propulsion system of a given UFO. Some of them rotate around peripherals of one (or both) discoidal UFO vehicles, while others are rotating just around their own axes of rotation. In turn, when these magnetic circuits rotate, then after descending of UFOs close to a crop field (on the above Figure the surface of this crop field is marked with the line "G-G"), these rotating strands of magnetic field force lines, similarly like brushes of invisible brooms, brush towards the ground each single blade of grass. Thus they form very characteristic shape of a UFO landing site. In this landing site every kind of magnetic circuits produces a different and very characteristic mark. The above illustration shows which magnetic circuits from a cluster of UFOs are responsible for the formation of which marks in crops. Of course, UFO clusters of difference shapes and compositions will form different shapes of landing sites in crops. Names of subsequent magnetic circuits, and also their function in UFO clusters, are described more comprehensively in subsection F3.1.6 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4].

#4. What course took the destruction of Columbia by UFOs:
       Let us start the evidential part of this web page from describing how most probably two UFO vehicles belonging to the bandit civilization that occupies Earth, destroyed the Columbia space shuttle. (Notice that the photograph from "Fig. #1" presents the approach of only first of these two UFO vehicles - the second UFO vehicle probably approached the space shuttle Columbia slightly later, already beyond the frame from "Fig. #1".) On Saturday, 1 February 2003, around 7:50 CST, when the Columbia space shuttle initiated the landing, two UFO vehicles from a bandit civilisation lurked along the predicted trajectory of it. When the shuttle passed by these UFO vehicles, each one of them approached the shuttle from the opposite side. Because the direction of the flight of the space shuttle was slanted in relationship to the course of force lines of Earth's magnetic field, in order to maintain the same direction of flight as the shuttle did, both UFO vehicles needed to fly in the magnetic whirl mode of operation that is described in subsection F6.3 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4]. It was this magnetic whirl which caused that one of these two UFO vehicles was recorded on a photograph from "Fig. #1". The powerful glow of these two UFOs surrounded by a magnetic whirl, caused that both vehicles were also seen by numerous eye witnesses - see item #8 below. Furthermore, in spite that these UFOs oriented themselves in relationship to the shuttle, so that astronauts sitting in the shuttle could not notice their presence, the close proximity of UFOs was noticed by temperature gauges of the shuttle. After all, the magnetic whirl of UFOs induced powerful eddy currents in metallic parts of the shuttle, while these currents lifted rapidly the temperature that was registered by gauges. At 7:52 these sensors reported to Earth the first increase of temperature caused by the approach of two UFOs. Initially UFO vehicles tried to turn the heavy space shuttle with its side towards the direction of flight. UFOnauts knew, that the thermal screen of the shuttle works just only for the frontal flight. During a side flight the protection would not work. But around 7:59 CST, automatic pilot of the shuttle fired correction engines, thus neutralizing this attempt of UFOnauts. In face of inability to turn the shuttle sideways and to cause its self-destruction, UFOnauts used the proven in action method of destroying our flying vehicles. So they switched on the full power of their magnetic field, thus destroying completely the communication devices and electronics installed on the shuttle. Then UFOs switched on the full power of magnetic whirl. This whirl, on the principle of an "inductive shield" described in subsection F10.1 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4], changed the metal of the shuttle into explosives. The shuttle started to disintegrate, while the thrusting debris started to be deflected into a shape of a flat fan by magnetic field of both UFOs. The rest we know from the press and television.
       Of course, many people may ask, how it happens that NASA has not noted so obvious action of UFOs. After all, two UFO vehicles manoeuvring near shuttle were noticed even by eye witnesses. (Unfortunately later interpreted as debris earlier separated from the shuttle.) The answer is simple. UFOnauts on purpose suggested to NASA an erroneous line of thinking, by causing that during a lift off some non-significant pieces of thermal insulation fell off from the external tank and hit wings of the shuttle. In the result, instead of looking for real reasons of the catastrophe, investigation of NASA concentrated exclusively on finding a connection between these falling insulation and the catastrophe of the shuttle. Even the director of the program stated, quote: "We're making the assumption from the start that the external tank was the root cause of the problem that lost Columbia." - see the article [1O8.2] "NASA looking for the missing link" published on page B16 of the newspaper "New Straits Times" (Malaysia), Wednesday, 5 February 2003). Of course, according to the Polish proverb "when one wished to hit a dog, a stick always can be found" (in Polish: "kiedy ktos chce uderzyc psa, kij zawsze sie znajdzie"), because of the lack of different lines of thinking, and because concentration exclusively on this suggested by NASA erroneous direction, there was no option but to find this connection. After all, in such situations helpful UFOnauts always provide the required piece of evidence. In turn, if someone does not even consider the possibility, which contains truth, what chances such someone has in establishing where this truth lies.
       Let us now proceed with listing of evidence which I managed to identify, and which in my opinion documents that it were two UFOs which caused the explosion of the Columbia space shuttle. Here are the most vital components of this evidence.

#5. Signals of the overheating of the shuttle:
       The principle which UFOs finally use to destroy the Columbia shuttle, is based on the action of magnetic whirl described in subsection F10.1 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4]. Such a whirl causes a rapid boiling of metals in their entire volume, and thus it turns these metals into explosives. Unfortunately for UFOnauts, such whirl leaves also very characteristic marks. One group of these marks are holes and pores that later are present in the metal evaporated by such a magnetic whirl from a UFO. Another such a mark is simultaneous increase of temperature in the entire volume of metallic parts of the shuttle. And actually, shortly before the problems started on the shuttle, all sensors of the shuttle in fact did notice a rapid and simultaneous increase of temperature. This is a clear evidence that the magnetic whirl of UFOs really acted in there. This is because if the shuttle disintegrated e.g. because of the destruction of a thermal screen, then the growth of temperature initially would need to appear in this area of the Columbia, where the screen failed.

#6. The blocking of radio communication:
       This blocking also appeared on the space shuttle Columbia. Actually it make the communication of the shuttle with Earth impossible since the first moment when UFOs switched on the action of their "inductive shield". This blocking is excellently known from all other attacks of UFOs. For example, it appeared during the evaporation of the WTC skyscrapers by UFOs - as I described this in subsection O8.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4]. It also appeared during the attack of UFOs on a Russian TU154 - also described in subsection O8.1 from [1/4]. I should not need to even mention here that the disappearance of radio communication is a first sign of a nearby presence of UFOs in all UFO abductions - as this is well documented in UFO literature.
       The blockage of radio communication between the shuttle and Earth confirms in many ways the intentional attack of a UFO. Firstly, if the shuttle would really disintegrate because of the breaking of insulation, then such blockage of radio signals should not appear at all. In reality communication devices of the space shuttle are so well designed, extensively protected, and have such independent electricity supply and backup systems, that in normal circumstances they should work and transmit data even after the shuttle disintegrated into pieces. So in normal cases, some debris from the shuttle should still transmit their data until the moment they hit the ground. Secondly, this loss of the communication took place before the shuttle received a major hit from the Earth's atmosphere. So if one puts the blame onto supposed falling off the ceramic insulation, then this loss of communication had no rights to occur as early as it did.

#7. Holes and bubbles in debris from the shuttle Columbia:
       When debris from the shuttle were shown in TV, my first task was to establish whether they have the characteristic holes, and bubbles, that appear when a metal is evaporated by a magnetic field from a UFO. (A detailed description what causes these bubbles and holes, and what is their mechanism of formation, is contained in subsections F10.1 and P2.7 from (respectively) volumes 3 and 13 of monograph [1/4].) And in fact, almost on each metal debris from the shuttle, the close up of which they show in TV, these holes and bubbles were clearly noticeable. These holes and bubbles are also clearly visible on a photo of a fragment of the shuttle, that was published in [2O8.2] Malaysian newspaper "New Straits Times", issue dated on Monday, February 3, 2003, page B18. In this aspect the debris from Columbia were identical to debris from the Russian airplane TU154 described in subsection O8.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4].

#8. Eye witnesses' observation of two UFO vehicles that flew parallel to the Columbia shuttle:
       Amongst many reports of eye witnesses on the explosion of Columbia, the most evidential was the report of someone called Gary Hunziker. It was published, amongst others, on [3O8.2] the last page (no 20) in the Malaysian newspaper "New Sunday Times", issue dated on Saturday, 2 February 2003. This person observed the space shuttle Columbia before it entered the Earth's atmosphere. Here is the key statement of this report, quote: "I could see two bright objects flying off each side of it. I just assumed they were chase jets". Of course, we must remember that chase jets are unable to climb into cosmos beyond Earth's atmosphere. Furthermore, above the atmosphere the shuttle could not initiate the disintegration, so these could not be shuttle's own debris. So these two bright objects were actually two UFO vehicles that were preparing themselves for the destruction of the shuttle. (One of these two UFO vehicles was recorded on the photograph shown previously in "Fig. #1".)
       The same two UFO vehicles flying on both sides of the shuttle Columbia and noticeable so early as above California, were also observed by many other astronomers amateurs, who watched the return of the shuttle. A note about these "upstream debris" is contained in the article [1O8.2] mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, by experts from NASA these are explained as debris that fall off the shuttle Columbia much earlier from others. But so-far, no explanation was given how it is possible that some debris were torn from the shuttle before the shuttle actually hit the atmosphere.

#9. The disintegration of the shuttle into the shape of a flat fan:
       In normal circumstances, if any object hitting atmosphere starts to disintegrate, this disintegration has a voluminous character. This practically means that debris are falling off in all possible directions, forming in the air a kind of sphere. But metal debris from the Columbia shuttle all kept breaking apart and deviating horizontally in relationship to the original direction of flight, while still flying in a single horizontal plane. So instead of a sphere, they formed a kind of a flat fan-tail. This in turn means, that some sort of force kept them in the same plane and deflected solely sideways, without allowing them to be deflected vertically. This force that spread the metal debris into the shape of a flat fan, were the magnetic circuits of two UFO vehicles magnetically linked together, which were flying on both sides of these debris and which pulled them sideways. So the shape of a flat fan, that was formed by debris of Columbia, and that was seen by many thousands of eye witnesses, is another item of evidence that almost to the last moment of their hitting the earth, these debris were kept destroyed by the vindictive UFOs.

#10. The "miraculous saving" of the black box with data recordings from the shuttle's re-entry, or a fabrication of UFOnauts:
       On Monday, 9 July 2006, at 9:30 pm to 10:35 pm, in the channel "Prime" of New Zealand television the documentary programme entitled "Seconds from Disaster" was broadcasted, in which outcomes of investigation into causes of the Columbia disaster were presented. As it stemmed from this programme, all conclusions which the investigating team reached, were drawn practically from one source only. This source turned out to be the so-called "black box" (i.e. the "re-entry data recorder") which contained a tape with recordings of data from the return flight of the shuttle Columbia. If not this "black box" and not these data, then the outcomes of the investigation into the cause of this catastrophe could have completely different conclusions.
       The problem, however, with this "black box" is, that all facts regarding it indicate that it was purposely foisted off upon investigators by UFOnauts, while recordings which were prepared on the tape that the box contained were on purpose fabricated by UFOnauts, so as to indicate immediately a simple explanation what happened with the shuttle. After all, UFOnauts have a long tradition in fabricating the evidence in such a manner that the responsibility for their crimes is pushed on someone, or something, else.
       Here is the evidence which suggests that the finding of this "black box", as well as the content of it , were fabricated on purpose by UFOnauts in order to distract human investigators from checking the possibility that these were UFOnauts who destroyed the shuttle Columbia:
       (1) The place of finding of this "black box". This "black box", from which later all far-reaching conclusions were drawn about the causes of the Columbia disaster, was found in a large forest clearing. It lied in a clearly visible place which previously was already searched thoroughly. The fact of finding it in the place previously searched and well visible was explained by previous "overlooking" it. However, we need to also consider that the same fact can indicate that only after the first search were finished it was there "purposely foisted off" upon investigators by UFOnauts.
       (2) The technical state of the "black box". All debris from the shuttle Columbia after falling to Earth were burned, broken, and out of order. But this "black box" was found in the working order, almost as if it was a new one or straight from a factory. Also the recordings in it turned out to be readable and without faults. This fact of finding it in such a perfect technical state was explained as a "miracle". However, one also must take under the consideration that this "miracle" could simply be a care of UFOnauts, who purposely foisted off this black box upon investigators, to reassure that people are able to decode everything what UFOnauts so laboriously prepared in it.
       (3) "Afflicted" manner in which this "black box" was found. With a large interest I viewed the history of finding this "black box". As it turns out, the finder of it was "afflicted" by something to volunteer for searching this box again in the area which was already searched thoroughly by a different team. Then again something "afflicted" him to go into the place where it lied, in spite that other searchers refused go there. For me it looks like a telepathic control over this person exerted by invisible UFOnauts to make him find the box.
       (4) Unambiguous and meaningful manner with which the recordings in this black box indicated the causes of the disaster. In real life truth is always hidden deeply. In Polish this is well described by a proverb "prawda na dnie studni się chowa" (i.e. "the truth is hidden at the bottom of a well" - meaning that in order to find the truth, according to this proverb one needs to draw the content of the entire well). So to establish the truth it is necessary to trace it laboriously and to overcome numerous obstacles. However, in the case of this "black box" almost immediately and without any problems become obvious what exactly happened and in which order. Such obvious indications are too improbable to be anything else than purposeful fabrications.
       (5) Easiness of the experimental confirmation of recordings from this "black box". Recordings from this "black box" indicated in which exactly panel of the wing of Columbia was a hole. After placing this RCC panel 8 under shots of "foam" samples, in fact a hole was made in it. All this could be considered convincing, if not a display of the American magician David Blaine. In one of his television shows he demonstrated in sight of many witnesses and checkers how to make a similar hole without a visible touching the affected object. If David Blaine could prepare such a hole with his "trick" without being caught when he did it, means that a similar hole UFOnauts could prepare with their advanced technology during experiments with this panel. After all, the secretive making this hole by UFOnauts in sight of many witnesses and cameras eliminated UFOnauts from suspicions that these were them who caused the Columbia disaster.

* * *

       "Auspicious coincidents" sometimes happen in nature. But as the above indicates it, in case of this "black box" there were so many of such "favourable coincidents", that really their coincidental occurring turns out to be impossible. This means that the entire case of this black box was fabricated by UFOnauts. After all, it served typical for UFOnauts "foisting off upon" investigators the convenient explanation for crime which UFOnauts just confirmed.
       Of course, the above case of the "manoeuvring" of the evidence in form of "black box", in my opinion is just a single one in a long chain of similar hidden sabotages carried out on Earth by UFOnauts. For another example of the sabotage of the same type (in my opinion also prepared secretly by UFOnauts) can probably be indicated the unexplained lost of the original film of man's first step on the Moon. About the disappearance of this film reported an article "Small oversight for Nasa a giant loss for mankind" published in the New Zealand newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Tuesday, August 15, 2006, page B3. By some strange coincidence this film disappeared in the middle of intense debate as to whether people in fact were on the Moon, or rather all this was a propaganda farce (this debate was induced by a show in televisions of many countries of the documentary film "Did man land on the Moon").

#11. The repetition by UFOs of the same pattern of destruction that was already used on Russian TU154:
       UFOnauts always carry out their attacks with the methods already proven in action. So these methods are repeated by them many times. The method of attack used on the space shuttle Columbia is an exact repetition of a method used on 4 October 2001 on a Russian airplane TU154 with Israeli tourists (this attack of a UFO on a Russian airliner TU154 is described in more details in subsection O8.1 from volume 3 of monograph [1/4]). Also in this case, the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia was most probably done not by an UFOnaut, but by a human fanatic taught by UFOnauts to pilot their vehicles. In that way this fanatic took on himself the karma for taking lives. In order to motivate better this fanatic, a presence of an Israeli astronaut on the deck of space shuttle most probably was used. Also similarly like in case of attack on TU154, UFOnauts in advance prepared an "scapegoat", which in this case was insulation from the external tank. It was this "scapegoat" that was to be blamed for the entire disaster.
       One of the repetitive components in the pattern of attacking people by UFOnauts is, that immediately after such an attack the access of "unofficial" researchers to the evidence is cut off. For example, when UFO vehicles evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York, as I explained this comprehensively in subsection O8.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4], almost immediately the entire evidence was melted as scrap iron. Even official researchers of this catastrophe were complaining then publicly that almost nothing was left to them for research. When on 26 December 2004 a tsunami induced by a UFO killed around 300 000 people around coasts of the Indian Ocean, the access to affected areas was blocked by various legal, health, and propaganda means. In turn mass media would not publish almost any scientific facts, apart from stories of survivals. Similarly also happened immediately after destruction of the Columbia space shuttle. These people who were caught on even touching debris fallen from the shuttle, were immediately imprisoned and punished severely. Soon afterwards these debris disappeared in order to never be available for research by interested "unofficial" researchers. It is rather pity, because even myself I would be interested in examining and documenting these parts of them which carried the characteristic evidence of the UFO attack.

* * *

       For me personally the evidence listed above is sufficiently meaningful to introduce a certainty, that the destruction of the Columbia space shuttle, was orchestrated by UFOnauts. The similar case was also with the majority of catastrophes that plague humanity lately. I personally believe that the combination of unambiguous evidence as this presented above, indicates conclusively the direct involvement of UFOnauts in the downing of the Columbia space shuttle. However, I am also fully aware, that the present unprecedented domination of UFOnauts over the views of people on Earth, and also over the situation in our orthodox scientific institutions, in fact is making impossible any official consideration of the involvement of extraterrestrials in this tragic event.

#12. If readers are interested in furthering the deductions and evidence presented here:
       Further details and evidence on subjects addressed here can be find in subsections A3 and O8.2 from volumes (appropriately) 1 and 12 of the scientific monograph [1/4], free copies of which can be downloaded from the item "Monograph [1/4]" in "Menu 1" or "Menu 4" on the left margin of this web page. Topics of occupation of Earth by UFOnauts and our self-defence against this occupation are discussed continually (but in the Polish language) on the blog of totalizm which is available under the Internet address:
       Notice that you can also download to your own computer a replica of this web page, as this is explained on web pages FAQ - questions.

#13. How with the web page named "index of topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. ...

#14. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named Pajak Jan. ...
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#15. A copy of this web page is also disseminated in the safe format "PDF": shuttle15-07-13.pdf
I wish you a fruitful reading!

#16. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).

* * *

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