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Wszewilki tomorrow (2013)
Copyright © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak

Wszewilki of our tomorrow - means through dreams to a better reality
Date of the latest updating of this web page: 17 August 2013 - pdf

There is a place on Earth, in which dreams come true. This place is an extraordinary village of Wszewilki (described comprehensively on a separate web page). I personally believe, that the reason why dreams come true in there, is that during our presence in Wszewilki we experience the "touch of supernatural". Of course, sceptics would argue this reason in a different way. For example, that because of a harsh reality of the life over there, and also because of the closeness to nature, in Wszewilki dreams are always realistic and always stand hard on Earth. In turn people who grew in this village embedded into their character the skill of making own dreams come true. In whatever manner this reason would be explained, the fact is that the most vital dreams from Wszewilki always come true. Therefore, with the use of this web page I would like to reveal what I personally dream for the future of Wszewilki. Means, how in my dreams the future of this village looks like. This is because the future of this village synthesised itself clearly in my mind during numerous travels over the world which I continually take, and which allowed me to notice what in life is the most vital. When writing this web page I believe also, that through revealing these my dreams I will cause, that one day in the future at least some my dreams may come true - as this seems to be confirmed in my "trip to the future" described in item #J3 of this web page. Furthermore, I believe that through explaining here how the future of Wszewilki could look like, I am going to create a far-reaching goal for inhabitants of this village, towards the accomplishing of which they may now systematically work and persevere.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. Why it is worth to dream about a better tomorrow for Wszewilki:
       In the majority of cases when someone accomplishes a success in life, always the inspiration and motive force for his or her action were dreams. After all, before we begin to persevere towards something, we firstly need to create in our minds a picture of whatever we want to accomplish. In addition, Wszewilki causes that dreams always come true over there. So it is worth that we dream together about the happy tomorrow for this village. In this way from one hand we release supernatural powers which make these dreams concerning Wszewilki to come true. On the other hand, through clarifying the goal towards which we strive, and the picture of what we wish to accomplish, we all begin now subconscious perseverance towards realising this dream.

#A2. In order to develop, one needs a vision for the future - this web page is just such a vision for Wszewilki, Milicz, Sławoszewice, and other surrounding settlements:
       People and institutions which do not have a vision for the future, simply live from day to day. As such they shrink. In order to develop, a vision for the future is necessary. This web page is a kind of vision for Wszewilki and for other settlements from the vicinity of Milicz.

#A3. The symbolism of this web page - it is published for the occasion of fulfilment of another my childhood dream from Wszewilki - i.e. earning a full university professorship:
Motto: "Once professor, always professor."
       For the first time I published this web page in March 2007 because of an important occasion. Namely, at that time got fulfilled another amongst my childhood dreams from times when I lived in Wszewilki. For the first time in my life I become then a full professor at a renown university.
       For more details regarding that my professorship - see item #K3 near the end of this web page.

#A4. The fulfilment of every dream requires appropriate conditions - which, amongst others, include overcoming numerous obstacles:
       No dream fulfils just by itself. These are us, people, who fulfil them. But in order to fulfil a dream, typically we need to overcome many obstacles that are placed on our path. In turn these obstacles are created for vital reasons.
       For more information about reasons why obstacles are created and about our overcoming of obstacles is provided in item #K4 near the end of this web page.

#A5. What is the goal of this web page about dreams regarding the future of Wszewilki and the future of nearby Sławoszewice and Milicz:
       The goal of this web page is very simple. Namely via this web page I would like to reveal to the reader (1) what is worth to dream about for Wszewilki - means what in Wszewilki and in surrounding settlements is worth to accomplish, (2) what would happen if citizens of Wszewilki and surrounding settlements manage to accomplish these dreams, and (3) how approximately we should begin accomplishing these dreams. In this manner the web page indicates goals for actions, the accomplishing of which is possible - if only citizens of Wszewilki and the surrounding settlements contribute to these goals a bit of their hearts and determination. Of course, apart from them no-one else will complete these goals for them. In turn, if they in fact manage to mobilise themselves to accomplishing these goals, then they earn various moral rewards, such as prosperous and happy lives, recognition and respect of others, fame, authority, etc.
       Everything regarding Wszewilki now develops in a public manner. This village is discreetly watched and analysed practically by the entire world. For example, when in 2006 during the election for self-governing body in District of Milicz some UFOnauts-changelings swindle a candidate who represented interests of Wszewilki, then the matter of this electional cheating was discussed quietly not only in the entire Poland, but practically in the entire world. The reader has a chance to check in person from time to time how matters of this village are progressing. Wszewilki begin to accumulate, and even already have, a good photographic documentation available via internet. So if citizens of Wszewilki and surrounding areas decide to undertake the implementation of goals outlined here, then there will be a visual chronicle from gradual transformations to which these settlements are subjected.
       Although for the sentimental reasons the village Wszewilki is the central settlement to which I devote the description of my dreams about the future described here, in fact everything that I write here concerns directly several different places. After all, in case of accomplishing goals which I explain here, beneficiaries will include the town Milicz, as well as villages Sławoszewice and Wszewilki, and also a whole range of villages which surround these settlements, such as Stawiec, Pomorsko, Godnowo, Duchowo, Karłowo, etc. Thus, although whatever I write here I call for sentimental reasons dreams about the village of Wszewilki, actually in fact these are dreams for the entire region and for all people who inhabit this region.

Part #B: Access and circulation are keys to prosperity and happiness - so let us link Wszewilki and Milicz with a closed circuit of roads, and let us bring them together with a town bus "8" (i.e. "eight") following a circular trajectory:
       Yes! The point is to rebuild a missing section of the old "Amber Route" which until the time of building railway existed between Wszewilki and Sławoszewice. In turn when this section of the road is ready and it closes the circulation of "chi" energy - the time will arrive to run the town bus from Milicz along the rebuild section of this historic road. This bus "8" (i.e. "eight") would continually follow a circular route, similar to the route of tramway "zero" from the city of Wrocław. In this manner it would form a circulation of "chi" energy along a closed loop. This in turn, according to rules of "Feng Shui" would cause catching up and keeping in Milicz, Wszewilki, and Sławoszewice, the prosperity and happiness which so-far were escaping from these settlements.

#B1. Why according to Chinese "Feng Shui", in order to revive Wszewilki and Milicz it is necessary to build a circular road which reinstates the historical "Amber Route", and necessary to run a town bus "8" (i.e. "eight") which follows this circular road:
Motto: "All forces of nature serve to people only when people manage to capture and to direct them onto the circulation along a closed loop. On this principle works electricity, radio, television, combustion engine, telekinetic cell, locomotive, magnocraft, and even American space shuttle. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui on this principle also works prosperity, growth, personal happiness, etc."
       I wonder whether the reader hear ever about the Chinese "Feng Shui". This name is assigned to a secret knowledge of Chinese which is rooted in antiquity. Feng Shui explains what physical conditions must be fulfilled in order a given human endeavour turned out into a success. So in spite that this knowledge is NOT lectured at any official university, in present times Chinese practically do not undertake any action without previous consulting their intentions with canons of this knowledge. Thus starting from furnishing and configuration of a flat, through the location of a house, and finishing on positioning of a desk at work as well as location and configuration of the enterprise itself, all these in case of a low importance is implemented by Chinese according to their personal knowledge of canons of "Feng Shui", while for more important matters is carried out only after consulting some well-known "master of Feng Shui". I lived amongst Chinese for a long time. Also the circle of my close friends includes several masters of Feng Shui. So I had many opportunities to learn the basic canons of this secretive knowledge. After a closer learning it turns out that the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui is quite clear and logical. It is based on circulations of energies which still remain unknown to the official (orthodox) human science, and which Chinese call with a general name "chi". These "chi" energies behave like all other kinds of energies. Only that they are intelligent, and that they carry in themselves various non-material qualities, such as success, happiness, power, perseverance, health, etc. The only problem with "chi" energy is that in fact it is NOT just a single kind of energy, such as e.g. electric energy known to our science, or energy of sound vibrations. In fact "chi" is a mixture of a number of different energies, some of which have a beneficial influence, while some other - destructive. Also every configuration of objects causes a slightly different behaviours of each one amongst these different components of "chi" energy.
       I am aware that outside of China probably no many people believe in this ancient Chinese knowledge called "Feng Shui". However, these readers who do not believe in this "Feng Shui" should realise that for example two old Polish towns and one Polish old village, the configuration of which I researched in person, and about which I know that in past they accomplished a significant success and prosperity, in fact were build according to principles of Feng Shui. These towns were the old Malbork and the old Milicz, while the village was the old Wszewilki and the present Stawczyk (both of which, until 1875 were just a single village). What even more interesting, the significance and prosperity of these towns and the village collapsed at the moment in time when because of some historic events this part of their configuration which was agreeable with Feng Shui and thus which was guaranteeing their success, was somehow destroyed. For example, in relationship to the town of Milicz and the village of Wszewilki the beginning of the fall down of their key role and their prosperity was the building of railway line in 1875. This railway line like a blade of sharp knife cut and bled the previous courses of arteries which secured beneficial circulations of "chi" energy.
       However, returning to the circulations of "chi" energy and to their agreeability with principles of Feng Shui, then in present time villages Wszewilki and Sławoszewice, as well as the nearby town Milicz, all these lie "by open-ended roads". Means, these settlements are so located that if someone visits them, then does it like "on a way" - when actually drives elsewhere. So in fact, according to statements of the ancient Chinese knowledge of "Feng Shui", the happiness and prosperity flow through Wszewilki, Sławoszewice and Milicz, but never stop in these places permanently. This situation needs to be changed. In order to change it, the closed circulation of "chi" energy must be formed somehow. Neither villages Wszewilki or Sławoszewice, nor the town Milicz, such a closed circulation of "chi" can accomplish just each of them separately. But if these settlements join their efforts, then together they create just such a closed loop for circulating "chi" energy. It is enough that for such a purpose these settlements build together a short section of a hard road between Wszewilki and Sławoszewice. This road would reconstruct the section of an ancient "Amber Route" which in past used to run between these two villages and then Milicz. In turn the completion of such a road, in connection with other roads which already do exist in there, would create a kind of closed ring-road. This ring-road would lead from Milicz to Wszewilki, then from Wszewilki to Sławoszewice - along this newly rebuild section of the old "Amber Route", and finally from Sławoszewice again to Milicz. When along this ring-road a circular town bus-line "8" (i.e. "eight") would be run, people who would use this bus would force the circular rotation of the "chi" energy along a closed circuit. In turn this closed loop of "chi" circulation would intercept happiness and prosperity which so-far only flow through these settlements, and would cause that these life qualities so searched for would again make their home in Wszewilki, Sławoszewice and Milicz.
       Please notice that the bus line "8" (i.e. "eight") in Milicz would be an equivalent of the tram number "zero" in Wrocław. The number of it, similarly like the tram number "zero", also implies the cruising along a closed circuit. However, opposite to the digit 0, in numerology the digit 8 represents more beneficial symbolism. Eight means, amongst others, "prosperity", "fame", "propelling motion", and "everlasting". Therefore for symbolic reasons this bus line should be named "8" (i.e. "eight") even if the town Milicz will have only this one single bus.
       At this point it is worth to recall, that the ring-shaped road about which I am writing here already did exist once. It was destroyed only during the construction of the railway through Milicz which spoiled everything. The sections of this ring-road are described on web pages about Wszewilki and about sight-seeing in Wszewilki and Milicz (this one is in Polish only). But the most intriguing is here that until the time of destruction of this historical ring-road around Milicz, Wszewilki and Sławoszewice, all these settlements enjoyed recognition, authority, prosperity, and happiness of their inhabitants. In turn after the destruction of this old ring-road, and after the collapse of the old bridge on the Barycz river (i.e. this old bridge that existed by the old watermill near present dam), the prosperity, stability, and happiness rapidly departed from these settlements. So it is about time to return this ring-road, return the frequent use of it by people, and in this manner return the prosperity, stability, and happiness to Milicz, Wszewilki, and Sławoszewice.
       The above recommendation to build ring-shaped road, was inspired by my knowledge of Feng Shui, which I gained during numerous travels through the world. It is Feng Shui which states that Milicz, Wszewilki and Sławoszewice should build together a circular hard road, and should run a circular bus line "8" (i.e. "eight") along this road (i.e. this bus-line "eight" would be the Milicz equivalent to a tram-line "zero" from Wrocław). However, after this inspirational work of Feng Shui already indicated what is to be done in order to return the prosperity to these settlements, now we can ask our logic and the knowledge of economy, in order to check whether these indications are correct. And as it turns out, the logic and economics confirm, that what was recommended by Feng Shui in fact does bring a renewal and success. These logical analyses of the same endeavour (i.e. the construction of the ring-road and the establishing of town bus line) I am going to provide in further items of this web page. Between us, even if one forgets, that it is from the knowledge of Feng Shui originates the prosperity and success of Chinese which lasts already for thousands of years, still just an ordinary logical analysis of the ring-road and bus line described here confirms that they definitively introduce a significant economic renewal and prosperity to human settlements which will lie by their paths.

#B2. How and why Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Milicz are to benefit from the bus line "8" (i.e. "eight") that will follow a circular route:
       Of course, even if we exclude the supernatural and mysterious action of the Chinese "Feng Shui", still the adding a lacking section of the ring-road around Milicz, and running a town bus along this road, must cause a rapid economical revival in all settlements which lie by this road and bus line. After all, according to present knowledge of economy, such opening of the circular bus route opens the feasibility for exchange of goods and services between all these settlements. Along this route farming products begin to flow to Milicz from villages Stawczyk, Wszewilki and Sławoszewice. In turn labour and expertise starts to flow to Stawczyk, Wszewilki and Sławoszewice from Milicz. In the result, rapidly begins happen something that these settlements did not experience since times of closing the "Amber Route". In addition, the revival is to benefit all settlements from the vicinity of these three, means such as Stawiec, Pomorsko, Godnowo, Duchowo, Karłowo, etc.

#B3. What would be the future route of the circular bus line "8" (i.e. "eight"):
       The circular town bus line "8" (i.e. "eight") from Milicz should have stops at every spot where there is a highest chance for gathering potential passengers. For example in Wszewilki itself the bus should have stops: immediately at the entrance to Wszewilki (means on the crossing with Krotoszyńska street), in the vicinity of "dwarfs garden" - so that the bus could be used also by people living in Stawiec by the main road, near (old) school in Wszewilki, by the old electric mill, in the centre of Stawczyk behind the railway line, by the football field, and by the dam on Barycz. In turn in Sławoszewice it should stop by the crossing of the historic road from Wszewilki to Duchowo with the main street of Sławoszewice, and by the railway station. Finally in Milicz it should have stops in a whole range of areas, including the present market (former Łazienki), School No 1, Lyceum General Education, buss station, central square, and also the beginning of Krotoszyńska street. Such a selection of bus stops, in connection with the lowest price of tickets possible, would guarantee the popularity and success of this bus line and services that it would provide for citizens.

#B4. The construction of a hard road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice and the high bridge through Barycz - means public works which must be completed in order to realise the idea of circular bus "8" (i.e. "eight") and to economically revive area of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Sławoszewice with the use of this bus:
       In order to realise such a town bus "8" (i.e. "eight"), it is necessary to build a section of new road which would replace the presently destroyed section of the old "Amber Route" which existed between the present Wszewilki-Stawczyk, and present Sławoszewice. Of course, this original historic section of the "Amber Route" wound in zigzags through areas which presently become wilderness. For example, it wound through the area near the dam on Barycz, which presently is flooded with a large fish pond. Behind Barycz it wound between grain storage buildings which used to stand over there in past, and round ponds for parking of barks which floated along the Młynówka channel from Milicz. Therefore, in my opinion, at the moment of undertaking the construction of the missing section of this road, this road needs to be surveyed again. I would propose that it should run a most straight as it can be accomplished without compromising its communicative functions, means without any curves or turns. This would also have a symbolic meaning, as a metamorphose for just emerging Stawczyk of our future. Unfortunately, at the point where this newly constructed road would cross through the Barycz river, it would be necessary to either build a new high bridge, or to adopt the existing railway bridge to fulfil also the road functions - as this is shown below in "Fig. #B4".

[Bild: most_kolejowo_drogowy.jpg]

Fig. #B4 (U2 in [10]): A photograph of one amongst several bridges of New Zealand, which serve simultaneously as a road bridge for cars, and as a railway bridge for trains. Notice on this photo the still shiny (because of the frequent use) rails of the railway line that passes through this bridge. The curiosity of such bridges of New Zealand is, that they do NOT have even ordinary barriers of lights which would warn drivers that another train is approaching the bridge. In spite of this, on such bridges almost are no accidents nor collisions between trains and cars. Drivers simply show on them the required respect to trains and pass through these bridges with a special care. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       If the restored section of the "Amber Route" that leads from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice, is passed along the railway line, then cheaply (on principles similar to these shown above) the already existing bridges through the Barycz river and through Młynówka, could be utilised for the road traffic. In such a case this restored section of the "Amber Route" could be constructed cheaply as a "communal effort" of inhabitants of Stawczyk, Wszewilki, Sławoszewice and Milicz. After all, almost everything that is needed for building such a road is already in there. Means, already are there bridges through Barycz and Młynówka. There is also available a stripe of unused land passing along the railway line that already passes in there. In addition, in present times of neglecting trains, probably this railway line is used only around once per whole day. So without difficulty railway bridges could be co-used by the road traffic and buses.
* * *
Fig. #B5 [b](Click on this green link to see the illustration): The illustration "Fig. #B5" shows the appearance yet another bridge of New Zealand, which is used both - as a road bridge for cars, and as a railroad bridge for trains. Also notice on this photo the still shiny, because of the frequent use, rails of the railway line that passes through this bridge. [/b]

#B5. How practically implement the construction of the section of circular-road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice, and the adaptation or construction of high bridge over Barycz, in the present chronic lack of funds:
Motto: "God helps those who help themselves."
       I personally continually experience that every beneficial for people idea always meets vigorous resistance from representatives of dark forces. This resistance of opponents of progress I call the "curse of inventors". It is described at several totaliztic web pages. (For examples of this description - see item #F1 from the web page named morals.htm, item #H1.5 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm, item #G1 from the web page named eco_cars.htm, or item #F1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm.) Therefore, when rational thinking citizens of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Sławoszewice, should see benefits of the road construction proposed here and decide to implement this road, then it will open a real hell. For known reasons immediately will then turn out, that there are no funds for such a construction, and also that many highly posted officials for personal benefits are going to oppose the completion of this road.
       However, the life teaches us, that we should not be discouraged by obstacles. After all, these always appear - no matter what new one would like to accomplish. So in order to go around the problem with funds, I would suggest to initially build this road in so-called "communal effort". In such a case becomes invalid the biggest obstacle that these dark forces most surely will create on the path of this project, namely the excuse that authorities have "no funds".
       In order to construct the road discussed here in a "communal effort" there are two possibilities. Namely, the most beneficial course of the road would be accomplished when military sappers from the nearest to Milicz group of engineering services are going to be invited for constructing the road as part of their training. Means, Milicz could make an agreement with sappers, to build this road, and also to build a high bridge through Barycz, within their training capacity. After all, sappers have both the equipment required, and the expertise needed. In addition, from times when I was a sapper myself, I remember well that we were most discouraged in our training because we build bridges and roads which immediately after construction needed to be dismantled. So we dreamed in loud voices, and we let this know to our commanders, that we would prefer to build bridges and roads which would serve for the good of some people. We even appealed to our commanders, that for our next training construction they find a village which actually needs a bridge and a road, and that we implement our training on building for the good of this village. So here is an opportunity to assist young sappers to realise just such a dream, and allow them to practice the building of bridge and road on the example of the section of a ring-road discussed here.
       Of course, it is also possible that these forces of conservatism win again and make impossible engagement of sappers into building the road from Wszewilki and Stawczyk via Słąwoszewice to Milicz, and then back. In such a case this road and bridge should be also possible to build as a communal works just by citizens of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Sławoszewice. After all, citizens of these settlements will benefit from this road and bridge. So they may roll sleeves up and build this road and bridge together. After all, as this is illustrated in caption under "Fig. #B4" everything that is needed for this road is already there. People need only to contribute a bit of ground-shaping works.
       Probably for inspiring a competition, it would be desirable to subdivide tasks during this road building - if the entire construction falls on shoulders of citizens of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Sławoszewice. In fact, when one looks into this matter, just such a subdivision was already done by nature itself (i.e. by God). Thus, bridges through Barycz and Młynówka, plus 125 meters of roads by both sides of these bridges, together with road crossings located at both ends, lights, barriers, etc., would be constructed by citizens of Milicz. After all, the reconstruction of bridges and road crossings by the bridges, requires the highest level of skills, expertise, and equipment. Milicz have all these. A section of the road from the main highway through Stawczyk until the right (northern) side of the bridge through the Barycz river would be build by citizens of Wszewilki and Stawczyk. In turn a section of the road from left (southern) side of the bridge until the crossing with the main highway through Sławoszewice, including a small section between bridges through Młynówka and Barycz, would be constructed by citizens of Sławoszewice. Both these sections are approximately proportional to the number of inhabitants and to technical capabilities of both these villages.
       If the road is build as a communal work - means without governmental funding, then in the first version it does not need to be perfect. Means it does not need to be covered with asphalt and have all conveniences. It suffices if it is hard, even, and well paved, so that a bus could drive along it without any difficulty. In turn such a road can easily build either just citizens of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk, and Sławoszewice, as well as the invited sappers. In turn, after this road begins to turn out highly useful, it gradually can be improved so it finally accomplishes the good standard of the surface, marking, and sides.

#B6. Why the road and the bridge will begin a renewal - and after are build these initiate significant changes in lives of citizens of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk, Sławoszewice, and other surrounding settlements:
       At the moment when the road described here is completed, while the first town buses of the line "8" (i.e. "eight") from Milicz begin their regular courses along it, it rapidly will turn out that this enterprise initiated a renewal of these settlements which (the renewal) occurs simultaneously in a whole range of areas. Reasons for this multi-frontal renewal will be as follows:
       (1) Creation of required "infrastructure" with this road and bus line, which will propel the economical revival of this entire area. The easiness of the access and a good transport are primary requirements for every revival. Thus when these are put into the place in settlements described here, the economical renewal of this region becomes just only a natural consequence of the easy access and good transport.
       (2) Visual convincing local people that dreams are to be implemented. This in turn will cause that many people begins to implement their own previously inhibited dreams, for which previously they had no courage, or no inspiration, to turn them into action.
       (3) Learning the power of common effort. In present times of worshippers of television and eaters of sandwiches, people have forgotten how powerful force are - of they manage to organise a common effort. The project discussed here will remind this to them. In turn after they see their own power, these people begin to implement a whole range of other beneficial endeavours and reforms.
       (4) Accomplishing a goal for action and lives. After all, when this project finishes with a success, becomes possible developing even more ambitious goals and projects, which later are going to be implemented also with successes. This in turn will transform completely the area of these settlements.
       (5) Opening new areas in the vicinity of Milicz for housing and for intense industrialisation. In fact such a road, as well as the town communication that this road opens, will create the beneficial "infrastructure" which is a beginning and encouragement for investments. In turn when such an infrastructure is in place, then for sure investors will come, who will create the industry - and in this manner new work places, who will invest in new housing, hotels, shops, etc.
       (6) Establishing the reason for beautifying and tiding Wszewilki - means for the improvement of the appearance of this village. In turn after the appearance of the village will improve, people begin to live according to this new appearance.
       (7) Revealing that Feng Shui in fact works and in fact introduces noticeable changes to the physical world. About the fact that "Feng Shui" actually works knows every Chinese. On the areas dominated by Chinese practically every new bank, factory, or house are now constructed according to statements of Feng Shui masters. It is because of this that economy of Chinese lately is blooming. Time that also Poles learn benefits which the implementation of Feng Shui is able to secure for them.
       (8) Showing to the rest of the world that Milicz, Wszewilki and Sławoszewice in fact started their fight for a better tomorrow for themselves. In this way they are to obtain the support of the positive forces from the rest of the world. Every success in these settlements is going to be watched with the highest attention by others. Especially that these settlements are already well known in the world from the destructive campaign that is carried out against them by these dark forces.

Part #C: Let us intensity and differenciate the production in Wszewilki, so that this village returns to the historic role of a productive extension of Milicz:
#C1. After the access and communication is created, time now for the economical renewal, amongst others through the creation of local industry:
       In old times Wszewilki, Sławoszewice and Milicz constituted a single complex town-village. But in recent period of persecution and aggression against these settlements, this tight economic cooperation somehow deteriorated. So it is about time to renew it. In fat since the oldest times Wszewilki and Sławoszewice constituted a kind of craft (industrial) suburbs of Milicz. Only that in recent years of persecution and aggression this "industry" of Wszewilki and Sławoszewice was limited exclusively to farming and to home crafting of farm products. Presently it is worth to thing again about returning to Wszewilki and Sławoszewice also other kinds of production. After all, the eventual development of these villages as industrial extensions of Milicz will guarantee the availability of labour in the form of inhabitants of Milicz who will be willing to commute to Wszewilki or Sławoszewice via the newly formed town bus line "8" (i.e. "eight"). In turn the area of these villages will provide convenient conditions for locating small factories and production workshops.

#C2. The industry which already now have a backing in Wszewilki, only needs to be organised (i.e. the processing of "organic" farming and forest products, herbs, tourism, hospitality):
       Wszewilki and Sławoszewice already now provide backing for a whole range of production enterprises. For example, there is a production backing for organising processing of "organic" farming and forestry products in them, for herbal production, for tourism, hospitality, and several other brands. The only thing that is still needed is just this "infrastructure" in the form of public transport and access roads, which is to allow someone to invest in such processing plants in there.

#C3. Further kinds of industries, for which Wszewilki and other surrounding villages already now have resources (e.g. electronics, optics):
       Wszewilki lie on a real treasure. I am really surprised that so-far no-one invested in retrieval of this treasure. (Probably the reason is this lack of encouraging infrastructure about which I am writing here.)This treasure is an exceptionally clean quartz sand of Wszewilki and the surrounding areas. Deposits of this sand are so significant in there that can compete on the world's scale. On the basis of this sand it is possible to open a whole range of industries in the vicinity of Wszewilki, especially from the area of semi-conductor electronics, production of photocells - so popular lately, or production of lenses and optical instruments. If the infrastructure and transport described on this web page are in place, I am ready to bet that around Wszewilki production facilities of this type begin to grow like mushrooms after a rain.

#C4. The moral message of hope, renewal, and civilizational advancement, which should stem from the kind of industry initiated in Wszewilki:
Motto: "Dreams supported with actions can even Wszewilki turn into 'horizons of advancement'."
       Wszewilki are a special village. If one analyses the history of it, then it turns out that in this history a kind of moral message for humanity is contained. This message expresses a timeless truths about freeing ourselves from oppression, slavery, and injustice, about fight with persecution, courage, hope, or renewal, about fulfilment of dreams, progress, civilizational advancement, etc. Therefore, whatever industry if going to be initiated in Wszewilki, it must not be just any factory building with a huge chimney which produces ordinary goods while spews from the chimney tons of poisonous smoke. Rather it should be the industry which is going to match the spirit of Wszewilki and match these timeless truths that this village symbolises. An example of just such an industry would be the production in Wszewilki photoelectric cells postulated above, which the increasingly popular applications eliminate all these smokes and pollutions from the Earth's atmosphere. In order to let the reader know here what further kinds of industry would be highly appropriate for the symbolism and tradition of Wszewilki, below I am going to briefly describe several next examples of such industries. In the USA one day the so-called "Silicone Valley" was formed. So it is worth to check whether also Wszewilki can be turned into "Horizons of Advancement" (of the Human Civilisation).

#C4.1. An assembly line for telekinetic cells:
       The availability of inexpensive workforce and the convenient geographical location of Wszewilki cause also, that in case when the infrastructure described here is in place, then it would be profitable to invest in this village into the industry which requires a lot of labour and not much materials. A technical device which carries the huge civilizational advancement of humanity, and simultaneously fulfils the condition of a small demand for materials with a large demand for labour, are so called telekinetic cells. To be honest, if one day I could succeed with implementation of my invention of these cells, which I am developing theoretically for the last 20 years, then the assembly line and the factory shop for these cells almost for sure I would like to locate just in Wszewilki - of course if the local dark forces would NOT oppose too much against this.

#C4.2. A manufacturing facility for windmills which extract water from the air:
       Everyone probably noticed that the climate of Earth lately is changing rapidly. Reasons for this change is partially described in item #B16 of the web page about destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles. A consequence of this rapid climate change is that areas which in past had water, presently turn into a dry desert. This is just happening with Australia. In a similar way into a desert are turning northern parts of Africa, eastern part of Asia, and the western part of South America. These drying areas need water to sustain life of people and animals. But water stopped to fall over there with rains. It is till present in the air, but does NOT wants to condensate into the form of rains. So a kind of saviour and a last resort for the drying out world can be the invention of a retiree from the suburb of Perth in Australia, named Max Whisson. Namely, he invented a highly clever windmill, and even already build a working prototype of it. In this windmill the flow of air is so interestingly designed, that water is extracted from this air. The principle of operation of this windmill is similar to the principle of home appliances called dehumidifiers, only that instead of being propelled by electricity, the propelling energy comes from the wind. So when this windmill starts working propelled by the force of wind, into a container or a manger placed under it, a stream of clear water is flowing. This water can later be drunk by nearby people or animals. The description of this invention is presented in a brief article "The windmill that produces water out of hot air" which appeared on page B3 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.
       These windmills extracting water from the air are very simple in design. So they can work for years without a need for maintenance. They are also propelled by wind, so they can work in complete deserts. Means, they have all attributes to become saviour devices for dry areas of the Earth.
       For reasons explained more comprehensively in item #K3 of a separate web page named fe_cell.htm, a dreadful curse of inventors operates on Earth. It makes impossible the implementation of inventions which in a given period of time are the most needed by our civilisation. All signs indicate that the idea of the "windmill which extracts water from the air" described here is also blocked by this dreadful "curse", or more strictly by beings which hide behind this curse. From the information which about this windmill are already disseminated, it appears that the fate of it takes the course which is well known to me from the fate of telekinetic immersion heater by Peter Daysh Davey, described in item #4.3 of the web page about telekinetic generators of free energy. For example, already now on the subject of this windmill a powerful campaign of scoffing and discouraging was unleashed in Australia, which is almost identical to a similar campaign of scoffing and discouraging that UFOnauts-changelings unleashed in Poland not long ago against telekinetic cells of my own invention. (UFOnauts use just such campaigns of scoffing and ridiculing for turning these more stupid people against of whatever is not in interest of UFOnauts, and additionally for creating excuse to officially block such progressive ideas by agents of UFOnauts which hide in various human institutions.) Most clearly local agents of evil powers already work intensely in order to disallow the adoption of this extraordinary windmill to an industrial production. Therefore I personally believe, that if Australia does NOT allow this windmill to break through the bureaucratic obstacles and discouraging scoffing which are thrown on the path to its implementation, then the production of this extremely needed device should be undertaken in Wszewilki. Later the ready-made such windmills should be exported from Wszewilki to Australia and also to all other places on Earth in which these are needed desperately.
       Of course, it can happen, that until this distant time when Wszewilki are ready for starting the production of this windmill, the retired inventor of it will not be amongst living any longer, while the technical documentation and prototypes of this device will not be available. But even in such a case I still believe that Wszewilki should one day undertake the production of this device so urgently needed on Earth. After all, knowing how it operates, and also knowing the design and operation of home "dehumidifiers", this windmill can be reconstructed quite easily through inventing it again. After all, the only thing that is needed to reinvent it, is to convert the operation of home "dehumidifiers" so that their propulsion originates from a windmill - not from an electric motor. In turn Wszewilki have many technically skilled and creative people who without any difficulty are able to accomplish this. So when this windmill is reconstructed and implemented into a serial production, but before it is exported to Australia, it would be worth to name it "the windmill of Max Whisson" - so in this way his creator would be honoured, who became another victim of the same evil powers which in past tried to destroy . Wszewilki. Such a course of fate would be an illustrative proof that justice is always triumphant at end.

#C4.3. A factory of rubber pavements:
       From times when I still lived in Poland I remember piles of old car tires which were dumped in areas that were suitable for unnoticed dumping. No-one wanted these tires. They were good for nothing. When dumped they would NOT rot fast. If someone ignited them, they polluted the atmosphere with a black, suffocating, cancerous smoke. On the other hand, in countries of South-East Asia they invented a perfect application for these tires. Namely, they are cut with machines into small cubes. A colouring agent is then added to them to make them nicely looking red or blue. Then pavements for footpaths in parks and running arenas on sport stadiums are smelted with these colourful cubes. Walking and running on such soft, smooth footpaths is very healthy - it does NOT strain joints as much as walking or running on stone or concrete pavements. In turn processing of old tires to produce these pavements is very good for the natural environment. After all, it removes piles of old car tires which otherwise would pollute the natural environment. Therefore the production facility for such rubber pavements from old tires seems to me like a kind of industry which is perfectly suited for the totaliztic mission and character of Wszewilki. Probably also some governmental funds would be allocated to help developing this environmentally friendly industry.

#C4.4. The factory of telepathic pyramids:
       On a separate web page about telepathy an extraordinary device is described called the "telepathic pyramid". This device was gifted to people by the friendly towards people totaliztic civilisation of beings in past called "angels". So far the production of this extraordinary device was started no-where on Earth. But this device is able to replace the present means of unhealthy radio communication, by more advanced devices for telepathic communication. Therefore the production of this telepathic pyramid should be initiated in Wszewilki.

#C4.5. Developmental and production facilities for water dissociators used in combustion engines:
       Our civilisation developed technically quite perfect form of propelling device, which is present combustion engine. A single problem with this engine is, that for the present kind of fuels that it uses, it produces undesirable gases which pollute Earth's atmosphere. But of in this engine one changes the mixture of fuel which is currently used, into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, then the same combustion engine rapidly ceases to be a problem. Then it works equally effectively and reliably as at present, but simultaneously instead of undesirable combustion gases it emits just ordinary water vapours. However, the major difficulty with such adoption of combustion engines for fuel in the form of mixture of hydrogen and oxygen depends on effective production of these gases at inlets to these engines. This problem is solved by so-called "telekinetic dissociators of water" described, amongst others, in subsection LA3.2 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Their principle of operation is very similar to the operation of "telekinetic heaters" described on the web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of telekinetic heater which bits all records. The main difference between such "telekinetic dissociators of water" and "telekinetic heaters" boil down to the use of different vibrations and different catalysers (materials). The development and manufacturing of such dissociators of water which would replace present carburettors from combustion engines, should be undertaken one day in Wszewilki. It would be agreeable with the spirit of this village.
       Many people believes that is it not worth to invest into the transformation of present combustion engines into engines that burn a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. They believe that it is much better for our civilization to get rid of combustion engines all together and replace them with electric motors. Although such complete replacement of combustion engines is realistic and attractive, there are going to be situation on Earth, when it turns out impossible. As examples consider tradition, bobbies, or sport. In future it will be impossible to forbid people who cultivate a tradition of hobby which requires combustion engines, or who practice a motor sport, to remove completely combustion engines from whatever is the essence of their tradition, hobby or sport. After all, if for example someone wishes in the future to enjoy for a hobby the present motorbike "Harley-Davidson" (and I am ready to bet that there is going to be many such people), then it will be impossible to do so after replacing in it the combustion engine with an electric motor. After all, whatever would be received then would NOT be a "Harley-Davidson" any more. But then it is possible and feasible to replace in this motorbike the presently used fuel by a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. In turn, after such a replacement of the fuel, and after the introduction of slight technical changes which this replacement would require, what would be obtained still would have all attributes of the motorbike "Harley-Davidson". Of course, this motorbike is indicated here as an example. In the future everything that presently uses a combustion engine, a jet engine, or a rocket propulsion, can be used in the same manner as today only after a small conversion to allow it to use for fuel a mixture of hydrogen with oxygen. In turn such a conversion will require just the replacement of present carburettors with "telekinetic dissociators of water" described here, and also replacement of petrol in their tanks with pure water. The entire rest of their design, principle of operation, and manner of work, will then remain without any changes.

#C4.6. Developmental and production facilities for water dissociators used in combustion engines:

       Our civilisation developed technically quite perfect form of propelling device, which is present combustion engine. A single problem with this engine is, that for the present kind of fuels that it uses, it produces undesirable gases which pollute Earth's atmosphere. But of in this engine one changes the mixture of fuel which is currently used, into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, then the same combustion engine rapidly ceases to be a problem. Then it works equally effectively and reliably as at present, but simultaneously instead of undesirable combustion gases it emits just ordinary water vapours. However, the major difficulty with such adoption of combustion engines for fuel in the form of mixture of hydrogen and oxygen depends on effective production of these gases at inlets to these engines. This problem is solved by so-called "telekinetic dissociators of water" described, amongst others, in subsection LA3.2 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Their principle of operation is very similar to the operation of "telekinetic heaters" described on the web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of telekinetic heater which bits all records. The main difference between such "telekinetic dissociators of water" and "telekinetic heaters" boil down to the use of different vibrations and different catalysers (materials). The development and manufacturing of such dissociators of water which would replace present carburettors from combustion engines, should be undertaken one day in Wszewilki. It would be agreeable with the spirit of this village. 
       Many people believes that is it not worth to invest into the transformation of present combustion engines into engines that burn a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. They believe that it is much better for our civilization to get rid of combustion engines all together and replace them with electric motors. Although such complete replacement of combustion engines is realistic and attractive, there are going to be situation on Earth, when it turns out impossible. As examples consider tradition, bobbies, or sport. In future it will be impossible to forbid people who cultivate a tradition of hobby which requires combustion engines, or who practice a motor sport, to remove completely combustion engines from whatever is the essence of their tradition, hobby or sport. After all, if for example someone wishes in the future to enjoy for a hobby the present motorbike "Harley-Davidson" (and I am ready to bet that there is going to be many such people), then it will be impossible to do so after replacing in it the combustion engine with an electric motor. After all, whatever would be received then would NOT be a "Harley-Davidson" any more. But then it is possible and feasible to replace in this motorbike the presently used fuel by a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. In turn, after such a replacement of the fuel, and after the introduction of slight technical changes which this replacement would require, what would be obtained still would have all attributes of the motorbike "Harley-Davidson". Of course, this motorbike is indicated here as an example. In the future everything that presently uses a combustion engine, a jet engine, or a rocket propulsion, can be used in the same manner as today only after a small conversion to allow it to use for fuel a mixture of hydrogen with oxygen. In turn such a conversion will require just the replacement of present carburettors with "telekinetic dissociators of water" described here, and also replacement of petrol in their tanks with pure water. The entire rest of their design, principle of operation, and manner of work, will then remain without any changes.

#C4.7. Solar "insect killers" (i.e. mosquitoes, sand flies, flies, cockroaches, etc.):
       (Sorry, but the remaining part of this item still awaits to be translated from Polish to English. Thus, to read it, either visit this web page again after some time, or try to automatically translate this item by the Google translator while running it from the Polish version of this web page named [b]wszewilki_jutra.htm.) [/b]
       W punkcie #J1 z mojej strony o nazwie pajak_do_sejmu_2014.htm, a także w 3 z punktu #C4.2 mojej strony o nazwie morals_pl.htm, wyjaśniłem że do grupy najbardziej niemoralnych posunięć monopolu oficjalnej nauki ziemskiej, jakie wprost można nazwać "przekleństwami ludzkości", należy zaliczać wprowadzenie do powszechnego użytku trucizn zwanych "pestycydy". (Inne równie dewastujące posunięcia naszej oficjalnej nauki obejmują także wprowadzenie do powszechnego użytku antybiotyków, teorii względności, inżynierii genetycznej, oraz szeregu jeszcze innych poronionych idei, plus oczywiście wszystkie te "naukowe kłamstwa" jakie oficjalna nauka nieodpowiedzialnie upowszechnia zamiast prawdy, a jakie opisuję na licznych swoich stronach internetowych - np. w punkcie #B2 mojej strony o nazwie humanity_pl.htm, albo w punkcie #D4 mojej strony o nazwie dipolar_gravity_pl.htm.) Trucizny te skaziły bowiem glebę na naszej planecie, weszły na stałe do obiegu w łańcuchu pokarmów ludzkości (powodując u ludzi wzrost najróżniejszych choróbsk w rodzaju alergii, odmian raka, itp.), są odpowiedzialne za stopniowy zanik owadów jakie pełnią istotną rolę w naturze (np. pszczół), a na dodatek owe szkodliwe owady jakie miały nimi być wyeliminowane, z upływem czasu uodporniły się na ich działanie. 
       Z chwilą kiedy ludzie zaczęli zdawać sobie sprawę z globalnej szkodliwości trucizn typu "pestycydy", wielu z nich podjęło próby naprawienia tej globalnej niemoralności popełnionej przez oficjalną naukę. Przykładowo wiadomo, że jeden bilioner-filantrop wydał fortunę na opracowanie jakiegoś beztruciznowego sposobu eliminowania komarów, które są podstawowym źródłem całej gamy śmiertelnych choróbsk opisywanych w punkcie #B1 mojej strony o nazwie plague_pl.htm (np. choróbsk takich jak denga (dengue), chikungunya, żółta gorączka (yellow fever), wypaczająca rozwój mózgu "zika", itp.). Jak też się okazało, faktycznie opracowana już została idea urządzenia technicznego, jakie można nazwać "uśmiercaczem owadów" ponieważ beztruciznowo eliminuje ono owady, a stąd potencjalnie stanowi rodzaj "ratunku dla ludzkości". Idea ta wykorzystuje elektryczność generowaną światłem słonecznym do zasilania wysokonapięciowej spirali zdolnej do elektrycznego palenia owadów jakie są do niej przyciągane błękitnym światłem. Prototypy urządzenia wdrażającego ową ideę są już produkowane - ja zakupiłem sobie nawet jeden z nich, zaś raport z jego sprawowania się zawarłem w punkcie #N5 swej strony o nazwie solar_pl.htm
       Niestety, produkowane obecnie urządzenia wdrażające ideę beztruciznowego "uśmiercacza owadów" narazie są aż tak pełne wad i błędów konstrukcyjnych, że niemal NIE nadają się do użytku. Te ich wady i błędy konstrukcyjne opisałem już dokładniej w punkcie #N5 w/w mojej strony solar_pl.htm. Ich popełnienie przez kostruktorów tego urządzenia jest pożałowania godne, bowiem doskonałą ideę zamieniają one w bezużytecznego "bubla". Tymczasem poprawne wdrożenie owej idei miałoby potencjał aby stanowić istny ratunek dla ludzkości przed wszelkimi owymi choróbskami roznoszonymi przez komary, muchy, karaluchy i inne owady. Wszakże efektywnie działające takie słoneczne "uśmiercacze owadów" mogłyby być umieszczane lub rozwieszane we wszystkich możliwych miejscach gdzie szkodliwe owady się mnożą, albo gdzie gryzą one ludzi lub zarażają chorobami żywność, eliminując stamtąd owe owady i pracując nieprzerwanie dniami i nocami ponieważ NIE wymagają żadnego zewnętrznego (sieciowego) zasilania w elektryczność. Dlatego mam tutaj apel do mieszkańców Wszewilek, mianowicie aby któryś z nich wykorzystał pomału słynną już w całym świecie wszewilkowską pomysłowość, zaradność, inteligencję, zdrowy rozsądek, realizm, poleganie na praktyczności, itp., poczym tak przekonstruował ideę owego słonecznego "uśmiercacza owadów", że idea ta zostanie pozbawiona owych kardynalnych wad, najważniejsze z których omówiłem już w punkcie #N5 mojej strony solar_pl.htm, następnie zaś aby wdrożył tak przekonstruowane urządzenie do seryjnej produkcji fabrycznej (jeśli się da, to w fabryce zbudowanej we Wszewilkach). Wszakże jeśli beztruciznowy "uśmiercacz owadów" zacznie działać tak jak powinien, wówczas zawarty w nim faktyczny potencjał "zdrowia i ratunku dla ludzkości" będzie mogł w końcu się wypełnić.

#C4.8. The development of timber crafts, based on deliberately hidden by God unusual attributes of natural "moon timber" (i.e. timber cut down only in winter and in the phase of the diminishing moon):
Motto: "Everything that is modest, inconspicuous, behaves in accordance with God's requirements (including so behaving people), and that in its final constitution was created by God (and not by man), for sure has purposefully hidden in itself various extraordinary qualities and abilities - but in order to discover these qualities and abilities, and to make good use of them, one has to work hard by putting into this the required amount of motivation and work."
       Wood is a modest and inconspicuous God-created material that we all know, but which we are increasingly less valuing in today's life, dazzled by the illusive lies of atheistic science - in spite that the Bible confirms that everything God created and that even when using the unreachable for humans God's quality criteria, God Himself could describe as "very good" (see Bible, Genesis 1:31). However, while creating this inconspicuous wood, God hid in it unusual qualities which, if one knows the secret how to liberate them, e.g. due to cutting down trees in winter and in the phase of the diminishing moon, then these qualities convert the modest wood into the marvellous material which in some respects is surpassing the quality of today's steel and concrete. Such a "moon timber" exhibits natural resistance to rotting, moulding, and bark insects, has excellent thermal insulation properties, is fire resistant, has increased strength, and also displays various other unusual features. The mystery of how to trigger trees to give to their wood all these extraordinary qualities was discovered by a former Austrian forester named Erwin Thoma, while the reader can learn it from a Polish-language free-of-charge video on YouTube entitled "KSIĘŻYCOWE DREWNO - UKRYTA PRAWDA O DRZEWACH I DREWNIE NA NOWO ODKRYTA" (which title means: "The moon timber - hidden truth about trees and timber newly rediscovered"). This discovery was repeated, because about the mysterious properties of the "moon timber" people already knew in the old times - unfortunately until today they have forgotten about it. In this item of the web page, I am to explain not only the origins of these extraordinary properties of the "moon timber", and provide links to Mr. Thoma's descriptions of these properties, but I will also quote here various personally well-known by me examples which prove that antiquity had the knowledge of how such unusual timber can be obtained, and used such timber even on the territory of present Poland. In addition, I will also point out examples of cases known to me which prove that the giving of such extraordinary qualities is NOT limited by God to just wood - only that in order one could utilise these qualities, one must firstly learn the mystery of their disclosure. 
       One among well-known examples of actual use in Poland of the extraordinary qualities of "moon timber" was discovered and explained due to the described in item #A3 of the web page named malbork_uk.htm, links of my family with the Teutonic Knights castle in the Polish town of Malbork. Only a few people know today, that on piles (poles, supports) of just such "moon timber" are for sure embedded the foundations of that Teutonic Knights castle. in the soft and wet sand of the banks of the nearby Nogat River. After all, such timber piles (poles) support the foundations of this early medieval castle from the time of the construction of this castle around 1280 AD, until the present days. Also in spite that these piles were inserted in the ever-wetted sand by nearby Nogat River, and in spite that at the time of their installation people were NOT familiar with today's chemicals and poisons that would treat timber to protect it from moisture, from moulding, from fungus and bacteria, from rotting, etc., still, these piles perfectly have supported the foundations of the mighty Malbork castle before starting to submerge into the wet sand around 1950s - when they just started to to rot and collapse, thus requiring a rescue (for details see item #A3 from my web page named malbork_uk.htm). If the same foundations of the heavy castle in Malbork were embedded in e.g. today's reinforced concrete pillars, then almost certainly they would have collapsed after around a century. So in total, these piles supporting the foundations of the Malbork castle have not rotten for about 670 years, while it is well known that Polish chemically untreated timber subjected to the action of elements (i.e. moisture, moulding, fungus, bacteria, etc.) typically rot and fall apart after around 30 years. Thus, piles from the foundations of the Malbork castle displayed more than 20-times higher resistance to rotting than just ordinary wood. This means that for sure they must be made from the "moon timber" discussed here. 
       It is known from history that the Teutonic Knights who built the castle in Malbork maintained a vigorous contacts with the Venetians - from whom they learned the art of building castles. Meanwhile, the entire Italian city of Venice is also standing on salty sea mud supported by just similar poles made of the "moon timber". Soon after 2017/4/17 these wooden poles that support foundations of the entire city of Venice I could view on the length from 10:30 to 13:20 minutes of English documentary film entitled "Italy's Invisible Cities S01E02: Venice", while available from YouTube at After all, Venice was built by Romans, while it is known that the Romans knew the mystery of the "moon timber" - the relevant historical record about this knowledge, made by Roman chronicler and writer Pliny, is mentioned in the movie I am referring to in this item. It is interesting that these piles supporting the buildings of the city of Venice began to rot and collapse at nearly the same time as the piles under the foundations of the castle in Malbork - which fact I am also mentioning in that item #A3 for my web page named malbork_uk.htm. On the other hand, if instead of poles made of the "moon timber", the city of Venice was founded, for example, on steel pillars, then almost certainly these would become rusty in less than a century.
       Besides the castle in Malbork and the city of Venice, I personally know (because I have studied), yet another example, when the "moon timber" has survived for over 800 years, and even today it is used for turning various useful objects. This example is described in detail in item #D2.1 from my web page named tapanui.htm. It is the timber fallen down throughout the entire New Zealand by the shockwaves of a massive explosion of seven UFOs, that occurred on 18th June 1178 AD, near the present-day New Zealand town of Tapanui. What most interesting, about this New Zealand "moon timber" we actually know that it was uprooted during the New Zealand winter and just after the moon's declining phase, as these facts were described in the old chronicle by the English monk-chronicler named Gervase of Canterbury. (An attempt to recreate that historic record from the Gervase's chronicle, as from 17th April 2017 could be viewed on lengths from 22:00 to 25:25 minutes of free English film available in YouTube and entitled "Cosmos by Carl Sagan Episode 4 Heaven and Hell" - unfortunately, in that attempt authors of the film put more effort into compatibility of their pictures and commentary with theories of present, but erroneous, official science, than into the compatibility with original Gervase's record.) In New Zealand, or more precisely in the town of Petone in which I live, I personally watched the final phase of rotting of a wooden Petone Wharf built in 1880 from the hardest (but not from the "lunar one") timber which at that time was available in New Zealand, and which then was repeatedly treated with chemicals and poisons, as well as strengthened in various ways. The Petone Wharf, due to the complete rotting of its supports, had to be closed for the public in 2016 - which fact I described in the above-mentioned item #D2.1 from my web page named tapanui.htm. This means, that the cut down "as it goes" even the hardest New Zealand noble wood, in spite of being treated with various chemicals, after being exposed to the elements is still fully rotted already after around 140 years (while without treatment with chemicals - rotted no later than after 40 years). 
       The explanation as to why were given all these normally hidden from people superior attributes of almost everything that God has created and that look modest and inconsequential, provides to us the philosophy that I had the honour to develop and named the philosophy of totalizm. This explanation "why" was possible because my philosophy discovered the existence of the so-called "moral laws" - one of which states that "we must earn with hard work everything that is important and valuable" (which earning also means, that without contributing effort and work, one receives only the marginal quality, which typically is reserved for people practicing the so-called philosophy of parasitism.) So in order to create rewards for those people, who obey that moral law in their conduct, God in His supreme wisdom chose whatever seemed to be very modest and inconsequential, then gave to it the hidden from sight of atheists and sceptics, extraordinary and superior qualities - as it is foretold in the Bible, verses 1:27-29 of the book "1 Corinthians", quote: "but God chose the foolish things of the world, that he might put the wise men to shame, and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put the strong things to shame, and God chose the ignoble things of the world and the things looked down upon, the things that are not, that he might bring to nothing the things that are, in order that no flesh might boast in the sight of God." (more broadly I explained these verses of the Bible, among others, in item #L1 from my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, and also I explained it in a number of other my publications referring to this particular verse, while linked from my Polish web page named skorowidz.htm.) However, these extraordinary attributes of whatever is modest and inconsequential, can be used only if one learns the secret of their extraction from concealment. In turn, the privilege of learning and using this secret is given by God to only these people and nations, which meet a whole set of requirements - for example, which (a) will contribute into this learning and using the required morally correct work and motivation; which (b) show the required level of (true) morality understood in its totaliztic definition (i.e. the morality understood as the "level of obedience" with which are followed the commandments and requirements of God - for details see item #B5 on my web page named morals.htm); which © live and function in times which have matured for a given secret could be known and used for the benefit of mankind; Etc., etc. 
       I repeatedly in my life encountered examples of such well hidden attributes. Their most easily checked by every example of them are the characteristics of the Bible. At first glance, the Bible may give an impression that it is a collection of stories of ancient shepherds and travelling storytellers. I myself, too, considered the Bible to be such until 1985, when I developed my theory of everything named Concept of Dipolar Gravity (Codig), which in the most condensed (short) manner is described in item #A0 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. To myself, and to those readers interested in it, whose minds can recognize the results of logical deductions, the content of this Codig theory has proven beyond doubt that God really does exist. Fortunately for me, after proving that God actually exists, I began to scientifically check the content of the Bible - which quickly convinced me that the Bible contains the absolute truth on every topic important for the humans. In addition, these my checks revealed, that almost every sentence in the Bible contains several (probably 12) distinct levels of meaning (e.g. the literal level, symbolic level, prophecy level, level of confirmation, level of principles and laws established by God, educational level, etc.), the first from which levels (the literal one) is deliberately formulated according to the above-mentioned moral law, to discourage the instant believing in the Bible of all atheists and practitioners of the philosophy of parasitism (i.e. parasitists), who have not yet earned the honour of knowing the truth. (About the parasitic nature and habits of such people, warns us the Bible itself, calling them very appropriately the "husks" and "goats".) However, the most shocking for me in the Bible was, that in spite of making the impression as if it describes ancient stories, in fact the Bible contains, among others, descriptions of every significant scientific discovery that the humanity will make till the end of times. For example, everything that I discovered as the first scientist in the world, and that turned out to be of a great importance to humanity, my checking in the Bible always revealed to me later that this discovery was also described somewhere in the Bible verses - only that it was well encrypted in there and hidden from the wrong eyes. And so, for example, when I scientifically discovered that the visible "matter" from our "physical world" is actually created by God through appropriate pre-programming of movements of the invisible to humans "counter-matter" contained in the God-inhabited "counter-world", shortly afterwards I found descriptions from verse 11:3 of the biblical "Hebrews", which precisely confirm with God's authority of the truth of that my discovery - see the descriptions from (5) in item #C12 of my web page named bible.htm. Then when, for example, I discovered that our aging in the artificially created by God so-called "reversible software time" is controlled by the vibrations of the spiral DNA from our body (which discovery, among other things, will allow future people to build my "Time Vehicles" which are to shift people back to their youth years after each reaching the old age), soon afterwards the truth of also this my discovery was confirmed in the Bible, only that it is also well hidden from the wrong eyes (see Bible, verses 20:1-11 from "2 Kings") - as I explain this in detail in items #D5 to #D5.2 from my web page named immortality.htm. Similarly, the tremendous scientific significance has, for example, my theoretical discovery of June 2016 that the "counter-world" in which God lives, and hence the whole universe, have infinite dimensions, thus are NOT able to expand nor shrink, because except for them there is no other space anymore. The significance of this discovery is also enormous, because it completely overthrows and overrides the so-fashionable currently among modern atheistic scientists the "big bang theory", on which is based the entire this scientific lie about the alleged accidental evolution of the universe and life. Since at that time I was knowing already, that every future scientific discovery that is of a great significance for the humanity is already confirmed in the Bible, I began again to seek confirmation of his truth by the authority of God. As it turned out later, in fact, in the Bible, that my theoretical discovery from June 2016 has already been described for about 2000 years (see verse 3:24-5 in the Biblical "Book of the Baruch"), as I already explained this in more detail at the end of item #D4 from my Polish web page named dipolar_gravity_pl.htm - but as all other unknown yet to people discoveries, in the Bible it is well hidden from the eyes of lazy persons and deceivers, so to understand these verses, first one has to earn the truth through contributing the required amount of work and effort into making this discovery. Of course, similar examples of the careful hiding by God of the extraordinary qualities of everything that is modest and inconspicuous, I could have list here much more - and this even on the example of my own research. However, I do not write this item for this purpose. Here I want to draw the reader's attention, that such extraordinary attributes we should seek and search for in everything that is inconspicuous, modest, generally ignored, underestimated, neglected, etc. (As was once treated the place of my birth and childhood, i.e. Stawczyk, Wszewilki and Milicz .) 
       One among many examples of such extraordinary attributes, that are well hidden by God from the unauthorised eyes of greedy atheists and parasites, are precisely the characteristics of timber harvested from trees cut down during the severe winters and in the phase of the diminishing moon. (I believe that the natural wood, as well as many other inconspicuous and humble substances that God has created, still conceals even more of the same extraordinary attributes - but that we need to put faith in God and a great effort in research to gradually discover these attributes. But such extraordinary attributes DO NOT have man-made substances, such as plastic, concrete, steel, etc.) In March 2017, i.e. at the time of writing this item, about attributes of just such "moon timber" one could find from a free 37-minute long video (with comments in Polish) available through at the address: This video bears the Polish title of "KSIĘŻYCOWE DREWNO - UKRYTA PRAWDA O DRZEWACH I DREWNIE NA NOWO ODKRYTA" (which title translates as "The moon timber - newly re-discovered hidden truth about woods and timber"). It was prepared on the basis of the life experiences of the owner of a world famous woodwork factory belonging to a former Austrian forester named Erwin Thoma. These Erwin Thoma woodworks also have their own German-language website, which in March 2017 was available at the address
       Although all the attributes that God gives to His substances and objects of nature, are given on the basis of divine goals, knowledge, logic and farsightedness, still these attributes can also be explained by cause-effect mechanisms. (For God has a habit of inserting evidence for more than one explanation of everything that He does - for details see item #C2 from my web page named tornado.htm.) For example, the unusual features of "moon timber" can be explained with the cause and effect principle, as caused by the preparation of trees to difficulties brought onto them by the severe winter (i.e. the preparation of trees to withstand strong winds, frosts, temperature changes, etc.), and also the simultaneous preparation of these trees for the repetitively dry and colder winter, which is typical of the diminishing moon phase. 
       The villages of Wszewilki and Stawczyk are located in close proximity to vast forests. It does NOT make then to their inhabitants any difficulty of getting woods to be cut drawn at the moment when the timber reveals its unusual characteristics (i.e. in winter and in the phase of the diminishing moon). On such timber craftsmen from these villages could start to create desired by people e.g. furniture, floors, lining walls, stairs, doors, windows, etc. - which attributes would be as unusual as this "moon timber". So I recommend to attention of more enterprising villagers from that area this highly educational film recommended here, and whatever I explained here on the basis of my "Codig". After all, on this widely unknown knowledge they can now begin to build further development, and the future prosperity and usefulness for the humanity, the villages from which I too proudly derive my own origin.

#C5. Idea of "off-spin" - means if one area is revived, then everything begins to revive:
       English people use an idea which they call "off-spin". In translation onto everyday language it means "instigating a rotation". In this idea the point is, that everything is linked by various relationships with everything else. So if we begin to spin one component of such a inter-linked whole, then soon the entire system is going to spin.
       Let us explain the idea of "off-spin" on an example of Wszewilki. Let us assume that one amongst industrial enterprises described here is implemented and that in Wszewilki is created some local industry which provides employment and a source of income for a number of people who are to work in it. So people who are to work in this industry will need e.g. food. Thus a part of money they earn will go to local bakers, restaurants, confectionary, etc. But in order these bakers, restaurants, confectionary makers, etc., have their goods to sell, a part of their earnings must in turn go to local farmers, gardeners, orchards, fish ponds, etc. These also are going to need more clothing, tools, provision, etc. In the result, one does not have a time to blink when because of just a single such a new industry soon everything in the vicinity of Wszewilki and Milicz is going to spin on the highest velocity.

Part #D: Let us additionally activate Wszewilki through attracting the world to curiosities of this village, and through hospitable welcome of visitors:
       Wszewilki is a village. As such Wszewilki is unable to visit the world. But it may cause that the world comes to visit Wszewilki.

#D1. Extraordinary aspects of Wszewilki which already now make this village worth visiting:
Motto: "If you have any extremely important day-dream, then visit Wszewilki and repeat this dream over there. My experience confirms that dreams which are moral, positive, realistic, and supported with decisive actions, and which were relived in Wszewilki, always eventually come true."
       Milicz, Wszewilki, and their vicinity need an influx of prosperity and stability. These in turn are to come when inhabitants of these settlements complete the ring-road and the bus line described in "Part #B" of this web page, and when these initiatives inspire someone to invest into a production industry located in Wszewilki. However, Wszewilki and the vicinity of Milicz have also a lot to offer outside of industries. Let us consider now different kinds of these other offers of this land.
       Chakras, fulfilment of dreams, strange nature (of a type of griffin or repetitive rainfall of alive fish), clear air, perfect night sleep, nature for watching, interesting history, etc. - all these are already now attract to Wszewilki and Milicz numerous visitors from far, far away. Only that people of Wszewilki need to stop be shy and stop to hide all these goodies from others, but rather show openly local attractions, as this is done on web pages about Wszewilki and Milicz. Also there is a need to disseminate reliable information about this area of the world.

[Bild: petone_24_2_2007.jpg]

Fig. #D1 (H1 in [10]): Could be that culture flew from Wszewilki to [b]Petone! Log ago in Wszewilki one could see and hear beautiful Polish folk dances and songs - amongst others similar to the dance recorded on the above photograph. This is because in past Wszewilki had the own folkloristic dancing and signing troupe. This troupe danced and sung e.g. during the last harvest festival in Wszewilki - described in item #L2 of my web page named wszewilki_uk.htm. I even was a bit in love with one of dancers and vocalist of this troupe - beautiful Maryla (still until today I remember her name - was so typically Polish). Unfortunately, she was a couple of years older than me, so she was chasing more "adult" boys. Maryla was extremely talented musically, thus her songs contained that unique energy "umf" - which the reader can sense also, eg. in songs from my own "playlist", which is available via the link p_e.htm, but which "playlist" works only if the reader runs it with a search engine named "Google Chrome" (version of 2011 or later). Pity that present generation of young Wszewilkians is mainly interested in eating sandwiches in front of television sets. After all, the dancing troupe from Wszewilki, equally colourful, vivid, and well dancing as the one which was formed by Maryla and her girlfriends, would attract thousands of tourists to festivals and spectacles in Wszewilki. [/b]
       The above photograph I took during the "Polish Festival" which started "at noon" on Saturday, 24 February 2007, on a miniature square of Petone - i.e. the suburb of capitol city of Wellington in New Zealand. In this festival were dancing several Polish folklore groups that currently exist in New Zealand. After all, Polish folklore dances are fashionable lately outside of borders of Poland. These dances are learn even by people who do not know a word in Polish, but only with a proud discover that one of their ancestors emigrated from Poland. The dancing troupe recorded above, composed of young and dynamic New Zealand girls, impressed me enormously. It demonstrated perfectly choreographed combination of traditional Polish folklore dance, with a modern dance in rhythm of newest Polish bit music of a neo-folkloristic character. Although the dance of these girls resembles old Polish folklore dance, in fact it was a modern dance in rhythm of beautiful Polish bit music modelled on old Polish folkloristic tunes. The girls shown here captured hearts of the entire audience with their dynamic dance and music.
       Between us, a similar square - small but cosy, like the one visible on the above photograph, Wszewilki should rebuild for itself - as I explained it in "Part #F" of this web page. Someone is constantly repeating, that there is a kind of unwritten prophecy for Wszewilki, which states that "as soon as the central square of Wszewilki is rebuild, the prosperity and happiness return permanently to Wszewilki and to surrounding settlements, and will stay there for as long, until this square falls in ruins again."
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#D2. "Time capsules" - means another attraction for visitors to Wszewilki and Milicz:
       The name "time capsule" is assigned to a kind of a non-decaying container in which someone locks various precious documents and objects, then buries it or hides in a difficult for identifying place, so that it can be found in distant future by further generations of people.
       When I was in 5th class of my Primary School, by some strange impulse I prepared my own "time capsule". As a container I used a large bottle - if I remember well it was a bottle of a type in past used by pharmacies (with a wide neck and with a glass cork grinded precisely for a hermetic closing). Into this capsule I put various "treasures" which were then in my possession. If I remember well, these included various old coins, photographs, and an exact history of my family and myself written laboriously by me personally at the level of my writing capabilities of that time. I buried this "time capsule" in a place which only I know, deeper then my height of that time - presently I estimate that at the depth of close to 2 meters. Although it contains metal objects, I do not think that at this depth it is detectable by present inductive metal detectors. Since the time of burying this "time capsule" I never tried to dig it out. So I believe that it remains in there until today, and that it becomes discovered only in distant future.
       In a future I intend to bury at least one more such "time capsule". The first of these I plan to prepare in the year in which I am retiring, i.e. in summer 2011. I am going to bury it somewhere near Wszewilki, in a lone place although easily accessible for newcomers, probably not far from a road (perhaps even the road described on this web page - if it is constructed by that time). This time my second and further "time capsules" I am going to prepare much more thoroughly than the one from my childhood. Namely, instead of a bottle I am going to prepare it in a form of a glass container of a high strength and hermetic closing. So far I do not know whether I use for this purpose a custom-made hermetic container prepared to my specific order, or I simply use a ready-made glass container purchased in a shop and then glued hermetically with a crystalloid "super-glue" and for security also fastened with a non-corrosive wire made of copper or led. (If I use a ready-made container, then it most probably would be either a square butter-dish, or a round airtight glass jar with a glass cover - type used in past for homemade preserves.) In past I accumulated a collection of several silver and gold coins. So I assume that I put inside various more precious pieces from this my collection. Furthermore, I am going to put into it a kind of my "testament", means not only the description of history of my life, but also some further information which are vital for our civilisation, which during my lifetime for various reasons I was not able to make public.
       I personally encourage here readers, to also prepare their own "time capsules" and to bury these somewhere in a publicly accessible area not far from Wszewilki. After all, not only each present inhabitant of Wszewilki can prepare for himself such a "time capsule", but also every reader can also do this - not matter where lives at present. Wszewilki is a perfect place for storing such time capsules within soil of our mother Earth. I also believe that for several reasons, future generations of people are going to search these time capsules in Wszewilki. So if the reader wishes his time capsule is found in a distant future, he should bury it just in a lone but publicly accessible place from the vicinity of Wszewilki.
       In past around 1981 I had my family holidays by a Polish lake. Probably it was the lake in Lendyczek. During riding a water bike I accidentally found just such a "time capsule" prepared many years earlier by some other holidaying people. It turned out that water washed out this capsule from somewhere and brought to the lake. This capsule that I found did not contain anything special. It was simply a large strip of the bark from a birch tree placed in an empty bottle. On this bark a history of a group of campers was written many years before. In spite of that insignificant content of that time capsule, it become a sensation of that summer for all visitors in my vacation centre. After the management of the centre requested this time capsule from me, all visitors to the centre read it in subsequent shifts of the centre, frequently discussed, and speculated what later has happen to people described in this time capsule. It is worth to remember about this. After all, if we ourselves prepare such a time capsule, then in fact we provide for someone in a far future a similar fun of reading, discussing, and speculating about the content of this capsule, about content descriptions contained in it, and about further fate of the person or people who prepared this capsule. Furthermore, probably such a capsule is going to land in a local museum, or perhaps even a historian makes his or her doctorate about it.
       In fact in the vicinity of Wszewilki for a long time do exist various old time capsules. They are outcomes of the fate of this land, which is described on separate web pages about Wszewilki and Milicz.

#D3. The inclusion of Wszewilki as the destination area for participants of international games and hobby interests organised via the Internet:
       There is a growing number of attractive games in Internet, the essence of which boils down to inspiring various people to visit specific areas of the Earth. I would suggest that the village of Wszewilki is included into the largest possible number of such games and hobby interests. After all, the only thing that is needed to include Wszewilki to these games, is an access to Internet (which surely already have a significant number of inhabitants of Wszewilki), and a bit of "good will". If instead of New Zealand I live within the range of a short trip to Wszewilki, then I would do it myself for the good of my native village. Unfortunately, in order to do it, one needs to live near a given place - so that one can fulfil conditions that a given game imposes (e.g. prepare and hide a "treasure" which participants of a given game are later going to seek).
       In order to give the readers some idea as to what these games are about, I am going to describe here one of them - which in my opinion is the most representative to all of them. It is called the "Geocaching - The Global GPS Cache Hunt". The comprehensive descriptions and location data for it are provided on the web page This game boils down to hiding of a kind of "treasure" somewhere in a publicly accessible area. In fact the "treasure" does NOT contain any precious things, but just several small objects which typically can be found spare in almost every home, e.g. a nail-cutter, corkscrew, bottle opener, magnifying glass, an old coin, a key, etc. The "treasure" is closed in a metal box which prevent it from getting wet (e.g. in an old metal box left from chocolates), and additionally supplied with a small notebook and a pen - that serve as a "logbook". This "treasure" is then hidden in a manner that allows to find it without the use of any special equipment (i.e. without the use of e.g. a shovel or a ladder) - it means it should NOT be buried nor placed too high, but should be placed e.g. in a low tree cavity, or inside of a dense bush, or under a small stone, or on a beam of a bridge, etc. Then, with the use of a device called GPS (i.e. the "Global Positioning System") the precise geo-coordinates of this "treasure" need to be determined with the accuracy to one meter. These coordinates are then placed on the abovementioned web page "" for everyone to see. So if someone is bored, and just is close to a given "treasure", then can copy down the location of this "treasure" and go to find it. After finding it, he or she leaves a comment and possibly contact details in the "logbook" attached to the "treasure", and "lutes" the treasure - means selects these objects which likes and wishes to have, leaving instead of them any objects that he or she brought for exchange (i.e. after finding the "treasure" can be taken, but in its place another "treasure" should be left). Finally the finder hides the "treasure in exactly the same spot - so that it can be find again by a next treasure hunter.
       As I already explained it above, such a "treasure" is not difficult to prepare, because every home have some spare small objects which can be placed in an empty metal box together with a notebook and a pen. Also Wszewilki are full of interesting publicly accessible places where such "treasure" can be hidden easily - e.g. cavities in trees, bridges, triangulation towers, dense bushes, ruins of old buildings, piles of lumps or bog-ore on fields, famous old cemetery from Wszewilki, etc.

Part #E: The establishing in Wszewilki a centre (i.e. a farm and a free restaurant) for volunteers who wish to earn for themselves a totaliztic nirvana:
#E1. Why the totaliztic nirvana is so important, that a special centre needs to be organised in which volunteers would earn it for themselves:
Motto: "People on Earth unnecessarily trouble themselves with inventing a perfect social structure and perfect lives. God developed these already when He created humans, while morally advanced civilisations utilise these for millions of years. This ideal social order boils down to voluntary work for nirvana, while ideal laws are based in pedantic obeying of moral laws."
       In item #D1 of the web page about totaliztic nirvana, and also in item #A2 of a separate web page about political party of totalizm, is explained comprehensively why it is extremely vital that human civilisation learns to earn the state of continuous nirvana for itself, and to replace the present system of forcing labour through payment with a voluntary work for accomplishing nirvana. (I.e. that imperfect political systems invented by people and based on forcing the labour with money, are replaced by the "nirvana-based political system" which is given to us by God and which is based on a voluntary work for nirvana.) Let us summarise here briefly this explanation.
       As research done by [b]totalizm documents this, in fact God developed for humanity an ideal form of political system, and a set of ideal laws, according to which God wishes that people should live.[/b] The problem is only that the Earth is in power of especially evil creatures for thousands of years. These evil creatures do NOT allow people to implement this ideal political system, nor these ideal laws. (In past these "evil creatures" were called "devils". Presently we call them with a different name of UFOnauts.) Generally speaking this ideal political system designed for humanity by God is based on the voluntary work carried out for the good of other people without any material compensation. The goal of this voluntary work is to earn for ourselves the extraordinary reward which was established by God, and which is called nirvana. In order to accomplish this nirvana, people must volunteer for a heavy physical work with high motivations, donating fruits of this their labour for the good of other people. After accomplishing a nirvana they relive so indescribable happiness, that later they do not need any material gratification for their work. They simply will continue their heavy physical work for the good of other people only for the pleasure of maintaining in themselves this extraordinary state of nirvana. These unusual attributes of nirvana cause, that in fact morally high developed civilisations use nirvana in the same function as we use money. (An example of just such a civilisation which works only for accomplishing nirvana, is the totaliztic civilisation citizens of which people in past called "angels" - as described on the web page about God.) Thus in such civilisations the voluntary work for accomplishing nirvana becomes a basis for functioning of entire society. In this society money cease to be needed. Furthermore, because of the impossibility of earning a nirvana if someone acts immorally, in such societies also imperfect human laws cease to be needed - these are replaced over there by so-called moral laws. These moral laws become also a foundation of the ideal "nirvana-based political system" designed for people by God.
       Unfortunately, before people learn how to voluntary earn the nirvana for themselves, firstly someone needs to teach them how to carry out this earning. This teaching can be accomplished on two ways. One of these is explained on the web page about political party of totalizm. Namely, in order to implement it the party of totalizm must firstly win elections and get to political power. Then one of the first moves after gaining the power would be to form by this party just such centres in which people would learn voluntary how to earn the nirvana. Another way depends on the formation of such nirvana teaching centre due to a charitable action of an industrialist or a financier. Therefore, if I am able to e.g. implement one day any amongst my numerous inventions, e.g. build a factory of telekinetic cells, then for sure I would try to establish in Wszewilki just such a centre for teaching voluntary earning of nirvana.

#E2. How such a centre for learning how to earn the totaliztic nirvana would look and operate:
       In order to voluntarily earn a nirvana for ourselves, we need to complete heavy physical work the entire outcome of which is designated for the good of other people. Only when we altruistically designate outcomes of our work for the good of other people, it becomes possible to generate in ourselves a level and kind of motivations which are necessary for earning the nirvana. Therefore if it is me who organises in Wszewilki such a centre for earning the nirvana, then for this purpose I would purchase in there a large farm, while by the former historic square of Wszewilki (i.e. not far from the bus stop described on this web page) I would build a modern kitchen with a clean and appetising canteen. Then I would so organise the operation of this farm that volunteers who would work in there in order to earn the nirvana, would secure in it a continuous production of various tasty food products. In turn this fresh and tasty food produced in the farm would be processed in the kitchen into tasty and well balanced meals. These meals would be then served for free in the canteen to people from this area. Thus everyone who would feel hungry, or who would like to try meals prepared within the efforts to earn the nirvana, would be welcomed in this canteen, and treated there to a serving of these tasty and well balanced dinners and other meals, given for free to everyone who would visit the canteen.
       Of course, in order volunteers working on their nirvana were released from problems and worries of present life, this farm, kitchen, and canteen, would additionally be provided with appropriate infrastructure that would assist in earning the nirvana. And so, the volunteers after arrival to this centre would receive free flats with full furnishing. They would receive full free meals in the centre's canteen. They would also receive for free the clothing, footwear, tools of work, entertainment facilities, and everything else that they would need for a happy and fulfilled life and for concentration on earning their nirvana. Their staying in this centre would ini9tially be accepted for a single year. But in case that after this one year they could in fact document the earning of nirvana and a highly moral behaviour, then their staying could be extended for another year, or even for several years.

Part #F: Let us rebuild the historic central square of Wszewilki:
#F1. A neo-Roman church with a separately standing tower (also for viewing), a hotel with a restaurant, a mall, and a museum - means present equivalents for historic buildings of the central square in old Wszewilki:
Motto: "The real and permanent prosperity, stability, and happiness return to Wszewilki and Milicz, and also to other surrounding settlements, only after Wszewilki rebuilds the historic central square."

       In vicinity of the historic central square of Wszewilki in past used to stand four buildings of the public use. These were: (1) an old Roman church with bell tower standing separately from it, (2) a pub, (3) granary, and (4) bakery. In turn the square itself was an empty area on which almost every evening local farmers met in evenings for gossips, which was the locum for weekly markets for farm products, and on which repetitively every year a horse trading famous in several nearby countries was carried out. This is this famous horse trading gathering that my grandfather arrived from as far as White Russia. It was also in Wszewilki that his amazing knowledge of horses so impressed a nearby land lord, that he hired my grandfather for his master of the horses (equerry). Presently both in the place of this square, as well as in places where these old buildings of public use existed, are just deep holes in the ground. So it is about time to fill up these holes and to begin to build modern equivalents in places where these old buildings of the public use stood in past. After all, "only after Wszewilki rebuild the historic central square, the real and permanent prosperity, stability, and happiness are to return to Wszewilki and Milicz".
       Of course, in present times Wszewilki do not need exactly the same public buildings. After all times of a pub and granary passed a long time ago. However, into their place it is worth to erect other public buildings which will symbolise them and replace them in a modern form. For example, instead of a formed bakery a modern "mall" is worth to be build, with a supermarket, a bakery, a bank, etc. In turn in place of a granary a modern museum is worth being build which is going to teach, entertain, and attract visitors. The pub is worth to replace with a hotel with own restaurant and a bar. Only the church I personally would advice to rebuild intentionally in the "neo-Roman" style, so that it would resemble with its appearance this old historic church of Wszewilki which stood on its place. (Of course, after it is painted and finished, it would look much more attractive than it is shown in "Fig. #F1" below.) After all, such a recreation of the former appearance of this church would be a highly symbolic expression of the victory of good over the evil which for several last centuries oppressed Wszewilki, and also oppressed all other surrounding human settlements. To be honest, I have found it quite pity that the reconstruction of the central square and church of Wszewilki seems never be possible. After all, my time on the Earth slowly runs out, while there is NO other place in the whole world where I and my wife would wish to rest more than by just such a newly rebuild church in my native Wszewilki. (Perhaps it is better as it is, as this prevents Wszewilki from experiencing all these extraordinary phenomena which continually take place in my vicinity.)

[Bild: kosciol.jpg]

Fig. #F1 (B3 in [10]): The above photograph is shown here to illustrate how this old church from Wszewilki used to look like around 1870 - means shortly before its walls and cellars were demolished, while rubbles from it were used for building the railway line which now passes through the place of its former location. The photograph shows the main entrance to the church taken when the camera was directed from east towards the west. The church was constructed from irregular lumps cut out of mysterious "paddock ore" (in Polish called the "ruda darniowa") that until today can be mined from nearby paddocks by the river Barycz. The origins of this mysterious mineral-ore existing around the old area of Milicz, is discussed in item #F1 of the web page about the village of [b]Wszewilki. Inside of the church, along its walls, were placed tomb stones that immortalised all more notable sons of the Wszewilki village. In turn from the cellar of this church supposedly led a shallow tunnel to one of graves on the Wszewilki cemetery. Initially the church from Wszewilki was a low building in the Roman style, capable of fulfilling also functions of defence. But with the elapse of time it was subjected to several alterations and to adding the height to its walls. These alterations changed the final appearance of it, so that at the time of demolition its original Roman architectural style was already a bit fuzzy. To the left from the main entrance the church of Wszewilki had a bell tower in which the bell was hanging on a kind of wooden structure (not shown on the above photo). This tower had NO roof, so that the bell was visible from the outside. [/b]
       More information about the church from Wszewilki is provided in item #C5 of the totaliztic web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz, and also in item #E1 of the web page about the village of Wszewilki.

#F2. The symbolic meaning of eventual rebuilding of the historic square of Wszewilki:
       In case when the historic square of Wszewilki is rebuild one day, then this would have a huge moral meaning. After all, it would represent the victory of good over evil, and also the rebuild of phoenix from ashes. After all, this would happen in spite that these evil powers continually torment Wszewilki for several centuries, and in spite that these evil powers did not leave until today even a trace of the former square of this village.

#F3. What, why, and how should be rebuild in order to reconstruct the historic square of Wszewilki:
       The historic square of Wszewilki not only should perform the function of centre for trade, culture and religion of Wszewilki, but also be a kind of trademark of this village. Therefore, whatever would be build in there, it should be build with a huge dose of imagination and creativity. For example, either the main building of the museum, or at least an entrance to the museum (i.e. a hall of it) I would propose to build in an exact shape, materials, appearance, and the use of space, as this is done either in the UFO vehicle type K6, or even a UFO vehicle type K7. (Notice that a UFO type K7 was the carrier of the Biblical Eden - as this is explained in subsection P6.1 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].)

#F4. "Museum of generators of free and renewable energy in Wszewilki" (or in Milicz) - means a small investment which with extraordinary exhibits would attract crowds of visitors:
       Wszewilki (and also Milicz) desperately needs crowds of visitors. After all, funds which would be spends by large numbers of visitors would introduce a power to revive economically this region which otherwise cannot count on someone's investments. But in order many visitors acquire the motivations to visit this place, it must offer them something very attractive. As so far, with this offering of attractions is not good. The fastest and least expensive manner for Wszewilki (or Milicz) were able to offer something unique to visitors, is to build a large museum which would exhibit collections that are NOT available in any other place in the world. After all, the venue (building) for a museum, Wszewilki (or Milicz) could erect even without funds, just by a voluntary work of all citizens. In turn exhibits which I am suggesting to show in there, also can be acquired mainly through the contribution of local labour and skills, not a capital. In explanations which are to follow, I am going to indicate which collections in my opinion could, and should, be exhibited in the museum from Wszewilki (or Milicz) and then widely advertised throughout the world.

#F4.1. The most attractive exhibits which would attract crowds of visitors to a museum, are various designs of devices that in Latin are called "perpetual motion", while in present languages are named "generators of free energy":
       There are devices, which already have proven, that are able to attract crowds of visitors. These are so-called "perpetual motion" devices, presently referred to under the name of "free energy" generators. When the Swiss religious community called the Methernitha used to show to visitors the prototype of such a device called the "thesta-distatica" that it has, every day crowds of people were arriving there to see it at work. With the elapse of time visitors were so numerous, that the Methernitha was unable to control over the situation and was forced to cease the demonstrations of this device. A future museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz) could also be able to exhibit a prototype similar to this "thesta-distatica" - that presently is known in the entire world. Only that this museum would need to build the device all by itself. (The principle of operation of "thesta-distatica" is already well known.) Because of this extreme popularity of devices of free energy, in my opinion a possible museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz) should accumulate and exhibit already existing prototypes of these devices. Especially that the first scientist who had the courage to undertake a scientific research of these extraordinary devices - in spite that they are declared to be a "scientific taboo" and are forbidden to be investigated nor build, and who developed explanations for principles of operation of many of them, actually originates from Wszewilki.
       At present already exist working prototypes for a whole array of such "free energy" generators. Also principles of operation of these devices are well known. Descriptions of several of them are provided on totaliztic web pages free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. A newly created museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz) could purchase these prototypes of such devices, which presently are already available on sale. It could also produce its own prototypes of the devices, like the "thesta-distatica", the principles of which are already known but which are not offered (as yet) for sale. In addition to these, such a museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz) could also show prototypes of various more extraordinary devices for renewable energy, e.g. devices which intercept and process an energy of waves, sea tides, wind, atmospheric pressure, sun, temperature changes, etc., transforming this energy into electricity, mechanical motion, heat, etc. Let us list here in subsequent items, these out of such extraordinary devices, the prototypes of which could, and should, be exhibited in the museum from Wszewilki (or from Milicz). The order of listing of these devices corresponds to my estimates of the easiness with which in my opinion working prototypes of these devices could be acquired. Here they are:
       (1) Crystal radio. It was the first free energy device manufactured on the Earth. It generated the energy of sound, without requiring any energy supply. A comprehensive description of it, is provided on the web page fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells. I am sure that ready-made crystal radios are still stored on attics of old homes in Wszewilki.
       (2) [b]Sonic boiler (or amphora from Pakistan).[/b] In a simplified version of such "sonic boiler", described on the totaliztic web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of telekinetic heater which bits all records, this device generated heat which boiled water, while consuming a small amount of electricity. But it can also be build in a much improved version of the "amphora from Pakistan" (also described on the web page boiler.htm), in which it generates thermal energy that boils a stream of water which washes it, without requiring any energy supply.
       (3) Vidi's box. This box typically is used in home barometers. It bends when the atmospheric pressure changes. In past, after it was linked to a cleaver mechanism, it was utilised for propelling clocks which did NOT require the "winding". Such a mechanism "winded" the spring of clocks each time when the atmospheric pressure changed in any direction. A clock called the "Atmospheric Clock", which does NOT require the "winding" because it is continually propelled by the "Vidi's box" discussed here, is exhibited in the "Clapham's Clock Museum", from the township of Whangarei in New Zealand.
       (4) The mechanical "perpetual motion" that rotates on principles of the "Coriolis effect" (i.e. a flywheel perpetually propelled by the rotation of the Earth. This one is simply a perfectly balanced and massive flywheel with good bearings, the axis of rotation of which is parallel to the axis of rotation of the planet Earth. Thus, when the Earth rotates in its daily cycle of rotary motion, such a massive flywheel according to the action of the so-called "Coriolis effect" remains motionless in relation to our solar system, means it slowly rotates in relation to the Earth. The flywheel makes one full revolution per day (means rotates by 15 degrees each hour). If the inertia of this flywheel is sufficient (e.g. around 1 ton), while its mass is distributed near its peripherals to maximise the moment of inertia, such a flywheel can supply a sufficient propelling torque, to be able to propel a small electricity generator. Only that a technical problem that requires to be solved then, is to build a gearbox which a single revolution per day from this flywheel, would transform into at least one revolution per second required by the electricity generator, means which would have the ratio of at least 1:86400. The construction of such a gearbox would be a significant challenge. After all, just ordinary magnifying gearboxes working on mechanical principles, for such a large ratio would tend to block themselves because of their own inner friction. In turn hydraulic magnification of such a large ratio would cause a much bigger leakage than the pumping yield it could provide. A description of this extraordinary perpetual motion device is provided (in the Polish language), amongst others, on the discussion group thread/thread/6f0835cb1d0ac861/5e0d7235dc43c262?lnk=raot#5e0d7235dc43c262. A possible museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz) could order the construction of such a perpetual motion device in local workshops. Especially that the ready-made flywheels with excellent balancing and bearings, existed in past in the waterworks from Wszewilki. (The waterworks are described and illustrated in item #D2 of the web page wszewilki_uk.htm - about the history and curiosities of the village Wszewilki.) Of course, if these old flywheels are already missing, then any large and heavy wheel can also be utilised for the construction of this mechanical perpetual motion device, e.g. a wheel from an old locomotive. In turn for the purpose of visual indication in the museum, that this mechanical perpetual motion device in fact does work, no gearbox with ratio 1:86400 needs to be used, but a magnifying gearbox with the ratio 1:1440 would already be sufficient. (Such a gearbox of the 1:1440 ratio was typically utilised in old mechanical clocks.) This gearbox would converse one rotation per day into one rotation per minute. It means that a pointer attached at the outlet from it would rotate with the clearly noticeable speed that presently we can see in pointers of seconds from current watches.
       The mechanical perpetual motion flywheel described here, which continually rotates just on principles of the Coriolis effect, would have a revolutionary impact onto the viewers. This is because it would psychologically push them (break free) through the prejudice stating that "the perpetual motion devices cannot be build". This nasty and destructive prejudice was imposed on people by the present human science. In spite of it, the perpetual motion device described here would prove illustratively to all viewers that such devices actually can be build, and that after they are build they work perfectly well. In turn after this erroneous prejudice is overcome, people perhaps begin to experiment with other perpetual motion devices, which are to guarantee much higher energy yield. For example, they may initiate the construction of so-called "telekinetic cells" the principle of operation and design of which is already described for a long time on totaliztic web pages fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells.
       The perpetual motion flywheel discussed here is described in much more details in item #F1 of the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy.
       (5) Telepathic pyramid. It is shown on the web page telepathy.htm - about telepathy and devices which utilise telepathic waves, and also in subsection K2 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. It allows to exchange thoughts without a need to supply it into any energy.
       (6) Everlasting lamp. An inventor who experiments with free energy devices build a kind of lamp which emits light continually for already several years, without requiring any energy supply. So far this lamp is NOT described anywhere.
       (7) Thesta-distatica. It is described on the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. and also in subsection LA2.3 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The prototype of it is NOT for sale. But with a bit of good will and mutual cooperation, it could be build by common effort of workshops from Milicz. The exhibiting of this device in the museum would attract crowds of visitors, as it is immensely popular in the entire world.
* * *
       Of course, in order to attract effectively visitors, a possible museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz) should NOT just have working prototypes of the above free energy generators, but also each day, at an hour that is convenient for visitors (e.g. at 5:00 pm) should organise shows of operation of these devices.

#F4.2. Who wants a collection of ornamental pigs - means "build a museum and some exhibits will find you":
Motto: "When the enthusiasm is missing than even pigs are not going to wander to Wszewilki."
       Who wants a collection of pigs, who wants a collection of pigs? I have a friend with a very generous heart. A photograph of her, as well as a part of her private collection, can be viewed on a totaliztic web page pigs.htm - about ornamental pigs from the Chinese (birth) animal zodiac. My friend is a Chinese who was born in a so-called "year of pig". In turn, the Chinese culture is extremely appreciative towards the zodiac sign under which one was born. No wander that the entire her life my friend collected various ornamental pigs. Besides, she is reasonably wealthy - so she spared no funds to build her collection up. Even myself each time when I know that I am going to see her, I purchase something for her in a shape of pig. Her large flat is literally overflowing with miniatures, drawings, and patterns of pigs of various appearance, behaviour, and designation. In my opinion her private collection of ornamental pigs is either the biggest in the world, or one amongst biggest in the world. There are many real pearls of zodiac pigs amongst her collectables. For example, she has ceremonial teapots in shape of pigs, which are used during Chinese tea ceremonies for people born in a year of pig. In turn such ceremonies are big events in the Chinese culture. They always are organized with a big fuss on the occasion of some really "auspicious" events. I lived amongst Chinese for many years, and I saw such ceremonies only twice in my entire life. My friend has also a real Chinese "pig of fortune" - an extremely rare specimen. It somehow happens that my friend wishes to give this entire collection to a museum. (Completely for free - in spite that this collection is worth a fortune.) The only condition is that the museum places this collection on a permanent exhibition that will be made accessible for public all the time during hours when the museum is open. My friend asked me to find a museum which is willing to accept this gift and host her given-away collection.
       During my professorship on the Island of Borneo in years 1996 to 1998 I lived in the city named Kuching. (It is the capitol of a huge province Sarawak from the Northern Borneo.) In the local language the word "Kuching" means "cat", or more strictly - an intimate name for a large cat, slightly similar to our "kitten" (except that relating to an adult cat). Of course, in the city named "cat", cats must be practically everywhere. So almost every larger street crossing has huge sculptures of cats. Most interesting, however, is the museum of cats located in a modern building of the city-hall from the northern part of that city (i.e. in so-called Bukit Sroi from Petra Jaya). It is a very large museum entirely devoted to various exposits and exhibitions of cats. (Supposedly the largest in the world.) One can find in there various figures of cats, photographs of cats in strange positions or situations, reproductions of famous paintings containing cats, jokes about cats, films about cats, etc., etc. I personally believe that this museum of cats from Kuching is one amongst most interesting museums that I visited in the entire my life. I warmly recommend to everyone who is going to be in Kuching to pop for a visit to this particular museum. This museum is also extremely popular. Many tourists fly to Kuching just to see this particular museum. Also many people from the entire world send to this museum various curiosities regarding cats. For example, even myself I found not long ago in New Zealand a very funny advertisement of a “massage parlay" - which shows a cat wearing a funny costume of a massager which is giving a massage to another cat with a turban from a towel on his head. I already secured this advertisement to give it to the museum of cats during my next visit in Kuching.
       I remembered this museum of cats in Kuching at the time when my friend charged me with the mission of finding a museum for her collection of pigs. So I immediately thought of Polish places named "Świnki" and "Świniary" (means "piglets" and "piggeries".) There are two villages in Poland named "Piglets" (in Polish - "Świnki") and 15 villages called "Piggery" (in Polish - "Świniary"). Unfortunately, out of my searches in internet stems out, that all these are small villages of around 10 to 600 inhabitants. Probably none of these villages has its own museum, nor intends to build a museum. Thus possibly the only place in Poland which is sufficiently large to have a specialized "museum of pigs", in which could be exhibited the collection of ornamental pigs of my friend, is the town named "Pig outlet" (in Polish "Świnoujście", in German "Swinemunde"). Unfortunately, I operate from an opposite side of the world than Poland. So I am unable to check whether this town would be willing to open a museum with a large collection of pigs. After all, in Poland there is an opinion, that if something is not a part of the rocket, torpedo, or ancient weapon, then it does NOT qualify for being shown in a museum.
       Because it appears that there are very small chances for finding a place-name which contains the word "pigs" in its name - and which would be willing to accept the gift of my friend for its specialist museum, I have here a proposal for Wszewilki. This proposal states as follows: "Wszewilki - please build a museum fast, and interesting exposits will find you". After all, Wszewilki could open a museum devoted to a theme "Museum of Creation" or "Museum of Nature and Man". In such a museum it would be desirable to exhibit all kinds of curiosities and exposits of the nature, including the history of carp from Milicz, or knowledge about God's creatures called "spiders" which hunt down everything that flies or that arrives to the Earth, and also including ornamental pigs from the Chinese (birth) animal zodiac. The only problem is that Wszewilki would need to hurry up with the construction of this museum, in order to have it ready before my friend disposes her collection out. Between us, if in fact a museum is organized in Wszewilki, then myself I also have a small collection of coins and banknotes, which I would be willing to donate to this museum. (Some of these coins originally come from Wszewilki, as they were found in Wszewilki by myself.) Although my collection of coins and banknotes is NOT as large as the one exhibited in the museum of coins and banknotes arranged by the Ministry of Treasure and Finances of Malaysia, and located by the central place of Kuala Lumpur (I warmly recommend everyone to visit this museum - it takes breath away; amongst others it exhibits almost all Polish coins and banknotes), still I have several interesting and rare exhibits. I am also sure that there are readers of this web page who would also be willing to join the support for a museum in Wszewilki - and also give their collections to this museum. (Readers who have some private collections that would be willing to donate to a possible museum in Wszewilki - if such a museum eventuates one day, are welcome to let me know in an email what collection they declare for this purpose. In turn I will make this information available to citizens of Wszewilki.)
       A very interesting initiative implemented the National Museum of New Zealand called Te Papa. Namely, it organized an entire exhibition devoted to coconut palms and various products that are obtained from these palms. (New Zealand has a climate similar to Poland. So coconut do NOT grow in there. But for cultural reason New-Zealanders are vividly interested in coconut palms - similarly as Poles do.) This exhibition is based on an old legend from the area of Pacific, which (the legend) is described on a separate web page about tropical fruits. This legend states that God gave the coconut palm to inhabitants of poor coral islands to compensate for all other goods that were received by inhabitants of large continents. In the result, almost no other tree or vegetation on Earth is the source of so many different products as coconut palms do. A similar exhibition could be also arranged by the museum in Wszewilki. Especially that many products from coconut palms can be now purchased in Polish shops. (For example, in Poland now one can purchase: coconut fruit, palm margarine, coconut milk and cream, coconut oils, coconut soaps and cosmetics from coconuts, coconut medicines, coconut leafs woven baskets and mats.) In turn other exposits for such an exhibition, for example samples of coconut leaves, cuts from coconut palm trunk, or samples of coconut fruit in various stages of development, I could post to this museum myself. After all, I have an access to these during my numerous trips to tropical parts of the world. Similarly I could post a sample of coral sand, corals, and various shells. This is because I frequently visit tropical coral islands. Furthermore, it is in New Zealand waters that lives the most beautiful shell of the world - namely the famous paua.
       Of course, in order to build a museum in Wszewilki (or MIlicz) an enthusiasm and passion is needed. However, since the time when my generation left Wszewilki there seem to be a shortage of these in the village.

#F5. How to arrange the founding a museum in Wszewilki (or in MIlicz):
       The establishing a museum is a simple matter - if one knows how to approach this problem. In turn how to accomplish it, is very well illustrated by a New Zealand model - which utilizes their way of doing this with a great success. New Zealand is not only a country which has 1000 sheep per each citizen, but also a country which has one museum per each 1000 citizens. Museums are established in New Zealand sometimes even in small villages. In some cases these villages are so small, that - as locals are joking about themselves, "one should not blink during driving through this village, because will NOT notice it". However, these villages still have their own museums. What even more interesting, in these museums always is plenty of interesting exhibits. Thus, when one drives through them it is worth to have a look inside. For sure one will find something interesting and teaching in them. In addition, the entry to most of New Zealand museums is free of charge. The reason is that they usually are opened by local volunteers as a kind of their social contribution. The government also gives a noticeable donations to these museums. After all, they teach and preserve local culture, history, and folklore. (In these museums frequently local schools have practical classes.) But the majority of funds and exhibits of these museums originates from private donations of local people and from selling souvenirs to visitors. Almost each such a museum has its own kiosk or shop with souvenirs. Many of them have also their own restaurants.
       So how New Zealanders accomplished such a high saturation of their country with museums. Well, almost every their location, even this smallest one, have a local association of people who in various ways promote this location. So if Wszewilki would like to follow this perfectly working New Zealand model, then it would need to start from organizing such an association. For example, it could organize a "Wszewilki Historic Society", or a "Society for Promotion of the Development of Wszewilki". These New Zealand associations of people fond of their places of living, in most cases are non-profit organizations. As such, they do NOT need pay taxes - although they are officially recognized as legal bodies and no decision concerning their area of interest is made without consultations with them. These associations organize and maintain local museums in New Zealand. These museums are usually opened and staffed by members of these organizations.
       Another matters in organizing museums in New Zealand are buildings in which these museums are hosted. In the majority of cases such buildings originate from donations. Namely, if there is an abandoned building in a given place, or a building which lost the owner, e.g. as it is the case with the building of former waterworks near Wszewilki, then this building is donated (usually free of charge) to be restored and maintained by such voluntary organizations. The donating body is either the owner of an abandoned building - who e.g. give it in his or her will, or a family of former owner, or the local authorities - of they own the building. After receiving the building, this organization and members of local community renovate it and paint it - everything doing voluntarily for free. Then a museum is organized in it. In this museum usually a souvenir shop is being open, as well as the place for meetings of a given organization is also established. In cases when there is no a suitable abandoned building nearby, members of a given organization arrange the construction of a suitable building. It is then build by the effort of all members of local society.
       If Wszewilki decide to build for themselves a new building of museum, then the best location for it, in my opinion is the area where presently is an abandoned and ruined old fire basin. This is because near this place the most important historic road crossing existed in past - amongst others with the branch of "Amber Route" that passed through this village and then was leading to Pomorsko and Gniezno. Near this place in the future probably a road (circular) to Sławoszewice will also branch - the construction of which road I am proposing on this web page. The construction of the museum just in that point would be a beginning of the restoration of the historic central square of Wszewilki. Especially, that probably the railway which cut Wszewilki in two become dismantled soon, while the entire village probably is going to unite again - after centuries of "dividing and ruling" policy superimposed and executed on this persecuted village.

Part #G: "Opening a window to happiness" - a reason for which everyone will be willing to repetitively return to Wszewilki:
#G1. In Wszewilki dreams come true - so there is no a better place to get married:
       In the vicinity of Wszewilki a powerful energy chakra of Earth is located - as this is explained in the separate web page about Wszewilki. Because of this chakra, Wszewilki is a proven in action place where dreams come true. So if anyone does in life something the success of which depends on dreams coming true, then I would advice to do it in Wszewilki. For example, I would advice to get married in Wszewilki, or at least spend a honeymoon in there.

#G2. Let us saturate with optimism of Wszewilki - it is worth to witness the path from a fall down to happiness:
       Inhabitants of Wszewilki, as I remember them, are highly optimistic. So it is worth to spend a time amongst them, to saturate ourselves with their optimism. In turn their optimism helps us later to accomplish our own successes in life.
       Wszewilki is a very special place. After all it is a cradle of the philosophy of totalizm. So it is worth to watch and document photographically how the fate of this unusual village is going to develop in the future.

#G3. Let us utilise the chakra, gravity, and the air of Wszewilki to try night sleeps which revive and stabilise:
       There is something extraordinary in the air, chakra, or gravity of Wszewilki. It causes that at nights in Wszewilki one sleeps extremely well, and that the night rest is there extremely reviving and comforting. To be honest, in my numerous travels through world I never met another place where I would sleep even better than in Wszewilki. The only place in the world, in which for some reasons the night rest is equally effective and returning energy as the rest in Wszewilki, is the township Błonie near Warszawa. (Interesting, what is in common between these two places.) Therefore I personally advice everyone, that if has a chance for this, he or she should stay for a few nights in Wszewilki, and in person experienced how one sleeps in there. Of course, one needs to remember that in order to experience the entire pleasure os sleep in there, one needs to stay there for longer than one night. The reason is that in the first night after the arrival we may be still unused to the bad which is to be offered for us.

Part #H: "Organic farming" - means the return of Wszewilki to healthy traditions:
#H1. Why all farmers in Wszewilki should return to principles of the "organic farming":
       Literary for thousands of years farmers of Wszewilki farmed in the manner which presently is described by the name "organic". Means, they do not use chemical fertilisers nor pesticides, nor any other chemicals or genetic engineering. I personally also remember that in this way in Wszewilki were still farming in my own times. So it should be an effort put that this tradition of the "organic farming" is cultivated still now in Wszewilki. After all, it lies in centuries old tradition of this village. Also everyone who wishes to purchase products of organic farming should be able to arrive to Wszewilki and purchase these from any farmer of this village.

#H2. Creation of a unique "brand name" for farming products from Wszewilki - by naming them "Wszewilki":
       The "nobility obliges". Everything that originates from Wszewilki has a moral obligation to be a highest quality. After all, Wszewilki is a cradle of totalizm. Totalizm in turn does NOT approve nor tolerate cheep products, faults, cheating, etc. Therefore I personally suggest that for everything that carries the name Wszewilki has also voluntarily imposed possibly the highest quality requirements.

Part #I: Close to nature - means also close to God. In harmony with nature - means also in harmony with God:
#I1. Why Wszewilki is the place where people get in touch with nature:
       For some reasons Wszewilki is a kind of natural "God's Home" that exists without buildings. In the nature of this village prevails an unique atmosphere of almost holiness. It feels there almost as if near us personally walked God himself. On the occasion of a next visit in Wszewilki I suggest for a moment listen in our own feelings in order to perceive the presence of this extraordinary atmosphere.
       There are holy sources of water in many places on Earth. If someone drink water from these, his or hers wishes may miraculously come true by the intervention of God himself. In Wszewilki the role of such a holy source performs the air over there. If one breathes with this air, then our strongest wishes and dreams also miraculously may come true.

Part #J: The mysterious insight into the future - means how my native village will really look-like in the future:
#J1. Our wishes and reality - means NOT everything that described on this web page is going to fulfil:
       Each one of us knows a section of the past through which he or she already lived. But only to extremely rare people is granted the honour to see a section of the distant future. I am one amongst these immensely rare people. The extraordinary aspect of my visit in the future is that I am a scientist who researches the work of time. So I could NOT only watch, but also understand. Below I am going to describe how it happened and what I saw in the distant future.
       On my 63rd birthday in 2009 I received an extraordinary gift from some mysterious power. Namely, in a post-birthday night I was flown from New Zealand to visit Wszewilki-Stawczyk of the distant future (i.e. to visit the village in which I was born). So with my own eyes I could see the part of projects for Wszewilki-Stawczyk described on this web page, that actually is to be implemented in the real life. I must admit here that I was disappointed partially - as only a few amongst numerous projects and ideas that were described on this web page are really going to be implemented in the future. So, as usual, NOT in everything the reality turns out to follow my wishes. For example, these ugly holes in the ground in the place of former central square of Wszewilki, will never be removed, while the central square will never be rebuild. My Guide through the future told me that the removal of these large holes will be considered to be uneconomical, while the rebuilding of the central square in this place will be considered to be unjustified because of the future location and function of the centre of human settlement in Wszewilki-Stawczyk. Therefore these holes in the ground will be only beautified and utilised through planting a masking forest-park inside of them. Similarly, the old church in Wszewilki will never be rebuild. My Guide told me that if someone wishes to visit a church in times of good public transport of the future, then it turns out to be more rational to go to a church in Milicz. Fortunately, several other out of my projects described on this web page will actually be implemented in the future. I am going to describe them in next items of this part of the web page. But before I begin their presentation, firstly a few words of information about my post-birthday visit in Wszewilki-Stawczyk of the distant future.

#J2. My dream, or rather a "trip to the future" - means a strange mystery of what was shown to me:
       From my research on the travelling through time (described, amongst others, on the web page immortality.htm), it is known that shifting our body to the distant future is technically possible. This is because it is possible to build so-called time vehicles. Simultaneously, from my research on the nature and attributes of human souls (described, amongst others, on the web page soul_proof.htm), it is known to me that the human soul have many supernatural capabilities which, amongst others, include also the ability to shift us into the distant future or distant past. So, although I am NOT able to determine which one amongst these two different ways of shifting me into a distant future was granted as my birthday present of 2009, I am sure that I visited my native village Wszewilki-Stawczyk in a distant future. Thus, with my own eyes I saw how this village is going to look-like then.
       My trip into the future was carried out during a New Zealand night (in Wszewilki-Stawczyk was then a beautiful, lukewarm, sunny, summer day). I was fully aware that I was taken for a visit into the future. Only that I was NOT informed to what exactly year or time. This trip was very mysterious and ambiguous. Technically we could consider it to be a "night dream". But I noticed a whole array of attributes in it, which all contradicted that it was just a "dream". For example, dreams always take place "now" or "in past". In turn I was fully aware that I am being taken to a distant future in which physically I am NOT going to live. In a normal dream we always find ourselves directly in the "place" where events are to happen. On the other hand, during my visit in Wszewilki of the future I needed firstly to fly from New Zealand, initially through a sea (water) and then through a land, sitting in a very strange and extremely fast vehicle. A typical dream finishes with waking up and we tend to forget it fast. But my visit in Wszewilki of the future finished with a return flight to New Zealand after which I still slept for a long time - while I had no further dreams. Also this trip etched in my memory forever. In fact, it was felt like a real event. For example, during the visit to my native village described here, I felt burning of sun, flow of wind, and even smell of water - in normal dreams nothing like this is felt. I also saw things which later after my analysis turned out to be very logical, but which I would never invent nor plan myself in just such a form (e.g. the construction of another deep pond-lake that was accumulating water at the doorstep of the village, or the development of human settlement inside the forest). I also clearly heard talks and words of people - although none of people by which we walked took any notice of our presence - as if we were invisible for others. Furthermore, in this trip to the future I was accompanied by a "Guide". I do NOT know who he was nor how he looked-like, because all the time he kept exactly behind me and only commented verbally everything that I was watching with attentiveness. But I know that he had a male voice, very pleasant in sound, and that I had an impression that he is very close to me and I know him quite well - as if he was a member of my family. I do NOT know how far into the future we went. But from the diameters of trees which did NOT exist in my times, and also from the architecture, clothing, and from a different accent and wording of talks that I heard, I suspect that it was rather a lot of years into the future, at least 50, but perhaps even around 250 years into the future. (Analyses, which seem to indicate that I visited the village Stawczyk in the year 2222, are presented in item #C4 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm.)

#J3. So how the village in which I was born is going to look-like in my "trip to the future":
       After a flight to the future firstly I found myself on this old road (in my times - very dusty) that leads through the behind-railway part of Wszewilki-Stawczyk, not far from houses which in my times were inhabited by families of our neighbours, Dajczman and Krzyżosiak. Actually, all my visit into the future limited itself to the walk along this road straight like a bullet. In the future this particular road turned out to be like a kind of city street - i.e. with a beautiful footpath on both sides, and with the flat like a table, tar-sealed surface of the road. Immediately I was astonished by a number of large, healthy trees of various species (non-fruiting) which grew in every space not occupied by buildings or by roads, at distances of around twenty meters from each other. In my times there were NO such trees in there, while in order to grow to the thickness that I saw they needed to be at least 50 to 100 years old. This in turn meant that I visited the future which was distant by at least 50 years from my times. There was a bus stop in the spot to which we arrived, for a circular-line city bus that was just awaited by a group of loud talking and laughing teenagers. The accent of their Polish language was a different from the one that I remember, also their sentences were very short - typically consisted only around 3 or 4 words. In turn, there was a lot of new words - the meaning of which was unknown to me. A thought flashed through my mind that SMSes from my times clearly changed the language of Poles from the future. Far on this straight road, in the area of burned forester's cottage from before the World War Two (WW2), I saw a red-colour bus arriving. My Guide told me that it arrives from Milicz, only that it drives here around the entire settlement. When the bus stopped by the bus-stop at which we stood with the Guide, the majority of awaiting teenagers entered it and climbed at the upper deck, waving for goodbye and yelling jokes to several local boys and girls which remained on the footpath. The bus departed, while my Guide told me that this is just this particular circular-line bus "8" (i.e. "eight") to Milicz, the establishing of which I proposed. The propulsion of this bus was silent, so I deduced that it must be electric. But the bus had normal wheels and normal tires, also it did NOT hovered in the air - as it is typically shown in futuristic films. Not far from the bus-stop by which we stood, the new tar-sealed road turned towards Sławoszewice, to which the bus clearly drove before it later arrived to Milicz. The bus itself was a strange design - I never saw such a bus in Poland. It had two decks - like buses in London. But only the lower deck had a roof - while the upper deck had sits opened to the fresh air, while passengers were kept inside of a deck-platform by a kind of railing extending to the height of human waist. It was from this upper deck that the departing teenagers waved hands and yelled goodbye messages to their local senders off. The bus was a bit similar to Berliet from Jelcz - which I remember from my own times, only that it had this additional second deck.
       When looking at the departing bus I noticed that this ugly hole in the ground on the other side of railway still does exist in there - only that it is rarely overgrown with old, thick trees. It looked to me like a small park. Between trees I saw park sits, and also something like a monument.
       I started to walk along this tar-sealed, straight, and flat like a table road through the village. My Guide walked behind me. On both sides of the road stood beautiful homes made of glass-like materials. These homes were a different design than ones which I remember. For example, they had NO separate windows, while their entire side walls were made of like a transparent but "smoky" glass or plastic - similar to the "smoky" glass that in present times is used in windows of expensive cars. The degree of "smokiness" of walls in these homes was varying for different homes, and even varying for individual rooms of the same house. In places where the density of "smoke" in glass was not high, I could see people inside of houses through semi-transparent walls of these homes. In fact, everywhere there was a lot of people - not only in homes, but also on footpaths. The number of these people was more suiting the town of Milicz, than the village which I remember from my childhood. The footpath was even and paved with stiff and hard tales which silenced the stamping noise, and which felt like made of plastics but with a soft surface (the street itself was like if asphalt-sealed). I was astonished that no-where I could see poles, electric power-lines, nor telephone lines. My Guide told me that they use a different system than the one which I remember - but he did NOT explain to me what this new system is about. On roofs of all houses I saw a structure similar to large car radiators - it looked as if it is a component of this new power system from the future.
       When we arrived to the beginning of the forest which in my times started beyond the border of Wszewilki-Stawczyk, I noticed with the shock that a large section of the forest in fact was a settlement full of these modern houses made of smoky glass-like material. Between homes run tar-sealed access roads. But thick, old trees of the former forest still grew in there - only that not so densely as in times which I remember. The Guide informed me that this former forest now is the main human settlement of Wszewilki-Stawczyk, and that it is in it where the majority of population of the village lives. My surprise that there is so many trees between homes, the Guide commented that now such a principle is obeyed, that new human settlements are build in forests, while between houses of old settlements forests are planted - because this is natural and healthy. As I discovered then, in the future the entire commercial and cultural centre, as well as the majority of living homes of Wszewilki-Stawczyk, are to shift to this new settlement, which is to be arranged in the area of previous forest within the boundaries starting from former buildings of that village, until the road which in past led from the so-called "first pond" to the burned forester's cottage from before the WW2. The road which in past run between the pond and the forester's cottage, in the future is to be tar-sealed and provided with footpaths. Through this road the circular-line bus from Milicz is to ride, and the road is to define the outer border of the future settlement of Wszewilki-Stawczyk.
       In the very centre of this new settlement I saw a huge building. The size of it was similar to the large "Hala Ludowa" (people’s hall) from Wrocław. At the time of our visit this building was still in the process of construction. Only around a half of the height of it had already side walls, while in the upper part of it I still saw naked arches of concrete beams which formed the carrying skeleton of this huge structure. There was a lot of workers and machines working around this building - it surprised me, as there was more workers that I believed is an entire population of Wszewilki-Stawczyk (as I remember it). I was shocked by the shape of that building. It was slightly similar to Sydney Opera, only that the shape of it resembled not "shells", but a whole "egg" which stood with its thicker end on the ground, while its central axis was pointed vertically. As I know, such a vertically standing and whole "egg" was NOT constructed yet in the entire world. Although already are buildings called "eggs" - for example the "China's National Centre for the Performing Arts" in Beijing, China (a photograph and description of this "egg" from China is provided, amongst others,. in the article " 'Egg' hatches new cultural revolution" from page B8 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, May 30, 2009). But these buildings typically have the shape of a "half of egg" lying down in such a way that the central axis of it runs horizontally along the surface of the earth. My Guide confirmed my surprise. YES, he said, in fact this building is designed in the shape of an "egg" standing vertically. The point is that just such shape is a symbol of emerging life and new beginnings. So the shape of an egg is most suitable for the function that this building is to fulfil. I asked what is this function. Well - this I am NOT going to explain now, because it supposed to be a surprise for you - answered my Guide. When this building is ready, then we again visit it with you so that you will be able to see it thoroughly inside. I am not going to exist then - flashed through my mind. You will be, only that in a different form - my Guide reassured me. You will visit this building, because it is going to be what you always wanted that it is constructed in Wszewilki-Stawczyk. The above explanation of the Guide only intrigued me more. It means that this huge building could NOT be e.g. a sport hall - as I do NOT like competitive sports because such sports place the body before the mind. Also I never wanted to see in Wszewilki any sport hall. (Besides, the "egg" shape of this building was most unsuitable for a sport hall.) So I tried to get a hint from the Guide as to whether this building is going to be a museum - after all, I also dreamed about a museum for Wszewilki. Thus I checked again inquisitively - if it supposed to be a museum, then I suggested it is to be build in the shape of Magnocraft. No, it is NOT going to be a museum in the strict understanding of museums known to you - the Guide replied rather mysteriously.
       In our visiting we arrived to the area where before the World War Two (WW2) stood an old forester's cottage - burned down immediately after the war. I perfectly knew this place, as in times of my childhood we always used to rest under "lime trees" in there each time after our community searched for Colorado beetle in village's potato fields. I was shocked again. There were NO lime trees in that place anymore. In turn there was a large boat port without a roof constructed on the bank of a new large pond (lake), while another large boat-port (this time roofed) was just in the process of construction. Not far from this port, in place where in past the forester's cottage stood, now a multi-storey building was erected. This building is a hotel for tourists and for visitors - explained my Guide. In turn this boat port is a centre of water activities and entertainments. Tourists, inhabitants of Milicz, people from the entire vicinity, as well as many citizens of Wrocław, are all coming here. This port is located by a deep pond (lake) which was constructed at the edge of the village. The pond flooded previous surrounding paddocks and turned them into a kind of huge artificial lake suitable for water activities and for entertainment. When I looked at this unknown to me, new pond (lake), I noted that in fact it is full of kayaks, water bicycles, sails, water scooters, and boats that pulled water skiers. The shores of this lake were almost adjusted to backs of homes from Wszewilki-Stawczyk and had a long beach on which I could see many sitting or walking people. Everywhere was a lot of people, while the atmosphere of that summer day was similar to the one that I knew from recreation beaches located near large cities.
       Time to go back - announced my Guide. I had a last look along this futuristic landscape of my village which I knew from my childhood. Although in my dreams this village supposed to become a centre for innovation industry and the place where traditions and memories are to be cultivated, in reality it turned out a human settlement and a centre for entertainment, culture, and water activities. But it looked for me to be rather a happy place which is teaming with life - in turn I always wanted that it becomes just such. So although the future did NOT implemented all my projects, still what it brought to my native village was agreeable with my intentions.

#J4. Philosophical consequences of insights into the future:
       In present times it cannot be established whether my insight into the future described above was an actual visit in Wszewilki-Stawczyk of the future, or just was a kind of my "night dream". After all, in order to verify it, one would need to live until the time in which my visit took place. But the fact that people actually can see the future is already confirmed on examples of many other similar visits experienced by different people. The most widely known example of such people is Nostradamus. But practically every correct prophecy which fulfils itself with the elapse of time, starts from someone visiting the future. This in turn means, that in reality the future is already defined equally well and clearly, as is the presence. Only that, for the vital reasons, it is NOT in interest of God, to reveal the future to everyone.
       The fact that the future is defined and clear already now, introduces a whole array of philosophical implications. It is worth to be aware at least a part of these implications, as they give a completely different sense to our lives. So let us review at least the most vital out of these. Here they are:
       (1) Our life is simply an execution, or run, of a natural program called the "program of life and fate". This "program of life and fate" is described more comprehensively on the web page soul_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of souls. In turn the visual proof - which everyone can see with own eyes, that our life really boils down to a run, command-by-command, of this "program of life and fate", is the proof for the jumping elapse of our time (this proof is indicated and explained in item #D1 of the web page immortality.htm - about infinitive extending our lives through repetitive shifting back in time to years of our youth).
       (2) Everything that effects us, is already pre-programmed in our "program of lives and fate". In other words, we people have only the influence on "how" something is going to happen that is to affect us, in turn we have NO influence as to "what" is to happen in the future. (Although each time we execute our "free will" we also change the program of what is to happen to us in the future.) This inevitability of what is to happen to us in the future perceived from our point of view of the consequences, is called a "fate", "destiny", etc. In turn the software entity which implements the occurrence of this "fate", "destiny", etc., and thus which explains to us how really time works, is called the "timespace" - for the description of this "timespace" see item #G4 in the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm.
       (3) The software "landscape" called the "timespace" allows that the entire future is pre-programmed since the beginning of time, while simultaneously people maintained their "free will". Many researchers who carry out the philosophical analysis, CANNOT understand how it is possible that the future is already pre-programmed since the beginning of time, but simultaneously people have their so-called "free will". These researchers believe that, for example, if the mother of Hitler exercised her "free will" and fell in love with someone completely different, then Hitler would NOT be born while the Second World War would never take place. From this lack of understanding for the software mechanism of work of time, claims of various people originate, that only past is clear, while the future still needs to clarify. However, the reality is such, that a software entity does exist called the "timespace", in which since the beginning of time are embedded software structures of everything that ever existed or will exist in the entire universe. Each one amongst these components of the "timespace" is pre-programmed as an independent unit (or "object"), which can be shifted to various areas of the "timespace". (I.e. the pre-programming of each such unit is accomplished in the manner which in Software Engineering is called OOP - i.e. the "Object-Oriented Programming".) In turn the human so-called "free will" boils down to shifting such individual units ("objects") to different areas of the "timespace". Thus everything that is to happen in the future for sure is to happen - only that it can obtain different names and various backgrounds. In other words, if the mother of Hitler fell in love with someone different, or had no a child at all, Hitler still would be born - only that to a different family of e.g. "Histers". So also the Second World War still would happen, only that instead of Hitler, it would be caused by someone else, whom Nostradamus called "Hister", but who in fact would have the soul and fate of Hitler - only that would be born and brought up in a different family. This portability and independence of individual components ("objects") of the "timespace" allows that exist already all times of the universe pre-programmed since the beginnings of time (means allows that both, past and future, were, are, and will be always clear), but simultaneously that people still have their free will and still could shape their own lives as they only wish.
       (4) The software "timespace" allows also to travel through time and change past events which already have happened. In item #D6.1 from the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm I described how in 2995 I prayed in Warszawa in a beautiful baroque church of Virgin Mary. Then this church was shifted to St. Lipka (in Polish "Święta Lipka"), so that in 2004 it already was NOT in Warszawa. The shifting of this church to a different place was carried out because someone travelled in time to past and caused that builders of this church changed in past their "free will" and constructed the same church in a completely different place. So in the new passage of time the church still did exit, only that it was built in Święta Lipka, not in Warszawa. In turn for me God granted the privilege of witnessing this change. In other words, the permanent pre-programming of past and future in the form of portable "objects" in so-called "timespace" allows people to have and exercise the "free will" in everything that they do, also allows people to travel in time and to change the past, yet in spite of all these both past and future are still pre-programmed permanently since the very beginning of time.
       (5) Evil experiences and disasters are pre-programmed into our "program of life and fate" in the same way as is pre-programmed everything good that affects us. In other words, the same superior being (God) which pre-programmed all good events which are going to affect us, into our "program of life and fate", also pre-programmed in the same program all evil that is to affect us. Only that, for vital reasons, this superior "programmer" so simulates our "program of incoming disasters" that these disasters make an impression as if they are brought to us by other people or by some "evil creatures".

#J5. Role of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in our understanding of the operation of time and in the discovery that "the future is already pre-programmed":
       Analyses of the future processes of learning, reveal that a given fragment of reality remains unexplainable for people for as long as a theory (or a "model") is created and accepted, which explains exactly this particular fragment of reality. After all, our learning of the surrounding reality could be illustratively compared to climbing up of a smooth naked wall. In times when the learner confronts only this naked reality, his situation is similar to a person that climbs up a smooth wall without the use of any scaffold or support. But when a theory or a model is created which describes for us the work of this reality, then it is like just next to this naked wall a vertical scaffold or a ladder is erected with numerous steps and handles. After it is erected, the learner begins to have NOT only this smooth wall to climb up, but also a ladder with which he can now support himself and gradually lift up.
       The above situation is illustrated in an excellent manner by the so-called "Theory of Magnocraft" described in volumes 2 and 3 of two monographs, namely [1/5] and [1/4]. Until this "Theory of Magnocraft" was created, people multiplied various "wild speculations" regarding what actually are these UFO vehicles - but in reality no-one knew anything for sure about UFOs. Only after creating the "Theory of Magnocraft", it became possible to develop a formal scientific proof which documented that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts". This formal proof is discussed more comprehensively on the web page ufo_proof.htm, while UFO photographs that illustrate it are interpreted from the point of view of this "Theory of Magnocraft" on the totaliztic web page explain.htm, and also in the Polish treatise [4c] (see the illustrated version of [4c] in PDF).
       A similar situation as the one with explaining what are UFOs, exists also with explaining "what is time" and "how time works". As it turns out, until the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained to us exactly "what time is", "how time works", and "how the humanity can build time vehicles", people multiplied various wild speculations about time and about work of time. A best illustration for these speculations are numerous paradoxes of time travel, which in real life do NOT exist, but which were multiplied for us by writers of "science fiction" books. Some amongst these paradoxes are discussed in item #C3 of the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm (for example see in there the "grandparent paradox", "multiple existences", or "parallel realities"). Only the precise explanation "what time is" and "how time works" by this Concept of Dipolar Gravity, revealed to us numerous truths about time, about travelling in time, etc. One amongst these truths is the shocking fact that "the entire future is already pre-programmed, and thus NONE our action is able to change drastically what is to happen". (Such a future pre-programmed in advance is popularly called "fate" or "destiny".) A good example of unavoidability of the fate is a castle constructed far from the sea shore near the Turkish city "Tarsus" (located near the island of Cyprus). This castle was constructed by the king who learned from "astrologers" that his much loved daughter was to die from bites of a venomous snake. So the king build for his much loved daughter a castle surrounded by sea water - to which snakes would have no access. Yet still a venomous snake was accidentally brought to her when it hide in a basket with fruits. So in spite that the king tried to prevent her fate, she still has died.
       Numerous theoretical premises which postulate and confirm the shocking truth that "the future is already pre-programmed" are discussed in previous item #J4 from this web page. These include e.g. the discovery that "time passes in short jumps" or the discovery that "time can be reversed" (i.e. that time can be shifted back - for which we have also numerous empirical evidence listed, amongst others, in next item #J6). After all, in order time could be shifted back and could pass in short jumps, it must be a software entity (i.e. time must be a movement of execution control through subsequent commands of our natural "program of life and fate" - as this is explained to us on totaliztic web pages immortality.htm or soul_proof.htm). In turn for time to be a software entity (means for time to be a program), our physical world must be constructed in the form of a special software "landscape" called the "timespace". (This software "timespace" is described in more details in item #B2.1 from the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm.) So if there is such thing as this software "timespace", then "the future must be pre-programmed in advance" - as this was postulated by theoretical premises from previous item #J4.
       To summarise the role which the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity performs in our understanding of the operation of time and in the discovery that "the future is already pre-programmed", this role could be compared to an illustrative scaffold or ladder placed by a naked wall of learning which the humanity must climb one day. Through explaining what is time and how time works, this theory allows us now to accumulate gradually the detailed knowledge about time and about the best use of our knowledge on the work of time. This in turn allows us to plan much better and to implement more effectively our everyday living, as well as it allows to undertake the construction of time vehicles which are to open for people the access to infinitively long lives.

#J6. Empirical evidence which confirms the fact that "the future is already pre-programmed in advance":
       Amongst all new findings which results from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the most powerful intellectual resistance induces in human minds the finding that "the future is pre-programmed in advance". After all, this finding suggests that decisions and actions are unable to change "what" is to happen, but are only able to change "how" this something is unveiling. Therefore, in order to make available explanations which allow to break through this inertial resistance of the mind, herewith I decided to present at least several examples of empirical evidence which confirms that in reality the future is crystallised already now and pre-programmed in advance. Here are these examples:
       1. Prophecies which got fulfilled. A best example of empirical evidence that the future is pre-programmed in advance, are all examples of someone's descriptions of the future, which later really come true. In turn such examples are provided by practically all "prophecies" - including into this number famous prophecies of Nostradamus, as well as a number of various other prophecies which also fulfilled themselves (examples of such other prophecies are described, amongst others, on the totaliztic web page prophecies.htm).
       2. Evidence for the existence of "time vehicles". Another kind of evidence that the future is pre-programmed in advance, is the existence and operation of the time vehicles. If one analyses principles of operation of the time vehicles, then it turns out that they would NOT be able to exist and to work, if the software "timespace" does NOT exist, means if the past, present, and future are NOT pre-programmed permanently into the form of a software "landscape" called the "timespace". In turn that time vehicles really do exist, we know for sure from numerous evidence. For example, such evidence includes: (1) abductions of people to past (or to future) carried out by these time vehicles, (2) explosions of time vehicles (one of which occurred in 1178 AD near the town of Tapanui in New Zealand), (3) abductions of people to UFOs which last several days but which sometimes finish at earlier date then they started (their examples are described in the Polish treatise [3b] and also in chapter T of monograph [1/5]), (4) abductions to UFOs in which abductees do NOT experience the return trip (i.e. which instead of returning trip from the abductions simply shift the abductee back in time), or e.g. (5) photographs of time vehicles (examples of time vehicles captured in action are shown, amongst others, on the totaliztic web page immortality.htm, and also in Figure N1 from volume 11 of illustrated version of monograph [1/5] in PDF).
       3. Trips to the past. Another group of evidence for the existence of the future pre-programmed in advance, are abductions of people to the past. As it turns out, relatively many people is being taken to the past - frequently changing various events that already have happen. In turn, as it was correctly deduced by authors of "science fiction" books and films, if the future is NOT pre-programmed in advance, then every, even the smallest change in past would cause a cumulative changes in our present time. (After all, for the past, our present time represents the future.) However, in spite of continuous changes in past, our present time does NOT change noticeably. This in turn means, that in the past our present time was pre-programmed in advance. The truth of these trips to past, combined with the unintended introduction of changes to the past, is certified by quite a significant documentation - e.g. see the book [8V5.3] by Rodney Davies "Nadprzyrodzone zniknięcia" (the original title "Supernatural Disappearances"), Dom Wydawniczy Limbus (85-959 Bygoszcz, skr. poczt. 21, tel./fax 28-79-74), 1995, ISBN 83-85475--80-X, 255 pages, pb. (Several cases of such trips to past described in this book, are interpreted, amongst others, in subsection V5.3 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4].) What even more interesting, if one reviews descriptions of these cases, then evidence for their occurrence was commonly accessible and various researchers checked the validity of this evidence. But in spite that people were (and still are) taken to past, and that sometimes they change various events in this past, our present time remains static and unchanged - means it does NOT change noticeably. On the other hand, if the future still would need to clarify, then every change in past would cause an immediate cumulative changes in our present time - this is why authors of "science fiction" books and films invented the paradox of "parallel realities" to somehow explain the premises that every change in the past must fruit in a complete different course of everything that happens after it.
       4. Changes of past. Another kind of evidence, that the future is pre-programmed in advance, are frequent discoveries that someone changed significantly the past, but the present time was NOT changed noticeably. Some such changes of past are described in items #D6 and #D6.1 from the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm. In turn, if such changes are analysed thoroughly, then if the future always would need to clarify yet, each such change of the past should cause a cumulative change of the entire present time - as this is explained already in the previous item. However, changes of the past are carried out on the Earth almost continually, while our present time still remains static and generally unchanged.
       5. Repetitions of the passages of time ("deja vu"). As it turns out, there is a number of cases when someone's natural passage of time is repeated i.e. the same events occur more than once in the life of a given person). Unfortunately, our soul was so programmed that if a given passage through time begins to repeat, then in our memory all the recalls of the previous passage of time are automatically deleted - for details see item #C1.1 from the web page timevehicle.htm. Therefore the only thing that sometimes we notice if we are confronted with something unique that already once happened to us in the previous passage of time, is a special kind of feeling typically called "deja vu" (also written as "dejavous"). Several cases of evidence on this phenomenon, are described in subsection V5.3 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4].
       6. Statements of the Bible. Even God Himself in the Bible that He authorises also is letting us know that the future is pre-programmed long in advance. For example, in the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes, 6:10, it is stated as follows, quote: "Everything that happens was already determined long ago...". Thus, with the use of archaic language of the Bible, this verse states exactly the same as with the use of modern scientific language explains also to us item #C4 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm. Namely, that the life of every person is pre-programmed in advance and expressed in a special "program of life and fate" contained in the soul. In turn this "program of life and fate" has this attribute, that it allows us to execute our "free will", through mutual shifting around software objects which form the so-called "timespace", but it does NOT allow to neither destroy nor create software for any of these objects - as this is explained more precisely in item #B2.1 from the totaliztic web page timevehicle.htm. This in turn has such an effect, that in our lives we are only able to decide "how", but we have NO possibility to influence "what" (in other words, in spite that we have "free will", our future is still pre-programmed in advance).
       7. The knowledge of future by some animals and by small children. A number of behaviours were noted amongst some animals, and also amongst small children, which behaviours confirm that various animals, and also small children, sense somehow what is to happen in the approaching future. A most excellent example of such behaviours is the commonly known fact that "rats escape from the ship which is to sunk" (they do this in the last port which this ship is visiting). If we analyse this behaviour, then there is NO other explanation for it, except acknowledging that rats know what is to happen in a near future. This their knowledge in turn provides another evidence, that the future must be pre-programmed in advance. Of course, the knowledge of future by rats is also confirmed by other their behaviour. Namely, shortly before a mine is to erupt in flames, or a mine is to be flooded by water, all rats also massively run out of this mine. Amongst old miners a folklore wisdom was circulated in past, that "if you see rats running out of the mine, then immediately run together with them". Of course, apart from rats, the knowledge of future display also various other animals. For example, it is commonly known that storks never make their nest on a roof of a building which is to be stricken by a lightning. This guarantee provided by storks caused that if in old Poland storks refused to build a nest in spite of getting an encouragement (i.e. in spite of building a special "goat-trestle" on the roof), then the owner of the building sometimes left it and constructed for himself another house elsewhere. Another example are domesticated animals which always know when they are to die and they cry a day earlier. In subsection I8.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] and [8/2] is described a famous cat (investigated even by scientists) which always knew who is to die soon and used to came to comfort the dying person. In old Poland also people watched behaviours of moles - as when a mole dug under foundations of a house, then this meant that soon someone is to die in this house (exactly this happened with my grandmother).
       8. Empirically experienced changes of the speed of the elapse of time. Their examples include, amongst others, slower elapse of time in young age, and much faster elapse of time in old age, or slow elapse of time when we are bored or when we await for something, and much faster elapse of time when we spend time pleasantly. An excellent evidence for actual changes in speed of the elapse of time, are sensations endured by people during so-called "near-death experiences" - especially the experience of reliving the entire life during a very short time when the dying person is just e.g. falling from the roof (these experiences are described, amongst others, in item #F3 of the totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm). After all, if speed of the elapse of time remains unchanged, then it would be impossible to relive the entire previous life in the brief duration of just a few seconds that takes to fall from roof to the ground. In an objective manner (i.e. indicated on watches) changes in speed of the elapse of time are registered relatively frequent on watches of people abducted to UFOs. Their examples are described in subsection T3 (see in there item "Ad. #2") from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       9. Cancellation of outcomes of accidents. I know in person three people (while I met occasionally also a fourth), who were hit by trucks at some stage of their lives, but outcomes of these accidents were then cancelled. (As I believe, their time probably was shifted back, while in a new passage of time these accidents were not happening.) Descriptions of accidents of these people are provided in subsection I4.1.1 (see in there item #4d) from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Such cancellation of outcomes of accidents confirms in several ways that the future must be pre-programmed in advance. For example, it indicates that these people were pre-programmed to do in the future something so important, that without it the pre-programmed future could NOT be implemented.
       10. Jumping elapse of time. Still another example of empirical evidence that the future is pre-programmed in advance, is the jumping elapse of time. In order time could elapse in small jumps, it must be exactly what the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes it to be, i.e. time must be a kind of program executed sequentially command-by-command. In turn that time really is a jumping execution of a program, and thus it elapses in small jumps, proves amongst others a simple experiment which can be completed by almost every reader, and which is described in item #D1 of the totaliztic web page immortality.htm.
       11. "Genetic pre-programming" of the length of life. Scientific research on people who lived over 100 years revealed, that the number of years that someone is to live are "pre-programmed" in advance in the genetic system of a given person (means, as this is revealed in the web page immortality.htm - is pre-programmed in the so-called "program of life and fate" of this person). Just such outcomes of longevity research are described in the article "Secret to long life hide in genes" from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 13, 2010. Therefore, for example the longevity does NOT depend on the living standards, consumed food, etc.
* * *
       All items of evidence listed above had a direct character. It means they directly confirmed that the future is pre-programmed in advance. However, independently from them, there are also items of evidence which indirectly confirm the same fact. An excellent example of these is:
       12. The lack of evidence that the future can be changed. A meaningful example of an indirect empirical evidence, that the future is pre-programmed in advance, is the fact that there is a wealth of empirical evidence which confirms that the future CANNOT be drastically changed (e.g. the entire empirical evidence from this item confirms just this), but no-one was ever able to present even a shred of evidence that the future can be changed drastically. Although in the "science fiction" literature aimed at sensations and at spread of confusions, supposed items of "evidence" are described which imply that the future was changed, but if one considers carefully these items of "evidence" then it turns out that they are either "locked" by some "special services" - and thus unavailable to researchers and to people, or appeared in a manner which induces a suspicion that they were fabricated by some jokers. An excellent example of such supposed "locked" evidence that the future was changed, is a story about a Russian named "Pokrowski", published in the article "Wrzucony w inny czas?" from the Polish magazine Nieznany Świat, no 12/2004. On the other hand empirical evidence which confirms the impossibility of changing the future everyone can check - and actually many people already verified it (as this is mentioned in item 3 above).

Part #K: "Simulation of evil" as one amongst components of the life defined by the "program of our life and fate":
#K1. Why "simulations of evil" are necessary:
       If "evil" does NOT exist in our lives, then we would NOT know what is "good". After all, "good" can be appreciated only when we know what is "evil". This is why, in order to brig us up well - as this is described on the web page soul_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of souls, God was forced to treat us NOT only with "good", but also with "evil". Unfortunately, typically when God serves to us the required dose of "evil", then our pain is too-high for us to be able to appreciate the value of the lesson that we are receiving. For this reason God serves "evil" to us in such a manner that it look-like as if it originates from sources other that the same source from which "good" comes. Expressing this in other words, God "simulates" that evil originates from a different source that the source of :good".

#K2. How "simulations of evil" are manifested:
       In order the "simulation of the source from which evil originates was convincing to people, God is forced to carry out this simulation according to a specific "scenario". For a long period of time, this scenario boiled down to the simulation of the existence of "hell" and "devils". But recently this old scenario become a bit outdated and people ceased to believe in it. Therefore, for some time now God implements a different scenario in His "simulations" of evil. This different scenario currently is the existence of "invisible occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts". More information about this new scenario of the simulation of "evil" is provided on the web page evil.htm, as well as in items #D1 and #D2 of the web page ufo.htm.
       Because I am aware that the software "simulation of an invisible occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts" is carried out in an immensely realistic manner and for very important reasons, in my own actions I always proceed as if this "simulation" was real (although simultaneously I am also aware that it is just a simulation).

#K3. The dream from my childhood, namely a "professorship":
       Already for a long time I am unable to refry from seeing an analogy between my personal fate, and the fate of the village Wszewilki. It happens, that the same as the village Wszewilki for several centuries is viciously persecuted by highly mischievous evil powers, also my personal life the same powers continually try to push down. With a clear help and defense from God, similarly as the village Wszewilki always manages to break free from the hopeless situation into which these evil powers and their agents push it, also myself after a temporary problems always stand tall again and regain the position which these evil powers deprived me earlier. It is because of these continuous defeats of these evil powers in their attempts to topple down both Wszewilki and myself, that I decided to write this web page and include into it this item. After all, the meaningful message of this item is absolutely obvious. On one hand it confirms the information which God passed to us via the Bible, namely to trust in the Lord with all your heart - see Proverbs 3:5. On the other hand this item again confirms that all realistic and moral dreams undertaken in Wszewilki always finally come true.
       When, as a young boy, I used to run in short trousers to various schools from the vicinity of Wszewilki, for some reasons I was hugely fascinated by the title "Professor" which for courtesy reasons then we called all our teachers. I knew then already, that this title is in schools just for courteous reasons, and that true Professors exist only somewhere in a distant world on real universities. So I dreamed that one day I myself become a true Professor on one of these important universities from a distant world. Of course, when I undertook the uncompromised fight with evil occupants which secretly torment our planet, the logic told me that I destroy this way all my chances on actual fulfillment of this dream. But for my indescribable surprise, God caused that also this my dream was fulfilled. In this way God illustrated for me in the most vivid manner possible, that He keeps His promise contained in the Bible which requests to "trust in the Lord with all your heart" (Proverbs 3:5). I was invited by one of the leading universities to take the position of a full professor. The title of a (full) professor is the highest title in the academia and there is nothing higher than it. This invitation extended for 10 months, starting from 1 March 2007, and finishing on 31 December 2007. So during these 10 months my childhood dreams from Wszewilki come true, and in fact I was a "true professor" on an important university from a distant world.
       Of course, in my personal case, the fulfillment of this particular dream borders with a miracle. After all, by the action of these evil occupants that secretly torment our planet, in the country which the fate designated to be my second fatherland I am either continually unemployed, or I am allowed to work but on the lowest positions which still are allowable for someone with my knowledge and professional experience. These dark forces also continually try to keep me in jobs that lie much below my actual capabilities, and that make impossible to implement my inventions.
       It is difficult to be in a worst position than I was after I was made redundant from my job on 23rd September 2005. I was then close to the age of 60 years, means I was close to the retirement. In just such an age no-one willingly employs a given person. Furthermore, the country in which I live was then also in the middle of a serious economical depression (in spite that the local propaganda stated otherwise). Practically there were NO places of work. In addition, I fell a victim of a highly representative "trick" of present politicians, who their own incompetence and inability to rule the country are turning with just propaganda means into an apparent success. But in order this "propaganda of success" looks like a truth, they invented a manner to decrease the unemployment with the same propaganda. Namely, they developed a "bureaucratic definition of an unemployed person". According to this bureaucratic definition, an unemployed person is a person which takes an unemployment benefit. (It is worth to highlight here the discrepancy between this bureaucratic definition of an unemployed person, and the real life situations. After all in the real life an unemployed person is everyone who wants to work, but whom the society or authorities refuse to give an access to a job and refuse the right to get for himself a decent source of income.) Due to this bureaucratic definition of an unemployed person, ruling politicians of a given country are able to tell the nation that the unemployment rate is very low. After all, if for example over 20% of the population is without jobs, with appropriate bureaucratic movements it can be caused, that out of this number only around 3% of people in the most hopeless situation receive the permission of authorities to get the unemployment benefit. This means, that due to the use of such a "bureaucratic definition of an unemployed person" - instead of the definition from the real life, ruling politicians of a given country are able to claim the "decrease" in the unemployment rate to just only around 3%. Of course, the price for this supposed "decrease" someone must pay - it so happened that I was one amongst these ones who were paying. After all, in order only around 3% of the society gets a right to obtain an unemployment benefit, politicians needed to invent as many obstacles for people who wanted to get this benefit, as it is only possible. In the result, some chances to receive such a benefit have only these unemployed, who in fact live almost under a bridge, who previously spend on alcohol or drugs all their savings, and who have no-one that could support them, and if it is possible, who also have a recommendation from some institution, e.g. psychiatric or from a prison.
       Fortunately for me, this dark period of being an unemployed person without getting any unemployment benefit, was temporily interrupted by this invitation for a full professorship. Dreams about a better future which I cultivate, and also my efforts to make them true, caused that from 1 March 2007 until 31 December 2007 I not only had a job, but also I was finally a professor at a renown university. So in order to celebrate such an important occasion, I decided to write this web page. After all, for me this work was a dream coming true. It did not matter that I was employed for only 10 months, nor that this employment was in the scientific specialization in which I was unable to implement my inventions. The important was that that work was as a full professor at a renown university, about which I dreamed since the childhood. After all, with becoming a professor is like with becoming a general, namely once professor, always professor. Besides, this web page is about our dreams and about the fulfillment of these dreams.

#K4. The implementation of our dreams is hold back by enemies of humanity, yet these enemies are not worth to waste even a small candle for them:
Motto: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart" (Bible, Proverbs 3:5)
       As this is explained on the web page evil.htm, the present situation of the humanity is so simulated, as if our planet is secretly occupied and tormented by evil creatures since the most ancient times. In past people used the name "devils" to describe these evil creatures, while presently they are called politely "UFOnauts". The most vital reason for this simulation of enemies of the humanity and for blocking the implementation of our dreams, is described in the justification for the existence of so-called "curse of inventors" discussed in item #G3 from the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm. Because of the immense importance of reasons for which this simulation of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil creatures is carried out, one amongst more beneficial reactions to it, is to treat it as if it was a real occupation (but simultaneously to be aware that it is a simulated occupation). It is also how the author of this web page treats this simulated occupation.
       The reason why these secretive occupants of the Earth are so devilish and so mischievous is explained in item #C9 of the web page about time vehicles, and also in item #A2 of the web page about bandits amongst us. In fact all people are afraid of these creatures. After all, they are like a horde of biting dogs - killing and tormenting everyone who only happens to be in the reach of their fangs and claws. Even the so-called "atheists" and orthodox scientists, who do not believe in the existence of anything other than the natural evolution or the present action of the climatic "El Nino", still were forced to acknowledge the evilness of these creatures in their activities. So they willingly accepted the scientifically sounded fable about apparent existence of the so-called "Murphy's Laws" - which was provided to them by agents of these evil creatures. With these supposed "Murphy's Laws" they explain now all mischievous things done secretly to people by these evil creatures. In old times people also tried to protect themselves somehow against persecution by these secretive occupants and exploiters of the Earth. So they invented a principle, that each time "when giving a large candle to the good God, just in case they also gave a small candle (or a candle stump) to these devils".
       Since the time when via the philosophy of totalizm I disclose without any compromise the secretive presence of these brutal occupants of our planet on the Earth, an entire fury of their anger is focused on my person. In fact I am persecuted by them almost continually. As I explained this on several web pages and blogs of totalizm, e.g. about bandits in our midst or about destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles, and also on the blog of totalizm, there is no such manner of inflicting a pain to me, that these bandit creatures would not try on me. And so, they ruin my health during night abductions to UFOs, they torment my family and my close ones, they spit on me and on my totalizm in countless discussion lists and internet web sites, they instigate my continuous redundancies from jobs, they block my applications in every case when I try to compete for a decent place of employment, and they even murdered with some fur scorching radiation my innocent cat Teecee. No wonder, that after causing that I was made redundant from the last position at a Polytechnic, I was afraid that in the matter of my invitation to the post of a Visiting Professor at a renown university - as described in item #A4 above, these evil creatures also manage to find a way to make impossible for me the taking this highly honourable position. After all, shortly before getting this position, UFOnauts demonstrated to me how they could shift time back and in the new elapse of time cancel the job advertisement at the AUT, for which I tried to put forward my application (an exact history of the cancellation of that job advertisement is explained in item #C6 (case 2) from the separate web page about time vehicles). Unfortunately, God created us in such a manner, that the tendency for doubting we have written into our nature. So in spite that I knew about the recommendation from the Bible mentioned in the previous item #A4, i.e. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart" (Bible, Proverbs 3:5), when preparing myself for the assuming my duties as a (full) professor, all time I was scared that these evil creatures somehow manage to prevent me from getting this highly honourable position.
       In fact these evil creatures used all powers in their disposal, to make the getting this professorial position impossible for me. After all, they knew, that when it comes out that I was getting such a high honour, people will stop taking notice of nonsense that agents of these creatures write about me in the internet. Therefore, when it only become clear, that I am going to be invited to take this professorial position, these creatures as many as two times released the virus of the "bird flu" - which could become a beginning of a world-wide pandemic. (In turn such a world-wide pandemic would spoil everything, including also my professorial post.) Firstly, at the end of January 2007, the virus of the bird flu was released by them in Japan. In turn when the situation over there got under the control, and it would not escalate into a world-wide pandemic, at the beginning of February 2007 the same evil creatures instigated the massive outbreak of the bird flu on a huge farm of turkeys in England. In the meantime the same creatures also blocked my email addresses to make difficult the communication between myself and my future employers. For example, when the most vital document regarding this professorial position, i.e. the invitation to take this professor job - which needed to be confirmed by me, was send to me by an email, these evil creatures shut down the entire world internet system. In the result this document did NOT arrive to me. If not an accidental email from the future employers, I would never learn that I received this invitation. In turn my silence would probably be assumed to be my refusal to take the position. This swindle of UFOnauts with shutting down the entire internet system was later revealed to me by the direct intervention of God. Namely, in the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Friday, February 9, 2007), which I read systematically, on page A7 an article appeared entitled "Attack of the zombie computers fails: a bid to bring down the worldwide web used a network of hijacked PCs". In this article was explained, that at the time when this immensely important email was posted to me, an entire worldwide web ceased to work for a short time, because someone unidentified took the control over a network of computers which belonged to some housewives and grandmothers, and then with the aid of these computers blocked addressing servers which control the flow of internet messages. So an undisclosed number of messages got lost in the result. As if everything this was not enough, on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 - means a week before I supposed to start my new professorial position, around 3 am, I was abducted to a UFO where I was infected with a horse dose of some virus similar to flue. For several next days I was lying overpowered by fever and almost dead. But again, by the intervention from God, my body managed to bit this illness by the first day of assuming my professorial duties. Of course, about subjecting me by these evil creatures to slightly less damaging tormenting just before assuming my professorial duties I will not even write here (of the type that they cut my fingernails in half during a night abduction to a UFO - so that each hitting a computer keyboard is painful for me, or about purposeful pulling a disc from my spine - so that I am unable to walk straight in my new job, or about biting my foot again - so each my step is painful, or about removing my filling in the tooth at night - so that instead of doing my duties I must worry about getting to a dentist, etc., etc.) But I must not keep secret the most serious incident which vendictive UFOnauts carried out on me during the UFO abduction around 4 am on the Thursday night of 15 March 2007. It was then that UFOPnauts shot me in the belly with some kind of their high energy weapon that produces a destructive ray. In the result of this shooting, the body on my belly simply disintegrated. This particular incident is described in more details in item #D3 (3) of the web page about karma.
       When finally I assumed my duties at this professorial position - in spite that UFOnauts literally were raging to make this impossible for me, it was for me a kind of shock illustration for the statement from the Bible "Trust in the Lord with all your heart" (Bible, Proverbs 3:5). I got to understand then, that in fact these "devils", or "UFOnauts" - as we call them now, are for God kinds of "scary dogs" which God keeps on a short leash and controls absolutely. Although these dogs bark at everyone like crazy, and show their teeth, they are able to bite or to torment only these people whom God allows them to torment, because these people need to be punished for something. In turn when God considers that someone does NOT deserve to be bitten by them, then God keeps these dogs on a very short leash and does NOT allow them to touch this person. This practically means, that even if the logic tells us otherwise, in fact we should believe in words of the Bible "Trust in the Lord with all your heart." It is not worth to waste even a "small candle" for these devilish creatures. After all, everything that they wish to do, must firstly be approved by God. This is because God has an absolute power over them - in spite that these evil creatures themselves do not believe in God.
       The description of the history of accepting the full professor position, that is presented in this item, I included into this web page for several vital reasons. One of these is to cheer up these people, who have dreams and who pursue them, but against whom almost an entire world seems to raise. If they will act morally, their dreams for sure God makes true one day. They do not need to be afraid of evil powers - these powers are entirely under the strict control of God and under the God's command. In turn that everything comes in life with such a difficulty - it is how it should be. After all God wishes to bring us up into hardened people who are used to fight for what is right. According to the will of God we have a duty to know exactly what we want and we must consequently stand by this. Means we have to be moral from our conviction and always, not just by accident and only when there is a good weather. Another reason is to reveal here how groundless are these damaging writings which "wolves in sheep skins" place in internet about me and about my moral totalizm. After all, people who really are as these damaging writings state, no-one offers full professor position and renown universities. This is because in order to become a (full) professor, one needs to be confirmed to this position by the government of a given country, and also one needs to pass various checks of special services of this country. Another reason for presenting here this history of my professorship, is to make readers sensitive to the fact that on Earth really work in secrecy these "wolves in sheep skins" which devilishly attack me and my totalizm. The point was that from the bad past experience, I did not intend to reveal the name of the university at which I was a full professor until the January 2008. Yet, the evil creatures which insist to persecute me published this name shorthly after I assumed my honourable position. They did this in spite that the name remainded unknown even to my close family living in Poland. This is because in past, when the name of my place of work was publicly known, these evil creatures pretended that they are "good citizens" who are trying to warn my employers against "wrong views" that I supposedly have. Thus in past, these creatures flooded my employers with a stream of accusations and emails regarding my views. Of course after I assumed my profesorial duties these creatures tried to carry on similar attacks. However, this time even with carrying out such email accusations these creatures had a lot of technical difficulties.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#L1. The summary of this web page:
       Far, far away, behind forests and mountains, exists an extraordinary village called Wszewilki. For several last centuries this village was an object of secretive attacks and destruction which in a less visible manner were also inflicted to the rest of our civilisation. Thus the fate of this village in a symbolical manner are representative for fate of the entire our civilisation. Let us watch the fate of this village carefully, in order to understand easier what happens to all of us. After all, the knowledge of what inhabitants of this village are doing, and also the ability to notice whether this village manages to raise from this persecution just on its own, provides us with a picture as what are chances for the remaining people on Earth.

#L2. Let us watch fate of Wszewilki and record on photographs the illustrative chronicle of this extraordinary village:
       Whatever happens in Wszewilki, it is a symbolic representation of what happens also in a significant area that surrounds this village. Therefore by watching and by photographing the chronicle of changes in Wszewilki, we have simultaneously a representative picture of whatever happens on the rest of our planet.

#L3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L4. This web page is going to be improved repetitively - I would suggest to return to it after some time:
       From the definition this web page is going to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as inquires of readers, possible new information, or outcomes of new research come to my hands, or after any events take place which will inspire me for carrying out the update. So if in the future you wish to learn these news, then perhaps you should revisit this web page. Perhaps it will be extended and improved by then.
       If one knows the Polish language, it It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under several address, e.g.:, and (Notice that both these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.
       Notice that readers can also download to their own computers a source replica of this web page, as this is explained on web pages FAQ - questions or replicate available through "Menu 1" and "Menu 2". (In order to download this replica, you just need to click in "Menu 1" on the item source replica of this page. Note however, that if after such a click the replica does NOT download, this probably means that on a given web site this replica could not be offered to interested users, e.g. because of memory limits of some sort, or because there are some other technical problems which block the capability to download it from this server. In such a case it is advisable to change the server and web site by using one of the addresses listed in "Menu 4" or "Menu 3", and then try to download this replica again from a next server and next web site.)

#L5. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#L6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#L7. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:
       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *

Date of starting of this web page: 1 March 2007
Date of the latest updating of this web page: 17 August 2013
(Check in "Menu 3" whether there is even a more recent update!)
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