Monograph [1/5]
Monograph 1, ISBN 978-1-877458-81-1, on primeval beginnings of everything: Chapter A includes the list of content for the entire monograph [1/5]. It also provides a historic background for this monograph, starting from primeval times.

Monograph 2, ISBN 978-1-877458-82-8, on fundamental discoveries and inventions: Chapter B provides descriptions of the Cyclic Table. The Cyclic Table is also discussed briefly on the totaliztic web page propulsion.htm – about magnetic propelling devices. Chapter D describes four-propulsor Magnocraft. Chapter E explains design and operation of magnetic personal propulsion system. Chapter F describes the Oscillatory Chamber, including general information about how to build oscillatory chamber (Chapter F contains the most current and most complete English presentation of the design and operation of the Oscillatory Chamber). The Oscillatory Chamber is explained on the totaliztic web page oscillatory_chamber.htm – about the Oscillatory Chamber. In turn the applications of the Oscillatory Chamber for propelling eco-friendly cars are described on the web page eco_cars.htm – about eco-friendly cars.

Monograph 3, ISBN 978-1-877458-83-5, on (discoidal) Magnocraft of 1st generation: Chapter G presents the design and operation of discoidal Magnocraft, and explains phenomena induced by Magnocraft. It contains the most current and complete presentation of Magnocraft available in English. The magnetic starship called the Magnocraft is also briefly described on the totaliztic web page magnocraft.htm – about the Magnocraft.

Monograph 4, ISBN 978-1-877458-84-2 (size on the disk 1.3 MB) on the Concept of Dipolar Gravity: This is the first (out of two) monograph describing the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Chapter H presents this part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which concerns the physical behaviours and attributes of the counter-world and counter-matter. It presents a newer and recently updated version of chapters G and H from monograph [8e]. Chapter HB explains why antigravity does not exist while the antigravity vehicle cannot be build. The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is also explained briefly on the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm – about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Monograph 5, ISBN 978-1-877458-85-9, on the Virtual World and God: This is the second (out of two) monograph describing the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Chapter I explains the part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which concerns the intelligent so-called „virtual world“. Subsection I3.3 presents the formal proof for the existence of God. Subsection I4.1.1 lists and explains the most important moral laws. Subsection I4.1.2 explains the work of our conscience and ULT. The second half of chapter I (volume 5) explains the operation of karma and creditory karma, the model of the brain as an input-output device, ULT language, differences between souls and spirits, the mechanism of feelings, love, magic, black magic, traps of so-called positive thinking, and many more. It is a newer and updated version of chapter K (volume 6) from monograph [8e]. The part of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which relates to God is also described briefly on the totaliztic web page god.htm – about the scientific and secular understanding of God. In turn various scientific evidence for the existence of God, together with a formal scientific proof for the existence of God, are presented on the web page god_proof.htm – containing compendium of scientific proofs that God really does exist.

Monograph 6, ISBN 978-1-877458-86-6, on Totalizm: Chapter JA explains how to apply the philosophy of totalizm to our everyday lives. It is a newer and updated version of chapter A from the first textbook (manual) of totalizm, which was the old monograph [8e]. The philosophy of totalizm is also briefly summarised in the web page totalizm.htm – about totalizm.

Monograph 7, ISBN 978-1-877458-87-3, on morality and moral laws: Chapter JB explains how one should understand totalizm. Chapter JD presents the official stand of totalizm in various controversial matters (e.g. sacrifice, corporal punishment, vegetarianism, etc.). It is a newer and updated version of chapters B and C from monograph [8e]. It is worth to notice, that various issues discussed in chapters JB to JD, e.g. canons of the operation of universe, the action of „moral laws“, etc., is also discussed on the totaliztic web pages morals.htm – about operation of moral laws, bible.htm – about mysteries and curiosities of the Bible, or will.htm – about so-called „free will“.

Monograph 8, ISBN 978-1-877458-88-0, on Nirvana and totaliztic mechanics: Chapter JE presents the totaliztic „nirvana“, and also is a newer and updated version of subsection A6 from monograph [8e]. The phenomenon of „nirvana“ is explained also on the web page nirvana.htm – about the totaliztic nirvana. Chapter JG presents the most recent version of the „totaliztic mechanics“. It is the version even newer that that one presented in volume 8 of monograph [8].

Monograph 9, ISBN 978-1-877458-89-7, on telepathy and telepathic devices: Chapter K addresses the utilisation of telepathic vibrations. It presents various devices that utilise telepathic vibrations technically. The most important of these is the telepathic pyramid described in subsection K2, and also in separate treatise [7/2]. Such a pyramid allows to exchange thoughts directly between two minds, without the use of speech. Subsection K3 presents TRI devices. Subsection K4 described telepathic communication devices of UFOnauts. Subsection K5 explains telepathic telescopes and projectors. In turn subsection K6 explains in details a true operation of the so called Zhang Heng seismograph which was the first telepathic earthquake detection build on earth, which was able to begin an alarm before an earthquake strikes. It foreruns for at least 100 years our present seismographs, because they are only capable of indicating an earthquake after it already did a damage. Chapter KB describes the use of telepathic vibrations for purposes other than communication, e.g. for farming, healing, cold fusion, etc. Telepathic vibrations are also discussed briefly on the web page telepathy.htm – about telepathy and devices for telepathic communication.

Monograph 10, ISBN 978-1-877458-90-3, on telekinesis and free energy devices: This volume describes devices which utilise telekinesis for various technical devices. Chapter LA presents several telekinetic free energy devices, which produce electricity without consuming any fuel or supplying to them any other technical forms of energy. These devices utilise the ability of the Telekinetic Effect to work as a reversal of friction, namely to extract thermal energy from the environment and to produce motion. The most advanced of these devices is the telekinetic influenzmaschine (i.e. the Thesta-Distatica already operative in Switzerland) which already produces enough free electricity to cover the consumption of an average household. Some of these devices are also explained on the web pages free_energy.htm – about telekinetic generators of free energy, fe_cell.htm – about the telekinetic battery, boiler.htm – about the so-called „sonic boiler“, and telekinetics.htm – about development of devices of telekinetics. Chapter LB explains climate control via the motion of counter-matter. Chapter LC describes telekinetic vehicles and explains observations of so-called „rods“ (means telekinetic UFOs). Telekinesis is also described briefly on the web page telekinesis.htm – about telekinesis. In turn the so-called „rods“ and „orbs“ are described on the web page explain.htm – about a scientific interpretation of authentic UFO photographs.

Monograph 11, ISBN 978-1-877458-91-0, on time, time travel, and time vehicles: Chapter M explains time, timespace, operation of time vehicles, and also phenomena induced by them. The work of time and time vehicles are also explained on the web page timevehicle.htm – about time, time vehicles and travelling in time.

Monograph 12, ISBN 978-1-877458-92-7, on getting to know God: Chapter N presents findings of totalizm regarding the personality of God, principles of Gods interactions with people, and methods that God uses in His relationship with people.

Monograph 13, ISBN 978-1-877458-93-4, on parasitism: Chapter OA presents the philosophy of parasitism, which is a reversal and the main enemy of totalizm. Chapter OA is much newer and more recently updated version of chapter D from monograph [8e]. The philosophy of parasitism (which is an opposite of totalizm) is also briefly summarised in the web page parasitism.htm – about parasitism.

Monograph 14, ISBN 978-1-877458-94-1, on the formal proof for existence of UFOs: Chapter P provides the formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs, and consequences of this proof. Chapter P presents the formal proof stating that „UFOs do exist“, completed with the use of scientific methodology of „matching attributes“. It also presents other proofs which stem from the existence of UFOs, namely the proof that „operation of UFOs is explainable on basis of the operation of Magnocraft“ and that „Earth is currently under a hidden occupation of UFOs“. It also addresses the main consequences of this proof, for example that the only reason why Earth was populated is to provide a colony for exploitation by UFOnauts. The formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs is also presented on the web page ufo_proof.htm – about the formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs. In turn some amongst countless items of evidence utilised in this proof are also discussed on the web page evidence.htm – about evidence of secretive UFO activities on the Earth.

Monograph 15, ISBN 978-1-877458-95-8, on devices of UFOnauts: Chapters Q, R, S, and T describe various devices and propulsion systems of UFOnauts. Chapters from Q to T present various propelling devices that UFOnats use on Earth. Thus it describes four-propulsor UFOs, personal propulsion of UFOnauts, telekinetic propulsion, and time vehicles. Some amongst these devices are also discussed on the web page bandits.htm – about bandits in our midst.

Monograph 16, ISBN 978-1-877458-96-5, on abductions to UFOs: Chapter U describe abductions of people to UFOs. Chapter U provides evidence that every person on the Earth is experiencing „simulations“ as if he or she is systematically abducted to UFOs not less frequently than each 3 months. This evidence includes, amongst others, also a characteristic scar that every person on Earth carries on his/her own leg, and thus the existence of which can easily be checked practically by everyone. Chapter U also explains the major signs that every person can note on himself/herself, and that prove that the majority of people (including you, the reader) are experiencing these „simulations“ of being systematically abducted by UFOnauts. Some items of this evidence are also discussed on the web page ufo.htm – about the „simulation“ of secretive ocuppation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts.

Monograph 17, ISBN 978-1-877458-97-2, on significance of evidence on UFOnauts: Chapter V from monograph 17 tries to address, and tries point out our attention, the significance of UFO evidence present in our midst.

Monograph 18, ISBN 978-1-877458-98-9, on history of this monograph: This is the final monograph (volume) from the series [1/5e]. In chapter W it presents history of my research and the history of this monograph. Chapter X presents final message of this monograph. Chapter Y presents the list of complementary literature, and also the brief note „about the author“. (A kind of summary of my life, which is outlined near the end of monograph 18, is also available in a condensed form on the totaliztic web page pajak_jan.htm – about myself (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak).) Appendix Z presents various research topics proposed for the completion in the subject area covered by this monograph.

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