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God (2013)
Copyright © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak

Scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God
Date of the latest updating of this page: 25 November 2013 - pdf

Motto: "There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light. The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God — children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God. The Word became flesh ..." (Quotation from the Biblical Evangel of St. John 1:6-14.) 

Welcome to the web page which presents answers, justifications, and evidence based on my research and concerning the most frequently asked questions about God and about matters related to God. Everything that is presented on this web page results from the research carried out according to findings of a secular philosophy named "totalizm". I am Jan Pajak (my christian name "Jan" represents the Polish translation of the old Biblical name which in English translates as "John"), and I will be your narrator for the explanations presented here. I personally believe that I have all qualifications, preparation, authority, and mission that are required to answer such questions. (My qualifications and preparation for providing answers to questions about God I am going to explain below in item #A2 of this web page.) Here are typical questions in matters related to God highlighted with a blue colour, and also my answers provided right below them.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
#A1. What is the goal of this web page:
       The aim of this web page is to provide answers to questions about God which we most frequently ask ourselves or others. The replies that this web page provides do NOT represent a point of view of an individual person, or a single religion. This is because answers provided on this web page have the ambition to become the most objective scientific replies on the subject of God that are possible to receive in present circumstances of Earth. They are based on findings that result from scientific research carried out within the most moral, modern, secular, progressive, peaceful, and constructive philosophy on Earth named "totalizm". Thus in fact they represent official replies of this philosophy to given questions.
       Notice that replies on this web page are formulated in exactly the same manner as the philosophy of "totalizm" is formulated. This means, that they not only provide an answer for "how actually is" according to findings of totalizm, but also are explaining what totalizm established about "why is just like this - instead of being completely different", and in addition they indicate "what evidence" totalizm is able to provide to confirm that really is like the replies state, not completely different. If for some reasons the complete presentation of all three above components of a given answer (i.e. "how", "why", and "what evidence") is impossible in humble conditions of this web page, then a given answer will indicate where in the main publication of totalizm (means in monograph [1/5]) one can find the additional extension of explanations to the information provided here.

#A2. What me, i.e. officially Dr Eng. Jan (John) Pajak, while courteously - Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak (for details see e.g. item #K5 on this web page), qualifies to provide answers for questions about God:
Motto: "He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver." (Bible, Isaiah 49:2)
       There is a whole range of factors which quite unambiguously indicate, that I have the required qualifications for providing answers to questions about God listed below. Let us review at least some most important of them. And so, I am a scientist by profession, passion, and fate. So I have the required formal training to provide replies that I give with the certainty, far-sight, and precision that is required for presentations of results of scientific research. I publicly defended my degree of the "doctor of technical sciences" at the university which at that time was practically the best in the world - as justified in item #E1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm. So I practically went through the "trial of fire" regarding my ability to carry out scientific research, regarding my estimates of quality level that is imposed on the results of such research, and regarding my public defending the results accomplished during the research. In my professional career I accomplished the highest level, i.e. the position of a full university professor. This in turn means that my scientific accomplishments were appreciated also by other professional scientists. I am the creator of the most moral, modern, secular philosophy on the Earth, called "totalizm" (the one spelled through "z"), the creator of the new science called the "totaliztic science" which philosophical foundations are based on totalizm and which is defined in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page telekinetyka.htm, and also the creator of the revolutionary theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity from which directly originates the moral philosophy of totalizm, the new "totaliztic science, as well as the formal proof for the existence of God described on this web page. I also identified and explained main attributes and principles of the philosophy of morally decadent creatures. It is called parasitism. This philosophy is practiced by all those ones who in their lives increasingly deviate out from the rules imposed on people by God, before the justice is served to them accordingly to the principle of the "extinction of most immoral" described e.g. in items #G1 to #G5 from the web page will.htm. Thus, I personally contributed countless amount of research and thoughts to the subject of determining the existence of God, and also His attributes, methods of action, etc. This means that, as people are saying, "I know what I am talking about". NOT without reasons, I am the first scientist on the Earth, who has proven formally and scientifically the existence of God, and whose proof, in spite of numerous attempts by various atheists, was never undermined and thus all time it remains valid and in power. So in support of what I am claiming I have the required and very tangible evidence. Furthermore, I have been given something by God, that is not given to every person. Some people would call it a "task" or a "mission" which I have to carry out on Earth, others would call it the "fate", "destiny", or just a "coincident". But whatever name one would use to describe it, the preparation of this web page about God is an inseparable part of it.
       More details about the course of my extraordinary life, my qualifications, scientific research, and this "mission" which I am currently completing on Earth, can be learned from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my newest scientific monograph marked [1/5] - free copies of which can be downloaded from this web page via the item "Monograph [1/5]" in "Menu 1" from the left margin of this web page. A brief summary of my life is also provided on the web page with my autobiographical note, i.e. the page about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak). A list of miracles which took place in my surroundings, and thus which I saw with my own eyes, is provided in item #H2 from the web page named god_proof.htm. In turn about a kind of miracle, with the use of which in 2007 God nominated me to be a full professor at a renown university, I wrote in subsection #A4 of a separate web page about Wszewilki of tomorrow.

#A3. The totaliztic definition of God that stems from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
       This web page does NOT describe the same God which is described to people by various religions. Means, under the name God this web page does NOT understand a being of the human statue, which lived on the Earth in ancient times, and which has the knowledge and capabilities that many times exceed the knowledge and capabilities of people. This web page describes a different God that is omni-powerful, omni-knowledgeable, and omni-present - the nature, capabilities, and characteristics of which are described by the theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This omni-powerful "totaliztic God" can be defined in the following manner:
       God is the gigantic, self-aware, thinking, and intelligent program, which evolved naturally in "counter-matter" (means in the primary carrier of intelligence of the universe), which resides in this counter-matter, which in a software, dynamic, and hierarchical manner forms from this counter-matter everything that manifests itself in the entire universe, and which intelligently governs everything that happens in the entire universe.
       There are huge differences between the interpretation of God disseminated by religions, and the above secular and scientific definition of God developed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by the moral philosophy of totalizm which stems from this concept. These differences are going to be explained gradually on this web page. However, if we would like to indicate here the most vital of these, it is that religions interpret God as a "being" with human-like shapes and attributes. In turn totalizm defines God as a gigantic "program" which self-evolved awareness, which resides in a kind of "liquid computer" called "counter-matter", which in a software manner forms from this "liquid computer" practically everything that exists in the entire universe, which itself has no shape although it forms from itself all shapes of the universe, which knows everything about everything that He is aware it can be known, and which is the source of everything. Thus, according to totalizm everything that exists in the entire universe is just one amongst infinitive manifestations of this intelligent counter-matter and these natural programs which are parts (or components) of God. Furthermore, for that reason, the existence of this totaliztic God can be formally proven with the use of scientific methods. (A brief description of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God is provided in item #B3 below. In turn extended descriptions of that formal scientific proof, complemented with photographs and with additional body of evidence, are presented on a separate web page god_proof.htm - containing compendium of proofs that God really does exist. I highly recommend having a look at that web page.)
       But if one analyses thoroughly the origins of the indicated above interpretational differences, then it turns out that these have the source in the present (erroneous) understanding of terminology used in old religious descriptions, NOT in these descriptions themselves. As it turns out, old religious descriptions explain God exactly the same as it is done by present totalizm - only that religions do it with the use of currently outdated terminology - as it tries to explain to us item #C6 on the totaliztic web page named prawda_uk.htm. Thus, if someone takes the trouble of translating the sense of ancient religious terminology that describes God into present scientific language, then it turns out that the religious descriptions of God state exactly the same as the totaliztic definition of God - only that they do it with the use of a different terminology and rather outdated comparisons. Let us provide here an example of just such a comparison of already translated essence of old religious statements. In (5) from item #C12 of the web page bible.htm is explained, that the Biblical Hebrews, 11:3, states, quote: "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen." In turn totalizm states that the "natural 'program' of God so configures the invisible for people 'counter-matter', that everything that we see is created from that invisible 'counter-matter' " (notice here that what the present science calls "program" or "information", in times when religions were created was called "word"; while what in past was called "invisible" totalizm currently calls "counter-matter"). Of course, totaliztic web pages contain a large number of findings similar to the above, from which it stems unambiguously that "the essence of statements of religions and totalizm is exactly the same - in spite of differences in terminology with which this essence is expressed" (for still another example of a similar vital finding - see item #C1 from the web page soul_proof.htm).

#A4. Why it is worth to learn what the philosophy of totalizm explains about God:
       In present times many people make the use of excuse, that official Earth's science - popularly called the "orthodox science", was unable to prove the existence of God. They utilize this incompetence of the science, to completely cease the observing of moral obligations and requirements which religions placed on our lives in the name of God. But these people forget, that the orthodox science has a long tradition of making errors and telling untruth. After all, this science is famous that it is forced to deny every now and again everything that it stated before. What even more interesting, the philosophy of totalizm managed to catch the orthodox science on one of such fundamental errors of inexpressible consequences. This error is pinpointed by a relatively new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, described on a separate web page. In turn this Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicates unambiguously that God in fact does exist. In addition, it allows to prove formally the existence of God. The philosophy of totalizm, that stems from this relatively new theory, is actually the philosophy which undermines the truthfulness and competence of the orthodox science in matters of God, and even formally proves the existence of God. Therefore it is worth to learn the statements of this philosophy - if not for anything else, then just because many claims of religions into which the orthodox science stopped us to believe lately, can actually be true. Therefore if someone confused by present orthodox science stops taking these statements under consideration, then it may have very serious consequence for the future of this person, and one day such a person may be very sorry. In other words, it is worth to learn statements of totalizm about God at least to have a chance of make decisions about God on basis of reliable knowledge and research which totalizm explains, not just on base of someone's one-sided opinions or denying, which sometimes originate from irresponsible propaganda programs shown in biased television.
       A rational approach suggests, that in all very important matters we should always seek a so-called "second opinion". For example, when one doctor recommends an operation and cutting, it is always worth to ask the opinion of another doctor so that this other explains to us the matter from his or her point of view. The matter of the existence of God and obeying in our lives moral laws which this God imposed on us, belong to such very important matters. After all, God is this superior being who with a single blink may create or destroy entire galaxies. In addition He is this superior being who one day is going to judge us and to prepare a verdict designating our fate. It is a bit risky and unwise to ignore someone like that. Yet, a large majority of people in matters concerning God relies exclusively on opinions of a single "expert" of a human origin (i.e. either the orthodox science, or their own religion). But such a single human "expert" may be at wrong, or in some matters may have a hidden agenda. For example, people can be intentionally manipulated by some powers, that independently from the level of development, humanity is NOT allowed to disseminate officially a definitive truth about God. After all, due to such a lack of knowledge about God, individual people can be subjected by God to various "tests" on their devotion and on their ability to personally acquire the truth about God. The philosophy of totalizm represents just such a second independent "expert", the opinion of which is also worth to learn. So for this "second opinion" it is really worth to learn what totalizm have to say, and then to consider in one's own mind what one thinks of it. This web page constitutes a summary of the most essential findings of totalizm about God.

Part #B: Replies to most vital questions regarding God:
#B1. Does God exist:
       Yes, God for sure does exist! After all, totalizm has proven formally His existence with several different scientific methodologies (e.g. see item #B3 below). In turn, every formal scientific proof has this to itself, that it is the most close to truth and to objective reality, from everything that at a given point in time is known to us. Because these formal scientific proofs of totalizm for the existence of God were not undermined by anyone so far, they maintain their merit and should be considered in our thoughts and actions. They conclusively indicate that God is equally real and tangible as everything else around us.
       In case someone would like to have a look at a formal scientific proof for the existence of God, it is published in subsection I3.3 from volume 5 of the slightly older scientific monograph [1/4], copies of which can be download completely for free from the item "Monograph [1/4]" in "Menu 1" visible on the left margin of this web page (it is available in several different formats). In turn subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of the newest edition of monograph [1/5], (just in the process of completion), contains a complete presentation of another version of this proof. This new version is briefly repeated in item #B3 below. This new version proves the existence of God with the use of methods of mathematical logic.

#B2. Which obvious and tangible evidence in our reach totalizm indicates as able to confirm the existence of God:
       We all look for some sort of convincing evidence that this superior intelligent being which by religions is called God in fact does exist. As it turns out, we already discovered (by pure chances) a multitude of such evidence. Only that for various reasons We do not treat it as such evidence. This is because in order to accept it as evidence for the existence of God, it is necessary to have a previous knowledge where this God resides (i.e. we need to have a knowledge about the location of the "counter-world" described in item #J2 below), what is the origin of intelligence of this God (i.e. we need to known what are intellectual attributes of the "counter-matter" described in item #J2 below), how this God communicates with people, etc. In turn all this knowledge was provided only by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by totalizm that stems from it.
       Numerous examples of obvious and tangible evidence for the existence of God are indicated and thoroughly interpreted in volumes 6 and 5 (means in chapters I and H) of monograph [1/4]. It is where the reader should look for a more thorough analyses of it. But in order to not leave this reply without at least indicating here most common samples of this evidence, I am going to list here three examples. These are:
           1. ESP. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity states, that this thinking substance named the "counter-matter", which in reality is the carrier of the superior being called here God, has a custom of replying to every question that someone addresses to it (means it works like me). People since ancient times ask questions addressed to someone unspecified, and in fact they receive replies. This commonly known process of asking intelligent questions and receiving intelligent answers, in the most popular form is called "divining pendulum" or "radiesthesia". More general form of it is called "ESP" (from "Extra Sensory Perception"). So in fact diving pendulums, as well as all known forms of ESP, are nothing else, as a direct exchange of information with this intelligent substance which is the carrier of God. Thus, divining pendulums and ESP are one of most common empirical observations, which document to us the existence and the intelligent operation of God. Only that for various reasons we so-far were unable to understand them as replies that originate from this intelligent substance from the "counter-world". (For more details about principles of operation of divining pendulums and ESP see subsection I8 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4].)
           2. Animal instinct. It is worth to recall, that animals also have a version of ESP. In animals this ESP is called "instinct". On Earth various "animal geniuses" are known, in which this "instinct" is so powerful, that they are capable of correct solving problems that sometimes exceed capabilities of minds of many people. Of course, such intelligent action of "instinct" of animals would NOT be possible, if animals do not receive their replies from this intelligent substance called here God. Thus "animal instinct", or more specifically the rare cases of it that allow some animals to solve logical problems that exceed intellectual capabilities of many people, is a next tangible evidence for the existence of God. (Descriptions of examples of such "animals geniuses" and examples of manifestations of the highly logical component in instincts of animals, are contained in subsections I8.1 and I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4].)
           3. Kirlian photographs. This religious "other world", by totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity named the "counter-world", is separated from our world by an impenetrable barrier. So no periscopes or telescopes allow us to have an insight into it. However, there is a technique which we call the "Kirlian photography". It allows to photograph what is contained in this "counter-world". Means this "Kirlian photography" in fact reveals images from the world occupied by "God father". Only that so-far people did not know about this. So they formulated various wild speculations about what actually this photography is showing. The most convincing experiment with the assistance of which the Kirlian photography proves to us the value as a "window to that other world", is known under the name of "ghost leaf effect". In this experiment a new and still alive leaf is cut in half, and then the Kirlian camera photographs only a half of this leaf. But on the photograph after processing an entire leaf is visible. Researchers of this shocking phenomenon were wondering where the image of this lacking half of the leaf is coming from. Finally they come to a conclusion, that it must be a "ghost of this leaf" (hence the name for this experiment the "ghost leaf effect"). So if we think for a moment, this experiment with the "ghost leaf effect" actually proves to us conclusively, that independently from the visible space of "our world", there is also additional invisible (for human sight) space of the "counter-world". It is this space of the "counter-world" that God resides in it. We even have already a research device, i.e. the Kirlian photography", which allows us to have an insight into this "counter-world". (For more details about the Kirlian photography and the evidential value of it, see subsection H1.1.1 in monograph [1/4]. In turn the "ghost leaf effect" is described more comprehensively in chapter C of treatise [7/2].)
           4. Genetic code. This code is in fact a kind of language. In turn every language must be developed and used by an intelligent being. Genetic code is discussed in more details in the next item #B3, and also on a separate web page about evolution.
           5. Electromagnetic waves. These belong to a category of waves which usually is called "transverse waves". In turn such transverse waves can be created only on the border of two media. So in conditions in which electromagnetic waves propagate across the universe, the only explanation for this nature of electromagnetic waves is that they are formed on the border between our "physical world" - in which we live, and the so-called "counter-world" - in which God lives. The significance of the transverse nature of electromagnetic waves as another evidence for the existence of God is additionally emphasized by the so-called "red shift" in light from distant stars - which does NOT originate from the "Doppler Effect" as this is misleadingly told by present astronomy. More about the evidential value of electromagnetic waves and about the meaning of "red shift" is explained in items #D2 and #D2.1 of a separate web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
* * *
       Indicated above are only most widely known examples of the evidence for the existence of God. A more extensive and comprehensive list of such evidence is provided on the totaliztic web page god_proof.htm - containing compendium of proofs that God really does exist, and also in items #F1, #F2 and #F3 of the separate totaliztic web page bible.htm (which describes secrets of the Bible authorized by God Himself).

#B3. How the formal scientific proof of totalizm for the existence of God was formulated, and whether this proof is binding for us:
       The first formal scientific proof for the existence of God was published in subsections I3.3 to I3.3.3 from volume 5 of scientific monograph [1/4] "Advanced magnetic devices" in 2000 (means quite a long ago). In fact this proof was repeated three times in the indicated subsections, each time completed with a different methodology of scientific proving. This in turn illustrates that the scientific proving of so obvious matter as the existence of God, can be carried out not just on one, but on many entirely different ways. The scientific proof that God does exist is for us equally binding as all other scientific proofs - for example as the proofs that the Earth is spherical, or that sides of a right-angled triangle fulfill the Pythagoras equation. For our own good we should rely on indications resulting from this proof in everything that we do. After all, if we do not consider it, then we undertake actions which run against of what God requires us to do. In turn for standing against the being so powerful as God, inevitably not very pleasant consequences are awaiting for people. In turn if we consider in our lives indications resulting from this proof, then in almost everything that we do we are inclined to make corrections for whatever God expects from us. This in turn is the key to future reaping fruits and rewards which God lavishly gives away to these ones who implements his requests.
       In the second semester of 2007 by some strange act of God I was granted the privilege of giving a series of lectures from the mathematical logic on a Korean University. A "by product" of these lectures was that to three previous versions of the formal proof for the existence of God completed before with the use of physical methods, I could add another version of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God which this time is completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic. Because this proof is short, I am quoting it below for the use of these readers who would like to get familiar with it, or wish to check the validity of it. However, I would still encourage to reach for further information regarding it, which can be learned either from items #G2 and #G3 of the web page named god_proof.htm; or from subsection I3.3.4 in volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] (disseminated free of charge, amongst others via this web page). The base propositions of this formal scientific proof for the existence of God stem from so-called "genetic codes", the more extensive description of which codes is provided on web pages named evolution.htm and immortality.htm. So here it is, the formal scientific proof for the existence of God completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:

           "God does exist".
       Basis propositions:
           (1) "Genetic code displays all attributes of intelligent codes and according to the Shannon's Theory of Communication all codes are versions of languages. All languages are formed by intelligent beings.
           (2) The creation of a single "language of genetic programming" which would be capable to program and to express with genetic codes all attributes for the huge number and variety of living creatures that populate the Earth, required the work of either superior being of a supernatural knowledge, power, and efficiency of God, or a multitude of unanimously cooperating with each other human-like intelligent beings of capabilities and efficiencies similar to these of humans. The fact that attributes of countless living creatures which populate the Earth were programmed and expressed with the use of a single and always the same, coherent "language of genetic programming", completely eliminates the possibility that genetic codes of creatures from the Earth were programmed by a large number of unanimously cooperating with each other human-like creatures of capabilities and efficiency similar to human.
(Explanation complementing this set 2 of premises: The history of development of languages and codes proves, that the large crowd of human-like creatures, which use a language or a code, NEVER is able to unanimously cooperate with each other, therefore with the elapse of time such a crowd always gradually introduces numerous variants to the grammar, vocabulary, structure, etc., of the language that it uses. Therefore a large crowd of human-like beings which would work on the development of life, similarly like a purely random evolution, would either eliminate completely the use of genetic codes, or in case of continuation of the use of such codes, it would gradually introduce completely different structures and contents of these codes for each species of living creatures.)
           (3) God does NOT exist, or does exist. The use by God of a single and always the same coherent "language of genetic programming" for all creatures that populate the Earth eliminates completely the possibility that God does NOT exist.
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "hypothetical syllogism". This form can be written as [(p =>q) && (q => r)] => [p => r], in which the assertion "p" says "genetic code displays all attributes of intelligent codes", while the assertion "q" says "according to the Shannon's Theory of Communication all codes are versions of languages", in turn the assertion "r" states "all languages are formed by intelligent beings". The transformation of these propositions implies the conclusion that "the genetic code was formed by an intelligent being".
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "a single, coherent 'language of genetic programming' which appears in a huge number of creatures that populate the Earth must be formed by a single superior being with a supernatural knowledge, power, and efficiency of God".
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion with method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "God does NOT exist", while assertion "q" states "God does exist". Thus the final conclusion states "God does exist"!
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "God does exist".

* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").
       It is also worth to mention about the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of God finally we were able to develop, it is worth to check now whether we live according to this proof. After all, the faith in God to-date is replaced by it with the reliable knowledge and certainty of the existence of God.
       At this point I should inform, that extended descriptions of the above proof, complemented with photographs and with additional body of evidence, are presented on a separate web page god_proof.htm - containing compendium of proofs that God really does exist. I highly recommend having a look at that web page.
       The proving procedure presented above was also utilized in several further formal scientific proofs completed for the first time in the world by the author of this web page. These further proofs are equally important for each one of us and for the entire our civilisation as the above formal proof for the existence of God. Also, as so-far, subjects of these proofs were on purpose ignored by the old, official "atheistic orthodox science" - means by this old monopolistic science which erroneous claims people still are forced to learn in schools and at universities. For example the same formal proving procedure allowed the author, amongst others, to formally prove that the "counter-world does exist". (The term "counter-world" is a scientific name assigned to a world that is separate from our physical world, in which God lives, and which religions, and also folklore, calls "another world".) A formal scientific proof for the existence of counter-world completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #D3 of a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and also in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The same proving procedure allowed also to prove formally that "God created the first pair of people". The author's formal scientific proof that the "first man and the first woman were created by God", also completed with methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #B8 from the separate web page named evolution.htm, and also in subsection I1.4.1 from volume 5 of the newest scientific monograph [1/5]. The formal scientific proof that "people have eternal souls" is presented in item #C1.1 of the web page about nirvana. In turn e.g. the formal scientific proof that "God authorised the Bible" is presented in item #B1 of the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself.

#B4. How God look like:
Motto: "According to totalizm we live in God, according to religions God lives in us."
       God actually is NOT a person, as we were made to believe. (I should stress here again that by the term "God" this web page understands the most superior source of intelligence and self-awareness of the entire universe, means the self-aware combination of three components to which the Bible and the Christian religion refers under the name "Holy Trinity" - composed of "God Father", "Holy Ghost", and "God Son".) Namely God is the thinking combination of three components, such as: (1) intelligent "[b]counter-matter", (which of a kind of natural "liquid computer" contained in a separate world called the counter-world), (2) natural, self-aware "program" that resides in this counter-matter, and (3) all "manifestations" that this "program" forms dynamically from this intelligent "counter-matter" - such as atoms, planets, human body, light, etc.[/b] It happens this way because this intelligent liquid substance from the counter-world called "counter-matter" is the carrier of the intellectual attributes that allowed the evolution and activity of the self-aware program that forms the thinking component of God. This counter-matter in the natural state is able to execute the process of thinking and memorizing information. In turn being such a volume of thinking substance and natural programs contained in it, God does NOT have shape that would be possible to define at our present level of knowledge. Or more strictly - the shape of God is simultaneously the shape of the entire universe. (Unfortunately, on the present level of our knowledge we do not know what exact shape has the entire universe.) But all data indicate, that the shape of the universe does NOT resemble outlines of a human figure. Rather opposite, according to deductions carried out according to the philosophy of totalizm and derived from the definition of energy, it appears for example that most probably the shape of an entire universe is close to a carelessly squashed by someone, a thin, folded "pancake". (Deductions about the shape of the entire universe are published in subsection JE3.7.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/4].)
       The fact that God really is a gigantic, natural, self-aware program contained in the kind of like a "liquid computer" - means in the intelligent substance called "counter-matter", is explained in item #B1 of the web page evolution.htm - about the process of intelligently controlled evolution. In next items of that web page is also explained "down-to-earth", how through the appropriate pre-programming of this "liquid computer" God created "matter" from our physical world - in turn from this "matter" He then created, amongst others, humans. According to these descriptions, and to totaliztic definitions of God, "we really live in the body of God". Exactly the same fact of our "living in the body of God" is also clearly confirmed by the Bible (which, according to item #B10 below, is a kind of "autobiography" of God). Namely, in the Biblical "Acts" 17:27-28 a statement is contained, quote: "... so that they would look for him, and perhaps find him as they felt around for him. Yet God is actually not far from any one of us. In him we live and move and exist. ..." These verses confirm the truth which totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity established about the appearance and nature of God, and what is explained in this item.
       At this point the reader may be interested to know "who" and why is interested in making us believe, that God looks like a human. Well, there is such "someone". And he does it for vital reasons. By making people believe that God looks like a person, only that He has special powers, this someone accomplishes that he can repetitively impersonate God. This is because of his impersonations of God that so many people see God. (True God does NOT show openly himself to people who are still alive. After all, He lives in a separate world, has size and shape of the entire universe, while people like inside of His "body". He shows himself in the form of a beam of light, and talks to people, after their physical death.) These supposed sworn adversaries of God, which pretend that they like to impersonate God, are evil creatures which for important reasons in reality are "simulated by God Himself" - as this is described in items #F3 and #F5 below. These creatures in past were called "devils", "serpents", or "dragons". But presently they are called "UFOnauts". More about these evil creatures which for important reasons are simulated by God Himself is explained in part #F of this web page, as well as on separate web pages evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth, ufo.htm - about UFOnauts, day26.htm - about deadly tsunami induced technically by UFOnauts, cloud_ufo.htm - about clouds that hide UFOs, antichrist.htm - about Antichrist, and on many other totaliztic web pages.

#B5. Whether God is really composed of "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son" - as the Christian religion states this:
       Yes! Totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity confirm, that the most superior being in the universe, whom we usually describe with the use of a single word God, actually is composition of three basic components. What is even more interesting, names "Father", "Holy Ghost", and "Son", given to these components by ancient Israelites to describe them, really reflect their essence extremely well. Of course, in present days we already have a miniature model of the structure and operation of the universe in form of a computer, so we can afford to describe and define these three components of God in a much more precise manner. And so, according to totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the component which ancient Israelites named God Father, presently we can name much more precisely with a term "liquid (universal) computer" (or "UC"). This is because it represents the entire volume of the intelligent liquid called "counter-matter" which is capable of thinking in a natural state, and thus which is the provider of intelligence to this superior-being called God. At present this liquid is contained in a separate world called the "counter-world". In turn the component of God which by ancient Israelites was called Holy Ghost, presently we can describe much more precisely with the name "universal intellect" (or "UI"). This is because it is a kind of the "operating system" for the universe, means the most superior natural program which controls the operation of "universal computer". Finally the component of God which by ancient Israelites was called God Son, presently can be described much more precisely with the term "our physical world". This is because it is our physical world separated from the "counter-world" by impenetrable barrier, which is controlled by God indirectly via laws which he established. Each individual person is a basic unit or a basic part of this physical world (world of matter).
       It is worth to notice from item #B8 below, that there is a strict hierarchy amongst these three components of God. The first and the most primary component of God is the God Father - who exists since infinity, and will exist forever. The second component of God is this female Holy Ghost - the existence of which has its beginning, because She appeared as the outcome of natural self-evolution. The third component of God is the God Son - who was created by the Holy Ghost through appropriate programming of shapes taken by various manifestations of this intelligent "liquid computer" called the God Father.
       More comprehensive descriptions of these three basic components of God are provided in subsections I3.2, I2 and I1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4]. In turn the "counter-matter" is also described on this web page in item #J2 below. Basic information about these components, and about liquid counter-matter and counter-world, is also presented on separate web pages about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and about the intelligently controlled evolution of man.

#B5.1. So how many Gods is there and do we have any empirical evidence that there is only one God:
       This "Holy Trinity" described in the previous item #B5, in fact represents three basic components of the same single God. The distinguishing between these three components is a kind of clinical subdivision, similar to distinguishing between human body, mind, and subconscience by present medicine, or to distinguishing between hardware, software, and peripherals by present computer experts. In other words, these three basic components of God, namely the God Father, Holy Ghost, and God Son, do NOT contradict at all the fact, that there is only one God, or more strictly - only one superior and self-aware being.
       The existence of only one God does NOT stop various people who use different languages to refer to this single Godly-being under many different names. This is a natural situation. After all, for example the name of my patron, "Saint John" also in various languages is written and pronounced differently e.g. as "Jan", "Johan", "John", "Ian", "Giovanni", "Juan", etc. So if someone lists together various names by which this only God is known in different languages, then it turns out that there is several hundred of these names. This in turn causes, that fighters of so-called "atheism" utilise the existence of many names for the same God as their crown arguments that supposedly God does NOT exist. So typically if we discuss God with an atheist, then this atheist immediately asks "about which God you are talking?". Therefore, quite a vital for us is to get to know what evidence confirms, that in fact there is just a single God, not an entire crowd of Gods, and that all religions of the world really pray to the same, the only existing God.
       A good example of the evidence for the existence of just the single God, is the lack of fights and wars between gods. As this can be easily documented on the reality which surrounds us, whenever more than one being competes for the access to the same resource, then these beings with the elapse of time begin to fight amongst themselves. So if there are more than one god, then these gods would be forced to compete between themselves e.g. for borders of their influences at people, for specific subdivisions of the world, etc. In the result, with the elapse of time inevitably there would be a war between these gods. In turn a war between gods would be very destructive and we, people, for sure would notice it. Therefore, because we do NOT see such a war, this means, that for sure at present must exist just a single God.

#B6. Does God have "personalities":
       Us (people) are used to believe, that everyone has just a single personality. After all, we remember that one our relative, known as a grumpy person, the only thing that he could do is to be grumpy. In turn our friend a joker, the only thing that he can do is to make jokes from practically everything. However, the number of drastically different personalities utilised and imitated by God reaches around 100. Only that these personalities are formed into a hierarchical structure of like a pyramid. From the empirical research carried out by totalizm on these personalities of God it stems, that their complete description which seems to be closest to the reality, is provided by the Hinduism religion - see item #B6.1 below. This is because apart from the most perfect personality of God, that resides on the apex of that pyramid, all other personalities of God display having human-like imperfections. In turn these personalities which are close to the basis of that pyramid sometimes display even evilness. Many of these personalities of God we encounter in our lives repetitively and sometimes we can even recognise them from their characteristics, behaviours, voice, favourite sayings, etc. After all, these are so designed, that they possibly in a best manner illustrate unique attributes and behaviours of specific religious figures. For example, in areas where Christianity dominates, frequently met such personalities are Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Satan. In turn on the area where Chinese Taoism prevails, a frequently encountered personality is so-called "Monkey God". On the area of Hinduism, frequently seen are practically all personalities of the main "deities" of Hinduism. What even more interesting, these different personalities of God look as if they fight with each other to take the control over our life. Thus we have periods in our life when we are tortured by some sadistic personality, then the control over our life takes e.g. a joker, then e.g. we have a period of getting clear help and successes, etc., etc. For me these different personalities of God that "fight" with each other to take control over our life, resemble a Pantheon of quarrelling Greek or Roman gods, or different "deities" ("bodily representations") of the only God of Hinduism. Interestingly, the most superior in the hierarchy of these imperfect personalities of God is a kind of perfect creature which has NO personality on its own, which stands like in a shadow, which does NOT maintain direct contacts with living people, and which decides with which imperfect personalities in which period of our lives we supposed to be treated. This perfect superior godly creature deprived a personality seems also to control over the entire our life - although it always works like from hiding and in a manner that is unrecognisable to us.

[Bild: hooks.jpg]
[Bild: spikes.jpg]

Fig. #B1ab: The lack of feeling of pain in Hinduism devotees who participate in the religious ritual "[b]Thaipusam", that every year around the end of February is practiced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bodies of these people were adopted (i.e. "possessed") by the awareness of God which in case of each one of them imitates one amongst many very characteristic personalities that are attributed to subsequent deities of Hinduism. In order to prove that their bodies loose human attributes, during this ritual they are penetrated by sharp objects visible on the above photographs. These objects do NOT cause any pain nor bleeding in them. In turn after the objects are removed, their skin automatically closes, without leaving any wound or scar. Although the above photographs do NOT illustrate this, people the bodies of which were possessed by these deities of Hinduism, in fact move, assume extraordinary poses, make characteristic gestures, and emit special sounds, which are unique to a given personality that possessed their body. When finally to their bodies returned is their own awareness, these people do NOT remember anything from the entire experience. So the only thing that remains for them as a souvenir from this ritual, are photographs taken by their families and descriptions of the extraordinary behaviours that are repeated to them by people who accompanied them. (Click on an above photograph to see it enlarged.) [/b]
       Fig. #B1a (left): A picture that is most frequently seen during the Thaipusam ritual, are such male devotees of Hinduism, in which the skin of their backs is penetrated by tens of steel hooks as if for catching fish. To these steel hooks strings are attached which are hold by one amongst relatives of the person who subjects himself to this ritual. Interestingly, personalities which are possessing bodies of these people run uphill along 272 stairs that lead to the altar located inside of the Batu Cave, that relatives which control these strings typically must hold them down in their rushing uphill to the altar.
       Rys. #B1b (right): Indian women which participate in the Thaipusam ritual typically pierce their cheeks with long spike. If they carry dishes with milk on their heads then typically they pierce their tongues with slightly smaller spike.
* * *
       Participants of the Thaipusam ritual typically take part in it to pay back to God a favour which God gave to them. Namely, there is a tradition in Hinduism, that in critical situations it is permitted to ask God for a favour, declaring in return what one is going to do when God accepts the offer for this favour. For example, if in a family someone is mortally ill, then one amongst members of this family declares in a small religious ceremony, "God if you heal this member of my family, then a next Thaipusam I will carry ..." (e.g. "kavadi"). If God fulfils His part of such a deal, then the person who makes such a declaration must fulfil his part as well. Of course, there are various levels of sacrifice which subsequent devotees of Hinduism declare - depending on the weight of the favour for which they ask God. For example, the most light sacrifice is to bring to the altar in Batu Caves a pot with milk (two such cases are visible on the photograph "b" above). A more significant sacrifice depends on carrying to the altar a hand-burning dish with some burning holy substance. In turn the highest sacrifice is to carry to the altar so-called "kavadi" - means a heavy ornamental altar of Hinduism. Myself for several subsequent years of my professorship in Malaysia researched what happens during these Thaipusam rituals. Also for several years I watched a transformation of one European devotee of Hinduism, who after his body was possessed by one amongst personalities of Hinduism God, assumed poses, make characteristic gestures, and danced, exactly in the same manner as this was done by Indians whose bodies also were possessed by personalities of Hinduism deities. And one needs to remember that richness of extraordinary poses and gestures that are assumed by deities of Hinduism are so great, so unique, and so oriental, that there is NO chance that any European, even a professional dancer or actor, could learn these and repeat these in an aware manner.

#B6.1. How the list of different personalities of the same God is described by the religion of Hinduism:
       The religion of Hinduism by many researchers is considered to be the oldest on the Earth. The voluminous holly scriptures of it, which are equivalents of the Bible, are estimated to be at least 5000 years old. So it looks as if when God inspired the Hinduism amongst people, most clearly He passed to the humanity one amongst the most accurate descriptions of His own personalities. Unfortunately, this almost a perfect in Hinduism picture of God Himself, is NOT at all complemented by equally clear explanation of morality, principles and goals of life, etc. (Probably this is why God was forced to create later further religions which provided to the humanity the information that is lacking in Hinduism.) According to the religion of Hinduism, there is just one God, called "Brahman". He has no shape nor form, and is omni-present. Therefore He Himself does NOT contact still alive people. But when this only God "Brahman" decides to appear amongst people, then He temporally creates one amongst a whole array of His own representations or personalities, which He designed especially for His use. Only that these personalities He enriches (i.e. "possesses") with His own awareness and His own mind. Every different one amongst these numerous representations, personalities, or incarnations of the only God "Brahman" is described exactly as a different so-called "deity" of Hinduism. Because devotees of Hinduism pray separately to each of these different personalities (or "possessions") of God, the rest of the world believes wrongly that Hindus have more than one God. However, in reality Hinduism recognises just a single God, which depending on the nature of His contact with still living people, can assume the form of any amongst a whole array of these "deities" or "incarnations" (i.e. this "deity" who turns out to be the most appropriate for a given action). Deities of Hinduism are formed into a kind of pyramidal hierarchy that is illustrated by their family links. Just below the apex of this pyramid, means just below "Brahman", the Hindu Holy Trinity is located. It includes three most significant amongst such "deities" - means different personalities of the only God. The Trinity includes the "creator" (named "Brahma") who creates everything, the "sustenance of life" (named "Visnu") who controls the lives of everything that is alive, and the "destroyer" (named "Siva") who destroys everything that is old and useless in order to prepare the room for creation of something new and useful. In the next layer of this pyramid are "descendants" of these three deities, e.g. "Ganesha" or "Murugan" - whom are sons of "Siva" (other deities also have their numerous offspring). Then is a next layer, e.g. "Hanuman", etc., etc. The lower a given deity is located in this pyramid, the more like "human" imperfections, deviations, nastiness, and sometimes manifestations of even evilness he displays in his contacts with humans. Thus legends claims that e.g. already Siva himself had rather not typical "habits". In turn his sons are NOT angels at all (actually no-one today would like to have anything to do with them). For example, in the behaviour of his son "Ganesha" hits the indulgence, laziness, lying, and cheating, while "Murugan" (shown and partially described in "Fig. #1" from the web page parasitism.htm) is, amongst others, the reason for which Hindu massively harm themselves during the Thaipusam rituals - as this is shown in "Fig. #B1ab" above. Also each one amongst these deities have his own unique personality, so that from his behaviour devotees of Hinduism very easily can recognise with which deity they just encountered.

#B7. Is God "He" or rather "She":
       The whole God, means all three components of God considered as a single superior being, is dominated by masculinity. So the whole God is "He". As this is going to be explained below, masculine are two components of God (out of three), by ancient Israelites called "God Father" and "God Son", while by totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity called "universal computer" (UC) and "our world of matter". Thus in fact, when we do not indicate that we refer specifically to the third (feminine) component of God, we should refer to God as to "He". However, we must also remember, that the third component of God, which by ancient Israelites was called "Holy Ghost", while by totalizm and by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called "universal intellect" or (UI), displays decisive feminine attributes. Thus this component is actually "She".
       In spite that the above question may appear to be slightly naive, in present times of rampaging feminism and the war of sexes, it becomes increasingly valid. After all, these are our present times when females invented the famous feministic joke: "when God created males SHE was only joking". Of course, because of the growing urgency of this question, totalizm has no other option but to explain what is its official stand in this matter, and to justify the origin of this stand. Here is this explanation and justification:
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also totalizm, officially agree with the findings of ancient Chinese about the essence of "masculinity" means "yang", and the essence of "femininity" means "yin". (These findings are quoted at the end of subsection H2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4].) So totalizm agrees that the essence of "masculinity" means "yang" is represented by the so-called "dynamic dipolar fields", means by every field that is similar to magnetic field or to a dynamic field formed e.g. by air pumped along closed loops by a home vacuum cleaner. Totalizm agrees also, that the essence of "femininity" means "yin" is represented by the so-called "static monopolar fields", means by every field similar to a static electrical field or to any pressure field, e.g. the one which is formed due to compression of air in a balloon or in a car tire. Thus the official stand of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is, that "masculinity" is expressed by a "dynamic dipolar field", while "femininity" is expressed by a "static monopolar field".
       As this is explained in subsections H4.2, H5.1 and H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/4], the structure and operation of the "counter-world" are such, that the dominating in it is a "dynamic dipolar field". This is because even when in the counter-world local "static monopolar fields" are formed from which e.g. electrical fields are composed, still these static fields are maintained in a stable state by dynamic dipolar fields. This practically means that the component of God by totalizm named "universal computer" (UI) while by ancient Israelites called "God Father", in fact represents an essence of "masculinity", means that it is decisively "He". In turn the component of God which by totalizm is named "universal intellect" (UI), while by ancient Israelites was called "holy ghost", in actually formed as a typical static monopolar field. After all, it is a kind of algorithm or a highest level program. So this "universal intellect" or "Holy Ghost" in fact represents the essence of "femininity", means it is decisively "She". (Examples of "typically feminine", because almost "contradictive", behaviour of this logically thinking component of God, include the situations when God obstructs for people the completion of highly moral activities which the same God actually wants people to complete - such examples are described in "part #G" of the web page eco_cars.htm, and also in item #K2 of the web page fe_cell.htm.) Finally, the dominating primary field in the world of matter, is the gravity field. In turn according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, gravity field is a dynamic dipolar field. So the Israelites' "God Son" who represents the "world of matter" (while represents "our world" in totalizm) constitutes the essence of "masculinity". In total, two out of three components of God represent the essence of masculinity, one out of three represents the essence of femininity. Thus as a whole God is more masculine than feminine. So whatever a reaction to this statement is going to be, the official stand of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is that in God as in whole dominates "masculinity", means God is "He". However, totalizm simultaneously confirms officially, that God contains in itself one component (i.e. "Holy Ghost" or "universal intellect"), which is "She".

#B8. Where God comes from - means how the self-evolution of God looked like:
       According to findings of my "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. and also according to some statements from the Bible (for an example see item #I2 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm), the first (hardware), and simultaneously the most primary component of God, exists since infinity. It is about it, that religions state "God always existed". It is also this component of God, that Christianity calls it the "God Father" or the "Ancient of Days" (e.g. see the Bible, Daniel 7:9-22) - while the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls it the "liquid computer" or the "universal computer", although actually it is the four-dimensioned limitless space entirely filled up with the liquid so-called "counter-matter" (for more details about this constantly moving liquid called "counter matter" - see items #B2 and #B3 from the separate web page named evolution.htm). In turn the second component of God self-evolved gradually from that intelligent and self-learning liquid called "counter-matter", which presently prevails in a separate world that exists parallel to our physical world. This second component of God by Christianity is called the "Holy Ghost" or "Word" - see the Bible, Evangel of St. John, verses 1:1-14. The reason for such a name for it is that this second component of God in reality is a natural program which operates inside of a that liquid computer which is constituted by the intelligent counter-matter. In turn during times when religions were born, people did NOT know the idea of "programs" yet. So they used ideas which are related to "program", namely terms "Ghost" or "Word". ("Word" is an "information", means "algorithm", means "program".) For example, the Biblical sentence "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.", contained in the Evangel of St. John 1:1, in present times we would express much more precisely with the sentence "The beginning of everything was the Program, and this Program operated inside of counter-matter, and the Program represented God." The philosophy of totalizm calls this second (self-evolved) component of God with the name "universal intellect". The third component of God, by Christianity called "God Son", while by totalizm called "our physical world", was created by the second component of God, means by the universal intellect, through appropriate programming of shapes that are formed from the first component of God - means from that liquid computer called "counter-matter".
       The self-evolution of the second (software) component of God (means "Holy Ghost" or "universal intellect") was almost similar to present explanations of human science about the coincidental evolution of man. Only that the evolution of God was slightly more dramatic, and simultaneously much simpler structurally. The comprehensive description of the process of gradual self-evolution of this second (software) component of God is presented on several web pages, for example in items #B1 to #B2 from the web page named evolution.htm, or in item #I2 from "Part #I" of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. I highly recommend having a look at these web pages. They describe not only the self-evolution of the second component of God, but also the later process of creation of our physical world, as well as the process of intelligently controlled evolution of man.

#B9. Why God carefully hides His existence from people - means the "free will" and the "Canon of Ambiguity" which limit many actions of God:
       Let us imagine how people would react if God rapidly appears on the heaven and begins to hit with lightning bolts everyone who has a different opinion than God Himself. Of course, in such a situation everyone would agree with God in everything. And in order do NOT have by any chance a view that differ in some matter from that of God, all people would be afraid to have any own view. Therefore the entire creativity of people and all searches for a new knowledge would cease to exist. So in order to allow the fulfilment by people their role of "ants" which expose the skeleton of the truth from darkness of unknown - as it is explained in item #C1 of this web page, God was forced to give to people the so-called "free will". In turn this giving the "free will" has its consequences. For example, God cannot show Himself to people, because people would loose this "free will". Also God cannot do anything in such a manner that it immediately becomes clear to be His action.
       So in order to NOT deprive people of this "free will", everything that God does must be carried out according to the general principle which by totalizm is called the canon of ambiguity. This canon is described in subsection JB7.4 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4]. The "canon of ambiguity" states that in the universe nothing can be fully unambiguous and deprived sources of all doubts, because then the people who confront it would be deprived the right to their own free will and the right to choose their own views and the path through the life. This is because of this canon that every true miracle must allow to be explained on many different ways. This is also because of the action of this canon that every proof for the existence of God can be attempted to be explained also in an atheistic manner.
       Probably the most drastic consequence of the "canon of ambiguity" is that God must make sure that people are NOT certain of the God's existence - as this is explained in item #F2 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of all evil on the Earth. In practical terms this means that God Himself must promote on the Earth not only atheism, but also the lack of morality, evil behaviours, the philosophy of prasitism, etc. Means God not only must be God, but also must simulate Satan.
       The "canon of ambiguity" is discussed in more details in "part #F" of the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself, as well as in "part #C" of the web page will.htm - about maintaining the free will of individual people while controlling the entire human civilisation.

#B10. Did God write His own autobiography:
       YES, God wrote His own autobiography. It is called the Bible, while a comprehensive descriptions of attributes of it is provided on the totaliztic web page biblia.htm - o tajemnicach Biblli autoryzowanej przez samego Boga. Of course, in writing His own autobiography (means the Bible) God was also obliged to obey the "Canon of Ambiguity" described in previous item #B9. This is why only some people notice that the Bible is in fact the autobiography of God.

#B11. What are two basic principles of carrying out unlimited implementation capabilities of God - means (1) the permanent "creation" of creatures provided with the so-called free will, and (2) the "simulation" (means like a temporally creation) of creatures deprived of the free will:
       Let us temporally put ourselves into the situation of God, or more strictly into the situation of one amongst numerous personalities of God which is characterised by a high sense of humour. So when being in the situation of a humorous God, we would firstly created a man, let us name him Jan, to whom we would grant the "free will" so that he could have his own views, and we would give to him a relatively long life - so that he would have enough time to write down these views in his monographs. However, then we would decide to have a bit of fun. So knowing that this Jan is interested in UFOs, from time to time we would create for short periods of time various creatures which Jan would believe are UFOnauts, but whom we would NOT give neither the "free will" nor a soul, but for whom because of our sense of humour we would pin our own humorous personality. Of course, after each confrontation of these "UFOnauts" with Jan, we would annihilate them. After all, having godly creative powers we could create again these UFOnauts each time when they would be useful for us.
       The above situation, although purely hypothetical, perfectly explains two different kinds of "creation" which God is carrying out. The first kind of "creation" serves the giving life amongst others to permanent creatures, e.g. to people, which receive their own "free will", their own "self-awareness", their own "soul", and their own "life". In turn the second kind of "creation" in present times would be called with a different terminology of a simulation. Namely, God creates something just temporally, while removes it just after it ceases to be needed. If whatever God simulates is a living creature, then God does NOT give to it neither "self-awareness" nor the "free will", nor "soul", nor "life", but only temporally inserts into it His own self-awareness, and does with hands and body of this whatever lies in His godly interest.
       Both these kinds of "creation" are described in the Bible. Unfortunately, both of them use the same name "creation". And so, according to the Bible God "created" both the man, as well as "demons", "serpents", "devils", "Satan", etc. But in present terminology this "creation" of supernatural creatures (like "demons", "serpents", "devils", "Satan", etc.) we would now rather call with the use of this newer terminology "simulation".
       So let us now define the most vital differences between the terms "creation" and "simulation" used on this web page to describe two basic processes completed repetitively by God and in the Bible described with the same term "creation". Thus on this web page the term creation means the process which is completed by God, and with which can be described, amongst others, the permanent formation of people supplied into their own "free will", "self-awareness", "soul" and "life". In turn the term simulation is a different process also completed repetitively by God, with the use of which God forms temporally various creatures or machines which He intends to confront with people, but which do NOT receive neither the "free will" nor own "soul" or "life", while for the awareness of which God inserts His own self-awareness. In other words, the simulation is like a temporally "impersonation" under which hides God Himself when He decides to show Himself to a living person or to a group of living people.

#B12. What are reasons for repetitive "simulation" of creatures and objects by God - means e.g. reasons for the "temporally creation" of various bodies to which God "embodies" later His mind thus forming a multitude of "bodily representations of God":
       In order to stimulate and to intensify our searches for knowledge, and also in order to easier subject us to various tests (see descriptions of these "tests" in item #C6 below), God creates countless simulations with which He then confronts selected people. These "simulations" are objects and creatures which permanently do not exist in a given place and time, but which God creates temporally only to confront with them a selected person or a selected group of people. In fact it turns out that practically almost everything that present people describe as "unexplained", actually belongs to this category of "simulations" created temporally by God. Depending on the need, these temporary simulations of God receive the form of (1) various inanimate objects (such as devices which people supposed to develop soon, objects which the humanity supposed to learn about, visions, extraordinary phenomena, etc.), or the form of (2) various living creatures. Let us discuss now both these categories.
       In case of temporary simulation of the existence of (1) inanimate objects, God simulates extremely precisely not only their appearance, but also their behaviour, phenomena that they induce, etc. Thus, these objects look exactly as if they do exist and work. A best example of such objects temporally simulated by God in present times are UFO vehicles. God simulates these "UFOs" in order to inspire people to build on the Earth vehicles similar to the Magnocrafts or time vehicles. In turn in past such inanimate simulations of God included, amongst others: airships, so-called "ghost-rockets", planets, suns, comets, etc., etc. (Actually, these "simulated" by God "ghost-rockets", which were a kind of plague in Scandinavia of 1950s, sporadically appear even until today. For example, on Wednesday, 10 November 2010, in all evening news of New Zealand television was shown a short film of just such a "ghost-rocket" which apparently was launched from the Pacific Ocean near to the West Coast of the USA. It was silent, spectacular, it was leaving a giant trail of vapours as it climbed upwards, and it was seen and filmed by a lot of Americans. The ministry of defence of the USA claimed that it probably was an optical illusion as it was NOT visible on radars, and that for sure none of American militaries launched it.)
       When God temporally simulates (2) living creatures, then for this purpose He forms for them bodies similar to human bodies, and then connects their minds to His Godly mind, as well as provides them with one amongst His countless personalities. In the result such creatures in fact are "bodily representations of God" on the Earth (or "embodiments of God"). Thus, in spite that they have the knowledge of God, they do NOT have their own "free will" and they do precisely whatever God orders them to do, and also in the manner in which this doing suits God. In order to give here several examples of whatever God most frequently simulates, then in present times this includes: UFOnauts, Yeti, various masked individuals who at present anonymously express themselves in Internet, spirits, etc. In turn in past such simulations of God included: angels, devils, various supernatural creatures, etc. The attribute of these simulations of God is that for humans these are undistinguishable from the reality. For example, creatures that are simulated by God (e.g. the relatively frequently met UFOnauts and Yeti) have individual personalities and characters, tones of voice, habits, can be individually recognised and met again, etc. But that these are simulations, not really existing creatures or machines, certifies the fact that they do NOT have their own so-called "free will". Means, in spite that they appear, behave, and form physical traces of their existence - as if they really existed, these simulations do exclusively whatever God wishes them to do, and in the manner in which God wishes they do it. In this way God has an absolute and personal control over consequences of their actions. In turn, if these were really existing creatures or machines that have their own "free will", then God would NOT have so strict control over them. Thus they would do whatever they would wish, instead of doing what lies in the interest of God.
       It is also worth to notice the consequence of the use by God of these frequent simulations which for people are indistinguishable from the reality. One such a consequence is that the reality that surrounds us has like two different levels, namely the truly and permanently existing reality, and also the reality that is temporally "simulated" by God.
       An illustrative explanation how was initiated and then developed the idea of these "bodily representations of God" (or "embodiments of God") are provided in items #D1 and #D5 from the totaliztic web page newzealand_visit.htm.

#B13. Whether God sometimes links temporally one amongst His many personalities, and His own awareness, to bodies of selected people:
       YES, I myself watched and researched such linking and I saw it with my own eyes. In many religious rituals God links temporally His own awareness and one amongst His own personalities to bodies of selected people. After this linking the awareness and personality of God, a given body begins to behave in a manner known from the behaviour of that particular personality, and NOT like the original owner of that body. For example, if this linking is carried out during Hindu religious ceremonies called "Thaipusam", organised in Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then the personality which possesses a given body of a Hindu devotee begins to behave like a specific deity of Hinduism. Means, it begins to move in a strange manner that is visible on religious paintings of Hinduism, begins to emit sounds like that deity, is also resistant to pain and cannot be harmed in such a manner that blood flows from it. In turn when this linking of a God's personality is carried out during a Chinese religious festivity of Taoism called the "Festival of 9 Gods" (organised on 9th day of 9th month of Chinese lunar calendar), then the body of this person begins to behave like one amongst these 9 Gods of Taoism - e.g. like the highly characteristic and easy for identifying "Monkey God" shown below in "Fig. #B2". For example, this body can walk on fire and do NOT burn itself, or walks on sharp blades of swards and do NOT cut itself. Later, i.e. after the original soul of the owner of given body is returned to it, this person does NOT remember what he or she was doing when his or her body was taken by one amongst these godly personalities.

[Bild: monkey_god.jpg]

Fig. #B2a: A gigantic image of the so-called "Monkey God" erected behind the altar of a Hindu temple. This deity (God) is the most characteristic personality of God which very frequent possesses bodies of people during various religious rituals of the far East. The above "Monkey God" is worshipped in three different religions of the East, namely in Hinduism (where it is called "Hanuman"), in Buddhism (where in Cantonese dialect it is called "Si Jin Hung"), and in the Chinese Taoism (where in the Mandarin dialect it is called "Sun Wukong"). Therefore his very characteristic attributes and behaviours can be noted in behaviours of numerous people the bodies of which were possessed by this Godly personality during any form of religious trance that results from various rituals of these three main Eastern religions. (I.e. people possessed by the "Monkey God" really behave like monkeys.) (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Fig. #B2a (middle): The above figure of "Monkey God" stands by the Batu Cave in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The photograph above was taken in August 2008. So this representation of that deity originates from Hinduism.
       The personality of God that manifests itself via the "Monkey God" is famous from many things. For example, in Buddhist folklore it is known from 72 "magic" transformations with the use of which the Monkey God transformed itself into various other animals and objects.
       Between us, creatures described in items #F4 to #F10 of this web page under the name of “UFOnauts”, also sometimes are seen as in view of witnesses they rapidly transform their appearance from human creatures into any animal, object, or fruit (e.g. into a banana). In the article “Goat held for armed robbery in Nigeria” from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday January 26, 2009, is described a case when a significant group of police volunteers chased two hooded (like monks) robbers who were breaking onto a car. After one of them was caught, he in sight of an entire group of witnesses rapidly transformed into a goat. (This police group still detained the goat and placed it in a prison.) Because our science to-date had no explanations for such transformations, the existence of them was denied so-far. However, in the light of information provided here in items #B11 and #B12, such transformations are possible and actually occurring in reality - only that so-far are scoffed at, ignored and not documented.

Part #C: God versus man - means what totalizm determined scientifically about the role of man in God's plans:
#C1. Why God created man:
       God created people and constantly motivates them for knowledge, means for inducing a continuous development and evolution of the universe. (However, we would not be far from the truth if we jokingly state that God created us "out of boredom".) After all, if God did NOT create anything, He would exist alone with the entire empty universe. So He would not have anything to contemplate and to develop. Also He would not have reasons nor inspirations for increasing His own knowledge, nor He would have anything with what he could occupy His gigantic mind. In turn, because He is an intelligent being, with the elapse of time He would probably "die of boredom". In addition, His knowledge would not have reasons to grow. So in order to preoccupy Himself with something, at the beginning He probably created some primitive organisms and started to experiment with them. Then He discovered that by "playing" with these organisms He not only had a lot of fun, but also learned a lot of new things. So He invented of what today human scientists call the "evolution" and proceeded with creating increasingly more perfect organisms. His knowledge grew fast. He had also a lot of fun observing his creations. With the elapse of time he created organisms so advanced as people. People gave him a lot of fun with their behaviours, and also generated a lot of opportunities that he learned new things. Of course, in the meantime he also committed a lot of mistakes. Various mythologies state that God needed to destroy world already several times because he did not like where his creations were going. I personally believe that if with the elapse of time it turns out that the work of present moral laws is insufficient for maintaining the balance between "moral" and "immoral" behaviours of people, and if one day "immoral" behaviours start to dominate the universe, God will be forced to destroy the universe once more, to make a room for creating a better one with more powerful moral laws. Since the time of creating a man God experiments with increasingly more perfect systems, societies, laws, etc. Due to this, the universe continually develops itself and evolves to increasingly more perfect forms.
       In other words, when creating the man God assigned to it a specific task. If we would illustratively show this task on an example - as this is done in item #B3 of the web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity, then "knowledge" and "truth" look in the universe like some very complicated "white skeleton" hidden under a black mass of darkness which represents "unknown". People in turn can be compared to small ants which reveal this white skeleton of knowledge from the dark mass of "unknown", thus gradually exposing to eyes of God the entire outlines and shapes of "knowledge".
       It should be mentioned here, that there is a tangible evidence for the fact, that the goal of existence of people is the induction of a continuous development and evolution of the universe towards increasingly perfect forms. Several examples of this evidence is indicated in item #B4 of the web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity. Let us review here at least the most representative categories of this evidence:
       (1) The "relative imperfection" of God. (Please notice that this term uses for God the highly imprecise terminology that was created to describe people - thus in order to understand it correctly one needs firstly learn the definition of it.) This "relative imperfection" and its consequences are defined and explained in item #M1 of the web page evolution.htm - about the process of intelligently controlled evolution, and also in item #B4 of the web page will.htm - about the impact of "free will" on fate of the entire humanity. One amongst manifestations of it is that "God still does NOT know everything, therefore He must continually increase His knowledge". In turn it is known, that if any intelligent being, including God, is aware of its own imperfection, then it undertakes actions aimed at removing this imperfection. In case of God, the most effective, most fast, and most safe manner of increasing His knowledge (especially about Himself) was to create creatures "on His own image and similarity", and then to study these creatures carefully.
       (2) Such programming of the universe, that it forces continuous perfecting and increase of knowledge. One of the most visible examples of just such programming are so-called "moral laws". These laws were established in such a manner, that they force people to continually increase their knowledge. (After all, with the increase of knowledge of people, the knowledge of God must also grow. This is because a principle is in operation similar to this one that manifests itself during the increase of knowledge in students which always causes also the increase of knowledge in their teacher.) If someone hesitates with the increase of his or her knowledge, these moral laws immediately punish such a person. Therefore, for example the widely used by God method of motivating, which in subsections JA2.4, JB2.1 and JC11.1.1 from volumes 6 and 7 of monograph [1/4] is described under the name of "a stick and a carrot method" (see also item #F1 below) is one of such evidence for the fact, that men were created to guarantee the continuous development and evolution of the universe.
       (3) The orientation of moral field. Other meaningful evidence for the creation of people just to guarantee the continuous development of universe is the fact, that the direction "uphill" in the so-called "moral field" precisely coincides with the so-called "line of the greatest intellectual effort" - as more comprehensively is explained in subsection JA4.1 from volume 6 of monograph [1/4]. Thus, through forcing people by moral laws to continually climb uphill in the moral field, the universal intellect simultaneously forces humanity to continually improve the intellectual level.
       (4) Creation of imperfect people. A regularity is in operation in the universe, that if in an environment with moral principles of behaviour something is created with an initial assumption that it is imperfect and that it is going to require a further perfecting, then such something continually develops and continually becomes increasingly perfect. In turn everything that from the very beginning is considered to be perfect, either does not strive, or ceases, the further development - thus with the elapse of time it transforms into an absolute anachronism. I noted this regularity already in times of my youth, when in my surroundings children from the imperfect but acting morally families always excelled in everything and accomplished success in lives, while children from families considering themselves to be walking perfections, never managed to accomplish anything vital. It was because of the operation of this regularity, that from the very beginning of the creation of the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy called totalizm, I embedded permanently into their structure that they are imperfect and that they never become perfect, this they are going to require continuous perfecting during the entire time of their existence. In this way I tried to protect them from the fate which paralysed the present orthodox science and practically all religions, namely that they believe in their own perfection, thus practically for some time now they ceased to develop, and with the elapse of time they become increasingly stagnant. It is also because of the detection of this regularity that totalizm adheres to the principle, that realising any imperfection to intellects with moral principles of behaviour motivates these intellects to undertake efforts towards removing this imperfection. (Notice, however, that this principle works only for intellects with moral habits of behaviour. Immoral intellects every imperfection explain as an evidence of superiority over others and instead of eliminating it, they rather try to make it deeper.) In the light of the regularity described here, intentions of God become clearly visible. Namely, through the creation of humans highly imperfect, and through continuous illustrative reminding to these people how imperfect they really are, God forces every person to continually work on perfecting himself or herself. In turn when people continually perfect themselves, together with them perfects also the entire universe. On the other hand, if God created people already perfect from the very beginning, what actually could do - if wished, then these people would NOT have any reasons nor motivation to continually work on their further perfecting. This in turn would bring the stagnation to the entire universe.
       (5) Modelling of people "on own image and similarity of God". From the progress of human knowledge on the so-called "modelling and simulation", it is known to us that if one wishes to get to know something exactly, then one needs to prepare a "model" of it, then through studying this "model" and through "simulating" with it the behaviour of the object of research, one learns exactly also about this object. In turn from our own experience people know well, that "most difficult to get to know is ourselves". Putting together these two facts, God clearly has difficulties with thorough getting to know Himself. But being aware of His own knowledge-deficiency in this matter, God tries to find a manner to learn also about Himself. Therefore He created His own model in the form of man, while now He simulates His own behaviours on this model and then studies these thoroughly. In this way God have found a manner how to get to know Himself in a most effective way.
       (6) Continuous subjecting the humanity to various "experiments" and "simulations". Many situations, experiences, and events to which God continually subjects people, are NOT needed by people to keep them developing. Examples of these include suffering, persecutions, wars, unwise political leaders, mosquitoes, and many others. But God still subjects people to these unpleasant experiences. So the only justification for the reason why He serves these experiences to us, is that they represent a Godly equivalent of "simulations" used also by people in cases of studying "models" for a better getting to know objects that these models represent. In other words, many experiences which are served to people, can be explained only as needed by God so that God gets to know Himself better.

#C2. Whether God gave the humans a religion that can be considered to be better from other religions:
       NO, there is no one religion which would be better from other religions. If God gave to people a perfect religion, then He would deprive them from the motivations to seek, improve, increase their knowledge, etc. Therefore every religion, similarly like every person, has both good sides, as well as various disadvantages and imperfections. However, we must remember, that a significant proportion of every religion - i.e. that proportion which people had NO opportunity to deviate with their erroneous interpretations, states the truth. So our task is to analyse subsequent religions and compare outcomes of these analyses with empirical research on God - as this is done by the scientific discipline of totalizm. In this way gradually people will improve their reliable knowledge about God - which is one amongst numerous tasks that God imposed on us.

#C2.1. Which manifestations of obedience God expects from us:
       If we believe religions, all what is required from us in lives, is to spend as much time as we can in churches, mosques, or temples, to give to religious institutions as much as possible, and to avoid committing religious sins. In additions to this, some religions impose various additional requirements, e.g. to pray to God five times a day, to give God offerings each mornings, etc.
       In turn is one analyses the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, then it turns out, that God is providing us with very clear directions, as to what exactly he expects us to do in our lives. These directions are written into the so-called "moral laws" which we all are obliged to obey pedantically in our lives. (If we do not obey them, then according to the "carrot and stick method" we are severely punished by these laws. But if we do obey them - then we are rewarded lavishly by them.) As it turns out, into the content of these moral laws is written only one primary requirement, which God imposes on people, and the obedience of which he executes from us with an iron hand. This requirement written into moral laws not always coincides with what religions are saying we should do. This single and the only primary requirement imposed upon us by God and expressed with the "moral laws" that he established, states that "everything that we do in our lives, we must do in a 'moral' manner". So if we do anything in a 'moral' manner then we are lavishly rewarded by these moral laws in several ways simultaneously. But if we do something 'immoral' in our lives, then these moral laws will punish us very severely. But even more interesting is that the operation of these moral laws is so pre-programmed, that we are rewarded or punished in our lives for each single our action separately. Means that in our everyday lives the "justice" is served in portions, for each our action separately, NOT "globally" for the entire live in a single go - as religions claim. Moreover, moral laws reward us or punish us still in the same physical life, only that with a time delay which typically amounts to several years.
       However, at this point we should clearly realize, that the terminology "moral" and "immoral" in the light of these moral laws does not necessarily coincide with the same terminology defined by religions. (I.e. whatever according to moral laws is "moral" does not need to be moral according to a specific religion, and vice versa.) By the term "moral" the moral laws understand everything that is carried out in such a manner that it "does NOT break any moral law, nor does NOT walk around any moral law". In turn by the term "immoral" the moral laws understand everything that is carried out in such a manner that it "breaks moral laws". (Notice that apart from "moral" and "immoral", totalizm identifies also "pseudo-moral". This "pseudo-moral" is everything that "neither obeys moral laws, nor breaks these moral laws, but only walks carefully around them". This attribute of "pseudo-moral" is displayed by almost everything that on Earth is carried out by present "UFOnauts", means by former "devils" described in item #F2 below.)
       Although we are charged with only a single primary requirement by the God himself, namely to pedantically obey moral laws in everything that we are doing, moral laws impose on us their own secondary requirements. These secondary requirements are the ones which we must obey in order to fulfil also the primary requirement, means the requirement to always act "morally". In order to give here some representative examples of these secondary requirements, they include, amongst others:
             1. Continuous analyzing and thinking. Namely, moral laws require, that in everything that we do we must act according to a "line of the highest intellectual effort", means according to a line which climbs exactly uphill in the so-called moral field. Such continuous climbing upward in the moral field is enforced by the moral laws. In turn this "moral field" is so intelligently designed, that the direction "exactly upward" in it coincides with the "line of the maximal intellectual effort". Means that God, who established laws of the universe, most obviously wishes that people put the highest intellectual effort which they can yield to everything that they are doing. This means that God actually does NOT want from us just countless repetitions of mindless prayers, but expects that we contribute our intelligence and intellectual effort into everything that we are doing, including our prayers.
             2. Continuous lifting our knowledge. The operation of moral laws is quite complex. In order to learn it exactly, we need to put effort into learning. For example, in monograph [1/4] the comprehensive learning of moral laws requires reading and thinking through as many as 5 volumes, namely (in the order listed here): 6, 4, 5, 7 and 8. But if someone does not learn these laws, it is uneasy to obey them in our lives. This in turn will result in frequent being punished because of breaking them. So through establishing such a situation, God clearly lets us know, that wishes we continually lift our knowledge.
             3. Perseverance and consistency. Moral laws punish or reward us for each our action separately (not just one time for the sum of our lives - as religions tell this to us). In turn such their action indicates that God is interested we do not "give up so easily". So if one time we do not do something right and we break these laws, we should learn a moral lesson from it and try better a next time. This means that the manner in which moral laws work imposes on us the requirement of perseverance and consistency in our effort of self-improvement.
       Notice that a list of moral laws discovered so-far, into which, amongst others, are written the above requirements, and also is written a whole array of other secondary requirements, is contained in subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4]. In turn the origin and operation of moral laws is described in chapter JA from volume 6 of monograph [1/4].
* * *
       Requirements imposed on us by God can be strictly verified in every life situation and by everyone. There is quite a simple method for this verification. This is because moral laws always fulfil a series of very clearly defined attributes and questions, which everyone is able to check in relation to each action that he or she is undertaking in the real life. A precise description of these requirements is provided in subsection JA5.3 from volume 6 of monograph [1/4], while an example how to use them is provided in subsection JC11.1 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4].

#C3. How we can communicate with God in both directions:
       In order to communicate with God, we do not need to go to a church, or to a temple. (Although visiting a separate "God's home" helps some of us to put themselves into a psychological state aimed at "religious reflections".) After all, we are all time submerged in God. (Means, we are submerged in this thinking substance that we call God.) God surrounds us from all sides in every single moment of time. He is "hearing" every single our thought. Furthermore, he is watching carefully every single movement that we make and action that we take.
       People learned and utilise in practice a whole array of methods of a direct and two directional communication with God. Let us list here most effective amongst these methods.
       1. A direct communication via the "conscience". People have an extraordinary "counter-organ" in their body. Popularly it is named conscience. In fact this counter-organ represents God in us. So it performs in our body a function of the God's ambassador. It is also a kind of direct "hot telephone line" which links every person directly with God. It actually allows us to receive replies to our questions. Only that these replies are in a different language from the spoken one which we normally use. (This different language is called ULT - the "Universal Language of Thoughts". It is described briefly in item #B4 of a separate web page about telepathy, while more comprehensively - in subsections I4.1.2 and I5.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4].) We are able to learn this language by constant tuning ourselves into whispers of our conscience. These whispers are always formulated in the ULT language. In turn when someone learns this language, he or she can receive via it the correct answer to practically every question that he or she asks God. For more information about the counter-organ of CONSCIENCE, see subsections JA10, I5.3 and I4.1.2 from volumes 6 and 5 of monograph [1/4] (or subsections A9 and K4.1.2 from the older monograph [8] Totalizm) downloadable from this web site free of charge via "Menu 1" or "Menu 4".
       2. Living words. Another manner of two-directional communication with God are so-called "living words" described in m ore details, amongst others, in item #C3 of the web page bible.htm - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself.
       3. Superstitions, dreams, cards, indications of pendulums, etc. God has this principle, that He accepts various non-written "agreements" with individual people. Then from His side He sticks to these "agreements". So if a person deeply believes in something, within the frame of these non-written "agreements" God typically causes that this belief begins to come true. So if this belief is e.g. a "superstition" - means a kind of agreement with God which links in pairs two kinds of apparently "coincidental" and not-linked events, then God causes for this individual person that the "superstition" is working. In this way God uses the "superstition" to communicate to this person what is to happen soon. In a similar way God uses also dreams, indications of playing cards, divining pendulum, etc. - but only in relation to these people who make with God just such a non-written agreement and they "believe deeply" in outcomes of indications that God passes to them with the use of a given something. Similarly like all other ways of communicating with God, this method also do NOT work for sceptics and unbelievers.
       4. Internet. Since the time of establishing the Internet, or more strictly since the establishing of various Internet discussion forums and lists, many personalities of God described in items #B6 and #B12 of this web page, in fact are appearing over there anonymously. Unfortunately, typically these personalities simulate negative stands which represent the views of creatures described in part #F of this web page. Still, in spite that these personalities belong to a negative group, through the discussion with them one can get many positive information and messages authorised by God Himself.

#C4. Whether God is "merciful" and "kind":
       God does not know forgiveness, as religions make us to believe for political reasons. Thus, we actually must repay the undesirable consequences of every single action that we take in our lives. Only that these consequences come back to us with a significant time delay, usually of at least 5 years. (This time delay is necessary to "arrange" the appropriate return for us, which is corresponding to our actions.)
       But it is worth to notice, that this iron hand and consistency with which God punishes each single our "immoral" action via the moral laws that he established, is balanced by equally iron and consistent hand in rewarding each single our "moral" behaviour. So practically in his actions God behaves more like a computer or an automat, than like a "merciful Jesus" about whose unlimited "kindness and forgiveness" religions teach us. Means God consequently makes sure that absolutely each one of ours "immoral" actions is punished. But he also makes sure that absolutely each single our "moral" behaviour is rewarded. (Notice here, that on this web page the expressions "moral" and "immoral" always are used in their totaliztic understanding, explained in item #C2 above.)
       However, in spite of this consistency with which God implements his absolute justice, still he manifests in his actions towards people an attribute which can be called the "kindness". Only that this attribute does NOT manifest itself through forgiving us our sins - as this various religions tell us naively, or for political reasons. This attribute is manifested through the manner and exact moment of time in which we receive the punishments and rewards that we deserved with our previous actions. Namely, punishments and rewards are always so served to us by God, that they shape our development in the most beneficial manner possible, and also that they mutually balance each other in a given moment of time. (E.g. if God is forced to serve a pain to us, he simultaneously serves to us also a joy of some sort which we deserved with some earlier our action, and vice versa. Hence the saying, "if God shuts up a door for you, he always opens a window", or "every rose has a thorn".) Expressing this in other words, his "kindness" God manifests through such serving the absolute justice to us, that it is the most beneficial for us and that it exerts a best possible influence on our lives.
       Of course, as probably the reader expects this, the actions of the being so unlimitedly perfect as God, are much more complex than it can be expressed in the above reply composed of a few sentences. Therefore, in order to learn more thoroughly how really God operates, one needs to read volumes 4 to 9 (i.e. chapters H to JF) of monograph [1/4].

#C5. Why totalizm forbids forgiveness and why it compares forgiving to "giving apples from the tree which does not belong to us":
       As the research by totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity indicates it, God acting via the "moral laws" which he established, in fact does NOT know forgiveness. His moral laws act almost equally automatic like a present computer, or like laws of physics. We endure all consequences for practically everything that we have done in our lives. Only that these consequences arrive to us with a time delay reaching several years (this is because the exact moment when consequences are forwarded to us God chooses in such a manner that it is the most beneficial for our development). The forgiveness is also unknown to the special moral organ which we have build into ourselves, and which is called the "conscience". This conscience knows the content of all moral laws in existence. So whenever we intend to do anything against commands of these moral laws, the conscience clearly warns us against it. In spite, however, that this conscience always knows exactly what is the most moral thing to do in a given situation, practically almost never it pushes us to forgive someone a true fault. The reason is easy for realising. Namely the forgiveness is contradictive to moral laws, and contradictive to the will of God.
       So how it happened, that being contradictive to the voice of conscience, to the moral laws, and to the will of God expressed through these moral laws, the forgiveness, and also the absolution of sins, still is so strongly forced by the religion. The reply is simple. The religion introduced forgiveness and also absolution of sins for political reasons. This is because with the use of forgiveness and absolution, the religion has a greater control over its followers. Due to the potential to forgive and to absolute, every sinner who begins to realise consequences of whatever he or she has done, is attracted by the religion like by a magnet - if wishes to obtain such forgiveness, or such absolution of sins. Unfortunately, the ability to forgive is a "two-edged sword". If someone tries to determine the most vital reason, why Christianity during over 2000 years of operation could not cause the lift of level of human morality, this reason would turn to be "forgiveness" and "absolution of sins" introduced to the religion. Because of this readily served promises of forgiveness and forgetting of our sins, people stopped to try harder to perfect their morality. Thus the ones who without forgiveness would normally tried to curb their weaknesses and improve their behaviour, knowing about forgiveness fall victims of their desires and repeat their crimes. In the result, after over 2000 years of operation of Christianity, the level of morality (or rather "immorality") in present people does not differ much from this level in ancient times when Christianity was just born. In turn, in religions other than Christianity the situation sometimes is even worse - for examples see news in almost every present newspaper.
       The question which rises at this point, is whether people actually are allowed to act on the God's behalf and promise forgiveness in matters for which there is no forgiveness. Again, moral laws state that NO! "Giving forgiveness is like giving apples still growing on the tree which is not ours". Independently whether people (us) give forgiveness to others, or refuse to give forgiveness, still the ones who seek it must endure all the consequences of whatever they have done. Simultaneously the forgiveness deprives them motivations to try harder in the future and to control their actions. So when a next time someone asks us, whether we forgive him or her, we are allowed to reply, that the philosophy of totalizm forbids to promise forgiveness, because to forgive would be to usurp to ourselves competences of God. In turn God very unambiguously expresses this via the voice of conscience and via the content of moral laws, that forgiving is contradictive to his will expressed through moral laws and through the voice of conscience. Although the life must go on independently of whatever someone have done, still there is no forgiveness for anything and everyone must bear all the consequences of every his or her action.
* * *
       The philosophy of totalizm distinguishes a special kind of immoral action, which could be called the "overdoing with good intentions". The most known example of it is a dominating love of mother, means a love which usually is displayed by mothers of an only child. Such love cuts the loved person from the connection with the real world, shields this person from all troubles, and makes impossible to learn self-sufficiency. In the result, it harms the loved person. It is this kind of immoral actions that the saying describes "hell is paved with good intentions". Totalizm classifies also "forgiveness" and "absolution of sins" to this destructive category. It considers forgiveness to be equally immoral as active revenge is. In fact totalizm charges forgiveness with the responsibility for the lack of moral progress of humanity. Therefore it forbids to forgive in our lives. According to totalizm, our good intentions towards guilty ones should be expressed only by refraining from an active revenge. Here is the list of reasons for which totalizm forbids to forgive the evil that is purposely done to us:
       (i) Absolution of sins would destroy the consistency in God's actions - for details see subsection I3.6 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4]. After all, it would force God to act differently in each individual situation. In turn, the lack of consistency would induce randomness in God's actions and would make principles of these actions impossible for discovering by people. In turn without ability to discover what are correct principles of conduct, people would not be able to improve their morality, nor themselves. Thus, the absolution of sins would ruin completely the reason for which God introduced morality, moral laws, moral field, etc.
       (ii) Forgiveness runs against moral laws. As such, totalizm defines forgiveness as an immoral activity which cannot be practiced in life. It should be added here, that an immoral character of forgiveness could be proven also on several further manners (not described here), which are explained more comprehensively in volumes 7, 6 and 5 of monograph [1/4].
       (iii) Voice of our conscience never urges us to forgive. But the same voice always tells us correctly what we should do in a given situation.
       (iv) The forgiver assumes the right to represent the competence of God, although in fact does not receive such a right from God. In turn just to assume that one has such a right, in itself is an immoral action and those who practice it are going to be judged for it. (We must remember, that God perfectly represents himself and never asks for assistance in relieving him in his duties. So the only thing that people are permitted to do, is to research and to determine his intentions, and then describe it thoroughly - like the science is doing this with laws of physics. However, taking actions supposedly on the God's behalf, when we really do not know what God's intentions are, is just an ordinary blasphemy.)
       (v) The forgiveness was artificially introduced for political reasons. As such, it should be eliminated from practice. After all practiced should be only whatever results unambiguously from the research of laws that govern the surrounding reality.
       (vi) Forgiveness promises a lack of consequences when actually these consequences are still there (means, it is a kind of lie). Even if we forgive someone, still this someone must pay back the entire harm that he or she did. So it is better if we allow this person to be aware what is going to happen.
       (vii) Forgiving prevents the guilty people from putting more effort into the work of improving their morality. So practically it is the forgiveness which takes responsibility for the lack of improvement in the level of morality within the world which surrounds us.
       It is worth to add here, that the matter of forgiveness has a key significance for both, religions and totalizm. Therefore it is impossible to support it clearly and convincingly in such a brief presentation. Readers who wish to learn more on this subject, should read volumes 7, 6 and 5 from monograph [1/4].

#C6. "Tests" to which God subjects people:
       God created the mankind for the purpose. This purpose is to increase the knowledge of both: (1) God and the entire intelligent universe, and (2) humans themselves. Thus, the entire our life is just a long lesson to learn, and a continuous series of exams. Each subsequent exam from life God issues to us in the form of another "test" which we either pass or fail. An example of such a "test" which we already identified and described relatively well, and about which it is known that God continually subjects us to it, is the "test for atheism". God designed it so perfectly, that if we pass it, then the gain is both ours and the entire humanity. In turn if we fail it, then the gain is just for the humanity (our is just a loss). For details see items #A2 and #C5 of the web page will.htm - about maintaining the free will of individual people while controlling the entire human civilisation. Unfortunately, people who fail this "test for atheism" gain a rather special treatment which is described in item #F3 of the web page totalizm.htm - about totalizm means about the most moral philosophy in the world. For example, all facts indicate that such people are treated by God exactly the same as animals do, in this number they are even reincarnated into animals instead of people. To repetitive "tests" is also subjected the entire human civilisation. An example of just such a test through which the humanity just is going, is the "test for a hidden occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts" - about which I am writing a bit more in "part #F" of this web page, and also in "part #F" of the separate web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth. Also this test was so cleverly designed by God that if the humanity passes it, then it becomes beneficial for both the humanity and for God - after all the humanity will be then advanced to a higher level of morality. But if the humanity fails it, then still God will benefit from this, as it will allow Him to maintain and to use previous tools (i.e. simulations of "UFOnauts" or "devils") for controlling the further fate of individual people and the entire human civilisation.

#C7. Are there known any items of scientific evidence for the existence of immortal soul, and what happens to this soul after our death:
       If we carefully look around, then it turns out that identified so-far has been a similarly large number of scientific evidence for the existence of soul, as that number we already know of the scientific evidence for the existence of God. Thus the major problem with evidence for the existence of soul is the same as with the evidence for the existence of God - namely the certainty and confidence that the soul really does exist cannot be given to someone for free, but one must himself or herself earn it with the own searches and own contribution of a labour (for details see item #B1 from the web page soul_proof.htm - with the review of scientific evidence for the existence of soul). These readers who wish to familiarise themselves with the scientific evidence for the existence of soul that was already identified by the author of this web page, should either have a look at the entire totaliztic web page soul_proof.htm, or at least have a look at item #C1.1 from the web page nirvana.htm.
       In turn what happens to the soul after one dies, it is described quite thoroughly in the Bible authorised by God Himself. Only that the Bible uses rather an archaic language and imprecise terminology, which in order to understand one needs firstly translate into the present precise scientific language. A sample how to carry out such translation of biblical expressions into the present scientific language is presented, amongst others, in items #I1 to #I3 from the web page soul_proof.htm - with the review of scientific evidence for the existence of soul.

Part #D: What totalizm determined about methods that God uses to control the fate of individual people and entire human civilisation:
#D1. How God controls the fate of the universe, that this fate develops according to his intentions:
       God utilizes in practice a whole array of methods to control the fate of the physical world and people, so that this fate unfolds according to His intentions. In order to illustrate to the reader the true span of these methods, below I am briefly describing at least these ones amongst them which in a beast manner represent the diversity of their major categories:
       (i) The method of "a carrot and a stick". The most effective method of motivating people, that is commonly used by God, can be called the method of "a carrot and a stick". An example of practical implementation of this method, is the work of "moral laws" which God established and from the obeying of which He thoroughly examines people - for details see item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm. For example, if someone does NOT wish to obey these "moral laws", or does not want to accept the fact of their existence, then is punished - means is repetitively hit with a big "stick" and with ever increasing force, for as long until he or she starts to obey these laws. In turn these people who obey "moral laws" in their lives, are rewarded, means they get a "carrot" from God. (This carrot can take a form of e.g. totaliztic nirvana.) The method of a carrot and a stick is mentioned in several items of this web page - e.g. see also items #C1, #C2, #F1 and #F7. It is also discussed in further totaliztic web pages - for example see item #C6 from the web page named god_exists.htm, and in other totaliztic publications (e.g. see subsections JA2.4, JB2.1 and JC11.1.1 from volumes 6 and 7 of my slightly older monograph [1/4]).
       (ii) Control over time. On everyday basis God controls the fate of everything through His power over an elapse of "reversible software time" - which power He executes due to special software entity called "omniplan". It is God which decides what is to happen in the future. Also God designs the future in such a manner that it always unfolds according to God's intentions. A good understanding of the mechanism with which God controls the future, can be accomplish by reading items #C3 and #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm.
       (iii) Embedding the solution into every problem. God created the present universe in an extremely intelligent and foresighted manner. This huge intelligence and precaution emerges from practically everything. For example, because of it everything that can create a problem has also intelligently hidden solution for this problem embedded into itself, while the trigger that fires this solution is always under the control of God. One of the most perfect examples of just such a problem with a solution contained in itself, which I encountered in my research to-date, is so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in more details in items #H1, #F4 (7) and #F7 of this web page. From this form of immortality can also benefit even the most evil civilizations of the universe - such as the civilization of evil UFOnauts which secretly occupies our planet and which is described in Part #D of this web page. After all, in order to accomplish such immortality, it is enough to reach appropriate level of technical development, or more strictly to build so-called time vehicles. However, the problem with the civilization which accomplishes this kind of immortality depends on the fact, that it is able to do a lot of evil. Simultaneously it becomes indestructible and impossible to be defeated by other civilisations (e.g. by people from the Earth) which still do not have time vehicles. This is because by shifting time back it is able to solve for its own benefit practically every problem it has. It can also consider itself to be untouchable and not punishable even for God. After all, it mastered time travel and may avoid any punishment through shifting time backward. Therefore, during the designing of this "imprisoned immortality", God embedded a kind of the "final solution" to this particular problem. This final solution takes a form of tendency of such a civilization to self-destroy itself in a distant past. Thus, as it is explained in items #H3, #F4 (7), and #F7, such a civilization leads the life which represents a "non-existing existence". Means, it apparently does exist and gets behind the skin of everyone, but in fact it already does NOT exist for a long time. After all, in the appropriate point of time from the far past, it is going to blow itself up. In turn the best moment of time when it needs to blow itself up, chooses for it this non-obliging God from whom in the extreme pride this civilization turned out many years ago.
       (iv) Programming of everything with codes, the execution of which is triggered by appropriate "keywords". In item #3 (3) of the web page about evolution of people it is explained that behind every code an intelligence must stand. This principle works also in the reverse direction. In fact every intelligence finally expresses everything in the form of a code, while every code it provides into a "key" which triggers the operation of it. For example, in order to open our access to computers, we use programs for codes, while "logins" and "passwords" for keys to this codes. In order to use a bank, we use the account as a code for our finances, while e.g. account number and our signature or passport as an access to this account. In order to read a book, we use an alphabet and a language for a code, while a title and the author as a key for finding this book. Etc., etc. In exactly the same manner God acts. He also programmed everything in the form of appropriate code. In turn the unleashing of operation of this code is accomplished via appropriate key. The most of codes that God programs are expressed in a special kind of language called ULT. This language is briefly described in item #B4 of a separate web page about telepathy. Also the "keywords" which trigger these codes usually are some sorts of expressions spoken telepathically in this ULT language. (In magic this triggering keyword expression in the ULT, is called a "spell".) Therefore when God wishes to complete a given action, he can simply send a telepathic message in the form of this keyword which triggers this action. Because practically every phenomenon and action was already programmed in some code and has the triggering keyword in the ULT language, God just through his words can do whatever wishes. Probably it is why holy books state that always at the beginning is a word.
* * *
       Of course, there is much more methods to control the fate of the physical world and people, which God uses, but all of which is no point to explain here. For example, people sometimes are controlled through putting desires or decisions into their minds, which these people later take for their own, but which push them to do whatever God decides for them. Similarly, to the "simulations" of UFOnauts God always orders to do, whatever suits God's intentions in the best way. A number of further methods of God's action are described in item #C6 from my web page named god_exists.htm, and in items A2.1 to #A2.10 from my web page named totalizm.htm.
       At this point it is worth to mention, that every method of action that God uses, can be also used by people. In fact methods of God's operation always turn out to be extremely effective, deprived of side effects, and leading to the success in the fastest way possible. Therefore for example the method of "a carrot and a stick" turns out to be unreplaceable in bringing up children and in training animals. In turn method of finding and triggering a solution that hides embedded in every problem, allows people to overcome even the greatest obstacles. It is enough to remember in it, that every problem contains a solution, and then concentrate on finding this solution. Also "keywords" which trigger codes that program the course of appropriate actions, are used by people in magic and in hypnosis. A lot of traditional magic by accident discovered words or sentences which trigger appropriate consequences, and then utilized these keywords as "spells". In such a manner, e.g. on the Easter Island magicians caused that boulders ascended into the air and flown where ordered. In old China some magicians managed to discover "spells" which caused that bodies of dead people raised on feet and walked to homes. So in times when no fridges nor modern transport existed, their descendants earned for living by "walking home" dead who lost lives far from families and family burial sites. In turn in present Malaysia so-called "Bomoh" with just such keywords are able to stop rain. On the other hand present hypnotists form their own codes and keywords which trigger them. They call these "post-hypnotic suggestions". Then they only say this keyword in the vicinity of such a hypnotically programmed person, while this person does whatever they ordered him or her to do.

Part #E: What totalizm determined about so-called "angels":
       In the light of information presented in items #B11 and #B12 of this web page, the supernatural creatures called "angels" can be defined as follows. "Angels" are temporally "simulations" of supernatural creatures which are peacefully and helpfully oriented towards people and which are deprived of their own free will, that God creates for a short period of time in order to complete with their hands some positive action which for important reasons cannot be completed by God alone or under God's name. In other words, "angels" are simply some amongst numerous "bodily representations of God" (described in item #B12 above) supplied into positive "personalities" of God, which are created in a temporally physical form to be confronted with people and to NOT allow people to realise that they deal with God Himself.

#E1. Why God needs angels:
       People are somehow so made up that the greatness of others they estimate from the size of the "entourage" that these others have. Thus, even if someone is a king, but is deprived his entourage, then in eyes of other people he becomes just an ordinary human. It is for this reason why beginning from times of Elvis Presley, every more significant American artist tries to form and to always surround himself with his own "entourage" which is going to give to him the significance and recognition in eyes of other people.
       God is perfectly aware of this attribute of people. Therefore, when in some matter He tries to emphasize the significance of someone, then this someone was confronting people not just alone, but with the especially prepared for him "entourage" the participants of which were called "angels".

#E2. How God creates these angels:
       God has this attribute, that is able to complete simultaneously millions of different operations. Thus from the point of view of His functioning God is similar to present multi-processor computers. (This functioning of God similar to present multi-processor computers is described more comprehensively in item #C6 (3) of a separate totaliztic web page prawda_uk.htm.) Thus when this omnipotent God needs service of creatures called "angels", then He temporally creates beings similar to humans, under minds of which He pins His own mind - as this is described in items #B12 and #B13 above on this web page. Then to each one amongst these temporally created beings God assigns one amongst His numerous personalities - i.e. the one which best suits a given task on hand. Later God so controls the parallel actions of these temporally created (simulated) beings, that they precisely complete the tasks assigned to them.

#E3. So do "angels" really exist:
       YES and simultaneously NO. Means, "angels" do NOT exist in the form in which they are described by religions, means in the form of fully spiritual beings that have their own "free will" and their own "life" while having the same consistency, origin, and place of residence as God. In the counter-world there is simply no room also for other superior creatures, intellectually separate from God, but acting as his helpers while simultaneously almost equal in powers with him. The entire counter-world is occupied by a single superior being, which is God.
       However, similarly like "devils", also "angels" do exist in another form. Namely these are temporally "simulations" under the physical form of which hides one amongst numerous positively oriented towards people personalities of God Himself.
       In order to create for Himself the possibility of future development of also scientific and atheistic explanation for the "angels", in present time God simulates these creatures in quite a meaningful manner. Namely these are so created, that on every aspect they resemble physical creatures, which are close relatives of humans but originate from the cosmic space, and which accomplished an enormous level of scientific and technical advancement, while simultaneously they uplifted their morality (i.e. in everything that they do they pedantically obey all moral laws). These simulations of creatures highly advanced morally and technically, by ancient religions were called "angels". However, presently and in the future we rather should call them "totaliztic aliens" from space.

[Bild: 14_jf01.jpg]

Fig. #E1: The drawing which reconstructs the appearance of a small being which was so simulated by God, that it appeared to be a creature from stars that represents a totaliztic civilisation. The members of this civilisation are simulated as if they help people altruistically for thousands of years - thus providing us with the template for the idea of "angels". God so simulates all members of this civilisation that they appear to live in the state of "everlasting happiness" described in item #H2 of this web page. This state is reflected in the expression of happiness clearly visible on their faces. In turn the appearance of the above being was so simulated that it appeared as if it was send to us via a device called the "telepathic projector", a description of which is provided on the web page about telepathy.
       (The above illustration originates from treatise [7/2] where it is presented as Figure C1. It is also shown in monograph [1/4] as Figure JF1.) It is the above alien that gave to the humanity a design of the "telepathic pyramid". Such a pyramid is one of the most simple technical devices which illustrate the principle of use of telepathic waves for communication purposes. The members of this civilisation continually maintain themselves in the state of nirvana. The subtle emanation of happiness which is caused by this nirvana, and which always radiates from faces of those ones who experience it, can be even noticed on the face of this alien. (For further details regarding nirvana - see also the web page nirvana.htm.)
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

#E4. How God directs these simulations of "angels" that they appear to be continually helping the tormented humanity:
       Although the reliable information about general trends contained in present simulations of "angels" needs to be fished out from the ocean of myths, imagination, and human perception, with a bit of good will one can piece together the initial picture of direction and attributes that God tries to impose at simulations of these wonderful beings that are so positively oriented towards people. Here are most vital components of this picture.
       1. Physical existence and close relation to humans. God so simulates "angels" that they appear to be beings equally physical as people do. In practice they are also simulated as distant relatives to people. Only that being a civilisation much older than the human one, they already mastered highly advanced technologies, such as time vehicles, technical telekinesis, or telepathic projectors. One also can predict, that an atheistic explanation will be promoted in the future that these advanced technologies gave to them attributes which people consider to be supernatural. For example, they can carry out time travel, disappear from the sight, or put pictures and thoughts directly to minds of selected people.
       2. The lack of direct (physical) access to the Earth. From the general trends with which "angels" are simulated at present, it can be deduced that the following scenario is imposed onto this simulation. The Earth is a colony secretly governed and intensely exploited by "devils" (presently simulated by God as "UFOnauts" - described in "part #F" of this web page). So in order no-one obstructs for these UFOnauts the crimes which they carry out on Earth, the UFOnauts surrounded our planet with a tight cordon of their warships. Thus a spaceship of no civilisation from beyond their own circle of exploitive confederation is allowed to access the Earth at the moment. Therefore all totaliztic civilisation of former "angels" are simulated as if they can help humanity only remotely via the use of so-called telepathic projectors described on a separate web page. In turn all creatures the simulations of which people can meet physically on Earth, in fact are simulated as these "devils" (i.e. UFOnauts) described in "part #F" of this web page. Only that "devils love to impersonate angels". Therefore these evil creatures simulated so that they can be meet physically by people on the Earth frequently tell these people that they are "angels" or even "Jesus" himself, although in fact their nature and actions are fully "devilish".
       3. Voluntary practicing so-called "[b]imprisoned immortality" on everyday basis.[/b] As this is explained in item #H1 below, this "imprisoned immortality" depends on the use of time vehicles for infinitive shifting back in time to years of one's youth. In turn by practicing it, these simulations of "angels" are able to live forever and maintain themselves in the state of continuous youth, vitality, and health. But some simulations of angels seem to indicate, that totaliztic civilisations of these "angels" earned also for themselves the so-called "true immortality" also described in item #H1 of this web page. But they use it only from time to time - similarly as present people on Earth use travel to learn about the world. However, after each learning via such "true immortality" how others are living in times different from their own, members of these totaliztic civilisations always return to "their own times" in order to voluntarily practice there in peace and happiness this everyday "imprisoned immortality".
       4. The life in the state of continuous [b]nirvana, and accomplishing the "everlasting happiness" which results from it.[/b] The beings which were simulated as "angels" mastered the ability to maintain continuous nirvana throughout the entire life. This in turn causes that they are indescribably happy through the entire their lives. Because time vehicles allow them to live forever, in fact they maintain themselves in the state of "everlasting happiness" described in item #H2 of this web page. This everlasting happiness is accomplished due to practicing moral life allows them also to choose slightly different version of increasingly moral behaviour during each their passage through the same life.
       5. Indescribable goodness and altruism. These "everlasting happiness" in which these "angels" are simulated to maintain themselves continually, make them extremely friendly, helpful, and altruistic. They are indescribably pleasant in interaction for everyone who has something to do with them. In turn their pedantically moral actions motivate them to altruistically help people at a distance for thousands of years. In fact almost everything good that humanity accomplished so-far, was so simulated as if it contained their contribution.

[Bild: 14_n01h.jpg]

Fig. #E2: The appearance of the prototype of a simplest technical device for telepathic communication, described under the name of "telepathic pyramid". The design and operation of this device were so skilfully simulated, as if these were given to the humanity by a totaliztic civilisation living in the state of "everlasting happiness". From data emerging from earlier such simulations it seems to appear that it was this civilisation that provided people with a blueprints for many other technical devices. The description of the above device is presented on a separate web page named telepathy.htm.
       (The above photograph originates from Figure C2 (top) in treatise [7/2]. It is also presented in Figure N1 (top) from monograph [1/4]). The photograph shows me (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) holding in hands a device which in subsection N2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4] is called the "telepathic pyramid". This device allows for a telepathic transmission of thoughts from one mind directly to another mind without the need to use speech. The unusual attribute of the "telepathic pyramid" is, that the instruction how to construct this device was given to humanity by the anonymous creature simulated as a totaliztic alien. (Means given to us by creatures which in past we used to call "angels", but which, unfortunately, presently do not have a physical access to Earth.) The alien who gave this device to us said that it will facilitate the mutual contact between our and their civilization. The prototype of this device that you can see on the above photograph, is not working yet. But readers are invited to add their contribution, technical skills, and effort to make it work. The general design and operation of this device are described in chapter D of treatise [7/2], and also in subsection N2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4]. In turn the principle of operation that it utilizes, as well as other similar devices, are discussed on separate web pages about "free energy" and "telepathy".

Part #F: What totalizm determined scientifically about so-called "devils":
       In the light of information presented in items #B11 and #B12 of this web page, the supernatural creatures called "devils" can be defined as follows. "Devils" are temporally "simulations" of supernatural creatures which are hostile and detrimentally oriented towards people and which are deprived of their own free will, that God creates for a short period of time in order to complete with their hands some destructive actions which for important reasons cannot be completed under the God's own name. In other words, "devils" are simply some amongst numerous destructive "personalities" of God, which are created in the temporally physical form to be confronted with people and to NOT allow people to realise that they deal with God Himself.

#F1. Why there is evil around us:
       Evil is necessary to motivate people. As we know, not every person willingly does whatever God expect him/her to do. (Means, not every person always pedantically obeys all moral laws.) So towards people God uses a principle of motivating, which in item #C1 above is called the "carrot and stick method". Namely, if we do whatever God requires from us, then he rewards us (means he gives a "carrot" to us). But if we refuse to do whatever he expects from us, then he punishes us (means he hits us with a "stick"). But in order this principle of motivating works in practice, it is necessary that evil does exist. After all, the evil constitutes this "stick" with which God hits us when we are naughty.
       Of course, the matter of the existence of "evil" or "bad" (and also "good") is more complex than the humble size of this web page allows it to express. After all, e.g. bad and good are mutually convertible. (E.g. too much good becomes bad, while bad with the elapse of time becomes good - what the most clearly can be noticed from consequences of upbringing by the so-called "bad" and "good" parents.) Furthermore, bad creates "example", one of perceptions of which is good. However, in the very essence, bad or evil serves as a main component of motivating people. Thus it is equally necessary as good.

#F2. Do "devils" exist:
       Devils do NOT exist in the form in which they are described by religions, means in the form of creatures fully spiritual that have their own "life" and "free will" and of the same place of residence as God (i.e. in the counter-world), also the same consistency and origins as God. In the counter-world there is simply no room for other superior creatures separate from God and acting as his intellectual adversaries, while simultaneously almost equal in powers with Him. The entire counter-world is occupied by a single superior being, which is God.
       However, for a number of important reasons God simulates "devils". After all for ruling over the world God needs the existence of a "stick", means "evil", while for many reasons it is more beneficial if people believe that this "evil" originates from "devils" than from God Himself. Furthermore, these "devils" are perfectly suited to organise various "tests" and "exams" to which with their assistance God can easily subject both the individual people as well as the entire human civilisation - as this is explained in item #C6.
       This simulation of devil causes that "devils" do exist - namely as physical creatures, which are simulated to be close relatives of humans. They are simulated as if they originate from the cosmic space and accomplished an enormous level of scientific and technical advancement, while simultaneously they are totally corrupted morally (i.e. they chronically do NOT obey moral laws, although they also do NOT break them, thus they cannot be punished for breaking these laws). These simulations of really evil creatures by ancient religions were called "devils". However, presently we prefer to call them with the more modern term "UFOnauts". In fact they are so simulated as if since the beginning of times Earth is in their power. These UFOnauts are simulated as able to build technical devices which make them invisible to human eyes, and which allow them to walk through solid objects, such as walls or rocks. Of course, principles of operation of such devices are simulated by God as true - means in such a manner that if build by people these devices would work for us. (these principles are described in chapter L from volume 10 of monograph [1/4] - especially see there subsection L2.) Thus for example devils are indestructible e.g. to our bullets and swords. Thus to many people they are like "spiritual creatures", in spite that that are simulated as they are our physical relatives from space, who are equally physical as we do - only that they stand incomparably higher from us in their technical development. More about simulations of "UFOnauts", including also explanation why they were called "devils", is contained on separate web pages which in "Menu 4" are listed as describing "UFOnauts".

[Bild: 14_p31.jpg]

Fig. #F1: Here is an imprint of human shoe, which is around 550 millions years old. Similarly like present simulations of "devils" (or "UFOnauts") this shoe imprint is a part of a larger "test" to which is subjected at present the entire human civilisation, and which simulates the situation that "the Earth is secretly occupied by evil UFOnauts". By the way, all signs are indicating that the humanity "failed" badly this test - see also item #C6 above.
       (This photograph originates from Figure P31 in monograph [1/4]. It is also shown in Figure E2 in monograph [8] - both monographs are downloadable free of charge via this web site. The above photograph is also commented on a separate web page entitled "UFOnauts".) Why, and how, this imprint was formed on Earth, before any developed life forms were established here, is explained in subsections A3 and V3 from volumes (correspondingly) 1 and 13 of monograph "[1/4]" (or is explained in volume 4 of the slightly older monograph [8e] "Totalizm"). Note that especially worth to see over there is the alternative history and real fate of the human race. In order to summarize in a few words the explanations presented there, humanity does not originate from Earth at all. People actually arrived to Earth from a huge and presently non-existing planet called "Terra" that hundreds of millions years ago used to exist somewhere within the Vega system in "Lute" (Polish "Lutnia") star constellation. It was the planet Terra where God evolved mankind. The Terra planet had gravity over 4 times greater than Earth. People from the planet Terra around 550 millions of years ago seeded life on Earth in order to prepare conditions for a human colony to be started here one day. So on the above photograph are shown footprints of a scientist from Terra who arrived to Earth to replenish life here. Independently from Earth, citizens of Terra replenished life and human race also on many other planets. So when in the result of a destructive war they blown out their own planet, these human colonies on other planets have survived. Unfortunately, several amongst these colonies degenerated morally and started to lead a life of "cosmic bandits and robbers" who have an enormously advanced knowledge and technology in their disposal, but who are completely rotten morally. This confederation of decadent relatives of humans with the elapse of time took a control over Earth and presently exploits and oppresses humanity ruthlessly, although in an invisible manner. Presently we know them under the name of "UFOnauts". However, because of their immoral behaviour, cunningness, explosiveness, anger, ruthlessness, and wild cruelty, past people used to call them "devils". To what (hidden) kinds of actions these diabolic UFOnauts are capable, it is explained on a separate web page named destructive use of UFO vehicles, bandits in our midst, predators, WTC, or 26th day, and in subsection A3 from volume 1 of monograph [1/4].

#F3. How God simulates these "devils":
       Actually all date indicate that already since a long time God ceased to simulate "devils" as "devils". (Only sometimes He does an exception in this matter for followers of "cult of Satan", for people who practice a black magic, etc.) A probable reason for ceasing to simulate numerous devils is that in medieval period, means several centuries ago, the humanity "failed" badly the "test" to which God subjected it just with the use of that simulation of devils. Therefore since around 1950s God simulates "devils" in a changed and more "modern" form, namely as UFOnauts. Of course, similarly like former simulations of "devils", also present simulations of "UFOnauts" are temporally and short lasting. Thus physically these creatures do NOT exist at all, but for practical reasons their existence is repetitively simulated by God. These creatures are simulated as if they have time vehicles, with the use of which they practice a version of infinitively long live, which (the version) in item #H1 below, and also on separate web page about time vehicles, is described under the name of "imprisoned immortality". In this kind of immortality, every member of the civilisation of UFOnauts, is shifted back in time to years of youth after accomplishing an old age. After this shifting back his memory, life experience, character, personality, etc., remain exactly the same as were in this oldie before he or she was shifted back in time. In the result, after each such shifting back in time, a given member of this civilisation becomes increasingly more bitter, disappointed, jealous, mischievous, evil, etc. The outcome is such, that these creatures simulated as UFOnauts after arriving to the Earth are so evil, that us people cannot even imagine. Attempts to explain their evilness are contained in item #C9 of the web page about time vehicles, and also in item #9 of the web page about Antichrist. Ofo course, for God it is NOT difficult to so program one amongst its own personalities, that it perfectly simulates the behaviour of these "devils". After all, as a creator of everything God "invented" good and evil - so He knows perfectly well what attributes evilness must display.

#F4. Why being another test for the entire humanity "devils-UFOnauts" simulated by God in present times must display attributes which are easily identifiable by people:
       If someone carefully analyses reports from sightings of these UFOnauts simulated by God, then is able to accumulate relatively good information on their subject. It turns out then, that these UFOnauts are simulated by God in such a manner that they display a whole array of attributes that are easily identifiable for people. These attributes are described on many separate web pages of totalizm - for example see the web pages evil.htm, or sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm.
       There is a vital reason why God simulates UFOnauts with a whole range of easily identifiable attributes. After all, right now God subjects the humanity to another "test" with the use of just that simulation of the existence of UFOnauts. Thus in order this "test" has all signs of authenticity, God in His simulations needs to formulate a general trend, or a general "scenario" of this test. Therefore in His simulations God so controls behaviours of UFOnauts, as if these creatures secretly occupied our planet continually since the beginnings of time. Thus UFOnauts are present in practically every area of our social life. Many of them is also simulated as if they impersonate all most influential our leaders. So through watching these leaders we can learn not only the general appearance and features of their anatomy (which God simulates with several features that are unique for UFOnauts), but even their character and personalities. There is also continually open channel of communication with these creatures. This channel is Internet - or especially Internet discussion groups. If someone knows well attributes of UFOnauts that are described on Internet web pages of totalizm, then it turns out that on Internet discussion groups he or she can exchange opinions with these "UFOnauts". (These UFOnauts always are well masked - means they always use pseudo-names, and always carry out their discussion anonymously.) In turn through an open discussion with them, everyone has an opportunity to study well their attributes, personalities, goals, methods of action, etc. In other words, on the basis of all data and information that are currently available about UFOnauts, it is possible to form a relatively good picture of these "devils-UFOnauts" simulated by God to test our civilisation.

#F5. Which evidence confirms that God simulates "UFOnauts", and that God shapes these simulations into a kind of "test" or "exam" for the entire humanity:
       In spite that many people practice the religion which openly teaches us that God actually "created devils" in the power of which the Earth is until today, only sparse people still believe that such creatures as "devils" really do exist. Probably even less people believe that there are also creatures called UFOnauts. While almost no-one believes that "religious devils and present UFOnauts are actually the same kind of creatures". In turn totalizm teaches us, that "devils" and "UFOnauts" are practically one and the same kind of creatures, that both of them are simulated by God in the physical form (like people), and that the simulation of their existence and activities on the Earth is a very serious "test" to which God just subjected the entire human civilisation. For as long until the humanity manages to "pass" this "test", God is going to torment the humanity with the use of these creatures in the ever powerful manner. So from the point of view of us, people, these evil "devils" or "UFOnauts" are as real and dangerous, as if they existed in a similarly physical manner as we do. For us it is NOT important, that they are just creatures temporally simulated by God as the more advanced from us cosmic relatives of humanity. They are going to destroy us in exactly the same manner as if they existed physically.
       Probably only sparse people will understand that "evil" is useful for God as a kind of "stick" which serves the disciplining of unruly humans. Still even less people probably will see the benefits that stems from the fact that in eyes of low-intelligence people it is much better when this "evil" originates from creatures different than God Himself, means originates from these "devils-UFOnauts". Moreover, the "brain wash" that we receive from our religions causes, that we do NOT realise that the best solution for God is to "simulate" the existence of these sowers of "evil" - means "devils-UFOnauts". So the only way to realise to people the reality of such a "simulation", is to indicate the body of evidence which confirms this simulation.
       The fact that God simulates currently the existence and activities on the Earth of UFOnauts, and also the fact that God so controls this simulation of UFOnauts as to form it into the shape of another "test" to which He subjects just the entire humanity, can be confirmed logically. This is because there are attributes of this simulation, which confirm just such its character. Because probably many readers would like to hear what evidence totalizm can indicate in support of this statement, below I am going to indicate this evidence. Here is a list of most significant evidence which conclusively confirms this vital for each one of us fact, that it is God who simulates the existence and activities of evil UFOnauts on the Earth, and that He so controls this simulation that it takes the form of another "test" for the entire humanity:
       1. The agreeability of activities of UFOnauts with intentions of God - i.e. in spite of their evilness and supposed atheism, UFOnauts always do exactly what lies in interests of God. This extraordinary attribute of UFOnauts always make me wonder. So initially I used to explain it to myself that God simply has excellent methods of controlling the actions of UFOnauts. But with the elapse of time I noticed, that even in situations when UFOnauts had several actions to choose from, instead of choosing the activities which would be contradictive to the intentions of God, they always choose the line of action which best serves the intentions of God. In turn to happen so, under minds of UFOnauts must be linked the mind of God Himself.
       2. The "simulation" is a logical thing to do in comparison to the illogical other option - i.e. the "permanent creation" of God's own enemies. The Bible limits its explanations to a laconic confirmation that God created "serpents", "devils", "demons", etc. But our human knowledge and logics insist, that it would NOT be in interests of God at all to create God's sworn enemies whom would continually spoil God's plans and for the fight with whom God would need to continually loose His time and effort. On the other hand, it would lie in the interest of God to "simulate" the existence of such enemies - after all then these supposed enemies would in reality turn out to be helpers of God.
       3. The "talent" or "specialisation" of God in carrying out software simulations. If we compare God to whatever we already know, then we could state that "God has a talent for simulation". After all, according to what is explained in item #C2 of the web page god_proof.htm - containing a compendium of scientific evidence for the existence of God, God is a kind of huge natural program which "specialises" itself in the software creation of various manifestations from the "liquid computer" (means "counter-matter") that is obedient to God's commands. Thus God in fact has still greater simulation capabilities than present computers. In turn we all know that even our still primitive computers can simulate on their screens the appearance of practically everything.
       4. The moment of appearance - i.e. the massive UFO manifestations began on the Earth around 1950s, means in times when the humanity entered the present period of religious and moral fall down. In other words, when the humanity respected moral and religious life, practically there was NO phenomenon of massive UFO manifestations.
       5. The inspirational character - i.e. God always formed mainly these simulations which inspired the progress and the increase of knowledge in people of given times. For example, in times that proceeded the development of astronomy, God frequently simulated on the sky various cosmic objects, such as comets, additional moons, suns, etc. In turn during times when the humanity supposed to just develop "airships", God unusually frequent simulated the appearance of airships on the sky. In times that proceeded the development of rocket technology, in Scandinavia shockingly frequent started to appear so-called "ghost-rockets" (discussed also in item #B12 above). Finally in times when invented supposed to be the Magnocraft rapidly the sky above the Earth was swarming with UFO vehicles identical to the Magnocraft.
       6. The need for subjecting the humanity to another "test". If one considers this thoroughly, the moral state of humanity is at present such, that the humanity urgently needs another "test" which would restore the balance of morality and faith to people - for details see the web page will.htm.
       Still further examples of evidence in support of the statement that "the existence of UFOnauts and their secretive occupation of the Earth are intentionally simulated by God", are provided in item #F2 of the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth.

#F6. Which evidence confirms that "present UFOnauts are in fact former devils":
       If we accept the evidence presented in previous item, which conclusively confirms that "UFOnauts are simulated by God in such a way as if they do exist physically - only that they continually hide from the sight of people", then another step on our "path to knowledge and truth" is confirming that these "present UFOnauts are in fact the same creatures that in past were called devils". After all, if we manage to document this, then automatically we also prove that (1) these devils-UFOnauts in fact appear to people as if they existed physically, that (2) these devils-UFOnauts manifest themselves as creatures fully material, similar to people, only that devices which they use are at incomparably higher level of technical development that God intentionally simulates in order to motivate us to increase our knowledge, that (3) these devils-UFOnauts illustrate to people with their behaviour a very immoral and detrimental philosophy called "parasitism", and also that (4) the fact that some people see and photograph these devils-UFOnauts and their flying vehicles, is another item of evidence for the existence of God - in addition to evidence already presented on the web page god_proof.htm.
       This immensely vital fact that "present simulations of UFOnauts are actually simulations of the same creatures that formerly were simulated by God as devils", was already proven formally (with the use of a scientific methodology) in subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] offered free of change via this web page. Let us review briefly here at least the most significant categories of evidence that are used in the above proof. Here they are:
       (a) Behaviours of UFOnauts coincide with behaviours of former devils. UFOnauts practice an evil philosophy called "parasitism" (which is an exact reversal of the "totalizm" described below). They are also the primary cause of all evil that happen on Earth and all disasters that affect people. They push people telepathically and hypnotically to commit evil deeds - means they "tempt people". In addition to this, they murder, rape, push humanity down and commit every atrocity that one may only imagine. In order to provide here some examples of their evil behaviours, according to evidence provided on the web page "26th day" UFOnauts caused the murderous tsunami of 26th December 2004. In turn according to evidence from the web page "Columbia" they also shot down the space shuttle Columbia. Subsection O8.1 from volume 12 of monograph [1/4] provides the evidence that UFOnauts were responsible for the evaporation of the WTC buildings in New York on September 11, 2001.
       (b) Technical devices used by UFOnauts allow them to carry out all these things that in past devils were able to carry out. And so, personal propulsion of UFOnauts allows them to disappear rapidly from the view or appear in places where previously no-one could be seen. It also allows them to walk through solid matter such as windows and walls. Our bullets are harmless to them. They cannot be injured with our kinds of weapon. Furthermore, their personal propulsion systems provides them with the ability to fly in the air without the use of any visible device or equipment. In turn their telepathic devices allow UFOnauts to know what people think. The hypnotizing devices that they use allow them to put every murderous idea to minds of people that they choose as their tools of destruction.
       © UFOnauts form phenomena similar to these formed by previous devils. For example, telekinetic propelling devices of UFOnauts generate ozone, which for former people smelled similarly to sulphur. They also induce a special kind of "supernatural" white glow (well known in devils), which in subsections H6.1 and L2 from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of monograph [1/4] are called an "extraction glow". Note that illustrations of the "extraction glow" are provided on the web page on telekinesis accessible via "Menu 4" or "Menu 2".
       (d) UFOnauts have an insight into the future. As this is explained in subsection V5 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4], the ownership of time vehicles allows UFOnauts to have an insight into the future. Therefore UFOnauts, similarly to devils, know what is going to happen in the future.
       (e) The anatomy of UFOnauts is identical to anatomy of devils. Especially well this is explained and illustrated on following separate web pages evil.htm, aliens, sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm. For example, UFOnauts - similarly to devils, have "dogs' ears", "long, pointed, frequently hooked noses", pear-shaped heads (similar to the head of insect "praying mantis"), and "chicken legs" (how such "chicken legs" of UFOnauts look like, together with the detailed description of anatomy of UFOnauts, is presented in subsection V8.1 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]).
       (f) The manifestly adversaries of God. The parasitic philosophy practiced by UFOnauts by definition is opposite towards the moral laws which God established and the fulfilment of which he charges at all intelligent creatures of the universe. Thus UFOnauts, similarly to old-time devils, are also sworn adversaries of God.

#F7. "Non-existent existence" of UFOnauts - means why UFOnauts do so much harm to us although one day it is going to turn out that they never existed:
       If one checks the opinions of people about UFOnauts, then it turns out that around a half of people believes that UFOnauts do exist, in turn the remaining half believes that UFOnauts do NOT exist at all. These two groups of people usually fight with each other, because out thinking habits cause that everyone believes that only one out of these groups can be right. However, the research on so-called time vehicles (described more comprehensively on a separate web page) reveal very clearly, that even without realising that UFOnauts are simulated by God, still both these arguing groups actually are right. This is because an inspiring attribute given by God to UFOnauts, is that at the moment UFOnauts are simulated as if they exist physically and harm humanity, but in the future it is going to be discovered that UFOnauts did NOT exist in our times at all. (Although evidence will be found in the future that they existed before our times.) This is because UFOnauts are just simulated as if they are in the process of so-called "non-existent existence".
       A comprehensive explanation of this "non-existent existence" is explained in item #B8 of the separate web page about time vehicles. In general it results from the time that in civilisations which practice the so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in item #H1 of this web page, all generations of this civilisation are alive all the time. After all, these generations lead the "everlasting lives". So such immortal civilisations always have still alive ancestors, who at any moment can come to mind the idea to blow their civilisation up. So their ancestors are a continuous threat, especially that with the elapse of time they become increasingly unhappy. Such a situation is an exact opposite to the situation in mortal civilisations - such as ours on Earth. After all in civilisations of ordinary mortals ancestors do not exist - so are unable to blow their civilisation up. When in such a civilisation of immortals their ancestors blow their civilisation up, then they also blow up all their descendants who were born from them. Thus these descendants live all the time on "mercy" of their own ancestors. In any moment may turn out that they do not exist any more. So the life they lead is a kind of "non-existing existence".
       Personally I am the most fascinated in this "non-existing existence" with the skill and thoroughness with which God simulates UFOnauts. In fact God simulates their existence equally precisely, as He would control these UFOnauts if they existed permanently and physically - as people do. Namely, God so formed the conditions in which these UFOnauts act, that UFOnauts behave exactly as this is required from them so that later in the future they could be erased completely from the surface of the universe in most easy manner, while simultaneously give to the universe the form that it would take if UFOnauts existed in past. After all, when from the present phase of the "existence" UFOnauts are going to be moved into the future phase of "non-existence" that dates back several thousands years ago, then God must erase from the surface of the universe all traces that they left behind themselves. We can imagine how difficult this erasure would be if e.g. UFOnauts had their own embassy in the UN in New York. After all, then it would be necessary to erase from the face of the universe not only the building of this embassy, but also everything that about the activities of it was written in newspapers and books, and also the memory of its existence in thousands of people. Therefore God so simulates actions of UFOnauts that they hide from all of us with everything that they do. Furthermore, that they destroy themselves all traces of their own existence. So when a day comes when they are erased from the existence, practically there will be nothing needed to change in the universe to erase all their traces.
       At the present time we have a situation simulated by God on the Earth, that these evil UFOnauts secretly although extremely viciously destroy the humanity - as this is explained in more details on a series of web pages of totalizm, e.g. on the web pages destructive use of UFO vehicles, evil, 26th day, plague. predators, tornadoes, hurricanes, landslips and mudslides, UFOnauts, Columbia, WTC, or bandits amongst us. In such a situation, for people extremely vital becomes the question, when God releases this "final solution" for the problem of UFOnauts, means when He shifts them from the state of "non-existing existence" into the state of "non-existence". Personally I believe that this moment happens only when the humanity "passes" the present "test" or "exam" to which God just subjects the entire humanity through the simulation of "UFOnauts" and the simulation of the "test for the humanity for a secretive occupation of the Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts".
       Independently from this web page, the topic of "non-existing existence" is also discussed (although from different points of view) at totaliztic web pages about the philosophy of parasitism (see in there item #E5), and also about the time vehicles (see in there item #B8).

#F8. The inspirational significance of the simulation of the use of "time vehicles" by UFOnauts:
       In order to inspire better the progress of human knowledge, God so carries out the simulation of UFOnauts, that these UFOnauts "demonstrate" to people the use of their time vehicles in practically every matter. In turn methods of action which UFOnauts demonstrate in the practical use of these time vehicles, indicate to us the manner in which it is possible to accomplish many matters that for us, means for ordinary bread-eaters from the Earth, so-far are technically impossible for accomplishing.

#F9. "Limbo" cancelled - means how another reference to bandit activities of UFOnauts on Earth disappeared from the Christian churches:
Motto: "Foundations of church are traditions. So when someone keeps removing selected traditions we have a duty to notice 'why' and 'who really forces these removals'. After all, replies meaningfully hit us in the eyes from the general trend in these removed traditions."
       Still in the times of my youth, means during 1950s and 1960s, practically almost everything in Christian churches contained some (completely unintended) references to the robbery which humanity is secretly subjected by owners of UFO vehicles. Some amongst these references are described on web pages of totalizm. For example, in item #16 of the web page about the city of Wrocław, and more briefly also in item #17, and in caption under the "Fig. 18", from the web page about the town of Milicz, is described how old church altars refer to the interior of UFO vehicles. After all, these altars imitate the control leavers and steering instrumentation from a pilot cabin on decks of UFO vehicles. In the same item are also described further details of the interiors of Christian churches, which originate directly from the equipment of UFOs. These details include confessions, christening dishes, columns, domes, towers, and the appearance and use of space in the entire old churches. An extended description of "confessions" is also contained in item #C6.1 from the web page about time vehicles. In turn the caption under "Fig. #2" from the same web page about the city of Wrocław, explains the symbolism of church "rosettes" which are imitations of outlets from sixteen-sided Oscillatory Chambers assembled into every propulsor of UFOs of the third generation (called also time vehicles). These "rosettes" imitate the appearance of UFO propulsors sighted in the overhead view by a witness who is unfamiliar with the operation of the propulsion system of these space vehicles. In addition to the above, in subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] described is the evidence which reveals that ancient description of the "Eden" was in fact a description of a UFO vehicle type K7.
       Such huge saturation of Christian churches with the symbolism which directly refers to UFO vehicles, can be utilised for giving a stronger realism to God's simulation of secretive occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts. For example, the removal of this symbolism must make an impression that this secretive occupation is even more real. Therefore, a rapid and mass removal from Christian churches of everything that directly refers to UFO vehicles has begun starting from around 1978. At the very beginning removed were two most meaningful such symbols, namely artistically priceless old church altars, and also the general architecture of churches - which since then could NOT imitate motives copied from UFO vehicles.
       A concept, which in old Christian church referred directly to the content of UFO vehicles that for thousand of years rob our planet and rob humanity, was the so-called limbo. This limbo was described in the Christian church as a kind of large hall in which accumulated are all human children that died without being christened. These children supposed to float over there without any motion nor will, placed in kinds of glass jars or test-tubes.
       What in fact was this "limbo", we know now jolly well from present reports of people abducted to UFO decks. Many of these people describe huge halls which on decks of UFOs are filled up with thousands of glass "test-tubes". In these test-tubes human foetuses are technologically being grown. UFOnauts obtain these foetuses through the fertilisation (inside of UFO vehicles) of the eggs (ovule) robbed from human females during these mass abductions to UFO vehicles, with sperm robbed from human males. These foetuses, after they are carried to planets of UFOnauts, are then grown into a kind of slaves, which UFOnauts use for all most dirty, most dangerous, and most unpleasant works. These slaves, or more strictly these our (human) children robbed from us without our knowledge and consent, in the UFO literature are described under the name of bio-robots.
       Of course, knowing that the original models for "limbo" are still contained in UFO vehicles, one can easily understand where the old Christian church came with this idea. Namely, most probably UFOnauts accidentally show to an old human dignitary from the church, who was abducted to a UFO, such a hall with these thousands of human foetuses. So when this dignitary asked what are these foetuses, UFOnauts in their typical cunning manner explained to him that these are "children who died without being christened". After all, how well skilled are UFOnauts in lying to people, is indicated not only by my own research, but also by the research of many other rational UFO investigators. For example, in subsection VB3.4 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4] quoted are various findings of other rational UFO researchers about lies of UFOnauts (including findings of the late Dr Karla Turner - who was murdered by UFOnauts in revenge for her research that disclosed a hidden occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts). For example, a well-known rational UFO researcher, Budd Hopkins, expresses about UFOnauts the following opinion, quote: "Out of all things that we know about these creatures, the most important are their two attributes: their tendency to cheat and their capability to implant in our minds views and pictures agreeable with their will. No-one should believe in any their assurances more than in publications of air force about the reality of UFOs existence."
       In present times many people are surprised why on 4 October 2006 the Catholic church decided that "limbo" is cancelled. The reason for their surprise is, that in fact church is not competent to decide what should exist in the afterlife. After all, in the understanding of many people, about how the afterlife should look like, decides God, not the church. But if someone understands, that in this cancellation of the "limbo", actually the intention is to eliminate from the Christian church another direct reference to the secretive occupational activity of UFOnauts on Earth, then this recent move of the church is not surprising anymore. The only problem, which in such a case should bother us, is from whose exactly initiative this systematic removal of direct references to UFOs from our churches is in fact continued.
       If one analyses the attributes of this removal from churches direct references to UFOs, then it turns out that these attributes are very meaningful. For example, this removal lasts already for the duration of two papal cadences, and spans the duration of two human generations. So whoever inspires it, acts on very long-term principles - similarly as this was the case with the persecution of the village of Wszewilki. This someone also caused the removal of altars - which in fact were not only hearts of churches, but also almost always represented art objects of priceless value for the human culture. So whoever carried out this removal of altars needed to have huge influence and big power of persuasion in the body of church. This removal is also dictatorial - no church obtains a right to voice its opinion or to choose whether to implement it. So whoever inspires it, is used to act accordingly to cannons of the philosophy of parasitism - so contradictive to the totaliztic spirit of Christianity. This removal is also agreeable with the content of old folklore prophecies about the end of the church and Christianity. (These old prophecies are partially discussed in item #F1 from a separate web page named prophecies.htm, and are also very briefly summarised in item #I2 below.) So whoever is the propelling force for this removal from churches all direct references to UFOs, is not too respectful for consequences of action of prophecies, destiny, fate, etc.
       This fairly recent cancellation of the "limbo", and also all previous manoeuvres of the authorities of the Roman Catholic church aimed at the removal from the church all unintended references to UFO vehicles, are only a small part of a huge campaign of UFOnauts carried out lately on Earth. In this campaign, UFOnauts-changelings who look exactly like people and who secretly hold important posts in human societies, systematically destroy all traces of the activities of UFOs on Earth. This destruction of traces is omnipresent. Only a small section of it concerns the removal from the Earth all traces of a material character, such as these which are described on the web page of totalizm about evidence of UFO activities on Earth. Other sections of this destruction involves increasingly more secretive methods of action of UFOnauts on Earth - similar to these described on a number of web pages of totalizm, e.g. on web pages about destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles, or about bandits in our midst. The removal of these traces includes even human minds. From these minds the knowledge about UFOs is eradicated with various methods that remain unnoticeable for ordinary eaters of sandwiches. One such a method is a wave of scoffing and lies which UFOnauts-changelings for a long time carry out in the press on Earth. For example, in the scoffing article "Americans still convinced there are aliens about", which appeared on page A15 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, February 21, 2007, some agent of UFOnauts claims, that the percentage of people in the USA who still believe that aliens had visited Earth fell from 25 per cent in 1983 to 15 per cent in 2006. I am not sure where this agent of UFOnauts took his data from, because only several years ago research confirmed that in the same USA over 60% of people believes that UFOnauts raid our planet. Highly unfair is also this hidden scoffing tone of that article. After all, it was published in the country (New Zealand) in which in 1979 a UFO vehicle was documented on a film long for several hours, over the town of Kaikoura. The authenticity of this film no-one managed to undermine. Another good example of such methods of "manipulations of UFOnauts on views of people", is many years long scoffing campaign of UFOnauts-changelings against totalizm and against the creator of totalizm. After all, amongst people who encounter examples of this campaign, rarely someone asks the following question. Why against such morally verifiable philosophy as [b]totalizm, and also against the creator of totalizm who, after all, accomplished the level of an university professor and whose credentials everyone is able to verify, some masked individuals who are not able to even put full-stops in correct places of their sentences, viciously write such mischief and nonsense in internet?[/b] Expressing this in other words, if for the persecution escalated against totalizm and totalizts one tries to find a physical comparison, it could be compared to "a horde of masked creatures with red horns on their heads, murdering people on prayers in a church, and yelling that they do this to defend faith and morality."

#F10. Since the humanity clearly failed this present "test for the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts" - what is to happen next:
       English people have the saying that perfectly illustrates a method of God's acting. It states that "if you can't learn the easy way you have to learn the hard way". All facts indicate that the humanity "failed" badly the test and the lesson which God served to it via the present simulation of the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts. After all, only by this "failing" of the "test" and "lesson" can be explained the fact that God allowed and helped me to accumulate and to publish the evidence for the temporary simulation of UFOnauts by God. After all, the publishing this evidence closes that previous test, which represented an "easy way to learn", and begins a next "test" which for the humanity is to represent a "hard way to learn".
       So what happens now, when for sure it is known that the humanity "failed" badly that previous "test" served to is in an easy way. Well, knowing methods of God's acting, it can be easily predicted that the same "lesson" and "test" are going to be repeated for the humanity, but this time in a "hard way". Means the activities of UFOnauts will be intensified. UFOnauts start to act on the Earth increasingly more openly and arrogant, will murder much larger number of people, their appearances become much more frequent, etc., etc. If people still will NOT accept this lesson and test which is served to them, one day may even come to such acts as a complete destruction by UFOnauts of a significant proportion of humanity, a complete destruction of the entire present technical civilisation on the Earth, almost an open "invasion" of UFOnauts on the Earth, or appearance of a special kind of UFOnaut who is popularly known under the name of Antichrist.

Part #G: What totalizm determined scientifically about so-called "Antichrist":
#G1. Whether Antichrist really is going to come:
       Yes. In the light of the "failing" by the humanity the previous "lesson" and "test" for the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts, in fact everything indicates that our planet is currently being prepared for the arrival of Antichrist. A part of these preparations are events described e.g. on a separate web page 26th day, or Katrina. Also all events seem to indicate, that this creature is going to arrive to Earth relatively soon. Only that it is not going to look like people expect him to look. In my personal opinion Antichrist will impersonate Second Jesus.
       Because UFOnauts are simulated in such a manner that they mastered the visual invisibility and many other technical marvels, they look identically to people, and they simultaneously are so degenerated morally, there is a high probability that this Antichrist described by numerous prophecies, in reality will come to the Earth as a UFOnaut. Of course, he will NOT admit that he is a UFOnaut, but he will pretend that he is e.g. the Second Jesus. After all, he is able to arrive in fires, as UFO vehicles always do. He also is able to do "miracles" and "healings" similar to these "miracles" and "healings" that are reported by people abducted to UFOs. Just such a possibility of the arrival of Antichrist to Earth in a form of an evil UFOnaut that looks like Second Jesus, is hypothetically considered in subsections A3 and A4 from volume 1 of monograph [1/4]. A summary of these analyses is also provided on the web page antichrist.htm - summary of what we know about Antichrist.
* * *
       Let us summarize now what an average person knows in present times about Antichrist. The commonly known information about Antichrist states, that this evil creature will arrive to Earth at the beginning of this millennium. This means that such arrival should happen within a few nearest years. Directly before his arrival, the planet Earth will be troubled by various plagues, such as epidemics, earthquakes, tsunamis, locust, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. People will be marked with a special "number of the beast", which when described in the Bible resembles e.g. a social security number named "pesel" that is used in Poland, and also various similar numbers used in other countries. In fact, as this is explained more thoroughly on web pages "26th day" and "prophecies", all signs which according to the Bible supposed to proceed the arrival of Antichrist in fact already appeared on Earth. This means that Earth is already prepared for the arrival of this evil creature. With his arrival, or with his person, somehow the triple digit "6" is going to be affiliated. After arriving to Earth, he is going to create a huge political empire. According to prophecies this empire is going to span almost a half of our planet. He is going to assume a political power over this empire. This means that he is going to be considered by everyone to be a ruler and a political leader of his entire empire. He is going to produce numerous "miracles" and apparent "healings". Because of these miracles and healings, he is going to claim to be God, and many deceived people are going to worship him. He is going to rule with an iron hand. For example, all citizens of his empire are going to be surgically fitted with a personalized identification chip (the "mark of the beast"), in which the "number of the beast" for a given person will be recorded. This "mark of the beast" is going to be absolutely necessary for every possible activity. Even buying an ordinary bread will be impossible without it. However, prophecies are warning that in spite of enormous powers, Antichrist is going to do a lot of destruction to Earth and to bring a lot of suffering to humanity. People under his rules will NOT be happy or safe. He will instigate a lot of wars. Fortunately, in the final battle, which supposed to take place near Armageddon in Israel, he is going to be defeated by the remaining part of the world, which near the end of his reign is going to represent forces of good. The most interesting about Antichrist is, that everything that he is going to do: (1) lies in interests of UFOnauts which occupy and exploit Earth, (2) lies in capabilities of these evil UFOnauts, and (3) previously many times was carried out on Earth by these UFOnauts (for details see e.g. the web pages on Antichrist listed above, or the web page 26th day).

Part #H: How totalizm explains the most common biblical terminology:
       Perhaps the reader took a part in a party game which depends on a chain passing a secretive message. On one end of a row of sitting people someone whispers to the ear a sentence written on a piece of paper, e.g. "one garlic a day keeps not only an illness, but even Dracula away". Then this sentence is whispered from ear of one person to other, until the last one writes it down to a piece of paper. Then both versions, i.e. the initial and final are read in a full voice. As it turns out, the more people take part in this game, the more the final version differs from the initial one, e.g. for the above sentence the final version may read "hungry demons plant garlic for food in afterlife". The above social game perfectly illustrates the situation with which we are dealing in many religions. Before a specific information landed in holy books, it firstly was passed around through just such a chain of many people. In this manner many facts it contained were deformed. For example, if someone learns the description of so-called nirvana in Hinduism, then is informed that in order to experience it one needs to die firstly and get to heaven, while earlier must lead the life of a saint and a hermit. However, my research and personal experience described in more details on a separate web page about nirvana, reveal that a nirvana is experienced still in this our physical life, while practically everyone may earn nirvana if knows how to accomplish it. (E.g. I personally earned for myself the totaliztic nirvana and experienced it continually for around 9 months.) To summarise the essence of the message which I try to convey here, many ideas which religions pass to us could be deformed in the course of centuries, and could be erroneously shifted from our physical life to the afterlife. However, originally these ideas could be told to people in order to warn us against traps of the future physical life on Earth, and in order to indicate to us how to avoid falling into these traps. Therefore it is highly desirable to learn also interpretations of these ideas worked out by totalizm just to indicate major traps of the future physical life on Earth, and to explain how our civilisation may avoid falling into these traps. Here are these totaliztic interpretations:

#H1. Everlasting life:
       Totalizm defines the "everlasting life" as a life which is repeated infinitive number of times after mastering the ability to shift time back to years of one's youth carried out with the use of technical devices called the time vehicles. Such an "everlasting life" are earning members of all these civilisations which accomplished so high level of their technology, that they build time vehicles. On a separate web page which describes these time vehicles, it is explained that if the humanity was not so much preoccupied with negation of obvious matters nor implementing the so-called curse of inventors against the most creative people it has, but rather would allow me to complete my inventions and to prove my creativity practically instead of continually making me redundant from the job, then such "time vehicles" could be build not later than within the neared 50 years. Means that people could accomplish such "everlasting lives" not later than in around 50 years from now. But because after these "time vehicles" are build, an unique phenomenon takes place which will "shift back in time the skill of constructing time vehicles" (described below), practically this means that in such a case the generations of people which live on the Earth already now could experience this "everlasting life".
       The phenomenon of this "shifting back in time the skills to construct time vehicles" results from the very nature of these vehicles. Namely, after these vehicles are build, they are able to shift back in time their own builders, while the entire memory and knowledge is maintained by these builders. In turns, after these builders are shifted back in time, time vehicles can be build much earlier than originally. Simultaneously social pressures will be exerted onto these builders, to build the vehicles much earlier. After all, such earlier construction of these vehicles is going to save from the death much higher number of people. In the result, the process of such shifting back in time of the date when these vehicles are constructed will gradually be carried out until the times when it is blocked by the view of the world of people who live in given times. I personally believe, that this blocking by views of people takes place only somewhere on the border of my generation.
       There is a serious problem which is connected with this "everlasting life". The problem depends on the fact, that people who practice this "everlasting life" can live forever, however their everlasting living depends on infinitive shifting back in time to years of their youth. Thus in practice they are always tied to the same times. Therefore this version of the everlasting life is called by totalizm the "imprisoned immortality". But independently from such "imprisoned immortality" there is also "true immortality". But the true one is accomplished with the use of superior time vehicles which work on completely different principle of operation. These superior time vehicles are extremely difficult for building. For example, the UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth and who are described in Part #D of this web page, are still unable to build such superior time vehicles, although all date indicate that ordinary time vehicles which allow the "imprisoned immortality" they have and use for at least around 100 thousand years. In order to be able to build such superior time vehicles, a given civilisation must be able to release a huge doze of creativity - what is only possible if all members of it pedantically obey so-called moral laws. Therefore the chance for earning the true immortality obtain only civilisations which choose the path of light and life precisely according to the intentions of universal intellect - i.e. the life that is recommended by the philosophy of totalizm. Present civilisation of humans is very far from getting any chance for such a "true immortality". After all, in the present human civilisation the dominating philosophy is the parasitism which is an exact opposite of totalizm.

#H2. Everlasting happiness:
       Totalizm defines the "everlasting happiness" as a situation which users of the so-called time vehicles accomplish at the moment when they acquire the ability to generate the "imprisoned immortality" described in item #H1, and they implement this immortality in conditions when every inhabitant of their civilisation maintains the state of continuous nirvana throughout the entire duration of his or her life. As we remember, this "imprisoned immortality" depends on repetitive shifting back in time to the years of youth of this person, and on reliving the entire his or her life an infinitive number of times. If this repetitive shifting back in time to years of the youth is carried out when someone previously already accomplished the state of the totaliztic nirvana, then such a person is going to live infinitively long, while being very happy all time along. This is because of this continual happiness during infinitive period of time that such a situation is named the "everlasting happiness".
       Because civilisations which practice this "everlasting happiness" act pedantically morally regarding practically everything, in subsequent repetitions of their lives they can choose increasingly more perfect variants of their conduct. After all, when they behave pedantically morally, then by a change of variants of their behaviour in subsequent repetitions of their lives that do not spoil the general course which their civilisation is following. Therefore, one amongst attributes of "everlasting happiness" is that participants of it not only live forever, but additionally in every repetition of their lives they may choose a different path through their lives.
       Much wider descriptions and explanations concerning this "everlasting happiness" are provided in item #B7, #B10 and #E1 from a separate web page about time vehicles. In turn explanations as to what exactly is this "imprisoned immortality", and how we are going to accomplish it in the future, are provided in item #B7 of that web page about time vehicles.

#H3. Everlasting hell:
       Totalizm defines the "everlasting hell" as a situation which members of the civilisations that already have time vehicles accomplish at the moment when they acquire the ability to generate the "imprisoned immortality" described in item #H1, and when they implement this immortality without previous maintaining in themselves the state of continuous nirvana. As this is explained in item #H1 above, such an "imprisoned immortality" depends on the repetitive shifting a given person back in time after each becoming old. But after each such shifting back in time to the years of his or her youth, the memory of this person, as well as habits, personality, character, envy, evilness, etc., remain the same as they were when this person was old. In the result, because of this repetitive shifting back in time to years of the youth without previous accomplishing the state of the totaliztic nirvana, the level of evilness of such a civilisation is continually growing. After all, they are lacking the nirvana which would exert its saving impact on them. This is because nirvana changes the character and personality of people who just experience it. Such people in nirvana become extremely nice in companionship, indescribably friendly, helpful, daring, loving, always satisfied with everything, etc. In turn in the lack of this nirvana, all members of this "nirvana free" civilisation create mutually to themselves a kind of continuous hell, and are extremely unhappy all the time. But they still are unable to resist the temptation to shift back in time after each reaching an old age, and to relive their life again and again, even if this turns to result in life of misery and unhappiness, and even if each such shifting back in time makes them even more unhappy. Thus such infinitive repetition of someone's life which makes this person increasingly more unhappy, totalizm calls the "everlasting hell".
       Civilisations which just experience such "everlasting hell" are forced to impose a huge number of restrictions onto their members. These restrictions concern the selection of actions which they are allowed to undertake during each subsequent repetition of their lives. This is because, if they for example use slaves from the Earth, they are not allowed to enable these slaves to free from UFOnauts that occupy their planet. Therefore the life in "everlasting hell" allows to keep shifting back in time infinitive number of times, but after each such a shifting back each immortal member of these civilisations do not have a choice how is allowed to act. He or she must act in a way as other members of this civilisation order him or her to act. This practically means, that even after they return to the time of their youth for over 1000 times, they still must again and again go to the same school, write the same tests, accept the same bullying of increasingly immoral colleagues, meet the same people, loose the same dog, etc., etc. Notice, however, that such a boring repetition of the same life thousands of times does not need to be taken by participants of the "everlasting happiness" described in previous item #H2 - who in each repetition can change their path through the life.
       An example of civilisation which right now experiences such everlasting hell are these evil UFOnauts who secretly occupy our planet, while whose descriptions are provided in Part #D of this web page. There is a film made in 1993, entitled "Groundhog Day". The scenario for this film was probably written either by a UFOnaut who uses time vehicle for such a repetitive shifting back in time and for reliving the same day and events, or by someone whom such a UFOnaut explained how it feels such a repetitive reliving the same events. This is because the film perfectly reflects the feelings and fate of a given participant of such "everlasting hell", who must relive again exactly the same events infinitive number of times. In this film Bill Murray plays a television reporter, who via a time vehicle (NOT shown on the film) is repetitively shifted back to a beginning of the same day. Because it is his time being repetitively shifted back by a time vehicle, he remembers exactly all previous events and versions of the same day. However, all other actors from this film, including Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliot, represent us, people, who live through a given day in a natural (first) passage of time without being shifted back by a time vehicle. Because for us the same day is lived for the first time in a natural course of our time, we do not remember subsequent repetitions of it. Therefore for us people everything that happens during such repetitions of the same time is always happening for the first time. In total the film represents a perfect illustration for numerous aspects of the "imprisoned immortality" practiced without reaching a nirvana. For example, it illustrates perfectly which capabilities of the shifting back in time the immoral aliens (e.g. UFOnauts) are able to utilise for accomplishing various material benefits. It also illustrates the experimental "method of trials and errors" enforced via such repetitive shifting back in time, with the use of which UFOnauts are able to solve for their own benefit practically every situation that they encounter in life. The film shows as well why, and in what manner, such an "everlasting hell" is practically also a kind of refined torture for these ones who experience it through the technical shifting back in time without previous accomplishing a nirvana. Of course, in reality lives of UFOnauts are much more sinister than it is shown on this mild film.
       Much wider descriptions and explanations concerning this "everlasting hell" are provided in items #B7, #B10 and #E1 from a separate web page about time vehicles. In turn explanations as to what is this "imprisoned immortality", are provided in item #B7 of that web page about time vehicles.

#H4. Final judgement:
       The philosophy of totalizm assigns the name "final judgement" to a brief period in human history, when several generations of inhabitants of the Earth which are encompassed by the process of shifting back the technology of manufacturing time vehicles, are going to develop a moral climate which is to decide about the fate of all further human generations. In the result of this moral climate developed during the brief period of the "final judgement", all further generations of inhabitants of the Earth are going to be rewarded with either the "everlasting happiness" described in item #H2 of this web page, or are going to be condemned for the "everlasting hell" described in item #H3 of this web page. The "everlasting happiness" will be granted to all further generations of humans if the moral climate which is to be developed on Earth during this brief period of the "final judgement" allows that all next generations of people who utilise these time vehicles, will carry out the repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth exclusively AFTER previous earning for themselves and maintaining for the duration of the entire life the phenomenon called the totaliztic nirvana. In turn for the "everlasting hell" are going to be condemned all further generations of humans, if the moral climate that is to be developed during this period of the "final judgement" causes that inhabitants of the Earth from all next generations that utilise these time vehicles will later carry out the repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth WITHOUT the previous accomplishing the totaliztic nirvana. The proceeding of the "final judgement" most probably already started. After all, already the present generation of inhabitants of the Earth has the required understanding to be included one day into the scope of this decisive period on Earth, in which the technology of construction of time vehicles is going to shift backward.
       The probable reason for which old sources call this decisive period on Earth with the name "final judgement", may result from the actual similarity of this period to a huge court proceeding. This is because the outcome of this period is going to be such, that further generations on Earth are going to be either rewarded with an "everlasting happiness", or are going to be condemned for the "everlasting hell". In addition to this, at the time when the technology of time vehicles begins to shift back in time, then the morality of every citizen of Earth which is to live in this decisive period of time, is going to be secretly judged by a special panel of co-citizens, to assess whether this person is suitable for being included into the group to which the "imprisoned immortality" is going to be granted.
       The proceeding of this "final judgement" is described in more details in item #E1 from a separate web page about time vehicles.

#H5. Resurrection of dead:
       The process of "rising dead from graves" is defined by totalizm as a situation which is to be created for these people who are going to be encompassed by the period of time when the technology of construction of time vehicles was shifting back. In case of shifting this technology back, some people who in the original passage of time already died, are going to be returned to the life again by time vehicles, will have the memory of the entire their previous life, and will even have a chance to experience the "imprisoned immortality". Unfortunately, all data indicate that with this granting the everlasting live are going to be selectively rewarded only some people. Namely only these ones the style of living of which allows them to earn the totaliztic nirvana.
       The phenomenon of "rising dead from graves" is described in more details in item #B10 from a separate web page about time vehicles.

Part #I: Prophecies - how we should understand them:
#I1. To what extend prophecies can be correct and actually come true:
       If someone understands time in a way that it is described by present orthodox science, then prophecies are for someone just guesses which have a small chance of fulfilling themselves. But if someone learns the dipolar interpretation of time, worked out by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and explained in more details on a separate web page about time vehicles, then prophecies become simply someone's insight into the future. According to this dipolar understanding of time, the future already exists simultaneously with the presence in the form of so-called "time space". So this future can be viewed exactly as if it is a kind of landscape - if only someone has an access to time vehicles of a superior type. As it turns out, these "angels" described in Part #C of this web page, actually have such superior time vehicles. Thus in spite that UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth deprived these "angels" the physical access to the Earth, still these totaliztic civilisation is able to pass visions of such prophecies directly to minds of selected people via so-called telepathic projectors. Thus prophecies which stem from such insight into the future and later passing them to people via telepathic projectors are going to fulfil for sure. After all the entire landscape of this "time space" even UFOnauts are unable to change. UFOnauts are able to change only small details in this time space, such as names, dates, or exact geographical locations. But in general prophecies such small details are rather insignificant.

#I2. The "Polish pope", the "black pope", and then what?
       Perhaps some readers may be aware of, that there is in Poland a widely known folklore prophecy regarding the "end of Christianity". Practically almost every person in Poland have heard about it at some stage of his or her life. In times of my childhood it stated that "firstly a Polish pope is to come, then a black pope is to come, and after the black pope the end of Christianity is to come". This old Polish prophecy is discussed in item #F1 from the totaliztic web page named prophecies.htm. Means, it foretold the coming of a "Polish pope" many years before the election of John Paul II to the Vatican initiated the beginning of fulfilment of this prophecy.
       The majority of people believe, that this old Polish prophecy is just a folklore version of the "St. Malachi's prophecy" (i.e. a medieval monk from Ireland, about prophesizing of whom there is an entire web site However, from times of my childhood I still remember the highly detailed and descriptive content of this Polish prophecy told by old people of that time. Thus I know, that it was NOT just a folkloristic repetition of the "St. Malachi's prophecy". It was something much more precise. In my opinion it was a "common perception of the future by intuition of the entire Polish nation." The nature of such common intuitive perception of the future is confirmed by the unambiguity of it. It was much richer in details and more unambiguous than the "St. Malachi's prophecy". For example, it stated definitively and unambiguously, that the last pope of Christianity will be a pope of an African race (i.e. with black skin), NOT a pope to whom someone is able to assign a symbolic connection of some sort with the "glory of the olive tree" (gloria olivae).
       As a small boy I was very interested how it will look like when, during the reign of this "black pope", the foretold "end of Christianity" comes. So in times of my childhood I asked about this many old people. From the explanations that I then received was stemming clearly, that the Christianity will end because it will be then replaced by a much "better than Christianity faith in God". This new "better than Christianity faith in God" will NOT be named Christianity any more, but it assumes a different name. Thus, according to this old Polish folklore prophecy, the "end of Christianity" does NOT means at all the "fall down of Christianity", but only announces the "evolution of Christianity into something much better" that will assume a different name and that will operate on different principles.
       So how this something new and better from Christianity supposed to look like according to this prophesizing of old Polish people. Well, it supposed to be slightly similar to present Christianity, although much better than the Christianity is. Still there will be holly places and holly buildings. Also still will exist clerics who professionally serve God (means future equivalents of present priests), and also apparatus formed from these clerics and dedicated to "serving God for the good of people". However, the belief in God will be replaced in this new faith by a rational knowledge about God. So it will cease to base the faith on feelings, because feelings display the tendency to divide people (as this currently is demonstrated by various religions and by various versions of Christianity). Instead of these feelings that divide people, it will base the faith in God on knowledge of God (knowledge is the proven in action intellectual bridge that links together all inhabitants of our planet).
       In the moment when on 16 October 1978 the "Polish pope" was elected, this old folklore prophecy initiated its own fulfilment. This means that the present pope probably will be so guided by God, that he will prepare right conditions for this transformation of the Christianity into the "better faith". After all, one of popes that comes after him becomes this last "black pope". However, if one carefully looks around us, so-far our official science failed to develop anything, that would provide scientific foundations for "adding knowledge about God to already existing believes in God". The only source which so-far spreads throughout the world a scientific knowledge about God, and the content of which corresponds extremely well to what these old Polish folklore prophecies were saying, is the philosophy of totalizm. Unfortunately, the philosophy of totalizm is NOT an official product of present science, but only an intellectual creation stemming from efforts of a single man, that is viciously persecuted, blocked, and criticized by present scientists. So-far no-one promotes it officially, but it is forced to enter human knowledge quietly, via kitchen doors, like a thief. Is it possible that this vigorously persecuted and sabotaged totalizm one day grows up to the honour of merging with Christianity in order to form together the foundations for a new, better, universal "service to God for the good of all humanity"? Is it also possible that the philosophy which a majority of present scientists with a pleasure would nail to a cross, one day will prevail over the world?
       The prophecy about the "Polish pope", the "black pope", and the "end of Christianity" is discussed more comprehensively in "part #F" of the web page prophecies.htm.

Part #J: The competence of the philosophy of totalizm in matters addressed on this web page:
#J1. What the philosophy of totalizm is:
       The exact defining what actually the philosophy of totalizm is, takes almost 10 pages in subsections JB1 and JB1.1 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4]. After all, this philosophy encompasses in itself such a wide spectrum of topics as God, morality, happiness, feelings, the essence of life, the universe, etc. But if one tries to express in a single sentence what is the main goal, the accomplishing of which totalizm assumes, then this goal could be expressed by something along lines: providing people with a recipe for possibly the most moral, happy and the most fulfilled life in which they ripe rewards for obeying requirements of God expressed in [b]moral laws that this God established, and they do not expose themselves to punishments or risks resulting from breaking these moral laws or from walking around them[/b].
       Explaining this in other words, totalizm is a secular science (philosophy) which tries to determine how exactly God orders us to carry out our lives, and which attempts to make these findings available to the interested people. So if someone is interested in gathering a secular knowledge about God (means knowledge which is not deformed by politics or historic influences of any religion) then such someone for sure is interested in learning about totalizm. Only that so far such someone may not be aware that is interested in this philosophy. So let us hope, that reviewing this web page will fruit, amongst others, with making the reader interested in outcomes of research by this secular "philosophy of God", means by totalizm.

#J2. How totalizm learned that the universe is NOT able to exist without God:
       Before the philosophy of totalizm worked out a formal scientific proof for the existence of God, the existence of this superior being become obvious from facts which emerged from a new and highly revolutionary scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Namely, this theory started to develop a model of the design and operation of the Universe. This model is alternative to the model used so-far by our present orthodox science. As it turned out during the formulation of it, the true design of the universe is such, that there is a special space arranged by someone, which can be occupied only by someone or something, what displays attributes of God. (The totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity call the "counter-world" this separate space which is not occupied by matter from "our world". In turn religions call it the "other world" - means the opposite of "this world", or the "world of spirits".) Furthermore, it turns out that this separate space is filled up with an unique substance which in a natural state displays the ability to think. (The Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls this substance the "counter-matter", because all attributes of it are exact reversal of attributes of "matter" that we know so well.) So if there is previously undiscovered huge space of the size of entire world, which in addition is filled up with a substance that thinks, then we obtain a kind of a huge thinking brain of the size of entire world. This brain is God, or more strictly one of components of it, which the Christian religion called "God father". (Notice that independently from this "God father", according to totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity there are also "God son", and "holy ghost". Only that the full understanding of their nature and mutual interactions is much more complex that the Christian religion explains this with the use of primitive language and ideas of ancient Israelites. They relate mutually to themselves in the same way as a "microprocessor", "peripherals", and "operating system" relate to each other in a present-day computer - for details see item #B5 above. Of course, as for someone, who did not have insight to a miniature model of the operation of our universe, which is a present computer, ancient Israelites managed to describe these three components of God in a surprisingly exact manner.)
       In case that someone would like to learn more about "counter-matter", and about "counter-world" that is filled up with this "counter matter", their rather comprehensive descriptions are provided in chapters H and I from volumes 4 and 5 of scientific monograph [1/4], the free copies of which can be downloaded from item "Monograph [1/4]" in "Menu 1" from the left margin of this web page ([1/4] is available in several different formats). A brief summary on counter-matter and counter-world is provided on the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       According to the philosophy of totalizm, God can be researched with the use of reliable scientific methodologies, similarly as we research any other area of human knowledge. Totalizm carries out such scientific research of God already for a long time (it is from this research that answers provided on this web page originate). If we subject God to such an impartial, secular research, then we start to KNOW about God, not just only BELIEVE in him (notice that a belief is just an emotional state into which other people can put or manipulate us, while knowledge is an achievement of our own intellect). So the knowledge is better that belief. After all we always may stop believe, but we never stop to know.

#J3. What the "totaliztic God" is and how it relates to true God:
       The name "totaliztic God" is assigned to an official description, or as scientists call this - to a "model", of true God. This official description, or a "model", was prepared by the philosophy of totalizm and is authorized by it. It represents the official knowledge of this philosophy about God. It explains everything that totalizm knows about how true God looks like, acts, behaves, what are his goals, methods, tools, etc.
       In order to explain the above in other words, no-one really knows everything about true God (apart from the true God himself). However, on the basis of findings to-date, totalizm managed to put together a partial picture and description of this most superior being of the universe. This picture relates to true God almost the same as e.g. a photograph relates to a real person, i.e. it shows and explains only some aspects of it. (E.g. it does not reveal what a person shown on this picture thinks or feels.) However, for our present needs this picture suffices. Unfortunately, as every picture, it probably has also various inherent imperfections written into it, which results e.g. from the imperfections of human knowledge, from physical limitations of human minds, from learning tools that we have presently in our disposal, from error of research methods that we are using, etc. Totalizm is fully aware of these inherent imperfections, therefore it even does not try to pretend that God which this philosophy describes is exactly coinciding with this true God. So in order to let people know, that they need to take under account that in the description of God that is disseminated by totalizm, similarly like in every description of God that is disseminated by any other source, still probably are contained various imperfections unknown to us, totalizm calls its description of God with the name of "totaliztic God". However, at this point it should be clearly stated, that in spite that totalizm openly admits that its description of God is still imperfect and will require infinitive improvements and updating, still the totaliztic description of God is the most close to truth and objective reality from all descriptions of God that at this point in time are available on Earth.
       The above statement can also be expressed in other words, namely that "totaliztic God" is the closest to true God out of all descriptions of God that presently exist on Earth. It is also a most modern description. After all, it was prepared relatively recent. Problem however with the above statement is such, that almost every official description of God which was ever prepared on Earth, claims that it is it which is the closest to the objective truth. Unfortunately, none of these descriptions of God, including into this also the "totaliztic God", was able so-far to present a formal proof, that in fact it is the description closest to the objective truth. Therefore each single one out of these descriptions either leaves to the discretion of learners how much they should believe in the accuracy of it, or - as descriptions contained in some religions, it orders the faithful to chop heads from these infidels who in some way doubt that it is the most accurate description of God in the entire universe. (But please do not panic, totalizm does NOT recommends chopping heads off under any excuse or form. It states that "for totalizm one should live, not die". On the other hand, chopping heads runs directly against moral laws and is extremely severely punished by these laws. Actually, according to the moral law named the "Boomerang Principle", everyone who chops someone's head off has also his head chopped off some time later.)
       So if totalizm is unable to prove formally that the description it disseminates is the closest to truth from all descriptions of God that exist currently, then on what basis it claims having the highest quality in the world? Well, as it turns out, totalizm offers something that no-one previously was able to offer. Namely, a formal scientific proof for the existence of God. So since totalizm is able to prove formally that God really does exist, while all other disciplines which are preoccupied with the matters of God were unable to present such a formal proof, then there is also a high probability, that the totaliztic description of God is really the closest one to truth amongst all existing on the Earth. Also totalizm did not say the last word in the matter of its description of God. So it is possible, that in a not-too-distant future it will be able to present a proof, that its description of God is the most accurate and the closest to the truth from all descriptions that exist at present.

#J4. What is this "faith plus totalizm"? (Means, all religions emotionally pray to the same God, but their followers seem to have insufficient scientific knowledge of God to realize this fact.)
       Man is a very complex creature which "does not live by bread alone". Independently from the biological needs (such as the need to breathe, drink, eat, or have sex), it cultivates also various other needs. Two out of these other needs include, amongst others: (1) the emotional "need to continue religious practices of its faith in God", and (2) the intellectual "need to gain a reliable knowledge about God". The first of these two, namely the emotional "need to continue religious practices of one's faith in God" is satisfied by the existing religions. After all, these religions supply their faithfuls into everything that they need for emotional cultivation of the faith of their ancestors, means everything that was recorded in them by family tradition, culture, history, customs, etc. However, with the satisfying of this second intellectual need, is increasingly worse in this our modern world that is characterized by a continuous increase of scientific view of the universe. In past it was also satisfied by religions. Unfortunately, at the present level of human knowledge the naive explanations of religions do NOT suffice any more. This is because the knowledge offered by religions cannot be verified empirically nor logically, is frequently contradictive with statements of present sciences, and additionally it differs drastically from one religion to another. So everyone seeks the knowledge about God that would be verifiable, repetitive, logical, consistent with other existing sciences, and which in level would correspond to the level of present scientific knowledge of humanity. Means that everyone is seeking the knowledge about God similar to the one offered by the philosophy of totalizm.
       It appears that the solution to this dilemma of simultaneous satisfying believes and reliable knowledge was discovered empirically by followers of the philosophy of totalizm. After all, this philosophy is the only present source which offers a modern knowledge about God. So it satisfies in the followers a need for a reliable knowledge on God. Simultaneously, as a source of knowledge, totalizm does not try to undermine, or compete with the function of, religions (rather opposite, it reinforces religious inclination in followers). As this appears from observations, followers of totalizm developed empirically a new kind of trend or phenomena. It depends on reaching to totalizm in order to satisfy one's intellectual needs for a reliable knowledge about God. In turn emotional needs of the continuation of religious practices of one's ancestors, are satisfied by the religion of their environment. In this manner, gradually a new phenomenon "faith plus totalizm" is formed. So in total it satisfies all spiritual needs in people that follow it. This phenomenon realizes increasingly well that the faith and totalizm mutually complement each other, and that they have a whole range of common points. The faith and religious practices satisfy the inner need of people to cultivate religious practices of their ancestors. They also satisfy the inner need to implement religious celebrations that highlight someone's devotion to God and belongness to specific nation, tribe, race or society. In turn totalizm satisfies intellectual human need for scientific learning about God and for gathering rational knowledge about God. In turn common points for faith and totalizm is, that they similarly advocate leading a moral life and carefully listening to whispers of our conscience before we undertake any action in our lives. Perhaps this new phenomenon "faith plus totalizm" is the first sign of fulfilment of timeless dreams of people to merge one day the faith and knowledge and thus to cause a moral revival of humanity in every area of live.
       So this new phenomenon can be defined in a following manner. The "faith plus totalizm" is the phenomenon of complementing someone's religious practices by the reliable knowledge of God and by scientific explanations provided by a newly-emerging branch of secular knowledge called the philosophy of totalizm. This complementing can be accomplished for any religion. In the result of this complementing, someone's intellectual needs regarding God are satisfied by totalizm, while emotional needs for religious practices are satisfied by the religion which this someone inherited from ancestors or adopted from the surrounding society. The "faith plus totalizm" on one hand reinforced faith in God with a reliable knowledge of totalizm, thus increasing the dedication of followers to cultivate religious traditions of their society. On the other hand, it complements the secular knowledge of totalizm by a richness of emotional experiences and tradition that result from participating in celebrations offered by their religion. Additional advantage of the phenomenon "faith plus totalizm" is that it introduces the potential for intellectual binding together adherers of practically every religion. After all, it does not impose any limitations nor requirements regarding a kind of religion that should be followed by people practicing this phenomenon. Means, it builds intellectual bridges over emotional canyons of differences between subsequent religions. These intellectual bridges are capable of linking different religions with each other.
       "Faith plus totalizm" is also discussed in item #F1 of the web page about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak), and in item #G2 of the web page totalizm.htm - about totalizm means about the most moral philosophy of the world.

Part #K: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#K1. The summary of this web page:
       In present times we have only two stands and two official versions of explanations in all matters concerning God, soul, eternal life, etc. We could call them "white" and "black". The "white" stand is taken by the church institutions and by existing religions. Unfortunately their statements and explanations use an ancient terminology. Also, in spite that they contain an actual merit, in present times they sound very naive. After all, they were developed several thousands years ago for the intellectual level of shepherds and common people that then used to live. Since their development they were NOT updated nor verified scientifically. In turn the "black" stand is taken by present orthodox science and by orthodox scientists. They simply deny everything that religions and church state. However, if one considers a real life, then nothing is perfectly "white" nor perfectly "black". Actually in real life everything is just either a shade of grey, or even is colourful. The philosophy of totalizm, and also this page after it, presents this third stand. This stand is NOT a denial - as is the stand of the orthodox science, nor is a naive argumentation - as is the stand of religion. It tries to explain everything in a rational and scientific manner. But it simultaneously is based on findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which confirms that behind an old-fashioned language and naive explanations of religions, actually a deep truth and timeless merit do hide. Therefore totalizm in a confirmative, positive, and responsible manner verifies, translates into present terminology and present level of science, and also explains rationally, the most essential points of the reliable knowledge which so-far was passed to us mainly by religions.

#K2. Where and how one can learn more about the totaliztic God:
       In present world we are bombarded by avalanches of screaming information. Unfortunately, the more noisy is this information, the more is sure that it is sponsored by agents of these UFOnauts who are described in Part #F of this web page. In turn when it originates from these UFOnauts, it for sure is aimed at the introduction of lies and at spreading the confusion, not at a constructive informing people. Therefore every inhabitant of Earth has a duty, to learn how to find this humble information, the spread of which is secretly sabotaged by UFOnauts, while which is aimed at spreading truths unknown earlier to people. Every knowledge authored and spread by philosophy of totalizm belongs to the category of this spreading of inconvenient truth which is secretly sabotaged and discreetly blocked by UFOnauts.
       In order to learn what was already determined about God via the research carried out by totalizm in a secular, scientific manner, it is enough to read chapters I and H (i.e. volumes 5 and 4) from one amongst two currently available (free of charge) my scientific monographs, namely either the slightly older monograph [1/4], or the newest monograph [1/5].

#K3. Blogs of totalizm:
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under address and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#K4. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#K5. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

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       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. Illustrations (photographs) which are presented here, as well as logical deductions, findings, scientific theories, identification and research of the evidence, and descriptions, are all of my authorship and thus also are my intellectual property. I (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak) am also the owner of copyrights for all of these. Of course, I would NOT have any objections if some readers repeated, presented, or discussed, in their own publications any idea, information, theory, or illustration published on this web page - under the condition that in such cases they would cite a publication of my authorship and give a credit to my effort and my work by adding a courteous comment which would acknowledge my intellectual authorship and contribution to working-out or interpreting a given fact, phenomenon, theory, photo, topic, etc. - e.g. a comment of the type "courtesy of Dr Jan Pajak", simultaneously citing the full address of this web page and the date of its latest update (provided below).
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