Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand (2015)
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Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand
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Has it ever hit you, that on Earth and in the universe, almost everything has been planned in such a clever way, that it causes the upbringing of people and inspires them to increase their knowledge. For example, every corner of our planet was originally created as such incredibly beautiful, that all harmful and dirty human activities are immediately visible and painfully hit our eyes. Earth's population is divided into so many races, religions, ideologies, languages, cultures and customs, that people are unable to unify through fight nor conquest, and with the elapse of time they need to understand that a peaceful coexistence and mutual tolerance is the only way to interrelate. Domesticated animals having the built into themselves the organs of conscience are so identical to related to them wild animals devoid of conscience, that in the end people have come to the conclusion that having a conscience and behaving accordingly to the principles of morality is a sign of being humanised and civilised. Rocks and minerals on the Earth's are ageing in accordance with the passage of the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" which elapses around 365 thousands of times faster than the "reversible software time" in which we people are ageing, so that sooner or later, due to the simultaneous existence and work of these two different times, people must discover that humans and rocks God created in the same week only about 6,000 years ago - as this is explained in the introduction and in item #G4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. Cataclysms hit only communities which behave immorally. The Earth is full of such variety of creatures, plants and minerals, that it is impossible to look at them without inducing an inner need to get to know them better and more deeply. Earth and sky are so full of secrets that it is impossible to ignore exploring them. Etc., etc.
       As it turns out, our planet is actually a kind of school and upbringing institution for humans. Scientifically it was only discovered by the author of this web page due to the philosophy of totalizm, and then explained comprehensively e.g. in items #B1 and #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. This web page illustrates what we can learn in this school e.g. by simply analyzing curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand.

Would you board a boat, and sleep peacefully in it, if someone would tell you, that in order to make some money the officers of that boat make short-cuts through extremely dangerous rocks? Well, how then it happens that you sit complacently on your own hands, when so many sources are telling you, that our entire world, including your and mine country, pushes strongly towards a disaster. After all, many scientists keep us warning about the incoming disaster - as this is explained in articles indicated in item #H4 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Disaster is also foretold in the Bible, as well as in numerous prophecies (e.g. consider an old Polish prophecy reported in items #H1 to #H3 from the web page named prophecies.htm, which states that the "humanity will bring upon itself such a disaster and depopulation, that men will kiss the ground when they see footsteps of another person"). Actually, already fast approaching disaster you can also detect easily by yourself due a simple calculation of what is the "common ratio" of the geometric progression by which each year increases the number of new countries which fall victims of social uprising, brutality, violent government changes, political turmoil and anarchy, impossible to tolerate corruption, etc. For example, if the last year were 2 new such countries, while this year is already 4 such countries, then this the common ratio "a" of the geometric progression must be around 2. This in turn means, that if the trend is NOT repaired soon due to deep reforms, then by the year 2020 all countries in the world can be wrecked by similar uprisings, violence, immorality, turmoil, anarchy, corruption, etc. In turn "all countries", means also "all producers of food", all safe places where rich people could escape, every place where you could run with your family and friends to survive in the situation of a total anarchy and rules of violence, etc. So instead of further "sitting on your own hands", perhaps you should consider of taking the matter also in your own hands and contribute your wisdom, experience and energy into the difficult task of rectifying this situation. After all, since you are reading this web page, this means that you are a person open to new ideas and sensitive to what happens around you. If also, by any chance, you know the philosophy of totalizm, and (similarly like the author of this web page) you believe that totalizm has the solutions for a democratic, peaceful and moral solving the current problems of humanity, then you should start acting. In turn, from what you should start your acting, some idea may give to you the viewing of items #N1 or #C2 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, viewing of item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, or viewing of items #C4.2 and #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm. On that web pages I am indicating with what kind of actions practically everyone can start contributing to the improvement of life on Earth.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
#A1. What is presented on this web page:
       If anyone asks you which country in the world is the most mysterious one, you probably would have a difficult choice to make. After all, you know about pyramids from Egypt, about mysterious stony monuments from South America, about the Great Wall of China and about all these mysteries that surround it, etc. But probably you never would imagine that miniature versions of mysteries from all these countries can also be found in New Zealand. And so, New Zealand has two small pyramids in the Coromandel, has ruins of a stony temple of the Machu Picchu style (like this one from Peru) in the Kaimanawa forests, has a miniature of the Great China Wall in Northland, has an explosion site which is even more spectacular than the famous 1908 explosion site from Tunguska in Central Siberia, and on top of all these puzzles it has also a lot of other mysteries which do not appear in other countries and which in New Zealand can be freely examined by all interested. So a popular image of New Zealand, that it is a country where almost everything is someone's monopole unaffordable to normal wallets, and where one can only see 1000 sheep per each citizen, is quite a misleading one. The problem is, however, that New Zealanders are strangely shy and humble when comes to the subject of mysteries present in their country. They do not brag about their mysteries. So in spite that New Zealand is actually full of mysteries, one needs to be very lucky to hear about them or to find a publication that describes any of them.
       This web page is actually a preliminary report which summarises outcomes of my "private research" on New Zealand curiosities and mysteries (if one believes that there is such a thing as "private research" - as in the final count all research serve for the good of the entire humanity). In turn photographs that illustrate this web page represent the primary scientific evidence in support of my conclusions. This page is aimed at disclosing in what areas this research was already completed, and what outcomes it yielded. It also indicates where exactly in my scientific monographs the research on a given mystery is elaborated in more details (it provides free copies of these monographs to be downloaded from this web site). Furthermore, it furnishes the reader with detailed references to rather sparse sources of information and evidence, which are connected with a given mystery, such as newspaper articles, people connected with mysteries, place names, etc. Through providing all this, the page indicates types of mysterious sights and phenomena, that are worth seeing in New Zealand. After all, it is almost impossible to find anything about these mysterious sights and phenomena in tourist brochures or in official publications. While reading about these mysteries, the reader may check their exact locations from maps of New Zealand, which can be found on the web site Because I am a scientist who thoroughly investigated each single mystery described below, together with presentation of each one of them I also provided my explanations as to what type of mechanism or phenomena is behind it. You are welcome to verify the merit of these my explanations.

#A2. There is also an alternative picture of New Zealand:
       If someone visits New Zealand with the assistance of an official travel agency, then he or she sees only standard views. Means tourist guides show this country full of mysteries and unexplained phenomena in the following manner: here are geysers of Rotorua - in order to see similar ones outside of New Zealand one needs to fly to Iceland or to the USA, here are glowing worms - these look almost like anchored in one place fireflies from Europe, or fireflies named "klip-klip" from Malaysia, here are glaciers of the West Coast - in order to see similar glaciers one needs to fly to Norway or to Alaska, here tourists can purchase New Zealand fruits - these are almost as cheep as in shops, here one can pat a sheep - of course, only after paying appropriately for this attraction, etc., etc. (For examples of treatments by travel-agencies see the article "Chinese get souvenirs, not the Kiwi sights" from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, January 25, 2008.) However, in New Zealand one can also see things that cannot be seen in any other places of the world - as this web page this explains. The majority of these things can be admired practically without any additional expenses. One only needs to know where to seek them, and of course one needs to go a bit sideways from typical tourist trails.

#A3. What are goals of this web page:
       This web page is aimed at leting to know that there is also an alternative New Zealand. Means showing of New Zealand as a place full of mysteries, unexplained phenomena, scientific puzzles which almost no-one wishes to research, shocking history the existence of which is officially denied, etc. Means showing this unique New Zealand which is not a repetition of any other place on the Earth.
* * *
       So have a look at mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand that I already managed to investigate and transform into a presentable manner. Here they are.

Part #B: Conventional curiosities:
#B1. Telepathic detector of impending earthquakes - means the unique ancient device which warns about the impending earthquakes a sufficient time before these earthquakes strike to allow people for an effective escape from the dangerous areas:
       If the reader is interested in an apparatus constructed by ancient Chinese in 132 AD (means almost 2000 years ago), which already then allowed to detect remotely impending earthquakes at the distance of up to 500 km (i.e. already then allowed to accomplish what present human science is still unable to do), then he or she should have a look either at the separate web page named seismograph.htm, or to item #G4 of a related web page newzealand_visit.htm. This ancient apparatus is also described in my conference paper for ICST-2005. The paper can be viewed at the address A replica that portrays approximate appearance of this ancient apparatus until the year 2010 was exhibited in Wellington - the capitol of New Zealand, in the National Museum of New Zealand named Te Papa (but in 2010 it was removed from the active exhibition). Unfortunately, numerous attempts which I was initiating to research and to rebuild a working reconstruction of this life-saving apparatus, were systematically put down by decision-makers of present science - as this is described in item #I1 from the web page named seismograph.htm. This systematic putting down and making impossible the rebuilding of a working model of this apparatus, proves that decision-makers of present official science are vitally interested in disallowing the rebuilding of the device which is able to remotely detect impending earthquakes.

[Bild: 14_n06.jpg]

Fig. #B1: The above photograph shows appearance of the remote detector of impending earthquakes that until 2010 was exhibited in the New Zealand museum from Wellington named [b]Te Papa. This apparatus already around 2000 years ago proved itself in action that is able to telepathically detect the impending earthquake from the distance of around 500 kilometres and sound alarm enough early to allow people for an effective escape from the dangerous areas. Unfortunately, for reasons described more comprehensively in items #R1 to #R7 from the web page named quake.htm, the present "atheistic orthodox science" refuses to carry out research and rebuilding of this telepathic apparatus. (Notice, that the unexpected and rapid removal of this ancient telepathic apparatus from the active exhibition in Te Papa museum after the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, is described in item #R2 from the web page named quake.htm, and briefly summarised in caption under the "Fig. #D1" from the web page named seismograph.htm.) This apparatus senses "chi" (i.e. telepathic signals) broadcasted by every earthquake which is just brewing. After detecting these signals it starts alarm before an earthquake strikes. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.) [/b]

#B2. Technical wonders of the world:
       Independently from the apparatus for remote detection of impending earthquakes described in item #B1 above, in ancient times on our planet constructed were numerous other technical devices the technological advancement of which exceeds significantly the present level of knowledge and technology in our civilisation. Unfortunately, for reasons described in item #G1 from the web page eco_cars.htm, the technology of building these extraordinary devices was lost for our civilisation. So these devices must be re-invented by people from the very beginning. Again these inventions must thrust through obstacles of the "curse of inventors". A full list and descriptions of these "technical wonders of the world" are provided in item #H3 from the separate web page named newzealand_visit.htm.

#B3. Moral mechanism of "self-punishment" of a given community, called the "curse of inventors", manifested through the creative impotency:
       Creative people of New Zealand are strongly affected by the moral mechanism of "self-persecution" that is directed at entire communities and that I called the "curse of inventors". In items #B4.4 and #H1 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm, this mechamism is explained in the following manner: "the 'curse of inventors' is a moral mechanism of such shaping fates of creative inventors and scientists, that through a symbolic redirecting at them consequences of immorality of communities amongst which they live and work, the effect of 'self-punishment' of these communities is accomplished". In other words, the "curse of inventors" causes that immoral communities are punished with "creative impotency". Of course, behind the consequences of this moral mechanism hide specific people and specific institutions - which are allowed by a given community to persecute creative people in their midst. The most known New Zealand inventors which this phenomenon destroyed, disallowing them to implement their inventions, is provided, amon gst others, in item #G1 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm. In turn photographs of some amongst them, or photographs of some their inventions, are shown below.

[Bild: me_and_wimshurst.jpg]

Fig. #B2. Dr Jan Pajak and a Wimshurst machine - means myself and a starting device for one amongst my own suppressed inventions. This photo presents myself holding a brand new Wimshurst electrostatic machine, which I purchased with the intention to use it as a starting component for constructing an effective free energy device called the "telekinetic influenzmaschine" - for details see the web page telekinetics.htm - about devices of "telekinetics". Originally this is Figure 11 from my monograph [6/2] in English, available (free of charge), amongst others, via this web page. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)

[Bild: pearse.jpg]

Fig. #B3 (T3 in [10]): Monument for Richard Pearse, and Dr Jan Pajak - means one invention, and another inventor, both destroyed by own countrymen. The above photo shows a monument to Richard Pearse and to his aeroplane. It is erected near a small township Pleasant Point in the South Island of New Zealand. It marks a spot where the Pearse's aeroplane was successfully tested in flight. More information about Richard Pearse and his airplane is provided on the web page (in English) named mozajski_uk.htm. In turn more information about the starhip of Dr Jan Pająk named the Magnocraft (the research on which was also suppressed in New Zealand) is provided, amongst others, on the web page propulsion.htm.
       In spite that Richard Pearse build and flew his aeroplane around a year before Wright Brothers, the "curse of inventors" disallowed the outside world to ever learn about his invention. In turn the stress and psychological persecution he experienced from his own countrymen, who called him the "Mad Pearse" and the "Bamboo Dick", caused that he died in a mental asylum.

[Bild: mozajski_1882.jpg]

Fig. #B4 (T2 in [10]): The first airplane ever, was build by the Polish inventor, Aleksander Możajski, and was flown in Russia in summer of 1882 (i.e. his airplane flew 21 years before the Wright Brothers, and 20 years before the airplane of New Zealand inventor, Richard Pearse). It is shown on the above illustration reproduced from an old Russian encyclopaedia. Unfortunately, the "curse of inventors" caused that the world never learned about this aeroplane, while the design and prototype of this wonder machine gathered dust in vast archives of the Tsar of Russia. More details about the Możajski aeroplane can be found on the web page mozajski_uk.htm - about Aleksander Możajski who build the first airplane in the world. (Click on the above photograph to enlarge it.)
       Usually people do not realise, that before a string of favourable coincidents helped the world to learn about the aeroplane of Wright Brothers, aeroplanes were forced to be invented, build, and flown by three separate inventors who never knew about each other. These inventors were: Aleksander F. Możajski (of the Tsar-Russia), Richard Pearse (of New Zealand), and Wright Brothers (of the USA).

[Bild: britten.jpg]

Fig. #B5. In 2004 I noted that the most important museum in the entire New Zealand, the so-called "Te Papa", holds an exhibition on the 3rd floor, where the above super-motorcycle constructed by the New Zealand technical genius, John Britten, was shown. (This motorcycle was still exhibited there in 2010, when I carried out the subsequent update of this web page.) Unfortunately, this extremely creative inventor and designer, unexpectedly died of cancer around 1995, in the middle of most creative years of his life, at the age of around 45.
       Some may have doubts, whether there is any link between e.g. deaths on cancer in young age, and the "curse of inventors". After all, according to descriptions from item #H1.6 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm, action of the "curse of inventors" is the outcome of the destruction of creative people by immoral representatives of the community amongst which these creative people live. But if one carries out philosophical analyses, then it turns out that cancers are caused, amongst others, by poisons that a given community introduces to its foods (perhaps, amongst others, by famous anti-possum "1080" so generously spread all over New Zealand - see (3) in #K1.6 below). In turn these poisons are just a manifestation of the destruction of own countrymen by immoral representatives of a given community.

#B3.1. The inventor whom is worth to meet - means the holder of the "world record", whose invention was blocked in New Zealand for over 60 years (i.e. for over 2/3 of his lifespan):
       In item #H2 of the separate web page named newzealand_visit.htm is described a New Zealand inventor and is also shown his invention, the fates of which are especially meaningful. This inventor and his invention were destroyed by the "curse of inventors" for over 60 years. About his fate and shocking course of life a whole separate web page in available, named boiler.htm.

[Bild: davey_2008.jpg]

Fig. #B6: Mr Peter Daysh Davey demonstrating his "sonic boiler". This boiler was hold back by the "curse of inventors" for the period of over 60 years. The shocking history of the invention of Mr Davey, is described on separate web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)

Part #C: Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from the unusual history and fate of that land:
#C1. The lack of native land animals:
       Almost every country in the world has various native land animals, like mammals, snakes, etc. But not New Zealand. Native New Zealand animals include mainly birds and a few other species which could get to New Zealand either because of the blow of wind, or on various objects that floated through seas. Originally New Zealand had no snakes, no mammals, and even no fully sweet-water fish. Of course, there is a good side to it, as visitors do not need to be scared (yet) e.g. snakes in New Zealand. The scene as this depicted on "Fig. #C1" so-far could not happen here. (Although various destructive criminals are working very hard to bring a few venomous snakes to New Zealand.) New Zealand harbours also a scientific mystery and a kind of a "fauna paradox" that results from this lack of native land animals. Namely, why New Zealand does not have native land animals, in spite that it is full of fossils of these animals?

[Bild: snake.jpg]

Fig. #C1: A huge python snake caught on a photo just after it killed a tapper and proceeded to swallow him.
       (A "tapper" is name assigned in Malaysia to people who tap gum from rubber trees.) This photo was illustrating an article "Python kills tapper" that appeared on page 7 of the Malaysian newspaper The Sun, issue dated on 6 September 1996. Please ntice that the above photograph is also shown and commented on the totaliztic web page predators.htm.

#C2. The complete sinking of New Zealand in seas not long ago:
       The explanation for this "fauna paradox" and for the scientific secret of New Zealand, means for the lack of native land animals in spite of the existence of fossils of these animals, is provided by my "hobby" research. Namely, according to my research, the explanation for this paradox is that New Zealand around 23 000 years ago was firstly submerged under the ocean, then around 13 500 years ago it emerged again from the bottom of the ocean. So all local land animals drowned. This is what Maori legends are telling. This is what the vast body of evidence present in New Zealand is indicating (e.g. the extremely hard soil which was compressed by the powerful pressure of something, very thin layer of black soil, rounded corners of all large rocks, etc.) Also this is what states an alternative history of New Zealand, that is put together in the result of my own "hobby" research, and presented in subsection V3 of my older monograph [1/4]. But, of course, this is NOT what orthodox scientists of New Zealand are stubbornly claiming - as an example of their stubborn denying of the submerge, see the article entitled "NZ was never underwater say scientists" published on page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, January 15, 2008. (In this article a scientist argues that the impossibility of submerging of NZ under the ocean is confirmed by the presence of the reptile "tuatara" in New Zealand, and also by molecular dating of pollen from "kauri" which indicates that the New Zealand and Australian kauri diverged at least 40 to 90 millions years ago. But this scientist does not consider in his claims the "fluctuations of time" described in items #F1 and #F2 of the web page about the Tapanui explosion, which (the fluctuations) could shift permanently to our times some species of fauna and flora from times that preceded the sinking of New Zealand in seas.) For this reason probably the reader needs to read this alternative history of New Zealand, and compare it with the evidence present in New Zealand, such as: (1) a thin layer of black soil, (2) rounded surfaces of local mountains, (3) highly compressed i hard ground, etc., etc. Probably one day it can be proven that the orthodox history is just a wish of orthodox scientists, while really true one is the alternative history of New Zealand. This would restore merit of Maori legends, which are telling this alternative history for years, only that local scientists are not prepared to assign to it the attention that it requires.

#C3. Links of New Zealand with the South America:
       Although New Zealand lies close to the continent of Australia, in fact on many levels it is related to the distant South America. For example, recent genetic research carried out on giant birds called "Moa" (see descriptions of these birds in items #H2 to #H3 and #I1 below), indicate that these birds are close relatives to a small quail-like bird from the South America called "tinamou". Descriptions of this genetic research were published in two articles, namely in "Fat and lazy flying Moa brought down to earth" from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper Weekend Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday January 30, 2010; and also "Moa 'flew from South America' " from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, February 2, 2010.
       Intriguing curiosity of Moa birds is that they confirm the noticeable difference in laws of nature that influence the life in New Zealand. This difference is explained more comprehensively in item #B1 from a separate web page newzealand_visit.htm. It exerts an influence on living organisms. For example it causes, amongst others, that some emigrants believe that women born in New Zealand show differences in behaviours and habits from women born on the Northern Hemisphere. This genetic research on Moa birds, described in the article "Mama Moa! The boys were given such a bullying" from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, February 9, 2010), reveal a phenomenon which could be called a "discrimination and persecution based on sex". It turns out that in spite of the existence of the same numbers of males and females in young populations of Moa birds, in adult populations only around 1 male still lived for every 5 females. So all signs indicate that Moa females bullied and persecuted their own males thus causing almost a complete extinction of males.
       Independently from origins of Moa birds from the South America, in New Zealand lived also a huge man-eating bird by Maori people called "Pouaki", while by Moriori people from the Chatham Islands called "Poua". An information about this carnivorous bird is provided, amongst others on page 177 of the book [1#C3] (referred here also as [1#E4.4]) by Gary J Cook and Thomas J Brown, "The Secret Land. People Before" (StonePrint Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999, ISBN 0-9582040-0-4). Although so-far NO remains nor bones of this man-eating bird were found, or perhaps identified (it appears that in New Zealand something strange is happening to evidential remains and skeletons - see also item #I2 below), from descriptions in Maori legends it appears that it was very similar to the bird called Terrorbird which lived in the South America almost until historic times. It was able to crush and eat a man with a single clap of its huge beak.
       In addition to the above, since very beginning in New Zealand used to grow a lot of vegetation, including cultivated one (e.g. potatoes and corns), which apart of New Zealand were known only in the South America.

#C4. Wrinkled, black, man-eating sea monster, which in the last moment was kind enough to resign from eating me:
       That particular day in the last part of the summer of 2002 I went for a walk along abandoned and unused former picnic area by the sea, located several hundred meters south from the sandy beach by the village Waikouaiti (see "Fig. #F5). At that time just ruins of a large changing room or toilet stood there, surrounded by a sizable paddock with traces of old picnic fires. I parked my car on the grass of that paddock near the sea and started to walk along the sea shore as close to the water as I could. I was alone there. The sea bank in that area was hard (deprived of sand) and slanted downward at the angle of around 30 degrees, so that the water become deep quite close to the sea bank. I did NOT walk even far, when on my right side in the sea, only around three meters from myself, I saw a black, wrinkled monster, as it overtook me from the behind. It arrived to my back silently from behind, and for sure intended to hunt me. If it pursued its hunting and decided to eat me, I would notice it only after I would already be in its jaws. Fortunately, for some reasons in the last moment it clearly changed its intentions. When I saw it, its frontal part was already in front of me, while the monster itself was making a kind of gentle manoeuvre like if departing from the sea bank along which I was walking. But then for a longer while it swam almost parallel to the shore, whirling and showing above the surface of the water almost a half of the diameter - so that I had enough time and a good visibility to have a good look at it. It had the shape of a black torpedo or a cylinder of the same diameter of around 1.5 meter along the entire its length. Its length I estimate at around 20 meters. Its surface (skin) was pitch black and had NO even a smallest patch that would be white or of a colour other than black. This skin was also very strange, because on the entire circumference and length of the creature it was like strongly folded or wrinkled. For me it resembled a gigantic empty bag made of a black wet textile, crumpled together and swirled so that it formed a cylinder. The folds and wrinkles of it run along and penetrated deeply into the body of that creature. These folds were also loose and like inertial - as if they had no muscles inside. It look for me almost as if the monster had NO a solid body and muscles, while it was entirely composed of a large number of loose and inertial flaps placed together. These flaps gave to it a repulsive and hideous appearance. Furthermore, this monster make an impression that it has no skeleton at all. This is because during the swim it swirled around its central axis in rather an extraordinary manner. The closest thing that this swirling resembled me, was as if someone grabbed in the water a frontal part of a long, black textile and started to rotate this front part - while the rest of the inertial textile was pulled into a swirling motion by this frontal part. In other words, this monster did NOT whirled around its long axis as a large fish or a whale would do, when the entire its body would swirl simultaneously with the same speed, but it swirled like a cork-driver, or like this inertial textile rotated just by its frontal part. The monster also appear as if it had no eyes, or at least I did NOT see any eyes - in spite that I had a good visibility of it for at least two full rotations of the entire its body. It also had no side nor tail flippers which would stick out from its cylinder-shaped body - so I do NOT know on what principle it was swimming, although I saw that it swam rather fast.
       Since the time when I saw this monster I am comparing to its image everything that is already known to us that it swims in seas of New Zealand. But so far it does not seem to match anything. For example, it is known that the carnivorous orcas (called also "killer whales") developed the hunting technique when they creep up from behind to seals on the sea shore - similarly as my monster did to me, and then they devour these seals with a single bite of their powerful jaws. But "orcas" have white patches on their bellies, their skin is smooth, they are NOT as big as my monster, and also they are unable to swirl in this strange way that I saw. In seas from the vicinity of New Zealand lives also a giant carnivorous squid named "arkatutos" or "colossal squid". Such a squid is shown below in photo from "Fig. #I4". But this squid does NOT have black colour. Its skin is coloured in a range of shades of yellow, red, and brown. Its skin is also smooth - NOT folded or wrinkled as that of the monster which I saw. Furthermore, this squid is NOT as huge as my monster was. For example, the biggest "colossal squid" which was caught so-far, was 8 meters long and weighted 495 kilo (i.e. almost a half of metric ton). A description of it is provided in the article [C3] entitled "Here's looking at you, squid", from page A2 of newspaper "The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 1, 2008. From research on the beak of this squid it was determined that it could grow maximum to 14 meters and to weight 750 kg. Finally such a "colossal squid" has huge white yes - in fact the largest eyes in the world. For example, the diameter of eyes in the "colossal squid" described in the article [C3] above extended to 27 cm. The presence of such huge white eyes I could NOT possibly overlook in the monster which I saw. So it appears that in seas of New Zealand lives at least one more giant man-eating monster, which remains unknown to the human science, and which probably contributes quietly to this significant number of people who every year disappear without the trace in New Zealand. (For more information about these disappearances - see item #K1 of this web page.)
       What I am the most puzzled by, is that features of this monster are completely outside of attributes of any large sea creature that is already known to the present human science. But these features coincide surprisingly well with characteristics of the giant black octopus from deep seas, that was described by sailors’ folklore and by legends centuries ago. Such an octopus supposed to be so large, that with its tentacles it was able to trap entire old ships - this would match dimensions of the monster that I saw. In addition, all octopuses are very intelligent (and thus difficult to catch), while the behaviour of my monster indicated a high intelligence. Finally, if one thinks about it, since the telekinetic pollution of New Zealand (this one from the UFO explosion near Tapanui) in fact caused the mutation of the giant squid, there are no reasons why the same telekinetic pollution could NOT cause also the mutation of the giant black octopus.

#C5. Mysterious mass deaths of various creatures:
       Every now and again in New Zealand takes place a mass death of a single kind of creatures. So far I encountered information about several cases of such mass deaths. Although in each such a case someone offered quite a convenient explanation, some of these explanations "do not hold water" and make an impression of just being a "smoke screen" which is to hide true reasons about which the world should NOT learn.
       The first such a case which attracted my attention was the extinction of almost all wild rabbits. At the time just after my emigration to New Zealand, i.e. in years 1982 to 1992, the surface of that country was literally swarming with rabbits (although one could NOT buy rabbit meat in any shop). In 1992 I was forced to seek bread outside of that country - as I am describing this on the web page about myself (Dr Jan Pająk). When I returned to New Zealand in 1999, there were no rabbits. The official version of explanation stated that some farmers had enough of the destruction caused by rabbits, so they imported from Australia the illness called "maximatosis" which killed the majority of rabbits. But the governmental investigation did NOT managed to determine who actually imported this illness, nor how the illness was spread over three separate islands of that country. On the other hand, so wide distribution of the illness required a huge scale of someone's activities, the keeping in secrecy of which would require either almost supernatural capabilities, or a large scale conspiracy.
       Another case of mass extinction was described in the article "Theories fly over dead bird mystery" published on page A9 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, February 21, 2009. The article describes how in the New Zealand township called New Plymouth thousands of dead sparrows rapidly started to fall from the sky. The township New Plymouth is known from a huge factory of farming poisons, which (the factory) spreads various poisonous vapours all over the area. So there was a gossip, that these thousands of dead sparrows were victims of emissions from that factory. But if it really was the case, then why that fact was NOT announced to the public knowledge. What shocked me most, was that apart from publishing a small article, and showing the falling birds in television as a form of sensation, in New Zealand no-one was interested in these birds and no-one seriously researched them. On the other hand, when a similar phenomenon of thousands of dead black birds falling from the sky was noted in first days of 2011 in the vicinity of town Beebe from Arkansas, USA, all nearby research agencies rushed to determine reasons for this. The first information about these American dead black birds falling from the sky I have heard on Monday, 3rd January 2011, in evening news on channel "Prime" of New Zealand television, broadcasted at 5:30 to 6:00 pm. These news just informed and showed the strange phenomenon. But already a next day, on Tuesday 4 January 2011, around 6:20 pm in the television news at channel 3 of TVNZ were shown numerous researchers collecting these dead birds, and were presented interviews with several locals - hysterical about the entire matter. From these news was evident, that contrary to New Zealanders who were completely unmoved by such thousands of dead birds falling from the sky, Americans felt very fascinated and upset by all this, and - what most important, they rushed a lot of people and resources to solve this puzzle. In another news at 6:25 pm on Wednesday, 5 January 2011, on channel 3 of TVNZ, it was explained that similar rains of dead birds appeared in several other areas of the USA, and that in the local river from Beebe, USA also all fish was dead. That news item revealed also that on beaches of the Coromandel Peninsular from New Zealand appeared dead fishes "snapper" which floated on the surface of the ocean "as far as eye can see". On the subject of this "rain of dead birds" from Beebe, USA, and from other areas of the world, including Sweden, numerous articles have appeared - e.g. see one entitled "Reason and logic fall from the sky" from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Friday, January 7, 2011), or a different one entitled "Aflockalypse now - dead birds (and NZ fish) fuel theories" from page A13 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, January 10, 2011). Around a year later dead birds again started to fall from heaven in the same Beebe - as informed us the article "Birds fall from sky but no sign world about to end" from page A15 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, January 4, 2012). In turn the article "Dead sardines crammed into LA marine" from page A16 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Thursday, March 10, 2011) shows a photograph of an entire jetty in the USA packed completely with dead sardines. Very meaningful is also the information from the article entitled "Starving turtles rot on beaches" from page A14 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, September 13, 2011). It describes massive numbers of huge sea turtles which died of hunger caused by the extinction of corals in the "Great Barrier Reef" and are washed out onto beaches near Brisbane in Australia.
       Still another case of mass deaths was described in the article "Wild seas a likely cause of mass fish deaths" from page A6 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, May 30, 2009. According to that article, massive numbers of dead or dying fishes were lying on sea shore at the Kapiti coast - means in a relatively short distance from New Plymouth (where this abovementioned factory of farming poisons is located) and also from Petone (where the local environment is poisoned by a processing factory for recycled car accumulators). So is it possible that some emissions or liquids from one of these factories entered the sea and caused such a mass deaths of fish? In turn, if these fishes are so saturated with poisons, that they die in massive numbers, then how poisons contained in them influence the health of people who eat fishes?
       Approximately around that time also become famous the case when sea snails named "grey side-gilled sea slug" rapidly become poisonous in spite that previously were considered harmless - for details see item #K1.6 below on this web page.
       A further case of mass deaths of fishes was described in the article "Ministry probes dead fish mystery" which appeared on page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, June 9, 2010. According to that article on beaches of the total length estimated by some at 30 km, located in the northern part of New Zealand, i.e. in the province called Northland, thousands dead fishes were lying. The article even shows a photograph of a section of the beach densely covered with dead fishes. For me looking at that photograph reminded a similar photographs of beaches with thousands of dead fishes, which were killed by the tsunami of 26 December 2004 - for descriptions see item #D4 on the web page day26.htm. Still another case was described in the article "Mass of floating snapper a mystery to officials" from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, December 2, 2010. In that article described were huge numbers of tasty sea fishes called "snapper" which floated dead near northern coasts of New Zealand. In turn the article "Ocean mystery: hundreds of snapper found dead on beaches" from page A1 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, January 5, 2011, an information appeared about scores of dead sea fish called "snapper" coming to shores on the Coromandel peninsular in New Zealand.
       I personally become most scared when during a walk around February 2010 I encountered myself such dead fishes on the beach from Petone (i.e. the settlement in which I live). The reason of my scare was that all dead fishes that I encountered then were of the same specie (i.e. "stingray") and exactly the same large (i.e. around a meter in span of their "wings"). During a walk along a beach of the length of around 1 km I encountered then 12 such dead large fishes. In turn from my research on tsunamis, described in item #D4 from the web page day26.htm, I am aware that the same species and size of fish die when their bodies begin to resonate with vibrations generated during a deadly earthquake or tsunami. So it looks that a deadly earthquake maybe just brewing up in New Zealand - as this is described in item #I1 of the web page day26.htm.
       The above should be complemented by these mass suicides of whales committed by throwing themselves on beaches. In New Zealand such mass suicides of whales sometimes took place every several months. What causes them - it is not established so far. In the light of the above one should NOT be surprised that in New Zealand also the number of suicides of people is one amongst the highest in the world. Is it possible that some supernatural powers object against populating New Zealand?
       Another case of almost biblical deaths - this time insects, was described by a small article ”Bug invasion comes to light on east coast”, published on page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. According to that article, a small New Zealand settlement called Whatatane experienced so enormous "arrival" and mass deaths of various insects, especially some black beetles, grasshoppers, and cicadas, that these dead bugs people needed to shovel out of shops and petrol stations. Is it possible that soil in some areas of New Zealand is so poisoned by farming chemicals that it forces even bugs to run for life and to die massively in human buildings?
* * *
       These mass deaths of various creatures are so numerous lately, that Google developed a special map which shows where and what died in massive numbers. On this map indicators with dots point at mass deaths which took place already in 2011. Here is the link to this map: map of mass deaths of various creatures.

#C5.1. The tragedy of mass extinction of bees - foretelling the approach of the "hunger death" for the entire humanity:
       It is a public secret, that in the entire world, including New Zealand, bees are disappearing fast and in massive numbers. For example, only several years ago a bee was a normal sight near my house. But when in one sunny summer day at the end of 2010 I was intentionally seeking bees in the vicinity of my house - I did NOT find even a single bee. Instead I saw people spraying some chemicals. In the part of English television serial entitled "Jamie's Food Escape", broadcasted in New Zealand at TVNZ 1 on Tuesday, 11 January 2011, at 8:30 till 9:30 pm, a professional beekeeper from Greece appeared. He discovered, that the disappearance of bees so clearly visible now, is caused by short electromagnetic waves and emissions of hand-phones and their towers. According to his findings, when he leaves beehives in the place in which there is a good reception from any hand-phone, then bees from such beehives fast get sickly to soon get lost and extinct. But when he places beehives somewhere in the area sheltered by mountains, and outside of the reaching of all hand-phones, then his bees are OK in there thus living and developing normally. So the humanity already knows unofficially what kills bees, only that no well-paid orthodox scientist has the courage to state it openly and officially, and thus get under the fire of rich telecommunication corporations which then would destroy his professional career - as stated in item #F1 of the web page telepathy.htm. Thus, it is about the time that nations stopped to march straight into the grip of "death from hunger" and they stand-up against this present scientifi "collusion of silence", so that instead of radio-telecommunication devices that are unhealthy and detrimental for life, people start to develop the telecommunication devices based on safe the so-called "telepathy" - described in items #E1 and #F1 of the web page telepathy.htm.
       The current rapid dying out of bees is a huge tragedy for the entire humanity. After all, this dying is the forerunner of the mass "death of people from hunger" which is fast approaching and which is explained more comprehensively in item #F1 of the web page telepathy.htm. (Notice that such a mass "death of the people" is foretold by old prophecies since a long time - these prophecies are discussed in "part #H" of the web page named prophecies.htm.) The most tragic is the fact that the humanity already now could replace the present dangerous and unhealthy cell-phones and devices for radio-telecommunication with completely safe devices for the telepathic communication. After all, such devices for the telepathic communication are proposed for building since a long time by the newly emerging "totaliztic science" (an example of such telepathic devices is explained in "part #E" of the abovementioned web page named telepathy.htm). Unfortunately, the obstacle in such a replacement of the detrimental for health radio-devices with safe telepathic-devices is the "monopole for knowledge" so jealously guarded by the present "atheistic orthodox science" which is deadly-scared of a "competition" in the form of new "totaliztic science" oriented at the uncompromised revealing of the truths - as this is explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm.

Part #D: Effects of work of supernatural in New Zealand:
#D1. The stone which through supernatural walks proves the present physics to be wrong:
Motto: "Real life one way, scientists the other way."
       If one believes in self-inflated claims of various present physicists, the universe supposedly has NO room for anything "supernatural". According to these physicists, everything that affects us, represents only laws of physics which are already well-known. But if one looks carefully around, then it shocks how many supernatural phenomena continually reveal themselves to people. Unfortunately, physicists with the stubbornness of broken records keep pretending that the problem of rational research of supernatural phenomena does NOT exist at all. In item #F1 of separate web page bible.htm - about the Bible authorised by God Himself a long list of phenomena well-known to physicists is provided, all of which directly prove the existence of the supernatural. It means that these phenomena prove the existence of e.g. God, other world, eternal soul, etc. Some amongst these phenomena were the basis for formal scientific proofs already in existence, which proved the existence of God, another world, eternal soul, the creation of the first pair of people by God, etc. (In order to review these formal scientific proofs for the actual existence of the "supernatural", I suggest to look at web pages god.htm - about a scientific and secular explanation of the nature of God, dipolar_gravity.htm - about the "theory of everything" which repairs errors and imperfections of present physics, nirvana.htm - about the phenomenon of "nirvana" that is ignored by present science, and evolution.htm - about evolution in the light of the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) To the body of evidence described over there, which confirms existence of the supernatural, I intend to add another evidence described here. Namely, here are indicated examples of stones discovered on the Earth, which (the stones) display a supernatural capability to carry out intelligent changes of their locations. Because, according to claims of present physics, stones by themselves have no right to change their locations intelligently, this ever increasing body of evidence about such supernaturally moving stones, have a very educational meaning. Namely, the existence of these intelligently shifting stones is another evidence for the existence of errors in claims and in foundations of present physics. This evidence adds to the large body of other evidence which about the existence of a significant error in foundations of modern physics was revealed to us long ago by the so-called theory of everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
       The first large stone, about which I learned that it has a supernatural capability to change positions in an intelligent manner, I researched in person already around 1990. It was a large stone near Atiamuri in North Island of New Zealand. It is shown below on the photograph from "Fig. #D1". It is surrounded by numerous legends. It is also a subject of cult for local Maoris. These Maoris pray to that stone and give to it numerous offerings. In this way Maoris pass to this stone the unique form of intelligent energy which by Chinese is called "chi", while by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called "moral energy" or "zwow". Due to this intelligent energy that the Atiamuri stone accumulates in itself, it reciprocates the prayers of Maoris by healing them and by bringing good fortunes to these asking for such favours. Around 1990 I researched the stone from Atiamuri, and realized that it displays rather unique attributes. For example, it emitted a strange kind of radiation that was registered on a photographic film. When I placed on it a film for Roentgen photography, the film show later some strange patterns. The stone is also magnetised (its magnetisation was enough strong to be detectable with an ordinary magnetic compass).
       The most supernatural attribute of this Atiamuri stone is, that according to the local folklore, the stone apparently "walks". Local people are saying that in past it was moved away from edge of the highway, because in its normal location it introduces a hazard to the passing traffic. Every now and again a car hits this stone, while passengers sometimes even loose their lives. However, after being moved away it supposedly kept returning back on the previous location, all on its own. Supposedly because of these returning, in the official documentation of this road it is marked as present in a completely different location than it stays in reality. The reason supposedly is the lack of a courageous manager who would sign his or her name under the official alterations to the documentation of that road, which (the alterations) would inform that the stone returned by itself on its favourite (original) position. Story goes that the stone also changes the shape of the hole inside (into this hole Maoris place their offerings to the stone). The entrance to this hole supposedly is round one time, while is elongated like outlines of a shellfish the other time. Unfortunately, this kind of folklore information is extremely difficult to confirm or deny in a scientific manner. The reason is that in order to find any written information which would confirm that the stone was actually shifted and retuned, one would need to spend months on searching through newspapers for appropriate articles, or on investigating various companies whether they did such a shifting. The additional difficulty is that no official institution, and no an official person, would be prepared to admit publicly that a stone can walk, even if this walking would be noticed by them.
       The explanation for mechanism that allows stones to move, provides the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. According to this theory, there is an intelligent kind of energy in the universe, which Chinese call "chi", while the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls "zwow" or "moral energy". This intelligent energy obeys mental commands. It is just this energy that people practicing "kung fu" are able to direct e.g. at the iron bar which they hit with their heads. They mentally order this energy to explode the iron bar into powder. This is also this intelligent energy that makes the so-called feng shui work. (About the work of "feng shui" one can read, amongst others, in item #19 of the web page wroclaw_uk.htm - about the city of Wrocław, and in item #B1 of the web page wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm - about dreams of a better future for the village Wszewilki.) According to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, all objects of cult receive portions of such intelligent energy from people who pray to these objects. Then these objects are able to order their energy to carry out specific physical actions. This is just why all objects of someone's cult, such as this stone from Atiamuri, or these famous Malaysian trees and stones called Datuk, are capable of causing supernaturally various intelligent physical manifestations. An example of such a supernatural tree "Datuk" is illustrated and described on the web page ufo.htm - about origins of UFOnauts (click on this green writing to see it). These Malaysian trees and stones "Datuk" heal and help local people, make miracles, trees "Datuk" disallow themselves to be cut down, etc. Similar supernatural powers have also wooden totem poles from Borneo about which is written in subsections I6.7 and I5.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. These totem poles from Borneo disallow to be photographed, punish by themselves all people who disobey them, and also are able to heal and to fulfil wishes of these ones who pray to them. In past I had also opportunity to experience in person supernatural powers of the statue of Mother Mary build and maintained by the Order of Teutonic Knights, that existed in past in the Castle from Malbork, and which was known from many anti-Polish actions. This statue of Teutonic-Knights' Mather Mary from Malbork was known, amongst others, from historically well documented fact, that a Polish cannon which tried to destroy it, just exploded - this is documented on the web page about the Castle from Malbork. Furthermore, this statue had an anti-Polish prophecy linked to it, which fulfilled when the statue was destroyed in a supernatural manner by some mysterious explosion. (In spite of that anti-Polish prophecy and anti-Polish actions of this statue, still there are Poles who try to rebuild this statue of Teutonic Knights that used to display supernatural powers - for details see the web page about Malbork Castle and also the web page of the Mater Dei foundation which tries to rebuild it.)
       About just such objects of cult exhibiting supernatural behaviours, the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity not only provides explanation how their supernatural attributes work, but it also supplies us with a decisive warning. Namely, the very nature of such objects, their intellectual imperfection, and also the mechanisms with the use of which these objects carry out their supernatural actions, are far from the perfection. Therefore such objects, similarly like horses with moods, have their "behaviours", do not use rationally their powers, can like or hate someone, are biased, can be vindictive, frequently act in a mechanical manner, and are far from the understanding of justice. In spite of the fact, that they are able to give a favour to some people, in general they must be watched out, as they are able to do a lot of evil. Thus praying to these objects, and passing to them our moral energy which results from our praying, is like giving godly powers to a moody child. This is because of such reasons, that there are religions which warn us against praying e.g. to "gold beasts", or against praying to pictures. An example of just such a biased object of the cult, which with its tendencies, caprices, and the lack of justice, created a lot of evil to Poles, is this described before statue of Madonna from the Castle in Malbork.
       About another large stone which in a supernatural manner changes its location, I learned from the article "Land where spirits still rule" from page D1 of the newspaper "The New Zealand Herald", issue dated on Tuesday, January 29, 2008. That article describes supernatural journeys of a bronze in colour piece of rock of the size of a typical car, called locally "a spirit stone", which lies just by the new "freeway" which leads from Port-Moresby in Papua New Guinea to the seaside. Here is my quotation from a part of that article: "When they cut the road through here, they found this stone was too hard to break up so they put it on a truck, took it down to the harbour, and dropped it in the sea. But the next morning it was back here again. That happened three times. They dropped the stone in the harbour but overnight it returned, so finally they left it here."
       New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are not the only places on the Earth in which stones keep changing their locations. Other such a place, quite famous, is the dried bed of the lake called the "Racetrack Playa", located in so-called "Death Valley National Park", California, USA. Along the flat like a table mud of this dried lake, keep moving stones called the Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa. In 2007 quite a well illustrated article about these stones was available in Internet under the address Interestingly, the orthodox human science multiplies various hypotheses and theories which without involving supernatural try to explain how these stones move. Unfortunately, the science is unable to confirm empirically the correctness of any of these hypotheses nor theories. Thus, although many present scientists are so sworn atheists and sceptics, that they would rather allow themselves to be "stoned" than admit openly that these stones are moved by some supernatural means, the actual existence of these supernatural means is the only rational explanations for what really do happens.
       The topic of this brief web page does NOT allow to explain comprehensively mechanisms which trigger physical manifestations of "supernatural" phenomena. But such mechanisms are explained on a number of other web pages of totalizm. Thus readers who wish to learn: (1) why present physics contains a basic error already in the formation of its foundations, which (the error) makes physicists blind to physical manifestations of supernatural phenomena (i.e. this error depends on accepting by the science the entirely wrong assumption, namely that gravity is so-called "monopolar field"), (2) how to repair this error (i.e. a simple repair of this error depends on accepting that the gravity field is so-called "dipolar field" - means on the acknowledging the statements of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), and (3) which supernatural phenomena can be easily explained after this error is repaired (i.e. that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides explanation to practically everything that the official human science was unable to explain so-far), I suggest to look to the following web pages: dipolar_gravity.htm - about the "theory of everything" which repairs errors and imperfections of present physics, malbork_uk.htm - about supernatural phenomena in the Malbork Castle, timevehicle.htm - about the nature of time and time travel, and telepathy.htm - about the utilisation of phenomena of separate world (in which God lives), to implement an infinitively fast telepathic communication.
* * *

[Bild: atiamuri.jpg]

Fig. #D1: The boulder which seems to have the supernatural ability to change locations. I took the above photograph around 1990. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Here is myself, Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, while for the duration of 2007 - Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, by the "walking" stone from Atiamuri. The stone is positioned just at the edge of a rather busy highway. Therefore it introduces noticeable hazard for the traffic. There are cases when cars hit this stone and people die because of it. However, it cannot be removed because it is a "holy stone" for local Maoris, and a subject of cult. It performs many silent miracles, similarly as this is done by holly trees and stones from Malaysia called Datuk (described and illustrated in "part #D of the web page malbork_uk.htm), by totem poles from tropical Borneo (shown in "Fig. #D2 on the web page malbork_uk.htm), and by the figure of Mother Mary from the Malbork castle in Poland. Therefore, apparently every now and again attempts are repeated to move this stone into an area slightly further from the highway. But according to the local folklore, this stone has a custom to walk back to the original location after each such shifting. Unfortunately there is no way such rumours can be confirmed or conclusively denied in a scientific manner.
       I investigated this Atiamuri stone around 1990, and it shows quite unusual properties. For example, it seems to emit some kind of radiation, because when I placed an X-rays photographic film over it, the film got strange patterns all over. It also is magnetised (the magnetisation can be detected even just by an ordinary compass).
       The above stone has also this extraordinary property, that the shape of cavity visible in it changes every now and again - as it is described below in item #D2. (I.e. one time this shape is almost round, other time is prolonged like a shellfish.) What even more strange, when this shape of cavity changes in the stone, it changes also on the above photograph. Therefore I suggest to remember how this shape looks today, and then check it again after a year or two.

#D2. Time surges which in New Zealand cause configuration changes noticeable only to visitors from far distances:
       In New Zealand are common extraordinary "time surges" described more thoroughly in items #C6 to #C6.1 from the web page timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles. The reason for these frequent in New Zealand natural time surges is the explosion of time vehicle near the township of Tapanui, which took place in 1178 AD. This explosion is described more comprehensively in items #H1 to #H4 of this web page, and also on separate web page entirely devoted to it and named tapanui.htm - about the explosion of time vehicle near Tapanui.
       Time surges are kinds of local waves on the so-called "timespace". (This "timespace" is a software entity existing in our universe and described more comprehensively on web pages named "dipolar_gravity.htm" - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, "immortality.htm" - about gaining immortality through repetitive shifting back in time to years of our youth after every reachiung the old age, and "timevehicle.htm" - about the operation of time vehicles. It incorporates in itself software models of all objects (and their fates) existing in the entire universe in all times through which this universe is to pass. One should NOT confuse this "timespace" with the idea of "space-time" used in present physics.) The result of these waves of timespace is, that for people or objects which were affected by them, time shifts back, while the entire their history repeats from the very beginning in the new passage of their own time. In turn during this new passage of their time, their history may become slightly different than it was in the previous passage of time. For example, if a building was affected by such a waving time, in the new passage of time the architect who designed this building may design it completely different, or may even build it in a different place. In turn people in the new passage of time may marry someone different, work for a different employer, etc. Of course, people who are affected by these time surges have NO idea that they experienced it, because their entire history from the previous passage of time is automatically erased from their memories - as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles. But other people who visit them arriving from an area that lies beyond such a local time surge, can remember how it was previously and will be surprised by changes that they are to see. Unfortunately, in the present state of our knowledge, we do believe only in the imperfections of our memory, while we consider everything that already has happened in past to be impossible to change. Therefore typically, everyone who experiences in his or her life such changes caused by the time surges, considers that it was his or her own memory which plays trick on him or her, and immediately forgets the entire case.
       I personally accumulated a large number of sightings, during which I experienced myself such time surges - sometimes even in the presence of other people. The most important out of such cases that I analysed, are described in items #D6 and #D6.1 of the web site timevehicle.htm - about time vehicles. In turn present human beliefs about such events are described in items #C6 to #C6.1, and also in item #C8.1, from the same web site named timevehicle.htm.
       The largest number of such natural time surges I noticed in New Zealand. I personally even believe that New Zealand bits all world records of frequency and intensity of this extraordinary phenomenon. For example, in New Zealand areas do exist, in which such time surges are almost chronic and appear in there not less than every two years. One such an area is the township of Oamaru, another is the place called Ealings that lies by the Highway 1 between Christchurch and Dunedin. For example, almost each time when I arrive to Oamaru from a far distance, I see a different configuration of the tower shown below in "Fig. #D2". Also frequently changes in Oamaru the configuration of rocks that lead to the observation point for migration of penguins. In turn around Ealings, the "Highway 1" is crossed by the high voltage power-line. This electric power-line almost every time crosses the road in a different area. Once I even noticed it before Ealings (i.e. from that side of small Ealings by which lies Christchurch). But typically this power-line crosses the road from the Dunedin side of Ealings. Another places which frequently are subjected to repetitive time surges include small lava rock islands that lie just by the Lawyers Head in Dunedin, and the waterfall with the nearby rest area which is located not far from Nelson, by the road from Christchurch to Nelson through Lewis Pass. Still another such changing shape is the hole in the stone shown in "Fig. #D1" above. However, this type of changeable configurations is in New Zealand surprisingly many. Only that indicating the locations and changes of all of them would took too much place on this brief web page.
       Of course, New Zealand is NOT the only country in the world where such natural time surges take place. Examples of other commonly known such areas include, amongst others, the Scottish lake Loch Ness (where these time surges periodically bring to our times and then take back to past the famous monster called "Nessie"), and also the lake named Cini in Malaysia, where also periodically is seen a monster similar to Nessie. Note that both these monsters, as well as many other animals with supernatural abilities, are described in "Part #F" of the different web page named stawczyk_uk.htm.
       If a given area is exposed to such local (natural) time surges, then these surges appear there in a regular manner. Therefore, if the reader notices one of such areas, which is characterised by the changes in its original configuration - if one arrives to them from a distant place, then I would recommend the reader to remember this area and examine it closely after coming over there another time from a distant place.
       Natural time surges, which in New Zealand are phenomena that are natural and highly repetitive, one needs to clearly distinguish from one-time intentional changes introduced to our past by owners of time vehicles. For example, the reversing of the demolition of the house of Mr Davey, which is described on the web page boiler.htm - about the shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all possible records, is just such a one-time change of the past introduced intentionally by creatures described on the web page evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth.

[Bild: oamaru_tower.jpg]

Fig. #D2: Here is the tower of the church by high-school in town of Oamaru, New Zealand. The photograph taken in February 2008. This tower has a strange ability. Namely, for outside visitors, which arrived to Oamaru from the outside of the area involved in the repetitive time surges that appear in Oamaru, this tower sometimes changes its configuration in relation to the church by which it is build. For example, when in 2006 I was passing through Oamaru, this tower was standing in a complete separation from the church - means a few meters distant from the wall of this church. In turn when in 2008 I arrived again to that town, the tower was already adjusted to the church - as shown on the above photograph. So in 2008 I took the above photograph of it, to document this strange phenomenon. But after these changes in time were documented here, the tower stopped to change. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       This tower is easily noticeable when one arrives to the township of Oamaru by car, driving along "Highway 1" from the direction Christchurch towards Dunedin. The reason is, that the entry road to Oamaru, was pointed from this direction at that tower. Thus, in the initial part after one enters Oamaru, this road is straight like a bullet, while at the end of it this tower is visible. Only just in front of this tower the road turns left, passing by the church - as the above photograph illustrates this. If one arrives to Oamaru then he or she should take notice and try to remember what is the current configuration of the above tower in relationship to the church by which this tower stands. This is because when a next time he or she is going to pass by this tower, arriving from a far away and after passing at least two years, the tower may then stand in a completely different configuration in relation to the church. Similarly happens with many other old things in the town of Oamaru. For example, old rocks change the shape, pathways go differently, etc.
       It is also worth to add that people who live in Oamaru, or live so close to this town that they also are affected by time surges that change the configuration of this tower, do NOT notice any changes. After all, with which such time surge they also live through a new passage of time together with this tower. In order to notice the fact of configuration changes of this tower, one needs to arrive to Oamaru from a far distance.

#D3. Divine revelation regarding the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch in 1999, which left the Cathedral Square of that city nicely paved with "tiles of Jesus":
       In 1999 there was a divine revelation in Christchurch, New Zealand. This revelation announced, that Second Jesus will visit that city in 1999. From that divine revelation in Christchurch remain until today, amongst others, the stylish pavement of the Cathedral Square with beautiful "tiles of Jesus". It was expected that after the triumphant entering the city in fire and lightning flashes, on this central square Second Jesus is going to conduct an open holy mass for inhabitants of Christchurch and the vicinity.
       Unfortunately, people are unaware of the existence and action of the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - described, amongst others, in item #B9 of the web page named "god.htm" - about scientific replies of secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God. Therefore, these people are unable to realise, that even if Second Jesus had to His disposal all powers of God, still He would obey this "canon of ambiguity" - means He would act humbly and privately (like every other person). Thus, even if Second Jesus really visited Christchurch in 1999, He still arrived there exactly as the Bible foretold this to us - means humbly and unrecognised "like a thief" (see the Bible, 2 Peter 3:10 "But the Day of the Lord will come like a thief" and Revelation 16:15 "I am coming like a thief!"). In turn, if in 1999 Second Jesus arrived to Christchurch "like a thief", then through inhabitants of Christchurch He again gave the humanity exactly the same lesson, which 2000 years earlier Jesus gave people via inhabitants of Israel. (As it is known, Israelites until today await for the prophesised Messiah, because Jesus who was sent to them by God over 2000 years ago, and whom they crucified instead of welcoming, still they consider to be too humble and too "human" to be the Messiah that was foretold for them.)
       The comprehensive description of this divine revelation regarding the arrival of Second Jesus to Christchurch in 1999, together with photographs of the Cathedral Square paved with "tiles of Jesus", are provided in item #G2 and in "Fig. #G1" of the separate web page (in English) named "prophecies.htm" - about prophecies: how these are formed and fulfilled. The same descriptions and photographs are also provided in items #73, #84 and #94 from subsection L4 in volume 8 of second edition of monograph [8/2] "Totalizm".

Part #E: Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand resulting from God's method of motivating people for "pursuing knowledge" through temporary "simulation" on Earth of mysterious or destructive phenomena, objects and animals:
       In items #B1 and #B1.1 of the separate web page named antichrist.htm I explained the finding of the new "totaliztic science", that the primary goal for achieving of which God created humans, is the "pursue of knowledge". Unfortunately, in order this "pursue of knowledge" could be sufficiently intense, God was forced to create human beings as "maximally imperfect" creatures. In the result of this maximal imperfection of people, if humans are left to themselves, then instead of "pursuing of knowledge", they rather choose to indulge in eating sandwiches and e.g. in watching TV. Therefore, in order to constantly force people to "pursuing of knowledge" - in spite of their natural laziness, God developed a whole range of different ways to motivate even the most lazy ones for an effort of advancing his or her and our knowledge. One of these divine methods of motivation, boils down to a temporary "simulation" on the Earth of the existence of various mysterious, dangerous, or destructive phenomena, objects, or creatures, and then on the confrontation of selected people with these divine "simulations". In this way on the Earth "simulated" is a huge variety of phenomena, objects, or creatures, that would NOT be justified to appear in a world without God, that is in the world which erroneously and misleadingly is described to us by the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science", and which is clarified, amongst others, in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm. For example, due to this method of God's motivating for seeking knowledge, people from virtually all over the world have sightings of Yeti, monsters such as that from the Loch Ness, UFOs and UFOnauts, crop circles, griffins, dwarves, demons and devils, dinosaur bones, and a number of other phenomena, objects and creatures. In this "part #E" of the web page, I am going to describe those amongst God's "simulations" that are seen repeatedly in New Zealand, while their research I carried out at some stage of my life.
       It is worth to notice, that these phenomena, objects and creatures temporarily "simulated" by God to motivate people, amongst others, for "pursuing of knowledge", have a whole range of unique features that distinguish them from the phenomena, objects and creatures permanently existing on Earth. Let us list here, at least a few examples of the most important amongst their distinctive features. Here they are:
       1. The controversy. God always confronts them with the carefully selected people in such a way, that they raise the maximum amount of controversy, and thus they stimulate the vigorous actions of even those ones who normally avoid searching for knowledge. An example of this controversy is the experience of present people who report officially the sightings of UFOs or UFOnauts.
       2. The sense of humour. Temporary "simulations" of such phenomena, objects and creatures, almost always are done in an inspiring and humorous way. For example, in the article "Scientist claims genetic match gives link to yeti", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, October 18, 2013, the information is provided that an English scientist found 100% match between genes from two different samples of brown hair of Himalayan Yeti, and the white hair of polar bear which apparently lived on the Earth somewhere between 40 000 and 120 000 years ago. On the other hand, in the case described in (6) from item #H2 of my web page named god_exists.htm, dinosaur bones were found deliberately formed into a kind of artistic "work of art".
       3. The lack of witnesses. People chosen by God to be confronted with such "simulated" phenomena, objects, or creatures, almost always encounter them when there are NO other witnesses who could confirm their sightings.
       4. The lack of evidence. Everything that God "simulates" in a temporary way, receives such features that make it almost impossible to be confirmed with the evidence that in fact it does exist.
       So here are the curiosities of New Zealand the illusiveness and mystery of which meet the above characteristics of phenomena, objects, or creatures, temporally "simulated" by God to motivate the chosen ones who were confronted with them, to seek knowledge and truth.

#E1. Crop circles and UFO landing sites from New Zealand:
       New Zealand is a well-known country where UFOs rampage completely freely. It is sufficient to remand ourselves the famous in the entire world so-called "Kaikoura UFO film" which on 31 December 1979 captured a glowing UFO vehicle above the township of Kaikoura. A single frame of this motion film is shown in Figure P23 of the monograph [1/5]. The pilot of the cargo airplane "Argosy" from which this historic film was taken, Capt. Bill Startup, did not spare efforts nor funds to prove to the world the existence of UFOs and to scientifically confirm the authenticity of that motion film. But soon after taking this film, the pilot went through a massive brain stroke. His mysterious brain stroke is described in subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5] available free of charge via this web page. Almost immediately after recording this film countless pseudo-scientists with rather suspicious vigour tried to undermine the authenticity and validity of that film. Fortunately, until today they did not manage to do so. Thus the UFO vehicle filmed above the Kaikoura in New Zealand in the presence of a number of witnesses, until today remains one of the most reliable photographic evidence for the existence of UFO vehicles. Also until today, if one wishes to see a UFO, one has the biggest chance to meet it in New Zealand. While living in New Zealand, I see a UFO in average every 6 years. The most important ones from my own UFO sightings are described in subsection VB4.1 of my old monograph [1/4] available free of charge via this web page. Of course, while raiding New Zealand, these UFOs also land on the ground. Therefore, if one knows what to look for, one can find UFO landing sites almost near every farmhouse from the South Island of New Zealand (on the North Island the vegetation is much more vigorous, so UFO landings are not so visible.). On "Fig. #G1" I am showing how these UFO landing sites look like.
* * *
       UFO landing sites are elaborated in more details in subsection V5.1 from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Numerous examples of them are also illustrated in there.

[Bild: 14_o03bh.jpg]

Fig. #E1: A so-called "crop circle". (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       It was found near Ashburton, in February 1992. The extensive description of this circle is provided in subsection VB4.3.1 from volume 17 of my old monograph [1/4].
       Such crop circles are simply landing sites of UFO vehicles made in crops. These are formed by spinning magnetic field used by UFOs for propelling purposes. This spinning field magnetically bends down straws of crops like a huge spinning brush. This in turn makes the crop circle so amazingly precise, that human pranksters are unable to duplicate it. For more explanations regarding UFO propulsion systems see the web page propulsion.htm.

[Bild: k8.jpg]

Fig. #E2: A circular landing site scorched in hard mountain shrubs by a huge UFO type K8. (K8 type of UFOs is the same type that evaporated a huge undergrounnd tunnel shown in "Fig. #F3.)
       The diameter of the ring scorched in the bush was 98 meters - what one can appreciate by looking at sizes of cars that drove along a road below it. This is actually the largest UFO landing site that I investigated so far. It was photographed in Wanaka, New Zealand, on the slope of the Coromandel Peak. The magnetic field that scorched this landing site was so powerful, that it turned hard mountain scrubs which grows over slopes of this hill into grey powder. To be more interesting, this grey powder was flammable and could be burned. Pranksters would not be able to accomplish such a trick, as this is claimed by New Zealand television. Present people simply do not know way, how to turn hard living mountain shrubs into flammable grey powder. Also the slope on which this huge UFO landing was made, was inaccessible for pranksters. Note that similar UFO landing sites, only usually scorched e.g. in grass, can be seen all over New Zealand. More details on their topic is provided in subsection V5.1 from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#E2. UFO sightings:
       New Zealand is a country where one has a biggest chance to see a UFO. However, because I wrote a lot of other web pages about UFO sightings (including UFO sightings that took place in New Zealand), instead of repeating these informations here, I rather direct the reader to see these other web pages. As examples of these the reader can look at following web pages: landslips.htm, evidence.htm, aliens.htm, ufo.htm, tapanui.htm, and several other listed in menus.

#E3. Flying spheres of light:
       These are very strange phenomena. They can be seen with a naked eye. Usually they have sizes of ping-pong balls, and look like round fluorescent bulbs that glow with a ghostly, white light. But there were also reports of bigger ones, which have a size of footballs, and which glow in colours. They actually can fly through solid objects, without damaging these objects or themselves. It was reported to me that they flown inside of a closed car, and also inside of a closed tent. So far I encountered reports which describe their regular sightings in two areas of New Zealand, namely in the Tapanui crater (i.e. the crater described above, in which a stack of 7 UFOs exploded in 1178), and in Coromandel. In the Tapanui Crater these glowing "orbs" appear quite frequently at nights. The owner of this crater saw them many times. Also a group of UFO investigators from Dunedin's Unexplained Phenomena Research Society, who decided to camp in the crater through a night to watch these "orbs", were actually scared out from the crater in the middle of night because these strange glowing spheres terrorised them by flying inside of their tent. (Until today I keep in touch with []Reinhard[/email] who knew members of that scared group.)
* * *
       Here is a quotation from a letter dated 6.1.97 that I received from one of readers of my publications. It contains the best description of these glowing "orbs" that I encountered so-far.
       "Have just realized what some of my friends were talking about a few years back, they went down to the Tapanui Crater and walked the rim of it (for what reason? I couldn't get any sense out of them of what it was all about - now I am starting to understand!) I thought it was some crazy idea to do with that Tapanui 'Flu' that had been raging around, and wondered why on earth they wanted me to go down there with them in the first place! I remember them telling me about the lights (you mention as being 'intelligent') and I told them they didn't need to go that far to find that kind of phenomenon, although the ones I've seen were definitely intelligent but never as small as golf balls! As far as I was concerned there was more than enough to see up here without going South, and to be exceedingly careful of as my mother cautioned me when I was a teenager, plus other elders over the years up to the last time I was near enough to them and the next day the then Rangatira Wahine repeated the caution to me never to follow the Beacon of 'The Watchman' as I would never return, that was about 5 - 6 years ago. The other lights, golden, glowing orbs about the size of a netball, that threw out a brilliant golden radiance lighting up the whole inside of the dwelling in which I was staying were far more interesting. I had heard about them and that it was our host who had seen them but everyone teased him and said he had had too much 'Waipiro' as he was too fond of his beer. But they do exist, just as I have described. I couldn't sleep and noticed the brilliance from the lounge next door, then peeped through our drapes to find an enchanting sight. I couldn't get my girlfriend to wake up and take notice so got up and crept to the doorway of the lounge, keeping in the shadows of the passage, and had a glorious view of these glowing orbs - and this is true! - playing leap-frog and tag down the hill, across the swamp to the waters of the bay and along about 10 feet from the side of the house, all the while following along the farm fence-line jumping along the top of the fence from strainer to strainer to the next post then on again in the merriest game you have ever seen played! They continued on past the house a little way and then came back again, sometimes doubling back over each other. Unfortunately I was so intrigued I gradually edged too far into the lounge and they saw me - instantly (there were at least two dozen of them) all the lights extinguished at once, even those that were quite distant, it was amazing - as if I had just turned off a switch! The suddenness of it all was quite stunning, rather theatrical! If we were in a built-up area I would suspect someone, somehow pulling a gimmick, but we were not within sight of another house except across the other side of the bay, there was the Haurakei Gulf to the front of the house, to the right was a steepish, thickly maiden bush-covered hill, a hundred yards back were preciptous, bush-covered hills 200 - 300 ft high immediately along the road which stopped a short way along and turned to climb up to a pass, and the other side was the shoreline of the bay. I found this to be the most disorientating place I have ever been, the sun didn't rise where you expected it to, and set you didn't understand where? I had to get out the roadmap to correctly orientate myself, and I am no stranger to being in the forest, but here?! To continue the story of the lights, still looking out the side windows across the swamp to the hill on the right, I was stunned to see the cold white, non-dazzling lamp-light of 'The Watchman' come on, it stays on for about 2 - 3 seconds then goes out, and after a short time it comes on again, enticing one to dive over and search it out. It seems so close I even checked out the terrain and planned a route to a third of the way up the hill, but knowing full well that as I would get closer it would move farther away until, as all accounts I have heard tell, you are utterly lost. There are legends about those who have followed, etc."
       Notice that the above quotation confirms the spheres to be intelligent and even "playful". It also confirms that they are excellently known in folklore of New Zealand.

#E3.1. Such spheres of light are seen also in other countries:
       Sightings of these strange flying spheres of light are not limited just to New Zealand. A similar single sphere is reported as being seen on slopes of the Polish mountain called "Babia Góra". There is even a legend about it, stating that it guards a hidden treasure from slopes of this mountain. For this reason, this Polish sphere of light from the Babia Góra mountain is called "Strażnik" - what can be translated into English "The Watchman". The Polish legend states that a person who tries to find this hidden treasure is going to be lost to death by "The Watchman". More about this Polish sphere of light is written in my Polish treatise [4b]. What fascinates me most in this Polish legend, is that the Maori folklore from New Zealand not only calls that sphere of light with the same name "The Watchman" as the Polish folklore, but also describes the same habit of it to cause the fatal loss of people.
       Similar glowing spheres are being regularly sighted as they ascend from the river Mekong, on the border between Thailand and Laos. They are locally known as Naga Fireballs. The most of them can be seen near the Buddhist temple in Phon Phisai, around 40 kilometres from the northern Thailand township "Nong Khai". These lights seem to appear there regularly in October of each year on the night of the full moon. Their brief description is provided in the article "Goodness gracious, great balls of fire" published on page C10 of the 7th December 2003 edition of the New Zealand newspaper, the Sunday Star-Times.
       In the part of American television serial entitled "Weird or What?" broadcasted on channel 3 of New Zealand television at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Monday 3rd January 2011, shown were videos that captured night behaviours of intensely glowing such "orbs". They are regularly seen on slopes of an unpopulated mountain called the "Brown Mountain". From what I saw on these videos, "orbs" from the USA look and behave identically like "orbs" from New Zealand. The local legend claims about these "orbs" from the USA, that they are spirits of native Indians' warriors who died several centuries ago in the bloody battle between two Indian tribes that took place on slopes of this mountain. (Perhaps this particular part of the television serial can still be downloaded from the section "on demand" of the web page of that television channel 3 - available at the address:

#E3.2. What are these spheres of flying lights:
       There is a lot of speculations as to what actually are these supernatural glowing spheres. The dominating opinion is that they have a spiritual character and represent spirits of those ones who died in the result of the Tapanui explosion (described before). But my own research seem to indicate that these glowing spheres are actually computer-controlled miniature UFO-probes, which fly slowly in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering. Depending on which side they are oriented towards the observer or photographer, present UFOlogy calls these UFO-probes with the use of either unfortunate name rods, or slightly more proper name orbs. The name "rods" was assigned to them because when they are photographed from a side view during a fast flight, then on photographs appear like elongated, supernatural glowing rods. In turn the name "orbs" was assigned to them when during the flight they are photographed from the side of their main axis, thus obtaining a rounded shape. More information about these "rods" (i.e. computer-controlled, crewless miniature UFO probes) can be found on the web page telekinesis.htm and also in subsection U3.1.2 from my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn on "Fig. #G1" and "Fig. #G2" from the web page named landslips.htm are published photographs which show the shape of "orbs" (click here to view one of these photographs). Furthermore, on "Fig. 5" from the web page aliens.htm, and "Fig. U18" from the Polish web page explain.htm. are published photographs showing the shape of "rods" captured either in a single flicker, or as a long chain of subsequent telekinetic flickers from the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" (click here to view one of these photographs).

#E4. Technologically looking ceramic spheres that keep falling down from the heaven above:
       All was started in New Zealand. Initially it was over there where strange ceramic spheres begun to fell to the ground from the heaven above. Circumstances in which the spheres were found, and also the manner in which they were lying on the surface of paddocks and gardens revealed that definitively these must fell from the heaven above. Then similar spheres started to fell down also in other countries. Below I am describing all cases that I am aware of, in which these strange spheres were found. I also show their photographs.

#E4.1. Technologically looking ceramic spheres which keep falling down in New Zealand:
       The ceramic spheres shown below belong to a group of around a dozen of them that was found on a paddock in a Southland farm around 1983. I received these directly from the farmer. Unfortunately in the meantime I lost contact with the finder. At approximately the same time I was also contacted by someone from the West Coast of New Zealand, who also found several of these spheres lying in his garden.
       Still another nest containing one pink and over 100 white stone spheres found in 1978 then 12-year old Michael McManaway from Blenheim in New Zealand. (The address of this finder was at that time: 39 Redwood Street, Blenheim, New Zealand.) His finding almost coincided in time with the famous filming of a UFO vehicle over Kaikoura in New Zealand - see the description of the filming provided in item #E1 above. (Townships Kaikoura and Blenheim are located next to each other.) The first description of these spheres appeared in the article untitled "Boy uncovers mystery on Wither Hills" in the local newspaper "The Marlborough Express", issue dated on 13 December 1978. The article informed that each sphere weights around 150 grams (around 3 times as much as a similar golf ball), and is seemingly made of "marble". Then a larger article entitled "Mystery Balls" was published on the subject of these spheres in the New Zealand quarterly newsletter named "UFOs and other mysteries", issue dated on November 1982 (Issue No. 10), pages 3 to 5. (The quarterly was published by a private effort of Mr John Thompson, who at that time used the address: P.O. Box 537, Blenheim, New Zealand.) This larger article informed that balls are made of "compressed porcelain". They were so hard that cutting one of them took a diamond saw around a quarter of an hour, while sparks flew all over the place. The ball turned out to be solid inside, while the net-like decoloured lines ran through it. The article describes also some experiment on these balls, which seem to suggest that balls either generate a powerful field, or polarize the gravity field. However, the description of this experiment is too vague to allow for an independent verification. From the description appears, that after hanging a metal fishing spinner over a ball, the spinner supposedly started to revolve.
       Interestingly, on page 147 of the book [1#E4.1] by Elsdon Best, entitled "Maori Religion and Mythology" (Part 1, A.R. Shearer 1976, Wellington, New Zealand) - referred also on the occasion of discussion of the "chaos as the primeval evolutionary force of the universe" in item #E1 of the web page named will.htm, I have found the following statement about these extraordinary stone spheres - quote: "... the sacred whatu, or stones, ... were still carefully preserved at Whanganui, ..."). It appears, that these stone spheres falling from heaven above were considered "sacred" by tribes of New Zealand Maoris.

[Bild: spheres.jpg]

Fig. #E3: Mysterious stone spheres of the size of golf balls, which repetitively keep appearing on surface of paddocks in New Zealand and in other countries of the world.
       These spheres have the shape of almost eggs. They reveal a regular net under the surface, which suggest that they may be produced technologically. Circumstances in which farmers find them suggest that they fall from the sky above. However, so far I did not meet any report from an eye witness who would actually see them falling from the sky.

#E4.2. A ceramic sphere which fell down from the sky in Netherlands:
       In 2007 I was notified that another stone sphere of a similar size and appearance was found in summer of 2005 by []Mr Gerard Willems - email:[/email]. His stone sphere lied on a paddock near a small town of Brielle in Netherlands. The geographical coordinates the area of this finding, determined from the Google Earth, were: 51° 55' 7.24" N, 4° 10' 43.96" E. The appearance of the stone sphere of Mr Willems is illustrated on the following photograph (click on this green link in order to see his photograph).

#E4.3. A ceramic sphere found in Romania:
       In July 2008 I received an emailed information about still another such a sphere found in Romania. The person who found it was Mr. []Traian Lixandru - email:[/email]. Here is how he describes his finding in his email - quote:
       "I found it back in 1996 or 1997, in a canal near my home at my country - village Domnesti, in Arges county, 45°12'49" N, 24°50'47" E (as in Google Earth). I was cleaning the canal from many stones that were there. I saw this stone immediately. I thought that was a little ball, but when I took it in my hands it felt heavy and like a rock. Since then I was thinking that the stone must be a nature miracle, and refuse it to believe that was man made."
       Here is a photograph of the sphere which he posted to me (click on this green sentence in order to see the photograph).

#E4.4. Similar spheres were found and worshipped in Fiji already in 1860:
       The oldest information about spheres described here, that I am aware of, originates from the year 1860. It is provided in the report that was prepared then by the governor of the colony in Fiji, someone named Colonel Smythe - the Commissioner to Fiji by the British Government. It is published on pages 45 and 46 of the book [1#E4.4] by Gary J Cook and Thomas J Brown, "The Secret Land. People Before" (StonePrint Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999, ISBN 0-9582040-0-4). The author of this report informs how he learned from local people about the driffting of the Rewa god Wairu to Fiji. So he asked a local guide to show him the exact spot to which this god driffted. The guide took him to a hole in a small tree located by a stream, then reached to this hollow and took from it an egg-shaped stone foreign to the locality, of the size of a swan's egg, stating that it is the "god". Then he punt again his hand into the hollow and took from it several smaller spheres of the size and appearance of these described here - then stated that these are "children of god". For some unexplained in the book reason local people from the Island of Fiji claimed that these spheres are the "god" and the "children of god" and worshipped them. A next part of the report described further findings of similar ceramic spheres. One amongst them was found amongst branches of a tree, while another in a hollow of a tree.
       These findings of spheres described here on trees certify that they must "fall down from the heaven above" - in spite that they have the technological appearance and attributes. In turn worshipping them and treating as "gods" suggests that someone must see in relation to them some supernatural event. Furthermore, that year 1860 - in which the spheres were shown to the British representative was shortly after New Zealand and Fiji were just settled by Europeans. Thus, these Pacific islands did NOT have then any industry yet. Meaning, in these times it was impossible for these spheres to be e.g. products, tools, or resources for the local industry. Most clearly they appeared in there in a supernatural manner, and local people were aware of this their supernatural character.

#E5. Other strange objects which also "fall from heaven above" in New Zealand:
       The unusual "ceramic spheres" described in the previous item #E4 of this web page are NOT the only objects that evidently fall from heaven above in that country. In this item I am going to indicate examples of further such objects and substances. Here are some of these:
       Unidentified piece of a machine. In the article "Bay's unwelcome flying object still unidentified", from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, April 19, 2008, a metallic piece of a machine is described and illustrated with a photograph. The piece "fell from heaven" in Hawke's Bay. It weighted around 1 kilogram and was long at around 15 cm. It fell with such a force that it penetrated through the roof and the ceiling of a house, and then destroyed a rug on the floor. But its slightly rusty surface was NOT melted, thus proving that it did NOT fell from the space. Experts of aeronautics stated that for sure it is NOT a part from any aircraft that is known to fly above New Zealand.
       New Zealand most clearly is also a traditional place above which UFOnauts empty their toilets. A strange substance, which looks like half-liquid excrements from a toilet, which smells like faeces from a toilet, but which after researching turns out to be a "mineral" rather than "organic", every now and again falls on roofs of New Zealand houses. A number of cases of falls of this "mineral excrements" is described in item #B8 of the web page evidence.htm - about evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on the Earth.
       Relatively frequent a kind of charcoal "falls from heaven" in New Zealand, which in item #B3 of the web page evidence.htm - about evidence of continuous activities of UFOnauts on the Earth is described under the name "onion-shaped charcoal".
       It should also be added here, that objects described in items #G3 and #G4 of this web page also practically "fell from heaven" at places where they were found later.

#E6. New Zealand Yeti: means monkey-like UFOnauts sighted in New Zealand:
       If the SETI project directed its telescopes at our own planet - instead of searching for extraterrestrials on distant galaxies, then the researchers of this project would fast notice that numerous races of UFOnauts roam over our own planet. Only that these UFOnauts carefully hide from people their presence on the Earth - as this is comprehensively explained on web pages evil.htm - about origins of evil on the Earth, and memorial.htm - about methods of hiding the presence by UFOnauts. Amongst large variety of different races of UFOnauts that roam on the Earth, quite unique is the race of furry UFOnauts looking like monkeys. This race is widely known over the world under the name "Yeti". But it is worth to notice, that the name Yeti have given to UFOnauts native people from Himalaya. In other areas of the Earth the same furry UFOnauts are named in different ways. Depending on the continent they are called: "Yeti", "Snowman", or "Almas" (Asia); "Big-Foot", "Sasquatch", or "Oh-mah-ah" (America), Yowie (Australia), and "Maeroero" (Maoris from New Zealand) - for details see subsection V6 from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Furry UFOnauts that look like monkeys are seen in New Zealand relatively frequent. An illustration that depict the exact appearance of these furry UFOnauts, prepared by three eye witnesses who saw them, is published in the article "Aliens Sighted" that was published on pages 1 and 5 of the New Zealand newspaper named Sunday News (published by News Media (Auckland) Ltd., Glenside Crescent, Auckland, New Zealand, with office at 78 Victoria Street, Wellington ), issue dated on Sunday, May 14, 1989 (click here in order to see this illustration). In this sighting three furry UFOnauts were seen by three gold players at the golf course named the "Wairakei International course". This golf course is located at the northern side of the town Taupo from the North Island of New Zealand. Witnesses managed to approach these furry UFOnauts at a distance of around 50 meters. Thus their description is quite accurate. They describe the appearance of these UFOnauts in following manner: "about two metres tall, slim and coloured bright green with a luxuriant covering of hair." When spotted people UFOnauts "made a weird high-pitched squeaking sound and darted into the trees." The sighting illustrated and described in this article was the third such sighting of the ape-like freaks at the Wairakei course. The first sighting was in 1984.
       The New Zealand version of Yeti, by local Maoris called "Maeroero", is also described on page 159 of the book [1#E6] by Robyn Jenkin, entitled "New Zealand Mysteries" (W. Reed, Wellington, 1970, ISBN 0-589-00494-8). The extraordinary animals seen in New Zealand and described in the chapter "What Animal Was That?" from pages 145 to 163 of that book, are also discussed in item #I1 of the web page soul_proof.htm.
       In New Zealand newspapers articles appear repetitively and frequent, which provide descriptions of evidence for the actual existence of these Yeti-like creatures. For example, just such an article entitled "Hoax, legend, obsession" appeared on page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, January 22, 2008. This article described, amongst others, most commonly known sightings of Bigfoot and evidence for the actual existence of this mysterious creature.
       The most shocking is that a photograph of Yeti strolling along the surface of the planet Mars was sent to the Earth by the NASA Mars explorer named "Spirit" which for last 4 years automatically photographs the surface of Mars. An amateur spotted the figure of this Yeti on the photograph of NASA from Mars, and immediately placed it in Internet under the name "Martian Bigfoot". How this figure looks like, the reader can see by searching for this photo in the Internet with the use of key words Martian Bigfoot. Here is a copy of this Martian photograph with a running Yeti - unfortunately not so clear as in the Internet because it is reproduced from an ordinary newspaper (click here in order to see this photo). Then the same photograph started to be also shown in newspapers. For example in New Zealand it illustrated, amongst others, the article "Life on Mars or just a funny-shaped rock", from page B1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, January 24, 2008. Of course, NASA claim that this photograph shows only a strange Martian rock shaped into the form of a walking Yeti.

#E7. Miniature humanoids with "supernatural" powers, encountered in New Zealand even at present times:
       New Zealand has a lot of mountains and forests to which people wander rather rarely. In turn these courageous ones who go there, frequently report encounters with extraordinary humanoid creatures. These creatures are various sizes and appearance, in their varieties corresponding perfectly to the races and sizes of UFOnauts reported by UFO researchers. Only that when human witnesses do not see these creatures simultaneously with their UFO vehicles, the creatures are described rather as supernatural beings than as UFOnauts.
       Independently from furry creatures similar to Yeti and described in the previous item, in New Zealand frequently are seen miniature humanoids. What even more interesting, their witnessing takes place not only in remote forests, but also in flats and homes from densely populated areas. The size of these creatures sometimes can be so small, that their height is compared to the height of a one-litre bottle of Coca Cola. The appearance of these creatures corresponds to the appearance of equally small although highly mischievous UFOnauts seen even till present in practically all countries of the world, and known in various countries under a number of names. For example in Poland these small creatures are called "krasnoludki" - see their description in item #H2 of the web page wszewilki_uk.htm - about curiosities of the village Wszewilki. In Malaysia they are called "toyol" - see their photograph published as "Fig. 20" on the web page day26.htm - about the murderous tsunami on 26 December 2004 (click on this green writing to see the photo). In turn within New Zealand they are called by their English names "children of the mist", "hobbits", or "fairy", or by their Maori names "turehu" or "patupaiarehe".
       These extraordinary humanoids from New Zealand are seen over there relatively frequent until present times. I know in person five people who saw them with their own eyes and then reported to me this sighting. (One amongst these people is my colleague, Anna, others include my former student, Suzanne, my friend, Anthony, and the same person who described to me the sighting of the fiery spheres from item #E3 above, still another is an acquaintance whose father - a lecturer from Otago, was by these mischievous humanoids troubled for several months until his nervous breakdown.) Four of these reported sightings took place in homes, one even in a bedroom. Only one sighting was on a field. Reports from seeing these extraordinary humanoids appear in New Zealand press every now and again. An article with just such a report, the editorial details of which I recorded, was entitled "Hobbits and the lord of the forest" and published on page A14 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, March 11, 2008. It describes a sighting of just such small being in an old native bush area called the Waipoua kauri forest. In entire New Zealand rumours are circulated, that under unpopulated areas of the so-called "Fiordland" (i.e. south-west edge of New Zealand) supposedly an underground "base" of these small "mist people" is located. The fact is, that on that area airplanes disappear without a trace every now and again - if they dare to fly in there, while the area itself is called jocosely the "Kiwi Bermuda Triangle" - for more details see e.g. the article "Lost without trace in Kiwi 'Bermuda Triangle' " from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday, January 28, 2012.

#E7. The chupacabra ("black panther") from Ashburton:
       UFOnauts become well-known to us from one extremely bad habit, namely that they constantly hide from people the fact of their continuous presence on Earth. Unfortunately, they have also a number of further "dark secrets" which they hide from us. One such "dark secret" is a pet, or a mascot, that they like to keep on their UFO vehicles. This pet, or mascot, is a strange product of genetic engineering. It actually is a composite animal, representing a genetic cross between a lion and an eagle. It may have various colours, like our home dogs. But most frequently it is completely black. Then it looks a bit like a black panther or a muscled black dog. However, in emergency situation it is able to spread huge black wings and fly away. The horror side to this animal is that it feeds on blood. For this reason UFOnauts frequently let it loose in wild parts of Earth, so that it can hunt on earthly animals and drink their blood. In present days UFO investigators call it chupacabra what literally means "goat sucker" - as it likes sucking blood from goats and from sheep. In old times the same animal was known under the name of griffin. When a chupacabra (griffin) kills an animal, people usually do not know that it was a victim of that monster. The reason is that it does not tear apart or damage in any way the victim. It just only makes two small holes, which usually are invisible because they are hidden in the fur. Then it sucks the entire blood through these two small holes. In the result, when later people discover corpses of victims of this monster, they usually believe that these victims died in a "natural" manner. So they do not examine nor research these corpses sufficiently to discover these two small holes and a complete lack of blood.
* * *
       In spite that "simulations" of UFOnauts try to hide these monsters from people, in various parts of the world they are seen from time to time. In such cases usually they are confused with either large black cats, e.g. with "black panthers", black pumas, black leopards, etc., or with large black dogs. Of course, when later people seek to find this wild animal, they fail because in the meantime the monster e.g. "returns" to a UFO vehicle and flies away. In New Zealand, just such a monster is repeatedly sighted already for many years, in, and around, of a small town called Ashburton. I first heard about these of its sightings in 2003, when it was seen just very close to Ashburton. Details of those sightings are provided below in the caption under "Fig. #E4". (Notice that the next "Fig. #E5" shows muscular dogs "rottweiler", to which the structure and size of this monster is often compared.) Another report on the sightings of this monster in New Zealand at which I come across, there was an article "Mystery 'panther' on the prowl", from page A7 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. It reports on the sightings of as a black cat of the size of a dog Labrador, made in the early morning by the township of Fairlie (i.e. also not far from Ashburton). This article publishes as well a clear photograph of a huge black cat-like creature running on ice of the frozen nearby Lake Clearwater, taken earlier by a different person. However, the authenticity of the photo, like all other New Zealand sightings of this monster, is questioned by experts (and by authorities) - who insist that persons reporting the sightings of this monster only see feral domestic cats. In this way, those experts further exacerbates the mysteriousness of these sightings - after all, anyone who personally saw this huge monster the size of a large muscular dog "rottweiler" can clearly distinguish it from the miserable appearance of the feral domestic cat.
       Before this monster started to be sighted in New Zealand, a similarly big black monster described as resembling the appearance of a panther or a cat, was seen (and sometimes still is) in many other parts of the world. Due to internet, probably the most famous out of such places become Bodmin Moor in UK, where this monster was described as a huge "cat-like creature". In 2004 to 2006 this similar to a cat creature from Bodmin Moor was popularised throughout the entire world by a famous television advertisement for the credit card "Visa". The article "Dossier sheds light on Britain's big cat x-files" from page A19 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 8, 2010, states that the organisation named "Natural England" has in its files over 100 reports about sightings of extraordinary animals which were NOT known nor seen before by people who witnesses them, in this number 38 sightings of a strange creature which to witnesses resembled the appearance of a large cat. In other article entitled "DNA may solve mystery of Cotswolds elusive big cats" from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday January 31, 2012, that "Natural England" is bragging that it even has DNA samples of that "cat" and intends to determine scientifically from these samples what kind of animal left them. However, I am ready to bet that this research is to turn inconclusive - as it always is the case with all phenomena "simulated" by God (for more information on these "simulations" see e.g. items #M1 and #F4 from the web page named antichrist.htm). Mysterious, illusive, huge "cats" are also sighted in Australia. For example in the article "Myth or mystery cat ... State wants to get to bottom of sightings", from page A34 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, September 27, 2013, are described official efforts of government from Australian NSW to explain mysterious encounters of people with huge cats that are repetitively reported in there.
       When I was 17 years old, I was actually attacked in Poland, and almost killed, by one of these lion-like or cat-like monsters. This is why I am doing research on them now. Should you wish to learn more about how these creatures attack, how they look, and how they behave, you can read this in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5] - available free of charge via this web page. This subsection R4.2 describes also in details how I was attacked by one of these monstrous pets of "simulations" of UFOnauts. In 2008, this creature most probably was on rampage also in Germany - although no one over there ever have seen it. According to the article "Mystery of Germany's Rabbit Ripper", published on page B2 from New Zealand's newspaper The Dominion Post, edition dated on Friday, July 11, 2008, in Germany a lot of dead rabbits were found, the manner of killing of which suits the method of killing used by chupacabras.
[Bild: panther.jpg]

Fig. #E4: A mysterious and illusive [b]black panther from Ashburton. [/b]
       New Zealand does not have large wild predators, especially of the size of panthers. However such a black monster is seen from time to time. No panther footprints or any other predator's marks are later found in the sighting area. The above illustration was published without an explanation, but most probably it is an artistic vision how a "black panther" would look in the New Zealand landscape. A similar monster is repetitively seen in various parts of New Zealand and the world. The most famous sighting of this monster took place on Friday, 3 October 2003, in Mayfield, 35 km northwest of Ashburton. The observer was Mr Chad Stewart, a professional truck driver. The above drawing illustrated the article entitled "An unsolved mystery" that appeared in a local newspaper named the Ashburton Guardian (P.O. Box 77, Ashburton, New Zealand). I found this article and the above drawing on 14 October 2003, on an excellent web page of this newspaper, which can be viewed from the internet address Ashburton Guardian. Because, I am scared that the Ashburton Guardian removes this article and drawing with the elapse of time, to make room for a next portion of interesting news, and also because I would like to make available this drawing and the description of it for readers in languages other than English, I shifted this drawing here for the convenience of viewers. But I highly recommend to view it firstly at the original web site of the Ashburton Guardian, where it is accompanied with highly informative articles on the mysterious monster from Ashburton.(Notice that the web page of this newspaper has its own search engine. After writing the word "panther" it lists all articles that were published on this illusive monster.) It is worth to notice, that the sighting of the "black panther" near Ashburton, described in the above newspaper, was also published on pages 31 to 32 of the book by Nicola McClay, entitled "New Zealand Mysteries", Whitcoulls, 2005, ISBN 1-877327-36-0. Furthermore, numerous articles on this panther appeared repetitively in other New Zealand newspapers - as an example see the article "'Panther' eludes expert stalkers" which appeared on page A14 from a New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, August 19, 2006.

[Bild: psy.jpg]

Fig. #E5: Apart from myself, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak, this photo shows, amongst others, two muscular dogs that belong to the breed called "[b]rottweiler". [/b]
       (For having a better look at this photograph you can click on it.) The person in blue jacket, who holds one of these dogs on the leash, is me - Dr Jan Pajak. The other person is the owner of dogs. The entirely black chupacabra ("black panther") which attacked and almost killed me when I was 17, was just of the muscular body-build and of the size of this particular breed of dogs, although it had a different external shape than this dog. More details about the appearance of this strange monster that attacked and almost killed me when I was 17, is provided in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 ofmy newest monograph [1/5].

Part #F: Glossy underground tunnels and caves evaporated in New Zealand by UFOs:
#F1. UFO tunnels:
       UFOs have this extraordinary ability, that when they switch on their magnetic whirl mode of operation, they create a spinning cloud of glowing gas plasma around their hulk. Plasma, as we know, is a very destructive phenomenon. Actually whatever is impossible to cut with normal tools, it is cut by plasma. Thus such a spinning and glowing plasma that surrounds a UFO vehicle, is a kind of circular saw of enormous power. It is able to cut through rocks and buildings. By using this plasma saw, UFO vehicles are capable to evaporate long, straight, underground tunnels. In New Zealand several such tunnels were detected. Unfortunately none of them was open for research. Probably the most famous out of these is the tunnel that UFOnauts evaporated for the use of Maoris under the river "Grey" near "Greymouth". Maoris for many centuries used this tunnel instead of a bridge, to walk through it to the other side of this dangerous river. But when white settlers arrived to New Zealand and build a bridge near this tunnel, the tunnel got mysteriously blocked. So now it cannot be accessed. In turn miners who worked at the Clyde dam project reported to me that several such straight, glossy tunnels were opened by miners, but they were immediately cemented. Because of all these strange reasons the first UFO tunnel that I managed to see and research, lies in Borneo, not in New Zealand. It is the famous Deer Cave shown in "Fig. #F3".
       People are non-typically (i.e. artificially) sceptical regarding the existence of UFOs. For this reason they explain all UFO evidence in "natural" manners. This also includes UFO tunnels. A typical claim is that such tunnels are actually "lava caves", means they are made by lave flow from a nearby volcano. Fortunately for UFO tunnels, the unique magnetic propulsion that UFOs use, imposes a series of attributes that these tunnels have, but which could not be present in "lava caves". For example, one group of such attributes results from the fact that UFOs must always fly oriented with their floor perpendicular to the local course of Earth's magnetic field. Because UFO vehicles have a discoidal shape, such their flight means that they evaporate roughly elliptical tunnels like the one shown in "Fig. #F3", when they fly approximately in a magnetic south-north direction. In turn they produce tunnels which have a triangular cross section, like the one shown in "Fig. #F1", when they fly approximately in an east-west direction. The dependency of the shape of tunnel UFOs create, from the direction of flight, is illustrated on "Fig. #F2".
       Another characteristic feature of UFO tunnels is the existence of "apparent floor". Actually complete UFO tunnels are always symmetrical towards their horizontal axis. But because after the flight of UFO vehicle a lot of rock rubbles fall down on the bottom of their tunnel, and then this rubble is covered with quickly solidifying rock vapours, apart from a real floor, UFO tunnels have also "apparent floor" at around a half of their height. Thus the lower half of these tunnels lies under this apparent floor, filled up with rock rubbles and frequently also with water. This apparent floor has also a different consistency than the walls of UFO tunnels. Actually in "Fig. #F1" we can see a classical appearance of such an apparent floor. In turn "Fig. #F2" illustrates how it is created and placed in a UFO tunnel.
       UFO tunnels exist practically in every country. Only that people not always are aware of these. This web page, and also the web page about the Magnocraft, show photographs of such tunnels from New Zealand and from the tropical Island Borneo. In Poland such UFO tunnels for sure exist under the Babia Góra mountain, while the local folklore informs that probably also under the Łysica and Sobótka mountains. The photograph of a UFO tunnel that exists in Korea is shown on the web pages about Malbork and about Korea. In turn UFO tunnels from Ecuador and Australia are shown in chapter V from volume 17 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       For more details on UFO tunnels please see subsections of my monograph [1/5] indicated under "Fig. #F2" and "Fig. #F3".
[Bild: ufo_tunnel.jpg]

Fig. #F1: Is this a UFO tunnel?
       I personally believe that YES. But since I am unable to complete a thorough research, I am unable to determine this conclusively. Scientists call it a "lava cave", as the flow of lava is the only natural phenomenon that could be used to explain unique attributes of these underground tunnels (apart from their technological evaporation by UFO vehicles). However, the above photograph indicates, that this particular tunnel displays all properties of a UFO tunnel, and that it would be difficult to make lava to flow horizontally, or even slightly uphill. The above photograph of this extraordinary tunnel is shown on page 8 of the interesting book copyrighted and authored by Bruce W. Hayward, and entitled "Precious Land" (Geological Society Of New Zealand Guidebook Number Twelve, Bush Press Communications Ltd., P.O. Box 33-029, Takapuna 1309, Auckland, New Zealand, 1996, ISBN 0-908678-60-6). The description which refers to it states that it is the "Wiri lava cave" located in the Wiri Mountain, in Manukau District (near Auckland). It also states, quote: "On several occasions in the 1980s vigilance by local cavers saved the cave from destruction by encroaching quarrying activities. ... Negotiations between various Government departments to achieve permanent reserve status began in 1987 and in 1996 appear to be no closer to achieving the goal." So it seems that someone very powerful wishes this cave is quickly destroyed and unavailable for public viewing. From my previous research it stems that this is always the case with all material evidence on UFOs, especially so illustrative as UFO tunnels - for examples of this hidden although persistent destruction of UFO evidence see Polish treatise [4B] on this subject, or see the totaliztic web pages evil.htm and memorial.htm.

[Bild: 14_f31.gif]

Fig. #F2: This illustration shows how UFO tunnels are evaporated, and what are their major features resulting from this evaporation.
       The comprehensive description of attributes of such UFO tunnels are provided in subsection G10.1.1 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5] (which explains how such tunnels are evaporated by a UFO vehicle), and in subsection V5.3.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5] (which explains properties of the Deer Cave from the photograph below).

[Bild: 14_o06d.jpg]

Fig. #F3: A photograph of the most spectacular UFO tunnel, which is the Deer Cave in Northern Borneo.
       It was evaporated by two UFOs type K8, coupled together into a stacked-cigar shaped flying complex. This cave is described comprehensively in subsection V5.3.1 from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].

#F2. Taniwha lairs:
       New Zealand Maoris have numerous legends describing mythical gigantic creatures that they call "Taniwha". If one analyses the behaviour of these creatures, this behaviour closely resembles behaviour of present UFO vehicles. Thus it is highly probable, that Maoris who did not know machines, took flying UFO vehicles for mystical animals and called them "Taniwha". This probability is additionally supported by the fact, that with the same name "Taniwha" Maoris used to also call a kind of evil human-like creatures (i.e. human-shaped "Taniwha" from Maori folklore are similar to "serpents" and "devils" from the European folklore). So it appears that Maoris were confused seeing huge flying UFO vehicles, from which human-like evil crew members were emerging, and thus called "Taniwha" both, the vehicles and their crew members.
       A strange similarity concerning UFOs and Taniwha, is that both of them seem to hide from people inside of caves that were evaporated by UFO vehicles in hills standing alone. According to Maori legends there is a lot of hills in New Zealand, which have large drum-shaped caves inside of them. In these caves Taniwha monsters hide from people. So far I learned about such Taniwha hiding inside of: (1) the Saddle Hill near Dunedin (shown here on "Fig. #B2), (2) the Matanaka Hill near Waikouaiti (shown here on "Fig. #F5), (3) the sacred Puketapu hill near Palmerston, (4) the Mount Nimrod near Timaru, and several others the names and locations of which I have not recorded. If one actually examines hills that supposed to hide these Taniwha, it turns out that such hills are constantly covered with fresh rings of telekinetically stimulated vegetation. (You can see such rings on photo from "Fig. #F5", as well as on "Fig. #E2" and "Fig. #I3".) In turn it is known that just such stimulated rings of more vivid vegetation are formed when UFO vehicles operating in the mode of "telekinetic flickering" are slowly submerging under the ground. (What is this "telekinetic flickering" you can learn from the page telekinesis.htm.) So actually these scorched rings of vegetation are a kind of material evidence that certifies for the truth of all these Maori stories about Taniwha hiding in caves located inside of these hills!
       To be even more incredible, during my UFO research I get to know eye witnesses, who actually were abducted to UFO vehicles parked in such caves located inside of hills. One of them was abducted to a UFO vehicle, that was "parked" inside of such a cave that exists within the Saddle Hill near Dunedin - see "Fig. #B2". His abduction to this cave was carried out by a tractor beam that for him looked like a ray of colourful light. He said that when he was about to hit the surface of the Saddle Hill, he was scared that he gets hurt. But he penetrated through the ground and rocks into the cave inside, and then into a huge UFO vehicle hovering within this cave, as if these were made of a liquid. UFOnauts thought that he is sleeping when they abducted him, but he was just pretending that he sleeps, and thus he could later tell me a story of his UFO abduction. Another witness was abducted into a UFO vehicle which was parked inside of a cave located within one of hills from Auckland. But because then he was just visiting Auckland (he used to live in Dunedin) he was unfamiliar with this city and quite confused by his strange experience, thus he was unable to tell me which hill it was.
       If a cave that hides inside of a large mountain is evaporated by a UFO vehicle of the K10 type, then the diameter of it can exceed one kilometre. In turn small UFO vehicles which hover in such a cave, and which ionise the air with their magnetic field, would look in it like small underground suns. So if a human wandered to such a huge cave partially filled with an underground lake and having its own "sun", then after returning to the surface this human would start talking about an entire "underground world" located under this mountain. Just such a gigantic, drum-shaped cave is hiding under the "Round Hill" located between Cromwell and Nevis. It was discovered during drilling of tunnels for the Clyde Hydro Project. This cave is so huge that it could accommodate the biggest UFO vehicle. There is a large lake filled up with mineral water on the bottom of it. In vicinity of Cromwell one can hear folklore stories about this one and other similar huge underground caves with lakes inside. Thus, it is possible that these were echoes of similar stories coming from New Zealand that inspired Jules Verne to write his book "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". (Probably it also is not without a valid reason that the action of the TV film of 1999, based on this book and having the same title, is placed in New Zealand.) After all, J. Verne was aware of the New Zealand folklore. In his other books he refers to the existence "underground worlds" under New Zealand, and also describes the New Zealand kiwi bird.
* * *
       At this point I should add, that the exact interpretation as to who actually were these dreaded Taniwha of whom the warrior-like New Zealand Maoris were afraid so much, is presented on a separate web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz. The interpretation over there is supported with significant photographic evidence that shows, amongst others, the appearance of these dreaded "Taniwha" and their murderous weapon. In turn the appearance of a "flying serpent" which originates from the mythology of Cambodia that is very similar to mythology of New Zealand Maoris, is shown in "Fig. #2" from the web page about the Bible authorized by God himself.
[Bild: batu.jpg]

Fig. #F4: A section of interior of the "Batu Cave" from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in which supposedly lives Hindu god Murungan. (The photograph of the sculpture of god Murugan is shown in "Fig. #1" from the web page on the philosophy of parasitism.) (Click on the above photo to see it enlarged.)
       This cave is actually located inside of a hill that stands alone. From outside this hill looks very solid, and the cave inside of it was discovered only because a part of the slope has collapsed. Otherwise people would have no idea that a huge cave hides inside of this lone hill. The Batu Cave is also shaped like a drum, so that it easily is able to accommodate inside a large discoidal UFO vehicle. It is located at around 1/3rd of the height of the Batu Hill. So it dominates over surrounding landscape and thus allows to carry out direct abductions of people by a tractor beam send from the inside of this cave. It is not a coincidence that it was declared a "sacred cave" by Hindu religion and that currently religious observations of Taipusam are carried out in there in January or February each year. Notice that one of Hindu gods (God Ganesh) has a face covered with gas mask similar to that we currently know that it is used by one race of UFOnauts that cannot breath with Earth's atmosphere. Of course ancient people did not know what are gas masks or breathing apparatuses, so they believed that he is just an "Elephant God".

[Bild: matanaka.jpg]

Fig. #F5: A photograph of the Matanaka Hill from Waikouaiti in Northern Otago. (I wonder whether the reader notices that on the slope of this hill I am also present, i.e. Dr Jan Pajak.) According to legends a monster "Taniwha" lives also inside of this particular hill. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Translating this legend into a present language, it is possible that there is a cave inside of this hill, and in this cave a UFO vehicle resides, which carries out abductions of people that live nearby. Coincidently, this hill is always covered by numerous circles of vegetation scorched by propulsion system of UFOs. On this photograph you can see several of such circles of grass magnetically scorched by UFOs. Three largest of them are positioned in a horizontal row one next to the other. You can see them most clearly, because I am standing inside of the central one. In order to realize how huge was the size of UFOs that scorched these circles, compare my size with the size of these scorched rings. The white circle that I hold in my hands is exactly 1 meter in diameter, while the arrow of it points towards magnetic north. It is highly probable that these circles of magnetically scorched vegetation were formed when UFO vehicles slowly submerged under the ground in the state of telekinetic flickering in order to enter to the cave located inside of this hill.
       When in February 2008 I drove near the above "Matanaka Hill", I noticed that in the place which is shown on the above photograph now a huge crater does exist. This crater did not exist in 1988 when I took the above photograph. So it probably was formed when collapsed a part of the cave which is inside of this hill. This would confirm, that Maori legends have factual merit and that really in the cave inside of this hill a UFO vehicle could hide.
       Beliefs that some hills hide UFO vehicles together with their evil crew members, are not limited to New Zealand Maoris only. As "Fig. #F4" illustrates this, to exactly the same beliefs prescribe adherers of Hinduism. In turn "Fig. #2" from the web page about the Bible authorized by God himself. shows serpent-shaped UFO vehicles described by the folklore of Cambodia. Also in Poland numerous legends exist on the subject of dragons, devils and witches that used to flock to hills that hide caves inside. For example, according to Polish legends devils and witches used to gather on hills called "Babia Gora", "Lysa Gora", "Sobotka", and also to the hill on the top of which presently the Malbork Castle of Teutonic Knights is standing. (Actually, in the Malbork castle strange creatures flying towards undergrounds are seen even presently - have a look at a photo of one of them shown on the web page about the Malbork castle.) Also all attributes of these Polish hills infested with devils and witches, seem to coincide with attributes of hills from New Zealand that are infested with Taniwha.

Part #G: Mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand that originate from the explosion of a space vehicle near Tapanui in 1178 AD:
#G1. The UFO explosion site near Tapanui:
       Probably everyone have heard of a famous explosion in Tunguska, Central Siberia, 1908. Well, in New Zealand was a similar explosion in 1178. Only that this New Zealand blast was many times more powerful than the one from Tunguska. Also this New Zealand explosion left a huge crater and numerous other material evidence, which you can see even today. This UFO explosion took place near a small New Zealand town called Tapanui. Until today you can see numerous remains and material evidence left after this explosion. Some of these remains you can see on the web page marked Tapanui in the "Menu 2".
* * *
       Because I completed a lot of research on this UFO explosion near Tapanui, I prepared a separate web page exclusively devoted to the description of it. So should you wish to learn more about this powerful UFO explosion that took place in New Zealand, shift now to the web page Tapanui that describes it in more details.

[Bild: 54_a01.jpg]

Fig. #G1: A distant view of the Tapanui Crater where a cigar-shaped stack of 7 UFO vehicles type K6 exploded in 1178 AD. This crater has around 1 kilometre in diameter. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Note two huge, fully-grown pine trees growing, one inside and one outside, of this colossal crater. Note also how small are sheds in which the private owner of this crater keeps his farming tools.
       This and other photographs of the Tapanui Crater are also shown and described on a separate web page tapanui.htm - about the Tapanui explosion.

[Bild: tapanui_from_s.jpg]

Fig. #G2: A view of the Tapanui Crater from the Southern direction. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       This photograph was taken in 1998, soon after the Tapanui Crater went through agricultural adjustments. Unfortunately, these adjustments ruined many original features of this UFO explosion site.

[Bild: tapanui_wind.jpg]

Fig. #G3: Whenever a research expedition was organised to the Tapanui Crater, unexpectedly a freak weather was there, which make any research impossible. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Most frequently such freak weather involved powerful winds, frogs, and heavy rains that strangely affected only this crater. Once a tornado was registered just in there. On the above photo a strange but powerful wind is documented, which during one such an expedition prevailed only in the Tapanui crater and on the edge of it, but was absent just only a few meters from the crater. Later I learned that invisible UFO vehicles can create their own weather at any will and in any location they wish to influence something with their weather.

#G2. Concentrically uprooted "totara" trees that remember times of Jesus:
       In 1178 a powerful UFO explosion near Tapanui uprooted trees, that already then were over 1000 years old. These trees were mainly famous New Zealand totara, which grow very slowly. A totara tree of around 1 meter in diameter before the Tapanui explosion needed to grow for around 1000 years. Some of these trees uprooted in 1178 exceeded 2 meters in diameter. So it means that they used to already be quite large when Jesus was walking on Earth. After almost 850 years of lying dead, the timber from these (now over 2000 years old) trees is still so hard, that local entrepreneurs use it for carving. They usually make souvenirs for tourists out of them. So if you are lucky enough to meet such an entrepreneur, for just a few dollars you can buy a souvenir that is made from wood that remembers times of Jesus. But even if you do not buy such a souvenir, look for these old totara trees in New Zealand landscape, because there is a lot of human history and amazing events attached to them - for details see the page marked Tapanui in the "Menu 2".

[Bild: 54_c09a.jpg]

Fig. #G4. This is how look old trunks of [b]totara trees that were uprooted in 1178 by the Tapanui explosion. In spite of an old looking surface, inside they have a hard, healthy, red-coloured wood. The quality of this superb wood is even higher than that of oak in Europe. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.) [/b]
       Local entrepreneurs use this wood for carving various souvenirs treasured by tourists because of their beauty. In order to show this red healthy wood, I removed a part of the aged surface from the front side of the above log. Notice that behind this log a kind of circular rim can be seen in the paddock. The indentation that this rim surrounds is the Tapanui Crater, as the above totara tree used to lie only around 400 meters from the edge of this crater.

#G3. Strange "china stones":
       The so-called "china stones" are formed from big lumps of local soil, clay, native rock and other original materials which were blasted from the Crater by the power of the explosion, aerodynamically shaped during flight, baked (fired) by the heat, glazed on the surface, and then deposited as part of the post-explosion fallout. Examples of china stones are shown in Figure 15 of [5e]. China stones display many unusual features, some of which directly point to their origin as being from the Tapanui explosion.
       On the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm - about the Tapanui explosion is shown a photograph of such "china stone" (click here to see this photograph).

#G4. Debris of extraterrestrial spaceships that lie around in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater and that contain grains of aluminium which in a pure form does NOT appear in the nature:
       Around the Tapanui Crater unusual metallic debris can be found even today. These metallic splinters clearly represent debris from an extraterrestrial spaceship that exploded in there. People used to find a lot of such debris in past. But the majority of them were collected from fields until today and now they gather dust in drawers of local farmers or mystery collectors.
       The splinter most commonly appearing around the Tapanui crater looks like a magnetised piece of iron. An example of typical appearance of such debris that is in the private collection of the author is shown below on a photo from "Fig. #G5" (and on Figure 16 from monograph [5/3e]). If one takes under account the melted surface of it, aerodynamic shape, compressed structure, magnetisation, and unnatural composition, one must come to the conclusion that for sure it represents a piece of UFO that exploded in the Tapanui crater. In fact this debris looks like a piece of a spacecraft, torn apart by the explosion, melted, mixed with molten local soil, magnetized, compressed, aerodynamically shaped during the flight, magnetised by the "magnetic flash" of the exploding propulsors of the spaceship, and then deposited in the vicinity of the explosion site. It is also interesting that the soil in the vicinity of the Tapanui Crater displays an excess of aluminium, while simultaneously some other micro-elements seem to be deficient there. It almost looks as if aluminium was spread on this soil from some large disintegrating object.
       The spectrometric analysis of the debris from my collection indicated that it consists of: magnetized iron (about 30%), grains of pure aluminium (around 10%) and silicone (around 60%). At this point it should be stressed that aluminium in pure form does not appear in nature. Actually this modern-age metal can be obtained only by the technology at least as much advanced as the present ours. Aluminium was NOT discovered on the Earth until 1803. But in the pure form it was not produced successfully until 1854. Practically, however, the technology of mass aluminium production was only mastered shortly before the World-War 2. Today the process of extracting aluminium from bauxite is very complicated and involves the use of a Reverbier Oven, a refraction chamber and a regenerator, as well as electrolyses and temperatures exceeding 950 degrees Celsius. Of course, the New Zealand Maoris did NOT have all these complicated technologies (before the arrival white settlers to New Zealand around 1840, Maoris did NOT know the technology of any metal), so they were unable to produce the debris described here. Thus, one may ask the question how it could be possible that a pure aluminium is contained in debris spread around the Tapanui Crater, unless of course these debris are melted fragments from a spaceship manufactured by a technology even more advanced than ours.
       Further details regarding strange debris found in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater are provided in items #D3, #E2 and #E3 of the web page tapanui.htm - about the Tapanui explosion.
[Bild: 54_c14.jpg]

Fig. #G5 (also "Fig. #7" from the web page [b]tapanui.htm - about the Tapanui explosion). Here is an example of scientifically undeniable evidence that the Tapanui crater originates from the explosion of an extraterrestrial spaceship. This example is formed from fragments of a spaceship, that were torn apart by the power of explosion, mixed with local sand, compressed by the power of magnetic explosion, melted, and magnetised (from the private collection of the author). This splinter contains inside, amongst others, sizable pieces (large grains) of pure aluminium. In turn, as everyone is aware, aluminium does NOT appear in nature in a pure form. Furthermore, the debris contains also iron which is strongly magnetised. This in turn contradicts that the piece was magnetised still before it was melted, As we know, melted iron looses its magnetisation. This debris was found in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater. In past people used to find a lot of similar debris in the vicinity of this crater. But until today almost all of them were collected, while presently they gather dust in private collections - while the rest of the world does NOT know about their existence. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.) [/b]
       As the reader is probably aware, aluminium does NOT appear in nature in a pure form. Old Maoris that inhabited New Zealand did not know the craft of making metals - so they also could NOT make debris that would contain pure aluminium. Thus the only reason why in melted debris found in the vicinity of the Tapanui crater one can found grains of pure aluminium is that these debris originate from an explosion of extraterrestrial spaceship. Notice that a coin photographed with this debris (an old New Zealand 50 cents coin) has 32 mm in diameter.
       At this point it is worth to add, that around the Tapanui crater a wealth of further undeniable evidence of extraterrestrial explosion is also present. For example, independently from the similar to the above, melted fragments of the spaceship's structure, people used to find in there pieces of mysterious magnetised metal that looks like gold and has properties undistinguishable from gold - their example is shown in "Fig. #8ab" of the web page tapanui.htm - about the Tapanui explosion. (This mysterious noble metal still remains unknown to human science, after all gold cannot be magnetised.) Furthermore, the entire vicinity of the crater is magnetised; old forests were burned and flattened down in there; all moa birds were killed by something; in past the soil there was covered with a layer of gold dust thus forming a New Zealand version of the mythological "golden fleece"; from the crater were splashed deposits of a glossy mineral called "trinitite" - which originates exclusively from nuclear explosions; large deposits of a strange "black sand" are present in areas of post-explosive fallouts, grains of which are made of the unusual iron powder covered with glass; the ground is spotted with lumps of melted and compressed soil with leaves and pieces of wood inside (so-called "china stones"); from the soil were evaporated all micro-elements that are sensitive to radiation - such as selenium, iodine, calcium, etc.; a mysterious illness similar to a post-radiation illness still rages in there; the crater is a site for extraordinary weather anomalies; "flying spheres of light" described in item #E3 of this web page are witnessed in there; there are frequent UFO sightings in the Tapanui crater; etc., etc. In addition to all these, local Maori legends unambiguously state that an extraterrestrial spaceship exploded in there in distant past, while numerous local names describe effects of a powerful explosion (e.g. the name "Ta-pa-nui" in the Maori language means "the-huge-explosion", while the name "Puke-ruau" for the hill on which the Tapanui crater is located means "the-hill-that-shook-the-Earth".)

#G5. Comparisons of the Kofels impact from Austria with the Tapanui explosion from New Zealand illustrate how the "Pearse's syndrome" introduces the situation "lost-lost" in all areas where the situation "win-win" could appear:
       The name Pearse's syndrome is an expression of the tragic situation which originates from the real life and that actually affected Richard Pearse - i.e. the constructor and pilot of the first New Zealand airplane. (Descriptions of the fate of this extraordinary inventor and designer is contained in item #B3 and in caption under "Fig. #B3" of this web page, as well as on the separate web page mozajski_uk.htm - about Alexander Mozajski.) This syndrom could be defined briefly as follows: the Pearse's syndrome is a life situation when some exceptional technical or scientific accomplishment is persecuted, denied, suppressed, and surrounded with a wall of silence by inhabitants of the country in which it was made, while the author of this accomplishment is subjected by his own countrymen to various forms of tormenting and oppression. Of course, the "Pearse's syndrome" itself is just a symptom, while the illness which causes it has much deeper roots. For example, in my personal opinion Richard Pearse experienced his fate because his countrymen practiced the cult of muscles from which resulted the respect only to accomplishments of the body, and the ignorance to the accomplishments of intellects. In turn e.g. Alexander Mozajski was affected by this syndrome because of the paralysing bureaucracy which rampaged in his country.
       A reversal of the "Pearse's syndrome" is a "normal situation" - means the situation when every accomplishment is promoted as it should and by the country in which it was made. A good example of the reversal of this syndrome is the fate of the Kofels impact landslide in Austria.
       For some unknown reasons information about the Kofels impact in Austria was presented in New Zealand as if it was a "fools-day joke". Namely, in the "fools-day" issue of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, April 1, 2008, page B2, a meaningful article appeared entitled "Asteroid recorded on tablet". In this article an ancient catastrophe was presented, the description of which in this newspaper was like a "carbon-copy" of my own descriptions of the UFO explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand - reported in item #G1 of this web page, and also on the separate web page tapanui.htm - about the UFO explosion near Tapanui. Only geographical names, dates, and details are different. For example, that description, amongst others, refers to Greek myths which describe someone called Phaeton, son of Helios, who went for a ride in the fiery chariot of his father, but lost the control and fell into the River Eridanus, causing huge destruction. Two scientists, namely Dr Mark Hempsell and Alan Bond, deciphered from an old Sumerian clay tablet (in half destroyed) what really had happen, and their findings described in the book on this subject entitled "A Sumerian Observation of the Kofels' Impact Event". In that book they provided calculations based on the content of the planisphere clay tablet, which state that this ancient catastrophe took place just before dawn on June 29 in the year 3123 BC, and that the consequences of it included, amongst others, the destruction of biblical Sodom and the formation of an elliptical landslide of the dimensions 5 km wide and 500 metres thick near the place Kofels in the Austrian Alps.
       The most shocking for me is the comparison of the treatment which this Kofels impact in Austria received in the world in comparison with the treatment of the results of research on the Tapanui explosion in New Zealand. Namely, in spite that the Kofels impact is like a "carbon-copy" of the Tapanui explosion, it is loudly promoted, while the Tapanui explosion is intentionally silenced by local scientists and authorities, and intentionally subjected to the action of the "Pearse's syndrome". Of course, the outcome of such a difference in treatment, is that all people that have anything to do with the Kofels impact found themselves in the situation "win-win". In turn all people who are somehow affected by the Tapanui explosion found themselves in the situation "lost-lost". In other words, because of the enthusiastic and "normal" promotion of the Kofels impact, its authors received international recognition, publishers of the book on the subject have a good business and free publicity, inhabitants of the vicinity of Kofels obtained an influx of tourists who additionally improve the economy of these areas, believers in God obtained one more case of scientific evidence for the correctness of claims of the Bible, while the human science received an important case for research. In turn because of the oppression, silencing, and negation by New Zealanders of the information about the Tapanui explosion, the only thing that received the person who researched this explosion (means me) in return for his discovery and for many years of research, was the loss of lecturing job in 1990, and years of unemployment (though without the unemployment benefit) which come afterwards. In turn publications about this explosion are NOT read because local experts compete with each other in denying their merit, the area around the Tapanui crater almost no-one visits - so it still remains (as it was described in the programme of the local TV) a "wind-swept wilderness", no-one tries to repair unhealthy consequences of the Tapanui explosion nor preserve its evidence for future generations, while the human science is cut off from hugely interesting case which could be researched for the benefit of our knowledge.

Part #H: Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from the waves of timespace caused by the explosion of a time vehicle:
#H1. Repetitive although brief appearances in New Zealand of animals that are extinct for a long time:
       UFO vehicles that were exploded near Tapanui represented the so-called Time Vehicles. In turn every explosion of a time vehicle induces powerful disturbances in "timespace", thus also disturbances in the continuity of time on a given area. Time starts to fluctuate there like water-waves in a lake. This fluctuating time in turn has the ability to brings to our times various animals (or people) that normally live in other time periods. Examples of such animals that are already extinct but that briefly appear in our times, include gigantic moa birds, and also a strange looking giant predatory monster ("mosasaur"), that is quite similar to a crocodile. (I have heard rumours originating from a local folklore, that this monster, which is already extinct for millions of years, sometimes still eats incautious people who encounter it. However, there is no official evidence that would support these rumours, nor even official reports of someone seeing this monster. Mind you, the scoffing and laughing that would meet any such an official report, may discourage local people from official reporting anything that is out of ordinary and out of "normal".)
       On the totaliztic web page tapanui.htm - about the Tapanui explosion photographs of the giant moa birds are shown (click here to see one of these photographs).
       At this point it is worth to realise, that time fluctuates near every explosion site of time vehicles. In history of our planet many such time vehicles exploded in various areas of the globe (for details see monographs [5/3] and [5/4]). Therefore such prehistoric animals keep to appear and disappear in various other areas of Earth as well, not just only in New Zealand. The most well-known of them include famous "Nessie" from Loh Ness in Scotland, and the dinosaur-like monster from the lake Cini in Malaysia.

#H2. Current sightings of extinct moa birds:
       The most frequently appearing such prehistoric animals that appear in New Zealand due to waving of the "timespace" are huge moa birds. Every now and again people see these birds in New Zealand, or find tracks of their footprints - in spite that moa birds are completely extinct since 1178, i.e. since happened this UFO explosion near Tapanui. Thus, one day people meet them and see them, other day they cannot be found there any more. The newest case when two Australian researchers have found fresh track of so-called "scrub moa" in the New Zealand bush near Urewera, was described in the article entitled "Urewera moa 'probably emu' ", that was published on page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, January 9, 2008. The same footprints of moa are also described in another article entitled "Big birds puzzle experts" which appeared on page A8 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, January 10, 2008.
       I should add that one of my own friends in 1987 photographed a fresh trail with very clear footprints, made by a giant moa bird.

#H3. Historic sightings of extinct moa birds:
       Sightings of extinct moa birds brought to our times by "time surges" (means by waving timespace) are not limited to present times only, means to times when the imagination of people is inspired by museum exhibitions and by TV documentaries. Actually these extinct moa birds are seen in New Zealand from the beginning of European settlements in that country. For example, a time surge most probably was the cause for the following news item that appeared in the "The Southland Times" newspaper, March 5th 1875 edition, Page 3, quote: "Christchurch, March 4. A statement appears in the Globe from a trustworthy correspondent, whom however the Globe does not vouch for, that moas tracks had been discovered at Oxford Bush, forty miles from Christchurch, on the 2nd March. Three people are alleged to have seen footprints, each measuring six inches, the distance between each footprint being from seven to nine feet. The tracks were followed for half-a-mile."

#H4. The permanent emerging in New Zealand of the reptilian "tuatara" called the "key to knowledge":
       One of the more significant examples of evidence that supports a sporadic appearance of Moa bird in our times, is the parallel appearance in New Zealand of another creature, which also could be shifted from distant geological epochs and brought to present times in the effect of such disturbances (waving) of the timespace. This important incomer from a far past is a lizard-like creature related to dinosaurs and called "Tuatara". It is more exactly described in monograph [5/4], namely in subsection C7.3 over there, in item E1 from chapter I, and in item E1 from subsection G5. It already lived on Earth around 150 millions years ago, while some relatives of it appeared already as long ago as 225 millions of years. So in the sense of age it is approximately an equivalent to coal, means a kind of "living fossil".
       According to my theories proposed in monographs [5/4] i [1/4], reptilian "tuatara" most probably was shifted to our times from distant epochs in the result of disturbances (waving) introduced to the so-called "timespace" at the moment of the explosion of time vehicles near Tapanui. If these theories are correct, then of course it should be possible to prove them correct through appropriate research - for example through checking whether there are any well documented and reliably dated remains of the tuatara originating from times before the Tapanui explosion. (I seek for a long time any evidence that such remains do exist. But so-far, to my amusement, I never encountered any trace of the existence in New Zealand of remains of tuatara older than 900 years.)
       The intriguing curiosity of this "Tuatara" is, that a translation of its Maori name reads "the key to knowledge". I am explaining the strange meaning of this translation into a following manner. Maoris kept in past (and still keep until today) a vivid contacts with their cosmic "Tohunga", means with their cosmic teachers and supervisors from UFOs. Because these "Tohunga" have the knowledge of UFOnauts, they exactly know that "Tuatara" appeared in New Zealand because of a powerful time surge. As such, our understanding the mechanism of the arrival of these Tuatara to our times represents a "key to knowledge". When Maoris were informed about this, with the elapse of time they forgotten the justification why "Tuatara" are "key to knowledge", but still they kept such name for these "living fossils" just because of the respect to their cosmic "Tohunga".
       One can see alive tuatara in several places of New Zealand. The most easily accessible of these is the museum in Invercargill (with the free entry), which maintains its own large population of living tuatara. Here is a photo of a living "tuatara" of around 40 cm long, kept in the "tuatarium" from muzeum in Invercargill (click here to see this photograph).

Part #I: Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from the pollution of the soil and waters of that country with powerful telekinetic field:
#I1. Giant mutations of animals from New Zealand:
       During the Tapanui explosion entire New Zealand was polluted telekinetically. Such telekinetic pollution remains in New Zealand soil until today. It has this extraordinary ability that it induces gigantic mutations of living organisms. Therefore various living organisms that inhabit New Zealand, from time to time mutate to sizes of giants. So if someone is in New Zealand, he/she may meet such giant mutations. Out of these, the most famous, and most common, are mutants of the Moa super-bird. Some of Moa mutations used to grow to a size of giraffe. (A normal size Moa was size of a turkey.) These can be seen in practically every museum from New Zealand. Mutations of other organisms can be seen mainly in newspapers, as museums are not interested in exhibiting them. An example of such mutations presented mainly in newspapers, can be the giant crayfish shown on "Fig. #I1", or gigantic mushrooms "puff-balls", the colour photograph of which is presented on "Fig. #I2". (The description of these "puff-balls" was published in the article "Sprouting puff-balls" that appeared in the New Zealand newspaper from Dunedin named the Otago Daily Times issue dated on Thursday, 26 March 1998, page 11, section "Regional News" - still available "on line".) I remember, that soon after I arrived to New Zealand in 1982, a newspaper (probably it was The Press from Christchurch) published a photograph of an edible forest mushroom "boletus" of a size of an adult person. This type of mushroom grows also in Poland, where it reaches the size of maximum 30 com tall. (In Poland it is called "prawdziwek" - I know it very well, because as a boy I used to harvest a lot of it.) So the New Zealand giant was around 6 times larger than normal. The mechanism behind these gigantic mutations is explained extensively in subsection JG9.3 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5].
* * *
       In my opinion, the subject of giant mutations from New Zealand, instead of being swept under the carpet, should be researched urgently. This is because currently our planet is going through a fever of genetic engineering or GE. The point is that research on these giant mutations from New Zealand may hide a lot of clues as to what future awaits us if we allow GE to spread over planet as a wild fire.

[Bild: rak.jpg]

Fig. #I1: A gigantic mutant of packhorse crayfish, weighing 6.3 kilograms and 1.34 meters long. A normal size crayfish of this specie is around 10 times smaller. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       It was caught by Mr Brian Hoult of Hikurangi, near Three Mile Reef off Bream Bay, north of Whangarei shortly before 27 September 2003. A description of this crayfish, illustrated with the above photograph, was firstly published in The Northern Advocate (P.O. Box 210, Whangarei, New Zealand) which also holds the copyright for the above photograph. But I found this description and photo in the article "Monster crayfish could be 100" that appeared in other New Zealand newspaper named The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, September 27, 2003, page A9. The above giant crayfish is only a single example of the multitude of gigantic mutations that constantly appear in, and near, New Zealand because of the telekinetic pollution caused by the Tapanui explosion of 1178. With the issue of Genetic Engineering (GE) becoming so burning lately, in my opinion this matter of giant mutations should be researched urgently.
       A photograph of another giant crayfish, was shown in the article "New home for old timer of the deep" published on page A4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, February 15, 2008. This other crayfish waighted around 6 kilograms, was 60 cm long, and it was believed that it was 50 years old. The meat of it,at the day it was caught priced $60 per kilo, was worth $360. It was caught at the northern end of the Kapiti Island, and turned into a life exhibit for visitors at the "Marine Education Centre" in Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.

[Bild: purchawki.jpg]

Fig. #I2: A photograph of gigantic mushrooms called "puff-balls". (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       This photo was published with the article "Sprouting puff-balls" which appeared in the excellent New Zealand newspaper from Dunedin named the Otago Daily Times issue dated on Thursday, 26 March 1998, page 11, section "Regional News". The Otago Daily Times is the owner of copyrights for the above photo. Note that this newspaper have a perfectly maintained internet web page, which keeps all articles from back issues since July 1, 1997. The above article, but without a photo, is still available "on line" from that web page.
       Very interesting in the above photograph is that it shows these giant puff-balls growing around peripherals of a circle. This means that their mutation to gigantic sizes was caused the landing of a discoidal UFO vehicle of the second generation, the propulsors of which saturated the soil with telekinetic field. Moreover, for the induction of such gigantic mutations of mushrooms by telekinetic propulsion of UFO vehicles indicates also the fact, that such mutations sporadically appear outside of New Zealand. (After all, telekinetic UFO vehicles land practically in all parts of the world.) As an example see the article "It's a $430,000 fungus - the biggest truffle found for 50 years nets a small fortune at auction" published on page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, December 3, 2007. It shows a photograph of 1.5 kilogram white truffle, with the diameter of around 30 cm, found in Palaia near Pisa in Italy. Normally white truffles weight 30 to 80 grams and reach diameter not larger than 5 cm. Thus, this giant truffle had the diameter around 6 times larger, while the weight around 18 times larger, than a normal truffle.

[Bild: telek_landing.jpg]

Fig. #I3: A paddock covered with circular landings of telekinetic UFOs. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       I am standing in the centre of the first of these landings. Several further such ring-shaped UFO landings can be seen on my right side. Such landings of telekinetic UFOs are the primary evidence, that it is the telekinetic pollution of the environment which causes the accelerated growth of living organisms in New Zealand. This is because, as the above photograph illustrates it, vegetation from the ring of soil that is affected by the telekinetic field of UFO propulsion devices grows up to 12 times faster and larger than the surrounding vegetation.
       Various consequences of the telekinetic pollution of New Zealand by the UFO explosion near Tapanui in 1178, are explained in a number of web pages, e.g. see item #F1 of the web page tapanui.htm, item #J1 of the web page telekinesis.htm, or item #B4 on the web page tfz.htm.

[Bild: giant_squid.jpg]

Fig. #I4: A gigantic squid caught in New Zealand waters. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       This photograph originates from the article "Tales of cannibalism from the deep sea" that appeared on page A15 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue from Wednesday, 8 October 2003. Thus The Dominion Post is also the copyright holder for this photograph. The squid shown here is around 10 meters long, and its sharp claws could shred a human in seconds. Starting from 2008 a body of similar giant squid is exhibited permanently in the national museum of New Zealand located in Wellington and called "Te Papa".

[Bild: trout.jpg]

Fig. #I5: A gigantic rainbow trout from New Zealand. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       (Copyright The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand.) It weighted 17.5 kg, was 1.02 m long, and is claimed to represent a world record. It was caught in Tekapo Canal, by Mr Tony Washington, of Geraldine, New Zealand. This photograph originates from the article "Fisherman angling for a world record" that appeared on page A4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue from Tuesday, 18 November 2003. However, this article was based on a similar one entitled "Record Fish hooked on a reel-in" that appeared on page 1 from the November 18, 2003 issue of the Christchurch newspaper named The Press, a reporter of which took this photo. Thus The Press is also the copyright holder for this photograph. The article states, that the previous world record for a rainbow trout was 17 kg, and it was caught exactly from the same waters. In turn on page A8 of the issue of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, dated on Tuesday, 2 December 2003, a photograph of gigantic brown trout is published under the title "Tukituki titan". Data of this giant were not provided. But judging from the comparison with a person photographed with it, it is at least the size of the trout from the above photo, if not even bigger. A colour photographs and data yet another huge rainbow trout, were published in the article "Farmed trout" from the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, December 27, 2005, page A2. The trout shown there weighted 12 kilograms, while the total length of it was around 82 cm.
       In order to realise how gigantic is the trout shown on the above "Fig. #I5", one needs to realise that in 2003 the minimal length of trout allowed for catching by regulations of the "Fish and Game New Zealand" was 30 cm (what makes it less than 0.5 kg in weight). This means that the above giant was over 3 times longer than such a minimal adult trout, and over 35 times heavier. Notice that this minimal length of fish is so defined by scientists and lawyers, that it describes a typical mature adult fish, which already had opportunity for spawning and producing offspring. So if the above difference in sizes and weights of trout is compared to humans, this would mean finding in New Zealand a human giant, who is over 3 times taller than a typical adult mature person (means who is around 5 meters tall), and whose weight is around 35 times heavier than that of a typical person (means whose weight would be around 2.8 tons). Strangely enough, according to legends, near Timaru in New Zealand actually used to live a tribe of similar giants. It was called "Te Kahui Tipua".
       It is also worth to mention, that the expression "catch 30 pounder" which directly refers to catching a trout weighting 30 pounds or more in rivers of Scotland, in older English language used to be a symbol of impossibility. Only recently it was replaced by the saying "if pigs could fly" which is the latest symbol of impossibility.
       Sceptics confronted with the picture of the above trout would probably dismiss my theory that it is the telekinetic pollution of the environment in New Zealand, i.e. a byproduct of the Tapanui explosion, that causes the growth of such gigantic organisms. They would probably argue that fish tend to grow during the entire life, so giving it enough time and enough food, it may reach any size. So each of these gigantic catches in and near New Zealand, is just a coincident. Although we would need to agree with such reasoning regarding some fish, it cannot be extrapolated to another gigantic species of New Zealand. For example, no-one may argue, that if we take a young turkey, give it plenty of food and allow to grow long enough, it reaches the size of New Zealand Moa super-bird. (The oryginal size of the so-called "bush Moa", from which all gigantic Moa later mutated, was just the size of an average turkey.) In turn, since there is so many different species growing in New Zealand to such gigantic sizes, there must be much "more" to it than just a coincident. My theory on the telekinetic pollution of New Zealand, which for the last time on a massive scale occurred in 1178 AD during the UFO explosion near Tapanui, so-far is the only theory which explains what this "more" actually is. Also this theory has a confirmation in numerous other empirical evidence, for example in over 12 times larger and faster growth of plants on former landing sites of telekinetic UFOs.

#I2. Human giants:
       The newspaper named Timaru Herald, in the issue dated 24th February 1875, page 3, writes as follows:
       "Discovery of Human Remains. A very large skeleton was found yesterday, about 7 feet below the surface of the sand on the Saltwater Creek spit. Mr Bullock, the carter, in removing some sand for building purposes, dropped across this relic of a past age and brought the fragments to town. We have had an opportunity of inspecting them, and were struck by their symmetry no less than their great size. They appear to have belonged to a man of gigantic statue; but are so far incomplete as to render it difficult to ascertain the dimensions of his frame. The bones are much decayed, a fact which taken in connection with the dryness of the situation where they were found, probably indicates for them a great antiquity. We shell have some more to say about this interesting discovery in our next issue."
       I investigated this human giant when I used to work in Timaru from 1999 to 2001. results of these research I published in chapter B of monograph [7/2]. According to a local verbal tradition, the skeleton was estimated to belong to a person of around 8 meters tall. It had so huge scull, that a normal human scull supposedly could entirely fit into its mouth. It belonged to a mysterious tribe of local giants, by Maoris called Te Kahui Tipua which used to roam vicinity of Timaru until around 18th century. Numerous skeletons of these Timaru giants were found, but then mysteriously vanished soon after their discoveries. The most recent discovery of two gigantic human skeletons took place in 1960s in the area of Timaru called "Maori Park". Local newspaper Timaru Herald, also wrote about it extensively, and many local people still remember these articles. However, I could not afford the large input of labour required for finding editorial details of the original article. Soon after being found, these gigantic remains from Maori Park also disappeared mysteriously. Presently no-one is able to tell what actually happened with them. I attempted to trace the further fate of the giant described in the above article of 1875. But when I was almost to locate a person who kept a huge lower jaw of this giant for a souvenir, I was made redundant from my job in Timaru and I needed to shift into a different location to earn my bread. It almost looks like the secretive dark force that empowers our planet does not wish we learn anything about human giants from Timaru - for more details see the web page ufo.htm.
       Very similar was the fate of huge Maori skeletons which were found in the burial cave from the Port Waikato, around 70 miles South from Auckland. They also mysteriously vanished. These skeletons from the Port Waikato were described in an article [2VB5.1.1] "Caves could reveal secret of tall Maoris", published in the newspaper N.Z. Truth, issue of Wednesday, 29 September 1965, page 13. Also all discoveries of giant human remains from outside of New Zealand met a similar fate. For example in the book [3VB5.1.1] by William R. Corliss, "Incredible Life: a Handbook of Biological Mysteries", Source Book Project (P.O. Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057, USA) April 1981, ISBN 0-915554-07-0, on pages 34 to 35 there is a historic note that Patagonia in South America already in historic times was inhabited by human giants of above 4 meters tall. The last historically documented encounter of Europeans with such a human giant took place in 1559, while graves and skeletons of these giants still were found in 1615. The body of one of last such Patagonian giants was even intended to be transported to Spain. Unfortunately, the ship that carried it, probably because of the action of UFOnauts, encountered a powerful storm near coasts of South Africa and sank. In this manner disappeared this most evidential proof for the existence of giants on Earth. In turn in Syria exists until today a sarcophagus of biblical giant, Abel. (This one who was killed by the normal size brother Kaim - see the Bible, Genesis, 4:8.) This sarcophagus is long for around 5 to 6 meters. Its colourful photograph is published in the book [4VB5.1.1] by Andrzej Olszewski, "Paradoksy tajemnicy wszechswiata" (Warszawa 1998, ISBN 83-900944-2-8, 314 pages; consultations regarding distribution: Wydawnictwo A. Olszewski, 00-976 Warszawa 13, skr. pocztowa 87). But in order to stop tourists from reaching this sarcophagus, and thus stop spreading throughout the world the information about the existence of it, UFOnauts caused that the area where this sarcophagus exists is turned into a well guarded military area of present Syria.
       Present medicine recognises several different reasons why humans may grow to gigantic sizes. Amongst these, permanent telekinetisation is still not included. However, there is one empirical evidence which actually indicates permanent telekinetisation as a possible reason for mutations of human giants in New Zealand. This is the empirical finding of ancient Maoris (passed to us by their verbal tradition), that if remains of a human giant are buried in vegetable gardens, vegetables also grow to gigantic sizes. (Because of this empirical finding, ancient Maoris used to bury in their vegetable gardens body parts of human giants.) The most vital in this finding is the mechanisms by which the ability to grow to gigantic sizes was shifted from gigantic human remains to vegetables. If a given human giant eventuated just because of a medical condition, than remains of it would not be able to induce a gigantic growth of vegetables. But if a given human giant was gigantic because of a permanent telekinetisation, than the telekinetised elements contained in his/her body would be absorbed by vegetables and induce them to also grow to gigantic sizes. This means that there is an empirical evidence which indicates the growth of gigantic humans because of the permanent telekinetisation of their bodies. More about permanent telekinetisation can be found in subsections KB1 and KB2 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#I3. Why mutations of human, animal, and vegetation giants provide evidence for the existence of another world, God, eternal soul, etc.:
       The official human science does NOT recognise telekinesis nor ability of the telekinetic pollution of the natural environment to induce mutations of giants. Therefore the rising of gigantic mutations of people, animals, and vegetation this science explains on various manners without the consideration to the existence and influence of telekinesis. But if one analyses evidence which is already available on our planet, then it becomes obvious that the primary reason for a proportion of mutations, especially these permanent, is the phenomenon of telekinesis. As this is explained on the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, telekinesis exists only because parallel to our physical world exists also another invisible world which by this concept is called the "counter-world", while by people and by religions is called "after world", "other world", etc. It is in this counter-world that God resides and to which our souls are going after the death. For this reason the fact of appearing gigantic mutations on the Earth is actually one amongst a whole array of biological evidence for the existence of the counter-world, existence of God, existence of eternal soul, etc. A large list of such items of evidence is presented and discussed on separate web pages, for example see the page god_proof.htm - about scientific evidence for the existence of God. A part of this evidence is also presented in item #F2 of a separate web page about the Bible authorised by God Himself.

Part #J: Curiosities and mysteries of New Zealand that result from a highly probable another explosion of a spacehip in that country:
#J1. Another UFO explosion crater?
       There is another large ancient crater located in the North Island of New Zealand, the origin of which is not apparent. The view of this crater is shown on "Fig. #J1". The problem regarding it is that it contains all the features of a UFO explosion crater, and also does not display features that are characteristic for volcanic craters. So is it another UFO explosion site, similar to Tapanui, except that several thousands years olden than Tapanui?

[Bild: northern_crater.jpg]

Fig. #J1: A bird-eye view of the mysterious crater that exists in the North Island of New Zealand. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       The above photograph is published on page 48 of the interesting book by Phillip Andrews, entitled "TARAWERA and the terraces". (The book is available from the author at 27 Alastair Avenue, Rotorua for $21.00 including postage). The description under this prehistoric explosion crater informs that it is located by "Te Whekau lagoon", means in the triangle between Lakes Tarawera, Okareka, and Okataina (i.e. around 50 kilometres east from Rotorua). Although this area is seismically very active, actually the above crater itself does not display features typical for a volcanic origin. But its features are extremely similar to features of the Tapanui Crater shown in "Fig. #G1" above. One starts to wander whether it is possible that the present seismic activity of Rotorua was caused just because a powerful ancient UFO explosion has smashed the stable plate of that area. The above photograph is reproduced by a kind permission from Philip Andrews (, who took this photograph of Te Whekau lagoon, but does not subscribe to the belief that it is anything other than a volcanic explosion crater.

[Bild: 54_c04d.jpg]

Fig. #J2: A photograph of the Schooner Crater, USA, formed by a surface nuclear explosion.
       It is explained in more details in chapter C from monograph [5/4]. It illustrates that the main configurational attributes of such a surface nuclear explosion are starting to be similar to features displayed by the craters from "Fig. #J1" and "Fig. #G1". Unfortunately our civilisation is unable yet to create craters through aerial explosions. But we may approximate attributes of such aerial explosion craters, through the extrapolation of attributes of underground and surface explosions. As it turns out, such aerial explosion craters should look exactly like the ones from "Fig. #J1" and "Fig. #G1". But only aerial explosions of spaceship of other civilisations are able to create a sufficient spacial density of energy that is required to create a crater. This practically means, that craters from "Fig. #J1" and "Fig. #G1", must originate from aerial explosions of UFO vehicles (i.e. there is no other way such craters could be formed).

Part #K: What also is worth to know, although tourist guides rather do not write about it:
#K1. Dangers:
       Every country, including New Zealand, have various dangers which await visitors. These dangers can be classified into two categories, namely such ones which are unique to a given country (of the type: its venomous creatures, illnesses, criminals, different laws, etc.), and such which await people in practically almost every country (of the type that my grandfather used to warn about, e.g. "in your life keep far from doctors, journalists, and lawyers", or the type that my grandmother was referring to by saying "if you go alone into an uninhabited area, be happy if you only are beaten, robbed, or raped, but you still managed to escape alive"). In a statistical sense these dangers that are unique for a given country are quite significant. Their merit is documented e.g. in the article "Missing 8000 New Zealanders a year" from pages A16 to A17, of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, April 19, 2008 - which presents matters connected with unexplained disappearances of people in a small (because having only around four millions of inhabitants) New Zealand. So let us describe now most typical out of dangers that one can encounter in New Zealand.

#K1.1. Dangers of the nature:
       New Zealand has dense native forests in which it is easy to get lost. Every year a significant number of people gets lost in these forests. Some amongst these people die because of the exhaustion and hypothermia. In fact visitors should NOT go alone in such New Zealand native forests without a GPS (i.e. without a "Global Positioning System" device) and without an accurate map of a given area. In turn when they walk through it in a group they should NOT part from their guide and the rest of the group.
       Natural dangers of New Zealand also include quite frequent so-called flash floods. These occur when a so-called "rain bomb" falls on a valley. Along this valley moves then a tidal wall of water mixed with boulders and trees. It kills and sweeps away everything on its path. For example, on Tuesday, 15 April 2008, as many as six 16-years-old students of the Christian College from Auckland and their teacher drowned while walking along a small river which rapidly transformed into a destructive torrent. Details of this tragedy initially were described, amongst others, in the article "Teens swept away" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, April 16, 2008. In turn a more comprehensive report from this tragedy, showing photographs, was provided in the article "Taken by the river" from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, April 17, 2008.

#K1.2. Frequent fogs that are dense like milk:
       Fogs by themselves are NOT dangerous. But if fogs act in combination with e.g. the lack of equipment in airports for "blind landing" of airplanes, as this is the case in the majority of New Zealand airports - including the one from the country's capitol, then fogs can become deadly. On the other hand in New Zealand for around a half of year, means from around April until around October, dense like mild fogs appear relatively frequent (in 2010 these fogs appeared even in the middle of summer). Such fogs are combined with the failure of many New Zealand airports to purchase the equipment which allows to land airplanes in fogs and in darkness. On the other hand, airplanes are the most vital means of transport in this country that is long like a sausage and spread over three different islands. In this situation fogs are highly dangerous hazard of the New Zealand reality. They are just "accidents which await to happen". Furthermore, they are source of significant inconvenience and uncertainty of overseas tourists who travel over New Zealand. After all, every now and again the air communication of that country freezes because of fogs. Many tourists are left frustrated, as they typically have long international tickets but these fogs cause that they loose connections to their intercontinental flights and then must awaits sometimes several days for new connections (not mentioning additional costs). Examples of such fogs which paralysed air communication of New Zealand are described in item #C1 from the web page cloud_ufo.htm - about clouds which hide UFO vehicles inside, and also in the article "PM caught in delays as fog closes airports" from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, June 17, 2008.

#K1.3. Suffocations with hydrogen sulphide:
       Geysers from Rotorua belong to most widely known tourist attraction of volcanic New Zealand. Visitors who look at these geysers usually stay in Rotorua for a night. In turn an attraction of staying in Rotorua is to take a bath in hot volcanic water. Such baths are offered almost everywhere in Rotorua, even in motels. But as we know, water is NOT the only thing that comes from underground, but sometimes also various gases. The most dangerous out of these gases is the hydrogen sulphide (sulphuretted hydrogen). From time to time a rapid and much larger than normal flow of this gas from underground causes deaths of people who take such baths alone. For example, in the article "Coroner urges rethinking on two hot pool deaths", published on page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dates on Saturday-Sunday, June 14-15, 2008, it transpires that only since around 2000 in Rotorua were suffocated with sulphuretted hydrogen at least 4 people. In turn a similar article "Hydrogen sulphide linked to two Rotorua hot-pool deaths" from page A10 of New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dates on Saturday, June 14, 2008, describes two last deaths by such suffocation with the sulphuretted hydrogen (hydrogen sulphide). So if one takes a bath in sources of hot underground water from Rotorua, he or she should NOT do it alone, and should take notice of possible cloud of strong smell of sulphuretted hydrogen (i.e. the gas which smells like rotten eggs).

#K1.4. Poisonous vegetation:
       Almost every country has some poisonous vegetation. In a relatively small New Zealand lives over 100 species of strongly poisonous vegetation. Out of this number the majority is native to islands of that country. Therefore it is NOT known to visitors from other countries. Actually, as I explained this on a different web page named newzealand_visit.htm, God did NOT intended New Zealand to be populated, thus God filled it with poisons and dangers. Descriptions of these poisons are provided in many thick volumes of books - for example see the book by H. E. Connor, "The Poisonous Plants in New Zealand" (E.C. Keating, Wellington, 1977, ISBN 0-477-01007). On this web page I do NOT intend to compete with these books, but only wish to direct attention of the reader at the problem itself by indicating cases of poisoning which turned out to be sufficiently dangerous to be publicised in New Zealand mass media.
       The most discussed case of poisoning which I encountered in New Zealand so-far was the sap from a small native tree called tutu. Small amounts of this sap are able to kill even an elephant. Tutu is a small tree, frequently of a size of bush. Leaves of it grow in couples on both sides of like "square" branches. These leaves look like the laurel leaves ("bay leaves"). The tutu tree has also tasty looking black-purple berries similar to that from "bird's cherry". Everything in that tree is strongly poisonous, in spite that it looks tasty. The poison "tutina" of this tree is very deadly. In old times this tree caused deaths of many not cautious people who did NOT know its murderous attributes, and also of many farm animals. In March 2008 sweet dew from sap of this tree, collected by bees, caused dangerous poisoning with honey of teens of people. Descriptions of these poisonings caused by honey from tutu, are provided, amongst others, in articles "Toxic honey link in three new cases" from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, March 24, 2008; and also "Poison honey culprit killed two elephants" from page A12 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 26, 2008.
       Some poisonous vegetation kills only when the poison gets to the bloodstream. For example, in just such a manner works the Malaysian "curare" produced from the tree called "Ipoh", also in that way works the sap from banana tree - for details on these poisons see the caption under "Fig. #D3" from the web page fruit.htm - about tropical fruits and the philosophy of their eating, or see details of the Ipoh tree from item #F1 of the web page healing.htm - about folkloristic methods of returning to health. In turn when these poisons are eaten, then they loose their properties. But the poison "tutina" contained in the sap from the tutu tree is murderous no matter in which way it acts on someone - thus also after it is eaten, and even after it is converted into honey by bees.
       Although the tutu tree is probably a source of largest number of troubles, it is NOT the only poisonous vegetation of New Zealand. About other strongly poisonous tree of this country wrote the article "Dog dies from karaka berries", from page A13 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 25, 2009; and a similar article "Dog's death warns humans" from page A8 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, March 25, 2009. As both these articles explain, the appetising (orange in colour) berries of a small tree called "karaka", which is native for New Zealand, after falling to the ground in a city park of Auckland looked so appetising that tempted a dog. After eating these berries the dog died. Apart from dogs, the poison from berries of this tree is also deadly for humans. Still another very frequently encountered poisonous tree of that country is the native ornamental tree with beautiful yellow flowers, called the kowhais. Of course, New Zealand has also a whole array of poisonous vegetation brought from other countries - e.g. "rhus", "ivies", "lilies of the valley", and "deadly nightshades" also called "atropa belladonnas". To the strongest poisons amongst these "imported" vegetation belong: oleander, castor oil bean, foxglove (digitalis), and white cedar berries. Strongly poisonous are also various New Zealand mushrooms (e.g. "flybanes") - but these can be easily recognised because most of them look identically as similar poisonous mushrooms from other countries.

#K1.5. Poisonous fish:
       In addition to poisonous vegetation, in seas from the vicinity of New Zealand one can also encounter poisonous fish. The most deadly out of these is the famous "Puffer Fish" (i.e. the one with small prickles, which "inflates" itself like a small balloon). The powerful poison contained in the skin and in the liver of this fish, after being consumed is even more deadly than "tutine". Fortunately, because of the cold sea water around New Zealand, this poisonous fish is NOT encountered too frequently in there. But in other (poorer) sub-tropical countries, where it lives in large numbers and where it is the cheapest fish to buy, e.g. in Sri Lanka, mistakes in removing poison from it before it is eaten almost everyday kill some poor people.

#K1.6. Venomous creatures:
       Officially New Zealand does NOT have venomous snakes. When I emigrated to this country in 1982, the only commonly known native creature which has venom, was then a small spider in the Maori language named Katipo. It is black and has the abdomen of the size of a pea. It typically lives in dry dunes along sea-side. It is easily recognisable because of the bright-red stripe running along the back of its abdomen. If after it bites the anti-venom is NOT provided, it may turn deadly. In fact before 1951 someone died in New Zealand from a katipo bite. A relatively recent shocking case, when such a "katipo" bite the penis in an unaware Canadian tourist who fortunately was saved by a nearby hospital, is described in the article [1#K1.6] entitled "Agony after spider bites trouser snake", from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, May 14, 2010. The next case of a katipo bite is described in the article [2#K1.6] entitled "Ocean kayaker survives nasty katipo bite", from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, March 9, 2012. About these venomous spiders it is also worth to know, that starting from 10 June 2010, they are on the list of creatures of New Zealand for the "absolute protection". That means, if someone kills one of these spiders, and the authorities got to know about this, then he or she may be put in prison or pay a fine of $NZ 100000 - for details see the illustrated article [3#K1.6] entitled "Don't squash the katipo - or you'll be off to prison", from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, June 11, 2010.
       Of course, already in 1982 lived also in New Zealand these friendly towards normal people venomous creatures which appear also in practically every other country, like bumblebees, wasps, and bees. Although they could also painfully sting, for people who are NOT allergic to them, they remained relatively safe until recently. (However, in present times people begin to die from them as well - for details of deaths from wasps' stings, see item #L4 on the web page wszewilki_uk.htm.) But as time elapses people import to New Zealand increasingly more venomous creatures which are able to stung or kill with their venom even the most healthy and strong persons. Furthermore, the recent warming the climate of Earth causes that to New Zealand begin to arrive by sea from tropics various venomous creatures for which previously waters of that country used to be too cold to survive. For both these reasons, means import by people and warming of climate, when in March 2009 newspaper articles published a list of venomous creatures that lurk in New Zealand, this already included then over 10 such nasties. (Articles with descriptions and photographs of such venomous nasties included [1#K1.6] "NZ's natural nasties" from page A4 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 4, 2009; and [2#K1.6] "What not to do when critters strike" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, March 5, 2009.) Here is the list of these nasties:
       (1) Venomous insects. Apart from the spider that is native for New Zealand (i.e. "katipo" described before), currently people can be bitten in there by its equally venomous relative imported from Australia and called "redback". Not long ago it also acclimatised itself in New Zealand. In Australia it causes problems for a long time (in fact, when there was no serum for its venom, from bites of the redback several people have died) - for details see the article "Plague of redbacks puts paid to Outback hospital" from page B3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, April 24, 2008.
       (2) Venomous sea snakes. Currently one already can encounter them in seas or beaches of New Zealand. For example, a life venomous snake, called "yellow-bellied sea snake", which was carried out by sea currents up to New Zealand, was caught on 23 April 2008 on a beach from the northern part of this country - for details see the message "Snake found on beach" from page A7 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, April 25, 2008.
       (3) Killer sea snails. In warm sea waters from the northern part of New Zealand, for example in the area called the "Bay of Island", one can meet a venomous sea snail called "cone shell snail", the venom of which is able to kill a man in around 20 minutes since a bite. Descriptions and photographs of this red coloured sea snail are provided in the article "Toxic killer lurking in NZ waters", from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, January 6, 2009.
       Starting from 2009, rapidly toxic in New Zealand started to be also ordinary sea slugs locally named "grey side-gilled sea slug" - which previously were considered harmless after eating. These slugs already killed several dogs and other animals which ate them on beaches. Supposedly eating just around a spoon of flesh of this appetisingly looking sea slug can kill a human. Rumours are spreading, that the cause for a rapid toxicity of this slug is the accumulation in their bodies rat poisons which lately are generously spread from airplanes over forests and islands by governmental agencies of NZ. Thus increasingly frequent are calls of the kind expressed in the article "Science Minister backs calls for Govt funding to study toxic sea slugs", from page A7 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.
       (4) Venomous fish - means fish which on the outside of their bodies have at least one spike with venom. Several species of such venomous fish already live in waters of New Zealand. The most frequently encountered ones amongst these are "stingrays" which lurk on bottoms of shallow seas, especially at outlets of rivers and in tidal arras. It has one or more venomous spikes on the wriggly like snake tail, and sometimes also along the spine. When threaten it pins this spike into the victim. Other venomous fish already living in New Zealand waters include: scorpion fish, spiny dog fish, elephant fish, brown bullhead catfish.
       (5) Venomous sea urchin (so-called "Kina"). It is a kind like "hedgehog" (edible and even consider to be a delicacy by Maoris) which lives on the bottom of sea - means a bundle of venomous spikes. If one accidentally stamps barefoot on one of these, then he or she has serious problems because of these venomous spikes.
       (6) Venomous jellyfish. As the climate warms us, increasingly more of such jellyfish arrives to coasts of New Zealand. The most venomous out of these, which according to above articles [1#K1.6] and [2#K1.6] already are reaching coasts of New Zealand, include the so-called "Portuguese man-of-war" and "bluebottle - both extremely deadly. On 28 April 1996 I encountered an entire school of such deadly jellyfish in tropical Malaysia, and even taken by the beauty of colours of one of them I wanted to touch it with my hand - fortunately I was warned on time. But about two tourists killed by these jellyfish on exactly the same beach, whom no-one warned on time against touching these deadly creatures, I red a next day in local newspapers. Here is how that encounter with death I described then in my letter to brother in Poland: "In the meantime I had here in Malaysia an adventure which I would like to describe to you. I literally brushed with death or rather voluntarily almost took my own death into my hands. If not the warning reaction of Sue, probably now I would NOT be alive. Here is the entire history. For three days, namely for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 27-29 April 1996, we went with Sue to Langkawi - a known resort island in north-west part of Malaysia. After a full of emotions flight in airplane (the plane was rocking violently, while in the last moment it interrupted the landing and returned to Penang where we waited over an hour until weather conditions improve in Langkawi), we arrived to our hotel "Holiday Villa Beach Resort" located just by a beautiful beach on the south-west coast of that island. Soon we started to walk along golden sands of the beach which surrounds this hotel, which is the best beach in the entire Langkawi. On a similar walk we went also on Sunday, 28 April. Walking in almost hot sea water I noted then a huge jellyfish approximately of the size of tin pails for wells in Wszewilki. It was entirely slightly reddish like jelly from currant berries - the colour quite strange for a jellyfish. The colour of it make impression of like sick or dying. Waves gradually washed it out towards the beach. I felt sorry that soon it is going to die thrown to the beach by waves. So I bend over it and told Sue that I will take it on my hands and drug into deeper water. But the reaction of Sue shocked me, because Sue started to scream that I should run for life because these jellyfish are deadly dangerous. I do NOT believe her, because I remembered jellyfish from the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and knew that they can be touched without any harm. So just from a pure politeness towards Sue I withdraw several steps back, but still watched this "poor creature" for a long time whether it manages to avoid being thrown to the sandy beach. Then, because - as I thought then, the hysterical behaviour of Sue, who from the panic was stamping her feet in the same place and urged me with screams to run for life, I began to continue our walk. I was wade unconcerned in water, while Sue carefully placed her feet along sand. During the further walk I saw and passed by several further similar jellyfish. About the whole encounter I forget until the return to Kuala Lumpur, where I found in newspapers that an identical jellyfish, almost exactly in the same place of the beach where I encountered it, killed that Sunday two people. A copy of cuttings from newspapers on this subject I am enclosing for you with this letter. So if I followed the temptation and took on my hands this creature in order to bring it to deeper water, then because of the short path of venom from hands to heart (paralysed by venom of this jellyfish) probably today I would NOT be alive. Malaysia has many very dangerous creatures!" (Unfortunately, I did NOT write down the editorial date of these newspaper articles about two tourists killed by jellyfish. But, if needed, the reader should be able to find these articles by themselves, in the Monday edition, dated on 29 April 1996, from some popular newspaper of Malaysia - probably in "New Straits Times".) Regrettably, because of the warming of climate, these deadly jellyfish gradually are arriving to coasts of New Zealand.
       As the above list reveals this, a majority of venomous creatures of New Zealand can be encountered in seas. So it is the sea where one must take care when entering water.

#K1.7. Carnivorous animals and man-eating monsters:
       Officially New Zealand does NOT have neither carnivorous animals nor man-eating monsters. For the most dangerous creatures of New Zealand one should consider sharks which sometimes attack people that swim in seas of that country. An intriguing curiosity of at least some amongst New Zealand sharks is that they seem to have some supernatural ability to remotely hypnotise their victims, so that these victims do NOT feel the pain of bites. Thus victims of New Zealand sharks do NOT even know that a part of their body was bitten out by a shark - for more information see item #F4.1 from the totaliztic web page stawczyk_uk.htm.
       However, unofficially on unpopulated areas of this country illusive carnivorous animals or monsters described in items #C4, #E7 and #H1 of this web page can also be seen occasionally.

#K1.8. Different laws:
       New Zealand uses the left-hand traffic. Many tourists that arrive to New Zealand plan to travel through this country in hired cars. After all the hiring of a car does NOT cost much. But the problem is such that they may NOT be used to the left-hand traffic which prevails in New Zealand. So people who arrive from countries with the right-hand traffic sometimes make mistakes on busy roads that cost them lives.

#K1.9. Deadly dark powers:
       New Zealand Maoris believe that in some areas of the native forests of New Zealand live hostile towards people supernatural creatures which like to take human lives. Examples of just such deadly creatures are described on this web page (newzealand.htm) in items #E3 (see "The Watchman"), #E6 ("Maeroero"), and #E7 (the "lord of the forest"); and also are described on the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm (see "Fig. #5abc" in there). Thus, if in these areas goes alone someone whose mind is susceptible to manipulations of these dangerous demonic (supernatural) creatures, then his or her death is almost certain. In years 2001 until today (2010) I live near one of such areas. It is called the "Rimutaka Forest Park" and is located not far from the Petone (i.e. the protected by God suburb of Wellington in which I live - for more details about this God protection of Petone see item #I3 in the web page day26.htm). In spite that it is so close to the capitol of New Zealand, almost every year someone dies in there in either mysterious or criminal circumstances. For me personally the most shocking was the death in there of an inexperienced, because just 26 years old, Polish tourist, who went to this forest onto a lone walk on Saturday 31 May 2008, while whose body was found only on Saturday, 7 June 2008. The fruitless searches for his body were then capturing the attention of the entire New Zealand - for example see the article "Searchers remain hopeful of finding Polish tourist", from page A5 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Friday, June 6, 2008. When he finally was found, his body was lying in a stream under a pile of uprooted trees. It turned out impossible to even determine how and from what he died. Although the mass media speculated that perhaps he died from a "flash flood", no-one actually noticed such a flood at that time. His fate again confirms that to the New Zealand native forests one should NOT go alone. In only around a half of year since the death of that Pole, means already in January 2009, dark powers of the Rimutaka took another victim, this time a New Zealander. His decaying body was found close to end of March 2009. A brief description of the course of searches for him, and his finding, are provided in the article "Pilot's hunch finds missing man's car", from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper, The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 23, 2009.
       Interestingly, such "areas haunted by evil powers" exist in many regions of the world. Other similar deadly area, which I also know in person and in which also every now and again someone dies in rather mysterious circumstances, is described in item #H4 from the web page wszewilki_uk.htm.

#K2. Silent curiosities:
       New Zealand harbours several curiosities about the existence of which the world usually have no idea. However, to their description is devoted a separate web page newzealand_visit.htm. However, in order to provide the reader with an example, here are some of these:
       The oldest bulb of the world. In New Zealand there is the oldest electrical bulb which still works. There is even a web page about it at the address On the subject of this bulb an article appeared entitled "At 107, oldest lightbulb still a real livewire" from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 8, 2008.
       Nothing native for eating. Intriguing fact about New Zealand is that initially God evidently has not intended to populate this land. So for people He created nothing edible in there. When you visit New Zealand, almost everything edible that you can buy in supermarkets of these islands represents "emigrants" from other continents. Furthermore, almost every living creature that you can see freely on fields and paddocks of that country, is also an "emigrant". (Though, due to continuous efforts of preservation institutions, various native creatures are still saved from extinction in there. But usually these are kept well hidden from the public view. Thus, to see such native creatures, one needs to either go to special places and pay for the privilege, or have a very special luck to encounter them at large). Even "kiwi" fruits, the pride of New Zealand, were actually "borrowed" from China (on the same principle as the Europeans "borrowed" silkworms from Chinese). For more information about a lack of native edible products in New Zealand see the web page newzealand_visit.htm.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
#L1. Summary of this web page:
       I personally never met a country in which co-exists such wide and such large variety of mysterious objects and unexplained phenomena as this is the case in New Zealand. How pity that the location of New Zealand on peripherals of the world makes impossible contributions of researchers from other countries to investigations of mysteries of New Zealand. Also how pity that local scientists from New Zealand have chosen the full of dignity ignoring of everything that is mysterious and pretending that the problem of investigations of unexplained does NOT exist.

#L2. Further curiosities of New Zealand, about the existence of which I have heard, however which I was unable to researech because of the lack of funds or time:
       The above mysteries are all that I managed to investigate and describe so-far. This process takes a lot of time, because the research on New Zealand mysteries which I am reporting here, actually is completed exclusively as my scientific hobby, namely in my spare time designated for resting, and at my own expense. I also try to keep in this research as low profile as possible - to avoid unnecessary persecution. However, although the progress is slow, it is continuous. At the moment I already know about several further intriguing New Zealand mysteries, which I placed on my personal queue for their investigating and subsequent reporting here, as soon as my free time and private earning allow this. For example, I already heard about: (1) a mythical invisible crystal located in the geographical centre of New Zealand, which can be touched, but not seen (perhaps it is an Oscillatory Chamber working in the so-called state of telekinetic flickering - for details see telekinesis.htm - about telekinetsis induced technically); (2) a secret school of Maori wise men which still operates until today, the entry examination to which depends on psychokinetic throwing down from a table of a fist-size stone without physical touching this stone; (3) two at least 1000-years-old stone pyramids of around 2 metres high from the vicinity of Opoutere, near the base of Coromandel Peninsular; (4) mysterious Great Wall of New Zealand which is like a miniature version of the Great Wall of China, the Wall of Peru, or the Hadrian's Wall in Britain (build in 122 AD); (5) remains of a stone building or a stone wall from the Kaimanawa Forests between Taupo and Napier; (6) a gigantic human figure of the Sleeping Giant about the existence and appearance of which I wrote in item #I3.3 of the separate web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs that God really does exist, and also in in subsection V3 of my older monograph [1/4]; (7) legendary tribe of the so-called mist people and their underground city under the Fiordland; and many more. So perhaps you should visit this page again at some stage, as you probably find here much more descriptions of such mysteries later.

#L3. Emails to the author of this web page:
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#L4. Copyrights, disclaimer, etc.:
Copyright information. Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pająk. All rights reserved. The majority of texts and photographs presented on the totaliztic web pages originate from monographs of the author of this web page. Thus copyright statements from these monographs apply also to totaliztic web pages.
Notice however that each photograph which supports a conclusion from my research reported on this web page, but which does NOT originate from my own collection, has the copyright holder or owner specified under it.
* * *
Disclaimer. Notice that views expressed on this web page are NOT shared by owners of other than mine photographs shown here, even if these owners kindly agreed to allow me to use their photographs. Although photographs represent the most objective type of evidence, still the situation that they capture always may by interpreted on several different ways.
* * *
Appeal. Should you be aware of any mysterious and unexplained phenomena or objects from New Zealand, that can be captured on photographs and that fall into a general category examined on this web page, please let me know at [][/email]. Although all my research I do in my spare time and solely with my private funds, still whatever extraordinary your subject would be, I am prepared to designate all the time, resources, and expertise in my disposal to research your mystery thoroughly, objectively and without prejudices that some orthodox scientists may show towards unexplained phenomena. Notice that no many professional scientists would be prepared to give you such a promise.
* * *
The "Menu 2" from the left margin of this web page offers further web pages devoted to various curiosities and mysteries. (Amongst others, it also allows to download scientific monographs on these mysteries.)

#L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
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       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!
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